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Signature Holes with Erik Anders Lang |...

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× Introducing Signature Holes with Team TaylorMade's Erik Anders Lang. In the first installment of the series, EAL walks us through his mindset when approaching a course's signature hole. Watch more EAL videos on his YouTube channel here: @Random Golf Club Films


Get More Speed With Your Irons | TaylorMade Golf

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× In this Team TaylorMade Tip, myRoundPro ambassador Rick Sessinghaus explains how the right tempo and sequencing in your swing can lead to massive improvements in overall iron speed. Find and build yours with these helpful drills and concepts. Learn more about the myRoundPro app:


Zyphyr & Taylormade - somewhere i belong

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× On SC: [ ] Zyphyr SoundCloud: [ ] Zyphyr Youtube: [ ] Zyphyr Spotify: [ ] & Taylormade SoundCloud: [ ] Photo by: [ ] Photo: [...

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Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day |...

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× Watch the TaylorMade Team athletes Tiger Woods and Jason Day explain how they hit bunker shots, and their differing philosophies to execute a plan to get out of the sand using the MG Wedge and MG HiToe Wedges. The pros go into detail about what techniques they use in their game and how they adapt depending on course conditions. TaylorMade’s...

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Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

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× My golf game has improved. Go to to get started on your Wix website! ALSO, see how I make all my builds: DESTIN'S VIDEO- MUSIC- 0:03 Arrow - Andrew Applepie 0:51 Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday...

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How Tiger Woods Hits a Wedge Shot | TaylorMade...

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× Watch as Tiger Woods walks Team TaylorMade through his thought process and feels for hitting a wedge shot with his 56-degree MG Wedge. Learn more about MG Wedge here:


TaylorMade M3 vs TaylorMade M1 Review - Mid...

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× Our TaylorMade M3 vs TaylorMade M1 review took place at Saadiyat Beach golf club in Abu Dhabi. We used Trackman 4 to gather the data and used premium range balls. TaylorMade M3 vs TaylorMade M1 Review - The methodology TaylorMade M1 vs TaylorMade M3 review The TaylorMade M3 and M1 drivers are the adjustable alternatives to the M4 and M2. But...



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× Here's how to view more full HD golf swing videos! Golf swing dtl driver view of PGA Tour pro Tiger Woods during the 2018 Honda Classic Pro Am at PGA National Resort & Spa golf course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Includes the golf swig in slow motion 120fps. Golf Swing HD features a big...


Ping G 700 Iron Review with Andrew Ainsworth

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× Ping G 700 Iron Review with Andrew Ainsworth


Top Golf And Crazy Drivers.. get it? ;) -...

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× Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel!!! I love you all. Here's to many more vlogs!!! Go subscribe to my amazing friends Jessica & Chris Royalty Free/No Copyright Music by: DJ QUADS Songs: The Improv, At The Hop, & www is a thing ●Soundcloud -...

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× TAYLORMADE R15 v AEROBURNER DRIVER : LONGEST DRIVER CONTEST Even though Dustin Johnson didn't win the US Open at Chambers' Bay his driving was a huge part of his success. While most TaylorMade players are using the R15 Dustin is using the AeroBurner. I tested the two side by side to see which performed best. To follow me on social media: Facebook...


PING G400 Driver review: Forgiveness x 100! |...

32 likes 11,427 views 4 years ago

× NEW Ping G400 Driver Review: We've tested the new PING G400 driver, and the RESULTS ARE EXCEPTIONAL from the GolfMagic club test! We reviewed the new PING G400 driver, finding it to be one of THE MOST FORGIVING golf clubs on the market in 2017, while also being fairly long. If you're looking to buy a new driver, make sure you give the new PING...
× What started as an innocent twitter conversation between Bridgestone Golf R&D Engineer @adamrehberg and @MD_18undapar ended as a serious golf challenge. Watch for yourself as our 31 y/o R&D Engineer takes on the 11 y/o sensation from Vermont in the Golf Challenge to break 40 with only 3 clubs for 9 holes. Mr. Adam used the j715 driver, the j15 8...



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× CALLAWAY EPIC DRIVER REVIEW For any business inquiries contact To follow me on social media: Facebook - Twitter -


TaylorMade Aero Burner HL Iron Review

30 likes 14,509 views 4 years ago

× Our review on Taylormade Aero Burner HL Irons


Clone Golf Clubs -V- Name Brands

30 likes 6,314 views 6 years ago

× This is my 33 yrs experience opinion on name brand Golf Clubs verse Clone or other name brand clubs.


GX-7 Golf: Better Accuracy with the GX-7 X-Metal

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× GX-7 Golf: Better Accuracy with the GX-7 X-Metal The GX-7 is a new club that delivers the Distance of a High-Performance Driver and the Accuracy of a Fairway Wood, Using Your Natural 7-Iron Swing!"


PING G400 Max Driver Review

29 likes 13,774 views 3 years ago

× 2nd Swing Staff Writer, Chris Wallace, takes a look at the new G400 Max driver with Marty Jertson, Director of Product Development at PING. Shop now at


How To Properly Clean Your Golf Clubs -...

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× No one enjoys scrubbing your golf clubs clean after a round but it's not just about aesthetics, clean clubs perform better. When your clubs are grimy and the grooves on the clubface are clogged by muck and dirt you are going to have difficulty on your approach shots. You're not going to be able to generate much spin making it harder to stick your...



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× TAYLORMADE NEW VS OLD M1 REVIEW Look at my current driver, using the old m1 against European Tour Players Chis Hanson, using the new m1. Compare his numbers to mine using trackMan and see our comparison of the two clubs. Teaching professional based in the North West of England. Providing private lessons using flight scope and V1 Pro technology,...
× Hi, thank you for checking out my video on golf clash drivers. i gave as much information as i could think of to help you decide which club is best for you. in this video i compare the rocket, extra mile, big topper, quarter back and the rock. I hope this golf clash video helps you improve your game. Dont forget to subscribe, leave a like and a...


TaylorMade M3 vs TaylorMade M1 Review - Mid...

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× Our TaylorMade M3 vs TaylorMade M1 review took place at Saadiyat Beach golf club in Abu Dhabi. We used Trackman 4 to gather the data and used premium range balls. TaylorMade M3 vs TaylorMade M1 Review - The methodology TaylorMade M1 vs TaylorMade M3 review The TaylorMade M3 and M1 drivers are the adjustable alternatives to the M4 and M2. But...



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× So it happened, I purchased a brand new Taylormade M1 Driver!! This is the 2016 version. It's a year old but does the same thing as the 2017 version and a fraction of the price!!! The first few hits with this driver have been amazing! It feels so good and flys so nice!! If you are looking for a new driver, look no further get a Taylormade driver they...



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× CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEO - TAYLORMADE M2 IRON REVIEW Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve "RICHO" Richardson & Kieron Hamrey hit and talk about the 2017 taylormade M2 iron. the geocustic technology and slots everywhere. big distance and ball speed ☻Please SUBSCRIBE now ☻Facebook -...


TaylorMade M3 Irons Review featuring Dustin...

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× Our TaylorMade M3 irons review was largely conducted at the brand’s launch event in Carlsbad. We’ll be doing more testing and comparisons shortly and will update this review with more feedback when we have it. TaylorMade M3 irons – First impressions TaylorMade M3 irons In case you didn’t know, the TaylorMade M3 irons are replacing the...


NEW PING G400 v G v G30 Driver Comparison

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× let's see if what ping is saying is true. Nicholas d'Avoine assistant professional at Lake Karrinyup country club will see if the G400 leaves the G30 and G driver in its wake. New ping G400 beat the G30 New Ping G400 beat the G Review like rick scheils and mark crossfield please follow me on Facebook:
× Golf club manufacturers want you changing clubs every two to three years, especially the drivers. As you can guess, this makes more money for them if you are buying equipment regularly. The truth is you cannot wear out equipment that quickly unless you play extremely frequently (more than once per week). Numbers are always good. Here is proof to...



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× CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEO - Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve "RICHO" Richardson along with Kieron "THE HAMMER" Hamrey talk about and hit the taylormade M1 iron and why it is so good. Who does this club suit and how it perform ☻Please SUBSCRIBE now ☻Facebook -...


Q&A, Why Do I slice My Driver and Not Other...

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× For product info or to buy online visit:
×,20/ Understand how to shallow or steepen your swing for long or short clubs with the playlist above. This video highlights the difference in overall shape between the short iron swing and the driver swing. While the heart of the swing is the same some golfers...


Golf Clash - Best drive ever

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× Golf Clash - Recorded with Google Play Games on Android


Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic Driver Review

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× Callaway Rogue vs. Callaway Epic Driver Test. Our Callaway Rogue vs. Callaway Epic Driver Test took place at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi. We gathered data using Trackman 4. If you have any questions about the launch monitor settings or any other aspect of this test please place a comment in the comments section. We have already reviewed...


Ping G | G LS Tec | G SF Tec Drivers Review

19 likes 5,479 views 4 years ago

× Dave puts three drivers through their paces, to see how differently they perform. The Ping G range of drivers have something for everybody, perform great and do exactly what they say 'on the tin!' The opinions of any club is purely the reviewers. Royalties or discounted product were not received during the timing of this film. The club used was...
× ► Like, Subscribe, Comment Callaway Rogue VS. Callaway Epic Sub Zero Golf Driver Review Callaway Rogue vs. Callaway Epic Golf Driver Review (Head to Head Comparison). Reviewed by me (Dominic Scaletta) a highly ranked junior golfer. I hit both drivers and do a head to head golf review/comparison, I talk about the differences between each driver,...


TaylorMade M2 (2017 ) D Type Driver Review

18 likes 13,159 views 4 years ago

× Our review of the TaylorMade M2 (2017) D-Type Driver
× PXG Driver and Iron Review: PXG golf clubs - the best driver and best iron golfers can buy in 2017? We put them through a GolfMagic club test to find out. THIS is what designers can produce when they are told to make a club without price in mind! Like if you enjoy the video, and let us know which clubs you currently play with. The PXG 0311...
× ► Watch the results after we challenged TaylorMade to fit Golf Monthly reader and 5-handicapper Ben Gilg to one of its new M1 or M2 drivers ► Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to Golf Monthly's YouTube page now - ► For the latest reviews, new gear launches and tour news, visit our website here -...


Taylormade Aeroburner Driver Review

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× Facebook - Angelo Giantsopoulos Instagram - angelo_13_13 Thanks For Watching Information: Height: 5'6 Weight: 125 lbs Age: 16 Grade: 11 (Junior Year) Graduating: 2017 Email:


Callaway Epic Driver Review

14 likes 3,901 views 4 years ago

× Testing the new Callaway GBB Epic driver. Overall, a great feeling club that may take some getting used to over time. Hit it about 10 yards further than my current driver. Read the full review on


How to Adjust the Callaway XR16 Drivers

12 likes 23,079 views 4 years ago

× With the XR 16 Callaway wanted to create a driver that was more aerodynamic. To do so its engineers sought out the help of aerospace giant Boeing which helped redesign the XR 16’s crown. And the changes are significant in terms of improved performance. The crown is now lighter which allowed the CG to be...


New Callaway Rogue Driver review

12 likes 1,298 views 3 years ago

× Nd golf looks at the new callaway Rogue Driver family. The new driver comes in three models, th SZ the Draw and the low spinning Subzero. The Rogue has come into replace the out going Xr and Fusion drivers. Please follow me on Facebook @ndgolf Below are the items i use to create these videos, i think they are all amazing and i have left some links...
× Dans cette séquence vous apprendrez les différences principale entre frapper avec consistance et efficience vos fers et votre driver. Beaucoup de joueurs rencontre des problèmes à frapper aisément les deux types de clubs. Nous allons aborder le sujet a travers le swing de Jon Rahm, membre du TOP 10 mondial et futur star du golf Européen et...


TaylorMade M CGB irons review

11 likes 4,562 views 3 years ago

× TaylorMade M CGB irons review TaylorMade’s new super game-improvement M CGB irons are the brand’s ‘fastest to date’. In each iron throughout the set, you will discover the same signature technologies that made both the M1 and M2 irons so successful – the Speed Pocket, Face Slots, 360° undercut and Inverted Cone – in addition to new...


How To Get The Perfect Golf Grip | Best Golf...

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× GET THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP - Looking to learn the basics for a perfect golf grip? These simple golf grip tips from World of Golf head pro Duncan Woolger is all you need. Check out more reviews, news and tips & tricks from the world of golf, exclusively at is the #1 online golf website for news, reviews, tips...


TaylorMade 2017 M1 vs Mizuno JPX900 driver test

10 likes 5,610 views 4 years ago

× TaylorMade M1 driver v Mizuno JPX900 - which is longer, more forgiving, feels better? We spent the day hitting them back to back, and delved down into the numbers to which performed better. IF YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO, PLEASE LIKE IT OR COMMENT! is the #1 online golf website for news, reviews, tips and instruction with more than 400,000...


Shortened Golf Clubs and Driver Shaft

10 likes 2,358 views 4 years ago

× What happens if you cut down the shaft length on your driver and long irons


TaylorMade Aeroburner Irons - On Course Review

10 likes 10,892 views 5 years ago

× Regular golfers, Kich and Peter, hit Silver Lakes Golf Course to test Taloymade's game improvement Aeroburner irons. Birdie Golf Mag is committed to bringing you unbiased reviews from everyday golfers like you. Please subscribe or like this video to support us to create more reviews for you.
× I am joined by Cobra Golf's VP of Research & Development, Tom Olsavsky, to look at the new F6 line of clubs. From the F6+ driver to the new F6 irons, these clubs are engineered to improve performance while allowing the customization that golfers crave. For more information, check them out at


Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 Years at Australia's...

10 likes 2,237 views 4 years ago

× Volkswagen celebrates four decades of the Golf GTI with its most enjoyable and involving front-wheel drive hot hatch yet but it’s still not enough to score top honours at ABDC 10th Place: Abarth 124 Spider 11th Place: Nissan GT-R WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT...


8 Best Junior Golf Clubs | Fall 2016

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× CLICK FOR WIKI ►► Junior Golf Clubs Reviewed In This Wiki: Paragon Rising Star Kids Nitro Blaster Junior Complete Confidence Junior Tour Edge Ht Max-J Winfield Junior Force Kids Wilson Men's Junior Complete Nike Golf Kid's VRS Callaway Boys XJ Set


Callaway x-series 416 driver

9 likes 7,538 views 4 years ago

× Top 5 Best Cheap Golf Sets Reviews 2017 | Golf Clubs Cheap I put links to each Golf Sets reviews at AliExpress page in the description, So you can check out the other reviews at AliExpress. 1. Full set Golf clubs Honma Beres S-03 driver + fairway woods 3# 5# + honma IS-03 irons (5-11#AS) + putter 2. Hot New mens Golf Clubs...

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