HOW TO TEST GOLF CLUBS links to enter the comp Facebook Twitter HOW TO TEST golf CLUBS Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about fitting and how to get the best from your sessions and make sure you are happy with the golf clubs your buy. Simple easy to use ideas when it comes to fitting a golf club to a student to help them feel comfortable and feel like they could play their best golf. You could even use this for a golf ball fitting too. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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Drivers 4 years ago 25,990 views links to enter the comp Facebook Twitter HOW TO TEST golf CLUBS Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about fitting and how to get the best from your sessions and make sure you are happy with the golf clubs your buy. Simple easy to use ideas when it comes to fitting a golf club to a student to help them feel comfortable and feel like they could play their best golf. You could even use this for a golf ball fitting too. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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Derek Ross
Derek Ross - 3 years ago
Its nothing to do with equipment
Chris Oz
Chris Oz - 3 years ago
You talked a lot about feel in this video Mark, so here is my two pence worth: I had a fitting with Ping at Gainsborough this year. All was going ok and then the fitter asked if I'd like to try a stiffer shaft. Now, I'm 52 and I'm not so quick these days, so I said no, thinking that stiff shafts are for speed merchants. How wrong I was. As soon as I picked the club up it felt so different and I felt much more in control. The shaft was a little heavier than the stock one and this made a massive difference too. It did reduce my error by a small amount, but the feeling was the real improvement for me - I felt much more connected to the club. Once on the course, I now notice that I feel the difference between good and bad shots more. It's not made me a better player, but I feel like the stiffer shaft will, with practice and lessons, help me to become better. What do you think?
MrJoshthenosh - 3 years ago
No one lets you test clubs on the course, does anyone know who does?
ShropshireBob - 3 years ago
MrJoshthenosh Yes they do! Join a club with a decent pro shop and they will have demo clubs which you can borrow and try out on the course.
MrP 101
MrP 101 - 3 years ago
i am for the first time ever thinking of being fitted for golf clubs. I have a question though. Would you suggest I use a fitter that would consider different makes of clubs or pick a brand and go to their specialist fitting centre. Thx
1WEEBLE1 - 4 years ago
i enjoy your videos because of good info.and you seem to be s
a good dad
Michael Lombard
Michael Lombard - 4 years ago
Hole in one!!!!! @6:49
Tony Atkinson
Tony Atkinson - 4 years ago
Hi Mark what projector does Dan use?? I am building a sim room
Ian Boots
Ian Boots - 4 years ago
Putting is my gauge, No 3putts i'm competitive I seem to hit it the same most weeks, no great but in play
Jm Mj
Jm Mj - 4 years ago
Ryan little a very cool dude

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Daykz69 - 4 years ago
I got fitted during a fitting day at American golf local to me, ended up testing 5 different makes and as I was being fitted, we spoke about clubs I’d owned in the past (not been fitted previously due to affordability) bought second hand or ‘off the shelf’ and I can’t help thinking that I ended up buying the set I have because I owned a set from the same manufacturer in the past. Did that happen through brand loyalty or did I like the clubs better, I don’t know for sure? Now however, after watching most of your videos and the thoroughness which you talk about a fitting, I would certainly be better prepared for the next time I ‘need’ new clubs. Wonder if I’ll end up with the same brand again though!?
ThomasKlarskov - 4 years ago
Its just a matter of all the stars aligning really.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
+FreakLiveTV kind of agree.
Tai Junge
Tai Junge - 4 years ago
Does mark no longer work at the Exeter range???
don blem
don blem - 4 years ago
8:33 There are 3 balls in a triangle, 3 drivers with head covers on near the cobra sign and 3 bags on a shelf behind Marks head. Illuminati confirmed.
Tom Barlow
Tom Barlow - 4 years ago
Ask Lockey!
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood - 4 years ago
Knuckleballllllll,good job nobody was standing behind you when you were hitting the driver
Steven Ziegler
Steven Ziegler - 4 years ago
I see a lot of comments about mental state, but relative to mood. I think that's the cart leading the horse really. If you start playing well, your mood improves and if you start playing bad, your mood worsens. I do think it's a mental issue, but not in terms of mood. Rather in terms of focus. Whether it be not enough sleep, too many distractions in life outside of golf, too many swing thoughts, etc. We've all been there find yourself just sort of going through the motions and then after the shot wonder what the heck happened. You string a few of those together and NOW mood shows up and starts steering the feel hopeless, nothing's going right, can't figure it out. But, when you have those rounds where you are very much in the moment, your mental focus is sharp and about 70% unconscious with the other 30% paying attention to the right things (assessing lie, good swing thoughts, good shot selection and execution), in those rounds your mood skyrockets and you play well.

I don't think it's mood as much as it's maintaining a proper mental focus.
Lee - 4 years ago
haha, 6 minutes in and mark reveals he has switched the driver he custom fit himself for, and will maybe switch back again in the future. what chance have we got, then? that type of switch for those of us who pay for drivers is not an option. this is one of the things that puts me off. i can't shell out £350 only to find out soon after that it's not the right one any more.
Lee - 4 years ago
It's random. It's a phenomena known as REGRESSION TO THE MEAN.
Tony Westwell
Tony Westwell - 4 years ago
Its all in the brain. Because we are human, with feelings, these change over time. Hence the ups and the downs.

20. comment for HOW TO TEST GOLF CLUBS

Bails Stumps
Bails Stumps - 4 years ago
Had a good weekend played in a local junior tournament. There were 50 odd junior players 10 years or younger who played 2 man am rose in Which our clubs team won ( there were kids from about 6 different clubs ) 13 of us played 9 hole stableford and I shot 50 on a par 36 back nine and ranked with the points equal first!
AndysCarStuff - 4 years ago
The usual quality content from Crossfield. So many others in the golf arena are either numbers junkies and assume that golf clubs are only hit by robots, or they're 'feel' guys and shy away from the numbers completely. You're able to balance the relevance of the metrics along with the human aspects of playing golf. That's sadly quite rare.
AndysCarStuff - 4 years ago
Numbers are like matches... Extremely useful when used properly, but in the wrong hands can lead to all sorts of mischief.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
I agree, see so many bad use of numbers then I see the people chatting about 300 rpm. Golf has many poor voices at the moment.
Hacker golf
Hacker golf - 4 years ago
Form - need a bit of luck and a lot of confidence
23lnp - 4 years ago
Mark, you were definitely abit of an old skool hardcore raver mate, i can tell
Broady 43
Broady 43 - 4 years ago
It’s all about luck.The more you practice the luckier you get.
E Harrison
E Harrison - 4 years ago
Great point about form, its exactly the same for amateurs only the range is different. Rory is a perfect case in point, he can have a purple patch of a few rounds where he shoots under (7) handicap and goes down 0.2 per shot then spends the rest of the year struggling because life gets in the way of golf sometimes and over a given period his standard has stayed the same. Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rory MIlroy have all had purple patches of a few tournaments over the past couple of years, that sometimes coincide with majors, where they go a few tournaments looking unbeatable. But something changes and they go quiet and its now been a winless year for Day and McIlroy, Johnson is throwing in mixed results and Justin Thomas is the player to watch. A few players perform consistently but then they are almost criticised for being 'cash machine' players that just pick up solid cheques every week without actually competing, guys like Charles Howell who has never really looked like sniffing a major but has made a fortune out of always performing solidly.
121Bobski - 4 years ago
Two weeks ago I played in a greensomes with a short game wizard who relied on my driving. We won I think because I was concentrating on getting the ball in play in a good position. Last weekend I shot my best score ever (77) and realised I had the same throughts as I did the week earlier. Maybe it is all confidence and mental?
Sydols OZ
Sydols OZ - 4 years ago
My best rounds have been at times in my life when I have been very relaxed, which related into "non thinking" swings. No baggage & way more enjoyable.
Mike Northern
Mike Northern - 4 years ago
The ability or skill is there. Unfortunately our area between our ears sometimes takes over and creates doubt which translates to bad play.
Gary Ottolangui
Gary Ottolangui - 4 years ago
Is it worth testing clubs on a simulator but playing a couple of holes on it, so a fitter can give you a good fitting
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
+Gary Ottolangui yep same idea really. Defo worth it

30. comment for HOW TO TEST GOLF CLUBS

Richard Blayney
Richard Blayney - 4 years ago
When i actually turn up and warm up before my round, which i very rarely seem to do
SAM BUSH - 4 years ago
Check the book "How to Be a Player" by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott. Opened my eyes to the other parts of the game that have an effect during the round. You cant improve your technique or fitness....has to be mental and the thought process.
Jonny Northmore
Jonny Northmore - 4 years ago
Liking that top, brah!
David Glendinning
David Glendinning - 4 years ago
Heading for a retro fit with my current clubs. Are these the same questions I should be asking?
Cameron Couper
Cameron Couper - 4 years ago
Comes down to us amateurs not hitting enough balls to know the in's and outs fully of our swings and our ball striking
Mel Davies
Mel Davies - 4 years ago
I think a lot is simply down to confidence, knowing you can do it gives you a massive advantage....
Graham Ramsdale
Graham Ramsdale - 4 years ago
When you can sync your skill, knowledge and experience to produce good shots and strokes. In short, knowing that you can do what you are planning to do. Graham
Ryan James
Ryan James - 4 years ago
Nice hole in 1 with the driver @ 6:48 bruuuuhhhh
John Folland
John Folland - 4 years ago
You might be on a golf spree for a few weeks. But the only reason you are winning is because everybody else is losing. Its all about being just one shot better after 72 holes. Ross Fisher playing some of his best golf, but still cannot win.
John Meyer
John Meyer - 4 years ago
“I did hit it further wife”
John Meyer
John Meyer - 4 years ago
Mental game is huge, but sometimes you just won’t have it, it’s that maddening part of golf that always keeps it interesting
Ryan Maddox
Ryan Maddox - 4 years ago
Mark, I'm looking to buy my first set of real clubs. Started golf two years ago with some off-brand beginner clubs (Strata) and I'm hitting mid 80s at my best. I know I need lessons and a real set of clubs, but I don't know in which order I should do those. Get fit for a set and then lessons to hone with the irons I'll be playing with; or lessons to drill in good swing technique and then get fit around that swing technique?
scott yule
scott yule - 4 years ago
ITZ Bro, simples!
oblannon - 4 years ago
If you buy enough used clubs at thrift stores and experiment with a wide variety of clubs you can find an inexpensive club that works for you NOT ALWAYS, but more often than others given your body structure (and swing you've identified with after taking so many swings.)  Then you research and find something newer and more forgiving under those same lines and have it fitted.  I'll never experiment though, I'm just too stupid to change.  Plus, I don't want to think I have ability that I don't have.  Besides, how will you find wedges and a won't.  edit  Forgot to mention if you have a knack for not hitting it fat you'll eventually start topping it and blading it and hitting it crooked when you eventually try to do things that you shouldn't try to do, which you eventually will and have to go over the same mental process again from scratch.  Who the hell wants to do that? Or has time to do that.
Jesse White
Jesse White - 4 years ago
I have never been great at golf but my lowest scores are tied with sinking puts. The second thing that seems to make a difference is knowing your swing and what you are doing right. Wish I could be solid in both
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor - 4 years ago
Practice, confidence and a bit of luck.
Colin Selfridge
Colin Selfridge - 4 years ago
Little one's growing up can see it just over the time you've done daily vlogs with the family.
Toby Mitchell
Toby Mitchell - 4 years ago
Going for first putter fitting next week. Really would love to hear from people with experience/@markcrossfield about what types of questions I should be asking and what I should be looking out for?
Andrew Westrope
Andrew Westrope - 4 years ago
Brah you need a coffee grinder and fresh beans in your life!
Happy Bob
Happy Bob - 4 years ago
Good things happen to those who turn.

50. comment for HOW TO TEST GOLF CLUBS

IAN BRIDGES - 4 years ago
Mark . I know your not a shaftoid but is getting the right one just on what feels good for you and the numbers such as dry ball data being good ? 18 handicap and just tried mbs with s300 which felt and went better than my px and ap2 . Shows mb s can be hit by plonkers like me so does it mean I should go s300 and ap2 ? When I have tested on my own I didn't find much if any change in distance but perhaps better grouping ( though I was impressed with mb in terms of consistentcy front to back . When you ended up with px was it cos they just felt right to you?thanks
Chris Tossell
Chris Tossell - 4 years ago
With technology as it is, surely fitters can use the projector that you couldn’t turn on, awkward, to put a scene in front of you of trouble/water left etc. and get you to hit the shot(s) you need to on the course.

Long time watcher, first time commenter.
Ed Craze
Ed Craze - 4 years ago
Confidence and having the vision of what you want to do. I play some rounds where I can picture exactly what I want to do and pull it off. Other days I can't see the shots at all.
JimboSRP - 4 years ago
No idea on the question, but if I did I'd probably write a best-seller on it rather than give the game away in the comments section of a youtube video... :D

Thanks for the video, I'm going through club testings now - had a go with the MP-18 range and the speedfoam TaylorMade ones the other day. They GCquad you, stick something on the shaft that tells them about shaft types and flexes and weights etc. No idea, complete newb at all this so this video is a great help, thanks!
Jay Beuoy
Jay Beuoy - 4 years ago
Golf sprites!
John Davis
John Davis - 4 years ago
I shot 95 last week . Worst round in 2 years. Shot 43 front 9, back 9 felt like Rory. I was in more wooded areas than a squirrel. Played Sunday in horrible wet conditions and shot 43 front 9 and 3 over 39 on back 9. The difference was mentally felt better. I had only one double bogey all day. What was the same both rounds is I had fun. Last week I put a new Mizuno jpx900 driver in my bag. I got fitted for it. I replaced a Ping Anser . Some days, golf is easy
James Adcock
James Adcock - 4 years ago
It's all mental. what mood you are in how the brain is working that particular day plays a big part in how u play
Steve Olander
Steve Olander - 4 years ago
Everyone knows as soon as the price tag comes off the new driver, a dynamic shift happens in the universe and you can't hit it anymore...
Guy Legg
Guy Legg - 4 years ago
On average how many golf balls do you reckon you hit in a week bruh?? I’m talking from driver to putter in your garden - I’m interested
MrBwalsh - 4 years ago
Had a club fitting Saturday for a hybrid, turned into a lesson and walked away without the club but more information on how to hit my club's better!
Sean Jones
Sean Jones - 4 years ago
The game is about these very fine movements being repeated dozens of times a round and thousands of times a year. At some point we can be striping it and then suddenly the slightest change and it's gone.
Paul Brunt
Paul Brunt - 4 years ago
Thanks for the chipping tips, I will have a play with over this week.....I'm pretty lucky when I get fit that I'm allowed to demo the club after my fitting and take it on course for a couple of rounds and it does make a huge difference. I can compare it properly against the club I'm replacing and look for flight patterns etc. I just bought epic 3 & 4 hybrid in stiff flex. I preferred the feel of the stiff over reg and plus I tended to draw the reg, but after demoing the new ones on course I discovered they were going higher then I liked and had a tendency to block slightly right. I was able to take the loft down a degree and place them in draw setting and now they are dead straight and perfect flight, but I wouldn't have had that same perspective had I only tested indoors.
4ndy123 - 4 years ago
@ 6.50 ... hole in one!
James Martin
James Martin - 4 years ago
I tend to have a two month purple patch, followed by a ten month spell of not being able to shoot handicap of anywhere between five and seven.

My bad shot is a hook, and I spend a lot of time trying to correct that. I start to play well and handicap drops, but then start to over correct the hook then start hitting fades/slices, handicap starts to go north again. Revert back to hitting more draws, hit the purple patch once more, and then start hooking again.

Rinse, repeat. Golf, 's great innit? :)
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago interfers with everything including golf...u have a cold or a back strain or ur dog died..ur sister married an axe murderer...the things that happen to us all (ok the sister 1 was a bit unusual but it probably happened to someone)
Ur explanation of testing irons made no sense to me because i would never pick up a TM iron
Justin Stephenson
Justin Stephenson - 4 years ago
We shouldn't judge whether people are competent or not by their looks so why do the same with clubs. Try the clubs first and if 2 clubs perform equally well then choose based on the looks.

Then there is the issue of "feel". Sure a Mizuno forged club has a wonderful feel, it feels as if glides off the face, but if it does not deliver the performance compared to hard cast club then Mizuno is not for you. The reality is that most clubs give reasonable feedback. If you are not a very low HC golfer then as long as the feedback the clubs give you is sufficient for you to know where on the club you hit the ball and roughly the path the club was on then surely that is good enough?

Performance for me is about consistency not distance. I would prefer a 7i that delivers 165 yards +/-3 yards than one that delivers 175 yards +/- 10 yards. If I also get a consistency of shot shape as well then it is a great club
Jammer53 - 4 years ago
It's all between the ears.
D Jones
D Jones - 4 years ago
for me its about slowly evolving my swing and swing thoughts. Had the best 8 months golf ever this year, 5 to 2.9. but worked hard to keep moving the swing along.
gone off the boil now :(
Jonathan King
Jonathan King - 4 years ago
loving the blogs so many good tips bro . hears one for you, when you take a packet of peas, cut the top of with a pair of scissors AT 56 deg.
Mike Gannon
Mike Gannon - 4 years ago
a good hangover from the night before generally doesn't help, but some days it all just happens, members bounce, NO lost balls and a few one putts, just take it when you can
Zekester G
Zekester G - 4 years ago
8:44 to 8:45 Very Cool
Jonathan Dale
Jonathan Dale - 4 years ago
My pro bangs on about gapping ?
Jon - 4 years ago
Thoughts on our potential Ryder cup team 2018...:
1. Rory mcilroy
2. Justin rose
3. Henrik Stenson
4. Paul Casey
5. Sergio Garcia
6. John Rahm
7. Tommy Fleetwood
8. Tyrell Hatton
9. Matt Fitzpatrick
10. Rafa Cabrera Bello
11. Thomas Pieters
12. Ian Poulter
jfwduffield1 - 4 years ago
They are reducing the minimum tournaments to 4 European Tour only events. If Casey wants to play he has to play enough events to qualify.
jfwduffield1 - 4 years ago
Yeap. Going forward that July block of the French, Irish , Scottish and The Open is a massive bonus for the European Tour. Better than anything the PGA Tour can put up against it. Really owns that month with high quality events. Get some Americans over for the Irish and Scottish too.
Jon - 4 years ago
jfwduffield1 all I know is bjorn and Casey have been in “positive” conversations about getting him back in the team- he knows aswell as everyone else we missed him last time and we need players of his class- I’m sure they will make it so he’s there
jfwduffield1 - 4 years ago
Really? I thought there was talk of Casey applying for US citizenship. He will have to play 5 European Tour only events to qualify. Off last year's schedule that could be Abu Dhabi, Dubai, French, Irish and Scottish. Casey has made it clear before being a PGA Tour member is more important than being in the Ryder Cup. But if he is safely in the World's top 50 he might have changed his mind. Playing a global season not as a top 50 player is very tough.
Jon - 4 years ago
Insider gossip he’s been talking with bjorn about getting his European card back
EyS - 4 years ago
good team, but usa looks better on paper
jfwduffield1 - 4 years ago
Casey can't be picked. Not a member of the European Tour.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 4 years ago
Think it’s like most things if you put the effort it you seem to get the reward when everything clicks and it’s when you back off a bit you kind of lose it
Scott Timmins
Scott Timmins - 4 years ago
I think it has to do with your mental state. I know that if i start a round driving the ball well i instantly feel confident with all my game and my round usually ends up a lot better than if my first couple of drives aren't the best. I can usually recover pretty well but trying to work that confidence back in is a hard thing to do from a bad start.
I'm currently working on ways to start better or just be more consistent all round and then the confidence should come more easily. Relaxed and confident would have to help, even if you're playing bad but are better at controlling emotions, you can come back from it rather than have a tantrum about it
Keith Gould
Keith Gould - 4 years ago
Gary Player once said the more I practice the luckier I get
sabr686 - 4 years ago
Good advice.
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth - 4 years ago
Ecco, excellent shoes, bought a pair in August, very comfy.
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 4 years ago
You appear to have a nice large golf studio. The hitting bays at the large golf "supermarkets" often appear claustrophobic-ally narrow, and I can never get my brain to agree to take nice long swings with a driver.
Evan Quigley
Evan Quigley - 4 years ago
Mark I’m a big fan however the room you are in at Torquay GC is very depressing looking on camera
Tomsawyer1111 - 4 years ago
Maybe Mark should take up Interior Design as a little side line? After all.....This game can be be depressing enough...without a stimulating background to look at!! Amazing!
Darren Clack
Darren Clack - 4 years ago
I've just gone back to my 915 d2 after 8 months of messing about with different drivers including epic, m2 and 917.
I'm 10 yards shorter but fairways hit gone back up to 75-80%. An interesting but expensive lesson I've had this year.
Allan Butler
Allan Butler - 4 years ago
I think it's often down to mental state, when all is good with family friends work I often can head out all relaxed and play my better golf. Stressed down in the dumps due to work or family issues I'm really set up for a bad grumpy old round.
23lnp - 4 years ago
Allan Butler i couldnt agree more. I also find a nice little joint can help my concentration and feel of my swing
Chay Sayaovong
Chay Sayaovong - 4 years ago
Golf is 50 percentage gambling...
Graham Tomlin
Graham Tomlin - 4 years ago
Allan Butler fully agree, any player in the top 100 in the World on a given day is the best in the World for 18 holes but to be consistently the best takes more than just talent and technique it's all about the most important distance in golf, the 6 inches between the ears!
chris Sankey
chris Sankey - 4 years ago
100% agree. When life is going well for me I play my best golf
Roony Golf
Roony Golf - 4 years ago
So what about when you can only afford second hand clubs? How will you know what's right for you? Test the current ones and then buy the older model of the most suitable?
Roony Golf
Roony Golf - 4 years ago
Alan Waterworth Thanks, that's certainly what I've been doing, constantly watching Marks older tests and reading reviews to see what would be best for my game. My problem is a slice so working on that but like the SF Tec Pings and the TMs with adjustable weights that might help too
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth - 4 years ago
have a look on E-bay and cross reference with club tests on here and online reviews of drivers in your price range. Also see what your local pro shop has on offer; I got myself a new driver, Callaway red hot 2, for £60 from the pro shop at my old club, very happy with it. It had been tested, that´s all. (it´s still me that hooks it, not the club) now´s a good time to look for newish clubs as it´s the end of season.
Roony Golf
Roony Golf - 4 years ago
alex pedersen It's actually a driver I need, I'm looking at things like the TM R11s or R15. My irons are some 2014 TM Tour Preferred MC irons with X stiff shafts following a go with some CGB and M2 irons at the range.
alex pedersen
alex pedersen - 4 years ago
Ross Noonan get down to an American golf outlet with all their second hand iron sets there’s bound to be something there. Or get something you like the look of with a reasonable shaft then get it bent to the correct lie
Beach Fraser
Beach Fraser - 4 years ago
Waitrose peas eh? Life is good!! pmsl
Jarrett Dawson
Jarrett Dawson - 4 years ago
I think confidence plays an important role in winning sprees.  Especially confidence in putting.
Darren Miller
Darren Miller - 4 years ago
The boring answer , Its just percentages. Just wish mine were better than 1 good to 20 bad rounds. #golf is HARD.
Malcolm J Edge
Malcolm J Edge - 4 years ago
Thats why its called golf!!
Arno Kamphuis
Arno Kamphuis - 4 years ago
At 6:50 you holed the shot! It went into the hole!! #funny
Steve Grimwood
Steve Grimwood - 4 years ago
It's the great mystery of golf and why we keep on playing for those fleeting moments when everything comes together.
Michael Rolton
Michael Rolton - 4 years ago
Play with these clubs "day in, day out" - I wish.
Adrian - 4 years ago
think good tip is to relax and enjoy it - went for one recently and found for first 10 minutes or so felt like i was really on show and have to hit perfect shots and therefore was hitting it awfully - but it was good that also had a lesson during fitting too - as noted that my strike was a bit out of the heel
Miguel Garza
Miguel Garza - 4 years ago
Wish i knew Mark. normally shoot low 90's high 80's but i do have a 79 on record. I would really love to know how that happened. Only remember not looking at the score card and the round was over before i knew it. Maybe the answer is , my own head (thoughts) ??
Richard Bryan
Richard Bryan - 4 years ago
Dunno, few of the pros do either, they can follow a 63 with a 77
David McCutcheon
David McCutcheon - 4 years ago
Great video - keep up the amazing content. Loving the daily vlogs
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson - 4 years ago
who else noticed that he made the ball in the hole when he hit his driver?!?! haha
ckgraysonlove - 4 years ago
kept waiting for one to drop!
Sean Rice
Sean Rice - 4 years ago
Absolutely love the vids Mark. Tell me though, will you be finding time to get the band back together, a new album/tour from Hot Chip would be brilliant?
Jeff Toton
Jeff Toton - 4 years ago
How does Ross Fisher feel? Last week he breaks the course record at St Andrews in the final round and yesterday goes -1 on the last day to lose by one shot. Great advice about hitting gaming shots instead of just full bore in a driver fitting!
Bryce Larson
Bryce Larson - 4 years ago
Great video!!!

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THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP? This weeks impact show discusses if there is a perfect grip for golf. Piers and Andy show you...

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