NEW CALLAWAY ROGUE DRIVER FULL REVIEW - RICK SHIELS PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the CALLAWAY ROGUE DRIVER over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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NEW CALLAWAY ROGUE DRIVER FULL REVIEW - RICK SHIELS PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the CALLAWAY ROGUE DRIVER over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching the video! If you enjoyed the review let me know by HITTING THE LIKE button & leave me a comment below. Thanks again Rick
DimSumDom - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, can you do the full review of the Talyor Made M3 irons? Eagerly waiting on that. Thanks in advance!
Oumar Niane
Oumar Niane - 3 years ago
Rick,i'm not sure about this new format :( last year was better!!!
Kylie Coakes
Kylie Coakes - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf thank u for loving my com.
Stan Conrad
Stan Conrad - 3 years ago
All your reviews are great!!
Dilly Dilly!!!
Troy Gonzalez
Troy Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf are you going to do F8+??
arden yeung
arden yeung - 3 years ago
Rick shiels hits fades now aye ?
Nicholas Baxandall
Nicholas Baxandall - 3 years ago
Love the videos Rick! You should do a X forget UT, see if it could replace your Apex UT
charles wait
charles wait - 3 years ago

As usual great content! I think your review is spot on. While the leap between the Epic and Rogue is relatively small, the Rogue's visual footprint seems to force my eye to slow my swing up - helping me keep control. The sound is amazing when hit on the screws and the club is very forgiving!. This is a keeper.
Adam Sullivan
Adam Sullivan - 3 years ago
Which driver is more draw biased the standard epic or the standard rogue? Thanks! Great video!
Michael Dube
Michael Dube - 3 years ago
Can you do another what’s in the bag video I love watching those
Ruan De Villiers
Ruan De Villiers - 3 years ago
I am going to buy me that driver...I tested it and it performs brilliantly
ran doshus
ran doshus - 3 years ago
Rick, do you find yourself changing your address especially lie angle with these biased adjustable drivers?
Chase Nevins
Chase Nevins - 3 years ago
What do you use to make the protractor​ lines on the course?
Chase Nevins
Chase Nevins - 3 years ago
Rick, you make the best in-depth reviews on youtube! You talk about all the club while giving great visuals and numbers!!!
Keep up the great work.
Brian Pope
Brian Pope - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, you can pay me for this idea later: Start a campaign for your subscribers to pay for a Trackman device for you. We'd appreciate more accurate reviews.


renaissancesk - 3 years ago
enjoying the new review format. Since discovering your channel (along with Pete's and Matt's) last year I have a renewed enthusiasm for golf that I haven't had since first taking it up 13 years ago. If ever you find yourself in North Carolina, I'd love a playing lesson on Pinehurst No.2. Cheers mate, keep up the good work.
Lee Hall
Lee Hall - 3 years ago
As you prove over and over again from the data, these clubs aren't very different from year to year. I would love for all the companies to test out saving some money and try releasing products every two to three years rather than every year, or staggering releases across club type. Just a thought, I don't know if that would benefit them and the industry as whole or not?
William Ramsey
William Ramsey - 3 years ago
I have always been a tailor-made guy. I’m not sure why I just like the clubs. I demo’d the rouge and carried over 260...first time ever. I’ll be buying as soon as it’s released!
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson - 3 years ago
So essentially it is a marketing exercise as opposed to anything that advances driver technology. I suspect this is where we are at now in golf club manufacturing, the marketing departments will be desperate to convince you some how that their new driver, that performs almost identically to the last one, is better.
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar - 3 years ago
Great Review thank you. I think thats a lot to think about before i give up my epic.
Jeff Toton
Jeff Toton - 3 years ago
Loving the full review along with the honesty. Keep up the great reviews, both "first look" and "full reviews"!!!
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 3 years ago
A left bias. Who’d have thought it.
David Maclean
David Maclean - 3 years ago

The new format reviews are great.

For the clubs aimed at the average player like the standard rogue, are you still going to do mid-handicap reviews? To see if it makes a bigger difference in distance and forgiveness with a slower / less consistent swing.
Lee Popham-Lithgow
Lee Popham-Lithgow - 3 years ago
I absolutely love it
Josh G
Josh G - 3 years ago
This new review style is awesome


Ricky Fairbank
Ricky Fairbank - 3 years ago
Tried to hit a fade, hit a hook.. awesome flight? Tried to slice hit a fade? WTF. Pulling peoples pants down pal
Fats and Thins Golf
Fats and Thins Golf - 3 years ago
Fantastic review Rick, thanks! If only I had a spare £429 lying around...
T.J. Hodnett
T.J. Hodnett - 3 years ago
Rick.... I'm curious how you felt about the Evenflow Blue shaft you were swinging? I like you use the Aldila Rogue shaft in my driver, but I'm intrigued by the Evenflow shaft. Please let me know if you can find 2 minutes to respond. Thank you!!
David Forde
David Forde - 3 years ago
Very interesting.I'll keep my Fusion and XR
jerrygenex - 3 years ago
The only reason I don't like Callaway driver is there is no open/fade/right setting on this sleeve.
BJ Kim
BJ Kim - 3 years ago
Top review! Love this format of review. Keep it up Rick!
Charles henry Smith
Charles henry Smith - 3 years ago
Great review Rick! I still prefer the old review format but that's just me.
Aidan Karsten
Aidan Karsten - 3 years ago
I would like to see how you format putter reviews, and you should look into more tech reviews
Aidan Karsten
Aidan Karsten - 3 years ago
I like how you compare the data to your optimal performance
FREE GOLF LESSON - 3 years ago


Jacob Weigand
Jacob Weigand - 3 years ago
Any chance that you could do this format with the G400 as well even though it came out a while ago?
Kenneth Prince
Kenneth Prince - 3 years ago
Wow really like the complete data you are showing!! Outstanding job.
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
lovin the teal look and tbh i like the fact its now grip it and rip it range get review rick
Adam Stubbs
Adam Stubbs - 3 years ago
Another great review Rick, keep 'em coming. And another £500 driver that doesn't really improve on anything.
stacyalancorbin - 3 years ago
Another great review Rick! Thanks for your time and effort to answer our questions! I’ll hang on to my Epic for a lil bit longer now.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 3 years ago
Yes i think rogue is crap too
Matt Leader
Matt Leader - 3 years ago
Ping have done this model of 3 variants of same driver for a while now and it worked for them. Most people who get fitted never move the moveable weight after their fitting anyway so becomes redundant.
The misses left are all you Rick if your honest. You’ve not been hitting the driver well for a while now.
BUNCHofxs - 3 years ago
If there is a limit to how "Good" a club can be, (At least for tournament use) why do they always seem to get better and better? Why haven't manufacturers hit the limit wall yet? If the speed limit on a highway is 55, why take 100 years to accelerate to that speed?
brithawk03 - 3 years ago
From Instagram!!!!!
MrJoshthenosh - 3 years ago
Rick your beard is going orange!
Sean  Brant
Sean Brant - 3 years ago
This to me is just like Taylormade's approach, just expanded a little bit. Epic is similar to M1/M3. Rogue line is the choice for people who might go with M2/M4 for more simplicity.
Colby G
Colby G - 3 years ago
What club/clubs were you using to get your average data that you're comparing the Rogue to?
Matty Smith
Matty Smith - 3 years ago
Really liking these new reviews. Very detailed and honest. As for the driver, it would be perfect for my slicey drives!
Donald Mock
Donald Mock - 3 years ago
I think what they are trying to do is align the Epic with M1/M3 adjustable weights and Rogue with M2/M4 no adjustable weights at the same time increase profit on Rogue by not selling it for less compared to M2/M4. I enjoy the new review format.
Jean Ferret
Jean Ferret - 3 years ago
I tried the Epic last year and it was a snap hook machine. This puts me off trying the Rogue as our course has most of its card wrecking hazards down the left side.
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
Another great review - love this new format you are using Rick.
The club looks sleek but wow, that price is way above what I would pay.
Thanks and cheers!
Carlos Ameglio
Carlos Ameglio - 3 years ago
Great review Rick, love the new review format as well! too bad Callaway doesn't have a better adjustable hosel, that could easily solve the issue you faced trying to hit to the right. On the other hand the best would be to have the standard drive really square or a bit open, since there is a draw version anyway!.... not too smart from Callaway, however looks like a very good performer in all other departments.
Nicholas Spor
Nicholas Spor - 3 years ago
So much better than your previous reviews. Data and usage to provide an honest opinion, i dig it.
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson - 3 years ago
ROFL @ the slash grapgic and sound!! Well done.
Malcolm Topple
Malcolm Topple - 3 years ago
Top honest review, love it Rick. Great format!


Ernie Santamaria
Ernie Santamaria - 3 years ago
Couldn't you just open the face a little if the main issue for you was that the face sits closed? Even with a movable weight, wouldn't you adjust how the face sits before you move the weight?
Casper Olsson
Casper Olsson - 3 years ago
When do you upload SM7? Really interested in what you are thinking about them.
Tom Sweeney
Tom Sweeney - 3 years ago
Loving the format and your reviews! Keep it up Rick. In regards to this club, and clubs in general, it reiterates the point that dramatic improvements in technology and performance aren't taking place. Every product cycle we hear from companies about their "game changing" technology as they slap another $500+ price tag on equipment that performs exactly the same as the previous years model, and in most cases, models that are several generations old. In the last 5 years, which is when I got fitted for my driver, I have yet to find a performance based reason to change...Maybe I'm getting crotchety at my ripe old age of 33, but, outside of putters, I find very little reason to be excited about clubs these days.
Bryan Bros Golf
Bryan Bros Golf - 3 years ago
Boom!! Here were my findings between epic and rogue. So the rogues misses went a little further and a little straighter. The epics misses had a tendency to be way more offline where the rougues misses are all playable!
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 3 years ago
I tried this in the sub zero and I tried last year and still spun the ball up around 3800 and my swing speed is between 110 - 115 no difference then any other driver
Viktor Enström
Viktor Enström - 3 years ago
Please do a review of the new mac daddy wedges!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Coming !!!
Francisco Magariello
Francisco Magariello - 3 years ago
Rick, love this new format. But i think you are looking over some clubs like the fairway woods and hybrids of the lines of drivers that you are reviewing. Would love to see this in those clubs too.
RogersAthletics - 3 years ago
brilliant review and talking about workability and feel and on course stuff than just number but number still important but fantastic review. honest and covered all points. wont be buying thou as the 2017 m1 driver is awesome lol. hopefully in summer youl have lots course vlogs too when snow goes. keep it up.
l33ble - 3 years ago
Do a 5 minute standard V Draw test just to show if there is a difference
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 3 years ago
Looks like the sub zero would be bang on! I’m curious which driver will make the bag this year. Any idea Rick Shiels Golf?
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 3 years ago
What are you gonna try in depth? G400max? Pxg?I’m curious
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Not so sure yet! Still got a few to test!
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 3 years ago
Thanks for an excellent review Rick, very thorough and authoritative, your point about stripping tech out yet maintaining a HIGH price is extremely valid . As a life long fader this and its Draw biased cousin may well be worth trying out, but not till next year when the price has dropped because Callaway have brought out the NEW GBB EPIC ROGUE EVOLUTION!!!!!!
golfninja - 3 years ago
Hi Rick hope all is going well ! Love the new review format & congrats on the new TV show ! Looks like a good driver for a lot of handicap players given the specs but & a big but except for the fact of that price way to expensive !! That first shot left at Sawgrass looks like you got a bit under plane coming into impact & did a Rory Mc
Derek Campbell
Derek Campbell - 3 years ago
How about a comparison Rogue V G400 Max?
Maximiliano Castellanos
Maximiliano Castellanos - 3 years ago
I want to see the new Mizuno driver
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Coming soon!
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen - 3 years ago
As it beeing drawbased and forgiving... How does it compare to the Ping G400 Max? As a "recovering slicer anonymous" iam soooo hot on the Max (Albert beeing a Titleist fan) but now this peaks my interested too... Yeah yeah, i know "go get fitted", but I have a 2 hour drive to the nearest fittingcenter from where i live
Simon Whitehead
Simon Whitehead - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick answered all my questions, cant wait to see the Sub Zero review
NicholsonNutters - 3 years ago
Great review Rick. I’m loving these new in-depth reviews.

My usual miss is left, so I could never game this driver. I am always scared if the club face sets up closed.
Golf God
Golf God - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick I’ll stick with my Epic.
Kylie Coakes
Kylie Coakes - 3 years ago
Rick u are my favorite youtuber keep up the great vids
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Kylie
John Hampton
John Hampton - 3 years ago
Great reviews Rick, keep them coming!!
Simon Zheng
Simon Zheng - 3 years ago
Love your videos and appreciate the extra time and effort put into making these 2+ week reviews as opposed to the 30 or so minutes those other videos must take. Keep it up Rick. It doesn’t go unnoticed
Billy Mac
Billy Mac - 3 years ago
Great review Rick!
prob365 - 3 years ago
Can’t you set fade biased on the hosel with Callaway drivers? Would that have helped correct any draw that you were seeing? (I did see in the video that you had it set to the standard settings)
david martin
david martin - 3 years ago
Rick would love to see your date you might have on file to compare, The Big Bertha Fusion against The new Rouge Drives and Fairway Woods. Great job as always with a honest review on this new Callaway Driver.
bob johnson
bob johnson - 3 years ago
Drawey McDrawrerson is back!
MySpankster - 3 years ago
Hi your videos and your demos.....i have watched just about every one of've helped me decide whats best for me......i went and tried some clubs and narrowed it down to titilist 718 AP1, Taylormade M4 , wilson D300 irons / Titilist 917 D3 , wilson D300 or Cobra F8 drivers / Cobra F7 3 wood / and the Cobra F7 Hybrid.. what are your thoughts on these so far...thx .keep the new videos coming on the new products.....your one of the best i think....cheers
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Great stuff! Thanks so much for watching!
dlmcoop - 3 years ago
Haha, I’ve seen a lot of your videos! You never hit any club right unless you miss hit it!!
Roy Kullick
Roy Kullick - 3 years ago
You could have adjusted the loft down to make it sit slightly more open. The headroom was there in the launch angle.

I agree that they should have just combined this model with the draw model and make that weight able to change positions. Makes way more sense fitting wise.
aedvark - 3 years ago
what ?! , No taco bell logo on top :)
Brendan Hanley
Brendan Hanley - 3 years ago
Another brilliant review of a big driver in golf. I really appreciate the independent review and opinion. You have a great ability to explain all the tech in a manor that is easy to understand and relate to. I love the video shots from playing out on the course. I can't imagine how much time you're investing in your reviews and hope you still have time to spend with the family.
Kevin Maher
Kevin Maher - 3 years ago
Rick, thanks for a very informative and revealing review. Quite honest. My miss is a hook, somewhat low spin. I avoided the sub zero and went for the standard Epic. This review has guided me towards the Rogue sub zero, a driver I would have not considered if I had not seen this review.
Kevin Maher
Kevin Maher - 3 years ago
Rick, will do.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
If you manage to test one Kevin let me know how you get on!
Rodney Buttriss
Rodney Buttriss - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. Great review. I'm a mid handicapper and the information you provided was fantastic. I'm looking at updating my current driver this year and this definitely has been extremely beneficial. Keep up the great work.
Rodney Buttriss
Rodney Buttriss - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. I have been thinking of looking at the Callaway Epic or I have used Taylormade drivers in the past and they have always performed well. But as you and Peter stress. Go and get fitted like I intend on doing once I am back from holidays. I'm actually coming across to Europe for a bit over 3 weeks. I live in Australia. Love the videos.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Rodney! Good luck finding your driver! What are you thinking of getting?
Jack Halloran
Jack Halloran - 3 years ago
Looks like they're trying to compete with original looking m2
jballoregon - 3 years ago
Would taking a 10.5 degree and setting it to 9.5 help to open the face at address? Basically keeping near the same static loft but taking away the closed appearance at address. Plus, if it wants to go left all the time, that could be too soft of a flex in shaft.
Jason Gillespie
Jason Gillespie - 3 years ago
Could you do a video showing, with a picture, of what you mean by a bit closed. Seems odd to me because I can open or close the face at address a number of ways. BUT I've not got that much experience with different clubs like you do. Just seems like that could be a helpful explanation for those of us with less experience. Thanks for your time Rick, great honest, fair review.
nazdak9 - 3 years ago
These reviews are awesome man. Love the new presentation style + editing :-)
mick19421 - 3 years ago
Nice to see a fair honest view, not trying to suck up to the manufacturer.
Max Imilian
Max Imilian - 3 years ago
I may test the new Rogue, but I think I’ll be sticking with the Epic for now.
Tim Pirtle
Tim Pirtle - 3 years ago
These review just get better and better....GREAT work.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Tim
pickin4you - 3 years ago
Do they still make the Epic Sub Zero, or was that a limited run?
pickin4you - 3 years ago
Thank you Rick.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Yep they still do!
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 3 years ago
You’re really killing it w/ this new format you’ve created Rick! You also hit on the exact problem w/ Rogue...Epic performs just as well, has more adjustability, and now costs less! I’d buy Epic all day. It’s like if M2 was launched after M1 but at a slightly HIGHER price point than M1, I’d be looking at M1 all day.

I generally disregard all marketing as lies tinged with truth but here I think Callaway have landed themselves in a pickle w/ their marketing claims that Rogue doesn’t replace Epic. If Epic was a breakthrough in technology bc of jailbreak, and Rogue has an improved version of jailbreak, how then is Rogue not meant to be superior? They’ve either improved jailbreak or they haven’t.
Sean Faherty
Sean Faherty - 3 years ago
I agree Rick, I hit it earlier and definitely sits closed which doesn't really fit my eye
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Did it work for you Sean?
Ryan Haight
Ryan Haight - 3 years ago
Rick you've done it again you made me want to try this driver. Great review! Can't wait for more reviews.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick! The last thing I need is a driver that moves more left! I draw the ball now and absolutely hate it when you hit a ball beautifully, only to have it move an additional 20 yards more left and into the garbage.
Mark Vickers
Mark Vickers - 3 years ago
so if standard version is draw biased is the draw version snap hook biased?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
This is just what I found Mark, obviously every golfer is different. But in answer to your question Mark I would certainly hook the draw model!
Arthur Buckley
Arthur Buckley - 3 years ago
Rick; I hit the Rogue Sub-Z with MANY different new shaft offerings.  I then screwed together my Epic Sub-Z head on a Rogue shaft offering (same tips).  I didn't see any improvement from the Epic Sub-z to the Rouge head that is worth buying a new driver.  However, some of the shafts that are offered for the Rouge, I felt, were a step above the Epic's stock Project X HZRDUS T800 55g shaft.  I ended up buying the Rouge's Aldila Synergy-Blue 60g stiff shaft ($115) and screwing on my Epic Sub-z head.  It works great for me and I saved @ $385.  Just a note to those that have an Epic; the Rouge shaft offerings may be worth trying with your Epic head.
Tyler Bishop
Tyler Bishop - 3 years ago
Always love the Reviews Rick! What happens to the clubs after you've tested them etc.. do you have to send them back? Just thinking, in regards to your comments about the ball either going straight or left, and not having a movable weight to counteract this... would this not be something that could be fine tuned, by the consumer getting fitted for their clubs as all golfers ultimately should be? Just curious on your opinion,
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hi Tyler, I get asked this question a lot! I tend to keep the clubs and use them for head to heads and compare to new/old models etc. So when a brand releases a new product I can compare to the previous year!
Jason 5
Jason 5 - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, just wanted to say thanks for another great video. I absolutely love the detail you provide. I also love your golf ball reviews. I noticed your liking of softer feeling balls. Have you ever tested or tried the Wilson Staff Duo Urethane?
Ordinary Sneaker Guy
Ordinary Sneaker Guy - 3 years ago
Great review Rick
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Mark Vickers
Mark Vickers - 3 years ago


Chester - 3 years ago
I feel the new review style is more thorough, is based on more data, and the comparison to your data averages helps to place how the tested club compares to your norms.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Chester! Loads more to come!
Kurt Riddell
Kurt Riddell - 3 years ago
Did you ever adjust the neck in attempt to straighten the flight out?
George Pichl
George Pichl - 3 years ago
Great review Rick! I have an Epic SZ and ordered the standard Rogue with the Px Evenflow in S-flex. Really love the look and feel of the Rogue. You confirmed my findings as well, so it was great seeing that in your video.
Victor Ma
Victor Ma - 3 years ago
Again spot on and unbiased as ever. Great new format
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thank you so much Victor !
F Lew
F Lew - 3 years ago
Nice review! I am wondering why you are not taking advantage of the Optifit hosel to counter the draw bias of the club. As your launch angle is a bit on the high side, change the hosel from N/S to N/-1 may lower the launch a bit and make the club face a bit more open. This may be a setting that suits you better.
Chiang Chih-I
Chiang Chih-I - 3 years ago
Great review! I've been your big fan since M3/M4 full review. Looking forward to ROGUE Subzero!
Eye Guy9MM
Eye Guy9MM - 3 years ago
Great video as always, Im curious to see the sub zero review, I tend to draw and hook naturally. Having the Epic already your video made stay with what I have, no appreciable distance gain why spend the money?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Sub Zero video will drop VERY soon!
Todd Rozens
Todd Rozens - 3 years ago
Couldn’t you adjust the loft and lie to let it sit more open at address and nullify the closed face at impact?
Erin Magann
Erin Magann - 3 years ago
hey Rick, any chance of testing/reviewing the Wilson C300 or C300 forged irons?
Hoof Arted
Hoof Arted - 3 years ago
Hi. Do you use the same shaft when you test all these different drivers? Obviously you could move some of the numbers closer to your optimum by adjusting you shaft specs.
Mike Cook
Mike Cook - 3 years ago
Nice to see a frank opinion!! Enjoyed your input!
Matt Aronson
Matt Aronson - 3 years ago
And I tpicaly slice the ball on my bad shots
Matt Aronson
Matt Aronson - 3 years ago
Still love my xr 16 driver is it worth the 500 bucks
Jim Rohnstock
Jim Rohnstock - 3 years ago
Really like the new review format with the additional information as well. Great job
Charles Farley
Charles Farley - 3 years ago
Pretty sure I could make it go right
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
JT Bellush
JT Bellush - 3 years ago
Thanks for another great review. Looking forward to the subzero review.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Coming soooon!
Charlie 234
Charlie 234 - 3 years ago
Really like youre new way of testing new clubs, with a first look and then a more serious review. You are kicking Mark Crossfields ass. Especially since he has been signing with Titleist and given up his unbiased testing.
Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold - 3 years ago
F8 is a better driver. All the reviews I've seen the F8 outclasses the rogue and m3 and m4
We Plants Are Happy Plants
We Plants Are Happy Plants - 3 years ago
love the evolution of your channel
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thank you! Much more to come in 2018!
David Ciccoritti
David Ciccoritti - 3 years ago
Really loving these reviews. Not sure if I've mentioned that before
Steve Church
Steve Church - 3 years ago
I could care less about a sliding weight. I can't see any difference in real life from one setting to another. If it looks good behind the ball and is square, thats what matters to me. I would like this club. Especially since it has a non-fade bias. Now i just need to wait 3 years for the price to drop enough to justify buying it.
Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 3 years ago
Very smart, honest & straightforward review Rick. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Mizuno ST180 driver. Keep up the good work!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Adam, the ST180 driver review will be coming to the channel soon!
Matt Duider
Matt Duider - 3 years ago
Once again like the new review style. I was lucky to get my hands on the sub zero version. I have the epic sz. I’m going to keep the rouge sz in my bag cause I find it easier to hit a draw I never like the fade I got with epic. The sound I think is so much different much higher pitched sound not sure I like as much. Can’t wait to see how it fairs for you.
Nick P229
Nick P229 - 3 years ago
That shot on 5 looked more like a pull, Rick. 7 was definitely a bit of a draw haha
coegj - 3 years ago
Another good video post, thanks.
DB George
DB George - 3 years ago
Looking to upgrade from GBB 816 double black diamond and have hit the Rogue and a couple of others however I am still shopping. I really think this is the top contender, although I found it fairly loud the performance was good. Looking forward to all your reviews Rick to help me make my decision. Loving the new format!
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 3 years ago
Callaway seems to have bettered Ping this time. I spend all kinds of money on G400 clubs then they come with the G400 MAX. Yeah I am mad about it but what option do I have. Age 74 I cannot buy new clubs every month. Can't even trust Ping anymore.
hollywood1513 - 3 years ago
Rick, hit shots. I can go to Callaway's website to read the marketing materials.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
I think it’s extremely important to talk about the brands innovations/claims in order to give it a true review! How can I review the club fairly and honestly if I don’t tell you guys what the brands message is!
Ronald Irwin
Ronald Irwin - 3 years ago
Why do these drivers look more blue than in person? Does the Draw version have more offset than the standard?
Joe Pizza
Joe Pizza - 3 years ago
Can't you set this driver 1 degree open, and get a different swing weight?
S G - 3 years ago
An Epic Rogue!! Yeah maybe in my younger years. Will give it try but I've already hit the TM's and loved them.
Daniel Hendricks
Daniel Hendricks - 3 years ago
your review is really quite amazing, I'm predicting big things for you this year Mr Shiels, Right now you are the number one golf youtuber
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Daniel! It’s appreciated
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
I'm not a moveable weight golfer anyway.... Either I can hit it Or I can't... I like a slightly closed face so might give these a try... Do you like rogue or F8+ better, and how flat can you make the driver?
Martin Patterson
Martin Patterson - 3 years ago
These new reviews are AMAZING. Big respect.
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres - 3 years ago
Think they're trying to do the same that Taylormade is doing, M1 (adjustable) vs M2 (non-adjustable).
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 3 years ago
Nice to know that you can eliminate one side of the golf course with a Driver a la Jack Nicklaus. That was his mantra, seemed to have worked out pretty well for him lol. Great format Rick.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 3 years ago
U say 500$...but a fitter will put u in a $$shaft which brings up cost ??how much is your testing shaft
Hack to Scratch golf
Hack to Scratch golf - 3 years ago
This year rick is going to be the only player in history to qualify for the open championship with a different driver on each hole.
ProMadness - 3 years ago
Kenny Medina
Kenny Medina - 3 years ago
Rick the format was great, format and editing were superb. However, why did you pick the even flow shaft as opposed to your go to? (aldila rogue I think) it leaves me wondering a bit if the shaft wasn't ideal and maybe influenced your draw bias slightly
Jordan Garrity
Jordan Garrity - 3 years ago
Tried this club in American golf on Sunday. Everything went left also with the standard but felt so good to hit with a great sound. Definitely for slicers
Travis Sawicky
Travis Sawicky - 3 years ago
Great review, Rick! I'd love to test with this, but am still happy with my M2'2016. Your performance with this seems to have been better than with the M3/M4s. You sure do love and benefit from those gear mechanics.
Love the new review method! Always looking forward to more!
D Martins
D Martins - 3 years ago
Awesome review.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
Fantastic review, Rick! It sounds like it would be great with my swing, but, oh, the price! I dislike how $500 is the new normal for drivers from the 3 big mfr's.
MrR0ddy - 3 years ago
Did he say owl glass shape?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Eric Novel
Eric Novel - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, this new format of review is much better, great and congrats
Andy Bibby
Andy Bibby - 3 years ago
You can miss left with any's more human error than you let on......
Gary Hummel
Gary Hummel - 3 years ago
Very good comparison, I've come to the same choice, but thinking of the "One-Length"
Could you give us your opinion ??
Rupert Osmond
Rupert Osmond - 3 years ago
Nice one Rick.. thorough!
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor - 3 years ago
Loving new format. A lot more work on your part and much appreciated as review is awesome. Suggestion - love to see a similar chart with all current drivers tested included for easy comparison of ball speed, launch, spin etc

Did you ever wish you had a TM M3 M4 at sawgrass ?
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 3 years ago
How about a review of the Epic X Rick? Would really like your take on why it's an additional $200 over the regular Epics of only $500! lol
Les Blair
Les Blair - 3 years ago
Jake Lesko
Jake Lesko - 3 years ago
i enjoy the new aspect that you are pushing for your channel and congrats on the new notoriety in the game, main issue with all of the reviewers of these new clubs is that yall hit the ball too well... really for most of us here we arent even close to the numbers that you hit on a miss-hit, but as much as i enjoy watching you and all the others test this club, i cant help but wonder what a review would look like at the onset from not just your mid handicapper but from someone that swings more on the level as most amateur golfers. yes a lot of club members are mid to low cappers but for a lot of people that are working through our faults and maybe going from a fitting one year and refining a swing to a new one the next year and ultimately achieving happiness at 240 yards... i guess the biggest thing that i have issue with on the Rouge (even though i am looking at this driver) is that everyone is looking at this as the EPIC replacement when its the Fusion/XR replacement. no one wants to talk about that and how its ultimately not a direct compassion to the EPIC. nice video anyway but again its a useless review for the normal handicapper.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hi Jake, firstly, Callaway have said this is NOT a replacement for XR.

Secondly, I do use mid handicap testing in many of my videos. But I think what you need to take from these videos, is that regardless of ability.. I am testing of the claims of the brand. If a brand says their new driver is more aerodynamic for example, I will test that. If they claim it goes longer then ever, again I will test that.

My numbers may be very different to yours, or to others that watch the channel, in terms of club head speed and spin etc etc. But ultimately what I am doing is reviewing a product on the brands claims.

Hopefully this makes sense!

Thanks so much for watching.
mark davidson
mark davidson - 3 years ago
another great review, well done Ric ! from what your results suggest makes me think this club would be my next step in a new driver. Cant wait for the next review !!!!!
Chris Bramley
Chris Bramley - 3 years ago
Will we be seeing the Mizuno ST180 review soon?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
You will indeed
James Ryken
James Ryken - 3 years ago
How is he doing the shot tracer?
wtfisindahaus - 3 years ago
surely the rogue is callaway's reply to the M2/M4 driver. No adjustment - just as it comes.
Michael Stafford
Michael Stafford - 3 years ago
Well done on the new format for reviews. You are far and away the only reliable reviewer I trust and enjoy watching.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks so much
Aaron Zalman
Aaron Zalman - 3 years ago
I wanted this club before the video, and now I really do! Great video as always.
Michael Jennings
Michael Jennings - 3 years ago
Thank's for another awesome video ! Love the new format. I have been looking into this driver and testing it over the past week and have really fallen in love with the shape of it. Compared to my driver now the Nike Vapor Fly, the head looks huge and gives me a lot more confidence behind the ball.

One thing I would love to see you do a video on is about driver shafts. There are just so many choices and I know should seek someone to help get me fitted to the right shaft, but just learning the basics to what goes into finding the right shaft for someone. For example right now I am torn between the Stiff Adila Synergy 50 and 60, I know there is a slight weight difference and thickness at the top, but I have no clue what those numbers correlate to in a fitting !

Thank you
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hi Michael, I would suggest going for a fitting and let the fitter give you the shaft that works best, and also that feels the best for you to swing. Don’t get too hung up on it. It’s obviously an important part of the club, but make sure firstly it feels good when you swing and gives you confidence, and then make sure the numbers that the fitter gives you match up to it.
Golf mad Fozzy
Golf mad Fozzy - 3 years ago
Owl glass shape
matthew carlson
matthew carlson - 3 years ago
I’ve been golfing for years now so I’ve got a decent swing. But I’m still learning. My swing is in a constant state of change as I learn and optimize. Last year I bought the jpx 900 and I was a slicer. As I practiced and improved, my drive straightened out and even started turning left on me. The amazing thing about the jpx is that in one minute I can change the lie and the bias. I went from a closed lie and a draw bias to a neutral lie and neutral flight. I’m not a tinkering golfer. That’s literally the only change I made to the clubs settings since I bought it. But because it had that flexibility I was spared having to buy a whole new driver to match my improved swing. Adjustability is now necessary for me when I buy drivers. But to be honest I’m not sure I’ll ever need another driver for a long time. Love the new review style rick! Very informative and smart
ThomasKlarskov - 3 years ago
I don't understand the point of making a "Draw" driver when the standard Rogue can be adjusted to be draw bias.
And further more if you had a Draw version is it then hard to pull off a fade if needed?
Casey Gregori
Casey Gregori - 3 years ago
Like your videos but please add a 2 minute segment where you talk strictly about your miss hits. Most drivers are pretty similar when hit perfectly(like you tend to hit) but for the average golfer, I want to know how much distance I'm losing when I don't hit perfectly. Yes you touch on it, but maybe have one of your students hit it and show us that data too. Just a suggestion though. I subscribed like 4 days ago and I've probably watched two or more dozen videos already hahaha
liam harrison
liam harrison - 3 years ago
Great review full of info
Robbie White
Robbie White - 3 years ago
Rick, would you mind answering the same question for the Sub Zero (once that video is available)? Is an update from Epic SZ to Rogue SZ worth it?? Thanks, great video
JustGolfSwing - 3 years ago
M3 vs rouge - ur vids show that u perform better!
Would rouge go in your bag? Or u’ll wait until sub zero test?
Mads Skinbjerg
Mads Skinbjerg - 3 years ago
Damn Rick! This new format makes me want to buy every single club
Randy Mahony
Randy Mahony - 3 years ago
Rick really love the new style of review
Garrett Terry
Garrett Terry - 3 years ago
Love these videos Rick! Are you also going to do the irons?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Yep! In the bag testing will begin next week, videos will follow!
John Edmonds
John Edmonds - 3 years ago
Great editing.
Rahul Rajendran
Rahul Rajendran - 3 years ago
John Edmonds i
Gordon Vance
Gordon Vance - 3 years ago
These new reviews are great. This one is boosted by shots of the awesome Sawgrass - what a place to test clubs!! Good work Rick
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Cheers Gordon!
hawkey100 - 3 years ago
Could your shots left be a result of the shaft ?
gary mcdonald
gary mcdonald - 3 years ago
How can Callaway say the face is faster when all driver face speeds are at the legal COR Maximum and have been for the past 10 years. It may be more forgiving on off center hits but if it is faster it must be illegal.
nicholas tugwell
nicholas tugwell - 3 years ago
The new video format is fantastic rick. Can't wait for the sub zero review. Great work. You're a credit to the profession.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thank you
Callum Imrie
Callum Imrie - 3 years ago
Love these reviews
Ashley Bennett
Ashley Bennett - 3 years ago
Like these new style of reviews. I was never interested in reviews before but enjoy them now. Quick tip, hang your notes up on something next to/above/below your camera, so you don’t have to look down every now and then
GNet Vids
GNet Vids - 3 years ago
Smashed it again Rick top review
These new review are so much better then any other youtube channel period.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks so much!
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
yeah but this driver is replacing the no adjustability and maybe you could have played with the loft sleeves to open the face more for your draw and closed face?
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
wow.....i was pretty sure it was but hey...compagnies have weird thinking sometimes!
loving your new way of testing rick!
cant wait to see the driver vs2 episodes!!!!!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
According to Callaway this is not an XR replacement.
Rickoh75 - 3 years ago
Rick, great review, this format really works. To me the new Rogue is a Fusion driver on steroids, you’ve got the back weight like the fusion but now you have jailbreak technology, for more ball speed across the face. Keep up the great work.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Waveland44 - 3 years ago
I love the new vids Rick
Diamnzpuck - 3 years ago
owl Glass ? haha
Brian Pond
Brian Pond - 3 years ago
Great review. Are you going to review Mizuno ST180 Woods.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Yep! Taking the driver out in the next week for in the bag testing!
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
the most comprehensive full review. Love the new format ...Outstanding. Definitely don’t need a slightly closed face and a higher lie angle. I have the Epic Subzero and definitely looking forward to the Rouge Subzero review and even more so the reviews of the Rouge fairway metals, especially the rouge Subzero fairway
THE GRIFF - 3 years ago
Rick, not many people are highlighting that amongst the rogue models, there's no way to set up a fade biased driver. The optifit hosel only has neutral and draw settings. Can Callaway confirm if going down a degree opens up the face?
kaven audet
kaven audet - 3 years ago
Hi Rick you talked a lot about the closest face but why did you dont change the ajustable neck to open ?
A lil bit strange ?
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino - 3 years ago
You played it at TPC Sawgrass!!??? You should put it in a glass cabinet or display case!!!
Dean MacLeod-Kulm
Dean MacLeod-Kulm - 3 years ago
Great video.
Joe Simmons
Joe Simmons - 3 years ago
Perhaps Callaway have it right by NOT porting the flexibility of the Epic to the Rogue. That way they can sell more new drivers than people picking up second hand clubs?
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
This is the one stop for club reviews. Other reviewers please just give up.
Fred Revell
Fred Revell - 3 years ago
Never seen you so civilized. Normally your swearing and being abusive to everyone who comments anything good about Crossfield. I do agree that rick's new format is excellent.
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
sub333 I'm sorry you are upset but I was simply giving credit to Ricks amazing contents, he has raised the bar. Crossfield is good too but I just think rick has set the new standard.
sub333 - 3 years ago
Yes, given your track record. You devote a considerable amount of time to making videos solely aimed at having a pop at Crossfield. I'm just staggered that he seems to annoy so much. I enjoy his videos – would never buy a club based on one of his reviews, though – but he seems to have got under your skin to an amazing degree. THAT'S unhealthy…
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
sub333 so me giving credit to someone is me putting down another? That's an unhealthy way of thinking,bordering on paranoia . Crossfield is a brilliant tester but I think rick has now pushed the boundaries of testing, this video blows my mind.
sub333 - 3 years ago
I agree, it's a great video and looks fantastic. But my issue is that you're not actually commenting to big up Rick, you're really only doing it to have a pop at Crossfield, when you know full well that there's not a huge difference between the quality of their club reviews. You obviously have a major beef with him, I get it. But I really don't think it's healthy to post about him so often – the more you do it, the more worked up you will get!
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
sub333 but Rick has bloody nailed it in the videos, the production of these videos just blows me away, no one else can touch it, I dare say others will start to copy
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Ricky Fairbank wow, that's mean. So crossy invented swinging a club in front of a camcorder? He's a regular pioneer that one
Ricky Fairbank
Ricky Fairbank - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs he has only just stared doing these reviews (copy of crossfield reviews) for the last 2 years it’s been a long driving contest where he sprays driver all over the place hardly ever near target.... absolute ball bag, stealing a living
sub333 - 3 years ago
Crossfield started doing this style of club review last year (on course + range + data etc) and Rick has decided to follow suit. It must be so weird obsessing about one person so much and spending so much energy having a pop at him. Just let it go…
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Ricky Fairbank it does come across like that but you must admit these reviews are just the best , I mean do you know of any other tester that does tests like Rick.?
Ricky Fairbank
Ricky Fairbank - 3 years ago
Arse licking bastard
sub333 - 3 years ago
Heh, still obsessed with Mr Crossfield, then… #issues
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs Agee
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas - 3 years ago
got to be a mug 480 quid it don't swing itself or give you a b.j.
Mitch Gardner
Mitch Gardner - 3 years ago
Rick, do you think some of the lefts were caused from the Even Flow stock shaft that has more kick than your Aldila Rogue 60 or 70x shaft you usually hit? I would be curious to see if it you hit it straighter with your Rogue shaft. Please let us know, and thanks, love the videos!
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Mitch Gardner would you know the comparisons between the EvenFlow Stiff 75 6.0 Stiff flex shaft (78 grams and 3.5 Torque) versus the Aldila Rouge I/O 70 Stiff flex (71grams, 3.3 Torque) as far as tip stiffness, spin, launch and feel?

Clearly the EvenFlow is heavier by 7 grams and it’s listed as a Mid spin/Mid launch shaft on project x’s website. The rouge I/O is listed as low spin/low launch.

Like I said I have the Aldila Rouge I/O 60 Stiff in my Epic Subzero Driver (still haven’t hit it yet, middle of winter her in NY) and contemplating whether to stick with the same Aldila style shaft for my Rouge Subzero fairway 3 and 5 metals or go with the EvenFlow ?

I don’t have to stay brand specific, but conversely staying with the same brand with the same “feeling” shaft kind of makes sense.

On the other hand if decide to get the EvenFlow 75 shafts in the fairways and I can always get an EvenFlow 65 Stiff in the Driver too.

Without hitting either shaft I’m sort of stuck on the fence here.

Overall, have a very high ball flight especially with the rouge MAX 65 S in the Epic Subzero Driver). Driver Club head speed is 104-108 mph, AOA is up (not sure what angle) and smooth tempo

Any advice is appreciated
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Mitch Gardner i picked up my Rogue Silver I/O on eBay for $65. It was a steal. My ARCOSS 360 has me at an average of 261 yards for all of last year (188 shots). Can’t wait what the I/O will bring, would hope at least 10 more yards on average.
Mitch Gardner
Mitch Gardner - 3 years ago
That should definitely launch a little lower and spin less.  I have the Rogue Silver 70x in my Epic 3 Wood and it performs great!  The Rogue Max was too soft, higher launching and higher spinning for me as well.
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Mitch Gardner great to hear. Thanks.

I just bought a Rouge silver I/O shaft 60-S to replace my Rouge Max 65-S in my Epic Subzero Driver. The Rouge Max is a mid flight mid spin and with my club head speed of 104-108 mph I hit it way too high. Looking forward to a much lower spinning and ball flight with the stiffer tip I/O shaft.
Mitch Gardner
Mitch Gardner - 3 years ago
The blue Even Flow shaft has little more kick in the middle of the shaft with a little higher launch than the Aldila Rogue Silver. It should be a good fairway wood shaft
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Mitch Gardner great point. I’m thinking of getting the Even Flow shaft in the Rouge Subzero 3 or 3+ fairway metal. Interested to hear his review of the EF shaft
Henry Hilger
Henry Hilger - 3 years ago
Again this is one of your best videos. Keep up the great great work cheers mate
cliverkay - 3 years ago
Don't forget most players do not have your swing speed and nearly always hit a Fade!!/Slice .. This will be good for them !!!
Brian Malone
Brian Malone - 3 years ago
Great new review format Rick, hit the bullseye!!
CHR15Y BoY - 3 years ago
£480 ridiculous!
CHR15Y BoY - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs I’m well off but not stupid!
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
CHR15Y BoY not if you are well off like myself.
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 3 years ago
New hourglass jailbreak for faster ball speeds(didn't work)new speed step tech(didn't work).The only thing that's true about new drivers now is a £450 plus price tag.
Paul F Clark
Paul F Clark - 3 years ago
Would $500 US dollar not equate to around £350.00??
John Kane
John Kane - 3 years ago
We have to pay 20% sales tax in the UK plus customs duty and the cost of shipping from the US so it's probably fair: if you can call $500 a fair price for a driver.
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim - 3 years ago
If the effort that golf club makers put into selling new equipment was put forth by the powers that be into drawing new golfers to the game, maybe they wouldn't have to come out with new, equal drivers every 9 months and charge $500 for it despite having less technology
Victor Daniel Traverso
Victor Daniel Traverso - 3 years ago
I love the epic and I will stay by it. Thanks.
Andy !
Andy ! - 3 years ago
Again.... brilliant format, brilliant content. Well done Rick! Really appreciate and respect your work. Best wishes from Hoylake!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks so much!
Steven NA Holliday
Steven NA Holliday - 3 years ago
I think this kind of club review is fantastic. New driver for me in February. Going to try them all and get a fitting. Like the look of the ST180. Ping G400 Max looks good too. We’ll see. Thanks Rick.
Mike Cerniglia
Mike Cerniglia - 3 years ago
The ST-180 is going to take this year by storm. I’ve had it in my bag(replaced my epic) for over a month now and nothing comes close to it. The Rogue was close but still couldn’t match the feel of the Mizuno
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Reviews of both of those coming soon! Thanks for watching
Evan Spencer
Evan Spencer - 3 years ago
I’m itching for the SZ video
Kevin Coghlan
Kevin Coghlan - 3 years ago
Good on ya Rick! Keep up the great work.
Gregory Edwards
Gregory Edwards - 3 years ago
Rogue just looks like an XR16 with Marvel comics marketing
Golf4Life Pure
Golf4Life Pure - 3 years ago
Great review RICK ! I am keeping My EPIC, I'm Still in love. Cheers
Michele Ballarin
Michele Ballarin - 3 years ago
Good Job
Joshua Bible
Joshua Bible - 3 years ago
Excellent review Rick love this new format! Keep it up!!!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
ZEIN ELDIN - 3 years ago
talk waaaaay toooo much
Jonghurn Kim
Jonghurn Kim - 3 years ago
I rarely liked the look of callaways clubs. But like the look of this new driver.
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
Rick, what do you think caused you inability to move the ball right with the Rogue? As someone who struggles with an occasional push, but mostly hits a fade, I'm wondering if this club could promote a straight/draw flight for me. Oops! Just got the part in the video where there is a draw bias club. Wonder if that might be too much even for me, who has just about eliminated a slice.
Jordan MacDonald
Jordan MacDonald - 3 years ago
Joe Perez as someone who fades the ball a lot. This driver in the draw bias has done wonders for me. If you get a chance to try it out I definitely recommend it.
Malcolm Evans
Malcolm Evans - 3 years ago
Joe Perez yep. Stubby fingers on a touch screen tablet. If only my aim when driving was better!
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
I think you meant to reply to Paul F Clark concerning dollars to pounds exchange rates.
Malcolm Evans
Malcolm Evans - 3 years ago
Joe Perez Not really, £ =$ generally in terms of buying power on respective sides of the pond.
Keller Cacioppo
Keller Cacioppo - 3 years ago
Nice rick
William Russell
William Russell - 3 years ago
Rick can we expect a F8+ review with the new format since it released prior to you switching to the new way of testing? Always enjoy the reviews!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
I think I will William! The Cobra product launched just before I had finalised my new review format!
Jason Osterhoff
Jason Osterhoff - 3 years ago
Another great review!!! Thank you Rick!!!
Jason Osterhoff
Jason Osterhoff - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf did you notice more ball speed with the epic?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thank you!
Dylan Bennett
Dylan Bennett - 3 years ago
Always look forward to your videos Rick, keep up the good work!
Dylan Bennett
Dylan Bennett - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, I recently just created my channel and will start to put out videos soon. Any advice for making videos?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Dylan!
Tyler Sabo
Tyler Sabo - 3 years ago
Love your testings man
Tyler Sabo
Tyler Sabo - 3 years ago
I didn't want to get the rogue until I saw your first rogue review video now I want it really freaking bad
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
dan - 3 years ago
Looks nicer than the taylormade.
Juan Ignacio Llanos
Juan Ignacio Llanos - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago

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