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5 YEARS OF TITLEIST GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 31

Drivers 4 years ago 82,488 views

Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for sending me these Titleist Drivers to test! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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neal Donlan
neal Donlan - 3 years ago
Top video Rick, I have been umming and aahing about switching to the 915 from the vr red limited edition and seeing the data has convinced me. Great test
Nathan D
Nathan D - 3 years ago
So you said that shaft was fitted to you by titleist. Was it fitted to you using the 915 head? or 917, 913, etc?
Bassmaster Blasi
Bassmaster Blasi - 3 years ago
You should do this with the 7 irons of the last 5 years.
Jat Mistry
Jat Mistry - 3 years ago
Rick, in your opinion would you say spending £190 on the 915 is worth it based on the tech, or go for something newer like the m2 2017 or M3
DBC ChiliBoots
DBC ChiliBoots - 3 years ago
Please do a AP2 comparison! This is a great idea nobody else did. Well done Rick.
jonny clayton
jonny clayton - 3 years ago
Funny how there have only been 4 models over 7 years compared to Taylor made’s 20 lol
Craig Wittig
Craig Wittig - 3 years ago
I say test the best of the best for each mfg up against each other. IE Ping, TM, Titleist, Callaway, Cobra, etc. That would be good final show down.
3st1mat0r - 3 years ago
test the 905R against the 917 lets see how far they haven't come!
3st1mat0r - 3 years ago
Complete bullshit the 915 was the worst driver titleist produced was no where near the same performance as the 913. How much is titleist paying you for this crap


Branden - 3 years ago
Nike please
GrandmasterN - 3 years ago
One of your best videos to date!
GrandmasterN - 3 years ago
I'm sad that almost no one tests the 909D3...
Jpgundarun - 3 years ago
I have tried both 915 and 917 up against my 913 on the course and the 913 was better on all occasions. Maybe with such a small difference between the models I was more used to the 913???
chewy560 - 3 years ago
All of these driver comparison tests are pointing to the same general conclusions. Manufacturers have very little margin to change club distance due to regulations, and therefore perhaps it is not too unsurprising that there are only small changes in distance. Even ball dispersion doesn't appear to have improved significantly. If these tests demonstrate one thing - it is that golf club design and frequent product releases by some companies has much more to do with commercial aspects rather than technical improvements, and most of the blurb associated with how good the latest benefits/improvements are is marketing BS to justify the extortionate prices they now charge.
Bob Pfaff
Bob Pfaff - 3 years ago
I am a unashamed Titleist fan but keep the same clubs for 4 years and miss a generation. I wont be parting with the 915 driver though. I actually just bought a second hand one for future use.
Joshua Cutbirth
Joshua Cutbirth - 3 years ago
Could you please do this for Cobra too?
Eric Kraushaar
Eric Kraushaar - 3 years ago
Appreciate the way you conducted this test. I see too many club comparisons with different shafts in each club. Really enjoyed this one, thanks.
Jackson Snyder
Jackson Snyder - 3 years ago
Do cobra plzzzzxxx
J - 3 years ago
Nice test and as said below, this is the first time I recall one of these tests showing the progress from old to new where they get better with each club release.
I was fitted for a GBB but hated it after a few months and went back for a re fit where I ended up with the 917 D2 .... got to say, night and day (for me) between the Callaway and the Titleist ... before that I would never have thought of going for the Titleist, so glad I have ... it feels alive whereas the GBB just felt dead off the face.


Sam Cahill
Sam Cahill - 3 years ago
I might be wrong but I think the D2 for the 910 and 913 were the lower spinning "better player" clubs then they switched it round for the the 915
GINGER NINJA - 3 years ago
Quite surprising that there is not much change
Craig Dearing
Craig Dearing - 3 years ago
Interesting results, although when you factor in your swing speed compared to most club golfers, the gains would be less noticeable - if at all...
It's all about finding the fairway more often, get fit, and look at dispersion, not distance.
Tigers Charles
Tigers Charles - 3 years ago
It's a nice video, you also can use Ben Hogan's real golf swing secret to hit the ball properly and control where it goes. Go here to get this secret: http://bit.ly/2wUxJTa
Jay Mishur
Jay Mishur - 3 years ago
That was awesome! Guess I'm just gonna get 3 more yards next year.. lol
Tuner871 - 3 years ago
cobra drivers next?
scott fraser
scott fraser - 3 years ago
I play Yonex woods Rick c'mon give them a go!
Mark Kirk
Mark Kirk - 3 years ago
Very interesting, what about the same test on irons?
Arvind Das
Arvind Das - 3 years ago
Titleist makes awesome stuff but i still like taylormade driver and fairways!
Mark H
Mark H - 3 years ago
Hi Rick thanks for another interesting test - apart from the stat' data the most interesting nugget was how fairways you hit, shouldn't this form some element of the "test" ?? - Anyway thank you for the test, enjoyed it. M


Jonas P
Jonas P - 3 years ago
915 is very good but it sounds very BAD.
BS13 - 3 years ago
Random question but what shoes are they? Are they golf shoes?
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez - 3 years ago
do cobra!!
Joseph Loukota
Joseph Loukota - 3 years ago
Cobra, please...start with ZL/ZL Encore
speerchucker64 - 3 years ago
I went from 910 to 915 which I am still playing. Have been a Titleist loyalist since 975 with a brief Nike flirtation and see no reason to change. Have not bought 917 and will probably wait for 919. At the end of the day, getting fit for the right shaft makes most difference
Alex Williams
Alex Williams - 3 years ago
When is the p730 irons review coming out?
andreas westroth
andreas westroth - 3 years ago
Do cobra next!
Jacob Weigand
Jacob Weigand - 3 years ago
Almost exactly what i was expecting..... most of the people that i play with prefer the 915 over the 917. Just look at Titleist players on tour, so many more still play the 15 over the 17. In my opinion, especially with TaylorMade becoming the top brand on the market, Titleist needs to switch it up.
metamurph - 3 years ago
The value of a slower cycle. There is more to it than distance and a lot of the advance has been can we get a better "fit" but drivers really are stuck into what the USGA/R&A allow and have been at max a long time. I have no problem with that. I would be interested in similar thing for 3 woods which have a bit more wiggle room it seems. Rather than one test for each vendor, go back 10 years and pick significant "break through" models and compare...that may still be too monster: Titleist 509, Adams introducing face slots, M1, warbird, ...then again you see some of the "solution" has been things like sole shape or rails to help you get it out of rough, off the deck, etc.
Strad 4321
Strad 4321 - 3 years ago
Should have tested the D3 models which would have worked better with your swing. Less spin. The 909 D3 like mine probably would have won. It is non adjustable but has a very similar spec Voodoo shaft.
Ratbacon - 3 years ago
So never claiming to go 10-15 yards further than the competition and not releasing new products at ridiculous frequencies is being "very traditional" and "they like what they like".

Why don't you just say it? They don't lie and talk bullshit when marketing their products and they don't engage in cascading pricing strategies that fuck over retailers and customers. If more people called out the other companies when they do this sort of thing maybe we wouldn't have to put up with their constant marketing gibberish.
e99783 - 3 years ago
Can you test snell golf balls?
Kevin McHugh
Kevin McHugh - 4 years ago
really interesting video, im a massive fan of these new brand comparison videos, does show how technology has evolved but probably not at the rate many would have thought.
Eric Hurt
Eric Hurt - 4 years ago
Have to say very underrated is the 909 series. I have a 909 D3 which I love, I will never get rid of it. I currently play the TM 2016 M1 due to distance and accuracy but the 909 is about 17 yards shorter.
Bogerton 56
Bogerton 56 - 4 years ago
You going to do Cobra next?
Timucua - 4 years ago
Now, you will have to do a test of all the winners from each brand...to find to best driver of the last 5 years!
Matt Strong
Matt Strong - 4 years ago
He hit a used 910 13 15 and brand new 917. Used clubs which have been weathered will never perform as well as new clubs. Yeah the spin and what not have changed and obviously better engineering plays a factor but used clubs with hits taken out wont go as far as a club with hundreds less hits taken out of the face. I enjoy the comparison though!
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter - 4 years ago
Great video Rick! Seems like there is a small benefit in distance and forgiveness/ability to hit fairways with the newer models from Titleist. Does not make sense to buy a new driver every year or so but it does make some sense to get fitted every 5 or so years for a new driver from what I can tell in this test.
eddizz0 - 4 years ago
I'm still rocking the 910 d3. Can't believe it's been around 6 years.
Killian Odonovan
Killian Odonovan - 4 years ago
Great stuff rick im a young golfer from Ireland your helping my game improve majorly


Marno De bruin
Marno De bruin - 4 years ago
Hi Rick, Wow great video! First video where you really see consistent growth and improvement! Great video and thanks for giving us amazing content! Friend just bought a driver based on your review and I am use your reviews for my golf ball purchases. Thank you
John Lawlor
John Lawlor - 4 years ago
A perfect 3 yards every time. Its almost like they have the knowledge to add 20 yards but just drip feed it in every year and try and improve accuracy so they can say each time, "our longest driver yet".. So you are better off getting a new Titleist driver once every 6-8 years to see a bit of a difference.
Paddy Golf
Paddy Golf - 4 years ago
I upgraded from the 913 to the 917 in January of this year - spin rates are way way down (especially helpful on the links courses here in Ireland) and dispersion circle has drastically decreased. Combined with a packet of golf lessons i've seen a massive improvement in my long game. Now....about those pesky irons....
justaway - 4 years ago
913 is a more easy model.
Matthew Rabone
Matthew Rabone - 4 years ago
I'd like to see a course vlog at Bransford in Malvern please Rick.
Stuart Wright
Stuart Wright - 4 years ago
Should do Cobra and Wilson next then Mizuno then after that do a best of the best Comp
Sean Hogenbirk
Sean Hogenbirk - 4 years ago
Cobra drivers next
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Make sure you are subscribed to the channel... this could happen next
Michael Follese
Michael Follese - 4 years ago
Steady, realistic, consistent improvement. I think this shows the class of titleist product. Just plain quality drivers.
Beached as!
Beached as! - 4 years ago
Bought a used 910 last year - very happy with it. Thanks for the great comparison Rick.
Kyle Mcwatt
Kyle Mcwatt - 4 years ago
Hi rick, I currently use the the 910.. provably one of the best drivers I’ve ever owned and got it at a good price, in your opinion do you think I should stay to with the 910 or move on to the 915?
cloudyview - 4 years ago
Mizuno or Bridgestone next?
mike jazz
mike jazz - 4 years ago
either cobra or nike please Rick
hawk son
hawk son - 4 years ago
Do the test in opposite order: hit the newest model first and oldest last. Pretty sure this would change the results!
Mads Skinbjerg
Mads Skinbjerg - 4 years ago
Once again Rick a great video. Enjoying it in my last day of vacation with a cup of coffee! Have a great day!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Thanks Mads! Glad you liked the video - enjoy the rest of your holiday
ryan hughes
ryan hughes - 4 years ago
Not in the years but you should throw in a bonus 975D
sjgraci - 3 years ago
I still have a couple of 975Ds. Loved that club. Probably the first great driver I hit. I switched to a 905T and then 915D3, gained about 10 yards with each and accuracy is similar but mishits definitely get out there more. Recently switched from a 975 3 wood to a 915F. Can't say there is as great of a yardage gain but the ball flight is higher and mishits are also better.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Old School!
gillettecrackers - 4 years ago
The math doesn't add up.
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter - 4 years ago
Please test Cobra.
Ray Van Den
Ray Van Den - 4 years ago
Rick what would be cool now that you did most of the manufacturers of the drivers is to take the top one of each company and see which one performs the best.
Mitch 1977
Mitch 1977 - 4 years ago
I’m loving my 915d3! Gonna take a heck of a good driver for me to change. Nice vid, can’t say I’ll watch the others, I’m a Titleist man
J Bob
J Bob - 4 years ago
I would like to see you do a test on Hybrids vs fairway woods. My favorite club in my bag is a Callaway Big Bertha V series Heaven Wood 20.5 loft. I have several hybrids but for some reason I hook them like crazy and don't like the look of them. I'm trying to find a V Series 9 wood to take the place of my five iron.
Andrew DiFilippo
Andrew DiFilippo - 4 years ago
I love my 915 D2
Vanilla Ice Cube
Vanilla Ice Cube - 4 years ago
Do Nike!
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 4 years ago
Enjoyed how the 915 D2 seemed the best . The latest is not always the greatest. :) Spider Dubiel
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 4 years ago
I am loving all these reviews. :) Rick I bought a Callaway HR16 # 4 Hybrid today. Now have the 3,4, and 5. Spider Dubiel
David Dickenson
David Dickenson - 4 years ago
Christian Roth
Christian Roth - 4 years ago
Rick why is the club speed greater by 3-5 mph versus ping, taylormade.... tests
Ian Shepherd
Ian Shepherd - 4 years ago
Rick...you do know that D2 and D3 swapped places for the 915...not sure why they did that kinda like the new proV1's and ProV1X's how they switched places...so some of those might be 440cc that your hitting??
LuisA2380 Menzes
LuisA2380 Menzes - 4 years ago
Lova ya Shielsy
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
You guys
bigwill2711 - 4 years ago
Would be great to see all the D3 models tested side by side to see if the same linear improvements happen.
Vito Rizzo
Vito Rizzo - 4 years ago
Lets see Potter repeat the test, would be curious to see those result.
Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer - 4 years ago
Do king cobra
Ben P
Ben P - 4 years ago
Unreal test once again ! Just got the 915
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 4 years ago
Once again: good job Rick. Very instructive and helpful as always.
R B - 4 years ago
Love my 915 D2 no need to upgrade, and I agree it looks the best!
Rolland Hawkins
Rolland Hawkins - 4 years ago
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 4 years ago
First company to offer improvement every year?
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Another great 5-yr test, Rick! I've never liked the shape (or price) of Titleist drivers, so I've never tried one.
GrandmasterN - 3 years ago
Go and try a D3 model... Classic beautiful look! The best looking driver they have made though is stil the 975D... Fucking love that club!
Dave Cormack
Dave Cormack - 3 years ago
the gbb epic and epic sub zero, m1, g400 (with tour shaft) and 917 are all the same price at 649 up here in Canada
LozKnutsen - 4 years ago
The D3 is much better looking than the D2.
Pinkey Man
Pinkey Man - 4 years ago
You can get the 915 for 200 euros now
Anthony Bada
Anthony Bada - 4 years ago
Love my 915
Richard Roman
Richard Roman - 4 years ago
Derek Pence
Derek Pence - 4 years ago
The most consistent improvement of all the drivers you've done so far! 3 yds with each new driver! Looks like they do what they say!
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 4 years ago
Nike next
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 4 years ago
its awesome that you can take different clubs back to back and feel the slight differences between them! I wish i was that good! Maybe one day lol Great video as always!!
klo038 - 4 years ago
Can’t believe Titleist 915 and 917 is doing better than M1...
James Bieler
James Bieler - 4 years ago
“The results are in”
chagsprasheel - 4 years ago
Great job, love your videos, as a golf fan I am excited to see this comparison. Not sure if you can but love to see the head to head driver comparison (TM, Callaway, Titleist, Ping) using the longest driver from each.
Maximiliano Castellanos
Maximiliano Castellanos - 4 years ago
When rick said I don’t hit to the right. Sure if you say so. Smh
Chris Austin
Chris Austin - 4 years ago
Great video Rick, I use the 913 still. I find it launches super high, but when i middle it... it goes miles. I am tempted to change, but I also "like what I like"
fezzer - 4 years ago
1 big thing i see theres what 8 drivers ? compared with a lot from the rest. Just shows there not in it just to try bleed money.
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Okay quality of strike has increased over your testing of the model lines, thus did ball speed and thus did distance. Nothing new here. Strike is king.
The question would be why did the strike change? Was it subconsciously - or has the face worn out (do driver faces wear out and lose "pop"?) ?
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Btw, according to MC drivers don't lose "pop": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JKfbweMTw8
It's worth to read the comments below, a long driver competitor says the heads even get "hotter",
some people claim heads wear out soon - even within the guarantee period, I guess that would be shitty quality by Taylormade...
Jaketm47 - 4 years ago
if its so frustrating then dont fuckin watch it, go suck off crossfield
Justin 1
Justin 1 - 4 years ago
Benny Frank the 3rd great point ☝
streamleazefishhouse - 4 years ago
I bought a 910 last December I really like it. I would have liked to have seen your standard deviation data as well as your mean.


Matty Smith
Matty Smith - 4 years ago
Great video as usual. Just shows what great drivers Titleist make. Very Consistent.
Callum James
Callum James - 4 years ago
Best club comparison video yet - great work Rick
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Brock Behnke
Brock Behnke - 4 years ago
next do Cobra Rick!
Johan Klarin
Johan Klarin - 4 years ago
Seems to me that unless you are someone who makes a living off golf (or hit your driver 300 yards) we should all run to eBay and buy cheap 910s. Nowhere near enough performance difference to spend big cash on newer models.
Ray Hayduk
Ray Hayduk - 4 years ago
My experience moving from a 910 D2 to the 917 D2 is that I picked up about 15 yards of distance with the newer club. I’m going for more par 5’s in two now and has completely changed my strategy of play to more of an attacking vs conservative play mode. For me, well worth the upgrade.
Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
Or you are a low single didget handicap
Shane Carville
Shane Carville - 4 years ago
Johan Klarin
Logan McEvoy
Logan McEvoy - 4 years ago
Great vid! I don't mind Titleist at all!!
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett - 4 years ago
Rick, please do the D3 test as well. You may get a surprise out of that one. Then Cobra next thx.....
cody newman
cody newman - 4 years ago
Refreshing to actually see improvement increasing with the years. Probs to titleist
Annette Chiasson
Annette Chiasson - 4 years ago
I like my 915
Slow Ride
Slow Ride - 4 years ago
Hi Rick please do COBRA drivers next
al goatman
al goatman - 4 years ago
Great review! How about Cobra drivers next...
Darryl Mack
Darryl Mack - 4 years ago
Love these 5 year tests Rick! Next compare your top 2 from each manufacturer (2 Pings, 2 Titleists, etc) for the 5 year driver champion !!!!!
Ian Styring
Ian Styring - 4 years ago
His test of the Callaways.......seem to be the longest so far of those tested.
Nick Murphy
Nick Murphy - 4 years ago
Slightly off topic but them shoes are sick
Nick Murphy
Nick Murphy - 4 years ago
Cornwall1888 my man
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Nick Murphy lunar control vapor 2
Nico’sDashCam Bonanza
Nico’sDashCam Bonanza - 4 years ago
First one to show a steady improvement across the board... I love my 913 D3, but this makes me want to look at the 917... 6 yards is a big difference when you play off 1.
Nico’sDashCam Bonanza
Nico’sDashCam Bonanza - 3 years ago
LozKnutsen half a club is enough to make a difference, less club means more control, means better proximity to the flag, means more putts holed... that’s a big difference when taken over many rounds...
LozKnutsen - 4 years ago
Nick Bliss Half a club, not that much.
Collin McKelvey
Collin McKelvey - 4 years ago
Bridgestone drivers
Robert Ireland
Robert Ireland - 4 years ago
Cobra next please rick.
Cian Lanigan
Cian Lanigan - 4 years ago
Would've been good if you went back to the 905 series the 905R was class
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
I still use and love my 905T. Sound and feel is better than everything else that I tested... but I'm not a big tinkerer anyway.
Cace Smith
Cace Smith - 4 years ago
Very interesting to see the dynamic difference between Titleist and TM/Callaway. Titleist has gotten incrementally better whereas TM/Callaway have been pretty flat. Maybe you could argue that Titleist is just catching up. At the end of the day, when you look at drivers from the major OEMs none of them are significantly outperforming the other. It all goes back to getting properly fit by a professional fitter for a driver head/shaft combo that looks good, feels/sounds appealing and performs for YOU. Then stick with that combo because unless the USGA/R&A loosen up on COR limitations there won't be a dynamic shift in performance for the next several years.
Alex Filipowicz :-}
Alex Filipowicz :-} - 4 years ago
Great job, you are always so thorough in your researching.
Brett  Smith
Brett Smith - 4 years ago
Please do cobra or mizuno next.
Bill Barclay
Bill Barclay - 4 years ago
Thanks for this Rick. I was never a Titleist wood fan as I felt they did not achieve any better than my Pings. Not until I was invited to try out the 915 did I feel a change. So I tried out the D3 9.5 and boy was I happy to the extent I wanted the one I was using. Managed to gain length and ability to fade or draw if needed. Last year driving accuracy was at 77%. Now did have some thoughts on changing, but your test has compounded my decision to stick with my 915. Cheers
Nic Mansfield
Nic Mansfield - 4 years ago
After this i wont be updating my 915 to a 917... Good vid Rick.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 4 years ago
Hi Ric, it's good to see my driver still rates up there with the best from Titleist, I play a 915D2
mojopa01 - 4 years ago
What I found interesting is that your smash went up .01 at a time... (910-1.42 912-1.43 915-1.44 917-1.45) Sort of shows how they continuously does it? Nice Video any ways and Titleist is and remains one of the brands I respect for making good clubs and not trying to fool us with lets say "Boeing Areo Marketing Stuff"
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 3 years ago
That's the average impact...
high/toe + low/heel = sweet spot on average
Plus that's the avg from 10 shots but just ball data from the 5 balls that were in the fairway were shown in the numbers. So nothing sensible can be inferred from the average strike position imo.
tbh, 1.42 is a not a good value for a pro. That's why I think he was a little bit all over the place and hence the ball speed was lower than in the newer ones. The definitive test would be an "iron byron" test.
mojopa01 - 3 years ago
Well the limit of COR is the reason why total distance on good hits is as near as makes no difference the same. Where the did improve is how big or small the drop offs in Ballspeed are if the strikes are less good. So Ricks strike with all the clubs is quite similar on average as you can see in the video where he shows his strike location of the shots on average some of them will bit off centre and the improvement in clubs makes for smaller drop offs.
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 3 years ago
Well COR is regulated and drivers have been at the limit for years. The face can't get any springier...
What would be your explanation that those drivers got longer/better?
mojopa01 - 3 years ago
Then let us just agree to disagree...
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
I'd answer all of those questions the same. (Except 1.42-1.45 is high and solid but not super high). I just don't think the reason Rick's smash is progressing has anything to do with the driver heads.
It's a) coincidence of b) he subconsciously expected the newer ones to perform better and managed a better strike on average.
mojopa01 - 4 years ago
If you are asking me whether I think that strike is the most important thing in how good or bad your smsh factor is then I would answer 100% yes. If you are asking wheter or not I think that Ricks smash are so high (1.42 and above) because his strike is very good then I would say yes absolutely!!! If your question was however if I think that Rick willfully struck them better in order to improver the smash by 0.01 for each of the models I would say NO... Because A I don't think that he or anyone could do that and B his Data shows that he struck all of them pretty much the same...
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Don't you think Rick had anything to do with how the smash factor came about???
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 4 years ago
Great video, very interesting results. I love my 915 would not swap it
NEWSOM Zack - 4 years ago
Does the fact that they were all used previously, take in consideration the wear and tear of each club that one might be more used resulting in a different outcome? One might not have as much “spring” effect as it would brand new.
Jpgundarun - 3 years ago
So in other words Thousands of hits.
frank hoxsey
frank hoxsey - 3 years ago
Jpgundarun by a pro, around 3'000+ time over a years. By an average Amateur, 700+ based on lifestyle. This doesn't include driving range time.
Jpgundarun - 3 years ago
So how many times do you think an 8 year old club has hit a ball?
frank hoxsey
frank hoxsey - 4 years ago
NEWSOM Zack if you do some research. You'll find it takes thousands of hits with a driver before you'll find degradation of the titanium.
zimmer - 4 years ago
should of put the 909 on test
Edwardo17 - 4 years ago
please do COBRA next Rick!
Christopher S
Christopher S - 4 years ago
It’s refreshing to see improvement in numbers every two years, as opposed to coming out with four drivers a year without performance gains.
Sam Casey
Sam Casey - 4 years ago
M1 440 vs Titleist D3 vs Epic Sub Zero etc....
Sam Casey
Sam Casey - 4 years ago
You should do a head to head with all the smaller head drivers against each other of the newer models. Please!
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 4 years ago
Your consistency of center strikes certainly contributed to the validity of this test.

I couldn't wait to trade in my 915 D2 for the 917 D2. Mine may have had a defect. First time I removed the shaft, a rubber washer that holds the wrench screw into the head was SHREDDED!! I contacted Titleist for replacements, but from that point on, whenever I played with the 915, halfway into the round, I could actually grab the head and grip, torque the shaft, and feel it a little loose, and had to re-tighten it with the wrench (always had to have it in the bag). I was thrilled to say goodbye to it, and still keep my 910 around.
Adolfo Zayas
Adolfo Zayas - 4 years ago
Titleist definitely showed improvement each year which you really didn't see in the other branda
Brett Harris
Brett Harris - 4 years ago
Does anyone know if the shafts have improved an this time as well or whether they are exactly the same. As this is basically a head test.
Joe - 4 years ago
Brett Harris I haven't done the research or anything, but my intuition would be that shaft technology has advanced a lot more than head technology. The shaft is really the most important part of the driver!
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 4 years ago
What was going on with the angle of attack with the 913?
PixlPutterMan - 4 years ago
Love it Ric, next you need to do the "Best of Bonded" - 905r - HiBore XL Tour - i15 - FT Tour, ect
Verg 16
Verg 16 - 4 years ago
Thank you so much for this...i am currently using the 915 and used the 913 and 910 previously...great video
Lee c
Lee c - 4 years ago
great test nice to see progression through the models, i use a 2005 king cobra 460 sz at the mo im looking at getting a new driver very soon/start of 2018 if i can get a extra 10-15 yards i would be over the moon.would love to see cobra as the next test rick,keep up the good work.
RequiemDead - 4 years ago
Love my 915D2!
LB - 4 years ago
Nike next
Kobe Tucker
Kobe Tucker - 4 years ago
Do a mizuno
Adam Stubbs
Adam Stubbs - 4 years ago
Bet the price of used drivers is currently rocketing on eBay when you're proving that really the cost of the latest model drivers isnt worth it. Great vids btw
Danny Love
Danny Love - 4 years ago
Hi Rick love the video. Why don't you try cobra for you next video that would be good to see as they have bought out a few drivers over the years..
aluntom88 - 4 years ago
Got the 910 d3 and the 915 d3 over 4 years of playing with them the 915 is about 5 yards longer and both accurate.Tried the 913 but didn't like it
john causer
john causer - 4 years ago
I play a 915d2 love it, staying in my bag for the foreseeable.
Steve Holliday
Steve Holliday - 4 years ago
now you need to get your hands on the Titleist AVX ball and give us the scope!
FF2312674333 - 4 years ago
Great video Rick. I play the 915 and bought it just before the 917 was launched so got it at a good price but was always a bit irked that I couldn’t afford / justify the 917 at the price it was launched at. However after watching the test, no longer feel hard done by!
Although I can’t do the maths, I reckon the gains made from 910 to 917, all of 9 yards will be even less for me as I don’t have your swing or swing speed. (I wish) So for an extra £150 I might have bought myself half a yard at best.
Always great to get a new club but will listen a bit less to the marketing noise from now on.
Georges J
Georges J - 4 years ago
The 3 yards extra can be explained by the efficiency on hit, goes up by .01 every gen so extra speed -> extra distance. Fun to see they do this compared to other manufacturers in this series where the efficiency always stayed the same.
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 4 years ago
Loved this comparison vlog; its great to see someone like you smash drive after drive.
Brilliant work
saintcruzin - 4 years ago
Best advice: guys, get fit...
Tom Sweeney
Tom Sweeney - 4 years ago
Great video! Love Titleist and their product cycle, as well as the steady improvement in their equipment. No need for over the top claims, just build good stuff.
M A.R McIlroy
M A.R McIlroy - 4 years ago
funny... I did the comparison between my 910D3 7.5 vs 917d3 7.5 and only gained 2 yards on average carry (using the same shaft) ... MARKETING!
Quest4Scratch - 4 years ago
Once you are finished all your 5 year tests how about a head to head with all the best drivers from each test? YouTube Gold!
Francisco Patxot
Francisco Patxot - 4 years ago
Hi rick, very good video! I would like to see next some shafts comparison. Probably you can choose a club and hit it with different shafts and see how numbers change. Good job!
Ravenhurst - 4 years ago
Atleast they're actually improving after each model unlike other brands that have been reviewed.
T.J. Hodnett
T.J. Hodnett - 4 years ago
I'll be in the minority saying this I'm sure.... but out of sheer curiosity, how about Nike or Mizuno?? (My 2 favorite brands lol)
Robert Morley
Robert Morley - 4 years ago
You've done TaylorMade?  Can't find it.
Robert Morley
Robert Morley - 4 years ago
Thanks, Benny!
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
mattmoo1007 - 4 years ago
Great test Rick. I would offer a guess that you might get a different result on fairways hit if a mid-handicap golfer were to do the test. I own several of those models and keep going back to the 910 D2, not because it is long, but because it finds fairways.
sabr686 - 4 years ago
Yay for the 915! I chose the right year and driver!
Darren Terry
Darren Terry - 4 years ago
Can you do one on golf balls?
MrDudestein - 4 years ago
I wonder how big the difference would be between a 2010 Titleist driver and 2010 pro V1 vs the current driver and current pro V1.
goomy worms
goomy worms - 3 years ago
Cornwall1888 That's great for you, as you just demonstrated it's all individual. I'm saying the 20 handicapper who hits it 230 and plays a couple times a month won't see improvement in scores over the season. But you hit the nail on the head "except Jordan" it's all about the individual
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
goomy worms I hit the ball further than when I first started it makes the game a lot easier, there is a direct relationship between club head speed and handicap, I now hit wedges into tight greens that used to require an 8 iron, much easier

I’d gladly take the 15 yards so would you and everyone else, even the best tour players are usually slightly longer than the rest of the pack. 300+ yards guys maybe except Jordan

goomy worms
goomy worms - 3 years ago
Statistically, maybe. For the better player maybe a higher chance, but the difference of a 7iron to a 5iron for a 15 handicap isn't massive. You could find yourself in situations where 15 less yards would be beneficial, like staying short of the rough. If you look at the pros the distance from 7 years ago went up (not just equipment, but athleticism), but the scoring average really didn't. Some players are better with their pitching wedge than they are their sand wedge, it's so individual. If you did a controlled study though, I just don't see a meaningful change in handicapped golfers scores over a season from MAYBE 15 extra yards.
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
goomy worms between the latest drivers and balls you’d gain about 15 yards over 7 years ago

That’s at least one club less into the green, for me that would make a difference, especially if it takes me from a long iron to a mid iron.
goomy worms
goomy worms - 3 years ago
not enough to make a difference in your scores over a season
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 3 years ago
There you go. Good stuff. Let's do that test!
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Joel Peart golf balls don’t degrade if kept in normal conditions


many tour players use old balls luke Donald used the 2011 pro v for about 5 years.

Rory got 3 years worth of Nike balls before they stopped making them, obviously he moved to taylormade but he did plan on using them
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
Unused of course. Golf balls go bad just sitting around though, as far as I know. So unless they have been kept in an airlock space or something a Pro V1 from 2010 tested in 2017 is not the same ball as a Pro V1 from 2010 being tested in 2010.
Conrad Benford
Conrad Benford - 4 years ago
Joel Peart unused
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
I imagine it could only be a hypothetical. A 7 year old golf ball wouldn't perform as it would have 7 years ago. Loss of compression etc. I could be wrong
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
MrDudestein good idea
Stuart Barclay
Stuart Barclay - 4 years ago
Interesting, I play Titleist drivers and have always swopped up to the newiest one on launch, might rethink my habit now with so little gain. Cheers Rick.
AJ DiFabio Sports
AJ DiFabio Sports - 4 years ago
like all of the driver tests love your content you should do cobra drivers
Edward Willis
Edward Willis - 4 years ago
Love your videos. Just getting into golf but still find these so entertaining and helpful
pavandeep sittre
pavandeep sittre - 4 years ago
Rick it's you that makes the ball move in the air not the club.
jonny clayton
jonny clayton - 4 years ago
Fist manufacturer in this test to show steady improvement, makes me respect their 2 year marketing strategy
Matthew Shedden
Matthew Shedden - 3 years ago
Plus at least you know roughly when to expect something new and you know there's going to be some kind of change
notformebeaky - 4 years ago
I do wonder if clubs deliberately keep progress slow, like an Iphone or pole vault records or something there's no point in making quantum leaps between models, as you'll have to work even harder for the next model after it.

it makes sense for companies to make small leaps.
Pierre P
Pierre P - 4 years ago
This is the first one of these test if I remember correctly that each model got slightly better by the year. Nice job Titleist
Steven Shaw
Steven Shaw - 3 years ago
GrandmasterN - 3 years ago
This just goes to show how high quality Titleist really have!
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
Good stuff. I have a GBB V Series. As Rick found, there might be clubs that go a little further but it is very accurate.
Pierre P
Pierre P - 4 years ago
Joel Peart yeah Callaway latest I agree has been their best. Their in between not so much. I have an Epic GBB and very happy with it.
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
I think it points mostly at the wisdom and integrity of releasing models every couple of years. As far as these tests have gone though, the latest Callaway drivers go the furthest. Perhaps trial and error isn't a bad principle.
Matthew Green
Matthew Green - 4 years ago
Rick, if you can get hold of one, do a review of the Geek DCT. I've hit virtually every driver made in the last 5 years and this owns them all
CJ Wright
CJ Wright - 4 years ago
Very nice comparison.
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
So manufacturers are making progress, just slow progress.
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
cgasucks you can still lower spin, add forgiveness, improve aerodynamics, improve ball speeds across the face, make shafts lighter, make heads lighter, counter balance... all these small changes seem to add up to 2 or 3 yards a year
cgasucks - 4 years ago
Because of the USGA and R&A COR restrictions, they can only do so much...
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Wanheda i still play the r11s, I’ll probably get a new driver for next season.

The 2016 m2 performed worse than my r11s but I’ve tried the 2017 m2 and liked it

Taylormade will have 2 new drivers out in January I think, probably pick up the 2017 m2 for £180 by then
Ciaran  Greaney
Ciaran Greaney - 4 years ago
Yeah but that progress would cost 3/4 hundred every 2 years if you're going to keep up with the upgrades, still better than callaway and tm every six months!
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell - 4 years ago
When the tests are complete I would like to see a breakdown of which manufacturers have improved the most in the last 5-10 years.
Wanheda - 4 years ago
So pretty much only buy a new at most every 4 years or so? Could probably get away with every 6 years even (without seeing too much of a difference).
TheBluntCactus - 4 years ago
Great video rick!
Joe Martin
Joe Martin - 4 years ago
First likeee

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