HOW TO RELEASE THE golf CLUB Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about releasing the golf club and how to get the most from your driver swing. Learn how to stop slicing your driver with these simple golf tips from PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Letting the golf club go for the perfect release for golfers who struggle with club face control might just be the answer for your golf swing. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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HOW TO RELEASE THE golf CLUB Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about releasing the golf club and how to get the most from your driver swing. Learn how to stop slicing your driver with these simple golf tips from PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Letting the golf club go for the perfect release for golfers who struggle with club face control might just be the answer for your golf swing. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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mister corgi
mister corgi - 3 years ago
When it comes to opening a window into the logic and feel of golf, you are our generation's Ben Hogan. Thanks for all of the time, thought and heart you put into your lessons.
urban färdig
urban färdig - 3 years ago
Make sense! Thanx!
Brent Brinkley
Brent Brinkley - 3 years ago
I'm in Oregon USA and seriously you are the best man. Your videos are great. You're a family guy that loves golf and you bring that into each video. Cheers bud love the videos. You have helped me more than I could ever put into words. Seriously I watch your videos and I get better at golf mentally. Love it.
Robbie 837
Robbie 837 - 3 years ago
Great drills Mark loving your content Brah!
Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn - 3 years ago
An excellent video, Mark explains his tuition tips in a simple an effective way, this will certainly help me.
Kim Bialock
Kim Bialock - 3 years ago
Absolutely brilliant, I’ve been battling this issue for years now. I recently shortened my driver shaft by an inch and been focused on letting the club head overtake my hands. After spending a week in mesquite NV I averaged one poor drive per round which is monumental for me. I’ll add this drills to continue my progress off the tee. Love these vlogs, watch em everyday. Keep up the good work, cheers bruh!
Nico Taljaard
Nico Taljaard - 3 years ago
Great drill, watching you daily!
Could this same issue be due to a regular flex shaft where the head doesn't catch up fast enough during the down swing?
Julio Bultron
Julio Bultron - 3 years ago
Amazing tip and drills. I have started hitting my long irons, woods, and driver a lot straighter. Sometimes with a draw, A DRAW!!! Thanks a million!!!
Martyn Daly
Martyn Daly - 3 years ago
WHAT is that hat?! No FJ?
Keep the content coming bruh, awesome stuff


Paul and Sue Roberts
Paul and Sue Roberts - 3 years ago
Good drill Mark definitely give that a go.
David Wyatt
David Wyatt - 3 years ago
Great stuff as ALWAYS Mark !! Wish u were in the States …… would pay a lot of
스머프 - 3 years ago
very helpful to me.
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson - 3 years ago
Great video Mark. These drills are so straightforward and make so much sense. Thanks bruh!!!
Norbert Vossiek
Norbert Vossiek - 3 years ago
Great instruction. Many thanks. Regarding the Race to Dubai: I love attending a good tournament (Royal Birkdale this year was such a fantastic experience). So, I would say, any European Tour tournament should be played in Europe.
Pete Hollister
Pete Hollister - 3 years ago
Practice this and see if you can hit a fade
shaun thomas
shaun thomas - 3 years ago
It's meeee
Darren Terry
Darren Terry - 3 years ago
Thanks.I have the same problem and this is probably the first time I've had it explained in a way that makes me understand what I need to change
Gary Goetz
Gary Goetz - 3 years ago
Mark you are awesome.I really like this tip and will try it next time I'm at the range.Your tips are fun to watch and having your kids involved was great.Thanks,Gary
clem fisher
clem fisher - 3 years ago
I can remember seeing Michelle Wie doing the split hand drill a few times before each shot in a tournament a few years ago. Obviously even the pros need help at times. Did anyone else notice that in the slow motion shots of Eduardo Molinari, you could clearly see him laying the shaft down at the start of the downswing as mark keeps wanting us to do. Great videos, Mark


Matt Gomez
Matt Gomez - 3 years ago
Mark, you consistently give visuals that that make a lessons I have gotten make sense! Thanks !
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 3 years ago
very much agree!
Kellen M
Kellen M - 3 years ago
Thanks Mark. I’ve tried a lot of wrist and path ideas to try to fix my open face to path. This is the first video that actually solved the issue. I have always been leading with the handle and didn’t realize it or realize it was a problem. I’m sure you covered this in other videos but for some reason this video made it click. Cheers
charlesntheproducers - 3 years ago
What a drill.
Rodney Mounsey
Rodney Mounsey - 3 years ago
Another great instructional learning, thanks
Tea Bagging
Tea Bagging - 3 years ago
Not sure why people aren't feeling the Race to Dubai. At the end of the day it's just the European tour order of merit isn't it? I'm sure everyone agrees that the European tour needs an OoM winner each year. All the tour is doing is celebrating the last tournament of the season with a great event. If we don't do something like this we will never see our top players play on our tour
Tea Bagging
Tea Bagging - 3 years ago
I love the European tour. I'd hate for it to end up the way the LET seems to be heading (which I think is devastating). I am sure the European tour feel they have to lure some big names back in order to improve things...hence the recently introduced Rolex series. I don't think it helps that most golfers work and can't watch the coverage during the week, then play golf themselves at the weekend. The US PGA events get us when we are putting out feet up in the evening
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Tea Bagging totally agree but it seems the audience does not really turn into the European Tour and it’s OOM winner.

Maybe a failing of the tour to not engage its audience. The viewing figures of its weekly events is shocking on Sky. They butcher a great product I think.
Nathan Kaufman
Nathan Kaufman - 3 years ago
I've been struggling with 3W off the deck for over a year now. High blocked cut every single time. Used this drill at the range tonight and absolutely smashed powerful draws...consistently. One of the best drills I've done in quite some time.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 3 years ago
Prefer the asda extra special lasagna...try it u will like it....oh u want golf comments?.....
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Adam Flynn no this is good
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 3 years ago
The race to Zzzzzz? What's that then?
(For those of u who don't understand the concept of humour-and there are alot of u-i do know what it is)
Steve Evans
Steve Evans - 3 years ago
Wow, that really is original coaching. Keep it up brah.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Steve Evans thanks Steve
David t
David t - 3 years ago
i don't care about race to dubai. more of the fed ex cup for me


Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris - 3 years ago
Hi Mark I am going to try these. I play off 8 hit a draw with my irons but block or block fade my driver & 3wood. Which is getting worse tried other ways to bodge problem. Will definitely try. I will let you know how I get on.
Phil Shanahan
Phil Shanahan - 3 years ago
I live in Dubai and love the race to Dubai tournament, free to enter, great field, party style live bands every evening after the golf, great social event... great golf
Mark Mahon
Mark Mahon - 3 years ago
Great drills Mark! These are the ones I’ll be working on over the close season. You have a fantastic way of getting the message across #topteacher
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Mark Mahon cheers Mark
Mark Derrick
Mark Derrick - 3 years ago
I don't see what's wrong with having a face open to path. IMO you normally offer great advice but this is something I don't agree with... all of the top ball strikers have what is known as the drive hold release the key to playing good golf is keeping the club face square for as long as possible.
Mark Derrick
Mark Derrick - 3 years ago
Ah I stand corrected didn't realise he didn't want to cut it and yeah you're right though for me personally I feel like the club never turns over. Would it be possible to do an in depth video of a draw vs a fade because I've gained carry since switching to the latter plus dropping 1.5 shots in the last two comps on hit a draw if it's paramount can't stand the bugger haha funny seeing as it used to be the only shot I could play ;p
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Mark Derrick the face is never square for more than 1 degree of movement Bruh
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Mark Derrick he told me he doesn’t want to cut it.
Andrew McCleave
Andrew McCleave - 3 years ago
This is brilliant... been struggling with this all summer. Gone into my saved videos to watch again when next out at the range
Darren Stenson
Darren Stenson - 3 years ago
That is really going to help me. I always thought of that move as closing the face and was afraid of a hook, but that makes loads of sense. Thanks, Bruh.
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 3 years ago
From the US. Liked the FEDEX cup, but don't know about Dubai, we don't get much coverage... I like the match play idea from the top 32 or so... that would be fun!!
christopher chamberlain
christopher chamberlain - 3 years ago
Mark... The race to Dubai and players championship are boring! It is the same all season... How about the top 32 players play match play in this final tournament... 1 vs. 32, 2 vs. 31 etc. winner takes all! Could spice it up bruh!
Gav Phillips
Gav Phillips - 3 years ago
Great vid as usual. Not that interested in the Dubai stuff BUT if they called it a 'Game that's not a game', that would be far more interesting.
Keep up the good work
Iambenvaughan 1985
Iambenvaughan 1985 - 3 years ago
I love the race to Dubai as I live here. So for me I look forward to it all year. It’s also free so get to see the best players in the world for nothing
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson - 3 years ago
Do you think being right Handed but playing left handed will make it more difficult to control face to path
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson - 3 years ago
Cheers Mark I have Lessons from a good PGA pro and have no particular issues apart from a slight fade with driver was just interested to get your opinion
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Colin Johnson I am left handed playing right and see no issues. Which are you throw with I have seen some patterns of path control issues
MrAbe8 - 3 years ago
Andy Murray cared at the o2 last year made him no1in the world.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 3 years ago
Think Milo has beaten the 'stepthrough' there bruuaagh!!
Digby Howis
Digby Howis - 3 years ago
I'm going out and doing these drills this weekend.
Digby Howis
Digby Howis - 3 years ago
Mark Crossfield worked excellent. Did 3 split hand swings before each shot. Face to path changed. Lower back needs limbering up to help release the club. Thanks!
Digby Howis
Digby Howis - 3 years ago
backyard drills I can feel it working already. Can't wait to take it to the range.
Digby Howis
Digby Howis - 3 years ago
Absolutely. I need to get in shape for when you come to Australia ;)

Releasing the club is the only thing my coach is working with me on. He said nothing else needs to change (posture, grip, speed etc). Combination of coaching, Gamegolf, your instructionals and vlogs have helped me go from 22 HC to 12.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Digby Howis let me know if they help
Craig Fletcher
Craig Fletcher - 3 years ago
Nice Tip... tv golf time for it or the race to Dubai
Tony Atkinson
Tony Atkinson - 3 years ago
Hi Mark I really enjoy all your videos. Just wondered if the guys who give it a thumbs down leave a comment to why? always a thumbs up for me and a subscriber.. 2 - nil..
Ashley Jukes
Ashley Jukes - 3 years ago
Is it Coach or maybe Ray after recent slayings!
Tony Atkinson
Tony Atkinson - 3 years ago
Well all my mates and I love em and we even take you guys off when we play shot burh, thanks burh (waive to the crowd) keep them coming they make my day - is the tooth out yet????
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Tony Atkinson some people are just not happy I guess.
Ytsejam007 - 3 years ago
I care about the Tour Championship and the Playoffs on the PGATour, I enjoy the playoffs and the players scrambling to move onto the next event but the Race to Dubai seems like it goes on forever.
John Twemlow
John Twemlow - 3 years ago
Just want to say Mark, I do find value in your teaching vids. In all honesty, I wish I had the extra money to pay for a coach. Just not in my financial window.
Tony Westwell
Tony Westwell - 3 years ago
Super drill will be trying that out over the weekend. As to tour championships nice if you are in it.
Ross Stenhouse
Ross Stenhouse - 3 years ago
Milo has an absolutely incredible head of hair. #ReallyLovely
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Ross Stenhouse come back when he's 25, genetics are against him


K4crasher - 3 years ago
Yet again, GREAT, FREE tuition. The "Carlsberg" of golf tuition. Many, MANY thanks, Mark.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+K4crasher cheers Bruh
Kevin Maher
Kevin Maher - 3 years ago
End of season championships bring all the best players together. Sometimes makes for great viewing. I particularly enjoyed the American championship series of 4 elimination championships in a row. I am now looking at a lot of European golf (thanks Golf Channel). Just as viewable as the American version. I will definitely watch the Dubai Championship. Yes, I live in America.
Christopher Dyer
Christopher Dyer - 3 years ago
This is how my guy got me to hit a draw. A draw bra!
joan jamieson
joan jamieson - 3 years ago
Christopher Dyer )
Solomon Li
Solomon Li - 3 years ago
THIS!!! I've been waiting for this one.
Mat Setizar
Mat Setizar - 3 years ago
I say lets get stuck in in work presentations and judging from the smiles i get, ppl are watching!
Adam Riley
Adam Riley - 3 years ago
How can you not care about race to dubai? It's fantastic, really for me I think the european tour is better than pga your, but Thats my opinion so I can't really question why you don't care about the race, I used to love it when monty kept winning the order of merit, but since it's changed to race to dubai we've always had differant winners and I think it does bring more talent onto the tour
Jeandre Jubelius
Jeandre Jubelius - 3 years ago
Brilliant Mark! Great video. Definitely going to take this in consideration.
Ian Boots
Ian Boots - 3 years ago
Fun vlog Mark good advise and the kids enjoying helping
david g
david g - 3 years ago
I dont care about tv golf much now I prefer playing and trying to improve and watching you guys
lovestoeat420 - 3 years ago
My best drill that a PGA instructor gave me was the hip to hip drill when you take the club bck with your big muscles ( chest, shoulders ) n stop when your club is hip high on the bck swing ( the toe should be pointed at the sky) then release down thru the ball n check if the toe is pointed at the sky on the opposite side hip level best drill ever !!!! Come to Maui Hawaii Mark it's really windy and probably more windy then Europe could ever be !!! The courses are beautiful n challenging!!!
Steve Snow
Steve Snow - 3 years ago
Thanks Mark, you made this easy to apply, I struggle with this. Thanks Bruh!
James Horwill
James Horwill - 3 years ago
Awesome video with great drills
iMondo - 3 years ago
You Rock Mark...!! Great Vid...
Mallikii27 - 3 years ago
While I realy don't care about professional golf, I do think any event that gets people a feeling of wanting to get off the coach and enjoy the natural world we live in is a great thing. It also makes me think I can learn to play better while watching them but that never realy works so thats just a stupid reason :).
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 3 years ago
Spectacular drills. I really needed this video!
Alex Catherwood
Alex Catherwood - 3 years ago
This is the most helpful video I have ever watched.
Mark, come play golf in Canada!
Jesse White
Jesse White - 3 years ago
Loving the instruction. Super cool that you take time to give drills to video submissions
Paul Brunt
Paul Brunt - 3 years ago
Great video as always Mark
Ricardo Passarelli
Ricardo Passarelli - 3 years ago
I am amazed how my four-year old (who has been playing since he was two) releases the club so effortlessly. It just comes natural to him- he is so fluid. Sure I teach him very basic form, but my main swing advice to him is simply "hit it hard". I think part of his success (and joy) is that he doesn't have the muscle to over-power the club head, so his entire body must be in rhythm with the club head to make a swing. How can we recapture the feelings of swinging as free and easy as a child. It's really such a simple game.
Colin Selfridge
Colin Selfridge - 3 years ago
Race to Dubai is not really talked about by people in America.
Colin Selfridge
Colin Selfridge - 3 years ago
Fetchem1222 - 3 years ago
Great job
Jim Snyder
Jim Snyder - 3 years ago
Very good on, thank you Mark.
Ricardo Passarelli
Ricardo Passarelli - 3 years ago
PS I Don't give a rat's a$$ about Dubai.
Dustin Bowling
Dustin Bowling - 3 years ago
Hope you don't mind if I use a british compliment, but you are bloody brilliant!
Alex Gourki
Alex Gourki - 3 years ago
Kinda agree with the race to Dubai finale, but fully disagree with WTF.  Final top 8 tournament in tennis is one of the biggest ones going way back when it was only singles.  Nadal is missing that from his resume and believe me it is very important for him.
Cal Kelly
Cal Kelly - 3 years ago
Same. Don't care
jim thomas
jim thomas - 3 years ago
I like having golf all year, but do think they need a break in the season to spike some excitement for each new season.
mark orrell-dobson
mark orrell-dobson - 3 years ago
Another great video mark
fergus elworthy
fergus elworthy - 3 years ago
Mark, tiz a fine line between alowing the club head to catch up with the hands at impact and letting the club head overtake the hands prior to impact and scooping or flipping the shot. I hit the ball so high and short with irons, I think that flipping is my main problem. How do I stop flipping???
fergus elworthy
fergus elworthy - 3 years ago
See marks video on dynamic loft. Great instructions on presenting the club 20deg closed and correcting by keeping hands in front of head at impact. Genius stuff and very simply explained. Dynamic loft is the key.
Ashley Jukes
Ashley Jukes - 3 years ago
fergus elworthy if you're flipping, chances are your weight is still behind the ball when you 'release'. You need to be able to release the club whilst getting into that strong position he was drilling with his kids. Something I struggle with as I loose a lot of shots right.
David Bivens
David Bivens - 3 years ago
Living in Atlanta, I definitely care about the FedEx Cup because I'm able to go to the Tour Championship. It's exciting too with only the biggest names in the field.
ben17 - 3 years ago
T fleetwood
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 3 years ago
really don't care at all.
Matt Duider
Matt Duider - 3 years ago
Love the video bra gonna have to work on that I have a in to out swing. Yet still struggle with the big fade/ slice I feel I do that with my hands trying so had to creat lag for a higher club head speed I just don’t let go. Need to practice this simple tip. Thank you sir.
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz - 3 years ago
I check out after the pga
j keogh
j keogh - 3 years ago
This is brilliant
Miguel Garza
Miguel Garza - 3 years ago
I get it. I struggle alot with out to in path. This video will definitely help. You explained it cause and effect so well I think I get it. Can't wait to practice.
Brian Ford
Brian Ford - 3 years ago
Great instruction....but I must say those hipster jeans are great too :-) #ohstopitlocks
Guy Davey
Guy Davey - 3 years ago
Yep... that is an area of weakness for me... but trying to work on wait transfer. Is there an order to which you would look to address swing issues?
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Guy Davey that is a very common mistake.
Mr. Bob Gray
Mr. Bob Gray - 3 years ago
Yo Crossfield, where did your kid get that rad hair? Lol from Mom probably.
Steve Grimwood
Steve Grimwood - 3 years ago
Race to Dubai - Forgotten all about it if I’m honest. Good luck to whoever picks up the wheelbarrow of cash
Jay Beuoy
Jay Beuoy - 3 years ago
Great lesson! I think that can help me.
Brian Devitt
Brian Devitt - 3 years ago
Good drills Bruh. See the hair is growing slightly too.........mind you I've seen more hair on a gooseberry Bruh.
Matt Palmer
Matt Palmer - 3 years ago
You need a hockey stick for that lesson. Anyone that's played hockey can understand that motion and how that works. Look at any slapshot video ever.
Scott Timmins
Scott Timmins - 3 years ago
My exact issues and what i have been working on. When i do it correctly it feels like effortless power compared to what I'm used to
Thomas H
Thomas H - 3 years ago
Mark, I am a little confused. A lot of your YouTube colleagues promote a more body release where the pivot squares the club face. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that in relation to what you’re suggesting in this video.
Thomas H
Thomas H - 3 years ago
Mark, yes - but the turn after impact comes from the arms, hands and club action. The opposite would be if the body is turning through impact and leading the arms, hands and club which by some instructors is considered to give a more consistent way of squaring the club face (e.g. Dan W. I was only curious of your thoughts on these two different schools of club release.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+Thomas H does this player not turn?
Cole Booth
Cole Booth - 3 years ago
Thomas H try both and see what works best for you.
e james
e james - 3 years ago
As a former OTT golfer ,I can say that once I got the feeling of the clubhead coming from behind my back as my hands approached the impact was a truly wonderful revelation. I went from struggling to hit 90 mph to a nonchalant 100 mph.
Callum Mckay
Callum Mckay - 3 years ago
New to golf been scrolling through your vids, like em gave them the thumbs up just wondering if you had some drills to start building a swing for beginners?! Back swing take away, just basic stuff cheers
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 3 years ago
This is a previous video from Mark for 5 ideas for beginners.
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 3 years ago
eppylele - 3 years ago
Fleetwood ftw!!
Dan Copp
Dan Copp - 3 years ago
I'd like to see Sergio win just to cap off a great season


e james
e james - 3 years ago
for me, the PGA championship is the end of the season. But maybe I'm just a "stuck in the mud" from the 1980's. It's all about getting the money nowadays, innit? Anyway, everybody's thinkin' about united-liverpool, not golf.
Rich W
Rich W - 3 years ago
These vids really are incredibly informative. And amusing :-)
Jamie Todd
Jamie Todd - 3 years ago
Thumbs up Brah don't really care about race to Dubai as I'm not in it.... I did like the hero challenge at the British masters thought that Was a fun event also like that stadium par 3 hole in America. Could do with some more fun events like that.
El Matador
El Matador - 3 years ago
Brilliant tip
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett - 3 years ago
Been doing this only recently, including the throwing the ball drill you did in one of your other videos. Last round I played sliced one drive when I got it wrong, otherwise hit 72% fairways!amazing difference
Bryan Lina
Bryan Lina - 3 years ago
Ready to try this info. Same issue, tend to fade or slice driver but not irons. Think hands are overtaking the head too. Great videos brah!!
Simon Sez
Simon Sez - 3 years ago
Great drill and swing thoughts brah (just got to find a coupla kids without getting arrested ROFL). Will use these drill's tomorrow on the practice range. Ta (still LOL'ing at "that" thought)
k5rno - 3 years ago
European tour is like watching Scottish football. I Like US tour and the masters. Don't get the Ryder cup thing at all.
steve dickson
steve dickson - 3 years ago
This is the coolest instruction video ever, getting the youngsters involved. Brilliant. Unfortunately my two are both over twenty and I don’t know which pub they are in to help me out with this.
john yi
john yi - 3 years ago
Mark, I'm giving you a high five with this drill! Thanks!
Michael Gilkes
Michael Gilkes - 3 years ago
Great video Mark. Love you willing assistants!. My 12yr old came home from lesson today with exactly this to work on. Will be trying these tomorrow! Keep up the great work.
Dara MacCarthy
Dara MacCarthy - 3 years ago
Glad to see the M&S deal is still going strong
Robert Ogle III
Robert Ogle III - 3 years ago
What are your thoughts on "The Hanger" training aid?!? Thanks for ALL the videos!
Robert Ogle III
Robert Ogle III - 3 years ago
k5rno just asking for his opinion...I don’t care what/who he gets paid from.
k5rno - 3 years ago
Robert Ogle III, he don't get paid to endorse that item.
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood - 3 years ago
Mark you missed your chance to get Orlaiths tooth out,1flick of the club and pop its out and the kid is 20 quid ritcher
zeus morand
zeus morand - 3 years ago
Good stuff bruh. Headed to the range right now to give these drills a go and see if I can't release the club better during full shots.
D Jones
D Jones - 3 years ago
good vid. this is something I picked up from Spieth. He focuses on a long grip. hands not bunched up. helps me with what you are talking about in the vid.
Brandon Evans
Brandon Evans - 3 years ago
Mark, I had an injury when I was younger playing basketball and now have what I would call a "frozen forearm". I have very little pronation past neutral and no supination past neutral. This causes a problem for me releasing the club since my left forearm gets stuck at the impact postion resulting in high push weak shots.
Elza music
Elza music - 3 years ago
Yanis Tsiopani
Yanis Tsiopani - 3 years ago
I only recently (year or so) have been following some golf (mostly majors) on the tv, since the last Ryder Cup maybe. Never really been that bothered, or even thought about it before... always preferred to get out and have a knock! Loving the daily vlogs as always 'bruh'
Ben Swanton
Ben Swanton - 3 years ago
Great video Bruh! Loving the mix of the odd swing vlog / golf course management tips / club reviews in the daily VLOGs. Keep it up
Allan Butler
Allan Butler - 3 years ago
The race to where ?? Thought we where playing golf this whole time
David Richard
David Richard - 3 years ago
Since we are sharing...i cooked a wonderful veggie soup. We had a cold spell ...50* bruh!!! In all seriousness, when doing the split hand drill, should the bottom hand feel as if it is pushing the shaft around. I still feel as if I am throwing the club at the top and doing a hockey slap through the hitting area
Jon B
Jon B - 3 years ago
Good video brah. This resonates with me, especially the bit where you said about being off balance on the back foot. I've tried to get this feeling of head overtaking handle before but everything started drawing/hooking. Is that to be expected to begin with?
Sang Trinh
Sang Trinh - 3 years ago
Thanks for this Mark! I notice that everyone calls it release, but that word seems to imply that it is effortless (at least, in my mind). This may be different for different golfers, but do you feel like this is an active movement or a passive movement? What do you feel in your grip when you "release" the club? Do you feel even pressure throughout the grip (passive?). Or do you feel pressure against your right index finger as you "whip" it through (active?). Cheers!
Sean Krupa
Sean Krupa - 3 years ago
Mark, I'm a little confused when you say "feel like I'm pulling the grip off the club". I took a few practice swings like this and can't seem to get the feeling. If anything I wanted to pull the club toward my chest and chicken wing my leading elbow.
Henrik Sand Dagfinrud
Henrik Sand Dagfinrud - 3 years ago
Don´t try to pull the grip off when swinging – he was talking about the feeling of being strong and stable in this drill :)
ARenaissanceishMan - 3 years ago
I don't even know what the race to Dubai is, so no I don't care lol. I only watch golf on rainy days, Id rather be playing..
2smoulder - 3 years ago
The Race to Dubai doesn't get the right level of exposure, so like you I'm not that interested. Where exposure is very important is for the Ladies European Tour, which has been allowed to reach meltdown stage. For example, I can watch any LPGA, KLPGA, JLPGA or ALPGA tournament anywhere in the world live or shortly after play, but I cannot watch any LET event even months or even years after it's completed, so my emotional connection with the LET is non-existent and very high with the LPGA. Whoever is in charge of the LET now has to fix this fast, or else it will fold and this will be bad for the future of European ladies golf.
Coreadrin - 3 years ago
That semi-useless Ivan Khodabakhsh left after this year's disaster, and hopefully they can find someone with some fire to fill CEO slot and market the tour way more effectively as well as open distribution channels for the content. It's been ridiculous!
Brandon - 3 years ago
You teach "let the club head overtake the hands/handle" a lot to help with shots going right. I tried this last night and while I was hitting more fairways, I started having a lot of spin on the ball or at least I think that's what was going on. The drives would start out at a nice flight then curve upwards and die. This resulted in about 20-30 yard shorter drives. I'll try these drills and see what I learn from them. Thanks for all the lessons! One of them is bound to help me discover the secret sauce!
Matthew Boulton
Matthew Boulton - 3 years ago
Need to sort them under unit lights out brah
Jeff Carlton
Jeff Carlton - 3 years ago
Great advice, thanks Mark
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling - 3 years ago
Timely! Been working on this aspect too. I think the thing that buggers up release for some players (me) is that image of the classic shaft parallel position, coming from the inside with flat or bowed lead wrist. When trying to deliberately manufacture this position I either get an open faced wipe or flip like an omelette chef to square the face. The thing is I know that position should be obtained by the correct movements prior but its bloody hard trying to be perfect.
Jon Markland
Jon Markland - 3 years ago
Keep up the good work Mark...
Paul Chandler
Paul Chandler - 3 years ago
Thumbs'dup Brah
golfninja - 3 years ago
MC 'going normal' ..... bit of a Manzella flavor in there ... nice, good advice !!! hope the helpers got paid :)
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
+golfninja Brain is a clever guy. Meet him at coach camp have a lot of time for Brian.
john phillips
john phillips - 3 years ago
Top notch advice
Andy M
Andy M - 3 years ago
I don't care about golf now just football (proper and American)
Andy M
Andy M - 3 years ago
k5rno Yes they do.

Now and again haha
k5rno - 3 years ago
Andy M it's not proper football because they don't kick the egg shaped thing described as a ball. Redzone is very good that said.
Terry Seymour
Terry Seymour - 3 years ago
Tommy Fleetwood. Love his swing good attitude. New father must be knackered and missing family time. All the best brah.
Nate Gage
Nate Gage - 3 years ago
I'm with Mark. I don't really pay attention as much to things like the Race to Dubai. Good stuff as always bruh. I like those kicks in the living room with the little ones
Colin Rud
Colin Rud - 3 years ago
you skint or the weather that bad down there atm what's with all the videos
Beach Fraser
Beach Fraser - 3 years ago
Good evening to all in Exeter, Shite weather in the UK again!!
Joel Youngs
Joel Youngs - 3 years ago
morning ya'lllllll

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