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5 YEARS OF COBRA GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 44

Drivers 3 years ago 58,060 views

5 YEARS OF COBRA golf DRIVERS TESTED! Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the COBRA Drivers as possible! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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R 17
R 17 - 3 years ago
you totally lost me on this review and I usually watch you for
suggestions. To be fair I am a Cobra fan (just feel the best for me),
but your review is way off from your past reviews of each club! Your
review of Fly Z before had you hitting over 300. To quote you " I think
I'm falling in live with this club." Watched your F6. You hit the ball 328....FREAKIN 328! and all other shots hovered around or above 300. I also love how you say you
don't see consistent gains. I watched your other 5 year reviews. Your hitting same distance weather it was 5 years ago or this year with almost all of them. Maybe a 5 yard distance difference with Titliest! C'MON MAN!!!!
Brad Moore
Brad Moore - 3 years ago
Not surprised the bio cell was No1 since The Project X shaft used was the stock shaft. The stock for the fly z and Fx were Matrix and Fujikura.
Clayton Rainey
Clayton Rainey - 3 years ago
This is my favorite segment you do and I watch all of them. Could you do a low spin version? And could you also do an irons version? Maybe a consolidation of all the previous iron review vids? I love the channel, you and Mr Finch do a great job at covering different topics...differently, which makes both of your channels must watches.
Chris Kawczynski
Chris Kawczynski - 3 years ago
I don't understand though if you go to Rick's video where he tests the Cobra Fly Z for the first time he crushes it. But in this test he's surprised by a big drop off?? In that video it averages 300 yards compared to 268...so what happened.
mojopa01 - 3 years ago
The one thing I don't get about this is tha end of Jan 2015 you reviewed the Fly-Z on its own, and you hit that 277 Carry for a total of 300 Yards with 2316 Backspin... So this makes me wonder, and I am sorry to have to say this... Who got worse, you or the clubs, because I can't imagine that there is such a big differnece between the two Fly-Zs that you tested. Sorry but it kind of makes me dout your reviews a little, just hab to get this out... But I will off course stay with the chanel since with all the course vlogs, and tips you do produce great content...
Matt Ehle
Matt Ehle - 3 years ago
Hey Rick I was just wondering with all of the golf stuff that you get to make your videos with, do you ever give away any of the equipment. For instance I am a big Cobra golf fan and am only trying to play cobra clubs. Was wondering if you would donate any of the driver heads you used in the 5 year test? Or anything you could part ways with. Would gladly take off your hands. Thanks for all the videos you do. And will continue to watch and learn more.
Jason Price
Jason Price - 3 years ago
For the life of me I don’t understand why dispersion wouldn’t be a part of this.
Jason Price
Jason Price - 3 years ago
I love my Cobra driver, 3 wood and hybrids. So consistent for me.
Pete Evans
Pete Evans - 3 years ago
Hey i really enjoy your channel and its contents. Question for you on this video though on similar subject videos you moved the weights around if allowed but yet on this video you did not may I ask why? Or did you not think it would change the results


Josh Spangler
Josh Spangler - 3 years ago
hits fly z low heel and wonders why....
Tomsteroni - 3 years ago
do this with wilson
Dustin - 3 years ago
When the bio cell was new I was between that and the Nike Covert 2.0 and ended up buying the Nike due to the fact I got a really good deal somehow. I now game the Cobra F7 and that has made me regret ever buying the Nike. Cobra drivers have been amazing in the last 10 years and I wish I wouldn't have wasted 4 years with a sub par driver.
kidamazing27 2.0
kidamazing27 2.0 - 3 years ago
Nike please
coegj - 3 years ago
Rick, when you did the original test on the Cobra Fly Z driver you used the Xstiff shaft that came with the shaft and you just killed it, most of you test drivers strikes were all or close to the 300 yard mark and dispersion was very good. It was one of the best for distance and direction, now with this same driver head three years later and a different shaft is seems to be one of the worst for distance and dispersion. Just seems strange, I would think you would used an original VLCT shaft like the first test for this later test. Just wondering about this test with this other shaft, the head might be fine but the shaft mismatched.
Obsession K34
Obsession K34 - 3 years ago
Would like to see Wilson and mizuno
Brendrum - 3 years ago
Still playing my Bio Cell driver, still crushing it too.
Kevin Bowman
Kevin Bowman - 3 years ago
If you moved the weights forward on the newer drivers, the ball would go farther. But you know that
Jeremy Conley
Jeremy Conley - 3 years ago
It makes it pretty hard to trust your reviews when you went nuts for the Fly-Z and Fly-Z + and then put this out there.
chris adams
chris adams - 3 years ago
Looking at your reviews the best result would have been with the F6+


Dylan Clanton
Dylan Clanton - 3 years ago
do mizuno
Stuzsy - 3 years ago
Nike drivers :))
Ryan Jurgens
Ryan Jurgens - 3 years ago
Well this kinda explains why I hit my fly z like shit since I picked it up. Came from Nike covert 2.0
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas - 3 years ago
You didn't have to wait too long for the F8 then Rick! Haha! I'm a Bio Cell man myself and love the sound and strike off it. Tried the F7 but didnt think it was as good. After you F8 review, i'm really looking forward to trying that. Got any spare??
absolutraj - 3 years ago
Rick, great that you’re doing these videos but I believe your fly z numbers are quite off. Here is your flyz vs ping g30 comparison. The Fly Z numbers from that have more than 40 yards more distance and about 1300 rpm less spin. https://youtu.be/5SFfp-tjI80
Sam Matchett
Sam Matchett - 3 years ago
I hate cobra products but for some reason I can hit my moms amp cell 7-9 (i think) In the 9 farther than my driver.
Brian Holle
Brian Holle - 3 years ago
Rick, although you can use the same shaft in the Cobra drivers with the my fly 8, the lie angle of the club head will be off. the my fly will be @ 9.5 degrees but the actual angle will be off for most of the clubs and they will be launching at the wrong angle. So the test is already off. And the BioCell was the best for me, until i got the king LTD.
Impo Impo
Impo Impo - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, can you try to clarify something for me the carry on the fly z is 253 and therefore quite short, however on your fly z v ping g30 test the fly z was carrying 294. I only ask because I have a fly z Cheers mark.
OriginalDaVe - 3 years ago
How does Rick have so many viewers? Every video is the same: full of inane hyperbole; inconsistent strikes; and incorrect attribution of results on the golf club head/equipment rather than the golfer.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching!
Cambell Hogg
Cambell Hogg - 3 years ago
Do Mizuno next :)


Osnola Kinnard
Osnola Kinnard - 3 years ago
Rick, how did you hit the same clubs so much further when you did the original tests compared to the 5 year test?  Is there any chance to get your favorite golf shaft to use and re-do the Cobra test?  Odds are...those clubs did not fit you at all, and it shows.
P Dog Illest
P Dog Illest - 3 years ago
what shoes are those?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Nike Course Classic!
Peter Jones
Peter Jones - 3 years ago
Rick how do u rate and where would you put the Cobra baffle xl driver in this Group Test
Thanks in advance for reply
notformebeaky - 3 years ago
Rick, Once you've done all these historical tests, can you please do a head to head between all the winners from each brand?
Scrap Iron
Scrap Iron - 3 years ago
You talk about club speed, ball speed, carry but you fail to mention smash factor. The club with the highest launch and lowest spin gave you the best carry. In spite of your efforts these tests have not provided any useful info to me.
Jamie Ellis
Jamie Ellis - 3 years ago
In 2015 your review if the fly z had an average distance of 300 with "one of your longest drives on a test" of 312 and average spin of 2300rpm. Seems strange
Ryan Maille
Ryan Maille - 3 years ago
James Stevenson
James Stevenson - 3 years ago
Retest all with an alternative shaft (not the high-spin producing Project X)
Thomas - 3 years ago
Do a Nike one...see how they compare to the other companies.
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
Make a cr&p driver deliberately eveyother year to say the next hits it 20 yards past possibly
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
This is the one!
Brian Feldman
Brian Feldman - 3 years ago
Cobra again! I hit the King LTD lol
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 3 years ago
10:04 Rick, based on the strike pattern you displayed here, you must have had a lesson before this test? In the vlogs before this, you were kind of back to your overdraw, which would 'generally' indicate strikes a bit more toward the toe? #golfisfun
Randy Blankenship
Randy Blankenship - 3 years ago
Maybe do this with 3 woods?
Jordan Worrell
Jordan Worrell - 3 years ago
can you so mizuno next
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis - 3 years ago
To me this really shows the benifits of getting fit. I have always played Taylormade drivers and this year switched to the F7 with a custom Hzrdus shaft and I am crushing it. The weight forward in the F7 will add 20 yards. I have watched your F7 review and thats your best setting. Can you do a video with the Muzino drivers?
Peter Twiby
Peter Twiby - 3 years ago
I'd say Mizuno but you'd only be comparing the JPX 850 and 900
Aaron Matthews
Aaron Matthews - 3 years ago
I get my new f7 out there at 300 but i have the weight fwd... makes a huge difference
Donald Mock
Donald Mock - 3 years ago
Always enjoy your videos. I am not a Cobra Golf guy but this only illustrates that you need to get fit for your clubs more than anything. I am sure there are plenty of golfers that have had success with each of these drivers. I would like to see you fit yourself with all the current drivers to get your best numbers and go head to head with Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, and Mizuno in this same format.
Kevin Dodd
Kevin Dodd - 3 years ago
What about a degree test eg 10.5 vs 9.5 how much extra distance do you get spin height etc?


eamo30 - 3 years ago
Rick could you do a longest driver of all time from the best performing drivers form
Each Brand .
Jacob Weigand
Jacob Weigand - 3 years ago
Great vid.... #InstaCrew
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez - 3 years ago
Let us see a test amongst the best of all the brands now. I really like these review. Some have really surprised me.
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett - 3 years ago
Once again as with Titleist, only the forgiving higher spin models are tested. Unfortunately, someones not listening to the mass comments on this issue?
vivianmoonbeam - 3 years ago
Yep, somethng is not right, the original Fly Z review was gushing about the quality of e driver. I think it is a crapshoot using used clubs for this test. I think comparing previous reviews using new equipment vs these past five years with used clubs would show big discrepancies with performance within the same model.
P. Harney
P. Harney - 3 years ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwDBZZB-IhkThere's a disconnect here somewhere.  Maybe not having the stock shaft it came with has something to do with the huge discrepancy.  Which test are we to believe?
Bob Carlisle
Bob Carlisle - 3 years ago
Would it not make more sense to do a test with the drivers that are going to give you the best results rather than trying to keep it a ‘fair test’? Then we might see a consistent improvement in performance. Use the low spinning models or move weights forward....or both?
Big Dog Jr.
Big Dog Jr. - 3 years ago
Could it be that the older clubs have metal fatigue and thus perform under par, or it can be the shaft producing higher spinning conditions than optimal. Keep up the tests and hopefully can do a each year winner of all the manufacturers, then an ultimate driver championship. How about a Ben Ross test in the future, they seem to have some lower spinnings models. Cheers!
Squabby Man
Squabby Man - 3 years ago
You have to go back to S2 to get a good Cobra.
chachifeere - 3 years ago
Can you do a low spin model in cobras
Derek Harding
Derek Harding - 3 years ago
Just makes you wonder about all the hype. There is a bit to suit personal taste and swing but I reckon whats right for Rick probably isn't right for me. I have just changed from an old Bridgestone to an M1, and it hasn't made the slightest difference. No longer, still just as straight just a few hundred quid lighter.
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant - 3 years ago
How about Wilson as they seam to be back making good stuff
Don Harrold
Don Harrold - 3 years ago
It could be argued that the longer distances (bio cell, F6 and F7) were achieved because the head and shaft combination was better fit for your swing as opposed to the effects of superior technology. At the end of the day the biggest market demographic for manufacturers is the 85-95 mph swing speed players rather than somebody like yourself. Most retail drivers are optimised to deliver higher spin to assist slow swingers to keep the ball in the air. In the hands of a longer hitter inevitability they generate too much spin which punishes distance. It might be more relevant to perform the test with a typical mid handicapper. I'd bet the difference wouldn't be so large.
Steven Jefferies
Steven Jefferies - 3 years ago
Rick, I hate to agree with the critics, but go back and take a look at your old Fly Z an Fly Z + reviews... Something seems off. I think you got a couple bad drivers from Golf Bidder.
Nick Blair
Nick Blair - 3 years ago
I have the Ltd pro and its great! Do a test of the low spin models
bhasfire - 3 years ago
Do 5 years of irons after you finish drivers!!
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 3 years ago
Not a big fan of the music choice
pocketlabworks - 3 years ago
Something wrong here, because Rick's 2015 review of the Fly-Z, he hit 300 yards total distance. Maybe using the same shaft here give wrong results for some models.
Matthew Schulze
Matthew Schulze - 3 years ago
There's a whole lot of comments from a whole lot of people that don't seem to understand how the shaft and dynamic loft can affect performance differently between clubs...
Ray J
Ray J - 3 years ago
Yes, some drivers will perform better than others, because the fitted shaft of those drivers suits the players swing speed better.
jpugolf - 3 years ago
If you 're ' reviewing the clubs against each other, then the shafts that were released with each club has a bearing on performance ?
Tony Reimann
Tony Reimann - 3 years ago
I don’t think this is the best test. Adjustable drivers are there for a reason, to adjust to suit the individual. The most valid test would be with a driver fitted to you for each years version. All you are really proving is that fitting is essential.
Adrian Dutton
Adrian Dutton - 3 years ago
Strike is king! AMP Cell and FLY Z number have all the hallmarks of poor low struck shots being the ones that count. The average strikes may be fairly central, but I'd bet he wasn't hitting the sweet-spot on the Fly Z, even the average is low heel biased. It's that or there's something wrong with the specific club in the test.
StarlitShadows - 3 years ago
My spin numbers were a bit high with the Fly-Z. Fly-Z+ is much better. Suprised at the massive differences in your test results over time though.
MrShanghai34 - 3 years ago
Presently got the Cobra King F6+ Pro in my bag now. It's working for me and it'll stay in the bag til something else comes along.
kenneth miller
kenneth miller - 3 years ago
Yep. Might as well do Mizuno. Thanks.
Dubbytheman - 3 years ago
do Nike
David t
David t - 3 years ago
Fly z spun so much for me was in 10.5 regular. I'm not fitted into an m1 8.5 stiff.
Benjamin Manning
Benjamin Manning - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, truly enjoy such comparative vlogs, however, why ProV1? Is the Callaway Chrome soft not as good a ball or is it just down to personal preference
Swedish Golf
Swedish Golf - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, can you test a golf course in Sweden? Example Kungsbacka golf club? It’s a very good one :)
Frank de la Torre
Frank de la Torre - 3 years ago
Hello Rick, You should check out your original video on the Cobra fly Z. They're much different numbers than you present with this particular video. https://youtu.be/iwDBZZB-Ihk
Jannik Buchholz
Jannik Buchholz - 3 years ago
Can you please make this series where you compare irons and wedges from the different years?
Harry Flower Golf
Harry Flower Golf - 3 years ago
Fly Z - 3804 that's seriously high spin, interesting and strange results that
Jason Osterhoff
Jason Osterhoff - 3 years ago
Rick why are you NOT testing the King LTD???? For me this was there BEST driver!!!
Doug Rea
Doug Rea - 3 years ago
Can you do the same test with the low spin models in your same shaft you have in your driver now? I feel that would give the truest results
Hoppy1973 - 3 years ago
That's you struck off the Cobra Christmas card list.
Nick P229
Nick P229 - 3 years ago
The fly-z+ is a game changer rick! Also please do a test with Nike drivers
Kendall Ward
Kendall Ward - 3 years ago
I would love to see a review of the Taylormade L.I.F.T. 2 iron. It's relatively new but would love to see it reviewed by you rick.
MrKydaman - 3 years ago
Many butthurt fanboys in the comment section.
Usee - 3 years ago
...no surprise...
MrKydaman - 3 years ago
Actually you replied to my original comment. I really couldn't care less about your opinions or preferences.
Usee - 3 years ago
I play Ping, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Srixon / Cleveland, Titleist...
...what ever suits me best, and you seem to hate my comment?
MrKydaman - 3 years ago
But you are a fanboy....aren't you
Usee - 3 years ago
I currently play a M1 440...
...but only because its adjustable - otherwise I would still play the Biocell Pro 440 head.
I think haters gonna hate, and ignore, that there are justified concerns about the driver and shaft choice for his swing speed -
especially because of Ricks former tests, where some models performed significantly better - fishy is fishy - you don´t need to be a fanboy to smell it!
Danielsan - 3 years ago
Bio Cell+
Usee - 3 years ago
I had the Biocell, Biocell+, Biocell Pro, F6+, King LTD Pro, and had the opportunity to test them against the Ping G20, G30, Callaway FTiz, M1 460 and M1 430...
...I only sold the Biocell, because it generated too much spin for my swing speed, just like the FTiz and the G30.
However, it was as forgiving as the FTiz and G30, but was longer than the FTiz and sounded better than the G30.
I think Cobra has in their mainstream range the focus on forgiving with enough spin for low swing speed players,
because the Biocell+, Biocell Pro, F6+ and LTD Pro are as long and as forgiving as the M1 460 (2016), and more forgiving, than the M1 430 - for a swing speed above 105 mph - like mine and like yours.
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason - 3 years ago
Mizuno please
TD Kane
TD Kane - 3 years ago
Where is King LTD?? big success for them.
Bio Cell wins as I expected.
Anthony Stroud
Anthony Stroud - 3 years ago
The distance my be erratic but I will take 8 out of 10 fairways 20 yards up or down every day
Steve Cottrell
Steve Cottrell - 3 years ago
Bit pointless as you don’t suit the higher spin drivers. Whatever happened to getting fit for drivers
Small Town Golf Academy
Small Town Golf Academy - 3 years ago
I can’t understand why you haven’t taken the models that best fit your swing from each year. You should be testing clubs that fit your spin profile and comparing them instead of testing clubs with full knowledge that you’re going to spin them too much and lose didtance
slimjim 2582
slimjim 2582 - 3 years ago
I'm impressed with my bio cell driver myself. To me, the ease of effort, combined with the feel of an amazing strike give me the distance I need to set up for my second shot. I don't need much power to get that ball exploding off the tee. When you do take the time to personally dial in your swing for a more consistent shot, I feel it pays off. Other golfers always comment on my tee shot as well, which tells me I'm not the only one seeing the performance come out in this driver. Cheers Rick, keep up the great work!
Justin Stephenson
Justin Stephenson - 3 years ago
I borrowed th Amp Cell from pro in the early summer whilst waiting for new Epic Rick's review is spot on I drove with it very straight but could not get distance out of it because it was spinning so high - it was barely longer than my 3w
46barrj - 3 years ago
The Fly Z results are most interesting. If you look at Rick's review of the same Fly Z model driver back in 2015, he averaged over 300 yards and a longest hit of 321 yards. Spin rate was also in the order of 2400, not 3800 like this review. Different shafts is the only noticeable difference in the clubs. Maybe an off day Rick?
Paul O'Boyle
Paul O'Boyle - 3 years ago


Brian Harrison
Brian Harrison - 3 years ago
Why do you have to change the shaft, in 2015 your fly z video with the orginal shaft you hit 300 yards +. Surely when you buy a club you use the shaft given.
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott - 3 years ago
Do a Nike one
Wayne Small
Wayne Small - 3 years ago
The bio cell plus driver colour scheme looked awesome especially the black and white version( tm
Tyler Egan
Tyler Egan - 3 years ago
Best test yet! Really making me rethink my flyZ
Hard2Contain - 3 years ago
Tyler I agree, Rick's initial test of the fly z was positive. And he hit it longer. I played it for 1 year given I was new to the game. I was hitting it for an average of 275. I'm 6'2, 190 pounds former basketball player. It is truly forgiving and is a great club. I currently hit the fly z+ due to my swing being more consistent. Don't let this test be off putting to you. It's a great club. I actually have a brand new white one that I'm selling ($179) only because I have the f7+ on its way. Just to have cause I like Cobra, will still keep my fly z+ though. Good luck to you, try the Fly z.
bob johnson
bob johnson - 3 years ago
Tyler Egan I wouldn't. Check his review of the Fly-z from a couple of years back when he loved it!
hippim - 3 years ago
why did you have to show me, that it is possible to hit a good drive with my driver :( FeelsBadMan
Zio Simone71
Zio Simone71 - 3 years ago
13,15 and 17 bad.....14, 16 good......18 should be a good year to buy a cobra driver
Andy Titcomb
Andy Titcomb - 3 years ago
Too funny... I guess it depends on the day. 1 day 300 yards the next 268 and its COBRA who’s inconsistent.
SpAsM AE - 3 years ago
Your own numbers are the most inconsistent here though, looking at your previous reviews of some of these drivers you've managed to drop 30(!) yards of carry. This goes for the F6 and F7. I'm more disappointed in your reviews than you are in the Cobra here. If you cannot use your own reviews as reliable data, how are your viewers to take you seriously? And don't get me wrong, I enjoy your channel, but this is the most awkward video I've seen you make yet.
Pyroclastic2000 - 3 years ago
You should do this with the irons, wedges and putters.
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett - 3 years ago
Yes mizuno please
Andy V
Andy V - 3 years ago
I wonder if it has different head weight and using same shaft might make shaft to flexible
Andy V
Andy V - 3 years ago
I also bought flyz+ from his review a few years back maybe he did say it has sweet spot more up top, I still don't see how he only got 260s I get around 300 and it goes long and far
martin hastie
martin hastie - 3 years ago
The new Snell Balls are amazing. I am a PGA Pro. Love them. You should do a review on them too. Much cheaper than mainsteam premium balls but perform as well if not better. Future of golf.
Tom Mackelden
Tom Mackelden - 3 years ago
Have you ever done a review or used the new bomb tech wedges?
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 3 years ago
Would be good to actually see where the balls end up on the range rather than just taking data. I’m sure I’ve read that you can change settings in Launch monitors, such altitude (higher meaning ball will fly further through the air) and ground firmness (effecting roll out distance). You have reviewed clubs and in less then 3 years they are performing 30 yards worse. Seems strange.
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 3 years ago
Although it’s discontinued. Would love to see a Nike. My first video I saw of you was the first covert review. Been a fan ever since.
Sean Hogenbirk
Sean Hogenbirk - 3 years ago
I currently play the bio cell. Good to know i ended up with the better cobra driver
Golf mad Fozzy
Golf mad Fozzy - 3 years ago
I wanted to see the best driver I've ever owned, ZL Encore
Phil McIver
Phil McIver - 3 years ago
Love my bio cell + driver
Best driver Ive owned and will be keeping it till it cracks
colby spence
colby spence - 3 years ago
Bradley Cory
Bradley Cory - 3 years ago
Why arent you doing the + versions? They a clearly much better then the standard. Ive always used cobra and + versions are much better.
Derek1224 - 3 years ago
Nike next please!
cgasucks - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick! It confirmed my suspicions and gut feeling that Cobra drivers where meh....
Jonathan Phillips
Jonathan Phillips - 3 years ago
So you hit some clubs not designed for you with a shaft not designed for you, all in an effort to cut through marketing hype? I understand you wanting to use the standard heads, but at least use a shaft that kind of suits your game. These are fun videos, but this one is far from helpful to consumers.
J Bob
J Bob - 3 years ago
Damn Rick...If I hit 50 driver shots at one session you would have to put me in traction. You must be in great shape.
Justin CEM English
Justin CEM English - 3 years ago
Can’t believe those nonsense......
Charles Reed
Charles Reed - 3 years ago
Was the LongTom not released in 2013? Sadly to say that would obviously be longest lol
StxBoss13 - 3 years ago
Although they aren’t made anymore I think we would love it if you did a Nike version of this!
Donovan Ott
Donovan Ott - 3 years ago
Bio cell + still have it in my bad today absolutely love it
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice - 3 years ago
I'm finding all of the 5 year tests interesting... Maybe not a well suited shaft for you? Also, do you think the special "made for Cobra" shaft might be of low quality?
Juan van Vuuren
Juan van Vuuren - 3 years ago
Please do a test between the best of each brand
Curtis Polysou
Curtis Polysou - 3 years ago
Results here are a little suspect I think. Either these 5 year comparisons are useless or the original review videos are because the huge variance in numbers is impossible to explain.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 3 years ago
Cobra drivers are known to spin a lot for certain models. The best strikes for lower spin usually were higher face strikes on Cobras. So the saying to get fit is quite important on cobra clubs. I got fit last year and the LTD King was the best for me from any manufacturer out there. It is in my bag and most likely will be there for years. It brought my dispersion rate (long and short) as well as strike in various weather conditions to an acceptable level. That had always been an issue for me. Rick, I would like you to do the test on the lower spinning drivers which Cobra made. I believe that you would find a much better consistency on distance. Also use the rouge shaft in the test.  Thanks for doing the test.
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 3 years ago
Until you do this test with the shaft that you were fit into, Aldila Rogue like you used on some of the other tests, then this test means nothing.
Joshua Wethington
Joshua Wethington - 3 years ago
Glad you did this review Rick. I have gamed Cobra clubs for their forgiveness for years. I currently have gamed my Bio Cell for 2 years and hasn’t failed me.
Cheers from Florida USA
Pokemon 808
Pokemon 808 - 3 years ago
Please tell me that you know that there is no such thing as a "longer" driver anymore. They all are maxed out on the speed in which the ball comes off. If you hit one further than the other it just mean it fits YOU better. A person with a different path or speed or dynamic loft might hit the amp cell the furthest not the shortest. You would think for a golf pro who tests clubs for a living would know this.
Scott Grella
Scott Grella - 3 years ago
These 5 yr club reviews are some of my favorite you do. Thank you so much! You could expand it to irons as well. Maybe hit a 7iron from multiple years?
Raymond Yadusky
Raymond Yadusky - 3 years ago
I'm playing the Fly Z and I love it. Go back over your original test of the club.
bibilolo78 - 3 years ago
Bio cell + is one of the best cobra driver...
Great review...i m not surprised
Doug Strickland
Doug Strickland - 3 years ago
bibilolo78 I love mine. Hitting it so well I can't bring myself to buy anything else!
David Trebell
David Trebell - 3 years ago
I enjoy the true honesty on the club production.
On that, I think you should stick R15.
You seam to control it well.
What set of clubs do you prefer personally. You should post a video review on them.
Rogelio Ortega
Rogelio Ortega - 3 years ago
I think this shows that Cobra has had some differences in the heads they produce.  Some of these are low spin (Bio cell, F6), one mid spin (F7) and 2 that are high spin (Fly-Z and Amp Cell).

I am curious what the differences are with the + models of these drivers, or if rick would see a big difference in putting the weight forward on the F7 and possibly even the F6.  I don't think poor performance, I just see poor fit for this golfer on a few of these models.  For a low launcher of the ball without ricks club head the models he dislikes might be a great fit.

Think it goes to show that getting a proper fitting not only for the shaft and head, but also the configuration of the weights in the heads of many of these new drivers is the key to finding the best distance for each golfer.
Greg Schwartz
Greg Schwartz - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, would you mind doing a 5 year Mizuno driver test next? Would be interested to see as they're becoming more relevant in the segment.
matt trudeau
matt trudeau - 3 years ago
I own the cobra F6 and love it
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
Really enjoy these 5-yr tests, Rick! Thx for all the work that goes into making them! I'm amazed that so many viewers want to read more into them than is there and nitpick the results. Cheers!
Hugh Munkulus
Hugh Munkulus - 3 years ago
High spinning Project X shaft in each clubs high spin setting being hit by someone with him club head speed.... What did you expect would happen? The bio cell has the farthest forward CG, giving it the lowest spin. Really a pretty unfair test. These models aren't made for you, so of course you didn't like them.
mike jazz
mike jazz - 3 years ago
please do a nike test
reuben wasserman
reuben wasserman - 3 years ago
5000th view
james francis
james francis - 3 years ago
Hi rick I use a mash up of this years cobra driver and the shafts from the bio cell 2014 bit of you weight the clubs each year the club head has got heavier but the bio cell shaft is amazing with this year’s head range much straighter for me at least
Justin Bordwell
Justin Bordwell - 3 years ago
My buddy had the amp cell and hit it 250 every time hahahahah
Derek Girard
Derek Girard - 3 years ago
Can you do it on the plus models please!
Casper Smit
Casper Smit - 3 years ago
I think Golfbidder just raised the prices of the Bio Cell range by 25%
Terry French
Terry French - 3 years ago
Can you do a review of the cobra max and one length irons?
T B - 3 years ago
Review a counterfeit set of clubs!!!!!!!
Tony M
Tony M - 3 years ago
any chance of the Cobra F7 Ti please
jeremy barr
jeremy barr - 3 years ago
1: you "forgot" the higher strike on the face these like.
2: you was hitting the fly z (that model,not the plus) over 300 and your longest(at the time) drive on simulator with it. Now it's almost shortest at 268?!?! Something very screwy going on here!
Rhys Morris
Rhys Morris - 3 years ago
Massive swing changes. You didn't notice he was hitting slinging draws back then?
Albany Fx
Albany Fx - 3 years ago
Why no f-max? The newest driver
Alex Queen
Alex Queen - 3 years ago
Do a 5 years iron test
Minh Tri
Minh Tri - 3 years ago
Hold on Rick, am I the only one seeing a smoking effect right after you hit the ball? LOL
rue1965 s
rue1965 s - 3 years ago
I also found that to be true on distance! for years cobra always had great drivers the amp cell I could not stand never owned but hit it a number of times. I tried the BIO CELL in 2014 and said yes cobra back in the saddle. Then I tried the F7 and felt what a DUD!!! Cobra really needs to get there driver figured out because irons, fairways, hybrids and even wedges are wonderful!! Drivers very hit and miss.
Caleb Hawley
Caleb Hawley - 3 years ago
Jeff Shawver
Jeff Shawver - 3 years ago
Really love this series of videos with the drivers. Thanks for your hard work in bringing such wide and varied videos!
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
real shame about the number but it is what it is,i'd rather hit a 270 yrd fairway seeker than a 300 yrd in the thick stuff behind a tree hum dinger,the heads look very forgiving and gives u loads of confidence when addressing the ball. can not wait for the f8 to come out. looking forward to the next 5 yr test rick what ever it will be. maybe mizuno next
Yann FLORENT - 3 years ago
Hello Rick. Thanks for your videos. This test is funny but it does not appear relevant to me... Real driver performances should be measure with its own shaft.
Hishaam Bompoint
Hishaam Bompoint - 3 years ago
Such a great video Rick. I love be the way you construct and put these videos together. Keep it up
Vanilla Ice Cube
Vanilla Ice Cube - 3 years ago
Do Nike
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Great comparison test. I started off the year with the F7 driver and also found it spun way too much, very accurate but was giving up way too many yards in distance. Returned the F7 to PGA SUPERSTORE and traded it in for Callaway Epic subzero driver. Clearly Callaway is Better with superior distance and with the same accuracy as the F7.
Alister  Sidgwick
Alister Sidgwick - 3 years ago
Can we please have a head to head of the winners from each 5 year test of the different manufacturers
Brian Artz
Brian Artz - 3 years ago
Great idea
Matt Donovan
Matt Donovan - 3 years ago
I like this idea
carla summers
carla summers - 3 years ago
thanks for that rick you have made up my mind im sticking with the bio cell plus im using now rather than swapping up to the new f7
JBA Installations
JBA Installations - 3 years ago
I still use the bio cell. love it.
goofylhp - 3 years ago
When you originally tested the Fly Z it was carrying 280 with a spin rate of 2500. Something have have been wrong with the club.
SHARKIES GIRL - 3 years ago
Owww my eye,,,, I got a tee in my eye lol
sean price
sean price - 3 years ago
How about Nike?
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett - 3 years ago
Please do Nike. RIP
Eelco Snijders
Eelco Snijders - 3 years ago
Hmmm not buying this. Have been gaming cobra drivers for 10+ years now, and they always seem to go from strength to strength. From the early days of blasting your ear drums to high performance of Fly Z+ (usually longest and most consistent in my group on the course........) Disappointed with Rick's summary, but guess that's just his take..... Too bad, will happily ignore and dismiss!
W.L. Loo
W.L. Loo - 3 years ago
Eelco Snijders I agree, I’ve used Amp Cell+, Bio Cell+ and also Fly-Z+, it gets better with each model.
cody hunt
cody hunt - 3 years ago
Love the videos rick!!! Just curious because I looked back in the archives but when you tested the Fly Z back at the end of 2014 you averaged around 275 carry and 300 total distance with the club then. Why would it perform completely different this time around?
cody hunt
cody hunt - 3 years ago
Love the videos rick!!! Just curious because I looked back in the archives but when you tested the Fly Z back at the end of 2014 you averaged around 275 carry and 300 total distance with the club then. Why would it perform completely different this time around?
Georges J
Georges J - 3 years ago
Do a video like this with our good friend Rob, would be interesting to see increasing forgiveness in these drivers
Joe - 3 years ago
Why'd you hit the Fly-Z 300 yards on average when you reviewed it in 2015? Don't get me wrong, long time fan. But to be frank, which test is bullshit?
Pastel Princess
Pastel Princess - 3 years ago
Hi rick your original review of the cobra fly z you were hitting over 300yards with good spin rates and you were really impressed with the club so don’t see how you have now dropped to under 280yards and have it spinning to high
Love the videos keep up the good work
Michael STAUDT
Michael STAUDT - 3 years ago
Cant wait for callaway
niche1117 - 3 years ago
The Amp PRO cell w/ the kuro kage shaft, is the best driver I've ever hit. Long and dead straight every time.
fly787 - 3 years ago
just what I expected the Fly Z was a dog....
Joe - 3 years ago
fly787 Fly-Z is a great driver lol. Look at any review of it on YouTube. Crossfield loved it, and even Rick loved it when he reviewed it. It was one of the best drivers he has ever hit. Something's up with this test for sure.
Ian Paxson
Ian Paxson - 3 years ago
Hey Rick!! Great video! Are you still planning on doing a review of the Arccos 360?
billy boyy
billy boyy - 3 years ago
Zl encore was a great driver
Tim Strandell
Tim Strandell - 3 years ago
Would be awesome if you could do the last 5 Drivers Nike made before they closed down the club manufacturing
Neil Mitchell
Neil Mitchell - 3 years ago
Had the bio cell+ with the red tie shaft, was awesome. Everything after that just felt a bit over gimmicky to me. Hopefully F8 will be better.
Morgan Stephens
Morgan Stephens - 3 years ago
Can you do this series with irons after these
Eddie Barton
Eddie Barton - 3 years ago
Great video.
jeffrey barr
jeffrey barr - 3 years ago
Anyone who watches ur vlogs can see u need to work on accuracy not distance
Matthew Morin
Matthew Morin - 3 years ago
Something is off with this test. If you go back and look at your review of the Fly Z your number were way better than this test. Something is messed up.
Kyle Jeffery
Kyle Jeffery - 3 years ago
Agreed. Just watched the reviews and he says he's "fallen in love" with the Fly-Z and was spanking it 300yds plus. Then rips on it here.
Allan Williams
Allan Williams - 3 years ago
Although the strikes were around the same area the Fly Z was clearly the lowest average on the face and looked below the centre line... so higher spin and less distance
OriginalDaVe - 3 years ago
His strike?
Ariel Rubinstein
Ariel Rubinstein - 3 years ago
BIGstarSA1NTS - 3 years ago
Thanks for doing this one
Markus Bereflod
Markus Bereflod - 3 years ago
Please test some of the old 0.86 COR drivers
Ewen Jones
Ewen Jones - 3 years ago
I bought the F7 because of its forgiveness. I tried the F7 Plus and it was way, way longer, but I hit one in 5 on the fairway. This driver is not long, but for a 19 handicapper who struggles with posture, it was the perfect fit. It, along with the 3 wood, has helped me get down to 14. I feel confident every time I pull this driver out. If i nail it, it goes 240mtrs. If I put it from the extreme toe or heel it gives me 210mtrs and still on the fairway. I love this driver.
karncis - 3 years ago
i know Nike is done, but it would be good to know which model is the longest ever of the brand? then there are others but Nike would be great next please Rick.
Brock Williams
Brock Williams - 3 years ago
Once you go through all of the major brands, can you take the "best" one from each and test those head to head? It'd be cool to see a brand vs brand video.
Harry Filler
Harry Filler - 3 years ago
great little serisyou have made rick so original and so fasinating keep it up!!!
andy jervis
andy jervis - 3 years ago
Nike next please Rick
Richard Gange
Richard Gange - 3 years ago
I’m gutted you’ve not hit the ZL encore driver I’m using that now and I love it compared to everything which is out there now
40Rouge - 3 years ago
I purchased my Fly Z driver because of your original review, where your stats were much better. It was among the best drivers you ever hit. Not sure what happened here. Had to have been the shaft.
coegj - 3 years ago
Same here, he used the stock shaft vlct and just killed it. In this video he used a different shaft and the Fly Z just sucked. In my case the Fly Z is still in my bag and looks to be there threw 2018, although I might pick up a used Bio Cell on eBay just for the heck of it.
bagdiil - 3 years ago
290 carry, StarlitShadows? Man, gtfo... no you don't
Nathan Sipe
Nathan Sipe - 3 years ago
Clayton DUnn It's not bragging. Im showing that his swing speed is faster than mine, but he's not getting the distances. Hopefully, it just a bad used club. His original review was much further. I don't think a 270 yard drive is much to brag about. Cheer up brother!
bob johnson
bob johnson - 3 years ago
LozKnutsen Yes we all know. It's not as if he hasn't made a vid or 10 about it. But if you check the club head speed they're within about 1mph of each other, so shouldn't account for the discrepancy seen. If there was a 5-10mph difference that would explain it, but there's not. There's something amiss here, whether it be the wrong shafts, damaged head, not finding it's sweet spot, there's definitely something.
LozKnutsen - 3 years ago
Do none of you know that’s he’s gone through some swing changes and doesn’t try to hit the cr&p out of it any more. Hence why all these comparisons generally show shorter distances than his original reviews. If you like the club just use it.
Clayton DUnn
Clayton DUnn - 3 years ago
Nathan Sipe this comment is more about you bragging then it is about the review
StarlitShadows - 3 years ago
I bought a used Fly Z+ in part based on his reviews this year and I love it. On a good drive I'm getting about 290 carry. Great club.
bob johnson
bob johnson - 3 years ago
I think part of the problem is that they're second hand drivers. You don't know what sort of abuse and torture their former owners have put them through. If the face have damage, maybe hairline cracks around the speed channel you can't see, it will affect performance massively.

Having said that, I do find that my Fly-z can spin up too much at times, particularly if I really give it some welly on a par 5, it just seems to go higher rather than further, which decreases roll out too.
DrVegiAlex - 3 years ago
Another Fly Z user here. I also bought mine based on Rick's original review. I agree that it is very easy to hit straight compared to others I tried. But I am a very mediocre player and am able to hit fairways at 240-250 yards.
Not sure how I feel about this review.

Have any of you guys tried playing your driver with the heel weight removed completely to reduce spin? Something I have been considering...
Bradley Cory
Bradley Cory - 3 years ago
The fly z is one of the best driver of 2015 and the flyz + was even better then that and he loved it shirt term memory loss indeed. Also his f7 review were over 300yards how has he lost 15yards in a short time.
Nathan Sipe
Nathan Sipe - 3 years ago
Right. I don't understand that at all. My club head speed is less than his and I can get it to 270+. This makes me really wonder about his "honest" reviews.
Mike Hall
Mike Hall - 3 years ago
fly z user here still after ricks original review and have found nothing since to change it.
jeremy barr
jeremy barr - 3 years ago
Same here. Fly z still in my bag. Love it. He hit it over 300 every shot while reviewing and now 268?!? From strike location,he forgot how it likes a higher strike also.
Joe - 3 years ago
40Rouge Same lol, he was smashing balls into next week in his Fly-Z review. Sometimes I feel like he has short term memory loss...
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 3 years ago
All these club releases are just to pay endorsement wages to tour pro's,
AJ DiFabio Sports
AJ DiFabio Sports - 3 years ago
You should do best drivers from 5year challenge and do a longest drive love the video
Harrison Swift
Harrison Swift - 3 years ago
Mizunos next please !!!?
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly - 3 years ago
Do a Nike one
bagdiil - 3 years ago
But... why? As Chester said, Nike has pulled out of golf... Literally no point.
Chester - 3 years ago
Nike is out of golf, so seems less relevant.
cesare steinle
cesare steinle - 3 years ago
A Pittsburgh Dude
A Pittsburgh Dude - 3 years ago
Mark Kelly yes!!!!
Tommy Risker Golf
Tommy Risker Golf - 3 years ago
The reason why the Bio cell went the furthest is because the dynamic loft is considerably lower than the rest of the drivers
LB - 3 years ago
Teevo Rain
Teevo Rain - 3 years ago
interesting... would've liked to see the King LTD driver in the bunch (as i'm gaming that one ;) )
terry bates
terry bates - 3 years ago
Got fitted for the F7 after using the Nike Vapour and it has improved my game off the tee. Rick, I have to disagree with you coz even my off centre hits still travel along way. Cobra was never my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice but that's why correct fitting is essential. #GetFittedCorrectly
kvgolfa - 3 years ago
Summary of this video is that Rick's swing is extremely inconsistent at the moment. These results aren't representative of the clubs
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
Your closing comments were well thought out, and poignant. I guess this is why I don't hear many people raving about Cobra drivers, or even get paired up with someone using one.
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
Great video AGAIN. Thanks rick.
connor webber
connor webber - 3 years ago
When is the best drivers under £100 coming?
MissyLaMotte - 3 years ago
I am really surprised. I absolutely love my FlyZ driver. But then again, I don't put very much spin on my drives, so maybe that's why it works so well for me.
Branden Battraw
Branden Battraw - 3 years ago
Why would you not test the plus and limited models? Hopefully there will be a part 2.
Anthony Bada
Anthony Bada - 3 years ago
So far Im only impressed with the results Titleist drivers have produced........ They aren't flooding the market either with drivers...
Less is more
Keith Ingle
Keith Ingle - 3 years ago
Definitely a surprising video, I would've loved to see how the LTD went, but then again, thats a low spin. Thankfully I have the F6 which seems to be the better option.
Would love to see a midhandicap review of the new Cobra F-Max range, driver through irons.
Keep up the good work.
Nils Ae
Nils Ae - 3 years ago
would like to see cobra woods 5years-version. :-)
Golf L
Golf L - 3 years ago
Can You do wilson saff drivers
Mike - 3 years ago
Agreed. Something different...
Ulrich Bohmer
Ulrich Bohmer - 3 years ago
I used to play the Bio Cell driver as well until a couple of months ago. I got along really well with it, but because it got older I wanted a new shiny toy. I could not hit the Cobra F6 or F7 at all when I went to look for a new driver to replace my Bio Cell. I was all over the place and lost about 20 yards of distance as well. I endet up going for the M1 2017. It isn't really longer and I can't notice that it is much more forgiving, but I am definitely more accurate with the M1 2017 than I was with the Bio Cell. Thanks a lot for the awesome videos Rick!!
Denzi008 - 3 years ago
Great vid but some really disappointing results. Could this be to do with the shaft?
Liam Ryan
Liam Ryan - 3 years ago
I wish I had your job
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 3 years ago
Can't really complain about the high spin with an ill-fitting club head...
jayson1979 - 3 years ago
What about Nike drivers
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 3 years ago
Dylan Patel
Dylan Patel - 3 years ago
I think a lot of it was the shaft. Even though you may be fit with one shaft for a ping driver doesn’t mean that same shaft will work for a cobra driver. I do appreciate that you used the same shaft but I would have preferred if you would have been fit for the shaft
Paul Ackerley
Paul Ackerley - 3 years ago
Just moved from cobra fly z driver to Callaway f16 for this exact reason..great video
scott fraser
scott fraser - 3 years ago
Yonex Rick!
Grant Charles
Grant Charles - 3 years ago
Rick I like these vlogs but can you do the mizuno drivers next please
Luke_wj - 3 years ago
Bought a Bio Cell two years ago based on Ricks review on this channel so good to see that my choice was the correct one!
John Nicholas
John Nicholas - 3 years ago
Definitely keep doing these. Very helpful
Isaac Reed
Isaac Reed - 3 years ago
Great job Rick!!
Brian Moreira
Brian Moreira - 3 years ago
Results slightly skewed due to the shaft
Project x was super high spinning for me. Switched out for the white tie shaft. Keep the vids coming.
GucaoGamers - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, love yo videos man!!! Keep on the awesome work !!
Magnus Henricson
Magnus Henricson - 3 years ago
Please, do a test of the cobra low spin models...
flyzzzzzzz - 3 years ago
Yeah i m a big fans of the + version....i found biocell plus works best for me comparing all model.
Timothy Lieuw-Kie-Song
Timothy Lieuw-Kie-Song - 3 years ago
He would need to do a video for every companies "low spin" models if he did that. That means every TP, Tour and D2 driver
Kenneth Refior
Kenneth Refior - 3 years ago
Yes! He really needs to do a + version of Cobra drivers.
Robbie White
Robbie White - 3 years ago
Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller - 3 years ago
Love the bad..reminds me of my old middle school
Jonathan P
Jonathan P - 3 years ago
I don’t know if it’s your launch monitor you’re using now or what but if you go back and look at your review of the Cobra Fly Z you did I think 2 years ago those numbers are WAY different. Like you were carrying the ball almost 295 yards and on this review your average carry was 253 lol
jjoeyj83 - 3 years ago
Jonathan P wow. There’s no such thing as a hot and a dead driver. That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. What this test boiled down to was shaft. The project x is a high spinning shaft that rick used with the higher spinning settings. High spin is to be expected. When manufacturers send rick new clubs he always gets the standard shaft that comes in that particular club in extra stiff. He says it at the beginning of every video. Also, for a cobra driver, his strike locations were very poor. Especially on the fly z.

What you are right about is this video being irrelevant. It absolutely is and rick did the cobra brand a poor service here when he knows better and why those numbers are the way they are.
Jonathan P
Jonathan P - 3 years ago
Antony Osborn OK so if that’s true this whole review is irrelevant
Henrik Ahlgren
Henrik Ahlgren - 3 years ago
In the review video the FLY Z spinned 2300
kvgolfa - 3 years ago
Antony Osborn Lol you're an idiot. It's not how "hot" they are it's spin
Antony Osborn
Antony Osborn - 3 years ago
Jonathan P I suspect this is down to manufacturer tolerance. the club's they send to rick will have been tested to make sure it was a 'hot' one where as these random ones sent by golf bidder could be the opposite end of the tolerance. I bet if rick did this test with 5 of the same clubs you would see a wide range of results. I had a cobra driver once and was dead compared to the one I was fitted for
short game skills
short game skills - 3 years ago
cool vidio rick play at silloth golf club
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 3 years ago
Please do this with Mizuno
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 3 years ago
Don Harrold Ah ok...
Don Harrold
Don Harrold - 3 years ago
Kim Schröder It means I support that, e.g. I second that...
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 3 years ago
Don Harrold what do you mean?
Don Harrold
Don Harrold - 3 years ago
Second that
Jack McEvoy
Jack McEvoy - 3 years ago
Srixon nexr
e99783 - 3 years ago
Please review snell golf balls
Jack McEvoy
Jack McEvoy - 3 years ago
Keep doing these
Trey Even
Trey Even - 3 years ago
Harry Aldrich
Harry Aldrich - 3 years ago
Joe Martin
Joe Martin - 3 years ago
Ashton Davison
Ashton Davison - 3 years ago

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