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PING G400 DRIVER - MID HANDICAP TESTING sentiment_very_dissatisfied 29

Drivers 3 years ago 55,108 views

PING G400 DRIVER - MID HANDICAP TESTING ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Charles Rohl
Charles Rohl - 3 years ago
Anxious to see what Rob does w/the new g400 max !
Zack Gieszler
Zack Gieszler - 3 years ago
Great driver. Great video as always Rick!
George Cassels
George Cassels - 3 years ago
I actually went in to look at the Epic, Rogue and M4 today. The pro told me I should try the G400 SFT. I am a 16 handicap and most of my trouble I get into is off the tee. I found exactly what Rob found in that I was way more accurate with this driver. Think I may own it soon.
Mark Blair
Mark Blair - 3 years ago
Would a softer shat suit Rob better than the tour shaft?
Joe Bag
Joe Bag - 3 years ago
I’m having great luck with this driver.
Tim MacIvor
Tim MacIvor - 3 years ago
Very interesting review. Will be interested to see how this rates against the Max version
Eric Ganster
Eric Ganster - 3 years ago
I like that it's so forgiving even with a smaller head.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - 3 years ago
I bought the SF tec version in 12 degree a few weeks ago. IMO the most consistent driver on distance and dispersion I've ever owned.
William Jones
William Jones - 3 years ago
Rick, I love this mid capper review, I love the driver as well!


Stan Thomas
Stan Thomas - 3 years ago
Would the stock stiff instead of the Tour stiff offered Rob even better performance.............seems like a fairly stout  shaft for 91 mph clubbed speed
Lance Lufkin
Lance Lufkin - 3 years ago
I love Rob.
Chad Moller
Chad Moller - 3 years ago
Leaving a comment!
Hack to Scratch golf
Hack to Scratch golf - 3 years ago
Rick I’ve seen some stuff about an average golfer.

Some say the average golfer is a 12 and hits s 7 iron 170

Some say the average golfer shoots 100 and hits a 7 iron 140.

Rick which one is average
Bon Scott rocks
Bon Scott rocks - 3 years ago
Hack to Scratch golf
Funny, but so true, I'm an average golfer, depending on the course about an 18 Handi-cap my 7 iron, goes anywhere from 140 to 160, but i agree the average golfer hits about 100 and 140ish...
David Abrial
David Abrial - 3 years ago
Nice review for a nice driver that will comfortably drive your ball to the right place for the next shot.
Jensen Lung
Jensen Lung - 3 years ago
Hoping Santa Rick leaves a new hammer in my bag!!!
Andy Greenwald
Andy Greenwald - 3 years ago
Really love these videos for mid level handicaps
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino - 3 years ago
Great videos. Very useful to use Rob since he ihas a similar game to mine. Extremely relevant
Warren Hardy
Warren Hardy - 3 years ago
very consistent numbers, not a bad sound for ping indoors
sam melham
sam melham - 3 years ago
Hey Rick big fan from Australia, keep up the good work, I love the vlogs with Pete


Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn - 3 years ago
Has rob lost yardage? i always remember him hitting drivers around 240-50 in the psat.
martyn holding
martyn holding - 3 years ago
Just watched this review and the same lad reviewing the ping g and he actually hits the ping g an average of 25 yards further. Watched ricks reviews of both clubs to compare and he hit the ping g and average of 15 yards further than the g400... so where's the improvement ? I use the ping g and only did the compare as I was interested in getting the g400 but think my money will be staying in my pocket
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards - 3 years ago
Tryed the g400 driver and loved the way it feels
Ryan Glahs
Ryan Glahs - 3 years ago
Loving the G400, but it would take a lot to take the F7 out of my bag
Molton Wolf
Molton Wolf - 3 years ago
It’s another review by Rob and I like it. Clubs tested by mere mortals with realistic results keep it up!
David Shannon
David Shannon - 3 years ago
nice test
Uriah Lee
Uriah Lee - 3 years ago
We need more rob.
Ted Davies
Ted Davies - 3 years ago
Enjoyed the review of the G400 driver. I purchased a G400 LST in August this year after a trial fitting, but selected the 8.5 degree head dialed down 1 degree, with the standard Ping Regular shaft. Since putting it into my bag (replaced a Mizuno JPX 850 8.5 Stiff), I have been more consistent and have gained between 5 and 10 yards off the tee. Not bad for a 73 year old golfer ( avg index is 7.9).
David Waters
David Waters - 3 years ago
Just made it within the 500. Phew!
Lara Cassell
Lara Cassell - 3 years ago
Please have rob do more driver testing


Shigeharu Shimizu
Shigeharu Shimizu - 3 years ago
I’m in general a fade hitter like Rob. Watching how much G400 helps Rob’s ball flys straightly, I’m kinda interested in G400. Wishing G400 during X’mas give away.
Ells Cross
Ells Cross - 3 years ago
Awesome club rick , rob bought one awesome.
William Bennett
William Bennett - 3 years ago
Love the feel of the G400 but my driver is less than a year old...maybe next year.
jim thomas
jim thomas - 3 years ago
Rob your short game must be crap!
ThomasPaineisback - 3 years ago
Great review. I have the Ping G and as a mid/high handicapped player and would give it the same numbers. WOULD LOVE TO SEE A VIDEO SHOWING US A BRAKE DOWN ON YOUR DRIVE COMPARED TO ROBS. Interested in seen how you get the ball to go much further and try adding it to my game.
Jude Devlin
Jude Devlin - 3 years ago
Can you do a Robs what's in the bag
Antoine Le golfeur
Antoine Le golfeur - 3 years ago
Thks rob
Edward Green
Edward Green - 3 years ago
Love the G400
Victor Perez Jr.
Victor Perez Jr. - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, love the videos you do with Rob but when are you two going to play some rounds of golf.
Matthew Coffey
Matthew Coffey - 3 years ago
Nice driver
dalesmith1982 - 3 years ago
Keep up the good work rob. I like watching you and seeing your mistakes. Not a pro that tries to imitate a bad strike. Keep going, I want to see you get to sub 10.
Craig Miles
Craig Miles - 3 years ago
How did this compare to last year's G that you tested?
Ally Bryce
Ally Bryce - 3 years ago
Good review & look like suits Rob well. May have to give this a test.
James Cline
James Cline - 3 years ago
Glad to have Rob back!
Michael Abbot
Michael Abbot - 3 years ago
welcome to the price is right
Randy Blankenship
Randy Blankenship - 3 years ago
Looking back I would challenge you to look back at how Rob was hitting the Epic driver.
William Lusted
William Lusted - 3 years ago
Brilliant & useful vid as always - love this channel
Andy Pullan
Andy Pullan - 3 years ago
Interesting thoughts
A Shum
A Shum - 3 years ago
Great test. 91mph shouldnt Rob be using a slightlt higher loft with a an SR shaft instead?
William WRIGHT
William WRIGHT - 3 years ago
Love having Rob's test. Keep going like this ... Watching you guys from FRANCE !!!


Malte Hillebrand
Malte Hillebrand - 3 years ago
Great video. Keep up the good work
Beau Potter
Beau Potter - 3 years ago
The bottom of that club is just plain ugly. No hate for people that like it; to each his own. I just don't get it. I'll still hit it though because I will never place looks over performance. Great video guys.
Nick Richardson
Nick Richardson - 3 years ago
Great reviews as always , keep it coming.
TZOID08 - 3 years ago
I think Rob needs a softer shaft and more loft...
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson - 3 years ago
Love Ping drivers!
Henry Tuton
Henry Tuton - 3 years ago
Also I prefer a 440 compared to a 460.
Henry Tuton
Henry Tuton - 3 years ago
I could tell Rob you were getting more ups with that driver and better consistency.
Anthony Zlahtic
Anthony Zlahtic - 3 years ago
Rob/Rick ....great review. I went back and watched Rob's fitting of a TaylorMade 9.5 degree Aeroburner Driver. I had the identical driver with a stiff shaft and hit it roughly as far as Rob. With the Aeroburner, Rob was generating 90 to 93 mph of clubhead speed, 16 degree attack angle, spin rate below 2000 rpm with an average carry distance of 228 yards and 256 total yards. With the 9 degree PING G400 with a tour shaft (stiff?) he generated: 90-93 mph club head speed, 15 degree attack angle, 2098 rpm spin, carry of 215 yards and total carry of 234 yards. I am a 15 handicap that generates about the same club head speed as Rob. I bought the PING G400 SFT, 10 degree and was fitted with the Alta CB55 Stiff shaft and after 5 rounds realized I couldn't hit it to save my life (pushing shots right) and was smacking my head for trading in the Aeroburner. I took the G400 driver back and was refitted with the Alta CB55 Regular shaft....amazing difference in accuracy and distance and am now hitting it 250+ yards and as far as 275 yards. Notable improvement over my Aeroburner in terms of distance and less dispersion. Amazing club!!
Richard Wilkins
Richard Wilkins - 3 years ago
Good to see Rob back, maybe future reviews could show strike locations, to give a better picture regarding spin numbers
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones - 3 years ago
Watching your videos has definitely helped me gain insight on my own game and I️ really appreciate it!
Dank Baller
Dank Baller - 3 years ago
Hey what’s robs handicap anyways, if you have said it I have missed it
Mark - 3 years ago
Love the look of the g400. Will be sticking with my 2016 M2. Its so forgiving.
Douglas Prechtel
Douglas Prechtel - 3 years ago
Rob, you are really swinging well. Impressive improvement
Michael Bowditch
Michael Bowditch - 3 years ago
Really love the look of this driver.
Ben O'Reilly
Ben O'Reilly - 3 years ago
Would really love to try these driver!!!
TopRouder - 3 years ago
Great vid Rick
Paintball Bros.
Paintball Bros. - 3 years ago
How long has he been a mid handicap?
Thomas Beckmann
Thomas Beckmann - 3 years ago
Great review... it's nice to get an idea of what the G400 or Cobra F8 would do for my game.
Aaron Shott
Aaron Shott - 3 years ago
Really appreciate the reviews with Rob
Paul Collins
Paul Collins - 3 years ago
Great reviews as ever, with honest feedback from people who aren't under political pressure to say the right things.
Nick Nick
Nick Nick - 3 years ago
Hey Rick and Great to see the Rob man and thanks for the Christmas giveaway again and keep up the vids en the ping sounds great
HAPPY GOLFER - 3 years ago
The ol Bob Barker Mic. Love it
Ciaran Brown
Ciaran Brown - 3 years ago
Love you're reviews rob!!
Dino Marcantonio
Dino Marcantonio - 3 years ago
Enjoying this series of vids!
Wayne Trunks
Wayne Trunks - 3 years ago
Merry xmas
James Dennington
James Dennington - 3 years ago
Looks and Performs Great! Nice Work Rob! & Rick!
dudefood - 3 years ago
Love watching Rob. His consistency would make him like the best scramble partner ever.
Alan Heseltine
Alan Heseltine - 3 years ago
Well done Rob, Rick like the mid-handicapper reviews
Theonly One
Theonly One - 3 years ago
Love these reviews. Can you have Rob review older drivers to see if they make a difference like the last 5 years of Cobra, Ping, or Taylormade.
David Easton
David Easton - 3 years ago
Excellent review Rick, Rob. Would be interesting to see some wedges reviewed by Rob and see how much do spin rates vary for an average golfer.
J. 4NASH - 3 years ago
I feel like he could get more out of each driver. idk his swing looks weird, idk wat it is but I feel if he changed his bsckswing and paused not even a second but a little more pause he could get the downswing with more power. yea his shots are straight but idk he could get more out of it. I'm smaller then he is and hitting my Nike VFP and M2 16 285-290y
ricky storey
ricky storey - 3 years ago
Gowan lad
David Griffin
David Griffin - 3 years ago
Love the new Ping driver!
Reg Hickin
Reg Hickin - 3 years ago
Put it in the bag Rob
RyanSalery - 3 years ago
Well done Rick and Rob!
Matty Smith
Matty Smith - 3 years ago
Stunning Driver.
This is arctic
This is arctic - 3 years ago
Hey rick
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 3 years ago
I found the same results compared to my Epic not as long but very forgiving and very accurate, depends on my mood and swing which driver I take out! Good honest review as normal from Rob and he’s spot on sounds better on the course.
wayne sands
wayne sands - 3 years ago
Glad to see dobby back on the channel hope to see his HCP plummet this year
Craig Fletcher
Craig Fletcher - 3 years ago
A Good review rob
David - 3 years ago
Good video
Steven Suter
Steven Suter - 3 years ago
Good to see Rob back awesome stuff
grand T
grand T - 3 years ago
Really like the look of the ping, Rob hit it well
Andres Cordovez
Andres Cordovez - 3 years ago
Would love to see this compared to the M2
Bobby Scarboro
Bobby Scarboro - 3 years ago
Rob! Ole potter back at it.
Jay Lucas
Jay Lucas - 3 years ago
Look Potter, Ping did not pull a rabbit out of their hat with this driver sir.
Vance Arthurs
Vance Arthurs - 3 years ago
Another good video Rick!
Jake Dickerson
Jake Dickerson - 3 years ago
What driver does he currently use?
Fang Ben
Fang Ben - 3 years ago
Fairways :)
Paul Harper
Paul Harper - 3 years ago
Very hot face on this club


Mike Ozowski
Mike Ozowski - 3 years ago
Great video Rick. Seriously considering the G400 line for the next metal woods
Gabo Voyer Golf
Gabo Voyer Golf - 3 years ago
i would love to see rob hit this driver with a proper fitting i think he is leaving a good 5 yard on the course
Mike Lee
Mike Lee - 3 years ago
I do look forward to a rob potter driver test
Wayne Harvey
Wayne Harvey - 3 years ago
Hay Rick, great reviews love your vlogs. Can you do some testing for the over 60s. Do you know someone who can test clubs for the older golfer.
Jonathan Croy
Jonathan Croy - 3 years ago
Hello - Merry Christmas!
Mike Hall
Mike Hall - 3 years ago
Never owned a ping driver. will try the g400 alongside the cobra in the new year.
Julian Lamb
Julian Lamb - 3 years ago
Got this SFT version of this driver for Christmas, can't wait to try it out!
Paul Scott
Paul Scott - 3 years ago
Great review as always Rob
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
Cool review!!!!!
Neil Burley
Neil Burley - 3 years ago
Good review
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 3 years ago
Hi rick. Another great video.
omegajason - 3 years ago
I'm curious to see which one Rob bags. I've just starting playing golf, and my swing is still a work in progress, but I have the g400 in my bag, and its my most consistent and forgiving club I hit.
Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas - 3 years ago
Vito Rizzo
Vito Rizzo - 3 years ago
Never liked Ping, love the tests though
Andrew Linduschka
Andrew Linduschka - 3 years ago
Hohoho Santa Shiels
Maxolas 8877
Maxolas 8877 - 3 years ago
Great vid!!!
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 3 years ago
Not fit for rob..10-12 regular shaft would be much better
Glenn Burnett
Glenn Burnett - 3 years ago
I would have liked to see the numbers.
walter Boyle
walter Boyle - 3 years ago
Rick....surely with that sort of swing speed the Ping Tour shaft in Stiff is probably not the one for Rob? Would the Regular flex shaft not been more appropriate?
Steven Carrier
Steven Carrier - 3 years ago
walter Boyle swing speed isn’t always the determining factor with shaft. And I would think his quick transition would be the reason he is in stiff flex. But again I think shaft is a testing process.
Adam Tuck
Adam Tuck - 3 years ago
Fantastic club is rob hinting to the missus for a new Xmas driver
Bas Hoedemakers
Bas Hoedemakers - 3 years ago
Nice to Rob back. Love this series the best on this channel!
Lonnie Stefaniuk
Lonnie Stefaniuk - 3 years ago
Thanks Rob and Rick great review
Bob Murphy
Bob Murphy - 3 years ago
Love to see Rob review clubs! I can relate to him.
Maxime Lapierre
Maxime Lapierre - 3 years ago
Way to go Dobby!!!
Rob Greener
Rob Greener - 3 years ago
Welcome back Rob - always enjoy your reviews
blair simpson
blair simpson - 3 years ago
Dan B
Dan B - 3 years ago
Nice review.
Iestyn Morgan
Iestyn Morgan - 3 years ago
Anthony Elliott
Anthony Elliott - 3 years ago
Is Rob getting his own channel?
Ruud Schrijvers
Ruud Schrijvers - 3 years ago
This video shows - once again - the importance for a fitting session. A driver may look great but if all your shots are going to the right it’s better to look further. Amazing to see how much straighter Rob has hit the Ping.
David Clark
David Clark - 3 years ago
Great to have Rob doing the testing again
keith hacker
keith hacker - 3 years ago
Another good dobby test, I would of liked to see Robs strike locations on the face for all the clubs tested. I game the ping g driver, the 400 is tempting,
Sean Uryu
Sean Uryu - 3 years ago
Great video Rick and rob!
Jason Willetts
Jason Willetts - 3 years ago
Looks nice but theres along nicer looking one out there
james cuff
james cuff - 3 years ago
Another brilliant review
jlzumwalt1 - 3 years ago
I just hit this club and felt it was fantastic!!!!!! My first drive was 300 yards on the dot...!
kit burns
kit burns - 3 years ago
Nice results, looks good
Dave Kocur
Dave Kocur - 3 years ago
Sweet Driver, Bag it!
Joe Perez
Joe Perez - 3 years ago
Did you ever test and review the SFT model? I saw your videos for the Standard and LST versions. Every golf vlogger I subscribe to I've seen testing the standard and LST models, which is understandable since you are all highly skilled players who don't need the help releasing the head that the SFT model may provide. But there are a lot of viewers who are recreational golfers who might be interested in the "help" the SFT may provide. I wonder how much someone like you could actually feel the draw-biased weight in the SFT helping to turn the head over.
DB George
DB George - 3 years ago
Great job Rob, that is a nice looking club!
smtex25 - 3 years ago
I need to try one
Duffy Moon
Duffy Moon - 3 years ago
Bag it Rob.
Craig Yelland
Craig Yelland - 3 years ago
In the market for a new driver so these tests are very timely.
Matt bailey
Matt bailey - 3 years ago
Ronald Richardson
Ronald Richardson - 3 years ago
I love the 440 heads
Thomas Kuhn
Thomas Kuhn - 3 years ago
I have the feeling that the G400 in 9* loft with the Ping Tour shaft in S flex is not exactly the best combination for Rob's swing. I don't think that if Ping were to custom fit him that he would come back with that combination, so what is this test actually showing us?
Ulrich Bohmer
Ulrich Bohmer - 3 years ago
Another awesome video Rick
Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson - 3 years ago
Great vid nice to see rob back
Roland Clayton
Roland Clayton - 3 years ago
A nice steady driver, a definite contender to replace my G25.
James Trichter
James Trichter - 3 years ago
Great video, I am sure you have done all the testing with rob on flex but why is he not using a regular flex given his club head speed?
Swing looked smooth rob.
Matthew Harding
Matthew Harding - 3 years ago
Love seeing the average golfer reviews Rick. With all due respect to yourself, it's difficult to gauge the performance of a club for the average golfer when you have a repeatable swing. I'd love to bag the G400, currently gaming the G. Not that I'd do any better with the G400! Shocking driving at the moment!
Stuart Baran
Stuart Baran - 3 years ago
Impressed with Robs consistency with the Ping, good to see him back. You both make a great team. Keep up the good work.
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson - 3 years ago
Love the rob reviews. He sounds so excited about trying out new clubs!
Donald Mock
Donald Mock - 3 years ago
I like the Mid Handicap reviews.
HallaN - 3 years ago
Great review, keep it up!
JazzyS 88
JazzyS 88 - 3 years ago
Go CrashtestDobbie!!
Lance Maclean Golf
Lance Maclean Golf - 3 years ago
Welcome back Rob. I hope you test the Titleist driver
Steve Cernuto
Steve Cernuto - 3 years ago
Loved it when I tested it
Norman Russell
Norman Russell - 3 years ago
Nice review Rob. Pretty straight and decent spin numbers. Keep up the good work.
Michael Morris
Michael Morris - 3 years ago
Savage stuff
Mike Ferrannini
Mike Ferrannini - 3 years ago
This was a very consistent club for Rob
short game skills
short game skills - 3 years ago
i liked
Tyler Egan
Tyler Egan - 3 years ago
Love the look of this driver! Good to see dobby back
short game skills
short game skills - 3 years ago
rick can you make an intro please
Frank Lilley
Frank Lilley - 3 years ago
Okay . . . I've been going back and forth but now . . . I WANT A PING G400 DRIVER!!
Mark Kirk
Mark Kirk - 3 years ago
A great Ping driver
darrel schulz
darrel schulz - 3 years ago
Great review guys..
Caolan Scully
Caolan Scully - 3 years ago
Great video for all mid handicappers. I'd like to see rob do the 5 year driver test
TDM170 - 3 years ago
Great video! Rob should put it in the bag
Darren Hayes
Darren Hayes - 3 years ago
How does it compare to the Ping G?
Reuben Capstick
Reuben Capstick - 3 years ago
Great work you guys! Keep it Up!
MaadenYO - 3 years ago
Good review guys
willo283 - 3 years ago
Rob's smashing it and Ricks maths is Harry Rendous.
Martin Lindgren
Martin Lindgren - 3 years ago
Dem special prizes!
Chris Murray
Chris Murray - 3 years ago
Good job Rob
Dennis Lehmann
Dennis Lehmann - 3 years ago
Great Video Rick ! Like theese type of reviews- gives a Great idea which Clubs to consider:) thumbs up
Stuart Longair
Stuart Longair - 3 years ago
Good steady performance and very encouraging in terms of desperation.
Mark Hibbert
Mark Hibbert - 3 years ago
Great review, how does it compare to your current driver?
Alain Porter
Alain Porter - 3 years ago
Always enjoy Robs reviews.
Hayden Pasacreta
Hayden Pasacreta - 3 years ago
Great driver!
Alan Irvine
Alan Irvine - 3 years ago
I've admired the G400 from afar, this video may have persuaded me to go get one
Gary Tailby
Gary Tailby - 3 years ago
Has he put in his bag ?
Francesco Borsotti
Francesco Borsotti - 3 years ago
Very useful test. Thank you Rick and Rob. I’d like to see how the G400 stands towards the M2 and the Callaway drivers. I’m in the process of changing my old Ping driver...
TPHartley999 - 3 years ago
Great review Rick and Rob
Larry Corum
Larry Corum - 3 years ago
Thanks for the program gentlemen.
David Ward
David Ward - 3 years ago
God rest dobbie
Graeme Cooper
Graeme Cooper - 3 years ago
Something to add to the testing list for next year.
Billy Commons
Billy Commons - 3 years ago
Ping G was a great driver, just seems to be improving for the average golfer. Can you do a course vlog with Rob and review the round where the average golfer loses strokes?
Marceau Duchene
Marceau Duchene - 3 years ago
Great stuff Rick!!
정지원 - 3 years ago
I just purchased this driver and love it. Better than anything else on the market right now.
M Hay
M Hay - 3 years ago
Great Vid. Well done
Scott chalk
Scott chalk - 3 years ago
Great looking driver performed brilliantly,will rob be testing the new mizuno driver
David Churcher
David Churcher - 3 years ago
Glad Rob is back.
matthew cooper
matthew cooper - 3 years ago
I bought this club earlier on in the season and I love it it has changed the way I drive the ball , it comes down to confidence I think . I feel so confident when I place the club behind the ball. I've gone from driving 225 yards to 250-270 . Because I feel I can really let rip with it . Bagel it rob you won't be disappointed .
Adam Mazur
Adam Mazur - 3 years ago
great to see Rob back! g400 feels superb.
Michael Martin
Michael Martin - 3 years ago
Great review...glad to see Rob back!
Ryan White
Ryan White - 3 years ago
Good to have Rob back. You know you wanna join the rest of us Ping heads. Bag it.
Jeffrey Love
Jeffrey Love - 3 years ago
Is there a reason why Rob plays a stiff shaft? Wouldn't he benefit by gaming a regular flex shaft? His swing speed is relatively low at 91 MPH. Interested to hear your thoughts Rick. Thank you.
Adam Seidel
Adam Seidel - 3 years ago
I'm much more of a fan of the g look
Grant Morgan
Grant Morgan - 3 years ago
Nice video
Tyler Barone
Tyler Barone - 3 years ago
Love the videos!
A.J. Rosati
A.J. Rosati - 3 years ago
Love this driver and love having Rob back on the channel
Leo Gershow
Leo Gershow - 3 years ago
Hey what’s in Rob’s bag lately? Great test
Mike Pruitt
Mike Pruitt - 3 years ago
Let's get it Robbo!!!
Jesse Jeffries
Jesse Jeffries - 3 years ago
Ricks math is always off. I've noticed it in other videos as well. Lol
Stephens4 - 3 years ago
Great test Rob!!
Craig wall
Craig wall - 3 years ago
Nice to see Rob back always enjoy his honest feedback
Glenn Norman
Glenn Norman - 3 years ago
Clayton Peirens
Clayton Peirens - 3 years ago
Love my G400. Were you using a shaft that suits Rob's swing?
Thomas Hensley
Thomas Hensley - 3 years ago
I enjoy watching rob hit and talk anout the latest gear
Craig Ryall
Craig Ryall - 3 years ago
Impressive club and accuracy by Rob!
josh abrams
josh abrams - 3 years ago
love the channel rick!
Randy Mahony
Randy Mahony - 3 years ago
I love the look of the G 400. Rob have you ever hit the epic star driver and was the Srixon z the longest driver you ever hit. Cheers.
Matt Gomez
Matt Gomez - 3 years ago
Love Rob’s reviews. I have been eyeing this driver since it was introduced. I’m currently gaming the G30. I like the idea of a compact head.
Ronald Irwin
Ronald Irwin - 3 years ago
Need a review of the C300 and the Rogue draw version gents!
Gus Weyand
Gus Weyand - 3 years ago
Did he just ask smash or pass before he hit it!
Dwayne Meyers
Dwayne Meyers - 3 years ago
Rob is hitting good,I enjoy watching him hit and comment.
Pat Cleary
Pat Cleary - 3 years ago
nice review
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder - 3 years ago
Great to see Rob back!
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 3 years ago
Great review as always Rob! I’m not in the market for a new driver but if I was, I’d be hard pressed to find a better driver than the G400. Looks beautiful, sounds great (esp compared to G & G30...I HATE hitting @ the range next to someone w/ one of those obnoxiously loud clubs), and performs beautifully.
Brad Smithburg
Brad Smithburg - 3 years ago
Test some taylormade balls and irons
Len Frandsen
Len Frandsen - 3 years ago
love Rob's testing videos!
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 3 years ago
Hey Rob!
Kevin Gallemroe
Kevin Gallemroe - 3 years ago
Would love a prize!,
Rob Biles
Rob Biles - 3 years ago
Always have liked the look of this driver and if Rob's happy with it I might have to bite the bullet and go and get fit for it. Thanks Rob, Oh and Pete.
Michael Volz
Michael Volz - 3 years ago
After seeing Rob I am feeling like this is my first new driver. Looks so nice
Luke H
Luke H - 3 years ago
Great video Rick
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 3 years ago
R &R? Do you notice swing speed changes from driver to driver,,and if Not are carry distances equal? I'm 98 (100 max if been drinking on course)
Obsession K34
Obsession K34 - 3 years ago
Love the videos but what's up with the mic but I don't care for the smaller head pings drivers this year
Peter Maxey
Peter Maxey - 3 years ago
Man I wish I wasn't poor, that would be 1st on my list to get fitted for.
Bryan Highland
Bryan Highland - 3 years ago
Great vid
Ornby1 - 3 years ago
Nice to see Rob back ....the hand held mic reminds me of a game show host ...
Phillip Maneval
Phillip Maneval - 3 years ago
put me in coach
Craig Evans
Craig Evans - 3 years ago
Great review from Rob.
J Tonne
J Tonne - 3 years ago
I would be interested to see Rob test various three woods off the tee to compare driving distances versus the drivers tested.
Alan Martins
Alan Martins - 3 years ago
Welcome back Rob.
Horror Fanatic
Horror Fanatic - 3 years ago
I would love to see rob get out on the course with you and the gang. Pete carter etc...
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker - 3 years ago
Love watching the average Joe of golfers
David Q
David Q - 3 years ago
I bought the LST model and it's like hitting bullets. Very pleased.
Emery Cole
Emery Cole - 3 years ago
I purchased the 9.5 G400 to replace a PING Rapture 10.5 and dropped it down to 8.5 and am hitting my longest drives ever,@260+ as a mid handy. So I got the 3 and now 5! I play Ping i3-0 irons and have dropped the 1,2 & 3 irons (getting older) and my game is getting more consistant. I hit the driver ovcasionally off the ground with good results knowing it will fade. Awesome clubs and will update irons in the spring!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 3 years ago
I want one
Sodthong - 3 years ago
All drivers go the same distance, give or take a few yards...
Thomas cox
Thomas cox - 3 years ago
Love Robs reviews, keep them coming, would like to see single length and some wedges
Brenden Cobb
Brenden Cobb - 3 years ago
Buy the Ping Rob!
Scott Hirschausen
Scott Hirschausen - 3 years ago
another testimony to the quality of ping
jeppe Siggaard
jeppe Siggaard - 3 years ago
Jeff Shawver
Jeff Shawver - 3 years ago
Winner winner chicken dinner Mr. Potter! Love these videos!
Eric Ganster
Eric Ganster - 3 years ago
looks like a awesome club keep up the good work you guys still want the new f8 however!
Gordon Vance
Gordon Vance - 3 years ago
Great insight for all us average golfers. Greta work Rick and Rob
Ben Storey
Ben Storey - 3 years ago
Thanks for the input Rob. It's nice to see an average golfers perspective on clubs.
ibassham - 3 years ago
Great content, Rick
1414dustin - 3 years ago
Another quality testing
lambert1702 - 3 years ago
Also enjoy Rob's videos, keep them coming!
Nigel Day
Nigel Day - 3 years ago
Great review, good to see Rob back testing these clubs
James Siva
James Siva - 3 years ago
Robs the man!!
NW H - 3 years ago
Alright, cool deal.
Ross Gillibrand
Ross Gillibrand - 3 years ago
MrAldo20 - 3 years ago
Bag it Rob!
Michael Obe
Michael Obe - 3 years ago
Def in my top to test this winter! Thanks Boyz!!
mr2uinitio - 3 years ago
Really enjoy watching Rob’s reviews. Glad to see him back!
Charles Nemetz
Charles Nemetz - 3 years ago
Always enjoy the testing!!
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
it looks really nice but then i just think it looks like they stuck speed bumps on top, dont think i can get past that damm shame,great test rob great video rick look forward to the next test.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker - 3 years ago
I might have to go and have a go myself
Raymond Yadusky
Raymond Yadusky - 3 years ago
Nice test!
Tommy Marino
Tommy Marino - 3 years ago
Rob’s living the life
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart - 3 years ago
Love the vids but not an exact comparison since Rob swung like crap with the f8 and way better with the ping.
Alan Dye
Alan Dye - 3 years ago
Put it into your bag Dobby!
leon walker
leon walker - 3 years ago
Another good vid guys, As a learner I really like watching Robs testing videos because he explains things in a way i can understand. I enjoy yours too Rick its just as a Pro you naturally Speak in professional terms where Rob just say it how he feels and i can relate to it a bit more. Can't wait for the next vid : )
David Tanner
David Tanner - 3 years ago
Happy Christmas Rick and Rob!
Adam Hussain
Adam Hussain - 3 years ago
looks like potter needs to get one
Morris Gallo
Morris Gallo - 3 years ago
Good video!!! Thanks for the review Rob.
Stephen Laird
Stephen Laird - 3 years ago
What's with the dodgy mic
Tony Rycraft
Tony Rycraft - 3 years ago
Keep up the good work
Jules heyward
Jules heyward - 3 years ago
Love these reviews. Keep them up
Stewy gb
Stewy gb - 3 years ago
Sweet club and great review. Keep that bloke on!
Tobias Vennström
Tobias Vennström - 3 years ago
steven gunn
steven gunn - 3 years ago
I want to win... Great to see rob back smashing balls
charles linder
charles linder - 3 years ago
Ping baby ping!!
jclowe1984 - 3 years ago
happygilmore06 - 3 years ago
Yay rob
Grim Journey
Grim Journey - 3 years ago
Good Test.
Terry McGovern
Terry McGovern - 3 years ago
Good to have Rob back at it!
nick kane
nick kane - 3 years ago
Great to see Rob back.
Tim Greeson
Tim Greeson - 3 years ago
I totally agree on G400. It may not be the longest, but I find it to be a killer fairway finder!
Jacob Czech
Jacob Czech - 3 years ago
Love the look of the G400 and I would love to test the club myself.
JBuzzey - 3 years ago
More Potter please. My game relates to his better lol.
Matt  Johnson
Matt Johnson - 3 years ago
Lovely club
Donnacha Lyons
Donnacha Lyons - 3 years ago
Fab looking club, game it Rob.
Vikingknight2012 - 3 years ago
Looks like a nice clean driver.
McM Motors
McM Motors - 3 years ago
Anthony Zlahtic
Anthony Zlahtic - 3 years ago
I really enjoy seeing the combo of Rick and Rob's review of clubs. Question why did Rob test a PING G400 with 9 degree loft and stiff shaft driver with a club head speed of the low 90 mph versus a higher loft regular shaft which you would think would suit his swing better?
Charles Rohl
Charles Rohl - 3 years ago
My thoughts to Anthony ?
ruley74 - 3 years ago
Regards loft he's still getting 15 deg launch so 9 works fine with this head
Tim Kozachanko
Tim Kozachanko - 3 years ago
Anthony Zlahtic that’s exactly what I thought. If he wanted the stuff , ok, but I really think he’d be better suited to 10.5. I’d really be curious to see what the change would be.
Mike Farrell
Mike Farrell - 3 years ago
Just love it rick, get me in the draw
Chris Roe
Chris Roe - 3 years ago
Tried this driver but couldn’t get it to work consistently for me, 2016 M1 for me instead
Scott Timmins
Scott Timmins - 3 years ago
Looking forward to all of Rob's testing. I've been wanting to hit one of these for a while now and seems like it's a solid driver
Neil McCluskey
Neil McCluskey - 3 years ago
Good effort Rob
Raymond Li
Raymond Li - 3 years ago
Nice one Rob, always love seeing your testing reviews.
Zulfadli mohd zakaria
Zulfadli mohd zakaria - 3 years ago
Welcome back rob
Jeremiah Powell
Jeremiah Powell - 3 years ago
I have been looking at this driver for a while now - thank you rob for testing it
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood - 3 years ago
Rob I think you were trying to hit the ball too hard
Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams - 3 years ago
Another great review lads
Tammer Bagdasarian
Tammer Bagdasarian - 3 years ago
Love it. Ricky boy, you impress every day
JCW 7777
JCW 7777 - 3 years ago
Best most reliable ,most consistent Driver ever ,not the Uber longest but the longest on average because it hits more fairways than anything
Ryan Jones-Hoffman
Ryan Jones-Hoffman - 3 years ago
Would like to see Mizuno jpx 900 or st180 from rick
Ambrose Andthenfell
Ambrose Andthenfell - 3 years ago
Does seem to be a positive progression from the G driver
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 3 years ago
Nice to see Robo back.
fezzer - 3 years ago
I love rob potter
Greg McClure
Greg McClure - 3 years ago
G400 definitely on the try list in 2018
Chris S
Chris S - 3 years ago
Rob potter WITB
Nigel Brown
Nigel Brown - 3 years ago
love seeing Rob back
Matt T
Matt T - 3 years ago
Nice driver
Per Søndergaard
Per Søndergaard - 3 years ago
Nice honest review, good to have you back swinging Rob. Hope you get a better 2018 golfyear.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 3 years ago
I'll have to go replay the earlier review to hear what Rob thought of Turbulators back in the day, lol. I think I remember the tone of his comments, but it'll be good to refresh my memory! Nice test!
bruno marvier
bruno marvier - 3 years ago
Very good driver
Harambe - 3 years ago
Dobby should test some fairway woods.
James Davis
James Davis - 3 years ago
informed opinion - can't beat it
Mark Derrick
Mark Derrick - 3 years ago
Love a bit of Dobbie.
Allan Crowder
Allan Crowder - 3 years ago
Great to see wee Rob back. Ping makes good drivers, period. Spin numbers impressive. Cheers
3joe4 - 3 years ago
First 500 !!
John Stuckey
John Stuckey - 3 years ago
I love this club.
Lucas Podolsky
Lucas Podolsky - 3 years ago
love the vids
Jonathan Hendricks
Jonathan Hendricks - 3 years ago
yo gimme that prize
Martin Moore
Martin Moore - 3 years ago
Nice to have Rob back testing. Tempted to give this a go myself. ROB, what is you longest hitting driver?
markmy words
markmy words - 3 years ago
good video!!
Kenny Vaughn
Kenny Vaughn - 3 years ago
I was hoping to get this as a Christmas present from my fiance, but I don't think she's going for it. One day though.
Karl Finlay
Karl Finlay - 3 years ago
Great to See Rob back .. Really enjoy his reviews
bzurry - 3 years ago
Solid review
Huw Thomas
Huw Thomas - 3 years ago
Keep up the great work you two
Conor O'Hare
Conor O'Hare - 3 years ago
Great seeing an average golfers opinion on these clubs!
Florian Redecsy
Florian Redecsy - 3 years ago
Ross Murray
Ross Murray - 3 years ago
Bought LS version last week
Carson Bennet
Carson Bennet - 3 years ago
Hey rick first 500
RedTail 69
RedTail 69 - 3 years ago
Could Rob test a driver head with different length shaft, to see if that improves anything?
mike Babcock
mike Babcock - 3 years ago
great job guys!
G Muir
G Muir - 3 years ago
Good to see Rob back!
Gordon Forbes
Gordon Forbes - 3 years ago
Rob hits it well and with an extended run of playing regular I reckon he'd get down to single figures
Euinga 3
Euinga 3 - 3 years ago
Good videos helping me a lot
FredddyGMax - 3 years ago
Get it in the bag Rob!
Stimpy Whizzleteeth
Stimpy Whizzleteeth - 3 years ago
After I poop
CF Miller
CF Miller - 3 years ago
Great to see ya back Rob!!
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 3 years ago
I've never hit a ping driver I thought the lofts were about 12 degrees. Anyway I may try one as I've been callaway for the last 20 years.
Alex Bateman
Alex Bateman - 3 years ago
I really like robs review because he gets in depth. Great video mate. Cheers
Ernie Mangus
Ernie Mangus - 3 years ago
Dobby should narrate videos like Ozzy Man Reviews
Hugh Mongus
Hugh Mongus - 3 years ago
Loving this series Rick!
Cory Rasmussen
Cory Rasmussen - 3 years ago
It's nice to see you back Rob!
Tim Hart
Tim Hart - 3 years ago
Great review.
Alistair Dickson
Alistair Dickson - 3 years ago
Good to see rob back and trying clubs with a handicappers swing
EXOlympus - 3 years ago
Woo, Rob!
Seth Hall
Seth Hall - 3 years ago
Hey Rick I'm looking for a new driver but if I get one it would be too long for me should I get it cut down? I have heard story's about how it has ruined people's clubs?
Lee - 3 years ago
Feel could've been improved further for Rob perhaps if he'd been using the standard shaft rather than the tour one?
ProffessorJoe - 3 years ago
The G400 is awesome :D Just picked mine up a few weeks ago, love it to death!
David Cordian
David Cordian - 3 years ago
Hey Rick love your videos keep up the great work:)!!
armygolfclub - 3 years ago
Great vid. Well done Rob. Question: At 90mph why did you have a tour stiff ping shaft in it? And why aren’t you off single figures? I have seen most of you vids you certainly swing well enough. Maybe some putting practice?
danman26000 - 3 years ago
Love both of these drivers. Great job as always.
Merry Christmas!
ESikora12 - 3 years ago
I feel like if the couple of scrub swings that were hard slices with the F8 were removed, because that was not the club’s Issue, these would be pretty square for distance
Morgan Stephens
Morgan Stephens - 3 years ago
Love the testing videos keep it up
joshua Spears
joshua Spears - 3 years ago
Love it!
MARTIN CLEMENTE - 3 years ago
Good job Rob!! this could be a driver for you!!! maybe in a Regular flex???
Keep the good work!!! Great review!!!
Merry Xmass and a happy new year to you both!!!
Cheers from Argentina!!!
Damien o dowd
Damien o dowd - 3 years ago
Cool video guys.
toolguy1515 - 3 years ago
Very nice review Rob.
Bguild 2830
Bguild 2830 - 3 years ago
Great vid
dktwix - 3 years ago
Hoping I will get the special prize.
leeh2503 - 3 years ago
Rick could we add club head speed please
Tim Fickett
Tim Fickett - 3 years ago
My driver--love it!
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans - 3 years ago
Like the look of this and Rob’s opinions always seem to be informative and fair. Good work lads
Jacob 7
Jacob 7 - 3 years ago
Love the reviews! Keep it up :)
C Connolly
C Connolly - 3 years ago
I'd like to see all the results for the drivers Rob's tested compared against each other at the end, swing speeds Vs carry etc. A similar comparison where Rick has tested multiple clubs during the same session would be good also.
brianmcg321 - 3 years ago
Sweet. Count me in.
the Dude
the Dude - 3 years ago
Like number 253, comment number 128.. Put me in for the prize! :)
michael mcnamara
michael mcnamara - 3 years ago
Great to see u back Rob
Ian Matthews
Ian Matthews - 3 years ago
You should bag it Mr Potter!
Kyle Soderholm
Kyle Soderholm - 3 years ago
Love the testing, can we see more course vlogs with Rob
Golfer206 - 3 years ago
I took it for a demo round at my club. (9 degree with the stiff copper/black colored shaft). More consistent than my 2016 M2.
Oliver Shaw
Oliver Shaw - 3 years ago
Alexander Nilsson
Alexander Nilsson - 3 years ago
Awesome. Love it when Rob is testing stuff.
Sebastian Halvorsen
Sebastian Halvorsen - 3 years ago
Allan Mannion
Allan Mannion - 3 years ago
Another good informative video
Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards - 3 years ago
Great review, keep them coming
jacob - 3 years ago
Rick please do a video on comparing the top driving irons
Alan Spencer
Alan Spencer - 3 years ago
Top videos!!
kerr24 - 3 years ago
G400 looks good
Philip Leadbeater
Philip Leadbeater - 3 years ago
Great review, I’ve got the lst version. Found it the same, not the longest but always feel like I’ll hit fairway.
jon osborne
jon osborne - 3 years ago
Love watching Dobby! Love this series
mark l
mark l - 3 years ago
Great review
dewbler - 3 years ago
lose the mic lol
martin redgrave
martin redgrave - 3 years ago
Great review Rob for a great club.
ML1286 - 3 years ago
G400 with Kuro Kage = beast
General Splatton
General Splatton - 3 years ago
Rob, great to see you back!!! You hit that really well, accuracy counts for a lot. I know it wasn't your longest drives, but still, nicely done. What driver are you currently using, I can't remember?
Elbirdo - 3 years ago
Nice job boys - appreciated!
Will Woodward
Will Woodward - 3 years ago
I had the G30 and loved it. I’d love to grab one of these.
Matthew Townend
Matthew Townend - 3 years ago
Love the testing
Dennis Webster
Dennis Webster - 3 years ago
I love the insight the Rob brings to the table! It's definitely nice hearing the perspective of someone closer to my handicap.
cesare steinle
cesare steinle - 3 years ago
In the top 500
paddybhoy7 - 3 years ago
What driver do you use at the moment Rob? And what's the best one you've tested?
Ryan D'Angelo
Ryan D'Angelo - 3 years ago
Glad to see Potter back in action! Always interested to see his take on products.
vpm3 - 3 years ago
Rob is the best!
RayDon - 3 years ago
Nice review
Jay Maskell
Jay Maskell - 3 years ago
Yeah Rob!!!! Fairway finder
The Golf Hack
The Golf Hack - 3 years ago
I did see a bit of an increase in club head speed when I tested the driver, only about 3 or 4 mph but still an increase
Charlie Carno
Charlie Carno - 3 years ago
Good to see rob back and testing!
wayne fitzgerald
wayne fitzgerald - 3 years ago
Interesting l I love ping an resisted trying this one because I'm not keen on the dragonfly an turbulator
Israel Cuellar
Israel Cuellar - 3 years ago
It’s great to see rob back. Would like to see some some course blogs with him again.
EatAllThePies - 3 years ago
Nice and honest boys ⛳️
Michael G
Michael G - 3 years ago
Good review Rick. Always appreciate Rob's take on new equipment.
Jacob Maroske
Jacob Maroske - 3 years ago
very interesting like the idea of the f8 cobra but the ping fair to whooped it here
John Russell
John Russell - 3 years ago
Like the little mans unbiased comments, keep them coming shiels
eric ryan
eric ryan - 3 years ago
Rob to test the srixon range please!
lucas johansen
lucas johansen - 3 years ago
I think you should get his numbers with his own driver, for a better comparison
Steven Meagher
Steven Meagher - 3 years ago
Leon Wakefield
Leon Wakefield - 3 years ago
I want a prize
Joe Pesce
Joe Pesce - 3 years ago
Nice Vid!!
Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace - 3 years ago
Thank you for testing out the G400, I have it and the 3 wood and the 7 wood. They are great I think
Oliver Lade
Oliver Lade - 3 years ago
I like
Bryce Done
Bryce Done - 3 years ago
Yea Ricky
T.J. Hodnett
T.J. Hodnett - 3 years ago
Great to see a mid handicap review. When will we see the ST180 review?? I truly value your opinion on clubs, great video!
Mark Bugiak
Mark Bugiak - 3 years ago
Great review again Rob.
Gregory Colwell
Gregory Colwell - 3 years ago
Welcome back Rob
Leanne Norton
Leanne Norton - 3 years ago
good review
Andreas Eriksson
Andreas Eriksson - 3 years ago
Love that you brought back rob!
Paul - 3 years ago
Good stuff Rick
Mark Adams
Mark Adams - 3 years ago
Lovely pair of beards
Kyle Sparrow
Kyle Sparrow - 3 years ago
Love watching Mr. Potter hit! Can't wait to see the FSX skills challenge! Still want to see Rick do the challenge with only a 7 iron!
rocklaptop - 3 years ago
good to see Rob back,
Rick Farber
Rick Farber - 3 years ago
Great to see Rob testing again!
roman Hnatiuk
roman Hnatiuk - 3 years ago
Best golf videos on YouTube right now
R Gallagher
R Gallagher - 3 years ago
Would be interesting to see Rob hitting this up against the last couple of G series for all the changes to the clubhead?
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
I had a feeling Rob would love this one - its a class driver
And the way he finishes his follow through I knew he would get good distance;BOOM!
Super vlog again - great seeing you two in the studio
Ryan Groves
Ryan Groves - 3 years ago
This is on my list to be my next driver for next year
Keith Whittington
Keith Whittington - 3 years ago
Rob is the best
Andrew Peak
Andrew Peak - 3 years ago
Great to see you back Dobby! Love the reviews!
Philip Bleasdale
Philip Bleasdale - 3 years ago
Great video, love my G400 SFTEC
Matt Donovan
Matt Donovan - 3 years ago
Another great video with Rob, glad he’s back to represent us average golfers
Calamity Golf
Calamity Golf - 3 years ago
Liked and commented enter me in for this special prize
Frans Sandelin
Frans Sandelin - 3 years ago
Hi Rick! Your'e a cool golfer.
stupid3ish - 3 years ago
Rick, are we getting any iron videos with Rob?
Les Blair
Les Blair - 3 years ago
More Rob
Dustin - 3 years ago
This will definitely make me look at the Ping 400. It's nice to see a golfer more like me and see how these clubs may perform for me.
Simon Hillier
Simon Hillier - 3 years ago
I bet he likes this better than the F8, shame, I really wanted to like the F8 but maybe not for me :-(
Jack vs Joycey
Jack vs Joycey - 3 years ago
Rob lad
Tyler Queen
Tyler Queen - 3 years ago
The Ping suits Dobby.
Justin Stephenson
Justin Stephenson - 3 years ago
Rob playing a stiff shaft? Surprising to me.

I would take greater accuracy over 10 yards extra distance every time, go on Rob that is the club for you
David Edenton
David Edenton - 3 years ago
Keep up the great videos, Rick! As a new golfer your videos have helped me on the course and what equipment might suit my game best.
Pinkey Man
Pinkey Man - 3 years ago
Class review!
William Bryngnas
William Bryngnas - 3 years ago
Please add smash factor when compairing drivers rick!
Great vids, keep it up!
Stiehl84 - 3 years ago
Great video as always. Really enjoy watching videos in my swing speed range.
Matthieu Patient
Matthieu Patient - 3 years ago
Nice work Rob
ROB BUSHEAY - 3 years ago
Rick......didn't I just see you playing a Ping driver in your match with Pete vs Matt and Carter ?? I still play my G-30......still the most accurate of any driver I ever hit........lose 10+ yrds but that's ball is in play....Ha
gary smith6
gary smith6 - 3 years ago
At that swing speed, Rob should maybe try swinging the standard lighter shaft the Alta model ?? Another solid performance Roberto!!
Taylor Easterly
Taylor Easterly - 3 years ago
I want it
Mike Jarrett
Mike Jarrett - 3 years ago
Going to save up and have a fitting session !
wotmo23 - 3 years ago
love these videos rick, looking for a new big dog myself similar handicap to rob , have a good xmas
Peter Tamburro
Peter Tamburro - 3 years ago
I️ play the ping G and may bag the g400 next season. Great comparison
David Leney
David Leney - 3 years ago
Any thoughts on having a "senior" do some club testing??
cruzzet - 3 years ago
Always good to have the mid handicapper testing :) Cheers
Darryl Grundy
Darryl Grundy - 3 years ago
great club
Joshua Green
Joshua Green - 3 years ago
Great video
Jana G
Jana G - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, great video again. Would be great to see you in a vlog with Rob.
Dave Hayes
Dave Hayes - 3 years ago
i'm giving this a test tomorrow, can't wait, love the look of this club, hope it plays as well as it looks, good review there Rob, cheers
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Dave Hayes thanks buddy
Pierre P
Pierre P - 3 years ago
Dig watching Rob’s testing.
Guy Bean
Guy Bean - 3 years ago
Good to see rob back
Made2Golf TV
Made2Golf TV - 3 years ago
Ferda boys
Aaron Mullins
Aaron Mullins - 3 years ago
I hit this one not long ago. Sick club
Iain Colgan
Iain Colgan - 3 years ago
As always, good work from u both. Good to get an impression from a normal golfer.
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Iain Colgan Thanks mate. Hope I can continue pleasing what you watch. Keep showing the love. It's through replies and comments that gets Rick to ask me back.
Tom - 3 years ago
Any chance you're looking for someone to do some higher handicap testing? ;-)
Rob Randall
Rob Randall - 3 years ago
U luv it, u bag it Rob.
Asif Shilston
Asif Shilston - 3 years ago
Always great to see rob doing reviews
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Asif Shilston thank you
Joe Martin
Joe Martin - 3 years ago
Rob should bag this
liam dyer
liam dyer - 3 years ago
Happy Christmas
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
liam dyer likewise
Will Borkenhagen
Will Borkenhagen - 3 years ago
Great vid as always guys
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Will Borkenhagen me? Got a 2 iron?
Fill Howell
Fill Howell - 3 years ago
Loving Dobbie!
Fill Howell
Fill Howell - 3 years ago
Rob Potter you missed a trick this xmas mate. A Rob Potter book of quotes and sayings would have gone down a treat under many a tree this year!
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Fill Howell cheers buddy
Joe Martin
Joe Martin - 3 years ago
Nice video
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Joe Martin thank you
Rick Gonzales
Rick Gonzales - 3 years ago
9? His old driver does much further. Come on Rob. 6-7 maybe
Rob Potter Golf
Rob Potter Golf - 3 years ago
Rick Gonzales No
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
The first 500 people to LIKE & LEAVE a comment on the video will be placed into a draw to win a special prize!
BIll Teixeira
BIll Teixeira - 3 years ago
Love the videos with Rob!
Stan Troup
Stan Troup - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf really enjoy watching your videos. Keep it up.
dalesmith1982 - 3 years ago
Go Rob, Go
Nick Nick
Nick Nick - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf great vid and following your for a while on your channel greetings from the Netherlands
David Ward
David Ward - 3 years ago
Yeah maybe, I do get lots of practice due to missed greens or having to lay up ha ha.
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 3 years ago
David Ward maybe your short game is better. 13 is only a number. Also, after watching Rick's Ping comparison video, I bought a G20 and am delighted. The new stuff is expensive and mostly b.s.
David Ward
David Ward - 3 years ago
Never hit ping (shame on me), but I gotta ask why is Rob only a 13 ? I'm a 13 h/c too but his driving is so much more consistent than mine !
Poo - 3 years ago
Rob is definitely better than an average golfer!
Alan Tinto
Alan Tinto - 3 years ago
Liking the review, especially the dispersion
T Lindstrom
T Lindstrom - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Well done!
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf welcome back Rob. Sorely missed and hopefully feeling better.
Black Canyon Cafe
Black Canyon Cafe - 3 years ago
Carbon copy numbers of when I tested it. 2000 rpm spin...and it's not even the LSTec! I didn't notice any gains, but it sure does feel nice, and accuracy definately improved over my G30.
Luke. R
Luke. R - 3 years ago
Hi rick I’m 10 and off 23 I love ur videos
Tristen Motter
Tristen Motter - 3 years ago
The spin for the cg is incredible, I found it straighter and long then my old cobra bio cell pro which is considered to be low spinning.
MrShewdogg - 3 years ago
great driver
Daniel KGolf
Daniel KGolf - 3 years ago
It's something strange I watch Rob's Test's even when I don't like clubs.
David De bruyne
David De bruyne - 3 years ago
Luv it rick
David De bruyne
David De bruyne - 3 years ago
christos adamopoulos
christos adamopoulos - 3 years ago
your turn to compare them rick!
Nak Kang
Nak Kang - 3 years ago
Rob let’s go !!!

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IRON SWING Vs DRIVER SWING Rick explains the difference between a driver swing and set up compared to an iron swing...



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This video is about how to hit a golf ball with your driver for beginners. Adam gives clear instructions simple tips...



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Here's how to view more full HD golf swing videos! Golf swing...



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This video is about how to hit a driver consistently. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out...


Driver Distance Secrets- What Manufacturers...

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Click For Free Video: Driver Distance Secrets- What...



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NEW TAYLORMADE M3 & M4 DRIVERS PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels checks out the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER & M4 DRIVER in this...



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Here's how to view more full HD golf swing videos! Jason Day &...



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