How Tiger Woods Hits a Wedge Shot | TaylorMade Golf

Watch as Tiger Woods walks Team TaylorMade through his thought process and feels for hitting a wedge shot with his 56-degree MG Wedge. Learn more about MG Wedge here:

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EatCheese - 1 year ago
No social distancing??
scotty101ire - 1 year ago
Daddy taken the kids out to show them how to play golf
Marjan Tebyani
Marjan Tebyani - 1 year ago
Aaahhh I learned nothing from this video. Is this suppose to be instructional?
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - 1 year ago
That sentence at the start gave me aids. I want $500k
nik sullivan
nik sullivan - 1 year ago
Who tf wants to hear tiger talk about hitting a wedge. He’s a golfer, not an instructor/coach
Nick - 1 year ago
Its funny watching great players explain how they do stuff, they have just figured this stuff out by messing around practising and sometimes struggle to put into words what they do
badkarmabaroo - 1 year ago
I feel like I just took a PhD course.
Isaac and Matt
Isaac and Matt - 1 year ago
Dustin still hasn’t said a word
Mark Froggatt
Mark Froggatt - 1 year ago
I think they’d win the scramble at our club (as long as they buy enough mulligans.

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Pulse2AM - 1 year ago
Cool to see all those great players together and talking shop with the GOAT!
kim preap
kim preap - 1 year ago
I would recommend showing a small frame of the shots landing on the green on the top left
Brayden Apple
Brayden Apple - 1 year ago
Summary of what tiger said: “no one can do what I do”
RSVT - 1 year ago
Funny how much thought they put into compared to me. I am lucky to find my ball and when I hit the green, any part of the green I feel like a stud. 3 putts are awesome cause I still got my greenie.
sean o'connor
sean o'connor - 1 year ago
Jason Day loves to learn, my first thought was it's kinda like if Jimi Hendrix was still alive and you jammed with him, and you got to ask questions and he imparted his wisdom; you, Duane Allman, B.B.King, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, all sitting around taking it in. Tiger has had his Star Spangled Banner Woodstock moments for us to see and enjoy.
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes - 1 year ago
Love how these Taylor made videos show where the ball went
doctorwonderful - 1 year ago
Love TIGER!!!!
Zyon Zyon
Zyon Zyon - 1 year ago
U think these guys pick up girls at the bar ?
brian plum
brian plum - 1 year ago
56 from 80 yards tiger? That would be a 9 all day for me.
BuckshotPA1 - 1 year ago
Taylormade ad and Nike logos !

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Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer
Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer - 1 year ago
Notice those arm actions? These guys are pulling as opposed to pushing their shots.
Brandon Lilly
Brandon Lilly - 1 year ago
What language is Tiger speaking?
Mil Sneler
Mil Sneler - 1 year ago
John Rahm said the best thing at the end.
MTB TX - 1 year ago
I control my spin by hitting 5 inches behind the ball really takes a bit of the bite off. I find that the mound of dirt that hits the balls first adds just a tad of frontal rotation. Classic bump and run. Sometimes if I need a little more zip I find striking the top half of the ball only gives me that low and balanced shot I’m looking for .
HolyRare - 1 year ago
Its crazy how they ask tiger about golf shots and just try to learn as much as he has and that is why he is the GOAT
June Smith
June Smith - 1 year ago
Koepka spying from the trees.
Sebby Smith
Sebby Smith - 1 year ago
Yo is that alex smith??
Sa Ra Garvey
Sa Ra Garvey - 1 year ago
When you are elite at a sport you cannot explain things technically... You literally FEEL IT IN YOUR BODY.

This is why elite sports people are once in a lifetime type people. You can’t train another person to feel what you feel.
thicc fried okra
thicc fried okra - 1 year ago
his ex wife is better with the 3 iron to the back
db vfx
db vfx - 1 year ago
I could watch endless hours of all these guys together talking golf and playing it giving tips

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Adam Turner
Adam Turner - 1 year ago
Tiger is Ben Hogan 2.0 basically. The amount of time put in and sheer talent. Can't even quantify
JammastaJ23 - 1 year ago
Taylormade could have done a better job with some of the camera angles here and them not showing the ball landing is a bit infuriating. That said it's pretty remarkable that they got the GOAT and 4 former world #1s together for something like this. This is the kind of stuff we'll be looking back at fondly when we're soiling ourselves in nursing homes.
Matt Lang
Matt Lang - 1 year ago
Someone give Day his own golf show. He carries these videos so much
christian - 1 year ago
John Rahm was confused lmao
Will Crawford
Will Crawford - 1 year ago
Can someone stop inviting day to these things
David McMan
David McMan - 1 year ago
I love how some of the best golfers in the worlds right now still ask tiger for advice
Thomas Capital
Thomas Capital - 1 year ago
Five of the best golfers in the world chat an away
Logan Schlaud
Logan Schlaud - 1 year ago
Taylor made: the CEO’s of only showing the swing and not the ball flight
Michael Keller
Michael Keller - 1 year ago
Those are some of the best in the world, and they defer to Tiger like that. Such respect.
Nick Boquet
Nick Boquet - 1 year ago
The Master teaching the students
Bigkats Poker
Bigkats Poker - 1 year ago
I slowed my swing down once.
jack fox
jack fox - 1 year ago
You can tell how much they want to learn from Tiger.
Fr. Patrick Behm
Fr. Patrick Behm - 1 year ago
I love Jason Day's comment at 0:40...he says what everyone else is thinking, “Can you, like, just explain things like a normal person?”
MAADUECE - 1 year ago
that probably is tigers normal person explanation, hes probably doing trig and velocity algebra in his mind
The Callaway Kid
The Callaway Kid - 1 year ago
Yeah, about as clear as Scotch mist!
loco moco
loco moco - 1 year ago
Timothy Park, MBA
Timothy Park, MBA - 1 year ago
I love Jason's comment. Lol.
J R - 1 year ago
Dustin : When are we taking the driver out of the bag
Cjxtreme66 - 1 year ago
Can we see the shot? Is that too much to ask?
azapro911 - 1 year ago
'Dad' showing the children how it's done.
rytiski - 1 year ago
Tiger is probably the only one that likes the fact that the tour has no fans right now.

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croplaya - 1 year ago
I dont think I've ever had the ball spin back when it hits the green. I wish I could I still have no idea how to do it
Josh Booth
Josh Booth - 1 year ago
I honestly love how they all talk to him like a teacher haha
theonlyty - 1 year ago
I love the fact that even as Tiger has opened up within the past few years, his way of explaining his game is so far beyond technical terms and stats. He plays percentages but he’s a feel player at the heart of his game. He’s talking to at least 2 future hall-of-famers in this clip in Rory and DJ, but no golfer will ever equal Tiger’s mastery of golf, before or after his playing days.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - 1 year ago
Niccolo Calarco
Niccolo Calarco - 1 year ago
That sounds different for spin would be a shift in position no different than club face (loft)
paulgoodwin81 - 1 year ago
I love it how Tiger teaches fellow pros
steven lee
steven lee - 1 year ago
Sometimes I feel like Rahm wishes he was a pro for a different sport XD
Scott Wurth
Scott Wurth - 1 year ago
How can Rahm make a comment like that and be ranked as high as he is, crazy to me
Poly Max Extremes
Poly Max Extremes - 1 year ago
We got 1.2 Million views by using this technique, But golfers don't want to subscribe to an Illegal golf product they are using on the golf course (cheaters don't want to be known)..LOL
IntoTheFray - 1 year ago
Lmao Tiger with his inside baseball talk... I got his golf digest series and you literally don’t understand 70% of what he’s talking about lmao. Still a great watch tho
Nsgolf18 - 1 year ago
You know I love it when they show where the ball ends up
echang9477 - 1 year ago
Learning from the master of the master
connor fischer
connor fischer - 1 year ago
Tigers so bulshit ting he’s a robot about this stuff and these are his competitors
MrBrokentowels - 1 year ago
They looked like hyenas and information was the food.
Striker 333
Striker 333 - 1 year ago
He thinks way to much for a reason, 15 majors.
Evan Miles
Evan Miles - 1 year ago
Idk why they’re asking him questions, but then start talking over him like they know the answer
John Doe
John Doe - 1 year ago
I stood behind Rory at Rivera CC on the 11th hole par 5 tee. He was playing with Adam Scott and Bubba. What stuck me and I see it in this video is how Rory is kind of a short lil guy compared to these other golfers...anyway Rory drilled a slight fade, Adam hit a high beautiful draw and outdrove the group. Anyway its amazing how much power Rory has as a small guy.
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson - 1 year ago
These other dudes around Tiger are actually getting in the way. TAYLOR MADE, marketing is not just letting the camera role. Experiential means Tiger tell us a great story about making adjustments on tour. This as instruction: good. As marketing: bloody awful!
Ronnie Alexander
Ronnie Alexander - 1 year ago
Yes Sir,,,No doubts
J.T. Lewis
J.T. Lewis - 1 year ago
Tiger the genius...DJ is a good listener
Vikramjit Saren
Vikramjit Saren - 1 year ago
id be happy just hitting the ball straight!
dan frees
dan frees - 1 year ago
Jon’s response at the end was perfect lol. I’m sure DJ was thinking the same
Kevin Patel
Kevin Patel - 1 year ago
ummm.... what?
Robert Tarr
Robert Tarr - 1 year ago
Boy does he think he is something. Arrogant and cheap. I don't blame him as much as the fools who worship him. It always amazes me how humans create gods out of people who are able to do something better than someone else. Amazing!
Cool story bruh
Cool story bruh - 1 year ago
What wedge is Rory using?
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
None of them deserve to be standing next to Tiger..especially Rahm
Jonny Sevent
Jonny Sevent - 1 year ago
An unnecessarily harsh way of putting it.
mrgerrytube - 1 year ago
Rahmbo at the end
ekujj13 - 1 year ago
Tiger can’t teach worth
Louis Andre Goulay
Louis Andre Goulay - 1 year ago
Tiger is not the number one golfer actually... But all of them know who's the Master here
maxpf - 1 year ago
well that didnt help anybody :D
Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson - 1 year ago
I just like hitting the ball
Jonny Sevent
Jonny Sevent - 1 year ago
Yeah. We know you do, Matt.
He1senburger - 1 year ago
All these legends turn to children next to Tiger. :D
Machiavelli III
Machiavelli III - 1 year ago
Master teaching the apprentices.
jjcue - 1 year ago
"Explain it like a normal person!" Gotta love the TIGER
Ronald Thompson
Ronald Thompson - 1 year ago
I didn't learn a damn thing from that video.
Erik Alvarez
Erik Alvarez - 1 year ago
Its cool just seeing these guys joke and talk casual about the game.
Golf Simulator Videos
Golf Simulator Videos - 1 year ago
Yeah won’t be taking spin off or adding any in the near future. Just hoping for on the green for now
orlando villareal
orlando villareal - 1 year ago
Maybe don’t use 2 mic inputs
Dom Tran
Dom Tran - 1 year ago
different sound...
gamerscockpit - 1 year ago
Best comment of the whole vid was Rahm telling em they over think it way too much.
TheChombers - 1 year ago
Rambo does not belong in that conversation
The Callaway Kid
The Callaway Kid - 1 year ago
Cheers for clearing that up! Problem solved
James Ortega Jr
James Ortega Jr - 1 year ago
Funny how the only major-less chump says "you guys think about it too much
immasoxfanbaby - 1 year ago
Michael Jordan never helped his competition. LOLOL
immasoxfanbaby - 1 year ago
There are hitting into a lake. LOLOL
John McGee
John McGee - 1 year ago
I have no clue what they’re talking about and that’s probably why I stink at golf.
swingtrade2 - 1 year ago
Wont see any Taylor Made HOW TIGER HITS DRIVER haha
iputu ardika
iputu ardika - 1 year ago
That’s why tiger game ahead of everyone but to bad he’s body can’t support him as much as use to be ✌️✌️
bobbelonie - 1 year ago
Oooh allright NOW I get it! NOW I'm finally going to hit those shots well!

geecue25 - 1 year ago
Dear TaylorMade... keep 'em coming.

100. comment for How Tiger Woods Hits a Wedge Shot | TaylorMade Golf

Stefan G
Stefan G - 1 year ago
Is it me, or does Rory look like Mr. Bean?
Christian Van Schepen
Christian Van Schepen - 1 year ago
why don't we get to see the results?
Tom F
Tom F - 1 year ago
Yess Jon Rahm sir! Star of that show!
organicthings - 1 year ago
DJ: 'I hit bombs...'
Sean Edwards
Sean Edwards - 1 year ago
Love rahm hahaha.
johnny Sunshine
johnny Sunshine - 1 year ago
Why do golfers these days have little character
Nathan ThreeLeaf
Nathan ThreeLeaf - 1 year ago
The problem with a lot of the TaylorMade videos I've seen, is that they rarely show where the players are hitting the ball. It's like showing Tom Brady throw a football but not seeing anyone catch it, or Steph Curry shooting a 3 but not getting to watch it swish. I'm getting less and less likely to watch another TaylorMade video.
StevieSmith4k - 1 year ago
All I see are 4 golfers around the master
Johnny Pep
Johnny Pep - 1 year ago
I’d happily listen to hours of this chit chat
Andrew Reil
Andrew Reil - 1 year ago
Tiger makes golf so simple. I've been struggling with aspects of my game for a while, but the way he explains things using his hands its really insightful.
MrPCT007 - 1 year ago
And people think the intimidation factor is gone.
Roger Parker
Roger Parker - 1 year ago
TW knows every combo, every which way to hit a ball with every club...the value of practice
Kris - 1 year ago
John Rahm always looking around like he's stealing something
Pat Hurd
Pat Hurd - 1 year ago
I wish dj would just shut up
therottenrook - 1 year ago
Does DJ say anything during these meetings..???
Ktallica - 1 year ago
Tiger has raw talent. Obviously he is well practiced but some people are just good at things and can’t really explain it. He is naturally gifted and well practiced to boot.
lakernatic88 - 1 year ago
@Rahm Says the guy that hasn't won a major standing to guys that have all won at least one
dmjdmj - 1 year ago
This is exactly what I do. Keeps the ball count in the water hazards consistent. I'm unselfish that way.
stephen bernsen
stephen bernsen - 1 year ago
lol, tigers face when Rory wouldnt listen
개인영업 - 1 year ago
타씨 !
jace c
jace c - 1 year ago
What a bunch of golf nerds!
josh lomax
josh lomax - 1 year ago
Rory has coppied tigers wedge style for years now and now it is almost identical.
Captain Charisma
Captain Charisma - 1 year ago
How do you regulate it? ...
Bjblues - 1 year ago
They went to a strip club afterwards.
Stephen Lennartz
Stephen Lennartz - 1 year ago
How do you control spin? Kinda like, "Hey Jimi, how do you play the guitar?"
will stone
will stone - 1 year ago
Let the fucker talk tou ask him a fucking question then you want to answer it for him too
Golfers = know it alls.
They didnt learn shit that day
xlxcrossxlx - 1 year ago
"Just grip it and rip it."
xlxcrossxlx - 1 year ago
"Just grip it and rip it."
Clifford Farley
Clifford Farley - 1 year ago
I love tiger flexing on them
Doug Delane
Doug Delane - 1 year ago
Watching that was more gay than two dude fuckin.
Soûnd - 1 year ago
Great video to watch 20/30 years later. Rahm will win a major soon
Michael Khouzam
Michael Khouzam - 1 year ago
Jason Day was like, do you always sound like a dork on purpose? Rory was like, I’m the new king in town anyway so doesn’t matter. DJ was just bored af, and I was like is that Patrick Cantlay a blowup doll or Patrick Reed, oh it was John Rahmsky.
roger peet
roger peet - 1 year ago
These guys are freaks of the world. Their golf game is on another planet. Do I want to know them, personally? No.
Bobby S
Bobby S - 1 year ago
If that one dude didn't know what Tiger meant when he said he would "turn the toe down" he better get a different day job.
Richard Grace
Richard Grace - 1 year ago
Yeah DJ just standing there like "yeah I'm banging Gretzky's daughter so what do yall up too"
Andrew Curtis
Andrew Curtis - 1 year ago
Brilliant to see that even the Pros are always learning.
S. Hunteelar
S. Hunteelar - 1 year ago
Rahm's defense is his putting. Great to see all the their personalities. New golf clubs are not required for improvement - just buy new cover heads for fashion.
Charles Says
Charles Says - 1 year ago
How you know when you're good at any sport:
When everyone else is still trying to take mistakes out of their game, and you are customizing your control to achieve your desired outcome. Tiger is G.O.A.T.
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo - 1 year ago
How do you do a knuckleball or dip it?
P T - 1 year ago
Jason Day will make a great commentator post career
Nicool333 - 1 year ago
What the hell are these guys talking about?
J DB - 1 year ago
i have to thank him and owe him if hes interested. i know how your mind works with the golf swing at least i pretend i know.
i watched your swing so much and imitated so much. you helped me solidify something i wasnt sure of and thats the hold of the release on ghe left hand to produce more spin.

you guys are all real solid. thanks for the hard work.
John Zur
John Zur - 1 year ago
“You guys think about it way too much”

From the only non-major winner
theseeker123 - 1 year ago
The secrets of the swing, $$? not for sale.
Black Wolf
Black Wolf - 1 year ago
The sportsmanship is really phnomino also great advice guys
Me Too
Me Too - 1 year ago
All I heard was clank on two wedge shots
sapper made
sapper made - 1 year ago
Jason Day should just kiss Tigers *
Tim McGrath
Tim McGrath - 1 year ago
Rory would have missed the putt
dylmarsar - 1 year ago
Good lord to hang out with those guys for a round....mercy
Tim Poortinga
Tim Poortinga - 1 year ago
Why is Jason Day there? Never been a fan of that guy.
crog09 - 1 year ago
tiger feeding these fools some bullshit and their eating it up.
NoGolfPro - 1 year ago
The greats always keep out simple
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini - 1 year ago
And to the average golfer this means absolutely nothing?!, if it had been filmed from behind it would’ve been easier to understand what they were talking about.
Scottland - 1 year ago
Picking the masters brain
DG Denmark
DG Denmark - 1 year ago
You guys think of it way too much
Christina Pankey
Christina Pankey - 1 year ago
Tiger knows exactly what he's doing
Here's Johnny
Here's Johnny - 1 year ago
Even fellow tour pros who’s ability is outrageously good are asking Tiger how he hits a wedge.....says all you need to know about how good Tiger is! Lol
Stylee T
Stylee T - 2 years ago
SAY Taylormade. This is fun. The only thing MISSING is the TOTAL VIEW. THE RESULTS OF THE SHOTS.
ryp gram
ryp gram - 2 years ago
John Rahm is absolutely right. Rest of the guys are making that shot much more complicated than it needed to be.
T Hands
T Hands - 2 years ago
Listen to Tiger’s shot, it’s crisp
Hanno Schnecke
Hanno Schnecke - 2 years ago
Jason sounds like a Robot
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
Who would you rather be Tiger or Seve?
James Hewatt
James Hewatt - 2 years ago
But how did Old Tom Morris hit an 80-yard niblick??
greg d
greg d - 2 years ago
Anyone else notice how impossible it is to find a "Eldrick" Woods hater online now??? They are completely gone. Fucking hilarious!
greg d
greg d - 2 years ago
This is so incredibly cool......four of the best golfers in the world "picking the brain" of the G.O.A.T. that single handedly turned the sport of golf into a mainstream televised event and in turn made them all millionaires. You can just feel the absolute respect that these guys have for him. So great to see that Tiger has warmed up over the years and is doing stuff like this now. Don't even THINK that Tiger is done yet people.......He's poised for a MONSTER year.........already the G.O.A.T. but look out Jack.....your Majors record is NOT safe. Not by a long shot!
Anthony Otero
Anthony Otero - 2 years ago
Tiger is an artist that why he’s who he is.
Matthew Robert Haag
Matthew Robert Haag - 2 years ago
I could just listen to these greats talk about technique for hours; it’s so interesting how they break it down.
Jonathan Corbett
Jonathan Corbett - 2 years ago
Love the respect these younger guys have for Tiger...
FreshlySnipes - 2 years ago
Soooo... how do I hit a wedge??
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder - 2 years ago
Jason Day is your average 50+ retired golfer who can find shortcomings in everyone's game.
John Crazy
John Crazy - 2 years ago
mclbaby trying to chime in as if he's Tiger...STFU!!!
dttruman - 2 years ago
Is this scripted or completely spontaneous?
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 2 years ago
'You guys think too much' <<<<< almost all of mans problems stem from this one profound quote from the GOAT
shalshah - 2 years ago
pros being pros...this is awesome
JOSE TAYLOR - 2 years ago
The giybstanding next to tiger is a retard. What Tiger said about slowing his hands down makes sense. What does this fool do on his swing? Sounds line hes not connected to his body at all and it's just trained redgitity i guess.
Ross Turpin
Ross Turpin - 2 years ago
DJ needs to chill with the questions!!!
Matthew J
Matthew J - 2 years ago
That's why Tiger is gonna be number 1 again. Hes got more brain power than any of those guys combined let alone trophies.
Jamie Robertson
Jamie Robertson - 2 years ago
Listen and learn children lol
Ian Ford
Ian Ford - 2 years ago
When they say athletes can roll out of bed, eat Cheetos and drink a Mountain Dew and play well...that's Rahm. He doesn't give 2 F#*ks.
Matthew Frazier
Matthew Frazier - 2 years ago
Y'all really think Tiger Woods is going to tell you his secrets?
Man In Black
Man In Black - 2 years ago
Of course. Hes given advice his whole career and taken advice from others his whole career. The guys on tour dont do gamesmanship. They want to beat each others best, at their best. Part of what makes the tour so cool.
Drew Hendley
Drew Hendley - 2 years ago
You know you’re great when the advice that you give can’t come back to hurt you
Mr. David
Mr. David - 2 years ago
"You guys think about way too much hitting a shot like that." .......
Lance Steele
Lance Steele - 2 years ago
Way too short. 1.5 minutes, needs to be longer.
Jon O.
Jon O. - 2 years ago
Best to worst:
As a golfer 1.Tiger 2.DJ 3.Rory 4.Day 5.Rahm
As a person1.DJ 2.Day 3.Tiger 4.Rory 5.Rahm
James Anthony
James Anthony - 2 years ago
Show us where the ball went.
The Aequalitatem
The Aequalitatem - 2 years ago
So Tiger, how do I swing so it doesn’t turn out like I’m digging for potatoes?
JOSE TAYLOR - 2 years ago
Even Tiger cant help you there. Lmfao. Jk.
loco moco
loco moco - 2 years ago
they're all listening and learning from the master
John Foster
John Foster - 2 years ago
Playing golf makes you appreciate how good these guys really are.
s1dest3p - 2 years ago
Show us the fucking shots TaylorMade. Man they are stupid...
Jordan McGinnis
Jordan McGinnis - 2 years ago
They don't get Tiger because Tiger comes from the pre analytic era. He's not thinking about percentages and numbers he plays the game with feel and touch. He knows how much to take off to get a 62 yard shot because he's hit over 10,000 62 yard shots in his life. He's probably hit 10,000 shots for every single yardage from 10 yards to 280 yards.
reginaldino enchillada
reginaldino enchillada - 2 years ago
Jr- would you say that to seve ballesteros? They have won major championships, u have not. Seems like an opportunity 2Keep one's mouth closed and learn about what it takes.
Then again I'm struggling with my own game.
Henry Grand
Henry Grand - 2 years ago
Rahm: "You guys think way too much"
Tiger: "That's why I'm a legend and you're not"
What would I know
What would I know - 2 years ago
All except Rahm have been World No 1 & they still closely listen to the master. Dusty is just being laconic in the background.
Stephen Franco
Stephen Franco - 2 years ago
All those guys suck at drinking beer and playing golf. I'm way better at drinking beer and playing golf.
buzzcrushtrendkill - 2 years ago
whose idea was it to constantly move the camera around so we cannot get a good look at what Tiger is doing???
Scott Wurth
Scott Wurth - 2 years ago
Maybe Rahm should listen, the guys has only won 81 times
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman - 2 years ago
Let the king talk check the price and pay attention
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson - 2 years ago
Did anyone else notice that the beginning sentence was not correct?
Uberime - 2 years ago
Big names around a legend... wow. They are like kids on Christmas, when watching TW
Nick 2sick
Nick 2sick - 2 years ago
scott campbell
scott campbell - 2 years ago
Dustin Johnson is such a douchebag.
Nathan Richmond Hoag
Nathan Richmond Hoag - 2 years ago
this is insane
Brandon Dornan
Brandon Dornan - 2 years ago
I could watch 4 hours worth of them doing challenges and explaining how they do stuff and talking shit to one another. Best show ever
franz - 2 years ago
All of them should thank their parents that they were born 15 years after Tiger or they’d all be basket cases along with all the others that have played along side him during his prime.
Phong Vong
Phong Vong - 2 years ago
AAA Deejay! Meteorologist Salaries Wet So So. Dry Good, Very!
Danny Jones
Danny Jones - 2 years ago
I could listen to Tiger explain how he plays every shot for possibly the rest of my life
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
the only word that stops me from verbally berating you is ....possibly...
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle - 2 years ago
DJ needs to calm the fuck down!! He's all wired up and shit like hes been doing coke all day!!
Kent Hanna
Kent Hanna - 2 years ago
Me in the group behind: "Hurry up and hit the ball already"
radar0412 - 2 years ago
If I played against those guys, I wonder how many strokes they'd expect Me to give Em? Lol..
YELLFY SPORTS APP - 2 years ago
Rahm was just looking forward to the beer run after
YELLFY SPORTS APP - 2 years ago
Rahm was just looking forward to the beer run after
sanfordsson - 2 years ago
Rahm is kinda right. I don't think these guys exactly know how they do it or at least they can't really articulate it. It's all feel.
mark94555 - 2 years ago
These are really good videos, I find it really interesting and informative to see the best players in the world bouncing ideas around, you can definitely learn a lot watching this...all of them are incredible golfers but they all seem to constantly pick each others brains in these TM videos cause they know they can always use more knowledge...even tiger, one of the greatest to ever live, was in a video asking Jason day for bunker advice
Tuấn biệt thự biển
Tuấn biệt thự biển - 2 years ago
marrob357 - 2 years ago
DJ is just leaning there think it "786k it, just hit it!!"
Andy Grasso
Andy Grasso - 2 years ago
Imagine having Rory’s drives and tigers irons and wedges
matthew yonkman
matthew yonkman - 2 years ago
I've been golfing for like 20 years, and this video reminded me that I know nothing
B Lee
B Lee - 2 years ago
Translation: Tiger hits more of a cut shot to put more spin on the ball and hits more of a draw shot to take spin off the ball.
J B - 2 years ago
I could watch videos of today's pros interacting with Tiger all day long
Jack - 2 years ago
So many beasts in 1 shot together. Love it
David Morris
David Morris - 2 years ago
Money for nothing.
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow - 2 years ago
I wish I was on the PGA Tour and making bank... why did I do all this pointless shit in high school? I wish I could start high school over again and play golf.
홍깡 - 2 years ago
Cute mcilroy
M RIZX - 2 years ago
FOLLOW what they SAY but
DON'T FOLLOW what they DO when hitting the golf ball. Just follow your instinct. You can't never be like them.
Spencer K
Spencer K - 2 years ago
Me: blade the wedge 55 yards over the pin and into the fescue
Adam Sevener
Adam Sevener - 2 years ago
Master splinter and the four turtles
Danny James
Danny James - 2 years ago
this is awesome
Strange - 2 years ago
Why does everyone but Tiger Woods sound like a robot. What’s with the audio
フーリー - 2 years ago
John Devlin
John Devlin - 2 years ago
"How are you going to hit this shot?"
(Looks at green) Hit it that way - pretty hard. Yeah, always pretty hard.
"You going to use a gap wedge or a sand iron"
(Looks at green again) Probably a 5 iron - 'cause it's at least 85 yards - and there is a bit of upslope.
And my laser and my apple watch agree with my Garmin about the wind being at 3 now so....
ひろ - 2 years ago
Custis3 - 2 years ago
What about help for those of us that don't golf with the aid of PEDs?
Custis3 - 2 years ago
@Donnie Draftdodger Tiger, Rory, Brooks, Dustin....many others. Just natural right?
Donnie Draftdodger
Donnie Draftdodger - 2 years ago
is that why you dislike Tiger..PED's?
Beny SukaSuka
Beny SukaSuka - 2 years ago
They Play Golf Ball, And Golf Ball Playing at me
石井で。 - 2 years ago
Choco - 2 years ago
Dream Team
Frank Lonardo
Frank Lonardo - 2 years ago
DJ just sitting there taking mental notes
bigmaxy07 - 1 year ago
and having a spit
Marcel Boogaard
Marcel Boogaard - 2 years ago
Wasn’t there one too many for a four-ball?
mark jeffers
mark jeffers - 2 years ago
DJ thinking saaaaaaay whattttttttttttttttt lol he's so cool so laid back
stuart giddings
stuart giddings - 2 years ago
The legend of Tiger!
norrispg - 2 years ago

Tiger: off-the-charts smart
Rory: needing Tiger to validate his own flawed technique
Day: couldn't care less about Rory's substandard wedge shot -- is only thinking about what to ask Tiger
Rahm: with no major championships, opens mouth and inserts foot
DJ: deep in thought..."should I do my girlfriend before or after dinner"
mercytoday - 1 year ago
DJ is just high...LOL!
Enki - 1 year ago
G Road
G Road - 1 year ago
You got at DJ! LOL
John Cassel
John Cassel - 1 year ago
DJ needs to do sum more Martha. He’s way to mellow. Lol
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
@Brad Fletcher looks like you are doing the same thing you are moaning about Brad
Brad Fletcher
Brad Fletcher - 1 year ago
How many months are you gonna spend commenting on this thread? Lmfao looks like you need to work on real life relationships not tiger ya fucking weirdo
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
Oh yeah Rory needs all the help he can get....especially with his female relationship with his wife eh Tiger?
John Cassel
John Cassel - 1 year ago
stackleft he is the only normal person in that group. Lol
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
@stackleft oooo be careful
stackleft - 1 year ago
Nah DJ was like, " i gotta get outta here, my dealer will be at my house in an hour. can't wait for that first line"
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
thats how we learn is it not? why so negative?
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
@humanforotherhumans The #1 spot comes and goes as fast as a meal in a bulimic as you know ....why?
humanforotherhumans - 1 year ago
@Paul Goodier Isn't Rory the number one player in world?
humanforotherhumans - 1 year ago
@Marshall Williams He is no longer married?
Derek Ralston
Derek Ralston - 1 year ago
Before and after dinner wtf is wrong w you lol
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson - 1 year ago
@norrispg I wish I could find the video but it disappeared years ago. It was an amateur video standing right behind a tee box. Some baby faced, moppy headed kid steps up with driver and I was like “holy shit”. It was a gorgeous swing and the ball just exploded off the club face. It was the second most beautiful “down the line” swing I’ve ever seen. The first is Tiger on #2 at Pebble in the 4th round of the 2000 US Open. #6 of that same round too. They’re both on YouTube.
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson - 1 year ago
@Man In Black I’d have to agree with you there. He used to draw everything. His driver shot tracer thingies might have looked more impressive since every drive was a mile in the air with a draw and long, but being able to work it both ways is huge. He was playing extremely well before everything got shut down. He was right there in every tournament. It was only a matter of time before he won.

Speaking of working it both ways, Tiger can’t hit a big, high hook anymore. He’s more accurate off the tee now that he hits fades though. He can still hit high fades with any club but he’s lost the ability to hit high hooks. He can hit a draw which is fine but say he hits his tee shot left on 9 or 15 at Augusta...he used to be able to hit high hooks around those trees. With his new swing, he can’t do that anymore.
Richard Grace
Richard Grace - 1 year ago
Isn't it Wayne Gretzky's daughter that dustin Johnson is married to
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg Well maybe one day you and your god can sort out all the worlds woes and we will all be so much the better to have known you norris thats norris with a small n
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Paul Goodier I would ask my betters for advice, but the only people I find are ones who seek my it isn't me thinking I'm better than others but others who keep paying me for my expertise
Tyrice Lewis
Tyrice Lewis - 2 years ago
Rahm u can't bomb the ball on every hole...learn at least 2 or 3 other skills to start.
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg maybe you need some luck in your life now....maybe it would help you grow into a man? mmm in your case maybe not snowflake .....anyway good luck to you in whatever you hope to achieve......ask your betters about luck.....we all could do with some now and stop being be so arrogant and thinking you are better than others
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Paul Goodier funny! you remind me of those liberals who accuse the President of doing everything they're guilty of...and fyi, luck is something I've never needed
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg dumb....sorry but cannot carry on a conversation with a closed minded person good luck ....bye
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Paul Goodier oh, you're giving me a choice? OK, thanks for that...I'd prefer to be swinging like a 19 year old Rory McIlroy and about to win 4 majors...then afterward I wouldn't change it, going against the stored movement pattern I've established, my instincts and thus struggle under the pressure of a major because I'm not sure what the new swing will produce...then, I'll probably win another half dozen majors by the time I'm 30 because I'm more talented than anyone else in the world
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg applying your logic.....I could say that his swing now is actually keeping him in the number 2 spot in the world and not slipping down as Tiger where you you prefer to be number 2 golfer in the world or sat in front of a computer trying to decry a great golfers swing?
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg you cannot qualify your statement....all you are doing is reacting and not objectifying.....oh and when was the last time you won a major mon ami?
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Paul Goodier yes, I can say that the swing that won 4 majors is better than the one that has not won a major
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg hypothetical....far far too many variables....and extremely cannot in all honesty say just do not know
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Paul Goodier he would be better today with the swing that won him 4 majors, 2 of them by miles
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
@norrispg those 10 others are actually behind him....well probably 8 of them as he is 2nd in the world.......thats second in the world....having been number 1 in the world.....maybe you could evaluate your theory a bit? and why not try to be better than you are? complacency aint a good trait my friend
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Paul Goodier oh, I'd love to have his swing when he was 19 years old, but there are 10 others I'd rather have than the one he has now which is not near as good as when he was a teenager...AND, if it was so good he wouldn't be trying new things with it every week
JM M - 2 years ago
DJ's actually the smartest. No talking, just learning from Tiger.
CHZ&RCE - 2 years ago
Ok hot shot.
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Man In Black I disagree with both assertions
Man In Black
Man In Black - 2 years ago
@norrispg wtf are you talking about? Rorys ball striking is better than ever since adding the cut shot into his game. It has also helped him to stop over drawing shots by swinging more left. He can now comfortably work it however he wants.

Hes not winning like he did 5 years ago, because 5 years ago he putted lights out. Doesnt matter how good you hit it in this game, you still have to be one of the best putters playing that week to win.
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
what a really dumb ass statement......what would YOU give to have Rorys swing?
Robert James
Robert James - 2 years ago
Tiger was competition smart and relationship stupid.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 2 years ago
norrispg DJ: I think I’ll do both.
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Marshall Williams hell, her mom has been hot since the '80s
Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams - 2 years ago
DJ girlfriend is a smoke bomb I’d always be thinking of smashing that
B Lee
B Lee - 2 years ago
Lmao. Too funny.
norrispg - 2 years ago
@Mathew Wallis swinging left has cost him another 5 majors
Mathew Wallis
Mathew Wallis - 2 years ago
Yeah... Rory's so flawed
Ryan Ells
Ryan Ells - 2 years ago
SHIFTY - 2 years ago
Tiger woods giving a lesson to rory McIlroy.
vincent Boon
vincent Boon - 2 years ago
each taking turn to be the instructor?. at least they are pros and understand problems faced.
Simon H
Simon H - 2 years ago
It's hilarious to see a group of the best golfers in the world seem like students when around Sensei Woods!
first hand
first hand - 2 years ago
Dream team
Luis Caro
Luis Caro - 2 years ago
Insane that most of these guys grew up watching him and now are able to conversations and absorb experience from him. If only
Born Gucci
Born Gucci - 1 year ago
@Luis Caro That run on sentence, with absolutely no punctuation was pure gibberish
Luis Caro
Luis Caro - 1 year ago
@Born Gucci apparently had a stroke midway lol *conversate
Born Gucci
Born Gucci - 1 year ago
lol, what? was that english?
Spoon Face
Spoon Face - 2 years ago
God it’d be my dream to hang out with these guys
RoughRider757 - 2 years ago
Master teaching the students!
Jerry M
Jerry M - 2 years ago
It’s funny watching these other four guys standing there watching Tiger hit a golf ball knowing in the back of their heads that no matter what they do no matter how hard they try they will never ever ever EVER win as many times as he has, ever.
GolfMad - 2 years ago
Would love to listen in on conversations like that...interesting
Ivan Makedonski
Ivan Makedonski - 2 years ago
Nice to see players like Rory, Jason, Jon, and Dustin asking the greatest of alltime advice!!
Dillon M. Horn
Dillon M. Horn - 2 years ago
What a freaking stable taylormade has built
Paul_ HD1
Paul_ HD1 - 2 years ago
DJ just listening... Euros gotta talk gotta talk gotta talk...
Donald Loos
Donald Loos - 2 years ago
Never been more confused in my life,
Guitar Man
Guitar Man - 2 years ago
If it's about wedges...there should be Mickelson. He beat Woods for 9 Million.
DJP - 2 years ago
He’s not Taylormade
Charles Alan
Charles Alan - 2 years ago
I love DJ ......he doesn’t say a damn thing!
NYC Entrepreneur
NYC Entrepreneur - 1 year ago
Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer student of the game? Maybe. I just find him very weird but so was Moe Norman and many other greats.
Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer
Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer - 1 year ago
He is a true student of the game. Just quietly listening and taking it all in.
NYC Entrepreneur
NYC Entrepreneur - 1 year ago
Mr Personality.
GC Anthony
GC Anthony - 1 year ago
He doesn’t know a damn thing.
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
Hes a shady prick..fuck him
richat1 - 2 years ago
its a shame we never seen tiger really go head to head with any of these guys.
richat1 - 2 years ago
I expect Rahm to peak soon, will win majors.
richat1 - 2 years ago
was sergio busy:)
Gotnub 25
Gotnub 25 - 2 years ago
15 majors, 4 majors, major champion, major champion asking questions....guy with no majors “you guys think too much”
Scott Wurth
Scott Wurth - 2 years ago
How good is this video? Would love to see more like them.
brutalaj - 2 years ago
so he means, quiet controlled release when he wants low spin and just fire through right over left release when he wants a lot of spin?
Ze Bunker
Ze Bunker - 2 years ago
Why was the roid injection part cut from video? That's the first step
moreme40 - 2 years ago
Look at how all of these star golfers still look up to Tiger
Stu Dunn
Stu Dunn - 2 years ago
That first sentence was some title gore if I've ever seen it...
Frank Mclain
Frank Mclain - 2 years ago
If Rory could humble himself he might learn something
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini - 2 years ago
Think about it, this is there job, no real challenge,and at this level your not really going to change anything if it’s working for you,and cynically, their getting paid handsomely for a few minutes of video selling their sponsors equipment at a huge price, Pros if you look in there Bag don’t have their sponsors clubs in their bag, often it’s special made Clubs to suit them and nobody else, so, I’ll say it again, a well versed can’t buy a golf game, stick with what you’ve got unless they’re falling to bits, and if not, go take some less from your Pro, because for what you’d pay for decent clubs I’m sure you’re get a lot of lessons and your handicap would come down.
Slice of Pepperoni
Slice of Pepperoni - 2 years ago
These guys can play wedges just as good as tiger, why they asking him questions about wedge shots. Seems odd
will draper
will draper - 2 years ago
I would make up 5 shots if I played with these guys
3DaysTillGrace - 2 years ago
will draper it also depends on what balls they are using. The balls tiger uses has more of a hard click sound
4PITTS1BURGH2 - 2 years ago
I learned absolutely nothing but was so cool to watch. Crazy that they can control and see their hands that fast. Lol split seconds before impacting the ball to
4PITTS1BURGH2 - 2 years ago
Rory is so small! Crazy how he can drive the ball just as far as the big guys on tour.
Will - 2 years ago
Yeah for sure!
Matt Maxwell
Matt Maxwell - 2 years ago
Rahm with the sarcasm that's why he bottled the Players and will struggle to maintain being at the top because he has the wrong attitude. He is blessed with great talent and ability but comes across as lazy and arrogant. His capabilities in someone who actually wants it! Would be fascinating to see.
Barry Weyandt
Barry Weyandt - 2 years ago
use my clubs and you won't have to worry about controlling the spin.
George Thompson
George Thompson - 2 years ago
Tiger is King and always will be. He is a good guy. Not many people could survive the hype he has had to endure and if he has done stupid things, then this makes him a better man in my eyes.
G P - 2 years ago
Shows you the humility of the current 4. . .
Ben Tatou
Ben Tatou - 2 years ago
If this fivesome played together on a Sunday, the entire gallery will be on on hole all the time.
Greg S
Greg S - 2 years ago
Good on Jason taking every opportunity to pick Tigers brain about how he does what he does lol
Brady Ross
Brady Ross - 2 years ago
Learning from the greatest
Matty Flynn
Matty Flynn - 2 years ago
Dustin is completely zoned out such a boring person, Rory and Jason actually wanting to learn from the greatest ever, and John is just in his element with tiger
UneGrenadeCa - 2 years ago
Why show us famous golf players hit the ball so it's not to show a difference between a good shot and bad and also why not show us where the ball goes and where it hits the ground?
Zaheer Kader
Zaheer Kader - 2 years ago
That was way above my pay grade but was so awesome regardless
9cowbell9 - 2 years ago
Tiger teaching kids
North Star
North Star - 2 years ago
4 men and a legend
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
4 men and the legend!
Jon Wayne
Jon Wayne - 2 years ago
Jason Day seems like a real cool dude. I could be wrong of course.
Derek Seifert
Derek Seifert - 2 years ago
you're not wrong. he's a straight up class act.
vincent the chin
vincent the chin - 2 years ago
Tiger teaches his pupils!
Dennis Massengill
Dennis Massengill - 2 years ago
"You guys think WAY too much about this".

Tiger: Wanna see my trophy room?
Thizzelle Washington
Thizzelle Washington - 2 years ago
This was cool. Real cool fucking dammit the best in the game right there you feezy
West Man
West Man - 2 years ago
Tiger Don’t give your secrets to Rory ...he just wants to know how to beat you in a major !!!
blackvulcan3 - 2 years ago
Jason Day - Classic Australian chatter.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones - 2 years ago
Let tiger talk u puzzes ... u keep talking over him after u ask him a question
Andrew Cater
Andrew Cater - 2 years ago
If one assumes this is a genuine, unscripted, conversation, Rahms response is odd. If Tiger talks about the swing you should pay attention and then start practicing.
Michael - 2 years ago
Yeah I get that but with my wedge I’m still clipping my ankle OUCH!
CNG Beaton
CNG Beaton - 2 years ago
I am thinking that Taylormade has the best golf team on the planet!
CNG Beaton
CNG Beaton - 2 years ago
So cool ,God I love Tiger and the way he now interacts and connects with the younger guys!
alexander vogt sanchez
alexander vogt sanchez - 2 years ago
funny how these kids think they know how to play the game and tiger still says he is constantly learning. The true mind of a champion
kyle - 2 years ago
Rahm is such a douche
Ollie Button
Ollie Button - 2 years ago
4 of the best golfers in the world and they’re listening to him like his word is Gods. Love it.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 2 years ago
Hey man, those other 4 grew up idolizing him I'm sure...its just like if say steph curry got to shoot some hoops with Michael Jordan today...great players but you gotta respect the greats, I'm sure it's super fun for those young pros getting to be around their childhood hero as a peer...the cool thing is that tiger asks them for advice too I'm other videos (which is why tiger is so great, he never ever feels he knows enough...) a previous video, someone was criticizing Jason day or giving tiger bunker tips, but tiger was loving it...the second you think you know everything is when you stop improving...the best players ever in all sports always try to learn...really cool videos from taylormade I'd watch these forever just seeing how these guys bounce ideas off each other
TheSib - 2 years ago
I can do that too. It just takes more strokes.
Speaker79 McColl
Speaker79 McColl - 2 years ago
I wanna see a whole special with those guys. That would be awesome
Nsgolf18 - 2 years ago
Man, I knew Rory was short but that’s really short
Stuart Freeman
Stuart Freeman - 2 years ago
I like all those guys
johnathan wetherill
johnathan wetherill - 2 years ago
The master teaching the students.
J S - 2 years ago
Jason Day is super funny, probably would be my top choice for a Pro Am partner
William Bailie
William Bailie - 2 years ago
Understood 0% of that !
Philippe Renaud
Philippe Renaud - 2 years ago
my ball would have rammed the trees with all those explanations
jakethemuss3 - 2 years ago
Rory is a midget.
Hugh-John Fleming
Hugh-John Fleming - 2 years ago
Oh.. is that all.
Ben Maurer
Ben Maurer - 2 years ago
More of this. Now
redfirebird2008 - 2 years ago
He shouldn't be giving these dudes any of his secrets. Best iron player since Hogan. These guys might be able to drive it longer than him, but he still owns them in the iron game.
Rocky Puzo
Rocky Puzo - 2 years ago
DJ gotta put his dick away
Roman Kozak
Roman Kozak - 2 years ago
This is so cool. I could watch videos all day of this crew talking about golf and their techniques. Great idea.
Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69
Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69 - 2 years ago
I guess tiger is right about how to control the spin of the ball by hitting down. Hitting up or threw, I guess the ball will spin back? ??
Galaxii Eclipse
Galaxii Eclipse - 2 years ago
Oceans808 - 2 years ago
WTF is wrong with DJ? Is he like the asshole of the group?
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne - 2 years ago
Tiger should do those Bobby Jones like instructional videos.
Dennis Massengill
Dennis Massengill - 2 years ago
Those were fantastic. Especially when he was hitting towards a camera.
Erykvonkeith - 2 years ago
saigonbond - 2 years ago
Obi-wan and his Padawans
RikkiTikkiTavi - 1 year ago
NewWorldOrder - 2 years ago
More left in my world is more spin also, but sideways.
ぬまとたく - 2 years ago
Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll - 2 years ago
So instead of thinking...”Please don’t shank it, please don’t shank it” I should be focused on slowing it down and covering the club to reduce spin. 20 years too late on this advice.
MegaStan316 - 2 years ago
Love Jon rahms comment at the end
Will - 2 years ago
MegaStan316 well, he’s the only one that hasn’t won a major so go figure
JP Quinn
JP Quinn - 2 years ago
Rahm and DJ like 'I just hit it'.
T OM - 2 years ago
DJ clearly not wanting to be there
Jeremy Nelson
Jeremy Nelson - 2 years ago
He kind has that look permanently tho to be fair haha
T OM - 2 years ago
God the questions are so contrived
luke mccabe
luke mccabe - 2 years ago
I love everything about this video
Saroeun Sam
Saroeun Sam - 2 years ago
Marcus Spiva
Marcus Spiva - 2 years ago
2 Americans, a Northern Irelander, an Aussie, and a Spaniard enter a bar...
Camo_Cookie - 2 years ago
Wonder how this would go without the cameras..
Tristian Upton
Tristian Upton - 2 years ago
I love how these are the top players in the world who all have won at the top (who have all beaten Tiger at one point or another) and they ask Tiger questions to get better. If that's not greatness then I don't know what is
Will - 2 years ago
The other 4 have won less than half Tigers majors between them!
Rodney Shelby
Rodney Shelby - 2 years ago
I'm just worried about making contact and getting somewhere near The green if I think about all that stuff tiger just said I'll lay the sod over it and hit it 10 feet hahaha tiger is so good he knows exactly how to manipulate the club with his hands and arms us amateurs we're just trying to make contact
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen - 2 years ago
Rahm looks like he so doesn't belong LOL
nsxdarin - 2 years ago
christ DJ shut up for five seconds
Josh Fry
Josh Fry - 2 years ago
John is spot on... a 60yard shot just hit the damn thing! The more thinking the more complicated shit gets... for me anyways!
I.J. Drummer
I.J. Drummer - 2 years ago
DJ was real quiet LOL
E 3
E 3 - 2 years ago
My boy rory stepped right in like ya watch this
Russ Rod
Russ Rod - 2 years ago
Teaching the guys trying to beat you in every hole.
dcr88 - 2 years ago
The recording it's just superb. Really really nice performance there. About DJ's "careless attitude", it seems that he's not gonna laugh for any silly situation around him. Probably that's one of the coke consequences on long term. That doesn't mean he's out or he's being more stupid or something like. There is a way on drug use consequence (NOT ABUSE) where one can take a shortcut on his mind to being focus on what matters and discern what it's not. Specially when someone it's using "pot" or some psychedelic substance. I mean, I would like to say that drugs could be really dangerous if you don't know how to use it. Actually most of them are a really mess. Nonetheless, there is a way on drugs that they could be very profit for your life. A rare chance to get a different and wider point of view on meanings of life. We really need more proper scientific information about how to use drugs.
Zack Rose
Zack Rose - 2 years ago
Too much talent in one little circle
jeddyhi - 2 years ago
Would love to walk up with my Wedge and say "Hold my beer. Watch this!"
Will - 2 years ago
G. P.
G. P. - 2 years ago
Champs meeting, love it!!
Robert Johansson
Robert Johansson - 2 years ago
Sand Man
Sand Man - 2 years ago
Wow...this vid blew me away.....Not!
Edward Hiew
Edward Hiew - 2 years ago
Jason Day asking Tiger Woods "how do you control spin"...
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich - 2 years ago
Tigers swing is way more fluid than Rory's I noticed. It's like Rory was stiff the whole way through the ball.
Jeremy Bader
Jeremy Bader - 2 years ago
what an awesome video!
Phil Snelman
Phil Snelman - 2 years ago
Jon Rahm said it correctly: 'You guys think about it way too much'
Jbiz _
Jbiz _ - 2 years ago
God tier
todd philips
todd philips - 2 years ago
greatest to ever do it in gold regardless of what nosy people think about his personal life but his teaching skills are hideous.
Mr. Bondhus2You
Mr. Bondhus2You - 2 years ago
Sad to see how far this man has fallen. He went from being the mj of golf to basically irrelevant, as it relates to actually competing, his “brand” and image still remain though
Ellie Anna
Ellie Anna - 2 years ago
now what u got to say son?
tenpiloto - 2 years ago
Irrelevant? Yes, Sam Snead had more total wins, and Jack has more majors, but neither had to face the competition that Tiger has. No one will ever have win as many as Tiger has.
Maddog8148 - 2 years ago
Tiger will never tell them the truth. He’s just the man!! Tiger is god!!
Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez - 2 years ago
Watch, hear and learn kids.
Gee 'Blauvelt' Burns
Gee 'Blauvelt' Burns - 2 years ago
Rahm is thinking why am I there?! Pick up the balls brah...
Daniel Elder
Daniel Elder - 2 years ago
This is absolute gold, what an honour it must be for those guys learning from their hero
Joe - 2 years ago
Hall of fame lineup
Jon Krick
Jon Krick - 2 years ago
M T - 2 years ago
Now they want to be taught though once they said he was done for... #legend
Suitedup1111 - 2 years ago
I’m one of the 78 that disliked this video. Come at me.

I’m joking. I freakin love Tiger Woods!
MrAllister9 - 2 years ago
I dont know i think we should bring Donald Trump to show these guys how to bring their game closer to a 2.8
MrDuds1984 - 2 years ago
Hey guys ever been to Perkins?
LinksHopping Golfer
LinksHopping Golfer - 2 years ago
DJ is like, "you guys do you, I'm good with my wedges."
PlaceboPictures - 2 years ago
Damn. Tiger has a big dick.
great white shark
great white shark - 2 years ago
Good input from dj!!!just standing there thinking...stop kissing tigers ass...I just wanna get wired!!
Mike Watson
Mike Watson - 2 years ago
Ummm soooo this sequence right here is incredible, give us more of this type stuff Taylor Made
Trump_Fedaykin - 2 years ago
Half of Tiger's career is better than all their careers combined.
Joeybago12 - 1 year ago
@Gabriel RAwls 1
Jimmy Hinder
Jimmy Hinder - 1 year ago
Half of his career is all of his success
350 oven
350 oven - 1 year ago
@Cameron tiger made around 120 mil and dj made around 67 mil so id still say half lol
Cameron - 1 year ago
Except for DJs now.
andsowot - 1 year ago
Yeh and they know that from how they refer to him here. So we don't need you who isn't as good as any of them pointing it out.
350 oven
350 oven - 1 year ago
That’s why they’re learning.
Mr. James
Mr. James - 1 year ago
I was thinking the same thing. Lol
Ethan Doyle
Ethan Doyle - 1 year ago
@Gabriel RAwls but but but Rory has the record for most fairways hit on a Friday with a temperature of 71 degrees and a wind speed of 2.8 mph and 59% humidity while wearing blue pants and a white shirt
Mis Bernal
Mis Bernal - 1 year ago
Robert Patton never said that Rory was more skilled just saying that Rorys career isn’t as bad as this dude is saying
Robert Patton
Robert Patton - 1 year ago
I guess that's why they're asking him for tips
steviemc - 1 year ago
Easy tiger
Mis Bernal
Mis Bernal - 1 year ago
Not Rory
Zach Weaver
Zach Weaver - 1 year ago
@radar0412 don't forget my boy David Duval!! For a year or 2 lol
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja - 1 year ago
M. Lymann but look at how much better Tiger was just in general, just his own personal golf game, back in his prime. Now look at what he’s like now. And he’s still won 3 tournaments in the last 2 years, one of which was the masters, and has consistently been in the running in plenty of tournaments he didn’t win. Now imagine if you had prime Tiger back. I’m not saying he would be as dominant as he was back then, but there’s no doubt in my mind he would still be the #1 ranked golfer on tour, and still be winning more than everyone else, just not AS much as he did back then
Jarred Krasman
Jarred Krasman - 1 year ago
Leroy Rodgers during ever
IntoTheFray - 1 year ago
radar0412 100%
Meatyolob Man420
Meatyolob Man420 - 1 year ago
Do you know who Rory McIlroy is
Chris Gwynne
Chris Gwynne - 1 year ago
The amount Rory has holed out to keep games alive...
Jon Allen
Jon Allen - 1 year ago
Thats why their listening to him
Max Media Company
Max Media Company - 1 year ago
It’s close hahahahah. I bet they have more total world wide wins combined but not more majors lol. 7.5 to 6 in that department.
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell - 1 year ago
@Paulo P Yeah he did it at congressional where they had received a ton of rain before that week so the course was super soft and the ball flew forever in those hot conditions but it was still impressive. Doesn't compare to tigers 2000 win at pebble.
Brian Sim
Brian Sim - 1 year ago
SVG-Sivic - 1 year ago
Soooooooo truuree!!!. Tiger is a legend and the one and only best golfer. Nobody can beat him
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
@stackleft it wont..Tiger is a once in a lifetime player
Jeff vee
Jeff vee - 1 year ago
Rory is a hall of famer.
stackleft - 1 year ago
@Gabriel RAwls 40 wins and 7 or 8 majors would be an insane career. to think that he has 15 freakin majors and 80 wins. it will probably never been done again in golf.
Steve Clark
Steve Clark - 1 year ago
@Paulo P who cares im sure rory would swap that low score for tigers majors lol
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
@radar0412 I agree 100%..endurance is great too
CR Ri - 1 year ago
1997 Masters - enough said
radar0412 - 1 year ago
@Daniel Barwatt I don't disagree with you, but I don't think golfers need any weight training at all. You can't be a Tour Pro unless you have Tour distance to begin with. The biggest challenge for a pro golfer is the ability to walk 18 holes for 4 days. Power walking endurance exercises really is all a golfer needs. 50 years ago there was no weight training in the game of golf and NOBODY back then had to deal with Golf injuries.
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
@radar0412 The weight room makes no sense..all you need to do is flexibility dont need to train like a football player..maybe a small amount of lifting and some core excercises just to maintain some muscle mass and just stay healthy.but when you go overboard youre just asking to get injured..
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
@radar0412 Dont forget Rich Beem too lmao
Ber Man
Ber Man - 1 year ago
@Paulo P lol only one record
Matt - 1 year ago
That's what happens when you're the arguable best to ever do it.
GullyBop - 1 year ago
@Paulo P asterik yeah on a soft damp golf course. Everyone was throwing darts at the green. Didn't mean to pile on but I see everyone else did. Lol!
radar0412 - 2 years ago
@M. Lymann I don't know if the younger Guys Lack a Work Ethic. Look at the amount of time Brooks, Dustin, Jason, and Rory are putting in the Weight room. Which is actually kinda Stupid. Their gonna end up injuring themselves, and like Tiger, they're gonna end up needing Back surgery!
M. Lymann
M. Lymann - 2 years ago
@radar0412 I appreciate your input. There are so many talents now bit I sense most don't have the work ethics to compete at a higher level. Back then, pros needed to put in the time. I think money has spoiled most of the top pros. Imagine if there is less money/sponsors now, the DJs, JTs, JDs, RMs,JSs and etc would need to work harder to earn a living. Now most of the top pros fly private jets to play golf. Talk about spoiled and entitled.
radar0412 - 2 years ago
@M. Lymann The funny thing is that the only Guy's who beat Tiger head to head were Guy's who were Not battling Tiger for Golf Supremacy. All Sutton, Mayfair, Fiori, and Yang wanted to do was to be able to tell their Grandchildren that they ONCE beat Tiger Woods. LOL!
radar0412 - 2 years ago
@M. Lymann Today's Era of players don't quite match up with Tiger's Era. YET. What you probably don't realize is that Tiger's Rivals Phil, Ernie, and Vijay have a crazy amount of Tour Wins and Majors. And of course Tiger numbers are disproportionate to his Rivals. I do agree with you however that we're currently in a special Era of Golfers with Jordan, Justin, Dustin and Brooks leading the way. But are they better than Tiger, Phil, Ernie and Vijay? Man that's a Tough one. Only Time will tell.
M. Lymann
M. Lymann - 2 years ago
@radar0412 I like your comment but there are just too many young talents today compare to 1996. Most of tiger's rivals were older than him when he joined the tour. Tiger was long back in 1996 but compare to today's standard, he would be average. Short game, there are many young talents with great short game now. But tiger did have an edge, mental toughness. The ability to sink putts when it counted. But he does have an edge if he 27yrs old now and earning his tour card.
Will - 2 years ago
Paulo P are you being serious?
digger dan
digger dan - 2 years ago
TrumpFaithful that’s why those guys are there to learn
radar0412 - 2 years ago
@Robert James Tiger had basically 3 rivals in his career. Hall of Famers Phil, Ernie, and Vijay. Although those guys had some limited success against Tiger, certainly none of them had his Number. IF a healthy 27 year old Tiger stepped into the PGA today, today's players would do the same thing they did 15 years ago. THEY'D GET THE HELL OUTTA HIS WAY!!! LOL..
Robert James
Robert James - 2 years ago
Different times now. There were a couple of players who could beat tiger 20 years ago, and now there are many. It would be interesting to see a young tiger woods in todays game.
He still has 80 with 15 majors, and you can't take that away from him.
radar0412 - 2 years ago
For sure the first half
Samuel Wilson
Samuel Wilson - 2 years ago
One could say tigers advice this day was so inspirational in rory's life and inspired him to win the open
mark94555 - 2 years ago
@Paulo P so because rory shot a great score at 1 us open which tiger has won multiple times, that means what exactly...fact, half tigers career is 40 wins and 7.5 majors, that is indeed better
Golf Mad
Golf Mad - 2 years ago
Trump.... perfect. What a thought! Mind blowing! As for the rest of you arguing while basically agreeing Tiger was(is) something special..... just stop. You're detracting from Trumps perfect (and hilarious) thread opener....
Todd M
Todd M - 2 years ago
No shit dickhead.
And just 1 of their careers is twice as good as yours.
j b
j b - 2 years ago
@Paulo P rory won in 2011 by 8 shots. 20+ players were under par. when tiger won in 2000, he was the ONLY one under par. and he won by 12 shots!!!! tiger has the grand slam 3 times, and held all 4 major trophies at once. let's keep it real.
Daniel Watt
Daniel Watt - 2 years ago
that’s funny especially when rory just won the fedex
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers - 2 years ago
Facts tho. And the second half at that. Tigers first half of his career alone put him above Hogan and Jones. Dude had a legendary amateur career and the greatest run of golf in history during that time.
edwincgov - 2 years ago
@Paulo P dummy
Rick Ross
Rick Ross - 2 years ago
@Paulo P Not that I care about the topic but how many people were under par for that US open? It was wet and not considered to be a standard US open difficulty set up
Quint Essential
Quint Essential - 2 years ago
Arguing like 10 year olds lmfao you guys are pathetic.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 2 years ago
@Paulo P idiot
Joe Cool
Joe Cool - 2 years ago
Paulo P goofy guy
madkent99 - 2 years ago
@Paulo P idiot
Jared Reem
Jared Reem - 2 years ago
That’s why they were asking him the questions
Gabriel RAwls
Gabriel RAwls - 2 years ago
Paulo P you picked one random stat lol. How many us opens has tiger won to hell with the lowest score
Gabriel RAwls
Gabriel RAwls - 2 years ago
Paulo P half of tigers career is 40 wins and 7.5 majors sir
Paulo P
Paulo P - 2 years ago
It's not really; Rory has broken the record for the lowest score under par for the US open.
Alex Gandy
Alex Gandy - 2 years ago
cry now laugh later does he have to be?
jay poma
jay poma - 2 years ago
Anonymous7454 - 2 years ago
Wow, that's a good way to think about it.
Dennis Polito
Dennis Polito - 2 years ago
Fuckers could all make thousands off youtube if they did this on the regs.....
Raytheon Nublinski
Raytheon Nublinski - 2 years ago
What’s with captain yup at 1:05? That’s tiger motherfucking woods. He doesn’t need your approval. He’s a goddamn legend. And I don’t even like golf. That guy is a blithering idiot.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson - 2 years ago
Day has the PGA, DJ has the US Open, Rahm is what, 15? Rory has a few, and TW has 14 majors, 80 wins, and what's next, nobody knows. What are the odds TW is playing head games here with his competitors? Hmmmmmm.
Antonio Barreiro
Antonio Barreiro - 2 years ago
Read a few comments and no one mentions or seemed to understand what he said, especially jason day. He said he goes the difficult route of hitting the shot in power % with his dead arm swing instead of spin technique. With spin technique you can basically have the same full or 3/4 swing and vary your distance. Tigers way is much harder because it forces you to rotate EXACTLY on the spot for it to work. He even mentions that it doesn’t have that much spin. but if mastered, It’s a definite advantage in consistency and accuracy. There is minimal arm rotation hence “dead arm in it” At least thats my take on it.
Keith Cope
Keith Cope - 2 years ago
Be fun to just stand there and listen
Hayden Allegro
Hayden Allegro - 2 years ago
Just found out I'm the John Rahm of my group hahaha
Kao Saephan
Kao Saephan - 2 years ago
joe harris
joe harris - 2 years ago
Couldn’t get a word in edgeways with DJ
croplaya - 2 years ago
Oh I just pray to God I dont chunk it.. thanks
hauntedhouse2012 - 2 years ago
What I love about this video is...... look how Rory is listening to tiger.
M.C. Clap-yo-handZ
M.C. Clap-yo-handZ - 2 years ago
Thank god this wasn’t a few years ago... we would have shanked it
Jason Tuscaloosa
Jason Tuscaloosa - 2 years ago
I played at a putt-putt golf course once...
h y
h y - 2 years ago
Damon Katos
Damon Katos - 2 years ago
I’m like John Rahm, you guys think too much
John McCormick
John McCormick - 2 years ago
His grips sound so tacky
Chris L
Chris L - 2 years ago
Class is in session.
Phillip Pugh
Phillip Pugh - 2 years ago
Roy Roy shut the fuck up and learn something from the master gezz
BT3701 - 2 years ago
Play this video at half speed then play again a x2 speed - it's funny
Can MTB - 2 years ago
D.J seems to be thinking himself saying “I already know what you’re describing Tiger...”
GazAce - 2 years ago
I gave this a thumbs up before I even watched
j B
j B - 2 years ago
Imagine thinking Jack is better
okthennone - 2 years ago
let him speak!
ARCHIEV THAPA - 2 years ago
Tiger is simply the master > GOAT
Rusty Graham
Rusty Graham - 2 years ago
Kyle Pritchard
Kyle Pritchard - 2 years ago
Tiger showed Rory how to hit that wedge on Saturday.
Frank my Texas!
Frank my Texas! - 2 years ago
That's why Rham has no majors. Doesn't like to think about it.
Alan Byrd
Alan Byrd - 2 years ago
LOOK! I can walk up and tell all them jokers how to play the game!!!! LOL!!!!! totally kidding... I'd just be like my mouth hanging open....
T BZ - 2 years ago
There is a reason the short game is the hardest to find after a break from’s more ‘feel’ than any other part of the game. It’s impossible to explain ‘feel’ to anyone.
Kris B
Kris B - 2 years ago
Golf wankers.
Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll - 2 years ago
Rahm owns this video with his one line of dialogue. Lol
riegomatic instalaciónes
riegomatic instalaciónes - 2 years ago
Beautiful see the most greatest stars of golf together
Assmosis - 2 years ago
Is there a full video to this?
TacoMonsterNick - 2 years ago
I need more of these insider on course talks with the players.
チェリーやす - 2 years ago
Adam Wakefield
Adam Wakefield - 2 years ago
Shut up Rory and let the legend talk
alex david
alex david - 2 years ago
can you just explain things like a normal person
Adrian - 2 years ago
That Dustin Johnson is all ass and johnson...
fireguy hoseman
fireguy hoseman - 2 years ago
Rahms like "now tell me abt goldy locks and the 3 bears."
Kridian01 - 2 years ago
Tiger has never failed to confuse people with his language about golf shots. Jason Day called him out on it!
Kridian01 - 2 years ago
@Damien Russell Well, yeah. No dispute there. cheerio
Damien Russell
Damien Russell - 2 years ago
He couldn't care less that you're confused, it makes perfect sense to him and that's why he's the GOAT!!
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez - 2 years ago
That's amazing the others are great golfers and they are standing and paying much attention what he's got to say!! GOAT
fireguy hoseman
fireguy hoseman - 2 years ago
DJ is prob thinking, hey tiger now tell us how to hit a 3 iron or should we ask elin!
A.D. Coleman
A.D. Coleman - 2 years ago
Tiger undoubtedly controls the golf ball from 120 yds and in better than any other player in history.

That said, Rory needs to take a back seat and listen. He's arguably the best driver of the ball the game has ever seen, yet he ought to let Tiger explain himself and learn a thing or two here.
A.D. Coleman
A.D. Coleman - 2 years ago
@J MS I'm sure his intent was not by any means disrespectful, yet you have an audience and a camera; let the big cat talk and ease back a little on the early self-affirmation/translation.

Would love to see the result of each of their shots.
Andrew Pansch
Andrew Pansch - 2 years ago
If rahm listened to his caddie he wouldn’t have went in the water at the players coming out of the bunker going for the green. While trying to basically hit a hook.
Tiger Masters
Tiger Masters - 2 years ago
The master love Tiger
k j
k j - 2 years ago
Hey dumb Golfers,if you want to learn how to hit great shots, learn how to kick soccer Ball correctly.there is unbelievably similar action and feel into it.
JOHN RMIREZ - 2 years ago
Rahm is wondering why he is in this group
Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington - 2 years ago
WORTHLESS they didn't show where the balls landed
Wandering Brummie
Wandering Brummie - 2 years ago
Exactly, just a cheap advert. They probably both missed the green.
MrJughead87 - 2 years ago
I would cry if the opportunity ever came to play in that group.
DG - 2 years ago
Tiger =GOAT
Big D
Big D - 2 years ago
I could watch content like this all day
JoeDirte - 2 years ago
Golf is so much better with TW
A JW - 2 years ago
He has more majors than all them combined lol
CatNact - 2 years ago
Great tips! And I’m sure I will put it to good use when I figure out what language this is.
Sluggo - 2 years ago
So...dead arms and slow the hands while closing the head of the wedge to reduce the spin or open the club head to increase the it!
buffal1000 - 2 years ago
You didn't already know that?
Andrew Kruzienski
Andrew Kruzienski - 2 years ago
I'd stick that shot right inside of Tiger's ball like what's good bro.
Erick Brassfield
Erick Brassfield - 2 years ago
Dream on, kiddo
citysmasher2 - 2 years ago
More of these please. More of the players talking amungst themselves and less from gurus that break more stuff than they fix.
Chris Moore
Chris Moore - 2 years ago
I love how they all ask Tiger what he does. They are all fantastic but only one is sitting on 14 majors, he's prolly the guy to ask.
Coya Campbell
Coya Campbell - 2 years ago
Errrrrrrrrrrr 15.... 15 Majors now!!!!
Peter Petigrew
Peter Petigrew - 2 years ago
Greatest Asian player ever !!!
Rus Varyag
Rus Varyag - 2 years ago
The EMPEROR holding court.
The Honest Blackman
The Honest Blackman - 2 years ago
If you clowns are not hitting Mizuno blades go to your knitting class this isnt for you.
Michipreneur 1
Michipreneur 1 - 2 years ago
matty t them mizuno’s are some pure feeling sticks.
The Callaway Kid
The Callaway Kid - 2 years ago
Just tonk it....
Kunihiko Kubota
Kunihiko Kubota - 2 years ago
TheUrbanEpicure - 2 years ago
Awkward that you'd feature three Nike players so prominently in a video on your channel. So I take it I'll play better with their clubs than with TM?
ヨカワマサキちゃんねる - 2 years ago
Its like a photography♪
jake james
jake james - 2 years ago
Tigers masterclass
Yo Mama
Yo Mama - 2 years ago
When I get this good I'm not giving out secrets don't ask me for a comment.
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
Tiger is not giving out any secrets; you can take that to the bank!
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 2 years ago
I just wonder how many of those Stella Golfers would actually play TM clubs if they weren't paid to do so????????????????
timmy _
timmy _ - 2 years ago
Bandit Baker, isn’t that the whole point of a sponsor? JFC
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
Matt Kuchar couldnt make it... he was too busy fucking his poor mexican caddy.
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
hahah love the Rahm comment at the end.
Liam Francomb
Liam Francomb - 2 years ago
Anyone else remember when Tiger was the biggest strongest guy on the Tour.

Those other lads must spend all day in the Gym
Mpho Mmopi
Mpho Mmopi - 2 years ago
Those boys sucking up the knowledge from the
Livereater00 - 2 years ago
Why is Dustin not maintaining his super hot wife at this moment?
Frankincensed - 2 years ago
Pft come on, what do these guys know?
Marc - 2 years ago
Let the man talk
L G - 2 years ago
I fooking love golf
Randy - 2 years ago
We need a show called talking with tiger
ToeMosS _Vlogs
ToeMosS _Vlogs - 2 years ago
Podcast maybe?
dabbletv - 2 years ago
Presented by Taylormade
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
Moms Making Bank
Moms Making Bank - 2 years ago
Tiger Talk! Actually, yours sound WAY better
Rj Guerrero
Rj Guerrero - 2 years ago
Only who plays golf and UNDERSTANDS.. WILL get what these gentlemen are explaining. Awesome video!
wilfredo de leon
wilfredo de leon - 2 years ago
These guys are bunch of champs. Now they are still teaching each other.
Snake eyes
Snake eyes - 2 years ago
i think its funny DJ didnt say anything, ive seen him in multiple videos call out his shots within 1-2yards.
Ragg mufin
Ragg mufin - 2 years ago
If you had his Bulge you wouldn't say shit either.
Jose Diaz de Leon
Jose Diaz de Leon - 2 years ago
Can someone translate this plz
TheSilverguy23 - 2 years ago
That’s a lot of talent in one spot. There was a ripple in the force.
Snoice - 2 years ago
These pussies around him wont win as many majors combined as tiger.
ahastar1141 - 2 years ago
You can even hear the difference between Rory and Tigers contact. Tigers just sounds so crisp
Dafydd Johnson
Dafydd Johnson - 2 years ago
excruciating bantz
emraiders81 - 2 years ago
Only thing I'm thinking about is how beers can I fit in my bag before the starter notices it.
Matt2020 - 2 years ago
Tiger plays Taylormade what happened to the Sasquatch and sumo?
Aayush Shrut
Aayush Shrut - 2 years ago
What was he feeling on 18th
Keller K
Keller K - 2 years ago
Dustin just thinking of Pauline. Arent we all
Mr. T3
Mr. T3 - 2 years ago
Keller Kniffing hell no...she has zero ass
STRoNG iSLaND - 2 years ago
If I tried to mimic what Tiger was talking about, I’d probably shank it into Rahm’s nuts lol cool video though
Patrick Benton
Patrick Benton - 1 year ago
Mike L60
Mike L60 - 1 year ago
Now that's funny i don't care who ya are !
Kings Mind
Kings Mind - 1 year ago
K B - 2 years ago
Will - 2 years ago
Nicool333 - 2 years ago
Imagine playing with this group in a foursome. That would be a truly humbling experience.
Rus Varyag
Rus Varyag - 2 years ago
Just standing there is humbling enough.
Nicholaus Rogers
Nicholaus Rogers - 2 years ago
More. Or I will burn your buildings to the ground. Also, thank you.
Robby - 2 years ago
Basically, it's all in the risk!
Trevor Farrell Jr.
Trevor Farrell Jr. - 2 years ago
I need more of this.......
dutcheees - 2 years ago
A side of these guys we rarely see. Pretty fascinating and pretty cool
dutcheees - 2 years ago
A side of these guys we rarely see. Pretty fascinating and pretty cool
cyuiyu wyguiyui
cyuiyu wyguiyui - 2 years ago
Would LOVE to see these guys play a scramble together..
Jakob Nordin
Jakob Nordin - 2 years ago
You don’t ask Picasso how he paints a picture, you just appreciate his work. Tiger isn’t a sportsman he is a ball artist and he creates shots he doesn’t hit shots.
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
nah.. tiger was forced to play golf as a child.... i much prefer naturals who took the game up much later and still achieved greatness.
Jason Burge
Jason Burge - 2 years ago
What in the hell are they talking about?
dan dorion
dan dorion - 2 years ago
I'm with Rahm!! lol
k mcculloch
k mcculloch - 2 years ago
Not sure the other elite players would’ve appreciated doing an ad that makes it look like Tiger is teaching the little boys a lesson.

Kinda pointless
captainmarvel69 - 2 years ago
who doesn't show where the ball goes on a golf video ? that's insane
1 mans opinion
1 mans opinion - 2 years ago
1st Sunday foursome of year. " yeah clark I've been working on slowing my hands down when hitting wedges" that's great bill now can you hurry and line that putt for a 9 up its getting packed back on tee box
Jeremy Nelson
Jeremy Nelson - 2 years ago
Golf humor is the best haha
Jeremy Nelson
Jeremy Nelson - 2 years ago
surber17 - 2 years ago
I would watch an hour of Tiger teaching how he hits to today’s best players to hear what they think about it.
swardmusic - 1 year ago
Id pay good money too
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt - 1 year ago
@edwincgov he has a mind that no one other person has..hes one of a kind..thats why he was so good..he just dropped into another zone and blocked out one today is capable of doing that
scoolzdevries - 2 years ago
@Marie Taylor - wow nothing gets past you.
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
@scoolzdevries you are probably not a professional.
scoolzdevries - 2 years ago
@Marie Taylor - I disagree. Just because you tell someone something doesn't mean people can replicate it. My golf coach has told me all kinds of things for 9 months now. I'm amazed at how NOT far I've come.
Dan Myers
Dan Myers - 2 years ago
Is Tigers next teaching class about how to pick up whores?
edwincgov - 2 years ago
@Marie Taylor I think his secret is meditation and visualization. He is a Buddhist.
Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson - 2 years ago
You’re in luck - there’s many hours of Tiger teaching how he hits on YouTube - just not to pros.
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 2 years ago
Tiger is not going to tell them anything that will benefit their game until he his done competing against them. You can take that to the bank!
Danny Smylie
Danny Smylie - 2 years ago
I would watch days of footage of that.
KT420ish - 2 years ago
Same. That was a cool video having all those guys together.
Ian Lee
Ian Lee - 2 years ago
I think is better to ask him how to cheat wives secretly..I think he has more professional ideas about that...
Roz Jay
Roz Jay - 2 years ago
It wouldn't be a secret if everyone knows. Mind blown.
Buck nasty
Buck nasty - 2 years ago
How much money is standing right there lol
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
about 2 billion.... small fraction of the zuckerberg.
ManiaCop100 - 2 years ago
The Taylor made golf team is looking strong
Rory von Meyer
Rory von Meyer - 2 years ago
I've been golfing for 13 years now and I'm asking questions like "did you see where my ball went?"
M K - 1 year ago
snedgers - 1 year ago
That’s great.... relate
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson - 1 year ago
The question you should be asking is where are the lessons at?
Joost Visser
Joost Visser - 1 year ago
it's on the women t box ....
Mathew Watson
Mathew Watson - 1 year ago
Robert Davis
Robert Davis - 1 year ago
Get some lessons man. Itll change your life
Tony - 1 year ago
Rory von Meyer even the putts?
Cb_M0nTaNa - 1 year ago
Rory von Meyer lmao
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 1 year ago
wait friend.....where you will go in years to come you will find many balls
stackleft - 1 year ago
i have been playing for 24 years. this is way over my head.
Simon A
Simon A - 1 year ago
Everytime I see Tiger I wonder how many black people never got to even compete because of racism and how many superstar we never got due to Racism? Can we really call players like Gary legends who rose from apartheid south Africa?
Simon A
Simon A - 1 year ago
Everytime I see Tiger I wonder how many black sports people weren't allowed to compete and how many Tigers we lost to Racism?
The Daily Compilation
The Daily Compilation - 1 year ago
ur lying, no one who plays golf says they are golfing
Mike Garman
Mike Garman - 1 year ago
That's funny!
K B - 1 year ago
Kingly Done
Kingly Done - 2 years ago
bigricko311 - 2 years ago
Yep. There talking about freakin spin and what not lol.. I'm asking how to hit the ball straight 150. That's it lol
Jay Lee
Jay Lee - 2 years ago
Same here
Jaesoo Moon
Jaesoo Moon - 2 years ago
Guitar Man
Guitar Man - 2 years ago
Meyer that's hilarious!
thomas skeffington
thomas skeffington - 2 years ago
I always know where my ball is. It’s on the other fairway. Then I have to take the walk of shame or collect it when I am playing that fairway.
FilipA - 2 years ago
Rory von Meyer LOL yes
Re Wadena
Re Wadena - 2 years ago
@Marcus Laister lol "FOUR!!"
Rob D
Rob D - 2 years ago
I buy my balls like I buy my beer 30 packs
Oane Schriemer
Oane Schriemer - 2 years ago
Welcome to 99% of golfers
Dana Greene
Dana Greene - 2 years ago
Rory von Meyer
breeze787 - 2 years ago
High Five!
Rajinder Manhas
Rajinder Manhas - 2 years ago
Last two days it's been happening, 6 th hole approach two tanks lt side thorny tree, I hit well right ball takes a draw hits the tree and deflects into the tank ?
Now this has become a joke n a celebration for them .
Rajinder Manhas
Rajinder Manhas - 2 years ago
Ur lucky, out here we have very unfriendly trees, a number of times my ball has deflected into the pond during T off!.
Cintadoha Cintahati
Cintadoha Cintahati - 2 years ago
me either
Hank Scott
Hank Scott - 2 years ago
I have been golfing much longer than that. Nowadays my question is do you remember where my ball went.
C P - 2 years ago
I ask the same question before I hit I am an amazing driver—10 yards straight 250 to the right I actually bounced a ball off a friends knee who was waiting to t off I now garden
Neil Pullan
Neil Pullan - 2 years ago
Hahahahahaa legend comment
RAJ GILL - 2 years ago
Hilarious! Most of us relate:)
Eddie Hunter
Eddie Hunter - 2 years ago
To funny bro...I swear I'm with you on that
Marcus Laister
Marcus Laister - 2 years ago
Or in my case yelling "heads up everybody"
Rus Varyag
Rus Varyag - 2 years ago
[日々徒然ちゃんねる]市の助 - 2 years ago
Japanese please
Riccardo Rinaldo
Riccardo Rinaldo - 2 years ago
Makes no sense. Like Jason Day said: explain like a normal person
WildWilly BroCro
WildWilly BroCro - 2 years ago
A Billionaire & his Multi’Millionaire pals all standing around talking about clubbing a ⚽️ #WhileThe
Tony Barber
Tony Barber - 2 years ago
get bryson in there to translate although hes not on t.m. staff
johngarryvo - 2 years ago
curious... 12 people said
Coya Campbell
Coya Campbell - 2 years ago
Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you mean 2 wins away... He now has 81. Needs 82 to tie and 83 to top!
Kridian01 - 2 years ago
@Greg Logan Probably non-golfers.
Greg Logan
Greg Logan - 2 years ago
johngarryvo now it’s up to 22, you can’t fix stupid.
JimmyGunXD556 - 2 years ago
To take spin off I just fart at impact.
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
@JimmyGunXD556 look forward to buying a copy.... should make for great toilet reading.
JimmyGunXD556 - 2 years ago
@Stanley13 My swing thought is easy. Release when you release the club head Fart before and you'll hit it fat. Fart after no spin and short. My book fart to better golf will be available in paper back soon.
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
not tried this... does it work... is it exactly at impact or slightly before? A f(ine) art to master for sure.
Larry DeLeau
Larry DeLeau - 2 years ago
The average golfer has no idea what is being said...might as well be in Mandarin..
Larry DeLeau
Larry DeLeau - 2 years ago
Dafydd..only thing you got in common with/ Dustin Johnson...your last name..
Dafydd Johnson
Dafydd Johnson - 2 years ago
aww ur slightly better than average and are above the dummies.... good for you mediocre fan boy hehe
Brian Pope
Brian Pope - 2 years ago
This was such a blessing. There needs to be a show like this. Tour Tips
Doc Hollywood
Doc Hollywood - 2 years ago
This vid is really believable, Jason freaking Day asking TG durrrrrrr how do you regulate dah spin??? C'mon ppl y'all can't be this dumb right? Yeah and donald trump ain't a NWO puppet. Get outta here.
Neil Middleton
Neil Middleton - 2 years ago
For shizzle
franciane araujo moreira
franciane araujo moreira - 2 years ago
Sou fã de golfe. Sou fã do Tiger, DJ, Rory, Rahn e Day
PAUL F - 2 years ago
DJ seems uncomfortable or ticked off???
TimeLapse La Jolla
TimeLapse La Jolla - 2 years ago
Probably because he doesn't have a line to say.
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers - 2 years ago
I think it's awesome how all these guys grew up watching Tiger dominate. Now they are peers.
Sandman Lycox
Sandman Lycox - 2 years ago
Tiger looking good....
Eman Madek
Eman Madek - 2 years ago
asznballa10 - 2 years ago
A bit of an echo on Day's mic there. Might need some better audio equipment TM...
Paco Morell
Paco Morell - 2 years ago
Shut up Rory Tiger is talking!
Liam Ward
Liam Ward - 2 years ago
Who the fuck is in charge of grammar here???
Sham Golf
Sham Golf - 2 years ago
Best commercials of all time. Keep dissecting the GOAT
My OpenMind
My OpenMind - 2 years ago
Better than the previous advertising from earlier this year.
Anthony Procopis
Anthony Procopis - 2 years ago
We might be able to translate 1 or 2% of what we are doing into words. Hitting is a creative, non rational experience.
A.D. Coleman
A.D. Coleman - 2 years ago
​@Alec Wolf ​ Alec Fortune "(Perfect) practice makes perfect." That's one thing all tour pros excel at; all practice sessions have a specific, and measurable goal with meaning.
I've seen many amateurs beat ball after ball with a wedge trying to get better. Although this may result in temporary results for that session based on feel, bad habits are more likely being developed.

The best advice I have:

- Set your goals, and log them in a journal or on your smartphone. (SMART goal- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound).
- Theory/Fundamentals: Start with basics. Read Pelz Short Game Bible, or get a lesson from a PGA club pro that specializes in the short game. (Side note I was a 1-3 handicap before reading Pelz' book; after a couple years of applying his fundamentals, and practice- I improved to a +2, and began shooting under par more frequently, and nearly every time at my home course).

- Location: Practice at a course with a solid short game practice area. There needs to be plenty of fairway run-up for working on a variety of shots and trajectories, not just shots from rough. Get a shag bag, get good practice balls that spin (not range balls).
- Practice with Purpose: Do some drills, then more drills. Plenty of vids on here to find some good ones. (ie, 15y/30y/50y drill to a front/back pin, 10 balls to each pin, focus on landing point and trajectory)
- Track Progress: Drills help to benchmark results. Your scores will show progress. Set up a camera during practice sessions occasionally, or check in with your PGA pro. This is important every couple of months.

Ball Striking vs. Wedge Skills (amateur, assumes decent putting)
A good wedge player can shoot more consistent scores, and minimize the margin of error (imagine never making a double bogey); whereas a good ball striker might make fewer mistakes tee to green, yet each mistake is magnified by lack of wedge game.

Alec Wolf
Alec Wolf - 2 years ago
@A.D. Coleman the smarter part always gets me stuck because I never actually know what is smarter in the first place. And if I ever do find the perfect drill, knowledge etc then something else comes up leading to paralysis of analysis. What has helped you work smarter? I mean how do you know that you're actually doing the right thing? Coaches out there all have different opinions....hell as you can see in this video even pros have a difference of opinion if you look at Rahms Comment.
Alec Wolf
Alec Wolf - 2 years ago
@Anthony Procopis I love that man and I believe it with every Fibre of my being based on my experience and looking at these great sportman. We all want to learn from them but they cannot teach us what we ultimately need.
Anthony Procopis
Anthony Procopis - 2 years ago
@Alec Wolf yes Alec. As the great golf psychologist Bob Rotella said, "train it then trust it". They now (Great Pro's in video), are "unconsciously competent" - the ideal.
Action does not originate in the new rational part of the brain, it has it's small place, but rhythm, feel, energy and coordination are not rational (either is playing the piano or singing etc).
A.D. Coleman
A.D. Coleman - 2 years ago
Practice, and fundamentals. Work smarter, not harder.
Alec Wolf
Alec Wolf - 2 years ago
I love this comment and the comments in here except for the first and to add on the last comment...i really don't think it's all natural. You get all of that stuff from practice. It's all in memory and feelings/intuition...and you get that by putting in the hours and practice.
Casey Holmes
Casey Holmes - 2 years ago
I have a brother who is scratch and he would have a hard time explaining occasionally when I would ask him things. Things happen naturally for the best players so it's not uncommon if they can't necessarily put it into layman's terms because they haven't ever had to think about it.
Anthony Procopis
Anthony Procopis - 2 years ago
@Yo Mama I have feelings and intuitions but not as many shots or the precision of Eldrick! I do like to say "know the swing you are going to make before you make it"; have a sense of how far back you will swing and at what tempo (especially for a part shot); other shots: how will your lead wrist feel at top of swing?; how will your release feel through the ball (hold off, flip under, regular etc). All of this comes under feel, the feel you need for the shot you want to play (then swing without delay). Think, see, feel, swing (review)
Yo Mama
Yo Mama - 2 years ago
And which guy in the video are you?
David Potvin
David Potvin - 2 years ago
Quiet down, DJ.
cj77 - 2 years ago
By far the greatest golfer ever! Yes, by far.
K San
K San - 2 years ago
DJ just needs to put his sausage away
Kain J
Kain J - 2 years ago
Fat Rahm annoys me.
kris7bs - 2 years ago
00:56 should be a poster IMO. Cool shot.
Bum seng 777
Bum seng 777 - 2 years ago
So good
Rocky Stellone
Rocky Stellone - 2 years ago
Let mind fuck this simple shot, shall we.
Julian Lang
Julian Lang - 2 years ago
Rahm is right on! You guys think way too much, just hit the ball in the hole! Haha!
Gabriel Page
Gabriel Page - 2 years ago
I love how DJ is just standing there not saying anything prolly thinking “I’m world #1 and I don’t know what y’all are talking bout”
J R - 1 year ago
@A JW tiger was raised at the country club also m It's week documented Earl woods raised tiger at the country club playing golf.
Educat yourself before you speak imbecile
Gunga Galunga
Gunga Galunga - 1 year ago
No DJ is saying " it my turn?"
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier - 2 years ago
greg d
greg d - 2 years ago
"prolly"....seriously????.....are you 13????
Will - 2 years ago
Gabe Page he was absorbing it! He wants to hear the secret of greatness and unfortunately won’t reach those heights without secrets from the master!
Jared Reem
Jared Reem - 2 years ago
Guys been #1 for a fraction of the time Tiger held that spot. Fraction
Gabriel Page
Gabriel Page - 2 years ago
Stanley13 actually 15 buddy
Tyler Tisdale
Tyler Tisdale - 2 years ago
The line he did before he came out there is probably just wearing off
Kyle Pritchard
Kyle Pritchard - 2 years ago
DJs just there because he has to...
emericaclay1 - 2 years ago
Dirk Diggler hahahahahahaha you’re so mad
A JW - 2 years ago
Yeah you dunbass. He has nothing on Tiger. Never has never will. Tigers a real athlete and he's some county club raised pussy
Stanley13 - 2 years ago
1 major vs 14 majors
the links lizard
the links lizard - 2 years ago
There like a pack of wolves ,all watching and learning from the ALPHA.
Perfect Gentlemen
Perfect Gentlemen - 1 year ago
Gingapapa 24 not sure you know how the world works. This was a paid promo. They all had to look like that for tailor made. JR looked like he wanted to fuck off stood there like some Sunday hacker looking up to woods. Sure the professional respect will be there but if you think they were all wanting autographs I doubt you know the size of these pros egos.
Gingapapa 24
Gingapapa 24 - 1 year ago
Perfect Gentlemen and still they all want his input on things. Says a lot about the man when every elite player in the world looks up to you…
Perfect Gentlemen
Perfect Gentlemen - 1 year ago
Hardly These lads would wipe the floor with Woods these days
Rick James
Rick James - 1 year ago
Damn right! Michael Jordan of golf! Wait.. not michael Jordan’s golf part.. his b ball game! Ah hell u kno what I mean..
Gabriel Chan
Gabriel Chan - 1 year ago
the links lizard haha. I think it’s more like a pack of sheep listening to an alpha wolf on how to hunt. shivering..
Mario Zayas-Bazan
Mario Zayas-Bazan - 1 year ago
They’re *
Adonis King
Adonis King - 2 years ago
@Jon O. nope
Jon O.
Jon O. - 2 years ago
Day is the alpha in this group.
veng lor
veng lor - 2 years ago
If I was good at golf, I’ll follow tiger every time he sets foot on a golf course
Itsa_PizzaParty - 2 years ago
Nailed it
Rus Varyag
Rus Varyag - 2 years ago
D W - 2 years ago
What's the quickest way to get a Perkins waitress on her knees?
Mike Schnur
Mike Schnur - 2 years ago
Win 14 majors
BrushyMtnGolfer - 2 years ago
I'm sure that all makes sense to Tiger.
Sd. Maidel
Sd. Maidel - 2 years ago
Respect the tiger
mbawaters - 2 years ago
yeah Woods saying in his heart, yeah sure young guns, let me tell you all my secrets to ya'll - that sure will help me win the next major

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