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GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100? sentiment_very_dissatisfied 18

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GOOD golf DRIVER UNDER £100? Thanks to the guys at for helping me collect as many of the DRIVER UNDER £100 ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
So guys, tell me... have you ever bought a second hand club? Have you found any bargains?

Let me know!
Hayden Lloyd
Hayden Lloyd - 3 years ago
£29.99 second hand cobra s3 fairway wood
Omar Qureshi
Omar Qureshi - 3 years ago
Nike vapor 3 wood
Nolan Locke
Nolan Locke - 3 years ago
Due irons due putters due wedges
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I know I'm late, remember it's 37 consecutive videos #hurricanemaria, but this is your best product testing video you have made. Marketing vs rules that don't allow big changes and this is the true results. Thanks for being true and honest in your tests. Keep it up!
Darryl Mack
Darryl Mack - 3 years ago
I've been playing for 6 years, I NEVER buy new, except for my putter. You're 5 year driver tests confirm what I've believed, driver heads don't make a huge difference, I look for a shaft I like
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas - 3 years ago
Great video again Rick! I'm loving the video's you're doing in association with Golf Bidder.

I bought my set from there about 3 months ago after not playing golf for about 14/15 years and I can't fault them at all. 2009 Wilson Di7 irons, 4-SW, and to get myself used to playing again they're great. Came in bloody brilliant condition, like they'd never been used before! Just using a cheap putter & driver at the moment but looking at a second hand Ping Rapture v2 3W (£63) and a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha (£95) to keep myself ticking over.

A question I would like you to answer, if possible, is what is the difference between just a cheap putter and an expensive one? Like a cheap £20 Dunlop jobby vs a second hand Odyssey or a brand new big brand one like the Taylor Made TP collection etc. as it's putting in particular that I find is killing my rounds.
Ken Royal
Ken Royal - 3 years ago
Used and in great shape.
dpardo74 - 3 years ago
Buy used or demos:)
Ken Royal
Ken Royal - 3 years ago
Guilty. Aeroburner 10.5 in bag now. It's a positive gaming gain, too. Rick, really enjoyed this experiment. Retro works with the right find for you. Thanks.
Alix Kew
Alix Kew - 3 years ago
I picked up a sonartec 3 hybrid about 3 years ago for £20 pounds was amazing recently swapped to nike vr pro 3 iron for £10 and is awesome so definitely look at second hand
Tracy Ferguson
Tracy Ferguson - 3 years ago
Yes! Rick I purchased a second hand Cobra F7 driver this year, great condition, and it has added 10-15 yards to my drive and my accuracy has greatly improved.  Since I'm finding more fairways my scores have dropped considerably.  I paid $125.00 for it and the original head cover came with it.  I have purchased other used clubs before and they have always performed great!  New clubs are overrated unless you need that first time club fitting, then maybe it's worth it, but I always look for used clubs and highly recommend it!!
Mike Elsey
Mike Elsey - 3 years ago
Just pick up a M2 driver, ex demo, for £110.
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
Whole bag is currently used, total price under £250.
Rohan Mostert
Rohan Mostert - 3 years ago
I had a beginners set purchased new that i used for 15 years, a no name club that i think was a rip off of Callaway big bertha. Driver and 3 wood bent at the hosel fairly quickly. I just dealt with the 3w, replaced driver with another off the shelf brand. Used this driver for 10 years. 18 months ago i got a set of TM r7 irons 3rd hand, and a Callaway Razr Fit extreme driver and 3w combination for $200 (AUD). Purchased a new putter (odyssey rossie II) last year.
Rob FireNix
Rob FireNix - 3 years ago
how many driver heads have you broken pureIy through hitting....?
For me its....erm....Iet me think now.... ZERO!!!!
and i pIay aIot of goIf, 5 handicap....
what about everyone eIse?
Billy Commons
Billy Commons - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf - How about this same type of video with different types of irons (blades and cavity backs), hybrids, and fairway woods? I️ would like to see whether there is a difference in 5-7 year old irons versus today’s irons, especially major brands’ (like Titleist, TM, Callaway, Ping) blades on the launch monitor and on course. Like 690 MB, 712, 714, 716, 718 MBs, is there a difference and how much of one if you have the right shaft? Thanks for the great videos!
Ryan Maddox
Ryan Maddox - 3 years ago
Bought the Strata (off-brand Callaway) iron set with a really nice bag for 150. Figured I’d play for a year and see if I progress at the sport then buy nice clubs. At least I’d have the bag. But nope still going strong with the beginner set. Just now after two and a half years getting to the part of my game that will require the next set, ie fitted to me
Nicholas Jenson
Nicholas Jenson - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf wish you would have talked about all of them... I have that Adams XTD... Would have loved to hear your thoughts
Anthony Coppa
Anthony Coppa - 3 years ago
Hi Rick - you da man! Yes i have bought and continue to buy second hand drivers. I seem to gravitate to Taylormade products so i currently have an R5 Dual D Type, R7 Quad and R1 Black. I get them at a fraction of the original price from eBay, Taylormade hates me :), and they are usually in good condition. However, my favorite club off the tee and fairway is the Adams Super LS.
mrsullins100 - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I have a friend who picked up a great condition Scotty Cameron for $30
wilelorf1 - 3 years ago
When I first got back into golf after about a 12 year break I bought that bb alpha. Absolutely loved the feel and distance from that. When I eventually bought my new bb epic sub zero it was because of the experience of the alpha that I looked Calloway first and ended up picking the sub zero over the regular epic
Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson - 3 years ago
I mostly buy second hand. I just got an F7 wood in great condition for $110.
Yanis Tsiopani
Yanis Tsiopani - 3 years ago
My first set of clubs were fitted... Ping Rapture driver & irons. For years after I always bought 2nd hand when I fancied a change, never spending more than £300 on irons or £150 on a driver... until now - fitted for 716 AP2 & 917D2 10.5° which I bought new, 9yrs after I first started
Loki the Cat
Loki the Cat - 3 years ago
I got a nearly-new Taylormade G200 3-wood from Goodwill for $3.99. Yes! Four dollars! It's got a brand new golfpride grip and all and works super well. Easily my best bargain.
JAG sixtyfive
JAG sixtyfive - 3 years ago
True. I've just bought a brand new (still in wrapper) 2016 TM M1 with Aldila Tour Green shaft upgrade, grip of my choice including shipping for £189 from Ebay, smooth transaction from a PGA Pro seller. Less than half price for a brand new Club that is the same as the 2017 model? I'll take it!! Now on the hunt for a Callaway Apex hybrid LH to start rebuilding my bag.
Ed - 3 years ago
Jason Ferreira Same here, it wasn't second hand but got for around $65 Quality Black Tie Shaft and pure strikes launches like rockets
Forrest Lasher
Forrest Lasher - 3 years ago
I'm a golfer on a budget. I got into golf when I was in college working 2 jobs to cover rent and groceries. As a result I have always played second hand clubs. I was able to replace clubs I had been given when I was 13 and build a complete set for about $500 over the course of about 8 months. The money I saved I was then able to turn into a round of 18 every other week at the local public course as well as a bucket at the driving range once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. This extra time to practice and play has allowed my to bring down my handicap dramatically. I do not think I would've been as successful had I purchased the latest and greatest because I wouldn't've been able to afford all the practice.

My favorite site for finding good quality used clubs would have to be They give you pictures of all sides of each club and they always have multiple options for each club ie. right or left hand, different flex, different lofts, as well as the usual "very good" "good" "new" etc. options.
Keith Corey
Keith Corey - 3 years ago
I just bought a set of second hand irons to replace my 15+ year old TiTech starter set. I had never wanted to drop the money for new irons because I do not play often enough to justify it, but after watching your various videos, I decided to go the second hand route. I saved loads of money and am just as happy!
Devon Rhoades
Devon Rhoades - 3 years ago
bought a 2015 Callaway Great Big Bertha with brand new shaft and grip for $140, worked wonders for my drives.
LB - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf. Always buy used drivers. Huge cost savings. Great vid Rick ⛳⛳
Josh Charlebois
Josh Charlebois - 3 years ago
i get all my clubs on a bargain! its just a matter of going to get a new golf club that's a previous years model! you can pick them up for 50 - 60% off! and with that savings with the new adjustable necks going and getting a new shaft for a driver is not a huge undertaking!
Kevin Vieira
Kevin Vieira - 3 years ago
I only buy second hand clubs now. People routinely purchase new clubs that are not suited for them and then give up on clubs when they can't hit them or they don't magically cure their game.

5-6 months after their release I picked up a set of Nike Vapor Pro combo irons 4-PW,AW with DG Pro stiff shafts for $500 CDN (£300) (€338) from someone who purchased them and said "He couldn't hit them and was going to buy the Vapor Fly Pros instead".

I just picked up a Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Subzero 9 degree for $200 CDN (£119) (€135) off another person on Kijiji. Then I picked up a Fujikura Speeder 665 Evolution II Tour Spec and Aldilia Rogue I/O from Callaway pre-owned for $222 CDN (£133) (€150).

Now I'm just waiting for someone to figure out they can't hit an Epic 3 wood or Titleist 917 F2/F3 so I can pick that up for less than half retail. Until then I'll continue hitting my Adams Tight Lies Ti 3 and 5 woods that were brand new and paid nothing for 2 years ago. $90 CDN (£53) (€60) each.

These are all cash purchases. No tax. Think about that for a second. Top of the line forged irons, one of the best and most advanced drivers on the market and really good woods for less than some people pay for their irons new.
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf in my bag I don’t have a single club bought from new. I’m very much a (mink) budget golfer. Apart from my driver I like my clubs. Only been golfing for about 5 years and currently off 6. Switched from a full set of regulars to the below which are all stiff. I just wanted to try stiff shafts before thinking about spending hundreds on brand new clubs.
Cleveland hi bore driver. 9.5 degrees
Mizuno f60 3 wood
Snake eyes 600c 2 iron
Wilson Pi7 irons 3 - pw
Mizuno mpt 56 degree
60 degree lob wedge from a brand I’ve never heard off

Total cost all in lucky to be £200
Lefty SoCal Golfer
Lefty SoCal Golfer - 3 years ago
Jerry Buckley : that’s cool! The Bio Cell was an awesome club. One of Cobra’s best. Rick got really good numbers on it in his “5 years of Cobra Drivers” test too just recently!
Jerry Buckley
Jerry Buckley - 3 years ago
I bought a Brand new Cobra Bio Cell+ with a matrix Red tie shaft for $130 this spring
Bubba - 3 years ago
Alpha Reaction 400cc, in an xxstif shaft is still the best driver I've ever hit. I'd love to see you try one rick. Still selling on eBay for around 50$
Gr8space - 3 years ago
Im still using a ping g2 driver and love it
Lefty SoCal Golfer
Lefty SoCal Golfer - 3 years ago
I recently got a Titleist 917D2 head really cheap on eBay because it had Some surface imperfections on the sole. It helps that I’m left handed sometimes, less bidders to compete against. $150, and it is just a tremendous club head. Carrying it 275+ and straight! Who cares about scratches you can’t see when you are at address?
Michael Pare
Michael Pare - 3 years ago
Rick, first let me say how much I appreciate your videos. They’re very informative, enjoyable and helpful. As for the topic at hand, I have played golf, with varying rates of success, for more than 55 years. In all that time, I have never purchased a brand new driver. They’ve all been used, including the demos that I’ve acquired. So long as the drivers suited my swing, they were great. The key is that they must be suited to your swing. If they’re not, then no driver, new or used, will be of benefit. Spending the savings on lessons would improve most golfers’ swings quickly, if they were willing to work on a swing change. That’s the problem, though. Most golfers that I have known would rather spend money on new clubs hoping to discover an instant, magic fix than to buy a suitable used club and then work on a swing change under the guidance of a professional.
Joseph Hills
Joseph Hills - 3 years ago
Cobra Fly-Z Drive - £110 on eBay - Works a dream!
Chris Sa
Chris Sa - 3 years ago
Currently using 2014 Taylormade Tour Preferred MB Irons 4-P - Bought them for 120€ including 50°, 54° ,58° Cleveland CP15 Wedges. I guess thats a bargain :D To Top that they were played by a guy who just turned professional. Maybe they will be worth even more if he is doing good :D
batsam1984 - 3 years ago
3 and 5 wood both titleist f906's which i bought for £30 each from the second hand bin in the pro shop at my club. The distance on them is incredible. Interestingly i also have the big bertha alpha which i got brand new for £125 in a great black friday sale a few years ago. Love it
Sean Gately
Sean Gately - 3 years ago
just picked up a ping G driver brand new for $380NZ came out at $900 over here.. I've wanted one as soon as I saw them. Look great, extremely loud (which I love! BOOM!!!) and Ping is just a brand I love. My bag is 'nearly' a dream now. 2-Ball putter, Mack Daddy wedges, Mizuno MP68 irons(second hand), Ping G driver(second hand), XR16 fairways. LOVE!
Harry King
Harry King - 3 years ago
Picked up an sldr for free
alex pedersen
alex pedersen - 3 years ago
Got a 915 d2 with a Aldila rip alpha x shaft for 100 from an American golf outlet #steal
Brendon Kelly
Brendon Kelly - 3 years ago
Mid January I bought a secind and Taylormade RBZ 2 and I can carry the ball 268 meters and it only cosy me $105 AUD. Love it and hope it lasts. Ex demo SLDR 3 wood for $99AUD and Also found myself a near new set of RSi 1 irons for $450AUD now have a full set of good Taylormade clubs and it only cost me $660AUD.
Siddharth Nandan
Siddharth Nandan - 3 years ago
Ping g30 ls tech
Frans Sandelin
Frans Sandelin - 3 years ago
My entire bag is second hand/used. I bought the clubs from a friend who had, quite hilariously, literally forgot about them (even though he is an active player). Titleist 913 d2 driver, Titleist 710 ap1 irons, two putters, titleist hybrid and golfballs. 220€. They've been perfect for a new player like me.
Ian Ford
Ian Ford - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Yes! I purchased a Taylor Made R7 TP driver 4 years after it came out for $76 on ebay. The listing stated it was used, but when I received it I couldnt find a blemish anywhere! I still use the driver to this day, refitted with a Harrison X shaft. I love the feel and sound of the R7.

After getting burned paying $400 for the Titleist 983E when they were new (worth $19 just 3 years later on trade), I vowed to NEVER buy brand new clubs again.
fujitasummers - 3 years ago
Sort of: I bought a duplicate set of my clubs second hand a few years after I was fitted to keep at home (I live abroad) so Wifezilla doesn’t see me take clubs on holidays back home...
Chad Sugden
Chad Sugden - 3 years ago
picked a XR16 driver with just stock stiff shaft cheap as chips hits the ball like a boss. goes 20m longer then the old cheap driver i had. i think it was more the fact my old driver was reg that made it so inconsistent
Will P
Will P - 3 years ago
2nd Swing always has amazing deals. Mint condition Vokeys for days
soutsavanh soutthanirasay
soutsavanh soutthanirasay - 3 years ago
as per order R11s wonderful driver put with Tour Ad MT6X amazing flight and distance, Titleist 913 good driver but i feel not consistent put with Miyazaki 6s, BB Alpha it was very hard to me to be stable with this driver one of 10 can hit a good drive make me dislike callaway put with adilla green rogue S, Ping try it but don't like the sound feel short don't like it at all.
Now back to my R1 project X blue 6.0 but will turn to M1 and back with the tour Ad MT6X
dernew3 - 3 years ago
I have never had a new set of irons. Would love to see how older forged irons hold up over time. Something like mp 56 or adams a4 forged review would be sweet.
Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll - 3 years ago
I would caution everyone purchasing second-hand to only purchase from an authorized dealer so you can be sure you're not getting counterfeit clubs.

Don't buy from individuals on Ebay, LetGo, or in person. There's just no way to be sure. The individual may not even know they're selling you a counterfeit club.
Dar Foggy
Dar Foggy - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I’ve only had second hand clubs. The super stroke grip on my putter is worth 10$ more then the actual putter.
Anthony Reeder
Anthony Reeder - 3 years ago
I love swapping clubs I’m a single digit handicap and just found a Titleist 910d3 for 70.00 USD and couldn’t be happier love the sound and feel. Just have to upgrade a shaft and I can’t see enough of a reason to buy the brand new clubs or anything brand new for that matter unless it’s putter and wedges cause they can be had at a better price then a new driver. I look for consistency and that’s how your going to shoot lower scores something that is consistent.
Drew Mistic
Drew Mistic - 3 years ago
Bought a set of Mizuno mp15 irons (3-PW) in perfect condition for $350
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Second hand clubs or preowned are great for the budget golfer. Rick maybe for 2018 second hand course vlog between you Pete Matt and carter.
Walter and Tamba Matusch
Walter and Tamba Matusch - 3 years ago
Great test Rick I'd love to see a persimmon wood test vs new gear. I bought a friend an old Taylormade R7 draw with a stiff shaft for $20 aud for a friend who broke their driver. We played 36 holes stroke play and he only missed one fairway and everything was over 240 yards. I was not happy we both play off 18 and I lost.
hi - 3 years ago
I still hit an old Nike covert driver better than a 917 or 915 titlest driver
J Soli
J Soli - 3 years ago
I've been playing for about 4 years now starting with my father's hand me downs. As soon I stated to get the hang of driving I went online and found me a slightly used adams blue 10.5 R flex and have been enjoying the heck out of it ever since. After that became more interested in adams and ended up finding 3 used hybrids: adams idea tech v4 2i 3i 4i. Huge fan of these three. Best purchase I have ever made IMO. I thought of hybrids because I couldn't long irons to save my life. Searching for some used irons now. Keep up the good work rick. ..I'm enjoying your reviews very much.
Alex Covington
Alex Covington - 3 years ago
I've never purchased a new golf club. My current set is an R1 driver with X-stiff Fuji Fuel shaft, RBZ tour 3 wood, TP 2009 Rescue, 5-PW X-Hot Pro's, 52* X-Jaws CC, 56* Scratch DS, 60* Fourteen MT28 V4, 64* X-Jaws, and White Hot XG #7. The only new things in my bag are the shaft in the driver, the grips, and two of the headcovers. I can't fathom having the budget to spend the money on a brand new set of clubs. I adore my clubs and baby them, because I could never even afford a full set of used off-brand irons as a kid. Oh, and the total cost of the driver, 3 wood, hybrid, and iron set, was about 300 dollars. Finding deals becomes a priority when you have a limited budget.
Seany Worny
Seany Worny - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Compare a Dunlop £10-30 driver (from sports direct) to a good priced well made driver
Andrew E
Andrew E - 3 years ago
Just fyi the prices are all before trade in, i trade in all my clubs so i actually paid less, n these are all USED
My current bag as of now back in dec 2012 i got my nike slingshot 4d irons for only $100
In dec 2013 i got my nike vrs 2012 driver for $100
In jan 2016 my rbz stage 2 3 hybrid for $60
In June 2017 my m2 2016 3 wood for $110 a trade in pre owned demo, and TM jetspeed 5 wood for $50
For the fairway woods i traded in for the m2 n jetspeed, i was using a Callaway x hot 2013 3 deep FW which i got for $40 n a mizuno mp titanium 5 wood for $30 which i both got in jan 2016
N before my mizuno 5 wood i was using a adams speedline 09 5 wood which i got for $17! In dec 2011
I got my cavity back wedges for $30-60 over the years, and i got a cleveland classic putter from 2011 back in feb 2013 new for only $30 in a course pro shop, all the rest were from roger dunn except my VRS driver which was from a mom n pop golf shop
Now im waiting n saving up for a good deal for the Callaway fusion driver n apex irona from 2014
cgasucks - 3 years ago
Got a 9.5d Titleist 983k with a Graphite Design YS-6 Shaft for $15...CDN
Alex Queen
Alex Queen - 3 years ago
Cleveland hb classics #2 for 7 bucks
HAZZA ZAPPY - 3 years ago
RBZ stage 2 for £60 as long as my mates M2 also RBZ original 3 wood
Rocket launcher for £35 all eBay
Saved a fortune and looks a little retro
I say no more
christopher patterson
christopher patterson - 3 years ago
A great place is from your neighbors! Apps like OfferUp or LetGo are awesome places to look for decent clubs.
Hack to Scratch golf
Hack to Scratch golf - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf that’s what all my clubs are
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling - 3 years ago
Hell yeah, Adam 18 deg hybrid, Cleveland Gliderail hhybrid, Adams tight lies 3 wood and a Ping G25 driver. All great clubs and all under £100. The hybribs were under £50 each. Last year was my first year playing golf after about 7 years off so didnt want to go mad a blow my bank just incase I didnt stick at it. Obviously I'm now addicted again!! Even though Ive decided to play regularly again, I really dont see the need to spend £££ when unnecessary. Ive tried the newer kit and to be honest for my level of golf (14) it really didnt make enough difference to warrant to dollars.
connor mackenzie
connor mackenzie - 3 years ago
Got a 915d3 for $200 and im in love with it
sthil golfin
sthil golfin - 3 years ago
I bought a titleist 910 27degree hybred and it's rapidly becoming my favourite club its longer than my 5i with same loft but it's very versatile stock shot is so high but I can hit a little low punch either way it was £60 I think
Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson - 3 years ago
Yeah I bought TM R15 and RSI 2 used after watching your videos trying to find club that would suit someone new to golf. And I love them so thank you for your direction!
Tomsawyer1111 - 3 years ago
910 D3 Magic!
James Woods
James Woods - 3 years ago
I got a full set of Wilson irons when I first started and havent changed them since
David t
David t - 3 years ago
Mizuno mp 30 irons. 3-PW immaculate £120
ThomasPaineisback - 3 years ago
would love to see second hand irons and tips on how to hit high irons better.
Jordan Gleason
Jordan Gleason - 3 years ago
OH YEAH! Especially when I was in college.
Paul Farnsworth
Paul Farnsworth - 3 years ago
I bought a 2nd hand Cobra Fly Z hybrid with a new GP MCC plus 4 grip on for £40 on ebay. It's like new. Hardly a mark on it!

On the subject of drivers, why would your mid-high handicapper spend £400-£500 when it really isn't going to improve your game. You can get an XR 16 for £199, Cobra F6 for £179 and the Ping G30 for £229 all brand new at AG. And if you need to pay it off over 6 months at 0% interest. Spend the rest on lessons!!!!
Tommy Jenkins
Tommy Jenkins - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf. I bought a budget set of clubs from bullet golf off of Amazon I love them as a starter set but can't find any reviews on them to see if I need equipment tweeking someone else's feed back would be great also I carry around a second hand 7w in my set and it still performs great.
Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll - 3 years ago
I buy ONLY second hand. You can pick up last year's top of the line Callaway model, the XR 16, from an authorized Callaway dealer on Ebay for $110 shipped. I bought my current driver, the 2015 Great Big Bertha eight months ago for $125. And the condition is almost pristine.
Ciaran  Greaney
Ciaran Greaney - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I'm still using a callaway erc 2 driver from 2001, hits the ball a mile just accuracy is a bit variable, don't have any great wish for a new driver
JH FIFA - 3 years ago
Got a set of Nike vapor irons pro combo irons 4-pw hardly used and only for £250!
Paul Milsom
Paul Milsom - 3 years ago
Good news and bad news. The good news is I just bought a Titleist 915 D2 driver and 2 x 816 rescue clubs, hardly used, including headcovers and adjustment tool, for less than a new Titleist 918 driver. The bad news is, I don't hit them any better than my Titleist 910 driver and my 2 x Cobra rescues. Dohhhh!!!!
xrayjay bigga
xrayjay bigga - 3 years ago
I️ picked up an R7 rescue in 2009 when right before I️ left the game. $50 plus on clearance (new) and guess what.. I️ returned to golf 2 weeks ago after 8 years, that $50 22* hits further and better than my 4i R7 lol..
TheGolfdaily - 3 years ago
Over the years, I have bought a few seconds hand drivers ( just out of curiosities and wanting to try different clubs) and as they were so dirt cheap.
I Never came a crossed with a bad driver and they always surprised me how good they are.
BUT, do avoid second hand clubs with composite heads. They are fragile and I have cracked three of them. One was due to my negligence but two others were just not as tough as the all metal club heads.
scott yule
scott yule - 3 years ago
No my specs,so I've always bought second hand.No brainer for the average working man.3hdcp
dpardo74 - 3 years ago
I bought my 3 wood, 5 wood, and hybrid 2nd hand...(the hybrid and 3 wood were open box, actually) and I saved a lot of cash. My driver was a demo club..I paid 150 for a 350 dollar driver. And my irons were 2 yrs old but still in the box. In the end, I spent exactly 1100 dollars on a Covert 2.0 driver, 3w, 3hybrid. ,4 - pw Covert x irons, 50 and 56-degree Cleveland tour action wedges. You gotta just love Black Friday in the U.S.
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 3 years ago
Taylormade have a used club site I got two hybrids and a 3 wood sldr's for 150 quid. They were less than a year old and looked like new. Only thing I didn't realise was the import duty of an extra 30 quid but still a bargain. They rate the clubs and their rating was very accurate.
James Bond
James Bond - 3 years ago
915 D two weeks ago for £60 off a mate, it replaced the sumo that I bought five years ago of another mate for £25
qmitchell30 - 3 years ago
90% of my clubs are second hand. Currently still rocking Ping s58 demo irons.
Craig Brown
Craig Brown - 3 years ago
Picked up an almost brand new callaway n415 driver for only £48 this year and immediately increased distance
Ogaitnasm21 - 3 years ago
70 dlls for a taylormade r9 supetri in incredible condition
Dan Shanks
Dan Shanks - 3 years ago
Snapped my a M1 2017 with a hazardous yellow in for 250 was about 4 rounds old a big step up from the 983k I had been using for 10 years
Carl Kindred
Carl Kindred - 3 years ago
It would be interesting to test older golf balls as well.
With today's equipment compared to older clubs
Nellabellabi - 3 years ago
Tested a few new drivers, and Well they felt good.
But for third and some a fourth of the price i ended up with a Wilson FG tour driver, stiff , adjustable 8.5-11.5 loft.
Works great, might loose little distance.

3wood Ping G30, demo club.
Cobra forged One, Golfbidder, 600£ , excellent condition, costs 1100£ new in sweden.
Have not money to buy a good putter yet, so i bought a crappy one for 20£, as my savings building up.
webb45 - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf yes this year. 2 year old lynx boom boom driver. £40 with head cover from ebay. Taken too it after around 2 rounds
The Frugal Musician
The Frugal Musician - 3 years ago
I just bought a driver, TM Burner Superfast TP Edition for about $40 off ebay and so far it plays almost the same as my Adams A40s that is a few years older. For average players used older clubs are the way to go. My irons are the old Titleist DCI 962 and still work for me.
redlinejcw - 3 years ago
Great vid. I just got a second hand Taylormade M1 430 for $100. Best driver I’ve ever owned. Huge step up from my previous driver and at a bargain.
TheCabaxi - 3 years ago
Ping G20
Dylan Midkiff
Dylan Midkiff - 3 years ago
If you have a good swing, almost any club regardless of price will do you well.
Paul Martin Productions
Paul Martin Productions - 3 years ago
Just bought a titleist 910 3hybrid for under £30!!! In good condition as well
Ture Nyman
Ture Nyman - 3 years ago
I bought an R9 460 for $50 on eBay an absolutely love it!!! I did spend some money to get the shaft specs where I wanted them afterwards but I still saved somewhere around $300
Matt Chapple
Matt Chapple - 3 years ago
I only buy my clubs discounted or second-hand. Clubs are so expensive and my game has changed now I've moved on from your basic bottomline Wilson Staff clubs.
Fats and Thins Golf
Fats and Thins Golf - 3 years ago
Great vlog Rick, cheers. Looking at upgrading my driver now with a second hand model!
Rolland Hawkins
Rolland Hawkins - 3 years ago
Hey Rick why don't you test an apples to apples test. Hollow head over size irons callaway BB OS to Cobra OS?

10. comment for GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100?

Walter Caldwell
Walter Caldwell - 3 years ago
It's all a mind game! Whatever gives you that confidence when looking down on the ball is what I would go with.
T Fargs
T Fargs - 3 years ago
I've only used second hand clubs. I started golfing 3 years ago and had a titleist 910 driver. This summer I hit my longest drive with the club for a total of 314 yards. I work at a golf course and found a ping i25 head in amazing condition in the trash. I put a stock ping shaft in it for 36 dollars and went on to break my long drive with it hitting a 326 yard drive. It's definitely worth more to improve your swing
Segelmange - 3 years ago
Brilliant test! :) So what about the equvalient irons? Are they also worth procuring second hand?
John Ray
John Ray - 3 years ago
Rick, will you be testing the new Taylormade RBZ Black? Was a fan of the older version, and wonder how the new one performs.
Nishant Gurjer
Nishant Gurjer - 3 years ago
Good Day Rick. Love the work you are doing. Could you test some of the Japanese Clubs like PRGR, Honma, Muira vs Taylormade,Callaway, Titleist.
I use a PRGR EGG 3 wood & get the same distance as a Taylormade M2 2016 driver.
Kim Nathan Inwon
Kim Nathan Inwon - 3 years ago
1. I want you to test ALL the shafts and what differences they can make.

2. Yes. I recently bought Wilson Staff Triton at $77 as new with rogue shaft. It's a steal.

Thanks for the video!
Jakob Nordin
Jakob Nordin - 3 years ago
I picked up a Cobra ZL last year for 70 GBP and am now doing a repaint due to the previous owners skyballs. It’s looking sharp and I hit balls as far as you do with any of your tested drivers. I’m putting the money I saved into more practice on the range so I can learn to master the club. I think most people buy new clubs far to often, resulting in them never realy learning how to use the club.
Usee - 3 years ago
The Ping G 20 is a driver, that even I can hit from the deck - way better than the G 30...
Cam Channell
Cam Channell - 3 years ago
I agree with this 100%!! I bought my entire set used by piecing it together. I shopped carefully and found clubs in really great shape, some of them looked pretty much brand new. I bought the wedges individually (P, A, S, L). The irons in a set (4-9). And the rest individually. A 3 wood, 4 hybrid and a driver. And they all match. Taylormade Rocketballz. My driver was $85 and in great shape. I put the entire set together (with a matching Taylormade bag) for just over $500. I recently went and tested all the latest against my driver. The new PING, Calloway, Taylormade, etc . . . I consistently hit my Rocketballz just as far and consistent as the brand new $400+ drivers. So saving the money and putting it into lessons is very much a smart move, especially since I am very much an average golfer. Thanks for putting this video together Rick!! Keep up the great content!!
Ron Robertson
Ron Robertson - 3 years ago
Thanks for the great information (as usual) It is amazing when the manufacturers release the new drivers every year announcing NEW & IMPROVED. Makes you wonder what you paid $500 for last year....old & mediocre???? Have never bought a second hand driver but I will now. You can always resell it yourself and recoup your $100 if it doesn't workout...right? Thanks for all you do.

20. comment for GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100?

Peter Schmitt
Peter Schmitt - 3 years ago
Peter Schmitt
Peter Schmitt - 3 years ago
Cheers, Rick!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Peter!!!
Peter Schmitt
Peter Schmitt - 3 years ago
To expand on this.  I was custom fit for a very popular driver this year that cost me over $400.  I was seduced by the fact that I was picking up a couple extra yards, but after making the switch, I found my new driver wasn't the best club for me to tackle actual golf shots on a golf course.  I now miss my old driver and will likely try to find one on eBay.  Lesson learned.  No matter how cool the new $400 driver is, if it doesn't make you a better golfer, don't buy it.
Jukka Kymäläinen
Jukka Kymäläinen - 3 years ago
This was honest and good rewiew
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Glad you enjoyed !!
TexasTalk1846 - 3 years ago
The drivers over the past 5 yrs are all good. You just have to know which type of weighting works for you. Drivers that are weighted closer to the front like Taylormade and Callaway or those weighted towards the back like Ping and Titeist and knowing what lofts work best for those types of weighting.
Gavin Duff
Gavin Duff - 3 years ago
I still use my old titleist 905 10.5 Reg shaft that I got when I started playing and I fooking love it .. when I'm playing well it's my favourite club in the bag 270/280 yards fairly straightish lol will be hanging onto it for a while yet :)
Grant Mather
Grant Mather - 3 years ago
please see if you can find & test The Judge driver. can't remember who made it but it was long in the mid 90's
dpardo74 - 3 years ago
A week of lessons with a golf instructor was the best golf investment I ever made. Now, I go back twice a year for 4 to 5 days to fine tune my game and my playing partners are speechless when I hit a great drive 250 straight down the middle or consistently hit my irons.The game of golf is not about the brand of clubs you show up with. You can't buy the game. You can, however, buy a quality set of clubs that will meet your needs for years to come and make the sport a little bit easier. I always recommend to my friends buy at least 2 yrs old used clubs. If you buy a cheaper boxed set, the driver and 3 woods usually are made up of cheaply made graphite shafts or titanium "composite " heads that dent or fly off within the first year. Avoid first tee embarrassment and save hundreds of dollars by buying used from a reputable company such as Callaway pre-owned or 2nd Swing Golf.
andy jervis
andy jervis - 3 years ago
No Nike
Eric Moody
Eric Moody - 3 years ago
I would like to know if old irons (4 or 5 years old) really do lose backspin due to ageing. This would help answer the question if I should get new clubs due to grooves being worn down. If both blades are clean (old vs new) how big of difference in backspin is there. Should you get a set of new irons after the 4 or 5 year mark? Thanks Rick
Alix Kew
Alix Kew - 3 years ago
I picked up a sonartec 3 hybrid about 3 years ago for £20 pounds was amazing recently swapped to nike vr pro 3 iron for £10 and is awesome so definitely look at second hand
Q C - 3 years ago
Bought a Callaway X HOT Driver and it was definitely a upgrade to my Cleveland Hi-Bore.  Have you ever tested the Mizuno's? I know you talk about getting fitted a lot but I really don't know what I should be asking them. All they do is hand me different clubs and say how does that feel...

30. comment for GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100?

edwin lambley
edwin lambley - 3 years ago
Virtually all club golfers would do better spending money having their grips replaced, lie & loft set up for them plus taking lessons from a "Good" teaching pro rather than spending daft money on new clubs. Some of the prices are now barking & we will see changing of equipment slowing down. This might not be a bad thing for the club pro as I suspect the vast amount of equipment is purchased from Large retailers. An opportunity will exist to build up their teaching clientele IF they can promote themselves & their services.
Jordan Price
Jordan Price - 3 years ago
Strike???? So sure it just proves if you don't hit the right part of the club face it could go anywhere
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
How about an old versus new distance test using the cream of the generational crop. Persimmon 1 wood using a multi layered ball versus a low spin modern driver using a 60's Dunlop 65 or Penfold. See which makes the distance difference club or ball technology.
Jaime Andrés Field Jiménez
Jaime Andrés Field Jiménez - 3 years ago
Bought a ping i25 driver 8 months ago. It used to be played by Alejandro Cañizares it goes like hell
Tony Hansson
Tony Hansson - 3 years ago
I want to believe that if I buy new golf clubs I'm following developments. And I hope manufacturers are looking for better and more forgiving products that can help my game. Then the look is also important to me. If I like, I buy :)
Ken Mykietowich
Ken Mykietowich - 3 years ago
Are you going to do a test on the other $100 drivers you got? Kool to see how they preformed. I'm cheap. Lol. I've been looking for a new replacement for my Hyper X 9° off and on for a while, but haven't found anything that makes me say " this is the 1!" I always look at the 2-3 models back from the new ones because they are more affordable and the technology is more than what I'm already using. Or should be.. Thanks Rick. #Fore!⛳
Jeff Eilers
Jeff Eilers - 3 years ago
Rick, can you do some more of these testings or those manufacturer specific "years of driver" comparisons with Rob Potter or another mid capper? I think those results would be very beneficial to many of your viewers.
justin palmer
justin palmer - 3 years ago
Compared my old Nike Pro Combo OS irons that cost 100 pounds with the latest Callaway Apex Pro irons and could see zero advantage changing
justin palmer
justin palmer - 3 years ago
Correction was the Callaway Apex forged not the pro version
justin palmer
justin palmer - 3 years ago
Tried Mizuno JPX900, JPX850 drivers and discovered a Mizuno MX500 driver for 20 pounds that smoked both of those on a consistent basis
Frank Ling
Frank Ling - 3 years ago
Seems a bit of a misleading review, in their days all were a quality driver, would prefer to see new drivers under £150...
Donald Mock
Donald Mock - 3 years ago
I never buy new. I purchased my Taylormade SLDR with the TP Shaft one year after release for $175.99 in Mint condition. (suggested retail $499.99) I use on-line retailers like GlobalGolf and always buy equipment in mint or excellent condition and save hundreds of dollars. Same for my Mizuno MP-53 irons and Titleist SM5 wedges.
Parveez Aslam Aarif
Parveez Aslam Aarif - 3 years ago
Hey Rick!!! I'm an Indian from the South of India...I am really in need of buying second hand clubs..... But the guys can't ship them all the way through the UK to my place. So is there any other alternative to Golf Bidder regarding second hand clubs?
Gareth Barker
Gareth Barker - 3 years ago
Ive recently bought a 2017 M2 D type second hand, no fitting just tried it against my current ping g and have gained 20yds
N0d4chi - 3 years ago
In general i dont think Golf Technology makes a lot of difference. The physics behind it just dont allow for huge improvements. Not to mention the regulations of the Golf Clubs. I dont think more expensive means better performance. Id like to know more about durability, if you could test really cheap golf clubs against the high end ones in this regard, it would be amazing.
4ndy123 - 3 years ago
Ping i25 9/10
Condition bought for £88 on eBay 9 months ago.
Colin Cooper
Colin Cooper - 3 years ago
golf clubs are like cars they lose a hell of a lot of money when you take them out of the shop /showroom but are still good although secondhand .Let someone else take the hit as long as they have not been abused they should be as good as they were originally rated. Perhaps you can do the cheaper end of the market for us plebs next time. colin cooper
Kabir Chawla
Kabir Chawla - 3 years ago
I'd like to see the same video but in other types of clubs. Keep it up rick!
David Waters
David Waters - 3 years ago
Having never had any “Top Brand” clubs, I decided to look on EBay at the beginning of the year for a named Driver. Found a very old, but unmarked Calloway Diablo. Won the auction at £29! Very pleased with increased distance and consistency.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
Rick, congrats on 250K subs!! Amazing accomplishment and well deserved!!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thank you so much!
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 3 years ago
I would like to also mention an area that perhaps you might be interested in reviewing would be some of the places that make the clone clubs such as Diamond tour golf. I purchased a 5 hybrid from them that is supposed to be like the Callaway xr hot hybrid I believe. It is one of the most amazing clubs in my bag. I call it the most reliable club in my bag. I bought it about 4 years ago. Also bought a driver cloned after the Ping G driver. That has turned out well too. Straightened out my drives very nicely. I was using a Callaway Hyper X at the time with mixed results and the Diamond tour Ping G clone put me on track and did it for about 67 dollars brand new. :) I also have a 9 Wood and 7 Wood that are Ping clones from them as well. Absolutely love them. This is an area that is almost never reviewed but I think is worth getting a look at. Cheers Rick. Spider Dubiel :)

50. comment for GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100?

knuckleballerz - 3 years ago
Hey rick I have some old Minzuno blades irons tour proven wanna try them out ?
eamo30 - 3 years ago
Are golfers getting wiser to the marketing crap hence the drop off in sales?
Donnie K
Donnie K - 3 years ago
I really enjoyed this. I actually went back to my ping G20 from mizuno jpx850 and found performance better. Hmmm. This validates the thought of changing when you notice a difference when trying new clubs
John McCormick
John McCormick - 3 years ago
You need a new intro mate. Don't worry, it's all love
SPizarro74 - 3 years ago
Started playing 4 years ago with second hand ping g25. After 2 years, lowered my hc to 15 and decided i needed new clubs; bought a set of brand new more blade type clubs and ended up going back to my old second hand g25; selling the new ones after a month for less than half the price. So I’m sure you can get great deals for 2nd hand clubs; and have also been the idiot throwing money away trying to look smarter while actually performing worse.
Luke Barela
Luke Barela - 3 years ago
I've found the current generation of drivers have more pleasing acoustics and feel. I've not tried every driver but I've given a fair amount of the last 3 years of clubs a smack. Performance wise... with the exception of my upgrade from a second hand SLDR S to a 2016 M2... I haven't experience much if any improvement in distance or accuracy. I have enjoyed the Epic and considered picking one up. I'm still keen on my M2. Cheers Rick. As always...great video!
TD Kane
TD Kane - 3 years ago
Cobra 460SZ Cobra 400SZ under $50
John Davis
John Davis - 3 years ago
I bought a Ping Anser driver I got fitted for when it came out new but couldn't afford the $599 in 2011 when it came out. In 2015 Akers discount golf bought every Anser wood from ping and I bought the same driver i got fitted for for $129. Just changed to the Mizuno JPX900 and got it for $250 new as a left over. The JPX is much more forgiving and longer than my ping. Both clubs were fitted.
Darren Heron
Darren Heron - 3 years ago
Enjoyed this video, I’m rocking a Taylormade r7 quad cost me £30 off gumtree, does the job fine
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
I sure did. I must admit that you've been of a great help to me. After viewing some of your club reviews, I went for a Taylor Made RBZ stage 2 driver for $125.00 (can.) almost brand new. I fell in love with that driver. But, since I had not played for a while(too busy with tennis), I also bought a used R15(almost new) for about $150.00(can.) Now, i can switch shafts and experiment with both. Thanks again for your generous comments.
vishal dubey
vishal dubey - 3 years ago
Rick you n your videos are snazztastic.
When r u coming to India??
Sportsnut 21
Sportsnut 21 - 3 years ago
Or wedges
Sportsnut 21
Sportsnut 21 - 3 years ago
Can you do the same video but for irons
Angus Jolliffe
Angus Jolliffe - 3 years ago
i still use the old taylormade r11 not r11s
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
Great vlog Rick; really interesting topic and I loved it.
My own Taylormade Burner driver [circa 8 to 9 yrs old design] was bought 2nd hand for £45 about 5 years ago
Don't know how much it was new but I can say it was a bargain for me; totally love it.
Crystal Palace High Level
Crystal Palace High Level - 3 years ago
Great video Rick, but the sound is a bit quiet
Philip Jeffery
Philip Jeffery - 3 years ago
Excellent Rick. I have found some good bargins yes. I've found two clubs out of the bargin bin I still play. Love your videos.
Yanis Tsiopani
Yanis Tsiopani - 3 years ago
I'd test my very first fitted driver which I bought new and sold for about £50 6yrs later, against my latest 917D2 10.5°... I had the mighty Ping Rapture in 10.5° Reg. (V1)
BrettB Golf
BrettB Golf - 3 years ago
great idea, personally i get nearly all my clubs second hand driver irons and woos/hybrids you can always find some that have been looked after
robert tomlinson
robert tomlinson - 3 years ago
bought a ping i20 second hand from affordable golf under 100 pound put 10 yards on my drive
CG Mat
CG Mat - 3 years ago
Simply put - keep your 300 quid for lessons
Richard McDonald
Richard McDonald - 3 years ago
Just started back playing last Feb so had to go and buy a whole new set. All 2nd hand razr fit driver (€65) hitting 300+ yards, Nike pro combo irons 4-PE (€120) vokey sm5 52*, 56*, 60* (€120 for 3) and apex 18* for €90 and I still had my old ping putter. Whole bag for €395 for a great set in 8/10 condition. And playing off my lowest handicap (9) ever and won the presidents prize. Golf can definitely be done on a budget depending on your ego and priority. Great videos Rick, keep up the great work.
Mike Jarrett
Mike Jarrett - 3 years ago
Golfbidder are a really good well run company. OK they make a decent margin on the clubs, but the service is second to none, and you are sure of getting the genuine article. Just bought some G25 irons from them as I was not getting on with graphite and am well pleased .
Rolland Hawkins
Rolland Hawkins - 3 years ago
I bought a Callaway ft iz driver and I really have to try in order to miss the fairway!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
now that sounds good!
Rolland Hawkins
Rolland Hawkins - 3 years ago
Why not test wedges against each other for spin? Only the milled ones. Like you did longest drivers. Only call it highest spinning wedges or something. Cleveland, Callaway Mcdaddy, Titleist and Mizuno to name a few.
Douglas Noah
Douglas Noah - 3 years ago
Rick, I have purchase two drivers from R7 SuperQuad $43 U.S., and R11S $58 U.S., and they still perform like they are new. This website has lowest price I've found after looking a several other U.S. in case others are looking for a good site. Thanks always for your great videos!
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino - 3 years ago
Want to hear about my bargain golf set? Listen up ...... Am playing an R9 Superdeep. It still bombs the fairways! Cost me just 95 notes 3wood is a Cleveland Classic XL cost 55 notes. 5 wood TM Superfast TP just 45 notes My irons are the Srixon i701, forged cavity backs, the Full set cost me175 notes!!! Putter Yes Natalie for 55 notes. For the same price as a new shiny glam driver have some excellent quality clubs. Ok they are all some 8 years old. But why spend fortunes on equipment? Keep the money for golf lessons and green fees! ⛳ Am a very happy chappy
Neal Sead
Neal Sead - 3 years ago
Got a 2007 Burner that still does the job, give it a bash Rick
Ryan Fleming
Ryan Fleming - 3 years ago
I was personally looking at new drivers but ones that are a 2-3 seasons old and have dropped in price because of it. Might have a look at some 2nd hand ones now after this.
frank hoxsey
frank hoxsey - 3 years ago
Best deals I've purchased. All amounts are US. Bought at the Goodwill.

Ping I-15 Driver $5
Callaway Diablo Edge 3 W $4
2005 HOGAN APEX F-4 iron $30

Titleist Vokey wedges 52 60 $3 each
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
i always buy cheap and huge bargain golf clubs......just bought an aeroburner driver for 50$ us...and a new taylormade m2 2017 hybrid forr 95$ u.s with the whitetie shaft(tour specs)
and a new M1 2016 3 wood for 69$ for a total 215$us i have 3 new club for next season in the bag....try to beat that guys ;)
KawaiiPeachQueen Girl
KawaiiPeachQueen Girl - 3 years ago
Sorry Rick, off topic..When are you reviewing the Mizuno ST180 driver..thanks...btw My 910 d3 is a fairway finding launcher...
Loki the Cat
Loki the Cat - 3 years ago
I'd love to see a show on all the different wedges and how they get used. The A L G S P etc.. Like maybe a "You would use this wedge for this distance, unless it's a small green and it's raining, you'd go more for this wedge" kinda thing. I've no idea when to use which wedge. Thanks! And keep the great content coming!
Camilo Gonzalez
Camilo Gonzalez - 3 years ago
I recently bought a brand new Callaway XR 16 for 200 pounds. Not so outdated, not so old, shiny new and with the perfect specs for me (s flex 9degrees). I feel 2-3 year old clubs are as best performing as brand news per half the price.
Antoine Steeghs
Antoine Steeghs - 3 years ago
So that is it, no more than a 100 for a driver. You already showed that the improvement is limited per New model and again this shows it agian
Stacy Herridge
Stacy Herridge - 3 years ago
I picked up a Lynx Boom Boom 2 second hand, improved my driving straight away as I was using a bottom of the range one. Be good if you did the same video for irons as I’m going to be after a better set but don’t want to spend hundreds! Keep up the good work
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant - 3 years ago
Ive bought many drivers new and sold them at a loss consistently, I've since bough a used Callaway Mini 1.5 driver and love it!!
Griffin Hussong
Griffin Hussong - 3 years ago
How about the era of drivers from 05 to 09? R5, r7, r9 stuff...
David Simmons
David Simmons - 3 years ago
Use to change clubs every couple years. Now not so much, still using Ping Anser Driver as performs well & love look sound & feel. Putter think we all change more easily due to searching for a magic wand!! Money is better spent on lessons with PGA Pro.
Great review Rick. Cheers
The Black Rabbit
The Black Rabbit - 3 years ago
I think you can go even lower than £100. I've never spent more than £50 on any wood (fairway woods included)... ALL 2nd hand... and all absolutely fine.
I was fitted for a G30 driver when it came out but it added nothing new to my swing so didn't buy it... also a G400 stretch... ditto.
So my bag and shed is stocked with old 2nd hand woods like Cleveland launchers, Cleveland Classic 290, Ping G5 and K15 and Snake Eyes fire forged. ALL just as good I think as far more expensive woods...
Dougie Farquharson
Dougie Farquharson - 3 years ago
Hi Rick
In the recent past I have started not enjoying your videos.But with this one back to your best .I have asked the question with everyone that has been custom fit .how much has handicaps come down? cause like u just proved .for a fraction of cost for new gear invest in good gear and possibly invest in lessons .keep the good stuff comin
Mark Kirk
Mark Kirk - 3 years ago
Still trying to find a better driver than my razr x black, there’s time
sonnythedog08 - 3 years ago
Guys golf bidder is a rip off, literally every club they sell is at least £20 more expensive than you get on eBay
Stiaan Heymans
Stiaan Heymans - 3 years ago
Budget golf bag 500 pounds
TDM170 - 3 years ago
Hi rick. I definitely think you should test the less premium brands like dunlop etc. Thanks!
Will S
Will S - 3 years ago
Lessons, lessons, lessons. There is a psychological component which can't be ignored when buying the shiny, new clubs. It excites people and perhaps gives them confidence, which yields positive results on the course. Additionally new clubs can promote "confirmation bias" meaning the golfer will more easily ignore poor shots and overly exalt good shots.

In my opinion though, there is no substitute for lessons and practice. A well delivered club head will always perform better than a poorly delivered club head.
Elliot Brown
Elliot Brown - 3 years ago
Hey Rick

I recently bought a nearly new Ping G 3 wood off of eBay. I got a full-bag fit at Gainsborough 2 years ago and was fitted into the X-Stiff Tour shaft with my woods and thought I probably wouldn't demand a massive change... so slotted the 3 wood head onto my current shaft and away we went..! £100!
hungriest hippo
hungriest hippo - 3 years ago
Great video. Doubt the manufacturers will thank you for it...
I'd love to see a video on the potential for retro fitting. So, if I pick up a set of forged irons on golfbidder, how close to my spec can I reasonably expect to get them? I've been told in the past that it's easy to bend forged clubs - is that true? How easily can shafts be extended or shortened? As a double digit capper, should I be wary of any shaft that has Pro in the name???
A few commenters have already asked about wear and tear on irons. Would I still get performance out of clubs with blacked out sweet spots? How bad is pitting on the shafts?

Anyway, thanks for these videos. They have a lot more real world meaning for most of us that epic reviews
Adam Baker GolfChannel
Adam Baker GolfChannel - 3 years ago
Yes. 712 ap2 are still as pure as 716. Callaway razr x black driver/ 3 wood still performs for me
Chester - 3 years ago
Immediately after your Ping 5-year test I bought a Ping G20 (it did great in your test) for $99 online (new head cover included).  It had a slight buff on the sole so must have hit a few balls, but otherwise looked brand new.  Great addition to my bag.  Thanks for that test!
Kristopher Leeper
Kristopher Leeper - 3 years ago
Still rocking Nike Covert Driver, 2.0 2H, Forged Pro Combo's. All great prices! Rick would like to see comparison between 3 woods vs 2H

100. comment for GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100?

Simon Clutsom
Simon Clutsom - 3 years ago
Can you test some new drivers under 100 . Ie Dunlop To show us the difference substandard materials really make . I am sure a lot of people would find it interesting Cheers mate keep up the good work .
rebel4669 - 3 years ago
4hdcp. I own a TM R11s TP and I've got no reason to make an much I'd love a shiny new club.
Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 3 years ago
After doing some research you can find tons of newer drivers out there at around $100-$130. Also, if you like the shaft you have you can order just the driver head itself (from a newer model) at a very discounted price.
Dom Bos
Dom Bos - 3 years ago
You should make a video comparing all the blade irons, like the title it’s and call away MB and the taylor made 730
Ciaran O Dea
Ciaran O Dea - 3 years ago
Rick I have Taylormade r7 460c driver for last 12 years & still performing,last year thought might be better with modern technology get new driver went test a few & brought old driver with me & honestly there was no difference in distances with new drivers compared to R7, so saved €400 by still playing R7....think I paid €400 original for it but definitely worth the price 12 years on.
patrick mcloughlin
patrick mcloughlin - 3 years ago
bought a cleveland classic xl custom brand new for 80 pound. really long and forgiving. tested the m1 n couldnt hit it further
Konsta Haavisto
Konsta Haavisto - 3 years ago
Hello Rick! Can you some time please test some of the budget starter sets like the Wilson Profile lineup etc.?
John Sym
John Sym - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. My 13yr old son plays golf and had out grown his woods. Instead of buying him new ones I gave him my old ping G5 3 wood and 5 wood. After some practice and a few games he absolutely loves them. I’ve played with him and he hits them great. So yes I think it’s a good idea to use older clubs. Rather. Than expensive new ones especially for juniors as they grow all the time.
Rob Breeze
Rob Breeze - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. Another great review. After struggling to find fairway woods that suited me (Ping, Taylormade, Adams, Titleist) I stumbled on £20 and £25 2008 Callaway BB 5 wood and 3 wood. Easy to hit, great distance and very manoeuvrable. Why pay more? I’d prefer to spend money (if on clubs) on good wedges and a putter that works. Still looking for the latter!
RcTtOuChEd 1
RcTtOuChEd 1 - 3 years ago
I can honestly say I've never bought a new club. I'm lucky to be able to afford golf at all. I normally buy on eBay thru Globalgolf and 3balls. Balls are the same, and
With that said, starting with the 2018 season, I'll buy wedges new every season now that I have learned to spin the ball. Turning bogeys into pars and pars into birdies is definitely worth the price of new wedges every year.
B james Penrod
B james Penrod - 3 years ago
Jetspeed until last month went to 2017 m1.. picked up 8 more carry yards.. keep up the great work
Eric Wenzel
Eric Wenzel - 3 years ago
I am missing not only your yearly £500 rounds of used clubs but way more tests of used clubs for the majority or huge part of Golf fans who don't want or don't can afford new clubs to play Golf properly. Save us and the world some ressources and invest in used clubs :-) it has way more style and character, if you ask me.
Eric Wenzel
Eric Wenzel - 3 years ago
I bought my woods, my driver and my wedges second-hand via ebay or second-hand-Golf club companies. What should be wrong playing with Nike clubs Tiger and Rory played a couple years ago and Nike decided discontinuing the production of clubs for example?
Dante Martin
Dante Martin - 3 years ago
I sometimes play a round with just a 7 iron and a putter. It makes you think about the shots you're making more. More creativity. And as a bonus, on the harder courses, no lost balls due to wayward driver shots. My score ended up about the same as well. It just goes to show, that all special clubs etc, even though they "can" help your game, and with enough practice will help sometimes. That simple can just work out. 
I would love to see Pete and yourself do this for 9 holes as a vlog. Its something a bit different.
Ian Armitage
Ian Armitage - 3 years ago
Slow news day much? Is it new news that the golf industry is a con with new product (same as other industries)? Only fools believe different. I’ve been a cat 1 player for ever basically, rarely had lessons and never been fitted. What would improve my game is more time spent on it. ....but life gets in the way. Money spent on lessons is a waste too as lots of bad pros out there, unless you’re doing something really wrong it won’t help. The fundamental truth is that people in general have different qualities and abilities and no matter what you do .... nothing will change that. If your hand eye co-ordination is poor......lessons wont help you materially. If you lack the physical strength to turn.....lessons won’t help you. Pros and the industry sell an unrealistic dream..... life isn’t fair, it was never meant to be.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - 3 years ago
i still use my G25, tried all the latest from ping in the same specs along with Titleist and the M1/M2 and none of them feel as good as the G25 for me
Simon Parkes
Simon Parkes - 3 years ago
For me, this is one of the best tests ever, I have a low budget, and don't mind 2nd hand, perfect, Thanks Rick
Jeff Lambeth
Jeff Lambeth - 3 years ago
I buy irons and woods used and got some great deals on mine. I just bought some Nike vapor pro combo irons for $318 total and they still look good for that price. Got a 915 driver, 3 wood, and 2 hybrid for like a $100 each and were like brand new too.
Nick Furness
Nick Furness - 3 years ago
I was custom fit for my driver for the first time this year and it has been amazing. My only worry with buying off the shelf is most people won’t have access to the figures you have. Shops should allow people to test older clubs on simulators to find out numbers. No Good just hitting on a range as you are guessing how far.
Liz Mahony
Liz Mahony - 3 years ago
How about putters? Is a Scottie worth the price?
adam bowd
adam bowd - 3 years ago
I still use a Titleist 910 D3 and can still outdrive the Callaway epic which got me by a huge surprise..... But I feel I may loose consistency but as you say rick, a lesson can change that rather than a new driver, and can then become a much better overall golfer.
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 3 years ago
All these drivers can be bought for less than £60 pounds on EBay, Gumtree etc..  Golf bidder is over priced.
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 3 years ago
Eric Wenzel Hi Eric. I have bought many clubs from EBay never bought a fake just do your homework, fakes are easy to spot and if you do get unlucky ebay give you your money back, it’s a no brainer.
John Kane
John Kane - 3 years ago
Good points Eric but you will have to pay postage each way if you return it. That's £14 ($18) although some people might think it's worth paying to try the club on a course rather than a range or an indoor fitting centre.
Eric Wenzel
Eric Wenzel - 3 years ago
Mike Eastridge ...but at Golfbidder you not only know you buy authentic, but you also get 7-days of return and money back if you don't like the club(s), which is both an advantage
Brad Morris
Brad Morris - 3 years ago
Well I did buy my R11s new several years ago for $450 (US). This confirms why it is still in my bag. Though the Epic is seriously whispering in my ear. But next year it’ll be half the price.
Ian Boots
Ian Boots - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, I like hunting for superseded new clubs on eBay ect, can't afford or justify current one and for me they perform as good and in some cases better..
Jordan Bovalina
Jordan Bovalina - 3 years ago
I have the titles 913 with orange and white Tour AD shaft in it and it goes just as good or better then any other driver I have hit
christian browning
christian browning - 3 years ago
Best video for a while Rick. Do more of these. Never buy new clubs now. Second hand off eBay then if I don't like them just sell them again and generally don't loose any money.
mattandhisnikon - 3 years ago
I have and use a full set of Taylormade R9's that I ABSOLUTELY love!!! My irons were AUD$150, 2 woods AUD$120, and driver AUD$80. They're in mint condition, and look great.
joshua howie
joshua howie - 3 years ago
John Jones
John Jones - 3 years ago
i picked up a SLDR 3 wood on ebay 65 quid, great condition and i use it more than my SLDR driver.
Alex Rimmer
Alex Rimmer - 3 years ago
I bought a taylormade RBZ second hand 7 years ago now and still use it, mainly because I cannot afford a new one. However it still works fairly well. I play off 14 but would be interested to see how low I could get my handicap with a proper club fitting with all of my clubs!
shgannon - 3 years ago
Comparing G irons sets over the years would be an interesting video
Johnny Fallows
Johnny Fallows - 3 years ago
never bought a top spec costed set of clubs. always believe a half decent set and put the rest to some lessons. played off low single figure handicap since i was 16
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 3 years ago
Test older irons. For example I still play TM rac LT from around 2005/06 and they look like some of the irons out on the market today. Curious if there would be much difference.
John Lancaster
John Lancaster - 3 years ago
Hello Rick. I would like to see you play 18 holes with a half set. It's a common forum topic. Six or 7 clubs see how it compares to normal scoring.
Matt Potts
Matt Potts - 3 years ago
We hear a lot about spin rates on wedges and the differences between New and wedges which have been used for say a year.... can you test how much of a difference this really is and whether we should be updating wedges say every 12 months or depending how often we play... I play twice a week and I’ve not had fresh wedded since April 2016.... would I benefit enough from new wedges to benefit from spending say 2-3 hundred on some fresh ones?? Cheers
Drew Gardiner
Drew Gardiner - 3 years ago
Great channel Rick. Would love to see a test of a set of sports direct specials. That's how I got into golf with a set for £20 off eBay... My mates used to laugh at the clubs I used but I found them ok for just learning.

Now I have custom fit clubs but they haven't made a massive difference to my scores but are much nicer to play with!
Paul Scott
Paul Scott - 3 years ago
Great video please do irons for under £150
fraser carnihan
fraser carnihan - 3 years ago
As a plus handicap player its all about second hand as when your good you know what you want, shaft weight loft etc and there is really not a lot of difference.
krusher74 - 3 years ago
These arnt £100 drivers, there used £300-400 drivers
krusher74 - 3 years ago
So next video called "GOOD GOLF DRIVER UNDER £100?" would be interesting to see how well an up to £100 2017 brand new driver performs compared to these.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hi, yep these clubs are all under £100 now, they obviously would have retailed for more as I mentioned.

Thanks for watching!
Kevin Dodd
Kevin Dodd - 3 years ago
What about the really cheap sets you see for usually £150-£250 from the likes of a sports direct see how they differ from name brands?
Marcel Wouters
Marcel Wouters - 3 years ago
Rick, I'd love to see you do a bunch of budget reviews. Like Lakeballs vs. Cheap balls.
And how about starter sets from Decathlon vs Starter sets from Wilson and starter sets from Slazenger and Dunlop?
jeffrey barr
jeffrey barr - 3 years ago
You've already shown i all ur branded tests that the past 5 yrs hasn't had much of a difference. This 100 pound test should have been on cheap entry-level brands
Tony Westwell
Tony Westwell - 3 years ago
Yes I bought a taylormade sldr in x stiff fine at first then had the chance for a fitting, numbers suggesting a stiff shaft. Price of new stiff shaft £200. So yes I got a cheaper club but ultimately cost me as much. Moral have a fitting lesson first then try to get one as close to that fitting as possible.
Ruud Schrijvers
Ruud Schrijvers - 3 years ago
Would the results be different when tested by a high handicapper? I’m really curious about that. You mentioned you do adept to a new club easier because you do a lot of testing. So how about someone that doesn’t?
I do believe newer doesn’t have to mean better. I have a 20 year old 5-wood that still delivers.
Thomas Preston
Thomas Preston - 3 years ago
nike sasquatch tour. if I see em on ebay for less than 50 ill buy em all
L D - 3 years ago
I bought a display model Cobra F7 for £180 - normally retails at £280 - and I saw a display model 2017 M1 online yesterday for £279 which normally retails at £429.....even bargains are there to be had on the newer stuff if you don't mind it being an ex demo or whatever. Really interesting vid though, cheers mate!
Matt James
Matt James - 3 years ago
My local range/ Pro shop do a complete bag fitting for £80. Two hour session so not rushed, get all the data to take away. That and golf bidder = laughing. Tbf to them they also give you £70 back on gear purchases in next few weeks, and sell second hand stuff too. Worked great for me and saved me loads
Dave Banta Butler
Dave Banta Butler - 3 years ago
Rick, was that the Adams XTD in the bag with them? Did you test that and how did compare for this category? Cheers and amazing as always
Michael Lim
Michael Lim - 3 years ago
What about budget irons less than $300 for a player to mid players iron like ap2 or something like that
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
sounds interesting!
Jana G
Jana G - 3 years ago
I bought a second hand driver a couple of years ago when I took up golf, since my pro said that I would need a completely different spec a couple of years down the line. He was right, I’m now looking at getting a stiffer shaft and lower loft. I‘m getting regular lessons and am still improving my swing, so will probably get another secondhand one for now until I feel my swing is not changing all the time
Michael Rolton
Michael Rolton - 3 years ago
Thanks, Rick, I have enjoyed using second-hand clubs for years. For example, I picked up a 2016 M2 driver for just over £100 when the new M2 came out. How good is it? Well, Mr Finch has recently moved back to a 2016 M2, so wheat more can I say.
couge33 - 3 years ago
I still use a taylormade R 510 tp driver x stiff fujikura.. 8.5 degrees, had it from new.. play off +1.. and it still performs awesome.. I can’t justify buying a new one at the moment.. this driver is a beast
Life Begins At 20
Life Begins At 20 - 3 years ago
Hi rick, great test and I've still got my R11 I got custom fitted years ago which does a pretty good job for me, but I'm in the boat of coming back to golf and looking at newer clubs. The question I'd love for you to answer is would I be better off changing up my mizuno mp38's for something a little newer or would I be better off finding a little more help in the 3,4 and possibly 5 irons with the likes of a cavity back or the rescues? I'm a 6 handicapper and have played blades for well over 10 years now. Have newer clubs (blades) improved forgiveness at all too? Would love to know your thoughts
Allan Ryder
Allan Ryder - 3 years ago
I watched a old video of you with no beard testing the srixon 545 after your review I was sold and bought one yesterday $85 us like new.
Brett Sheldon
Brett Sheldon - 3 years ago
What an interesting video.  I've been playing 3 years, got down to 13 and until this year my entire set cost me around £100 (had new wedges this year - which has made a huge difference), with my driver being a £30 Taylormade R5, which I carry 220 - 250 dependent on time of year, and am normally straight(ish).

I've found that working on the correct gapping is hugely important, and gradually investing into new but the year before models is working, and practicing on the course as much as I can.  

I've only had 1 lesson to iron out a fault, but this said I am sitting down with my club pro this week to look at a plan to work on over the winter with an aim to get to single figures in 2018.

Bag Make Up - Taylormade R5 Driver (£30), Taylormade Burner 3 wood (£22), Taylormade dual hybrid 19 degree (£22), Callaway RAZR X HL 5 iron - PW (£30 for set), Cleveland RTX3 50, 54, 60 Wedges (new), Cleveland CG16 64 degree wedge (free), Wilson Blackjack putter (part of an old set - free)
Michael Lim
Michael Lim - 3 years ago
Great video Rick!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Michael!!
Tim Gledhill
Tim Gledhill - 3 years ago
Rick. I’d love to see some testing on this over multiple days. Let’s say a test of 10 balls on each driver, each day for a week. I know you’re a very consistent golfer and striker of the ball, but would be really interesting to see day to day swing differences, averaged over a week and summarised in ball data. For inconsistent golfers like myself, it would be useful to see what kind of variances in performance you see on different days with the same 4 clubs.
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett - 3 years ago
Same with irons would be interesting.
XXVelocityXX - 3 years ago
I have a Taylormade 580xd driver with a high tech shaft. This driver was 500.00 when it first came out. I blast that thing 330 yards dead straight.
Konrad Bidwell
Konrad Bidwell - 3 years ago
Rick can you do comparison between the last 3 sets of AP2s please. I didn’t upgrade from 714s to 716s as I thought the 714s were better. Just wanted a professional opinion
K4crasher - 3 years ago
Great little video,Rick.
Paul Watson
Paul Watson - 3 years ago
only been playing 14 months and tried out a few different drivers, but the most comfortable i felt with was the Cobra F6 which I got for £60 in great condition as well. Great review
Tubbs Tattsyrup
Tubbs Tattsyrup - 3 years ago
I'd like to see you test the budget drivers just so we can see the real difference. Every time I go into Sports Direct their Dunlop drivers always catch my eye. They even sell an illegally long one (515cc) so would love to see you try that one. I bought a Titleist 909 D2 driver for £25 from American Golf and it's the best driver I've owned so you don't have to spend big to get better.
Josh Leech
Josh Leech - 3 years ago
Spend $100/£100 on a driver and the rest on lessons. It really doesn't matter how expensive your set is if you can't hit them.
Justin Hubbard
Justin Hubbard - 3 years ago
I think it would be a good video idea to construct a budget golf bag (everything from driver to putter including the bag and balls) to show people that golf is not just a sport for the wealthy but for anyone with a few hundred dollars and the will to learn.
Cristoffer - 3 years ago
Wedges. Ripped grooves vs new, rust vs shiny. Just put the tales to the test
Keith Ingle
Keith Ingle - 3 years ago
I bought my fairway, driver and hybrid new but on closeout and with regular shafts as I was getting back into the game. Instead of buying new clubs with stiff shafts. I'm just going to have my clubs reshafted. Cheaper alternative and it comes with a fitting for correct spec for me.
philip sawyers
philip sawyers - 3 years ago
Hi Rick good video. For me as I'm pretty tall I have get custom fitting for my irons but woods stiff shaft 2 hand no worries. Would be nice to see wedges old vs new spin rates.
Ren May
Ren May - 3 years ago
2 points. First, go get fitted for woods and irons (free a lot of times), then go and find used clubs that match your fit. You can find exact loft lie and length on a lot of sites, and you can always go take a test drive on different models and brands to see what fits your eye and feel. Then just wait a couple of months and what was new is now old and available at deep discount. Rick, my second point, is that you need to have Rob or some other golfer with a 85-95 swingspeed do this test. Most of us can’t crank out a 110+ swing speed. Be nice to see what a used G20 driver in R flex does at 90mph swing speed. Keep up the good work Rick!
Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas - 3 years ago
I enjoy your channel immensely, but any club in the hands of a Pro like you is not a fair comparison, its the club in the hands of "average" golfers that is more relevant to most of us.
I would, and I think most golfers would find reviews and comparisons more beneficial in the hands of slower swing speeds. #bringbackdobby
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 3 years ago
Year does not matter I hit my old callaway BB2 tour pro from about 2000-2003, 320 carry, compared to my x2hot which I hit shorter but more consistent. Also sports direct sell Dunlop tour forged wedges for £7.50 I use them but just stick a new grip on em.
David Hensel
David Hensel - 3 years ago
Rick: "So clearly old drivers are the best way to go, guys.... Now let's look at this week's all new drivers"
STU-Tyler Roethlisberger
STU-Tyler Roethlisberger - 3 years ago
Lessons before purchasing nice clubs.
Riley - 3 years ago
Have more than a dozen sets of used irons bought off e bay or from a used golf retailer. All forged, all blades or cavity backs, all considered of sufficient quality in their day, to be played by pros. None of the sets cost more than $85, most much less.
Plopracer - 3 years ago
Absolutely agree Rick, us average recreational golfers are far better off concentrating on coaching and practice rather than pending small fortunes on new clubs every year but the manufacturers do an exceptional job of luring us into buying new gear with clever marketing.........and it is very nice to have shiny new clubs if you can afford them. The most unfortunate aspect of all of this is equipment snobbery. It should be about the best fit for you rather than the most expensive clubs being the best buy.
Lee English
Lee English - 3 years ago
I'd be interested to see you do an entire full set of each brand for under lets say 3 or 4 hundred pound. My mate recently had his entire set stolen, and managed to pick up a set of Ping i5s, i20 driver, 3w and 5w, and a 54 and 60 degree Cleveland wedge for about £400, he had a spare putter. He's slightly shorter in his irons than before, but still hit 38 points last weekend in a comp.
Oliver söntgerath
Oliver söntgerath - 3 years ago
Taylormade rbz Tour 9.5 with an aldila rip alpha stiff. Found on ebay for less then 50€.
Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers - 3 years ago
I'd like to see you do this with the only club in the bag that matters and that is the putter. Do I really need to spend $400 on a Scotty or will a much cheaper used Scotty (or other top putter) be just as good?
Simon Thornton
Simon Thornton - 3 years ago
Really helpful review. I have bought second hand clubs and brand new and honestly I saw very little if not any difference.
Willie Brown
Willie Brown - 3 years ago
I can get SLDR's for about 70 dollars US.
mike rozon
mike rozon - 3 years ago
R15 $105 usd...picked up 2 years ago. love IT! could never really hit a driver before that club... Gotta love Ebay.
Greg Milam
Greg Milam - 3 years ago
I've never bought a new driver.
Kevin Reinartz
Kevin Reinartz - 3 years ago
Makes me want to go to the garage and put an old driver back in play...
Zachary Wiener
Zachary Wiener - 3 years ago
I went in to my local golf shop for a fitting for the epic. After going through the fitting, the fitter then tried putting a different shaft into the driver that i had been using (cobra bio cell). With the new shaft, I was able to get almost the same numbers that i was producing with the epic. With all of the money I saved, I was able to buy an aeroburner hybrid, a used callaway 3 wood, and the shaft for less than I would have spent on just the epic
J Bob
J Bob - 3 years ago
You did a video on the Great Big Bertha v Series driver a few yrs ago so I bought one from Callawaypreowned for about $100 and it's the best driver that I have ever owned. Thanks again Rick.But after watching this video I'm thinking about the big bertha alpha. Damn I really don't need another driver I have four already.
Bruce Robertson
Bruce Robertson - 3 years ago
Rick,  I buy all my woods used, usually from ebay. I try them out at a place like Golf Galaxy then look for them on ebay. I have been assembling my own clubs since the 1980's. I play forged cavity backs from golfworks. Can you review brands like these, I here Wishon has good clubs also.
jballoregon - 3 years ago
Rick, this is the type of content you excel at, thank you! Your on course spray and three putt video's...could use some work. Much love.
Austin Matuszewski
Austin Matuszewski - 3 years ago
An old wedge vs new wedge spin rate comparison
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas - 3 years ago
What about taking a 3-4 year old set of irons and changing to more modern shafts? I have a set of Ping G-20 irons that haven't been used much. I am taking lessons currently and my instructor says I would benefit by changing out the original steel shafts to a newer product, perhaps graphite. Would love to the see the results from you and maybe a couple of mid-teen handicapers also.
Richard Thomas, Dallas, TX
John Smith
John Smith - 3 years ago
Speaking of drivers is there a sign that would tell me I'm ready for a stiffer shaft. Only reason I ask is I can feel the shaft bending in my swing quite a bit
tyler godwin
tyler godwin - 3 years ago
i like this style video you should do more bargain videos
Alec Sullivan
Alec Sullivan - 3 years ago
Definitely interested in more mid to high handicap content with Rob or with a different 15-20 handicap golfer. Love the content from Rick but hard to relate to at all times.
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas - 3 years ago
I have the RAZR Fit Driver from 2012 and still performs astonishingly. I just need to change the stock shaft out for Mitsubishi Tensei!
Stuart hazard
Stuart hazard - 3 years ago
I’ve never seen anyone test Adam’s clubs on any YouTube show; especially you Brits. Supposedly the most popular hybrids in the game, so they must be doing something right.
Btw, I’ve bought several used clubs, mostly in search of a 3 wood I could hit. Turned out the problem is me.
Jason Postma
Jason Postma - 3 years ago
Hi Rick love the videos. Do you know of any web sites to find 2nd hand clubs in the states
K4rN1v00L - 3 years ago
idk cuz I only had 2 drivers 1 not fitted 1 fitted obviously I hit the fitted one further
ahoyahoy booth
ahoyahoy booth - 3 years ago
bit disappointed there rick,when i seen the title i got excited i thought you was going to test hippo,slazenger donnay.Now that would have been interesting but you gave us the usual suspects. Hit a donnay with a steel shaft its the future you know
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
I paid $150 for a new SLDR driver several yrs ago when it was replaced by a newer model. It was said to be not very forgiving, but I didn't find that to be true for me. I won't replace it until I find something better.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 3 years ago
I just bought a tm r7 cgb 9.5 driver, second hand for $54.00. Absolutely love it.
Drew Mistic
Drew Mistic - 3 years ago
Iron sets under $350
Timucua - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, when are you planning to do a head to head of the winners of the last 5 years tests? I would like to see that, to find the ultimate (and maybe quite cheap second hand) driver from the last 5 years.
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 3 years ago
My axiom on golf equipment is that the ball does not know the cost of the club striking it and the club does not know the cost of the ball it is striking. I recently bought a set of Ping G30 irons which were on "closeout" from the factory. I had tested Mizuno, Titelist, and Ping and settled on the Ping because I liked the way they felt and the strike I achieved. I saved about $400-500 by buying a model of club that is 2 years old. They were ordered for me from the factory after I was custom fit. The other club I liked was the Titelist AP3 and when that is on "closeout" in three years, I might consider trading to it. I once played a Taylor Made driver that I bought on Ebay for $9.99 (plus $10.00 freight) for several years and liked it better than any of the high tech newer models. There are many great older clubs that can save a golfer money. Use the savings for lessons and green fees.
Natedogg302 - 3 years ago
I currently play a Taylormade R9 superdeep in 8.5deg, x flex shaft. Obviously this club is old now, and every new great driver that comes out, I at least test to see if there are benefits and I haven't found any that give me some significant improvement that justifies the cost. I have also bought an R15 and M1 used so I can get more play out of them hoping to see better results but they are in my garage while the R9 is still in my bag.
Felix Ku
Felix Ku - 3 years ago
Please do one for new driver but under 100
zoots15 - 3 years ago
Its the indian not the arrow
Frank chiew
Frank chiew - 3 years ago
Brilliant video!
Recently found by old favourite Titleist 910 D2 driver in my store n took it out for a round n boy was I surprised by the performance!It probably will stay in the bag for a while.
Its the indian and not the arrow and we just bought into the golf companies hype!
Please do a comparison on old n new titleist irons.
Jose Olvera
Jose Olvera - 3 years ago
I did just that rick, got my a xr driver for 80$ invested the rest on training and some classes i dropped 8 strokes in my game.
wsissons wsissons
wsissons wsissons - 3 years ago
Still playing my R7 425 tp guess I am cheap......But happy......
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper - 3 years ago
I once got a great used Scotty Cameron putter for £120 but when my bag fell over it snapped and turned out to be a fake-crap casting gave it away. So buyer beware. That said I have had good used golf clubs but believe the money I have spent on lessons has been better value.
Mike RooneyM6
Mike RooneyM6 - 3 years ago
Maybe a video on the advise you'd give to a brand new golfer. Perhaps, what kind of clubs to get, when they should consider fitting, when they should consider lessons, and what clubs and training tools they should keep in their bag.
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Great original content
Trevor Dickie
Trevor Dickie - 3 years ago
There's companies out there making new persimmon clubs, a video to see how they perform would be cool!
makana n
makana n - 3 years ago
Irons are all the same for many years
Alex Myers
Alex Myers - 3 years ago
I personally buy most of my clubs gently used and I am a 6 handicap. I have been told by more than one golf professional that amateur golfers should buy used clubs because they often do not benefit from spending $1000+ dollars on clubs that ultimately do not lower their scores. That being said, I stress the term GENTLY USED; no one wants to order a used club that has a ball mark that has worn away the grooves.
Mike VL
Mike VL - 3 years ago
I am a big fan of second hand clubs. Having said that.... you didn’t mention that the average golfer hits the ball everywhere BUT in the sweet spot with their driver so they should concerned mostly about a drivers forgiveness on off centered strikes. Perhaps these particular drivers are “forgiving” but based on your avg smash factor I would suggest that the sweet spots on these drivers are pretty small.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 3 years ago
would love to see you review some clubs from gigagolf.They have really good reviews and better prices. And they will customize them for you as well.I really want to buy some clubs from them.
H Wallace
H Wallace - 3 years ago
Whole bag is second hand. No reason whatsoever to spend the big $$ on the newest of the new. Take the money saved to get some lessons, more range balls, and rounds at your favorite courses! Great vid BTW, Rick.
Brian Greene
Brian Greene - 3 years ago
Love the last few videos about some of the older models. It would be awesome to see a difference in decades ! Last 5???
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 3 years ago
I am really glad you did this review. Its important to understand that the second hand market offers many many good clubs. Truly not necessary to go out and spend 4 or 5 hundred bucks or more on a driver. Many good ones available used with just as good performance. I can see you are making a point here and its a good one. :) Spider Dubiel
Fred Bowers
Fred Bowers - 3 years ago
I always buy used. No need to get into a pissing contest on who has the newest clubs.
kev Barclay
kev Barclay - 3 years ago
All the top brands over priced. Kev. Im trying irons on Sat. Could be benross cheapest.
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 3 years ago
Rick, I honestly see no harm with a second hand driver or other second hand clubs for that manner. Granted there is an advantage to being fitted to a new one but huge savings exist for someone with a keen eye for what works for them in the used market. I did pick up some Adams hybrids about 4 years ago that have worked well. Since replaced them with Callaway recently. My big catch recently was a very slightly used Callaway XR 16 Driver which I absolutely love. I picked that up for about 149 dollars. Then I turned around had a grip suited for me put on it and trimmed the shaft just a tad for my height . The thing is an absolute cannon. I love being able to adjust it as well. Closed the face a bit and increased the loft. Best driver I have ever used. SO THE POINT IS, I THINK YOU CAN BUY A USED DRIVER OR CLUB AND THEN TAYLOR IT FOR YOURSELF . QUITE POSSIBLE. :) Best regards, SPIDER DUBIEL
Steven Bourque
Steven Bourque - 3 years ago
This spring I was able to find a used 2016 M1 driver in decent shape for my father. As I bought it off a local guy, I only ended up paying $150 (Canadian) for it including the headcover and wrench. What a steal of a deal and he absolutely loves it!
RPatel23 - 3 years ago
are you ever going to bring out the review for arccos 360? You said it would be coming out after you did the open.
David Morrans
David Morrans - 3 years ago
I took the plunge and recently bought a fitted m2 with devotion shaft for £400. I am minimum 20 yards longer and much straighter too. Best money I've ever spent
Connor Wallenhorst
Connor Wallenhorst - 3 years ago
This is exactly the content i was looking for from you Rick, Yes! I currently play with a used Callaway XR driver and used Ping eye 2 irons. bought both for cheap and i still think i can get good performance out of them. The irons are really interesting just cause the lofts are so weak compared to all the clubs now. I always have to club up vs what my buddys are hitting. Anyways great video! Love what your doing!
ToraxReborn - 3 years ago
Can a half set of golf clubs be just as good as a full set of golf clubs for your average player?
Alec Coussoule
Alec Coussoule - 3 years ago
Loved this video Rick! I've never been one for having the latest and greatest. I think another budget golf challenge with Pete would be super awesome to see!
Alex Queen
Alex Queen - 3 years ago
Putters under 100
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 3 years ago
I would love to see you test a whole iron set to show gaps between each club from pitch to 4 iron. Also I think $100 drivers can work, just for me shafts difference made really big difference going from regular to stiff.. then back to regular lol
David Trebell
David Trebell - 3 years ago
I bought my Taylormade R15 $140 Canadian. In great condition. I LOVE IT!!
but I was wondering who there from and what the comments say on the wall behind you?
Gabriel Acevedo
Gabriel Acevedo - 3 years ago
I would love to see you use the irons I use. I have Wilson staff x31 irons. I’m looking to get new set for the upcoming season. But these are the ones I have been using.
Strad 4321
Strad 4321 - 3 years ago
Best driver I have ever hit is my current Titleist 909 D3. Looked practically new when I got for $99 it and still does. I just love the compact head and heavy-ish shaft. It goes as far as any newer driver I have tried. I average about 285 yards with it which is long for me. And yes, it is deadly accurate. Just a note to others who might try it. The stock Titleist/Voodoo shaft plays a little soft, so if you normally use S flex, you might try X instead.
Dawn Mills
Dawn Mills - 3 years ago
Taylormade burner superfast TP, The longest driver I’ve ever hit! The original not the 2.0.
Kevin Friesen
Kevin Friesen - 3 years ago
I still can't find anything better then my Ping Rapture. You could probably pick one of those up for under 50 pounds
Connor Ross
Connor Ross - 3 years ago
Please do a video on used iron sets under £200!
Liz Mahony
Liz Mahony - 3 years ago
Rick thanks fo r your honesty your a good guy. I was looking for a used driver myself, maybe a Ping G or a Titleist D2 or 3 but I haven't seen any in the $100 range.
LKaiser 188
LKaiser 188 - 3 years ago
Please Do this for low irons like if you agree
trionzking - 3 years ago
You can pick up a Titleist 905r for about £45, arguably the most consistent driver ever made and still stands the test of time
MrP 101
MrP 101 - 3 years ago
excellent video. I am a 66 year old high handicapper who has only just taken up golf again after a 15 year absence (used to have a better handicap). My question is about shafts. I know you play with extra stiff but for me do you have any advice about what type of shaft I (not very flexible) should be looking at ?. Thanks, keep up the excellent reviews
MrP 101
MrP 101 - 3 years ago
thanks Joshua, it's on my radar to get fitted. First objective is to hit things a little more consistently (at the moment I hit some proper golf shots, some rubbish). After that the next thing on my road plan is lessons (been many years since I last had lessons). Once I have a consistent strike my intention is to get fitted. I have the feeling that unless I can hit the ball with a consistent strike fitting is pretty difficult. I may have it all wrong, what do you think.
Joshua Court
Joshua Court - 3 years ago
I'm not Rick, but I've been around long enough to hear him say this a lot: If you are going to invest in a new club, get fitted. Just go to a golf shop and if you are looking at purchasing clubs they should be willing to let you hit a few shots and then they will be able to recommend something based off of your swing and your numbers.
Dustin - 3 years ago
Every club in my bag is second hand except my driver which I bought when the price dropped to $149 with a 15% coupon. My irons were second hand and in near perfect condition except for the 7 iron had a nearly destroyed grip. It looked like the previous owner only used the 7 iron and had a death grip when he used it. My best scores were an Adams 60° wedge and an Odyssey #6 putter I found at a local Goodwill for $2.99 a piece. The putter still had the wrap on the grip and the only blemish was a sharpie mark on the face. I want a GBB Epic but I know I will never pay $400 for a driver. Patience is key.
Golf Monthly Sales
Golf Monthly Sales - 3 years ago
Second hand clubs.
Purchased a Nearly new driver, a brand new 3 wood and a good second hand 5 wood for £120.00.
Checked the retail prices against cost and have saved £330.00. After testing clubs found they performed as good as anything i have used, and I’ve had a lot of clubs from all of the well known manufacturers.
As i sell second hand and new clubs i have found this year that the savings to be made are huge! As you would expect but the difference being clubs that were introduced in March this year priced at £549 sold 3 months later for around £250(Clubs sold are we’ll known manufacturers). All the clubs that we sold were like new with only a few round under their belts.
Keep up the good work.
Joel Youngs
Joel Youngs - 3 years ago
This is great to see Rick. I've never been able to afford new clubs so my Callaway Xhot that I bought for £45 will do me nicely. great video thank you
Joseph Stephan
Joseph Stephan - 3 years ago
Thank you Rick for the very interesting study. I am a 66 year old retired golfer with a slow swing speed. This report confirms that I no longer have the physical ability to take advantage of the new technologies so a top grade second driver can provide me with good results and allow me to use my saved dollars to play more golf as you stated.
Simon Sez
Simon Sez - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, on one hand you advocate getting custom fit and then this vlog you seem to say buy a driver close to our custom fit spec, second hand, save the money and spend it on lessons... And we the average Joe won't notice much difference. Don't know if I should be offended or not
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly - 3 years ago
I was going to buy a brand new driver and instead after advice from my coach I bought a second hand one and spent the rest on good wedges which made a bigger impact on my overall game than just having the flashy new driver
Matty Smith
Matty Smith - 3 years ago
Really interesting. Thanks Rick! This could save me hundreds of pounds instead of going for a new Ping G400 Driver.
Peter Twiby
Peter Twiby - 3 years ago
When it comes to driver Ive wasted too much money on used clubs, recent fitting made a huge difference but thats because it was fit for me and massively reduced the spin (which I need) if my swing was better then maybe a used club would perform similar
Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll - 3 years ago
Rick you need to get your hands on a Hammer X driver and give it a test. POW!!!
johnsie78 - 3 years ago
Great video Rick, top man. As a fellow PGA Pro, 100% agree with the extra saved money being reinvested in lessons/practice.
Jordan Gleason
Jordan Gleason - 3 years ago
Great vid! I am open to buy every club second hand expect for wedges. You have got to have fresh grooves!
Hui Lor
Hui Lor - 3 years ago
could you test the cleveland launcher hb irons? they seem to be helping the average golfer.
Paul O'Boyle
Paul O'Boyle - 3 years ago
Irons under £400 please
Roger Rigby
Roger Rigby - 3 years ago
I got a Callaway xHot LH driver for £50 the end of 2013 and am still using it today. Love it.
MokAsystem - 3 years ago
I had a brand new but from an old serie (xr2015) who was cheaper, and still work great
CallMeAnimal69 - 3 years ago
Just bought my second set of second hand mizuno mp 32s and absolutely love them! But still same driver somehow I️ went from my driver being my most comfortable club that I️ felt I️ hit the best to my absolute worst and I️ don’t know what changed. I️ don’t even use my driver anymore because I️ can’t get any distance or accuracy out of it and it’s affected my game in the worst way and sadly has gotten me very unmotivated to play.
Garrett  Steward
Garrett Steward - 3 years ago
I would love the see a comparison between high end vs stock shafts
Barry smith
Barry smith - 3 years ago
Just got a set of rocketblades for £80 pw to 4 iron
Adam Butters
Adam Butters - 3 years ago
Is it a piss take to go get a fitting but then shop around to see if you can get the recommended specs in used clubs?? I am a budget golfer I use second hand ping i3 iron set £80 4/pw would like to get a fit but I haven't because I am unsure if I would be frowned upon.
Simon Thorpe
Simon Thorpe - 3 years ago
Great vlog! Magazines have done similar tests! Great clubs back in the day geting top marks don't turn into bad clubs overnight! Def going to have another look at Golfbidder! Callaway BB here I come
Big Pete
Big Pete - 3 years ago
Theres no difference. All these clubs have to conform to standards, and those haven't changed in the last few years.
Rickoh75 - 3 years ago
I just bought a callaway fusion driver ( the heavy, 44.5 inch model with the 12 gram weight ) from Callaway preowned for about half the price of new, around $200. No on ever test second line drivers like Acer or PowerPlay, it would be interesting to see how these clubs compare to the used $100 clubs, since they cost around $100 - $150, that would make an interesting comparison. Great vlogs Rick, keep it up.
Adam Butters
Adam Butters - 3 years ago
Is it a piss take to go get a fitting but then shop around to see if you can get the recommended specs in used clubs?
Jukka Saastamoinen
Jukka Saastamoinen - 3 years ago
I didn’t tell him that but the pro shop would have compansated the fee in the price of a brand new set so I think it was a fair deal.
Adam Butters
Adam Butters - 3 years ago
Jukka Saastamoinen That's what I want to do. Did you tell the fitter that was your plan from the beginning?
Jukka Saastamoinen
Jukka Saastamoinen - 3 years ago
I´ve done just that but I did pay 50€ for the fitting session. Then bought a second-hand set of irons with the fitted shaft and saved ~450 in total.
charles rogers
charles rogers - 3 years ago
there are so many fakes and golf bidder arnt great at checking as ive recieved fakes from them before , easily sent back and refunded but still, callawaypreowned or taylromadepreowned are great thou.
Pete Conway
Pete Conway - 3 years ago
what about reveiwing ping i irons from iblade through to i200, I play with a second hand set of i20's love them they were a bargain at less than £200, Also got XR16 driver for less than £100
JH FIFA - 3 years ago
Nike covert 2.0 tour woods all the way the best clubs I've ever hit and not thinking of changing any time soon...
Andrew Kibbee
Andrew Kibbee - 3 years ago
Nike clubs! Test the last driver Nike every made vs a 2017 driver!
Ollie Williams
Ollie Williams - 3 years ago
Can you test Dunlop Tour irons, the most basic clubs from Sports Direct? Be good to see what numbers they produce
simon George
simon George - 3 years ago
Great vlog rick I'd love for you to try a set for new golfers who haven't got loads of money half sets like donnay, Dunlop. Who want to try the game?
BeachBow - 3 years ago
The Indians are always trying to buy a more accurate arrow. Should have spent the money on lessons...
J-W Beekmans
J-W Beekmans - 3 years ago
Still game my Ping i25 (new but heavy discount, $170), tried cobra F6 (2nd hand) (for 6 months) and Callaway R16 (2nd hand)... But they could not match both forgiveness and performance. F6 Was all over the place, still don't know why... R16 should be struck well to perform. i25 still has it!!
OsteMann - 3 years ago
I actually myself use the titleist 910 driver
jch3200 - 3 years ago
a ping G15, solid driver, sounds good, and sends the ball on a good flight path. 50.00 on Ebay
Bolgernow - 3 years ago
Thors Hammer "feels" like a 100 pounds. But, Thank You for Doing This. VERY smart!
(I was surprised you didn't call out the Ping Anser. Got mine for $57 and still in my bag)
Happy gilmore
Happy gilmore - 3 years ago
In my bag is Adams cb1 black irons , r9 supertri driver, r11s 3wood titleist 913H hybrid cleavland rtx588 56 & 60 wedge & yes Stephine putter with fatso 5.0 grip all in immaculate condition & put together for less than £400 & I wouldn't change anything in there for any of the new gear, only clubs that I'm tempted by are the mizuno MP 25 irons I really like the look of them if you wanna do a mizuno give away lol
Otowngman - 3 years ago
How about trying budget new golf clubs? Stuff like Top Flite, or stuff you would get at a big box store. Would be pretty interesting.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 3 years ago
Great video, as I'm there with you as to old vs brand new. Tried the Latest Epic x and actually dropped carry distance even using the same loft and shaft. So yes to my GBB that now worth approx $125 vs the Epic at $700. No contest, it's all manufactures hype, and again revenue..
Somehow would like you to demo clubs at a seniors swing speed of around 80 to 90..
Snikeem - 3 years ago
Test Dunlop golf set
oveberthling - 3 years ago
I keep hearing that newer drivers are more forgiving. Is it possible to test that without some kind of robot?
Bigjess2you - 3 years ago
My best driver I ever had was a second-hand driver. It all comes down to practice and getting to know how to work with what you have.
Liam Hainsworth
Liam Hainsworth - 3 years ago
Old wedges spin rate compared to new wedges ? How much does worn grooves affect this ?
Dominic Varner
Dominic Varner - 3 years ago
I’ve built my entire bag through craigslist or garage sales. R1 Driver, R11s 3 Wood, 2011 Rescue, 4-AW Tour Preferred CB’s, 56+60 Vokeys, and a Spider SI Putter. Spent $200 total, took a little time but couldn’t believe the deals I was able to find. Was able to get my driver and fairway customized to my swing at a local golf shop when I went in for new grips!
Jack Iredale
Jack Iredale - 3 years ago
I’m using the titleist 913 and simply cant find a driver that I hit better so it all comes down to what you hit best I you don’t hit the £400 driver better then there is no need to get it stay with what works and will drop shots from your own game
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 3 years ago
Just glad to see you're alright Rick... don't ever scare me like that again!
philfil - 3 years ago
Seriously, only Ace could swing a 400lb driver...
Bubba - 3 years ago
Scott Facello
Scott Facello - 3 years ago
Great video Rick, I play a second hand driver that I paid $70 for and it performed as well as the new drivers I tested, strike and skill are still king!
Ken Lightfoot
Ken Lightfoot - 3 years ago
I understand that old drivers can perform s well as new expensive drivers, probably because they are restricted to some extent on manufacturing MOI etc is controlled. What bout the older shaft?? does it deteriorate, or in some way get weaker?? Would an old driver with a new shaft perform really well, as we are constantly informed the shaft is the engine of the driver!!
TheGolfdaily - 3 years ago
I already know the answers.
Petey McG
Petey McG - 3 years ago
I got fitted for and play a new GBB Epic and honestly, it did change the game for me. I hit it 15-25 yards longer than my previous driver, which wasn’t crazy old. I did pick up good condition pre owned Cleveland wedges that I love but I do think fittings and new stuff do have a pretty big effect
Deacon Dickinson
Deacon Dickinson - 3 years ago
Thank you been asked my for months great vid
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 3 years ago
Great video Rick! I think it’s important for these kind of “reality-check” videos to be made. Hopefully people new to golf see this video and save themselves some massive $$ before buying new clubs. I think anyone who’s played golf for at least a year or more knows that clubs (as long as they’re not some bootleg knockoff) matter very little compared to skill level.

I do spoil myself w/ shiny new clubs from time to time but I️ don’t do it thinking that the clubs will equate to improvements in my game. It’s really mostly just to enjoy the feeling of having something new & desirable.

That being said, I also take advantage of golf club bargains whenever possible. I’ve bought all my wedges off sales for demo clubs and paid a fraction of the full retail. (e.g. $45 for SM5 Vokeys when the SM6’s were due to be released). Compared to other clubs like drivers, the demo wedges at most stores are hardly ever hit so you can get 3 “like-new” premium wedges for the price of a single brand new wedge.
Kevin Funnell
Kevin Funnell - 3 years ago
A test on clubs suited for golfers with disabilities, i.e. Back issues, mobility issues etc etc ? Hard one for you to,sink your teeth into !!!! ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️
EQO-R Droog IJs Reiniging Techniek
EQO-R Droog IJs Reiniging Techniek - 3 years ago
I am 55 years old and a 5 HCP. Do not carry driver nor 3 wood. Lowest club in the bag is a 2-iron.
For sure I could scratch off 1, maybe 2 strokes by using Woods.
In my opinion putting, chipping and pitching more accurate and consistent, will get me lower sooner.
coopertrooper - 3 years ago
Irons for under 50 quid.
Tee Bot
Tee Bot - 3 years ago
I'm always telling my friends don't let the golf market pick your clubs, let your golf swing pick them for you. I'm consistently changing putters, drivers, and fairway woods. Not because there not working, but because I know like my swing I'm never doing the same thing over and over. So shy should I expect my clubs to perform to my unperfected golf swing. Now I don't mean I switch every round, or even every month. But if something doesn't feel perfect I'm not scared to try something different, especially something that has been in my golf bag before, and I at one time have had confidence with. You always hear someone say "I wish I still had those irons, or I wish I didn't give that driver away" well I don't, if I truly believe it's time to bump something out of the bag I do so, but I keep the older stuff around.
Cedric Quartey
Cedric Quartey - 3 years ago
I would love to see the best budget putters. Or if putters that are 5-10 years old will perform as well as current top of the line. Also curious if you could do a comparison between the top Nike clubs, and the current top value clubs, to see if they are still worth picking up and playing.
Eelco Snijders
Eelco Snijders - 3 years ago
Nice Golfbidder whole bag comes from golfbidder. Half the money for the tech of 1 or 2 seasons ago!
Ralphy Acoustic Artist
Ralphy Acoustic Artist - 3 years ago
What i found was with newer drivers the forgiveness is higher then older models. Ive been using the Ping G since its release and even the most toey or heely hits still travel a mile compared to older model drivers ive had in the past like the Titleist 910 or Taylomade R11
Anthony Elliott
Anthony Elliott - 3 years ago
I bought a Titleist d910 D2 for£50. I'd never buy new as the second hand clubs were good enough for pros 3-5years ago or more so they will be more than good enough for me. I couldn't afford£400 for a driver and don't think I need to.
You should do a similar video for old irons. I'm interested to know if a fitted new set would be worth it against a roughly fitted(right type shaft and lie(ping etc) secondhand for under£200 will be just as good. For a 20+ handicap especially
Thanks for these videos. Your driver comparisons prove the new clubs are mostly sales inducing not lengthening distance.
Andreas Beschorner
Andreas Beschorner - 3 years ago
Cobra Fly-Z Driver, approx. 89 bucks...
20GuitarZero07 - 3 years ago
I think a strategy for any novice golfer should be to acquire good quality used woods/irons, and spend the difference on fitted wedges/putter and lessons. you're going to use those clubs WAY more at any level of golf so investing in your short game should be the priority. After that, if you want to get into new gear... chances are you will have the skill and the desire to justify it.
jkcretty 21
jkcretty 21 - 3 years ago
Can u do like a best budget 2nd hand bag and test them . Ino u did the 2nd hand challenge but test them in the indoor facility
Sebastian du Preez
Sebastian du Preez - 3 years ago
Hi, Rick. Love these types of videos. Would love to see a full set review, younger than 5 years, under £600. Keep up the good work
Randy Nelson
Randy Nelson - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, I have a few suggestions for you. I'd like to see a comparison video of mainstream wedges like your Callaways, Titleist and Mizuno going up against some smaller companies such as Edel, Miura or Bombtech seeing if its all marketing hype or if there's some truth using these smaller companies. Both on GC Quad and on course would be great. Another suggestion is an on course comparison of a mid-handicap golfer like Mr. Potter using a fitted set of clubs vs. a box set. Everyone always says there's an advantage looking at numbers on GC Quad, but does it make a difference where it matters on course? And lastly seeing Rob Potter with a set of matched 7 irons with the same shafts,lie and loft with the only difference being the grip size to see if there's really a difference in ball flight. Thanks and keep the videos coming.
DEREK ANDERSON - 3 years ago
Brilliant review Rick, I use a Razr fit extreme and nothing in the last 5 years can compete with it, can you do the same with 3 wood buddy
Aidan Butler
Aidan Butler - 3 years ago
Do irons under 200 quid
DrVegiAlex - 3 years ago
Can we get a mid handicapper test on the other sub £100 drivers that you didn't use in this test? #LoveForDobby
Darren Clark
Darren Clark - 3 years ago
I would like to see a budget test as it would be cool to see the difference in performance between say a Dunlop xpt and a premium set such as the ap1
Happy gilmore
Happy gilmore - 3 years ago
I've got the r11s 3 wood & the r9 supertri driver both purchased for less than £50 each in immaculate condition & there every bit as good as the epic some guy was smashing 50 yards right at the range.. All the gear no idea springs to mind.
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison - 3 years ago
If you go to ag outlet they fit you for whatever you buy
James Briggs Golf
James Briggs Golf - 3 years ago
Cleveland Launcher Comp
Bill Rockwell
Bill Rockwell - 3 years ago
Is Peter Finch a homosexual like Freddie Mercury?
Chris Whyatt
Chris Whyatt - 3 years ago
Peter North
Peter North - 3 years ago
I have just returned to golf after 40 years and brought all my clubs at car boots the best ones are Taylor Made driver for £10 R580 XD, yes know its illegal in competition,
and a Burner 5-7 with bubble shaft for £4 with other clubs.At my age do I need to spend more , on lessons may be , thanks for the vids. Maybe that could be your next challenge
car boot challenge.
JackDanielBeaumont - 3 years ago
Brought a second hand M2 2016 driver for £150 so saved so much in comparison to a brand new one off the shelf and it works for me exactly the same as a brand new one would and there is no fear of me scratching it or damaging it in anyway because there are already a few marks there
nigel brooks
nigel brooks - 3 years ago
awesome Rick you are seriously ticking all the boxes when it comes to golf thanks, something to definitely think about !
Carl Kindred
Carl Kindred - 3 years ago
It would be interesting to know just how far back you need to go until you see a difference in club performance.
Also it woukd be interesting to test older golf balls to see the difference in performance for example the difference between a titleist prov1 from 2017 and say a 2010
Steve Gaish
Steve Gaish - 3 years ago
I always buy second hand golf gear. The store I used is great, they have a gc2 and I try the club's out to see if they suit me. I tinker slot and the store will offer a great deal of the club's are not for me and I can trade back in. Currently playing a 2016 M1 I bout for £160 and had it really shafted to suit my game in store.
DE4DSHOT - 3 years ago
One of your best Rick, great video
Johnny Mullins
Johnny Mullins - 3 years ago
I had gotten and standard sets of irons years ago, Golden Bear G-1Zx work great since.
Philip Smith
Philip Smith - 3 years ago
Never buy the latest, makes no difference for the handicap golfer. Please do a review on 5 years of Mizuno irons,
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
Makes no difference for your pros either, other than they get paid to hit the latest clubs, so muppets go out and pay a couple of grand for PXG's
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - 3 years ago
Kevin I love them I was on the hunt for some titleist ap2s but the mizunos just look and feel a whole lot better to me
Kevin - 3 years ago
Chris Hernandez, I am a lefty and all I hear are the greatest things about Mizuno clubs. Would love to try a few but many places don't even have demos in left hand unfortunately. :(
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - 3 years ago
I play some mizuno mp 64 they are about 5 years old and I love them I went from the mp 57. Mizuno males GREAT irons. Sad about the lefty situation. But if you're righty give them a shot for sure
Kevin - 3 years ago
richardsdiaz1 really annoyed me that the MP-18 Fli Hi are right hand only. Really wanted to try them out.
Lefty SoCal Golfer
Lefty SoCal Golfer - 3 years ago
Philip Smith - mizuno hates lefties therefore so do I. Down with Mizuno!!
Adolfo Zayas
Adolfo Zayas - 3 years ago
Rick you have done an amazing job regarding testing and what's best for us amateurs. I'm a firm believer that only the really elite tour pro can benefit with the latest and greatest as you mention. I do budget golf and things like this video and your second hand challenge you did with Pete a while back show the older clubs can still perform. Great job as usual Cheers
Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller - 3 years ago
Top review. One of my favourite drivers (mine broke
Brenden  Pultorak
Brenden Pultorak - 3 years ago
Do the same thing with irons
Jesse Jeffries
Jesse Jeffries - 3 years ago
I've had the r11s for 2 years and jus bought the callaway XR 16 driver. After 5 rounds I went back to my r11s. The XR was longer but I hit more fairways with the r11s.
Mark Ace
Mark Ace - 3 years ago
Just been and got fitted for a m2 today I feel silly now lol
James M
James M - 3 years ago
Golfbidder is awesome site. I still play my TM R1, ooooolllllllllllld but works for me.
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson - 3 years ago
Brilliant vid Rick! My whole bag is made up of 2nd hand clubs which has saved me ££’s which has been spent on lessons...much needed lessons!
I got the below;
Titleist 913 D3 - £120
Titleist 915 F (15 degrees) -‭ £95
Titleist 915 H (19 degree) - £90
Titleist 710 AP2 4-PW - £ 150 complete set
Titleist SM5/6 wedges 52/56/60 around 60-75 each club
Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 £130

Massive, massive saving over new! Would struggle to get a new set of irons for less than this set!
All clubs were in amazing condition considering the prices!
I can’t see that spending the extra on new would be of any benefit over using that same money on lessons/playing/practice
David O
David O - 3 years ago
I want to see an 18 hole course vlog with you and pete playing beginner sets only! Would make for some entertaining content haha!
Jesse Jeffries
Jesse Jeffries - 3 years ago
Oh ok gotcha
David O
David O - 3 years ago
jesse Jeffries Yes, but not what I was after. I have already watched those vlogs. This was just yo see how they would do with bottom tier equipment, rather than the wastly expensive quipment they usually use.
Jesse Jeffries
Jesse Jeffries - 3 years ago
David O they have vlogs playing second hand clubs.
buzzyrotenfels - 3 years ago
getting fitter and more flexible is more important than new gear i played the same clubs for 5 plus years and still shot 3 to 4 over par on average, my new equipment made very little difference until i upped my stretching and flexing my body that made me play more relaxed and confident i even broke par several times even when i used my 5 year old clubs . lessons are great as well get better so the new clubs can elevate your game
TARTAN 77 - 3 years ago
Defo second hand and put some cash towards some lessons .between some lessons and tips from u Guy's it's helped me alot cheers
Michael - 3 years ago
Great Video with a compelling question! Please recreate this but with iron sets for under £100... I have a set of Taylormade T320 irons (3-Pw) from 2004 and I'm debating weather or not to shell out £500 for a new set of irons in the hope for more distance but with the same lofts (not cheating like the M2 branding a 6 iron as 7 etc...). A video like that would be of huge help before the new year!
Alan Hooper
Alan Hooper - 3 years ago
Just bought g25 driver for son in law new to golf £85 trying it against my 1st gen M2 driver hard to see any difference.
Tim Star
Tim Star - 3 years ago
100% on the sub 100 driver, rest in lessons. I'm on my 3rd lesson and a lot of practice, I beat someone who used to be a 12 handicap round an 18 hole par 54 course.. Ok furthest hole is only 130 yards but still beat him. Lessons all the way! Then look at the elite gear after. I use G30's.
Richard Russell
Richard Russell - 3 years ago
Yep. Titleist 915 d2 7.5 head only. Normally play 10.5 so makes me learn to hit it up with low spin.
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 3 years ago
Yet again proves that custom fitting is the biggest BS.
John Anderson
John Anderson - 3 years ago
In my opinion if someone picks a driver off the shelf, have it cut down a half inch and you will hit it further and straighter because you're hitting the center of the clubface far more often. Best thing I ever did!
pottyf - 3 years ago
My irons, putter driver (titelist 905)and woods are all 12 yrs old. Spent £400 on a winter series of lessons instead.
Sam Casey
Sam Casey - 3 years ago
I believe the adjustability of something like an M1 is worth the money for someone who is in the process of working on their swing as long as the right person is adjusting it.
Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson - 3 years ago
100 pounds? That's a heavy driver! Hyuckhyuckhyuck
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
David Swanson
David Swanson - 3 years ago
I recently found a brand new, still in the original wrapping, TaylorMade V Steel 3 wood (the best fairway they ever made in my opinion ) on EBay, I paid £36 for it!!
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 3 years ago
Once got a slazenger 4 wood from a 2nd hand shop 10 quidloved it till to many driving range hits split it
Shawn Karasevicz
Shawn Karasevicz - 3 years ago
Great vid! My friends and in all shoot in the 80s and I’m Always saying this!
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 3 years ago
I only buy second hand drivers. Why not get the latest and save some money. For 50 pounds more you can get an Epic driver callaway preowned right now with free shipping. Pick your head and about 3-4 different shafts.
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 3 years ago
Garry Grant then 30% off that.
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 3 years ago
Jeremy Holt is there a UK site? The USA CPO has the cheapest at £220.
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 3 years ago
Callaway CPO has a 30% off Black Friday sale.
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 3 years ago
Jeremy Holt where ? All the second hand Epics I've seen start over £230+
Philip van Zyl
Philip van Zyl - 3 years ago
I have a Titleist 909 D2 with an Aldela rouge s-flex shaft and I still hit it 300 meters down the middle of the fairway.
dalesmith1982 - 3 years ago
I recently bought a budget set of callaway warbirds. Bit of a novice and needed too start some where. It would be fun to see what good golfers like yourself could do with a complete set like mine.
Tim Star
Tim Star - 3 years ago
G15 with reg shaft. Really like it. 260 yards total usually. Around 230 carry.
Michael Quilter
Michael Quilter - 3 years ago
I typically buy my drivers, fairways, and hybrids second hand thru 3Balls or GlobalGolf in USA. Also, picked up a Ping G20 driver after you did your 5 year testing on the Pings - put it right in the bag and my 915 D3 has been gathering dust since - it really is so easy to hit. So, thanks!
Camilo Gonzalez
Camilo Gonzalez - 3 years ago
For Europe Golfbidder is deffinitively the place to look at
fezzer - 3 years ago
915 D3 isn't forgiving like the D2. Its a slightly smaller head and less spin.
Andy V
Andy V - 3 years ago
Was the 915 not very good
Drew Mistic
Drew Mistic - 3 years ago
3balls is the best website I've used for 2nd hand clubs
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 3 years ago
Need to do a municipal course vlog....playing 2nd hand sets like most of us mortals
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 3 years ago
Seth Mcgregor on a municipal course
Seth Mcgregor
Seth Mcgregor - 3 years ago
Richard Argent He’s already done that
Robert Gleed
Robert Gleed - 3 years ago
Ping g30 £89
karncis - 3 years ago
very nice Rick, I still use a razr x black 5 wood, cus i know where its gona go. the old irons still work great, I think wedges are obviously the ones to change first due to needing good grooves for spin. Drivers...only change once u can actually see substantial difference advantage, i always take my gamer to the fitting to see if the new 400pounders outperform it, if it doesnt, i wont buy it. ure absolutely right in saying its better to spend the money on lessons and practice. Thanks for a great video.
Peter Gilcoine
Peter Gilcoine - 3 years ago
Nice video Rick! Before this year, I just bought older model clubs off the discount rack. I have been fitted for a driver (17 M2), Wedges (RTX-3), & putter (Sigma G Anser). Those three fitting have changed my game by giving me confidence and knowing the specs are right even if they were a pretty penny. I have Z-745 irons in S300 shaft that I bought for $250 and recently went to compare them with newer irons. The fitter just recommended me flattening my lie and strengthening my loft a degree and it has made a world of difference. The point to all this is I went to get fit for my clubs. You can certainly buy cheaper clubs and see if a fitter can help you tweak them for much less money and have proper clubs suited to your own swing. The new tech is great, but 99% of the time it comes down to your own golf swing and ability on how you play. In one year I have gone from a 20 handicap to a 12 with these fittings. I only play once or twice a month, but love the game and will one day play more often (when the kids leave the nest lol)
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts - 3 years ago
I’ve just bought a set of Benross HTX type r irons but looking for a driver. I’ve tried a Benross v10 trimass 9deg used in mint condition and I think it’s fantastic. I have the matching hybrid and it’s a great rescue club.
P dashs
P dashs - 3 years ago
I was custom fit for the HTX driver (more forgiving than the type r for me) and I absolutely love it.
GolfHo - 3 years ago
I Love a new shiny toy, but unless the R&A change the limits on tech then I don’t see it changing things.
darren garland
darren garland - 3 years ago
try the ping g10
Simian Golf
Simian Golf - 3 years ago
My Callaway Epic 9.0 with Project X Hzrdus T1100 6.0 shaft, was perfectly fitted for me and I am hitting more fairways then ever before so custom fitting I truly believe in
Dawson McNew
Dawson McNew - 3 years ago
I wish you would have addressed the issue of consistency per driver. Distance is important but as we all know scoring requires correctly applied distance. Also, would love to see this review type applied to all the other types of clubs as well. Wouldn't be surprised if that was already your thinking.
Eric Briggs
Eric Briggs - 3 years ago
id love to see you test older blades (preferably with considerable wear on the faces) against newer blades and compare their spin and distances
Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 3 years ago
Yea what he said^. I'm curious about the numbers regarding wear & tear on irons & wedges.
CB2014 - 3 years ago
Do this with other clubs!!!!!
Dave Williams
Dave Williams - 3 years ago
I've had pretty much every make of driver out there, but the one which blew everyone out of the water for me was the bridgestone JGR driver, i used to have a different driver every other week, but I've had this for months now and not letting it go. Cost me £125 from eBay bargain! New and expensive isn't always the way.
Paul Jobling
Paul Jobling - 3 years ago
Can you please test the new wilson c300 range as I am looking at a full set.
David Ryan
David Ryan - 3 years ago
i buy 3/4 of my clubs used. Only new club I have right now is my Taylormade rescue.
MsBibid - 3 years ago
yes!!! 100% agreed!!
Hayden Lillie
Hayden Lillie - 3 years ago
Do some complete set reviews like callaway strata
jamie Mackenzie
jamie Mackenzie - 3 years ago
I got a Ping G25 brand new off eBay for £100 more than happy with that
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
I still have a 7.5 gravity back king cobra that I use from time to time.. still goes about 265 with a nice trajectory...
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
And I would love to see a top 4-5 strong 3 woods off short tees(not off mat) for driver alternative...
Colin Lax4
Colin Lax4 - 3 years ago
I really enjoyed this video. I buy all my clubs second hand so this really applies to me!
All the things
All the things - 3 years ago
The Callaway Alpha (815 and 816 DBD's) are both steals as well!
Jimmy Andersson
Jimmy Andersson - 3 years ago
Great video Rick!
Kris Benson
Kris Benson - 3 years ago
Hey! I’ve been playing the i20 for the last 6-7 years!!! Still love it!
John McAlinden
John McAlinden - 3 years ago
Only 131 more subs to get to the bug 250000
HSxSH2010 - 3 years ago
Bought a new s9-1 for 60€... Lovely club and I won't miss it
ben shervan
ben shervan - 3 years ago
Good video. Would like to see your choices for used clubs throughout the set
Darren Terry
Darren Terry - 3 years ago
Can you do a similar test on woods and hybrids
Colin Lax4
Colin Lax4 - 3 years ago
Does golf bidder ship to the USA?
Mark Magnier
Mark Magnier - 3 years ago
Jason Ferreira 2nd Swing! Great golf store
Jason Ferreira
Jason Ferreira - 3 years ago
global golf & ebay would probably be cheaper
Neil Dixon
Neil Dixon - 3 years ago
No Nike????
Sam wakefield
Sam wakefield - 3 years ago
Love this idea and content rick
TheMHCuber - 3 years ago
No views, 4 likes. YouTube logic
Ingassis - 3 years ago
Nice video Rick !!
Tyler Cook Golf
Tyler Cook Golf - 3 years ago
Liam Fischer
Liam Fischer - 3 years ago
Love your videos!!
Sam Sheppard
Sam Sheppard - 3 years ago
dance eddy
dance eddy - 3 years ago

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