IRON SWING Vs DRIVER SWING Rick explains the difference between a driver swing and set up compared to an iron swing and set up. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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IRON SWING Vs DRIVER SWING Rick explains the difference between a driver swing and set up compared to an iron swing and set up. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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morneb2000 - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, i have been playing on and of for many years, and i recently started again. i battle with my irons as in fron 6-3 iron. it seems to be going the same distance. could you advise please?
idham Aulia
idham Aulia - 3 years ago
Thanks for the video. You must have the slow motion example to make me easy look how you swing the stick with drive or swing
I M - 3 years ago
Surely you also want your iron swing same or similar as the driver? Ie the spine angle a few degrees away from the target at set up, so you rotate around your spine rather than running the risk of tilting? No
Willy Snakes
Willy Snakes - 3 years ago
hit oup lol
Nghi Kieu Xuan
Nghi Kieu Xuan - 4 years ago
Eva Tsai
Eva Tsai - 4 years ago
Els Logan
Els Logan - 4 years ago
Hi, this video has helped me enormously improve both my drives and iron shots. I found in the past if i drove well then the rest of my game went off and vice versa! However, I'm either striking my irons perfectly (for me!) or they are shooting off really low, very short and to the right. I have no idea why!! could you possibly suggest something that might make this happen??
Ismail Bkri
Ismail Bkri - 4 years ago
Thanks for the vids Rick. Just started playing golf a few months back & i find your vids/tips easy to follow and understand. They help me improve my swing too. Been following you and Pete’s channel ever since. Keep those tips and fun vids coming!
AllOutNoobHater - 4 years ago
What about weight transfer? Shouldn't you also be putting more weight on your right foot (or left for lefties) in your backswing and then transferring it to your front foot on your downswing?

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Alec Behrman
Alec Behrman - 4 years ago
watching this i realized how far up in my stance I play my ball. My middle to longer irons are where is driver is almost, and my shorter irons and wedges are slighly past the middle line in between my feet. I realized I do this because if my ball position is similar to his, everything is pushed right with my normal fade I tend to get on my iron shots. Im only 18 and just started playing golf in a league this year, I had previously played baseball for something like 12 years and never played golf consistantly until now. I'm usually pretty consistant with my iron shots, but do you have any tips that will help me get my hands around sooner?
Peter Veronica
Peter Veronica - 4 years ago
talk less snow more
Albert Rhodes
Albert Rhodes - 4 years ago
Thank  you , Thank you, Thank you!  Only playing for two months and I was doing the same thing (Iron Shot) for driving with horrible, horrible results.  Now I know the difference.  It is starting to make since.  Golf is more scientific, angles, and geometry than one would think.
Dor D
Dor D - 4 years ago
I`ve taken Golf swing lessons from this guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). They utilize important information like your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a model perfect for you. Before taking the lessons, my handicap is 12 but after completing them I was able to reach 15.
Emilio Barzini
Emilio Barzini - 4 years ago
I have always wondered why some days I hit my irons well but can't drive or vice versa. Now I know why. I really like the simple explanations. Some instructors get too technical. This really helped me along with your other videos.
MrCubflyer - 4 years ago
I would like to see some advise on club selection or brands of what is best for High handicap players I know some must be easier to hit than others thanks.
MrCubflyer - 4 years ago
Thanks for the great tips I am a high handicap player and your tips on hitting Irons and driver have helped a Lot I have dropped 10 shots in the last several rounds.
WhosMaD1337 - 4 years ago
Great vid! Just subd
TheJurisDoctor - 4 years ago
I have a bad habit of hitting the ground just before the ball with my driver. One of your videos said to shift your hips slightly forward on the downswing to stop it. If I tilt backwards as you did in this video, any tips for not hitting the ground? Thanks. Love your videos...
Danny Crossley
Danny Crossley - 4 years ago
Record your driver swing and watch it back. I had a very steep swing (out to in) which meant with my irons I was getting under the ball well and not topping - however with my driver I was bottoming out every other drive. Might be something completely different for you though!
Ashton H
Ashton H - 4 years ago
When I started out, my normal drive was approximately 150 yards and a slice. I read “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and found golf swing secrets. Thanks to the guide, hitting drives 220 yards and sometimes longer is achievable for me. My handicap before was Twenty six but it has now reached Sixteen. You should search it and learn now.

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Danthegingerbreadman - 4 years ago
I watched 15ish videos then had that Oh SHIT moment I almost forgot to subscribe
Danthegingerbreadman - 4 years ago
I watched 15ish videos then had that Oh SHIT moment I almost forgot to subscribe
Star Wars Geek
Star Wars Geek - 4 years ago
Mine swing is quite good I can hit the ball 165yds and I'm 9
ThePopbanks007 - 3 years ago
I can hit 400 and I'm 94
Justin A
Justin A - 4 years ago
Star Wars Geek I hit the ball 300 and I’m 14
IphotonIDE - 4 years ago
Thank you guys! Played today and only had 2 drives where I wasn't extremely happy. The only reason was due to my lack of taking my time to ensure I was set up correctly.
Alexander Go
Alexander Go - 4 years ago
Great vid.
Patrick Cooper
Patrick Cooper - 4 years ago
Great video, I just feel like if I were to use this swing I would have good ball contact but would lose a large amount of yardage. I feel like I wouldn't have any weight transfer or power in my swing
Leo Pinewood Lane
Leo Pinewood Lane - 4 years ago
Those 10 000 hours to master something feels like they are a bit off for me.
Aspect - 4 years ago
Rick you're saying 1 thing with the driver but you do something completely else...
Raymond Loffredo
Raymond Loffredo - 4 years ago
I just finished watching 'the complete golf swing guide and want to thank you for the easiest most complete instructions for practicing the golf swing. So I had to watch the difference in adjustments with the driver. The next performance issues i would like you to address is the use of fairway woods. Thanks again
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim - 4 years ago
Wouldn't tilting the body forward technically make the loft of the 6 iron pointless? Since the angle of the club face make it's more vertical by tilting forward.

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melvin sacromentoe
melvin sacromentoe - 4 years ago
This is great with the visual effects
keseysvenisonchili - 4 years ago
fantastic video. immediate results applying what you talked about.
Joel Benseñor
Joel Benseñor - 4 years ago
I think we all feel the same when watching this guy. Sometimes we get to the range and all we want is to hit balls and see them flying, because we don't want to 'waste' time in details ,nor pay attention on every step to swing properly. Hats off. Great swing, and good teaching
Sherif Fowler
Sherif Fowler - 4 years ago
Please make slow motion videos for driver and iron
wreckim - 4 years ago
Great video...after being away from the game for almost 20 years...I got my driver back, but the irons continue to be a work in progress. Thank you...can't wait to try this on the range.
B - 4 years ago
Enmanuel Melian
Enmanuel Melian - 4 years ago
Best channel ever!!!
Aaron Levin
Aaron Levin - 4 years ago
Great instruction Rick!
Kirk Delorme
Kirk Delorme - 4 years ago
Extremely well explained. Your videos have been a huge help.
dervistheword - 4 years ago
Never knew any of this! Fab!
William Raynes
William Raynes - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick, big help for me.
Phil Murphy
Phil Murphy - 4 years ago
Id love to see the trajectory of his driver shot. Tough to see the ball with those clouds.
133211 You
133211 You - 3 years ago
Phil Murphy use yellows
Darkrai64 - 4 years ago
Would love to see some tips on 100 yards shots and in.
eric stevenson
eric stevenson - 4 years ago
thanks.  This was great.
Darcy C
Darcy C - 4 years ago
I have been a golf player for 7 years and there are a few lessons that I have got. After learning these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I shot a 75 after 2 buckets working on the concepts shown in this book, particularly the grip section, the ball position and most importantly the through swing drills. My previous handicap is Thirteen, but now I am beginning to drop it. It is outstanding guide!
Kyle Graves
Kyle Graves - 4 years ago
Took a few of these tips to the range yesterday...wasn't expecting much. But I was hitting my irons pure and bombing drives. Actually really surprised myself. Thanks for the tips!
Yellow Boi
Yellow Boi - 3 years ago
Kyle Graves
Yellow Boi
Yellow Boi - 3 years ago
Kyle Graves no you didn’t you liar
Michael Sweetman
Michael Sweetman - 4 years ago
Awesome video, I will use this, thanks.
Jordan Martinka
Jordan Martinka - 4 years ago
i love the thorough explaination, i need to go back to these videos every now and then for a review cause i get into old habits and start hitting very poor shots and chunking
T Stanton
T Stanton - 4 years ago
I like when he talks about his "zip" on his jacket :-)
James Gill
James Gill - 4 years ago
that was a great explanation, thank you.

50. comment for IRON SWING Vs DRIVER SWING

Alec Sutton
Alec Sutton - 4 years ago
So no joke I watched this video as well as a video on how far to stand away from the ball this morning and shot an 83 today. Before today, I consistently shot mid to upper 90s.... I never knew this was how you were supposed to hit. Very good job explaining this! I used to top my irons 50% of the time and today I did not top one. Crisp nearly every shot. And my driving got more consistent too. Thanks for the tips!
Yellow Boi
Yellow Boi - 3 years ago
Alec Sutton you’re so full of shit
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 4 years ago
good job!!!!!
stevekap8 - 4 years ago
Nice simple instructions. Nice graphics.
galva777tx - 4 years ago
Hello from Texas. I'm going to try this technique tomorrow at the range. I've noticed I've been bottoming out with my driver so your technique may help me.
Mike Boatright
Mike Boatright - 4 years ago
I saw Michael Breed from the golf channel say with a 6 iron to do a reverse k setup up because your right arm is lower than the left and place more weight on your forward foot? It does seem counter intuitive to add weight to your forward foot yet displace your spine and hip axis back a bit. I guess the idea is to turn your back towards the target stay static and loaded into your back leg then rotate through the shot hitting down though in a shallow fashion. So which one is right Rick I see to forms of teaching here?
Mike Boatright
Mike Boatright - 4 years ago
From the research iv;e been doing it seems if your to centered or forward at set up it will produce a reverse tilt of the head and spine in your backswing say with the irons. Notice on in his driver how his spine turns behind the ball and hits up,and on his irons he achieves what he is saying yet his head does go towards the target on the back swing minimally cause he's good, and is saved from his athleticism even though he reverse pivots a hair.. Iv'e been tinkering and have found that placing the ball 1/4 back of center with the short irons and having a baby reverse k setup like the driver promotes a better spine turn and a new impact point which is back of center still hitting down. The problem i'm having is it does feel right to stay symmetrical and place 65-50 forward foot with 7/8/9 irons and it works it's just sorta stack and tiltish.
Stephen Pierce
Stephen Pierce - 4 years ago
It seems I've got quite a few changes to make. Thanks for the tips, can't wait to apply them!
Rolf Lindstrom
Rolf Lindstrom - 4 years ago
It seems so simple when you show the technique of the two different golf teams.
Now it's time to practice. Thanks Rick.
Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira - 4 years ago
You have to hit "op" on the ball ! :)
Chase Zee
Chase Zee - 4 years ago
thanks Rick, I think you just put me back in the 70's. I've been using the driver swing for my irons. No wonder I can't hit a green!!
ippo kid igloo
ippo kid igloo - 4 years ago
well done
jean genest
jean genest - 4 years ago
Very easy to understand thanks
wiylan3l momknt3tini
wiylan3l momknt3tini - 4 years ago
Mattia Rigamonti
Mattia Rigamonti - 4 years ago
I was ALWAYS costantly hitting a fade on all my irons and woods.
I practiced a couple of times all the tips given in this video with very nice results.
You will never believe, during the following week-end (3 days later I saw this video) I made a hole-in-one (my first and only)with a beautiful and damn straight 4 hybrid. I've never written a comment, but I think this time is worthwile. A HUGE THANK YOU RICK!!!
David mindimage1
David mindimage1 - 4 years ago
Very helpful, focus on a couple of key elements--hardest thing for me is hitting irons and taking a divot in front of the ball--this video helped!
20solo20 - 4 years ago
Your the best mate. Keep the videos coming
Josal - 4 years ago
great clip and instruction
Forgotten - 4 years ago
great video, how do you not have more subscribers
Josh Vigers
Josh Vigers - 4 years ago
love these videos they have improved my golf game drastically !! im still not consistent with my driver hitting the ball straight some are left some are right some are straight. Any tips or videos to really target consistency in driving and using fair way woods
Scott Wright
Scott Wright - 4 years ago
Such a helpful video and so simple! Awesome.
J1MAK - 4 years ago
Thanks! I'd like to know the difference of fairway woods?
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 4 years ago
makes sense . thank you
Alex Bates
Alex Bates - 4 years ago
Playing a 3 wood off the tee would you still setup to hit upwards as much as with a driver?
Carlos C Rodgers
Carlos C Rodgers - 4 years ago
Great Video Rick. A slow motion of each swing would have been nice!!
Lawrie Fildes
Lawrie Fildes - 4 years ago
That was the best description of the differences between the driver & irons i heard
Sean Lee
Sean Lee - 4 years ago
You never ever have sensation of hitting down with your iron because it's not true.

Hands going down do not alway mean that club head is moving down. In fact, right around trailing thigh, which is the lowest point of hands, everything starts going up. However, club head continues to go down until about leading arm pit.

I believe that this notion of hitting down has something to do with so many golfers strike ball so poorly.

You need to move upwards a lot sooner than you think in order to present the club face properly. Even so, because of the ball position, you'll hit down as the club head is traveling down. It's not like your hands are hitting the ball; club face does.
john Matthews
john Matthews - 4 years ago
theory is always helpful to us no hopers
Andreas Stald
Andreas Stald - 4 years ago
Hey Rick so i have an issue with my swing my coach told me to turn a bit more in but i have a draw and i find it hard to get the ball flying strait so i was wondering if you had any drills or something to help drrive strait
Coby B
Coby B - 4 years ago
I was able to shot a Seventy three after practicing the drill I have learned from reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). Another accomplishment I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I missed the green by an average 5 to 10 yards. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all the time. It wasn`t my best round ever, however it was my best in a long time.
Michael Ackerman
Michael Ackerman - 4 years ago
Rick, thanks for the refresher and excellent video. Since I have returned to playing more I have made a lot of progress hitting my irons crisp and solid but my driver swing has suffered. I have been all over the place with performance and spin. This really helps me understand how to become more consistent.
jennifer - 4 years ago
would be nice to have very slow motion
Armando Guerra
Armando Guerra - 4 years ago
Great tip! I'm going to apply it next time.
sherifffdb905 - 4 years ago
Thanks for the great video.
Rudy Cramer
Rudy Cramer - 4 years ago
Great video!
Benjamin August Rotbøl 9B Vinding Skole
Benjamin August Rotbøl 9B Vinding Skole - 5 years ago
Do you have m1 or m2 driver?
J T - 5 years ago
Excellent video and nice explanation.
STEVE Ambrose
STEVE Ambrose - 5 years ago
what a great instruction - better than most other vids I have seen.
Rhys Paul
Rhys Paul - 5 years ago
Don't why there are 24 dislikes. SMH
Bradley Morrell
Bradley Morrell - 5 years ago
This video just made me realize how bad my swing is.
Perica Lazic
Perica Lazic - 3 years ago
Lovely video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (do a google search)? It is a smashing one off guide for revealing an effortless golf swing technique without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy finally got excellent success with it.
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 4 years ago
if you do this this will actually help your game!!!!!!!
ive done it
first time in my 8 year career that i can hit a driver with resonable averages of 280 without roll........
ABQSentinel - 5 years ago
I know, right? This guy's swing is absolutely beautiful!
MANversusGRAVITY - 5 years ago
Great video! I have never been more convinced that the driver and iron require two subtly different swings (more than just setup). I have NEVER hit both consistently well at the same time. At times, driver is on but irons are off and then it flips. I've talked to a number of golfers with the same issue. This is even the case with many pros. Too many instructors simply say make the same swing and move the ball forward with a driver. Not that simple in my opinion. For me, feeling that the clubhead passes the hands/handle is key for the driver and, with irons, i feel as I am leaning the shaft into impact and trapping the ball on the way through.
Dan Carter
Dan Carter - 5 years ago
I've only just stumbled upon this channel, your videos are incredibly informative and even as a single figure handicapper they are very rich of information. I will most definitely remember to hit ooop on the ball with driver. :)
Stephen Harris
Stephen Harris - 5 years ago
i smash my driver.usually into the ground.
firstsergeantallen - 5 years ago
Another great video Rick!
Android602715 - 5 years ago
This video has taken 10 off my handicap in a month. Got into golf in the early summer. Played about 12 rounds of golf, and the 1st 4 i was 100+. I then started watching your videos, and this one and the iron vs hybrid video have helped tremendously, 5th round hit 98, and now i can drive 250-270 yards reliably without slicing(occasional bad shot) and my iron have been steadily getting more consistent, now my best round i a 93, and am racing to hit under 90 by winter. Thanks so much. Now i need work on my <100 yard game and my putting is very inconsistent. Thanks so much rick!
Keith Parks
Keith Parks - 4 years ago
Austyn Livers trolls
Austyn Livers
Austyn Livers - 4 years ago
MrCubflyer - 4 years ago
Learn to spell and if you don't like the videos go watch something else.
Platinum Pineapple
Platinum Pineapple - 4 years ago
Android602715 lmao im never watchijg these videos on youtube, my grandpa played on college scholarship and my dad played in hikes school, they both have won several cit ameteurs and damn well still can play amazing. they are the best trachers ima get not these shitty videos
Eaamon Mangan
Eaamon Mangan - 4 years ago
I was 36.6 handicap 10 years ago. Watching Ricks videos has helped me understand a lot. For better drives pick a narrow slot 20 yards or so wide on a driving range and get consistent until you understand this is ur swing. As for putting I practice the longest distances on the practice green then finish with your short ones. At 68 I just did a round of 75 this last week.... I play 5 days a week now.
KBumpurs - 4 years ago
Great point, I shoot in the low 80s consistently, have even broken into the 70s once or twice and I dont even take a driver to the course with me, too many inconsistent shots with it, and for me its a mental thing, when i take the driver in my hands, my mind thinks I have to try to hit it 400 yards and I always lose my mechanics. I always tee off with a 3 wood, carry about 220-230 and even on par 5s I still tee off with the three wood, as I am better hitting hybrids than long irons so it works out well. my biggest tip, and something I wish someone would have told me when I started playing golf was to not hit a driver off the tee box, just way too much risk for reward when I can hit a 3 wood 240 in a straight line right down the middle. Happy swinging! Hit em straight!
Platinum Pineapple
Platinum Pineapple - 4 years ago
Sk8mattGaming i hit 91 today at lincoln. a coupoe mulligans but im not as good as my dad. he shoots consisntly in the 70's. every single time he plays. i do always make sure i get a good lie tho so i can actually hit a good shot.
rafer Jefferson iii
rafer Jefferson iii - 4 years ago
Personally, I am an 18 HC and I found getting into the 80s was easy without a driver. I use 3 hybrid or a 4 iron. I am not even a long hitter, I get 170 carry off a 4 iron and about 180 off the the yellows, I shoot mid 80s and I really do believe the driver is an impediment to most peoples games. I use about half the time. I would rather hit 180 tothe fairway than 300 to the rough. I always saw the driver as the flashy club every new player wants to hit it with....I figured I would become a master with irons....did me well I think. My local courses are not long, and I am now trying to master it to get to the mid and low teens. Totally agree and would add ESPECIALLY approach shots, high pitch, bump and run. When to putt off green, various lies....which way greens go, where are bunkers. This shot is the make or break every hole for me. Learning to 2 putt from 20+ feet is easier than all the pitch and chip shots...these are tricky, but very., very rewarding.
Sk8mattGaming - 4 years ago
Don't know where you are as of now (4 months later) but when shooting in the 90s, you'll break 90 by really focusing on your short game. Pitch shots, chip shots, putting, etc. When going to the range, I'd spend 25% of my time hitting balls, then probably 35% chipping and 40% putting. You don't want to spend so much time just hitting driver/irons unless you're going through a swing change. You very well might be under 90 now, but just in case here's a tip on what to practice when going to the range. Same with anyone else who sees this and is hitting 90+.
Brooks Goodnight
Brooks Goodnight - 5 years ago
I needed this!
Brad Acker
Brad Acker - 5 years ago
Great lesson!
Louis Fried
Louis Fried - 5 years ago
Thanks. Good video which highlights the differences in the swings when using your irons and driver.
Gayle Valdez
Gayle Valdez - 5 years ago
How much should u close the face on ur club
AntiVenom - 5 years ago
None, if you make a straight line from the center of the club face through the ball and into your target your leading edge should be adjacent to that.
Chester Micek
Chester Micek - 5 years ago
I like this video a lot because there is so much similarity between the driver swing and the iron swing; yet, a golfer must hit down on an iron and up with the driver. The zipper of your windbreaker tip is very good because it gives the golfer an anchor steady rule of thumb. Similarly, the tilt back with the trunk (torso) tip is very good because the driver must shallow out beneath the belt buckle in order to hit the ball on the upswing. Of course, the windbreaker/zipper rule must be combined with intelligent ball position, middle of stance for wedge through seven iron. a ball forward for 5 & 6. Very good job. Bottom line: the contrast between driver and six iron drove the lesson home.
Johnny Penso
Johnny Penso - 5 years ago
Great video. I stumbled upon this by accident. Been playing off and on for nearly 40 years as a casual player and decided at age 55 to get a little more serious. Been watching many of your videos and they've helped a great deal but I hit upon the idea of a different swing for irons vs. driver on my own because it felt right to do so. Thanks for confirming this with your video!
2001pontiacta - 5 years ago
Can you make a video of how to use wedges? PW, 56degree,60degree. What club is best for what distance. Also, how to hold them. I always end up hitting with me wedges left, Not sure why. Also, I have a hard time using my 60degree for a short distance. I have no consistency with my wedges. I watched a video on YouTube with guys having the wedges very opened. I need lots of help/info on using wedges. Thanks

100. comment for IRON SWING Vs DRIVER SWING

Jacob Tanis
Jacob Tanis - 5 years ago
Brand new sub! Two quick questions: You use the same grip for irons as you do driver, correct? Do you also hit the ball at the 7 o'clock position? I play a high fade and lose a ton of distance if I don't catch it pure. I'd rather play a slight draw. Also, your stop slicing the driver video was amazing!
Casey G
Casey G - 5 years ago
Great video, Rick! When you talk about getting your zipper on top of the ball, are you just moving your shoulders or are you sliding your hips to the left? Does the zipper stay vertical?
Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris - 5 years ago
Great instruction Rick, as always. Having played and taken instruction for most of 50 years, thought I knew how to do it. This video really makes clear what really needs to happen. Always wondered why when I stay right on top of the ball short irons are struck so pure; not as good as iron number get smaller. Now I understand. Thanks again, you're the best !
7roadtrain7 - 5 years ago
Could you please do a video on going through the ball . I always seems to remain with my feet planted on the ground and there fore tend to hook left
Any help would be appreciated
Colin Cooper
Colin Cooper - 5 years ago
what about the lofts of the drivers rick do the make a big difference to high handicap golfers or not?
Diane Hensman
Diane Hensman - 5 years ago
Very clear explanation Tks
valderja - 5 years ago
Great tips Rick. I used to love hitting my irons really consistently well but realised I'd developed bad habits with setup such as the ball a little too far forward particularly with shorter irons and setting up with the shaft either straight down or even leaning back a touch. I'll practice these drills to hopefully get my irons going better.
hquin187 - 5 years ago
Good stuff Rick! Can't wait to try it :). BTW u, pete, and carly are hilarious. You guys should collab more often lol.
Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler - 5 years ago
great video, how about hybrids? I find myself either hitting my hybrid perfectly or topping the ball. Is this from using a driver swing when I should be using an iron swing?
Kyle Cosca
Kyle Cosca - 5 years ago
Awesome video! Love the separation you made between the two swings. Nice work Rick!
Jancen - 5 years ago
Great video! Just have a question. Is it true you have to align your body a bit to the right when using a driver as you are swinging up and a bit to the left when using an iron as you are hitting down to zero out the path and hit a straight shot?
Jack Wilcox
Jack Wilcox - 5 years ago
hi great video think will really help. but I would like to see what to do with my wrists when striking different clubs can you do that?
Robert E. Tewksbury
Robert E. Tewksbury - 5 years ago
The difference is that you don't need a screwdriver to hit an iron.
gagamin2 - 5 years ago
I really like this video. I have a question. People say I have quite flat swing and I feel its good when I hit driver. But when I hit with iron ball doesnt fly. Someone recommended me to change swing path tolitle bit uprighter, do you think its good I idea?
Marquise West
Marquise West - 5 years ago
at 3:00 I'm pretty sure that ball entered orbit.
En5an3 - 5 years ago
Thank you very much! Infinitely helpful!!!
stabes70 - 5 years ago
Great Video Rick.. Thanks for the tips!
roorabc - 5 years ago
Rick could you do a video using your Gap Wedge...when and how to use it...i feel like i am not swinging it properly
Cody Fontenot
Cody Fontenot - 5 years ago
Great great video! I'd like to throw in one little extra thing I do for my irons. When practicing, I place a penny about an inch in front of the ball and aim to take out the penny, not the ball. This one little thing has made my irons much stronger, straighter, and less chilli dippers and worm burners. :) Thanks to you Rick Shiels for your lessons! I enjoy many of your vids. :D
Nick van Zanten
Nick van Zanten - 5 years ago
Thank you Rick, super super helpful.
Innurendo - 5 years ago
Do you hit a 3 wood like a driver? and how would you strike a ball with a hybrid club? I'm kinda new to golf, and mostly use my irons... though I did get a cheeky birdie with a chip in my third time on a course :3
pickin4you - 5 years ago
I would like to see tips on how to get the proper distance from my irons. Now for me, 280 yards is a good drive, but I lack in my irons. I seem to out drive most of those I golf with, yet I need to go up 2-3 irons to hit the same distance as they do with their irons. They might use an 8 iron, and I am using a 5 or 6 iron. Why do I have decent distance from my driver, but nothing from my irons?
Brandon A
Brandon A - 5 years ago
Almost all Tour Players have a slightly negative attack angle on their drivers as well.. Its true a positive attack will give more distance & less spin, but is it sacrificing consistency and missing more fairways?
lonestargun - 5 years ago
Thanks Rick! I hit my irons well but have no distance on my driver. Demoed a callaway xr 3 wood which I hit 260, then tried the XR 16 driver & could barely manage 230. Def gonna practice & learn to swing along my tilt.
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett - 5 years ago
Hybrid fairway wood monster vid with bag setup and technique tips for different Category players. I'm a 37 handicapper that hits his 5wood nicely but struggles with 3 and 4 hybrid. Actually dropped my 4 hybrid for 4 iron as i hit it better.
Core52 Rivas
Core52 Rivas - 5 years ago
you said sand wedge through 5 iron should be the same swing. how about 4 iron through hybrids/fairway woods? do I not hit down with those? I always thought you hit down with all irons and give more of a sweeping motion with fairway woods. great video though.
noMObama517 - 5 years ago
Wingardium leviosaaahhhh
Timanator - 5 years ago
Very cool. you really tilted alot more on the driver swing. Most pro's do that as well. it's weird that you describe as staying the same tilt, I'm guessing thats the feel to you.
its rickk
its rickk - 5 years ago
Hey Coach Rick. I tried this setup today. Works really well with my irons, but i tend to lean back, or fall back when I hit my driver with this setup. Any tips?
harmon walker
harmon walker - 5 years ago
as always awesome... i have one question. I think your instructions are going to help so much, I was wondering if you want my autograph now while it is free?
Anthony Holland
Anthony Holland - 5 years ago
Great video. As someone who drives fairly well but struggles more with iron shots - this has some key points. Thanks again!
hungriest hippo
hungriest hippo - 5 years ago
Nice clear info. One question though, regarding grip. In order to get the club face square, with that forward hand position on the iron shots, I find that I'm adopting a stronger grip (relative to the guide markings on the club's grip). With driver, fairway wood and hybrid my grip is absolutely neutral. Is this inconsistency across my clubs a bad thing, or should I just accept that this works and run with it?
cgasucks - 5 years ago
For me, like the way I was taught, an iron swing is the same as a fairway, hybrid, and a driver swing, as long as your hands are in the same position at address regardless of what club is used, the design of the club will find its optimal ball position.
Greg Lisi
Greg Lisi - 3 years ago
I totally agree. Screwing around with body and hand movement to adjust for irons, hybrids, and drivers causes muffed contacts for me. I simply move ball position at address given the situation. Stick with the fundamentals throughout.
Felix Negron
Felix Negron - 5 years ago
Thanks for the video Rick, very helpful. Any insights on hybrids? Same as irons?
David Kennedy
David Kennedy - 5 years ago
Hi Rick, great video! Would love to see a video on how to hit low drives into the wind, would benefit a lot of people in UK/Irish weather :)
Phamism - 5 years ago
great tips Rick
Suret Basson
Suret Basson - 5 years ago
Hi Rick. Great video,thanks. When it comes to my driver, I keep hitting it in the head. Any suggestion or drills to get rid of it? Video on how not to top your irons/driver would be fantastic. cheers
michael young
michael young - 5 years ago
Great video Rick, just wish you would have done a face-on slow motion replay with the iron and driver.
Frank Mayes
Frank Mayes - 5 years ago
Sure explains why some days you're playing your irons great and can't get off the tee and vice a versa...Lol
Great video.... Thanks
Victor Perez Jr.
Victor Perez Jr. - 5 years ago
Hey Rick, could you do a video on how to stop flipping your right waist on contact?
sherifffdb905 - 5 years ago
I was just wondering if you could explain ball position with the other irons. Is it the same or how does it differ, and why.
J.g Fishing
J.g Fishing - 5 years ago
As you go up In loft you out the ball further in your stance
Tom Rad
Tom Rad - 5 years ago
Best comparison yet, top stuff. Thanks
Tas Bones
Tas Bones - 5 years ago
Thanks for the video...
What about 3W, 5W and or Hybrid?
BMXPS3NERD - 5 years ago
Thanks Rick played my best round with these tips!
riki chen
riki chen - 5 years ago
great video, love it! thank you so much Rick,Appericate from your fan in Taiwan
Brandon Ball
Brandon Ball - 5 years ago
thank you for the videos keep it up
sinterklaasje1975 - 5 years ago
Hi Rick - I recently discovered your channel - some real good stuff on there!! As a new golfer - I would be interested in an instruction how to properly decide on your stance for the various clubs (distance to ball and distance between your feet). At the driving range it is straightforward - but out on the golf course it's not natural yet...
J Mo
J Mo - 5 years ago
took this to the driving range yesterday and had some great results straight off! Many thanks Rick. Hitting 3/5 woods off the fairway would be a good tip video for me
Miguel Dabu
Miguel Dabu - 5 years ago
Great explanation Rick!
Wesley Rolton
Wesley Rolton - 5 years ago
Good vid would you advise closing the grip for the driver too?
David Young
David Young - 5 years ago
I would like to see an in depth instruction on the release of the driver and iron. Proper hinging techniques. More grip and initial set up instruction.
mike GAVINA - 5 years ago
I was struggling with my driver these past few weeks. After watching this video, I started driving it straighter with better contact. Thanks for all your tips , Rick!
Ken B
Ken B - 5 years ago
thanks Rick - I agree that a slow motion of your swing, especially the lower body and club face contact zoomed in would help me with a mind picture of what I would like to strive for.
again thanks for the tip
Taylor May
Taylor May - 5 years ago
Hello, was that a new staff bag I saw back there? The blue one?
Thomas Borchert
Thomas Borchert - 5 years ago
Good bit. Simple and strong points. Would like the same treatment on swing at age 25 vs 75
RufNeX Ice Hockey
RufNeX Ice Hockey - 5 years ago
We need slow motion.
Robert - 5 years ago
great info rick, thanks for that mate
hk45shooter - 5 years ago
Great vid. I think this is going to help me a lot. Would love to see a vid. on proper stance and swing for chipping onto the green. Thanks.
Tony Atkinson
Tony Atkinson - 5 years ago
Really well explained Rick, love this video. How about a difference with fairway woods and other clubs
Adam Choi
Adam Choi - 5 years ago
Less is discussed in terms of driver downswing movement. Peter finch video suggests to move your hip up towards the target and everything else follows. Could you explain how does downswing should start?
Domonic Leedham
Domonic Leedham - 5 years ago
Nice video! Great to have a kind of refresher :)
tillsy23 - 5 years ago
tried this out this morning and pulled a muscle in my lower back/upper glutes :-( probably shouldn't have finished the bucket on the chipping green
philjh12 - 5 years ago
Thanks for the video Rick. Could you do some tips for working on building more lag in a swing and also working on the swing path through the strike. I am currently working on both of these issues and would love to get your take on them including drills. Thank you so much for all of your videos
Chad Ostby
Chad Ostby - 5 years ago
Rick, thanks for doing this again.  The next day I went golfing and hit some of my best drives this season so far.
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 5 years ago
Top tip Rick!
sub333 - 5 years ago
Very useful, cheers Rick!
Jonny Halliday
Jonny Halliday - 5 years ago
I was watching i video with tommy fleetwood and he said it felt that one reason he hit his driver so far was by swaying backwards and then pushing forwards was it a feeling or what he actually does?
thanks rick i really enjoy your content
David Kelly
David Kelly - 5 years ago
What about fairway woods and rescue clubs? Are these more Driver or Iron?
Ed Floody
Ed Floody - 5 years ago
+David Kelly - Its all about knowing your bottom. The bottom on a driver swing is behind the ball only because its tee'd up. If you hit behind on any other (exclude bunker or specialty wedge) shot it will be fat. So its same as iron, ball turf contact. More sweeping like a 3 iron.
Zach Rennie
Zach Rennie - 5 years ago
pleaseeeee revisit the grip. my grip is so strong but I can't figure out how to change it
Kyle Melvin
Kyle Melvin - 4 years ago
Zach Rennie yay
Rodrigo Bisbal
Rodrigo Bisbal - 5 years ago
great refresher after winter, I really appreciate your content both for the instruction and for the entertainment when you guys play ! great inspiration and wish you great success
patrick - 5 years ago
Such as irons!! Woods!! Driver!! Sand and pitching wedge!!
patrick - 5 years ago
Best clubs to have for kids!! In a sought of top 10 and affordability as well!! Be my perfect vid!!
Brass Pipe
Brass Pipe - 5 years ago
This is good, thank you.
Mihali Wheeler
Mihali Wheeler - 5 years ago
Hi Rick. Hope your well. Thanks for another great video
Beta Vulgaris
Beta Vulgaris - 5 years ago
Also a vid on the run down of clubs and why/when to use them would be cool. As i know some players use short irons and no hybrids, some use only 6 iron upwards and hybrids/fairway woods, some use a combo of the two etc.
Lee Popham-Lithgow
Lee Popham-Lithgow - 5 years ago
Thank Rick a great practice thought
Gareth Colhoun
Gareth Colhoun - 5 years ago
Great video Rick...keep them coming!
andy evans
andy evans - 5 years ago
love tip on 40yard chip off tight lie over bunker
wayne the flyinscottsman
wayne the flyinscottsman - 5 years ago
putting tips and tryed this at weekend in comp and shot my lowest score in a long time
jotshahi - 5 years ago
Hey Rick thanks for that.. FYI I have taken up golf just after watching your great golf tips.. Wondering if you can help with putting grips.. Different kinds
Niall O'Sullivan
Niall O'Sullivan - 5 years ago
How to it a driving iron!
Johan Salzmann
Johan Salzmann - 5 years ago
Long putting! For us who always has a 15 meter birdie/par putt :)
KB CHEF - 5 years ago
This is an amazing video!!!! Thanks Rick. I'm going to watch it again. Excellent !!
Drew Mistic
Drew Mistic - 5 years ago
Great vid rick
Sean Opsahl
Sean Opsahl - 5 years ago
Do you have like your own place for you only at that range?
tecstrat - 5 years ago
Thx for the vids. Swing aside, side by side review of the most forgiving drivers!
Adam Shields
Adam Shields - 5 years ago
Cheers again for a great tip video!!!! I am getting back into golf again after not playing for a few months so this will help greatly get me back into a good position for my iron and driver/fairway. Good luck as always for the quest for The Open
Leigh Bresnahan
Leigh Bresnahan - 5 years ago
Great vid, very helpful.
Charles Farley
Charles Farley - 5 years ago
Thank you for going over that. I sure could have used the lesson before playing today, but I'll practice as soon as I can. I appreciate the way you explained and demonstrated the information. I have heard some of it before, but it really sank in with this video. Thanks again.
Austin Killen
Austin Killen - 5 years ago
Would love to see a club review on the new Ben hogan irons
Callum Emery
Callum Emery - 5 years ago
Loving the look of that personalised Ben Hogan tour bag. Ditch the ping and get that out on the course!
Glenn Norman
Glenn Norman - 5 years ago
Good instruction Rick. I would like to see some tips on how to stop flipping or hooking the Driver. I have tried the setup you mentioned but feels like I get too much from the inside coming down then its pretty much game over. Keep up the good videos. Cheers.
Cameron Halkett
Cameron Halkett - 5 years ago
Hi Rick, could you do a video on the way clubs have changed over the last 10 years, and why?

For example, Graphite's being heavily pushed these days in comparison to steel. We have shaft flexibility options, adjustable faces, and more.

Thanks for the great videos!
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis - 5 years ago
Nicely explained for someone who finds the different swings hard to grasp
Dara Mcnicholl
Dara Mcnicholl - 5 years ago
Do a video on how to hit a straight drive please
TheGolfdaily - 5 years ago
Light saber golf lesson!
Toffee 1878
Toffee 1878 - 5 years ago
I strike down on my driver to the point where the top of my driver looks do you manage to maintain that lean behind the ball whilst shifting weight to the left foot? cheers for the videos Rick.
wpcenturion - 5 years ago
Rick, really useful thanks. Would you be able to do a slow motion of your swing, would be great to see that from the side.
wpcenturion - 5 years ago
+sinterklaasje1975 Cool, thank you. Never knew that :)
sinterklaasje1975 - 5 years ago
+wpcenturion you can play the video in slow-motion from youtube at 0.25 of the normal speed :-)
Brad Campbell
Brad Campbell - 5 years ago
hey rick great video, can you do a video about the preparation part of the game. either before a round or as your round is progressing. what ideas and thoughts go into your preshot routine.
memalos1 - 5 years ago
Excellent channel. Many thanks Sir
D - 5 years ago
The more you swing up the more your path moves from out to in so your statement saying it's easier to hit from the inside isn't true
kevin tee
kevin tee - 5 years ago
Great video Rick as ever how about showing the
whole swing of driver and iron with side, front and behind camera veiws cheers.
Chris Banner
Chris Banner - 5 years ago
Hi Rick, would have liked to see both of those swing types in slo mo also. These types of vids are timely reminders to us all, thanks.
Ryan Cosenza
Ryan Cosenza - 5 years ago
+Chris Banner If you click the gear next to the CC (closed captioning), you change the speed to .25 which will effectively show you slow-mo.
_ rambo__85
_ rambo__85 - 5 years ago
cheers rick nice to see the tip vids again! like the bag in the back,ben hogan?
James Tron
James Tron - 5 years ago
Could you do a video on ball positions and stance with different irons. Those lines you used in this video were very helpful. I seen Pete's videos on ball position but it was difficult to see the ball orientation with his sternum. GREAT VID ONCE AGAIN! Keep it up!
Nasrul Fadhli
Nasrul Fadhli - 5 years ago
yes this is what i need! thanks rick!
Keith  Conway
Keith Conway - 5 years ago
Great videos as always Rick. Any tips for set-up/ swing for Woods/Hybrids? Are they the same as irons or driver or a combo of both? Cheers
Daniel munden
Daniel munden - 5 years ago
When I practice with my irons I'm fine I can hit them, I practise with my driver I hit it ok but then go back to my irons and shank every shot, wtf is that all about. Great video though Rick.
Patrick Danks
Patrick Danks - 5 years ago
great video as always Rick, Very helpful. What about 3 wood off the tee and off the fairway. Same as driver or not as exaggerated?? Thanks
Adrian Twiss
Adrian Twiss - 5 years ago
+Patrick Danks You beat me to it Patrick.  Additionally, what about hybrids?  I use 26,22 and 18 degree hybrids to replace 5,4,and 3 irons?
The Junior Collector 24
The Junior Collector 24 - 5 years ago
Great bit of instruction! I can not wait until the weather cooperates enough for the season to start here. I'll certainly be working on this to start the season off right.
brax daulton
brax daulton - 5 years ago
Please do a what's in the bag! Great video by the way!
GNet Vids
GNet Vids - 5 years ago
Top video Rick is thanks
Jimmy Zhao
Jimmy Zhao - 5 years ago
MarshallPo - 5 years ago
Wood vs hybrid?
Accalaion - 5 years ago
Hey Rick,
really nice video as soon as I have time I will try it out. (Just started to play golf. Well startet a few years ago but had a long break and couldn't really practice.) My goal for this year is to play my first round of 18 holes and try not to loose too much balls :D

But your videos are really helping me to understand what I need to do :)

Thanks very much :)
Would be nice if there were a slo-mo of your swing in this Videos too.
NSHB - 5 years ago
Great video thanks Rick, I hit cracking iron shots but suffer with a low weak driver swing. Told I am getting my hands ahead of the ball any tips please?
rob ramsay
rob ramsay - 5 years ago
great vid Rick
Hoppy1973 - 5 years ago
Bloody hell you make it look effortless
Matthew Dougherty
Matthew Dougherty - 5 years ago

I think a more accurate position for the ball is to be at the armpit for the driver. The width of the stance can make ball more inline with the lead foot or a good ways back from the lead foot. Just for consistency in terms of when the club actually starts to bottom out and move upwards in the swing.

Good video on how the two swings are different. Especially with today's modern drivers.
GroundZero EDITZ
GroundZero EDITZ - 5 years ago
Great video. Thanks Rick
BirdieBrosGolf TV
BirdieBrosGolf TV - 5 years ago
Rick when are you posting the review on the new hogan clubs??
hejulien - 5 years ago
Thanks you for this video. Maybe, one day, we'll finally stop hearing that iron and driver swings are the same. They are NOT !!!!
2PUTT SHANKUR - 5 years ago
Just got back from the course. Shot 99 with two card wrecking holes on the back 9. I'll take that. Broke 100.
2PUTT SHANKUR - 5 years ago
+Alan Waterworth Thank you for your comment. That is great advice for any golfer. I've been focusing on my short game in recent months & it's seems to be paying off.
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth - 5 years ago
+2PUTT SHANKUR good effort :) feels good doesnt it? that´s why this game is so addictive. Try not to fix too many things at once and concentrate on your short game, and just relax and enjoy it. And remember the good holes, not the bad ones :)
2PUTT SHANKUR - 5 years ago
+MissyLaMotte Thank you kindly. It has taken a long time to get there. Here's to lowering our scores.
2PUTT SHANKUR - 5 years ago
+Nik Olai I've had the bug for 9 years now. Late starter but keen player.
MissyLaMotte - 5 years ago
+2PUTT SHANKUR congratulations ... well done. One of these days I will manage that, too.
Duffer Man
Duffer Man - 5 years ago
+2PUTT SHANKUR and thats why youre gonna go back to the course over and over again. It can get pretty addicting
Duke Juno
Duke Juno - 5 years ago
Does it ever not rain there? Haha! Good video, keep them coming really helping my game. Now if I could only straighten up my massive over the top slice.
Margas - 5 years ago
+Duke Juno I constantly find myself facing the same problem until I remind myself to try to keep my hips still. Rotating through your back swing with your upper half as opposed hips and upper half at the same time really helped me. Once your upper half backswing can't go any further it will pull your hips around which is fine, but turning with your hips can cause the "over the top" problem you're facing. Take this advice with a grain of salt as it may not be your problem. Definitely helps me though.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 5 years ago
Jamie1211 - 4 years ago
Hi rick, I have gone from a 16 handicapper to a 9 handicapper in 7 months from watching your videos and practicing using your tips! just wanted to say a big thank you!!
CloudQuake - 5 years ago
iz Zz
iz Zz - 5 years ago
+Rick Shiels Golf Channel , Question. With driver are you also shifting your weight towards your left side as you swing as you do with the irons (right handed)?
benzenbe - 5 years ago
Rick could you please do a video on hitting fairway woods and hybrids. Feel like it's a delicate balance between the driver and irons approaches.
Nick Taylor Golf
Nick Taylor Golf - 5 years ago
+Oliver Feltham you need the hands forward, weight on the left with lower half and head position not to move until after impact
Nick Taylor Golf
Nick Taylor Golf - 5 years ago
+oblivionjaycee yes, I always flare the feet as free's you up to turn more and takes stress off the knee as you turn through
Oliver Feltham
Oliver Feltham - 5 years ago
Hi Rick. Great video as always, really helpful. One issue I am currently having in my game is the horrendous fat shot! I understand what I am doing wrong but I am finding it hard to correct my swing and push that body weight forward. Do you have any drills to help correct this soul destroying shot? Thank you for all the great videos!
oblivionjaycee - 5 years ago
Worth mentioning how the front foot should be pointed outwards with a driver to allow a good follow through when you swing?

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