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5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 37

Drivers 4 years ago 88,061 views

5 YEARS OF PING golf DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the PING Drivers as possible! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
HUGGGE 5 year driver test next week! Comment below who you think it may be
Emily Jones
Emily Jones - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Im enjoying the reviews Rick, how about Srixon.
Nick DeLia
Nick DeLia - 4 years ago
Rick, if it's Titleist, can you PLEASE throw a 905r into the mix?!? Would love to see the number comparisons, thanks man, keep up the great work!
fezzer - 4 years ago
Rick looks like hes built for the long drive championship.
Max.c - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf cobra
Fraser Sutherland
Fraser Sutherland - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf titliest
Nathan Holt
Nathan Holt - 4 years ago
Would love to see the ping but with the i and lst versions as you used the low spin versions of the other brands.
Max  Firbank
Max Firbank - 4 years ago
Rex Ryn Uloly
Rex Ryn Uloly - 4 years ago
Xxio please..
Benjamin Manning
Benjamin Manning - 4 years ago
Rick, I use a G20; it's loud but does the ball fly. Average drive is 260-280m
Tristen Motter
Tristen Motter - 4 years ago
Georges J
Georges J - 4 years ago
These tests would be very interesting if performed by a mid-handicap player. Cause they you'd really see different ball strikes + forgiveness + prob speed increases.. Think you could manage that mr Shiels?
Love the content anyway but it would be great to see
cesare steinle
cesare steinle - 4 years ago
NATE O - 4 years ago
BrettWrightMedia - 4 years ago
Gary Schlee
Gary Schlee - 4 years ago
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf brilliant series of reviews.. your name will be mud at the HQs of Ping, TMAG and Callaway.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf maybe Nike
Tyson Beebe
Tyson Beebe - 3 years ago
I still have a K 15 head kicking around. That club was a cannon, I should put a good shaft in it and use it. The I25 was very good also.
eugene ely
eugene ely - 3 years ago
thank you for reinforcing my perceptions of tech vs club performance. wish you had hit the G10 which I'm still playing because I can't find anything that hits it straighter. not sure you're doing a service for the equipment selling business but i appreciate the solid info.
Drake Warrener
Drake Warrener - 3 years ago
could you redo all of these tests with a mid to high handicapper Gains in forgiveness would also be interesting to see
Hemang Saini
Hemang Saini - 3 years ago
Next test could be of the srixon range maybe or of the Mizuno ones
Rhodri Davies
Rhodri Davies - 3 years ago
Hi R, first time post. Avid watcher. Videos are great. I'm a big Mizuno fan, currently playing the 650. Would love to see a 5 year test on Mizzy. Mp 630, 650, 850, 900, 180. Looking for a possible purchase but other vids suggest there isn't much in it if you Have the right launch an soon rate already :-). Love the 650 head, would need a fair bit of convincing to spend 400 quid to upgrade. Love your input. All the best, Rhodri.
Rhodri Davies
Rhodri Davies - 3 years ago
I think the interesting point here is generally people have not thought much abiut Mizuno drivers and now finally they are getting better around JPX 900. It's all perception (or is it?) I think the 630 (and 600) )with the introduction of fasttrack was a defining moment. Copied by all these days.......
Addie Cal
Addie Cal - 3 years ago
Would love to see this test with irons and hybrids
Arvind Das
Arvind Das - 3 years ago
Good job ! On the tayormade , callaway and ping 5 -7 yrs review. So what these guys are marketing is bull shit! The old tech is as good as new ! Shaft variation hasnt made much of a difference . So what has changed my friend . Probably we have slowed down or aged or swing speed has reduced ! But thats not critical you can still hit it long ! Not all is lost . Its not the equipment its you !
Josh Webb
Josh Webb - 3 years ago
Hey bud love your videos, super informative. If you are so inclined. Please do a Nike 5 year test I would love to see how they hold up against each other and against these other brands.

10. comment for 5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Doug Seaberg
Doug Seaberg - 3 years ago
I got fitted for the first time last year for Ping G. It changed my game. Shot 75 for the first time in 15 years this season
Grant Bostick
Grant Bostick - 3 years ago
Who else went on eBay and picked up a used G20?? Haha
Shawn Kislenger
Shawn Kislenger - 3 years ago
Great test. This really makes me want to game a Ping driver in '18. But, which one? I guess the one that best suites my eye.
yeboha - 3 years ago
there was a g15 aswell, which still out does alot of the newer ones !
Steve Chambers
Steve Chambers - 3 years ago
I love ping and thought the old driver held its own against the new drivers, great to see. Nike next please would love to see if the name is as good as the product. PS would love your job haha lucky man. Say hi to Finch
Aidan McGale
Aidan McGale - 3 years ago
Can you do this test in 3 woods over last 5 years great review of drivers
Liam Lochhead
Liam Lochhead - 3 years ago
Where’s the g10
Joshua Cutbirth
Joshua Cutbirth - 3 years ago
Could you please do this for Cobra too?
Mussel41 - 3 years ago
Excellent video. Great to see the difference in technological advancement in the drivers. For Ping it suggests only change to a new model when current Ping driver is broken.
Would love to see Benross test please
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
Do Ben Ross, I know they aren't a premium make but I reckon the like she of those clubs are where the big difference will be seen year on year due to R&D budgets.

20. comment for 5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
No surprise here, club design is so restricted by the game rules, it's the balls where the difference is seen. I think the 2015 range would be up their to, I've put my i15 hybrid back in and dropped out newer stuff as they out perform anything on the market for me personally.
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
i15/G15 would have performed as well as any. I've gone back to my i15 hybrid as it outperforms anything currently on the market for me.
Ace Golfman
Ace Golfman - 3 years ago
I had a PIng 7.5 degree driver with a Matrix shaft that I really liked....until the head snapped off
Big Dog Jr.
Big Dog Jr. - 3 years ago
Cobra next please my man.
Scrap Iron
Scrap Iron - 3 years ago
Are you planing on doing Cobra, Wilson Staff or Tour Edge Exotics?
Andrew Levy
Andrew Levy - 3 years ago
rick having played the g20 do you think it as just more comfortable? It does show that the turblators did do something.
Rob Breeze
Rob Breeze - 4 years ago
Hi Rick. Great series of reviews. Any plans for comparison of Cobra Divers?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Keep your eyes on the channel in the coming weeks...
Stef Andrews
Stef Andrews - 4 years ago
Excellent studies. You rock
M B - 4 years ago
How do you hit the drivers so perfect in the middle of the face??? It's amazing!
Albany Fx
Albany Fx - 4 years ago
Anybody know the difference between ping SF Tec vs every other brand have the weight on draw bias?

30. comment for 5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Jason J
Jason J - 4 years ago
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 4 years ago
Still say the g10 was the best ping made
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 4 years ago
How about Cobra??? I really got a kick out of how the G20 did so great here. Its looks nice. Probably a great buy for someone. :)
Jzero 0
Jzero 0 - 4 years ago
Rick - Please do Cobra next - and to further prove how little things have changed perhaps include the ten year old 414 Comp (legal version!), I think this will be the longest of the lot.
Yuji Yamamoto
Yuji Yamamoto - 4 years ago
When will you test the Titleist Drivers?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Coming VERY soon!!
Jamie Carline
Jamie Carline - 4 years ago
Just watched this video and loved that the G20 was right up there with all those expensive drivers as I just bought a G20 and totally love it.cheers Rick
Bjørn Helge Kjærnes
Bjørn Helge Kjærnes - 4 years ago
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 4 years ago
Anyone else bust out with "G30 drivers got turbulators, got turbulators." As soon as Rick said it at 6:00?
Enrico Raggini
Enrico Raggini - 4 years ago
Can you do also Titleist 5 year test? Thanks
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Keep an eye on my channel - it is coming soon!
Ryan McClung
Ryan McClung - 4 years ago
Why didn't you hit the Anser??
Michael Rood
Michael Rood - 4 years ago
Great review. Just bought a used g20 for $83.
Barry Lawson
Barry Lawson - 4 years ago
Jesse Steffen
Jesse Steffen - 4 years ago
Nike! Please!
Steven Jefferies
Steven Jefferies - 4 years ago
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams - 4 years ago
Do Nike.
Quinn Joseph
Quinn Joseph - 4 years ago
Wanna see Titelist, but you should also do Nike just for fun !
SilverfoxThe - 4 years ago
All these driver tests are interesting. Middle hits all appear mostly the same (except where noted), but I wonder what the performance from off-centre hits is like across these clubs. Would the older ones be less forgiving from off-centre strikes?
Johnny Howard
Johnny Howard - 4 years ago
Titleist from the 909 please mate
Andrie K
Andrie K - 4 years ago
You're already doing Titleist, I would vote NIKE! let's pay an homage
reef0019 - 4 years ago
would have like to see the rapture in there

50. comment for 5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Dave Fogel
Dave Fogel - 4 years ago
Cobra please
Charles Carter
Charles Carter - 4 years ago
I still hit an i series. Was hoping to see it featured here!
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
That G25 has seen some serious abuse
Tony M
Tony M - 4 years ago
Any plan to do the Cobra F7 Ti, Thanks
Brian Feldman
Brian Feldman - 4 years ago
Chase P
Chase P - 4 years ago
Titleist but you might have to go back to the 910.
Michael Clark
Michael Clark - 4 years ago
Gotta be Titleist - and as some others have said would be good to go back 10 years for one as well, which with Titleist would allow you to include a 'classic' - the 905!
Brandon Demers
Brandon Demers - 4 years ago
You are a Nike athlete. Let’s see some of those gems! Had a few over the years myself.
TJ - 4 years ago
The best driver I've ever owned was the G20 with the tour weight shaft in it. But, just like a lot of people I was always searching for the latest and greatest hoping for something better. To bad I traded it in.
GOLF VLOGS UK - 4 years ago
g 15 for me
Darrell Williams
Darrell Williams - 4 years ago
Where was the Answer Driver ??
Interested Bystander
Interested Bystander - 4 years ago
Ping bring out drivers every two years, so in five years they have released 12? Wtf?

Should be three at most.
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 4 years ago
Since you couldn't swap out the shaft in the G20, I wonder if that had anything to do with its clubhead speed being surpassed only by the G and G400? Last PING driver I played was a K15 (equivalent to the newer "SFT" versions) but appreciate this all the same. Seems PING tends to come across at times as more of an engineering company than a golf company.
GOLF VLOGS UK - 4 years ago
g 15 for me
Andy Drysdale
Andy Drysdale - 4 years ago
Hi Rick, are you saying that if you are not consistantly finding the middle of the driver the G400 is not a good buy?
David Markson
David Markson - 4 years ago
So happy the G20 done so well, been saying for years that it is the most consistent driver i have ever played, Remind me again why i got rid of it? :-)
Kenny McHardy
Kenny McHardy - 4 years ago
Julian Roberts
Julian Roberts - 4 years ago
Well done Rick very interesting video
lvgolfgrind - 4 years ago
Cobra would be interesting with all the tech they’ve included
Goodspeed - 4 years ago
These videos are incredibly eye opening, awesome, and depressing all at the same time. To think how much money I've spent on drivers over the last 5 years.......
DjTak3On3 - 4 years ago
Putting that new shaft in the older drivers makes this test inaccurate .It might make for a fun video but take the results with a pinch of salt .
James Cannings
James Cannings - 4 years ago
Titleist please
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels - 4 years ago
Paul Scott
Paul Scott - 4 years ago
Should have included G2 and G5 which were massive when they came out.
Curtis Sleds15
Curtis Sleds15 - 4 years ago
Jack Maher
Jack Maher - 4 years ago
Curtis Polysou
Curtis Polysou - 4 years ago
G20 was a beauty. I'd love to see Titleist done, and how my precious 910D2 stacks up against the newer stuff.
Doug - 4 years ago
So i keep my G20...
Jeffrey Luster
Jeffrey Luster - 4 years ago
You can buy a g20 from 2011 for like 40 bucks. Or go to your local dicks store and spend 460 more to try and keep up with the Jones.
Michael Downer
Michael Downer - 4 years ago
Will stick with my G 30 then.
BTatHome - 4 years ago
All eBay sellers that have g20 drivers have just thanked you for increasing their sales
dalesmith1982 - 4 years ago
so! I watch most of your 5 years of testing (I love them) and most of the results are so close that it does not seam worth while in buying new clubs! other than marketing and owning new sparkly clubs (which I totally understand), why would we buy new clubs? how far back do you need to go back in order to see a sizable difference in club performance? lets say 5% improvement! after doing your tests are you more or less likely to upgrade next year? or keep hold of what you have?. most golfers can not afford new clubs every season. This is very interesting to me as I have just bought new clubs after owning my last set for over 15 years!!!!
SC Media
SC Media - 4 years ago
Love your work Rick! Im a 34 handicapper and the way you hit the ball is amazing
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes - 4 years ago
Cobra comparison
Sebastian Nachilly
Sebastian Nachilly - 4 years ago
Should have thrown in anser
Ramel Eskelson
Ramel Eskelson - 4 years ago
Great video
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 4 years ago
Whats with the white dots on the club face.
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf. Ahhhh gotcha. Love your content. Its helped me alot. Me and my friend just got back into golf. And we always reference things you and peter finch do while on the course.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
They are on the face so that GCQUAD can provide super accurate data.

Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 4 years ago
I have a pin i15 9.5 and its great
Albany Fx
Albany Fx - 4 years ago
What happen to the K series ? Too old?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
The K driver was a little more of a Draw bias driver. With this test I was testing all of the more "neutral" drivers.


Elliot Brown
Elliot Brown - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, do you still have these Ping drivers? Is the Anser sleeve the same as the Ping G30 sleeve..could you interchange shafts?
edwin lambley
edwin lambley - 4 years ago
This is the 3rd I have seen, Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway. Getting the picture not a lot between any apart from a duff Callaway from a couple of years ago. What a surprise the companies are all working to the max tolerance allowed. The only difference is what the marketing department can come up with plus the graphics on the head & shaft. Very good & interesting reviews mate.
fricijus - 4 years ago
Titleist please, Rick! :)
Jaco van Niekerk
Jaco van Niekerk - 4 years ago
Please do the G10 as well!
David Malone
David Malone - 4 years ago
Very interesting video, thanks for sharing!!
Afdy Clinton
Afdy Clinton - 4 years ago
can you do this for iron too please
Master Guru Follower
Master Guru Follower - 4 years ago
Not sure how long PXG have been going but do them pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Cheers rick and keep up the good work
Kevin Haigh
Kevin Haigh - 4 years ago
love and still game my G20, this test has confirmed my belief that new driver tech is a ruse.
j d
j d - 4 years ago
Forgot the i25 , still gaming it and love it
Golf is truly happiness
Golf is truly happiness - 4 years ago
wow, what a surprise that all drivers go the same distance and that it's all just about marketing.
Michael Bretz
Michael Bretz - 4 years ago
cobra drivers
David Flaherty
David Flaherty - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, really enjoy this series. I would love to see a the same series applied to fairway woods!

As for drivers, i think Nike drivers would be a great test because they were new to the design game and we might be able to see some real noticeable differences.

100. comment for 5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

blackprophesy - 4 years ago
Titleist would be great for the next one
Rodney Mounsey
Rodney Mounsey - 4 years ago
Cobra please
Felix Berggren
Felix Berggren - 4 years ago
Hey Rick!
I am having this problem with the shot tracer app, The ball drops way before the tracer starts to fall down.
I tried putting on short shot but now its just way to quick. How do you do?
Cary Paugh
Cary Paugh - 4 years ago
Rick I really appreciate you candid reviews. I would like to see for example the same Ping driver test but using the same heads mated with the standard shaft that Ping paired with the driver for a giving year. I suspect there may be more of a difference with possible improvements in shaft tech from year to year.
Matthew Hoevel
Matthew Hoevel - 4 years ago
Krank golf
Adam Zurfluh
Adam Zurfluh - 4 years ago
Seems as though golf clubs, at least drivers, have done what a lot of recreational consumer products have done since 2010. That is they have hit a point of diminishing returns in technology. This year's new and better is more like this year's new and the same. If you are a guy that has to have the newest and best more power to you. Makes it easier to find good products in the used bins. Lol
bob smith
bob smith - 4 years ago
Titleist please!!!
Richard Roman
Richard Roman - 4 years ago
Gary Dinmore
Gary Dinmore - 4 years ago
5 years titlelist drivers next please
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Make sure you are subscribed to the channel Gary. This could be happening soon
4ndy123 - 4 years ago
Still love my i25
peter moller
peter moller - 4 years ago
Wilson would be interesting getting their fg tour drivers in the test and not only the D versions..
wayne fitzgerald
wayne fitzgerald - 4 years ago
Great Rick was thinking of changing my g 20 not now . But how do I get it go 300 haha .
David G
David G - 4 years ago
jeff brewer
jeff brewer - 4 years ago
like your driver comparisons over the last 5 years.  How about fairway woods (particularly 15, 3 wd)?
Paul Beltz
Paul Beltz - 4 years ago
Darren Thornton
Darren Thornton - 4 years ago
Titleist next please Rick. Great vids.
hyperjay712 - 4 years ago
You missed the Answer driver
Gee Cars
Gee Cars - 4 years ago
great test owned most of them ,low spin numbers on all LS models must spin at 2000
Brett Joseph
Brett Joseph - 4 years ago
Do Cobra!!!
Ryan K
Ryan K - 4 years ago
Cobra next!
Cal Kelly
Cal Kelly - 4 years ago
Kevin Friesen
Kevin Friesen - 4 years ago
Mikey Catalano
Mikey Catalano - 4 years ago
Rick you should do cobra drivers 2012-2017
Chris Wit a Sock on His Dick
Chris Wit a Sock on His Dick - 4 years ago
Man I was really looking forward to seeing the i drivers
TheFathusky - 4 years ago
I dont think distance is changing much over the last 5 years assuming you get fitted etc...but Id love to know if the newer stuff is more forgiving across the face leading to consistently longer shots than in years past. That seems more important to me
T.J. Hodnett
T.J. Hodnett - 4 years ago
Hey another absolutely awesome review Rick!! There's one type of review I'd like to see.... you've done everything but SHAFTS!! With all of the new driver and iron shafts put, how about a review of those?? How do some of the others compare to your Aldila Rogue... go for it!! (HZRDUS and EvenFlow first, lol)
Chris Clinton
Chris Clinton - 4 years ago
Rod Rich
Rod Rich - 4 years ago
Titelist please
MrJoshthenosh - 4 years ago
i know we all think not much changes but this is crazy, all they are doing is changing the look, seems we are at the peak of as far as club tech can go
Ryan Glahs
Ryan Glahs - 4 years ago
Please test Cobra next
Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher - 4 years ago
Great video Rick, can you please do Nike next, you can still get nike vapour fly drivers New for £149 less than half the price of drivers on the market now. I have had the covert 2.0 and the fly now I love these clubs, my son has the speed and to be honest that's my favourite and easiest driver I have ever hit. Thanks
Lefty69 - 4 years ago
Disappointing that you didn’t compared the low spin ones also, The Ping Anser vs ls tec and I20 I25
Craig Wotton
Craig Wotton - 4 years ago
Cobra for 5 years please.
Iain Douglas
Iain Douglas - 4 years ago
Interesting the oldest is possibly the best. Would love to see Cobra and Titleist test and also a test between the best from each test against each other.
martydoc - 4 years ago
Surely it's got to be Titleist then Mizuno. Why stop at 5 years though. go back 10yrs and skip a year in between to see the real difference
Slushpuppie55 - 4 years ago
Srixon Drivers please Mr Rick Sir...
Nigel Gregory
Nigel Gregory - 4 years ago
Cobra, great video ,might safe some money.
Jacob von Qualen
Jacob von Qualen - 4 years ago
NIKE drivers, would be cool to watch :)
Stiaan Heymans
Stiaan Heymans - 4 years ago
coolfizzy78 - 4 years ago
Great test, Rick! I recently broke my Callaway driver's shaft and then used my old Ping rapture driver again - it still flies awesome! Please test Callaway next
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Check my channel!
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 4 years ago
coolfizzy78 . He has already done Callaway
Tartan - 4 years ago
It’s gotta be Titleist next Rick.
Johninatoor A
Johninatoor A - 4 years ago
james reding
james reding - 4 years ago
NIKE!!!! Please....Lets see if the Nike Drivers were getting worse or stayed the same through out!!!
Jason Swan
Jason Swan - 4 years ago
Got to be cobra or titleist!
mike jazz
mike jazz - 4 years ago
great video rick titelist please
wyatt weber
wyatt weber - 4 years ago
Tyler Wiseman
Tyler Wiseman - 4 years ago
This series would be interesting if done on fairway metals. I think there may be more difference between models with those clubs compared to drivers. Would be interesting to see!
Francisco Patxot
Francisco Patxot - 4 years ago
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter - 4 years ago
Please test Cobra/King they have produced some really nice underrated drivers.
lambert1702 - 4 years ago
Awesome test Rick!  Thanks!
Viper Gaming
Viper Gaming - 4 years ago
Please do cobra
Dirk D
Dirk D - 4 years ago
Thank you, Rick. Great video on Ping drivers!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Thank you Dirk, glad you enjoyed the video.

Ravenhurst - 4 years ago
Titleist driver test please!
David Richard
David Richard - 4 years ago
Rick...the only thing that would have made this vid better would have been using Fried Eggs Golfs "Turbulators" rap in the back ground.
Devon Munn
Devon Munn - 4 years ago
I wonder how often rick has to get more tees
ShivasIrons22 - 4 years ago
Thanks for doing this. Great video, and very informative!!
Keith Zubrinich
Keith Zubrinich - 4 years ago
Cobra but would love to see Mizuno too
J Bob
J Bob - 4 years ago
I fell for the Hype on the GX7 and ordered one. I am 65 yrs old and the GX7 couldn't even come close to my Great Big Bertha V Series driver.
J Bob
J Bob - 4 years ago
Hype all is Hype said the wise Hacker.
Jose Enrique S
Jose Enrique S - 4 years ago
What happened if you change the lofts? Were they all the same lofts?
David Marcelli
David Marcelli - 4 years ago
Rick, I think what this test and your previous two show is that there is really no point in spending money each year for a new driver. I think if any thing, in terms of equipment, the shaft might be more important than the head. I’d be interested to see what the relationship is between these numbers and the ones you would get if you hit each club with the exact shaft you’ve previously been fitted for.
lambert1702 - 4 years ago
The shaft is less important than the head by a large margin, and there are plenty of tests to support it.
Bolgernow - 4 years ago
Great vid, was hoping you'd hit my Anser driver. No worries, thanks again, cheers!
John Davis
John Davis - 4 years ago
Since Mizuno made your top 2 driver picks, seeing how much improvement would be interesting
Ben Clabaugh
Ben Clabaugh - 4 years ago
Was hoping to see the i25 and Anser in this test.
Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard - 3 years ago
The Anser is the real deal, most underrated head Ping ever Meade, a real sleeper.
PixlPutterMan - 4 years ago
I second this
Juan Soto
Juan Soto - 4 years ago
Ben Clabaugh - vs ls tech too. I’d love to see the spin change, if any and how it affects the carry distance, shot dispersion, and total distance.
Dave Askew
Dave Askew - 4 years ago
titleist all day long for me id.love to see
john young
john young - 4 years ago
Be interesting to see if there is a difference in the ping low spin options as your a little higher in swing speed ? Great test by the way
al goatman
al goatman - 4 years ago
I use to game a i25 driver and wish you included it in your review. I would like to see Titleist next.
Tony Reimann
Tony Reimann - 4 years ago
Titleist please. Would be easier on you because the are far fewer models. Would be good to see if releasing fewer models allowed for greater advances between them. Sadly I suspect not but would love to be proven wrong.
ARenaissanceishMan - 4 years ago
Interesting, 0 difference lol
Tyler Bone
Tyler Bone - 4 years ago
Haha “peace out”! Love it
mojopa01 - 4 years ago
Titleist or Cobra would be cool!!!
Alexander Lavoie
Alexander Lavoie - 4 years ago
I play a Ping i25 with an Aldila Tour Green X 65. I can't find anything as handsome or as consistent.
Flippenchicken - 4 years ago
Could you do this with irons? Preferably titleist?
Jim - 4 years ago
Titleist next please.
Awesome vids Rick. Amazing how well the G20 still holds its own.
Joshua Horvat
Joshua Horvat - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick, we all know its coming :D
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Most drivers have been very near the COR limit for this 5-yr period, so I think the improvements over time show up in forgiveness; meaning distance has improved for off-center hits, but little or none for center strikes.
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Let's see how Titleist and Mizuno drivers haven't changed over the last 5 years ;-)
garry murphy
garry murphy - 4 years ago
All the test don't show the club's making a difference well the heads anyway so would the shaft be the better option to look at? For someone changing/needing a fix?
General Splatton
General Splatton - 4 years ago
Please add the 10 year old driver to the next set of 5. Would love to know how a 10 year old does against them.
sabr686 - 4 years ago
Titleist next please, sir.
Pierre P
Pierre P - 4 years ago
Another great test and each one shows we should keep what we have until we wear it out! I have been so guilty of quite the opposite
Jack Tasker
Jack Tasker - 4 years ago
Lee c
Lee c - 4 years ago
cobra rick, if not it has to be soon can u see if u could go back as far as the king c 460 sz milled titanium.
Stephen Poole
Stephen Poole - 4 years ago
Titleist please.
Adam Seidel
Adam Seidel - 4 years ago
Instead of only comparing the good shots, could you compare some of the mishits or try to intentionally mishit a few and see how forgiveness develops over time? A lot of us are more worried about keeping it in play as often as possible rather than squeezing every once of carry out of our good shots!
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe - 4 years ago
I've only being playing golf for three months and I've got the G25 and it's brilliant, highly recommended
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Enjoy your ⛳️Callum!

Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 - 4 years ago
The G20,G25 and G400 are all so ugly
Ewen Jones
Ewen Jones - 4 years ago
Thank you for recognising that many of us do not regularly hit the centre of the club. I would be interested to see a 12 to 15 handicapper do this test. I hit the Cobra F7 and it is its forgiveness which sold me on it. I can hit the extremities and still get reasonable distance and somewhere near the fairway. I am a 16 handicapper and need that forgiveness.
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 4 years ago
Not even noticeable eh ...ping g20 is the one then
Slim Biggins
Slim Biggins - 4 years ago
Titleist brochacho
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 4 years ago
All marketing, folks! Drivers have been capped out for YEARS due to USGA/R&A restrictions.
stingraynz - 4 years ago
This series of driver tests prove that each years iteration really does nothing to help improve your game. Especially considering most players are amateurs who cannot hit as consistently as Mr Shiels. I can't imagine it is worth upgrading any part of the bag unless it is 5 years old. Wedges excluded. New clubs are fun and exciting, however I am not seeing much difference in performance from these tests from any of the big manufacturers. This is coming from someone who has owned a 913D, G30 and M2 driver all in the past 2 years. I now spend my money on lessons instead.
Ed Mc
Ed Mc - 4 years ago
Would have liked to have seen the Ping Anser tested with these.
Natasha Croft
Natasha Croft - 4 years ago
Titleist next!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Maybe sure you are subscribed to the channel Natasha, may well see that coming soon...
Jan-Pierre Vidizzon
Jan-Pierre Vidizzon - 4 years ago
I had most of the G drivers over the years, plus the i25. Loved the G20 and i25! Maybe should have stuck with those after seeing these results lol. I have a G400 LST coming soon.
Walter Smeg
Walter Smeg - 4 years ago
To be perfectly honest im off hc14,....play with K1-5 ping..for me its the only driver...tried all the new tech,pro told me my numbers and they were better or same as all the expensive new drivers that seem to change every time I get my bunkered mag..told me to my face its not the club,stop paying thru the nose and work on your swing..because thats all that really matters..truth
@Ynthh - 4 years ago
Rick do you want to go 1 vs 1? Only using 3 clubs (4 with putter). It's a fun challenge, accept me
Steven Harrison
Steven Harrison - 4 years ago
Really great test, keeps proving that the rules really have worked with regards to club specs. Technique and the gym it is for those extra few mphs!

Titleist has to be next, final part of the big four of club manufacturers on the drivers front
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark - 4 years ago
Love your channel by the way and your better than me and my golf
Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick
MrJamescord - 4 years ago
Do the Krank drivers
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark - 4 years ago
Hey rick can you do a video of ten years of titleist balls test because the ball technology has changed more than the clubs in the last 5-10 years
Steven Bidder
Steven Bidder - 4 years ago
You need Rob Potter to due this test.  Center hits pretty much perform the same.
Peter Webber
Peter Webber - 4 years ago
Anthony Nostro
Anthony Nostro - 4 years ago
Can you do a test with the i series/lst versions of these drivers? I think it would suit your swing better
michandcat - 4 years ago
Well done Rick. G20 drivers will trend upwards on ebay very shortly, and rightfully so. COBRA Please!!!!!!
mark hillier
mark hillier - 4 years ago
Great Review Rick .. love these head to heads
Len Frandsen
Len Frandsen - 4 years ago
great video love this series!!
Ralphy Acoustic Artist
Ralphy Acoustic Artist - 4 years ago
The best thing about Ping drivers especially from the G30 range on, is that they are super forgiving.

I used to use a taylormade R1, and switched to the G30 a few years ago and later upgraded to the G.
What i found was that i didnt hit the ping as long, but i hit them straighter and miss hits carried a mile.
Richard Benson
Richard Benson - 4 years ago
I'd like to see you hit my Nike Sasquatch. The big boxy toaster.
Ian Last
Ian Last - 3 years ago
I used one of them, felt like a cheap piece of shit, sold it after a week.
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones - 4 years ago
i used one of those until like 2 weeks ago.
Osnola Kinnard
Osnola Kinnard - 4 years ago
Was really hoping you'd ht the Anser driver...supposedly VERY low spin.
Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard - 3 years ago
Yep the Anser is..... the answer!!!
Bolgernow - 4 years ago
Me too, I have one. Yes, low spin and great consistent smooth contact ;)
Alex Vekich
Alex Vekich - 4 years ago
Been using the G20 for almost 5 years now and it’s the best club ever I always hit it well. I am very surprised that the G20 outdid all of the other clubs
gary mcdonald
gary mcdonald - 4 years ago
I had G20 only hit it about 230 yards same distance as my three wood and never missed fairway, my backspin was 4000rpm. Got fitted by ping for G30 ls tec by ping backspin down to 2700 and hitting it 250 yards, still use this and a also a 2016 M2 which I hit about 260 yards backspin on this is 2000, my swing speed is averaging 94 mph ball speed moved up from 127mph to 132mph from G20 to G30 and is 132mph with M2. I got big diffrence just by getting fitted then got better with M2 bought off shelf but had tried it out on Launch monitor in American golf and stiff and regular shaft made no difference.
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter - 4 years ago
Titleist drivers Rick!
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 4 years ago
Got to do nike
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 4 years ago
Mizuno or maybe Dunlop
Louie Stott
Louie Stott - 4 years ago
BrettWrightMedia - 4 years ago
Do Cobra next Rick!
Norman Russell
Norman Russell - 4 years ago
I'm a sucker for new stuff, normally buy the slightly older model (just bought a 2016 M1). Maybe I should go back 5 years and save the cash! Just shows you that all the tech is just marketing. They probably reached the peak when the 460 heads came out.
Patrick Washington
Patrick Washington - 4 years ago
The difference I've found between TM Sldr and The 17 m1 is about 10 yards on pure strikes ,and the m1 is way more forgiving.
James Lovering
James Lovering - 4 years ago
I'm in the similar camp, with a 10 year old Taylor Made driver I can hit it far enough that its not the part of my game that needs the most improving.
Scott Simmons
Scott Simmons - 4 years ago
I play with an 07 taylor made burner, demo'd the m1/m2 and have hit numerous ping and Callaway drivers on sims, literally no difference between the clubs. With the taylor mades, my burner goes about 5-10 yards further then the m1/m2. Sims are tough to be 100% accurate yardage wise on but there is little to no difference from my 10 year old drive to todays.
Mango Man
Mango Man - 4 years ago
These videos expose just how little difference there is, assuming you are already fitted properly. I think the only players who may benefit are those with particular strike and spin patterns, where perhaps newer adjustable weight drivers could help them out. I still use the 910 D2 and have zero reason to change.
Carson Holder
Carson Holder - 4 years ago
Titleist or Cobra
John Wallace
John Wallace - 4 years ago
I'd like to see how the Ping Anser got on. The most accurate driver I have ever used.
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
John Wallace yes, I too was disappointed it wasn't included. In truth it was a G series test - enjoyable all the same.
Collin McKelvey
Collin McKelvey - 4 years ago
Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno
David Petryk
David Petryk - 4 years ago
Can you do this with the I and ls series of the same clubs?
ERIC HINDS - 4 years ago
I &LS Review please, I have a i25, which worked out more expensive at fitting because of my high spin, said the fitting guy
Brian Meehan
Brian Meehan - 4 years ago
Another top test crazy similar with the numbers, Titleist next, then maybe a best of the rest you're favorite drivers from last 5 years!! You've tested enough keep up the good work
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 4 years ago
Nice Nike Polo
david robertson
david robertson - 4 years ago
What about Adams, no-one has ever really done an indepth review of any of their products. Be the 1st Rick.
dakota - 4 years ago
Adams is good up until the last few years they were innovative and had some of the best products. The CMB was AP2 forgiveness with softer feel. The A4 Forged is still one of the most forgiving forged irons of all time. The 9015D was way ahead of it's time. I still bag the F11 Ti fairway (couldn't be replaced by the Aeroburner TP) the A4 forged and the A12 Pro hybrids. Best part all of it is super cheap used.
Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 - 4 years ago
david robertson Mercedes own smart and they are still shit
steven baird
steven baird - 4 years ago
david robertson Adams used to be popular on tour for hybrids a few years back, Faldo used Adams aswell towards the end of his career. The last few years though Adams seem to have fallen back way behind the big manufacturers.
david robertson
david robertson - 4 years ago
Well considering Taylormade own them, they must have something going for them. Oh yeah better tell Tom Watton
Bumfluff Mckenzie
Bumfluff Mckenzie - 4 years ago
Cheap stuff
Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 - 4 years ago
Because they’re shite
w3llis89 - 4 years ago
Ping G LS Tec all day for me!!
Connor Jenkins
Connor Jenkins - 4 years ago
Rick once you have a few of these 5 year tests out, could you take the best driver from 5 different brands and compare again to find an overall best driver over the last 5 years? as like a final 5 year video.

SmoothOperator - 3 years ago
agree, good idea
Matt Donovan
Matt Donovan - 4 years ago
This is a great idea
RcTtOuChEd 1
RcTtOuChEd 1 - 4 years ago
I love Ping drivers. The numbers were surprising. Turbulators be damned! Go back to the solid neck.
Patrick Ricker
Patrick Ricker - 4 years ago
Cobra pls
Adolfo Zayas
Adolfo Zayas - 4 years ago
I may be the only Nike guy but it would be cool to see those drivers
Wayne Trunks
Wayne Trunks - 4 years ago
Rick great vlog. If you ever want to get rid of that King cobra bag I will take it off your hands plz
Josh Wright
Josh Wright - 4 years ago
Neil Cavendish
Neil Cavendish - 4 years ago
Cobra next please Rick
martin redgrave
martin redgrave - 4 years ago
Great video. Would love to see you do the same with irons. I currently play Ping g5 and would love to see a comparison with current clubs.
Brutal Assassin
Brutal Assassin - 4 years ago
Do 5 generations of titleist not 5 yeara
NEIL CLARKE - 4 years ago
In that case, if they go no further, why are we paying more? Cobra please!
Rich M
Rich M - 4 years ago
No surprise to me at all Rick. I played the G20 for a couple of years and it was an absolute bomber for me! I only switched it out for a Cobra Fly Z, which I seem to hit straighter but the G20 may well still be the longer club on a good day. The only negative thing about it (depending on your viewpoint) is the sound, as it makes a really loud crack when you hit it. Some people like that as it makes you feel like you've mullered it, even if you haven't!
Ryan Andrade
Ryan Andrade - 4 years ago
Do titleist next
Andrew Gerrard
Andrew Gerrard - 4 years ago
Good one Rick. I still game the 8.5 Anser and love it. Would have been interesting to see how the Anser and the "I" driver compared to the G range. Never mind, next time. Cheers for that.
slimjim 2582
slimjim 2582 - 4 years ago
Watch Ricks videos first before buying those clubs. Then go get one used! Best advise if you want his.
slimjim 2582
slimjim 2582 - 4 years ago
NineTo5 Golf
NineTo5 Golf - 4 years ago
Gonna have to find me a G20
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood - 4 years ago
Money money money money
brandon kygar
brandon kygar - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick! Ive been waiting for this video and i am so surprised. I am rocking the G20 right now and have thought about getting a new driver. I guess ill just go get fitted
Ian Nicol
Ian Nicol - 4 years ago
Hey Rick. Can u try the LS Tech driver to see the difference.
1 other thing. Watched the video with u and Carla and the first 4 holes u guys couldnt keep up with her off the tee. How does she hit it so far. Doesnt look like she puts as much into it as u guys were. Lol. Is it all about the lroper shaft fitting for her to maximize the distance.
Nigel Butler
Nigel Butler - 4 years ago
I like you to do Wilson or Dunlop as we all Star with them thank you love the videos
jackson pamperin
jackson pamperin - 4 years ago
And will you be reviewing the m2 l.i.f.t
jackson pamperin
jackson pamperin - 4 years ago
When is the tmb driving iron review gonna be up just curious
sthil golfin
sthil golfin - 4 years ago
Titleist next Rick can you go back as far as the 910 as it was around for 3 years
Michael Stafford
Michael Stafford - 4 years ago
These videos are just fun to watch. From watching all the tests you've done I get the general theme that technology advances are limited but for whatever reason I still find these videos super entertaining.
CHR15Y BoY - 4 years ago
Titleist next
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 4 years ago
+1 Liked my 910. Hated the 915. Back to luvey-dovey with the 917.
CHR15Y BoY - 4 years ago
Ping are gonna love you lol
Usee - 4 years ago
Great series of tests!
I got the G20 and G30 and can confirm your findings...
...please test Cobra drivers next!
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson - 4 years ago
With the results you're getting from these tests I'm half expecting to see you selling something with the tag line "club manufacturers hate him..." in the future. Really appreciate you doing these and being so up front about the results you're getting!
Michael Raleigh
Michael Raleigh - 4 years ago
Titleist next!
Barry Hughes
Barry Hughes - 4 years ago
Mike Ferrannini
Mike Ferrannini - 4 years ago
Excellent test Rick!! Now I want to go test hit that Ping G20. I would like to see King Cobra next....thanks
Steven Press
Steven Press - 4 years ago
LB - 4 years ago
CoolMan - 4 years ago
Last year I tester the G driver an sneaky as I am, I bought a Used G30, I think I did the right think went from Callaway Diablo which was Ok but the Ping have more control. My son have started to play so I will probably buy a Used Ping, why not a G20, Golfbidder here I come..
Per Johansson
Per Johansson - 4 years ago
Please, do a mizuno driver test
Nexus Player
Nexus Player - 4 years ago
How much do you think the different shafts make a difference. It looked like the G20 had an ultralight shaft meaning you could swing it faster. Seeing the G30 to G400 range pickup speed with the same shaft is interesting. It does show their technology does help in the head speed department. I played a G15 for a few years up until very recently, Ping make good clubs.
Stanley Wong
Stanley Wong - 4 years ago
Great test, thanks for doing it. Titleist next please.
Mark Towers
Mark Towers - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick you've confirmed what we all knew but refused to acknowledge - that all these big club sellers are just taking people's money through hype and false claims.
David Dickenson
David Dickenson - 4 years ago
Petter G
Petter G - 4 years ago
Hopes for Cobra next
Ted Waga
Ted Waga - 4 years ago
Please do Cobra next!!!
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 4 years ago
Brian King
Brian King - 4 years ago
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin - 4 years ago
Has to be titleist
MissyLaMotte - 4 years ago
The G30 driver has turbulators has turbulators has turbulators, the G30 driver has ... sorry, can't help it, blame Randy from FriedEggsGolf ;)
Chris Austin
Chris Austin - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick
Fire fox Explorer
Fire fox Explorer - 4 years ago
Nice vid rick!! Really enjoy these! Good job on all your work!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Fire fox Explorer
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Ping G20, 301 yards, £45

Ping g400, 304 yards, £350

GOLF VLOGS UK - 4 years ago
i had g 15 for 9 years loved it
Mase - 4 years ago
I'd like to know the difference on non-perfect shots. Rick is hitting them in the middle consistently. I wonder how the drivers compare considering off center shots.
Walter Smeg
Walter Smeg - 4 years ago
Cornwall1888 ping k1-5 277yrds.£35
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Chris Murphy he never said ' new'. But eBay they are about £60 and upwards.
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Chris Murphy you'll find lightly used second hand ones, performance doesn't decrease unless they crack which is rare, in fact they sometimes get slightly hotter as the wear out and the face becomes thinner
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Garry Grant I'm not surprised my r11s was 8 yards longer than the 2016 m2 in testing, the 2017 model seems to be longer and feels great though

I think when rick tested this years m1 and m2 they were the longest ever buy again only by 3 or 4 yards
N LS - 4 years ago
Chris Murphy you'd be hard pressed to get any new stuff that old unless someone bought it and never used.. second hand is gonna be your best bet mate
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy - 4 years ago
Where can I get a new G20 for £45? (Asking genuinely)
Martin Davies
Martin Davies - 4 years ago
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Cornwall1888 why are you surprised? Golf club designers have been bullshitting us for years to make punters buy buy. I've stated this for years a posted my views on every channel.
christopher patterson
christopher patterson - 4 years ago
Simon Southby-Ryland
Simon Southby-Ryland - 4 years ago
Wow save yourself a few hundred quid, go and buy a G20 from golfbidder! Can you do Titleist next?
99johnmatrix - 4 years ago
Do titleist or Mizuno
Karl O'Sharkey
Karl O'Sharkey - 4 years ago
6 years of R&D only gets 4 extra yards of carry and 3 extra yards of total distance. Crazy.
Tony Hansson
Tony Hansson - 4 years ago
G driver 2016
Neil Buckley
Neil Buckley - 4 years ago
Rick would you next test Cobra
John Turner
John Turner - 4 years ago
I’m still gaming my old trusty G10 driver. Yet to find anything I hit better....and I have tried numerous other drivers over the last 5/6 years
Nathan Meekers
Nathan Meekers - 4 years ago
Please do cobra
chaiwut sanyaluxruechai
chaiwut sanyaluxruechai - 4 years ago
been waiting for this test to release and my gut feeling was right! sold g30, g serie and keep coming back to G20 for superb feel and forgiveness. G20 will stay in my bag for another 2 years. Thanks for your great video rick.
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 4 years ago
Love these tests! When I once had rapture v2 then tested against g20. I had 1 yard extra distance on average at the time. So... I had kept the rapture. Ping makes great clubs that last! But the marketing is fantastic... I would love to see the difference against LSTech. Since I got me one of those last year lol
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 4 years ago
Mizuno would be interesting
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 4 years ago
Please compare LS & SF too
Mathew Winstanley
Mathew Winstanley - 4 years ago
Great review as looking to buy.
After all your test of all brands, what is your favourite driver of all time?
I would love to see test on cobra
BeardGame - 4 years ago
Gaming a G15. Point and Click.
Paul Anderton
Paul Anderton - 4 years ago
Never hit a Ping driver in my life.maybe it's time to look for a g20 on eBay.
Poe Dameron x
Poe Dameron x - 4 years ago
Nice job Rick. Maybe you'll do the i series as well?
Leyton Isliker
Leyton Isliker - 4 years ago
pls do Cobra next
Vincentius Njauw
Vincentius Njauw - 3 years ago
He did back in November! /watch?v=DaKG3Df52yc&t=611s
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 4 years ago
Please do.
Cameron Halkett
Cameron Halkett - 4 years ago
That Cobra bag in the background <3
Pittgolfer13 - 4 years ago
Rick great video I don't really see anyone doing this, great idea. I play the G25 and ping makes an excellent product.
23pbkallday - 4 years ago
G30 wins
23pbkallday - 4 years ago
Matt Reeves cobra is still shit
Matt Reeves
Matt Reeves - 4 years ago
overall cobra is fine. but the flyz beat the g30 in one of ricks old videos. By kind of a lot as well.
23pbkallday - 4 years ago
Matt Reeves cobra is shit
Matt Reeves
Matt Reeves - 4 years ago
cobra fly z beat that!
Joshua Weisz
Joshua Weisz - 4 years ago
Love the videos rick!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!!
Mike Morris
Mike Morris - 4 years ago
Been waiting for this one for awhile now! Thanks Rick

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