NEW TAYLORMADE M3 & M4 DRIVERS PGA golf Pro Rick Shiels checks out the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER & M4 DRIVER in this first look and first hit video! Full indepth review will be arriving in 2 weeks! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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NEW TAYLORMADE M3 & M4 DRIVERS PGA golf Pro Rick Shiels checks out the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER & M4 DRIVER in this first look and first hit video! Full indepth review will be arriving in 2 weeks! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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keith williams
keith williams - 3 years ago
They didn't look very forgiving you spread them all over the place! Test for accuracy against the ping equivalent
JL 05
JL 05 - 3 years ago
I love all the tech but what’s the huge difference between them ?
Ricky Schwartz
Ricky Schwartz - 3 years ago
Vs. Callaway XR16 Sub Zero
The Monkeydoo
The Monkeydoo - 3 years ago
All I could think about (even before you mentioned it) was how much the looked like the bmw m logo
bluesgolfer - 3 years ago
Looks like you were all over the place.
Phil Graham
Phil Graham - 3 years ago
How about a video on how to set up the weights to help the average golfer?
S Dontmatter
S Dontmatter - 3 years ago
Hi Rick so how should i set up my m3 for the low heel ball strike ? Cheers
caddyshack1885 - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, thanks for the great info! One thing I can't find any info on comparing the M3 -M4; which has a deeper face? In the video it almost looks like M4 is a little deeper. I have an M3 and it measures 2.125 inches (5.39 cm) from bottom to paint line. Does the M4 measure to a deeper face? Thanks so much for all your efforts to help guide us!
Matt Olson
Matt Olson - 3 years ago
Would be interested to see the M4 tour 3 wood vs. M4 3 wood.


ManCave - 3 years ago
Thanks for the information.  Your videos are great.  I think this is a bunch of BS though...
Marcus Pendleton
Marcus Pendleton - 3 years ago
The dispersion levels as seen on the tour are fascinating. Left and right misses. Explain.
Nelvin's2829 video
Nelvin's2829 video - 3 years ago
Test the new m4 and 2017 m2
Phil Wratten
Phil Wratten - 3 years ago
Hi rick thanks for all the blinding work u do and content you produce I wondered if you would be able to do a review incorporating the taylormade m1 m2 m3 m4 drivers and fairways I appreciate that is a lot of work tho
Luke Chassereau
Luke Chassereau - 3 years ago
Either your club head speed has dropped or these clubs have gotten worse through the years...
SKIPPER Z - 3 years ago
I think m4 better than m3
SKIPPER Z - 3 years ago
I like m 4
Marc Chauhan
Marc Chauhan - 3 years ago
Great video. Can you share a 15-20 handicapper or slicer hot this to show how novice golfers benefit?
harbin guy
harbin guy - 3 years ago
Thanks for the review! Nice swing by the way!!! It would be nice to know how the "twice face" coorelate to the different club head speed, especially for majority of mid handicapers swing speed, 80-90 range. My initial feeling is it won't make whole lot of diffierence until the swing speed reach 95-100.
smart water
smart water - 3 years ago
which driver is similar to Titlest D3?


anthony calleja
anthony calleja - 3 years ago
Please, make an episode drenched with toe and heel shots and data, Examining the twist face technology.
Beta Vulgaris
Beta Vulgaris - 3 years ago
At the beginning of the season i start watching videos and this channel always pops up in the suggestions.

Nothing ever changes.

This year's driver doesn't go any further than last years despite the 'tech' and fancy design.
This year's driver costs a hideous amount of money for the zero improvement it is going to give to anyone's game.
Rick still can't hit driver because he appears to never work on his dispersion control.

Good stuff.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching
ゴルフクラブ golf club
ゴルフクラブ golf club - 3 years ago
jcheechjr - 3 years ago
Hey Rick have you ever tried both weights on one track on M1 (2017)?
Austin Brunner
Austin Brunner - 3 years ago
Rick you're the best. A review question I had was much of the same I'm sure as other viewers, the comparison of the M4 to the M2, and M3 to the M1 respectively. Is there really much of a difference? Thanks for the great videos, love the channel.
Stewart Hopkins
Stewart Hopkins - 3 years ago
please compare the M1 to the M3. M2 to the M4.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Rick, Can you do a comparison between the M3/M4 and last years Epic sub Zero? I noticed the different ball flights in this video and the one you did last year for the epic. Thanks. Would like to see what your results are.
MotohUS - 3 years ago
Probably stupid question but what is the difference between the 440 and 460?
Mecnez - 3 years ago
Compare accuracy VS M1 & M2.
Afterall M3 & M4 selling point is accuracy, so can you see if that is the case?
You touched on the miss shot to right, where if hit with open face and high toe,
it should go further right than regular face. This deserves a closer look. Thanks!
Yorkshire Golfer
Yorkshire Golfer - 3 years ago
If you choose to buy this club then you’re basically saying that you don’t want to improve your ball striking but you merely just want to hit the ball anywhere on the face. How else do you expect to become a better golfer? Just practice or get some lessons


Alec Vander Molen
Alec Vander Molen - 3 years ago
Hi Rick,
I'm a huge fan of yours. I actually work at a golf store and watch all of your reviews to learn about the technologies and performance of new clubs that come out.
During your testing, I wouldn't mind seeing what would happen if the two weights in the M3 were set all the way back to draw and fade. Just from eyeballing it, it looks like the track for the weights extends slightly more towards the toe which would lead me to believe that if both weights are all the way back their would be a slight fade bias. I would definitely be interested to see that if you have time during your testing period.
Mark Crisp
Mark Crisp - 3 years ago
Rick I would be very interested in a test for a normal golfer ( not that you arent normal LOL) hitting the modern drivers against a twenty year old club - my guess is that it with a club head speed of 90mph the trampoline effect makes no difference at all and whilst I would expect dispersion to be better would be very interesting
Kazuaki Isse
Kazuaki Isse - 3 years ago
Looks like BMW lol
John Johnson
John Johnson - 3 years ago
Is the twist face a new "gimick" that the R&A / USGA will outlaw i.e. Long-putters anchored against your body? I know it's impossible to know, but what would you quess.
N R - 3 years ago
The focus on making these forgiving clubs is not all good i think. This club may make your next few rounds better. But it won't make you a better golfer. You become better at golf through eliminating as many errors as possible in your swing, your strategy and your mind, not by buying a club that enhances the mistakes you make in your swing.
Simon Bertelsen
Simon Bertelsen - 3 years ago
Hello Rick when will the Taylormade woods be testet? ;)
Jacobel X
Jacobel X - 3 years ago
Maybe it's just me but your R15 430 drive was one of your most impressive performances I can remember. And I couldn't find anything worth replacing my R15 430. It just feels heavenly. The distances and the dispersions from all the other drivers are pretty much the same cuz it's mostly me and my swing. The closest I have gotten to the feel I liked was Epic Sub Zero. I guess my R15 430 with B. Asha shaft is not going anywhere anytime soon.
geofflai - 3 years ago
Hey Rick,

wish you can do a review on the M3 and M4 with a higher handicap player
Scratch Golfer
Scratch Golfer - 3 years ago
Boxing glove headcovers are here to stay so get over it. Every major manufacturer uses them and they're great because they don't have socks that get dirty and rip. Personally, I think the boxing glove design looks way more expensive than the stupid socks.
Jamie McKillop
Jamie McKillop - 3 years ago
Hi Rick,

My miss with the M2 driver tends to send the ball to the right. I think this relates to an early extension which is a fault in my swing which l am looking to address this year. I am curious to see if this new driver will correct or reduce the degree of my miss and encourage more consistency ie more shots down the middle or in play instead of OB or in the rough/woods.


Jammer53 - 3 years ago
Test both m3 & m4 against the m1& m2 unless there is a difference, why buy the new stuff?
Keith Grywalski
Keith Grywalski - 3 years ago
Hey Rick,

I've been watching your content for years now. Looks like Taylormade pulled all the m3 woods off of the TM website and keeping m4 line on. Thoughts?
Adams Snapworld
Adams Snapworld - 3 years ago
I get it’s his job but I want rick to leave an honest review for once.
Rick “ok here’s what the marketing team is selling now. It’s the same thing as the last 5 years but says more forgiveness and distance. Until the pga changes rules we will never see true great technology changes”
Nolan H
Nolan H - 3 years ago
Hello Rick, 
Absolutely love the videos!!!!!!!!! When you get the Callaway Rogue Driver do a head to head comparison to the m3 and m4. I loved the Epic last year and to be honest think Callaway is way ahead of Taylormade when it comes to drivers. But thats my own opinion. By the way if you don't mind me asking what handicap do you play off of because I've always wondered.

All the Best,
Nolan Hesko :)
kfree1966 - 3 years ago
Definitely test the high toe strike. It is most of us amateurs
Andrew Foot
Andrew Foot - 3 years ago
Mike - 3 years ago
When do we get to see you hit the driver with the weights set at different locations (e.g., both weights back) for the M3?
Joshua A. Maldonado
Joshua A. Maldonado - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, I have a tendency to slice the ball, im right handed. I am looking forward to see if any of the two with the twist face technology may give me more forgiveness. Can you test to see which one is more forgiving? In the aspect of slicing the ball
Ken Phillips
Ken Phillips - 3 years ago
Seems to me nobody wants to give an opinion on the new twist face!......apart from the TM Lackey's! we have to wait a while for results?...or for Mr Crossfield to test it!
Gratton White
Gratton White - 3 years ago
Yet another gimmick. There are only so many variations one can do before all the testing over the past 15 shows the difference is a mere 5 yards. Since 2005 an extra 10 yards is promised. Guess we are all hitting the ball 600 yards with the same swing. Lmao. Invest in your swing, not the bs taylormade brings every year.


Kieran B
Kieran B - 3 years ago
Twist face!!!
Laughing mine off. Why not just knock a few shots off his handicap, COST LESS!
Jean Ferret
Jean Ferret - 3 years ago
So no real improvement over current models. No surprise there.
Rrracket - 3 years ago
I'd ,like to see more testing of the off-centre hits, esp. the high toe shots.
the links lizard
the links lizard - 3 years ago
Can you send these down to mark crossfield when you're finished hitting them cheers Rick
Gerard Funds
Gerard Funds - 3 years ago
I believe that the "twist face" (not to be confused with "two face" villain from Batman) tech was tried in 2000s by Titleist Acushnet (Patented in 2007) and Cobra in 2012...hmmmm! Apparently the "new face" technology may not new so new or revolutionary at all.
Jimmy Bogey
Jimmy Bogey - 3 years ago
3DGvisuals - 3 years ago
That's the first review I've seen that isn't glowing praise for them both, so I'm very pleased to see that. I often wonder whether other reviewers edit out their worst shots, but not Rick, otherwise the videos would be very short :-P . Only pulling your leg Rick. Great vid.
deymayor2 - 3 years ago
Taylormade has been too gimmicky in the past and these new drivers top them all. They hit the jackpot with the p790 irons and fell flat with their woods.
Marno De bruin
Marno De bruin - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, Have you tested the new callaway rogue driver?
Rick C.
Rick C. - 3 years ago
Nice to see you can still spray the ball all over the place regardless of the flip face
Michael Pope
Michael Pope - 3 years ago
Thanks for review, but if your miss is right and you hit it with an open face on the toe? Wouldn’t that make you slice it? If your miss is a pull and you hit it with a close face on the heel, wouldn’t that make you hook it more?
GolfBox Reviews
GolfBox Reviews - 3 years ago
Like the new format!
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
The Twist Face in intriguing. I'm the type willing to sacrifice a little bit of yardarge for optimized consistency and forgiveness. So far, I've been leaning toward a fitting on the Titleist 917 D2 (not my favorite looker, but I'm looking to be the best in my group everytime)). Sounds like the most dialed in, catered to you driver than most, with the misses being less big. Definately considering the M2's and the M4. Or an M1/M3 if I plan to have it long-term to adjust to my swing. Can you test missing off of the sweet spot with the M4 460 on toe and heel, and also the sweet spot? Can you test on the M3 460 standard position, one weight full Draw with the front weight at standard position for draw/fade, and then one with the fade? Intriguing stuff. Then we can get a feel really what most shots may look like. Honestly I really like the looks of these.  Sleek,  modern. And like you said, balanced. I think it has the mean look you've mentioned with some of the Ping drivers. Love the videos, Rick. Cheers!
Bubba Cumlat
Bubba Cumlat - 3 years ago
When will be release to the public? Thank you
Adam Belleville
Adam Belleville - 3 years ago
I want to know more about the twist face? The open toe shot is the driver more wild than previous models?
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith - 3 years ago
I agree with them looking like BMW. If I was in advertising I would do the color like that because you think BMW you think sports car that is fast. Fast car fast ball speed maybe where they going with this?
Matt Leaman
Matt Leaman - 3 years ago
M1 vs M3/M2 vs M4
Josh - 3 years ago
I play a Cobra ZL Encore and I'm pretty sure that has a bit of a "twisted" face.
JT H - 3 years ago
At first glance.......the color way isn't that appealing. I guess it's nice just not what I would have expected after the other M drivers.
Logan McEvoy
Logan McEvoy - 3 years ago
That m4 is the ugliest thing
ibass2 - 3 years ago
Rick, Awesome job explaining the properties of these new offerings..... DJ is liking the M4
Roberto C
Roberto C - 3 years ago
My initial thoughts on the new face design is that off u miss with a block on the toe, then u r going to miss even worse
Philly BDawk20
Philly BDawk20 - 3 years ago
What I saw was inconsistency with both drivers. And you are not an inconsistent driver
Jason Little
Jason Little - 3 years ago
First time i think Ive ever thumbs downed a video of yours Rick. Ive Probably been a bit harsh but I found it all frustrating so figured I Have to give it an honest thumbs down. 12.48 before you hit an official ball, the main feature of the club is the twist face and we didn’t get to see where you struck it exactly. I know and appreciate you are doing full in depth videos soon. Im just being honest and saying I found this particular video frustrating. Regards and respect as always.
TagTeamBravo - 3 years ago
I'd like to see how each of them perform with different shafts
Kevin Moody
Kevin Moody - 3 years ago
Rick seems like good strikes wander off line and off centre hits go straight! Not convinced by the twist face. Maybe there was a reason Cobra did not about about it!!
metamurph - 3 years ago
Look forward to the extended results. I am very interested in this. Of course DJ in one shot gave this driver more marketing that could be hoped for....well actually a win by 8 strokes and that Rahm was also there...good testimony for the new drivers. Also interesting that he want M4. But I am one of those Low Heel guys, I wonder if this makes the double cross worse...but if it makes my miss less of a miss that is huge.
Cobra did a tilt before that addressed the high toe/low heel situation but it wasn't a bulge/roll it was tilting the cavity/face thinning so that it went from low heel to high toe rather than along the the face was hotter when you missed.
What I don't want is even louder. And I love the BMW M branding...but that is what I drive. I wonder if BMW will come after them though or if they will develop a relation since BMW does have a golf connection. I also like the silver but I have a SLDR S now so this is certainly up for the fitting protocol this year.
metamurph - 3 years ago
that high toe open face shot...yeah that is what I wanted to see or the low heel close snap hook
Nathan & March
Nathan & March - 3 years ago
Hmmm, M3? M4? Red, Blue, White and Black.
Did BMW M division buy Taylormade???
don stage
don stage - 3 years ago
I don't see roll face helping the hacker as they hit the toe with an open face, but it should help the Dustin Johnsons and Rorys a ton. The gap between good and bad just got alot wider.
2007zodiac - 3 years ago
Gimmick!!, pure and simple!, unlike the price, now that’s Laughable!!!...
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga - 3 years ago
I'd like to see a comparison test between the 2016, 2017 and 2018 M drivers with the same shaft. If memory serves me correctly, Rick had much better results with the 2016 versions over the last 2 versions. I'd like to see an updated comparison given that you can still buy the 2016 versions.
Andy LaCombe
Andy LaCombe - 3 years ago
Great info Rick - I would like to see some in-depth testing of the heel and toe shots to see what happens with a human hitting drives. Being a high toe hitter and usually seeing a low snapper (and short) - the wild miss right would kill me.


Keith D
Keith D - 3 years ago
I want to see how misses from the low heel respond to the new twist face
CT - 7567
CT - 7567 - 3 years ago
Could you have Rob Potter hit his normal driver versus the twist face taylormade driver to see if it improves flight, consistency as well as accuracy for the average weekend warrior. Thanks Rick, love the channel keep it up.
RGG. RWG - 3 years ago
Stay the course on the slightly miss hit shots and how the twist affects the flight. Would be sad if someone bought one of these with a swing that leads to more off center hits that with his or hers current non twist club face..
J. 4NASH - 3 years ago
honestly any club hi-toe open face it's going to go right. so I'm not really worried about that
PS & Co
PS & Co - 3 years ago
Am I the only one who thinks Taylormade have completely ripped off the BMW M series branding?
Arthur Grant
Arthur Grant - 3 years ago
Unlike the world of racing which has long believed in win on Sunday sell on Monday that hasn't been the case with golf. For one the majority of players play cavity backed or game improvement irons which the pros even on the senior tour seldom play. That has always appeared to be different. The inference has always been you can buy the same driver the pro's have, and the same putter the pro's have and you can get custom fit (especially if you live here in So. Cal).
If you watch the Golf Channel interview at the end of the Sentry Champions in Maui, he did the most racing like sales pitch for the M4 driver you could imagine, crediting his great driving to the new face technology which he had arrived a week early in Hawaii to test.
looking forward to seeing a 20 + handicap, maybe a senior test this club.
Craig Elmendorf
Craig Elmendorf - 3 years ago
Back to back: M1 versus M3 and M2 versus M4 would answer my questions..... thanks Rick
luke grantham
luke grantham - 3 years ago
BMW vs. Taylormade on trademark infringement...?
mick19421 - 3 years ago
The greed of all golf suppliers amazes me, with these prices I would expect to come down in handicap dramatically. Never been the case.
Pat Luciano
Pat Luciano - 3 years ago
No data to back the review or show where on the face it was struck. Weak review, guess you want to ride the hype train behind the product. No harm, no foul... Understandable to make another review and get a bunch of views on two instead of one. Just seems odd... Based on the ball flights, twist face only helps tour guys or elites who only miss .4 mm offline lol.... Nothing will cure poor strikes, ever. Taylormade seems really desperate on overboard with how hard they're having their staffers name drop twist face, and budge and roll..... Puking on the public.
Steven Tyers
Steven Tyers - 3 years ago
Haha already?, are Taylormade serious? There must be some mindless ppls out there who keep buying this shit..
Stephen Lo
Stephen Lo - 3 years ago
Thx for the video! Will you do a review about the hybrids as well? keep up the good job bro!
charles barteau
charles barteau - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, sorry but when you said that the m3 looks like the m1's step brother... FYI a step brother would have no genetic relationship therefore it would have zero resemblance except by chance. love your vids keep up the decent work!
zac harris
zac harris - 3 years ago
hey rick big fan and my clubs are really old I have the tittlist 710 ap2 irons and the 909 hybrid to driver can you please hook me up with a new set please please
Christopher Stanford
Christopher Stanford - 3 years ago
M4 looks for me the best of all m series. Better than the m2's of old
Christopher Stanford
Christopher Stanford - 3 years ago
So if you fade it from hi right you're fooked
krusher74 - 3 years ago
I think BMW might be sending cease and desist letters!
Drew Hollman
Drew Hollman - 3 years ago
Great review! Is there any way you can test the weight track on the M3?


b - 3 years ago
Problem is, bad strikers listen to taylormade and buy this to cure their slice. But its not going to put it dead center of the fairway unless you hit like a robot.
yousaidwinglikeabirdswing - 3 years ago
NIke and adams had slots in drivers back in 09, variable axis faces have been around for years, tracks in drivers all done before and I personally do not like the two tone asthetics on the crown (looks like a toy) but if I try one on the demo day and I get on with it.... maybe I'll get one in about 2 years when they are slightly more realistically priced
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, once again awesome review, i would love to see what happens with the track adjustment of the M3, are there any different weight sizes for the M4.
simon smart
simon smart - 3 years ago
Please test if the are actually straighter or just hype
sh0tty - 3 years ago
Just watched Rick's video for 2017 M1 and M2. He hit both those clubs better than the new M3 and M4. More distance, better control. TaylorMade just has to stop with the cash grab.
F. Fournier
F. Fournier - 3 years ago
M3 VS M1 please! :)
Eric fletch
Eric fletch - 3 years ago
Thank You! The test is interesting, but would like to know more on the test of twist face. Plus, want to say your videos are awesome and i’m from here in the U. S. Texas. Also, can you have your buddy mid-handicap give it a go on the test? He helps a person like myself when picking out clubs.
Kailer Rundiks
Kailer Rundiks - 3 years ago
I really like the video it was very insightful and I learned a bit more about the new tech. I think it would be really cool if you could maybe test out different shafts and even hit some with taylormade tp5 balls.
Kurt Swiger
Kurt Swiger - 3 years ago
Like the new review style. Thanks
ladiadegbite - 3 years ago
Will this driver turn my slices to fairway shots?
Berend Tooms
Berend Tooms - 3 years ago
I'm listening. I'm not that much on woods. I'd rather hit the fairway with irons then losing time visiting the woods next to the fairway's. This could be a gamechanger? However... a bit scared by the costs of these "woods".
jonbon1616 - 3 years ago
Can you test the 2016 M2 against the M4
Richard Chamberlain
Richard Chamberlain - 3 years ago
I think in all your driver tests you need to test with the shaft that comes with the driver. As this is the shaft that you will get fitted for if you go to purchase. It may have some bearing on whether it is worth paying the extra for the M3. You should have also done this on your 5 year driver tests to see if it’s shaft technology that is helping newer clubs go further or not.
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma - 3 years ago
Hey Rick... would be good to know how the M3 and M4 fare in distance VS other drivers like the Callaway Epic or other drivers ? For players who are fairly straight anyways the question would be - do I lose any distance by shifting to the twistface tech or would its forgiveness allow one to increase swing speed and thus add distance ?
mike callaghan
mike callaghan - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, my poor shot is the high off the toe with the club face OPEN, I would also have concerns about the ability of the “twist face” to counter this. Would be very interested to see more results from this type of strike as pretty unconvinced from what happened when you hit this shot. Great work btw!
Will Kirkup
Will Kirkup - 3 years ago
Scott Shedden
Scott Shedden - 3 years ago
Hi Rick It would be interesting to see an average golfer try these two clubs
Martin Corell
Martin Corell - 3 years ago
Nice video.
Try the M4 with the Atmos shaft. Use some different weight settings in the M3. Play a few holes with both drivers.
Craig wall
Craig wall - 3 years ago
In the past TM has provided several shaft options, is that still the case.
Germster Vásquez
Germster Vásquez - 3 years ago
What are the 3 dots you see on the toe and 1 dot on the heal?
Brian Cleminson
Brian Cleminson - 3 years ago
They allow the GC Quad shot monitor to record clubface data.
Svenn Kellner
Svenn Kellner - 3 years ago
Not my style of reviews. 20 minutes now and how much on the resume? Rick, you can do way better than this in 13 minutes. Please do all in one!
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga - 3 years ago
Think I'll stick with my 2016 M2 thank you very much.
Bob West
Bob West - 3 years ago
As you typically do, test these vs the other OEM’s. PING, Callaway etc. Those tests are the most informative.
Dar Foggy
Dar Foggy - 3 years ago
I think it’s nothing more then a marketing ploy.
Eoghan Carr
Eoghan Carr - 3 years ago
M3 440 v m4 v m3
Michael Hahn
Michael Hahn - 3 years ago
Can you test The Y-track and is it The TWIST FACE working.
That was SAVAGE
That was SAVAGE - 3 years ago
Reckon i’ll wait till summer an get the m5 m6 which will obviously add even more yards
quincy551407 - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. Interesting design idea but I think you’ll agree that the jury is still out on whether the “Twist Face” design performs as advertised. I’d like to see more in-depth testing of this.
Richard Briere
Richard Briere - 3 years ago
I am not a statistician but how can you optimize the position of the Y slot weights without using design of experiments which is not easy to do ? Also because our swing keep changing, changing the weights position today to compensate for a poor rotation today might not work tomorrow when you are more relax and the temperature is warmer. All this to say that it might be best to keep the driver constant and find the correct swing. As for the twisted face a push on the high toe will go more right so I will keep the regular face on my Ping .
Sir_Godz - 3 years ago
something tells me the big misses on these will be of epic caddy shack level
michael mcnamara
michael mcnamara - 3 years ago
Hi Rick just wondering what length is the stock shaft taylormade usually 45.75 inches and is this a important factor thanks
David Forde
David Forde - 3 years ago
Would be interesting to see a realy light shaft for slow swingers like my self, and then see what the performance looks like. Hence I love my Callaway Fusioin and XR 16
Lake Kim
Lake Kim - 3 years ago
I wanna see m3 and m4 long drive challenge
garnet harvey
garnet harvey - 3 years ago
when will we see the woods
TypicalAfricanGamer - 3 years ago
Am i the only one who thinks these drivers look awful...
OkFine1999 - 3 years ago
How about getting someone that hits high toe and someone that hits low heel a lot of the time to test these clubs and see if there is a difference for the avg player....I think getting some mid handicapped players (I'm sure you know folks that hit both high toe and or low heel) to test and hit 30-50 balls that you can get a better review of these clubs and the new technology that TaylorMade is indicating. That is what I would like to see.... 5 shots per club does not really provide the information needed to make a determination if these clubs are doing what TaylorMade says they will do nor if they are good for the mid range handicapped player.... Thanks Rick
eddie brown
eddie brown - 3 years ago
I hear the chairman of Taylormade has a painting of P.T. Barnum hanging on the wall behind his desk.........
Kayak Bandits
Kayak Bandits - 3 years ago
I say test the twist technology. That’s what we’re in awe of this year. When I saw it my thought was the same as ricks. What if your face is open when off the toe? I say learn to hit the ball correctly and take your lumps when you miss hit. Cheers!
Joel Murphy
Joel Murphy - 3 years ago
The big difference between these drivers and any other driver ever is the twist face. Could you test how well does it actually work?
I'veGotACamera - 3 years ago
Yo, Rick,

I'd like to see you test these clubheads with the same shaft you have installed in your current gamer and check the numbers against your gamer, if that's possible. That seems like a good way to see if these are better for you or not.
Manny Umana
Manny Umana - 3 years ago
nice review. I just really don't like the m3
joey lager
joey lager - 3 years ago
Your the man rick happy new year
Neil Campion
Neil Campion - 3 years ago
Looks like they've ripped off a bmw m sport. Another lawsuit coming their way.
Dosy Boy
Dosy Boy - 3 years ago
M5 and M6 coming in 10 months but for now here’s our twist face hammerhead
matt jerb
matt jerb - 3 years ago
Love your reviews Rick. I think for testing I just want to see the extremes of what they claim the Twist Face Tech. can offer, E.G. hit it high toe face closed then hit it open. Hit it low heel open and closed, lets see the drawbacks of catering to a specific group.
Michael Hosdo
Michael Hosdo - 3 years ago
First impressions, not impressed..
jergernice1 - 3 years ago
wouldnt take too much from these few hits. he was using the stock 60g shaft maybe even just a stiff. he could have very well been all over the place while hitting the middle of the face. to me those shots looks exactly like a loose shaft with a good swing.
charlie stevens
charlie stevens - 3 years ago
Ha, ha gear effect, like the old persimmons!
TJ Shine
TJ Shine - 3 years ago
Yes, please do an in-depth test on where the ball actually goes when hitting off-center. Somehow "Gear effect" started way back with Persimmon heads being convex to bring off-center hits back to centerline.  And also if the weight movement actually does anything. I believe the weights on the back will have more influence on ball spin than the old SLDR style weight on the front.  Back in the 90's we used to experiment with lead tape and found that putting tape on the back edge of the heel created a draw and on the back edge of the toe created a fade.  Thanks Rick!
3 Putts Golf
3 Putts Golf - 3 years ago
As others have said, definitely want to see a comparison between M1/M3 and M2/M4. Even the 2016 version of M1/M2 would be awesome. Really interested to see if the new face and Hammerhead tech are legit. Also, do you notice any difference in forgiveness/ball flight between the T track on M1 and the Y track on M3.
pete Cordery
pete Cordery - 3 years ago
Who won all those chritmas gifts did vwe find out Have you posted the winners up yet
Jonathan Waibel
Jonathan Waibel - 3 years ago
Your videos are so informative and really helpful. Thanks a lot Rick!
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams - 3 years ago
test against the original M drivers
Wardog418 - 3 years ago
Hey Rick. I’m not sure but I kinda feel like these companies are trying a bit too hard. Almost as if they have given up on people actually working on developing a good swing and just using tech to move them along. I was slicing for about two years before I learned the correct way to hit driver. They don’t need a new “high tech” driver every single year, a few lessons would do us mid/high handicappers more good. Just my two cents. Keep up the great work Rick!
Will Mackay
Will Mackay - 3 years ago
An open face is still an open face and the ball will still go right, I think testing needs to be done using normal golfers who play at different levels.
Take a 22, 16 and 8 handicap and have them hit some balls because you are in a very small minority of players who if truth be told are very good if not exceptional golfers, you ripped a Ping Eye wood!!
The majority of customers are mid to high handicap (fact) so let’s really test the kit and not just sell it.
EOIN MURPHY - 3 years ago
So instead of getting some lessons and putting some work I to your swing just spend a ludicrous amount of money for a club that just masks the fact that your swing is all wrong. Does everything have to be a quick fix why can't people try practicing instead.
Kenneth Ma
Kenneth Ma - 3 years ago
can u compare M1 with M3 and M2 with M4?
Adam Nashed
Adam Nashed - 3 years ago
2016 M1 v 2017 M1 v 2018 M3 2 rounds of three balls same shafts. 2016 M2 v 2017 M2 v 2018 M4 2 rounds of three balls same shafts.
Callan Edquist
Callan Edquist - 3 years ago
Can you do the mid handicapper test with these drivers. A more inconsistent face strike would be helpful.
Morten Kolja Arbirk
Morten Kolja Arbirk - 3 years ago
I dont buy into all this tech, for me it just looks like baiting. A driver that u feel comfortable, confident and u think its great looking. Thats the way for me atleast
Pablo Calvet
Pablo Calvet - 3 years ago
Look at the dispersion of those drives nothing Wow at all but rather quite all over the place considering the club is in the hands of a pro. Twist face fail :)
Q C - 3 years ago
It would be nice if you have someone who isn't a golf pro (like yourself) and see how they hit. You know just a regular golfer do some testing and let us know how that went.
Domenic De Rose
Domenic De Rose - 3 years ago
Great first impression review, Rick! As comparison would have it, I do not see enough of a new tech advantage to sway me from the older M1- M2 design. I look forward to your further research.
Jane Grant
Jane Grant - 3 years ago
What is the screw on the M4 shoe for?
for the love of tech too
for the love of tech too - 3 years ago
Enjoyed test twisted face.......have Taylor made been in the pub again??? Interesting if you take a average amateur with path issues and on what golf course will they hit the fairways on
Dennis Hammer
Dennis Hammer - 3 years ago
Looking forward to your new approach to club reviews. Keep looking ahead.
We won't realize the true advancements until the next "M" something comes out. ; )
paul harrison
paul harrison - 3 years ago
What a great advert for twist face technology haha! Hook left, massive push right! I’m sure it’s down to the player who is hitting it surely, stop buying into this nonsense! Taylor made are such a pathetic company who rely on people like rick justifying there clubs, ricks not bothered he keeps the clubs which he loves to tell people about
Eddie O'Keeffe
Eddie O'Keeffe - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, One of the best golf reviews I saw you do was when you tested the Cobra Fly Z and the Fly Z +. You were getting some incredible results with the Fly Z+. I think if you could do a comparison video with one of those drivers and the M3 / M4, you could measure the results of the Cobra with a non twist face and the new Taylormade drivers with the twist face. Would like to see that. :)
Luke H
Luke H - 3 years ago
Tests of toe and heel strikes is the primary goal of these clubs
Asteroid828 - 3 years ago
How do BMW feel about the "M4 blue and red logo? Hmm not sure thats going to go down well. There is such thing as change for changes sake. I play M1 and whilst I cannot say I have gained yards I do like the club. Would I change for the new model absolutely not. No reason to.
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 3 years ago
A bmw copyright heading towards tm ; same colours as a m badge
cod isdead
cod isdead - 3 years ago
Money grabbing gits it will never end I have a driver thats 9 years old . I tested most of the 2017 drivers and my old driver was way better than the new ones for forgiveness
Steve Higgins
Steve Higgins - 3 years ago
And still use a balata ball do you? lol. Embrace technology...don't knock it.
Linda Tanner
Linda Tanner - 3 years ago
Rick, do you favourite equipment brand?
Linda Tanner
Linda Tanner - 3 years ago
love the new format and I also love both of the drivers
Linda Tanner
Linda Tanner - 3 years ago
do you know when the SM7 wedges and the callaway rogue drivers will be released
Michael Rolton
Michael Rolton - 3 years ago
To me, the M3 logo looks like the BMW M3 logo, especially as both have the red/blue colour scheme.
colin boxall
colin boxall - 3 years ago
Good review and liked the price information. Thanks Rick. I don’t get the high price point on these drivers. Surely, sell more at a lower price point. The m3 y track looks rubbish. M4 all day long. Although, your hits with M3 looked better for distance and direction. Also, why don’t manufacturers, like TM, sell a driver head only option? Most of us have ‘old’ TM drivers with upgraded shafts that we can move to a new driver head. Lower price option for most. Will stay with my #epic.
R C Gorman
R C Gorman - 3 years ago
I still hit the 2016 M2, tried the 2017and did not see improvement..Can you do a test of 2016 M2 verses 2018 M4?
John Hampton
John Hampton - 3 years ago
Like the new concept Rick, my big miss is in the heel so I am interested to see if this new face can keep the ball straighter
Andy Titcomb
Andy Titcomb - 3 years ago
MrCircus177 - 3 years ago
The Shaft that comes in the M4 is pronounced like, "at toms" instead of "At moss" i believe.. But what do I know, us Americans have been saying Aluminium wrong forever.
James Holland
James Holland - 3 years ago
Some say rick has never hit a straight ball
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Haha very good!
redd7188 - 3 years ago
How about some old vs new reviews. Pull out the old Nike covert driver and put it against something new. Put a driver from 2008 against a 2018 Driver. This should make for some fun and fresh reviews.
Michael Brathwaite
Michael Brathwaite - 3 years ago
Face twist looks bollocks.
Shaz MS
Shaz MS - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, can you test the M3 vs M1 on multiple settings.

i still dont buy the idea of TM's twist face. It feels like you're gonna make more errors everytime you hit these drivers
LEFTY123451 - 3 years ago
Same shit, different ass.
Vu Ville
Vu Ville - 3 years ago
I will stick with my Grenade. LOL.
Gary Kitchen
Gary Kitchen - 3 years ago
What they did to mark crossfield was a joke sorry Rick won’t look at anything they bring out which we all know is far to often !!!
ROBERT THOMAS - 3 years ago
when hit on sweet spot which one is best?
Derek Rishel
Derek Rishel - 3 years ago
Love to see how far you get these once you dialed the in, especially compared to the M1-M2. Looking for a new driver in the Spring. Thanks for your time putting these together. I think shorter first look reviews would be helpful. Seems these are as long as you old full club review videos. Keep up the great work.
Jake Roane
Jake Roane - 3 years ago
I would like to see a few more of your numbers on the first video
ih8pikeys - 3 years ago
X track coming up in 2 years!
WMUGrad2009 - 3 years ago
Tensei isn’t his gamer shaft.
John Sadler
John Sadler - 3 years ago
Oh dear TM. What % of toe hitters have a closed face compared to open? What % of heel hits are open as opposed to closed?
We need AI in the club head to adjust the face prior to impact :-)
Trevor Starratt
Trevor Starratt - 3 years ago
It would be interesting to see some high handicappers hit the driver and see their results as well
Jordan Adkins
Jordan Adkins - 3 years ago
Rick, on the M3, the backside says 460, so is the M4 a 440cc head? Didn’t see any print of the size on the back of it. Smaller heads have always suited me a bit better.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Both 460 as far as I'm aware!
Aaron 5683
Aaron 5683 - 3 years ago
Rick put the info in one video. all were going to do is just skip this video and wait till the real review.
M. Storm Haddix
M. Storm Haddix - 3 years ago
That thing looks gross
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez - 3 years ago
I would like to see how the weights would work when you move them around in many different settings: middle toe, middle heel, both toe both heel... etc.
VXx2K - 3 years ago
I’ve never seen you spray it so much ! Twist face fail
Chad Smith
Chad Smith - 3 years ago
Want to see comparisons of 17 M1 vs M3 and 17 M2 vs M4. Would be interesting to see the distance and forgiveness improvements (if any)
David Trebell
David Trebell - 3 years ago
hi rick id like to see you compare the R15 vs the new M3. i think there a lot alike. iv have the R15 and love it .
im a mid-high handycap golfer and the R15 helped huge. ty david from Toronto Canada.
justin alvarez
justin alvarez - 3 years ago
Do you sell the clubs after your done testing them?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hi Justin, nope I keep them in case I want to further test them or do head to heads etc.
Malcolm K. Lim
Malcolm K. Lim - 3 years ago
Can you get 5 average golfers and 5 above average golfers to try the clubs . This way, it gives a better perspective from the average player's point of view. Of course I would love your feedback too.
Nick - 3 years ago
it will be interesting to see if BMW stand for this rip off of their motorsport Branding #seeyouincourt
Steve someone
Steve someone - 3 years ago
The thing that worries me about "twist face" is that you are a pro golfer with good swing repetition and face to path presentation still showed in those shots how easy it is to be slightly different at strike thus negating the technology. Us average golfers would be even more inconsistent which would make question getting fitted for this club , and yes I agree it's very BMW looking branding Rick . Hope you have a very successful 2018 , good golfing :)
pdn260578 - 3 years ago
"Aiming to keep the ball more on the fairway" proceeds to spray balls everywhere..... not convinced one iota
Ash Bennett
Ash Bennett - 3 years ago
Do some testing on different y-track configurations.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Okay Ash, will do! I will report back in the full review!


Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess - 3 years ago
Next up, X track
Rob Adams
Rob Adams - 3 years ago
BMW had to of made these things!
Curtis Knipes
Curtis Knipes - 3 years ago
Compare them to m1 and m2
Richard Hance
Richard Hance - 3 years ago
It did nothing to help off center hits what so ever!
Jake Makohoniuk
Jake Makohoniuk - 3 years ago
BMW m3 and m4 Drivers
menevetsny - 3 years ago
Definitely test the twist.
VWRabbit2008 - 3 years ago
Taylormade get ready for another lawsuit unless they teamed up with bmw for the name/color scheme
Chris Scott
Chris Scott - 3 years ago
I would definitely like to see the change in ball flight as the weights in the M3 get moved around
Goodspeed - 3 years ago
How long will it take BMW to sue?
Peter De Shields
Peter De Shields - 3 years ago
Good demo Rick.on the next review, please look at the difference between;1- Draw and fade settings on the M1 being in the front vs the rear on the M32- what's the overall head weight difference due to less weight on the track of the M3I play the M1 set to full draw and med. Curious about the change to the CG at that set up.Thanks.
Darmetrius Jenkins
Darmetrius Jenkins - 3 years ago
just paint your M1 red and blue. Same club. I don't like the weight tracks on any drivers. The lopsided face is just a bandaid, not convinced it wouldn't also have a negative effect on some awkward hits.
dan7870 - 3 years ago
Please test the results across the toe, center and heel to validate the forgiveness. Compare with the M1, M2 model.
mark hodgson
mark hodgson - 3 years ago
Toe hits from a straight hit
Greg Chin
Greg Chin - 3 years ago
Having seen quite a number of your driver review videos, I'd say you seemed to struggle with both of these clubs. You were about 10 yards short of your usual distances, and the dispersion was so much greater than normal for you. I've seen Rory hitting the M3 and he seems to love it. I think these clubs were made for lower handicap players whose swings have specific miss characteristics mainly having to do with an in-to-out swing path when their timing is off when squaring the club face.
I can see you weren't impressed, and quite frankly neither am I. Thanks for he review Rick - I always look forward to your demos.
andy evans
andy evans - 3 years ago
taylormade are saying that humans have the same swing faults on toe and heel strikes compared to robots.... all humans..... thats all humans... wow.. and i thought we all had individual swings. thanks for putting me straight TM
Marley_ R6
Marley_ R6 - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. As changing the loft with the neck usually slightly changes face angle (closed / open) do you think this will further exaggerate the results of the twist face tech?
Duke B2Z
Duke B2Z - 3 years ago
Have hade 2 taylormade drivers in the past with adjustable weights. The R7 425 which was my favourite and still today over my R11. Have never felt much assistance from the weight movement to help my natural draw, which of the new drivers out the M3 or M4 would you recommend.
Alexander Schwarzbart
Alexander Schwarzbart - 3 years ago
Would be interesting to see this drivers with a golfrobot which can hit consistently the heel or toe together with GC quad. So we can see if the twist face technology does work or not! After that we can also analyze the difference to m1 from last year with the same shots of the golfrobot.
GottaLuvGolf - 3 years ago
Apart from New BMW styling , these are going "exactly' the same distances as the M1& M2 that you reviewed last year Rick, Twist face is an interesting concept I'll give them that...... otherwise MEH !!
kam johal
kam johal - 3 years ago
The font and colours are very simular to the old BMW M3 badge. Almost identical.
fly787 - 3 years ago
I hit high toe with slight open face and that is my bomb drive...I aim it left center and let it peel back.... can you try this please?
Michael Goquingco
Michael Goquingco - 3 years ago
how does the twist face work if you wanna do a power fade or draw ?
darrel mm72
darrel mm72 - 3 years ago
U'm high toe missed right Ha Ha!! Twist Face my arse human will always over ride. Lazy marketing being so close to BMW but that's what you get when you release clubs every year.
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Nearly 90k views in just over a day, now I know why matey boy was having an hysterical meltdown when TM stop sending him his clubs!
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
This video views are mental!! Well done
Peter Low
Peter Low - 3 years ago
Not sure that this is the direction where Golf should be going , we are forgetting the skill to hit a good shot , surely we don`t want all golfers down the middle , will run into divots more often if we are all there!!!!
Tyler Wilhelm
Tyler Wilhelm - 3 years ago
I feel like the draw / fade weight being set toward the back of the face, rather than up by the grooves like on the T-Track, makes setting the weight to draw or fade less effective. And it creates more spin since its moved further low and back. It defeats the purpose of moving the weight close to the grooves to lower spin
Michael Lim
Michael Lim - 3 years ago
Test the twist face
G L - 3 years ago
‘Twist face technology, designed to keep the ball straighter.......”

Rick proceeds to hit the ball all over the damn range.

Sean W. Hanley
Sean W. Hanley - 3 years ago
These are some of the best looking drivers TM has ever made! They look like BMW's.
Benjamin Toups
Benjamin Toups - 3 years ago
What's about slicers? Wonder how this new face would affect them.
Guess a slice is a slice no matter the face but the way this face is designed, think it would be horrible off the toe.
Nick Guzzo
Nick Guzzo - 3 years ago
Rick, please do some testing regarding the new twist face. I personally do not like this idea. I know for a fact that I often hit high toe with an open face and this twist face technology just makes that miss worse. This seems to me that they are trying to make this a more forgiving and a more game improvement club with the twist face however like you said, the high toe closed face and low heel open face is not always the case. This may correct the mistakes a lot of golfers make, but it definitely leaves room for more error in the high toe open face and low heel closed face shots which I think will make a lot of golfers unhappy
ryeo33 - 3 years ago
Same for me. I think when I hit high toe, it's opened & low heel when it's closed. Does the twist face make the error worse ?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Keep your eyes on the channel for the full review Nick! Hopefully you questions will be answered!


22bigtuna - 3 years ago
do a head to head with old m1 and new m3 and check the dispersion difference
kev Barclay
kev Barclay - 3 years ago
Happy New year rick. Im New to ur channel. Cant wait for ur golf tips.
William Russell
William Russell - 3 years ago
Not new technology; Cobra has had this since 2012 and it was called canted bulge technology and is still in their F8 line. Another reason for me to hate Taylormade because how is this revolutionary?

Still love your reviews though Rick!
Murat Karaca
Murat Karaca - 3 years ago
I think Rick you still hit the M1 2016 a lot further then any other taylormade drive that you have tested. Thanks for the insights on the new product. Cheers.
Joseph Flaherty
Joseph Flaherty - 3 years ago
Rick, don’t you think that a player whose strike is high on the toe or low on the heel should strive to correct that “flaw” as opposed to selecting a club which “embraces” the flaw and “fixes” it with technology? What happens down the road if the players begins to hit the center of the club face more often than not? Does the “twist face” technology matter if a player consistently strikes his ball in the center of the face? Or low-center or high-center. Should one ignore these clubs if they strike consistently in the center of the face?
Brian Silver
Brian Silver - 3 years ago
I’d like to see the result of a maximum forgiveness setting on the Y track. That combined with the twist technology would be some interesting data.
blmart67 - 3 years ago
Would like to see a head to head with the M4 vs M2 from last year. Thanks!
Duster Delo
Duster Delo - 3 years ago
I'm going to be looking at getting a new driver this year, just wondering if as you test these more you can you can give some input on if they're worth the high price tag and if the performance difference from last years M1/M2 will be worth the price difference once last years drivers presumably drop in price. Thanks Rick, love the videos!
Harry Flower Golf
Harry Flower Golf - 3 years ago
Is it just me? Every time i look at these clubs I think of a White BMW M3
Jordon Jackson
Jordon Jackson - 3 years ago
Rich’s gone from ‘boom it’s like a rocket’ to get tested, on course testing coming. Hmmmm all morphing into Crossfield
Allen Rothman
Allen Rothman - 3 years ago
Rick, I bought a new M2 along with the rest of the set, but need to know if it is really worth the extra money to switch as a senior golfer.
just sunny
just sunny - 3 years ago
Am I the only one that noticed Rick has had botox! :)
Christopher Matthews
Christopher Matthews - 3 years ago
Shaft weight/flex?
Malcolm Evans
Malcolm Evans - 3 years ago
£499 for the M3. That's a lot of money! Companies like Benross can produce complete iron sets for this. Surely the extra is mainly to cover those big endorsement deals.
Malcolm Evans
Malcolm Evans - 3 years ago
Steve Higgins Benross make decent equipment at far less cost. No they are not as good, but many golfers would not experience much difference in performance and save themselves a shedload of cash.
Steve Higgins
Steve Higgins - 3 years ago
But do Benross compare with the distances and forgiveness?
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Malcolm Evans yeah, you’re starting to get the hang of this marketing stuff. Good grief, are people this naive.
Gwan Soon Lee
Gwan Soon Lee - 3 years ago
Yeah, Rick
Check the Track with weights in different location.
otausatax - 3 years ago
I really dont like the colors. It's good they shifted from the green, but this isn't nice. But still want to try :-)
Tony Hall
Tony Hall - 3 years ago
TM 'borrowed' the twisted face from Cobra who did this first many moons ago!
tatchy1001 - 3 years ago
So if you hit it high toe club face open it's going to go even higher and further right?
Jukka Kymäläinen
Jukka Kymäläinen - 3 years ago
I would like too see more testing with that twist face technology. Can you release and roll your wrist faster and you dont have worry snap hooking it❓
MARTIN - 3 years ago
your carry distances have gone backwards 5 years! this is going to bomb!...and looks shocking! ugly lump of metal
Tom Pope
Tom Pope - 3 years ago
with that poor face to path control its hard to see what the tech is doing. just more proof that working on your strike and face to path is far more benifical to your golf game buy a ping g20 cheep and have some lessons
Trevor Grimm
Trevor Grimm - 3 years ago
I would love to see some videos of you actually putting these into play and see the end results of each shot. All in all I think these drivers look average at best. Thanks so much for doing these reviews Rick!
Brendan Hanley
Brendan Hanley - 3 years ago
Love your channel Rick. You present rather natural in front of the camera and you express your reviews in a a manner that is enjoyable for the audience. Keep it up! I would only comment to increase the number of hits with each club. Maybe also announce at the start of the year what standard shaft, grip size and lie you will test with? No idea if that's possible.... Love your work mate
Travis Manne
Travis Manne - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, I’d like to see you do the in-depth test with both Rob and yourself hitting these drivers. It would be interesting to see if the new tech helped both the better golfer and mid-handicapper alike or favoured one of you. Possibly even get a high handicapper in to hit as well, I’m sure one of your students would jump at the opportunity.
Ewen Jones
Ewen Jones - 3 years ago
You have to keep in mind what TaylorMade are calling high toe and low heel, compared to what I, as a 15 handicapper, would describe. In their promo video with their staff players, the show the range. I would be happy with all their heel and toe hits. I like that you are incorporating cost as this is a massive part of any change of clubs.
D Martins
D Martins - 3 years ago
I agree, those head covers are awful
Alistair Wilson
Alistair Wilson - 3 years ago
I’d be interested in seeing a comparison between M1/M2 and M3/M4 in how easy it is to shape shots
Will it be easier or harder to draw or fade with the new face?
David Shannon
David Shannon - 3 years ago
Would like to see Rob hit these ie someone with a less consistent swing
David Shannon
David Shannon - 3 years ago
Would like to see Rob hit these ie someone with a less consistent swing
Mark Towers
Mark Towers - 3 years ago
Happy new year Rick. Think this new format for testing will work really well. Coming back after a couple of weeks with real on-line course data will be far more beneficial that hitting balls off the mat. My question would be regarding the weight tracks on the M3 and indeed on any club that has this kind of adjustment - do they actually achieve anything or are they just a selling gimmick? Surely a "correct" fitting would give you everything you need to achieve the best possible results.
gavin tiernan
gavin tiernan - 3 years ago
Love the vid rick:)
David Ward
David Ward - 3 years ago
Commenting without googling 1st so could well be wrong, but I think the Cobra tech you mentioned was called E9, something about having 9 sweetspots on the face, they were higher on toe and lower on heel as well.
R Greenhalgh
R Greenhalgh - 3 years ago
Love to see a m2 2016 v m2 2017 v m4 2018 review!
Chris Bramley
Chris Bramley - 3 years ago
Hurry up with the Mizuno ST180 review Rick!!!
Norman Russell
Norman Russell - 3 years ago
It looks to me that the weighting will only affect backspin rates. You won't have the option of a low spin and forgiving as the left and right settings are only at the back of the clubhead. The 'T' let you set it for draw or fade and high and low spin. Not sure I've explained myself very well there! I'd like to see you play a few holes with two balls, hitting each driver and/or the older models. That would maybe be a truer review.
SuperFassst - 3 years ago
Will BMW sue Taylormade... Place your bets here!
Cliff Burt
Cliff Burt - 3 years ago
Will we see these drivers on the pro tour? Pros can use bulge and role to their advantage to shape shots, will they be able to do the same with twist face. Or will it work against them.
Roland Brechbühl
Roland Brechbühl - 3 years ago
Hey Rick .. Test it with 3-4 Testamonials .. HCP 20-36(54). I wanna know how is their picture after 10 shots with the old and the new technology (M1/M3 and M2/M4). My first impression is, that a middle and high HCP-player will have a lot more extremly bad shots (lost ball / out of bounds because toe strike with open clubface, etc...). But I'm interested in the data.
Neil Travis
Neil Travis - 3 years ago
So it's a load of crap again
Liam Nixon
Liam Nixon - 3 years ago
great videos Rick keep it up. You and Pete are my favourite youtubers :)
for the love of tech too
for the love of tech too - 3 years ago
Liam Nixon still with access to Taylor made golf clubs that is' he he '
Aslam Aarif
Aslam Aarif - 3 years ago
If u could test the weight track system
Hunter Gibbs
Hunter Gibbs - 3 years ago
i currently use the G400 and i think it’s the best looking driver on the market but looking at the M3/4 that silver and black looks really good to me. may have to try it out to convince me to switch....
thegooch4life11 - 3 years ago
Would really like to see the different settings on the M3 and the spin numbers compared between them. I have a Nike Vapor Fly Pro right now and I’m consistently spinning it 3300-3500 rpm which is way too high. So I’m looking for a new big stick that will dramatically bring that down.
William Ramsey
William Ramsey - 3 years ago
Just demo’d the M3 this morning....I was all over the place compared to my Aeroburner and M2. Very disappointing!
Sydney Nurse
Sydney Nurse - 3 years ago
Curve Toe and Heel and what happens if the toe is low or heel is high. I'm also curious about how the Y weighting affects a swing in the mean and extreme settings: All upfront, both out, both middle center, so nothing with the weights in the middle positions of the track. Dead center of the club + any outer combination and nothing center with the outer combinations. :) I know how much you love to run the tests and you know how much we love to see the results, so have fun!
Kiho Jung
Kiho Jung - 3 years ago
Every year new clubs...
MrTkeddo - 3 years ago
Shot dispertion looks a bit erratic for the huge price tag.
Ryan Horner
Ryan Horner - 3 years ago
Kinda sucks to have to wait a couple weeks to get all the numbers and details....
Michael - 3 years ago
Hi Rick! Another superb video, my question: Do 'middled strikes' perform any better/worse than those of a standard face such as the M1/M2?
Matthew Jeffreys
Matthew Jeffreys - 3 years ago
Liking the new reviews, Rick! I'm curious to hear whether you think all of the adjustability in these clubs and others like it really are worth it. You loved the Ping G20 when you did the test a few weeks ago and that club is about as "low tech" as it gets with modern drivers. Would it be better to have simpler clubs and better technique over progressively more complicated adjustability systems?
lee churchman
lee churchman - 3 years ago
looks like bmw made a set of clubs.......
Youtube Hubble
Youtube Hubble - 3 years ago
Rick the woods are as ugly as sin!!! BMW M series knock offs from the 80's - the colours are awful
Slim Biggins
Slim Biggins - 3 years ago
Looks like cheap plastic. A taylormade special. Don’t worry in two months the m5 and 6 will be out.
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson - 3 years ago
Clubs that help you hit the fairway more....hmmmmm Chinny Reckon. I think that's down to the golfers skill to be honest.
che Park
che Park - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, awesome video. i like your unbiased approach towards brands as we see reviewers getting endorsed by the brand which undermines the neutral aspects of whole review process. anyway, it would be great to see comparison between M1 Vs M3. thanks!!!
Dan B
Dan B - 3 years ago
So, was this your choice of review or was it on TM's orders to tell us all the rubbish with the plastic face eg etc??? Be honest, why else would they send it to you unless they force you to show it??

Only one test needed, hit 20 shots with both these versus the 2016 M2, show the comparison and cheer the 2016 winning :)
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Think you are sadly missing the point here Dan. The first video is to tell you all the claims that TaylorMade are making. Then I am going to thoroughly test it over a couple of weeks with multiple shots, then I will report back with an honest review. We will then see if what TaylorMade are saying works, and if so, to what extent.

I could just get sent the new clubs, tell you nothing about it and hit them, but I don't think that would really give you much info?

Thanks for watching

Chris Olson
Chris Olson - 3 years ago
Rick, I know the big question people will be asking is if the twist face tech really works and to what degree. That's my main question and it would be nice to see that illustrated in a comparision video not only with last years m1 and m2 but possibley some of the newer drivers that have been released from other companies. It would also be nice to see that data compiled over a couple different occasions, not only to see if the tech works but to see if it stays consistent with the swing changes that different days sometimes bring. Thanks man. I tried to talk my wife into spending our vacation money this year on the golf camp at lumine but I don't think that's goIng to happen. You could make it a lot easier by setting up a camp in the states!
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke - 3 years ago
Ask mark crossfield what he thinks!
David Romilly
David Romilly - 3 years ago
Test dispersion. M3 and M4 marketing efforts largely focusing on twistface claiming you'll hit more fairways. Its a great gimmick. Driver marketing efforts for last decade have all been about distance - changing tack to hitting more fairways is a great hook, so think it will sell.....
Skooter8498 - 3 years ago
Rick! Love the new reviews and all you do sir.

Do the new m3 and m4 have the option for the 430cc heads?

Thank you man
J - 3 years ago
Great review Rick, does make you wonder if BMW will take a closer look at this, amazing similarity to the BMW 'M' division and colours. I will wait to see if this face technology takes off .... I'm not entirely sure it that ground breaking. I think back to the 'Jail Break' technology that Callaway employed and I personally found it devoid of feel and a dull sound off the face. Enough to prompt me to trade my Epic driver in for a Titleist. We all know club (especially drivers) are limited to their head size so we look for any small improvement that unless we hit it like the Pro's we will never really see/feel the benefit.
John Simpson
John Simpson - 3 years ago
Hi Rick
Could you please compare the previous M2 drivers with the new M4 driver to see if there is any significant difference. I use the original M2 and will change driver this year but is £400 going to give me enough improvement to justify yet another big outlay.
Keep up the good work. John
Seven Seven
Seven Seven - 3 years ago
Looks all over the place tbh, what should we be learning from this? Ps... Do titleist supply you with free balls?
Zachery Nichols
Zachery Nichols - 3 years ago
How about getting the mid handicapper to test it out?
Fats and Thins Golf
Fats and Thins Golf - 3 years ago
Great video Rick. Price discussion addition a good one. Cheers
Hugo-Guillermo Palomita
Hugo-Guillermo Palomita - 3 years ago
shuuut up and hit the fucking ball
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez - 3 years ago
Happy New Year Rick ! Hmm, Rick is the M4 as good as the OG M2 thanks and love ur stuff Sir.
Steve Dobson
Steve Dobson - 3 years ago
Would love to see 2016 M1/M2 vs 2017 M1/M2 vs M3/M4, just my opinion (everyone has one) but I don't think they've improved anything from 2016. Cheers Rick, and Happy new year.
CARL WINSOR - 3 years ago
Very good info Rick much better seen you hit a lot of drivers Rick they seam to be for a player that doesn't work at there game or have lessons can you hit a draw on a dog leg or a fade when needed with them. To me they look like they are for the BIG Long open golf Courses.
Steve Mcmurchie
Steve Mcmurchie - 3 years ago
I guessing it's no accident that the styling makes you think of BMW M series which is their high performance cars, I wonder if there was some kind of deal done? Especially with the likes of Rory onboard!
KING SHARK - 3 years ago
m3 sure not holding the deviation line. going left and right like any other driver.
PixlPutterMan - 3 years ago
Cobra had Canted Face technology in the Amp Cell Driver and still have it in the F8 line. This isn't revolutionary from TM
MountainTech - 3 years ago
Definitely brings BMW to mind. Now you just need a golf cart that has been massaged by the M-department.
Sam G
Sam G - 3 years ago
Take them out to a course and see if the twist face technology adds or takes away confidence from missed center shots.
kit burns
kit burns - 3 years ago
They are definately not the first to do the 'twist face'. Like you did mention, Cobra has done it in the past and it is in the new F8 as well.
kit burns
kit burns - 3 years ago
Maybe that's why you've had problems with the cobra drivers in the past with miss hits
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 3 years ago
It’s not a rumor, Cobra came out with it about 6 years ago and is still on the F8 drivers you just tested. Read the specs. Canted bulge, dual roll technology “revolutionized” by Cobra. Cobra just doesn’t have the hype machine and marketing that TM does and TM is trying to pull the wool over, as usual. I hope you make this correction in the upcoming reviews of these.
Tom Sweeney
Tom Sweeney - 3 years ago
Great review Rick! The look of these remind me of the Boeing/Callaway partnership from a couple of years ago, if it were between Cobra and BMW...I'd be interested to know why Taylor Made went with that color scheme when they so closely resemble other brands.
madlife5 - 3 years ago
Here's a specialty test that gets to the heart of the twist face claims. Hit shots until you get identical club and impact conditions i.e. swing speed, ball speed, impact position, dynamic loft, launch angle, etc ... the works. Then compare resulting shot shapes for new m3/m4 vs last years m1/m2. I realise this will take some time and effort to get all numbers lined up but maybe worth the time.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones - 3 years ago
Put both weights on the draw setting and hit a high toe with open Club face will it straight up drives or does face to Club path with a good strike make up for everything, surely it’s down to how the club being delivered
Ryan Barnett
Ryan Barnett - 3 years ago
Does a toe shot on the face twist help the ball launch higher/lower or left or both.
timber332 - 3 years ago
I understand the new format, but still feel a bit unsatisfied with no numbers..
clinton afdy
clinton afdy - 3 years ago
rick please test those drivers with some draw shots and fade shots, cause that what i scare the most from these new product, thank you
karncis - 3 years ago
M4 vs m2 2017 vs m2 2016 please! For distance and accuracy!

Ps, are the sleeves the same as the old models?
chevyminer - 3 years ago
would love to see toe/heel hits with m4 compared to toe/heel hit on the m2.
Antonio Luis Gomes de Menezes
Antonio Luis Gomes de Menezes - 3 years ago
Will you compare the M4 with Ping G400?
Victor Cubero
Victor Cubero - 3 years ago
I don't normally comment on videos, but I really enjoyed the way you reviewed this club. Would love it if this is the new format moving forward: some serious tech talk, walking us through what the club claims to do and how it does it followed by some swings and initial impressions. Really good stuff.
smasheddragon - 3 years ago
It's gana have to be great to beat my m1 2017 model... it's a beast
S G - 3 years ago
More technology for zero benefits for hcp golfers. Tour pro’s will Boom these as they do with all drivers and average club golfers will still hook left or block right with the so called twist face technology not working as swing speeds are way too low.
AJ DiFabio Sports
AJ DiFabio Sports - 3 years ago
use this club rick you will hit it miles i can't wait to get my hands on this club
Darren Cossey
Darren Cossey - 3 years ago
Like the BMW M3 Style head covers.....LOL. Please test the weight tracks and see if they really make that much difference to a club golfer. Most golfers never repeat their swing.
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, once the M3 is fitted to the golfer how easy is it to fade or draw the ball? As all fairways are not straight and you still need to shape the ball off the tee. Interested to hear your thoughts once you’ve given it a full review in a few weeks time. Thank you in advance.
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
looking forward to getting into the bones of the m4,just got the m2,so nxt year prob be looking at this club love the new feel of the content rick keep up the hard work .
Sonny Mac
Sonny Mac - 3 years ago
Rick please test M1 vs M3 and M2 vs M4, thanks
he5487 - 3 years ago
This driver looks sexy!
Terry Ainscough
Terry Ainscough - 3 years ago
Great video Rick. Check out MyGolfSpy Facebook page for more about Twist Face, seems it’s been around for a lot longer than TM would like you to think.
Ryan Sprouse
Ryan Sprouse - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, I know in past years there was some migration for mid to high handicap golfers away from the M1 and towards the M2 because the M2 offered more forgiveness for shots that miss the center of the face. Do you feel the new M3 and M4 will function the same and we'll find the M4 to be a little more forgiving of the mid to high handicap golfer?
Ratbacon - 3 years ago
They look fucking hideous. I wouldn't even pick them up to try them out.
Mark Blair
Mark Blair - 3 years ago
Best thing about the M3+M4 drivers? Lots of heavily discounted M2s in golf shops!
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor - 3 years ago
I really don't see how they can justify those prices, they're a joke. Golf needs to be less elitist, not more, but manufacturers seem to be putting higher and higher prices on their clubs. What's even worse is that the performance isn't improving in line with the prices. I don't think anything has really improved in any golf club over the past 5-10 years.
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke - 3 years ago
My miss tends to be high toe with an open face-as you alluded to in the video, I assume that is not really going to work with this driver? Is it the case that these drivers are not going to work for people with those tendencies?

Seems an odd move by TM as I reckon a lot of amateur golfers slice the ball and strike it out of the toe-certainly a big chunk of the target market they are ruling out, or is it just that the marketing department have totally overhyped the tech and actually it makes very little difference so won’t rule any players out?
jay jodoin
jay jodoin - 3 years ago
Thanks rick for all.New to golf, could not have had as much fun without all the great instruction.Looking forward to the new year. cheers
J. 4NASH - 3 years ago
M3 M4 vs 2017 M2 M1 vs 2016 M1 M2

I'd like to see the distance, difference and forgiveness all those have against each other. which year was the best drivers
Mark Clifford
Mark Clifford - 3 years ago
Would like to see loft differences and how bad that toe shot would or could get
wildfidget 74
wildfidget 74 - 3 years ago
Hey Rick,

With the understanding that strike is king and that golf has so many variables you could shake a stick at, when looking at swing path and club face direction, wouldn't the off center hits on the toe and heel have more variables and therefore more mishits? Because of the difference in twist face tech on the clubs compared to older models?
Filip Lindström
Filip Lindström - 3 years ago
BMW + Taylormade Collaboration?
BMW M1, M2, M3, M4 and those M-colours on covers and clubs
ThomasKlarskov - 3 years ago
I would like to see the “twist face” be challenged with all types of club head delivery to see if this “twist face” always helps you out
Carlos Melville
Carlos Melville - 3 years ago
Oh dear, more £400 magic wands from Taylormade?
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 3 years ago
Left right left right left tech ha ha ha ha ha
Ruud Schrijvers
Ruud Schrijvers - 3 years ago
If I was BMW I would start a lawsuit!

I would like to see a comparison between the M1/M3 and M2/M4.
Test if the twist face actually works and test this between different handicaps.
Test the effects of weight shifting, also for different handicaps.
안지환 - 3 years ago
wating mizuno st 180 all day long ...
JustGolfSwing - 3 years ago
Nice review RICK. love it.
TM have copied every brand tech. Now have moved to car names lol
Walter O'Malley
Walter O'Malley - 3 years ago
I actually commented on Pete's video about the Cobra connection just before watching this. Every Cobra driver since 2011 has had their E9 face which is made to counter the strike pattern which Taylormade have "discovered" in 2017.
Colin Woodgate
Colin Woodgate - 3 years ago
Liking the new format rick. As a senior golfer could you please get a test with someone who has to use the really low figure shaft weights to help create our swingspeed. We can't swing as fast as you young uns.
Chris Downing
Chris Downing - 3 years ago
Really like the sound of the new reviews - 1st Impression : 2nd Review based on watcher feedback : 3rd based on the course. Would definitely like to see you play one for 9 holes then the other 9 holes. The three Phase approach sounds very interesting. WEe'd all like to see you palyign the clubs you review on the course in real situations and talking about what's happening. (We've all got the Wilson thing - but unless you're paid to play em, we need to move on.)
Chris Downing
Chris Downing - 3 years ago
2018 sounds exciting and new for the channel. You'll pick up another 50k subs. with that plan. The on course stuff sounds so full of ideas like setting up a hybrid set and getting out there and playing. Would love to see you trying to set up a bomb proof super safe set of clubs like the Steelhead XRs or JPX 900 Hot Metals mixed with some JPX Forged and some hybrids say - you get to choose your non-work-the-
ball super straight, super safe set. On the course testing is going to give you so many new and interesting stuff to do - but still part of the course vlogs we love.

Here's my would like to see list. Smallest dispersion set you can put together. 27 deg and 23 degree replacements to 5 4 3 irons. A pair of low loft hybrids that replace your 3 and 5 woods. the old question - to use the set PW or replace with a purpose design wedge like a Vokey 46. Half a set - do beginners or experienced players actually need a full set - so Putter, 56 50 9I 7i 27HB 23HB Driver. Like I said so many more great stuff you can do in 2018. BFN.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Chris! Keep an eye on the channel for the full review coming soon.
Ian Howard
Ian Howard - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, how about testing different strike locations (high toe\low heel) with different swing paths (in to out\out to in), so what would happen if you hit a low heel shot with an out\in swing path and a low heel with an in\out swing path and compare the results with doing the same with M1\M2 with a more 'normal' roll & bulge?
I'm not convince that this tech will help the normal amateur golfer.
Niall Graham
Niall Graham - 3 years ago
I like the new format Rick! Nice amount of detail and you definitely seem like you gave it a fair and honest review! Looking forward to see what’s to come!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Niall!
Gaz golf
Gaz golf - 3 years ago
So if you are a more consistent ball striker or only slightly off center will the twist face curve your ball more than another driver?
Tony Smith
Tony Smith - 3 years ago
I have a m2 set at 10 degrees can you set the m4 the same please so I can see the results if it’s worth a change
JappyR2001 - 3 years ago
#hook or #block ...rick shiels to win the open lol
Scot Hardie
Scot Hardie - 3 years ago
On course testing would be great
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
barry hull
barry hull - 3 years ago
Can you test the twist face to see if you gain the same advantages at different ball speeds
Stijn De Schepper
Stijn De Schepper - 3 years ago
I would have had these clubs in collaboration with BMW. Missed opportunity really.
nigel brooks
nigel brooks - 3 years ago
as usual top review would love to see you test the manoeuvrability ie fade and draw using the tracks
Jonbek - 3 years ago
Dispersion on those shots are horrible. Another silly gimmick.
David Matthews
David Matthews - 3 years ago
I like where your reviews are going with the new format and all. Would like to see you try the drivers in other than neutral settings when possible in addition to the standard neutral setting. It will be interesting to see what you have to say about the new face design in your next review. Hit em against the m1/m2 and let's see what the dispersion looks like.
Jason Swan
Jason Swan - 3 years ago
I’d love to see you test the drivers in every loft setting and see if there is much difference. Love the vids and keep them coming.
Morgan Stephens
Morgan Stephens - 3 years ago
What handicap range are they made for (m3 and m4)
Dan - 3 years ago
Are these co-designed by BMW? Got the M Sport colours to match the names now.
Action Man
Action Man - 3 years ago
I love seeing you hit 325 yard drives, but any chance you can test it at 90/95 mph swing speeds? With your delivery numbers it would show the best possible results I could get from this or any driver.
America - 3 years ago
Looks like a bmw
Manolo Galvez
Manolo Galvez - 3 years ago
Great work Rick! I love that you tested the m3 with its original shaft and not the rogue! I would love to see you hit the m4 with the atmos!
Martin Andrew
Martin Andrew - 3 years ago
Sliver paint like the Tailor-made SLDR (s) driver.. an old technology brought back from the past...!!!!!!!!
Raza Khan
Raza Khan - 3 years ago
Id be interested in seeing a course test of the twist face over 9 holes to see how the ball flight is effected for better or worse in various heel and toe hit scenarios... i wouldnt know what to expect with a toe or heel strikes high or low with this new tech... atleast the current drivers are predictable like that... like you said you dont always hit high toe or you dont always hit a toe strike with a closed face...
good fair review thanks for that
IngLouisSchreurs - 3 years ago
edit2; test different settings with the weights. Statistically speaking you should test every setting at least 30 times to get a somewhat reliable performance forecast, and for some mathemical reason (Iforgot what it was, I got my BSc 25 years ago.......) you can make do with 15. So not 3, and my Asperger's would be satisfied with 10, hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Hy Rick, always a fan here. I would greatly appreciate for you to recognise that you're British based (If I'm correct) and name the price of a product in British pounds sterling, and then perhaps in US dollars (i.e. there are Australian, Canadian etc. dollars). I truly understand that you are adressing a global public, but I find that American stuff is already too hyped and over the pond they think too much that the world ceases to exist byond their borders. Since I live in The Netherlands I would greatly appreciate prices in Euro, but there, I layed my egg. This is meant to be positive criticism, not at all to throw a dumpload of shit at you, I respect you very much!!!! Very good video!!!!!! And........... in answering a previous video, my goal is to get to handicap 54 or perhaps 36 this year, so now everybody knows my playing level (=absolute beginner).

Edit; perhaps name price in USD, and put in captions pounds and euro and rubles?
Bo Gillström
Bo Gillström - 3 years ago
The collusion between TM & BMW is quite obvious, BMW should never allowed TM to use both colour and designation (my private opinion has no proof)
Karen Slack
Karen Slack - 3 years ago
To be honest Rick I don't care much to how a driver looks or sounds. The only thing I would want to know is as a 26 handicap will one of these clubs help my game enough to warrant spending that sort of money.
Luke Davis
Luke Davis - 3 years ago
Rick, these price points are too high, surely? What do you get for the extra £££ compared to the 2017 M1/M2 models, especially since they can be had for a lot cheaper now?

New review format is looking promising. Great start!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Luke! I think future head to head reviews will put this point to the test!
Marcus Dimholt
Marcus Dimholt - 3 years ago
Thanks for great content! I enjoy it a lot. Here in Sweden most of the golf courses are closed so this makes my winter, besides the indoor training and mud golf on the available pay and play courses.
Derek Gzaskow
Derek Gzaskow - 3 years ago
Uh o, now u got a two way miss. That might mess with our heads ! I think a you should do a 50 shot dispersion test over 4 days verses your gamer and let’s see the patterns, ie 10 shots each is not a season but 50 is 4 day tourney, right??
Marcus Dimholt
Marcus Dimholt - 3 years ago
Hi! I think it would be interesting to see how you explore the Y-track. Spin vs forgiveness and if its kind of a balance point between the two somewhere there or how it works. And the follow up question: is it nearer M4 with the Y-track weights in the back?
Patrick Dunbar
Patrick Dunbar - 3 years ago
Hi Rick! Loving the new format for testing! I've seen a couple other YouTubers testing out M3 & M4 and everyone seems to be talking about how ball flight returns to center on off-hits. How will this play into different wind conditions?
SuperDuper Awesome
SuperDuper Awesome - 3 years ago
Would have been interested to have seen where on the club you struck the ball for each shot.....will you include that in the upcoming testing? Great video btw.
Micah Graves
Micah Graves - 3 years ago
Awesome stuff. Thanks Rick
JimChopper - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. Interested to hear more about your comment that the new Twist Face tech may not be for everyone. I find that when I hit high toe with my current driver (Nike Vapor Fly) the ball tends to start right and curve back to the middle. When I hit low heel the ball starts low left and hooks (in complete contrast to what TaylorMade say typically happens with this strike). To my mind the new face would make both of these mishits worse for me! My high toe strike would now finish right of centre (similar to yours with an open face), and my low heel strike would fly even lower and more left. Not sure how easy it is to replicate these strike patterns but for drivers costing this much they surely need to be accessible to the whole market, not just those who fit TaylorMade’s ‘typical’ criteria.
Tony Vowles
Tony Vowles - 3 years ago
You should do a 2017 M2 vs. 2018 M4 video
Keera Bull
Keera Bull - 3 years ago
really i don't like this driver
Ian Forsyth
Ian Forsyth - 3 years ago
When did BMW start making clubs ;-)
Paul Rigby
Paul Rigby - 3 years ago
Old v new what the difference m1 v m3 ad m2 v m4
Stephen White
Stephen White - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, I am a big fan of the channel, but I think I preferred the older format. Missed the data part as I think it is important. Also, I have to say these new Taylormades look awful! Too clever by half - and no longer or straighter than previous drivers. The first M2 is still their best driver for my money!
Stephen White
Stephen White - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Thanks for the reply, Rick. Much appreciated. Keep up the great work!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Hi Stephen, thanks for the comment! All of the data you expect will follow in the full review. The idea is to show you the product, talk tech, and hit a couple. Then when I have really played with the clubs and tested them thoroughly I will report back with my thoughts. Hopefully offering you guys the best reviews possible.


Golf Journey to Pro
Golf Journey to Pro - 3 years ago
Hi Rick test heel and toe shots but test what the difference it is toe & heel just of centre compared to actual toe or heel hits. I got feeling it’s not just the case of hitting it just anywhere on the face there’s still limitations. And whether it will be misleading on the marketing advertising point of you. Thanks
Habebul Islam
Habebul Islam - 3 years ago
Compression on the club face
David Flaherty
David Flaherty - 3 years ago
Hey Rick,
It would be really interesting to see a test with the M3; 10 shots on the most draw biased settings compared with 10 on the most fade bias to see how much effect the sliding weights have. Then, compare the results with an M1 test to see the effect of the twist face.

Going further, it would be interesting to see what the data looked like after many more shots (30 or so) where center strikes were removed (just focusing on off center strikes) to further test the theory of the twist face tech.

Just my thoughts. Thanks for your great content!
Kittitash P
Kittitash P - 3 years ago
Let’s do head to head with M1and M2
a b
a b - 3 years ago
Kittitash P
I want to see it.
genotone - 3 years ago
Would be curious to see how the twist face reacts the loft changes up and down and how it reacts with the face angle changes open and close
HampshireGary - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, is there enough benefit from either of these drivers to make me swap out my R15. Is there s marked improvement?
HampshireGary - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Thanks Rick, I wondered because you did a video a while back and compared 5 years of TM drivers, no huge step changes I seem to remember. So let me ask the question again but slightly differently. If YOU had a fitted R15 in your bag is the new club good enough to cause you to change?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
I would suggest you try them when they hit the shelves. It would depend on so many factors, if your R15 wasn't fitted and the M3/M4 was fitted correctly then you could potentially see gains. Take your current driver to a fitted, warm up well, and go head to head!
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar - 3 years ago
Please use the shaft you always use on your M2 driver not the tensei
Adam Vlassis
Adam Vlassis - 3 years ago
#twistmyface.... looks like the same misses both ways as before.
Frank Tank
Frank Tank - 3 years ago
Makes sense. Hook shots are typically lower, so makes sense to add loft to toe. Conversely, slice shots are typically higher (usually due to open clubface) so reduced loft on heel.
yakkyuu12 - 3 years ago
interesting that the fade and draw channels are not equal distance apart
Gaetano Di Stefano
Gaetano Di Stefano - 3 years ago
They look hideous. If anything I think the twist face will do more damage than good. I think golfers are better off working on the swing fault rather than hoping a twisted face will send the ball in the right direction. I know for me if i hit high toe it's generally a high pushy ball flight, and maybe 1 out of 20 is a big hook, meaning my face is generally square to my path when I'm pushing. With the twisted face those high toes would fade or slice. Not a good idea.
Ed Mc
Ed Mc - 3 years ago
Rick test the M3 with all different weight positions also try both with all different loft settings. Thanks Ed
Alexander Ketcham
Alexander Ketcham - 3 years ago
Is there any possibility that the y track weights could be unstable towards the center of the y or possibly even fall out? Any rattle?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
I shall put this to the test!
Mike Ferrannini
Mike Ferrannini - 3 years ago
Great it that you included the cost....seems like the in flight yardage meter ... as ball was in the air...was smaller and difficult to see. I want to see you test the M3 with different see if the settings will reduce fading/slicing and/or encourage a draw/hook shots. Thanks Rick!!!!
Arthur Grant
Arthur Grant - 3 years ago
I would like to see the M3 tested by a high handicapper. Theoretically that player would benefit most from the combination of adjust ability and the new face. Do you see a pro adopting the M4. The M2 has been very popular on tour, but I can't see a pro letting the face reduce his / her ability to shape the shot.

The y slot should change head roll moment of inertia at the same time it adjusts the spin rate. Wonder if it really does?

The Hammerhead just looks like an adaption of speed slot tech which Taylormade initially stole from Adams golf (before they bought them eliminating the infringement lawsuit) You see that tech used on the woods, hybrids and irons.

Personally I agree with you it looks like they have given the clubs a BMW flavor, not sure I like it, looks less aimed a Pro, am more at the general player market. I do bet that here in Southern California it will be a hit with the BMW owners of whom there are many. They have the money, and many golf.

Look forward to more data on the results of toe and heel testing. Bring on the mid and high handicapper.
Josh kahn
Josh kahn - 3 years ago
I’d like to see more of the weights being brought into play on the M3. Great review. I enjoy your videos. I’m a long time Taylormade user, and am interested to try these out. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the fairway woods and hybrids and irons are with these. Thanks again.
Bjbarend - 3 years ago
Rick great firt impressions video! I am really looking forward for the m4 driver! Main concern is the "twist face" aka "cobra E9 face technology" lol The 2 shots you had on the heel, the one with the close face work beautifully, but if the face is open like your second shot, it COULD be a huge miss? Plz try to do an detailed test with the "twist face" in mind because hitting toe with an open face is my miss hit aswell! GOOD STUFF RICK!!!
Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison - 3 years ago
Yup...Cobra came out with their "twist face" in 2012. Their technology is in their F8 driver too
Bjbarend - 3 years ago
fujitasummers - 3 years ago
Well this should quieten a few voices down who are calling this tech ‘cheating’ ... if anyone can test to see if a club can straighten up a ball flight, it’s Rick....
JEJ Golf
JEJ Golf - 3 years ago
Please could u do a forgiveness test with the m3 and m4
Derek1224 - 3 years ago
Doesn't look like the dispersion is any better then any other clubs. I'd be spending that $400+ on lessons before ever considering those clubs.
Derek1224 - 3 years ago
M3, 1/5 fairways hit.... M4, 2/5 fairways... doesn't look like they're any more forgiving then anything else. I wouldn't waste my money buying these if "forgiveness" was my driving factor.

Lessons would be the better investment. $400+ buys a lot of lessons after all.
Tristen Motter
Tristen Motter - 3 years ago
Do a head to head against the cobra twist face.
Mike Wales
Mike Wales - 3 years ago
I'm curious about the Y track. How easy is it to maneuver the weights around and do you see the weights falling out while you're trying to set them? I'm not really a huge fan of these drivers. It feels like taylormade has ran out of new ideas and is copying from everything.
Jacob Czech
Jacob Czech - 3 years ago
I would love for you to test the M3 by changing around the 2 weights. I know the loft is fitted to you so I would never want you to change that. I'd like to see how forgiving the driver is with the weights split all the way at the back and then how low spinning the driver becomes with the weights together at the front.
David Miller
David Miller - 3 years ago
I honestly had better performance from my old jetspeed than i did in the m1 and m2 I'm going to expect the same out of these 2
Gerard Funds
Gerard Funds - 3 years ago
Three reasons I'd never play Taylormade.
1. They release a new version of the same club every 28 minutes
2. Too gimmicky (Hammerhead and Twist Face Technology!!! they really think we're that gullible lol!!!)
3. Almost each club claims to add "yards" on the last one (if that were the case we'd all be hammering it 400 yards by now.
Great review though lol!
Michael Bell
Michael Bell - 3 years ago
There is a huge departure from the construction of this head that I’m sure not many people are noticing. An interesting feature I’ve always noticed in the first couple generations of M drivers is that the height of the crown is much higher than the top of the face. Not so in this design, first thing I noticed.
Cayden Brown
Cayden Brown - 3 years ago
Could you see the face twist being negative in any way? Thanks, cayden
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for the comment Cayden. Ill be testing the drivers over the next few weeks, let me see how I get on and ill report back in the full review.
Justin CEM English
Justin CEM English - 3 years ago
Nice looking driver
BMW Lol .........
But not going to try and purchase on these cause Drivers are not the most important equipment in my Golf bag
They are good Drivers made by TM
G. Best
G. Best - 3 years ago
Hey Rick , Will it turn your 20 yard hook into a fade ???? Would be interested to see how it goes on straight shots. Might have to invest in a robot for that one.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Haha now that would be a driver that would go in my bag!
Golfing Guy
Golfing Guy - 3 years ago
Did DiamondTour Golf make these?
Steven Tulley
Steven Tulley - 3 years ago
I wouldn't be surprised if some Taylormade drivers prior to 2018 had the twist face technology and they are adding the text on the club face for marketing purposes. It would be a classic taylormade marketing move
matthew orge
matthew orge - 3 years ago
Big fan rick!!

The website comments on more fitting choices with he y rack on the m3.
Could you do an in depth video on that?

Cheers from Canada.
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews - 3 years ago
I'm sorry Rick I just do not feel you have. Any credibility. Keep working on your game and maybe you will validate your teaching pro status. Poor reviews and a very biased opinion in all your content. Take some pointers from reliable sources such as Mark Crossfield or your friend Peter Finch.
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews - 3 years ago
Hey Rick I've been watching you for a couple of years and one question... can you even hit a fairway??
littlederek37 - 3 years ago
Dan Matthews yes when he takes a iron from the tee lol
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Depends.. How wide is the fairway!
charles rogers
charles rogers - 3 years ago
Good honest review dude keep honesty up as much as you can, twist face seems a bad idea as good players like workability , they will probably revert to getting special faces made flat like the m1 m2 which i use and impressed with but yeah not buying into this one also not buying into taylormade apple approach to releases lol. M1 2017 kick ass driver thou can shape it and goes miles.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson - 3 years ago
Thanks for the vid it would be great to see them testing against M1 and 2!
Sean Chew Golf
Sean Chew Golf - 3 years ago
I love TaylorMade clubs. That’s a nice video
Derek Owen
Derek Owen - 3 years ago
It almost looks like the designers drew inspiration from the BMW M3 and M4 logos.

Edit: made it halfway through the video and learned that you already said that. Disregard, carry on.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 3 years ago
PING G400 & Titelist 917d drivers.....much straighter, both.
Kyle Macklam
Kyle Macklam - 3 years ago
Loved this review. Like your new idea for testing products!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Cheers Kyle!
Brett Cupps
Brett Cupps - 3 years ago
Hi Rick,

Take those drivers to the eighteenth tee at Augusta. If they can't be hit down a corridor hole then twist face is a bust with me.
TurvisBoi - 3 years ago
wow. stunning
Grant Bostick
Grant Bostick - 3 years ago
They just don’t look very premium. To me they look cheap, especially the M4.
Ryan Haight
Ryan Haight - 3 years ago
Great video, very informative. The M4 has got my atttention.
jeff harrington
jeff harrington - 3 years ago
Rick could you please test the workability ie: Hitting a draw or fade with the M3 & M4 Drivers.The Twisted Face Technology would surely work against this.
Kourtney Knowles
Kourtney Knowles - 3 years ago
jeff harrington if your planning to “work” a shot based off a mis hit then youre setting yourself up for failure because no mis hit will perform identically. Workability should only be measured on solid strikes.
spawngolf - 3 years ago
Love the new intro to the clubs! Would have loved to see some initial spin numbers though. Looking forward to the next vid!
Stephen Trovato
Stephen Trovato - 3 years ago
Hey Rick
I would love you to test it on the golf course with the irons. This would help to see it in a real life scenario.
With Peter Finch and Me and My Golf
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice - 3 years ago
Not sure that I'm sold on the driver/s... But looking forward to the new review format. I'd like to see some shaft reviews this year. I feel that the heads are pretty much at the limit of the usga but if there's anything to gain, gotta be in the shaft technology and fitting. Thanks, Rick!
sehnaz1 - 3 years ago
Not convinced the new M3 and M4 will be a success. Twist face is a load of crap and will confuse most golfers and the new colours look shit !
J Bob
J Bob - 3 years ago
I fell for the GX7 adds. they all look good in adverts so I bought one...Piece of junk. It was all hype. I don't care what the club makers say you still have to hit the middle.
Paul Metzger
Paul Metzger - 3 years ago
Hey Rick! Always enjoy your equipment reviews and this one is no exception. Would like to see these two drivers fully fitted to your specifications with the weights on the Y track in the most forgiving setting as well as the weights moved all the way forward to lower the spin. I will be curious to see if the majority of the Taylormade tour player stable will gravitate more towards the M4 as they did towards the M2. Keep up the great work!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Cheers Paul! I'm looking forward to putting these clubs to the test!
GOLFMAN883 - 3 years ago
Hey Rick! I love the new style of review videos! I think you should try comparing the M3 to M1 and the M4 and M2 using just the TaylorMade Loft Sleeve because I have the ‘17 M2 and would love know more about it.

Also, your reviews with M2 series along with getting fitted helped to get some new clubs in the bag!
Tyler Egan
Tyler Egan - 3 years ago
Great new in depth review Rick!
Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly - 3 years ago
Hey Rick love the videos my question is how would you compare the M1 and M3 and which would you recommend for a 20 handicap golfer ?
TheOneAndOnlyCha - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, I totally agree with your observation about them looking like something from BMW's M division. I thought exactly the same when I first saw them!
I Just Want To Play GOLF!
I Just Want To Play GOLF! - 3 years ago
BMW have refused to send a badge to test it against.
Rich Drabble
Rich Drabble - 3 years ago
Surely BMW will have something to say about this as well.
Zane - 3 years ago
Maybe let potter or someone with a higher handicap test the twist face on the m4. I can see myself slicing it even worse with that face twist and hitting with an open club face vs the 2016 m2
Douglas Veres
Douglas Veres - 3 years ago
will an open face hit on the toe make the shot worse? Usually my miss with a driver
Kourtney Knowles
Kourtney Knowles - 3 years ago
Douglas Veres which is exactly what a said. Can you not read? I said A club face that is 1 degree open to the target line is still 1 degree OPEN to the target line! But if the path is 2 degrees in to out, in reference to that same target line, that would make the club face closed to the club path, but OPEN to the target line. So an open clubface is technically correct.
Douglas Veres
Douglas Veres - 3 years ago
slightly closed, exactly
Kourtney Knowles
Kourtney Knowles - 3 years ago
Douglas Veres no im not. I’m referencing the new flight laws. You probably just aren’t understanding. If the balk starts primarily where the clubface is pointed, then to successfully draw the ball towards the target the club face must point slightly right of the target at impact to start the back to the right. But to get it to draw back your club path must travel further right of where the club face is pointing. Trackman has proven this. So your face is slightly closed to your swing path but slightly open to your target, if you are talking about drawing to a specific target.
Douglas Veres
Douglas Veres - 3 years ago
you are referencing the "old" ball flight laws. The "new" laws suggest otherwise.
Kourtney Knowles
Kourtney Knowles - 3 years ago
Douglas Veres um look it up. Club face 1 degree open, club path 2 degrees in to our equals draw. Club face one degree closed with a path 2 degrees out to in equals fade. If you don’t understand that I fear for your golf golf haha.
Douglas Veres
Douglas Veres - 3 years ago
thats incorrect
Kourtney Knowles
Kourtney Knowles - 3 years ago
An open face hit is how you hit a draw. It’s open to the target with a swing path going more to the right. So open face is irrelevant unless you include swing path. But open face toe hit will still create a gear effect which typically creates a draw bias spin.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Possibly... This is something I am hoping to find out in the coming weeks! Cheers Douglas !
Braeden Donohoe
Braeden Donohoe - 3 years ago
Fan of the channel but think a better review would show you playing it on the course
James Morrow
James Morrow - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs hinder him how? I think you’ll find he’s still going to review all the gear that everyone else does. He’ll just either pay for it out of his own pocket or get access through mates at pro shops etc. Also if launch monitors aren’t that accurate and there fore we can’t read into the fact that every driver over the last few years all average 262 carry for him how can we use them to get a good baseline for clubs as you say is essential?
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
James Morrow Taylormade stopped sending clubs to crossy a year ago because of the connections with Callaway . No launch monitor is exact so wouldn’t take too much from 262. If that’s the case then testing clubs is a waste of time. I think you’ll find the Titleist deal will hinder him , Callaway won’t indulge in him anymore as other club manufactures. Be interesting to see . Although I’ve noticed so much Titleist product placement as of late, no surprise really.
James Morrow
James Morrow - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs Topbloke Golf Vlogs he does provide “dry ball” data for every club he tests on course and surprise surprise if it’s fit properly they all perform exactly the same hence the #262. The only clubs that vary are the “game improvement ones” where the knuckleballs can happen where you get a massive flyer but apart from that every bladed/forges club or driver he’s tested all perform nearly identically. He presents on course testing to try and show people that smashing balls on a simulator doesn’t equate to good golf. As for him being in titleist pockets, TM stopped sending him clubs a year before he signed with Titleist. Also if TM are so worried about him suddenly becoming super biased against everyone other than Titliest, how do they expect us to believe all their latest BS marketing on the new twist face from all their sponsored tour players? I love the free content we can get in YouTube from many different sources and nearly all of them all make fun of the marketing from different companies. Hopefully with Mark signing with titleist he’ll have more time and capital to provide even more free content to us
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
James Morrow but if you read the post I wrote before I am saying all that is nonsense, let’s say you can hit a shot perfect 5 times in a row, you will get completely different results on a windy day, rainy day, hot day cold day, soft green day, uphill in a you really need to get a baseline. It’s the same in any industry. Crossy is not a robot, he will hit different shots all the time. As for the weights and spin, if it’s true that it doesn’t affect spin etc the only one vid is needed for that, and that vid would be in a sterile condition . The main reason why crossy does anything is different to what he spins to the viewer. He tests in course because he lost his rental contract of the bay due to falling out, so he either has to drive 40 miles to Dan or go on his local course , also, by emphasiising the fact that course testing is the way forward is because Rick doesn’t do much of it, so really is a dig at him, same for slagging mags, rick is a favourite in mags so that’s another dig. Slags of sky, cos they cancelled that awful show he was a part of. Slags of Taylormade because they won’t send him clubs because he is in the pockets of Titleist. They are the true reasons. Ironically he is doing more testing inside at dans more recently. I watch these so called reviews, but to be honest I don’t take a blind bit of notice because I’ll never hit it like Rick or crossy.
James Morrow
James Morrow - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs the main reason mark tests on course is to show how much moveable weights etc that change RPMs by a few hundred has virtually no effect when out on a course you’ve got hot days, cold days, wind, hitting a downslope, upslope, roll etc. Everyone is worried about spin rates and getting help for off centred hits when we should be getting fit for clubs we can actually game ie. can you hit a low draw/low fade when you’re into a wind
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Josh Owens I disagree. If you tested clubs on a windy day how are you going to determine a baseline for your results? Crossy only started to test on course cos he lost the use of his bay , yes you guessed it, fell out with the council who run it
Josh Owens
Josh Owens - 3 years ago
yeah he tested some woods. Crossfield tests every club on the course these days. Hence why his reviews are better.
Seven Seven
Seven Seven - 3 years ago
Topbloke Golf Vlogs please don’t start stalking me also you weirdo
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Seven Seven Rick shiels was testing cobra woods on course way before crossy.
Seven Seven
Seven Seven - 3 years ago
Another channel started doing on course testing awhile ago.. you can guarantee this channel follows... buggy time
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
This will be coming Braeden!
Andrew Swainey
Andrew Swainey - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, what do you think about doing a "tutorial" for say on what to focus on or think about before a shout, during the shot, after the shot throughout the round to help play our best golf?
jeremy buttriss
jeremy buttriss - 3 years ago
Well done Rick! Looking forward to your 2018 reviews
Justin Gendreau
Justin Gendreau - 3 years ago
Callaway is so far above Taylormade right now. Can’t wait to see you review the new Callaway Rouge. Thanks Rick.
husky dog
husky dog - 3 years ago
Rick loving the new format. Happy new year. Question: can you justify the huge price tag on these clubs and if so do you think they compare in performance to the original M1 and M2.

Looking forward to the more in depth review. Good luck for 2018 Rick.
Eric Stout
Eric Stout - 3 years ago
i'd like to see your reviews compare the m1/m3 and m2/m4 and not just the new versions on their own.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
All the best to you too! Hopefully some of these questions will be answered soon!
Roy Farley
Roy Farley - 3 years ago
Try hitting a draw with the twist face technology
David Arzaga
David Arzaga - 3 years ago
Nate Ross
Nate Ross - 3 years ago
Not a fan of the color and design on the bottom. Let's fill that hammerhead gap with tungsten.
J Tonne
J Tonne - 3 years ago
Test with a shaft fitted for you specifically please
john longfellow
john longfellow - 3 years ago
I cant wait to see the irons
Matthew Bonafede
Matthew Bonafede - 3 years ago
omg i was waiting for u to make a bmw comment lol. kinda bitin the M series style.
Bob A Booey
Bob A Booey - 3 years ago
Can't wait to see these two up against the new Callaway Rouge.
Lincjones09 - 3 years ago
I predict that for high handicappers who are most prone to missing the middle, there will be a certain percentage of misses that will be helped by the design, and a certain percentage of misses that will be severely punished because the clubface wasn't delivered at the angle TM expects you to miss. The only question is which kind of miss will you see more of, and even if the "bad" misses are less often than the "good" misses, will they be so horrific that they scare you off of the technology?
Kieron Shea
Kieron Shea - 3 years ago
Hi Rick,
As always review is great, not a fan of TM drivers over the last few years. Used to have a Burner 2.0 and tried the Aeroburner and last year tried the M2 against the Epic and I went with the Epic... I'm still not sold on TM drivers.
With regards to Cobra drivers the original AMP driver had the Dual Roll face which gave a 20% larger sweetspot, one of the best drivers I ever had! They had the same in their woods as well.
Again great review and keep up the new format
Mike B
Mike B - 3 years ago
'Twist Face'.. TM's way of saying "Your swing sucks, and saying we've re-engineered bulge and roll is the only way we could explain it, without actually insulting our customers."
TM says the face is the result of hundreds of thousands of shots that AVERAGE 8 yards left and 6 yards right. Really? You gotta fix 14 yards of dispersion for the average golfer???
Most people I know would kill for 14 yards left AND right of the centre line as their dispersion pattern. Anyone out there playing 28 yard wide fairways on recreational courses? Don't think so.
Gabriel Yin
Gabriel Yin - 3 years ago
Driver looks ugly
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 3 years ago
I don't know if I'm starting another rumour but in the darkest recesses of my mind i hazily recall Srixon doing a "twisted face" maybe 10.-15 years ago? It could just be the drugs i dunno lol.
I do recall them talking about high toe/low heel tech many moons ago but i stand to be corrected.
Very expensive drivers though and i can hit high heel low toe so not sure these will suit
Lyle Schoch
Lyle Schoch - 3 years ago
I like this new format. Great first look.
Lyle Schoch
Lyle Schoch - 3 years ago
Golf swings change a bit from one day to the next. I would like to see you hit the club you normally carry in your bag the same day you do the more in depth analysis. And show that data in comparison to what ever you are reviewing that particular day. Rather then hearing you say that you normally carry a certain club a certain distance or that you normally hit a draw. I would like to see what your "normal" shoot ous that particular day.
NikeAthlete - 3 years ago
Titleist is the best
Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley - 3 years ago
You are wise to not accept equipment endorsements since you review equipment! What was Mark thinking!? lol
Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley - 3 years ago
Cornwall1888 no duh. Its not a matter of it being subjective, it is a matter of it having potential bias. Simple concept really.
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Steven Hensley all of that is subjective and different with every player

Which was the last club that got a poor review or a club that blew your expectations out of the water

I know mark was getting good numbers with the epic driver, one of the few reviews which shows a club that stood out from the pack
Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley - 3 years ago
Cornwall1888 Wrong. His message definitely is not always the same. That would be an insult to his reviews. He goes into great detail of sound, feel, his opinion on the looks, ball flight, turf interaction etc.
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Steven Hensley mark is with under armour, Pete is moving from galvin green to somewhere else

Marks message has always been the same, modern equipment from big manufacturers is good but it’s up to you to get fit and hit it properly

When was the last time a club review surprised you, you can basically tell what it’s going to do before reviewers even hit it
Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley - 3 years ago
Cornwall1888 That's exactly why I specified equipment. Rick was very smart to sign with Nike since they quit making equipment. Mark was very foolish.
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Steven Hensley what about clothing endorsements? I know they don’t often review clothing but no one bothers about that
frank hoxsey
frank hoxsey - 3 years ago
I'd like to see 5 shots with the M3 in 5 different settings. Y-track seems gimmicky.
Bob Carlisle
Bob Carlisle - 3 years ago
M3 looks incredible, don’t like the look of the bottom of the M4 though.
sjcgtmustang - 3 years ago
Could you test the Y track with the weights forward for the least spin and the weights back of the Y for forgiveness, then compare it to last years M1 using the same shaft you have been fitted for? I have 2017 M1 440 but if this really can be more forgiving without losing a lot of distance then I’m sold.
Kieran Johnson
Kieran Johnson - 3 years ago
Do you think £500 is justifiable for a driver? Yes it looks great and there's new technology etc, but it's still £500. What does the future hold for amateur golf if clubs are going to continue to rise in price? Interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Kieran Johnson
Kieran Johnson
Kieran Johnson - 3 years ago
Sorry I was 21 quid out! The point is still the same.
p1nZo - 3 years ago
Kieran Johnson it's £479 RRP so it will work out around the epic price I would think
Greg Williams
Greg Williams - 3 years ago
Drivers look awesome.
I had the same initial reaction on branding thinking it is very reminiscent of the BMW M logo.
The twist face really confuses me. I would have expected the average golfer to hit high toe with an open face a lot more than closed. This feature would make this condition worse. I am interested in all the conditions you have talked about and will look forward to the in depth review
John Crompton
John Crompton - 3 years ago
The initial results, to me at least, looked very much like all your other driver tests with similar distance and dispertion which, for me, having bought 2017 M2 and with your recent tests of all the manufacturers drivers over the last 5/6 years with very similar results, would not entice me to go out and spend another £360-£460. The guys that want the latest gear then the 'Twist Face' is for you!!!
Tigersmundo - 3 years ago
Low handicap player is going to hate this Twist Face...I'm an open path guy on the Driver 'uh-oh-oh' is my initial thoughts and Rick that shaft is not near close to what you use mate.
David Bivens
David Bivens - 3 years ago
Disappointing that TaylorMade won't support Mark Crossfield. Some companies just don't get it.
silliman2010 - 3 years ago
The M3 seems to not be as forgiving as they say. It seems to have good distance still. But the M4 looked a little more forgiving. Is their more definition in the M4 for the twist? Like the format of the video, Thanks!
Justin Adams
Justin Adams - 3 years ago
Please test each section (heel, and toe) of the face twist, with both open and closed face angles.
Brian Hermann
Brian Hermann - 3 years ago
Forgiveness huh? Does it apologize to the family of ducks I hit in the water hazard?
Schwang17 - 3 years ago
Great review, Rick. Very well laid out and informative. Happy New Year bud!
Greg za
Greg za - 3 years ago
Compare M3 Vs M1And workability (draw, fade...)
Mike Martinelli
Mike Martinelli - 3 years ago
I'd like to see Y-track in the mostforgiving setting with both you and Rob. Also I'm curious about those open faced high toe and low heel shots. I can slice it from both ends of the club lol.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 3 years ago
Would love to see you test these clubs with your fitted driver shaft. Then it would be a fair comparison to what you have now. As you know being fitted is key. The m3 looks good. Interesting weight ports. Can’t wait to see you fully test these. Definitely hit them off the toe and heal. That’s what they advertise is the difference. Good lucky and enjoy and keep rocking the videos.
Charlie 234
Charlie 234 - 3 years ago
Also thought about BMW and their M-series. Please tell us more of the workability of the driver and how the new face construction will affect the workability. Great review as always. And by the way: dont sign to Titleist, stay independent! ;-)
Yanis Tsiopani
Yanis Tsiopani - 3 years ago
That first look video showed us all we need to know! Twist face is yet another gimmick which will make bad strikes/swings even worse shots. Off the toe with open face face to path / out the heel with closed face to path will be disastrous.
Great vid as always Rick
Will Baumgartner
Will Baumgartner - 3 years ago
I want to know about the different shaft specs/feel and how they differ between the M3 and M4. Cheers!
Victor Andre
Victor Andre - 3 years ago
test the weights
Nico Dowsell
Nico Dowsell - 3 years ago
I was told by a top brand head office fitter that the heel to toe weights make more of a difference the further they are away from the face. Maybe that's why Taylormade have swapped T track for the Y track?
spot mfd
spot mfd - 3 years ago
This was the year I was going replace gear. Looks like I will be getting the M4
Greg McPhee
Greg McPhee - 3 years ago
Would love to see the M3 with both weights at the back compared to both weights at the front, to see how large of an effect moving them actually has on spin, control, ball flight etc.
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
Like the look of the M4 with no adjustments... But they don't seem to be any better... Maybe even a little worse than everyone's last generation club... Seems the new cobra is better than these. I think taylormade peaked with the 2016 M2
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
Twist face is gimmicky at best
Andrew Clemans
Andrew Clemans - 3 years ago
Opinion on TaylorMade blackballing Mark Crossfield?
Topbloke Golf Vlogs
Topbloke Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
David Bivens Dj works for Taylormade and doesn’t claim to be independent. He is also not a range pro who does reviews. Big fucking difference really you twat.
David Bivens
David Bivens - 3 years ago
A bunch of nonsense if you ask me. If TaylorMade doesn't think Crossfield can be impartial now that he has a deal (which is crap anyhow since they blackballed him last year also), then how do they expect us to believe DJ and Rory when they talk about how much they love TM?
Brannon Fahrny
Brannon Fahrny - 3 years ago
They have the same color sequence because they are both the ultimate driving machine
TheSteve - 3 years ago
Did BMW buy TaylorMade? Those colors and names remind me of just that, BMW's. I smell a potential lawsuit coming.
Victor Daniel Traverso
Victor Daniel Traverso - 3 years ago
Does this drivers make a real difference in forgiveness or is again, another new model that does the same that the previos models?? The M3 weight system seems to plastic, like a toy. Thanks for the review.
Victor Medina
Victor Medina - 3 years ago
Love the new way you will conduct reviews. I am more interested on the twist face. I myself have the tendency to miss toe with closed face and pull shoots.
Rickoh75 - 3 years ago
Rick, I like the new format, it would be interesting to see Rob Potter test the M4 & M2, he would be more likely to have high toe or low heel shots, we could see just how forgiving the m4 is compared to the M2, also, how much distance is lost with off center hits comparing the M2 & M4. Great content, thanks.
thtomek28 - 3 years ago
Initial thoughts: lots of the last generation drivers that you've tested are easily 10-15 yards further than these pieces of fresh garbage
John Cawley
John Cawley - 3 years ago
Rick, don’t know if I could trust that twist face???? Looks a bit hit and miss
Harry Hood
Harry Hood - 3 years ago
What is the lofts on all the different markings
Cody Dunagan
Cody Dunagan - 3 years ago
Hiya, I would love to see you compare 2016 vs. 2017 vs 2018. Sound and feel etc. I have owned the 2016 M2 and loved it, I broke the face on it, and it was replaced with the 2017 M2. This 2017 I am not that big of a fan of, and would love to hear if this M4 is more similiar to the 2016 or 2017.

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