NEW VERTICAL GROOVE golf DRIVER REVIEW PGA GOLF COACH Rick Shiels tests and reviews the latest NEW VERTICAL GROOVE GOLF DRIVER that has just hit the market! Rick uses ProV1's and tests using GC2 and HMT launch monitor technology. On the website it claims to help you hit the ball 40% straighter. Rick tests it to find out how true that statement actually is. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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NEW VERTICAL GROOVE golf DRIVER REVIEW PGA GOLF COACH Rick Shiels tests and reviews the latest NEW VERTICAL GROOVE GOLF DRIVER that has just hit the market! Rick uses ProV1's and tests using GC2 and HMT launch monitor technology. On the website it claims to help you hit the ball 40% straighter. Rick tests it to find out how true that statement actually is. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Hey everyone. Hope you enjoyed the review of the Vertical Groove Driver!
If you did enjoy it please hit that LIKE button and comment on the video below!
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Bri Sutcliffe
Bri Sutcliffe - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf
Do you not normally line the seam of the ball up, when using a driver?
Big yardage difference.
Hooter Bear
Hooter Bear - 4 years ago
lol, you're an idiot.
stu - 4 years ago
Tony Vasquez - Teaching Golf Pro you div
Hooter Bear
Hooter Bear - 4 years ago
Tony Vasquez.......Really, A teaching Pro calling out another Golfer like that. Quite sure you could have messaged him but you MUST be in need of some advertisement which we all know what that means....

Bad Form made yourself look the fool.
Benjamin Carson
Benjamin Carson - 4 years ago
Slice is mostly the player but wouldn't the vertical grooves increase horizontal resistance at imoact? Unlike other drivers with horizontal which should have more. This club makes no sense to me
Tony Vasquez - Teaching Golf Pro
Tony Vasquez - Teaching Golf Pro - 4 years ago
Tony Vasquez - Teaching Golf Pro1 second agoHi Rick, I'm a golf teaching pro. I like your videos. I am an excellent golf teacher. I have helped some pros with their games, including Robert Gamez.I watched a video of yours where you hit some bad wedge shots, far worse than a player of your caliber should ever hit. Here is the lesson that will improve your normal pitch shots from 120 yds. to 30 yds. in. -Play the ball from the center of you stance and hit down on the ball, trapping it against the turf. This will produce a longer deeper divot, which is what you want. Have a nice full follow through directly at the target. Don't worry, you wont hit the shot too low. The loft on the wedge will hit it high enough with plenty of spin to bite the green. Practice this technique until it feels very natural and you can control the ball well. This will eliminate miss hits and improve your accuracy. You will become a great wedge player and score much lower. If you want to, write me at      Good luck.  Tony Vasquez
Juan Jiménez
Juan Jiménez - 4 years ago
música mexicana
Daniel Wagelmans
Daniel Wagelmans - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf ok
SD64 - 4 years ago
Great review, of course John Daly is getting paid big bucks to play this.  40% straighter my ass
Brian Stratton
Brian Stratton - 4 years ago
Okay, I take it back, I just saw the last shots you made and you were slicing it greatly!
Brian Stratton
Brian Stratton - 4 years ago
To me you hit it much straighter. Your slices and hooks, went much straighter as in they were more so Push/Pulls instead of your usual Push Draw...
Brian Stratton
Brian Stratton - 4 years ago
Dínero - 4 years ago
Jacob Felsing he likes the 2016 as do i : )
Jacob Felsing
Jacob Felsing - 4 years ago
Do you prefer the 2016 or 2017 m2
speterj - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf how do you not have the GCQuad yet?
Harrison Coates
Harrison Coates - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I swear I told you to test this ages ago
Jason Sechrist
Jason Sechrist - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Have you ever tested counter balancing golf clubs? I have recently been experimenting with this and I have to say for an amateur golfer, this could really help fix some swing faults. I have always been an above average iron player and was trying to get a proper fit in my clubs, I had to lengthen them because my arms are short and I just couldn't hit them solid. I seen myself on camera and noticed the clubhead passing my hands at impact (no lag), and I said that's not right. So I started brainstorming and bought some counter weight and started with my 4 iron, immediately I started hitting it solid, I didn't do anything differently. I have balanced every club till it feels right and have been playing the best golf of my life. I'm not trying to sell anything, and I really noticed a huge difference in my wedges on shorter shots, it feels like I have more control over the clubhead. Just wondering if you have ever tried this. I think that amateur golfers could benefit from this tremendously, even better golfers too.
Mike Hermosillo
Mike Hermosillo - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf maybe get Pete to test since his driver tends to have a bit more spin
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
I don't normally mention price as it varies worldwide. However I believe they are cheaper that M1 and Epic etc.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 4 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf ,,Rick,I don't think you mentioned Price Point?,,ie vertical vs epic or say...m1
duckncover182 - 3 years ago
The vertical grooves are most likely going to AID side spin. This looks like a gimmick
Bill Brower
Bill Brower - 3 years ago
Sorry, but this dude is annoying AF
John Stith
John Stith - 3 years ago
Rick- I am a big fan of your videos. However, this is the first video I have watched where I did not think you gave it a fair review. The distance and numbers were really good compared to your other reviews. I also felt like before you even began you started with saying in my opinion this driver is a marketing gimmick... not to mention this was a stock shaft and head.Many of your reviews will have your fav-fitted for shaft in them. You also mentioned that Daly plays the club for money. All the pros play their clubs because of money. However, you never have mentioned that about Taylormade or Ping etc. Rick- I challenge you to give this another try with Rob and you. I just felt like you had a strong bias against this.
BernardPY - 4 years ago
At 14:01, you raise the exact same objection in principle I first had when I learned about this driver: Vertical grooves should impart more, not less, side spin component.
Jason Poletta
Jason Poletta - 4 years ago
Seems to me vertical grooves would accentuate side spin on indirect swing paths which would not be good at all for higher handicaps.
Nature Boy
Nature Boy - 4 years ago
"it's not the Indian ... It's the arrow" what a quote! Haha.
Happy gilmore
Happy gilmore - 4 years ago
Well gimmicky
Brian Baer
Brian Baer - 4 years ago
Grooves on drivers dont do anything


Sebastian Nachilly
Sebastian Nachilly - 4 years ago
Think about the physics of grooves. They accentuate backspin. What would vertical grooves do. They accentuate sidespin. I hit prototypes of this driver and get it right:"wow", curve it:"ow"
Cody Brant
Cody Brant - 4 years ago
Sebastian Nachilly was thinking, if i hit the ball with one side slightly before the other, wouldnt the verticle grooves make it spin left to right or vice versa?
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
I think the actual build of the driver can help some high spin players, obv has nothing to do with the grooves. This company is trying to break into a market that is already completely monopolized, and trying to do it with a gimmick. Already been tried, already failed 100 times. The only hope they have is to sell the design to one of the big dogs as a low spin set up for tour pros. Vgg: very gimmicky golf lol.
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
Not to metion if a high handicapped player gets those spin rates, yea it will go straight because its only gonna go 90 yards. Thanks for the vid!
Scott Baker
Scott Baker - 4 years ago
those dimples are convex golf ball dimples are concave
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 4 years ago
Its not really vertical either because of the way your holding it before swinging. Its slanted.
Oliver Shaw
Oliver Shaw - 4 years ago
Fab dq
MagneticNine59 Nation
MagneticNine59 Nation - 4 years ago
I know that the simulator is really accurate but it's no way to test the straightness of the ball flight because it's not the same as actually hitting the ball on a range or on the course. The conditions are always going to be different with the wind or how thin or thick the air is depending on where you are playing or when. Also keep in mind you don't always hit straight shots.
mallrat11 - 4 years ago
I love to carry 270, roll to 290 and complain about how it went 'nowhere'
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones - 4 years ago
By any chance, have you "tested" the BombTech Driver and accomplished a video like you have on the Vertical Driver? I am impressed with your commentary and testing....
biscuitninja - 4 years ago
5 mins before the test starts.
lawrence shadow
lawrence shadow - 4 years ago
I love the look of the head. At least top


rdw - 4 years ago
Rick I don't under stand,at 6:05 in the video it says 1.6 deg path in to out. and face open 1,6deg. to path .shouldn't the ball flight be straight?
Cpk Unlimited
Cpk Unlimited - 4 years ago
bro you are the man. always bringing good content. thanks from the corn fields of the u.s.a.
Billy Graham
Billy Graham - 4 years ago
If you want less ball spin, use a harder cover ball.
If you want more straightness, look for more backspin. But backspin cuts down on distance . . . so you cannot have everything.
If you want lower scores, hit more fairways, and just flat play better golf, try lessons.
Josh Daly
Josh Daly - 4 years ago
The guy who came up with this was baked
rory 5
rory 5 - 4 years ago
it looks like a sideways m2 driver
Dtyler171 - 4 years ago
Theoretically the vertical grooves vs horizontal could actually decrease backspin numbers... but grooves don't do a whole lot on drivers (as you said).

I agree with the other comments, though, you could have used a higher loft with this club. Your spin was good but your launch was low

Also...43 yards is a big hook for you? Didn't you used to play something like that as your stock shot? lol
Etienne van Bosch
Etienne van Bosch - 4 years ago
you talk way too much! just hit more and talk less. we can all google stats of clubs... just a suggestion
Bill Malec
Bill Malec - 4 years ago
most drivers have no grooves in the center of the club face. the only thing those vertical ones would do is increase side spin if you don't hit perfectly square.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones - 4 years ago
Haha, I've never heard it phrased like that, Archer not the Arrow I've heard before.
backflipjeff11 - 4 years ago
You should do a head to head with this and the new grenade 2 driver!!!!!


Cabby Cabby
Cabby Cabby - 4 years ago
40% straighter? I bet I can overcome that with my mighty slice.
Thomas Kayner
Thomas Kayner - 4 years ago
this vs the grenade
Pilotgolfer 84
Pilotgolfer 84 - 4 years ago
I hit and had misses both left and right, more right in fact (lefty). I very rarely hit draws with my Big Bertha 815, but hit 4 out of 10 draws. 4 fades and 2 straight. Granted, I'm the one swinging the club so I'm going to override any vertical grooves, but felt it had a tendency to draw. Not impressed initially.
John Cameron
John Cameron - 4 years ago
Hit the fucking ball while we are young.
OxiClean - 4 years ago
Good numbers aside, it's one ugly ass driver. And I'd feel like a tool on the course saying: "Hey guys, check out my vertical Grooove driver!"
Bewitched Angling
Bewitched Angling - 4 years ago
To me it makes no sense to have vertical grooves... for most amateur golfers I think more backspin mitigates the sidespin, and vertical grooves would increase sidespin... weird. Don't get me wrong a lot of backspin kills distance, but if you're actually trying to play better golf being straighter is much more important than distance
Saul Carrera
Saul Carrera - 4 years ago
hey rick did u ever do a review on the Mizuno t7 wedges
John Hofmann
John Hofmann - 4 years ago
The arrow pointing to the vertical grooves definitely helped me understand what vertical means. So, what's changed really in this driver? Did the USGA .830 COR limit change? To everyone listening, ALL DRIVERS ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. This is a scientific fact. Don't waste your money on a new driver. Fix your swing.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 4 years ago
John Hofmann usga does not measure COR anymore now it's measured of CT or how long the ball stays on the club face. That's why the epic has the hottest face because the overall COR is higher with the jailbreak tech. But every vendor has the same CT rate which is why all the drivers pretty much perform the same only change is feel.
Hunter Rachunek
Hunter Rachunek - 4 years ago
If you ever need to get a driver off your hands I'd be more then welcomed to take one
GahDub - 4 years ago're saying it's worth the 400 bucks...yeah?
Daymon Johnson
Daymon Johnson - 4 years ago
Rick, you hit a draw probably 96% of the time. Your ball flight with this was almost dead straight. It's crazy to see you hit the ball dead straight, that's not what you're path does to a golf ball.....
anasurimbor01 - 4 years ago
Any company that would pay Daly to use their product must be desperate.
Doug Luettke
Doug Luettke - 4 years ago
not sure if it will make you hit it straighter.
muhsin anas
muhsin anas - 4 years ago
why the beard.
Mike Rohr
Mike Rohr - 4 years ago
literally the first time you havent hit every ball left of the target line on any review and you aren't happy?
Solesneak - 4 years ago
Stop talking hit the ball
Happy Duffer
Happy Duffer - 4 years ago
Vertical grooves are not really new but are somewhat unique... the Killer Bee B Sting designed by Tony Antonious had vertical grooves back in 2006.
Jacob Streiff
Jacob Streiff - 4 years ago
The "G" is for Gimmick
Kevin mc donnell
Kevin mc donnell - 4 years ago
rick, when that software shows "club face open" etc, is that open to your path, or open to target line??
Joe525 - 4 years ago
but compared to alot of other drivers you test you were hitting strait like every time.. it must be extremely forgiving.. I've seen you struggle to hit straight with other drivers


Golfholics - 4 years ago
Never heard of that driver. Check out our golf vlogs!
WeeWillyII - 4 years ago
Wonder why John Daly endorses it? $$$$$$$
WeeWillyII - 4 years ago
There's more snake oil in golf equipment than any other sport on earth.
sharkhark - 4 years ago
Get your short buddy to hit it then he's not a pro like you I'd like to see if his shots go straighter
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 4 years ago
Equipment now goes backwards ,they've run out of ideas now
golfpunk46 - 4 years ago
What if you tried in a higher loft? That should get the spin up a bit, correct?
todd harrison
todd harrison - 4 years ago
you do notice you were not hitting them as left as normal. and you are hitting it the same distance as pretty much any other driver..just sayin
Usman Khan
Usman Khan - 4 years ago
Hi Rick. I have been following you for several years now. This has been the lowest side spin (on average) that I have seen you put on! Even considering your recent swing changes for an apple to apple comparison for your GBB Epic series testing, 2017 M series, Cobra series that you recently did. Ofcourse a club can't cure the swing woes, that is where the indian comes in instead of the arrow .... I think a truer test would be if you hit this driver side by side with other GBB Epic/TM/Cobra/Mizuno drivers and highlight the sidespin numbers with near identical (as identical as humanly possible) swings. That would be a true test. Also, take it out to course and do a real live test in addition to just the dry-fit numbers.
uneedh2o - 4 years ago
I would think vertical grooves would amplify gear effect or face/path deviations, if anything
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 4 years ago
Ps driver looks cheap and dog shite
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 4 years ago
Rick with your Nike connections can you get Rory on ?
Gary Verth
Gary Verth - 4 years ago
wish I could say it's gone nowhere at 290 lol
Ryan Staples
Ryan Staples - 4 years ago
what an ugly club....
Johnny S
Johnny S - 4 years ago
Thank you for an honest review Rick. I really enjoy your videos!
Ryan Helin
Ryan Helin - 4 years ago
Could you have a higher handicapper do some testing and see where the spin number go?
ckgraysonlove - 4 years ago
how straight is it relative to face is a better question....did it slice or hook much? I think that's what they mean personally.
dufferjuice - 4 years ago
OK $399 in the US for stock and $599 with upgraded shaft?!? At least Bombtech has to decency to offer their Grenade driver at $200 +/-. The people at Vertgolf are bold in more than performance claims. I would say we would be better off getting fitted for a PING/TM/Titleist/Callaway (sorry if I left anyone out) from 2016 and save a few bucks. (but that epic sub zero looks very interesting!) Thanks Rick, great review, keep up the good work!
Casey G
Casey G - 4 years ago
Hey Rick! Great video! But I noticed that all your strikes were centered. Maybe the tech was designed for off-centered strikes? Seeing a mid-handicapper review might show some different results...I mean probably not but it would be interesting to see, haha.
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt - 4 years ago
Ball speed is only 160-165, yet the ball carries ~285?

Fucking what?
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
Iggy Iggles well his smash factor was reading extremely high 1.47 on most shots that seems to high unless he was flushing everyone
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt - 4 years ago
I'm a college golfer. I'm on launch monitors all day long. Just something seems off.
jarrodbrush - 4 years ago
Iggy Iggles, check out the flightscope trajectory optimzer. You can reach ~280 carry with 160mph ball speed, depending on launch conditions. Chances are, if you are truly swinging ~112 , chances are you are only carrying ~270 because of strike. 14° launch with 160 mph ball speed and 2100 spin results in 278 carry. Everything else the same, but 11° launch is 273 carry. 165 MPH, 12° launch, 2100 spin is 285 carry. Completely within reason.
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Iggy Iggles maybe your right check out this chart, seems to be swing speed X 2.4 = carry

You'd be 112 X 2.4 = 269 yards carry

Isn't 11* launch a bit low for getting maximum distance?
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt - 4 years ago
Well, my clubhead speed is about 112, ball speeds up near 165, and I get about 270 carry. About 11* launch with 1900-2000 spin. So I'm calling shenanigans.
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Iggy Iggles that's what you'd expect from approx 112mph club head speed what's the problem?
Marcus Falcomata Golf Channel
Marcus Falcomata Golf Channel - 4 years ago
Did anyone else see his drive with 0 sidespin?
John Anderson
John Anderson - 4 years ago
Rick can you review the W/S Triton from Driver vs Driver?
Michael Blackwell
Michael Blackwell - 4 years ago
If you would only start the ball left and fade it back EVERY TIME we would see your true potential as a player and a ball striker... from one pro to another. .. you're welcome.
Dan Wells
Dan Wells - 4 years ago
I don't want to be a stickler but compared to your other reviews the Vertical Groove driver has 56% less side spin on average than the Epic Sub Zero, 70% less side spin than the M2 and 86% less than the Epic. Even you most off line shot with the VG had less side spin than the Epic did on average. I think it actually does exactly what it says it does.
John Adams
John Adams - 4 years ago
True, in your previous driver reviews your axis tilts have been averaging higher.
Violence. Speed. Momentum.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
The manufacturer must be reading these comments. Please share the physics behind your design. Please share some data to back up your claim. If you believe in your product share something real not just garbage marketing videos.
Up and Down Golf
Up and Down Golf - 4 years ago
Would be nice to see a mid handicapper review of this club?
matt barto
matt barto - 4 years ago
I would like to see if its straight on toe / heel strikes? Maybe that's where the grooves could provide help?
matt barto
matt barto - 4 years ago
Maybe so, not sure. I know the bulge of the drivers is designed to help with gearing. Like he showed, don't how the driver could help with path numbers, so off center strikes would be something they can improve...
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
matt barto Definitely not. Gear effect is caused by friction between the ball and face as the face rotates during off centre strikes. Those grooves can only increase that friction.
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 4 years ago
Lmao..40% shitter
Joakim Fredriksson
Joakim Fredriksson - 4 years ago
Make a comparision vid vs M2 alternate shots
Greasby1golf - 4 years ago
STM drivers were famous for no grooves,
Matthew Barlow
Matthew Barlow - 4 years ago
Hi Rick. I'm getting adverts mid video. Doesn't seem to happen with other you tubers. I just want to check if this is ad space you control or if it's my YouTube settings? Thanks
Gee G
Gee G - 4 years ago
Snake oil with those claims. Shouldn't be allowed to claim such stuff it's false marketing and stupid americans will buy in to it.
Troy Kachor
Troy Kachor - 4 years ago
Why do you like the sock over boxing glove!? So much harder to get on and off. Honestly interested in your answer!
nicoclause - 4 years ago
Michael Bassam
Michael Bassam - 4 years ago
Hi Rick
Great video as always. Your honesty on products is the reason you have such a great following.
I wonder how the review would have went if there hadn't been such a bold opening statement.
Salesman and there tricks...
Gary Rae
Gary Rae - 4 years ago
Like a popped ballon...speechless.
Andrew Hanft
Andrew Hanft - 4 years ago
Anyone else saying "I swear if that guy opens that door one more time... !" while watching this?
Ned C.
Ned C. - 4 years ago
extremely happy I've found your channel Rick! Keep up the great work and golf with Mr. Finch
Richard Ruzanka
Richard Ruzanka - 4 years ago
#4 was Goddard straight!
christopher byrne
christopher byrne - 4 years ago
I bet its made in China. Looks S#$t
MegaJoeytube - 4 years ago
Rick can you test a cheap Dunlop driver to see how it performs compared to a premium driver.
Chris Tickle
Chris Tickle - 4 years ago
bet there regretting giving you that club
Marco Alcovendaz
Marco Alcovendaz - 4 years ago
If the company is claiming 40% straighter shots, I would definitely like to see it up against another driver. Perhaps they don't mean it isn't un-sliceable or un-hookable, but rather it would slice or hook less with the same numbers, paths, and angles when compared to another driver. I really doubt it, I feel like it is more gimmick than anything, but I think it is definitely worth testing.
Ba Sun
Ba Sun - 4 years ago
I think the shaft is too stiff for you. It will be good to see this test again with a more suitable shaft.
stumpyslvr - 4 years ago
10 yards shorter than the epic subzero that is fitted to you.Not bad really.Dispersion was the same too.With a proper fitting you may be able to get the distance a little closer too .I'm not crazy about the looks but it performs pretty good.
31 - for - 2
31 - for - 2 - 4 years ago
No more Under Armour??
Mububban23 - 4 years ago
All the armchair critics saying it's a gimmick - all these products have had thousands of hours of research poured into them by industry professionals. Your statement of "I don't see how it could work" has very little weight when you are unqualified in the field of discussion. How many of you can truly explain how your telephone makes a call? How does wifi work? It could be fairy magic for all you know, but you just know that it works because very smart people make it work. You don't need to understand how to build a car in order to drive one. You just use it.
Same with "straight flight" golf balls like Bridgestone E6 and Srixon Q Star. They won't solve a slice, but they can HELP to reduce them. I play the E6 and it helps me "one level" - so it'll turn out of bounds into deep rough, turn deep rough into first cut, and turn first cut into the edg eof the fairway. It's not magic but it HELPS. And nothing can stop it from landing on the next fairway over if you put a REALLY bad swing on it :-D But for us once a month hackers who never practise, I'll take the help if it's available.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Mububban23 If there really was a scientific basis to this club working, then why doesn't the manufacturer explain how it works. It doesn't work. It can't possibly live up to the claim of 40 yards straighter. Your Bridgestone golf balls don't stop you going OB either. Placebo effect is real. Physics is physics.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 4 years ago
Rick is there any chance of you testing the arccos system????
keith williams
keith williams - 4 years ago
Terrible looking driver and I'm with you Rick I would have thought vertical grooves would impart more side spin.
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
keith williams it made him hit it straighter compared to the other drivers he has tested so it worked for him
pete Cordery
pete Cordery - 4 years ago
New vertical groove driver will go in a new vertical dustbin( crap )
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 4 years ago
Straight in the Grenade reject bin.


Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy - 4 years ago
when you hit above the cg then it brings the spin down
Niall Graham
Niall Graham - 4 years ago
Excellent review Rick
S G - 4 years ago
Ugly man!! John Daley prob endorsed as its made out the same material as his gastric band lol.
Karen Slack
Karen Slack - 4 years ago
Would be interesting to see Rob Potter hit it or any higher handicap golfer.
John Steward
John Steward - 4 years ago
Is it a legal club?
light2dark42 - 4 years ago
Exactly my thoughts rick, wouldn't vertical grooves create more friction or "grab" producing more sidespin? like you said though marketing tactics.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
light2dark42 I would definitely expect it to increase side spin imparted by gear effect as must create more friction.
Lemon2108 - 4 years ago
get a high spiner to use it this club
Brett Stevens
Brett Stevens - 4 years ago
Lessons, lessons, lessons!
BillyP1390 - 4 years ago
I think it looks really cheap
John Yoon
John Yoon - 4 years ago
Return to Sender. haha
Jo Brown
Jo Brown - 4 years ago
All 3 of the 460cc drivers I own have no grooves in the centre of the clearly they are not particularly essential?
Ross Addison
Ross Addison - 4 years ago
If that was taylor made you would have been raving about those numbers....
Tabor Fogg
Tabor Fogg - 4 years ago
it was probably a miss count by the simulator
Sean Ganoe
Sean Ganoe - 4 years ago
Rob Potter review time with it!
Deon du Plessis
Deon du Plessis - 4 years ago
14g Rick.... it says it on the weight
michael abbott
michael abbott - 4 years ago
Love the channel, your success is deserved.
What is the elevation, temperature, and humidity set to on your GC2? I ask because when I input your ball data into a flight scope online calculator or when my numbers match yours on skytrak, I get lower carry distance than your unit calculates. Thanks in advance, cheers
David Brunner
David Brunner - 4 years ago
Hmmm... I've watched every one of your driver reviews this season and you hit this one as well and as far as any of the other drivers you've tested. I think to truly prove that this isn't really 40% straighter is to take another driver and hit it with the same swing path and face angle and measure how far offline they each are.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
David Brunner Speed, impact location... etc. Too many variables to perform a proper test without a robot. I would like to see it though.
victor joffray
victor joffray - 4 years ago
The higher you hit on the face the lower your spin will be, gear effect
pickin4you - 4 years ago
Just looking, it looked like that weight said 14, for 14 grams. I might have been seeing scratches, but it looked like 14 to me.
John McCormick
John McCormick - 4 years ago
Their symbol looks like the unclassified symbol for "Boy Lover" released by the FBI. Sad!
noonster55 - 4 years ago
crazy low spin...
matthew madalone
matthew madalone - 4 years ago
isn't the NV shaft a very low spin shaft?
Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy - 4 years ago
when you're talking 100's of rpm then the shaft has nothing to do with it. He was striking the ball above the cg which was dropping the spin
HYDRA BJJ - 4 years ago
Hey, can you please do a detailed green reading. Like way of grain, etc. ?
John Twemlow
John Twemlow - 4 years ago
Love your honesty Rick.
Garfield Campbell
Garfield Campbell - 4 years ago
Very fair review.. but glad you dispelled the myth around driver performance
Manuel BERTRAND - 4 years ago
Actually I think this technology doesn't change anything for "sidespin", it will not makes slices and hooks disappear. However it seems to reduce backspin which could allow to have a forgiving driver (weight all backward) without loosing too much distance due to high backspin numbers (think to Callaway Fusion, forgiving, but spinny).

Maybe other manufacturer will look into it and this tech will develop and improve on competition, or maybe not, will see. But at least it's great that some are still looking for a breakthrough.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Man BER Very difficult to say whether the grooves are doing anything for spin or if it's just the head shape/ricks strikes. 450cc with very deep face, that driver is going to be very front-heavy. CG is likely to be forward and therefore low, good for low spin.
djusa11 - 4 years ago
Just want to point out that those are not dimples on the top of the club.  They are bumps.  So the opposite of dimples.
matthewcrabbe - 4 years ago
Rick I think you should get it reshafted with something that fits you better. You always have a draw, whereas this one fades. I want to say the shaft is garbage for you. I mean it's an Aldila NV which is a pretty general shaft, whereas some of your clubs have some fancy shafts.
matthewcrabbe - 4 years ago
But I would assume it is a gimmick at the end of the day.
theMANxGOLFER - 4 years ago
What percentage decrease of overall spin would this driver need to attain in order to reduce the distance off line by 40%? What if the carry distance was decreased by 10% due to lower launch 3 degree lower launch. I think for a 250 yard carry with a typical driver at 3000 rpm (total spin at 10 degree axis) the physics comes out to 2648 rpm or about 12%. I'd say a real world test where Rick's head speed, and path characteristics, and strike are measured to be equal between the Epic and Vertical Groove if the overall spin differs by 12% than 40% is legit.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
theMANxGOLFER Spin axis is easier to tilt when spin is lower.
Paul Marsch
Paul Marsch - 4 years ago
I feel like you need to get Rob on that thing. seems like someone with higher spin and more inconsistent swing would aid more with what they are claiming
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 4 years ago
Compare it to the new M1 and the Epic SZ
kb0sslol - 4 years ago
Yea I agree with you when the head looks smaller to the eyes somehow, almost like a 3 wood
Dínero - 4 years ago
Rick i'm in a dilemma i need new wedges, LOVE the look of the Ben Hogan TK wedges, or should i go with vokeys? please respond short n sweet !
AMerv - 4 years ago
Aren't the grooves purpose to add spin? The last thing most golfers (myself included) want is more side spin. If the grooves aren't for spin then how do they diminish the spin?? Realistic answers please reply.
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
James Walter Yup. It's all about how you swing (inside-out, outside-in, etc) and how you present the club face to the ball.

The USGA has no problems with "high MOI" drivers because at the end of the day, how you present the face to the ball determines if the ball flies straight or not. Same with these vertical grooves; if they truly hit the ball straighter, they'd be in violation of the "technology over skill" part of the equipment rules, and never be deemed conforming.
James Walter
James Walter - 4 years ago
it would follow that what you say sounds right...i have an Adams spin control...and a RBZ..
with and without grooves...both hit the ball straight using a hoganisque grip and something jack said about the back of your hand and moe normans follow through....and last and most importantly. ..swing your own swing just sayin
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Justin Green Lantern Golf You're absolutely right but it doesn't get us any closer to explaining how these grooves could reduced side spin. If anything I would expect them to increase side spin due to gear effect because they can ONLY increase friction between ball and face they cannot reduce it.
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
A Mervenne You're very welcome! I'm always happy to help!
AMerv - 4 years ago
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Thank you for your time!! I'm newer to the game and I appreciate your straightforward and concise explanation.
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
No. A groove's only job is to channel away dirt, grass, and other gunk from the face. That allows for cleaner contact between the ball and clubface. The resulting friction, when combined with the swing speed, angle of attack, quality of contact ("sweet spot"), and loft of the club create backspin.

Ever hear of a "flyer lie"? That's when there's too much grass between the ball and clubface for the grooves to remove. The resulting ball flight is higher and farther, because the ball slides up the face a little and comes off with less spin.

Take your driver and sand wedge out and look at their grooves. The driver's are pretty shallow compared to the SW, isn't it? There likely isn't even any right around the "sweet spot" (middle of the face). That's because you don't need grooves to do anything when you have a perfect lie, which is what you get when the ball's on the tee.
Jase Woody
Jase Woody - 4 years ago
my god that looks awful lol, looks like a $2 plastic club, those colours ._.
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
Giulio Petrella he hit this club better then any other new club he has tested recently. that's why someone would buy it.
Giulio Petrella
Giulio Petrella - 4 years ago
agree - terrible looking club which performs no better than any other product out there, so why would you buy it. cheers
Paul Melidosian
Paul Melidosian - 4 years ago
No didn't enjoy it.. Not your best.. I'm not really sure why anyone would review infomercial type equipment.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith - 4 years ago
Because it tested better than the top 3 drivers on the market, that's why.
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
best numbers off any driver he's tested so far
Paul Melidosian
Paul Melidosian - 4 years ago
Yeah well he liked the headcover..
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
Paul Melidosian this driver outperformed his other reviews off topps drivers. so I think he proved it's a legit club and similar performance as top brands based on the numbers he got
Thomas Hallander
Thomas Hallander - 4 years ago
you should not test a driver when you already made up your mind
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz - 4 years ago
Great review, Driver was not so great and hate that they make false claims
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
Jonathan Ruiz driver results were better with this then with other drivers he has tested recently not sure why people are saying it was a bad review. he hit this club straighter and just as long
mattdrummer34 - 4 years ago
I'll take it next to try!!
Cody Bray
Cody Bray - 4 years ago
get rob Potter to review this club, might help solve theory of straighter drives
raymond hill
raymond hill - 4 years ago
If you don't like Rick send it to me. Let Pete try it.
metamurph - 4 years ago
dimples on top like the TaylorMade AeroBurner and the color way is kind of the concept in the Driver vs Driver runner up giving you the visual alignment and "swingpath" visualization. It also is part of what makes it seem small "black is slimming" and outlined. 1150 spin ha, wrong shaft for you?
Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy - 4 years ago
Nothing to do with the shaft mate, bad strike, way above the cg so brings the spin down.
Colin Selfridge
Colin Selfridge - 4 years ago
That would make a nice stake for my tomatoes
jasonman1515 - 4 years ago
Rick, I don't know if anyone comment about ball compression. If not then I will tell you. When you say can't think of how vertical grooves is going to help, just remember when face of club contacts the ball, the ball compress against the club which gives the some sort of a kind of grip. Think like a tire on the road. ball is the tire and the road is the face of the club. there is a tiny little flex when you push on the tire/ball but once that particular impact of tire hit the road, it flex giving traction. Think about that. due to there is no horizontal grooves which helps the ball spin in a kinda some what sideways direction in the air which helps produce the fades, and draws. A Vertical grooves minimize the affects of the draw or a fade which in turns to be more of a straighter hit. You probably have to put more umph into it make it to curve it or do what ever you need to with the ball.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Justin Green Lantern Golf Regarding grooves, you are thinking of irons and wedges where spin loft is higher and compression is lower. All I'm saying is that those grooves can only increase friction they cannot decrease it. Friction is required to make the ball spin so how can these grooves reduce side spin.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Justin Green Lantern Golf Totally incorrect regarding gear effect. Gear effect is caused by friction between ball and face during off centre strikes. Roll & bulge is designed to reduce gear effect.
As for spin, I never said that the ball rotates about multiple axes. The ball does only spin about one axis, however back spin and side spin still exist independently. GC2 actually MEASURES the rate of rotation about a horizontal axis (back spin) and the rate of rotation about a vertical axis (side spin) and then CALCULATES the total spin rate and in which direction the ball was spinning (axis tilt). In this video when Rick hit a hook (12:42), the ball had 46* of tilt. Anything past 45* and the ball has MORE side spin than back spin, so by your logic, back spin didn't exist on that shot only side spin.
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
Tom Cooke Remember, the grooves don't create the friction. They don't do anything from clean lies.
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
Tom Cooke Sidespin isn't a true term. It's physically impossible for the ball to have both backspin and sidespin.

Technically, what it (the ball) does is rotate with backspin on a tilted (non-vertical) axis. "Sidespin" is just a term to create better visualization.

As for gear effect, that's also independent of the grooves. The more "bulge" (horizontal curvature) or "roll" (vertical curvature) of the face, the more gear effect you get.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Justin Green Lantern Golf Side spin is a real term. Friction between club and ball with a driver when the ball is compressed does cause side spin when gear effect is involved. My issue with this is that vertical groove must increase friction they cannot reduce it. So gear effect should be greater than if the face was smooth.
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
But the ball's only on the clubface for 0.4 milliseconds at impact; your car's tires touch the ground continuously. Also, grooves don't create spin- backspin or sidespin.

A groove's lone job is to channel away dirt and debris from the clubface, to allow cleaner contact between the face and ball, which results in friction. Friction, swing speed, quality of contact, and loft determine backspin. The angle of the face at impact determines "sidespin" (not a real term, but useful for visualization purposes). Open face = fade/slice; Closed face = draw/hook; square face = straight.
Charlie Valentine
Charlie Valentine - 4 years ago
great review of a gimicky,poor,buyer beware claim, driver.
robo931 - 4 years ago
The owner of VGG pooled their 10 google accounts to dislike this video.
Jeffery Mueller
Jeffery Mueller - 4 years ago
Definitely the Indian that makes the arrow perform
Alan Tinto
Alan Tinto - 4 years ago
Great review Rick
Duw3rk - 4 years ago
C'mon Shielsy. Were you expecting it to hit the drives for you? How can you gloss over the 0 sidespin? We all know that path and club face are the biggest contributors to the shot shape. However, if what the club CAN assist with the side spin aspect to it, then how is that not doing what they advertised? You averaged 79 sidespin... I just went back and looked at your GBB Epic and Epic Sub Zero review. You averaged 176 side spin with the Epic, and 526 with the Epic SZ. And you have very similar path to face numbers.
James Koskey
James Koskey - 4 years ago
goodshoes07 honestly tho, Rick's ballatricking is pretty poor. mark crossfield is someone who actually knows golf
Recap 60min
Recap 60min - 4 years ago
But he uses the shot simulator software that looks at spin/speed/angle only. So The only thing that matters besides the driver is the balls.
PabloShmablo - 4 years ago
Those other drivers were tested on different days though, and every golfer of all skill levels know that one's game can differ on a daily basis. If Rick tests this driver vs. others on the same day and uses good testing protocols (hitting enough drives for a good sample size, switching drivers every 2 or so shots, removing gross mishits, etc.) then he can possibly test this company's claims better. He said at the end of the video that he wanted to test this against the Callaway Epic, so that could be a good test opportunity.
Euphegenia - 4 years ago
Jase Woody I like him. He's likeable which is why he's doing so well on social media. His lack of intellect doesn't mean I don't like him. His course vlogs with Pete are great but I wouldn't take a lesson from Rick
Jase Woody
Jase Woody - 4 years ago
+goodshoes07 so why are you watching his videos then?
Euphegenia - 4 years ago
Duw3rk you make some good points. Let's not forget Rick doesn't really know what he's talking about. He struggles putting a sentence together most the time
Jase Woody
Jase Woody - 4 years ago
+Justin Green Lantern Golf exactly, club looks like a joke as well tbf xD
Justin Green Lantern Golf
Justin Green Lantern Golf - 4 years ago
If it's truly doing it, there's no way it'd pass the USGA/R&A's Rules for conforming ("technology v. skill").
Jase Woody
Jase Woody - 4 years ago
Yea " If they intend on delivering 40% less side spin "

They're not, they said " In independent testing by Golf Laboratories, Inc., length increased by almost 10 yards with accuracy improvements of 40% on average. Our amateur testing is showing even greater improvements for mid- to high- handicap players. "

That's obviously utter bullshit, like Rick showed its 99% about how you swing, clearly the sidespin made 0 impact when he left the club face open
Duw3rk - 4 years ago
To clarify I just mean if they intend on delivering 40% less side spin then mission accomplished. I'm not saying I'd buy this or ever want to play it. Only saying to be fair, your data shows there may be something to what they are saying. I will stick with the JPX900 which I'm loving.
Solomon Li
Solomon Li - 4 years ago
That's a really low spin rate compared to your usual Rick... I mean... I'd love to see this compared to the spin rates on the Epic Sub Zero or LS Tec... Might be a good video to compare the three.
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 4 years ago
I love this idea . maybe doesn't work as great for rick but atleast a new idea rather than the usual same ideas from ever clubmaker
Robin C
Robin C - 4 years ago
comes out 1/3/2017.....
who makes this lump of crap
EOIN MURPHY - 4 years ago
Another piece of technology to help crap golfers hit the ball crap in a different way while spending more money
Robin C
Robin C - 4 years ago
you can't polish a turd
Mububban23 - 4 years ago
Well, according to the Mythbusters, you actually CAN polish a turd :-D Carnivore poo polishes up better than vegetarian animal poo.

So there you go. That proves this driver is awesome :-D
Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 4 years ago
My thoughts exactly
Robin C
Robin C - 4 years ago
april fooooolll
Caleb Lambert
Caleb Lambert - 4 years ago
For the love of god Rick.. Keep that left foot on the ground coming back. lol
Andy Wood
Andy Wood - 4 years ago
great video Rick, think technology has come to a stand still. cor and Moi are at a point where due to R and A and USGA restrictions ,you can't really go any further. great to see a video on dispersion rather than distance. so much emphasis is on distance nower days. it's no good being long if your playing out of the rough or trees. keep up the great work, avid fan Andy Wood
Tim Nobes
Tim Nobes - 4 years ago
Maybe a good time to have Mr. Potter to test the club
Philip Smith
Philip Smith - 4 years ago
Side spin was low !
John Steele
John Steele - 4 years ago
Bologna ! Lots of drivers out perform that one.
golfninja - 4 years ago
Good honest review as always RS.
Do they say where the CG is in this driver ? Like you I can't see how the vertical grooves would make any kind of huge difference at all. Curvature is path & face angle along with impact location.
Many drivers at the centre strike location have no grooves on that contact part of the face at all.
Luke Teal
Luke Teal - 4 years ago
Good review. I'll stick to my SLDR!
Jeff Shawver
Jeff Shawver - 4 years ago
Get Mr. Finch to try it please.
Richard Kirkwood
Richard Kirkwood - 4 years ago
40% less side spin perhaps?
marginCall - 4 years ago
Rick, I understand side angle is relatively your performance. But if you go back to see your epic numbers and m1 /m2 numbers your side spin averages are around 150-250 rpm, while this one averages at 80rpm. I think the driver accomplishes it stated goal, does it not? Anyways, thanks for the review, good stuff.
David Malesky
David Malesky - 4 years ago
You are right Rick! The grooves have no effect at all. This is similar to the Evnrol putter that claims to have gear effect. Sounds good, but highly unlikely, even though it is a very good putter.
Rick Howarth
Rick Howarth - 4 years ago
After booming it straight all over the world with your driver, that first hit.... Magical. Should have ended review there and tossed it onto the range (maybe not). daft claims but we are talking about it...
Dan Mitson
Dan Mitson - 4 years ago
Surely these grooves will ADD side spin?? Isn't the point of horizontal grooves to add back spin?
John Harpole
John Harpole - 4 years ago
love your videos Rick
TheBigdog6554 - 4 years ago
Looks like a $40 driver sold at walmart, and while I don't mind John Daly I wouldn't trust anything he endorses lol
Mark Derrick
Mark Derrick - 4 years ago
It would be rather interesting to see Finchy give this club a whirl.
BF golf
BF golf - 4 years ago
numbers similar to 2017 m1
Johnny Fallows
Johnny Fallows - 4 years ago
14g weight???
Adam Hossman
Adam Hossman - 4 years ago
I think the real question is, what's more embarrassing, hitting a slice, or pulling that thing out of the bag in front of your golf buddies? Christ, that is the ugliest driver I have ever seen. Even though I trust Rick saying it's a quality product, it would fit nicely on a sales rack at Wal-Mart.
Marcus Eriksson
Marcus Eriksson - 4 years ago
Give that driver to Buzza! He's struggle with high spin....
Darick Richard
Darick Richard - 4 years ago
It just doesn't have the finish, maybe I'm being a snob, but the head and head cover look cheap.
Jon Kimbrell
Jon Kimbrell - 4 years ago
Considering many golfers, specifically high to mid high handicappers, would be buying this driver and most may have not the straightest of swing paths. If the golfer has too much of an in to out or out to in path couldn't the vertical grooves give a bit more spin on the tilt axis?
Mrehzthegreat - 4 years ago
As long as golf has been around I can't believe that this is the first company to think of this. Probably scratched in R&D in the past by other manufacturers
Sven Hallauer
Sven Hallauer - 4 years ago
I've now played 3 rounds with the VGG Driver, and I'd sum it's performance up as follows:
1) great look - I love the way the TaylorMade M1/M2 family looks, and this is even better to my eye
2) great price - USD $100 to $150 cheaper than a TaylorMade M1
3) nice sound and feel of the face, though it's louder (more metallic) than my 2016 TaylorMade M1
4) About 20 yards shorter compared to my TaylorMade M1, but about equal in distance (carry+roll) to my older Ping G30 driver
5) I've lost no ball of the tee with this driver, compared to losing 1 or 2 balls a round with the TaylorMade M1 - I think this is largely because of #3, as a ball hit offline just isn't going as far with this driver and thus isn't getting into as much trouble

In summary, I've decided for now to keep this driver in my bag till I can sort out my driver swing to become more consistent - I just prefer to have a longer iron or hybrid into the green to having to take a penalty drop once or twice a round.
Eaglesfalcons 24
Eaglesfalcons 24 - 4 years ago
Would like to see Rob Potter hit this
Ian Last
Ian Last - 4 years ago
Rob Potter is the king of golf
John Hofmann
John Hofmann - 4 years ago
Maybe Rob finally figured out that Rick is an a##hole.
sean craig
sean craig - 4 years ago
Agree, haven't seen Rob for a while...
Kyle Everhart
Kyle Everhart - 4 years ago
He 100% would have something to say about it. lol
S G - 4 years ago
Kyle Everhart lol would love to hear Robs comments on the look!! Can only imagine
Kyle Everhart
Kyle Everhart - 4 years ago
Hear, Hear
Marcelle Bosse
Marcelle Bosse - 4 years ago
in for that too rick!!!!please!!!!!
RP - 4 years ago
based on groove design in irons/wedges, seems to me that the vertical groove would decrease backspin (i think we clearly see that here unless theres some significant forward weighting built into the clubhead or the shaft is a bad fit) and increase side spin (seems to be ok in this regard). the only way to tell about the groove effect would be to have a swing with identical conditions (same swing speed, club path, face angle) w/ a vertical and horizontal groove driver. overall... great to see this club get reviewed!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 4 years ago
It would help me to reduce my backspin but it wouldn't help my slice as I know it's me that creates the side spin. Looks good and that arrow is a nice touch. Another great review Rick.
John Turner
John Turner - 4 years ago
Bit of a gimmick and very cheap looking.
Ken Attaway
Ken Attaway - 4 years ago trying to break into the driver market...hard to compete with the big boys...
William Rose
William Rose - 4 years ago
Car crashes
Ben Speer
Ben Speer - 4 years ago
I was thinking the same thing about the grooves actually creating more spin. I could only imagine that someone with a severe out to in or in to out path would have more horizontal interaction (although minimal on a driver) with the ball. And if that's the case then the grooves would actually increase side spin. Very nice review as always!
Brandon Casper
Brandon Casper - 4 years ago
When you called it "the unhookable driver" and then stepped up and hit a hook with it, all I could think of was that "thug life" video. Haha I love that. Good work!!
Seven Seven
Seven Seven - 4 years ago
Numbers Look the same as every other driver you have tested. Almost all seems a bit pointless.
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes - 4 years ago
Good review Rick, The club should be marketed as a good club and not as a miracle worker.
Chris Bee
Chris Bee - 4 years ago
surely vertical grooves help in spin fade/draw and horizontal help on top/backspin
JNIMM5477 - 4 years ago
Your numbers here are better than than M1. You liked the M1, why not this one? I know it doesn't straighten out the drives, but the numbers were better.
jbn675478 - 4 years ago
I'm glad you can finally see your driver through the head cover! I often see the driver in the bag, but can't see it through the head cover, and oven panic thinking I've lost it!
notformebeaky - 4 years ago
Hideous looking club.
david crawford
david crawford - 4 years ago
A " kind" review!! the tech seems pretty useless and in my opinion it looks horrible but fair play for trying something new cant see it scaring the big boys in the driver market
Les Blair
Les Blair - 4 years ago
It might be hard to see 40% from someone like you hitting it. Maybe a high handicap golf who really slices/hooks might be different.
Btw, you did hit it only 15 yards off line(total).
Big Will
Big Will - 4 years ago
Doesn't seem to be much straighter than the jpx 900. You hit that sucker very straight.
David Labbe
David Labbe - 4 years ago
Just another gimmicky club that will be found in the bargain bin in a years time. Thanks for giving a honest opinion Rick.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
looks jazzy...not my taste but its different ..groove claim is just stupid and doesnt need testing to know its stupid...but if u buy the same trousers as john daley u might want a driver to match
James Bond
James Bond - 4 years ago
really disappointed with the performance of this driver, from the images I'd seen and your pre shot footage I was sold on it and was ready to watch you hit it a country mile (dead straight) just didn't happen, thanks for the review, feel a bit deflated to be honest!
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera - 4 years ago
Good review as always. I'm not surprised. Maybe they can say that you need to loft that guy up a bit to get consistently to get distance, but boy is that sidespin stuff crap.
Tomoe Yukishiro
Tomoe Yukishiro - 4 years ago
Good club into the wind
zach harrington
zach harrington - 4 years ago
furthermore not nastily but I do think that if you looked at the sidespin your best shot has had 0 sidespin which is interesting. I'm not a good golfer but is interesting and be interesting if you look at cost of driver in comparison to competitors
LovelyBones - 4 years ago
Those grooves won't be vertical once you've actually got the club down by the ball though, unless you play massively upright. So really it's sort of 'slanted groove' technology? Which is pretty much what normal horizontal grooves end up doing? \ vs /
Ben turner
Ben turner - 4 years ago
Great review Rick. Confirms what I thought when I first saw this monstrosity! Personal opinion is that manufacturers need to go back to basics and quit with the gimmicks! Nailed it in this review mate! Good on you!
Pingtor2 - 4 years ago
would be nice to see a mid hcp compare this driver and the grenade to the m1 and the epic.
it would really show what you get for the money you spend
Kris Benson
Kris Benson - 4 years ago
Marco Hatfield
Marco Hatfield - 4 years ago
Good honest review
Quutamooo - 4 years ago
What is the thing with boxing glove vs sock type headcover? Someone please explain, thanks.
Quutamooo - 4 years ago
Marcelle Bosse Yeah but why, what's the benefit?
Marcelle Bosse
Marcelle Bosse - 4 years ago
rick is not a fdan of boxing glove style the r15 driver....and hes much more of a true headcover fan thats it
zach harrington
zach harrington - 4 years ago
i think with comment on side spin the comparison has too be made with the driver you use atm. I won't use its name as its quote egotistical even if its very nice looking :P
Jake Morrow
Jake Morrow - 4 years ago
I do have to say... Rick may have pushed or pulled some shots, but on those shots they were pretty much a straight line. being OFFLINE and STRAIGHT are very different things. still unconvinced either way. it's always cool to at least see people TRYING to innovate
matthew geraghty
matthew geraghty - 4 years ago
I didn't like the sound of it in this video. but that's so personal.
Adrian - 4 years ago
40% straighter- will they be saying that every year with their new clubs like the infamous "this driver goes 17 yards longer"
Stephen Jordan
Stephen Jordan - 4 years ago
Marcelle Bosse
Marcelle Bosse - 4 years ago
R15 TP baby!
The Black Rabbit
The Black Rabbit - 4 years ago
If we're only talking 10CC then I'm not in love.
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 4 years ago
Rick your being a little bitch
minh06 - 4 years ago
I think you meant "you're".
Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold - 4 years ago
Wow, that escalated quickly. And it's "you're" BTW...
Hoye Breedlove
Hoye Breedlove - 4 years ago
tyler jones Bad, Bad, Naughty, Ugly, out of context!
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 4 years ago
where you wanna catch these hands at?
Michael Ticehurst
Michael Ticehurst - 4 years ago
tyler jones : What a ridiculous comment to make, I bet you have a minuscule penis.
Gee G
Gee G - 4 years ago
Being a little bitch how exaclty? He is outing the company for crazy untrue claims, you little bitch.
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 4 years ago
PabloShmablo - 4 years ago
Do you work for Vertical Groove Golf? Lol relax
Marcelle Bosse
Marcelle Bosse - 4 years ago
i tought he was going to be more laughing at this bs driver.........i dont know what youre talking about
Patrick Farson
Patrick Farson - 4 years ago
Fantastic video Rick.
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 4 years ago
What a dumb ass
Natasha Croft
Natasha Croft - 4 years ago
If that driver was fitted it would be a beast. Rick not mentioning how little side spin was there and backspin numbers were good. Maybe like the SLDR it needs lofting up to get the most out of it.
Iain Douglas
Iain Douglas - 4 years ago
I knew it was to gimmicky and to good to be true! lol
Joshua Silvers
Joshua Silvers - 4 years ago
Let's see the mid handicappers review of this!!! Ha ha. Great vid
Charlie Dewson
Charlie Dewson - 4 years ago
I think to be fair to any new club manufacturer they have to put something out that doesn't just blend in and ultimately overridden by the new EPIC or M1 etc , I guess this is what happens to golf manufacturers whom aren't at the top.. marketing rather than something simple that works. And straightness and distance are words golfers hear with every new club brought out, strike is still the king
kristopher sørensen
kristopher sørensen - 4 years ago
Have Pete trying The driver. The Low spin Would suit him nicely
Randsurfer - 4 years ago
Those don't look like dimples. They look like bumps. Dimples go in. Bumps go out.
golfboy1989 - 4 years ago
Rick, in fairness to Groove, they say this driver reduces 'sidespin' i.e. curvature and by the looks of those shots, despite some being blocked and/or pulled, the ball curved very little. I think you should have been testing their claim of less sidespin, and not how on target the ball finished up. GC2 has the sidespin number - maybe a heads up against your current driver simply assessing which produces less sidespin on average??
Si Rasputin
Si Rasputin - 4 years ago
Whatever you say Rick, that is a very low spinning driver. If you had that in a 10.5 head it might have been very good for you
Sean Regnier
Sean Regnier - 4 years ago
Do grooves really matter that much on a driver? Hell some clubs don't have grooves on the "sweet spot." I bet it matters more with wedges than anything.
K4crasher - 4 years ago
Nice review Rick. The sort of thing you would expect to find in  Bryson DeChambeaus bag. Good distance, not always in the right direction.
vleeflo1 - 4 years ago
3 vertical groove employees disliked this review.
daniel johnson
daniel johnson - 4 years ago
You'd be better off buying a second hand 2016 M2....
Max Avery
Max Avery - 4 years ago
All this new "technology" is all bullshit anyway. Find something that works, that you like and stick with it. End of.
Taper0000 - 4 years ago
Great review Rick :)
Thomas Bornemann
Thomas Bornemann - 4 years ago
vertical grooves are bullshit. they can t work correctly without wings !
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 4 years ago
Love your club reviews Rick; informative and entertaining.
I like the look of this driver but would be unlikely to buy it unless a club fitting session said it was the one I needed.
wedgtable - 4 years ago
Lead balloon Rick
TheMTurner2011 - 4 years ago
Thats no slice. ill teach you how to slice a driver lol.
spocktra50 - 4 years ago
Nice work Rick.Not sure Groove will give you next years offering to test.Honesty prevails.
Gary Sherwin
Gary Sherwin - 4 years ago
"40% straighter"
"reduces side spin"

First drive; 46 yards right
Rickoh75 - 4 years ago
Honest straight up test, thanks Rick.
e36325is - 4 years ago
"A slice for me is not easy for me to do." I wish I could say that! Ha
Cody Brant
Cody Brant - 4 years ago
e36325is try changing your shaft?
Marcelle Bosse
Marcelle Bosse - 4 years ago
same here
i can slice all day long!
Gruffalo Speed
Gruffalo Speed - 4 years ago
Top info Rick
Will iam
Will iam - 4 years ago
Your numbers looked really good on that, not sure why you were so negative
Ryan Gallegos
Ryan Gallegos - 4 years ago
He doesn't like it cuz it doesn't say Callaway or taylormade on it. 300 plus on most of his drives. Vertical grove theory is a joke.
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 4 years ago
If u have a look u will find Rick's average ball speed with nike covert 2 driver was same as the m2 . Lighter has its limits . To me the big Bertha drivers are the worst. I never get good feel off them and my go to is a bit older R1 .
Compilation King
Compilation King - 4 years ago
Rodney Hickman I guess you have never heard of aero dynamics or the weight of a club head? Hence why so many companies use carbon.
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 4 years ago
Compilation King that's not true at all . there is a limit on how much ball speed a driver can have . only other factors is spin . since there are lots of low spin drivers it's just not factual. m2 is not 2 clubs longer. it's half a club longer than what I currently hit . the only changes being made in drivers is getting max ball speed across a greater portion of the club face .
Compilation King
Compilation King - 4 years ago
Rodney Hickman those companies are correct though. Callaway is claiming the epic is their longest, is it? Of course it is. The m2 irons claimed they went x amount of clubs longer with height. Do they? Yes. They lofts were extreme but they were true to their word
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 4 years ago
+Compilation King just like a company who says this is our longest driver ever or these irons are 2 clubs longer ?
MrChittyChad - 4 years ago
+Compilation King with a driver and this video, I agree with him saying that the grooves mean nothing, that's why most drivers don't have grooves on the face. Grooves to me only add a "grabbing" point for the ball when it is compressed.
Compilation King
Compilation King - 4 years ago
Rodney Hickman this claim is ignorant. Vertical grooves would make it spin more
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 4 years ago
chittychad18 any different from marketing from any other company ?
Will iam
Will iam - 4 years ago
Get rid of all the noise from what the company says, and that driver still performed very well for him
MrChittyChad - 4 years ago
Will iam because he was talking about how it's him creating the path, not the grooves. it's giving him decent yardage but what they say those grooves do, is just poor marketing bull.
Compilation King
Compilation King - 4 years ago
Will iam Because the company said it will make you hit it straighter which is complete Bs
Michael Kankaew
Michael Kankaew - 4 years ago
Rick...Look again on the weight...Doesn't it say 14 on it? :)
Chris K
Chris K - 4 years ago
can someone look at 6:04. 1.6 deg in to out, with 1.6 open face. How did that draw so much? Should that not have gone 1.6deg straight to the right with no fade/draw at all? Seems fishy to me. Ratcheting on the club face maybe?
greg rose
greg rose - 4 years ago
Chris K numbers are calculated not always exact, he also probably hit it on the toe and gear affect takes over.
Mr. Bob Gray
Mr. Bob Gray - 4 years ago
Sean Regnier hmm.. dunno hopefully an expert can weigh in and help solve the mystery. Because I have no idea.
Sean Regnier
Sean Regnier - 4 years ago
Toe Strike?
Mr. Bob Gray
Mr. Bob Gray - 4 years ago
Chris K It would depend on how accurately the club face is ACTUALLY being measured. Let's say that's off by a few degrees.. it's possible. As good as those GC machines are I doubt they are flawless.
bradley russell
bradley russell - 4 years ago
wouldn't the ball be the arrow? the club would be the bow.
John Zelenjak
John Zelenjak - 4 years ago
Dropped out of the sky like a dead duck.
Greg Williams
Greg Williams - 4 years ago
I had a feeling this was all about the marketing blurb and you have just confirmed it. Well done to them for making a decent driver with their first product but leave off the outlandish claims, it is a major turn off for me as a consumer. Well done Rick, nice review and nice slice
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Spot on Greg! I do like the driver and the numbers were very impressive. But crazy claims are hard to swallow.
Anthony Alfano
Anthony Alfano - 4 years ago
While I agree with you on hooking and slicing, I wonder what it will do on off-center hits, given a decent swing path and face angle. Cheers, Rick!
b10rain - 4 years ago
rick is misunderstanding their concept. it's pretty funny to watch him struggle with it. the vertical grooves will have less backspin then horizontal ones, period. but what the driver is saying is that the vertical grooves, which rick hit on saying "wouldn't they introduce more side spin?", are probably cut at a slight angle on one side of the face and another on the other, giving OFF-CENTER strikes LESS sidespin, due to the way the grooves are cut (compared to no helping vertical grooves on normal driver face).
So they can technically claim 40% straighter, because their only taking about specific hits but because of marketing they don't have to specify this leaving Mr. Shiels confused. Stats are not always what they seem and can be manipulated or just such an isolated range that you can get the number you want and then throw it on the box.
Carpetbaggers abound brah...
C - MAC - 4 years ago
Look up Killer Bee Golf B-Sting driver from 2006. Not new technology.
Aaron Schiro
Aaron Schiro - 4 years ago
C - MAC definitely alot diffrent then the killer bee
Jake Ball
Jake Ball - 4 years ago
I appreciate the honesty Rick but where has all this honesty been in other reviews ? Just seems because it's not such a big brand you have decided to criticise them a lot more than taylormade, cobra in recent times?
Compilation King
Compilation King - 4 years ago
Jake Ball because Taylormade and cobra make better clubs
geddstock - 4 years ago
Jake Ball ? What are talking about?
TheDJdragonflame - 4 years ago
Loving the beard, not really sold on the driver. If I want a forgiving driver I can go for so many others. The only thing that could bring me around would be the price.
kvgolfa - 4 years ago
Surprising it's so low spin. Most of these types of clubs marketed to hackers are spin machines
higgins340s - 4 years ago
talk about knocking off a grenade in colours and style
Irish Life
Irish Life - 4 years ago
Are you going to do a review on the new callaway wedges ??
Irish Life
Irish Life - 4 years ago
And taylormade wedges
Chris Embardino
Chris Embardino - 4 years ago
Interesting results. Seems like it spins as low as any driver you can get these days, but it's wildly inaccurate when it comes to mishits- if the vertical grooves do anything in this test, it's negate the gear effect that most drivers tend to give you. You didn't miss any too badly, but nothing was consistent. Rick, I don't think i've ever seen you fade a ball so much - outside of the BTech review. Generally a hit toward the toe will come back via gear effect, but these seem like they just go. I think one thing the vertical grooves do well is lower backspin... Since spin is a product of friction, the vertical grooves reduce the surface area that the ball is in contact with and without grabbing the cover of the golf ball, therefore imparting less backspin so in that, it probably is pretty good.

As always, great review from Rick and really deals with some good points.
Patrick Cooper
Patrick Cooper - 4 years ago
Are you sponsored by Nike now?
Patrick Cooper
Patrick Cooper - 4 years ago
Lol. Love the videos man. Thanks for the response
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
How could you tell?
Johan Linnebjerg Christensen
Johan Linnebjerg Christensen - 4 years ago
Hey Rick :) Have you ever been at Mar menor golf resort? I'm gonna go there in a week :D
danny whitelaw mx
danny whitelaw mx - 4 years ago
Good honest review , could quite easily of been bias due to the fact that the technology is completely different but nice to see it isn't all it seems
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
I just can't see how the grooves make any difference. But I went in open minded to be convinced otherwise.
gc444 - 4 years ago
As always honest and real results, thanks Rick.
Garf-ZigZagGolf UK
Garf-ZigZagGolf UK - 4 years ago
Cracking stuff again Rick. Always value your reviews
Sean McGuinness
Sean McGuinness - 4 years ago
If anything I would think the vertical grooves would punish your strikes. If you aren't on the center the vertical grooves could cause side spin and even amplify your fade into a straight hook. BTW Grooves definitely have ZERO impact on the trajectory. Go hit a Krank driver! They don't have ANY grooves! I had one and hit it just as straight as any driver! ADDING grooves could have a serious effect, but on a driver its always the indian and not the arrow! Not the grooves! This club is a gimmick!
Scott Hodson
Scott Hodson - 4 years ago
Fair play to VGG for handing you the club to review. That seems to spin so much less than anything you've tested. It might help those who struggle with high spin numbers. Good honest review as always Rick
Steven Doswell
Steven Doswell - 4 years ago
Surely they are not saying it's a 40% improvement in direction. They must be saying it's going to reduce side spin. Can't see how this tech will really work though
Marcus Crow
Marcus Crow - 4 years ago
I need single length vertical grove irons. I agree it seems like the grooves would stop back spin more than side spin.
alex lundqvist
alex lundqvist - 4 years ago
Have rob potter or someone that spins the driver to much test this driver
Woden of the Angles
Woden of the Angles - 4 years ago
I spin the bejeezus out of my shots. Its all about shaft for me, not so much orientation of grooves..
poe's ReLiC
poe's ReLiC - 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure the company that made that driver new they were selling bullshit! But they are banking on the retards that will still buy it , so they gave it to Rick to "test" because at least they will get more eyes on it to sell their bullshit......disgusted!
Rj Beck
Rj Beck - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, I really enjoy your videos, but I got the feeling you treated this review as a gimmick. We all should be incredibly excited and thankful to see other companies getting into the golf game.

All companies tout something, such as m2 irons being longer (yes with jacked up cheating lofts)

I think you missed a major point here, that TM did correctly with the m2 irons. It's a confidence thing.

Now to mention that "we all know why John Daly" uses it or to whatever effect you said. That comes off very condescending and that lead into this whole video debunking an upstart as a gimmick. John Daly clearly already said he gets a royalty on sales. Now we can say the same for the reason you're wearing anything you wear or any certain clubs you use in your bag?

Please keep your opinions quiet and stick to the numbers.
Rj Beck
Rj Beck - 4 years ago
Tom Cooke looked more to me like Rick couldn't hit a ball straight lol
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
The numbers were just as bad as the wild marketing claims. If you don't want opinions, don't watch reviews.
barhug111 - 4 years ago
Cheap and Nasty looking. Best to just buy a good quality used Driver!
Kyle :p
Kyle :p - 4 years ago
"Rick Shiels but every time he says Vertical Grooves it speds up 5%"
You just wasted your time Reading this long name
You just wasted your time Reading this long name - 4 years ago
Kyle :p yes
Robert Nava
Robert Nava - 4 years ago
Great review. I do wonder about how much manufacturers can change tech. The rules are so restrictive that it will take unique thoughts to move forward.
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 4 years ago
Good luck to the company but can't see this selling at all
Willm Vlogs
Willm Vlogs - 4 years ago
love this channel - will handicap16 11 yrs
Cace Smith
Cace Smith - 4 years ago
Love the honest feedback Rick. You nailed it dead on. Gimmicky marketing hype will do absolutely nothing to fix your miss. Go get fit for a driver then invest in some lessons to help fix the real issues in your swing.
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 4 years ago
How much ?....?..
Kenneth Span
Kenneth Span - 4 years ago
Where can I get one?
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 4 years ago
Rick can I have that king cobra bag in background please
Jean Forget
Jean Forget - 4 years ago
Not surprising result. and in term of story I prefer the Grenade driver to this . But for now I will stick to my Ping.  Thank you Rick for this.
Jean Forget
Jean Forget - 4 years ago
Absulutly agree .
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Driver seem to need stories now to be recognised
R C - 4 years ago
Like a dead duck
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Ha I didn't want to bring in the dead duck comment. Its not PG
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 4 years ago
Wait for the "no such thing as side spin" comments.
Harambe - 4 years ago
Tom Cooke There is no such thing as side spin, it's the backspin and the axis it is tilted at.
Ruud Schrijvers
Ruud Schrijvers - 4 years ago
Great, but most of all, very honest review!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Thats me!
Jaime Rivera jr
Jaime Rivera jr - 4 years ago
Thanks for the honest feedback. I'm sure this company won't be happy, I'll keep my m1 in the bag what are your thoughts about Ben hogan problems and claiming bankruptcy ? Is it the end of Ben hogan co? Why did you stop playing the hogans?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
I'm gutted really
Robert Urban
Robert Urban - 4 years ago
crazy low spin! If you could get one with more loft you may find a fly machine.
timboslice181995 - 4 years ago
Snapchat and Instagram squad, I think it's a big gimmick guy at my course bought one and I purposely hit a slice and that debunked the straighter theory real quidk
Noland Ryan
Noland Ryan - 4 years ago
Looks like one of those heavy ass BIG 5 drivers
David Ciccoritti
David Ciccoritti - 4 years ago
Only Rick can hook the unhookable driver :-)
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
and slice......
LethalSneakers - 4 years ago
Ly rick
Shippey 1970
Shippey 1970 - 4 years ago
It looks so tacky.
Paul Gerencher
Paul Gerencher - 4 years ago
You had 0 side spin!!! On that 1700rpm shot.
Jordan Rutherford
Jordan Rutherford - 4 years ago
and on the theory that he used on most of the other shots... the face was 3.2 degrees open, much like the bad shots. I dont know anything about the vertical groove technology, was curious when i saw the title, and im also sceptical... but you can't say that its only swing path and point out that you left the face open, and in the same test say that although it was still way open, the grooves made no difference on one with 0 side spin... seems a little unfair to the manufacturer to do that
Daesoon Kim
Daesoon Kim - 4 years ago
Paul Gerencher
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
That one was very straight
Eoin Dineen
Eoin Dineen - 4 years ago
I'm not here from Instagram, I just spam refresh until a new Rick video comes out.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Thanks Eoin!
Maria Dyke
Maria Dyke - 4 years ago
they must have give Daily free booze and fags
Maria Dyke
Maria Dyke - 4 years ago
+Curly Pubes you're american, you are using our language we know it better than you.
Maria Dyke
Maria Dyke - 4 years ago
+Curly Pubes what you talking about? Spelt is correct grammer
GahDub - 4 years ago
Maria Dyke ...just joking around...peace! ✌
Maria Dyke
Maria Dyke - 4 years ago
Dunno why i spelt Daly like that
GahDub - 4 years ago
Who? When? Have what?
Jason Hughes
Jason Hughes - 4 years ago
Maria Dyke ha!! Brilliant
Kelsey Symons
Kelsey Symons - 4 years ago
From IG Live
Steven Mayer
Steven Mayer - 4 years ago
Instagram live mate as requested
Brandon Nassar
Brandon Nassar - 4 years ago
Came from Instagram live
Patrick Farson
Patrick Farson - 4 years ago
Came from instagram live
Tom Fennah
Tom Fennah - 4 years ago
Insta squad shoutout pls tom.fxnn great content keep it up ⛳️⛳️⛳️
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 4 years ago
Thanks Tom!
Steven Owens
Steven Owens - 4 years ago
Insta live!!!
Thomas Wenk
Thomas Wenk - 4 years ago
IG live
Robbie Fitchford
Robbie Fitchford - 4 years ago
From ig live
Brian Banks
Brian Banks - 4 years ago
Came from instagram live
Dylan Carton
Dylan Carton - 4 years ago
From Instagram live
Johannes Granström
Johannes Granström - 4 years ago
IG Live crew
Angus Webber
Angus Webber - 4 years ago
Here from the live video on ig!!!
TomOLeary7 - 4 years ago
Hi from instagram live
Robert Urban
Robert Urban - 4 years ago
from instagram live
Jayden Soedirdja
Jayden Soedirdja - 4 years ago
From live vid

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