NEW PING G400 MAX DRIVER FULL REVIEW - RICK SHIELS PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the PING G400 MAX DRIVER over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NEW PING G400 MAX DRIVER FULL REVIEW - RICK SHIELS sentiment_very_dissatisfied 39

Drivers 3 years ago 80,455 views

NEW PING G400 MAX DRIVER FULL REVIEW - RICK SHIELS PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the PING G400 MAX DRIVER over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching guys
Simon Baigent
Simon Baigent - 3 years ago
I have the G400 and I love it, very long and consistent. My mate bought the Epic and I see him looking at my G400 and his eyes say he wants it.
dave douglas
dave douglas - 3 years ago
Rick, Can you compare the G400 LST to the Rogue Sub Zero? Also, have you ever hit the old Ping i15? I think you did in a bargain bin golf club challenge with Finch last year... That was the best sounding Ping driver ever made!
Christopher LaFreniere
Christopher LaFreniere - 3 years ago
G400 is pretty darn forgiving and sits nice behind the ball.
Steve Wright
Steve Wright - 3 years ago
You mentioned it stalls into the wind, not a great thing, at my course you often play into strong winds. I have the G400 LST 8.5, I got fitted for it and could not be happier. I have won 2 or the last 3 comps I have played in and looking at my stats a fair bit is down to hitting lots of fairways with new driver. I had Titleist 915 D3 before so like the slightly smaller head. No brainer for me love the G400!!
Border Ranch Records SoCal
Border Ranch Records SoCal - 3 years ago
I bought the LST at the recommendation of a Ping fitter at Christmas and I love it. I like the smaller head and the sound. I’m going for an iron fitting Friday with ping and I’ll see if I can hit the Max but I doubt I’ll want to change. I think the “forgiveness” difference between the clubs is so minimal it could be negligible. No club can save the mishits I and most amateurs have.
corey drummond
corey drummond - 3 years ago
Can you do a review for the bettinardi wedges?
corey drummond
corey drummond - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf can you do a Bettinardi wedge review?
kgw800 - 3 years ago
Have the G400 driver only eyed a few times so far with it. Just bought Ping G400 Irons. The only thing in my bag that isn't Ping is my putter.
AJ DiFabio Sports
AJ DiFabio Sports - 3 years ago
NovaScene - 3 years ago
Howie Land Sound (aka 'feel') is subjective, I for example have never liked the sound of G400. Actually didnt buy the G driver because it sounded way worse then G30 to me. As I think Ping later noticed from feedback that they really needed to fix the acoustics in the next release; G400.

But I understand your point of view, I have yet to test G400Max but I bet it sounds closer to what I prefer.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
I understand what you're saying about the timing of the Max release, but tbf isn't the standard G400 more forgiving than the other top drivers? Plus if the Max had come out 1st, reviewers would have complained about another awful sounding Ping driver, instead of praising Ping for greatly improved sound in the earlier G400 releases.
NovaScene - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, amazing work on these reviews! New standard, you are making other reviewers look lazy to be honest. :D

About this driver, I think you are 100% correct, Ping messed up here with this release cycle. Late last fall was fitted for Epic & G400, loved the sound and feel of Epic but price/name/color/less forgiving was pushing me to G400 that was more forgiving but shorter and to my ear sounded just like "nothing". Was also a bit hesitant about buying a sub 460cc head but knowing that Ping is 'engineering first' "honest" and sticks to a reasonable release cycle, I bought the G400 as it was performing in the on course testing despite it's shortcomings.

Was gutted that they relesed this driver that now performs even better and is exactly what I hoped G400 would have originally been. :/ I have had the following Ping drivers, G20, Anser, i25, G25, G30 and now G400.

Thanks for all your efforts for the golfing community, let's hope this sparks a reaction at Ping and they give G400 early adopters a chance to fit into G400Max.
Craig Booth
Craig Booth - 3 years ago
Feel the same bought g400 can’t see why they made this after , wrong way round
dale mcdermott
dale mcdermott - 3 years ago
I hit both and I actually preferred the standard g400. As you found they are very similar but the standard looks and sounds much better and I can see the Max’s sound and shape putting off better players. I ended up with the epic sub zero but the lst ran it really close.
Brendan Hanley
Brendan Hanley - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf, as a new golfer, I love the 400max. I'm using the g400 irons and after this review will be testing the g400 Max driver. Nabe it'll end up in my bag?
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf great review and love your honesty. I'm a ping player and lucky haven't bought either yet but would have been well pi$$ed off if i had just purchased the standard G400 without been given the chance to buy the Max.
KingGT1990 - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf will you do a review like this with the new cobra king f8 driver ?
Anthony McKenzie
Anthony McKenzie - 3 years ago
Awesome review Rick. The way that you layered in the data compares of G400Max vs. G400 vs. your ideal driver stats is perfect. The new format is the best in the internet that I have seen and i believe that your candor and unbiased feedback makes it even better. You are becoming a cult hero amongst my golfing buddies as I have spread the word about your channel as a must watch for average amateur golfers.
Angel Matos
Angel Matos - 3 years ago
No matter how hard you try your bias towards one company is evident. It's blinding your reviews.
Faldo6M - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick and great information (especially regarding the loud G400 Max sound). I was not a fan of ping drivers because of sound prior to the G400 (which I really like and play now with a Kura Kage shaft). Not a fan of the revisited harsh sound with G400 Max and feel they've made a step backwards regarding sound. Thanks again for detailed videos!
Grunt Newman
Grunt Newman - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. It seems like you might need to go with the more forgiving. I love your videos and your instruction however the end results mean everything. Choose your shaft accordingly and make your best decision and stick with it. It takes time to get familiar with your driver right? We all want you to do well and maybe thinking that "not so unforgiving" irons and drivers and all else might be better for you and for us to view you as the professional you are. I don't recall any other driver videos that would be that much better for you tbh.
Tyler Spurlock
Tyler Spurlock - 3 years ago
Have a G400 so hopefully that.
JCW 7777
JCW 7777 - 3 years ago
Rick you should of used the G400 max as your main driver .You know you play your best with a Ping driver .
Stephen Littlewood
Stephen Littlewood - 3 years ago
Why do you suggest a club is "aimed" at a golfer? Tour players are using the "max" ... surely the club is picked for the player determined by the fit?
Benjamin Kaiser
Benjamin Kaiser - 3 years ago
Why are nearly all drivers you tested so far at the lower spectrum of the standard deviation regarding the ball speed?


Tim Knowles
Tim Knowles - 3 years ago
Do you think Ping will release a G700 driver? Or is this the equivalent of that?
Philip Riordan
Philip Riordan - 3 years ago
Great review Rick - well done for covering this so thoroughly.
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar - 3 years ago
I feel that you are correct I wanted the G400 but I hit my epic well but I like more forgiveness and the G400max is a great idea if i can have lower spin under 3000
Vibesaregood - 3 years ago
I will agree this is very inconsistent of how PING does business. This is more like what Callaway and Taylormade like to do haha flood the market and release as many clubs as possible.

I am a Tech Rep with PING and the plan was for this to be a higher price point option originally, it just wasn't ready when the others launched.
TartanArmyBoy - 3 years ago
Hi Rick,
How do you think this would compare to the 400SFT in terms of forgiveness given that you think the Max has a draw bias?
Thanks in advance.
ILruffian - 3 years ago
Great review. Thought on the "better" product six months later. When they released G400, Ping said that fixing the acoustics from G30/G was one of their main goals. My guess is that they were committed to a release timeline for G400 and still had not figured out how to get the sound right in the larger sized head. They really needed more R&D time, but they were pressed for a deadline, so they released in a smaller size. Six more months of development allowed them to fine tune in the larger size. While I have not hit it in person, I have heard that the sound/feel of the max is not quite as good. My theory at least.
Randy Mahony
Randy Mahony - 3 years ago
Like Gmax but it sounds like hitting a rock with a tin can.
Brian Furst
Brian Furst - 3 years ago
Great new format in comparing your standards with the new club you are reviewing. I'm looking forward to more!
Ben Harris
Ben Harris - 3 years ago
I just bought the g400 max today and I love it. I've always bought taylormade, but this driver is amazing. My backspin was around 2k and I carried around 270 with a lot of roll
John Manning
John Manning - 3 years ago
Hello Rick, I am a senior player handicap18, 71 years young looking to change my driver any advice on type of shaft or is it trial and error


metamurph - 3 years ago
I think your sku plan makes sense the smaller head in LS, and the SF in the Max. Sometimes you get something out and see a gap or reaction and probably could have been a mea culpa. The reality for most uses though will they really see a different between 400 and 400max? Part of that will also depend on where you are swing speed and handicap maybe. It does make them a little like Callaway club of the month go Apex...sorry here is Rogue etc. Part of why I generally not the first guy on the new clubs.
Ross Wayne
Ross Wayne - 3 years ago
Rick should I go for max or std going for fitting on Thursday
Qabaniso Lupafya
Qabaniso Lupafya - 3 years ago
Can you please do a head to head Rogue Sub Zero 9-degree vs G400 Max 9-degree?
Qabaniso Lupafya
Qabaniso Lupafya - 3 years ago
Love your honest reviews. Keep up the great work!
Ian Shepherd
Ian Shepherd - 3 years ago
i think people arent as comfortable with the 445cc head and they realized the 460cc is what they needed to bring out...i agree the 460cc should have been first and the 445cc a "players" model.
James Flynn
James Flynn - 3 years ago
Data is great, your commentary is exceptional. I still enjoyed the shot comparisons. That format and seeing shots hit is what led me to the irons I currently play.
Mike Beck
Mike Beck - 3 years ago
Rick, this review underscores why you are the #1 evaluator of golf equipment on the internet. You absolutely smashed it!
Charlie 234
Charlie 234 - 3 years ago
When you say its a little bit left biased for you, why dont you just open the face of the driver?
rue1965 s
rue1965 s - 3 years ago
I have my thought on the size thing. 460 cc driver heads are butt ugly squashed down disgusting looking heads bowling balls on a stick
Timothy Simpson
Timothy Simpson - 3 years ago
This one was depressing! I got the G400 SFT for Christmas from my awesome wife. I was thrilled! Love the club. Had tested it and have played it three times and have hit more fairways with consistent distance than I ever have. This review makes me feel like I’ve missed out! Wish I could have tested it when I tested the G400 first time.Gonna have to go hit the club. Not sure I’d prefer it though. I had been looking for a driver with a smaller club head and find that feature to be very attractive. At the end of the day, I’m starting my third year playing golf with a high handicap, would I really see that big of a difference? Great review Rick!!!
ibass2 - 3 years ago
Timothy Simpson n


Marcel Volz
Marcel Volz - 3 years ago
Really nice new format, like it a lot!!!!! :)
Happy Duffer
Happy Duffer - 3 years ago
Like the review but disagree as to what they should have released. The only mistake I see is releasing the Max period or not making it absolutely biased towards slow swingers. Perhaps I am biased because I have the SFT and honestly I am very happy it is in the more compact head.
Steve Manser
Steve Manser - 3 years ago
so i spend the best part of 400 quid on the g400 a few months ago, now ping bring out the max. WTF
John - 3 years ago
Rick great reviews, Im fairly new to all these vlogs and such so question,Subscribed 266k does that mean more people watch you than MC and are you two friends.
Loco Benno
Loco Benno - 3 years ago
Reason = 440cc driver suits better than a 460cc. Just my opinion but all my experience with Ping drivers is the smaller the better. I think they were just trying to join the 460 club, nothing more. It's all maxed re:RAA/PGA so the marketing makes no sense to me. Dig the review though Rick, love your work, cheers.
Rhys Fletcher
Rhys Fletcher - 3 years ago
Why are so many pros going with the MAX?
krusher74 - 3 years ago
Does anyone thing they should just be releasing heads so you can just buy a new head and put it on your old shaft? (cheaper upgrade)
Gary Schlosser
Gary Schlosser - 3 years ago
Rick really like new format. Keep it up feel like information is spot on and helpfull
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
Excellent review Rick; the club looks great but sounds like a biscuit box on a stick. That said, I could put up with the sound if it performed well for me.
Bill Cavanaugh
Bill Cavanaugh - 3 years ago
Great review! While it's unlike Ping to bring out different drivers so close together, I've never heard you criticize other mfg's from bringing out driver after driver!!
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 3 years ago
Personally, bigger heads (460cc) turn into slice machines for me. I HAVE to play 430cc or below.
Barry Hamilton
Barry Hamilton - 3 years ago
Rick. Loving the new review style very professional indeed. Keep up the good work sir.
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
Marketing, marketing,marketing, 'MARKETING'....That's the name of the game!!!!
Colin Brown
Colin Brown - 3 years ago
Excellent review, going to test both suspect max might win as hearing is a bit dodgy!!!
David Normington
David Normington - 3 years ago
Been watching for awhile now and curious if it's more beneficial for you if we watch the video all the way through, 'like' the video, or if there is any difference.
Michael Pope
Michael Pope - 3 years ago
Can you do a comparison against the G30 and G400 Max? I say this because there is a lot of us who stay with G30 when the G came out.
Ryan Haight
Ryan Haight - 3 years ago
I think G400 Max would be a better club for me compared to G400.
John Edmonds
John Edmonds - 3 years ago
Couldn’t agree more Rick. I’m a Ping user. G30 line currently.
Mark Lags
Mark Lags - 3 years ago
Me too, still using my G30 complete set and still love the clubs. Unless Ping has a fire sale on a new set, I won't be buying a new set anytime soon.
J Bob
J Bob - 3 years ago
Follow the dollars and you will get to the truth. Same old story.
Curtis Polysou
Curtis Polysou - 3 years ago
Always gotta love when an OEM creates a driver in the name of "having more options", but if they don't release them at the same time they aren't really giving the buyer an option are they?
Good review Rick!


jonathan wright
jonathan wright - 3 years ago
They should have released 460cc first... and THEN released the 440cc.

Tariq Kamil
Tariq Kamil - 3 years ago
What if u turn it down a notch in loft? How were ur numbers?
Christopher LaFreniere
Christopher LaFreniere - 3 years ago
I love the baseball bat sound.
Zach Svec
Zach Svec - 3 years ago
interesting that this is the game improvement driver for a higher handicapper but tony finau has it in the bad on tour
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
g400 max for me if they got rid of those speed bumps on-top lol, my bro has the g400 he is like a bull dog chewing a wasp
Erich Leopold Golf
Erich Leopold Golf - 3 years ago
great looking driver!
Lucas Wendel
Lucas Wendel - 3 years ago
Do you plan on reviewing the Callaway X Forged UT iron?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Coming very soon!
the1big1matt - 3 years ago
Looks like ping went for the G30 hearing-destroying sound in the max.
Sam Wells
Sam Wells - 3 years ago
Ugliest driver on the market!
Tempo - 3 years ago
do titleist avx review next
Mark Yardley
Mark Yardley - 3 years ago
Great review Rick but when you going to review the Mizuno ST180? Be great to see if they’ve finally produced a driver that gets some tour guys using!
laurent plas
laurent plas - 3 years ago
no need to change from M1 440, forgiving enough and easier to manipulate. 460 are too big
morneb2000 - 3 years ago
hi Rick, i really like your videos. im new to your channel. i know this questions is not about the driver but i would like to know more about wedges. is there another video for this. what i would like to know is 1st why so many wedges, and 2nd what is the real difference between them? i realy enjoy your and Pete's videos they are very entertaining and informative. all the best Morne
Scratch Golf
Scratch Golf - 3 years ago
Very good review
Vegard Lilleås
Vegard Lilleås - 3 years ago
Brilliant reviews as always. Keep it up!

How about reviewing shafts? For different kind of players. Arguably at least as important, if not (way) more, than driver heads.
The Gromster
The Gromster - 3 years ago
I wonder how often weekend players actually buy a new driver
David W
David W - 3 years ago
Great review. As a higher handicapper I am looking forward to hitting this one along with a few others like the Rogue & Epic. Liking the new review format and seeing outdoor experience as well. Thanks Rick!
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 3 years ago
So glad i didn't buy the 1st 400...i would be annoyed if i had
Jason Gillespie
Jason Gillespie - 3 years ago
Just having heard that this club isn't muted like the Standard G400, I know that I wouldn't change my lineup. I got the G400 largely due to how it sounds. I could hit my old R7 just fine, but it just kept getting louder and louder as I learned to swing faster. I can't do LOUD anymore.
Lance Sedevie
Lance Sedevie - 3 years ago
Turn down to 8 degrees?
Zak Sliwka
Zak Sliwka - 3 years ago
your honesty is very refreshing, fantastic stuff again rick.
John Weston
John Weston - 3 years ago
Love the new format of the reviews. Will you still be doing head to head reviews? If so, great if you could keep this format.
Clay Fleming
Clay Fleming - 3 years ago
Any plans to add one of these full reviews to the F8+?
fergytheprop - 3 years ago
Great review Rick. It would be interesting to see if you added some hot melt in the toe of the head to reduce the going left tendency and may also deaden the sound. A trip to Tour X must be due or possibly a tour van.
Josh Puckett
Josh Puckett - 3 years ago
I just bought the smaller G400 driver. It tested better for me BY FAR. So them bringing this driver out did not bother me one bit.
Clem Venable
Clem Venable - 3 years ago
Put the G400 through the paces and just couldn't pull the trigger on the smaller head. Really looking forward to trying the G400 Max, and likely putting it in the bag, when it comes out in a couple of days. Rick, looking forward to some comparison videos with this, specifically vs. the Rogue and M3/M4.
Mark Blair
Mark Blair - 3 years ago
Great graphics and production. Good work Rick
Jason Alcock
Jason Alcock - 3 years ago
This is super high quality review format Rick. Huge kudos.

My feeling is that average golfers were a little scared by they looks of smaller head G400. Ping may have felt losing sales on that front, and that they needed to respond ASAP to market feel.
ssjadam - 3 years ago
this review is much better than just on the simulator.
Joe Bag
Joe Bag - 3 years ago
Nice review, but it appears that you used different shafts when comparing to the original G400.
Jimmy Johansson
Jimmy Johansson - 3 years ago
Where is the callaway utility review?
TheGreatDadditelli - 3 years ago
Great honest review as ever and loving the new style of reviewing
randy underwood
randy underwood - 3 years ago
that's right.....i'm soooooo glad i didn't get the first one 6mos ago. i would be so pissed
peter aloisio
peter aloisio - 3 years ago
Hey Rick this is perfect timing as I have been testing a set of G400 clubs to replace my 15 yr old set of crappy clubs. I found that after seeing your review of the irons as well as the drivers I had to give them a go. I’ve tried the AP1’s but the pings suited me better.
I will have to get the PGA Pro to throw in the G400 max driver now instead of the standard one.
On another note (no pun intended), would the type of ball also affect the sound of the shots. For example some of the softer more spin orientated balls they always sound quieter? Keen to see what you reckon. Cheers.
shayne walters
shayne walters - 3 years ago
Rick I game G400 with tour stiff shaft and have found very high tee gives me more consistent strike .Im not gonna get suckered into changing as its taken months to get settled and Im happy with distance now and ball control to hit fairway .
paul jelly
paul jelly - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. Great review and fully concur with your thoughts on the dodgy marketing. I have just bought a second hand G driver ls tee. Is there much difference between it and the new G400. If its only going to be minimal (reference the difference between G400 and G400 max) then I must be on a winner money wise? Keep this format going.
Rob Breeze
Rob Breeze - 3 years ago
Another great review Rick. New format goes from strength to strength. Regarding this particular driver, I think Ping are like certain Premiership football clubs who sell shirt to the parents of children for Christmas and then bring out a new design on Boxing Day. Avarice pure and simple.
Rob Biles
Rob Biles - 3 years ago
Great review Rick. Haven't hit either but prefer the look of the smaller G400 myself. Actual prefer all the small head versions that companies have put out. Probably has something to do with my age and when drivers were known as 1 and 2 woods. Lets hope Ping aren't falling in to the trap of some other makers who I think are just chasing the buck. Lets hope they just got this one wrong.
George Pichl
George Pichl - 3 years ago
Another FANTASTIC review Rick! I game the G400 LST with the HZRDUS Yellow 75g shaft, and think the G400 Max would be too high launching for some, as you found out too. What puzzles me with the G400 Max is the loud, tinny sound! With PING’s new acoustic technology for drivers, I’m surprised the Max version sounds so different compared to the standard G400.
Paul Ackerley
Paul Ackerley - 3 years ago
Great review pal onwards and upwards ..even better now your telling viewers about pricing
slange2scott - 3 years ago
Loving the reviews. Keep up a great and upto date content
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood - 3 years ago
Rick,ping are getting like the rest of the big club makers,you know who I'm talking about,all they can see is the big dollar signs
MrShewdogg - 3 years ago
I bought the G400 on the back of your review last year! Gutted. Feel like I’ve been robbed now
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 3 years ago
Superb review Rick, your new review format is simply the best on YouTube (Premier League), well done! Titleist (tart) Mark is now second Div! You are totally right saying that Ping got their G400 line up screwed. It should have been G400 460, G400 460 SFT and then G400 LST with the smaller head and Ping need to be honest with their loyal customers and admit that this was their BAD and offer discounts for anyone wanting to change Driver heads. I am in the market this year for a replacement for my G30 SFT, but my BIG fear is that in 6months Ping will bring out a G400 MAX SFT. I`m now seriously thinking of buying the MAX and putting lead tape where the extra weight would be in the SFT.
Jeff Platt
Jeff Platt - 3 years ago
Most forgiving driver.... bet you a tenner I would still slice it 50yards right
Julian Roberts
Julian Roberts - 3 years ago
Top review as always Rick
steven baird
steven baird - 3 years ago
Well done Rick, you've really raised the bar with these new reviews.

Have to say its crazy that the SFT, which is great game improving feature, isnt a feature available in their most forgiving driver.

The best explanation i can think of is when Ping released the original G400 they didnt have plans at that time to release the Max and decided this later when they suddenly decided it was a mistake not to have a 460cc option.
Ian Ross
Ian Ross - 3 years ago
Sorry rick, I’ve stopped watching your club reviews I’m finding them to long and boring
Concerned Cognos Admin
Concerned Cognos Admin - 3 years ago
Is there a reason why this Club was tested with a Custom Shaft, when the Rogue Tests were done with stock shafts? And the new format misses Data on the amount of Offline for the shots in my opinion. Otherwise the new format is great.
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
I guess they’ve brought the 460 out now as they never intended to release a 460 but have found initial sales of the G400 have been less than expected due to the reduced size.


Andrew Park
Andrew Park - 3 years ago
This new review format is top notch, Rick. Keep it up!
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 3 years ago
email just sent to Ping regarding purchase of the g400 while unaware of the release of the max version. I certainly would have waited for the max, so pretty bummed out right now with Ping.... Curious to see how they respond...
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 3 years ago
Here is the BS reply from Ping: We appreciate your interest in PING equipment and we look the G400 Max as simply an addition to the G400 line instead of an entire new launch. We are always working on new products; however, we are not at liberty to discuss release dates until it has been approved by John Solheim. Our product life cycle is generally 18 to 24 months for most lines. Please keep watch of our website,, for new product information, or call us at 1-800-474-6434. Thank you for your support of PING! Play Your Best!
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick!
Was he impressed with your shot?
Moana Chase
Moana Chase - 3 years ago
Love love my ping g400 I’d doubt the 400max will be for me...
Anders  Rehn
Anders Rehn - 3 years ago
Moral of the story - never, ever buy the latest equipment at premium pricing. Last years model at a nice discount will perform equally well and you will have the full range to choose from.
Mike Wales
Mike Wales - 3 years ago
I want to apologize and say I was wrong at the start of these new reviews in not being a fan. These have been fantastic! Also I've known a few people to put cotton balls inside the Ping drivers to muffle the sound a bit and not changing the swing weight.
Pavel Dubšík
Pavel Dubšík - 3 years ago
Is this reason for swap from G30?
pickin4you - 3 years ago
I can answer the why. As to why didn't they come out with the Max in the first place. This way, they get to make money TWICE. Not fair to the consumer, but they make more money that way. They planned it the best way for them to make the most money off of both drivers. Anyone with a brain can see, with such little difference in performance, that this is the only reason it could be. I just can't get past the long looks of this driver to even give it A try. I still prefer my old G15.
Steve Olander
Steve Olander - 3 years ago
A ton of work went onto this review. Excellent work and made for some really good content.
Wally Miranda
Wally Miranda - 3 years ago
Love the new system of reviews, but I'm wondering when/if full reviews for irons are coming out?
matias gonzalez
matias gonzalez - 3 years ago
Por favor podrian subtitular las revisiones en español. Gracias
Wally Miranda
Wally Miranda - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Great to hear, Rick! Can't wait to see them here, loving the new reviews. Keep up the good work!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
In the next couple of weeks! They are filmed!
David Emery
David Emery - 3 years ago
It's interesting tour pros are using it as well.  Maybe because of your skill level and club head speed it's hard for you to tell and difference. It would be interesting to see Rob P compare g400 against the max.  Ping have so many golfers asking why two clubs?  Ping may have had certain specs in mind and maybe this is one of those flukes where things come together and blur the lines.
Paul Gerencher
Paul Gerencher - 3 years ago
Cobra F8 and F8+ next please
daniel shaw
daniel shaw - 3 years ago
these video are always odd.  Ball speed would be down because you smash factor is down.   thats your strike not the club
Frank DeVoe
Frank DeVoe - 3 years ago
I concur with others, please redo the cobra f8(+) in the new testing format, Thanks!!
s0spr1ng3r - 3 years ago
I disagree. Ping probably got feedback from their customers and dealers that people wanted a 460cc head. I love the smaller 445cc. I do not like the bigger heads. I find them harder to square. As for the sounds, to each their own.

Also, in today's golf market, to think that a new club isn't coming out soon after a product is introduced is foolish. Especially, products that are introduced during the middle or end of the golf season like the G400 was last year.

***Disclaimer: I own a PING G400 LST. Great driver.
Miko Hinlo
Miko Hinlo - 3 years ago
Geez people.. just sell your G400 driver and buy the g400 max.. so you can sleep soundly at night.. technology comes so fast whats new here?..
Marco Colombo
Marco Colombo - 3 years ago
Not sure. Look, it takes months only to gather feedbacks and then you need to engineer, design, test and put into mass production a new driver. More likely it was part of the original lineup and they faced some problems in the stream. So they decided to postpone the Max only. IMHO
RinerDC - 3 years ago
Reviews are great. This driver could come out because sales are down and they needed a 460 head. Could explain the sound as well didn’t have time to work out acoustics.
coegj - 3 years ago
I like the new way you review clubs, love to see the actual shots/swings from on the course and the numbers you get from into the net. My favorite way to watch a club review, thanks.
Ryan D
Ryan D - 3 years ago
I think these more in depth reviews have been great, and I will continue to watch them. But, when you have gotten to the questions it seems like every question is "Should I be looking to swap this from last years model" whether that model was months old or a full year old. I would rather see questions answered that aren't "does this replace the previous model".
Aaron Harrod
Aaron Harrod - 3 years ago
Sound reminds me of the Nike SUMO 5900. I love it.
David Edenton
David Edenton - 3 years ago
Absolutely love the new format, Rick! Please go back and do the same review process on the Cobra KING F8/F8+ again. It's a 2018 model after all.
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim - 3 years ago
Rick, your five year reviews say it all. Marginal, if not negligible differences among drivers. Find one that suits you, get fit for a nice shaft, and game it!!!
Jacob Weigand
Jacob Weigand - 3 years ago
Thanks for this video Rick because I am the guy with the G400, seeing the Max come out and wondering how much I'm missing, but I feel like I am actually better off with the G400 standard because it suits me better as a junior/high school player. Also I do happen to like standard G400 looks better and I am in love with the sound. As a consumer, even if Ping was decided on having the Max come out, they needed to give people a heads up that they will be releasing a new driver, instead of springing it on us, and so late too. Very honest, solid review never-the-less!
Tim Omick
Tim Omick - 3 years ago
Hello Rick. I enjoy your videos a great deal. When will you be doing a full review of the Ping G700s,
Jaden Whetzel
Jaden Whetzel - 3 years ago
I could listen to Rick Shields all day.... Thanks Rick Shields!
Jason Gillespie
Jason Gillespie - 3 years ago
It's all good, I'm sure it happens to him many many times a day, that's what I assumed it was originally. Have a good day Jaden.
Jaden Whetzel
Jaden Whetzel - 3 years ago
Jason Gillespie ohhh my b
Jason Gillespie
Jason Gillespie - 3 years ago
I'm sure it's a common thing for Rick... Shiels, there is no D.
Greg Coe
Greg Coe - 3 years ago
Thanks for review honest and to the point.
Beretta96Dan - 3 years ago
Rick, have you done a review of the older Cleveland Hi Bore XLS 460 ? Thanks, Dan.
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 3 years ago
Love the new review format!
guitarMonke - 3 years ago
What this shows is you are a fool to buy a new driver when they first come out.Always wait and get 1 or 2 year old tech and you will come out on top and save money.Picked up the G30 LSTec for $149 and these new drivers are not going to improve your game that much as lessons will.
Larry London
Larry London - 3 years ago
Rick would be nice if your test included the stock shaft offering.
Maximiliano Castellanos
Maximiliano Castellanos - 3 years ago
Rick is the Mizuno st180 driver coming soon?
Jim Rohnstock
Jim Rohnstock - 3 years ago
Prefer the G400. Much better looking and sounding. The Max is for higher hc players but can also be used by better players. The standard driver performs slightly better and the smaller profile is really appealing. And don't forget the standard was the highest MOI driver available prior to the Max too. Great video.
e james
e james - 3 years ago
g400 max is the wrong club the wrong time.
David Jones
David Jones - 3 years ago
Higher handicap golfers like Tony Finau
Bolgernow - 3 years ago
Great review as usual Rick!
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera - 3 years ago
Great review. Does it look closed at address? You mention it goes a shade to the left, but typically you (like me) hammer closed drivers. It must be pretty good down by the ball?
hollywood1513 - 3 years ago
Older reviews were better
Robert Bogdan
Robert Bogdan - 3 years ago
You might have considered lowering the loft on the adjustable head when you found it was hitting the ball too high for your liking. That's what your club fitter would have done if you had gone out and purchased it at a shop, right? So, I'd like to suggest that in future reviews of clubs that are adjustable, that you play around with the adjustments and tell us if they actual do what they claim and how well they do it. Because that's what a buyer of the club would do. It would be nice to know just how much the ball flight can be modified.
paul goodier
paul goodier - 3 years ago
Why don't the manufacturers sell just the heads so buyers can keep their shafts? Shafts make little impact on choice and owners may prefers theirs. Worth asking ping or taylor made
...could help sales!
I'd like a cut in any thanks from them lol
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
paul goodier that’s actually good idea
Michael Maille
Michael Maille - 3 years ago
Great review Rick....but I like my G400 so much I would not think of changing..
Paul P
Paul P - 3 years ago
I started playing the G400 last season and I love it!! I don't think the Max will any better than the G400 sitting in my bag.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis - 3 years ago
If it gives you confidence, if it’s easy to hit, if you’re shocked at the numbers, and it could potentially lower your score, who cares what it sounds like?
Charlie 234
Charlie 234 - 3 years ago
Great review Rick. Now that MC has left for Titleist youre the one to trust! Isnt it time for a whats in the bag update??
Cody Reeder
Cody Reeder - 3 years ago
When are you going to do Wilson C300 driver??
ZEIN ELDIN - 3 years ago
so you really think that yapping dry boring info for 15 looooing min is better than a 10 min review where we see the results as they hapoen !!!! anyway .. i unsubscribed already .. what do i care !!!
Jesse Steffen
Jesse Steffen - 3 years ago
Still loving the new review style!
Gar Pursley
Gar Pursley - 3 years ago
Great review, almost purchased the G400 driver when I got the irons but being new to the PING product line, figured I would wait after seeing your "Five year product review on Ping drivers" . Now I am glad I did, thanks for the insight, a significant improvement over past reviews.
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
Love the review... I'm not a ping player but the club does look good
Jason Roettgers Golf
Jason Roettgers Golf - 3 years ago
I prefer the g400 instead of the g400 max. Only because I think it should be 445cc head for all three models because that’s how it was 2 years ago when g came out. G400 max was a waste not the g400 standard.
TJCombo67 - 3 years ago
Great review. Love the honesty as always.
Michael Malek
Michael Malek - 3 years ago
Rick, when will you give in-depth review of the Ping G700 irons. Really waiting for your review!!!
Jake Bishop
Jake Bishop - 3 years ago
The reason they brought this out is because the USGA changed the regulations from .83 COR to 257 CT, and with some materials drivers are now able to have a COR above .83, this change happened after the g400 came out, so if ping hadn't come out with another driver taylormade callaway, cobra, and mizuno drivers all would have have a higher COR.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas - 3 years ago
mentioning release times pointless,look at epic and rogue, didn't make a fuss of that,t made m1 m2 m3 m4
Francisco Magariello
Francisco Magariello - 3 years ago
Great review as always Rick. I think there´s still much people that would prefer the looks of the standard G400 over this one. It has a more squashed, and more like a pro driver look and still offers loads of forgiveness. I personally game the LST, but if i had to choose between this, and the standard, i would go standard all the way!
PD: wouldo love to see the LST in this format!
hawkey100 - 3 years ago
Please do the F8+ again in this format. Thanks
Richard Burrows
Richard Burrows - 3 years ago
Wow Rick talk about stepping up your game, about time you started including on course elements. Look forward to more reviews in this format going forward.
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 3 years ago
there will be no more Ping anything in this house
Brian Blankenship
Brian Blankenship - 3 years ago
Rick, noticed you have your "go to" shaft in the new G400 max.. Always before with the Ping drivers you had to play a back weighted or counterbalanced shaft. did you have to alter your shaft or is the new head compatible with standard shafts?
JCW 7777
JCW 7777 - 3 years ago
Calm down Rick old mate , its a 460cc slightly improved G400 ,I found the GLS couldn’t be beat by the G400LS .But I think the G400 Max will be the most forgiving driver to date by any manufacturer but 6yds shorter than an LS .Ping drivers always have pound for pound the best MOI
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 3 years ago
Top notch Shielsy
PC - 3 years ago
I think the sound of the max will put a lot of buyers off. I don't think owners of the 400 should feel too hard done by. 400 is a far better looking, and sounding, club. Looks, sound and feel are important factors, almost as important as playability. Has to be said; the 400 max looks like a turtle on the end of a stick.
Craigo29992 - 3 years ago
Totally disagree with your point about Ping bringing out too many drivers. Firstly, they have the original three drivers (LST, SFT and G400) to accommodate different CG placements as they don't offer CG adjustability and this is not a negative thing in my opinion. Secondly, no owner of a G400 should be worried about the Max being a "better driver". You prove this point yourself with the data you provide (in fact the G400 performed better for you and you preferred the feel). Fact is, people should be getting properly fit and not worrying about whether a 6 month newer driver is better or not. A pretty poor round up to spoil an otherwise decent review...
Floppyfishguts - 3 years ago
Love the new format. Now, more vlogs plz <3
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 3 years ago
I had just purchased the G400 and then they come with the Max. Just like callaway and taylormade. will stick to Mizuno ans Titleist from now on
Matt Gomez
Matt Gomez - 3 years ago
I absolutely love the new format of your reviews. I’m currently playing Ping G30 SFTec, are the changes with G400 Max enough to merit a purchase?
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Love the new format rick.
Ian Nicol
Ian Nicol - 3 years ago
Bug if people have been fitted properly for the G400 then whats the problem. They bought it becausebit worked for them and had good numbers. I dont see the issue with bringing another 1 out because they were probably still working on it and decided to release the first G400 before cobra taylormade and callaway. Not this driver will be up against all those other I just mentjoned and probably in time for all the golf shows thats coming off.. Just a thought. Can this driver be crancked town to suit you better to stop it going so high. Good video tho. Ill stick with my first tm m1 as i still like it.
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 3 years ago
This is great news for me as I'm hoping to buy the SFT version in a couple of months and hopefully I can grab a bargain.
robshorter - 3 years ago
Thank you Rick once again a true and honest review, love the new format and the sincere feedback from you.
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Another awesome review Rick! Another one you hit out of the park, Loaded with details.
As a 4.5 handicapper with a 104-108 mph club head speed, with a positive AOA would you recommend this driver to me ? Obviously seeing my ball flight would be a plus But I averaged 262 yards with Epic Subzero Driver (ARCOSS 360 188 tee shots) last year with the Wrong shaft, an Aldila RougeMax 65-S (mid flight/mid spin).

I now have the Aldila Rouge I/O 60 S in it but haven’t hit it yet. This shaft is even lower flighting/spinning than Rouge Silver

Love that the Ping G400 max has the Highest MOI and is low spinning too
Mike Brown
Mike Brown - 3 years ago
can't wait to have Rob test it
Malcolm Topple
Malcolm Topple - 3 years ago
Another great review superb content mate. I love my G400 driver I find it very forgiving and its usually a fairway finder
James Harvey
James Harvey - 3 years ago
Great review & I completely agree... The 445cc version should be LS tech, the SF tech should be 460 plus have g400 max. And I agree, as an avid Ping driver fan (I have & love a G30) I believe Ping should offer a trade in deal for G400 people who get better figures from the G400 max. (even if that means going to a registered Ping fitter to verify.) Great review Rick, love this format - informative, interactive & engaging.
oveberthling - 3 years ago
Now I have a solution in case my G30 breaks or gets stolen. I don't mind if a Ping-driver says "ping". Only sound I hate is older Cobras that says "doooonnnngggg"
TheLetterSee - 3 years ago
Can't wait for the Cobra full reviews.
Ernie N.
Ernie N. - 3 years ago
Rick, You do an outstanding job reviewing clubs. I love your videos. I know you indicated that you have the G400 LS in your bag. When will you be making a determination, as to what driver will be in your bag for 2018. Great job and take care!
Tariq OSMANY - 3 years ago
Isn't there a way to subdue the tinny sound by inserting,say some cotton wool via the weight screw?
Great review
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson - 3 years ago
I thought the g400 max was designed around signing Finau? He wanted a larger head size?
Harry Flower Golf
Harry Flower Golf - 3 years ago
Looks nice but not sure about the design on the top of the head
Phil Jirsa
Phil Jirsa - 3 years ago
your volume has been really low lately
Griffin Hussong
Griffin Hussong - 3 years ago
Yeah! Why the hell, Ping??
Rolland Hawkins
Rolland Hawkins - 3 years ago
Much better review than the M3. Of course their is less adjustability. Very good review Rick! Could you PLEASE do a review comparing this driver and the M3 with both weights all the way back one in toe and one in heel highlighting dispersion and distance? Or maybe a three way with Rogue?
danny collins
danny collins - 3 years ago
Oh dear. Mark crossfield upsets taylormade now you will upset ping
Chris Tillery
Chris Tillery - 3 years ago
Hey Rick,

I still rather see your number and see you hit the club on the simulator
Lee - 3 years ago
The regular G400 is supposed to be plenty forgiving so if the sound is much nicer than the max I'd sacrifice a little bit of forgiveness for that. A driver has to sound and feel sweet.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 3 years ago
Great review format - Im gearing this thing down to 8.0° ad swinging hard!  Rick, If you set it to the large "-" on the hosel is will become a flatter lie angle (less left) and less high Launch Angle". PERFECT!!!  (and hot melt)
Philip Shaw
Philip Shaw - 3 years ago
G400 lst for me all day
Luke Curry
Luke Curry - 3 years ago
Great vid, could the low spin be down to the shaft you may have been using???
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 3 years ago
Rick, like the new reviews and benchmarking. Can you confirm if launch too high why you did not reduce the loft to maximise the launch angle, reducing the spin further and then potentially could have offered you the best numbers?
Clayton Peirens
Clayton Peirens - 3 years ago
If you think it has a draw bias and it's launching too high for you, I would drop it down in loft which should help fix both issues.
John Garren
John Garren - 3 years ago
Had to be a case of the first models were sitting on shelves...maybe the smaller head scared people off?? If u looked into sales I bet you’d find ur answer...whole thing is strange for sure.
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams - 3 years ago
Great review Rick. It's so disappointing that all the manufacturers are bring out driver after driver. It so much appears that are all taking the consumer for a ride.
John Garren
John Garren - 3 years ago
So ping made themselves out to be liars? Haha. I prefer the smaller head so I’d stick w the norm.
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur - 3 years ago
very good review. thanks
David Ciccoritti
David Ciccoritti - 3 years ago
Another excellent review. This whole scattered release trend can be very frustrating to a consumer. You're always left thinking "should I wait 6 months because the other line is being updated?"

I like the way Titleist does it. "Here's all 6 of our iron models. Go try them out and compare. See what you like and what works best for you. We'll be back in 2 years" :-)
tomas bergdal
tomas bergdal - 3 years ago
why didnt u krank it down to 8 degrees might just have fixed the left thing too? i have the G 400 and i wouldnt trade it i just love that it is a smaller head with a great sound and lots of forgivnes . great review by the way!
Sergio Cohen
Sergio Cohen - 3 years ago
The question for those who haven't bought either one of them is wich one you finally buy ..... at the same price of course
Dean MacLeod-Kulm
Dean MacLeod-Kulm - 3 years ago
Why did they wait six months.? Interesting.
Keith Finley
Keith Finley - 3 years ago
I think a mid handicap would prefer the G400.
david crawford
david crawford - 3 years ago
Rumour is sales of 445cc G400 were poor Ping had to release this still think this range of drivers is worst looking on market too busy a crown but review is on the money
Michael Stafford
Michael Stafford - 3 years ago
Great video Rick! I don't think you could possibly do a club review any better than the way your currently doing it.
matthew carlson
matthew carlson - 3 years ago
Seriously these reviews are going to make waves throughout all of the golf world. Keep it up rick!
KB C - 3 years ago
drop the loft and show the numbers. Doesn't have to be a full review but I think would make the numbers more comparable.
mizuno st180 next?
Jose Cuervo-drinker
Jose Cuervo-drinker - 3 years ago
Don't they make the M3 and M4 from TaylorMade in 460cc and 440cc heads?
NovaScene - 3 years ago
Jose Cuervo-drinker Only the M3 is available in 440cc, M4 is only 460cc. But Taylormade has juiced tour heads, what the Pros play on tour is nothing like what you get off the rack.
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 3 years ago
Love the new review format Rick, keep up the great work
Dale Forbes
Dale Forbes - 3 years ago
Another great review rick! Totally agree with you about ping mucking this up! I was fitted and bought the g400 sft when it came out after watching your review of the normal g400. I’m very very unhappy as I would feel a lot more confident with the max which to me makes a huge difference playing off a higher handicap. Fingers all crossed ping do offer some sort of trade in service but don’t think we will be that lucky unfortunately! Keep it up rick!
Dale Forbes
Dale Forbes - 3 years ago
Yeah I got an email back from ping saying that they are having none of it and that I should of been aware of the model choices haha. Not good from ping in my opinion even more disappointed now!
Nicholas Melidosian
Nicholas Melidosian - 3 years ago
I hate these new reviews go back to the old format
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf new format is awesome
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Sorry to hear that! My new style allows me to go into much more depth, and using the clubs on course during my in the bag testing helps me to understand the clubs better than ever. Helps me give you guys the best information possible!
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
New review style is just fine.
Ingvar mällberg
Ingvar mällberg - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, iam 58 years, hcp 12, swingspeed 96, average distance 225 y. Which drivers do you recommend for me ? Can I use a low spin driver ?
Ally Bryce
Ally Bryce - 3 years ago
Rick. I play a lot of links golf with pretty much no calm days. Would you discount this based on it's performance into the wind?
morten lothe
morten lothe - 3 years ago
I actually would like more to watch the course vlogs instead of the review of the driver;) Are you going to post the rounds you played???. Still a good video and great work though.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Loads of course vlogs on the way!
gary smith6
gary smith6 - 3 years ago
These reviews are just getting better and better.Your honesty here Rick is what the golfer needs.Setting the standards for golf club reviewing here.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Gary! Awesome feedback
SigYouTube - 3 years ago
great review! keep doing these reviews more :D :D
MrJoshthenosh - 3 years ago
these reviews are gonna be the new benchmark! and you wait the companies are gonna lap them up when they get a good one, awesome Rick
Ronald Talkington
Ronald Talkington - 3 years ago
Been watching ur videos for years and ur great. Helped me so much, but I'm dying for more longest drive videos. Help me out rick, I need my fix lol
Anthony Esposito
Anthony Esposito - 3 years ago
Yes, please redo Cobra F8 in this review format !!! PLEASE
Travis Holt
Travis Holt - 3 years ago
Gianmarco Balsamo
Gianmarco Balsamo - 3 years ago
Is the Tony Finau driver when i signs with Ping. And Finau is a bomber... I think is an allaround driver.
spidey.bh1 - 3 years ago
my mistake sorry
danthemanwhocancan - 3 years ago
Gianmarco Balsamo
Gianmarco Balsamo
Gianmarco Balsamo - 3 years ago
spidey.bh1 Golf wrx don't day that
spidey.bh1 - 3 years ago
Gianmarco Balsamo he is using the g400 lst
Charles Melaisis
Charles Melaisis - 3 years ago
Feel like I've been robbed as I have the G400 and I'm a sucker for a new golf club.
good chance I'll buy it once I try it.
Maybe Ping will let us G400 driver owners swap to the G400 Max with out any extra cost if the numbers are good but I'm not holding my breath
Richard Warner
Richard Warner - 3 years ago
You know your stuff Rick , your personality comes through with each review , always seems honest and non bias .
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Richard! Glad you enjoy my videos
Les Blair
Les Blair - 3 years ago
Didn't they do they same thing with their irons?
Brad S.
Brad S. - 3 years ago
This is the most thorough and honest review of a golf club I have ever seen. He really makes a case and point on the faulty Ping marketing strategy and questionable decision to release this club 6 months later. Has Ping stolen a page from the TaylorMade playbook? It's the same philosophy that burns loyalists and your average golf club consumer.

I think what you get from a Rick Shiels review is integrity. He tells it the way it is without any bias. There's a strong sense that you can trust every word he says, backed up by an expert level of knowledge of the game of golf, golf equipment, and cutting edge technology. What we want in a review is somebody who will be very critical (or complimentary) without a filter. We always get that straight forward honesty from Rick.

I have my bag set for 2018, but I will always watch his reviews. There's an entertainment aspect to them and of course, the big benefit is the educational aspect to his presentations.

One final note: Rick uses the word "annoy," what Ping has done with this release, but the real emotional feeling is "infuriate." The innocent buyer is left with buyers remorse and that can never be a good thing.
Brad S.
Brad S. - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick! I look forward to every review you post and I've told many golf friends about viewing your YouTube site.

I edited a bit of my text (proofreading), so if you'd like you may post it on top again.

Thanks for the kind words and best wishes to your career as a golf review critic. You are the best I've seen at it and you really have a great talent in conveying your opinions and factual messages.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Wow! Thanks so much Brad! So much work goes into my reviews, that feedback like this is so nice to receive!
Dylan Kochis
Dylan Kochis - 3 years ago
Love the vid rick really keep up the amazing work
Matt Reeves
Matt Reeves - 3 years ago
Rick I wonder if trying a different lower launch shaft would have helped?
FF2312674333 - 3 years ago
Looks like a G20 with a bit of make up on.
Sean Deasy
Sean Deasy - 3 years ago
Great vid
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 3 years ago
Great review!! I am a Ping fan and I will try this driver!! Good sales job!
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones - 3 years ago
Yeah loving these new reviews Rick great work. I need some new clubs looking forward to seeing what goes in your bag in the next few months.
Happy gilmore
Happy gilmore - 3 years ago
Don't think it matters as the numbers stack up I don't think anyone could be unhappy with there drivers if you bought it why worry what's out next until your ready to upgrade .
Henry Hilger
Henry Hilger - 3 years ago
Can you please redo the f8 in this review. Great content in 2018. Keep working hard.
Arlene Healy
Arlene Healy - 3 years ago
Henry Hilger i
Happy gilmore
Happy gilmore - 3 years ago
I love the sound it's like hitting a ball with a paint tin, who's to argue why when other manufacturers take the piss far more than ping, & at least pings gear has some teeth to back up what they claim unlike others .
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith - 3 years ago
Thanks Rick! Really appreciate your reviews and insights.
Alec Olson
Alec Olson - 3 years ago
I'm pretty sure the original 400 has a forged face as well
NovaScene - 3 years ago
Alec Olson Yeah, it just doesn't have the printing on it. That was about the only thing Rick got wrong. Oh and he also forgot to note that G400Max has dropped the "Vortec" air slot in the back, that is odd concedorring that max has more air resistant than normal smaller G400 heads...
jls24 - 3 years ago
Please redo the F8+ in this review format.
Kris Giebeler
Kris Giebeler - 3 years ago
What shot tracer do you use for your on course vids?
MrJoshthenosh - 3 years ago
shot tracer LOL
Slice2Scratch Golf
Slice2Scratch Golf - 3 years ago
This new testing format is best yet
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Sam wakefield
Sam wakefield - 3 years ago
Kinda looks like old m2 great review rick love edit
james manktelow
james manktelow - 3 years ago
Hi from New Zealand
Robbie White
Robbie White - 3 years ago
Martin Grant
Martin Grant - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago

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