Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

Watch the TaylorMade Team athletes Tiger Woods and Jason Day explain how they hit bunker shots, and their differing philosophies to execute a plan to get out of the sand using the MG Wedge and MG HiToe Wedges. The pros go into detail about what techniques they use in their game and how they adapt depending on course conditions. TaylorMade’s HI-TOE wedge lineup has been expanded to include a full range of wedge lofts from 50° to 64°. Featuring full-face scoring lines in the 56° to 64° and standard scoring lines in the 50° to 54°, each HI-TOE wedge also has an expanded toe area to deliver high-spin performance whether you’re taking full swings on your approach or playing finesse shots around the green. The HI-TOE wedge offers three different sole grinds to match your style of play: Standard Sole (50°, 52°, 54°) The all-purpose grind that is perfect for full approach shots into the green. This sole is well suited for both normal and soft turf conditions. All of these lofts feature standard scoring lines. 4-Way Sole (56°, 58°, 60°) New 4-way cambered sole with a mid-bounce design of 10°. The leading edge has less belly with a more blunt contour. This new sole has an increased trailing edge and heel relief—great for players with average or steep swings from normal turf and/or softer sand. ATV Grind (58°, 60°, 64°) Channel-cut ATV mid-sole with a bounce of 12°. The “V” shaped leading edge moves through the turf and sand more seamlessly for better contact. Shop the MG Wedge and MG HiToe Wedges: http://tmgolf.co/MGwedges Subscribe to TaylorMade golf

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Watch the TaylorMade Team athletes Tiger Woods and Jason Day explain how they hit bunker shots, and their differing philosophies to execute a plan to get out of the sand using the MG Wedge and MG HiToe Wedges. The pros go into detail about what techniques they use in their game and how they adapt depending on course conditions. TaylorMade’s HI-TOE wedge lineup has been expanded to include a full range of wedge lofts from 50° to 64°. Featuring full-face scoring lines in the 56° to 64° and standard scoring lines in the 50° to 54°, each HI-TOE wedge also has an expanded toe area to deliver high-spin performance whether you’re taking full swings on your approach or playing finesse shots around the green. The HI-TOE wedge offers three different sole grinds to match your style of play: Standard Sole (50°, 52°, 54°) The all-purpose grind that is perfect for full approach shots into the green. This sole is well suited for both normal and soft turf conditions. All of these lofts feature standard scoring lines. 4-Way Sole (56°, 58°, 60°) New 4-way cambered sole with a mid-bounce design of 10°. The leading edge has less belly with a more blunt contour. This new sole has an increased trailing edge and heel relief—great for players with average or steep swings from normal turf and/or softer sand. ATV Grind (58°, 60°, 64°) Channel-cut ATV mid-sole with a bounce of 12°. The “V” shaped leading edge moves through the turf and sand more seamlessly for better contact. Shop the MG Wedge and MG HiToe Wedges: http://tmgolf.co/MGwedges Subscribe to TaylorMade golf

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for Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

LinksHopping Golfer
LinksHopping Golfer - 1 year ago
Telling tiger he's doing it wrong?... Yes, Jason has a Major, and he reached number #1 on the rankings... Add 14 more majors and and 3 - 4 years at #1.
Zach - 1 year ago
would be cool to see where they're hitting it on the green.
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help - 1 year ago
Great inside info.
Lance Karmo
Lance Karmo - 1 year ago
Gibberish to us normal golfers
Lou Jon
Lou Jon - 1 year ago
I dont know who this guy is but he should not interrupt tiger
John Cassel
John Cassel - 1 year ago
Holy Cow. Everyone calm down. We all heard Day trying to sort of correct the GOAT. Reality - it’s two buddies just talk golf life. Gotta love it if you love this game.
JohnnyL REACTS - 1 year ago
They have completely broken down this shot lol.
Ky Brad
Ky Brad - 1 year ago
Hate how Jason day thinks he knows more than tiger
Matt Bergstrom
Matt Bergstrom - 1 year ago
Whipe, whipe, whipe it down....

10. comment for Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews - 1 year ago
These vids would be so good... if we could see the damn shots!!!
Albert Monson
Albert Monson - 1 year ago
day is annoying as hell
www.golfersmate.net - 1 year ago
Resharpened golf wedge grooves helps. @t
d7bhw2 - 1 year ago
These dudes are playing a different game.
Charles King
Charles King - 1 year ago
He finishes hi because he pulls with the left-
Tiger releases with the right
ITSMEINKX - 1 year ago
ok i don’t bind my knees ally in the bunker like them i’m just a normal shot cuz i get it out the easiest
foxxshox - 1 year ago
who cares what this chimp thinks
Michael Keller
Michael Keller - 1 year ago
WOW...now that is some knowledge!!
E Michael Walls
E Michael Walls - 1 year ago
E Michael Walls
E Michael Walls - 1 year ago
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini - 1 year ago
Ouch!, I fell off my chair, I fell asleep!!!

20. comment for Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

Pablo Ramírez
Pablo Ramírez - 1 year ago
Wait.... do we have to change wedges? My 56° has been my best friend since I was 10 yo, it has been everywhere, I have hit concrete, rocks, tree branches, everything, there are scratches everywhere, the face is totally worn out but it still gets the job done and we have created wonderful memories together (cheesy I know) but it still works. I will change it when the clubhead is gone, and I will look for the same model on ebay cz it's old and freaking amazing
Fred Ernst
Fred Ernst - 1 year ago
Never saw a ball LAND!!!!
sethbroski - 1 year ago
Jason: your face is way to open.
Tiger: hahaha
Gary DeMAY
Gary DeMAY - 1 year ago
Jason Day giving Tiger arguably the best golfer that ever lived bunker shot instruction. LOL hilarious....
Drone Pro
Drone Pro - 1 year ago
I hit the lip of the bunker 10 times before finally pitching it out 2 feet outside of it!
jumbo tron
jumbo tron - 1 year ago
10-15 years ago, you would never see Tiger this receptive towards other people. But that was pre-Elin golf club situation.
Anshuman Sinha
Anshuman Sinha - 1 year ago
man... we need someone to explain what the hell they were talking about.
George Marsh
George Marsh - 1 year ago
Yeah I understand.
Liberto26 - 1 year ago
why aren't you showing the balls.
Corey Clark
Corey Clark - 1 year ago
what TF is bounce??? I get tons of bounce when im hitting it onto a cart path every other freakin shot. this is way too advanced for me.

30. comment for Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

Hookem Jackson
Hookem Jackson - 1 year ago
Golf is one of those sports where if you think you got it figured out you’re wrong. There is always more to learn, especially the great TIGER
AZKMB - 1 year ago
The best sand is at Dad Miller Golf Course in OC.
BigSGDawg77 - 1 year ago
For all we know they could be blazing these into a bunker the other side of the green
Charlie Gist
Charlie Gist - 1 year ago
These vids are golden
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 1 year ago
These guys make such a good point on changing out wedges. It depends how much you play, but having wedges for years is not a good idea. I buy new wedges every year, and play 2-3 times a week. Probably per round about the same as Jason, but not for the same reason!
Cardinal J
Cardinal J - 1 year ago
Enki - 1 year ago
i think this proves that you should do it whatever way works best for you. these vids really are great, btw thank you TaylorMade!
T Lee
T Lee - 1 year ago
i would love to know the details of these guys' Taylormade contracts ... base pay, gear, win incentives, corporate event whorring . . .etc?
Howard Tung
Howard Tung - 1 year ago
Did Jason Day just tell a 15-time major winner that he keeps his club face too open?
Monplaisir BLOG
Monplaisir BLOG - 1 year ago
Great !! Just a pity we don’t see the result of the balls (flight, landing, etc)
Dong huynh
Dong huynh - 1 year ago
Day loves himself
ThistleDewOutdoors - 1 year ago
Bunkers around Minnesota are like going to the beach on lake superior after a rain storm..... Just shit
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf - 1 year ago
shit, im a 9 handicap , my best handicap was 5.8, lowest round 67 (2x) , but these days i generally shoot 78-82 , and i just got new wedges and went 50 8 bounce , 54 10 bounce and 60 8 bounce. And Tiger just scared the shit out of me cuz i’ve been nervous about the bounce. I haven’t shot even in 9 years (6 of them i didn’t play at due to multiple serious injuries) but my brain still thinks i’m that 16 year old kid who asks to take the flag out for a bunker shot. Let me tell you lol i am not that kid anymore. Wish i were though lol
s1dest3p - 1 year ago
Something about Jason Day is annoying.
Vine Street
Vine Street - 1 year ago
These segments are great. Different side of Tiger. He sounds so mature and like an older brother. Very cool.
The Melon
The Melon - 1 year ago
I wish I understood more of this! haha
Michael Ye
Michael Ye - 1 year ago
What they don't tell you is that there is a way of getting out of the bunker with a squared club face. This Korean pro golfer instructor teaches that method in "chip shot all cover" You may not understand all of what he might've said, but the method works for me.
Jason Dye
Jason Dye - 1 year ago
Listen to tiger, shut up Jason
Azem Bektash
Azem Bektash - 1 year ago
Jason talking to tiger like his won more majors and trophies then him.
Palawan Chips
Palawan Chips - 1 year ago
205 unlikers are european pro players

50. comment for Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

Kaptainrdean - 1 year ago
6:48 Tiger casually mentioning he had lessons from Seve and meaning, 'yeah, my way's better'.
Alex Zaslavsky
Alex Zaslavsky - 1 year ago
Open the face to get the bounce not the dig. I learned something!!
Mike Man
Mike Man - 1 year ago
Is this guy trying to teach the greatest golfer. What a dickhead!
Ke boomrang
Ke boomrang - 1 year ago
I use only my pitching wedge for all situsation less than 130 yards...
Jacob Ray
Jacob Ray - 1 year ago
I practice wiping too much :)
ReTToC - 1 year ago
Tiger and Day are the two most personable guys on the tour. I still can’t get out of the bunker though unfortunately.
Damon Williams
Damon Williams - 1 year ago
I use 6 degree bounce and play weekends only anymore. I think when you get a decent understanding of the game and simply practice your game at home with wiffle balls or some soft ball, you'll drop your handicap by a lot in just a few months.
aaron chand
aaron chand - 1 year ago
I’ve tried hitting from bunkers. The only thing that flew out of the bunker was my club and sands
richat1 - 1 year ago
gone right off DAY after this, he talks too much
king shark
king shark - 1 year ago
azapro911 - 1 year ago
At his best, Jay Day is the most Tiger-like player of his generation.
Prosperity Always
Prosperity Always - 1 year ago
Tiger - “that’s what every great bunker player says.”
Prosperity Always
Prosperity Always - 1 year ago
It’s Tiger Woods. Yes, he knows what you mean.
King Julian 805
King Julian 805 - 1 year ago
Sitting here wondering which one IS my sand wedge! Probably shouldn't keep playing golf. Lmao
Jacob. R
Jacob. R - 1 year ago
I don't like sand, it's rough and it gets everywhere.
Thegooob95 - 1 year ago
Hey taylormade, this is the kind of content that has meaning, we see through and we don’t give a flying shit about the branding. Here we see two amazing golfers speaking about their universe that we never see, and you are the lense. It would be amazing to see more stuff like this because honestly the brand image nonsense is just boring. Sorry if that steps on toes but it’s true. We wanna see this.
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones - 1 year ago
Both these guys are very likeable dudes.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 1 year ago
Great Job Jason on trying to teach Tiger..when a few more Majors and then well listen in the meantime STFU
peter c
peter c - 1 year ago
Could watch these guys talk about their shots all day
Saurabh Bhaduri
Saurabh Bhaduri - 1 year ago
There is a distinct difference in the sound between the shots of the two.. anyone else noticed that?
Travis Brown
Travis Brown - 1 year ago
Do you have to look like you’re hovering over the shitter and trying not to let your ass cheeks touch the rim when you play out of the bunker? I think they’d be more comfortable with one of those paper ass gaskets to set on the sand.
Mc Me
Mc Me - 1 year ago
These two talking shop is great. I didn't understand half of it, but love how they completley understand each other.
Glenn Bennett
Glenn Bennett - 1 year ago
more bounce in burmuda....
Young Money Investments
Young Money Investments - 1 year ago
Anyone else just wishing they could have seen where the balls landed!?!
SKRIZZL Williams
SKRIZZL Williams - 1 year ago
Looks like day dips his club in the sand a few times, or maybe it's the angle.
Rich Mazel
Rich Mazel - 1 year ago
I loved this and hope there is more!
Simba Roberts
Simba Roberts - 1 year ago
rightyourwrong - 1 year ago
TM getting cucked by nike on the apparel here lol
John Powell
John Powell - 1 year ago
Thanks Tiger and Jason, especially the comment on bounce north of 12. I'm changing my wedges today. Bounce is your friend.
Jared - 1 year ago
I didn’t hit me until Tiger said he changes wedges 7 times in a year. I change my wedges once every 7 years
David Barker
David Barker - 1 year ago
Unbelievably interesting to watch and listen too
Gary Redmond
Gary Redmond - 1 year ago
I’m still working on how to properly rake the sand trap
Ben Hedberg
Ben Hedberg - 1 year ago
Imagine just having a casual conversation with TIGER WOODS about how you hit bunker shots... if only man
The Aequalitatem
The Aequalitatem - 1 year ago
My wedges’ heads are made of animal bones; that’s how old they are!
loco moco
loco moco - 1 year ago
Aaron F.
Aaron F. - 1 year ago
Must be nice to have several options from the bunker
R N - 1 year ago
Quiet Jason, I’m trying to hear Tiger talk
J.T. Lewis
J.T. Lewis - 1 year ago
J.T. Lewis
J.T. Lewis - 1 year ago
Maestros sharing
MPH - 1 year ago
Jason Day, if you're NOT the next James Bond I'll kill myself.
Larry Noble
Larry Noble - 1 year ago
VERY VERY VERY COOL!!!! for the Åmateur level..
Nico C
Nico C - 1 year ago
It's amazing how completely different their approach is
Movitz Sturk
Movitz Sturk - 1 year ago
What happens to the wedges they are "done with", must be a market for pro wedges? Or are they like recycled or something
pug pug
pug pug - 1 year ago
Mantra Music
Mantra Music - 1 year ago
this is great content
David Koerte
David Koerte - 1 year ago
Leonardo talking to Einstein
Tone K
Tone K - 1 year ago
I golf. But I did not understand anything they said.
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson - 1 year ago
They have sponsors so they can change clubs anytime they want.
Roger Parker
Roger Parker - 1 year ago
Stfu. U got your face way too open one major wonder Day
B B - 1 year ago
I wish I knew people who were golf nuts that I could talk to like this. I'm always "lone wolfing" it when practicing and playing golf. Even the guys I know that are good, they can't articulate or dont care to, how they are good. They just grip it and swing and they've found a way to make it work...rambling but just sayimg it'd be nice to talk golf like this with someone.

100. comment for Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day | TaylorMade Golf

Warrior Son
Warrior Son - 1 year ago
My technique in bunkers is to take a full swing, blade the ball out to about 90 yards on the other side of the green, and then pitch it back onto the green.
If it then rolls back into the same bunker...just rinse and repeat.
AECaniff - 1 year ago
These videos are amazing, just hearing the discussions between top pros and how they go about their game is so interesting.
Jonny Thunder
Jonny Thunder - 1 year ago
A masterclass for Jason from Tiger...
bill.lopez - 1 year ago
These guys are almost like scientists with this stuff. Amazing!
A Vantastic Life
A Vantastic Life - 1 year ago
Both talk too much and say very little
joshua o'dea
joshua o'dea - 1 year ago
Wish you showed the result of each shot
Varun Chauhan
Varun Chauhan - 1 year ago
This guy should just shut up and respect when tiger is talking . Tiger looks more natural watching him is like a art .
Sagar Bhakta
Sagar Bhakta - 1 year ago
I'm still in the bunker after watching this.
jhughes19851 - 1 year ago
Pro tip: For all of us out there who find ourselves playing in firm, compressed bunkers (typical on cheaper courses where resources are limited)
Try playing a more standard chip/pitch shot in which you would strike the ball first as opposed to sand then ball. The trick for this shot is that you must deliver about 25-30% MORE power than you would use to cover the same distance chipping or pitching from grass. The sand will slow your club down through the impact zone and will add a LOT of backspin (Hence the extra power on the shot)
Give this a try the next time you find yourself in a "concrete" bunker and you may be pleasantly surprised at how consistent and effective (and relatively EASY!) this little shot is.

Final Notes:

-The hardest part of this shot is getting accustomed to how much force you can use.... Your brain will tell you to hit it softer than is needed to cover the distance
-This shot is only appropriate for clearing a low-medium height bunker lip... if you need to get the ball more than 3-4 ft up in the air very quickly this shot will not work well
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez - 1 year ago
Ok this was an awesome video
J Greenseed
J Greenseed - 1 year ago
Jesus, I need new wedges then
Peter Marino
Peter Marino - 1 year ago
2 brilliant golf minds. Love this kind of content. So raw.
Charles Alan
Charles Alan - 1 year ago
Jason changes his wedges twice a year, Tiger on average every one and a half tournaments! I had my last set for 25 years and I intend (considering I paid over $2,000 for my new set of clubs) to be buried with existing ones!......Might explain my 20+ handicap.
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
I get out okay......sometimes 2 okays get me out sometimes 3
Kimchicracker - 1 year ago
This is so cool. Two geniuses at work.
J L - 1 year ago
I don't play golf, didn't know the guy in blue shirt and understood 20% of what they said.
My brain has never tried so hard and moved so fast trying to understand something it doesn't understand.
I totally respected them and the knowledge they have in the craft of golf. Thank you.
buzzcrushtrendkill - 1 year ago
Jason is a talker... LOL
josh gearheart
josh gearheart - 1 year ago
Tigers got a nickname for every shot doesn’t he
チャムリー130 - 1 year ago
George Kirkland
George Kirkland - 1 year ago
Tiger looks so much more smooth thank Jason.
J DB - 1 year ago
wow Jason Day too you helped me so much with posture and how to sit into the position but my back limits that. take care of your back
Mattyjay88 - 1 year ago
Pretty cool to see their perspectives and points of view are similar.
O. G.
O. G. - 1 year ago
Lmao...GOATs method is easier to manage....run it out or spin it close. JDay is flying it to the flag all the time lol.
Crispy - 1 year ago
I much could Tiger charge for personal lessons? That man could make millions more I believe.
DaddyLove - 1 year ago
jason day asking Tiger Woods "do you know what I mean?" Woods: nick young meme*
Shakester71 - 1 year ago
Wish Taylormade would show where these shots end up.
Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen - 1 year ago
We miss you Seve
Joshua Farris
Joshua Farris - 1 year ago
Imagine when that guy in the background totally texting looks up...
Social Justice
Social Justice - 1 year ago
Damn, I wish the other guy would let Tiger finish his bloody sentences.
zx6rdood - 1 year ago
I don’t even play golf
Bearjumper55 - 1 year ago
Wow, I haven't heard half the terms they're using! I love the way they understand each other...... great video!
Luis Torres
Luis Torres - 1 year ago
you're supposed to change your wedges?
Hank Hardigan
Hank Hardigan - 1 year ago
Patrick Reed: 'So what you gotta do is take an address, feign a waggle and tamp the sand down behind your ball. Take a step back, have a practice swing and make sure you make contact with the sand when you do. I hope this helps"
Drone Pro
Drone Pro - 1 year ago
It’s not legal to touch the sand in a bunker before your swing. That’s why you have to hover the club above the sand before your swing. The reason is that if you could touch the sand with your club before swinging you can better read how it plays.
Roger Parker
Roger Parker - 1 year ago
Or put a shovel in your bag
Roger Parker
Roger Parker - 1 year ago
Or use a shovel
BigG_FreightTrain - 1 year ago
Their conversation sounds like brain surgeons talking about technique. I've been playing all my life and didnt know these guys put draw on a ball out of sand
aldino tayeb
aldino tayeb - 1 year ago
this is the type of content we want ! please more!!
HokiePitcher22 - 1 year ago
I just wait til everyone else isnt looking, pick up the ball with one hand, sand with the other, make a swoosh sound while stomping, than throw the ball and the sand onto the green. Its very effective.
HokiePitcher22 - 1 year ago
Pro tip:
Dont listen to tiger at the beginning. Its always better to do too much wiping than not enough.
Arfdog - 1 year ago
Ok this is actually interesting stuff for golf nerds, meaningful and relevant commentary. Not some hokey shit. Good to see TM gets golfing
Mike Hatzl
Mike Hatzl - 1 year ago
This is awesome
Darren Mcintosh
Darren Mcintosh - 1 year ago
Hello videotaper...if you film from a rear angle...we can see em hit ...and land
Darren Mcintosh
Darren Mcintosh - 1 year ago
Best teqnique...set ball perfectly on top of evened out sand...lol
David Cash
David Cash - 1 year ago
Tiger: "I don't think any amateur should go below 12 degrees of bounce...."
Me: ".... what?"
Tiger: "Just because, it will dig, you're not practicing all the time. Bounce is your friend."
Me: ".... what?"
Tiger: " More stuff about bounce "Stay north of 12"
Me: Selling my clubs on craigslist...
W Jack
W Jack - 1 year ago
Okay and I'll be buying your low bounce wedges because I'm a sweeper! I don't take divots I picked the ball cleanly.. I absolutely hate bounce I have four degrees on my 60 degree wedge to love it...
short game is by far the best part of my game... if I have a wedge shot inside 20 yards I like it to leave me with a 2-4 foot putt... I also play on a really tightly manicured course similar to run off on Greens Around Augusta...
Also was fitted for these vokey SM7 wedges.. the highest bounce I have is an eight..
10 hdcp
Fateh Dhillon
Fateh Dhillon - 1 year ago
What you really need is blades
David Cash
David Cash - 1 year ago
Tiger said he'll play a 56... I play a 56 out of the bunker.... I PLAY LIKE TIGER!!!! Except not as good.
Billy Joel
Billy Joel - 2 years ago
Straight up pros ! True legends
Keith Hudson
Keith Hudson - 2 years ago
Did he just try and tell Tiger he's doing it wrong? Haha.
Plus2 Golfer
Plus2 Golfer - 2 years ago
sammey1 - 2 years ago
Jason, just watch and learn.
cheetahlip - 2 years ago
This is great getting these guys together, the camera work is HORRID....we can’t see the goddamn shots. Wtf
Zero2Hero Golf
Zero2Hero Golf - 2 years ago
Love the honest and open conversation Jason was willing to have with Tiger. No holding back, just sharing what works for them individually. Jason high finish for high shots, TW low finish with faster hands for high finish. Good stuff guys!
Equiano Devonte
Equiano Devonte - 2 years ago
It's laughable for Day trying to tell Tiger how to hit a bunker shot. These youngsters need to do more listening than talking. And it's Mr. Tiger Woods. Fucking millennials.
J. 4NASH - 2 years ago
jason day is one of the best bunker players
Adam Hicks
Adam Hicks - 2 years ago
Lol Day telling Tiger his face is too open....
thorpey lad
thorpey lad - 2 years ago
Face way to open??? He only the greatest player to grace the earth
Eric Williams
Eric Williams - 2 years ago
Please do more of these instructional videos. So much garbage out there. This was so helpful
Peter Martinaitis
Peter Martinaitis - 2 years ago
Just enforces the notion everyone has their own way of playing the same shot, too many instructors are trying to teach everyone to play every shot the same way.
Robert Reams
Robert Reams - 2 years ago
I mean I know they are professionals and sponsored but I’ve been playing the same wedges since 2010.......
Chris M
Chris M - 2 years ago
Tiger so good for the game
Lenny Hinkston
Lenny Hinkston - 2 years ago
I love how day doesn’t look at tiger like he’s some god. And he questions his approach to certain shots when he should.
Dylan Scroggins
Dylan Scroggins - 2 years ago
Eh he is almost talking down to him sometimes like questioning his club face saying he's doing it wrong basically. the man has 82 major wins he has a system for everything that works for him and Day didn't ask for any improvement tips at all. Just kinda seemed stuck up to me
shelby langston
shelby langston - 2 years ago
I love these new "how to" series that are being put out.. Pretty new to watching em and really enjoy how personal they feel..
brdpit - 2 years ago
Love this content. More please!
Michael Burchard
Michael Burchard - 2 years ago
Great to see tiger teaching all the guys that grew up watching him as kids winning 79 pga events, 14 majors and only has added to his legacy beating up on these poor kids
Treveon Mccurty
Treveon Mccurty - 2 years ago
he told him you have your face to open
Play2Win1958 - 2 years ago
Golf is a game of feel
K O - 2 years ago
Great stuff thanks
Sidecar 771
Sidecar 771 - 2 years ago
These guys play golf on a different planet
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior - 2 years ago
If Mickelson was there Tiger & Day would both be struggling to get a word in.
the links lizard
the links lizard - 2 years ago
The two of them spend more time in sand than David hassalhoff
James Anthony
James Anthony - 2 years ago
Show us where the ball went on the green.
Philip Sigglekow
Philip Sigglekow - 2 years ago
Isnt it nice to see the respect and friendship with these guys at this level ...
Eric Austin
Eric Austin - 2 years ago
Day: "I only change my wedges about twice a year"
Me: looking at my sand wedge that I bought in 2004....
Waqar Ghulam
Waqar Ghulam - 1 year ago
Eric Austin their wedges are forged from softer steel and they loose groves very fast. We play with cast hard steel wedges
voice_of_reason - 1 year ago
Eureka! Change your wedges every 1.5 tournaments and you'll be as good a wedge player as Tiger. It's going to cost you but, you've got to do what you've got to do.
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf - 1 year ago
lol i had vokey spin milled version 1s from 2005/6 until july 2020
Ke boomrang
Ke boomrang - 1 year ago
They probably hit the same amount of ball in one day than me in one year...
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones - 1 year ago
@Matt Anderson the correct answer to your questions is yes.
sammy - 1 year ago
he hits his wedge twice as often in half a year as you have since '04
Eric Austin
Eric Austin - 1 year ago
@Roger Arrabbitt I actually used to manage a retail golf store and played about 70-80 times a year and had a 3.5 handicap. I worked there 13 years until 2005, so that 2004 wedge I use now was the last freebie I got out of a sales rep before I left
Roger Arrabbitt
Roger Arrabbitt - 1 year ago
Yeah, but he plays as many games in a year as you do in 15
jcman240 - 1 year ago
I bought a new 56 before a round 15 years ago.. hit it long from 70 yards, the ball grabbed and zipped back like a yoyo and went in the hole... never been able to recreate that shot...
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 1 year ago
Lol I'd change my wedges everyday If taylormade just handed them to me
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 1 year ago
Everett Price
Everett Price - 1 year ago
Dude your wedge is the same age as me
mja0182 - 1 year ago
I get a new wedge everytime I leave one on a hole and realize it when I need it when I’m playing my next round.
ZIBO ZHOU 周子博 - 1 year ago
cuz if your wedge is too old there's less spin on your ball, tour players want a lot of spin for their bunker shots and chips.
okolekahuna - 1 year ago
wayleftbutcenter - 1 year ago
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson - 1 year ago
I wonder if it was because he wore down his grooves or because he was trying to find the right one? Or if, like he talked about at the beginning, it depends on what kind of sand it is. The sand at Augusta, for example, is totally different than the courses in the UK, like St. Andrews, for example.
D Madden
D Madden - 1 year ago
I mean these guys hits infinite more shots than us so they wear those grooves down at a higher clip
Lex Dekkers
Lex Dekkers - 2 years ago
I'd change twice per year too if they were given to me. Heck, I'd change every month, just for grins.
My R11's are seven years old now, and still feel good (to me...).
Joe Manzione
Joe Manzione - 2 years ago
2004 !!!!!!...so you have a new sand wedge !!!!!!
EngineeringTheMind - 2 years ago
lol hilarious! probably the same with most of us on here
megabonnar - 2 years ago
I just got a new wedge after 17 years, I was using a Wilson sand wedge, now I'm using some Callaway I found for 20
Bernard Brown
Bernard Brown - 2 years ago
And Tiger changes his 7 times in 10 tournaments!!
John Gutierrez
John Gutierrez - 2 years ago
You can DEFINITELY tell who the alpha is in this segment lol
spartanical - 2 years ago
Day kept interrupting Tiger... and actually "corrected" his technique. Omg... I think he was trying have us see him at the same level as Tiger. Give me a break.
Coburn Karma
Coburn Karma - 2 years ago
I get lots of practice out of the bunker, usually 2-3 shots to get it out. I learned that you really have to swing hard along with an open club face.
LoNero - 2 years ago
Day: “you’ve got your face way to open”

Woods: (thinking) “how many championships have you won?”
Austin Ling
Austin Ling - 1 year ago
lol maybe but tiger explained he leaves it open then shuts the face in the swing. I just thought it was cool Jason caught that small change
alex davidson
alex davidson - 1 year ago
@Sub Zer0 yeah its quite obviously not a pissing contest... I think its great watching a a god of golf still learning from others... I agree that hes not chuckling coz he knows he's better
Sub Zer0
Sub Zer0 - 1 year ago
If it was a joke then apologies, but if not then understand the situation before saying anything.
Sub Zer0
Sub Zer0 - 1 year ago
Brian Pope completely wrong, he chuckled because his way of hitting long shots is a bit abnormal. He takes a different swing path to close down his club face through impact which very few people do/can do successfully. Day was pointing out that his face was too open for a longer shot and tiger explained why he has it that open. JDay is a better bunker player than tiger and they are close friends so I’m sure tiger is trying to learn from jday all the time as jday is trying to learn from tiger.
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
thorpey lad
thorpey lad - 2 years ago
Brian Pope
Brian Pope - 2 years ago
LoNero That why Tiger chuckled lol
Treveon Mccurty
Treveon Mccurty - 2 years ago
LoNero exactly
Alan Martins
Alan Martins - 2 years ago
Friggin awesome.
Kev Park
Kev Park - 2 years ago
TW the god
Juan Hdez
Juan Hdez - 2 years ago
How has unlocked more career achievements?
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow - 2 years ago
I wish my local golf courses had quality bunkers with good sand like that.... I hate being an amateur...
Eagle Detection
Eagle Detection - 2 years ago
Video sponsored by TaylorMade, 12 Nike logos on the players.
maurizio will
maurizio will - 2 years ago
Can't believe he actually tried to critique a 15 time major winner and first billionaire athlete...lol
Ethan Pearson
Ethan Pearson - 2 years ago
I came to this video right after watching MeAndMyGolf’s video where Jason Day is talking about bunker play, it’s amazing to see an all-time great like Tiger hop in a bunker with a player who looks up to him and pick his brain. Anyone can always learn more and get better
Craig - 2 years ago
Jason Day: “ I only change get new wedges twice a year”
Brian Lehr
Brian Lehr - 2 years ago
Craig they would fair just fine.. like the commercial says “these guys are good”
Jean-Pierre Heyns
Jean-Pierre Heyns - 2 years ago
Tiger's swing is just pure class.
Greg Limon
Greg Limon - 2 years ago
Obviously Day has a beautiful swing. But my goodness does Tiger's swing blow his away. So silky smooth
franz - 2 years ago
Its funny how these young guns can even comment about golf shots to Tiger. Even Tiger’s shanks are still at a scoring range. How many of you even pay any attention to Jason’s comments? That’s what I thought. Let him rack 10 majors and maybe he might get a few minutes of I’ll listen to you time.
L E - 2 years ago
More of this!!
hoshi hyuuma
hoshi hyuuma - 2 years ago
I want to hear what Tiger says, not Jason.
Pat Dorsman
Pat Dorsman - 2 years ago
I wish they would have shown where the shots went
John Reese Fishing
John Reese Fishing - 2 years ago
See what I do, tell my son go get that ball out of the sand and put it in the grass... Lol
aaron garrett
aaron garrett - 2 years ago
Day getting a compliment from Tiger... Guessing his life is complete now. Lol
Dogan Keskinkilic
Dogan Keskinkilic - 2 years ago
Well..My Mizuno S18 58°-04°Bounce gets me out of bunkers every time sand or no sand,no need for high bounce wedge.
Christpoher Bstead
Christpoher Bstead - 2 years ago
So am I the only one finding it totally hilarious that Jason Day thinks he can tell Tiger Woods how to do anything? anything? Really,, Tiger has forgotten more than you ever knew about how to play golf dude. . . . wth . . . .
Spoon Face
Spoon Face - 2 years ago
Jason Know-It-All Day
Sub Zer0
Sub Zer0 - 1 year ago
Day is a better bunker player than tiger...
Manuel De Leon
Manuel De Leon - 1 year ago
He kept interrupting tiger and it was getting unsettling
Spoon Face
Spoon Face - 2 years ago
Ol blabbermouth Jason over here...
Spoon Face
Spoon Face - 2 years ago
Let Tiger talk damn Jason #stfu for a second
Dwayne Bent
Dwayne Bent - 2 years ago
Jason day is a fkn nerd
Antoine Miller
Antoine Miller - 2 years ago
Aaron Connolly
Aaron Connolly - 2 years ago
I could watch this all day
Arnold Vongvirath
Arnold Vongvirath - 2 years ago
awesome two Master, I using 18*
Austin Oakley
Austin Oakley - 2 years ago
Perfect example of when the student believes they are the teacher and learns nothing
Shawn Dragann
Shawn Dragann - 2 years ago
This is such a great video.
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller - 2 years ago
How exciting is this!?
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KieLFC 06
KieLFC 06 - 2 years ago
The amount of knowledge in this video is brilliant, two great players.
Nicool333 - 2 years ago
What the hell are they talking about?
William MacDonald
William MacDonald - 2 years ago
Fowler / Butch Harmon technique change took Rickie from terrible to best in history, and is easier for us.
UTBaller22 - 2 years ago
Change wedges twice a year like that is forever LOL. I change my wedges once every 5 years if I am lucky.
clarence auger
clarence auger - 2 years ago
I’m just trying not to send it 70 yards over the green
Michikazu Photographer
Michikazu Photographer - 2 years ago
What a great video! LOVE hearing tips!!
HondaMonkeyAround - 2 years ago
Um I was still watching and the video cut off. Why doesn’t it just keep going and going.....please
Reverse _Deadly
Reverse _Deadly - 2 years ago
4:16 of only that guy in the back actually looked up
Whoami Foo
Whoami Foo - 2 years ago
Amazing video. Love seeing them talk about how they do things different.
K P - 2 years ago
Where's the tigers? Thought this was about lions and tigers...
b0ngburner420 - 2 years ago
Beginner golfer here. No fuckin clue what they're talking about. It's intimidating lol
Bryce Parker
Bryce Parker - 2 years ago
Wow Jason day is annoying lol
GracieKal - 2 years ago
They do this with different shots?
Jonas Cleveland
Jonas Cleveland - 2 years ago
Jason, STFU. How many majors?
Alex Goldtooth
Alex Goldtooth - 2 years ago
see Tiger... click
Nick Leevathana
Nick Leevathana - 2 years ago
Lmao, tiger's sounds really good.
Brian Pope
Brian Pope - 2 years ago
Dang I just bought a 56 w/ 10° of bounce lol and it does tend to dig
DatDamKeyid - 2 years ago
Listen and learn Jason lol
Evan James
Evan James - 2 years ago
Crazy I understood all of this. Day is, surprisingly, spewing golf knowledge you can't pay for
Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker - 2 years ago
Lol @ changing wedges every 1.5 weeks. I've been playing with my Dad's hand-me-down for 15 years
Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker - 1 year ago
@W Jack twas just a joke jack. more power to them!
W Jack
W Jack - 1 year ago
Okay Thomas so buy a new wedge preferably a vokey if you want the best in the game you hit your wedges more than you hit any club in the bag besides your putter why use one that's that old... or you really like your wedge so you've kept it that long so stop complaining if you had access to what these guys do you be getting a new wedge every week also
elyh777 - 2 years ago
Jason’s stance is so awkward looking.
Paul O'Neil
Paul O'Neil - 2 years ago
'I just don't want to practice cuts - it bleeds into everything I do' (TW)

I live entire by this statement in all things golf. I constantly practice making sure everything Draws - because all it takes is the tiniest mental thought of not drawing it and the fade bleeds into every aspect of golf. Work on your 5 yard draw on every club - when you need to hit a fade, hit a fade, and then forget about what you just did.
Robert Munawwar
Robert Munawwar - 2 years ago
Seve Props. Geez!!
JoeMercersWay - 2 years ago
Drill Sergeant Tiger:
Golf & Tesla
Golf & Tesla - 1 year ago
don't forget "gotcha".
MrPnutlewis - 2 years ago
Some of these clips are just chat but this is good content. Well done guys & Taylor Made. Cant believe they draw a sand shot, Brilliant !
James Excell
James Excell - 2 years ago
Open the face. Got it!
Bryan Gray
Bryan Gray - 2 years ago
Definitely show the balls landing as well
Thomas Hayden
Thomas Hayden - 2 years ago
Would have loved to see the balls landing for a few shots.
john wheeler
john wheeler - 2 years ago
When the sand is hard, try a putter !!!!
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez - 2 years ago
they are actually picking each other brains right there, great vid
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter - 2 years ago
You mean tiger eats him alive
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez - 2 years ago
the dude at 5:30 was like yeah great but uhhh we lost you mate
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez - 2 years ago
The absolute best bunker philosophy is to avoid getting in the bunker. Once in it you are basically F#&^#@
Lynn Naing
Lynn Naing - 2 years ago
OMG I love this insight!!!!
nawtynick9 - 2 years ago
Epic content TaylorMade. This was so good to watch, I was glued to my screen. Please create more vids like this.
Jim Elmore
Jim Elmore - 2 years ago
That’s fun to watch. Two of the best to ever play the game chatting and sharing information. Love to see a series of these on every club in the bag with different players.
paulo Paul
paulo Paul - 2 years ago
I can understand now what makes a great champion. They listen and learn like Tiger woods with less talking. Jason Day should learn to listen from 15times major winner. Not the other way round. Maybe you will win more majors if you could understand what I mean. Jason you talk whole load of rubbish in front of someone you should learn from. It's a help to you to take opportunities which you were not by talking too much rather learning from your master Tiger. You ridiculed yourself in that scenario.
Chris Brimhall
Chris Brimhall - 2 years ago
Seve learned how to hit sand shots with a 3 iron as a kid
Nick Alex
Nick Alex - 2 years ago
"Oh ive gone through 6 or 7 in the past 10 tournaments" ......Why? what are their wedges made out of?! Plastic?
Nick Alex
Nick Alex - 2 years ago
@Pootie 0128 oh!! Lmao!!! I misinterpreted!! Literally sitting here like "oh must be nice...." When I only have one wedge I use for everything
Pootie 0128
Pootie 0128 - 2 years ago
Nick Alex he’s having a set of wedges set up for each course. He’s not wearing them out. I stopped questioning Tiger a long time ago
Mark K Pardue
Mark K Pardue - 2 years ago
Tiger said, "I got some lessons from Seve". Damn! How do you respond to that!?! yeah, a guy at the driving range really helped me out...?
wordpressobsessed - 2 years ago
Tiger was winning majors when Jason was in diapers. Just sayin'
Amazon Poland
Amazon Poland - 2 years ago
100yrs from now Tiger will be a legen and Day will be forgotten, but its Day that's got all the chat. Aint that always the way.
cdseab1 - 2 years ago
Great video :) This have given Me a totally new perspective on how to play greenside bunkers! Thanks!!
Donagh Corcoran
Donagh Corcoran - 2 years ago
Tiger.. "I got so many lessons from Seve" ... Nice to see Seve's talent live on :)
Rudy C
Rudy C - 2 years ago
Seriously the more I listen to this, the more shocked I am. 15 majors compared to one. Imagine Andy Dick trying to give Daniel Day-Lewis an acting lesson. It’s insanity. What could he teach him? It’s just so presumptuous and arrogant for Day to think he has something he could teach Woods, who despite being one of the two best players ever, is also consistently one of the top ten to fifteen bunker players on tour.
Rudy C
Rudy C - 2 years ago
Jason Day is telling Tiger Woods his bunker play sucks. Is that what I’m hearing?
Ronin1965 - 2 years ago
Learning at the feet of the masters but I to would like to have seen where the balls actually landed to complete the full definition and destination of the shot.
Dyson Golf
Dyson Golf - 2 years ago
GREAT TIP! Now I need to tell the staff at the courses I play to use PGA certified sand so I can hit it proper :) Nice vid.
Dyson Golf
Dyson Golf - 2 years ago
@Michael lol....probably
Michael - 2 years ago
Dyson Golf
It’s not the sand- it’s most definitely you.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell - 2 years ago
I love girl's that have lots of bounce
George Hawley
George Hawley - 2 years ago
Occasionally I miss the sand and wonder how that is possible.
Marko J
Marko J - 2 years ago
Very insightful!!
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson - 2 years ago
Great lesson Guys. Thanks so much. We love the game like you guys but aren't near as talented. Hahaha. Love you guys.
KANG'S VLOG - 2 years ago
Jason was a little bit over excited and talked too much. Kind of bothering me, i click in to see Tiger Woods
Plus2 Golfer
Plus2 Golfer - 2 years ago
I absolutely love the NEW tiger!! So much more personable and I love how Day is so enthusiastic about wanting to learn from tiger... He's listening to every word
Jon Allen
Jon Allen - 1 year ago
Yeah you weren't watching this video. Day kept interrupting him. Talking like he was trying to teach Tiger something....
Scott Free
Scott Free - 1 year ago
Did you watch the same video?
Plus2 Golfer
Plus2 Golfer - 2 years ago
JayCen - 2 years ago
imagine having tiger woods as a coach
Ben Beck
Ben Beck - 2 years ago
Both are great and both are right for what they do
Michael Hill
Michael Hill - 2 years ago
Jason Day needs to stop trying to out talk Tiger, because nobody wants to hear him. Tiger is the greatest golfer probably in the Universe and on his way to certify it
Brad Kynoch
Brad Kynoch - 2 years ago
Interesting hearing from the best !!
Kibbs - 2 years ago
Imagine tiger saying “well done dude” to you
JP R - 2 years ago
He did say it to me once, while I was sleeping with my wife...
TheLoneWolf_NZ - 2 years ago
I wish the camera followed the shot or we had another angle
Sean Graham
Sean Graham - 2 years ago
this may be my favourite golf video ever
Shawn From Toronto
Shawn From Toronto - 2 years ago
man I never talk back to my Golf Instructor that much
Gil Ramsey
Gil Ramsey - 2 years ago
What Jason said about "it can bleed over into chipping" is so very true. My short game practice can screw up my full swing even if I'm not careful because I stop getting rotation. You do have to be careful with that.
Duckaholic Doug
Duckaholic Doug - 2 years ago
Let's hear more about the lessons from Seve!
Duckaholic Doug
Duckaholic Doug - 2 years ago
Hello Taylormade? I'd like a price on Tigers used throw away clubs, please. At 10 sets each year and the used price guide, I'm looking for a value. Thank you
fradaja - 2 years ago
Sand science
LeeseMedia - 2 years ago
Taylormade are listening... this is absolutely brilliant. More like this!
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma - 2 years ago
They both agree, "Bounce is your friend". Will try bouncing next time on my Bunker practice session.
GolfKid - 2 years ago
My kid loves to get in the bunker... it’s a good job because I’m in there all the time!
Paulonbass75 - 2 years ago
No offense to Tiger but, he has no idea what amateurs need, he has had pros around him since age 2 and he has never taught a day in his life.
Peter Croker
Peter Croker - 2 years ago
"Clubhead Awareness" is the source (origin) of control. To listen to these two Champions putting their attention on what path and clubface alignment to the path is pure genius. I recommend that everyone go out and test out what they glean from this interchange between Jason and Tiger. Many thanks to Taylor Made for bringing these insights to us all.
Neil Gallimore
Neil Gallimore - 2 years ago
Would have been nice to see the comparative end results but I think I'll take the advice of the 15 majors guy !
Joshua Horvat
Joshua Horvat - 2 years ago
More exactly like this please!
Gabe Brock
Gabe Brock - 2 years ago
Am I the only amateur that Is practicing enough? I’ve only been playing for 6 months but I play an average of 18 holes a day (I scored a job at a golf course) and am sick of pros shitting on amateurs and deterring them from certain equipment for “lack of practice”
rick abrahamson
rick abrahamson - 2 years ago
FU tRUmp lover.
shafly67 - 2 years ago
Pretty sure he uses a Tiger upper cut
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman - 2 years ago
Tiger is the man
Adolfo Zayas
Adolfo Zayas - 2 years ago
This was absolutely amazing....application of knowledge is power
Scott ??????
Scott ?????? - 2 years ago
The most important thing they said and agreed upon, most people won't think twice about. Making a move or a change can "bleed" over into other shots. I noticed that years ago when I was making a small swing change. There is a way to hit a 20-50 yard shot that works really well. You take the club back and instead of using your arms to hit the shot with a quite bottom half, you instead turn you hips towards the target. When you do it right, as you turn, the club moves to the ball and very little movement with the upper body. The problem is that move bleed over into chipping and putting.
Michael Toolis
Michael Toolis - 2 years ago
Awesome to hear these guys talk shop
Matt Keithley
Matt Keithley - 2 years ago
Jason looks like he's sitting on a toilet when he approaches the ball
1DCCX - 2 years ago
Matt Keithley haha! He does.

Lowers the lie angle so he can open the leading edge and add loft and bounce whilst keeping it square. If he opened it up that much and stood tall the loft would point right of target.
Daniel Alejandro Fernandez
Daniel Alejandro Fernandez - 2 years ago
Best golf video I've ever seen, ever.
JHaz - 2 years ago
If I hit it in the bunker I think to myself, "Well..this rounds over." My second thought is can I just putt it out. I then proceed to analyze the lip of the bunker intensely. If its not puttable, I kneel down and ask jesus christ to help me get the ball on the green.
Jimmy swag
Jimmy swag - 2 years ago
Very cool that they are making these but they need to show the shot too. That will make it a lot easier for people to get what they're saying. Right now it just makes most players think they are speaking Klingon.
B B - 2 years ago
I wish Day would shut up in these videos. We didn’t come here to listen to him.
Tim Ulrey
Tim Ulrey - 2 years ago
I thought the same thing until realizing he's way better of a bunker player than tiger - if not the the best bunker player in the world currently.
fenderbooy13 - 2 years ago
I don’t like the aesthetic of Day’s motion, but it obviously works
Yan M
Yan M - 2 years ago
Jason thinks he is in the same league as TW, because theyre both using TM. Jason is just happy that TW is doing a video with him, how many majors has JD won????
invisaman75 - 2 years ago
6:05 If you are playing public courses follow this advice with caution. Most public course the sand is not that soft especially during the beginning of the season. If you play at a country club Jason is 100% correct. Where I play in SoCal the public courses in the canyons can have dirt mixed with the sand.
scoolzdevries - 2 years ago
Jason almost looks like he's squatting down on an invisible chair he is bending his legs so much. Seems a little too low to be comfortable.
Yan M
Yan M - 2 years ago
He's squatting to have a shit like the Japanese toilets.
Robin Wood
Robin Wood - 2 years ago
Tiger having an entertaining "Day" at the office
Solo Matias
Solo Matias - 2 years ago
Scott Knox
Scott Knox - 2 years ago
Wow amazing guys
Vince J
Vince J - 2 years ago
Taylormade needs to make a split screen. One of the players swing and one with the shot results
Fred Ernst
Fred Ernst - 1 year ago
@Bob McGlone Really?
Bob McGlone
Bob McGlone - 1 year ago
Why? We know they are within two to three feet
Jonathan Rath
Jonathan Rath - 1 year ago
Jumpman - 1 year ago
Underrated comment. I was looking for the results of the different ways each player has out of the bunker.
Couldn't let J. Marston Die
Couldn't let J. Marston Die - 2 years ago
I wish the showed the flight paths it would be nice to see the changes from one swing to the next
TechSys Engineer
TechSys Engineer - 2 years ago
Its funny - these 2 guys speak in 1/2 sentences - almost a code - they are completely understanding everything & everyone else is like ..... "huh?"
Christian Van Schepen
Christian Van Schepen - 2 years ago
You'd think it was a Nike video with all the logos showing. Taylormade? No logos in sight, mate. How is job security in the marketing dept?
Savage Grace
Savage Grace - 2 years ago
What's this bounce they speak of?
Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods - 2 years ago
That was awesome!
Window Joe
Window Joe - 2 years ago
Would have loved to see the second camera view where these shots were going and how they were reacting
ccdrummer - 2 years ago
Incredible content. I like that Day is confident when talking to Tiger and Tiger is humble. Both respect each other and both have great things to say. Love this!
Chris K
Chris K - 2 years ago
So glad Tiger is back
Will Kramer
Will Kramer - 2 years ago
This is gold.
JustJames - 2 years ago
Great video lesson, and just shows how much individual 'feel' comes into golf. Love it when Jason Day (great golfer) starts giving Tiger 'instructions' on how to play the sand shot. Both are great players, but Tiger now on 15 majors is simply the best.
hankakah - 2 years ago
They should have played horse, and try to do the shot like the other player describes.
Mike's Track Building and Sim Racing
Mike's Track Building and Sim Racing - 2 years ago
I really think you need to get all these videos of the guys together, and make a DVD/BluRay. It is so good to watch.
Dubai Vipers
Dubai Vipers - 2 years ago
Pure Distance Golf
Pure Distance Golf - 2 years ago
Tiger's sound is better.
Jonathan Pu
Jonathan Pu - 2 years ago
fucking cicadas
Mike Watson
Mike Watson - 2 years ago
Tigers like
Mike Watson
Mike Watson - 2 years ago
Jk love this material, golf needs more of this raw ‘behind the scenes’ edits
Corey Lambrecht
Corey Lambrecht - 2 years ago
Jason the conversation dominator.
Joseph Santos
Joseph Santos - 2 years ago
Jason, just nod at what Tiger says and shut up!
George Bearneza
George Bearneza - 2 years ago
These two have a common denominator aside from being pro golfers. They are both half Asians. Tiger is half Vietnamese while Jason is half Filipiono! :-)
ChrisisAbroad - 2 years ago
Not sure if it is Vietnamese. I believe his mother is from Thailand who is of mixed ancestry.
Toknowthetruth 2
Toknowthetruth 2 - 2 years ago
Marvelous bunker lessons from the great Tiger Woods and Jason Day.. really enjoyed watching..
Ian Tee
Ian Tee - 2 years ago
Jason Day talks too much dude..
For someone who will never get close to the GOAT. Was annoying listening to him..
TehConnon - 2 years ago
Imagine being Tiger Woods and hearing Jason Day trying to critique you or imply he's better in any way
Carl Baumeister
Carl Baumeister - 2 years ago
I think that's a reason Tiger is so successful is because he constantly listens and learns. I'm confident that Jason has a few things that would be helpful to Tiger, even if Jason never wins 15 majors (and he probably never will).
UNCLEBILLYTEE - 2 years ago
Mate it's two great golfers spit balling. Especially since no one plays the same lol
Juan Colmenares
Juan Colmenares - 2 years ago
It's interesting because it's the first time I hear someone talking about things they do in practice that "bleed" into other areas of their game. I've noticed that in my game as well, and I've been struggling to get a technique that helps me be consistent in all areas of my game. Because usually if I'm chipping well, my driving is off and viceversa.
Joe Manzione
Joe Manzione - 2 years ago
jafalad - 2 years ago
I wonder what these guys would make of Stan Utley's bunker technique? Very different but it does help promote the bounce of the sand wedge. Anyone else tried it?
I Doubt It
I Doubt It - 2 years ago
That was awesome. Period
CarryConcealedShow - 2 years ago
Nice seeing how the shots turned out..O wait you didn't show that..
Matt Gardner
Matt Gardner - 2 years ago
These series of vids have been great I may buy taylormade now.
just sunny
just sunny - 2 years ago
Two of my favorite golfers! But own goal by TM you make this content only 7mins??? What the hell!!
Raj Ramjit
Raj Ramjit - 2 years ago
A few things: they are both great but this video showed: 1. Tiger is amazingly humble, despite being the player with more achievements. 2. Tiger is such a well raised and grounded guy. His past personal struggles has really evolved him. 3. Tiger really knows this game technically like a science. This explains his consistency. You won a lot of hearts here today with your classiness.
just sunny
just sunny - 2 years ago
Have to agree - if you never knew anything about golf you will think Tiger is the one with less wins. I noticed he complement Day on his shots and also said he learnt so much from Seve from playing bunker shots from watching him.
Golf Hacker
Golf Hacker - 2 years ago
I went 100 % better out of sand as soon as i got a 60 deg and opened the face and hit just 25mm behind the ball i then control the distance by my back swing. I have never looked back since, perfect for us handicappers.
ih8pikeys - 2 years ago
Awesome video!
brent wilhelmsen
brent wilhelmsen - 2 years ago
It's amazing the sound Tiger's strike differs from Day's. Tiger's is definitely the sound you want. Although I would take Day's sand game.
ram k
ram k - 2 years ago
Jason Day squats too much, even in his regular shots. Perhaps that leads to some of his inaccuracies.
Paula Koncki
Paula Koncki - 2 years ago
Just love watching this!!! They are so lucky to be able to change there clubs to new ones, I used my Taylors for 23 years, must say my bunkers shots is my best part of my golf! Regards from South Africa!! ⛳️
hadoken99 - 2 years ago
Next time show where the balls are landing
hadoken99 - 2 years ago
This is the best
Stuart Freeman
Stuart Freeman - 2 years ago
They are best buds
Classic Alumawood Covers
Classic Alumawood Covers - 2 years ago
I’m spray and pray.. now I will Open face more and spray and pray. This was like watching to guys talk about something confusing in another language. Haha.
Brad Carter
Brad Carter - 2 years ago
Tiger Woods is the greatest at a lot of things. Greatest bunker player of all time.
Tim Hogan
Tim Hogan - 2 years ago
Number sand killer for amateurs is taking too much sand behind the ball! You must learn to read your lie in the sand!
Robsenga Hay
Robsenga Hay - 2 years ago
My takeaway from this is how low the two of them get at address with so much knee bend. I have always been more upright and grip down the shaft but I will try this technique.
Evan Quigley
Evan Quigley - 2 years ago
He practices to much wiping! Wiping wiping wiping
Steve Evans
Steve Evans - 2 years ago
COACHING >>>> Who needs a no champion coach, these guys should coach each other
customind1 - 2 years ago
high level communication, beautiful
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf - 2 years ago
Im a beginner these dudes speaking another language to me.
Kridian01 - 2 years ago
I'm like Neo in the Matrix when he gets his combat programs installed. Moar!
"Mikey, I think he likes it!" Eating these pro vids up!
Tim Ulrey
Tim Ulrey - 2 years ago
I know Kung Fu!
bmcallister1974 - 2 years ago
These guys might as well be talking Chinese. I open the face and swing and hope I don't skull it over the green
E3 Swine & Cattle
E3 Swine & Cattle - 2 years ago
Jason Day giving Tiger lessons. Yea, no.
Ezekiel 25:17
Ezekiel 25:17 - 2 years ago
Can you imagine hanging out with these two on the golf course and just picking their brains about different aspects of the game, clubs, shafts, angles, approach thoughts? Wow.
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh - 2 years ago
I love videos like this
Mr Smith
Mr Smith - 2 years ago
This isn’t instructional it’s EXPERIENCE
richpfessional - 2 years ago
Jason can you be quiet so I can here Tiger talk?
Jake Lindsay
Jake Lindsay - 2 years ago
J Day maybe the best bunker player on tour. Talk all you want.
J Dub
J Dub - 2 years ago
It's crazy how low Day squats down, the toe of the club is pointing up. But you can really see how the club just glides through the sand at impact.
jaliscoyurp - 2 years ago
Jason Day is a good Golfer but STOP trying to teach the GOAT an old trick for Tiger. Jason should just watch the Goat and takes notes, simple as that...
Bikeman Junkie
Bikeman Junkie - 2 years ago
I have always wondered how good I could be at golf if I played four days a week, had a club change out based on fluffy sand and flat sand, a caddy talking me through each shot, a course in prestige condition, a crowd or stand to stop my errant shots, a bunker I could stand in for hours for practice, a swing coach, daily analysis of my swing, and new gear whenever I want to change based on a course. What if?
Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher - 2 years ago
I just hack at it a couple times and then resort to the ol’ foot wedge to finally get me out
FIshfood500 - 2 years ago
No idea what they’re talking about
Hal Miller
Hal Miller - 2 years ago
Awesome knowledge being shared but horrible footage, they could be hitting them into a pond
Juan Colmenares
Juan Colmenares - 2 years ago
Lol, but deep inside you know they didn't. All those shots were crisp.
jamhar - 2 years ago
are they speaking english? :D
simon jaeger
simon jaeger - 2 years ago
When i set up and grab down on the heal and i trap my closed plane through the face and shut it down behind the top end of the high side Like really WTF....can anyone really follow this nonsense.
johnathan wetherill
johnathan wetherill - 2 years ago
Damn I wish i could do bunkers with their confidence and skill .
Shawn East
Shawn East - 2 years ago
So cool
Trent Meyer
Trent Meyer - 2 years ago
Tiger: "That's awesome."
Jason: "Yeah."
Ritter Lott
Ritter Lott - 2 years ago
Keep these lessons coming!
Timothy Daniels
Timothy Daniels - 2 years ago
These guys are so into it. A pleasure to listen in on their conversation.
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera - 2 years ago
It’s great to have these instructional videos from two of the greatest golf players of our times left for posterity.
thorpey lad
thorpey lad - 2 years ago
You have your face to open? Holy cow, that's the greatest of all time he's advising? Lol
thorpey lad
thorpey lad - 2 years ago
Do the woods way
MacClellandMan - 2 years ago
Yeah, what they said.
termite122 - 2 years ago
i wiff it 3 times then pick it up and toss it with the hand wedge...im very consistent as i do it everytime..if i need it run a little i throw it lower and harder if i want it to land soft i underhand toss it nice and high..
lovetogolf - 2 years ago
Tiger's hit's sound so smooth and flush
lovetogolf - 2 years ago
Tiger knows the Game inside and out!!
CORF - 2 years ago
Awesome video from awesome players! Well done
TheMightyOdin - 2 years ago
For green side bunkers : Open your club face, aim left of your target(if you’re right handed), hit the sand about 2 inches behind the ball with the thought of sending sand toward your target. It works.
MediTruth - 2 years ago
Golf is a foreign language for me. I still find it fascinating.
pooclak - 2 years ago
can you shut the fuck up and let tiger teach.
stvnbgnss - 2 years ago
wow -- he is thinking of shaping the ball even out of the bunker -- amazing -- most just want out LOL
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson - 2 years ago
Congrats on the comeback tiger! Still very knowledgeable in golf!
J C - 2 years ago
for all we know they hit all these shots into the water behind the green!!!
Rolando de la Fuente
Rolando de la Fuente - 2 years ago
Taylormade video with such a poor video production, what a shame. I'm sure they can afford two or three cameras.
Mike Tarantino
Mike Tarantino - 2 years ago
I have one sand wedge swing.....they seem to have 10 a piece and a new club for each one lol. More power to them tho they work really hard
cari - 2 years ago
David G
David G - 2 years ago
Very interesting stuff. Personally I think Day's technique is far less aesthetically pleasing, but if it works...!
Damien Bell
Damien Bell - 2 years ago
This is awesome ,,,,,thx
DaGoofSta - 2 years ago
Why couldn't we see where the balls landed lol
xcalabur18 - 2 years ago
It's like watching Einstein and Bohr talking physics. They 'get' each other perfectly, but we have no idea what they're talking about.
John Wood
John Wood - 1 year ago
Bounce is so important on all shots. When I practice swing and the club is bouncing off the turf I always hit a fizzer.
Kevin Bunn
Kevin Bunn - 1 year ago
@Preston Carroll he means like swipping across it. Like raking it by dragging your hands inside going through
Sam Battista
Sam Battista - 1 year ago
Lmao so accurate
Paulonbass75 - 1 year ago
I understood every word.
Alex Zaslavsky
Alex Zaslavsky - 1 year ago
Spot. On.
Travis Brown
Travis Brown - 1 year ago
Nikewiz that still makes you that guy even if you say your not.
I Love cereal
I Love cereal - 1 year ago
Yeah it almost looks like their having a fun time playing and learning from each other.
1DCCX - 1 year ago
xcalabur18 thanks!
xcalabur18 - 1 year ago
1DCCX yeah good for you I guess? Congrats. You’re so much superior to the rest of us.
1DCCX - 1 year ago
Speak for yourself!
B B - 1 year ago
Except i understand lol
John Ternieden
John Ternieden - 1 year ago
I wipe, wipe, and I wipe. Still poop.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 1 year ago
@W X I'm young...I fought this for years...I can hit it long off the tee no prob but I couldnt get under 85 consistently...once I finally started working short game, omg man, the strokes just melt away, especially when I combine that with length but removing those 3 putts, adding a few up and downs, getting out of sand in one...it doesnt feel like it but when you look at the score card at the end some holes will feel like triple bogeys but then you look at it's just a bogey cause you had some shitty drive, a punch out, a mediocre approach shot, then you go pitch, one putt...oh wow, just a bogey...you can have damn near 0 full swing game just hit knockdowns and a mid iron off the tee and you can be under 90 no prob with a great shoet game...maybe not on a championship course from the back tees but at a local.muni where most amateurs play, no issue
mark94555 - 2 years ago
@W X truly yes...bunkers are hands down the easiest shot on course...you literally hit behind the ball and basically cut across it, if you do that even a "bad shot" will be fine...bunkers are consistent other than the firmness of the sand...the rest of the course isnt
W X - 2 years ago
@Nikewiz I mean I see so many young kids who seem to think they're something else with their prodigious length and accuracy, and a 60 year old member whips them by 10 shots consistently. Management, short game, full wedges, putting....I don't know, I'd rather be plus figure than a 15 handicap.
Nikewiz - 2 years ago
Method Golf best of the best learned green to tee the way it should be but with all the new technology and people seeing rory hit his 320 carry with a75% swing it’s expected they hit their driver all day long
W X - 2 years ago
@Nikewiz Same here. Bunkers are cakewalks if played right. It's not like the average player has any clue because they'll go to the range and hit drivers, while I'm over in the bunker getting sand in my shoes. People just have no respect for the short game....
Andrew Andrus
Andrew Andrus - 2 years ago
I think its safe to say that Einstein and Bohr did not necessarily see eye to eye, but I get what you mean
Nikewiz - 2 years ago
Not to be “that guy” but I understand everything they’re saying
T - 2 years ago
mark94555 - 2 years ago
@Preston Carroll right?!?!?! Wipe wipe wipe...what the fuck are you talking about I just hit the ball based off YouTube videos and 40 know lessons and hope I get it right...
mark94555 - 2 years ago
@Lo Pi agree
Lynn Naing
Lynn Naing - 2 years ago
That is so true- but we listen to see if we can get any drop of knowledge.
Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson - 2 years ago
Dyson Golf
Dyson Golf - 2 years ago
lol. Nice. I feel you. Come through my channel. Its more down to Golfer Earth lol.
StevieB72 - 2 years ago
@Lo Pi Well stated sir
menace1tb - 2 years ago
Was thinking close to the same.... I've played golf my entire life and really cannot keep up with this conversation. They already know what the other is thinking as soon as they say no to a question. Or do the smallest movement
Preston Carroll
Preston Carroll - 2 years ago
Exactly!  Like when Tiger said it feels "rakey"   lol  I have no idea what he is referring to.
Tim Ulrey
Tim Ulrey - 2 years ago
fantastic analogy.
Lo Pi
Lo Pi - 2 years ago
One of the smartest comments on here yet not insulting to either player.
Shane Isaac
Shane Isaac - 2 years ago
Would love to see a 2hr Tiger and J Day short game video going through pitching, chipping, putting and sand techniques. They both have very different techniques but are two of the best in those areas. Both feed well off each other so would make for a great vid.
Matt Mangini
Matt Mangini - 2 years ago
These are awesome
johnnyd5005 - 2 years ago
Welp. that was fascinating.
H Purey
H Purey - 2 years ago
5:28, it's all about that bounce bout that bounce, no trouble...
Bobbyrock13 - 2 years ago
The problem is guys that the average golfer spends 75%of his season in the bunker so when he gets there he’s not quite sure the experience doesn’t take over and they flunk it
Bobbyrock13 - 2 years ago
Bobbyrock13 - 2 years ago
That’s why I use a 56
redfirebird2008 - 2 years ago
TaylorMade has a pretty loaded roster, and funny enough a bunch of them wear Nike stuff.
Peteskee78 - 2 years ago
Jason day needs to listen more
Lo Pi
Lo Pi - 2 years ago
He is as accomplished and driven as Tiger. His issues are his injuries.
Defender - 2 years ago
Who this fool trying teach Tiger how to play golf?
Benaebi Sonron
Benaebi Sonron - 2 years ago
james blazek
james blazek - 2 years ago
Ticks me off to hear Day interrupt him. Show some respect Jason— let him teach
jqsmooth77 - 2 years ago
What?!?!?!?!?!? Speak English!!! I quit!
Aaron Beal
Aaron Beal - 2 years ago
Thanks guys. Always loved you Jason and new Tiger is awesome!
DaddyLove - 2 years ago
peasant teaching the GOAT. k/
Lo Pi
Lo Pi - 2 years ago
Disagree. Day is in line for hall of fame. If he wins a FedEx cup and the tour championship he's in for sure. Day has WON all the important tournaments you need to win to get into hall of fame. No joke just look it up yourself.
8mac22 - 2 years ago
These are awesome. Please add a second camera to show where they are hitting and how each shot plays differently
NewWorldOrder - 2 years ago
Love these clips, raw and insightful.
E- Explores
E- Explores - 2 years ago
Would have been nice to see the second camera angle...
So. Classik
So. Classik - 2 years ago
Great series of videos. No interviewing just players hanging out .chopping it up
i_like_pizza_ok! - 2 years ago
2:08 .... When a banging tune comes on in the club
BIG TRB - 2 years ago
We need more of these videos. Good job TMG!
Fred Perello
Fred Perello - 2 years ago
Great video and insight!
Parin Mehta
Parin Mehta - 2 years ago
These guys are speaking a different language
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson - 2 years ago
this is a 1600 level class from these professors.
hauntedhouse2012 - 2 years ago
Love the Jason day “yeah” . When tiger says at 3.44 “ that’s awesome” Jason says “yeah” like he knows it... lol funny .
David Milner
David Milner - 2 years ago
I could honestly watch these 2 talk golf shots and technique for hours straight.
Jerry Redding
Jerry Redding - 2 years ago
These sessions with the TM Pro staff are fantastic. Really gives you a picture in the guys. I truly enjoy them, well done Taylormade!
Dyson Golf
Dyson Golf - 2 years ago
I agree bro✌
Some guy
Some guy - 2 years ago
3:52 Rule #1: Never tell the GOAT how to hold his club face
Dillon Martinez
Dillon Martinez - 2 years ago
My theory on bunker shots is if I get it out of the bunker, that’s a great shot.
Gregg Daniels
Gregg Daniels - 2 years ago
Could watch that all day!
John Lauffer
John Lauffer - 2 years ago
Keep doing these....great info and insight into the greatest players in the world.
rackum44 - 2 years ago
Awesome video
Geoff Meyer
Geoff Meyer - 2 years ago
This is gold, but I got both these guys coming out of a bunker...........hahaha
Beyond The Blast Doors
Beyond The Blast Doors - 2 years ago
I could have listened to these two for an hour
Lacey Tyler
Lacey Tyler - 2 years ago
Man this guy definitely not taking any direction from tiger
Joey Nice
Joey Nice - 2 years ago
David Dunst
David Dunst - 2 years ago
Incredible to listen in on two experts exchanging ideas on the exacting details of how they execute various shots.
Patrick Faul
Patrick Faul - 2 years ago
You gotta wipe
TheBrindleBoxer - 2 years ago
So interesting to hear these guys talk to each other as if the cameras weren't even there.
Ron McCaffrey
Ron McCaffrey - 2 years ago
Sand wedges are designed for flight, when you throw them.
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia - 2 years ago
It's called the "chrome pheasant'
TJ_LEILO - 2 years ago
What if every pro got together and trained one person. Just months of training with every pro, trying new strategies, everything. That would be insane.
TJ_LEILO - 2 years ago
Sean O'Sullivan
Sean O'Sullivan
Sean O'Sullivan - 2 years ago
TJ_LEILO I volunteer
Hook7872 - 2 years ago
Tiger is the best! Ever
Ken Roh
Ken Roh - 2 years ago
do more of these. all your videos are too short
Landon Countryman
Landon Countryman - 2 years ago
this is freaking awesome.. I love watching these guys just talk golf
carbonsilkthread - 2 years ago
28 Koepka fans watched this video...
Erik K Sebastian
Erik K Sebastian - 2 years ago
Soso Mama
Soso Mama - 2 years ago
This was enjoyable. Thanks TaylorMade.
West Coast Wally
West Coast Wally - 2 years ago
2:09 Grounds the club in the sand...lol
darryl richardson
darryl richardson - 2 years ago
2019 rules change
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 - 2 years ago
Tiger, bring real collars back.
Jakub Gancarz
Jakub Gancarz - 2 years ago
4:10 that’s how you knife it into the car park
FacePalm - 2 years ago
I like Jason Day but in this video he's coming across like that guy who tries to teach you stuff even though you didn't ask. And what's worse - he's doing it to a sporting legend.
FacePalm - 2 years ago
@Jakub Gancarz no you're going too far to the other end of the spectrum with this. No one said neither shouldn't talk. But nitpicking the form of someone who has achieved a heck of a lot more than you will make you look like an idiot. Maybe he is a better bunker better player....but that's maybe because he spends hell of lot more time in bunkers than Woods does.
Jakub Gancarz
Jakub Gancarz - 2 years ago
FacePalm what did you want him to do? You don’t ever hear this kind of insight from touring pros ever. He could have just stood there and hit shots but it would be boring..
M C - 2 years ago
I'm subscribing this is awesome content!
Chris Vickery
Chris Vickery - 2 years ago
so cool
Aaron Allbright
Aaron Allbright - 2 years ago
golf isn't a sport huh.....?
Eric Weber
Eric Weber - 2 years ago
These need to be longer! Awesome info!
Captain Gene
Captain Gene - 2 years ago
These dudes are knowledgeable af as they should be, and it shows the amount of thought and process that goes into the sport.
Kyle S
Kyle S - 2 years ago
This was pretty awesome guys. Good stuff.
John Faieta
John Faieta - 2 years ago
This is next level shit here
makana - 2 years ago
3:50 lol his face is fine the way it is...dont worry about how tiger plays his shots
D H - 2 years ago
These guys are so precise...I just try to not go in the bunker, and if I do I pray before I swing!
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 2 years ago
Dude, I love the confidence of Jason Day. Critiquing THE TIGER WOODS, it is just crazy!! JD is a great bunker player and a great player overall, but that is an awesome level of courage and confidence!
Lo Pi
Lo Pi - 2 years ago
That's why I believe Day will win again. Day isn't defeated!
Adam Turner
Adam Turner - 2 years ago
Whole other level of golf
dave o
dave o - 2 years ago
A lot of negative comments about Day here...cut him some some slack. Jason knows Tiger is the GOAT!! There's a lot off mutual respect here. It's 2 pro's bouncing ideas off each other, that's all. Do you really think Day is trying to tell Tiger what he should do? Come on.
ToeMosS _Vlogs
ToeMosS _Vlogs - 2 years ago
I like watching them just talking amongst themselves. It’s amazing what you learn just listening to them.
Da Guvna
Da Guvna - 2 years ago
Did Jason Day really tell Tiger Woods "See you've got your face way too open for..." Slow your roll Day, I think Tiger knows what he's doing.
Will - 1 year ago
Exactly what I was thinking
DaB - 1 year ago
These two guys are best mates, they can say anything to each other without the ego, Tiger is learning to be an Aussie.....
SkyHound - 1 year ago
I'm honored to be the 420th like to this comment.
wayne britten
wayne britten - 1 year ago
Yes he did,day is such a wankers,how can he tell the best player ever how to play.by the way I'm an Aussie.
Da Guvna
Da Guvna - 1 year ago
@L E wrong. I play every week. 5 handicap.
reyes.tube - 1 year ago
Da Guvna no only has he earned the right. He and tiger are actually close friends.
pzcanada - 1 year ago
Nah, Day is incredible in the bunker. Tiger respects what he's saying, and vice versa
Tony - 1 year ago
Da Guvna dude even Jack Nicklaus took lessons at his peak
Christian Okoye
Christian Okoye - 1 year ago
David David He doesn’t have a coach right now so that’s not possible
David David
David David - 1 year ago
@Christian Okoye yeah, he should probably fire his coach right.
Christian Okoye
Christian Okoye - 1 year ago
David David ya but the 15 time camp knows what he’s doing and doesnt need
a 1 hit wonder to tell him what to do
David David
David David - 1 year ago
Too many children on youtube not understanding how people talk to each other in real life
Christian Okoye
Christian Okoye - 1 year ago
Lol i think the 15 time major champ doesn’t need anyone’s help
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 1 year ago
Pukees01 fucking hell dude, fans like you give tiger a bad name. You know they are close friends irl right?
—1— - 1 year ago
I’ll take tigers advice & game all day. Stfu jday so arrogant to talk like this in front of the master
Phillip Pugh
Phillip Pugh - 1 year ago
@Alan Martins 15 majors 82 wins ......tiger said jason day hold my beer
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
@Alan Martins too bad sand play doesn't win majors!
Alan Martins
Alan Martins - 2 years ago
Jason is a much bettet sand player then Tiger is, much better.
Ethan Pearson
Ethan Pearson - 2 years ago
If you watch meandmygolf when Jason Day was talking about bunker play technique, he talked about when him and Tiger hopped in this Bunker Tiger immediately went to pick his brain.
So there’s nothing wrong with what Jason Day was doing in this video
Todd M
Todd M - 2 years ago
Da Guvna you obnoxious douche
L E - 2 years ago
Tiger is far more accomplished than Phil but I guarantee he would take chipping advice from him. Da Guvna it sounds like you don’t play much golf.
Spoon Face
Spoon Face - 2 years ago
Da Guvna Typical Aussie. Love telling people wtf to do
Qamar Azad
Qamar Azad - 2 years ago
Today (not yesterday), JDay is better bunker player then Tiger
C N - 2 years ago
Better yet say" Stay in your lane Bro".@just sunny
1DCCX - 2 years ago
He did, for his way which is square, then tiger says he has it open so he can close it to an in to out path and make it dig a little to get less loft and send it to a back pin.

I mean, it’s all there if you listen.
Adolfo Abbrederis
Adolfo Abbrederis - 2 years ago
@Da Guvna ​ Da Guvna so what you saying is that Tiger cannot get any advice from anybody other than Jack Nicklaus?
E. Collins
E. Collins - 2 years ago
@Bryan Berube I'd like to think so
Da Guvna
Da Guvna - 2 years ago
15 majors vs 1. Enough said.
just sunny
just sunny - 2 years ago
He is not giving him advice relax - he was just observing what Tiger does when it comes to bunker play chile!
Nick Meyer
Nick Meyer - 2 years ago
But then Woods explains it's because he uses an alternative swing path. Which Day then understands. Tiger sort of laughs because I think he knows it's not a good things to explain in a video for amateurs.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 2 years ago
Lol you clearly know 0 about sports...bill bellicheck is the best coach in the NFL, and hes not even close to as good a player as Tom Brady, but brady learns from him daily...in fact look at most pro coaches, they have nowhere near the accolades of their players, but their player respect them because they know they can learn...that's why tigers good, he never stopped learning, he even asked Greg norman to coach him...
Daniel Handforth
Daniel Handforth - 2 years ago
Mate, the great players listen to each other, always learning, there are probably things they could learn from handicap golfers too, and they’d listen because they’re respectful of each other
Bryan Berube
Bryan Berube - 2 years ago
Why wouldn't Tiger listen to another professional's opinion? Do you think he sits in a tower and only rolls out for tournaments and doesn't associate with anyone?
Daryl liggins
Daryl liggins - 2 years ago
Da Guvna I was thinking the same thing
MikeyBoy9891 - 2 years ago
He was talking if you were using a 60* wedge. Tiger uses 56*
Tee Vee
Tee Vee - 2 years ago
Jack Nicklaus ended up winning 18 majors but his weakness was wedge play. In the US Open playoff in '71, he went bogey-double bogey on 2 and 3 after catching the bunkers to effectively lose the tournament. They all learn from each other.
Soso Mama
Soso Mama - 2 years ago
I think that he was saying something like ‘If you are me, your face is way too open.’ And Tiger got that. I don’t think that he was telling him how to play.
Austin Kirkpatrick
Austin Kirkpatrick - 2 years ago
Da Guvna Sure tiger knows what he’s doing, but but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t learn from Jason and vice versa.. Not to mention Jday is one of if not the best bunker player on tour.
Blake Murray
Blake Murray - 2 years ago
Lots of people saying jay day telling Tiger something is laughable but I'm pretty sure this video was just the two of them sharing eachothers techniques for the amateur golfer rather than having one way of doing it
Andrew Desrosiers
Andrew Desrosiers - 2 years ago
Blake Murray both former world number ones. Day is only like 5’9 too. A guy like him, rory, luke donald...them ascending to number one is way more impressive to me. Tiger is like michael jordan. These guys are more like nate robinson (exaggerating a tad) getting to number 1. They can learn from each other, and either way we can learn so much from either of em. Good point
SumoRich - 2 years ago
Coolest thing I've ever seen on YouTube. Thank you for this
T. L.
T. L. - 2 years ago
Jasoy Day pausing Tiger about having way to open of a club face is laughable. Jason your talking to arguably the G.O.A.T. This Dude has 15 major's and 81 win on tour
Lo Pi
Lo Pi - 2 years ago
But what you don't know is Day shares important wins with Tiger. Not many players on Tour now can say the same.
George G
George G - 2 years ago
Winding me up listening to him, hits one close then thinks he's running the video shoot.
Mike Winn
Mike Winn - 2 years ago
jason day talks way too much. just shut up and learn from the GOAT!
YC Lean
YC Lean - 2 years ago
Tee Vee move on dude
Tee Vee
Tee Vee - 2 years ago
They probably stopped filming when TW was explaining how to betray your wife ...
Marco DeRocchis
Marco DeRocchis - 2 years ago
Golf scientists. See how engaged is Woods is talking to Day? Imagine being so good at your profession that there are only a few people in the world you can speak to on a professional level that have an understanding of what you're actually talking about.
Livinghighandwise - 2 years ago
Wait, they actually put sand in some bunkers?
Sammie Aldana
Sammie Aldana - 2 years ago
The best bunker player is Seve Ballesteros!!!
ChrisisAbroad - 2 years ago
Did hear Tiger got some bunker shot lessons from Seve. Probably true.
John Turner
John Turner - 2 years ago
Amazing video, interesting to see what goes through the GOAT’s mind and JD’s. Interesting also how different their techniques are
John Turner
John Turner - 2 years ago
Amazing video, interesting to see what goes through the GOAT’s mind and JD’s. Interesting also how different their techniques are
SuperKicks23 - 2 years ago
This video is gold
Mike Bird
Mike Bird - 2 years ago

Who was closer to the pin?
Jay Owl
Jay Owl - 2 years ago
Awesome...we want more!!!
Strange Reviews
Strange Reviews - 2 years ago
A few dislikes of this vid lololol ----- you have to wonder WHO is disliking it LOL
Rev - 2 years ago
I could watch this all day.
Brandon Lilly
Brandon Lilly - 2 years ago
Yeah we need more videos like this. PGA professionals explaining their shots. My god!
AKA FISH 71 - 2 years ago
Great video.
andrew c.
andrew c. - 2 years ago
they are both hybrid vigour .
grxengine - 2 years ago
At the end he casually mentions he got bunker shot lessons from Seve Ballesteros. This is why you remain the Goat, Tiger. LOL.
Famous - 2 years ago
Seve was the goat of the short game. Rip
Slackerz Sincity
Slackerz Sincity - 2 years ago
Shitty camera, let’s see where the ball lands
Pete Techapongpat
Pete Techapongpat - 2 years ago
Jason needs to be a good listener
Innovation hps
Innovation hps - 2 years ago
Jason Day is an arrogant wanker!!
Rob Moore
Rob Moore - 2 years ago
Great video. Please do more like this
JP Quinn
JP Quinn - 2 years ago
These are great.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - 2 years ago
So interesting
jeddyhi - 2 years ago
Subscribing to see more of this stuff.
Ronald Westra
Ronald Westra - 2 years ago
Great video. Love the way they talk about the different options and show how to do it. Keep these kind of videos coming
The Honest Blackman
The Honest Blackman - 2 years ago
If I'm in a bunker 15-25 yards away from the flag I'm screwed.
Anthony Mancuso
Anthony Mancuso - 2 years ago
If I'm in a bunker anywhere I'm screwed
steelerfan77777 - 2 years ago
Love this vid!! Shows great sportsmanship!! Congrats Tiger winning 2019 Masters! GOAT!!
Harry Liang
Harry Liang - 2 years ago
love you Tiger. Great Job at Augusta on Sunday!
K Mac
K Mac - 2 years ago
Jason could do a better job of letting Tiger complete a sentence.
el oh el lol
el oh el lol - 2 years ago
@K Mac ok
K Mac
K Mac - 2 years ago
@el oh el lol -Considering Tiger just won The Masters I'm going to go out on a limb and say his short game is passable. Either way, part of giving instruction is to allow the instructed to convey thought regarding the instruction.
el oh el lol
el oh el lol - 2 years ago
It ever occur to you that Tiger was wanting to get Jason's help? His short game has been his weakness lately.
jeevst - 2 years ago
Wow that was awesome. Like being a fly in the bunker
NiCKELS - 2 years ago
Good stuff!
AZ FIG - 2 years ago
It was interesting to hear that JD doesn't change his wedges that often. Love these videos.
Bob Horn
Bob Horn - 2 years ago
Could watch this all day!
The Grisak Group
The Grisak Group - 2 years ago
Man, this is awesome. Listening to two greats talking about different philosophies
Stefan Enciso
Stefan Enciso - 2 years ago
Dude what language are they speaking?! Lol they are on a whole nother level smh
Brian Villegas
Brian Villegas - 2 years ago
Maybe the camera should be angled so we see where the ball lands
Weston Hughes
Weston Hughes - 2 years ago
Inject this into my veins
Tcooper - 2 years ago
I play new wedges every other round too. :-)
Rodd Underwood
Rodd Underwood - 2 years ago
Great information and descriptions on how Tiger and Jason play bunkers, I would love to ask them how they would play out of very hard compacted sand bunkers
alberto carrasquillo
alberto carrasquillo - 2 years ago
Taylormade it would be cool to surprise these 2 with a OG like a Lee Trevino to teach them something new
Josh Aleru
Josh Aleru - 2 years ago
Definitely don't know Golf, but there's nothing better than X's and O's. I can get ripped and listen to this all day. Makes me want to learn the sport.
Bryan Brooks
Bryan Brooks - 2 years ago
Love these videos. Love my Taylor-Made’s.
Frank Templeton
Frank Templeton - 2 years ago
Freakin brilliant. Both former World no 1’s showing us mere mortals how the mind and body works for them in their craft. Love them both. Huge applause to Taylormade for this.
Juliana Sproles
Juliana Sproles - 2 years ago
Awesome and thank you so much!!
A JW - 2 years ago
Look at Taylor made getting their shit together. 15 baby!
MrWhooooooooooo - 2 years ago
I’ll play TM for 10,000 years if you keep these coming
postprod09 - 2 years ago
what a great way to unobtrusively get a professional lesson. To bad it wasn't VR and like we were right there in the sand with them. That would be cool.
Travis Allard
Travis Allard - 2 years ago
This is phenomenal. Thank you Taylormade!
Kyle Eads
Kyle Eads - 2 years ago
If Taylormade doesn't put longer videos of this same format up weekly, they'd be insane. Easily the best content from the best in the world available. Instant watch every time.
ComebackShane - 2 years ago
Funny thing is, I don't even play that much, but I would beat these guys!
sAmoan1979 - 2 years ago
ComebackShane me too.. hold my crack pipe
Fighting Irish
Fighting Irish - 2 years ago
I play foot wedge.. works every time!
20GuitarZero07 - 2 years ago
goes to show you, everything works if you're confident with it. Completely different ideas and approaches around the same shot from two of the best to ever play.
AustinDunham95 - 2 years ago
Would love to see where the pins are in regard to their position and seeing the ball release would be great too.
Morgan Morris
Morgan Morris - 2 years ago
These videos are awesome, especially with tiger
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez - 2 years ago
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 2 years ago
These vids remind me of the home run contest vids back in the 60’s!

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