How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs?

In this week's Tech Tuesday we look at how often you should be changing your golf clubs following a new video circulated by Titleist around their Vokey wedges. Titleist Vid - ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Book Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Web ► ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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In this week's Tech Tuesday we look at how often you should be changing your golf clubs following a new video circulated by Titleist around their Vokey wedges. Titleist Vid - ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Book Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Web ► ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Ben Harrington
Ben Harrington - 3 years ago
Hi finch. Current clubs are
10yo callaway BB irons.
10yo BB 7wood
5yo BB rescue wood
4yo taylormade R1
Ping putter (very old but works brilliantly)
Just ordered myself a set of AP3 irons after a fitting and 54’ and 60’ wedges. Looking at the Taylor made M2 driver as well
for the love of tech too
for the love of tech too - 4 years ago
Interesting Harrington changes his wedges every 3 tournaments was a nightmare in van running out of not an option lol I'm trying out some pink golf balls ;) that's my big change maybe I'll get bubba long ;)
plusfour1 - 4 years ago
Putter: why wouldn't it last forever? I only changed because I learned a little more about my stroke etc. I've gone to a shorter putter with a face balanced head in a mallet shape with a sight line. I'll stick with it until somebody convinces me that this type of thinking is rubbish :)
Hack to Scratch golf
Hack to Scratch golf - 4 years ago
For those of u wanting a longer fairway wood. Use it more, each time play with it the thinner the face gets and the hotter the face gets and it goes farther
Gregg Daniels
Gregg Daniels - 4 years ago
I'm playing Hogan Directors from 1980...
You saying I might as well have house bricks on end of a broom shaft!
Bob L
Bob L - 4 years ago
I am going to get my 4th set of clubs in 14 years. Reason for this is the first set just didn't feel right to me. They were a set of topflight graphite shafts on the low end. I then switched to a TopFlight with steel shafts. This felt okay to me and the entire set came complete where the first set only had a 3 wood and 3-9 PW SW. The second set had a 1w 3 w and a 5w totaling 14 clubs. My next set was only irons bought used. A set of Callaway BB Fusions with graphite shafts. These felt really nice to me so I added in the woods and a putter and lastly as I got more time on the course a couple of gap wedges. Now that I have had these clubs for a few years now the shafts are starting to have problems and I have now lost my 6 iron due to shaft failure. So I am going to reward myself with some higher end clubs to me. A set of Mizuno Hot Metals are on the short list along with the Callaway XR's and Apex models. I am leaning towards the Hot Metal though for just the feel of the ball strike.
Peter Connolly
Peter Connolly - 4 years ago
An old pitching wedge is great for clearing out a bunged up grass chute on a ride on mower, just saying
s o
s o - 4 years ago
My entire club set is 10yrs old.. I cherish the use of that fact as an excuse for my 25 handicap.  lol.
Mud Max Metal Detecting
Mud Max Metal Detecting - 4 years ago
Every so often you play with that guy who has a ten year old set of clubs and he beats you up because he's consistent, he knows his game, and he has a reliable decent swing.  I guess that's the argument against changing anything, provided your happy with your bag.  Mind over matter perhaps?

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Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
If you have a 3 wood. Keep it. The more you hit it, the thinner the face gets, and the face is hotter, and the ball goes farther.
Ben Wright
Ben Wright - 4 years ago
Driver 2014 still good
2 hybrid 2012 love it
3 iron 2012
Diarmaid O Leary
Diarmaid O Leary - 4 years ago
Hi Peter, I have ping eye 2 irons, is it time to change regardless of my enjoyments of them?
Louisiana Outdoors
Louisiana Outdoors - 4 years ago
Bought a beginner set few months back to get into the sport, so I'll just play with them till I have good technique before moving to a higher end set of clubs
Jake La motto
Jake La motto - 4 years ago
I play with dad's old irons callaway x12 have new big bertha driver and Xr 3 and 5 woods my putter is slazenger 22£ off sports direct I go alright
Sean Dawson
Sean Dawson - 4 years ago
Currently: 2017 GBB Epic Sub zero Driver, 2017 XR16 3wood and 5 wood, 2016 Razr 3iron hybrid, 2015 Taylormade Aero Burner irons 4-A, 2017 Titleist Vokey S Grind 56 degree wedge, 2016 Odyssey Toe-up putter. Everything fitted with Paderson x-stiff tipped shafts except the 56 and putter. Previous: Taylormade R7 Driver, 2015 Taylormade Aero Burner 3 wood, Precision II 7 wood, title tour 11 wood, Taylormade R7 irons 4-A, Taylormade R-series ATV 60 degree wedge, Cleveland Classic Collections putter, all with factory stiff shafts. Definitely was due for an upgrade, plus with the custom fitting, I went from a 20 handicap to a 10 handicap since last year... the custom fitting is worth it guys. I can actually control every shot now and could go consistently lower with more practice and work on techniques.
Eric Becenti
Eric Becenti - 4 years ago
driver-callaway xhot
fairway-titleist 910d
irons-king cobra SS-i 3-9
wedges-warrior 56°
top flight 48°
wilson 60°
putter-odessey versa mallet
Not quite a scratch golfer but I have my days where I play like I am...was thinking about upgrading but nowhere near to get custom fitted properly...
Tyler Daigle
Tyler Daigle - 4 years ago
Driver and Hybrid - Big Bertha Alpha
3-wood - Taylormade SLdr
Irons - Taylormade Rocketbladez
Wedges - 52 degree Cleveland CG 15 (most worn club in the bag. Wanting to upgrade and add a 56 degree as well)
60 degree Cleveland RTX 588 2.0
Putter - Odyssey White Hot Pro
Fabian Forsström
Fabian Forsström - 4 years ago
I used wilson cavity back irons for 9 years and just switched to forged CB 716 irons from Titeist. My problem was getting the ball to be consistent with length. I was striking a 7 iron all from 150m to almost 170m at the time. Every shot was different. Every shot I was forced a huge dilemma where the club choice was between 3 different clubs almost at every distance. Now I know my clubs and as soon as I know the distance to the target I can hit the right club all the time. Game changer for me. But it took from 30HCP down to 10HCP to get that decision to be reasonable.
What's in my bag; Titleist 915 D3 driver/915 FD fairway metal(bought new condition this year 2017). Giga Golf Pursuit ps550 hybrids 3 through 6(about 1 year old, Pursuit m510 forged muscle irons(around 3 years old). Vokey SM5 60* and SM6 56* wedges both 8 degrees bounce. GigaGolf Center Cut Classic SP3 putter, Winn Jumbo grip. Giga Golf makes some pretty good clubs but I am not a fan of their drivers.

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isctony - 4 years ago
"And like I said" in your accent did sound a bit like 'Alexa"
Dereck Dunn
Dereck Dunn - 4 years ago
Driver - 2016 M2 (bought recently and 1st new driver in many years)
3 Wood - 90's Big Bertha Warbird (looking at possible Cobra F7 upgrade)
Irons - 1999 Mizuno T-Zoid True Blades 2-PW (just got custom fit for the new JPX 900 Tour's....also looking at getting Callaway Apex UT 2-iron replacement)
Wedge- 56 degree Taylormade Rac
Putter - 5 year old Odyssey
singleta - 4 years ago
I hit my wedge once in the last round I played. I think it will last longer than 125 shots! :D
Rahul Rajendran
Rahul Rajendran - 4 years ago
I've had a full set of clubs titleist, cobra, taylomade etc, and after 3 years either the club head broke or cracked
12tang - 4 years ago
My damn Echo went off telling me the weather.
Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
Driver 2015, head scratched to shit
Irons 2015 cast groves and face dead
3 wood 2015 perfect
4 wood 2015 perfect
Wedges 2015 groves and face torn to shit
Putter, perfect
Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
Only way to see if you need new clubs is to test on a launch monitor
Jordan Humpal
Jordan Humpal - 4 years ago
Driver only had a couple months and is 2016. Irons and wedges almost two years 2015. Hybrid is a ping g10 but only had it about 2 years. Putter is an odyssey from a while back but only had it three years got it second hand because it was only used like 3 times
Audie York
Audie York - 4 years ago
I'm still using my S2H2's I bought in High School - I broke down and upgraded from a BB war bird to a 2nd hand GBB II
singleta - 4 years ago
I have Wilson 1200GE irons I bought in 1991-92. Only used them for a year before I stopped playing for a long time until I dug them out of storage in 2015. They work fine with new grips. Shot 81 with them and an old Titleist 90 pts ball this week :D
Audie York
Audie York - 4 years ago
Irons (Callaway S2H2's) -1994
Driver (GBB II) - 2007
Fairway woods (bb War bird) - 1995
Putter (Ping Zing 2) - 1980's
1995 Big Bertha Sandwedge
Island Aerial
Island Aerial - 4 years ago
WTF is a klooob?

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Matthew Rampersad
Matthew Rampersad - 4 years ago
Most of my clubs I've had for 4 seasons, my putter is 2 years old, 2 of my driver and wedges are 1.5 years old and I just replaced my most used wedge because the micro groves were worn off completely at the strike area. I want to change my irons for no other reason than I want new clubs but am trying to hold off 1 or 2 more years.
scubbiepipp - 4 years ago
I have played my Titleist 910 D2 for 6 years now.  I just upgraded to a new driver only because I wanted a lower loft lower spinning driver.  I loved my 910 and would keep playing it if my swing speed didn't change.
Fredrik Eriksson
Fredrik Eriksson - 4 years ago
Driver and fairwaywoods 2015, irons 1993(ping eye 2), wedges 2014 and 2015, putter 2013. Thinking of changing the irons since i feel like i can not shape the shot as goof as i would like. A little more forgiveness on the 3 and 4 iron would be nice aswell. My handicap is 15 but my ambition is to come down to around 6-8 in two years. Thinking about getting a set of ap2 from golfbidder. Any suggestions?
Ty Bertolo
Ty Bertolo - 4 years ago
my taylormade steeleburner fairway woods 3 and 5 and my titleist irons are about 20 years old and my putters is brand new to me the odessey white hot rx 7
dan8tavi music
dan8tavi music - 4 years ago
are groove sharpeners good
for the love of tech too
for the love of tech too - 4 years ago
Peter Finch Golf the slow play experiment I've started just needs a gentle nudge from someone like you left a twitter tweet for you if u get time thanks
dan8tavi music
dan8tavi music - 4 years ago
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
on a driver no :)
John Tanner
John Tanner - 4 years ago
all my clubs are the same age from 2011 there the Nike VR pros and are in great shape
Luke Igo
Luke Igo - 4 years ago
How many times are you supposed to hit these wedges per round? If they had provided number of shots played with said wedge it would have been more useful test for us!
Dale Freeman
Dale Freeman - 4 years ago
Hi Pete,

I'm a beginner and have owned the Fazer CTR200s, and I'm looking to change clubs. What would you recommend? I also have the Taylor Made RBZ Stage 2 Driver with a flex shaft and a Taylor Made Slidr hybrid. Any additional advice would be much appreciated.
Mark Blankenship
Mark Blankenship - 4 years ago
Everything in my bag is about a year old. I have a GBB driver, XR 3w and hybrids, JPX EZ Irons, a S5 50* wedge, MD3 black 54* w grind, a 58* PM grind. I have an Odyssey tank versa marxman fang, but it is just replaced by an EVNROLL ER2. I wanted to switch to blade putting.
The only exception to the new clubs is a Taylormade Aeroburner 5h. But it is just 2 years old. I can't find a better club to replace it with.
I got to replace everything at once with some money I came into. But these clubs are staying until I can justify the expense with performance.
Suhdude024 - 4 years ago
So if i've been playing my forged irons for 7 years I should probably get them checked for loft and lie....
Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
Is the 125 rounds of golf including practice and range warm up
Skill et
Skill et - 4 years ago
My last irons were in my bag for 23 years. Loved those sticks but it was time to take advantage of a little technology.
johnpeo - 4 years ago
i am 42 and have still got my first set of clubs from when i was about 13!!! A set of pinseeker that are now kept safely under the stairs!!!
Brad Williams
Brad Williams - 4 years ago
Just got a new set of mizuno jpx 900 irons after 10 years with my old hogan apex ftx irons. Taylormade R-15 tp driver. Taylormade M2 hybrid. Cleveland rtx wedges. Taylormade ghost spider putter. Now I just need to replace my classic Taylormade v- steel 3 wood!
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry - 4 years ago
Ben Hogan Apex Plus irons bought in 1999 that will have to be prised from my cold lifeless hands. And what's this crap about drivers only lasting 4 or 5 years? I have Ping G2 that I've have had over 10 years. It still flies. I've tried the G30 and couldn't tell the difference.
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry - 4 years ago
I'd love to see a side-by-side comparison of G2 and G30. I've seen comparison videos for stuff like original GBB with latest GBB, but that's a meaningless test. G2 and G30 are both 460cc with good shafts. Is there really a big difference?
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
certainly with drivers you'll need to test them on a launch monitor to tell the difference, I like the G2 driver (I used one) there are definitely longer and more forgiving clubs out there now though. Love the old Hogan Irons
Lee Shelton
Lee Shelton - 4 years ago
Oh dear, I've still got in the bag a set of TaylorMade LCG irons with the bubble 2 shafts. I think these were from the 80's but they still get me out on the course. The woods are newer being the TM Rocketballz but still been in for around 4 years. Admitted I would like to get some new irons but that will come in time.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
only switch if you find something different
Andrew Mauk
Andrew Mauk - 4 years ago
My handicap is 0.4 and I recently got rtx Cleveland wedges to replace my sm5 vokeys that I got 2 years ago, so the face was worn out, and I picked up 3500 rpm on a full 56 degree shot. It's made a big difference in my shirt game
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
that will make a huge difference for sure
vladimir jozic
vladimir jozic - 4 years ago
ask eminez hes been playing with his same w for over 20years and he is a tour player
Stevo 50
Stevo 50 - 4 years ago
Hi Pete could you be less boring?? Not sure what it is, maybe the monotone drool idk
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
No Here Kruger
No Here Kruger - 4 years ago
"How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs?"

According to TaylorMade - every 3 months.

50. comment for How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs?

Lyle McKeany
Lyle McKeany - 4 years ago
Great vid Peter! The topic was quite ironic for me since I just had a lesson (my first in a long, long time), and my coach told me I should get the loft/lie checked on my forged irons. I'm still playing a set of TaylorMade MBs from ~2006 and I haven't checked them in way too long. They're still in great shape otherwise and we all know technology in blades hasn't changed at all since then.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
after that period of time they will have altered quite a lot I think, getting them checked will bring some interesting results
tiger major
tiger major - 4 years ago
Dear Pete, very informative Topic I really enjoyed it. Great to have an very objektive Opinion on the matter.
I have a question which could also be a good topic for one of the tech tuesdays. What is the best app to save your statistics and get the most information out of a round. GIR,Putts;sand Saves etc. ?
Driver Ping G10, 3 Wood Callaway ERC Fusion 2005, Irons Titleist DCI 1995 , Putter Odyssey 2 Ball Blade 2005, Wedges Cleveland 2005 , playing a solid HCP 12
tiger major
tiger major - 4 years ago
I will :) Thank you very much
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
Hey, check out the most recent Tech Tuesday we discuss app/gps there. I use Hole 19 but there are others
Yuvraj Joshi
Yuvraj Joshi - 4 years ago
I play about 6 times a week and my wedges are about a year old and there is a lot of spin I can put on it
Kev Turk
Kev Turk - 4 years ago
Driver: 2001
3W: 2015
Hybrid: 2009
Irons: 2005
Wedges: 2012
Putter: 2011
gjjd - 4 years ago
The numbers are almost certainly lies. I have seen tests that show that a face with no grooves at all spins just as much from a clean lie.
Derek Elliott
Derek Elliott - 4 years ago
Still using my putter from my first set of clubs purchased 5 years ago. Top flight XL! 8 handicap now and does the trick. 52 and 56 degree I snagged out of my dads set that is probably 15 years old. X2 hot driver and 3w are about 4 years old. Love em, not going anywhere soon. However, they sure are dinged up. Newest clubs are just over a year old ping G irons.
RendeZvouS-2 - 4 years ago
If your playing a set of irons then wouldn't you have adapted to how they have changed over your specific period of play time? So unless you change them at the first point at which they have changed (say 15% performance decrease, spin or accuracy etc) which not many people can afford, how do you keep consistency for your game? Maybe keep you clubs longer and get them re grooved and tested for loft lie after say 50 rounds? This is confusing. Maybe this only affects scratch players and better as I'm a 3 handicapper and have had the same clubs for 10 years
Duffer Man
Duffer Man - 4 years ago
Of course you can adapt to a club going bad and not spinning as much or getting the same distance.
Willem Parshley
Willem Parshley - 4 years ago
Cleveland HB putter (2017), MacGregor MT PRO DW 60, 56 (2017), Cleveland RTX 2.0 52 (2015), Mizuno JPX850 forged 4-PW (2014), Cobra Fly-z Hybrid (2016), SLDR 5W cranked down to 17 degrees (2015), Tour Edge Bazooka driver (2007) -- haven't found anything I hit better, thinking about testing the G30.

Found the MacGregors brand new online, replaced my old Clevelands. The faces aren't milled and they spin less, but damn, they're gorgeous...
Wardog418 - 4 years ago
I've played my 2002 Callaway Big Bertha Irons for quite a few years. This past Christmas I bought a brand new set of Callaway XR hybrid/irons combo, which I was fitted for, and after the first three rounds on the simulator, due to the cold weather, I've noticed a hell of an improvement. I've fallen in love with the XR's. I should've changed my old ones out sooner.
Ben Zielke
Ben Zielke - 4 years ago
Cleveland_Driver & 3 Wood = 2yrs  Cobra_MAx2_Hybrid and Irons = 5+ yrs  Cleveland_Wedges= 2yrs Callaway_Putter = 2yrs Great Vid, thank you....
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
cheers Ben
Jesse Steffen
Jesse Steffen - 4 years ago
since 2014 Nike covert 2.0 driver, 3 wood, hybrid and irons. Calloway wedges... 2008 Nike IC putter
M Smizzle
M Smizzle - 4 years ago
I always thought that drivers get longer as the face gets worn or weathered or whatever the term is
Andrew DeG
Andrew DeG - 4 years ago
Had an old TaylorMade driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid. Got fitted and replaced them with Cobra F7 driver, F7 Baffler 5/6 wood (replace my 3 wood) and F7 Baffler 3/4 hybrid. Still have 2014 TaylorMade RSi1 4-PW with F2 wedges - 52, 56, 60. Thinking of switching to Cobra F7 ONE length. You seem to like them. Could you make video to show why you recommend them?
mojopa01 - 4 years ago
Driver is a 2015 Cobra Fly-Z+ , 3 Wood 2004 Taylormade 200 Steel , Irons Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pros 2004 , Wedges Callaway X Forged around 2010 (but I will get fitted for new wedges and maybe also Irons this year). Putter is a white hot Rossie also around 2004-2005 love it and it will stay in my bag for the next years.Okay I had too look up the age off my clubs and I think you could call my bag vintage... ;-)
dudefood - 4 years ago
Tour Edge XCG7 Beta Driver (July 2014) Titleist 915 3 Wood (March 2015) Callaway Apex Hybrid (May 2016) Wilson Staff PI7 Irons (July 2008) Cleveland CG 15 52, 56, 60 (February 2013) Odyssey Works Tank 2 Ball (April 2015)

Prior to the recent purchases, played the Cleveland Launcher 400, Nike T40 Fairway Woods, and the Wilson Bullseye putter. The only clubs I truly believe you should buy every few years or so would be your wedges. I'm thinking it's time for some irons here either this year or next but if it feels right, just keep using it. TBH only bought the new driver because the Launcher head snapped off on my backswing and it made me sad.
Steve Boyle
Steve Boyle - 4 years ago
Based on titleist's ambiguous testing, I'm thinking my Vokey's are going to be good for at least 500-700 rounds, and I'm a single digit handicapper. Hitting any club absolutely flush in the center of the sweet spot rarely happens more than 1 out of 5 times. Thank-you golf club technology and GPS devices.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
that's a lot of rounds :)
EatAllThePies - 4 years ago
Bloody hell pete are you deliberately trying to piss off club manufacturers I've never heard such honesty from someone who works in the industry and gets a lot of there gear from said manufacturers keep up the good work Peter
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
haha it's more important to have independent voice's I think
Manuel Martin-Arroyo
Manuel Martin-Arroyo - 4 years ago
Very helpful Peter, thank you! I am playing with Mizuno MP-33 forged iron and was not aware of how much they can be affected through use and time. Keep up the good work!
colin harrison
colin harrison - 4 years ago
I play on average about 80 - 100 times per year. Last year I changed my Titleist 690mb irons that I have had since since 2004 (still with original grips) for 716cb irons with no noticeable difference apart from looking a bit less battered. Wedges are between about 8 - 15 years old. Putter is a Scotty Cameron which gets temporarily replaced when puttings off but always gets back in. Problem is with woods. Played with Titleist 983k driver for years. Had a few others since and got progressively worse. Put the 983 back in the bag about 3 months ago and most of the driving issues i'd been having magically disappeared. Same story with the Titleist 980 3 wood. I don't think clubs are better now than they were 15 years ago. Surely learning how to flight your shots with practice is better than just using a spanner? Lot of gullible people play golf.
fullwerkes - 4 years ago
Happened to your G25 aswell. It happened to my G15 and G25 also!
MrShanghai34 - 4 years ago
If someone bought my clubs for me or if someone handed me a wad a cash bi-weekly, I would change clubs that often.
MrShanghai34 - 4 years ago
ask your voice robot if it's connected to the CIA. See what happens....
Francisco Magariello
Francisco Magariello - 4 years ago
I'm really happy with my clubs and they hace quite a few years. Currently i'm playing a 2015 driver (that's my newest club), 2013 fairway, 2010 hybrid, 2010 cast irons, 2014 wedges and a 2014 putter. What i'm thinking of changing anre my irons, but just because i'd like to play forged irons. In other case i would keep mine.
I trully don't think that getting new clubs will improve my performance.
I'm a 6 handicaper by the way, and i try to practice once a week if i can!
Joel Young
Joel Young - 4 years ago
You realise you pinched my photo for your thumbnail right?
M Batts
M Batts - 4 years ago
just recently changed my ping g10 driver for the 2017 m2. massive increase in distance. 9 years of technology is significantly better but I'm not sure if it is more forgiving. The ball can still go long n wrong.
R Gallagher
R Gallagher - 4 years ago
125 rounds, if it was a single wedge, say a 54 i use that about 6 times a round maximum, so 125 x 6 would be 750 strikes, so are they saying that if you go to the short game area and spend an hour hitting a wedge you could take half the life out of it?!!
Paul Brunt
Paul Brunt - 4 years ago
Driver GBB EPIC (2mths)
Paul Brunt
Paul Brunt - 4 years ago
My wife might have just read my post and walked off shaking her head.....personally I don't see the problem with assigning
James archibald
James archibald - 4 years ago
Hi Pete great vid
Neill Hobson
Neill Hobson - 4 years ago
started playing with a second hand half set; mizuno, the wedge and the sand wedge had a ball shaped wear patch on the face. I had a handicap of 36 when i started, i got down to 4 with these same clubs. Do you not think that it's the player that counts more than the clubs?
GrandmasterN - 4 years ago
I play a set of Titleist 690MB, 2-iron - PW. I got them in 2002. My driver is a Titleist 909D3, which I got in 2010, my fairway wood is a Titleist 913F 4-wood, wedges are Titleist Spin Milled C-C in 56 and 62 degree, which I got in 2010 . My putter is Scotty Cameron Studio Select, which I got in 2010.
David Grant Meekins
David Grant Meekins - 4 years ago
Hi Pete,
Love the visa keep em coming.
I've used the same set of 2008 TMade Tour Preferred for 4 years now and still get the same distances and spin even now playing 3 times per week. Have progressed from 24 to 11 in Handicap and still find them doing the job.
I have however recently got a pair of TMade XFT wedges 56° & 52°. What do you think of the idea of being able to swap over the face when worn? They were unused and certainly rip the ball.

Looking forward to more useful info.
nicoclause - 4 years ago
thankyou pete, very interesting vlog . i like your last comment , i also think these tests and results are designed to encourage people to buy more clubs. i have had my clubs since 2004 and have played in the summer months at least 4 or 5 times a week apart from a 4 year spell when i got injured. nike ignite driver, taylormade 200 steel heads 3+5 woods, mizuno pro-11, t zoid semi blade irons. white hot osyssey 2 center-shafted putter with a hole in the centre of the face from wear n tear .all clubs still perform ok. Currently playing off 10 and intending to get down to scratch using these clubs. NO NEED TO KEEP SPENDING MEGA MONEY ON CLUBS PEOPLE.
Simon Beresford
Simon Beresford - 4 years ago
I'm gonna bite the bullet n get new irons this weekend... Titlist AP2 are the favourite
Martin Conlon
Martin Conlon - 4 years ago
I'm still using a set of Titleist DCI 762 irons from 2003. No notion of changing them out any time soon as I know my numbers and like how they feel. I regrip them every year or so. Also a Titleist 909 hybrid cus I just love it. The rest of the bag however that's a little different. New wedges every 2-3 years, new M2 driver n fairway put in the in last 6 months. Putter been in the bag for 5-6 years, love the head shape, but recently added a super strike grip to it to allow for a change to the stroke.
Paul Tobin
Paul Tobin - 4 years ago
So sorry to hear about the attack. I pray that you, your family and friends were not directly effected by the terror attack. Your first responders and fellow countryman are in our prayers. All of our love and prayers to you from the U.S.A.
Hacker To Single Figures
Hacker To Single Figures - 4 years ago
I think I have a mild obsession for changing clubs all the time... should
probably spend less time on eBay and more time at the range!
Oskar Eriksson
Oskar Eriksson - 4 years ago
Just recently subscribed to your channel. Found out about it from watching rick and I love it, keep up the good work man!
markbarnes3374 - 4 years ago
David Mayne
David Mayne - 4 years ago
Hi Pete, I changed my irons and woods this year and my old equipment was roughly about 12-15 old. There is a massive difference with the irons and wedges, approx 10-15 yards longer and the wedges stop (and come back). Biggest difference that I've noticed with the woods is not only are they longer but that they are more forgiving too. I guess with the irons and wedges it won't be a sudden change so your game will just adapt and then adapt again after upgrades
Gareth Lucas
Gareth Lucas - 4 years ago
Pete great job on the videos. Love tech Tuesdays! Playing mizuno mx17 irons from 2004 and taylormade burner driver from 2007. Would love to get Ping G irons and new driver. Playing off 18-any suggestions?
Belleey - 4 years ago
After 125 rounds these wedges lost 2000 rpm spin. So how much spin did these wedges loose after the 125 round barrier say from 125 rounds and 500 rounds or 125 rounds and 1000 rounds? It's my guess that the drop off in spin after 125 rounds is fairly low (due to face loosing it's roughness and groves becoming less sharp i.e the club getting old). So wedges that are 125 rounds and older should be more consistent and predictable compared to new wedges granted they'll have a little less spin but all things being equal they should be more consistent and easier to predict because the face has become bedded in and will be less likely to change. Again this is only my opinion and it would be good to see the spin on some really bashed up wedges with little or no grooves compared to new ones and part used ones.
Stu Dunn
Stu Dunn - 4 years ago
I don't think the number of rounds is a good metric for how "used" a wedge is. I mean some rounds I play I may never use a certain club just because the distance never came into play. Other rounds I might use it 10 times. How many times did they say it needs to be hit before it's condition degrades?
camillako - 4 years ago
my big question apart from deterioration (i unfo dont play that much at all) is what are the technological advances today versus 10 year old clubs. if you go by the marketing, each year clubs go 20% longer and 10% more forgiving, so my cobra 370 ss from 2006 should now be replaced by a bazooka driven by gps in theory...
DrM - 4 years ago
Driver- new '17 M1 440
Fairway - new '17 M2 tour
Hybrid - 1 year '16 M2
Irons- since 2014 Bridgestone J40 (had the loft and lies adjusted a month ago. That plus new grips make them feel brand new again.)
Wedges- new TM milled grind wedges
Putter- 2 years Piretti CWII
The Powertan
The Powertan - 4 years ago
Up until 2 months ago, I have been playing since I bought brand new, a nike ignite 410cc 7.5* driver with 83g whiteboard, nike t40 13* 3 wood with 103g blue board, the original Nike forged blades with project x 7.0 shafts, and Nike vr wedges with 6.5 rifle shafts with a 2003 Newport 2 gss studio putter. I just upgraded my set... decided to go the premium route through out the bag except my cheap 3 wood. . I have a callaway Gbb epic sub zero driver with my original whiteboard, but I occasionally switch out an ADBB 80g shaft, my cheap 3 wood, which I feel I hit and shape well, is a BOMBTECH 13.5* 3 wood, with my original blue board in it, and my irons, are the Miura baby blades, with x100 tour issue shafts, miura k grind wedges, with s400 spinner tour issue shafts, and a km 006 black boron miura putter. My nikes were 2-pw, but my miuras, are 3-pw.... and I changed my 2 iron to have my old man club, which is a nike vapor fly 2 hybrid. I'm very happy with upgrading my clubs, since I've basically been playing the same clubs since 2003/2004... I expect to have this set in my bag for another 10-15 years.
MotoMorton - 4 years ago
Pete, if i vigorously rub my wedge face with 40 grit sand paper, will I get more spin? ;)
tshirttan - 4 years ago
A robot might see a difference but would a human? I doubt it. I can try and play the exact same shot twice and see completely different numbers as would 99.9% of golfers out there. Strike is king.
Precious Snowflake
Precious Snowflake - 4 years ago
I know a plus 4 handicap golf who has used a set of blades for 9 years. Pete is paid by corporations to turn you into a product purchasing surrender monkey.
SmithyHereGolf - 4 years ago
Great video Mr Finch! I have been having similar thoughts, recently updated my driver as I was playing with a 9 year old Ping Rapture so changed to a Ping G30 SF Tec with more forgiveness. Completely agree that I don't see enough change in putter technology to change its mainly about feel and what suits your eye. Keep up the great work mate
Scratch Golfer
Scratch Golfer - 4 years ago
For me it's...
Driver every 1 - 2 years
Woods, hybrids and irons every 2 - 3 years
Wedges when they're worn out
Putter hardly ever. Still using one from 2010
Bag every year
Johann Steyn
Johann Steyn - 4 years ago
I play with 20 year old Ben Hogan's, with a 8 year old driver (with a new shaft), and about the same for the putter. They work well, but I suspect the wedge is getting on a bit...

100. comment for How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs?

Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie - 4 years ago
Bit of a Titleist guy.. 915 Driver, 913 Hyrbid...4-9 690CB (nearly 20yrs old) 3 Vokey Wedges 3-4yrs old and 10-15 year old Odyssey putter... Been think of changing my irons for years but just not sure.
Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie - 4 years ago
Simon Beresford If it's works why change.. lol
Simon Beresford
Simon Beresford - 4 years ago
Chris Guthrie tight git
John O'Neill
John O'Neill - 4 years ago
i went to irish expo some some time ago spent the day there .got fitted for driver .m1 .m2.cobra f7 muzuno .all said 11.5 .rflex .44.5 lenth shaft. v.i.p. j.o.n.
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes - 4 years ago
driver: king cobra 400sz 2004 /  3 fair way wood : cobra king f7 2017 / irons : 2017 cobra king forged one length / wedges p / 56 / 60 : cobra king one length 2017 /  putter: taylormade white smoke 2016.My previous iron set is a Wilson 1200 forged set from the early 90's and top flight tour wedges 2015 putter was a niklaus putter who knows how old and driver was a taylor made burner 420
Tommy Eden
Tommy Eden - 4 years ago
so I've been thinking about this recently. I have played the same set of r7 tp irons for the last 10 years or so. obviously I have improved in Golf over that time, but I've noticed I don't get very good distance on my irons. I'm consistently a club or two longer than people I play with, but only on irons. I hit straight, good strikes, but I feel like maybe it's a technology problem. I've replaced my wedges and Woods and distance has improved, is it time to upgrade the irons?
Lee Jordan
Lee Jordan - 4 years ago
I still use my mp62 irons and love them. looked at changing them recently and went for a fitting and their was nothing in it so I kept them.i have allways loved them and was only tempted by the look of the jpx 900 tour. when it came down to numbers and FEEL their wasn't enough difference to force me to put my hand in my pocket but on the other hand I have just got a callaway epic subzero driver
Kevin Jasper McLean
Kevin Jasper McLean - 4 years ago
Ping G15 driver and 5 Wood, old style Callaway big bertha 3 wood, Callaway X-22 irons and Callaway X Jaws wedges with a Yes Callie putter. Not the newest in the world bit they are serving me well.
Darcy Burns
Darcy Burns - 4 years ago
Thanks for the great content Pete!
John Rutter
John Rutter - 4 years ago
have you tested the one length 56 and 60 wedges? i added them to my one length set and loving them. Hopefully they will still manufacturer them when i need new ones
Nic Ted
Nic Ted - 4 years ago
I have used the same golf clubs for 20 years and have won many competitions with them over the years. I am in my early sixties and play off 10 and still don't see any reason to change them yet. My playing partners all have new clubs, wedges and change their putters now and then. You no what it doesn't improve their game, its ok for people buying the latest clubs and everything else but does it make you a better player.
You will not have heard of my golf clubs they are, Echelon and still use a Odyssey white hot putter.
Georges J
Georges J - 4 years ago
I've got a question
(probably you've talked about it before but I can try I guess)
I'm 21y/o and playing golf for about 6 months now. I've bought a basic set when I started (€300 from wilson, since they are affiliated with my coach).
When should i start upgrading my clubs and what first? Since I'm a student money is kinda 'limited'. At what handicap should you start looking for a proper bag? What golf clubs can you handle at that point (for example in Ping: when do you go from G -> i -> blade, and when do you get the G's)

Think this would be a very interesting topic for the newer viewers.
I'm loving the content!
Georges J
Georges J - 4 years ago
Thank you for your recommendations! I was thinking of doing something similar. But since I guessed this is relatable for a lot of viewers I figured why not ask :)
Niall Kelly
Niall Kelly - 4 years ago
Georges J I had Wilson package set as well. They were a great start to get into it. Personally I changed the putter first because it was awful. Then went Driver and 3 wood. I moved onto hybrid and finally changed out the irons in January. I bought my driver, 3 wood and fairway 2nd hand all XR's. Got an odyssey putter and XR irons new as I had been able to save some money aside. I have just added Mack Daddy wedges in the last month. Break the bag into sections and and change the clubs you don't like first. Unfortunately even second hand costs money.
John Moorman
John Moorman - 4 years ago
4 year old irons
10 yr old putter
3 year old driver got it re shafted good as new
james 12345
james 12345 - 4 years ago
I have the original steelhead x14 irons so I should change? Spin numbers are excellent but launch is a few degrees higher than optimal according to TM.
Dan Ipsen
Dan Ipsen - 4 years ago
I'm playing a "hand-me-down" set of Mizunos - still work well. Shaft is regular where I need Stiff - so that would be the only reason to change them. Still don't play enough that I feel it would make sense - so plan is to start getting enough rounds in this year, and then change the irons next year.
I changed my hybrid and 3-wood this winter, so I have the distance I need at the moment.

@Peter Finch - I don't play with a driver. Never really had lessons on hitting them, and still carry +200m with my 3-wood. Am I loosing out on distance by not playing the driver?
Philip Van Heerden
Philip Van Heerden - 4 years ago
Nice video​ Pete! Congrats on the 90 K mate!!
John Jones
John Jones - 4 years ago
one question i would ask is, when do you think a player should go to say a more 'controllable' iron as opposed to distance?
sub333 - 4 years ago
Peter, when you talk about "taking good care" of your clubs, what do you actually mean by that? After a round, I wipe the clubs down and gouge out any trapped bits of mud etc, but can you be a bit more specific? Cheers.
James Else
James Else - 4 years ago
Congrats on reaching 90k subs Pete.
Ger Boland
Ger Boland - 4 years ago
2014 Nike VRS covert driver, 3 wood and covert irons. TM SLDR hybrid, Vokey 52 degree, TM 55 degree and Dunlop 60 degree wedges, Cleveland putter. A mixed bag to say the least :) Driver is 440 head, would like to make switch up to 460 for more confidence. Great vid Pete
Steve Atkin
Steve Atkin - 4 years ago
SLDR driver and 5 Wood 2014
ping G30 3 wood 2015
ping g20 irons 2012
ping zing LW mid 90's
TM rossa spider 2007/8
considering getting a new LW
and possibly upgrade driver to G30 or last year's M2.
Rob FireNix
Rob FireNix - 4 years ago
Questions to Peter:
Bearing in mind this Tech Tuesday was initially about wedges - what is your opinion about what actually creates the spin? Ive been thinking about buying a new set of wedges after never having had a brand new set (always buying 2nd hand and regrooving myself - thinking this would save me money and to be honest I never felt my game justified the expense! ). I did some research and got conflicting info about the influence/purpose of the grooves. The crux of it was that the grooves only act as a funnel to keep the detritus (grass, dirt, water) away from the ball, which would otherwise reduce friction and spin. However, the grooves themselves dont actually impart more spin - its the 'micro' grooves/milling that can impart more spin if they are there (Cleveland RTX 2 come to mind).
The other side of the story was that having sharp grooves/new wedges make a big difference.
What do you think? Does groove resharpening of 2nd hand/old wedges make a big difference (either professionally done or by oneself) or is it more important to have a wedge that has micro grooves/milling i.e. Cleveland or others (I dont know about)?
PS - Love your work and Congrats on hitting it over 350 yds
P.P.S Im an 8 handicapper having halved my handicap in 2 yrs since buying my 1st ever new set - Callaway XR's, BUT really its been practicing almost everyday, videoing myself and realsiing I need to change my swing, having lessons and watching yours and others vids thats dropped the shots - NOT the clubs !! Im now thinking about wether its time to take the plunge with a set of forged clubs - what would be your 2nd hand pick for those?
Thanks so much
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
Any Mizuno/Titleist blade as a forged option you'd be struggling to go wrong. The PSi Forged may be coming down in price soon with TM's new irons on the way. The grooves do make a difference to spin and can be sharpened by a pro with the tools, or yourself (you can get the kit off ebay) but the face roughness (micro grooves) or whatever they call it does make a big difference and it's hard to replicate that
James Brierley
James Brierley - 4 years ago
Hi Peter, i have a cobra f6 driver and was wondering how i measure the shaft length with adjustable drivers, is it different to bonded ? Keep the vids going, lovin the content, hello from sunny australia
James Brierley
James Brierley - 4 years ago
Omg !!!!!!!! you actually replied ,
golf gasm hapnin now. Thanks for making my day
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
I usually measure from grip to the heel on all drivers
dan8tavi music
dan8tavi music - 4 years ago
my clubs r 9 yrs should I change em?
dan8tavi music
dan8tavi music - 4 years ago
Peter Finch Golf yh they are pretty good actually but a bit short and light
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
do they work?
Marcus Luscombe
Marcus Luscombe - 4 years ago
pretty sure the metal on the face of the drivers from the major manufacturers (titleist, ping, tm and the others) do degrade. Brands like honma actually use the best grade metal on the faces so the spring that you get when you walk out the door as a new club will last longer compared to the big names. A reliable source told me...he used to be given them so it made no difference to him. If he noticed a difference he would request a new one. He said honma have the highest metal rating of any driver 9-9.5 out of 10. big names like tm, callaway, ping, titleist have a buy new rating of 4-5. so expect to get a new one in a few years or pay for one that will last.
trent Lee
trent Lee - 4 years ago
2017 titleist d3 driver. 2015 titleist hybrid. 2013 titleist 3 wood. 2016 ping I irons. 2016 titleist sm6 wedges.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
How often should one change their clubs? How about when you feel like it. It's a game after all and if people get enjoyment from having a new club(s) then there's no harm in replacing.
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong - 4 years ago
Hi my son nagged me into getting up to date and changing my wedges, so i ditched my old pw and got 3 new ones with numbers on the bottom, this is apparently the best thing to do. Just got home from the range and am most disappointed. The one fro 60 yards i can get to go that distance, but the ones for 48 and 54 go miles further, even on a half swing?
Rowan Cowper
Rowan Cowper - 4 years ago
Matt Armstrong The number on the bottom is the degrees not the distance they’re supposed to go bruh
Limited_Out_Waterfowl - 4 years ago
Duffer Man I watched that hinge and hold 1 hour video too and it improved my game so much more
Duffer Man
Duffer Man - 4 years ago
I'll tell you what. used a PW to chip my whole life. Bought a 60degree becasue Phil Mickelson said to. And started the hinge and hold technique because Phil said so. First month, chipped in more than the whole previous year. They only way to get it to work is to use that thing over and over
Ilovetheplatypus - 4 years ago
Not sure if you're trying to be funny or not, but I'm a miserable person, and this made me laugh for the first time in a long time. Have an upvote, sir.
Tinus Nel
Tinus Nel - 4 years ago
Keep practicing that 60.... Its hard work, but very rewarding when you get it there...
Jan Dekker
Jan Dekker - 4 years ago
If it helps (2nd opinion and all that) the numbers are degrees of loft. Put them all side by side and it'll be clear enough. That said, you're doing well to hit a 60 degree wedge 60 yards. People usually get them out when they want the ball to high up in the air over a short distance, eg to get out of bunkers or over hazards when there's not much green between you and the pin. There are other wedge lofts besides the ones you've got. Once you've experimented a bit you'll find each one suits particular situations, both for full shots and chips.
Kevin Jasper McLean
Kevin Jasper McLean - 4 years ago
JoDaBeda - 4 years ago
On wedges you will find more brands that imprint loft instead of P, S or something similar. If it would be yardage (or meters), should you expect only 10.5 yards (or meters) from your driver? Printing yardage on the club wouldn't make sense at all, as people have different swingspeeds and therefore individual yardages for every club. For instance, I can hit my 60° LW about 90yards on average, sometimes with perfect contact even 110yards.
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong - 4 years ago
JoDaBeda are you sure about this? If that was the case they would do it on the whole set ? Yardages makes more sense. Could it be meters?
Stewy gb
Stewy gb - 4 years ago
Wow....... You are kidding surely?
JoDaBeda - 4 years ago
The numbers on the clubs aren't yards but the loft... 60 -> LobWedge, 54 -> SandWedge, 48 -> PitchingWedge... this should explain why 48 and 54 go miles farther than 60... ;)
Niall Graham
Niall Graham - 4 years ago
Cheers for the info Pete - honestly blows my mind how there are 6 dislikes to this video lol. Why? You're just giving us information.
Stijn De Schepper
Stijn De Schepper - 4 years ago
People who were looking for an excuse to change clubs? :)
Niall Graham
Niall Graham - 4 years ago
YouTubers always talk about the 5 dislikes on every video but I honestly can see why in this one lol. Just keep up the good work Pete. Always look forward to your videos
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
it happens :)
brian james
brian james - 4 years ago
I am on a cycle for everything, but putter (as long as it's good it stays). 2016-Driver Ping LST, 2015- 3 wood Callaway Big Bertha, 2014-taylormade RBZ hybrid tour, 2013-wedges Taylormade ATV, 2012-irons R=11. So, I will be getting new irons soon.
Tyler L
Tyler L - 4 years ago
have a Titleist 5210 and the thing still spins off of the planet.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
pickin4you - 4 years ago
I know that one of the ladies on the LPGA, either Lydia Ko or someone else gets new Vokey wedges every month.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
Spieth gets a new 60 degree every two tournaments, two!
Dalton Rhodes
Dalton Rhodes - 4 years ago
callaway razr fit xtreme with the oban dev7otion xstiff shaft 9.5 closed 1° so its 8.5° (i feel like i have more control over the club with the xstiff, only swing hard enough for a stiff)

ping g30 with the stock stiff shaft, closed .6 degree so its around a 12.9° 3 wood

callaway x2 hot stiff 19° hybrid

4-pw taylormade rocketbladez tour with project x 6.0 shaft

52°,56° MD3 C grind wedges with s300 dynamic gold shafts

60° sm5 bent to 59° with kbs tour wedge shafts on them

ping anser 2 (dont know what year its past me honestly)

looking to move into a 2016 m2 possibly with a stiff shaft in place of the xstiff, probably sacrificing loads of distance for feel just because of the shaft preference
Aquatendo - 4 years ago
I bought Dunlop clubs well-used for $80 (bag included) 4 years ago. The paint is now coming off. Definitely need some new clubs but I'm a cheap college student. Luckily I work maintenance at a golf course during summers and enjoy free golf as a perk, otherwise I would probably hardly play. Kinda just waiting until I can afford lessons and fitted clubs since I'm tired of being stuck in my bogey golf rut. Still love being out on the course regardless.
Larson Fam
Larson Fam - 4 years ago
Aquatendo quit the college and just keep working, keep your money, in the end you'll have spent tons and still have to work everyday till you fall apart and potentially have a useless piece of paper to show for it and end up doing the very same jobs as without it. Or you could go through it all and get a well paying job that you work equally as hard and still take home less because your paying off the school, option three is have big gambling dreams and soft hands and it all works out for the best. I know the places college degrees are useful, and I know the millions of places people think they will be and aren't, I just hate to see people taken for the ride, it's just a money racket victimizing 45+% of the attendees, the schools don't care if your interest field is dead and know you won't find jack, they'll take your money and pretend, but 45% of college grads are unemployed and that's a low figure to reality. Think of it like this, a school with 100,000 students ends up with almost 50,000 unemployed, sunk in debt paper holding graduates that have to find work in a completely unrelated field or entry level/labor. Some people were made for a desk/hospital/computer lab, but I can't imagine the gamble college is today. Scared for those kids.
Aquatendo - 4 years ago
Callum Prior Yeah I stopped using the driver for that reason. Get pretty much the same distance off the tee with the 3 wood anyway. Gonna make sure to stay away from Astro turf now though, gotta make these clubs last a few more years. Would be hard to play with bent clubs! xD
Callum Prior
Callum Prior - 4 years ago
Aquatendo Haha I bought an old mans Dunlop clubs for $80 too. They are ok but I'm finding the driver shaft a little to Flexi, also I have managed to dramatically bend my 7 and 9 irons through skewed shots on in a Astro turf surface. I for one am seriously looking forward to a few upgrades.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
that's a great perk to have
colby spence
colby spence - 4 years ago
driver- nike covert- 4 or 5 years. bought new
woods- nike covert- 4 or 5 years. bought new
irons- mizuno 850 forged- 1.5 years. bought second hand
wedges- mizuno s5- 1 year. bought new
putter- dunlope something or another- dont know exactly but its older than me and im 25 haha. it was a hand me down from my dad. can still roll them in with it tho.
Aaron Alexander
Aaron Alexander - 4 years ago
I just got a new Callaway 56° this year, replacing my Pal Joey I've used since 1996. Apparently I am behind the curve...
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
I think a change after 20+ years is OK :)
Jasmir Guay Bergevin
Jasmir Guay Bergevin - 4 years ago
Driver : Nike vapor fly pro 2016
3 wood: Callaway optiforce 2013
hybrids 3-4: cobra bio-cell, cobra baffler 2014-2013
irons: pings i3+ 2003
wedges: nickent genex arc 52-56-60° 2008
putter: Odyssey v line white hot pro 2015

Gonzo Duke
Gonzo Duke - 4 years ago
You triggered my Echo as well.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
they are listening
No Thanks
No Thanks - 4 years ago
Went from TM 200 Steel Series Cast Irons (yr 2001) to TM RSI TP's (yr who gives a fuck) and prefer the distance and feel of the 200's
OCD Chaos
OCD Chaos - 4 years ago
One MAJOR thing not mentioned by Pete or Titleist is how much you practice with your wedges. If you go hit a lot balls off the turf and out of sand bunkers to practice, your 75 or 125 round may have just dropped to like 40 or less rounds....... Practicing without cleaning the face and grooves between practice shots even wears them out faster...
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
there is some stuff about that on the Titleist website about practice but to be fair to them it's pretty hard to individualise it to everyones routine
Charlie Walsh
Charlie Walsh - 4 years ago
just got a new 2016 m2 iron set for a good price, have been using some old 90's ping eye 2's the past couple of years because of money issues. im looking forward to my new irons, and now im just looking to see what wedges would suit me best. great video Pete!
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
cheers Charlie
Charlie Walsh
Charlie Walsh - 4 years ago
love your videos Pete!!
erikslan - 4 years ago
I have taylormade rocketbladez, cobra fly z driver and ping g25 hybrid going on 2 years now. I've switched wedges once, and I've had like 4-5 putters.
Trevor Dickie
Trevor Dickie - 4 years ago
Most of my set is fairly old actually.

Driver - I switch between my R7 425 and my R1. Still prefer the R7. Both were bought used. So that's 2005 and 2013 models.
Fairways - Snake Eyes 650T 3 and 5 wood, stiff steel shafts. Bought new in 2006.
Irons - Taylormade Tour Preferred CB 4-AW, bought demo set summer 2016. Clubs introduced in 2014.
Wedges - Cleveland CG15 52 and 56 degree with Zip Grooves. Bought new in 2011 I think.
Putter - Odyssey White Hot XG #9 with Superstrokes Slim 3.0 grip. Bought new in 2006, regripped in 2014.
SiouxPreme Golf
SiouxPreme Golf - 4 years ago
I haven't bought anything new till last year when I seen the Mack Daddy PM Grinds and had to have them. 56,60.

10.5 Adams Speedline Super S w Hazardous 5.5 shaft
15° Adams Speedline Super S w
Diamana 50 Rflex
18° Adams Red w Aldila Tour Blue
20 and 23 Adams Pro Hybrids w Aldila Tour red shafts R Flex
Adams Tight Lies 1308 Irons 6-Pw
Toms Watson Anniversary Wedges 52,56,60
Tight Lies Putter
TJ Albury
TJ Albury - 4 years ago
I do not think that the clubheads per say are the biggest factor. When i test clubs i notice different shafts can highly contribute to your game. Getting your iron shafts replaced every couple years can have a major impact for consistency of the shots. With the driver shafts you can gain yardage just by finding the right flex, kick and weight for your swing. Thanks Finchy for the video
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
no worries thanks for watching
Golf Fox
Golf Fox - 4 years ago
I have bought 6 sets of irons in the last year. fitted for 4 sets and two off the rack after trying them out. Have sold off 4 sets and left with the one set of OFR and one fitted. Really happy with both so will keep the both. Bought two new wedges last year, same brand as ones I have from over 8 years and they were nowhere near as good as the old rustys things I already have, Used them a few rounds and they went to the back of the shed maybe if they rust up a bit they might produce the same spin!
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
haha make sure those shafts don't rust up, those rusty heads will come flying off :)
Dustin - 4 years ago
love tech Tuesday. hey everyone go check out the "Mr. 58" rap song on fried eggs golf YouTube channel. good stuff.
Dustin - 4 years ago
+Peter Finch Golf the guys got some talent.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
it's awesome
nazli nazrene
nazli nazrene - 4 years ago
Hi Pete, enjoy the video. Keep it up. However I have a question. How often should get fitted for clubs? As my technique a lot, impact and swing speed improve a little bit.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
in an ideal world every time you are thinking of switching clubs
Jeff Vaughan
Jeff Vaughan - 4 years ago
Tommy Amour 845'S silver scott, had for close to 30 years, 7 iron is 36 deg. Use to hit it about 150 meters , now would be 145 meters so maybe loft has changed a little
Jeff Vaughan
Jeff Vaughan - 4 years ago
I updated about 6 months ago to a set of Taylormade tour preferred MC irons. Tho they are a 2014 model they was still brand new in shop and half price, so I had a hit and got them. If they wasn't half price I would still be playing my Tommy Armour's. New ones are 2 deg less loft so i am struggling to work out me distance, and do seem to get some very hot shots off the face,
Rod Jones
Rod Jones - 4 years ago
They're a great club. I still game my Ping Zings from 1992 (7 iron is a 'strong' 34.5 degrees), and I've also got my late father's 845S Silver Scot's which I take out occasionally. I'd like to update, but clubs these days are superseded in a matter of months which bugs me so I have trouble pulling the trigger.
Stephen O'Sullivan
Stephen O'Sullivan - 4 years ago
My TM R11 irons are cast and will last forever. The Mizuno MP 33's I had before were toast -- the groves on the short irons were bad and the club faces were worn. Just way too many balls hit over the years, plus they're forged and soft. I'm going back now to Srixon Z965's, and I imagine they'll have life similar to the Mizunos. But getting some new wedges (Cleveland RTX-3) this year has been eye opening. My old ones were 10 years old, and weren't reliable. These are soft, feel dense, spin like crazy, and I have way more control over the ball.

What I wonder about is whether getting the grooves sharpened is really all that effective. Does it return the scoring clubs to the way they were designed to be?
Ayden Gillilan
Ayden Gillilan - 4 years ago
My irons are the 704cbs ( passed down to me ) and I hit them wonderfully it's just I feel like I have lost some distance because like Pete said with them being forged the lofts can change and I think they have became weaker.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
if you can get them checked then do it
Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas - 4 years ago
Vapor Speeds 4-p (2015)
Vapor 3W, Driver(2015)
Titleist T-MB 2i (2016)
Adams 3H (2014?)
Newport Select 2.5 (2016)
Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas - 4 years ago
Callaway MD3 50-54-58, (2015).
Lee Popham-Lithgow
Lee Popham-Lithgow - 4 years ago
I've got a summer set of clubs and a winter set just to keep them all in good condition. And they are cleaned and polished after every round
masfu9999 - 4 years ago
125 rounds does that mean 125 shots. or average course length. ie 4 shots per hole to get to green. I practice alot i hit 50 balls three times a week with wedges. so once a week i need to get a new one? wow more details needed.
Matt Leader
Matt Leader - 4 years ago
People should tinker with different balls instead of changing clubs. Makes a big difference
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
getting the right ball is huge
Jeremy Gonzales
Jeremy Gonzales - 4 years ago
i just upgraded my driver and woods last month my old ones were 2008 model and have had the same irons 2007
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
I think a change after 9 years should be worth it
Tom Ousby
Tom Ousby - 4 years ago
Pete,I am using a set of Maruman Conductor 42x blades, the smallest irons I've ever seen, I believe Ian Woosnam used them in his prime, I'm not the best with my driver or on the green however my iron game is amazing and wouldn't change them for any new set of irons... saying that, the new Taylormade P770 look very sharp!
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago
they are a great looking/feeling iron - I still prefer the PSi though
Ligerpride - 4 years ago
I didn't buy a new club for about 5 years, until last year when I bought myself a new putter. I had the previous one for about 15 years and to be honest I never felt quite comfortable with it, but that's more of a stroke thing.

I don't see the need to replace them that often. I bought a set of irons back in 2011 and I reckon I'll be keeping them until the end of next year at least.
Jason Kazmierski
Jason Kazmierski - 4 years ago
I just bought some new irons recently, but before that I was using a set of irons from the 90s. I was able to play really well with them for a long time.
Richard Blayney
Richard Blayney - 4 years ago
I've had my mizuno faldo id irons for 20 years.
Andrew E
Andrew E - 4 years ago
well I bought my Nike VR_S driver back in the end of December 2013 so I have it for like 3 1/2 half years, and I'm planning to buy a new driver if I can get the money and the price drops which I'm looking at getting the big bertha fusion, especially ever since Nike stopped making clubs I'm wanna clear out my Nike clubs out of my bag as soon as I have the money. I'm also currently playing the Nike slingshot 4D irons which was from 07 which I got back in end of December 2012 so I've had it for like 4 1/2 years, it is most likely the first clubs I want to upgrade, my irons since its the oldest in my bag and Nike no longer making clubs which I'm looking at getting the Callaway apex 2014 model, since its my current sand wedge which I bought in the end of December 2014. I bought my Callaway xhot 3 wood, mizuno MP titanium 5 wood which was the 2010 model, and my TM RBZ state 2 3 hybrid all in January 2016, so I'm likely to keep those n not upgrade them until I upgraded my driver n irons which I'm looking at either the TM M2 fairways n rescue or the big bertha fusion fairways if I do upgrade them I have had my Cleveland putter since February 2012, and only got it for $30 so I'm likely to keep my putter for a while n not upgrade
Seth Carn
Seth Carn - 4 years ago
currently gaming:
Nike Vapor Fly Flex 440 Driver with a 757 Speeder X flex shaft (a year)
Nike Vapor Fly 3 Wood with a Diamana Blueboard X Flex (a year)
Nike Vapor 3 Hybrid with a Diamana Blueboard X Flex (2 years)
Mizuno MP52 4-PW with Project X 6.5 shafts (4 years)
Vokey SM6 wedges (52,56,& 60) with stock shafts (6 months)
Nike Method Matter Putter (a year)
Jacob Gustafson
Jacob Gustafson - 4 years ago
I have a set of cf16 forged irons that I've had for almost a year now. Where would I go to get my irons checked and possibly fixed for loft and lie?
Robin Arnefjord
Robin Arnefjord - 4 years ago
Started to replace my entire set of clubs last year after using a Tour Cat set Pw - 3w since 2001. Only remaining club today is the 5w. Really rubbish set of clubs but it got me down to hcp 6,4. Technology is good...but not key
DunderXryss - 4 years ago
Hey Pete! Bought the Nike Vrs Covert Tour driver shortly after the release and before that i played the Taylormade R7 since that came out and now im starting to think about getting a new driver. I have a hcp of 1 and usually likes to look down at a smaller headshape and thats probably why i gamed both the R7 and Covert for so long. And now to my question... do you think i would gain enough distance to make it worth getting a new driver this year? And do you have any recommendations on what driver i might wanna look into testing with the smaller headshape in mind or is finding a smaller driver head a lost cause nowadays?
J Sher
J Sher - 4 years ago
Then, why do you change drivers and irons, every year?
Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong - 4 years ago
I've just returned to golf after a 11 year absence! ! I play with Ping G2 fitted irons and G2 driver, so they must be over 12 years old, but I still carry my old faithful Callaway warbird4 wood, got to be over 23 years old and still knocks the ball out a lovely distance.
Mr. Surly
Mr. Surly - 4 years ago
I replace my clubs as often as I can afford to......which is about once every 5 years or so.

In all honesty I have only purchased 2 brand new, never been hit clubs before. One was an R15 TP driver (after the M family came out) and only because I got a ridiculous deal on it. The other was a set of Scratch iron heads (RIP Scratch Golf) that were sitting in a guys closet because he had ties to the company. I'm happy that there are people out there that can buy new equipment as often as they change their underwear, because they keep the business going. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people and most likely never will be. I'd much rather spend my money on playing amazing courses and taking lessons to better my game and trust the equipment I have. Just my thoughts.
Josh Martins
Josh Martins - 4 years ago
Rick suggests changing every club in his he bag every 4 to 6 weeks.
squib 31
squib 31 - 4 years ago
Irons 2010(forged, still in spec, grooves still good), wedge 2015(still good), hybrid 2011(still good), fairway 2014(still good), Driver 2014(excellent), putter 1990(they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands).
jscarborough89 - 4 years ago
I've had my Titleist Forged 735.CM for 10 years and still feel great. However the lofts of them seem weak in modern standards and considering investing in some new irons.
jscarborough89 - 4 years ago
I used this link to check my lofts
I love the bladed ions of the set, its why I'm hesitant to change them, like you say I haven't seen any other company do that.
Thyer Alex
Thyer Alex - 4 years ago
no way, I have the exact same irons, the blade finishes at an 8 then goes into cavities. Ive never seen anyone else with them. Truly a great iron. Think my PW is at 48*
kingshearer2 - 4 years ago
I've must of hit 5k balls at the range this winter using my mizuno mp 37's so I better check that their loft and lies haven't changed.
jaesung83 - 4 years ago
Hey Pete!
I got a TaylorMade SLDR White TP driver got it when it first came out, 4 or 5 years ago?
Irons, Callaway X24hot about close to 10 years old. I'm looking into getting new irons, I'm leaning towards TaylorMade PSi Tour Irons just what you got!
Wedges, I just bought 2 Vokey Wedges, 50 degrees, 54 degrees! Planninh on getting a 58 degrees too! I love this wedges, it perform so good. Noticed a huge difference from my old wedges!
Putter, got a Scotty Cameron Laguna Putter, I think it's about 10 years old too. I really want to get the TaylorMade Spider putter just like Dustin Johnson and Jason Day have, with the Black shaft!
Love all your videos! Keep it up! Looking forward to your next video!
mike callaghan
mike callaghan - 4 years ago
Hi Pete, I play off 7 and have a set of Taylormade R9 tour irons bought in 2010.I love them and they are in great nick. Do you think technology has moved that much in 7 years for me to think of changing them? Thanks Pete, great work as usual.
Mr. Surly
Mr. Surly - 4 years ago
mike callaghan I would say what are you looking to do with your irons that you can't accomplish with your current set? Forgiveness has improved over the years, and while you could definitely upgrade to a set of sticks that's a few years newer than yours for cheap, you play to a pretty good HC so I'm not sure I would change them unless they are getting really damaged. When you're a mid single digit HC, it's about fine tuning your game to find out where you're leaving strokes on the course.
the1big1matt - 4 years ago
just buy a groove sharpener?
David Ciccoritti
David Ciccoritti - 4 years ago
erik dennard
erik dennard - 4 years ago
Absolutely. Pay as you go !
_Isaac _Workman
_Isaac _Workman - 4 years ago
The problem is having one in the first place when you are single your free. Learn to do one night stands.
wharffratt - 4 years ago
Rick changes clubs every other week lol
Ian Ward
Ian Ward - 4 years ago
wharffratt i thought it was daily
Alistair Hennessey
Alistair Hennessey - 4 years ago
Peter, how much is custom fit? Always here people say to get it but always been fearful of spending a fortune getting that extra detail into it. Any thoughts welcome.
Alistair Hennessey
Alistair Hennessey - 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply, only just noticed this. A great help yeah.. needed some light shed on it as it isn't mentioned much
jaesung83 - 4 years ago
Alistair Hennessey , custom fitting is usually free at your local golf pro shop. you should look into demo days around your area and go to them. they will fit you as will for free. if you want more in depth detail custom fit, it might cost little something. hope this you a little!
Ian Whitcombe
Ian Whitcombe - 4 years ago
Pete I think in a lot of cases people are buying confidence.. especially if they're upgrading having not had their old model long.. new clubs also get you out on course on make you play more
eaglesham photography
eaglesham photography - 4 years ago
Just got my first set of brand new fitted clubs, always had second hand ones before. Titleist 716 CBs with KBS shafts, +1" and 4up. Amazing experience and well worth it. Esp with the American golf double trade deal... then couldn't use my wedges because they were too short so got new SM6s to match the fitting and love them. Tested the GBB epic yesterday but my wife would kill me if I did that too...
Benjamin Schaefer
Benjamin Schaefer - 4 years ago
I just got custom fit for some new ping g irons. I love them and are a good upgrade from my previous irons.
Kishore Doshi
Kishore Doshi - 4 years ago
I've had my Ping i20 irons since 2011....absolutely no need to change them, they are in great condition still and I play 2x per week plus practice every day. As far as driver goes, I had been playing with a TaylorMade driver that was about 13 years old, until last year when I replaced it with a Cobra Fly-Z+ (basically to get adjustability at a price under $175). I've had Ping G20 fairway woods and hybrids since 2011 and replaced them last year as well with Cobra King F6, for the same reason as the driver adjustability. I'm still using my Ping Anser 5 putter from 1992 and my Titleist wedges (56 and 60) are 13 years old now.
James Flynn
James Flynn - 4 years ago
according to this math, I will never need new wedges.
jason thomas
jason thomas - 4 years ago
titleist 909 d3 and f3 for woods, mizuno mp 32 irons 2-pw (just re-done the grooves myself) just got a titleist 716 tmb 2 iron to replace the mizuno one, cleveland rtx 588 52 and 60, putter is tm indy ghost tour black
Matthew Blohm
Matthew Blohm - 4 years ago
I have a mix n' match titlest set
910 D3 9.5 with graphite design tour ad tp stiff
915f 16.5 fairway with diamana white board stiff
716 t-mb 2 iron with kbs tour stiff
2008 AP2 4-pw with kbs c-taper stiff shafts
Sm5 vokey 50, 54, 58 with kbs hi-rev 2.0 stiff
Scotty cameron california coronado
Golfpride mcc plus 4 grips on all

I love my irons and driver so i focused on getting refitted for new shafts and now my set is whats written above and the improvement has been substantial on top of what was already a great set.
Derek Comer
Derek Comer - 4 years ago
I'm a very keen amateur photographer and I have 3 cameras, I change 1 camera every 3 years, I think technology gets better, so 3 year cycle is what I use, and funnily I do the same with my golf clubs, Jetspeed went on eBay this week and Cobra F7 went into my bag. My irons are nearly 3 years old so b4 next season I will change them as well
Derek Comer
Derek Comer - 4 years ago
Probably true,, also I'm a much better photographer than a golfer lol
Wanheda - 4 years ago
Unfortunately you are not getting as much benefit from new technology with your new clubs as you are with your new cameras. Technology really hasn't changed all that much in the last 4-5 years and likely won't change much in the next 4-5 for clubs.
David Pearson
David Pearson - 4 years ago
I changed my irons last year after having the last set for 7 years I got some Ping G max because I had a long service voucher from work to spend The lesson I learned was get the clubs you really want because in the past I never have and gone for cheap because I couldn't justify paying £500 for some irons I now look down at the clubs thinking theses are great not thinking I wish I'd got the Pings As for Tileist They would say that wouldn't they as Mandy Rice Davis once said
Quinton Walsh
Quinton Walsh - 4 years ago
I love my 8 iron and PW, the faces are worn compared to the others. I hit 4 buckets per week every week. I should look for those 2 as singles to replace, and not the set. Thanks Pete, never thought of it till now. My 56 also needs attention, maybe I will gently sharpen them grooves, for a few more months of play, and then replace it, got to stretch that dollar as far as possible ;-)
Darragh Cunningham
Darragh Cunningham - 4 years ago
Ive had my Titleist 714 Ap2 irons for about 2 and 1/2 years and i dont feel as if im getting any feel off them any more... Will i lose most distance because there age and what other alike clubs would you recommend (forged but not blades) thanks , great vid
Richard Russell
Richard Russell - 4 years ago
Sorry Pete. Evidence on drivers contradicts you.
Reid Harper
Reid Harper - 4 years ago
About how many rounds before new irons? Last year I played about 180 rounds.
Sotiris Pagonas
Sotiris Pagonas - 4 years ago
Reid Harper a
danep82 - 4 years ago
Andrew Copeland
Andrew Copeland - 4 years ago
right now im playing wilson x/31 plus irons which are estimated to have been made mid 80's to mid 90's, so old as hell! haha still play well with them though!
kingshearer2 - 4 years ago
Great irons I had goosenecks from the same sort of period.
mark Sushi
mark Sushi - 4 years ago
I have a new driver, haha just like what you said, but my irons are callaway big bertha fusion ( I think they are 11 years old) and I have adams tight lies fairway woods which are 18 years old. Should I get new irons and woods? If so what's a forgiving game improvement iron and woods that's a few years old. I can't afford the new new clubs.
Brad Masten
Brad Masten - 4 years ago
I feel sometimes I'm just kinda cheap but I really don't change anything very much. Hell I had the same bag for at least 10 years... but I did get a new one this year. My wife bought it for me...
-Cleveland HiBore had for 9 years. Just finally swapped to GBB this year... Stick with what works for you...
-TM V-Steel 3W: I think its probably 10years old and I WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE IT!! Well maybe...
-Nike VR Pro Combo: 6 years I think. Very comfortable with these. I may be looking at new stuff maybe next year.
-Wedges: been trying new stuff and trying to dial in the gaping. So Ive had several this year. Maybe this is crazy but I've gone and bought several second hand to try different combinations. Still working it out. Hopefully will figure it out and put a new set in this year.
-Odyssey Works #7 Tank 2 years. just wanted to try it and really like it.
Joe Pesce
Joe Pesce - 4 years ago
I have bought all brand new custom fit clubs in the past year. callaway epic driver subzero and 3wood. Big bertha 3 hybrid 2015 edition. jpx 900 hot metal 4-lw. Bettinardi standard kuchar model 1. It cost a lot of money, but damn do I love my clubs. The confidence that comes to you when they are tailored for you is priceless. With that I hope to not even think about replacing for a long time. Golf is serious for me. I hit balls everyday almost
kory casey
kory casey - 4 years ago
just finally switched my ping g2 irons they gave me years (13)of great use got fit for the king f6. hoping there won't be much difference
Job Mayer
Job Mayer - 4 years ago
I'm curious and I'd like some opinions, I've used my wedges for over a year, I really love them but i recently noticed after hitting a friends wedge that his seemed to have more grab on a green than mine. I won't have the funds to buy new wedges for a little bit so my question is should I buy a regroove tool and sharpen my grooves, has anyone done this and gotten extra life out of their wedges?
Driver- SLDR 12*
3 wood- Adams tight lies 16*
4hybrid- Taylormade jetspeed
5-P Taylormade RBZ Pro
Wedges- Snakeyes 52*,56*,60*
Putter- Odyssey whitehot XG rosie
Ball- Srixon Z star 2017
Paul Whelan
Paul Whelan - 4 years ago
Got a set of Ben Hogan Alex Plus (internet tells me released 1999...which sounds about right) and i love them but have to admit I prob need to change up
sd-c14 - 4 years ago
Putter: original odyssey white hot #5 center shafted
wedges: callaway x tour raw finish(old but spins great) 58°, Vokey sm5 54°, 50°
irons: Taylormade rsi2 4-P
5 wood: ping g25 18°
3 wood: taylormade rbz tour 14,5°
driver: Ping anser 9,5°
ball: titleist Pro v1
alan berry
alan berry - 4 years ago
my clubs vary from 1 to 5 years old, Nike vapor fly driver 1 yr vapor speed 3 wood 2 yrs old, Mizuno mp 59 irons 4 yrs old,Nike VR pro wedges 5 yrs old, Nike method matter m4 12 putter 1 yr old . every club has a head cover and cleaned after every round I know it's anal but I've got clubs from the 70s 80s and 90s that are still in very good condition because I've always tried to look after my clubs,when you pay so much money for the clubs that you want i feel it's always worth looking after them.
gary mcdonald
gary mcdonald - 4 years ago
I have a nephew plays off two and practices a lot on range with wedges and irons he changed his AP2s and vokey wedges after four years . You could visually see the grooves worn in the center or the clubs. I play off 15 and hit it all over the face and do not practice on the range i would never wear the grooves in a life time. I played with Mizuno mx17s for 8 years a vokey 52 oilcan and muzino tour style 60 deg for 10 years, no change in distance or spin from new. The only reason i changed is they will not conform to the groove rules and wanted a bit more distance bought rocket bladzes end of 2014 four to sandwedge £279 brand new just after speedbladzes came out. Four iorn same loft and length as old muzino 3 iorn and hits same distance do not need 3iorn now. I then traded in Mx 17s for Cobra Fly zs 5 to pitching wedge £170 in American golf now two full sets of clubs after buying cleveland rtx2 demo wedges £25 each for 56 and 60 degree like new from American golf.
eamo30 - 4 years ago
hey, Pete last year I purchased a TM430 to replace my Titleist 915 d3 ..why is it when I hit my Titleist i could draw or fade but for the life of me could not do the same with the 430 ..this year i replaced the TM 430 for the 440 which is way more forgiving and a big improvement from TM, At the range, i hit every second shot .id hit the Titleist well with my preferred shot but the next shot and same set up the same swing with a TM it ended up as a big duck hook..I seem to hit one brand better than the other ..have you ever come across this before? is this possible...
Stephen Kenny
Stephen Kenny - 4 years ago
My putter is 15 years old
My wedges are 3 months old
My irons are 6 months old
My woods and hybrids are 2 months old
My driver is 2 months old
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Stephen Gaming bit of a club ho then?
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant - 4 years ago
i think using a groove sharpener helps no end too add longevity to all clubs.
ross johnstone
ross johnstone - 4 years ago
ive had both my r7 fairway wood with a steel shaft! and my brodgestone j33 irons for 9 years and dont plan on changi g them anytime soon!
Martinboo13 - 4 years ago
Congratulations on 90k Pete! Keep up the great work
Keith Williams
Keith Williams - 4 years ago
TM '16 M2 driver 9.5°, Cobra F7 15.5°, TM '16 M2 tour irons 4-AW. Was fitted for each of the previous. Titeist 585-H 19°, Cleveland RTX 588 Rotex 2.0 in 55° and 60°. Odyssey putter. Switched from SeeMore
Respect The Grind
Respect The Grind - 4 years ago
taylormade rbz driver [4 years old]
taylormade sldr s 4 wood and 7 wood [3 years old]
taylormade jetspeed 5 wood [3.5 years old]
taylormade burner 1.0 irons 4-AW [8 years old]
taylormade tour preferred wedge 58 degree [3 years old]
Top flite putter [3 years old]
Respect The Grind
Respect The Grind - 4 years ago
This bag setup works well for me, the only thing I probably change is my top flite putter in the future
oskarfahlstrom - 4 years ago
This is an interesting one. My view has always been that a club will stay in the bag until something better comes along. And by better I'm probably not talking about distance, but rather in terms of looks, feel and consistency.

Current set:
SLDR - three years
906F4 - four years
MP-33 2 iron - four years
MP-37 3-PW - two years
Nike Engage wedges - bought new last month
Nike B2-01 - one year (also got an old-old Scotty Cameron AoP Newport)

Driver, wedges and the Nike putter were bought new. The rest were second hand clubs in really great condition.
Maria Dyke
Maria Dyke - 4 years ago
titleist 910 D3, titleist 585 H hybrid, titleist 695cb irons, 52° 56° 60° cleavland 588 rtx 2.0 and some random fake ping putter called system 2 i love it.
David Harrison
David Harrison - 4 years ago
simply awesome video peter, I rarely change gear unless my clubs break ie shaft breaks at hosel happened to me twice and hoping no more lol

My set of clubs are has follows

(Original) (Changed to)

Driver - (Howson Derby - 11 years) Still got it has back up (Nike Covert - 3+ years - After Ricks review while you were at Trafford Golf Centre)
Woods - (Howson - Derby 3 & 5 - 11 years) Stil have has spares (Lynx Predator #3 - 2016 and Nike Vapor Fly 5-Wood 1 week - (birthday)
Hybrid - (Howson GBH Assassin 21)* - Broke while on a Driving range session (Nike Covert 2.0 Tour #4) - After Ricks review 3+ yrs
Irons - Good old trustworthy Howson Derby set 3-SW had these since I was 17/18. Old perhaps but in awesome condition and have had great shots with them throughout
Dunlop - Driving iron 18* 5+ rotated with 5 Iron
Wedges - Nike Vrpro GW 52* needed a gap between my PW and SW - 3+ years.
Progen Gun Metal 60*
(Wild Thing 64 LW)* Charity shop club lasted about 8 months - Shaft broke at grip end* (64* LW Lynx Predator 2+yrs)
(Howson Target Balance - part of my full Howson set) * with three others on reasonable age (Nike Everclear E11 4+ super rare nowadays , Dunlop 65i mallet 6+ and a spare unbranded blade putter *under 4 months

a lot of info on my clubs there, Hope these ring a bell Peter.

keep up the amazing videos pal and Good Golf ^_^

David over and out :)
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 4 years ago
I think my fairway woods and irons are about 10 years old now - hangs head in shame.
Driver about 6 years-ish and a coupe of new-ish hybrids; circa 3 years
Putter - got it at Xmas 2016
Pretty happy with my gear to be honest; maybe I am tight fisted denizen from north of Hadrian's Wall…
Dj Dave
Dj Dave - 4 years ago
Using a 40 year old putter still, works awesome xD my other clubs are going on 20 years old, and are doing good still. My driver is going to get replaced soon, using a Big bertha Hawkeye 8 degree xD.
Maria Dyke
Maria Dyke - 4 years ago
groove sharpener...
Muscho1925 - 4 years ago
Awesome video, as always Pete! I'm just getting into golf and bought a new second hand SLDR driver.. thinking of getting the Cobra F6 irons (second hand), I tried them and I really liked them. Currently playing with a borrowed set but slowly building up my own. I'm thinking the set mentioned above should lay me for a few years...
Eric Briggs
Eric Briggs - 4 years ago
SLDR Driver
Wilson Staff Fybrid 5 Wood
Wilson Staff Fybrid 4 Hybrid
Mizuno JPX EZ Forged Irons 4-PW
Vokey SM5 52*
Vokey SM4 56*
Mizuno MP-T5 58*
Odyssey Marxman Mini Putter
The irons are the only clubs I bought brand new and it really makes ZERO difference except for how it feels knowing theyre new
Seamus Griffin
Seamus Griffin - 4 years ago
Putter - about 4 years (Ping Answer 2)
Gap wedge - old, bought s/h - Callaway V - 52 deg Forged
Irons - about 21 years, Titleist DCI Oversize + gold (3-SW)
Driver and woods - over 15 years old, Wilson Deep RedMaxxII/Fatshaft D(11.5)/3/5
Oh and couple hybrids, Titleist 585s 21 and 24 deg,

Oh dear .... looks like I'll have to sell the house .... :D
mackay19850203 - 4 years ago
I like to hit my clubs all over the fuckin' clubface. Because...even wear, definitely because of that.
Roger Thompson
Roger Thompson - 4 years ago
I like your way of thinking, that's my reasoning too ;)
Julian Meier
Julian Meier - 4 years ago
Just been through a Taylormade MATT 3D Fitting for a whole new set of clubs, putter excluded. Didnt arrive yet, maybe not even build yet. Looking so much forward to my first ever "not ebay" set :-)
Paul Oneill
Paul Oneill - 4 years ago
Driver Mizuno MP600 -8years been in bag
F/way TM RBZ stage 2 5wood
Irons TM Psi
Wedges Cleveland RTX 54 and 60
Putter Odyssey tour no7
Custom fit for a TM M2 last year and was losing 20 yards. Didn't bother with the purchase. Tried all the new drivers in a 4 hour custom fit session and couldn't find a driver that suited me better than my old MP600.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
my clubs will last forever...i never hit it in the same place twice
Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher - 4 years ago
Great video Pete, I've just got last year's Nike vapor fly driver, 5 wood and 4 hybrid before them covert 2.0, I've got Ping g30 irons and ping tour gorge 52 58 wedges 2 years old and my putter is the Ping 1959 crazy-e manufactured 6 years ago, which I bought second hand for £50 (golfbidder) about 2 years ago mint condition, best putter I have ever had. I look after my clubs, clean after every round each week and they look new and I have no plans to change for many years. About wedges I gave my son my trusty rusty 60 wedge which is well over 10 years old and its the most roughest grippy wedge ever. There are to many golfers who have got more money than sense I know a few of them, im trying very hard not to become one.
David Hall
David Hall - 4 years ago
I'm still gaming Mizuno T-zoid Pro irons. knocking on for 20 years old but I've really looked after them. Still very gameable.
Oliver söntgerath
Oliver söntgerath - 4 years ago
driver , 3wood, hybrid taylormade rbz. bought them used on ebay 2 years ago, the rbz range is from 2012 i think.
Irons TM Rsi1 5-9 bought 2015.
wedges : vokeys from 2015
Putter: scotty california from 2010
Oliver söntgerath
Oliver söntgerath - 4 years ago
bought the scotty used for 120€.
So I get it for less then an oddesey, evenroll, taylormade or what else.
Eric Briggs
Eric Briggs - 4 years ago
Is a Scotty putter worth it? Other than the fuzzy feeling you get when you look at it?
spocktra50 - 4 years ago
Nice work Pete.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 4 years ago
Current bag

Callaway X2 Hot Driver (bought pre owned)
Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood (bought pre owned)
Taylormade RBZ Hybrid (bought pre owned)
Taylormade RocketBladez irons (bought new)
Cleveland 588 Wedges (bought new, had for around 3 years now
Lee Lawson
Lee Lawson - 4 years ago
915 titleist driver and 3wood 2016 cb titleist sm5 wedges and last year odyssey putter want be changing for a while now got a good blend that works only thing I may change is 60degree cause correctly have to much bounce for the type of course I'm playing
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 4 years ago
Putter is 10 year old 2 ball blade longest stay in the bag. Irons taylormade sldr been in the bag nearly two years. Sldr rescues and three wood about 18 months. Driver taylormade M2 2016 been in the bag three months swapped from sldr. Distance wise nothing much in it but the M2 is a bit more forgiving than sldr. I think Pete hit the nail on the head in that the new gear isn't much better than the stuff from up to five years ago.
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen - 4 years ago
where dom go to get the irons "reset", and is it possible to get them refurbished ? really love my combo-710s but they are pretty worn by now....
Simon Dale
Simon Dale - 4 years ago
Great topic! I'm currently playing Adams idea pro black cb2 irons and recently went into my local golf shop to put them up against the new releases from the top manufacturers. I found such a small difference in performance and feel I couldnt justify spending$1000+. New grips and I'll be out playing my old irons for at least another year.
David Crowley
David Crowley - 4 years ago
Driver: Ping G25 4yrs
Woods: 3 & 5 Nike vr pro 6yrs
Hybrid: 21* Nike vr pro 4yrs
Irons: Ping G5 5i-GW 10yrs
Wedges: Cleveland 54* CG16 5yrs, Cleveland 58* 588 RTX 4yrs
Putter: Cleveland classic collection 1.5
Getting fitted for new irons, wedges and I expect hybrid and woods may need changing too since modern lofts in irons may nudge into longer part of the bag. Driver and putter "should" remain, but I'll see how the fitting goes.
Shizzly Tizzly
Shizzly Tizzly - 4 years ago
I have Titleist DCI 762 irons that I got given by my dads friend around 4 or 5 years ago and these irons are at least 15 years old I think maybe more but the club face on all of them are still in decent condition and considering I'm only 23 and don't have £500 plus spare to buy myself a new set of custom fit irons I'll keep using my old irons. I still hit them well and have never really had any problems with them over the years so I'm not exactly rushing to change. I think some people change way too often and do spur of the moment changes because of a few bad rounds which is very hasty in my eyes.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong - 4 years ago
Driver: Ping Anser (3years) Ping G25 3 and 5 woods (3years) Ping G30 7 wood (2 years) Ping G10 HB (6years) Cobra tws (10 years) . Ping i200 irons (new) .2 x Ping Glide 2.0 (new) Putter Ping Karsten Anser 5 (3 years)
Paul Anderton
Paul Anderton - 4 years ago
I'm definitely looking to change mine soon, I'm still playing with my titliest dci 918 there 16 years old, tried the callaway apex pro in american golf on Saturday,getting crazy distance hitting the 7 iron 183 yards,mental...
Adam Muehl
Adam Muehl - 4 years ago
2016 M1 Driver and 3 Wood. Callaway Alpha 18 Hybrid, Ping G Crossover 4 Iron, Ping G irons 5-W, Cleveland RTX 50*, MD 2's 56* and 60*, Scotty DB Newport 2 Notchback.
rumsch - 4 years ago
Titleist 905 R.... BUT just bought a used 915 D3
TM SLDR 3 Wood
Mizuno MP 32
SM 4 and SM 6 Wedges.

I tend to use my clubs for some time.
Eckhard Grottendieck
Eckhard Grottendieck - 4 years ago
Hi Peter! I really enjoy your videos and I absolutely love that you keep your distance to the marketing hype of the manufacturers. I play a set of Ben Hogan Apex Forges Irons (ca. 2006), an Orlimar Trimetal 3-wood (ca. 2006), Cobra Zero Limits Driver (2010), Cleveland Tour Action 588 Wedges. All in all not the newest set of clubs. I play of 13 and I don't think I can remember a situation on the course when my clubs have hold me back - it always was the indian not the arrow. That said everybody loves something new and shiny! That's why manufactures play to the vain and childish part in us. I agree with you: those who can afford it should buy all the new clubs they can get a hold of! Cheers!
David Swanson
David Swanson - 4 years ago
TaylorMade Burner TP 8.5° (2007)
TaylorMade Burner TP ts 13° (2007)
TaylorMade Tour Prefferred MB 3-PW (2014)
TaylorMade Tour Prefferred ATV 52°,56°,60°
TaylorMade TPA XIV (1982)!!
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 4 years ago
Pete your talking sense here I think people change there clubs just because they loose a bit of confidence, really they should go for a lesson and get put back on track. I have ping i3 irons there old now but loved them, changing them next month but having trouble what to go for I'm a 8 handicap and looking at improving and winning this season. And advice what irons to go for I was thinking Mizuno MP5 or Ping i200. Cheers Andy
James Harvey
James Harvey - 4 years ago
Ping G30 driver, 3 years old - won't change until the face caves in!
Ping G10 3 wood, 8 years old - can't find anything that beats it!
Ping G Crossover - 1 month old - good so far.
Mizuno MP-15 3 to PW 1 year old - no need to change ( last set - Titleist 710 MB/CB's, lasted 6 years)
Mizuno TP4 wedges 4 years old - 52 still bites hard, 58 not so much.. (more about my strike though, I suspect!)
Scotty fastback putter - 5 years old.. why would I want to change it?

My wedges have a raw finish which means they do rust up a bit, which always helps with spin!
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
James Harvey rust doesn't help with spin, it reduces glare and makes them feel slightly softer
Terry McGovern
Terry McGovern - 4 years ago
surprised you didn't mention the Acushnet v.s. Costco legal proceedings. Think it will impact "the common man" golfer and most purchased golf item. Thought's?
jase gosling
jase gosling - 4 years ago
I tend to practice short game a lot. and as my strength is 135 yrds and in i use 8-LW a lot of the time. I tend to replace my wedges every 12-18mnths (when i can afford to). I used mp4s atm in my irons, but i tend to replace these every 5/6 yrs depending on when i feel like i'm getting flyers for no good reason ( i loft and lie twice a year). I'm about to get a new driver, fairway wood and hybrid. but these have been about 3-4 yrs since the last upgrade, also I'm getting a putter fit with James Pickard (who I cannot recommend enough, he is an excellent tutor and a good friend) but its been 18mnths since my last putter and with the help of James my stroke has got a lot better that a new putter is warrented.

Saying all this though I still use for sentimental reasons my old mans callaway graphite shafted diabalo irons at times and still can get good results from them.
Graeme Hodges
Graeme Hodges - 4 years ago
Driver 2 years old, 3 & 5 woods, irons (including PW and SW) and putter are all 25+ years old. Balls unknown (I use what I find). I might get some new irons one day. Must save up...
Gary Parks
Gary Parks - 4 years ago
Great video Pete, I've just bought some 2nd hand clubs (Ping G25 driver and G10 irons) that are in great condition and absolutely love them.
Ewen Lindsay
Ewen Lindsay - 4 years ago
my dad plays Dunlop diamond max woods in 1,3 and five. he plays muzuno impact irons 4-sw and a pinseeker putter
KammaQwazi - 4 years ago
Great topic. I do change my wedges every summer or 2 depending on how much I play. Due to my complete inability to get on the green in regulation, my wedges are the most used clubs in my bag. The rest of them only get changed if I decide to get something different, not because I need to.
Michael Rolton
Michael Rolton - 4 years ago
Thanks, Pete. Putter - Yes (4 years) - Lob wedge - Ping G (1 year) - Other wedges and Irons - Ping G30 (1 year) - Utility and Fairways - Callaway X2 Hot (3 years) - Driver - SLDR 12.0 (4 years) - all with reg shafts. Congrats on 90,000 - 100,000 here we come.
William Breland
William Breland - 4 years ago
I have a set of TaylorMade R11 irons, driver, and 3 wood. I bought them second hand in 2014. Do you think it is time to get something a bit newer?
Charles O'Shea
Charles O'Shea - 4 years ago
I am 15 and just started golf should I try to get a brand new lower brand set or 2nd hand more popular brand.
Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher - 4 years ago
Check out golfbidder and Pete and Rick video about second hand clubs, do not buy off ebay
Charles O'Shea
Charles O'Shea - 4 years ago
Cheers bro
CG Mat
CG Mat - 4 years ago
Second hand higher quality Charles
Ethan Maloy
Ethan Maloy - 4 years ago
Definitely an interesting topic. I've been playing with the same mizuno MX-23 irons for the past 8 years probably once every week or other week and have never really done anything more to them other than regular cleaning. I want to go get them tested to see how much they have changed.
mark fernley
mark fernley - 4 years ago
Interesting video. I'm in a position where I could change my irons and driver as through lessons and practice I've improved my speed, now feel I should be looking at stiff shafts. Wedges are old but have a good feel and offer confidence so not changing them. My uncle gave me his putter 12years ago and I still love it.
Neil Wiggins
Neil Wiggins - 4 years ago
After 2yrs changed out my SW defo, but my PW gives good spin but added a LW as never had one before and allows a lot of control (except is miss-hit and catch it thin). Just changed my driver and it has added 20-40yards.
Dave Matteo
Dave Matteo - 4 years ago
Callaway Hyper X 10*
Tour Edge Exotics E8 3W
Tour Edge Exotics E8 3H
Taylormade Tour Burner 4-SW
Cleveland VP milled 2

Is my bag at the moment, everything except the tour edge clubs are about 8 years old.Although I never used them much before really getting into golf this year. So they are all in pretty good condition
They will see me out this year and then I'm hoping to get custom fit
James Ashworth
James Ashworth - 4 years ago
Hi Pete, I have a ping g driver and I am getting quite frustrated as I have only had the driver for about 3 months and it already has quite a few scratches and marks on the club face, even know I take really good care of it. I would just like to know why this happens, im guessing it just from when the ball and the club connects. If this is it the case, how do I prevent this from happening?
Jared Fernandez
Jared Fernandez - 4 years ago
913 D3, i20 3w, Titleist H1, Mizuno MP64 irons, new Cleveland wedges, Odyssey Works 2 ball (i had my previous putter for 4 years)
Rob Wells
Rob Wells - 4 years ago
Funny it's a subject I have just been chatting about with playing partners had my forged tec cobra irons about 14 months ...
but I play at least twice a week and hit the the range at least twice and that's without fail , so was thinking it could be time too change
jim MacManus
jim MacManus - 4 years ago
Congratulations!!! 90,000 Subscribers now,!     Just changed my irons for the new season, Ping 1.200.    Feel great and consistent distance.
Liam Reilly
Liam Reilly - 4 years ago
I have a question about changing clubs and especially the Driver/and maybe Woods (i recently just upgraded my irons and wedges after 6ish years). I currently have a 913D2 with an 80gram Stiff Shaft and have been trying out a friends M1 2017 Drive with 70grams stiff shaft, I have notice considerably more distance of the tee but feel i cant strike it as well or it will go more wayward - feel like i have to guide the swing rather than commit to my target and hit it. Would you say the technology in the shaft plays a greater part in distance and accuracy over design technology of the club head itself, i was under the assumption prior to this video that i should update my driver as is now "dated" and behind in technology and just to make sure to had a 80gram shaft?
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor - 4 years ago
Pete, I've always been curious what 'the Rory' on the board behind you in these videos refers to, could you enlighten me?
Simon Ainsworth
Simon Ainsworth - 4 years ago
Nicholas Taylor think he mentioned it when he went through the battle board video, from memory it's learning to drive the ball like a 300 yard draw, i think!
Gabriel Casillas Martínz
Gabriel Casillas Martínz - 4 years ago
Hi Pete have you seen the new TaylorMade Tp5 commercial in which they compare prov1 against the new tp5?you think it is real?
Palindromic Bob
Palindromic Bob - 4 years ago
Just got a second hand set of FG Tour V2 as they were on my "want list" for a while. Must search out a loft and lie check some time for them.
notformebeaky - 4 years ago
It must be hard for Pete and Rick not to change frequently. If you get given clubs to review, it must be tempting to put new things in the bag all the time.
coacheye - 4 years ago
The volume is a tad (a lot?) too soft. Please turn it up.
Thank you.
(I can always turn it DOWN...but, I can't make it any louder)
Luke Teal
Luke Teal - 4 years ago
coacheye its very loud on my galaxy, actually turned it down
DUNDEAL - 4 years ago
coacheye yeah his videos are always really low volume on my iPad
James Harvey
James Harvey - 4 years ago
Third the one with the hairy chest!!
Joseph Fitzgerald
Joseph Fitzgerald - 4 years ago
LMcC1144 - 4 years ago

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