NEW CALLAWAY GBB EPIC DRIVER REVIEW Check out PGA golf Pro Rick Shiels review of the brand new Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver, using ProV1 and Gc2 and HMT launch monitor. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NEW CALLAWAY GBB EPIC DRIVER REVIEW sentiment_very_dissatisfied 27

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NEW CALLAWAY GBB EPIC DRIVER REVIEW Check out PGA golf Pro Rick Shiels review of the brand new Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver, using ProV1 and Gc2 and HMT launch monitor. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Stickbow archery
Stickbow archery - 3 years ago
Love your channel. I just went from a Wilson ultra blk 10.5 (typical shots were low fades and straight shots were rarer) hitting 210 yards on average to this club you reviewed. Total range and carry came up 30 yards and my typical heavy fades and rare straight line shots turned into very light draws and straight line shots. Even a bad hit seems to not amplify. Very impressed with mine. I went and tried different clubs with swing analysis and was fitted to the epic big birtha. Turned my drives around and gave me much needed Confidance on the tee!!
Gil M
Gil M - 3 years ago
Hey Rick! I know you have been switching your driver around recently... maybe you should try the normal GBB Epic instead of the Subzero. Just trying to help.
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 4 years ago
Still liking the Ping G much better. :)
Josh Schoen
Josh Schoen - 4 years ago
I think it's hilarious how everyone in Europe can't seem to handle the name "epic". Why do you give a shit? Endless schoolboy giggles anytime they say the name out loud.
swizlestick - 4 years ago
Hit this club yesterday in the simulator at Golf Galaxy.  270 without warm up. I don't have much to compare to, but I liked it!
Mark Goodswen
Mark Goodswen - 4 years ago
Low spin driver are never as accurate stop worrying about spin numbers more about straight then you will more epic name epic is short and sweet I am older than you club head looks beautiful and sounds great
tnoons91 - 4 years ago
I have this in my bag, and I love it. Not the sub zero though, need the weight to reduce my slice lol
James Flynn
James Flynn - 4 years ago
What loft?
brofun - 4 years ago
I just tried this driver today..I am a 6 year golfer...59 years usual drive is around 230...I hit this consistantly 250..and one 280...I LIKE IT!!...didn't realize a driver would make this much difference..I have an old 10.5 hi bore....reg flex...thinking of getting this driver..but, it's 500 dollars..however, I have found several for under 350 on ebay.


Daniel Mosias
Daniel Mosias - 4 years ago
Rick I've also seen your reviews on the the Ping G and the Taylormade M2 drivers and IMO there is no way that this club is worth over £450. In fact you hit the other 2 drivers further than this one and just as straight. I wonder what the next gimmick will be to help rid us poor golfers of our money!!!
R Owens
R Owens - 4 years ago
Ready to see the Epic iron and hybrid reviews.
Docside - 4 years ago
Which driver goes with the Steelhead XR irons? Like the XR irons obviously go with the XR driver, but do the steelhead xr's go with the GBB Epic, Big Bertha Fusion, or the XR 16?
ge10good - 4 years ago
marc leishman likes it a lot this week. 1.5 million likes from him
Pro Zone
Pro Zone - 4 years ago
Thanks for the reviews Rick. Can you ask Callaway why they don't disclose the GC location of each driver. I have found the regular Epic to be very draw bias, and the Epic SZ a tad hooky 'for me'. I feel they are marketing to the wider market of OTT players. Why do we find this out after we buy it?. I feel like I have a GC battle going on with the weight (or lead tape) toe side...yet the ball wants to go left. Its a slight hold off swing. Please include GC locations in your testing, this will help us understand side spin data. Thankyou
yo yo
yo yo - 4 years ago
Bobby Parson
Bobby Parson - 4 years ago
Whats more forgiving ? The Epic or Fusion ?
Charlie Stammers
Charlie Stammers - 4 years ago
This is a great driver, better than my M2 2016... longer, straighter and more consistent.
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton - 4 years ago
if your not low single figure handicap or scratch and dont generally hit driver in the middle regular this Epic Driver wont make the slightest difference to your distance a waste of money
Chase Reyes
Chase Reyes - 4 years ago
a lot of people hating on this driver but the reality is there are a ton of pros switching to this driver. Even guys who aren't on staff with Callaway are putting this in the bag. I tried it out yesterday gain a little bit of distance but what was really surprising was how accurate it was. Also the ball speed drop off on off center hits is unfair cause there is hardly any.

On another note $500 dollars on new drivers these days is just excessive and unnecessary


What can an average golfer expect from this club!  Great video!  I would love to try it1  Give the commenters a FREE giveaway for testing and surveying!
Your reply was extremely helpful! I just finish testing the EPIC DRIVER, 3, and ,5 at Golf USA in Anderson SC. I got more distance,10-20 yards, with all three compared to my TaylorMade RBZ's that I've hit for three years, yet can't get up/down with GIR's. I hope to get fitted at the Calloway Facility in Carlsbad, CA, next month. I'm on the waiting/prayer list for an appointment currently. Thanks again!
Peter Meaney
Peter Meaney - 4 years ago
I tested this driver this weekend against the titleist 917 D3, Taylormade M1 & M2 and the Ping G & G LS Tech. I'm only a 190-200 yard carry off the tee. All those drivers averaged in the 190-195 yard range, however the epic was straight out the box over 200 yards average carry and ball speed was up 2-3mph compared to the others.
It does seem that callaway have made a driver that will add 5-10 yards to any golfer and that means 1 less club into the green for me so that's why I've ordered one.
Also as I was only spinning the regular epic in the 1800-2100 rpm range they was no need for me to try the sub zero, but the pro doing the fitting (at the belfry) said he just bagged the regular epic as he couldn't spin the sub zero enough.
Hope this is helpful to you.
Nich Byers
Nich Byers - 4 years ago
I hit the new M Family and cobra and Callaway was the best for me loved the Epic over the Sub Zero got fitted just waiting on it to come in.
Paul Strydom
Paul Strydom - 4 years ago
want too see it against m1
Tom Kachmarck
Tom Kachmarck - 4 years ago
i want to stay in the positive because anything that helps with extra distance or consistency in driving, you have my attention. Having said that, I went back to last year's Callaway GBB model video and the ball speeds, spin rates and carry distances were exactly the same! Are we being sold performance or marketing?
변상현 - 4 years ago
seems not long enough as usual..
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez - 4 years ago
Great Review. Callaway stopped by my local shop to have some of the regulars stop by to test out the Epic. I agree with just about everything in the review: the build of the club has a different feel when driving. I dont think i felt a hard hit upon contact, but there is definitely a different feel. It just feels more solid that gives you an indication of a good center hit. The club itself is light and looks great (the green definitely stands out). The adjustment weight made a difference for those who may want a loft or draw on a certain drive or for those (like some at the shop) who needed a little extra help in straightening out their shot. I would definitely recommend for a more experienced golfer who has some experience with adjustable heads who could use a little more forgiveness. Last but not least, this ball launches. Just on a slower swing, i saw a difference. When i really took a whack at it, it was easily launching 250, but couldn't give you an exact number.
Drew Murphy
Drew Murphy - 4 years ago
I'd love to see a comparison between the epic, great big bertha (2015) and xr16 as well
just sunny
just sunny - 4 years ago
I bet the name was given by some recent graduate who posts on reddit.. what a joke of name to call it Epic. lol. Also could they not have used another colour aside from boring green?
Glenn Darcy
Glenn Darcy - 4 years ago
What happened to the under armour sponsorship Rick?
mel sing
mel sing - 4 years ago
Hi, didn't Zevo do something similar back in 2002 (?)   They attached the crown and bottom with a fibre (zxlolt something or other) tensioned to hold them from moving thus losing the power at impact.  The bottom of the driver had this red screw type thing to show their technology.  Great vids, looks like a great driver.  One of our local pros (sponsored by Titleist) has raved about.


SRIII - 4 years ago
"I did some research on the word epic"'s called a dictionary Rick :D
TheChocolateOrange - 4 years ago
Could just get the old gbb for £199
JT H - 4 years ago
seems to me this lineup from Callaway is killing the new m2 offerings. By the numbers. Don't particularly like the looks. thought last year's stuff looked great. that Sub zero distance tho!
Nate Cormier
Nate Cormier - 4 years ago
Does this replace the big Bertha?
Sodthong - 4 years ago
£429 ha ha ha ha ha ha NO THANKS
MrStianw - 4 years ago
Wow! haven't seen your videos for a while, and I must say that the I like the changes you have done with your swing. seems like the lessons with Dan has worked out for you :)
(lovely ballflight btw).

Follyfour - 4 years ago
Hi Rick a little off topic but when you was at Trafford range how far would it have been to drive a ball out of the far end of the range.The reason I ask is last week me and my Mrs were in the car park at the Chill factor and someone was hitting balls on to car park from the range, with range balls too and all carry distance.
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown - 4 years ago
Loving the new nike air max, rick.
Nigel Gregory
Nigel Gregory - 4 years ago
looks nice but £469 is ridiculous,I'd love to see you compare a modern driver like this Epic against a driver that comes in a set, like a Wilson or Dunlop would be great for average golfers with limited funds to see the difference ?
Minh Tri
Minh Tri - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, have you ever think about doing a review about Bombtech Wedges? They are pretty much the only few company that make budget golf clubs. For a student like me, that is all I can afford. Anyway, if you do, please compare it to the high-end golf club like SM6/5, MD2/3. Thank you very much Rick! I love your videos.
superstar10155 - 4 years ago
I've only just noticed that seem to be head to toe in Nike?? I'll have your old UA stuff
Powrigan - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, Hitting that straight and consistent, you should use that driver when you next do the skills challenge.
Eric - 4 years ago
I know what I will be trading my krank for!
Clayton Rainey
Clayton Rainey - 4 years ago
Rick - love you channel, it's my favorite and go-to "shitter" material. That's a compliment I promise haha. But what your thoughts on Rory switching from M2 to Epic?
Motty 147
Motty 147 - 4 years ago
Jailbreak? wtf? Phil Lynott once sang about a jailbreak " tonight there's going to be a jailbreak, somewhere in this town...." Somewhere in this town?? try the freakin jail mate!
wongeun Jang
wongeun Jang - 4 years ago
That is "THE" most straight driver I've seen you hit!!
oviemstr822 - 4 years ago
For any baseball guys it sounds like this is a BBCOR vs a BESR
Sam Beard
Sam Beard - 4 years ago
Are you with Nike now??
Michael Parsons
Michael Parsons - 4 years ago
Sorry Rick, but you gotta go back to Under Armour, those Nike shoes look hideous.
MissyLaMotte - 4 years ago
Whoa ... just that we are older does not make us uncool. Of course I would play a driver that is called "epic". To be honest, I don't give a rat's ass what the thing is called, as long as it works, but I kinda like the name "epic" ...


Garyth Bridgeman
Garyth Bridgeman - 4 years ago
Going through a mid life crisis Rick? Beard, ditched the classic underarmour, picked up some new age air max 90's, Nike flat bill! What's going on!?
Bruce Chiu
Bruce Chiu - 4 years ago
The big swoosh on your cap looks really odd!
Marshall Hayden
Marshall Hayden - 4 years ago
Rick digging the Nike clothing! looks good man. love the AM90 golf shoes! my favorites. keep up the good work!
Matt Girt
Matt Girt - 4 years ago
I live in California. One of these days might take a U.K. Trip for a lesson I've never been over the pond.
just sunny
just sunny - 4 years ago
You are not missing anything here. Seriously!
tigerbalm - 4 years ago
Also, the name "epic" sounds like some small no-name company that puts out cheap about Callaway Comet, or Crackpipe, or Cyanide? Who ever said, "Hey, Epic is such a cool name for a driver" at Callaway should just resign. Such lazy effort...Even Nike had better names like Vapor...
Joel Peart
Joel Peart - 4 years ago
Targeting a younger audience I'm guessing. "Epic" and "Jailbreak". It's pretty shameless really. The bringing out of drivers every 20 minutes is shameless. Taking us for fools.
Kr0pD - 4 years ago
tigerbalm vapor kicked *ss
Wade Preston
Wade Preston - 4 years ago
I don't think I've seen you test any driver that was this consistent.
Maxwell Arden
Maxwell Arden - 4 years ago
switch to nike yourself?
tigerbalm - 4 years ago
I prefer a softer spring from a driver face...your description of "hard" feel doesn't sound very fun to hit, which to me means you won't "feel" where you're hitting.
nong mar
nong mar - 4 years ago
A job for Dobbie; Fusion vs Epic
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth - 4 years ago
When I saw the name "Epic" I thought, ya they are just marketing to the younger crowd. Then I seen "Jail Break" and it was confirmed. Good marketing though.
Golf Buddy
Golf Buddy - 4 years ago
So now it's bad for the body to flex... got it. Guess speed slots are crap now
Mason Hurd
Mason Hurd - 4 years ago
did he change to nike???
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes - 4 years ago
If it can fix your swing..... :-)
Chase Thurgood
Chase Thurgood - 4 years ago
Rick I have a question for you, I got fit for some Callaway Apex cf 16 irons, but I was hitting them way too far. The 7 iron was carrying on average 190. I really liked the forged feel, but I don't know that i am at the level of swing to hit the apex pro's yet. What are your thoughts? I need weaker lofts obviously, but I loved the feel.
Tom Netzel
Tom Netzel - 4 years ago
Good looking swing Rick, nice to not see the big big draw. Very controlled.
Ken Attaway
Ken Attaway - 4 years ago
Read today that Rory has the Callaway GBB Epic Sub-Zero in his bag for the 1st tournament of the season...
ibass2 - 4 years ago
Ken Attaway Rory will no doubt show everyone how "Epic" this driver can be when he tickles a couple 325 carries... yes sir
pkaces - 4 years ago
Hate the name
CG Mat
CG Mat - 4 years ago
How would you compare it to your M2 Rick?
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
With Epic, Callaway continues to get stuck in a corner with names. I mean, what's the follow up to the GBB Epic? They've already used Great in the GBB part of the name, so will it be More Epic and then Most Epic?
Ginger Myers
Ginger Myers - 4 years ago
You'll need EPICAC to get over it.
Ginger Myers
Ginger Myers - 4 years ago
Epic-er and Epic-est!
Kieren McRitchie
Kieren McRitchie - 4 years ago
ehh wheres the underarmour gear !?
Marcos Garces
Marcos Garces - 4 years ago
You don't like Epic... and who likes Big Bertha? ... they need a good name designer! Do not love the design either. But hitting the ball that straight I'd buy tomorrow.
Eric Briggs
Eric Briggs - 4 years ago
I thought it was just the new Great Big Bertha and that its performance was Epic, hence "Epic driver review" I dont like the name or looks AT ALL but if it helped me stay in the fairways, hell I'd game it.
metamurph - 4 years ago
Jailbreak is the "technology" name that cracks me up. It will be interesting to see if they can contain themselves to just two drivers this year.
Otto Vandieren
Otto Vandieren - 4 years ago
Rick, could this also be a good driver for players with 90 mph swing speeds?
ibass2 - 4 years ago
Otto Vandieren I agree... it was similar to Ricks disparity over the "M2" name ... I don't think it hurt sales much. "Epic" sound current to me, and with straight shots like that , one might just have an Epic round when the score card reflects a personal best. It's funny how both Callaway and Taylormade incorporated the color "chartreuse" or Nike Volt yellow in their color Schemes this coming season. Without Nike clubs in the racks, I guess they assumed we wouldn't notice.
pickin4you - 4 years ago
In today's world, in the USA anyway, the word EPIC means HUGE or AWESOME or AMAZING. Like if someone did something great, lets say on a skateboard course, they would say that move was EPIC. Meaning huge, or amazing. Nothing to do with a poem these days.
heckerj44 - 4 years ago
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith - 4 years ago
Rick, get Rob Potter on this one as I think a higher handicapper will give us a better idea of how the technology helps those of us that don't hit the centre of the club every time
gazr99 - 4 years ago
Totally agree about the name epic. I'm 25 and love the name, my Dad is 60 and was not impressed, when I told him the name he pulled the type of face you do when you smell an horrendous fart
Peter Schmale
Peter Schmale - 4 years ago
Good video as always - how does this driver compare with the rest of the Callaway Line ? Where would you place it in their lineup ? What advantages does this have over the "XR" line ? Whats with the Nike Gear ? Please don't say that you switched !
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 4 years ago
Good review Rick
The name wouldn't put me off buying it, though the name is a bit over the top
Loved the shots you hit; sweet as a nut!
Alex Nuschke
Alex Nuschke - 4 years ago
Straightest 4 driver shots in a row I've ever seen you hit. Bag it!
Bmos21 - 4 years ago
I see you're a Nike man now, under armour out, huh
Bmos21 - 4 years ago
I believe Nike had fly beams that originated this technology​, making the face more stable while increasing ball speed
Brady Bunda
Brady Bunda - 4 years ago
rick you should put this in your bag because you hit it really strait
Paul Chisholm
Paul Chisholm - 4 years ago
Am I the only one thinking that 'Jailbreak Technology' seems to do the exact opposite from a speed pocket?
Julian Roberts
Julian Roberts - 4 years ago
Four absolute awesome shots there Rick or dare I even say epic. I would put it straight in your bag if I was you
Claus Jørgensen
Claus Jørgensen - 4 years ago
Hi Rick, greetings from Denmark, you test with your "normal" fitted shaft but that may not be the best match for the EPIC??
Troy Kachor
Troy Kachor - 4 years ago
It does look like a junior club. Polish it up with some formality in next years version. Take a page out of Titleist's book, make it classy and this thing will do well. It should look like it's about to go to the ball... Instead it looks like it's going to the playground.
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 4 years ago
Agree on the name. I'm 28, and I think it's a little hokey. I also don't like the green. Reminds me of the cheap Bombtech clubs.
spookyfish - 4 years ago
Name is irrelevant, its all about Performance. If you gave me a driver that gave me an extra 30 yards carry and it was called Dog Turd, it would still go in play and anyone who says it wouldn't is either a liar or a fool
Paul Farnsworth
Paul Farnsworth - 4 years ago
The name for me really isn't important. You could call it anything and if it went long and straight I'd still use it. What does grate on me is how manufacturers are producing so many products that are simply unaffordable to most amateurs. This has a huge RRP! By the time you have saved up they have released another model which they will claim is far superior to one released a few months before. It's ridiculous. Surely if they reduced the prices they would sell twice as many and still make huge profits. As a 12 handicap golfer, my advice is always buy last year's model or even the year before. You can pick up a Cobra Fly Z for £129 or a Callaway XR for £169. Both great performing Drivers that go miles for not a tonne of money.
Golf mad Fozzy
Golf mad Fozzy - 4 years ago
I watch all your videos Rick, love the reviews, but those shoes! ! my lord, how much are they paying you to wear those! they look 3 sizes too big
NWP4440 - 4 years ago
I'm pushing 41 Rick, and if it goes straight and long, it could be called Dog Poop, and I would put it in the bag. I am looking forward to trying these bad boys. #EPICMYDRIVE
Rob S
Rob S - 4 years ago
The feeling your describing of Hard vs Springy is something I've always noticed in drivers. In all honesty, one of the reasons I'm a Callaway guy is because in terms of feel I like my drivers to have that "springy" feel that I believe they tend to produce. While generally speaking most of the TM or Ping drivers I've tested have more of that "hard" feeling. I'm still playing the X2hot, and look forward to a demo of the Epic but cannot see myself making the switch yet because of this feel you've reported.
ALAN GIBSON - 4 years ago
Rick you hit that driver great, would you not game that driver????
Eric Hurt
Eric Hurt - 4 years ago
EPIC........Fail is how I see it. DO a video on the Kirkland Balls would be great as I hear a lot of great things. Its hard to watch you in that Nike gear lol
Justin Nash
Justin Nash - 4 years ago
Can't wait to give it a try the name makes me laugh a little used that word when I was in high school as a slang for cool.. Ie dating myself
Avery Falash Golf
Avery Falash Golf - 4 years ago
hello rick shiels subscribers mind checking out my golf channel?
Andy Edwards
Andy Edwards - 4 years ago
I don't care how good this driver is, I wouldn't buy it just because of that name. And they made it worse by adding sub-zero and jailbreak technology!? The person that came up with that name is either a 12 year old boy or in their 50's and desperately trying to appeal to a younger market (and failing!)
Jamo Mc
Jamo Mc - 4 years ago
Only me that thinks of Great British Bake-Off????


jjoeyj83 - 4 years ago
I could never game a driver called "epic".
ooShiGuyoo - 4 years ago
Did I miss the announcement of Rick renouncing Under Armor for Nike clothing?
Kr0pD - 4 years ago
ooShiGuyoo 2 o 3days ago
Todd Van
Todd Van - 4 years ago
The name is irrelevant, and I do remember Big Bertha being laughed at for a name. Why would anybody want a putter that is an Odyssey? I'd prefer "short trip to the hole", so names are irrelevant. Good distance for you Rick and middle of fairway on all the shots, that should be important on your epic Quest for the Open. I couldn't resist that last comment, sorry, meant in good fun.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
brady vannest
brady vannest - 4 years ago
Where's the Scorpion Driver
dobrostarr - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf u were hitting the F6+ like 320. I don't know if this is really "epic" or more "ordinary"??? great video as always though! can't wait to see m1 irons
Mark Hedetniemi
Mark Hedetniemi - 4 years ago
Rick, that just might be the straightest you've ever hit a driver. Perhaps?
Charles Center
Charles Center - 4 years ago
Was expecting more distance given what I have heard about ball speed off of this driver, but this is the most accurate dispersion I have ever seen you post.
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez - 4 years ago
So, I haven't watched in about a month but wow! Your swing has really gotten better. Your swing plane looks so much smoother! Great Job Rick! Keep up the great work!
Uwe Baus
Uwe Baus - 4 years ago
so green is the new red :-D
MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez - 4 years ago
Never see such straight shots. I assume that the top arrow is aligned with the jail-bars? Is that psychologically helping you hit right in the middle? Because almost all of your hits were smack in the middle of the club face.
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker - 4 years ago
Hello Rick from Pennsylvania, USA sorry to hear about the house fire, been praying for you thank God prayers will overcome anything even distances. Great reviews as always
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
i think it looks doesnt offend me but is a bit childish in a 1970's kind of way..dont like the sound..jailbreak technology...dear lord will golf companies ever stop talking complete *** please just stop...its not new its not technology..its an mostly carbon crown which is too weak to withstand impact so they stuck 2 pins in to brace have dragonfly..cobra had had cavity back..its all the bloody same so please stop talking crap..boeing probably asked to have their name removed to save embarrassment.
Seems like a decent club worth trying but please callaway and everyone else stop talking nonsense its a golf might even be a good golf club (it wont be epic though)
NikeAthlete - 4 years ago
Rick did you switch to Nike??
Travis Turner
Travis Turner - 4 years ago
If you get fit this could be massive for you! Your ball speed is up ten mph from your last video with 2016 vs 2017 m1. Try taking the loft down to 8.
Jake Morrow
Jake Morrow - 4 years ago
first Jason Day and now you?? the UA looked better buddy
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts - 4 years ago
Jake Morrow A
hawkey100 - 4 years ago
It will be interesting to see how straight Rick hits it with the Sub 0 that has less spin. Certainly farther I suspect but straight ??
George Pichl
George Pichl - 4 years ago
Great review, Rick! That was EPIC accuracy! And I love the accent colour...."Weed Green"! If it doesn't perform, one could always smoke
Llewellyn Griffith
Llewellyn Griffith - 4 years ago
Amazing review, love Callaway clubs
Clay Fleming
Clay Fleming - 4 years ago
Your club speed, ball speed, and smash seemed up from recent reviews but you were hitting it very straight. Were you intentionally swinging harder? I have read other reviews and people seem to swing this faster for some reason.
Ted Kobelt
Ted Kobelt - 4 years ago
Hello Rick, Please do a 2017 M2 vs 900 Hot Metal iron review. Thanks
T-rav29 - 4 years ago
Rick, Were the launch numbers not a little low for what you'd want to see out of a driver. Crank that thing up a deg or two and I'd love to see that re tested!
Christian Rava
Christian Rava - 4 years ago
Club looks great and great performance. Not sure about the name Epic. Thankfully it's on the bottom of the head.
Niall O'Sullivan
Niall O'Sullivan - 4 years ago
Why is he wearing Nike, have I missed something??
Niall O'Sullivan
Niall O'Sullivan - 4 years ago
Hmmm , I wonder did Jason Day copy Rick........
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart - 4 years ago
Love your outfit in the video
liamlad1 - 4 years ago
Well, Rory likes it too it seems...
Robb Finkey
Robb Finkey - 4 years ago
need to loft up a little. launch angle seems to low
Scott Janco
Scott Janco - 4 years ago
Rick,  what are the chances I can get some of your used clubs?  if less than zero say nothing, if it is possible let me know and I'll send my address!
Ordinary Sneaker Guy
Ordinary Sneaker Guy - 4 years ago
Always glad to see you reviewing the latest greatest stuff. Can't wait to see Mcilroy put it in play and bomb it 350 down the middle
Eoin Dineen
Eoin Dineen - 4 years ago
I want to see Rob Potter hit this.
David Labbe
David Labbe - 4 years ago
You are really over thinking the name and how it would effect buyers.
Raymond Yadusky
Raymond Yadusky - 4 years ago
Hate the green.
Tony Plush
Tony Plush - 4 years ago
Didn't the Nike vapor have stabilizing bars? Is it me or does the bottom design look like the titleist 915 minus the sliding weight.
Niall Graham
Niall Graham - 4 years ago
Nike apparel looking good mate
Steve T
Steve T - 4 years ago
Rick "Nike" Shiels
3418 - 4 years ago
Another very straight driver in addition to Mizuno JPX 900. I just wish backspins were 700-rpm lower.
John Anderson
John Anderson - 4 years ago
I hate hard feeling driver faces. I would think few people do. The swing and tempo is what makes it go straight.
Ken's Shaving & BS'ing
Ken's Shaving & BS'ing - 4 years ago
Wow! Dead accurate shots though!
Carlos Melville
Carlos Melville - 4 years ago
Get Rob Potter to give it a good thrash and see what he reckons?
Carlos Melville
Carlos Melville - 4 years ago
I'm 52, no way in the world would I want to buy a driver called EPIC, silly name, but the Americans love that kind of thing, maybe we are too conservative in the UK? normal numbers but the ball flight looked superb, can't see many bagging that unless they've got a large Xmas bonus to knock out. Great video & thanks as always.
Vici Martynov
Vici Martynov - 4 years ago
Get this over at the start, its a good but not exceptional club. Its not technology its two metal bars. What does it do, stiffens the head and spreads CoG behind the strike point, doubt it will have much influence on MoI as its closer to the centre, so what??? Is it likely to do any more than the ribs in Nike Covert I very much doubt it. This is hardly Epic its actually rather dull made to sound interesting with a silly name. I cant say enough how much I detest this sales mumbo jumbo, made even more stupid by not covering the end of the bars so you can see it which must weaken the structure. This is bollocks of the greatest order. Wouldnt swap this junk for my Bertha mini or my Covert. Shame on you Callaway you are supposed to be one of the good guys.
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
I have a feeling the sub zero will be the club for you.
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
I have never seen you hit 3 straight shots in a row before. Who cares what they named it?
TiMsDC5 - 4 years ago
i like your new Nike Golf gear... and your AM90 golf shoes... CLASSIC! well they're Classic to me...
Mathieu G.
Mathieu G. - 4 years ago
Who cares about the name !?!?!? Let's call it "my long and straight" driver !
Mike Lee
Mike Lee - 4 years ago
Only like the 10th driver Calloway have released in the last year.
Adolfo Zayas
Adolfo Zayas - 4 years ago
Frankly from an appearance perspective it looks lke a the M1 and Titleist got together
David McCutcheon
David McCutcheon - 4 years ago
Loving the new look Rick, looking good in Nike gear
Gabriel Casillas Martínz
Gabriel Casillas Martínz - 4 years ago
Rick mcilroy?
j d
j d - 4 years ago
Rather the m2
Graeme/ Kieran BlondeBroSkies
Graeme/ Kieran BlondeBroSkies - 4 years ago
Have you changed your sponsorship to Nike Rick?
Samuel Nation
Samuel Nation - 4 years ago
I have no issue with Epic name but how do you follow it...Epicer? Epicest? And you know there will be a follow up in 6 months. That's how they roll and I'm a Callaway guy.
Jay Silva
Jay Silva - 4 years ago
Straightest ball flight I've ever seen from you Rick. And in regards to the name.....Rocketballz, epic pales in comparison.
Job Mayer
Job Mayer - 4 years ago
callaway's marketing strategy: hire the turtle from Nemo to develop your clubs names and slogans.
J McSloy
J McSloy - 4 years ago
Will we be seeing an "Epic" vs M2 2017 and Epic SubZero vs M1 2017 soon?
Tim Hayes
Tim Hayes - 4 years ago
Nice review. Thank you
MikeZ Taylor
MikeZ Taylor - 4 years ago
Loving the Nike attire Rick looking very suave.
Tami Beauty
Tami Beauty - 4 years ago
only thing good is the marketing by callaway, its a driver they are all the same tolerances people just get fit for a good shaft and head to fit your spin and your good people.
Les Blair
Les Blair - 4 years ago
290 carry with 2,500 backspin and only 5 yards off line?.....
Not sure about the name but that seems epic to me.
2k10clarky - 4 years ago
That cut through was (probably unintentionally) very revealing, the behind the face is just flat no inverted cone like TaylorMade drivers. This is why TaylorMade drivers are #1 and will be until the patent expires! TM now just moving CG and increasing MOI incremental improvements. Last years M1/M2 is probably the ultimate driver so far until someone else makes a major breakthrough.

That said Rick was hitting this one as straight as I've seen him hit, in the bag LOL
Keith Alan Isbell
Keith Alan Isbell - 4 years ago
Great review Rick. I don't care what it looks or feels like if I'm hitting the shots you just hit. As we all know consistency is key in this great game... it's the price that kills though. I'll stick with my g30 ls tec for now.
chris williams
chris williams - 4 years ago
My opinion is the thing looks cheap,and looks like similar drivers Calloway has produced over the yrs.
BF golf
BF golf - 4 years ago
be nice to have some adjustments that would be able to manipulate spin
c jones golf
c jones golf - 4 years ago
The path numbers are unreal rick!!!! Practice is paying off. Keep it up!
Nick Barbieri
Nick Barbieri - 4 years ago
Is technology really that fast? Every year it's the next best thing. Jailbroken must be next. I'll stick with my R7-TP until they fit a gyroscope inside that will keep me in the slot and produce any shot shape I desire just by reading my mind...
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Rick was on fire for the testing. Goodbye draw hello straight ball flight for 2017.
Mason Elkins
Mason Elkins - 4 years ago
Ok, this driver looks nice. But I really don't think the name is bad. plus men over 30 seems to love Callaway. I see quite a few older gentlemen playing new callaway drivers. So I don't see the name as much as a problem, and I really like the green.
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Mason Elkins The font reminds them of when they were young.
MEJS - 4 years ago
Rick. Did callaway send this with a shaft? Interested to see if the spin numbers would come down at all with the stock shaft. Especially if it was with the stock project x hzrdus t800 shaft
Lawrence Williams
Lawrence Williams - 4 years ago
with more testing obviously, would you game this GBB Epic or JPX-900 driver?
Nick Blair
Nick Blair - 4 years ago
With the so called new technology also comes a new price for absolutely no improvements over a driver made 5 years ago!
Steve Cramlington
Steve Cramlington - 4 years ago
More golfing snake oil marketing crap.
GNet Vids
GNet Vids - 4 years ago
Best shots you've ever hit Ricky boy
Think you should put that in the bag.
GNet Vids
GNet Vids - 4 years ago
squib 31
squib 31 - 4 years ago
That green color is from the old Razr Fit Xtreme Rick. It is still an awesome driver for the better player. You can get one off the used rack for less than $100.
Rudiger Ryan
Rudiger Ryan - 4 years ago
That was an EPIC review Rick!
shiftymeister - 4 years ago
This was supposed to be the next big thing but I don't see anything special.
Nate Pearce
Nate Pearce - 4 years ago
Rick shield hit 3 straight golf shots, that's pretty special
daniel green
daniel green - 4 years ago
Disappointed to see both yourself and Mark Crossfield failed to see any notable increase in ball speed after all the hype and chatter from people on the WRX forums. People who say they've tested the club with callaway claiming genuinely game changing ball speeds... apparently not. Will be very interested to see Dobby hitting this... ball speed improvements across the whole face might be where the tech comes in.
trojan615 - 4 years ago
Mr Nike now Rick ?
John Zelenjak
John Zelenjak - 4 years ago
Rick would you prefer this driver or one that is say 15yards longer but not as consistently straight? Would you put this in your bag?
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith - 4 years ago
Nike! Looking sharp.
NEIL CLARKE - 4 years ago
I truly don't care what it's called....might replace GBB when the price is right!
Jonathan Hayward
Jonathan Hayward - 4 years ago
quite an embarrassing name "epic"! and even though it performed well it wasn't so good that it suits that name either
Jonathan Hayward
Jonathan Hayward - 4 years ago
would prefer an m2
sash6111 - 4 years ago
that looks like something I could use Rick. please could you do a video with off centre strikes?? thanks!
dennis fick
dennis fick - 4 years ago
Really enjoyed this review, Rick :)
Rich Ellis-Edwards
Rich Ellis-Edwards - 4 years ago
Great Vid Rick! Be interested to hear your feedback on feel of the club when hitting a softer ball like the chrome soft. Does the hard driver + softer ball make it feel more conventional?

Keep up the good work mate.
Cazal Organism
Cazal Organism - 4 years ago
You're all nike'd out now! What prompted the change from the old under armor? haha.
Tee Bot
Tee Bot - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, is it just me or are you hit this driver 30 or 40 yards shorter than your normal drive. I've watched videos in the past, and your average carry was 310 and it would roll out 20 30 yards. am I crazy? I'm pretty sure I'm right
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Tee Bot new swing I'm afraid...
Arab Defender
Arab Defender - 4 years ago
Straight in the bag!
Charlie Reynolds golf
Charlie Reynolds golf - 4 years ago
Mr Nike Shiels
I like it
Simon - 4 years ago
Looks gorgeous but not £469 gorgeous. The price is Epic!
dodgydave75 - 4 years ago
a better review would be if you tested the sliding  weight in different positions as well
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
dodgydave75 sorry m8 but those weights have very little effect...much much much less than golf companies claim.
And the only way they can really be shown to have much effect is by using a robot to hit the club...human factor is going to override those small weights.
Brad Moulden
Brad Moulden - 4 years ago
Jailbreak, an Epic song by an Epic band
Paul Hopkins
Paul Hopkins - 4 years ago
I had last years fusion for 5 days rubbish didn't go any where
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
Paul Hopkins surprised it lasted 5 days it was
James Harvey
James Harvey - 4 years ago
Epic?? Jailbreak Technology?? Seriously!?! As a young minded 40 year old I could not bag a club like that.. regardless of performance!
Theo Kyriacopoulos
Theo Kyriacopoulos - 4 years ago
I have been a callaway man for a long time and this review just confirms why shortly I will part with whatever this golf club costs.
I am currently hitting an xr16, before that the last GBB and the main highlight is not great length, while still not too bad, it's finding fairways, the fact that you hit 4 shots and the average off line was less than a metre, are you kidding me.
Once again keep up the good work!
Shippey 1970
Shippey 1970 - 4 years ago
Dee Kay
Dee Kay - 4 years ago
Think you got the age analysis wrong. I can totally see 60+ (hi dad!) loving an EPIC driver while the younger crowd would find it silly :P
tom ford
tom ford - 4 years ago
Callaway lets take the sliding weight ,also carbon crown from the M1 and tweet it a bit and say it's our idea , well done Callaway LOL
Garrett Marshall
Garrett Marshall - 4 years ago
tom ford they had sliding weights first i do believe. that or they rolled them out IMMEDIATELY after the SLDR... so no. they didn't steal that
Lemon2108 - 4 years ago
the "jailbreak" is super similar to cobra ltd
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Why do golf manufacturers think it's acceptable to raise the price of drivers what seems like 25% a year when they all perform very similarly?

I suppose carbon is expensive and people keep buying them.
swizlestick - 4 years ago
wait a year or 2 and it will be $150
Lemon2108 - 4 years ago
sounds similar to cobra Ltd
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll - 4 years ago
New sponsorship? No longer with under armour??
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Jack Carroll Nike now
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 4 years ago
another callaway driver ha ha ha ha .. jail break???? more like break the bank account
Mark Tosspot
Mark Tosspot - 4 years ago
You currently have double the views of crossys reviews, even though he has more subs, it seems like people take you more seriously. Follow me on twitter fro some epic mark crossfield bashing
Mark Tosspot
Mark Tosspot - 4 years ago
Cornwall1888 there you go, you just made my point, any real golfers are likely to watch Rick shiels, mark has a lovely family, but all that malarkey is not for me, I'm not a girl
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Mark Tosspot but if you want family Christmas vlogs Mark is the man
Phineas Starter
Phineas Starter - 4 years ago
Straightest golf balls rick shiels has ever hit. ever. That's what is epic here
Golf Buddy
Golf Buddy - 4 years ago
Ciarán Hegarty but not as long
Ciarán Hegarty
Ciarán Hegarty - 4 years ago
Phineas Starter mizuno JPX 900 was straighter
kvgolfa - 4 years ago
Why do you never talk about CG location/MOI? That's the most important thing in a driver and determines 99% of how it performs
keith williams
keith williams - 4 years ago
Ido Pound for Pound No.1 Goat Portal disagree 99% the person hitting the ball
keith williams
keith williams - 4 years ago
ksinghvirk 99% of how a driver performs is determined by the golfer
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
ksinghvirk probably because that stuff is difficult to measure and verify, the effect will be different on every golfer, mygolfspy goes deep into all those numbers
David Swanson
David Swanson - 4 years ago
I wonder when the Callaway 'Biblical' range of woods will be out, maybe in a few weeks!!
Mark Tosspot
Mark Tosspot - 4 years ago
Interesting that crossy never mentions the hardness of the face. I actually think the name is ok, I'm old añd it wouldn't put me off. The major deciding factor for most of us is the price, why don't you guys gives us the price? Why don't you do what they do with computer graphics cards, performance per pound (buck) ? How many guys hit it like you? You need to be closer us mortals,. If this club was 500 quid but another was 200 and was 10 yards less, I'd go with the 200 pound one.
The Extreme in 2011 or 2012 I think mate
Winston Chen
Winston Chen - 4 years ago
It looks cheap.Just my opinion.
Rory Harman
Rory Harman - 4 years ago
Winston Chen it is £500 though
Ryan K
Ryan K - 4 years ago
Very nice review as always Rick!
Kaleb Niclas
Kaleb Niclas - 4 years ago
Rick remember when you where testing the M2 fairway wood. You said you where going to be testing the M2 hybrid what happened to the video?
James Dwyer
James Dwyer - 4 years ago
I'm 44, and I'd use a club called an Epic, would find it funny. But then I used to own a Driver called The Death Stick, with the slogan "Just Kill It" on the bottom :)
Graham Tomlin
Graham Tomlin - 4 years ago
It would be good to get Rob to test this one, can't wait to hear what he has to say about the name!
Alon Asherson
Alon Asherson - 4 years ago
I've been fortunate to have this driver for a month already. it's amazing. it goes for me an average of 25 yards longer and it has been easier to hit fairways for me too. it's a rocket launcher.
Marcus Lundqvist
Marcus Lundqvist - 4 years ago
Where can I get those shoes??
Nice to see Nike on you
Michael Ticehurst
Michael Ticehurst - 4 years ago
EPIC - The movie Ben Hur was an EPIC....Not sure about this name......And Jailbreak technology.....Give me a break, a jailbreak. I guess, if it works, it works right!?
gillettecrackers - 4 years ago
Put it in your bag!
Ryan Dillabough
Ryan Dillabough - 4 years ago
From the gram and snapchat!
BillyP1390 - 4 years ago
mid handicap testing for this plz rick
Glen Ashton
Glen Ashton - 4 years ago
Consistent strikes Sir, looks as most callaway drivers do a very nice club.....
Kevin Benton
Kevin Benton - 4 years ago
You need to put this in your bag for your quest for the open!
Paul Anderton
Paul Anderton - 4 years ago
Nice hits rick,I'd take that everyday of the week.
Gianmarco Balsamo
Gianmarco Balsamo - 4 years ago
Seems easy to hit. good driver as usually do Callaway. this is an "all golfer" driver maybe the subzero could be only high speed low hp driver. seems correct
Garrett Morrison
Garrett Morrison - 4 years ago
Am I crazy, or are those the straightest shots I've ever seen you hit? Except, of course, for that terrible 6-yard hook. :-)

But yeah, no chance I'm spending $500 on a golf club.
mark whalley
mark whalley - 4 years ago
Looks awesome!
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 4 years ago
Rick these drivers will help in your quests for the open , more fairways more greens , birdie birdie birdies
Cam Ehly
Cam Ehly - 4 years ago
swoosh is looking good
Walter Laffey
Walter Laffey - 4 years ago
changed to Nike Rick?
andrew jones
andrew jones - 4 years ago
4 #epic strikes there, Rick.
H4NK - 4 years ago
Hi Rick!
I'm rocking the regular Razr X atm and i'm in the market for some new sticks. I've been looking at the regular Apex 16 (yes, I will only play Callaway) but when I've tried them out I seem to have a problem with (way) to much spin and dynamic loft - even though I have a negative attack angle. Is that becaus the lack of offset compared to the ones I use today? That I must learn to have the hands before the blade at impact otherwise I'm scooping the ball?
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
H4NK see a good pro for a lesson or two
Kyle Kautz
Kyle Kautz - 4 years ago
Nike? Where's the underaurmor
James Stone
James Stone - 4 years ago
Kyle Kautz he has changed sponsors in the new year
gary donnelly
gary donnelly - 4 years ago
it's a nice looking club
James Heaton
James Heaton - 4 years ago
It's a steal really at just under £500. Might get 2
cwugrad396 - 4 years ago
why not double that number ... that way everybody in your foursome has one
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
James Heaton yeah buy me 1 while u are there will u...i will give u the money sometime...£500? i just went off
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Thanks for watching the video! What do you guys think of the Callaway GBB Epic Driver? If you liked the video feel free to hit that thumbs up!


Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to be notified first!

Thanks Rick
Thomas Synnott
Thomas Synnott - 4 years ago
Hey Rick. Just went for a test finally with the gbb epic driver. Have been using the m1 2016 for a year. Immediately nearly all numbers improved. Added 15 yards approx avg to carry distance and reduced shot dispersion massively. Smash factor went up 0.07 from 1.42 to 1.49/.50.It just felt like it comes off the club and flies. Had better #s on 10.5 over 9.5 and my carry distance went from 234 (m1) to 249 (epic) . My mishit went from 185 to 208 carry. Spin went from 1700 to 2300. Felt more comfortable off the hit. Couldn't agree more with your "trampoline" comment. I'm an analyst and therefore do trust numbers a bit more.... But.... (dammit) it is a step forward and maybe epic.... Is a deserved name. Have followed you and its now in the bag :/ and I also would repeat your line "I cannot at all complain whatsoever about the performance of those golf shots". Keep up the super work and according to 3 different pros I know... Ur top of the list coming to reviews and I would completely agree. Keep up the super work!
Hooter Bear
Hooter Bear - 4 years ago
Said Mark F I R N....bwahahahaha Really FIRN? FIRNWOOD soft or FIRN.
Doug Dickson
Doug Dickson - 4 years ago
You've compared the 2016 & 17 M1's, can you do a comparison now between the XR 16 and the Epic? I'd love to see if anything's really improved with Callaway.
Ken O'Hanrahan
Ken O'Hanrahan - 4 years ago
New Nike endorsement Rick? Any pics of you and their other significant apparel signing?
Sumit Aggarwal
Sumit Aggarwal - 4 years ago
Avery Falash a
Avery Falash Golf
Avery Falash Golf - 4 years ago
Hello Rick shiels subscribers mind checking out my golf channel?
Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller - 4 years ago
Adam Flynn good point.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
Douglas Miller yes but i think its more to do with Rick and his swing change than the actual club..he's hitting every driver straighter these days..he's given up a few yards to hit straighter drives.
Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf - if you continue to hit those numbers and straight then no brainier for me - put it in your bag. Many tour pro golfers would be happy with the flight and accuracy, even on long holes. Playing from the fairway is always good!
Ben Lucas
Ben Lucas - 4 years ago
Rick - Why would one go for this over the GBB Fusion and vice versa?
Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing
Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing - 4 years ago
Spin rate is a little high
Mark Firn
Mark Firn - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Really Rubbish Name....!
James Stone
James Stone - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf not another callaway driver. but results look good. bet it's expensive. thanks for the review rick. What's the rrp?
Craig Sinclair
Craig Sinclair - 4 years ago
Rory is using the sub-zero Epic.
Erik Newman
Erik Newman - 4 years ago
notification squad
Tom Gunning Golf
Tom Gunning Golf - 4 years ago
Yuvraj Joshi
Yuvraj Joshi - 4 years ago
First comment
Geeshmagee - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick! Been waiting for this one =)

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