NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW PGA golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest NEW PING G400 DRIVER using foresight GCQuad and Tilteist ProV1 golf balls! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Drivers 4 years ago 166,749 views

NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW PGA golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest NEW PING G400 DRIVER using foresight GCQuad and Tilteist ProV1 golf balls! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Milton Taylor
Milton Taylor - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Hello Rick I know a person needs to get fitted but how would you rate the stock shaft?
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf
michael ellis
michael ellis - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Wonderful Demonstration!! I'm Pre-Ordering Today!!
Joey Joe Joe
Joey Joe Joe - 4 years ago
Took a big shit this morning........ It stunk too!!!!!!!!!!
Austin Blake
Austin Blake - 4 years ago
how much is the gc quad
kam taylor
kam taylor - 3 years ago
I like the g more
Jordan McGinnis
Jordan McGinnis - 3 years ago
I don't understand. He always hits the Ping drivers Phenomenally well, Then chooses to game the Epic(ly) over hyped.
John Bhoy
John Bhoy - 3 years ago
Very impressed with the video, I think I’ll go out an invest in a new driver in early 2018 with G400 top of the list of drivers I’ll test.
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 3 years ago
I just hit one for the first time today, all i can say is WOW!!!! I hit 8.5 deg Xstiff shaft g400LS and i hit lasers 315-330 yards it was insane!!!
Andrew Leach
Andrew Leach - 3 years ago
With driver does it matter that dynamic lie angle is 4 up? Should it be flat?
cub fsx
cub fsx - 4 years ago
Hey Rick! Just wandering what mat you use to hit off in this video? What brand?
Ryan Jurgens
Ryan Jurgens - 4 years ago
Love the sound of the new driver. Hated that loud ping sound from the G series. Great review
Joe Dubiel
Joe Dubiel - 4 years ago
I think you hit the Ping G much further if I remember the test right. :) I like the Ping G MUCH BETTER!

10. comment for NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW

Chris Chaffey
Chris Chaffey - 4 years ago
Hi are you going to review the SFT Ping G400 driver
Ture Nyman
Ture Nyman - 4 years ago
Taylormade R9 460 with a tour spec shaft is still the best driver hands down
Sodthong - 4 years ago
Dimpling lol
Bob R
Bob R - 4 years ago
Where's Rob's reviews?
김ᄌ - 4 years ago
not good
M Smizzle
M Smizzle - 4 years ago
300 on the monitor, 255 on the course.. anyone????
Kevin Stanley
Kevin Stanley - 4 years ago
Would love to see you compare the G400 to the Titleist 917 D2 and the LST to the 917 D3.
matthew cooper
matthew cooper - 4 years ago
Just bought this club absolutely amazing . Got fitted for the epic bought it hated it .so have swapped to the g400 it is mindblowingly good . Hits long straight and the flight is awesome . The look of the club is stealthy and a thing of beauty . So if anyone is wanting a callaway epic subzero driver let me know .
Don McKnight
Don McKnight - 4 years ago
The bottom of the club looks great and the shaft is awesome, but not a huge fan of the dragonfly look. I went and hit it and it is as solid as they come. I get a few more yards from the Epic SUBZERO but this is just as good. Maybe more forgiving. At 100 bucks less, a good choice I think.
VWRabbit2008 - 4 years ago
Hey guys, rick shiels here uummmm yup every club I review is brilliant thanks for watching

20. comment for NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW

Sunday Chombe Olweny
Sunday Chombe Olweny - 4 years ago
Rick the new G400
WesMoran - 4 years ago
I've got to be honest...I see design features reminiscent of a lot of other manufactures. The "turbulators" are obviously Ping, but the pattern at the back of the crown is awfully similar to the Nike Vapor serious. The sole weight reminds me of the Titleist 913 series, while the sole itself appears to be similar to a 910, Cleveland HiBore XLS and the Cobra Bio Cell +. Overall, I'm not that impressed.
Hasan Qureshi
Hasan Qureshi - 4 years ago
Hi Rick... I'm currently using PING G30 clubs and absolutely love them...

I'm looking for a new driver and set of clubs...I love LOUD sound at impact ( I mean canon ball loudness with hearing protection required
Middleton GOLFTEC
Middleton GOLFTEC - 4 years ago
I am trying to figure out how 112mph club head speed with 162mph ball speed carries the ball 292, tour average club head speed is 113mph and ball speed is 167mph and they only carry it 275.
Dagger66 - 3 years ago
Thats how they sell you the club....
James Flynn
James Flynn - 4 years ago
What loft?
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson - 4 years ago
please stop saying there is a changing of the guard at Ping.. we get it :-)
Ben Zielke
Ben Zielke - 4 years ago
G400 looks awesome, I think might be worth investment
Ben Zielke
Ben Zielke - 4 years ago
one question would you use it during round ?
THE GRIFF - 4 years ago
Hi Rick. How would you compare the Ping tour shaft to the Aldila Rogue and Diamana D+ white?
Travis smith
Travis smith - 4 years ago
hey rick, been a while since we have seen a long drive competition... maybe an m1/m2 vs jpx900 vs g400 vs epic?

30. comment for NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW

TalkyMcTalkFace - 4 years ago
Mark Cavendish 5 top tips, No 1. Don't crash into a Peter Sagan
larsdan - 4 years ago
Can you do a comparison between the G400 lstec and the epic subzero.
Richard Trevino
Richard Trevino - 4 years ago
When is the straight flight video going to come out
Bob R
Bob R - 4 years ago
Rick great review. Can you have Rob review the G400 line?
Mike Dole
Mike Dole - 4 years ago
I tried the driver and irons today. I was blown away. I've tried them all and these clubs are by far the best feeling clubs I ever tried and best results. Wish I could afford them right now, I would get the entire set in a heart beat. The ball to club face contact feel is like butter. So soft and smooth. The degrees on each iron are strong so I was hitting this new 7 iron as if I was hitting my old 6 iron, awesome distance. Great great great feel. I'd want to smack golf balls all day everyday with these irons. Super fun.
Ronald Irwin
Ronald Irwin - 4 years ago
you promised a review of the sf tech
LM - 4 years ago
Will you still be testing the G400 SFT? I watched all G400 videos but it didn't seem as if you were gong to test this one after all. Besides showing data with other G400 Drivers, possibly test and compare with the G SFT? Thx
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 4 years ago
Pete, according to Golf WRX, the shock shaft in the G400 is the Ping Alta CB (counter-balance). If this shaft is in fact counter-balanced, doesn't that mean that there is additional weight in the Butt end of the shaft? What will happen if someone wants it custom shortened (I shorten all my drivers to 44")? Is it even possible to cut through the butt end if there is additional material/thickness there? Stock swingweight with the 45 3/4 inch shaft (absurd!!!) is D1, so if a custom fit goes shorter, will you end up with a swingweight where you can hardly feel the head?
Julian Roberts
Julian Roberts - 4 years ago
Good review as always Rick interesting to see how this didn't perform any better than the far cheaper Ben Ross driver
pd9971 - 4 years ago
I like Ping products but they have to do a better job with their driver shafts.
Big Will
Big Will - 4 years ago
I don't have a ton of experience with a variety of clubs, so I never really relate when golfers/reviewers talk about the sound of a club; they usually sound the same, and it's something I just gloss over. This club, like the Ft Worth 15 irons, sounded really good to me and stood out, even coming through my iPhone speakers. If they sound as good in real life
Timothy Simpson
Timothy Simpson - 4 years ago
Can't wait to test this out!
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 4 years ago
That is the SEXY driver!
Kevin Barclay
Kevin Barclay - 4 years ago
Kevin where is Rob potter. Rick get him testing the 400 range.
Just Golf Swing
Just Golf Swing - 4 years ago
Always like ur reviews. I don't know about the looks this time. What do others think?
Zac Hayden
Zac Hayden - 4 years ago
Leo Torssell
Leo Torssell - 4 years ago
Great review as always Rick! I love that you're so unbiased.
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen - 4 years ago
Rick, would you mind me asking what level of golfer this is aimed at? I've had the Ping I15 driver since launch but allways felt it was a little to hard for me to hit consistantly well. I was thinking investing in the G driver until my club pro hinted at the new 400 range would be coming out in few months, Now not sure to go with the G or give the 400 a look,
lucas pieruccini
lucas pieruccini - 4 years ago
I like it a lot feel bad for the people who bought the new black & blue one because this just looks like a better model all around!
Björn Jonsson
Björn Jonsson - 4 years ago
Whats the length of the G400 compared to your usual driver length? If its longer it might add to the increased speed.

50. comment for NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW

Sean Uryu
Sean Uryu - 4 years ago
Don't you think that you should test it with the aldila rogue xstiff to have a better comparison
ssshawntan - 4 years ago
Nice review as always. Would be good if you could do a shaft test to demonstrate the effect of a properly fitted shaft on dispersion rates.
Truman Gregory
Truman Gregory - 4 years ago
Y'all subscribe to my channel. I will sub back right away
Brian C
Brian C - 4 years ago
Thanks Rick. From  my perspective nothing really new here other than maybe smaller club head.
alan hunter
alan hunter - 4 years ago
Think you got just as good if not better results with the Benross drivers you tested last week, makes the cost difference look silly. Guess people are paying for a name only, great test though .
bill mccutcheon
bill mccutcheon - 4 years ago
Erm erm yeah okay am wrong hands down to that
OOT Golf
OOT Golf - 4 years ago
Adam Banks
Adam Banks - 4 years ago
If batman played golf, this would be his driver!
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
so instead of Tm and callaways 10 yards extra ping claim 5 and that makes them better?
Sorry but we should still all be driving 500 yards by now whichever claim u believe which leads me to the only sensible conclusion...all golf manufacturers talk bollox..especially as coefficient of restitutuon is strictly regulated.
Looks good though and does sound better
ThaDoobPlaysGames - 4 years ago
I love the performance of my Ping G I currently play, but I must say I don't love the looks of it or the G400. The matte black is nice, but the head of the club is just too busy for me. Not a fan of the copper either.
Graeme/ Kieran BlondeBroSkies
Graeme/ Kieran BlondeBroSkies - 4 years ago
I've used ping g woods for a while now and absolutely loving them. Hoping to test these soon but they will have to be extremely good to replace mine especially the 3 wood
Alan Parr
Alan Parr - 4 years ago
I agree.., the sound off face was great. I really don't like the big tiny sound off most drivers produced today. Will head dn to local golf shop and test. I would like to see Mr. Rob Potter test these clubs. Are you considering putting the LST in your bag and giving it a months trial? Thx Rick
christian browning
christian browning - 4 years ago
Benross performed every bit as good to me.
Gary Snider
Gary Snider - 4 years ago
head size is 445 cc, i like the look and sound
Ambrose Andthenfell
Ambrose Andthenfell - 4 years ago
Thanks for the review, like the new look and sound
Jeffery Mueller
Jeffery Mueller - 4 years ago
When is the Volvik review?
James Wicks
James Wicks - 4 years ago
could you do a review of a cheap yet decent driver? thanks
wayne fitzgerald
wayne fitzgerald - 4 years ago
That driver would be complete for me only for markings on top . I like the clean look with a pointer so will wait a while longer before I change . Thanks for showing us Pete .
Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
It's going in the bag
Jim Rohnstock
Jim Rohnstock - 4 years ago
This driver is really starting to look not only better than the G but the 'real' technology it might be one of the best drivers out there. Didn't like the look at first but it has grown on me and this might be tested as my next driver very soon.
Stephen Pruszenski
Stephen Pruszenski - 4 years ago
I always loved Ping irons but was never satisfied with the performance of their woods. I like the look but would have to try them out. I prefer Wilson Staff clubs best of all.
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 4 years ago
Is there a big difference between ProV1 and ProV1 Practice balls?
Willevild009 - 4 years ago
Thomas yeah but practice balls are not allowed in tournament play so I guess we're stuck paying 5€ per ball.
Thomas - 4 years ago
Practice pro-v's are literally the same ball in every way that aren't up to "spec" in cover color.. there's zero difference and these people paying $40+ for pro-v's are fools..
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 4 years ago
Yeah, the way he always says "REAL ProV1's" is a bit misleading. Because I'm sure he would never whip out a Practice ball on the actual course for tournament play.
Brian Daly
Brian Daly - 4 years ago
Jacob Sever Rick should do a test, because I'm wondering the same thing...
Jeremy Reeves
Jeremy Reeves - 4 years ago
Looks great. I've never owned a PING driver, but would certainly give this a try.
Justin Bordwell
Justin Bordwell - 4 years ago
Let me take the average of all my snap hook out of bounds swings
Sonnycheese - 4 years ago
it is strange how you big up the ping club but kinda put a downer on benross, yet i know what i would put in your bag between the two, still love the videos really enjoyed the open youtube exemption vlogs!
Carl Jonas Askvigg
Carl Jonas Askvigg - 4 years ago
damn.. what it. so much now..
Mike Farrell
Mike Farrell - 4 years ago
gee rick, transformers, bat mobiles, have you started a toy shop
Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 4 years ago
I'm no expert by any means but it seems like the 445cc head is a bit less forgiving than the Ping G. Odd for ping to make a drastic change like that.
Tommy Mott
Tommy Mott - 4 years ago
What's happened to the fade?
danthemanwhocancan - 4 years ago
The dimples on the top remind me of Cycle Team Sky's controversial go faster dimples on their jerseys.
Gratton White
Gratton White - 3 years ago
I agree
The distance is the same when his swing speed is the same. Save your money and take a lesson.
daniel gilmore
daniel gilmore - 4 years ago
You were longer with both benross clubs thoughts ???
Mark Rowley
Mark Rowley - 4 years ago
daniel gilmore and straighter?
Pinkey Man
Pinkey Man - 4 years ago
Probably shaft
Cheng Xiao
Cheng Xiao - 4 years ago
The G looks so much better, this just looks like a cobra now ew
Dominic Tran
Dominic Tran - 4 years ago
too pingy...
Dylan Shaw-Radford
Dylan Shaw-Radford - 4 years ago
Do a give away of one pls
John Lawson
John Lawson - 4 years ago
Hi Rick, was wondering how long you hold onto these clubs before you flog them on ebay ?.. Or have you already flogged them?.  (Must be raking it in... ).
rdw - 4 years ago
hi Rick.i cant stop slicing my you,keep up the great work.
Simon Southby-Ryland
Simon Southby-Ryland - 4 years ago
What is going on at Ping? They use to make such classic, good looking clubs...that looks ugly...shame....
wakborder76 - 4 years ago
Enjoyed the review but I'll be sticking with my G Driver for now. Like the looks of the G more.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Thanks, Rick! I know the SF Tec model is not suited to your swing, but it's the one I'm most interested in, so I hope you test that model. Prior SF Tec models spun too much for me.
Cace Smith
Cace Smith - 4 years ago
Meh. Another day and we've got another product launch that really isn't any different than the last.
Franco Fuma
Franco Fuma - 4 years ago
I used to play ping drivers for a number of years, i had a g30 driver, loved the turbulators, but the G and this G400 looks realy messy from the top, not a fan
kevbocometh - 4 years ago
waiting patiently for the g400 irons review...currently in the market. thanks dud.
tomar5e115 - 4 years ago
I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of expensive all perform around the same. The only difference being the looks, hence why Rick always spends half the video talking about how it looks
butette - 4 years ago
rick sure is a salesman.
John Carr
John Carr - 4 years ago
I like the look of it big time. Thinking of changing my driver soon... need to test that one out...

Get that in the bag Rick!!
Jonathan Purchase
Jonathan Purchase - 4 years ago
perhaps the '400' relates to the size (if it's not 460cc) rather than just another random number?!
Draymond Gaymond
Draymond Gaymond - 4 years ago
Jonathan Purchase no it's a 445cc head
OxiClean - 4 years ago
Well each new entry into the "G" line tends to increase by a factor of 5, ie G20, G25, G30 G(35). Why they added the extra zero I have no idea, they should have just called it the G40 line.
Gary Douglas
Gary Douglas - 4 years ago
like the review Rick
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 4 years ago
I like your review better than mine... but I like my couch better
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 4 years ago
J Roc I was going for petty...
Scratch Golfer
Scratch Golfer - 4 years ago
Advertising your channel by mentioning your review on another reviewer's video? Clever
Zac Hayden
Zac Hayden - 4 years ago
New G400 rap vid please Randy...Ping review in the Ping T-shirt #whoopwhoop
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray - 4 years ago
randy now you are gonna have to make a 4 hunnie whoop whoop journal. what you know about 4 hunnie son! whoop whoop
geddstock - 4 years ago
Fried Eggs Golf sometimes you just have to let go man..........
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 4 years ago
geddstock can't say you're wrong
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 4 years ago
Alexander Schwarzbart Pro Lengths!
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 4 years ago
Mark Pogson
geddstock - 4 years ago
Fried Eggs Golf sorry randy but your couch would look better in a skip....
Daymon Johnson
Daymon Johnson - 4 years ago
He's using the Pride Evolution professional length, 2-3/4" (yellow) plastic tees. Those things last FOREVER. I bought a bag of 30 a year ago, and still have 3/4 of the bag left. Check them out here.....
Alexander Schwarzbart
Alexander Schwarzbart - 4 years ago
Fried Eggs Golf Hey Randy, as you are a expert for hardware, do you know which tees Rick is using? They have that yellow mark for how high you tee up the driver?
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 4 years ago
I bet that couch has turbulators for maximising your wind resistance
Brandon Rigg
Brandon Rigg - 4 years ago
Fried Eggs Golf turbulators
Jamie hart
Jamie hart - 4 years ago
yours was very thorough Randy. Plus you get bonus creativity points for your turbulator' advert cut scene
Aj Nawabi
Aj Nawabi - 4 years ago
Thumbs up
Mike McNulty
Mike McNulty - 4 years ago
Love the look of this driver! Really want to give it a hit.
Andy M
Andy M - 4 years ago
so funny how golfshake, today's golfer American golf and rick release the same vids at same time
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 4 years ago
Thats because Ping wouldn't let anyone review the driver until today

100. comment for NEW PING G400 DRIVER REVIEW

no name
no name - 4 years ago
interesting that it's not a 460 head. wonder if it will have much effect on forgiveness. seemed like there was about 1000rpm spin difference when you hit it nice and high on the face compared to more middle of the face hits, but that's not uncommon for other drivers either. also wonder if the slightly smaller head contributes to the slightly higher swing speed, or if the aerodynamics are doing all the work. seems like a nice club either way. keen to see a head to head against epic and M1, as well as the G
Kevin - 4 years ago
Obviously anecdotal but I hit the 400 today. Feels more forgiving than the Epic and the M2 and I consistently had better distance than both of those with much tighter dispersion. And I usually can't stand Ping clubs. Very impressed by it.
Child Of A Fresher God
Child Of A Fresher God - 4 years ago
I read on another site that the 400 was more forgiving than the G. I have no idea how they pulled that off but that's what PING is saying.
James Harvey
James Harvey - 4 years ago
Love it! would be great to see comparison to the G30 (see if I need an upgrade!) lol.
mochzac - 4 years ago
Liking that new driver. Looking forward to trying it out.
Antoine Steeghs
Antoine Steeghs - 4 years ago
No more distance. Good looks but sound is no reason to chnage from current Ping driver
ashutosh k
ashutosh k - 4 years ago
who started to like ping after ricks review video
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
You hit it almost as well as the Benross compressor type R. Would love to see a comparison.
Mark Rowley
Mark Rowley - 4 years ago
Garry Grant when do you look at the bottom of the club?,he should be promoting a British manufacturer doing a great job,fantastic points you make,just what I am thinking,its got to be about the performance for Rick as he doesn't pay for clubs so the Benross has better numbers,I can't afford a four hundred pound driver
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Mark Rowley yes indeed. But the thought of the 'finish' not being as pristine obviously has put Rick off.
The smaller companies definitely do not get as unbiased reviews as the big boys. Look at his review of the irons....same thing. I'm waiting for some honest guy telling the world that us golfers are being conned.
Mark Rowley
Mark Rowley - 4 years ago
Garry Grant exactly what i thought,he hit the benross straighter and longer didn't he??
gareth birrell
gareth birrell - 4 years ago
When's the uk release date?
ALAN GIBSON - 4 years ago
Love my Ping G30 but I would defo be interested in hitting the 400
vesma golf
vesma golf - 4 years ago
Want. Buying a new driver this month... not 100% sure if this or the G (and some savings!) would be the best bet.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
These reviews are all the same. Rick stands there and smashes the ball down a virtual reality fairway and produces pretty much the same numbers he does with any other driver. It's not so much a review of the club and how it might perform in a round of golf, but more how Rick is swinging it on any given day.
Myname Isthebest
Myname Isthebest - 4 years ago
Mark Scott what else do you want him to do? Have a 2 and a half hour video of him playing 18 holes with it?
Morgan Cross
Morgan Cross - 4 years ago
This argument is interesting and I think I understand both sides. But lets look at this; what are the variables between the range and the course?

Wind - You can predict how your shot will behave in the wind based on spin. More spin will likely be more impacted by wind and vice versa, not really worth considering.

Shot shape - Generally speaking, less spin will be harder to draw and you should know that going in. If you've maximized your distance by getting 1500rpm spin then you're going to have a tough time hitting a draw and keeping it in the air.

Confidence - This is purely psychological obviously and can be altered by a number of factors. For example, I hate looking at an "open" face angle like many "tour" clubs have, I hook them all the time because I look at that face and think "i'm going to block this to the right" and over compensate. But something like that would come out in range testing just as much as it would on the course.

The bottom line is that if you're trying to maximize your driver's performance, you need to be SOMEWHERE that gives you accurate launch data. This data also gives you confidence that you have the best fit for you and your swing, which should have included testing any type of shot you intend to hit. "The course" is not going to tell you spin numbers, smash factor, or ball speed. Also, if you're looking to play a range of shot shapes, you should be testing those as well. If you can turn the driver over on the range, you can turn it over on the course. If you can hit a controlled cut on the range, you can hit it on the course. If you can do it on the range but CAN'T do it on the course, what the hell difference is a club going to make? The ONLY difference between the two is psychological with the concept of consequence on the course that does not exist on the range. NO club will change this concept because the ONLY thing producing the difference is your swing. If your swing is fundamentally different on the course and that is not something you can change, then you have to analyze what you are doing there and make choices based on that. Maybe you swing harder on the range and your spin numbers are in the right place but you swing more defensively on the course and don't create the same power causing different spin numbers on the course and thus different performance.

The other thing to consider is that this is ALL a crap shoot if you're an amateur that can't reliably repeat a swing. If that is the case, pick something pretty that will make your friends jealous and proceed to hit every square inch of the face and then post on a forum somewhere about how this new driver sucks and spins too much. But if you're a low handicapper/scratch golfer or better than can repeat a motion with some reliability, then you probably won't have the variation from the range to the course that would warrant considering range testing useless unless you did not take all the correct factors into consideration when testing.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Garry Grant, I don't see anything in my earlier posts that warrants your raising your voice at me.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott ok based on the crossfield on course test, how would you compare the performance to say the M1, or the epic?

even ignoring other drivers, which driver was the best out of the three models? do you think the two shots he had with each model was enough of a basis to make a decision as to which club was best for him?
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Garry Grant crossfield literally explains why in the video... pointing to how the ls tech was impeded by trees and rough, and the swing and strikes weren't great, and the bounce made a difference. he also makes a point of saying the ls tech was by far the best for him, and that's what he'd go with, because he has the ball data to back it up and knows that on average he'll hit that longer and better on the course as well, and urges you guys to get fitted. crossfield does however make sure his viewers understand that just cause a driver can give you better numbers, doesn't mean you'll play better and swing better. you can still mishit the ball, and even him and the other pro testing with him do that. the human factor prevails as he likes to say. but that's where you've got do distinguish club performance, and human performance. and at the end of the day if you have a recent driver that's not completely misfitted for you, getting a new driver won't impact your game significantly. but if you're in the market for a new driver, get one that's as good as possible.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name it depends on the stats of the test. You've said some further some shorter. Define some. I think you should just watch the Crossfield video. It explains the view I agree with. This isn't personal to Rick. I life his stuff and I subscribe. I just don't think these reviews are of much value.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott ok just answer me this. If rick goes out on the course and hits a few shots with two different drivers, hits half in the fairway and half not, and hits some longer than the other, and some shorter than the other. in other words a pretty standard distribution of shots. what does that tell you about the performance of the club? how can you tell one club apart from another?

also, what is the full story launch monitors don't tell when it comes to club performance?
how the ball bounces when it lands and other random events are not related to club performance by the way, as it has nothing to do with the club
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
Garry Grant spot on Garry.,
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Howie Land you may not like Marks way of testing on course, but watch his review of this exact same club. He and fellow tester both had the LS tech way ahead of the other G400's.....I mean, miles ahead on dry date. SO EXPLAIN WHY ON THR COURSE TBE STANDARD DRIVER PERFORMED VIRTUALLY AS WELL AS THE LS VERSION. Somehow in real terms the standard gained another 10%. Watch the video and try to explain.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name it's a review. It means it reviews. Yes people want to see how a club performs but not dry ball data, on a course. If you don't get that, then fine. I don't care either way! I'm not resistant to launch monitors. My coach uses one and I have lessons by reference to them. They are excellent but they don't tell the full story. If you think they do, you won't improve as quickly as you wish to. As for my age, how old am I then?!
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott no once again you are misunderstanding the issue. playing a certain shot on the course, being able to hit a fairway, manage the course, drive it long enough, be consistent, and generally produce the shot that is needed are all separate from what we're trying to do here which is to determine which club is the best. going out on the course is about your skill as a golfer, and that is the main reason someone like crossfield makes a point of hitting it on the course, cause guess what, a new club isn't going to suddenly make you a better player and eliminate bad shots. you can see when rick hits some of his shots they go offline, and on a course they'd go in the rough and not go nearly as far. but what you're judging then is individual golf skill, not just the clubs performance.

when testing a club you're trying to find out if it'll give you better results even though your swing and golf skills stay the same. if you were somehow able to repeat the exact same swing every time, but one club gave you 10 yards extra, then the performance of that club is objectively better. alternatively, if a club produces better results on mishits than another club when all else is equal then the clubs performance is objectively better. and launch monitors let you quantify this much better than hitting a few shots on the course, where the final result is dependent on random events such as wind and bounce.

your lack of understanding of what this new technology actually is, how it works, what the numbers mean, and your resistance to letting it improve on the old ways says a lot more about you than my defending it does, and gives away your age quickly. the technology, and the scientific and engineering principles it forms the foundation for, are what has allowed technology to advance the way it has. a driver doesn't know if it's on the range or on the course, but a launch monitor let's you hit more shots in less time whilst still giving you the result of the shot, and on top of that provides a nice graphic that can be used in YouTube videos. if rick took this out in the course and hit a few fairways, and missed a few fairways like he always will, what exactly does that tell you? how do you compare this club to other clubs that he'll also miss a few and hit a few fairways with? how do you know it isn't just his form on the day which led to him hitting more fairways than usual if he does? how do you know it wasn't a strong down wind which gave him extra distance? or a lucky bounce in a down slope?
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name best of luck with your golf on the range! If you can't grasp this then it says a lot about your insular approach. I think we're done here, not least because you're unable to acknowledge a different approach. How do you think golf got on before launch monitors?! Are you really a better golfer for custom fitting or have you only ever played in the custom fitting era? If so it would explain your one eyed approach.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
bill mccutcheon even if launch monitors were set up to give you an extra 10% or whatever (they're not usually), it doesn't matter as long as it's the same for every club tested. if you carry one driver 250 on the course, but 270 on a launch monitor, and you test another driver on the launch monitor and hit it 280, that'll still correspond to an increase over the 250 you usually see on the course with your other driver
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott that's the silliest thing I've ever read. are you just trolling? if the club performs on the range then it's capable of performing the exact same way on the course. you not being able to maintain a consistent swing has nothing to do with the performance of a golf club, and the fitting of a golf club to you, whether it turned out good or bad, is also irrelevant for the objective performance of a golf club, even though it may change how you personally perceive it. the point is these tests give an objective and quantitative measure of the clubs performance. the numbers mean everything if you know how to read them. if you want roll then lowering spin will actually get you more roll, but another important parameter is the descent angle,and a launch monitor can tell you that too. and how the course plays at any given point again has nothing to do with the performance of a club. if there's a big downslope at 270 yards, but it's flat at 280 then you're better off hitting a shorter shot and getting a big kick at 270 yards than you are flying it the full 280. none of that is relevant when looking at the performance of a club, even though it matters when actually playing golf. you want to see how performance changes when all else is equal, cause that's what makes one club better than another. seeing rick hit a few shots on a course tells you nothing about how good the club is, but is more about how he swings it on the day, or rather that particular swing (which you complained about to begin with), and how the environment affects it. neither should have anything to say when judging a clubs performance.
bill mccutcheon
bill mccutcheon - 4 years ago
Monitor machines can be set up to give you bull shit numbers though just to sell u a new set of clubs how many many guys on YouTube on a launch monitor boom the ball miles then u watch the vids totally different ball game
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Howie Land exactly. That's why a lot of data or custom fitting is s nonsense. For most, our swing vary from day to day... hour to hour. 10.5 in regular is as good as ANY fitting.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Final point from me. If you get fitted for a driver using a launch monitor and that driver ends up not working on the course, the problem might just be that our swings aren't consistent from day to day, not that launch monitor data are unreliable. In the old days, I'd borrow a club from a store and test it on the course before buying, but my local stores don't lend clubs these days, so I'll buy a club after testing on a launch monitor and return it to the store later (for a full store credit) if I don't like it on the course. Nice chatting with y'all.
bill mccutcheon
bill mccutcheon - 4 years ago
I do like the way crossfield does both tests and the theory behind it tbh
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name the club doesn't achieve anything on the range either. It's always the player but what you don't seem able to grasp is that we don't buy clubs to perform on a range. We buy them to play golf with so therefore over reliance on numbers recorded on a driving range doesn't actually mean a great deal. What does is seeing how the clubs characteristics aid the golfer on a golf course. By way of example I was fit for an SLDR on the range. Based on numbers it was performing well but what became obvious was that the low spin tendency simply didn't launch it well enough on a golf course. I effectively lost yardage because golf courses are not flat - fairways slope and unless the launch angle suited what I needed it to do when playing then it was a hindrance. A proper 'outdoor' shows this. GC2 might want us to think the world is flat, but it isn't. I subscribe to Rick's channel and I watch his content but that doesn't mean I have to agree with all that he produces.
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Mark Scott totally agree with you. I remember being custom fit by Cobra for a new driver. Fantastic 'dry' data which sadly bore no relationship to being on the course (after £239 purchase).
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott there's definitely a disconnect between what you and I consider club performance that's for sure. for some reason you seem to think the numbers produced by the launch monitor aren't real physical values that single handedly determine where the ball will end up, and that going onto a course changes the performance of the club.

club performance isn't ricks ability to play a round of golf under or around or slightly over par and hit fairways, he can do that with every club he tests, and his performance will vary based on how he swing sit that day, which was one of your original conplaints. the club doesn't achieve anything on a golf course, the player does. that's his ability you seem interested in and the club won't change that. when watching these reviews I, and most people, want to find out if a new club has better performance than others. will buying a new club add extra distance even though my swing won't change, will it give more forgiveness, will I be better able to shape it, will it produce less or more spin etc. and that's what the numbers tell us. quantitative data, over just qualitative observations. you come across as really dense cause you don't seem to be able to take the numbers rick or any launch monitor presents and process them in order to judge performance, but seeing someone make a swing on a golf course and hitting a fairway somehow tells you everything you need to know about one club being better than another
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
Howie Land that's not quite what I'm saying. What I'm getting at is that on course testing gives the viewer the chance to see how the flight and performance of the club correlates to playing golf. Either way I understand what you're saying and respect entirely that you prefer to value the numbers in isolation.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Mark Scott, your assumption seems to be that no one hits the ball indoors as they do on the course, and I don't agree with that notion; particularly, with the driver, since turf conditions have no effect on strike. I'm not saying people swing exactly the same in both environments, but if the choice is between a very limited number of swings on a course or a session on a launch monitor, I'm going to value the launch monitor data more than the on-course testing.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name i like to think I'm not dense. I won't lower myself to making insults in this debate either. My opinion is based on what a review should be. A review is not how a club performs on a range. If that was so and of relevance, Rick can take the day off and we'll just watch club testing on robots. What is THE most important factor is what the club achieves on a golf course. It's why we enjoy watching course vlogs to see how these guys perform with the driver. It's all about opinion. Mine differs to yours, so what? I subscribe to Rick's channel and I watch his content. He invites comment and that's what I've given. I'm not sure why it troubles you so much.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott are you dense? the launch monitor data is a direct measurement of the performance, and the data is literally all that the clubs performance is. the result of a shot will only vary if the data varies, and there will only be a different result on the golf course if that data varies.

if rick takes a swing with two different drivers on a golf course, one ball might be 300 yards right down the centre of the fairway, and another might be 250 yards into the right rough. you can't say that's cause of the driver if his second swing was awful. with a launch monitor you wouldve known exactly what he did wrong to have the result end up that differently.
similarly, say you manage to make two swings that are exactly the same, both drives might end up in the fairway, but a gust of wind might have pushed one drive 10 yards back. doesn't mean that driver is any worse.
what a launch monitor can tell you is that if two swings are made that are exactly the same and both are hit perfectly, but one club produces 3 mph more ball speed, then the performance of that club is objectively better, and that is what's interesting. not that rick can take a driver out on the course and play decent like he always does. he literally changes clubs so much, but his scores and performance stays the same.
people play their drivers for hundreds of holes on the golf course, yet not a single one of those drives will be exactly the same. there is so much individual skill involved that it's impossible to tell if a different result was caused by the club, or you swinging it, unless you do something to measure those things. you can take a driver out and hit 10 fairways one day, and none the next. it only tells you that you're inconsistent, not that your equipment sucks
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
Howie Land but the point is that how a club performs on a course should always be more relevant than what it does on a driving range when hooked up to a computer. If you are reviewing the capabilities of a club then that's the environment you should do your testing in.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name yes the numbers will be the same on the course but the results of those numbers are then evident. That's crucial. Driver and club performance is more than just ball data. Take that data and apply it to a round of golf, then it means something and if you're reviewing a club properly and fully then that's what ought to be shown otherwise all your doing is testing the accuracy of launch monitors and none of us need any persuasion about that. Launch monitors are very relevant to teaching but less so to reviews because it's a gaming environment that's key. The other well known you tube reviewer has it spot on but for me Rick's reviews don't actually show the viewer much at all.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott I haven't answered my own question at all, but either way you're missing the point completely... the numbers are the performance of the driver, whether it's on the range or on the course. if you want you can take a GC quad out on the course like crossfield does, but the numbers will be exactly the same.if you want to see if you can shape it, then shape it, and the launch monitor will tell you just how much you managed to shape it. using a launch monitor for testing actually makes your knowledge a lot less one dimensional, and removes the bias from a test. no matter what driver you use your ability to get it on the fairway will be due to individual skill. but a launch monitor can tell you that a driver goes 5 yards further on average, or spins 300rpm less on average, or is slightly more forgiving when you hit it half an inch left of centre when everything else is equal and you'll never have that kind of information just by taking a few swings on the course with two different drivers you're testing out. these reviews would be absolutely useless if all we saw was rick take a few swings on a course, and hit some in the fairway, and some not, just like he always does, without any way to tell if he hit one driver further than another, or one was more forgiving than another, or if it was caused by his swing not being good.

if one driver goes 20 yards shorter on the launch monitors than another, then if you take those drivers on the course the differences will be the same.

you're right that people don't have launch monitors, and that's why these tests are valuable. they show people what the differences actually are in numbers, in addition to rick giving his personal opinion. at the end of the day what you're seeing is they're all pretty similar, and they would be on a course too.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name you've answered your own question. If you have only numbers to base your driver choice on rather than how it performs in a real round of golf, then your knowledge of the driver and how it performs for you is one dimensional. None of us play golf on launch monitors and on driving range bays. Seeing the tester step up to a tight par 4 and use the driver he is testing and how easy (or not) it maybe for him to shape the ball on any given hole is more relevant to slamming it down a virtual run way.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Mark Scott, I don't accept the Crossfield theory that hitting a few on-course shots is more revealing than launch monitor testing. Of course, no one should buy a club based on a review by someone else. Beyond that, when you said these reviews are all the same, it's largely because the mfrs are all basically at the performance limits allowed by the rules. To the extent that driver differences are mostly looks, sound and feel, Ping will do well with the G400.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott that makes no sense... how do you judge how a driver "offers more" on a golf course or not? launch monitors aren't magic and based on randomness, it's giving you the numbers you're producing when you swing the club and it's the best way of quantifying performance. but yeah you're probably right, tour pros, teaching pros, custom fitters and everyone else should stop using launch monitors to work on their swing and to test clubs and make sure they're getting the best numbers, and just grab a few drivers and try them on the course since that will tell them so much more
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
no name I don't agree. It's how it performs on a golf course that matters, not on a launch monitor. We all know Rick's numbers but we don't know whether it offers anymore to him on a course or in a round. Anyone that buys a driver based on launch monitor numbers only is kidding themselves.
no name
no name - 4 years ago
Mark Scott how would a round of golf not also be affected by how he's swinging it on a given day... at least in the bay with launch monitors we get some numbers with equal conditions across all different clubs so we can compare as best as possible, and until someone gets a swing robot for testing that's the best we'll get. if he took it on the course we'd only have his feelings about it to base it on. there's not a whole lot of difference cause there's not much difference between driver's anymore, they're all pretty much maxed out within regulations, and it's more about getting one you like and suits your swing than it is about the one driver that's better than all others
Adam Tuck
Adam Tuck - 4 years ago
Looks awesome
jeremy - 4 years ago
love it and ping!!!!!
Austin Blake
Austin Blake - 4 years ago
how much is the gcquad
richard acquaye
richard acquaye - 4 years ago
I feel a bag test coming on
Jordan Bovalina
Jordan Bovalina - 4 years ago
great review rick will you review it against the g and g30
Flokjo Flokjo
Flokjo Flokjo - 4 years ago
Hi rick I like your reviews. Could you maybe do a review of portable launch monitors? Like the flightschope MeVo, the ES 12, 14, 16 and the Voicecaddie 1 and 2. I hope you will read this and do it.
Draymond Gaymond
Draymond Gaymond - 4 years ago
Flokjo Flokjo he would need to buy them so it would be really expensive, doubt it'll happen unless he can somehow convince the companies to send a free one
Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 - 4 years ago
Already ordered one..cant wait for it
Fire fox Explorer
Fire fox Explorer - 4 years ago
Rick!!!! I love you!
E90R golf
E90R golf - 4 years ago
LoL - 4 years ago
I would seriously love to have the clubs he has. Big fan rick
joel nuis
joel nuis - 4 years ago
Ive been very keen to hear about this club, thanks for the insight Rick!!.
Niall Graham
Niall Graham - 4 years ago
YES!! Good man Rick! Been looking forward to this!
Sheagaming212 - 4 years ago
How do you spell the things that you put on the bottom of the golf shaft
Sheagaming212 - 4 years ago
No that's not it. It's something like arkcon or arkon. But thanks anyway
bob johnson
bob johnson - 4 years ago
Sheagaming212 Ferrule
James Campbell
James Campbell - 4 years ago
Thank you rick
23pbkallday - 4 years ago
jackbuch1 - 4 years ago
Harambe - 4 years ago
my notifications are going crazy with all these ping g400 videos
Kyle Alonzo
Kyle Alonzo - 4 years ago

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