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5 YEARS OF CALLAWAY GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 64

Drivers 4 years ago 166,692 views

5 YEARS OF CALLAWAY golf DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the 24 Callaway Drivers as possible! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan - 3 years ago
I always go back to my XR16. Had Epic, 2017 Fusion & 2017 M2. I sold them all... I got suckered.
Anton Murphy
Anton Murphy - 3 years ago
Excellent test. well done. Has to be Callaway next.
Why Not?
Why Not? - 3 years ago
I have the Razr Fit and middled hits go a very long way, but miss center by an inch and it’ll go way left or right and lose 50 yards of distance
One Time
One Time - 3 years ago
It looked like you were visibly hitting the epic softer than the rest. And the club speed reflected this. I think if you hit it as hard as the rest, it would have gone the farthest. Just sayin. I have the Alpha and just replaced it with the epic red tour limited. Big difference. The epic hits much straighter and farther. Can u do the epic red limited vs the regular epic?
JDB 4197
JDB 4197 - 3 years ago
Rick, do you get any feedback from manufacturers or marketing people?
Arvind Das
Arvind Das - 3 years ago
Very nice compilation ! Very informative !
Jared Decker
Jared Decker - 3 years ago
the fit performed so well because of how fresh you were?
ibass2 - 3 years ago
First off, I can't believe I didn't see this vid sooner, as I'm an avid watcher of everything you put out. I couldn't sleep and stumbled across this gem. I must say, I was so impressed with your ability to hit the center of the club, a feat that I fail at miserably. You are a true drive artist. Also, you still have the stamina of youth, which kept you swinging consistently throughout. I got the impression that you even surprised yourself with the results. I'm so amazed that these clubs, encompassing over 5 years, were so close in performance. I actually own most of the clubs in the test. Yes, it's time to throw some up on ebay. One club you didn't test ( standard version only) ...that is a true Callaway performer, is the XR16Pro/XrProzero. I find this the best club Callaway has produced bar-none. Thank you for your efforts here Rick.....a very comprehensive test, that did a very good job exposing the fact that, we the consumer don't necessarily need to run out and buy the latest and greatest offering from our favorite manufactures.
Brian why ya gotta be like that
Brian why ya gotta be like that - 3 years ago
A good reminder that sometimes, for some people, the "clearance" rack is where the value may be found.

I bought a "clearance" wedge yesterday sight, and hitting, unseen that the sales person down talked because the club is 2 years old. I tried hitting a current model and for 2x (or more) the price I can't imagine it is too much different. If it is, I will find out and will get to make that choice. I can always sell this "clearance" one to someone who's more price sensitive and buy a new one if the difference is dramatic. I just want to putt for a birdie now and again from a 60yd approach.

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a b
a b - 3 years ago
안지환 - 3 years ago
2014 ( x2hot → high handicap ) & ( big bertha alpha ; blue → mid low handicap ) ... very best driver heads ever
Douglas Ladd
Douglas Ladd - 3 years ago
Wish I could place a hit on the driver face like that every time.
Changchun Piao
Changchun Piao - 3 years ago
Want to see 5 years different iron test
Jacob Czech
Jacob Czech - 3 years ago
You would have done better with the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond. That is the lower spinning model and if you changed the gravity core, it would suit your strike better since the weighted side is probably in the wrong spot. I don't think that is a fair performance for the Great Big Bertha Alpha 815 at all. It's definitely not the worst driver out of all those.
B M - 3 years ago
You didnt setup the gravity core correctly. Its actually the only tech in the past 10 years which really changes the spin numbers.
zoots15 - 3 years ago
Funny that the 815 performed so horribly yet you had it on your top 10 Drivers 2015 ?? What gives??
Jake Johnston
Jake Johnston - 3 years ago
I have the 2012 Razr Fit and just put the new sub zero Epic in the bag this year and it's like nothing has changed except the sound at impact.
kgbov - 3 years ago
I love this series. Arguably the most informative of any gear reviews.
Joshua Cutbirth
Joshua Cutbirth - 3 years ago
Could you please do this for Cobra too?

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Geoffrey O'Brien
Geoffrey O'Brien - 3 years ago
I just started using my old FT Tour driver after 7 years, thanks to this test. I hit it as well of any of the newer models, and it was just as long and straight. Not bright and sexy though. Makes you wonder! Keep up the good work.
Bogeyssuk - 3 years ago
Pointless test without the same shaft!
Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas - 3 years ago
I would be interested in differences between razor fit and the low spinning drivers of today like the sub zero
Andrew Levy
Andrew Levy - 3 years ago
7 yards is a lot. I have seen a lot of his driver tests i'm not sure what he thinks is going to happen? If a driver came out that gave someone 30 yards everyone would have it. It is a lot crazy to think that something big would happen. I would take 7 yards all day
Raza Khan
Raza Khan - 4 years ago
very very good content trying out models from various brands for the past 5 years ... quiet eye opening actually.. hardly any difference in distance and dispersion over 5 years yet the marketing people keep making you thing this is the longest and the straightest driver ever.. and they say it about every model lol!!! thanks for the awareness rick!!
Jim Snyder
Jim Snyder - 4 years ago
These are "epic" videos. Amazing information! Thank you Rick.
Bradford Duttera
Bradford Duttera - 4 years ago
Very disappointed in the results for my driver the BB Alpha, surprised actually. I hit mine 300 making me think I could get more, thanks for the video!
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 4 years ago
I am loving it!!! My XR 16 did great lol. Very nice. :) Great review RIck. Very enlightening.
Unkieable - 4 years ago
Really looking forward to seeing Titleist drivers. I’ve been through 910, 913, 915 and 917 but eventually came back to 910.
joe bixby
joe bixby - 4 years ago
Should I keep my powder dry? Cash stashed? Money in the bank? You have shaded my view of technology and most certainly marketing. Is it the machine or the motor?

If you cannot afford to buy the new technology every year where do you make investments and how often regarding clubs. What is the recommended life cycle. I always kind of thought the Metals technology changes faster than the irons. Am I wrong on that too. What is your recommendation.

Love the videos. Love the way you get to your left side too.......

30. comment for 5 YEARS OF CALLAWAY GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Michael Rood
Michael Rood - 4 years ago
Alpha 815 was horrendous
j d
j d - 4 years ago
Do a Nike driver one up to the last year
Goodspeed - 4 years ago
Makes you wonder when the new Epic series is going to be outdated already... maybe a new launch in a few weeks?
metamurph - 4 years ago
good demo of the issue of fit - swap the weights and.... one thing that just came to my thought is a discussion I saw once on conforming/non-conforming heads. The concept is this, a head comes out of the factory "conforming" but as you use it, it will change and become more non-conforming...till the face cracks because it will get more springy on the face. Of course what that would say is that your oldest clubs should have the best smash factor. so that kills that theory. Callaway in particular one of the biggest players in long drive but....people use X Hot often. I think because it performance and it is simple beyond the fact they are custom builds. By sponsorship we should also just buy xhot or krank :-)
Austin Muranaka
Austin Muranaka - 4 years ago
Adams speedlines and cobra drivers
Albany Fx
Albany Fx - 4 years ago
Can you make a video on illegal drivers? I doubt any driver will actually make any difference at all. It’s all marketing
UtahKent - 4 years ago
In most of their ads where I have read the small print, they get their distance comparisons using X-Black as their baseline. Why not pick a couple of these five, set them up to match settings, and put them against the X-Black?
Afdy Clinton
Afdy Clinton - 4 years ago
do titleist and ping, please!!!
CG Mat
CG Mat - 4 years ago
You will wake up with a horses head in the bed one of these days Rick....truth does not sell new kit!
Sumit Aggarwal
Sumit Aggarwal - 4 years ago
These companies have focused on making the average golfer better but they really can't do much for pros. It's all about what happens on offcenter hits etc. If there was truly one driver that was amazing then all pros would be using then.
Patrick Cullen
Patrick Cullen - 4 years ago
Hi Rick. Just a suggestion Once you've decided on the best one. It would be good to do top 5 shafts on the best driver head across the various bands you've tested.
Lamarcus Brown
Lamarcus Brown - 4 years ago
The golfing manufacturers hate you know lol
james reding
james reding - 4 years ago
I believe in iron technology more than driver technology
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas - 4 years ago
I still have my Razr Fit Rick! And I still really like the feeling and look of it the only modifications I have done is change to tensei shaft to smash it farther it is interesting that Equipment never changes ha:)
Kick Rox
Kick Rox - 4 years ago
Kerry Webb
Kerry Webb - 4 years ago
I think the smash factor is a big part that is being skipped over. The newest driver did jump significantly since your swing speed was down but the distance was up.
Ken Mosimann
Ken Mosimann - 4 years ago
like to see cobra drivers tested including cobra ZL
Tristan Dennis
Tristan Dennis - 4 years ago
Great review. I have just started playing golf and picked up a 2012 RAZR Fit. Was hitting 300m-330m at the range earlier. Feel like I got the best one overall. Great channel Rick
Steven Jefferies
Steven Jefferies - 4 years ago
Do this with Cobra!!!
Mreyes925 - 4 years ago
That was all technical data but you have to add maybe feel to it too!!

50. comment for 5 YEARS OF CALLAWAY GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Caleb Leonard
Caleb Leonard - 4 years ago
They all sound the same
Justin Greenfield
Justin Greenfield - 4 years ago
After the drivers do the same but with the irons or woods
cwugrad396 - 4 years ago
Titleist bringing out new drivers every 2 years would make comparing trickier but just goes to show how classy the company is when you see little difference from year to year on this test
cwugrad396 - 4 years ago
Bought the Alpha 815 and it was garbage. No surprise it was the worst
Jason Osterhoff
Jason Osterhoff - 4 years ago
I think this was a great video that shows real data and gives someone like me that's only been playing for less than two years a better understanding of how these drivers have changed or not changed over the years!! I seen the taylormade test and the callaway drivers beat them head to head on all numbers!!! VERY interesting!! good job Rick and thank you for the video!!
Douglas Prechtel
Douglas Prechtel - 4 years ago
Ping next
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 4 years ago
On your next test could you hit a few off the heel and toe off all drivers to see how much forgiveness has changed in technology. Just a thought and ping please.
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 4 years ago
Could you do Ping please as I'm a massive fan of the new Ping especially the LS tec version. Great review enjoyed the data.
Lukas Richter
Lukas Richter - 4 years ago
I see my driver :P
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 4 years ago
For me I use ping g ls tech version... since I struggle with balloon balls on drivers that helped. But honestly I miss my ping rapture v2 lol
Kishan Vanmali
Kishan Vanmali - 4 years ago
Rick. Great video. Very insightful

Just a side bar......what shoes did you have on?
Marc Bruyns
Marc Bruyns - 4 years ago
Definitely Taylormade, Start with the sldr
werner viet
werner viet - 4 years ago
Epic I must say sounds the best and next please do Wilson
JustGolfSwing - 4 years ago
Callaway seems much better than taylormade data wise
Tracy Ferguson
Tracy Ferguson - 4 years ago
Paul Ackerley
Paul Ackerley - 4 years ago
Cobra for me please Rick ..Happy days
Derek Pence
Derek Pence - 4 years ago
Marc Deaso
Marc Deaso - 4 years ago
When I see videos like this, it makes me gain trust in the creator. Someone who has taken tens of thousands of swings with thousands of different clubs probably knows what I can do as a newbie to hit a ball straight. Thanks for the subscription.
Bob Pfaff
Bob Pfaff - 4 years ago
24 drivers in 5 years! How can you take that compan seriously
Tim Coates
Tim Coates - 4 years ago
Would be interesting to compare an FT-3 tour...that's 10 years old club! but probably just as good with right shaft?
Thomas Keim
Thomas Keim - 4 years ago
Rick, I love your equipment videos. I'd love to see a video comparing Callaway's earliest forged players iron with their current apex lineup.
Mark Vickers
Mark Vickers - 4 years ago
Titleist.. you wont have to hit as many balls.
louis scarpino
louis scarpino - 4 years ago
Didn't do razr hawk
Mayur Bhaga Rama
Mayur Bhaga Rama - 4 years ago
Taylormades please
Brandon Sweeney
Brandon Sweeney - 4 years ago
I'd also like to see you test the Wilson drivers (M3, F5, Triton) to see their changes and how they compare to the "big boys".
Brandon Sweeney
Brandon Sweeney - 4 years ago
I think Taylormade makes the most sense to do next. Like Callaway, they flood the market with drivers every year. Maybe do Cobra and Ping after Taylormade.
skip campbell
skip campbell - 4 years ago
do the wilson equipment
Adey Yemm
Adey Yemm - 4 years ago
the thing is that they all conform to the cor rule of .83 until the rule changes new divers will not go much longer unless you swing it faster . 150 plus swing speed .
Ross McGee
Ross McGee - 4 years ago
Taylor Made ....Please
Paul Tavella
Paul Tavella - 4 years ago
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry - 4 years ago
Ping please, but start with G2. :-)
olly r
olly r - 4 years ago
Can you please do Taylormade
joe castle
joe castle - 4 years ago
This guy doesn't know dick about golf clubs
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee - 4 years ago
Max - 4 years ago
Do it with Callaway!
Ewan Duff
Ewan Duff - 4 years ago
Do this with taylormade
joe larson
joe larson - 4 years ago
Yes please taylormade!!!
Riley Tucker
Riley Tucker - 4 years ago
Wilson staff
David Oh
David Oh - 4 years ago
On windy days, I take out the RAZR Extreme (the green one). Love that driver.
TheChocolateOrange - 4 years ago
Mike Nickel
Mike Nickel - 4 years ago
You could have did all of them. Just do 5 shots each and use carry distance. Because fairway or rough, launch angle, speed, spin and all that will be the same.
Alex Peredia
Alex Peredia - 4 years ago
Looks like they are made more for forgiveness so the average joe doesn't give up and keeps buying.

I wish that happened when people drove. That They gave up after they crashed.
Kaven Noctor
Kaven Noctor - 4 years ago
Michael Bretz
Michael Bretz - 4 years ago
Grant Hatch
Grant Hatch - 4 years ago
Ping next
Ian Petersime
Ian Petersime - 4 years ago
Jonathan Fitz
Jonathan Fitz - 4 years ago
Jeff Hayes
Jeff Hayes - 4 years ago
This is so interesting - but for a slightly unusual reason for me, personally.  I am 69 years old and a 9 handicap, but had lost quite a bit of distance over the past couple of years - using the 815 alpha driver!  Not knowing that the 815 alpha was such a "dud," I spent the big bucks and got fitted for an Epic this Spring and picked up (recovered), seriously, 20 yards!  Well, it appears that this makes sense, but only because I had the 815 alpha and that I wouldn't have found that difference had I had an older Callaway driver!
Lennie Clark
Lennie Clark - 4 years ago
Love how you sped up the video on the swings! Reminds me of those old videos of baseball.
Scott Jones - NOAA Federal
Scott Jones - NOAA Federal - 4 years ago
Nick Smith
Nick Smith - 4 years ago

100. comment for 5 YEARS OF CALLAWAY GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Mischief Master
Mischief Master - 4 years ago
Do Taylor made next month
jaye1701 - 4 years ago
Great Video! Any chance on you doing Cobra?
David Beck
David Beck - 4 years ago
I noticed in this video your backswings are kind of inconsistent, some are fast and uncontrolled, and some are on the slower side and more controlled with a tiny pause at the top
biscuitninja - 4 years ago
You need a robot instead of a person...
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 4 years ago
I've just bought a callawayx2 hot driver as I hit this better than all the epic and xr16. To be honest I hit it better than all brands. And the sound when you get a great strike is amazing. Although I don't think your mic picked that up. .
Andreas Klopstock
Andreas Klopstock - 4 years ago
Taylormade next!
Aditya Malhotra
Aditya Malhotra - 4 years ago
Next should be Taylormade
Clayton Hansen
Clayton Hansen - 4 years ago
Definitely Taylormade
David Barraza
David Barraza - 4 years ago
Love your videos
Amenti - 4 years ago
Agreed. Test the best for each year, and then test the winners against each other. Otherwise. this was a great video. keep em up
Cdc 996
Cdc 996 - 4 years ago
Jim Hutchison
Jim Hutchison - 4 years ago
Ping next
Gregory James
Gregory James - 4 years ago
Nikhil Devaguptapu
Nikhil Devaguptapu - 4 years ago
Do it with Cobra
Marc Nicholson
Marc Nicholson - 4 years ago
Nike & Taylormade
Gary Smart
Gary Smart - 4 years ago
A great video. A real eye opener for me being a Calloway fan.
christian klose
christian klose - 4 years ago
Hi Rick,
really good video. Thanks.
Questions on the Alpha 815, in which position was the weight? up or down?
Bob A Booey
Bob A Booey - 4 years ago
So what you're saying is I should keep my X-Hot and not spend the $500.00 on the Epic? Thanks.
Liam Reilly
Liam Reilly - 4 years ago
Please can you do titleist!! I have a 913 and am thinking about upgrading soon, I just want to see is it worth it buying a new model/how much improvement can be made!
x mans video game life
x mans video game life - 4 years ago
Fade - 4 years ago
eaglesham photography
eaglesham photography - 4 years ago
Obviously you're getting tired towards the end? Surely 60 driver shots is hard work. Did you take a break between each?!
Marcel Volz
Marcel Volz - 4 years ago
next TM ;) good work, great video, keep going Rick thumbs ub
Mr Cow is in the house
Mr Cow is in the house - 4 years ago
Here is for you Mr. Not wantung to watch the whole video! GBB won
wesgarden74 - 4 years ago
Taylor made and ping
Stephen Trovato
Stephen Trovato - 4 years ago
I have the Epic and thought it would do better than that.
It would be interesting to see you compare all Callaway Pro/sub zero/tour versions.
kevin williamson
kevin williamson - 4 years ago
I'm using the great big Bertha 815. Absolutely love it
Thomas G
Thomas G - 4 years ago
Why do you have a baseball bat in the background lol
Alan Dye
Alan Dye - 4 years ago
I use the Razr Xtreme. Which when I hit it on a launch monitor vs a Epic was a total of 2 yards (avg) difference in distance. BUT, Much better in side spin (Distance off target line)
Sebastian Nachilly
Sebastian Nachilly - 4 years ago
i was looking forward to the ft optiforce
Hugh Delaney
Hugh Delaney - 4 years ago
Did anybody else just watch the tee's fly every time he hit a ball?
mochzac - 4 years ago
great video. I vote taylormade
Chase Goetschel
Chase Goetschel - 4 years ago
TaylorMade starting at '09 Burner/R9
Adam Chalkley
Adam Chalkley - 4 years ago
Taylormade please next.
Adam Vlogs
Adam Vlogs - 4 years ago
20GuitarZero07 - 4 years ago
This is a really cool test, because it shows how little anyone needs to pay attention to the newest "best driver we've ever made" on the market. For example, I have a 2014 Callaway Big Bertha. Not the Alpha. It is, by far, my favorite driver ever. I do a similar test to Rick (but i don't have my own GC2 and range, yes I'm jealous lol), where I just hit 10-15 with each of the new "greatest driver ever" from each brand (Titleist, Ping, Cobra, Callaway, TM, Mizuno, etc... mostly the big brands), and in 4 years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) of testing, only 2 drivers have bested my big bertha, and both were Taylormade. 2015 R15, went 329 (311 carry) to my BB going 326 (309 carry), and this year (2017) The M2 went 331 (313 carry) to my BB 330 (also 313 carry) - I use the same parameters as rick with 20 yards off center being acceptable deviation.

Yes, I hit a long ball. I play a lot and I hit the ball well. I'm a registered 9.2 handicap (and my instructor laments that I strike the ball like a scratch player, but if I would actually set foot on a practice green on my own time I would be under 5 in a year (???)). Anyways, take that for what it's worth. It means nothing other than I'm not just trying to murder a ball and say I hit it 330 yards one out of 100 times.

Point being, both drivers performed about the same in comparison, with their peak slightly out doing mine - but not $500 better.

Use video's like this to get excited about new tech, because its fun, and golf should be fun! But, don't worry if you do go shopping and find you don't hit the newest most expensive driver in the store further than anything else. Use what feels good in your hands, and gives you confidence. Don't be caught up chasing tech. Your swing will dictate 99% of your results.
Louis Cunningham
Louis Cunningham - 4 years ago
I think technologies in driver has changed a lot compared to the likes of fairway woods. Would love to see a 10 year comparison of fairways for example: Titleist 906 v Titleist 917
John Garren
John Garren - 4 years ago
Ur loosing me here...u compared the titleist 913 to 915 and gained 15 yds in the air?? So is titleist doing more in tech than Callaway??
jason cooper
jason cooper - 4 years ago
titleist, would love to see the 905r or 905t compared to new drivers
Joshua Watts
Joshua Watts - 4 years ago
I would say titleist next
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick
Longbal30 - 4 years ago
Definitely a misleading video. First and foremost, the biggest change in drivers over the last decade has been with spin numbers. You negated that by using all higher spin heads designed for slower swing speeds. Bet you if you redid the test with the pro models/low spin models, you will see a significant difference.
Jim Burley
Jim Burley - 4 years ago
Why isn't the Fusion in the test?
Victor Rodriguez Sr
Victor Rodriguez Sr - 4 years ago
Taylormade!!! SLDR Please
BigScaryRedneck - 4 years ago
Definitely need to get Rob Potter doing the same test. You've shown that the maximum performance doesn't change that much, but I would be very interested to see the results on less-than-centre strikes
John Howarth
John Howarth - 4 years ago
Will you be reviewing the Callaway Steelhead XR fairway wood?
George Durkan
George Durkan - 4 years ago
taylormade or titleist
Aduro - 4 years ago
Have the 2012 one ;D
Brian Goff
Brian Goff - 4 years ago
Only thing I would have against this is the variance in quality of production. Hard to do a test like this when each driver has some differences in quality. Could do the test with 5 different epic heads and I bet you would almost get the same results you just got.
Frank Damiano
Frank Damiano - 4 years ago
That was an eye opener Rick. It seems that with all things being equal, drivers have not really made any significant advances over the last 4 or 5 years except for looks and adjustability, which matters little to performance. Thanks for this. It was very enlightening.
Bo Carstensen
Bo Carstensen - 4 years ago
Do titleist
nolan ring
nolan ring - 4 years ago
Do cobra next! So good. My dads driver is the worst one and I got it for him for Father's Day
Edward Geiser
Edward Geiser - 4 years ago
Might need 10 years of Ping to do the equivalent test
Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams - 4 years ago
Good work mate,
I enjoyed that test, I'd love you to do a cobra driver test !!!
I've got an old L4v with a x9.0 shaft that I love and a Fly-v+ and I'm sure the fly-v + doesn't go any further than the L4v !!! Different sound though !!!
Erik - 4 years ago
Intresting Numbers and I have to admit it makes me think a little. Still, to me it depends at least a little bit on who is playing..

I am a 3 hcp and bought a used 815 driver this spring and have never hitten a driver longer before in My life and also very consistent. That is with a 67 gram fujikurashaft and 9.5 degree head with gravity core up. I tried the Epic twice and hit it terribly both times. For now I really don't need to change My 815 since I can hit 250-260 y into the wind (strong), around 300 without wind and way above 300 with the wind. But again, depends on who is hitting the club I guess..
Kyle Wilckens
Kyle Wilckens - 4 years ago
just shows that biggest reason to try another model is simply preference. Personally I hit the Razr Fit Xtreme and 816 dbd better than any other model up there and I have tried most. Shaft fit, weight, and preference make the difference. not so much the material.

interesting though, the Epic had lowest swing speed and highest ball speed, so greatest efficiency with lower std. dev Could be something there. or could just be that is the one Rick is gaming these days so he likes it ;)
Allen Aubin
Allen Aubin - 4 years ago
Taylormade for sure
Christopher Rainger
Christopher Rainger - 4 years ago
Yes! I've wanted to see this video for ages. Proved exactly what I thought, thanks Rick
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter - 4 years ago
Taylormade or Titleist
Matthew Rampersad
Matthew Rampersad - 4 years ago
Can you do a similar test with Ping and Taylor Made?
LM - 4 years ago
Def TaylorMade unless you want to build suspense . . . and time to collect 40+ models. Otherwise Ping and Titleist are also great choices. I bet the Titleist new 917 will have the largest improvement over their previous drivers compared to any other brand.
bradley harris
bradley harris - 4 years ago
can u test wilson drivers please
Steve Duke
Steve Duke - 4 years ago
connor kohlenberg
connor kohlenberg - 4 years ago
Do taylormade !
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly - 4 years ago
Great video! If I could pick up ten yards off the tee I'd buy a new driver. Ten yards is one club in my bag so might mean I was hitting an eight iron instead of a seven.
Nasty Nate
Nasty Nate - 4 years ago
Would like to see you do Titleist drivers. I have personally played them exclusively since the 909 but I would love to see what you think. For me the only things that changed were feedback like acoustics. (toss up between 913 and 915 for myself). Would be a good quick one as they don't flood the market with 100's of drivers a year like some manufacturers do. Performance is pretty honest too.
Kolton Kelley
Kolton Kelley - 4 years ago
Taylormade would be cool, but how about a more humble company when it comes to woods like Ping or Titleist?
Blech BOX
Blech BOX - 4 years ago
please do tour edge.
Malcolm Boone
Malcolm Boone - 4 years ago
mike brodsky
mike brodsky - 4 years ago
Great to see same test with mid handicap
Ronald Irwin
Ronald Irwin - 4 years ago
Hello Rick,

Good video thanks! A glfwrx member brought up a good point. May I ask to see some Adams golf equipment reviews?

Jack Tortolani
Jack Tortolani - 4 years ago
Do TaylorMade
Jhase Lane
Jhase Lane - 4 years ago
Robert Miscia
Robert Miscia - 4 years ago
Great vid. Please do the Pings next. Thanks - Bob
Jeff Chien
Jeff Chien - 4 years ago
I wonder how much more distance you would have gotten out of the Razr Fit and the other lower launching drivers?
xXxBlackwaterXxX - 4 years ago
Do even further back! 10 years!
Lloyd Young
Lloyd Young - 4 years ago
I would like to see this test on Cobra, although after seeing the results of these drivers i'm sure that all other brands would have similar results. not much difference between them.
Alex Trevino
Alex Trevino - 4 years ago
do taylormade next !
LB - 4 years ago
do tm next. how fun
Louis Cunningham
Louis Cunningham - 4 years ago
Jorden Moe
Jorden Moe - 4 years ago
# taylormade slider next rick
Samuel Nation
Samuel Nation - 4 years ago
Well I'm the weirdo...I have the alpha with gravity weight at the top for low spin and it is significantly longer than the XR and Extreme Fit drivers I had. Weight at the bottom is high spin setting.
Jorden Moe
Jorden Moe - 4 years ago
do taylor made t year challenge.. love your videos keep it up
michandcat - 4 years ago
Love it Rick! would've been nice to see the mini driver numbers. COBRA please!! So underrated. Thanks. Mich
rmmst49 - 4 years ago
745theone - 4 years ago
Taylormade but I'll make it easy. Could do the R Series Challenge....R5, R7, R9, R11. Then could do a Burner Challenge....Burner '07, Burner Tour (Snedeker's), JetSpeed, AeroBurner. Thne you could do the past 5 Year Challenge, RBZ, RBZ Stage 2, R15, M1, M2, SLDR. You could do a full week on Taylormade if you wanted to. I say go for it!!!! It would be quite intriguing.
On the Line with Kyle
On the Line with Kyle - 4 years ago
GR JerryPK
GR JerryPK - 4 years ago
Really interesting! Taylormade next, please.
Roman Balaban 2017
Roman Balaban 2017 - 4 years ago
TJ Shine
TJ Shine - 4 years ago
Great test! I had a feeling you would still hit the XR well. I'd love to see Taylormade!
Dwayne Meyers
Dwayne Meyers - 4 years ago
Great test would like to see you test TaylorMade drivers.
Obsession K34
Obsession K34 - 4 years ago
LouEyez - 4 years ago
Would love to see the same done with balls throughout the years
Usman Khan
Usman Khan - 4 years ago
Mike Cook
Mike Cook - 4 years ago
Alexander Simpson
Alexander Simpson - 4 years ago
Interesting results
Ryan Carlson
Ryan Carlson - 4 years ago
You should have reviewed the X2hot instead as you used the 2nd gen versions of the BB Alpha and the XR. Good test though and really shows that it's the Indian, not the arrow.
George Pichl
George Pichl - 4 years ago
Hey Rick! I agree with others.....PING would be a great one to test because they don't put out as many drivers. BTW....love your channel, and all your tests. Very informative stuff. Big CHEERS
Jeff Littman
Jeff Littman - 4 years ago
great test
Dehan du Plessis
Dehan du Plessis - 4 years ago
Jacob Alexander
Jacob Alexander - 4 years ago
I think it would be great to see the difference in cobra or Titleist over the years.

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