HOW DO OFFSET golf CLUBS HELP YOUR GOLF Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about golf clubs and how offset in irons might help your golf game. Mark spends the day thinking and sharing his thoughts on offset in golf clubs and how they could help your hit the golf ball higher and maybe with less slice. Or maybe its up to you to make a good golf swing to stop that slice golf shot. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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HOW DO OFFSET golf CLUBS HELP YOUR GOLF Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about golf clubs and how offset in irons might help your golf game. Mark spends the day thinking and sharing his thoughts on offset in golf clubs and how they could help your hit the golf ball higher and maybe with less slice. Or maybe its up to you to make a good golf swing to stop that slice golf shot. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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Aaron Bailey
Aaron Bailey - 3 years ago
How far the shaft is in front of the face. Helps some players close the face. Personally i can't play it after playing minimal offset for years
Clinton Worden
Clinton Worden - 3 years ago
Off set does not worry me but to much will go left as my blades are easier to work left to right or right to left
Hank Cross
Hank Cross - 3 years ago
Get Up Dan !!!!
Zaeem Akbani
Zaeem Akbani - 3 years ago
I just bought the M2 2017 irons.. I seem to be pulling them more then my old irons.. my miss is more a duck hook then a slice
J M - 3 years ago
Mark I’m off 14 and use JPX EZ do I need to change my irons to lower my handicap???
Izmo Gizmo
Izmo Gizmo - 3 years ago
Okay, now i know offset don't send ball left? (right hand player)
Derek Ross
Derek Ross - 3 years ago
Not a fan of offset but dont mind a little but i guess its to get your hands in front of you ball? I can move left or right offset or not as i used ping ISI coppers for a long time and i used to move the ball both ways . I wouldnt want to game that now, i game titleist MBs older ones AND callaway X22 pro's both same shafts projectX - Mark i find strike + speed creates spin but even on small shots i can swing slower and nail the strike and get great spin?
john craig
john craig - 3 years ago
They don't help
Mark Hallett
Mark Hallett - 3 years ago
Some thoughts about offset I have never considered Mark. All I know is when I’ve hit offset irons I hate the look and I hit them left. Me? Maybe. Do I lack the skill to compensate? Probably. Would I like to hit it higher and further? Yes. Can I have distance with traditional looks please. Without going to the gym!


Em Fo
Em Fo - 3 years ago
Offset makes the club seem like you're covering more of the ball. Makes the club look easier to hit
Steve Troiano
Steve Troiano - 3 years ago
Mark - have you ever seen where less offset actually helped a player who would normally be expected to benefit from it? Lets say a 15 handicap who tends to hit behind the ball more often? I play ping karstens with fat soles and large offset, then recently demoed mizuno hot metals with less of each and hit them quite crisp. Any thoughts/advice?
ocke94 - 3 years ago
I feel like offset just ruins my shot as I have a baby draw as stock shot. 9 hcp
Offset=hooks for daaaays
Terry Miller
Terry Miller - 3 years ago
Never have liked the look of offset. I am an older player and like smaller cavity irons with a minimum of offset with a 5 Handicap. I am already a highball hitter and my miss is a raging hook (pull). It's visual more than anything. I believe you adjust to what you are playing over time. Get fit for all your clubs and I believe you need to be re-fitted every so often as your handicap gets lower. Play the iron that fits your swing and your eye.
Kyle Everhart
Kyle Everhart - 3 years ago
Thank you for the Honest and relevant information.
daibish86 - 3 years ago
Offset bares no impact on my game what so ever. I don’t think about it even. Use ping i20’s and they’re still a great club to use. When I look down at the ball the only thing I’m thinking of is playing the shot as best I can. Not how offset my clubs are/look.
JDMSMOKEY03 - 3 years ago
All I know is that your swing looks a lot better than when I first started watching your videos. It’s lookin good man!!
Aussie Taffia
Aussie Taffia - 3 years ago
offset - how far behind the hozzle the leading edge of the club is
Alrun Mayer
Alrun Mayer - 3 years ago
...I started playing golf 4 years ago, got addicted and organised myself a used set of clubs - after one year decided to get myself a fitted set of brand new clubs - and play them now happily knowing that they are „made“ for me. Offset or not - I honestly do not care; i like the look, sound, feel and results i get from them - after watching your vid (i very much appreciate your great stuff and your effort you put in your entertaining and informative content
bluestuable - 3 years ago
video paused, offset to me is not something I need as I have no problem getting my clubhead path online, its something to help people who tend to slice. video restarted.


BesideHimself - 3 years ago
Offset is a translation of the club face at the hosel behind the shaft (opposite the direction of ball flight).
Olaf March
Olaf March - 3 years ago
Turn off the music... can't concentrate on what you are saying..
fullwerkes - 3 years ago
Mark watching you for 5+ years now and always learn something new or something I never considered. Nice video.
Dustan Bratton
Dustan Bratton - 3 years ago
Can I post a video and get some pointers from you mark?
Lee - 3 years ago
Excellent video, very informative, thumbed up.
T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett - 3 years ago
Mark, would offset not make more of a difference for average golfers who have less control of face to path? Cheers Bruh!!!
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett - 3 years ago
Answered! My life is complete :) Thanks Bruh! (meant to include in my post "less control than a skilled golfers like yourself [and Coach? :)] as your skillset is clearly more refined than mine! Thanks again... enjoy your holiday with the fam!
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+T.A. Fossett I have not really seen it to make a huge difference with students.
Michael Mangan
Michael Mangan - 3 years ago
Sandbaggers - CONGU - 90% rule now in place for standard four ball. This type of rule change encourages handicap building. Dan's comments are on the money. 47/48 pts now required to compete in a four ball. Need you guys to start shining the light on the real challenges our game is now facing.
Paul Ackerley
Paul Ackerley - 3 years ago
So basically i use cobra fly xl irons which do have a lot of offset to them and i fade the ball a lot..are these clubs helping me or causing the fade ?
Many thanks
Matt Gomez
Matt Gomez - 3 years ago
I wanted offset because I was led to believe it’s better for my game. I honestly did not know the reasons behind it. To get a fuller understanding I will need to watch this again.
colin boxall
colin boxall - 3 years ago
Offset = higher launch. It is down to the player I started with ping g2s and callaway x16s. I could hit the ball a mile but there was 20 yards difference between strikes for the same iron. Club head too heavy Shifted to MP57 (it was the look) and scored consistently better. Off 13 and use iBlades very little offset. No issues.


Jukka Kymäläinen
Jukka Kymäläinen - 3 years ago
I have clubs with offset beacause i want all help that i can get. However clubs without offset looks better. Im planning to change my shorter irons to a blade irons.
Jukka Kymäläinen
Jukka Kymäläinen - 3 years ago
Pause, thumbs up. I think that offsets helps you delivery more square face and shaft lean at impact. Maybe even draw
Michael Kramer
Michael Kramer - 3 years ago
my irons don't have offset, they have quavo
T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett - 3 years ago
Guessing Dan's not gonna play the G400 irons? ;)
David Bynorth
David Bynorth - 3 years ago
Mark what advantage  of a shorter shaft in a driver if any .
J G - 3 years ago
David Bynorth - I read a few good articles about driver shaft lengths between your typical “off the shelf” lengths vs customization to your body metrics (height, arm length etc.) and also what Pros on tour are doing. Pretty blackhole type subject that can suck you in. Bottom line seems to be that tour Pros are using driver lengths shorter than you’d think basically to help with accuracy vs manufacturers kicking out standard driver shafts a little longer to try and push the ever increasing demands for MORE DISTANCE! Longer shaft, more clubhead speed - you get the idea. After all the article reading (and about 60 mins of my life I won’t get back) short answer is: the shorter the shaft, better chance you have of delivering a more consistent strike resulting in (over time) generally more accurate driving results. However, shaft length is only 1 factor in the’d need to consider flex, weight, torque...yadda yadda. Go see a good fitter or teaching pro if you want to test out what it might do for you. I ended up settling on a 44.5” driver length optimized with the other factors. Sacrificed a few yards or so, but overall much better for me than anything longer than 45”. I’ll take more FIRs hit vs 10 yards any day!
redlinejcw - 3 years ago
I always struggle with offset. I hate how it looks and I feel like I can’t visualize the bottom of my swing arc.
David B.
David B. - 3 years ago
ball goes higher, offset helps launching the ball
Steve Grimwood
Steve Grimwood - 3 years ago
Excellent - Never knew the shaft bent forward - Great vlog and more myths exploded. I personally played blades as a kid (only clubs the pro shop had we could afford). Went to Pings for a good few years and recently went back to some Mizuno almost blades. Have to say that none of the clubs have really affected my score, but I much prefer the blades as they just look and feel right at address (to me). I do agree with Mark that distance control is much better as I don’t get the shots that just fly of the club face. I also felt that I couldn’t use the Pings around the green as they didn’t feel right for chipping.
Paul Quickenden
Paul Quickenden - 3 years ago
Learnt more about shaft and loft from this than i have in 25 yrs of golf. Point from 10.30 onwards pure gold.

I also thought the question and response was great. I Keep hearing (and seeing vlogs) repeating the myth of MB, and how you need to be a pro to play them or you get drop offs vs game improvement irons. @mark as a suggestion. Can you take the GC quad on course with the face spots, couple that with your drone to show different strike locations vs carries vs eventual finish.

I've just moved to MP 18's. I find I get more feedback from my bad strikes, but I the results aren't what expect, particularly with toe or thin strikes. The carries may alter but I'm still finishing at the distance i wanted. Be good to get facts to support.
Don Kirk
Don Kirk - 3 years ago
Can't stand the paternalism in offsets, where the OEM's 'help' the golfer avoid a slice by building the face back from the shaft. If 90% of all amateurs today still hit a slice, then where's the data on how much they have been 'helped' by the offset? Also, so long as the OEM's build their variety of iron sets with having more offset or less offset (no two different sets from the same manufacturer have the same offsets), where's the actual Iron Byron data on how a larger or smaller offset 'helps' the player hit the ball straighter? Furthermore, if the offset 'helps' the player to avoid slicing, why do 70% of amateur right-handed golfers using putters with a built-in offset miss their putts on the left side of the target line? And if the offset theory is to 'help' the clubface catch up with the shaft handle at high swing speeds, then what in the world is the rationality of making a deliberate, slow putting stroke with a full shaft of offset built into the putter? Offsets in golf are nothing more than the paternalism of priests.
Jack Lam
Jack Lam - 3 years ago
Offset launches the ball higher
Andy CHASTAIN - 3 years ago
I feel like Dan - offset is too much for me. I played with ping eye twos for at least 10 years. I switched to Titliest CBs which have minimal offset which i love. Offset i think is more mental disturbing to me. I drew the ball more to the right (play left handed). Now, i play a baby fade or more straight ball but have pull shots too much. Lol I should practice more...i may over compensate and dip leading shoulder. #needlessons. :)
Brendan Hobbart
Brendan Hobbart - 3 years ago
Eye-opening info as always. I totally cheated and did not comment before watching, but I would have never made the connection between CG and shaft lean at impact. Also learned something about camera shutters! Cheers bruh :-)
fotgjengerfelt - 3 years ago
Just when I started playing, I had huge trouble with offset, because I aligned the toe with the hosel, in effect making me close the face by a few degrees. When I look at players with offset irons on the range, several of them seem to do exactly the same. That explains why switching will make an actual difference on the ball flight for some players.
Steve Grimwood
Steve Grimwood - 3 years ago
I think it’s supposed to help players (probably most amateurs) who slice/lose the ball to the right. Presumably something along the lines of allowing the club face to have a better chance of being squarer at impact by being slightly later in to the ball and therefore the club is more likely to be rotating/squaring up through the ball - I think!
David t
David t - 3 years ago
I don't like offset feel like I'm closing the face more throughout the swing.
Niall Kelly
Niall Kelly - 3 years ago
Offset to me is the blade behind the neck.
matthewjthorpe - 3 years ago
Great video! Made total sense to me, and make my G400s easier to look at! Thanks!!!
Golf mad Fozzy
Golf mad Fozzy - 3 years ago
I enjoyed the vid. I've never understood offset on golf clubs. Used callaway XR's a while ago and started losing the ball even further right than I was already! Switched to srixon Z545's with only a tiny bit of offset and control the ball just fine, well, some of the time (more than the XR's)
Travis Barratt
Travis Barratt - 3 years ago
Single handedly keeping the sparkling water industry going


Anthony Yuncker
Anthony Yuncker - 3 years ago
Offset is a visual/feel thing for me. I play muscle back/muscle cavity irons that have little to no offset and thin top lines because that is what I prefer to look at. I also love the feel and feedback a more bladed iron provides on all types of strikes.
matthew Tench
matthew Tench - 3 years ago
Brings the hosel into play
Arjan Petersen
Arjan Petersen - 3 years ago
Hi Mark. Great video. Perhaps you can make a video ( if you not made it already) about the impact of your body anatomy on your golf swing. For example long arms, vs short arms. Etc. would be interested to understand. I saw some sessions of mike Adams about the subject as well. Just wondering if you take this into account while coaching. Thanks!
Brenner Pieszak
Brenner Pieszak - 3 years ago
scares me kinda. if I hit a shot with the club head open aka a bad shot it helps, if I hit a good shot ithurts? does my body try to auto correct? idk!!
Terry Seymour
Terry Seymour - 3 years ago
Offset or not to offset that was the question( nice Shakespeare ref brah) players choice. I personally hate it like Dan. But because of my choice maybe I am missing out? Custom fit is the answer.
Justin Maurice
Justin Maurice - 3 years ago
Love the videos I have subscribed and thumbs up even before I have watched the whole video, ha. Keep up the great work, cheers bruh.
Robert Court
Robert Court - 3 years ago
I'm sure I read somewhere that the average handicap 30 years ago was 24 or 28, something high anyway and that it is pretty much the same in this day and age. Surely if these game improvement clubs really worked then on average people would be getting better?
zinc23man - 3 years ago
Offset- club Design provides more forgiveness in my book
Greg Williams
Greg Williams - 3 years ago
Offset to me is there to help me square the club face better and not slice it as much
Aart Broek
Aart Broek - 3 years ago
Offset completely and utterly throws me off. Can't hit those clubs in a million years.
George Sutton
George Sutton - 3 years ago
Helps with a shank and its something about club face direction
Christoph Rauch
Christoph Rauch - 3 years ago
(Heavy duty) offset means a set of clubs I can't use because I'm officially too daft for em: If I set an offset iron behind the ball so that it looks nice and square, it is actually 5? 7? 10? degrees closed. If I set it up "correctly", it looks wide open to my eyes, I get a knot in my brain
Daniel Stoodley
Daniel Stoodley - 3 years ago
offset to me means how far offset the face is ti the hosel of the club. I like Dan, I am unable to override offset, i play off 10 and use clubs with little offset.
Elliott Shoup Owens
Elliott Shoup Owens - 3 years ago
Offset for me is the face position of the club down by the ball at address, is it more closed, open, or neutral. Which in turn makes me think about how far left or right the ball may start when struck
Thorsteinn Sveinsson
Thorsteinn Sveinsson - 3 years ago
It would be nice to see shottracer on those shots so we could see the different flight. Keep it up brah!
Ralph Bowe
Ralph Bowe - 3 years ago
Offset clubs are for people who slice their shots.  Fix your swing and you won't need offset clubs.  Also, offset clubs tend to be chunky, and not forged.
Rory Campbell
Rory Campbell - 3 years ago
Offset just means you contact the ball when the shaft is over the ball's centre. Without any offset you make contact when the shaft is pointing at the back of the ball. Putters are sensitive to this, theoretically without offset it goes off line right a bit
Michael Ralston
Michael Ralston - 3 years ago
Offset means absolute nothing to me ..... like a lot of things in golf dont mean anything to me I just enjoy playing with my mates and that's that ...
gary etherson
gary etherson - 3 years ago
Mark - why do you start every daily vlog by saying , 'Martin Jol'. The ex spurs manager.  mighty strange.
Jornsen - 3 years ago
quarter to 7 .. an early start?? come oooon :D
MartGamer 01
MartGamer 01 - 3 years ago
I always thought that offset was a way of "helping" golfers with a pronounced slice to get the face a bit more squared at impact, thus turning a slice into a fade/straight shot.
John Elrick
John Elrick - 3 years ago
Your videos are so informative! Breaking down the technical aspect of everything is so good to listen to and understand. Are you looking for an apprentice by any chance? Haha
Anthony Sheraton
Anthony Sheraton - 3 years ago
Oh dear, I got offset completely wrong.
IIIIlamboIIII - 3 years ago
Offset for me makes me feel like I'm going to have a bit more draw bias with my irons. Whether that is what actually happens is another thing entirely.
credges - 3 years ago
That third song you used was a remix from donkey kong country underwater theme. Didn't know they still used old games like that to make songs.
Thomas Song
Thomas Song - 3 years ago
Offset is to compensate my lack of lag
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 3 years ago
I have three sets of irons and all of them have some offset in the longer irons and less offset in the shorter clubs. Why would the club companies do this? I have played Pings for years and have never found the offset to help or hinder me in any way. I love my Ping G30 clubs!
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg - 3 years ago
Mike Reed as Mark said in vlog, offset is design element to get the ball to launch higher. Most players need that help with their longer irons. Manufacturers have also found that most amateurs miss toward the toe, and offset gives added leverage to stabilize those strikes. Third reason is that most handicap players tend to fade their longer irons, and offset provides for centrifugal force to bring to toe around slightly faster to offset the fade.
Tony Atkinson
Tony Atkinson - 3 years ago
I didn't know what it was really but I does not seem to influence anything with me I like the look but I equally like clubs with no off set
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor - 3 years ago
To me offset is there to try to help people who slice the ball and to encourage a slight forward lean of the shaft to aid with negative AoA.
David Malfara
David Malfara - 3 years ago
I always felt that more offset gave you a slightly better chance at a hands-forward delivery for a better strike, but it seems like a player should be able to override that through setup. I guess I’m really not sure what the advantage would be.
Tony Westwell
Tony Westwell - 3 years ago
Very interesting I know more about it now.
Gee247 - 3 years ago
I'm a 14hcap and have recently changed from a game improving iron with offset to Mizuno blades with hardly any offset because I tried a mates blades and liked them.
I still hit the same amount of good and bad shots and at no point have I thought "That would've been a really good shot if I had 4mm of offset" The reason I hit a bad shot is because I've hit a bad shot!!
Julian Austin
Julian Austin - 3 years ago
Great vlog as usual
Sam Cambridge
Sam Cambridge - 3 years ago
I've never played a club without offset. Offset means "normal" to me
Sean Adachi
Sean Adachi - 3 years ago
Interesting theories on offset. I just thought it was for preferences. I have played both MBS and game improvement irons and the most noticeable thing I get is feel. Cool vlog..
Sean Malyon
Sean Malyon - 3 years ago
I find it difficult to correctly align an offset club at address. If I square the blade to target at address, the club just doesn't feel right in my hands. It's as though there is a disconnect between the face of the club and my hands.
Duane Van
Duane Van - 3 years ago
To help higher handicaps not hit the ball right
Broady 43
Broady 43 - 3 years ago
The time I noticed the the difference between offset and onset was when I tested the Callaway Epic drivers.The subzero was onset and made me fade the ball,whereas the standard Epic was straight.So to me it did make a difference as with you Mark when you switched to the standard Epic.
Ian Boots
Ian Boots - 3 years ago
Offset for me keeps hands in front of the ball making for more solid hitting
Paul Houghton
Paul Houghton - 3 years ago
I use offset Driver... woods and rescues it has changed my game for the better. I use Cobra and Cleveland who understand how to help the older player.  I've lost maybe 15 yards off my Taylormade Driver but now hardly miss a Fairway. the offset Cleveland Mashies are an awesome rescue club and allow me to hit 180-200 every time. Golf is a game that you need confidence in to improve and to score well, offset gives me that confidence.  Good video on an important subject Mark.   As always though get fitted!
Erik Casey
Erik Casey - 3 years ago
offset was built so i can have a proper shank or hosel rocket
Michael Martens
Michael Martens - 3 years ago
great job on the videos, how do you find the weight off the clubhead trough the swing??
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez - 3 years ago
I liked the video question about bladed irons, want to add another part to that question Mark, what minimum skill level would you recommend bladed irons to? I am using AP2 and I think the irons are better then me, but I just like how they look and how they feel when I get if right lol
brian mahon
brian mahon - 3 years ago
Ok ok, we get you have a new head to toe under armour sponsorship. I need a new hat and my local sports store have 40% off UA gear tomorrow. I guess you can tell thx marketing people their strategy has worked,
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+brian mahon
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds - 3 years ago
I've never played an iron with no offset but with my g25 I play a natural fade shot so with no offset would that become a slice?
Mattias Fröling
Mattias Fröling - 3 years ago
For me, offset helps me square my face through impact, sometimes maybe a little to much though. With a mixed set, I have a 52 with quite a lot of offset and I almost always miss it to the left which needs to be taken into account when gaming it. But to be honest, it doesn't mean that much to me. Now, on with the video.. :)
fujitasummers - 3 years ago
Top down drone coffee machine view...!
Luke Jarrett
Luke Jarrett - 3 years ago
I find offset complicates my aim and setup with my (Cleveland Classic) driver, but helps my iron set up by reminding me to present a little bit of shaft lean on delivery.
Willem Genis
Willem Genis - 3 years ago
Offset makes the golf club look ugly.
Draymond Gaymond
Draymond Gaymond - 3 years ago


Ren May
Ren May - 3 years ago
Offset to me is offsetting, which makes me upset, which is very upsetting.
Melted Butter
Melted Butter - 3 years ago
Are some clubs ‘on’set?
Mitch Whitehouse
Mitch Whitehouse - 3 years ago
I've always heard that offset helps give high handicappers more time to square the face of the club to the ball. I've thought "What amount of time, like a nano second?"
Nick Brice
Nick Brice - 3 years ago
Offset is helping a desired shot shape a player would like to play
John Folland
John Folland - 3 years ago
Offset drivers !!! Now that is an ugly looking club.
Cal Kelly
Cal Kelly - 3 years ago
The face angled left of target a few degrees for a righty.
Z Harney
Z Harney - 3 years ago
The more offset a club has, the uglier I think it looks. I've heard it helps square the face as well as aids with launch but that's debatable. Not a fan.
n3qdz - 3 years ago
How could you not love that face!! Tooth gone yet????
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 3 years ago
I feel like im hitting a wedge with every shot with my blades. Thats why I use them. I hate balooning cavity backs. That being said I use a forged cb iron in 4 and 5. I would rather make it go high with the swing if I ever need it, but I hate seeing a high shot with my irons.
Gabe Czajkowski
Gabe Czajkowski - 3 years ago
I done even know what offset is
Jacob Galindo
Jacob Galindo - 3 years ago
Offset to me is a waist.. been playing blades from the age of 17 till now (34).
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 3 years ago
I always hear that it is easier to hit that clubs without offset, but I don’t know the answer and am looking forward to the video. My guess it that it helps with a little forward tilt??
tableshaper - 3 years ago
GOOD GOD!.... what was that torpedo of liquid?
Jesse White
Jesse White - 3 years ago
Offset means the club face is set back from the shaft a certain amount. I’m guessing to help create a draw or straighten out a fade. Now on to your explanation so I can learn what it’s really all about
Sean Gately
Sean Gately - 3 years ago
went ping i15 with offset and chunky looks to some beautiful unused 2nd hand mizuno mp62. Score the same, distance stays relatively the same (only short rather than long) depending on my strike. But i love looking at them, in my bag chattering away, down at the ball look great and I have a thing for mizuno #incidents . Buy whatever the hell you want. the clubs don't swing for you...
Jeffrey Schechter
Jeffrey Schechter - 3 years ago
My Callaway XR’s have a huge offset. Hate looking at them. When I got fitted I had no idea what offset was and now I regret getting them.
spot mfd
spot mfd - 3 years ago
I disagree. I have two sets of clubs Mizuno ez forge for when I don’t play on a regular basis and a set of MP-33 from when I was a legit 2 handicap. Even today as a sometimes 8 handicap I can shoot better scores and maintain better distance control with cavity back.
Brad Heaton
Brad Heaton - 3 years ago
Offset supposedly provides more time (milliseconds?) to close the face, but I haven't found that to be the case at least for me. I'm no more likely to hit it left or right with less or more offset. I think that more offset would move the centre of gravity back further from the centre of the shaft, but whether that would promote higher flight, etc. I don't know.
Mike Reader
Mike Reader - 3 years ago
Mineral my water
Zachary Wiener
Zachary Wiener - 3 years ago
I'm a 14 handicapper and j used to play with Eye 2s and never noticed the offset. About 4 years ago I switched to playing xr pros which have much less offset and didn't notice the difference at the time. But when I tried to hit the eye 2s again and the offset looked too weird and I wasn't comfortable playing with them at all
James Whelan
James Whelan - 3 years ago
I was of the thinking that it helped at set up with hands slightly ahead of the ball more naturally
Four Cooks
Four Cooks - 3 years ago
I recently switched fro SGI irons to a used set of MP59 and actually shaved a few strokes off my game. I enjoy looking down at the thin top line and feel like I have to concentrate more to make good contact
Sean Silveira
Sean Silveira - 3 years ago
I always take it as a way to give players who are not able to bring the clubface back around to square of their face to path line just a bit more time.
Payton Miller
Payton Miller - 3 years ago
Offset does nothing
Chris mcneil
Chris mcneil - 3 years ago
In players irons there is less offset so I'm pretty sure that when you lean the shaft the face opens unless you know how to square the face with your wrists, body & swing plane.
François Desmoulins-Lebeault
François Desmoulins-Lebeault - 3 years ago
The thing with offset is that to the eye they look "open" at address even when they're not, so you're tempted to close them, and then, bim... more likely than not your gentle little draw turns into a nasty hook. But that's only when you don't really pay attention.
I played for quite some times with an offset set and I was OK fading and drawing when I wanted to. It's those shots where you don't really have any sort of defined flight shape in mind, don't really think of the shape, that might turn too much left on you.
But I'm 90% convinced it's a mind thing coming from an optical illusion.

As for the "helps put the ball in the air more", I've always had a rather "towering" ball flight, and nothing does change that very much. Offset or no offset, S300 or light low flex point shafts, still the same to a degree.

Still... they don't really look that good, all these offset clubs.
Chris mcneil
Chris mcneil - 3 years ago
Offset to me is for higher handicappers to get in a better position at impact of hands forward & an ability to square the face faster through impact. For people who do not like a shut face at address offset is not desirable.

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Golf is EXTRA hard with plastic clubs. ►Click for more awesomeness from Golf Digest!

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Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

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My golf game has improved. Go to to get started on your Wix website! ALSO, see how I...

Golf Clubs

Golf Swing Made Simple! | ME AND MY GOLF

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Get your FREE 30 day trial to Me and My by using the link below....


The best golf swing slow motion - online golf...

6,274 likes 4,762,200 views 5 years ago

Download the FREE report here: Here is a great golf swing slow motion video of the best...

Golf Clubs

How Tiger Woods Hits a Wedge Shot | TaylorMade...

10,910 likes 2,495,207 views 2 years ago

Watch as Tiger Woods walks Team TaylorMade through his thought process and feels for hitting a wedge shot with his...

Golf Clubs

Bunker Technique with Tiger Woods & Jason Day |...

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Watch the TaylorMade Team athletes Tiger Woods and Jason Day explain how they hit bunker shots, and their differing...


PGA TOUR players hit vintage clubs at Northern...

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As part of the 90th year anniversary of the Northern Trust Open, Rory McIlroy, Kevin Na, Charley Hoffman, and Anirban...


World Long Drive: Best Drives of the 2016...

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Watch the best drives of the 2016 World Long Drive Championship! For more on World Long Drive, visit:...



3,880 likes 423,213 views 5 years ago

This video is about how to hit a golf ball with your driver for beginners. Adam gives clear instructions simple tips...



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Here's how to view more full HD golf swing videos! Golf swing...



1,580 likes 394,178 views 4 years ago

THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP? This weeks impact show discusses if there is a perfect grip for golf. Piers and Andy show you...

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