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5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 58

Drivers 4 years ago 150,929 views

5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE golf DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the TAYLORMADE Drivers as possible! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Hey everyone thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the video! If you did drop it a like and if you haven't already subscribe to my channel for free so you don't miss any videos. Plenty of comment below have asked for the Callaway video. If you haven't seen it already here it is -
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
Want to do a 10 year comparison? For the weekend golfer, most don't buy drivers that often. Would be exciting to see. Just now upgrading my driver from 07' Burner. The burner has treated me quite well over the years.
Owl Owly
Owl Owly - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf hi Rick, what would he really interesting imo is testing the tm drivers with the stock shafts. Using the same shaft makes the test of the head fair but the vast, vast majority of us amateurs buy a new driver with the stock shaft. From what you are showing in these tests is that there is practically no difference in performance of the heads so perhaps the shaft makes a bigger difference than head?

I would be super interested to see you flip this around and see you test one head with the stock shafts from each of the other 6 drivers.

I'm not a big equipment guy and have only changed irons 3 times and driver 4 times in 25 years. I had the sldr which was so much longer than the r5 I had before then moved to m2 when I tested and the dispersion was massively better. Exactly what you have just shown! I feel pretty smug for not getting sucked into buying all new gear all the time!

Love your vids mate and fair play for doing these tests...I can't see the manufacturers being too happy with you though haha
scott fraser
scott fraser - 3 years ago
Rick is right - the difference is both minimal and not worth the expensive outlay. I recently had the 2016 M1 and before that a 915 - went back to my Yonex from 2012 and hit it just as far and more consistently.
Mike Hjermstad
Mike Hjermstad - 3 years ago
*21 drivers since 2012. I didn't see the Burner Superfast 3.0 in your bag. It was only sold at Dick's Sporting Goods, not even on Taylormade's website. Extremely underrated driver!
Раиса Ершова
Раиса Ершова - 3 years ago
█▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ➨ http://tinyurl.com/ybvtgqux
Andrew's Diary
Andrew's Diary - 3 years ago
karncis - 3 years ago
thanks Rick. Titleist obvious choice next. Or Ping.
JEREMIH-RAIDEN - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf hey rick, I know Nike don't make equipment anymore but can you do Nike as well?
Your Boy Ivan
Your Boy Ivan - 3 years ago
Rick the Taylor made drivers came in by around 10yds shorter on avg than the callaway drivers. Is there a specific reason for that? I see head speed was 2mph slower then the callaways? Can you do a comparison of the most recent 2 year model drivers from the top brands compared to each other? Might need to trade in my r15 for a callaway to get 10 yds more. Thanks for the awesome video.
fricijus - 4 years ago
Lynx, please
Neil Wiggins
Neil Wiggins - 4 years ago
Great bit of info/data, I can't afford the latest like many golf-dogs so I recently bought a second hand R15 totally in love with it.
Sean Dyer
Sean Dyer - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf cobra drivers
Brody Hodge
Brody Hodge - 3 years ago
I’d like to see 5 years of all of the Taylormade irons
ferociousferret - 3 years ago
So I need to upgrade my R1.
James Smith
James Smith - 3 years ago
Great test! Would love to see this test using your 13 handicap friend. And add m3 or m4
Arvind Das
Arvind Das - 3 years ago
Rick could u get some data from r 580 xd, r5 , r7 and r9 and the m1 , m2 2016 bcos they in all probability more stable than the m3 and m4
Arvind Das
Arvind Das - 3 years ago
You know in business they have something called margin velocity . Taylormade follows that thir r &d is under so much pressure and the marketing guys are always shitting bricks bcos they have to keep selling the drivers! They make good products so do others i think even if u had hit the r 580 xd or r9 u would have got somilar results . The question is of the right fit ! Shaft head combo ! The weight orts were there in r5 dual the carbon crown is not a new tech cobra had it so did titleist and so did callaway! So whats new .The twist face so they claim everything you hit comes back to center ! Man thats bullocks ! And all the pga guys who are hitting it far and long are fitted by the company ! So in one line dont buy retail get yourself fitted.
Aaron Dela Cruz
Aaron Dela Cruz - 3 years ago
you should do this series with irons!
Ozi Ramlan
Ozi Ramlan - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, great videos btw. Just wondering if you've ever done a comparison of old illegal COR drivers.. be interesting to see what is the longest... also how these faces would affect ball speeds.
ajh21313 - 3 years ago
Good vid, I have the Taylormade SLDR-S still to this day... I'm strictly a Callaway guy but crossed over to this driver ever since (driver only). Do you think the Callaway Sub Zero would compare to the SLDR-S? 5 to 10 yard baby fade with my SLDR, contol is perfect. Callaway next for the 5 year test.

10. comment for 5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

pinoy287 - 3 years ago
I have the M1 driver from 2016. That will be my driver for a really long time.
Sam Wells
Sam Wells - 3 years ago
What's so funny is that technology in the driver heads hasn't changed much at all in a long time. Golf clubs are worst than fishing gear. Some fishing lures aren't made to catch fish, they catch the fishermen, just like gold clubs
Alex Kangoo
Alex Kangoo - 3 years ago
Can you do the last 5 years of irons from taylormade
Joshua Cutbirth
Joshua Cutbirth - 3 years ago
Could you please do this for Cobra too?
Jackson Snyder
Jackson Snyder - 3 years ago
Cobra please ?
Chris Balmer
Chris Balmer - 3 years ago
Rick, how about a Cobra test? They've been a "dark horse" favorite and probably a Top 5 brand, behind the Big 4 (Cally, TM, PING and Titleist). The time has come... 5 years of Cobra drivers!
Chris Balmer
Chris Balmer - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf any guess on a how long before it drops?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Filmed today! Keep and eye on my channel - coming soon!
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee - 3 years ago
Great test and very interesting results. However, I think it is hard to compare the R11S with the rest of the bunch because of the different shaft. Project X 3.3 shaft is very different than the Aldila Rogue 70 2.8. Also, it would be good to show the dispersion of each of the drivers as it is just as important as the distance.
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, can you review a 2007 Taylormade Burner to compare the improvements made in 10 years? I see plenty of casual golfers still with this burner model, including myself. Would love to see the stat comparisons and would be quite compelling. Thanks!
Andrew Levy
Andrew Levy - 3 years ago
For most of these tests the first years club you hit you hit really well. Is it because you hit it first? Every test has the same tendency.
Grant Mather
Grant Mather - 3 years ago
Hi RickI'm a big fan of the TM M1 2016 drivers, but have notice that the paint on a number of head start to crack on the white crown. Is this just a bad paint job or has TM ratified the problem in the 2017 range? I currently play M1 2016, 8.5 - 430cc head .

20. comment for 5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

SiouxPreme Golf
SiouxPreme Golf - 3 years ago
You should do 5 Years of mini drivers!
peter schulz
peter schulz - 3 years ago
hei rick, can you test the taylor made aeroburner? :)
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
I requested the 2007 burner. Would be a nice 10 year comparison. Can you like my comment too? Thanks!
Wilson Hung
Wilson Hung - 3 years ago
Cobra please.
George Cesarini
George Cesarini - 3 years ago
Rick, any chance you could film or just post the number from the Taylormade r7 cgb max 460cc family of driver? I'm interested to see how it compares to the newer clubs you did in this video since it is from 2008 I believe and since I can't remember ever having better drives constantly with any other driver. Be cool to see if these last few years show a significant jump when you go back another 5 years or so in technology. No matter what do you have any experience with the r7 line up and what's your thoughts or impressions? Thanks.
PWL1371 - 3 years ago
Very informative video . I would have enjoyed seeing the Aero Bruner tested in line with these others . Think the out come may have changed .
Ronald Irwin
Ronald Irwin - 3 years ago
No RBZ, a waste of my time
Ryan Jurgens
Ryan Jurgens - 3 years ago
Great test! Can you do a cobra driver test?
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
I expected big gains with the "M" line over the R11s and R1.
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
I wished I'd recorded how I was laughing, when you said we should be hitting it 30-40 yards further!
coulangees - 3 years ago
Isn't "Mixing it up" with the M-2 kind of doing all the "better player" drivers and then switching to something from the Burner range? :P

30. comment for 5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Goodspeed - 3 years ago
I feel like I should just go buy a new driver from 2012 off of eBay... mint condition heads for like ~$45 dollars now.
Alan Hand
Alan Hand - 3 years ago
How about getting the oldest drivers from GB?
ddss6 - 3 years ago
Rick, do you think that driver technology has become somewhat maxed out in the sense that we're not really going to see any major gains no matter what else the manufacturers try?
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia - 3 years ago
Test the titleist
MotohUS - 3 years ago
Did he do the original burner?
Simon Short
Simon Short - 3 years ago
Still playing the '07 burner, it's a lovely driver.
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
No, but I did request the 2007 burner in another comment, which I think is the second version/second year burner. Can you like my comment so he hopefully reviews it? It would be a nice 10 year comparison to see what kind of numbers the drivers have improved since then. Thanks!
Breazy Golf21
Breazy Golf21 - 3 years ago
Do the aero burner!
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
I added a comment for the 2007 burner. Would be a nice 10 year comparison!
golfbuddy1969 - 3 years ago
Interesting video. I have played R15 for a year and a half, I "lofted up", and sometimes it feels like I'm cheating. There may be some that are longer, or some that are more forgiving, but for me, no better combination of the two than theR15. Halfway through my rounds, playing with whomever, they always want to see my driver.
jb500bhp - 3 years ago
Great video
Maddie James
Maddie James - 3 years ago
Where is the Ping one of these?
Mark C
Mark C - 3 years ago
Cobra and Nike would be cool
scott fraser
scott fraser - 3 years ago
I like Toyota Tundra 333
I like Toyota Tundra 333 - 3 years ago
Try out Callaway. Why not? You're the man Rick.
MXRIDER113 _ - 3 years ago
Do Nike next that would be cool
Roger Westlake
Roger Westlake - 3 years ago
Fascinating test, great content. I guess its ballistics in the end, if you put the same amount of energy into the ball it becomes about optimising the trajectory to achieve the best distance. I guess this is what the drive for low spin is about?
Roger Westlake
Roger Westlake - 3 years ago
Fascinating test, great content. I guess its ballistics in the end, if you put the same amount of energy into the ball it becomes about optimising the trajectory to achieve the best distance. I guess this is what the drive for low spin is about?
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe - 3 years ago
Great production and analysis.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
+Hobo Joe thank you!
bob smith
bob smith - 3 years ago
Lets see the titleist drivers!!
Kyle williams
Kyle williams - 3 years ago
Siiic BP
Siiic BP - 3 years ago
Great video.  I'd like to see Titleist or Nike drivers tested.  Thanks!
Matt Underwood
Matt Underwood - 3 years ago
Every time Titleist GOAT comes up, the 983k and 905r are put out there. Love to see those two worked in to a Titleist-off, even though both are way outside the five year range

50. comment for 5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Nick Joseph
Nick Joseph - 3 years ago
Loved it. Cannot wait for Ping as I am looking at G400.
Cace Smith
Cace Smith - 3 years ago
Great video Rick. Once again goes to show that consumers need to get fit by a solid professional fitter for an optimal shaft/head combo and stick with it. 5 years from now it's highly unlikely that driver will be obsolete given the current limits placed on manufacturers.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith - 3 years ago
The ball dispersion on the R11 looked to be tighter than all the other drivers, was I wrong?
dakota - 3 years ago
Ball speed is all within a mile an hour, just differences in spin contributing to the total distance. Goes to show you how important a proper fitting is.
lambert1702 - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick, can't wait for the Ping drivers!
Bobby Desjardins
Bobby Desjardins - 3 years ago
Rick you have to also do the Callaway drivers
Randall Mahony
Randall Mahony - 3 years ago
Rick I'd love to see a review of the new but not so new Calloway Epic Star driver with jail break technology.
Michael Bigelow
Michael Bigelow - 3 years ago
Rick when you did the head to head with Taylormade M1 vs Callaway epic you had carry distances of over 300yds. yet here you only have around 278yds including the M1. why
Jack Cumby
Jack Cumby - 3 years ago
He isn't swinging as fast as he usually dose
gary webb
gary webb - 3 years ago
gary webb
gary webb - 3 years ago
Mrbigolnuts - 3 years ago
great test Rick, super interesting! would have liked to know where the RBZ sits inv this, why does Mizuno make such crap drivers?
Lister Golf Channel
Lister Golf Channel - 3 years ago
do benross drivers!!!
Edward Williams III
Edward Williams III - 3 years ago
I'm glad you did this video on the taylor made drivers I'm still cracking my RBZ tour driver 280 yard plus and I have the 3w 5w and hybrid all tour heads. I stopped buying a lot of new equipment and worked on maintaining agility and speed and body flexibility
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 3 years ago
Great test Rick very interesting I suppose the distances are virtually the same the main improvement is slight miss hits don't get punished as much in 2016/17 models and probably a difference in feel and sound. What time are you off at Close House next Wednesday as I'm definitely coming up as it's just up the road from where I live. #British Masters.
Peter Scuba
Peter Scuba - 3 years ago
With these tests I hope you get warmed up first otherwise the first will be a warm up
Hari Lehal
Hari Lehal - 3 years ago
Rick, I'm returning to golf after more than a decade away; I've still got a r540xd in my bag (which I hit well) What kind of benefits will I see from going to a new generation model?
fluffballgaming - 3 years ago
Titleist next?
LoopholesGaming - 3 years ago
I'd really like to see you do Cobra
Thomas Hickey
Thomas Hickey - 3 years ago
Should do cobra
Dave Eklund
Dave Eklund - 3 years ago
This was a great video Rick. Thank you so much for doing this test. Any others you are able to do would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.
Mike - 3 years ago
How about Mizuno
John Havener
John Havener - 3 years ago
I realize it would be even more difficult to find the drivers, but a comparison that stretched even farther back to compare significant changes that the whole industry went through would be interesting. Persimmon to early metal woods to vintage Pings (like you did a couple months ago) to early Callaway Big Bertha-style (like you and Pete did in your 2nd hand challenge a while back) through some of the more recent styles. With your swing consistency and ability to describe the hits, I think that would be an interesting video to watch.
oliverfreakout - 3 years ago
Cobra please with the offset drivers as well :D
Impreza WRC
Impreza WRC - 3 years ago
What's happened to Rob Potter ? The club testing he did was quite entertaining.
Andy Titcomb
Andy Titcomb - 3 years ago
Matthew Fernandez
Matthew Fernandez - 3 years ago
Keep playin the dudPerfect boys. This was disappointing.
JCW 7777
JCW 7777 - 3 years ago
How about 5 yrs of Ping drivers Rick
D Nakagawa
D Nakagawa - 3 years ago
Great series! So enjoyed watching it! I would like to see a COBRA series.
David La
David La - 3 years ago
do a cobra driver video!
Alex Queen
Alex Queen - 3 years ago
Nike drivers
ShivasIrons22 - 3 years ago
Great idea! I'd like to see Calloway after Ping.
Daniel Caldicott
Daniel Caldicott - 3 years ago
Interesting results Rick, one thing to consider is the launch angle of each club. Given the spin numbers in the 2015-2017 clubs if you had the optimum launch you'd probably see improvements in carry etc . What this ultimately shows is the importance of being fit for clubs. Would be interesting to see the numbers if you optimised the settings on the M1 and M2.
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
Loved this vlog; great to see the various driver offerings over the year in action, head to head.
I would have been knackered hitting all those shots - LOL
ben dart
ben dart - 3 years ago
2016 m1
UTBaller22 - 3 years ago
Well, the RBZ was the best driver TaylorMade has made in the last 10 years. I have tried several other drivers and never gotten better numbers or feel. I switched to a Titleist driver this year only because I cracked my face on my RBZ and that is the first driver I have hit since the RBZ that made me want to switch. I wish you would have included the RBZ. Always been interested to see how other people hit that club.
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
I have the 2007 burner and I've gotten pretty accurate with it without being fitted for it. I'm thinking 10 years later with a more modern driver, I could expect another 20-40 yards on average if I were properly fitted. Would love to see comparisons to 10 years+ drivers to see if there are some big number jumps.
Mockler Man90
Mockler Man90 - 3 years ago
would love to see nike drivers
James Cannings
James Cannings - 3 years ago
Titleist would be very interesting!
Chris Roman
Chris Roman - 3 years ago
Use the R11s and to be honest I don't think I would change it unless it got worn out.
David Shannon
David Shannon - 3 years ago
great video rick just goes to show dont believe all the marketing hype.very happy with my R15 but got to admit i was tempted to switch to the M2 because of the look,glad i didnt now
Tim H
Tim H - 3 years ago
I would love to see a Titleist matchup as well - 909, 910, 913, 915, 917.

Then it would be cool to see a match up of all the winners from each manufacturer that you test.
Secret Club Pro
Secret Club Pro - 3 years ago
Shame you couldn't get hold of all of them to test...

2017: TaylorMade M2 D Type
2017: TaylorMade M2
2017: TaylorMade M1
2017: TaylorMade M1 440
2016: TaylorMade M2
2016: TaylorMade M1 430
2016: TaylorMade M1
2015: TaylorMade R15
2015: TaylorMade R15 Black
2015: TaylorMade Aeroburner TP
2015: TaylorMade Aeroburner Mini
2014: TaylorMade JetSpeed
2014: TaylorMade Aeroburner
2014: TaylorMade SLDR Mini TP
2014: TaylorMade SLDR Mini
2014: TaylorMade SLDR (White)
2014: TaylorMade SLDR
2014: TaylorMade SLDR S
2014: TaylorMade SLDR TP
2014: TaylorMade SLDR 430 TP
2014: TaylorMade SLDR 430
2013: TaylorMade R1
2013: TaylorMade R1 TP
2013: TaylorMade R1 Black
2013: TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2
2012: TaylorMade RocketBallz Tour
2012: TaylorMade RocketBallz
2012: TaylorMade R1 Black TP
2012: TaylorMade R11S TP
2012: TaylorMade R11S
2012: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 TP
Nick Howes
Nick Howes - 3 years ago
When's the Ping test Rick? You did promise
Franklin Silvia
Franklin Silvia - 3 years ago
But but taylurmade said muh geocustic m2 was the longest???!
Joel Tommila
Joel Tommila - 3 years ago
5 years of Cobra drivers!
Jake Quaempts
Jake Quaempts - 3 years ago
best cheap drivers
Jonathan Crocker
Jonathan Crocker - 3 years ago
I'd like to see a 5 year Cobra test!
Michael Rood
Michael Rood - 3 years ago
My favorite two during this period were actually the Aeroburner and Jetspeed
Kohl Jones
Kohl Jones - 3 years ago
Thomas Nielsen
Thomas Nielsen - 3 years ago
Would love to see a ping "i" driver in your ping version of this video. Maybe the i25. From what I understand it was just as good as a g30 but not as popular.

100. comment for 5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter - 3 years ago
Cobra, such an underrated manufacturer.
Derek Alipsa
Derek Alipsa - 3 years ago
would of liked you to hit the RBZ stage 2
Mike Ten Hoven
Mike Ten Hoven - 3 years ago
Rick, Cobra for the next test.
Dan Mitson
Dan Mitson - 3 years ago
Do one with wedges.
Scot Hardie
Scot Hardie - 4 years ago
Wedges next Mr Shirls??..
fricijus - 4 years ago
Lynx, please
Rinoceronte conoce a cebra 77 R
Rinoceronte conoce a cebra 77 R - 4 years ago
You should have tested RBI stage 2 maybe the bets driver ever made
Gareth Barker
Gareth Barker - 4 years ago
The title says 5 years of Taylormade drivers tested when in reality you only tested 6 different clubs. How about you just finish this test?
Phil Leworthy
Phil Leworthy - 4 years ago
Great comparison, looking forward to Ping ! I split the hosel on my G tightened up when not quite aligned gutted- would love a 2nd hand head when you're done or Ping HQ if you read this #noharminasking
Melted Butter
Melted Butter - 4 years ago
The best thing about this video was the beard. Definitely a good look for you Rick.
Ashley Dutton
Ashley Dutton - 4 years ago
SLDR to win I reckon and do the titleist driver test
Will Blank
Will Blank - 4 years ago
When I still have the r9
Erika Möller
Erika Möller - 4 years ago
Wilson drivers. Would lover to see how the D300(2017)/F5(2016) compare to older modeles
GolferJack333 - 4 years ago
Jordan Huskey
Jordan Huskey - 4 years ago
Sam Switch
Sam Switch - 4 years ago
Do ping please
Chester - 4 years ago
I would prefer to see Ping next (please include the G and G 400), but I am sure we all want to see the major manufacturers.  I am not very surprised at the distance plateau from the last several years.  Also, this rather confirms to me that paying for a driver with all these adjustments is a waste of money - swing correctly and you will get the same distance and be able to work the ball.  Notice how the M2 (2017) has NO adjustments - is just as long, and you felt it was one of the most forgiving.
Shaer YouTube
Shaer YouTube - 4 years ago
try with nike drivers !
HansHasKicks - 4 years ago
Do cobra drivers
P. Harney
P. Harney - 4 years ago
Great videos (TM and Callaway).  Would lime to see Ping and Cobra.
PixlPutterMan - 4 years ago
Still bashing my SLDR 430. Great stick
Dan Bigley
Dan Bigley - 4 years ago
I've been using an R1 for a few years now and would love to upgrade but the numbers here tell me I should just stick with it.
Javier Calles Roman
Javier Calles Roman - 4 years ago
Kevin Friesen
Kevin Friesen - 4 years ago
Hey Rick! Love the vid. Can you do Cobra and include the Bio Cell. Would like to see how it stacks up. Thanks
ThomasKlarskov - 4 years ago
Callaway ofc
Ferdinand Nicolas
Ferdinand Nicolas - 4 years ago
Great idea for a video! I thought we'd see the RBZ 2 and Aeroburner. What about doing this for Titleist?
tiger major
tiger major - 4 years ago
Great Video Rick ! Do one with Callaway
John Moore
John Moore - 4 years ago
Starting out, is there drivers that can give you further distance with just a basic swing. I tried two cobra and mizuno but both give me the same distance. Can't seem to hit it further? Can a club help or just adjust the swing?
stuart colley
stuart colley - 4 years ago
Think there would be a big difference in Nike drivers so that would be good to see
Ben P
Ben P - 4 years ago
Rick these videos are great . Really puts things in perspective. Keep em coming
Thomas Heckman
Thomas Heckman - 4 years ago
What is the value underneath the main number (mph, rpm, angle) is that the range from the 5 tests?
Keith Finley
Keith Finley - 4 years ago
Before you leave the TM drivers you should try RBZ stage 2 tour with your rogue... longer than R1 I bet
L Dupree
L Dupree - 4 years ago
Rick, thanks for this great video. As for the results, what a surprise...there's little to no difference in five years of "technology." Certainly not enough to justify paying $500 for a new driver. Nevertheless, our US economy needs people to buy and spend on leisure goods like this, so please continue to keep buying!
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
It does justify buying a 5 year driver for a much cheaper price haha
Ordinary Sneaker Guy
Ordinary Sneaker Guy - 4 years ago
Do a Callaway comparison!
patrickcharm123 - 4 years ago
Rick....thank you for coming up with video like this. The companies have been doing intensive marketing towards average players like us and pressuring us to buy new new new for more forgiveness and longer distance. After seeing ur comparison video, it's quite clear for us tht we do not need to keep changing our set every year. thank you very much!
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 4 years ago
ping and callaway
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick. That was fantastic
Profile Mugshot
Profile Mugshot - 4 years ago
Given the comparable numbers for 5 years it would be good if you could get a hold of a now 'illegal' driver with a higher COR and smash that to produce some numbers :D
Kalor Moore TOP
Kalor Moore TOP - 4 years ago
I would like to see titleist and cobra videos
Mick Macshane
Mick Macshane - 4 years ago
Victor Ho
Victor Ho - 4 years ago
Will like to see, the best driver of it brand to compete with each other's brand best driver. To see the best of the best driver.
graham taylor
graham taylor - 4 years ago
Rick, I think it would have been interesting to see the number of balls on the fairway for each club.
Good video, waiting to see the Ping models
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
I agree. Us recreational golfers should really be focused more on accuracy than max distance. Weigh the two options together to make the best selection. It seems so far from all of the videos/reviews I've seen, the Titleist 917's are the most accurate when fitted (with all of the weight options for draw/fade/neutral settings). A little loss in distance to the the M1/M2 and the Big Bertha Sub Zero.
Michael Allan
Michael Allan - 4 years ago
It'd be interesting to see the same with Wilson Staff
Fellborn - 4 years ago
So basically, don't believe all of the fake hype around every new driver that comes out because they all play very similar to each other. Good swing produces good results, not new tech.
MrJoshthenosh - 4 years ago
great video this really helps, for people like me who dont want to spend £400 on a new driver, if i went to get a new driver right now id get the R15 :) but ill wait for the ping video, and i would like to see Titliest after that, thanks for the great videos rick
Tyler Parnell
Tyler Parnell - 4 years ago
Fun video. Would love to see Callaway tested
Ralphy Acoustic Artist
Ralphy Acoustic Artist - 4 years ago
This is my problem with Callaway and Taylormade..44 drivers between the 2 in 5 years...
Every 6months its a new driver promising to be longer, they are essentially selling their best product while already designing one to superseed it.

When choosing a club brand i use Ping simply because of the 18month gap between new gear, its that piece of mind that your actually getting the best they have designed.
Rob Derbyshire
Rob Derbyshire - 4 years ago
Now I know why I struggle often with my white SLDR. Was hoping to convince myself not to upgrade......this video has not helped me there lol :-). Cheers Rick, great video and relevant detail and info as always.
Stuart Flude
Stuart Flude - 4 years ago
6 mph difference between ball speeds on Taylormade compared to the Callaway drivers tested earlier. Thoughts?
T Ray
T Ray - 4 years ago
Cobra drivers
Jinsok Kraybill
Jinsok Kraybill - 4 years ago
Nick Dunki Jacobs
Nick Dunki Jacobs - 4 years ago
5 or 6 year test :))
Jpgundarun - 4 years ago
Please do last 5 Models of Titleist Drivers.
stefon dai Thomas
stefon dai Thomas - 4 years ago
I think an underrated manufacturer is srixon. I have the hybrid and it's unbelievable. As many top tour pros don't use them they don't get the spotlight like TM, Callaway but would be good to see the jump in their clubs over last 5 years as i think they will have progressed every year.
Justin Adams
Justin Adams - 4 years ago
Wish you would've done aeroburner
MarioValdesE - 4 years ago
Brilliant to do this
Chad Sugden
Chad Sugden - 4 years ago
Callaway!!!! Please
Chad Sugden
Chad Sugden - 4 years ago
MrJoshthenosh I'll look it up
MrJoshthenosh - 4 years ago
already done that
Simon Baguley
Simon Baguley - 4 years ago
Got to be Callaway next, Rick, hasn't it? So many models to choose from ....
Simon Baguley
Simon Baguley - 3 years ago
+MrJoshTheNosh - So he has... a quick search and I found it. Thanks Josh!
MrJoshthenosh - 4 years ago
hes already done it
Sergio Martin
Sergio Martin - 4 years ago
Rick, this is top notch. Great comprehensive analysis. Kudos on one of the most thorough tests I have seen. Great value.
Tuckleberry Finn
Tuckleberry Finn - 4 years ago
Rick, let's see Titleist back to the 909 series (the last model with no adjustability).
Luca van de Coevering
Luca van de Coevering - 4 years ago
i would love to see some mizuno and Callaway drivers
Ryan Glahs
Ryan Glahs - 4 years ago
I was a little disappointed the R9 and Rocketballz/RBZ were not in this video...
Please do Cobra next
Geoffrey O'Brien
Geoffrey O'Brien - 4 years ago
Really nice comparison.
colby spence
colby spence - 4 years ago
Mizuno drivers would probably have a big difference over 5 years so it'd be nice to see those
Conrad Harle
Conrad Harle - 4 years ago
Great idea to run this experiment, nicely done
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant - 4 years ago
Cobra would be interesting, they like to change it up abit
James Ralphy
James Ralphy - 4 years ago
Do a "what's in the bag"
Lyall Orange
Lyall Orange - 4 years ago
Would be good to do Mizuno as they haven't released a lot........800, 825, 850, ez 2014, ez2016 900!! Gotta have em all though! Keep up the great review Rick!
Tony Santos
Tony Santos - 4 years ago
was the M1 cracked? at 7.00 you can see it in the white section near the taylormade logo
Chris Mar
Chris Mar - 4 years ago
Essentially driver marketing has no impact on performance. Look at the best scratch golfers at most clubs and they aren't playing the latest gear.
Jacob Evans
Jacob Evans - 4 years ago
M2 win
Mel Davies
Mel Davies - 4 years ago
Great test....very interesting results!! Would love to see a Cobra test as I used to have the f speed and now have recently bought the f7....
Dan - 4 years ago
Why get Golfbidder to send them all if you are only going to select one from each year? Seems odd. I think your viewers would have loved to see the results from all of them, best 3 shots of each. Oh well, A+ for the idea.
Michaelpestell - 4 years ago
The Nike drive
Scott Hill
Scott Hill - 4 years ago
Wilson staff
TomsGaming53 - 4 years ago
Barry smith
Barry smith - 4 years ago
Pings good for me rick
dgoldy101 - 4 years ago
What a fun test Rick, loved this video. Would love to see other brands and particularly Callaway. Love your work, long time fan.
Dan from Australia
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 4 years ago
I agree with Ian Shepherds comment, Titleist please Rick
Will Talks Sport
Will Talks Sport - 4 years ago
Ping next!
Manucrazy 15
Manucrazy 15 - 4 years ago
als 1
als 1 - 4 years ago
How about the PING drivers soon? G5,10,15...G,G400 etc.
Randy Ryan
Randy Ryan - 4 years ago
Cobra next would be awesome
K4crasher - 4 years ago
Great video. Looking forward to seeing the other tests in the series.
Kellen M
Kellen M - 4 years ago
Would be cool to see an iron comparison
nakolo7 - 4 years ago
Callaway - of course.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 4 years ago
would love to see budget drivers. Gigagolf makes good looking clubs at a very affordable price. I bought my dad a adjustable driver for 100$ he loves it.
Pierre P
Pierre P - 4 years ago
Nice series Rick. These test are not good advertisement for the manufacturers. Seems the technology is so good already the year over year improvements are very small if any.
Phil McIver
Phil McIver - 4 years ago
20 drivers in 5 years and no real difference what a surprise.
Great job though Rick would like to see Cobra because you have produced some good numbers over the years with them clubs.
Matt Aamold
Matt Aamold - 4 years ago
Rick...looks like there was a crack on the top (white portion) of the 2016 M1
Dustln Johnson
Dustln Johnson - 4 years ago
Still rocking the slidr!
Len Frandsen
Len Frandsen - 4 years ago
Your pick as the most forgiving of the bunch?
Scott Wachtler
Scott Wachtler - 4 years ago
Great video, would love to see a longest drive between the M1 460, M1 440 and M2.
Paul Tavella
Paul Tavella - 4 years ago
nbraun - 4 years ago
You should have tested all of them
Patrick Washington
Patrick Washington - 4 years ago
I just switched from the Sldr to this years m1. I'm consistently getting 15-20 yards extra with the m1 and hitting way more fairways.
Stiaan Heymans
Stiaan Heymans - 4 years ago
Wilson or Nike
Jason Marks
Jason Marks - 4 years ago
I basically went from the R5 to the R7 and enjoyed as good of distance as anything new from any manufacturer.
However after several Knee surgeries in the same knee including 2 replacements in a 2 year period of time because the first one broke, My swing speed went from 115mph to 85 to 90 tops and no more.
My lower half Flexibility is shot due to the Extreme pain in my knees that I will never get my speed back.
I them made the switch to the SLDR and while it did not give me my distance back it was for me easily 20 to 25 yards longer than anything else.
I went from Extra Stiff shafts in everything to Regular shafts.
But the good news is I was a low single digit handicap at 1 time and I am currently shooting in the low 80's , 80 - 83 most days.
So if your hurt keep it up and don't give up.
I will be Scratch and you can do it too.
Thanks Rick.
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson - 4 years ago
Cobra please.
Herman - 4 years ago
Hey Rick!wheres Rob?
LulzBallz - 4 years ago
5 years of cobra drivers
Jackson Looney
Jackson Looney - 4 years ago
Stephen Wartman
Stephen Wartman - 4 years ago
You should do irons more favorably titilest irons
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 4 years ago
Last 5 years for Callaway please. Great review and enjoyed it. In 2014 I got the SLDR 430 TP and it was long but extremely unforgiving just like you said for the 460 version. Slight mishits were terrible, especially toe hits which were 150 yard duck hooks.

Glad to have put that SLDR to rest and now have the callaway epic subzero!! Awesome Feel, extremely forgiving, long and great looking. Won't be leaving my bag for anytime soon.
metamurph - 4 years ago
looks sound yep, forgiveness should be the only other real area of change and it was what I expected.
Paul Gerencher
Paul Gerencher - 4 years ago
M2 2016 is angry you did not test him... #whoopwhoop
Kyle Hunter
Kyle Hunter - 4 years ago
Can You do a titles driver test
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson - 4 years ago
Cobra or callaway
Audie York
Audie York - 4 years ago
Would like to see Callaway comparison
vinda59 - 4 years ago
Titleist please.
David Miller
David Miller - 4 years ago
Would say i have hit and owned both the sldr and jetspeed, and oddly found the jetspeed to go farther and more accurate
Jasuan Cáceres
Jasuan Cáceres - 4 years ago
I think is going to win m2
Jasuan Cáceres
Jasuan Cáceres - 4 years ago
I like that you make Titleist
Charles Keller
Charles Keller - 4 years ago
Tour Edge
John Garren
John Garren - 4 years ago
Brad Campbell
Brad Campbell - 4 years ago
TITLEIST Ricky Shiels!!!!!
Reece Wilson
Reece Wilson - 4 years ago
Wilson staff would be a good one to do
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
So, the thing to know is how bad we're your worst shots? That's where a driver can help you, hopefully. How were your mishits? The only one you talked about was the SLDR being less controllable.
BIGstarSA1NTS - 4 years ago
Cobra Cobra Cobra
Neil Shango
Neil Shango - 4 years ago
How come you didn't in Arrow burner driver
Lucas Eyster
Lucas Eyster - 4 years ago
Yes my first adult driver was the sldr s at 14 degrees and I was still hitting them 220 yds
dbdors - 4 years ago
I love these style reviews that you have been doing. Debunks a lot of hype. Was a TM guy, now with Ping G30, so looking forward to the Ping test. Been thinking about a G400.
Logan Whitcomb
Logan Whitcomb - 4 years ago
Where is the burner?
netdemon01 - 4 years ago
In your M2 vs Grenade vid you were hitting both 330+ yards....300 seemed easy. Simulators seem very inconsistent from video to video.
Chase Markham
Chase Markham - 4 years ago
If you do the Titleist drivers you only have to do 4. Might make it a little easier on yourself!
1cubsfan4life - 4 years ago
I still play the R9 and love it! I've gone through a lot of drivers since and always come back to the R9
Matt Jonez
Matt Jonez - 4 years ago
great video. love to see that all the new stuff is all just talk
Derek1224 - 4 years ago
Would like a Nike comparison from the last year they were made to 5 years prior.
Brock Behnke
Brock Behnke - 4 years ago
cobra driver test please
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
Has anyone bothered to make a driver that doesn't comply with the regulations just to see how much more distance it would add?
Sam King
Sam King - 4 years ago
MikePatt1212 - 4 years ago
I bet these companies hate it when you do this, but you're certainly helping out the consumer.
Eamon Keane
Eamon Keane - 4 years ago
niche1117 - 4 years ago
Cobra please!!!
BeachBow - 4 years ago
How much do you think your own fatigue was a factor in the "missed" shots? Also, I think you should have modified/optimized each head to get the best performance for your swing. JM2C
R B - 4 years ago
Titleist driver test PLEEEEEAAASSSEEEEE!
spd1303 - 4 years ago
Titleist, Nike and Cobra.
Dave Parker
Dave Parker - 4 years ago
Confirms while I'm still playing a SLDR, I took the original weight out and replaced it with 2 others who's total weight equals the original 1. Having the 2 weights makes the face much more stable and easier to control through the swing. Only driver I've hit that could push it out the bag is the M2.
Cupillac - 3 years ago
Sldr 430 is still bombing them with stock shaft
fly787 - 3 years ago
I'm not going to post the text here (you can go and read it here USGA Equipment Rules - Guide to the Rules on Clubs and Balls ). They don't specifically talk about it but they do talk about external attachments which is what you have here.

The way I read it, the club with 2 sliding weights would have to be approved prior to use. It likely would be a "yup that's ok" from a USGA official or they may ask for a sample to test. Either way it likely would be ok in the end but don't show up at the US Am Finals with it and think it's automatically good.
Dave Parker
Dave Parker - 3 years ago
Still conforms, "the sliding weights are a specific design feature of the head and therefore allowed and not to be treated as an external attachment - which would be something outside the scope of the original design"
It's the same reason that if you order a Gbb Epic from Callaway customs and you've specified a shorter shaft. Callaway put an extra sliding weight in there, to adjust swing weight.
fly787 - 3 years ago
Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer - 4 years ago
Do cobra king
Jason D
Jason D - 4 years ago
Great video STFU to all the TM haters, It's Callaway that brings out more clubs...
Francisco Magariello
Francisco Magariello - 4 years ago
Cobra Rick. I still think the Fly Z+ is the best driver they´ve brought
Charlie Larson
Charlie Larson - 4 years ago
That's actually 6 total years
Brett Joseph
Brett Joseph - 4 years ago
Segelmange - 4 years ago
You mentioned that the driver face is regulated. For how long has the limits on the club head been the same as today? (My current driver is from 2005) Could you elaborate a bit on the regulation of the properties of the club face? I see that shifting the weight to different places within the club head makes a difference, but other than that, why buy a new driver?
Kevin Bostwick
Kevin Bostwick - 4 years ago
I love how rick is all about distance and club head speed. His comment to start the video off is "the important column first to look at is club head speed." I would disagree and say the important column is efficiency or smash factor, all were pretty poor for a PGA pro IMO.
Israel franco
Israel franco - 4 years ago
Can you do one comparing a stiff shaft to a X-stiff shaft?
atomant830 - 4 years ago
I would like to see Cobra drivers put through this evolutionary test.
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 4 years ago
Where's the SLDR 430cc  Tour Preferred? That thing is the best driver TaylorMade has released. (For me at least)
Preston Hammond
Preston Hammond - 4 years ago
Dom C
Dom C - 4 years ago
Hi Rick, I've been watching your videos from a year now and I truly appreciate all your efforts in producing such informative and enjoyable content. I have now become a subscriber and have one word for this series....Brilliant!

Thank you!
Darren Stenson
Darren Stenson - 4 years ago
913 to 917 would be interesting
Sam Matchett
Sam Matchett - 4 years ago
id like to see this for fairway woods
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Thx for the test, Rick! I'm still gaming SLDR. Oddly, I don't have an issue with its supposed lack of forgiveness. A Cobra test would be great, because it seems they used to be big in the driver market, fell out of favor, and have made a comeback in recent years.
Richard Gange
Richard Gange - 4 years ago
You probably find that the aeroburner performs best
Johnny Mullins
Johnny Mullins - 4 years ago
Cobra Nike or mizuno
eli hinton
eli hinton - 4 years ago
Do the past 10 years for titelist
Jack Tortolani
Jack Tortolani - 4 years ago
You should compare a driver from every 5 years from the past 25 years
Randall Laframboise
Randall Laframboise - 4 years ago
Very impressive consistency all around for your testing Rick. Maybe you could apply for Iron Byron's job...
Sandy Milligan
Sandy Milligan - 4 years ago
Rick touched on the main point to this whole test when he mentioned that the USGA regulates how fast a ball can come off the club face! He saw a max difference of 10 yards, but this was with a swing speed of 110mph. So if you are swinging slower than that you might see 4, 5, or 6 yards difference? No matter what make of driver Rick tests the results are going to be the same! The pro's win tournaments every week with a different brand of driver. Does anybody really thing one brand is better than the next! Seriously! So if you're going to buy a new driver, get it professionally fitted, and select the one that feels the best for your swing!
Jackson La
Jackson La - 4 years ago
R9 superdeeeeeeep thoughhhh
Juha Virtanen
Juha Virtanen - 4 years ago
, Cobra
Thomas Bennett
Thomas Bennett - 4 years ago
Would love to see you use the original shafts that the clubs came with because I believe that the reason clubs go further now that 5-10 years ago is that we have so many shafts options now. If you get an original rocketballz and use the stock shaft compared to the current shaft in your bag you would see a noticeable difference.
GAAkuma - 4 years ago
I think you could improve, possibly by comparing similar Launch Angle with different drivers. The static loft doesn't mean anything. So you did R1 11 degrees, then R15 and SLDR at 13 degrees launch angle. 2 degrees launch angle, which is headed toward more ideal launch angle, is much further. So if the R11s and R1 were struck with more upward path, or lofted up, to be equal to around 13 degrees, I bet we would see all of these drivers perform in total distance very similar and then it would come down to as you pointed out, forgiveness. Thank you for reading
woody5581 - 4 years ago
R11-S all day !
cgasucks - 4 years ago
I bet Rick was dead tired after that...
Puma Cope
Puma Cope - 4 years ago
Collin Gray
Collin Gray - 4 years ago
Do the burner range!!!!: 2.0 RBZ aeroburner RBZ stage 2 etc
Ben Robertson
Ben Robertson - 4 years ago
Been using the R1 for 3 years now. Scared to upgrade as I hit it so well
werner viet
werner viet - 4 years ago
Callaway please
Clayton Johnson
Clayton Johnson - 4 years ago
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart - 4 years ago
Forget the drivers I'd like to see a test like this with irons. Wouldn't need to hit every iron in the set but just the 4,7,pw like you normally would in an iron test would be great. I think there's be more difference between irons than drivers and you use irons way more than a driver so that info would be helpful.
Tim Kozachanko
Tim Kozachanko - 4 years ago
R1 still my favourite driver of the last 10 years
Zack Bone
Zack Bone - 4 years ago
Kevin Hawk
Kevin Hawk - 4 years ago
R1 winner!
Domenic Carano
Domenic Carano - 4 years ago
I wish you would have tried one of the original RBZ's
John Meyer
John Meyer - 4 years ago
Titleist! Oh wait they don't come out with 4 drivers every year...
Scott Warner
Scott Warner - 4 years ago
A great test, because of COR testing done by the A&R and the USGA this exactly what I expected. I would like to see a test done on Mizuno MP's irons or the Titleist MB blades over their last 10 models.
Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 - 4 years ago
R15 is still the king
Emilio Figueroa Jr.
Emilio Figueroa Jr. - 4 years ago
What happened to the Aero Burner driver? I think that came out after the SLDR driver. The Aero burner would have come out on top. :(
James Else
James Else - 4 years ago
Aero Burner had to be in the test dude. Still see them in use on tour.
robbie dingle
robbie dingle - 4 years ago
Do callaway
Ben Briggs
Ben Briggs - 4 years ago
Hi rick.
Titelist and also cobra would be great.
Verg 16
Verg 16 - 4 years ago
Thank you so much for doing this Rick look forward for you doing the IRONS as well
Brian Stehno
Brian Stehno - 4 years ago
You didn't hit all the drivers from last 5 yrs.
Curtis Lawson
Curtis Lawson - 4 years ago
Would love to see a Cobra driver test Rick!
Robert King
Robert King - 4 years ago
what about the rbz
Benjamin Silver
Benjamin Silver - 4 years ago
Proud owner of SLDR 460cc in white. Love that club.
James Carlson
James Carlson - 4 years ago
Cobra :)
The Black Rabbit
The Black Rabbit - 4 years ago
I think we'd all like to see a 5 year test on RAM drivers, or Ben Sayers, or Macgregor, or Spalding perhaps or even Adams?
Wayne Pilgrim
Wayne Pilgrim - 4 years ago
boooo, no Aeroburner!!
TJCombo67 - 4 years ago
Have you ever thought about doing a comparison of "tour" drivers versus retail? Every major company has clubs that are meant for "tour" players and are a bit different from their retail counterparts, I think it would be interesting to see how different they really are or aren't. I played a retail R1 for a bit but didn't love it, then I stumbled on a tour issue TD R1 head and really liked it much much more. Was there a real difference or was it all in my head.?
Juan Pablo Di Doménico
Juan Pablo Di Doménico - 4 years ago
King cobra would be nice
michandcat - 4 years ago
Cobra please!!
Thomas Rædkjær Pedersen
Thomas Rædkjær Pedersen - 4 years ago
Definately missed the Aeroburner and Jetspeed in this comparison.
Justin Bragg
Justin Bragg - 4 years ago
I have an r1. I love it hope it wins
Daniel Norrie
Daniel Norrie - 4 years ago
Has to be titleist next, they only take a driver out every 2 years? So they according to advertising should have a jump in distance. My fave was 909 comp
Callum Hindhaugh
Callum Hindhaugh - 4 years ago
Do the same vid but with the other clubs left please
Jake Weaver
Jake Weaver - 4 years ago
Do cobra and titliest
TheChocolateOrange - 4 years ago
I'm just gonna stick with my sldr
TDM170 - 4 years ago
Great video rick! Cobra drivers pls! Thanks for the great content
Alex Rosa
Alex Rosa - 4 years ago
Great video!!! This really puts things into perspective with all the releases by providing a little snapshot in performance for each new club. I was going to suggest Ping but looks like you're on it Rick! Keep up the great work!
shotlink mike
shotlink mike - 4 years ago
Titleist driver Test Next Please.
Wiebe Brouwer
Wiebe Brouwer - 4 years ago
Fun video Rick! Would be nice to see some other brands like Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno. Then pick your favorite from each and have a favorites shoot out.
Zebastian Söderman
Zebastian Söderman - 4 years ago
can you do one with Cobra!
Aaron McKeown Aka NEWSEALANDLOL - 4 years ago
Luke Schofield
Luke Schofield - 4 years ago
Could you do a Cobra driver test?
Josh Wright
Josh Wright - 4 years ago
Do it on cobra clubs!
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 4 years ago
Cobra please! ZL Encore, Amp Cell, Bio Cell, LTD, F6, F7, F8 (if it is out by then)
Darren Oke
Darren Oke - 4 years ago
A Titleist review of drivers could go back 8 or 10 years. 917, 915, 913, 910, 909, 983, D2 or D3. Could be fun?
Malc180s - 4 years ago
So basically it's all a load of shite and you might as well hang onto the same sticks you've had since you were 12? Already there!
dodgydave75 - 4 years ago
Mizuno next making drivers as good or if not better than the rest
Rasmus Færch Vinther
Rasmus Færch Vinther - 4 years ago
Great video, I would like to se you do the same test with Wilson driver
jcraft797 panos
jcraft797 panos - 4 years ago
do cobra drivers
Marcel Volz
Marcel Volz - 4 years ago
Would love to see a Wishon Driver perhaps 919 THI in test. They claim they have 1,49 smash so i would like to see if tech like changeable weights is better instead of having more smash factor :D
Nic Mansfield
Nic Mansfield - 4 years ago
Cant hit the SLDR at all but loved the R15 #dontbelievemarketinghype. Watch R15s increase in value on ebay now...
Tadhg Macmanus
Tadhg Macmanus - 4 years ago
Wish you done the rocketballz
Gratton White
Gratton White - 3 years ago
I hit a Titleist 983k as far as any new club out there. Tried the new Ping 400. No difference worth spending all that money. Focus on irons and short game.
Gratton White
Gratton White - 3 years ago
Save your money and take a lesson.
Mason Elkins
Mason Elkins - 4 years ago
Adrian - 4 years ago
Adrian Fairfield
Adrian Fairfield - 4 years ago
Do bargain full set drivers Wilson etc.
Benicio C
Benicio C - 4 years ago

I’m joking
Conor O'Reilly
Conor O'Reilly - 4 years ago
Wilson staff
David Swanson
David Swanson - 4 years ago
Did you have the 430cc versions too??
Mark LaFerney
Mark LaFerney - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick, Cant wait to see Ping results.
gordon golf nut
gordon golf nut - 4 years ago
i may have missed it but would have liked to know dispersion of shots - do Callaway please
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 4 years ago
It seems that Callaway is the obvious answer!!
jacob nilsson
jacob nilsson - 4 years ago
Do 10 year test on Titles
Zach Hill
Zach Hill - 4 years ago
Do a Walmart golf challenge
Doug Lyons
Doug Lyons - 4 years ago
Sldr or r11s
Dean MacLeod-Kulm
Dean MacLeod-Kulm - 4 years ago
Cobra 5 year driver test
Tracy Ferguson
Tracy Ferguson - 4 years ago
I think M1 will be the best and I would love to see you do tests with Cobra!
chance vlogs
chance vlogs - 4 years ago
do a cobra test
Luis Evans
Luis Evans - 4 years ago
Titleist.....true driver !
Harry Filler
Harry Filler - 4 years ago
Joshua Horvat
Joshua Horvat - 4 years ago
5 years of Titleist next please :D
Harry Byrne
Harry Byrne - 4 years ago
Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick, would be interesting to see back to the none adjustable ones like the 907 to see how much difference it makes
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 4 years ago
Great video Rick. Probably confirms what we already knew in that the manufacturers certainly take liberties with their marketing.
Damian Bull
Damian Bull - 4 years ago
Chris Embardino
Chris Embardino - 4 years ago
Love these vids - Rick, or whoever does your editing, it would be really cool (and a time saver) if you overlaid the 5 swings with a lag. Kind of like a shadow. Save you about 5 seconds + for each round- almost 2 minutes saved and more time to comment without going longer. :)
Guy Davey
Guy Davey - 4 years ago
Great test! Cobra next lease...
Fish Tale Adventure
Fish Tale Adventure - 4 years ago
Mitchell Thurner
Mitchell Thurner - 4 years ago
I'd be interested in seeing Cobra
Anthony Elliott
Anthony Elliott - 4 years ago
please do titliest. Is the shaft you use for most of the drivers available when the first driver was out? Surely using a new shaft with an older head will skew the results a bit?
Cooper Markham
Cooper Markham - 4 years ago
Do a ping test
Roland Stadler
Roland Stadler - 4 years ago
Cobra would be great!
Scott - 4 years ago
Titleist but over ten years due to their launch window :-)
Miceal Howell
Miceal Howell - 4 years ago
Cobra pls
Elijha84 - 4 years ago
Did I miss something, would have been great to see how all drivers compared like RBZ and others alongside the ones you tested.
Ryan Crum
Ryan Crum - 4 years ago
No rbz?
Ryan Crum
Ryan Crum - 4 years ago
No aero burner
Miceal Howell
Miceal Howell - 4 years ago
Jon Hegerty
Jon Hegerty - 4 years ago
SLDR 460 also came in White. I use it in a 14 degree loft. #Loftup.
Tommie Thatcher
Tommie Thatcher - 4 years ago
If you don't want your aldila driver shaft for your taylormade I could look after it for you
Ryan Horner
Ryan Horner - 4 years ago
A little misleading?
In your m1 2016 vs 2017 video, you were hitting the 2016 m1 8 yards further with similar club speed & launch angle but had much less spin with the weight back, not even neutral.
You struck it better in that video, I believe.
Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson - 4 years ago
I love these videos! And I still play my old Mizuno driver which usually results in 2.2 to 2.4 krpm spin.

I have three comparisons I'd like to see; a) Mizuno drivers
b) A club-of-the-decade, for both irons and drivers from (19)-00 to (20)-20, so 12 clubs, and obviously with low compression balls (<55 comp)
c) 3-woods from the last oh ten or 15 years. I speculate there will be more advancements here than for drivers.
carla summers
carla summers - 4 years ago
how about a cobra one they have probably brought out less than many others
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith - 4 years ago
I'll mirror most of the comments here and suggest cobra. Amp cell, fly z, king, F6, and now F7
twohi2play - 4 years ago
There is no need to test other manufacturers.
Nick P229
Nick P229 - 4 years ago
Title isn't and Cobra next please!
Tommie Thatcher
Tommie Thatcher - 4 years ago
Titleist please
TheGurusGames - 4 years ago
Luke James
Luke James - 4 years ago
do a mizuno over 5 years
Luke James
Luke James - 4 years ago
being a long drive comp i would of thought you would of used the aeroburner
KaySlay1 - 4 years ago
Good video this. Interesting results. I've still got my R11S, still going strong!
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 4 years ago
Dunlop please
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 4 years ago
Talking Rubbish
Talking Rubbish - 4 years ago
Rick can you do more videos reviewing cheaper golf clubs for higher handicappers or young people who dont have a lot of money to spend on clubs
Beta Vulgaris
Beta Vulgaris - 4 years ago
I got a set of basically brand new Mizuno MP33's from them for like £180, 3-PW. And they came packaged fantastically securely in about 4 days. If you wait 2 or 3 seasons you get full sets of irons at dirt cheap prices compared to original shelf price. In 3 years you will get the Mizuno MP18's for like £300.
Talking Rubbish
Talking Rubbish - 4 years ago
Are they reliable
Beta Vulgaris
Beta Vulgaris - 4 years ago
Sean - 4 years ago
Can you do the same but with irons, Ive just started playing and have Zing 2s looking at the loft specs my mates m2s are nearly two clubs stronger eg. Zing 2 5 iron is 27 degrees m2 5 iron is 21.5 (7iron is 28.5). I know this does not really mater as all that matters is how far I hit my clubs but still would be nice to see old clubs against modern lofted clubs. I mean are they easier to hit? Do they actually go further if you match the lofts as best as possible and not just hit a 5iron of each for instance? Thanks
Talking Rubbish
Talking Rubbish - 4 years ago
Can you do Nike before they were discontinued maybe 2009-2014/15?
Kobe Tucker
Kobe Tucker - 4 years ago
Do Mizuno driver test aswell
Adolfo Zayas
Adolfo Zayas - 4 years ago
as someone who has used Nike drivers for a few yrs, i would like to see those tested
gary smith6
gary smith6 - 4 years ago
I would like to see Callaway next rick and then perhaps Titleist..And a great idea with this content
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick for your time and thoughts. Very very interesting. As always, manufacturers blurb is b.s.
2 But
2 But - 4 years ago
love my R15
Jason Lyons
Jason Lyons - 4 years ago
I currently play a Taylormade Aeroburner driver, it hits long but I have a hard time controlling it. What driver would you suggest if I don't care to lose a little distance but want to hit more fairways?
Olle Ekbom
Olle Ekbom - 4 years ago
Do Cobra next
MissyLaMotte - 4 years ago
Cobra next, please.
Kronis1 - 4 years ago
I'd love to see Cobra, for sure.
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 4 years ago
Nike Drivers, pro versions please.
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 4 years ago
Very informative, thanks from Holland.
al goatman
al goatman - 4 years ago
I'm kind of upset you didn't use the R9, RBZ, Jetspeed and Aeroburner drivers. But great video nonetheless.
steven thiele
steven thiele - 3 years ago
I use the Aero Burner now. It is the straightest driver I have ever used. I pipe them straight down the middle with Titleist DT TruSoft ball.
deitydhskater - 3 years ago
only reason I clicked on this was to see how the areoburner. shame
joe harris
joe harris - 3 years ago
Peter Scuba same here
Peter Scuba
Peter Scuba - 3 years ago
Jetspeed was great in fact I'm still using it
James Palmer
James Palmer - 4 years ago
Yeah I was looking for RBZ too. It's the driver I use!
Lombo21 - 4 years ago
Agree. At first was looking forward to seeing how the rbz/rbzs2 drivers stack up. Rick - take a minute to compare those drivers if you can. In the end, after you compile the Ping/Titleist/callaway numbers you can then compose a great comparison of all of the drivers in one list. That would be a welcome video analyzing all the drivers through the years to your swing.
Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank - 4 years ago
i was looking for the rbz as well
Convergency - 4 years ago
I basically came in because I wanted to see Aeroburner
Graham Arnott
Graham Arnott - 4 years ago
Me too... I think the Aeroburner was a big hit in the retail. I would have loved to have seen it but in my opinion, I don't think the results would have changed much.
joe harris
joe harris - 4 years ago
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Yeah Aeroburner was and is such a forgiving driver. Also Rocketballz, would love to see how it stands up to today's M1.
chuckyz2 - 4 years ago
I just watched you test the 2016 m1 last night. You were hitting it 325 to 330. Confused. I have watched lots of reviews with drivers and woods and hybrids. The average length with the drivers have been 300 to 305 with the longest hits on a few going 310 to 315. So when i was watching when the New M series showed up on the spec sheet.. I was like...um no. Having hit most of those drivers myself and watching other golfers also and seeing the major gains with the new M series I just cant buy into this review. It seems to be aimed at making all the drivers fairly even.
Ian Shepherd
Ian Shepherd - 4 years ago
Also fairway woods would be interesting
Ian Shepherd
Ian Shepherd - 4 years ago
Would love to see Titleist 909,913, 915, 917...
D-railed - 3 years ago
heres a hint... aside from feel preference... its all marketing BS
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 4 years ago
I have to disagree My 915 D2 with Matrix Black Tie stiff is the best Titleist driver I have ever hit and I have tried them all from 905 to 917.
premierconstrictors - 4 years ago
Throw in 910 d3 because that was my old one
Danie Smit
Danie Smit - 4 years ago
Why on earth not use the 2016 M2?
Strad 4321
Strad 4321 - 4 years ago
909 D3 wins all day long. Have not upgraded because there is nothing better on the market. I have a spare in the closet if/when mine wears out. Also have an extra 75 gram Diamana Blue shaft just in case.
Johan Linnebjerg Christensen
Johan Linnebjerg Christensen - 4 years ago
What about 910?
Max McCrabbe
Max McCrabbe - 4 years ago
Do the Nike driver test
Henrique Carvalho
Henrique Carvalho - 4 years ago
Can you do one with Mizuno drivers? Shouldn't be so many... but it would be interesting :)
BrettWrightMedia - 4 years ago
You should do cobra next, Titleist Drivers aren't that different, Nike drivers aren't that different, but Cobra's are often overlooked
Lee Sitch
Lee Sitch - 4 years ago
Voice crack at 11.40
Ogaitnasm21 - 4 years ago
The Taylormade R9 Supertri is god amongs them and is from 2010 I think
KingPin - NBA 2K17
KingPin - NBA 2K17 - 4 years ago
Looking forward to the Ping video! You could do a Titleist video if you want to continue the series
White Dice
White Dice - 4 years ago
I did this same test back in January ! As soon as I get 5 from each landing on the fairway, I will post my results
Kevin Friesen
Kevin Friesen - 4 years ago
Lmao!! I'll wait for you
Nigel Stubbs
Nigel Stubbs - 4 years ago
Dakota Rash
Dakota Rash - 4 years ago
I second the Titleist Driver test as well. Would like to see your opinion on those.
Matt Logo
Matt Logo - 4 years ago
callaway please
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen - 4 years ago
Arw, would have love to know how the burners would match up :-)
11TGUN - 4 years ago
I want to see the Callaway drivers compared... lets see if those 2 new drivers in the last 3 months are actually what they say they are. Especially for the price.
spidey.bh1 - 4 years ago
do taylormade and callaway irons
John Hill
John Hill - 4 years ago
Is there any way to take metal fatigue into account? I see that some of the older clubs have significant wear on the sole of the club. I would be curious to see how a new driver would perform after a year of play and practice. Titanium is light and strong, but the thin face still makes it susceptible to metal fatigue. Perhaps we need a new driver just because of wear.
jaycee 240412
jaycee 240412 - 4 years ago
Clint Knudsen
Clint Knudsen - 4 years ago
I would love to see this done with irons (7 iron test) as well. Maybe Nike? Would be interesting to see if they early ones were really as bad as people say and if they got out of the equipment business just as they started producing some really great clubs. I loved the Vapor Pro Combos from 2015.
Mark Sheehan
Mark Sheehan - 4 years ago
good video Rick, Taylormade have definitely slowed down the releasing of clubs compared to a few years ago!
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Callaway is now doing what TM used to do. There seems to be a new Callaway club(s) released every month.
Brad Bajc
Brad Bajc - 4 years ago
shouldn't the smash factor be closer to 1.5?
Sir_Godz - 4 years ago
what happened to the other 8 in the bag?
Aspect - 4 years ago
Nice peanuts in distance gained with each year
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Cobra. F7+ compared to a Amp Cell. Has to be a major difference.
11TGUN - 4 years ago
I love my Cobra F6+ I got last year. Upgraded from the King Cobra S9-1(from 09) and it was a massive upgrade.
TheHabiat - 4 years ago
cant wait for the ping match up
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 4 years ago
I think that you always hit the m1 the best
Mike Ferrannini
Mike Ferrannini - 4 years ago
P.S.....nice to know that there are lots of used older model drivers out there that still perform as good as the newer models if not better
Mike Ferrannini
Mike Ferrannini - 4 years ago
Great test!! Lot of work went into this so thanks Rick. I would like to see Cobra or Calloway after the Ping test. Thanks
Max Krukow
Max Krukow - 4 years ago
Do the Same with callaway
John Yi
John Yi - 4 years ago
Rick, thanks for the video! I would love to see Titleist and Callaway in the mix as well. Once you're done with doing each brand you should do a most forgiving or best value club out of the top performers from each brand.
Malcolm Evans
Malcolm Evans - 4 years ago
John Yi He did Callaway a couple of months ago
Jordan Worrell
Jordan Worrell - 4 years ago
Titleist drivers
James Bond
James Bond - 4 years ago
Titleist please Rick
BrettWrightMedia - 4 years ago
R1 is still my go to driver, she's old faithful
john sneade
john sneade - 4 years ago
Cobra... include the f6+ please
john sneade
john sneade - 3 years ago
RAMDANT - 3 years ago
john sneade h
Ross McGee
Ross McGee - 3 years ago
A Cobra driver test
Shane Smith
Shane Smith - 4 years ago
I second cobra! That S9+ was a beast
Sicily Pon
Sicily Pon - 4 years ago
john sneade worst driver ever made i sold it before i could get off the course playing 9
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez - 4 years ago
Seems i could benefit a bit from abandoning my R11. What about Cobra for the next test!
Freddy  Martinez
Freddy Martinez - 4 years ago
I'd like to see you hit the Nike drivers
Jose Marcano
Jose Marcano - 4 years ago
Freddy Martinez yes rick
Robert Shivel
Robert Shivel - 4 years ago
Cobra drivers next plz!!!
Jimi Partanen
Jimi Partanen - 4 years ago
Right now i am using my taylormade r9 and it works really good for me and i love it!
ressoy - 4 years ago
How about M2 D Type
andy murray
andy murray - 4 years ago
RBZ stage 2 versus the M1
Keegz - 4 years ago
Titleist! no brainer!
MsBibid - 4 years ago
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas - 4 years ago
I would love to see a Nike test from 2011-2016!
David Dickenson
David Dickenson - 4 years ago
What about Cobra? They have made some great drivers over the last couple of years that are often overlooked. Great Job Rick keep answering the unpopular questions that the market is asking.
Grant Charles
Grant Charles - 4 years ago
I'd like to see you do mizuno as from what iv heard there drivers have got a lot better over the last 5 years
Adam Frost
Adam Frost - 4 years ago
What about the jetspeed
Ethan Gregory
Ethan Gregory - 4 years ago
Cobra next!
Dalton Reynolds
Dalton Reynolds - 4 years ago
I would like to see Callaway next. The hype around the EPIC makes me wonder if it isn't just a difference in feel, or if here truly is a jump in performance.
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez - 4 years ago
He already did Callaway. Look it up.
Michael Stafford
Michael Stafford - 4 years ago
Awesome video! I loved how you were able to use the same shaft for 4/5 of the drivers. That really takes out any argument that the test wasn't fair. Looking forward to seeing the Ping video and would love if you included the ping Answer driver in that set.
Steve Best
Steve Best - 4 years ago
I carry 2 x drivers R11 & M1, M1 goes further but if I really need to find a fairway it's the R11 every time.
Juan Soto
Juan Soto - 4 years ago
Everyone's going to run out to buy a cheap SLDR, lol. Just get a better shaft. That's mostly why the m1/m2 are straighter. They had finally opened up the shaft options for this line.
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 4 years ago
should do the rbz,stage 2,jetspeed,aeroburner and m2 2016 one against each other and coul;d compare
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 4 years ago
Interesting but not surprising really as the cor of drivers is governed other than moving cg about to change spin there's not much gains can be made. I did think sldr would be longest but least forgiving as having owned one that's what I found, bad strikes dropped back a long way compared to other drivers I've had.
Randy O'Connor
Randy O'Connor - 4 years ago
Callaway of course
Kraigy B
Kraigy B - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, I'm looking at buying a full new set of clubs : M1 440, M113degree 3 wood, Titleist TMB 2iron, Mizuno mp18 SC (4-6), mizuno mp18 blade (7-pw), mizuno s18 wedges (50, 54, 58). Where i live there are no great fitting places or testing facilities (Italy) but I remember your videos from TourX fitting place and was wondering if it would be worth making a trip there to be fit? should i purchase the clubs and then get them fit there or should i go there, get fitted and then order the clubs with the numbers i get from there? i'm a 2 handicap. Just don't want to waste money by ordering the clubs without proper fittings. Thanks!
tomgt4tom - 4 years ago
Excellent video Rick, I still go back to my R7 Superquad from time to time
Kobe Tucker
Kobe Tucker - 4 years ago
Do a Titliest Driver test
Keegz - 4 years ago
yes please!!!!
Tom Ruddle
Tom Ruddle - 4 years ago
Great consistency on the sound of strike on each head. Great review I like
Ryan Kirkby
Ryan Kirkby - 4 years ago
Your missing a important part of info, it's not only due to the lower backspin but you launch angles are up to 2degrees higher on the newest 4 drivers. Which shows they are both as important as each other. Low spin is only good with a higher launch and lots of clubhead speed.
The Football Bible
The Football Bible - 4 years ago
These are the best videos.
Antony Gwynne
Antony Gwynne - 4 years ago
Nice sky mark on the r1
Nathan Meekers
Nathan Meekers - 4 years ago
And here I am playing with a R7
josh abrams
josh abrams - 4 years ago
George.S Productions
George.S Productions - 4 years ago
Whats the purpose of the unchangeable weight on the M2 ?
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
It moves the CG (center of gravity) to where TaylorMade wants it to be (low and further away from the face). There's an M2 D-Type that has the weight closer to the heel to provide a bit of draw bias.
Jesse Jeffries
Jesse Jeffries - 4 years ago
I love the m2
chillywilly3610 - 4 years ago
oops haha 1:26 'I'm gonna hit 10 drivers with every single golf club'
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price - 4 years ago
chillywilly3610 shut up
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price - 4 years ago
chillywilly3610 shut up
Sam Livingstone
Sam Livingstone - 4 years ago
It is 3am here is Australia and I stayed up all night to see this....dont tell my boss!
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Still use the r11s it was 8 yards further than the m2 with standard stiff shaft when I tested them

I wanted to like the m2 because it looks good but I'll keep my r11s for now
Henry Williams
Henry Williams - 4 years ago
Nice video
Fred Bowers
Fred Bowers - 4 years ago
Yeah testing from Rick Shiels
Lincoln Womack
Lincoln Womack - 4 years ago
M M - 4 years ago
I would have expected this video to be a year long!
c s
c s - 4 years ago
Edvin Jangbratt
Edvin Jangbratt - 4 years ago

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