COBRA F8 DRIVER - MID HANDICAP TESTING Rick Shiels is joined by 13 handicapper Rob Potter to test the latest COBRA F8 DRIVER on GC2 at Quest golf Studio ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

COBRA F8 DRIVER - MID HANDICAP TESTING sentiment_very_dissatisfied 69

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COBRA F8 DRIVER - MID HANDICAP TESTING Rick Shiels is joined by 13 handicapper Rob Potter to test the latest COBRA F8 DRIVER on GC2 at Quest golf Studio ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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andrew pope
andrew pope - 3 years ago
Bad day
len rayder
len rayder - 3 years ago
I don't think 10 shots is enough to give a fair assessment for this driver. I went for a fitting and the first 10 shots I hit with the F8 were slightly better than Rob's but as I hit the driver more the last 10 were dramatically better.
driver0161 - 3 years ago
How green are you two.
David stothard
David stothard - 3 years ago
No way rob is 13 handy cap , more you 23 lol
colin tennant
colin tennant - 3 years ago
As a mid handicap myself I know today and tomorrow can be chalk and cheese. Rob could have hit this the day before or after and thought it the best driver ever. As another commented. Put it against his current driver at the time of testing and compare those results
Greg Pfaff
Greg Pfaff - 3 years ago
Always look Rob Potter's reviews, Rick's swing is so good and powerful (pro swing), so every club looks good. Ron's swing is closer to the rest of the world. And it's amazing how the club results are the same (not as impressive or big difference).
Christopher LaFreniere
Christopher LaFreniere - 3 years ago
Why didn't you move the weight?
Rob Newburn
Rob Newburn - 3 years ago
Maybe Rob wasn’t swinging correctly this day and it probably wouldn’t matter what make Driver he was using
Yubin Pei
Yubin Pei - 3 years ago
Do the grooves wear out??????


LM - 3 years ago
Rick, was there a major difference when Rob hit low on the face? Going back you your review and comments, for his swing speed, was there a considerable drop off when hit low on the face? Thanks
Scratch Golfer
Scratch Golfer - 3 years ago
Holy shit that's an ugly club.
Dgg Dgg
Dgg Dgg - 3 years ago
well not sure the driver is the problem, those swings were poorer than usual, Rick hit it 300 plus consistenly and rated 6 also?
Mark Noriega
Mark Noriega - 3 years ago
Kinda agree with a lot of the people on here... should of let Rob hit is game driver first to warm up and set a baseline rather than straight to the f8. Need his real numbers first before the f8 testing. But no matter...I'm still a cobra guy
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler - 3 years ago
No offense to Rob, and I don't aim to be harsh, but most of those swings had all sorts of serious swing plane/clubface issues caused by a number of mechanical issues, the biggest of which is his transition from backswing to down swing leaves very little chance to complete a good golf swing and he really never gets "behind the ball" in his swings and the results bore that out...maybe just a bad day, but with a swing like that, very little can be learned about a golf club...put another way, no golf club can overcome a really poor golf swing (a 4 handicapper).
Chris Winn
Chris Winn - 3 years ago
I have been wondering when Rob Potter is going to test Titleist’s new irons and hybrids!
Derrick - 3 years ago
Rick did you test the Cobra UConnect accuracy to see how it compares to your GC2?
D Nakagawa
D Nakagawa - 3 years ago
Rick can you do a review where you compare the differences when the weight in is the back and in the heel
Paul Beltz
Paul Beltz - 3 years ago
Rob should test Cobra F8 Hybrid Single Length in near future.
Henry Tuton
Henry Tuton - 3 years ago
Like to say me and Rpb are about the same height.


Dominique van der Vliet
Dominique van der Vliet - 3 years ago
Like it allot the tests with a mid-handicap player
Kevin BOVEINGTON - 3 years ago
not long. not forgiving. Cobra... lol
Dj Oakley7
Dj Oakley7 - 3 years ago
Can you test underrated second hand drivers and see if they are really as good as the highly rated ones?
MickeyFickey123 - 3 years ago
Poo - 3 years ago
Thank you rick!
Golf Fox
Golf Fox - 3 years ago
That Driver is a pig like all of Cobra gear
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas - 3 years ago
What’s robs swing speed with driver??
H Wallace
H Wallace - 3 years ago
Welcome back Rob. Hope you're able to get completely past your injuries soon. Great review. Not over promoted like so many other reviewers do with the newest gear.
Jon Malone
Jon Malone - 3 years ago
was Rob actually warmed up? He is usually more consistent with his bad shots
Royton Removals
Royton Removals - 3 years ago
Rob in a previous vid you spoke about aim point helping your game, where did you go for lessons in aimpoint please


Hack to Scratch golf
Hack to Scratch golf - 3 years ago
Rob returning is better than tigers return
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Haha !
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
So good to see Rob back in the Quest Academy doing reviews; love his plain speaking honest approach.
Looking forward to more
James Abraham
James Abraham - 3 years ago
I'm shocked I was expecting Rob to absolutely slaughter the looks of this driver and the milled face. Rob you have changed
1cubsfan4life - 3 years ago
Test the Wilson FG Tour V6 irons
Ken Royal
Ken Royal - 3 years ago
Rob and Rick, would love to see you give this driver another try on a different day and then compare. Looks like more swing of the day than club. Rob, I agree, that clubs really looks nice. I thought you'd get more out of it, too. Happy you're back reviewing!
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 3 years ago
Welcome back. Would be nice to see him hit his own driver first (5 times) and then try the new driver to get a good sense of performance.
Good idea guys?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Good idea!
jake hinkley
jake hinkley - 3 years ago
Review the all black one
ThomasKlarskov - 3 years ago
You didnt let Rob hit his own driver to compare? it might just be himself and not the driver
S G - 3 years ago
Puma/cobra I've never hit once!! Was the same with Nike golf. Just don't fancy the look of any especially when the bright colours were released.
John Lawlor
John Lawlor - 3 years ago
I'd like to see you fit the socks off the driver, shafts, weight etc and see how good you can get it. I've been fitted a few times and its average swing speed, average length, here's a pretty much stock driver, that will be €450 please! I've never got a 20 yard increase from start point to end point, so i'd like to see if a devoted fitting could get you that.
Mike B
Mike B - 3 years ago
Looking at low ball speed and poor shot quality... carry distance seems pretty good and quite in line with other testing!
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 3 years ago
Would it be possible to have Rob test the new Titleist iron range AP1 AP2AP3s to see the difference from pro to amateur. Thank you.
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 3 years ago
Nice review on the cobra, not my type of driver not to keen on the looks and it sounded like a dull thud when hit, and the advert in the middle of the video was a bit long but I understand why it’s played.
L D - 3 years ago
Good to see you on here again Rob!! I enjoy your reviews of clubs Rick, but I do really value Rob's comments and opinions on any club he tests purely as he is closer to my handicap and striking consistency. Anyone that puts him down needs their head testing. Very much a respected and valued opinion!! Keep them coming.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching
Daniel Jermyn
Daniel Jermyn - 3 years ago
Keep the videos coming! Great input from Rob as always
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Cheers Daniel, make sure you are subscribed.. More videos to come!
Pontus Borg Jönsson
Pontus Borg Jönsson - 3 years ago
How da fuck is he hcp 13
SuperDuper Awesome
SuperDuper Awesome - 3 years ago
Hey Rick (and Rob) love watching these vlogs. When averaging shot data, why don't you get rid of the best and worst data? Including them tends to distort the results, I feel. Same with spin rates etc especially if you hit a bad'un.
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez - 3 years ago
Wouldn’t mind seeing rob get ahold of srixons drivers
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hopefully will be getting some Srixon product in 2018!
Gustav Holtz
Gustav Holtz - 3 years ago
Shaft length contributing factor.  Modern shaft have both plus & minus effects, puts the average to good golfer too far away from ball...shaft length on PGA tour is shortening but in our quest for length we think shaft length equals overall length...NOPE,,,,quality of shafts now means opposite can be achieved
Ron Smith
Ron Smith - 3 years ago
Great to see Potter back in front of the camera! :-)


aedvark - 3 years ago
Bugger me , i just read about Rob's traffic crash, good on ya mate for bouncing back.
G'day from Australia
cwugrad396 - 3 years ago
What is Rob’s game ball? Does he play a Pro V?
mjgrasso76 - 3 years ago
“Hi and welcome to Quest Golf, I’m your host Rick Shiels”.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Strad 4321
Strad 4321 - 3 years ago
Was it just my ears, or did Rob drop kick most of those shots? It seemed like he was struggling with the length of the club. I think it would be really cool if you could add some high speed camera work at impact like they do on TV.

For me, the two tone looks and the milled face are kind of off-putting. I just prefer all black or black top and silver face.
Peter Atherton
Peter Atherton - 3 years ago
I’ve watched this driver being reviewed by 7 or 8 different guys on YouTube now, this went the same way as the rest, very underwhelming, quite disappointing really, looks amazin but for me not worth a test. But at least we have Rob back on the scene, so all is well.
Arthur Grant
Arthur Grant - 3 years ago
Rick, I would like to see more mid handicap golfers. I like having Rob give opinions of equipment from a more average players perspective. would love if you added a senior mid/high handicapper to your testers. As a 58 year old with limited back, and club head speed of between 100-115 mph it's nice to see how new equipment works to help make the game more enjoyable.
Jeffrey Ma
Jeffrey Ma - 3 years ago
The milled face won't add spin because when you hit your driver the ball isn't traveling up the face unlike a wedge.
J Bob
J Bob - 3 years ago
Looks can be deceiving. Thanks Rob.
john donohoe
john donohoe - 3 years ago
Your mic is weak Rick. Cobra drivers stink. Stick to Callaway or TaylorMade
sanarko - 3 years ago
Get Rob to test the new Mizuno driver.
David Marcelli
David Marcelli - 3 years ago
It almost looked like he was coming over the top a bit and popping up most of the shots. Definitely not a good swing day for Dobby
scott d
scott d - 3 years ago
Come Hell or High Water we have Mr. Potter. That driver might be a bust!
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
so if hes handicap 13....whats his average score per game?
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
Jeff Miller
Nice thank you exactly where i am!!!!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 3 years ago
allo cromeau middle to low 80s
Chad Llewellyn
Chad Llewellyn - 3 years ago
I’ve been waiting on this!!! U da man Rob!!
Ronald Irwin
Ronald Irwin - 3 years ago
C300 please!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 3 years ago
Kinda the same performance that I had with the new Ping driver. But out of your 10 and 10 points I would have given it a 9. Totally disappointed with it to be truthfull. Am hoping you have Rob test a few more drivers..
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes - 3 years ago
Rick you need to review the bridgestone club line specifically the JGR driver.
Ian Last
Ian Last - 3 years ago
I love Rob because he gives honest opinions and is not scared to offend any golf company, well done Rob and Rick.
W At W's Place
W At W's Place - 3 years ago
My guess shaft toque is to stiff also ball is wrong for Rob
cadwell collins
cadwell collins - 3 years ago
How funny the Granade did better but not a good product to the majority
dimpled sphere
dimpled sphere - 3 years ago
what happened to robs nose?
cgasucks - 3 years ago
Welcome back Rob!! Haven't seen you in a while!
Mike Cerniglia
Mike Cerniglia - 3 years ago
Please have Rob review the Mizuno ST-180. He games the XR and I feel like that’s the next best thing to it. IMO.
Matt H
Matt H - 3 years ago
Nice video Rick and Rob.
Will Borkenhagen
Will Borkenhagen - 3 years ago
Great video keep em comin
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
i have my heart set on the f8 driver i really hope this driver works well with me, it just shouts out to me how open minded you have to be with brands i had my heart set on the f7 irons,out of the 4 sets i tried the f7 was the worst i hit from the 4,i ended up coming away with a set of pre owned rsi1's. really enjoyed this review both.
9 iron
9 iron - 3 years ago
As as a few comments here, would be better to compare Rob current driver with this one to see how they perform otherwise there is no base for comparison!
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
Baseline numbers would help tell the story, but I think it's fair to say that without a custom-fitting session this driver would never work for Rob.
ian powell
ian powell - 3 years ago
I thought Rick was going to start Vaping on that thing. :-)
Scott Hirschausen
Scott Hirschausen - 3 years ago
nice one rob, pity about the poor swing day, glad your on the mend. Will rick be getting you to do golf ball testing at all, like he alluded to in his Bridgestone b330 golf ball review? I think that would be a worthwhile series....also maybe a comparison between golf clubs bought out of a box (Dunlop etc) and custom fitted clubs for a amateur ? anyhoooo keep up the good work!
Sam Joyce
Sam Joyce - 3 years ago
Why can’t I do what Rob does. Rick invite me down man ! Was a 18 handicapper now 8
AJ DiFabio Sports
AJ DiFabio Sports - 3 years ago
i wonder if rob will get this driver
nong mar
nong mar - 3 years ago
Didn't see strike pattern on the gc quad software; may have help demonstrate/explain the results?
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 3 years ago
Does Rob play a standard length driver? I'm about the same height as him, and I play at least 1" short.
Xbox - Monkeylol03
Xbox - Monkeylol03 - 3 years ago
Class video!!!
Xbox - Monkeylol03
Xbox - Monkeylol03 - 3 years ago
No problem
Is there a new skills challenge coming soon ?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks mate!
Axel Broome
Axel Broome - 3 years ago
Rob uses words that as an American I have never heard of lol. Guerishness?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Rob uses lots of words I've never heard too haha
mark lockhart
mark lockhart - 3 years ago
What are you doing with that
Phil Williamson
Phil Williamson - 3 years ago
What shaft length did Rob test with? Rob is 5'6 and shaft length over 44 is to long. It would make an interesting video of Rob hitting drivers with shafts from 43 to 45.
SuperDixxxie - 3 years ago
What shaft you got in that Mic Rick...Jesus lol
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 3 years ago
Great review by you and Rob Potter. Thanks guys. Spider Dubiel
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 3 years ago
Nope. I have not tested it yet. I am sticking with my Callaway XR 16 anyway. Love it. :) I think the F8 looks really really good but you can only chase new technology and looks for so long. Best wishes, Spider Dubiel
Michael Munoz
Michael Munoz - 3 years ago
Rick and his new mic
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
Rick rockin' that game-show-host look! I'll take what's behind Door #2.
jesus Treviño
jesus Treviño - 3 years ago
I don’t know what was more important this year in the golf world
Tiger woods coming back or rob potter coming back
StarlitShadows - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Haha! It's a close call!
Ian Nicol
Ian Nicol - 3 years ago
Possibly wrong shaft for him a little too stifff and hitting it more straight right with a little fade. Needs to be lighter possibly. Or he needs to get hitting lots of balls again. Try him on the f8+
Randy Mahony
Randy Mahony - 3 years ago
Always appreciate your opinion Rob, you're kind of the average golfer, still better than me. I'm looking forward to the next testing.
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 3 years ago
Why not put it in more of a draw setting? I think it would be worth a try
joseph pattison
joseph pattison - 3 years ago
I thought that you said mid-handicapper? That’s Rob Potter!
Rolland Hawkins
Rolland Hawkins - 3 years ago
Your videos of late have been very amateurish. You have all the best test equipment at your disposal but lately you seem to lazy to use it therefore you don't have enough data to support the conclusions you are arriving at. I can't use any of your resent videos to formulate any opinions on any of the new eguipment. Potter was hitting weak and right. WHY? You know from previous videos Cobra drivers preform best when hit above the equator. What was club and ball speed, smash factor. Where was strike location? What was the face angle? You really should apologize to cobra for giving their product such amateurish reviews. We have come to expect better than this from you. Very disappointing! On the other hand every since Cobra dropped their speed channel their driver performance has dropped.
Adrian - 3 years ago
believe the groove won't affect spin because ball not in contact with face for long enough and ball is bouncing off club face rather than moving up it
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
Could his recovery from injury have any affect on his numbers?
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Bobby Sale at the min I'm pretty much ok. Managed 350 golf balls in the days leading up with no adverse effects. Just one of those things. But I like the fact it turned out how it did, coz if it's not going anywhere on an off day, you need to know it's limitations
40Rouge - 3 years ago
Oh- Rick, you need to get your hands on the new Wilson C300 driver. That driver lends itself very well to a Rob test.


40Rouge - 3 years ago
Although I appreciate the Rob reviews, I think the videos would be better served to have him hit his gamer for a few drives, then the ten with the new driver. If he's off that day, I want to at least set a baseline for a comparison with his gamer.
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 3 years ago
Agreed, great idea!
Tom N
Tom N - 3 years ago
Great idea with hitting the own clubs as comparison as first
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
40Rouge good point there buddy and in the past we have done that. So I totally accept and agree. It's something I'll put to Rick if he asks me back in the New Year. Thanks for the comment
Will Thomas
Will Thomas - 3 years ago
If Louie can get a reply, can I? Btw I love your content!
James Jameson
James Jameson - 3 years ago
Was waiting for something like this!
Adam Stubbs
Adam Stubbs - 3 years ago
Interesting review, bit of a disappointing outcome consider how well this driver looks.
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor - 3 years ago
Love the reviews with both Rick and Rob, really enjoyable to watch. To me this is one of the prettiest drivers I have seen and would love to try one out. Would be worried about the lack of forgiveness though since I am a beginner.
stephen pettitt
stephen pettitt - 3 years ago
I hope no1 doesn’t try this club because they think “I’m a mid handicapper like rob potter and he couldn’t hit it”. Don’t mean to be a hater but I think these test are potentially misleading
stephen pettitt
stephen pettitt - 3 years ago
Jason Little ok I’m going to try and explain one more time but only because I think my point is valid and no1 has challenged the point I am actually trying to make. Firstly I want to make it clear that I am in no way having a go at Rob or saying that his opinions are not worthwhile, I think they are and I can see there is clearly a market for them. What caused me to comment on this video initially is that I feel by calling it a mid handicap TEST (not review) TEST you are implying that some sort of worthwhile scientific conclusions about the performance of a golf club could de drawn by getting one mid handicapper to hit it a few times and give a score out of 20. If you take this video on face value, they have tested the cobra for mid handicappers and found it doesn’t perform very well. If I worked for cobra (I don’t I promise) I would feel slightly aggrieved by this. The simple answer to this is change the name of these types of video to reflect that it is only an opinion and not really a test but I don’t think Rick will do this because he probably gets more clicks with the current label, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts though
Jason Little
Jason Little - 3 years ago
I kind of see what you are trying to say Stephen but as Rob points out time and time again, its just an opinion. Yes hes a mid hcp'r yes hes going to have off days. I think the biggest error in this particular video was not hitting his own driver as a comparison and not showing the strike locations based on the bad shots at least. I think anyone ruling clubs in or out just because of one persons views is a foolish way to buy or not buy clubs. Sure we all love seeing how they do or dont do on a test but its one person on one day. We have to take it for what it is. Never get bored of seeing Rob or Rick on these. Keep it up gents
stephen pettitt
stephen pettitt - 3 years ago
Billy Bothered not sure you read what I said properly but anyway I’m going to leave it there, wasn’t trying to have a dig at anyone, just my opinion that’s all
Billy Bothered
Billy Bothered - 3 years ago
A review is, and should be, an opinion. Ricks reviews are opinions not fact. You will see less variation in Ricks reviews because 1) he is keen to keep manufacturers on side so never really slates a product and 2) he hits the ball so consistently (leftish) and cleanly. Keep up the good work Rob good to see you back ignore the haters. The channel gets plenty of I can drive 300+ yrd whatever the driver reviews. Thanks for the content chaps.
stephen pettitt
stephen pettitt - 3 years ago
Rob Potter hi rob thanks for the reply, i see what you are saying but I think the whole idea of “mid handicapper testing” is a bit of a con. what are we actually testing here? One mid handicapper might swing at 110 another 85 mph, ones bad shot might be a slice and another’s a pull hook, I could go on. if the video was called “a mid handicappers opinion” I wouldn’t have an issue with it. Seems a lot of the people in the comments like your opinions so why not call it “Rob Potters Opinion”
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
stephen pettitt not really because that's only my opinion. I'd like to think that others could and would give it a go and see for themselves thst either it's good for them or not. For me, it's not a driver of buy. Which is a shame as I like the concept, technology and look of the club.
Hunter Ramirez
Hunter Ramirez - 3 years ago
Don't let Carter keep that drive Rick
Corey Shaw
Corey Shaw - 3 years ago
Would it be fair to say since Rob hasn't been golfing and working on his swing due to injuries, would you consider this an unfair test?
Corey Shaw
Corey Shaw - 3 years ago
I wasn't trying to be rude, I myself have gone through being injured and wanting to get back soon. I just found that shorter clubs may be easier to hit now than the driver.
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Corey Shaw not really mate. I've been able to get on the range of late and hit approx 350 golf balls in 5/6 days leading up to the filming. But I do see your point
cadwell collins
cadwell collins - 3 years ago
Can you do a comparison with his driver that way we can get number to number comparison
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 3 years ago
Bummer, was looking forward to Rob hitting his best drives with it.
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 3 years ago
Rob Potter really enjoyed it though, how about from now on compare your current driver to the test driver. Some days I smash driver and other days I slice and lose distance. I wish I was as consistent as Rick Shiels!
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Jeff Miller so was I mate. I like the F7 better
RayDon - 3 years ago
Boom. The Peoples Tester is back.
John Sandy
John Sandy - 3 years ago
Maybe should have switched the weights for even more draw bias maybe?
RcTtOuChEd 1
RcTtOuChEd 1 - 3 years ago
This is why I love watching the mid handicap tests. Rick really liked the F8, but only when hitting it high on the face. I'm betting Rob was hitting middle to low.
Jack Browning
Jack Browning - 3 years ago
I hit the cobra f8 and compared it to models such as the epic, 917 d2, m1, m2, g400, and it the best one out of all of them to me.
Clément Bachet
Clément Bachet - 3 years ago
Rob and Rick...what else
Liam Bradley
Liam Bradley - 3 years ago
Love rob;great guy
Calamity Golf
Calamity Golf - 3 years ago
Oh yes
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 3 years ago
Terrible swing day to do a review,over the top swing on most hits .potential buyers need to disregard this review(pointless)
Squizzy Bollocks
Squizzy Bollocks - 3 years ago
Exactly, no club will help a bad swing.......spend your money on lessons.
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 3 years ago
What a year for golf, tiger woods returned, but more importantly dobby returned.
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 3 years ago
Rick auditioning for 'Blankety Blank'
Erich Zellmer
Erich Zellmer - 3 years ago
Just hit it today at lunch. Very impressed with the sound and performance with HZRDUS Yellow. Did have a slight tendency of a fade but that is my typical shot.
2014 MM
2014 MM - 3 years ago
I'd like to see it in blue, orange, white
Duncan Jones
Duncan Jones - 3 years ago
I think a nice added bit of data would be strike location, as this is could be good indication of why a shot performed or not.. Good vids tho man
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Duncan Jones good point.
Aaron Fowler
Aaron Fowler - 3 years ago
Rob likes the look of the cobra but didnt of the M family from taylormade. They look similar just different colors. Hes a joke
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 3 years ago
I love the look of the m4 with the new silver and black finish ..looking at the cobra it looks like a cheaper version don't like the look of it at all .also don't like the look of the face ..looks to busy the way great to see you back Rob ..legend
Jason Little
Jason Little - 3 years ago
Troll alert
Scott Hirschausen
Scott Hirschausen - 3 years ago
what an odd thing to say mr fowler, god forbid ppl have different opinions on different objects !
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
If you bothered to listen to what I said in the review it was the contrast of the white and black of the M series I didn't like. Simple as!
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim - 3 years ago
I think the F8 looks better than the TM M models
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 3 years ago
Aaron Fowler they look completely different
Adam Halstead
Adam Halstead - 3 years ago
with the cobra connect what happens when you need to re grip your clubs with that system
keith hacker
keith hacker - 3 years ago
It sounded as if Rob was hitting the mat as well as the ball.Perhaps Rob should of hit his own driver first to get some data to compare with. He might of been having a bad day and not hitting it out of the sweet spot as usual! Good to see Rob back.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
Baseline numbers would have been very helpful, I agree.
JoeJoeJoeUrBoat - 3 years ago
Luke gets killed by Leia in The Last Jedi. She saves Kylo's life over Luke's, then Kylo kills her even after she chose him. Also, I like your new shoes Rick! The first gen ones were better though. Happy Holidays everyone!
Louie John
Louie John - 3 years ago
Please do a head to head with the P790 against the Titliest AP3
Louie John
Louie John - 3 years ago
Love you rick. All vids are really helpful
Louie John
Louie John - 3 years ago
Yesss thanks for replying
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Louie!
Aaron Deuser
Aaron Deuser - 3 years ago
Guess whose back ? Its rob Potter
Ronald Richardson
Ronald Richardson - 3 years ago
I can not take you serious with that microphone. We are almost in 2018 bro. I will start a gofundme to get you a new one... LOL
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
One of my mics wasn’t working on the day!
Jonathan Cassidy
Jonathan Cassidy - 3 years ago
Sorry Rob 2:35 "back in the day"
Morgan Stephens
Morgan Stephens - 3 years ago
Robs a right lad
leeh2503 - 3 years ago
What was club head speed rick
TJ Shine
TJ Shine - 3 years ago
Based on the 130 ball speed, I'd say 92-93. he was up around 95 last time so not his best. I'm wondering what shaft was in that because he wasn't getting any pop on it.
Cameron Travis
Cameron Travis - 3 years ago
Looks better than it is
Greg Milam
Greg Milam - 3 years ago
What's up with the Bob Barker microphone?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Haha! My mic wasn’t working on the day!
Andres Robledo
Andres Robledo - 3 years ago
Mescalito71 - 3 years ago
Jaundice is no joke....
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Mescalito71 I agree. Nor am I joking about it. I have Beta Thalassemia Minor ( Trait ). One of the bi-product from that condition is Jaundice which I have been hospitalised for on a few occasions.

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