PING G400 MAX DRIVER Ping G400 Max Driver reviewed and tested by PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark is at Torquay golf club with Dan Hendriksen in his indoor studio seeing how the new driver from Ping performs. With its bigger 460 head size compared to the standard G400 range, what could this driver do for your golf game... Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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PING G400 MAX DRIVER Ping G400 Max Driver reviewed and tested by PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark is at Torquay golf club with Dan Hendriksen in his indoor studio seeing how the new driver from Ping performs. With its bigger 460 head size compared to the standard G400 range, what could this driver do for your golf game... Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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Chris Gorilla
Chris Gorilla - 3 years ago
Fraser Lang
Fraser Lang - 3 years ago
Top review. I reckon Ping have looked at it at went, "oops we should have released the Max first, kets sneak it out". I have to say if I had a G400 I would be a bit miffed now the Max is out. Especially if the numbers could possibly be better with the larger head.

Head scratcher from Ping that to be honest.
Vibesaregood - 3 years ago
I am a tech rep with PING and I had known of this coming out before the G400 launch, that being said I'm not sure why they launched separate. I had originally heard this was going to be a higher price point as well but that isn't the case now.

Either way, great club seems too be winning a huge % of my fittings as of late.
Carl Incledon
Carl Incledon - 3 years ago
It's painfully obvious that if Coach wants to start hitting his driver straight again he needs to forget the fancy Harbour town tees and go back to the old pink castle. You're welcome Coach.
e james
e james - 3 years ago
all the other utube pro's are complaining of high spin numbers so I don't know what to believe now. high MOI. The designers at bettanardi make an armlock putter that just wants to swing through like a son of a bitch. Is the Gmax gonna fill you with confidence on the tee like the kuchar putter does on the green. Does that make u a better player? Usually it's the promise of more distance that gets people talking about a new club.......?
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar - 3 years ago
Is it a spinny club?
hbyrdut - 3 years ago
I would definitely try the max. The regular 400 looks like it sits open to me.
Randy Mahony
Randy Mahony - 3 years ago
Would definitely try it but hate the orange
2Bad - 3 years ago
Great swing there coach. You obviously do have experience with those turbulators showing up those straight hitters.

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Jesse White
Jesse White - 3 years ago
Don’t know that I would pick it over another club due to leaving functional yardage on the table
Peter Lanham
Peter Lanham - 3 years ago
I recently bought a G400 SFT after advice from my pro which included considering the G400 Max. My challenge is to try and control my fade slice
Barebare kun
Barebare kun - 3 years ago
Rick getting more serious and Mark getting more lovely wow time sure have changed...
Michael Pope
Michael Pope - 3 years ago
I would like to see it up against the Ping G30.
cafedeltransit - 3 years ago
Lockey,Bags of natural ability...
Jeff Mahoney
Jeff Mahoney - 3 years ago
There is only a 15cc difference between the 400 and 400 max.
Tariq OSMANY - 3 years ago
The real difference lies in the respective MOI ratings
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
Correct bruh.
Casey Turnbaugh
Casey Turnbaugh - 3 years ago
Dan = boring Coach= cool
Casey Turnbaugh
Casey Turnbaugh - 3 years ago
No me gusta Dan! Me gusta Coach
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 3 years ago
I don't get your review - the Max has 3% more cc - 460 v. 445 cc. Seriously? Your comments about sound are off-base. You can only evaluate sound/feel outside - any reviewer knows that. You guys are too much drama in this review. The G400 feels great, other reviews say the Max is not up to the sound/feel, and some say it's harsh. And we all know sound/feel is subjective. If you think 3% more cc makes that much difference, that's an opinion. But what about a review that compares the two? Max  launches higher, spins more, feel is subjective. Enjoying the G400 and I don't think I'm giving up any stability. This is a clownish review and you overstate the "stability." Look at the Ping website and they have an outline of the G400 v. the Max - no heel to toe difference per the pic. All the difference is along the outer edges to increase MOI. Both faces are forged. What I'm saying, and what others are saying on wrx is that this review is not up to your standards.
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 3 years ago
Mark, one more time to clarify and assist. I do not think this review is up to your standards, and I'm not the only one saying it in forums. The Max is another choice. Many pros are also using the G400. Depends on the fit, isn't that right? As to the volume difference of 15cc more MOI, and more draw bias in the Max, you know it depends on whether that driver fits the golfer or not. It just seems both of you were hitting the Guiness too early that day (jkg). I hope this feedback helps you publish better reviews. Thx.
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 3 years ago
Mark, the Max is about 3% more cc but we're splitting hairs with the 445cc G400. Let's face it - I don't have 120 ss like the pros and I can see where they are swinging so fast they need all the forgiveness they can get. At the same time, I'm hitting the G400 longer and better than Epic and misses are not punished as severely. The sound/feel of the G400 is excellent, and if that means something to golfers, they may want the G400 (better sound/feel) since it comes with loads of forgiveness and it looks better at address to many. I don't feel much twisting on a severe toe hit like I do Epic. My ss is only 91-93, and I am using the 9 degree and get a 16 degree launch, 2450 spin, 225 carry, 255 total on Trackman, and that was with beaten range balls. Good numbers for that meager speed. It's the same series of driver, same tech - If golfers want the Max and need to see more volume/forgiveness at some little expense of feel, then go for it. But I would not discount the G400 - the Max is just another option in the arsenal. Thx.
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 3 years ago
On 3% more volume? No. I"m hitting the G400 well. Have played it since October with a TPT Golf Shaft. It's fairly neutral, so that was an adjustment after a diet of Callaway drivers. Take a look at the PIng Website and see where they added 15 more cc - the upper toe and towards the back. I'm getting better results than from 460cc Epic. Toe hits are my miss and go left but are not as extreme as Epic. If you need the security of 460cc with a touch more forgiveness at the expense of some feel, go for it. It's the same series of clubhead, just a slightly different head. Have fun.
Danny Freeman
Danny Freeman - 3 years ago
Little bit worried you've wasted your money on the not max bruh?
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
If the numbers are the same why give up 5%? You have lots of their staff players using the max for that very reason.

Lost it or just using logic?
Ray Farrell
Ray Farrell - 3 years ago
Coach needs his 3 wood shaft! #ontheline0.0

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Raza Khan
Raza Khan - 3 years ago
not too impressed wiht the new ping driver .. dont know what all they ha "REALLY" improved since pingG driver. and seem to be spinning alot for mat an dan ..
metamurph - 3 years ago
Vortex ...maybe not needed with bigger turbulators.
garry murphy
garry murphy - 3 years ago
Great review making me want to get to the shop and hit it
Paul Houghton
Paul Houghton - 3 years ago
Great review chaps, I liked the G 400 so I’m looking forward to hitting this also. Ta for the vid!
tully tull
tully tull - 3 years ago
Booya>> in the bag lockey ....
Stefano Rosa
Stefano Rosa - 3 years ago
0.0 Bruh!
Mark - 3 years ago
Just as I'm about to ask why coach doesn't get in on the action.....
Jukka Kymäläinen
Jukka Kymäläinen - 3 years ago
I don't like it, because it looks like a batman car
JDUB - 3 years ago
have last years Ping G Sf reg .. What about putting on the new CB shaft?
sweely05 - 3 years ago
What I like about ping is that they listen and take on board issues or even just thoughts of the consumer. They tried out a smaller head (with a great look) but they’ve also appreciated that some prefer a larger head and so relatively under the radar they’ve released the max. No egos just good business

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Antony Gwynne
Antony Gwynne - 3 years ago
Lockey magic
Jeff Platt
Jeff Platt - 3 years ago
Hi Mark. Whilst these club overviews are great (and much better than others out there) there are no golf reviews that cover the cost / value for money of said equipment and this confuses me. Whilst I understand cost is all relative, the majority of other industries will tell me what I should expect to get for my money. For example, this G400 max is a full GBP100 cheaper than the new Callaway Rogue on the American Golf website. As a golfing novice, I don’t see any evidence that Callaway as a brand carries more prestige than Ping (if we use a car analogy, are Ping considered the VW compared to Callaway’s Mercedes?). I’m sure build quality and materials are all good as well so what justifies the price difference if the end result measured on a launch monitor is so similar?
John Francis
John Francis - 3 years ago
Had a go on one of these and didn't get on with it, can get much better stats with my G20
ESikora12 - 3 years ago
David Aura
David Aura - 3 years ago
Another win for the Army
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 3 years ago
Hi mark, I play the G400 because it has a smaller head and suits my eye, maybe because I’m from the late 70s early 80s when as you know the heads were much smaller, don’t get me wrong I’ve had 460cc headed drivers which look ok but some look to big as in the m1 and m2 driver they just don’t look right in my eyes so there you go I won’t change my ping G400 to the max as I’m happy with how I strike my driver so no need to change.
agHall23 - 3 years ago
Coach's spin numbers are insane!
Rhize - 3 years ago
another dig at TM. I don't think they're just going to cave in after this so no TM product reviews for the foreseeable which is a shame.
Rhize - 3 years ago
I personally think you shouldn't even allude to TM and people wouldn't care.. and they won't get coverage until they send product. When you bring up the twist face stuff etc I think it sends out the wrong message - even though it is quite funny. But I look forward to those videos.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
Don’t be so negative Bruh. Videos coming soon and they might just blow your socks off.
MrOitoyboy - 3 years ago
Got a TM fitting day at Reading golf club in a few weeks. Going to see how many times I can mention Mark Crossfield videos during it
Kory - 3 years ago
Stop it locks!
Scott Warner
Scott Warner - 3 years ago
I wouldn't use this 460cc driver because 460 drivers often look to me like I'm swinging a frying pan, 430-440cc drivers appeal to my eye so much better.
Scott Warner
Scott Warner - 3 years ago
Some people need 460cc headed drivers to find the sweet spot, I don't,
Claus Munk Andersen
Claus Munk Andersen - 3 years ago
If a frying pan gave me the numbers (and was legal), I would swing it any day :)
Steve Manser
Steve Manser - 3 years ago
Hhhmmm. I bought the g400 a few months ago, now I feel a little bit cheated that there is a max version out now.. Would this club been better for Me?!?!?!?
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
Yes agree, though not tested the Max, by all accounts I would have gone for it instead of the regular G400. Pity really.
Steve Manser
Steve Manser - 3 years ago
M DC do u think ping will let us swap to the max hahaha
Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell - 3 years ago
Im in the same g400 boat...and having buyers remorse
jason askham
jason askham - 3 years ago
So why would you not just last year's which is 460cc??
dmcsnow18 - 3 years ago
I believe I am in the minority when it comes to drivers. I have tried to play big profiled drivers numerous times and find that I lose consistency. I have found my best success with 430-445cc drivers. I deliver the club face straighter more often. I don't know why. I currently game a Titleist D3 model(~440cc) for this reason. I would get fit obviously, but I would bet I would walk away with the regular g400 over the max version.
Keen3 - 3 years ago
Completely agree. I started using a 915 D2 last season with good results, but it's the first time I've ever had a 460 head that worked for me.
Martin B
Martin B - 3 years ago
A slightly tipsy review. I.e. the shafts of course.
Schwang17 - 3 years ago
Looks like Lockey found his new driver
Schwang17 - 3 years ago
"Who wouldn't buy the max instead of the regular G400?"  - Excellent question, brah.
Jonathan Kasberg
Jonathan Kasberg - 3 years ago
Where has Coach been!!???
Casey Turnbaugh
Casey Turnbaugh - 3 years ago
Jonathan Kasberg no more Dan! More of Coach!
J-Rod26 - 3 years ago
It looks fantastic on the bottom up through the shaft, but as with the last few ping driver/fairway lines, I have trouble with all the ridges on the crown when I look down at it. I'd probably get used to it if I played it for a couple of rounds, but it just looks to busy to my eye.
jonathan wright
jonathan wright - 3 years ago


50. comment for PING G400 MAX DRIVER

BeachBow - 3 years ago
It looks good, but it's not better than what I'm hitting now...
Tony Leigh
Tony Leigh - 3 years ago
Get it up, Dan!
Paul Seaton
Paul Seaton - 3 years ago
shayne walters
shayne walters - 3 years ago
I game the g400 with tour stiff shaft which was ping fitted and has taken me months to get comfortable and regular strike with ,I can see the extra head size making the different but not changing sticking with it now save my money and another relearn period just before the season .no thanks !!! great review and a cheeky exit by Dan the smile!! .Ps did club head speed slow down???
bgrritchiet - 3 years ago
I currently play the G400 sft.  My question is would the G400 max tend to give me more of a fade bias ball flight since it doesn't come with the weight located near the heal of the club?
David G
David G - 3 years ago
0.0 that’s awkward
gareth birrell
gareth birrell - 3 years ago
Why do ping always do this release a line of clubs then bring another one out in the same range
Freddy Bigtoe
Freddy Bigtoe - 3 years ago
Coach hitting it on the line sold me immediately. It must have some sort of dynamic auto-correct feature.
Michael Ticehurst
Michael Ticehurst - 3 years ago
C'mon guys: it's not VORTEX it's VORTEC - get it right!!!!
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 3 years ago
Coach might need a new hat ?
liam f
liam f - 3 years ago
Lockey is so straight now, he just needs to work on his alignment issues.
miller1theone - 3 years ago
Notice the sly dig at rick shield at 05.09 haha - ricks still gangsta at club reviews though
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 3 years ago
miller1theone . I thought that was a dig at Taylor Made's "twist face" marketing sales pitch, not Rick Shiels.
JustGolfSwing - 3 years ago
We want coach on reviews brah!!
Casey Turnbaugh
Casey Turnbaugh - 3 years ago
JustGolfSwing coach is the man! Get rid of Dan
Andrew Dare
Andrew Dare - 3 years ago
there,s one of therm lurking ha up the army
NovaScene - 3 years ago
Will give this a proper testing, too bad I already got the G400 driver 6 months a go when they released it.. Would have loved Max to be an option back then, or even have info that max is coming and will have better forgiveness then the rest of the lineup. Would have gotten fit after max was relesed.
Roy Kullick
Roy Kullick - 3 years ago
Oh come on Dan. Get up!
Geoff Bremer
Geoff Bremer - 3 years ago
0.0 offline #lockeymagic, you going to take that Mark cmon brah! #findmyface #getupdan!! Lol great video Mark!
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 3 years ago
Oh no another driver that I have to add to my test them out list, when I look to upgrade my G30 SFT! It will be interesting to see how the G400 SFT and the G400 Max perform/compare.
Suzanne Heffernan
Suzanne Heffernan - 3 years ago
If coach can hit it straight, it must be good !!!!!!
Tom Parker
Tom Parker - 3 years ago
I’ve got the sft but I’m not going to start messing about selling it to buy this
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen - 3 years ago
Beeing a Titleist affenciado... this one... i really love it ! need to try this
Shayne - 3 years ago
Ping G is still the best driver ever made!
Wade Griffiths
Wade Griffiths - 3 years ago
Ping probably launched the max to take some airtime off Twistmyface, F8 and Rouge.. #everyonereleasingdrivers
Colin Brown
Colin Brown - 3 years ago
G400 max, Epic or Rogue ?
chenhouse - 3 years ago
Got custom fit for the G400 as the Max didn’t come out at the time. The smaller head doesn’t bother me at all. But I also haven’t seen The Max in the flesh.
Balance - 3 years ago
5:20 for numbers
s0spr1ng3r - 3 years ago
I would go with G400 LST. I need lower spin and I prefer the smaller head size.
Craig Goddard
Craig Goddard - 3 years ago
Biased review, all I heard was titleist and twistmyface.

Also does anyone else just press the thumbs up before watching every time?
andy evans
andy evans - 3 years ago
Bulge my toe strike
terrace abbott unrau
terrace abbott unrau - 3 years ago
It looks nikeish
Stewart Halliwell
Stewart Halliwell - 3 years ago
It maybe raining for weeks but in true english tradition you made one of your best videos great fun to watch
Clinton Goad
Clinton Goad - 3 years ago
One for the Army!!!
Richard Van Duin
Richard Van Duin - 3 years ago
Coach is the real test for any club ...
fujitasummers - 3 years ago
Lockey hits the same ball twice!
Ian Boots
Ian Boots - 3 years ago
I haven't played PING Clubs since Persimmon
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg - 3 years ago
When you asked Ping guys at Demo Day if that got it wrong by bringing out the most stable Max, they were a little confused too. You didn't seem to get a clear Anser from them, either. same with Vortex not being needed. was it ever? #awkward
Border Ranch Records SoCal
Border Ranch Records SoCal - 3 years ago
I bought a LST about a month ago. I like the smaller head and more subtle turbulators. This just seems gimmicky (much more so than the current models) and although my game does need improvement, the “Max” name isn’t very clever and screams weekend golfer. Maybe cuz I relate it to the G400 Max irons as being super game improvement. I’m still very happy with my purchase and I can’t imagine I would have picked this if it was available at the time.
Jeff Diekemper
Jeff Diekemper - 3 years ago
Get up Dan!!!
Derek Pringle
Derek Pringle - 3 years ago
Great stuff guys.THAT'S what its all about.Fun with ya mates.
Simon Lohmeyer
Simon Lohmeyer - 3 years ago
Tested. Felt great but my swing is too steep and spins over 4500. Lay those hands down!!!
Artham - 3 years ago
I think the G400 LST still has its place in the market, but I am confused why the standard G400 exists anymore besides an extra choice of aesthetic. Ping could easily create a SFT version of the MAX, and thus seemingly cannibalize another of its products.
n3qdz - 3 years ago
Oh wait a minute somehow since you signed with Titleist I thought you were suppose to be hatin' on all the other brands????? Oh right, haters nothing has changed!!! Well nothing has changed besides long ball 0 degrees off line!!!!! Put it in the bag locky!!!!!! Big test let's see how Rory "Mr. Man bun" hits it!!
David Coetzer
David Coetzer - 3 years ago
Give me a go. Love it.
Trevor Ball
Trevor Ball - 3 years ago
David Coetzer I
Ryan Maille
Ryan Maille - 3 years ago

Great video as always.
hawkey100 - 3 years ago
Highest MOI in golf
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 3 years ago
A lot of TM boys missing fairways at the Farmers this weekend! Twistface anyone? You’re hilarious Bruh...
asternmp - 3 years ago
I can't speak for this particular instance, but having been heavily involved in a different athletic industry - it was fairly common for pros to be using older equipment with newer designs, graphics, logos, etc for marketing purposes. Nothing wrong with it IMO. When they find something they like, it's hard to switch just because it's new. I would have to guess that it's very common in golf, considering how picky and detail oriented many of the tour pros are - and the fact that the manufacturers are targeting a completely different audience (average joe's looking for increased distance and forgiving mishits).
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 3 years ago
mjgrasso76 if these guys have the m3 or m4 in bulge and roll instead of twistface and that word got out...twistface is dead for sure! Killed before they hit the shelves. TM looks to be all-in on twistface, just like callaway was on jailbreak with plenty of skeptics too....time
will tell
mjgrasso76 - 3 years ago
Joseph Greenberg I have no evidence of this, just saying that it is a possibility. TM naturally would want the pros they sponsor to use the latest equipment for marketing. If the player preferred a traditional bulge and roll face, I wouldn’t think that it would be difficult to accommodate them.
Or maybe I just like a good conspiracy theory.
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg - 3 years ago
mjgrasso76 Any evidence at all that there are M3 or 4’s without TwistFace? Tiger talked about it in his fitting interview in Global Golf Post/Golf Digest. If didn’t want TwistFace, why not just keep M1 or 2?
mjgrasso76 - 3 years ago
We’re assuming that these guys are using the twist face. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the TM sponsored pros are using M3 and M4 drivers without the twist face.
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 3 years ago
Joseph Greenberg yes..Farmers. He sure did haha. How long before we see the 2016 M2 back in the monster bag??
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg - 3 years ago
Todd Sincock Farmers? Tiger seemed to have come down with a serious case of Twist Face #ThirdOfFairways
Charlie 234
Charlie 234 - 3 years ago
But the smaller head would be easier to work the ball with.
Charlie 234
Charlie 234 - 3 years ago
Could be true for some, thats why everyone should get fitted right? hahaha
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
Not true
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 3 years ago
Good numbers. In all seriousness, would you game this g400max??? I mean i know you can’t now (rrrrr, i’m still not over this btw) but you did not answer this question as you always used to....

I carry 280 yds on avg and love the emphasis by manufacturers lately of straighter distance. I’m more than happy to sacrifice 10 yds of distance for 5 yds of tighter dispersion, for example! Wish you commented more on this in your data testing.

Can’t wait to compare this max to my g400 vortex...although thinking at the moment that vortex is a dealbreaker.....agree? Lol
Si Rasputin
Si Rasputin - 3 years ago
here's the thing Mark, Ping went for the smaller head to increase club head speed, which they said wouldn't compromise forgiveness. Now they come out with the Max. It's just annoying from Ping that those of us who went into the standard 400, which i'm happy with, didn't get a chance to hit this one. I think it was a mistake on Ping's part. Still happy with my 400, but would have like to have tested the Max. I think it would have been a natural progression from my old g30
Si Rasputin
Si Rasputin - 3 years ago
I'm actually going to trade it in for the new Cleveland Launcher with an upgraded shaft. That club is so easy to hit with really good distance. Sadlowski has it in the bag. At it's price point I can get club and shaft for a straight swap.
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
Yeah, some unhappy Ping customers. I have the std G400. These things are not cheap. Like buying a new luxury car only to find a few months later, a better more powerful model came along. Not gonna trade in for the new one, are we? Tony Finau said the Max is hotter & obviously he's hitting it further & straighter than the other G400 models. No brainer really.
will gdouble
will gdouble - 3 years ago
i'd play the other g400 because of the smaller head which looks better for me down by the ball

100. comment for PING G400 MAX DRIVER

D - 3 years ago
What video did Matt hit one off the turbulator?
Matt Gomez
Matt Gomez - 3 years ago
I will definitely give the G400 Max a try. I was thinking of upgrading from my G30 SFTec.
David Crowe
David Crowe - 3 years ago
I’m still trying to find the best driver for me. I’m hitting the old tailor-made R11S driver. I’ve just upgraded my iron set. So I need to find the best driver. Do you have any advice for me to look at while I test out drivers?
Chris Gorilla
Chris Gorilla - 3 years ago
I've used the Ping G5 forever and I have tried others and not liked them. However I do need to try this beast out!!
Stuart Printer
Stuart Printer - 3 years ago
Hi Mark , can you explain how Dan spins higher but launches lower please , thanks
Stuart Printer
Stuart Printer - 3 years ago
Thanks for that explanation majorwhiz .
majorwhiz - 3 years ago
Dan hits very down on the ball, even with his driver. The result is a low launch/high spin combo. Mark, in contrast, hits quite up on the ball so launches higher with less spin. They've discussed it in other videos, hence the 'Get Up Dan' references.

See 'spin loft' -
ChiGLF4 ARGY - 3 years ago
Dan is a great addition to the carpet ride, yet there’s just something about the coach and Parfield together that makes it special. Thanks for the great laughs and making golf fun again!
4artisticdesign - 3 years ago
Chuck Bradley
Chuck Bradley - 3 years ago
I thought for a second that you were going to do a video without mentioning TM but nope , stop this it is getting pathetic and does not show you in a good light. TM made a mistake on their comment to you but yours is much worse because you don't know how to let it go, You just keep advertising for them or is this your plan all along , pretend to be mad but rake in the advertising money.
I did like the driver and would put it in my bag, nice club review once you got past the nonsense.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
100% won’t stop referencing strike and it’s effects on the ball. Have been talking strike for years to students and if a company want to cloud the truth about it I will have to work harder to keep golfers well informed.

Your connections about my comment is your issue not mine.
Shawn Broadhead
Shawn Broadhead - 3 years ago
I agree with why not max!! Even Tony Finau one of the longest players on tour is rocking the max and not an LS or standard. Finding the short stuff and keeping it in play is more important than distance.
Mitch -28
Mitch -28 - 3 years ago
Mark, Dan and lockey best trio on YouTube!!
Jimbeaux - 3 years ago
Lockey just sold a thousand of these.
Nate Gage
Nate Gage - 3 years ago
Good to see Coach still lurking around bruh. #LockeyArmy
philn123456 - 3 years ago
go coach !!!!! up the army .....
Gabriel Guess
Gabriel Guess - 3 years ago
I will try it, The 400 was great for me.
Max Denton
Max Denton - 3 years ago
I bought the G400 LST over the G400 Max because I prefer the smaller club head look. It doesn't compromise my distance off the tee and I was more accurate with it.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Best driver review I've seen. Usually get bored in a review but that was fun.... Perhaps it was the special appearance of coach!
Arther Fuxache
Arther Fuxache - 3 years ago
Hugh Fitzpatrick
Hugh Fitzpatrick - 3 years ago
Lockey magic gold
Nick Furness
Nick Furness - 3 years ago
A few people have said Ping g400 not quite as good as G so maybe this is an all in one club that... well works.
Stan Thomas
Stan Thomas - 3 years ago
In "my opinion" the G400 is far superior to the G..........sets better at address, is more forgiving, and produces a bit faster ballspeed (minimal but faster)
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 3 years ago
The cynic in me says.... PING brought out the smaller head knowing full well that a bigger head was really needed. But, they came out with magnificent marketing blurb..... sold a vast number of the smaller head also knowing that PING fanboys will also buy the Max. Thus, there will be many suckers owning 2 virtually identical clubs, one of which is vortex free
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
Interesting theory. No doubt the Max will keep the Ping loyalists happy (nor not?) & not be temped to stray to the competition in TM Callaway & et al.
Stan Thomas
Stan Thomas - 3 years ago
The standard 400 is more forgiving than any other driver on the market and produces faster ball speeds than the Max 400..........The Max launches higher is even more forgiving...............Many people prefer the looks of a smaller driver
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Garry Grant sounds about spot on
James Sulzer
James Sulzer - 3 years ago
I like the looks and sound of that club. Would surely put it in the bag. Is Coach always lurking in the background?
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
J.A. Sulzer defo gonna have to head down for a testing session
Charles Farley
Charles Farley - 3 years ago
Ohhhh...pathfinder on LD as well.
FF2312674333 - 3 years ago
I’m treating myself to a new driver for the start of the season. Will get fitted but very befuddled at the choices out there.
Trust Titleist (play the 915} but also a big Mizuno fan and play their irons. Not a fan of the TM drivers as had the R11 years ago that didn’t work out for me so scared for life on that. (Illogical I know)
I played the G20 for a while. Not fitted shaft wise and whilst it launched really well as it was designed to do, it ballooned something terrible into the wind.
The Epic really appeals but the price point is crazy. I try to buy clubs just before a new model is coming out so they start to discount the current club but looks like Epic is here to stay for a while yet.
Will maybe just stick to the 915!
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Go for the one that gives u the best results in the fitting. Don't go in with any pre conceived ideas... Just hit a load and compare the data
David Q
David Q - 3 years ago
FF2312674333 I liked the Epic as well and I considered buying it before the Ping. Like you said, $500 is ridiculous. Check out the Callaway preowned site. When I was looking, they had some basically brand new ones for much more reasonable prices. Since its still Callaway you have their authenticity guarantee. Worth a look.
Vici Martynov
Vici Martynov - 3 years ago
oooh I do like that club, well I do like Ping. Shame I dont use a driver anymore - sigh
Vici Martynov
Vici Martynov - 3 years ago
No just cant hit drivers, I stopped using my Nike Covert well over a year ago. I now carry a Callaway Mini and mostly drive with a Mizuno MP-H5 1i driving iron ;-)
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Vici Martynov maybe u could use this one
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 3 years ago
I agree it’s an odd release from Ping. I’d be pretty annoyed/pissed off if I’d recently purchased a G400 standard or SFT. Maybe Ping’s release of the G400 Max is driven by feedback they received that a lot of golfers were getting poor numbers during fitting sessions or something. Almost a tacit admission that going smaller was a mistake & the Max is a do-over to save Ping’s sales this product cycle.
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
Hey, as I said before, the excellent competition in TM & Callaway would steal sales if the Max was not bought in to counter them.
Chris Welch
Chris Welch - 3 years ago
Gotta love Lockey “line” balls!!!
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Chris Welch love em!
Ornby1 - 3 years ago
Keep it down Dan!
David Q
David Q - 3 years ago
I bought a G400-LST at 8.5* and love it. I've been working very hard on my driver swing for awhile. Was hitting either a weak slice or a bad pull. Had an Adams XTD 10.5*. Accuracy was improving but I was spinning it around mid 4000s and launching about 18*. With my new LST, and fitted shaft, my spin has come down to the mid 3000s and launching 14-15*. I also think the smaller head is helping with club head speed. Before I would average upper 90s mph. Now I'm constantly over 100. I tried a lot of other drivers, and while some where quite good, I didn't get the numbers I do with the LST. I understand why people would want the MAX and if the number are right for them then definitely go for it.
david g
david g - 3 years ago
Yeah love the look of that new club
Rich Boshart
Rich Boshart - 3 years ago
Anyone else fast forward to Lockey’s drives as soon as you heard he was hitting? Army is loving that dead center strike. Lockey Magic.
Raymond Yadusky
Raymond Yadusky - 3 years ago
The regular G400 gets very good reviews from people who have bought them.
Carwyn Williams
Carwyn Williams - 3 years ago
And the coach goes Max
Kevin Stanley
Kevin Stanley - 3 years ago
I'm in the market this year for a new driver and will try both the G400 and G400 Max. What I don't understand is why won't Ping offer other shafts at no up charge?
Theo Sills
Theo Sills - 3 years ago
I would like to see coach in all of your reviews
Casey Turnbaugh
Casey Turnbaugh - 3 years ago
Dan = boring Coach = the man!
T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett - 3 years ago
Chris Broadway
Chris Broadway - 3 years ago
Coach needs to be in more club reviews. He may be a pro but he sprays the ball all over the lot like us weekend warriors. Plus the comedic relief he provides is priceless.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 3 years ago
1sr driver fitting last week(max not available),,Trackman only picked up half of shots,,fitter said I hit up on ball too much.mixed with clubhead material. Any suggestions appreciated
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 3 years ago
David Q thanks for the insight! I'll make sure to get printouts when they give it a go next time.
David Q
David Q - 3 years ago
Michael Sullivan club champion normally will give you a print out of your results. Something doesn't sound right. Perhaps it was an equipment problem on their side. Don't know. Hopefully Mark can answer your question. Just from personal experience, not a fan of club champion. Went there once before I found the fitter I use now. They have all the models and combos to try, but I felt like I got more of a salesman than a fitter. Ever shaft he gave me to try was at least $450. It just wasn't great in my opinion.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 3 years ago
David Q I'm not sure of the degree,,(he wants me to come back ,club champion fitters. )Said it's kinda like long drive competitors angle,,but I'm only 144 ball speed
David Q
David Q - 3 years ago
Did the fitter tell you what your launch angle and dynamic loft was on the shots it picked up?
antony devlin
antony devlin - 3 years ago
Doesn't seem to be any distinguishable drop off in terms of distance. You'd usually expect some kind of trade off, but it just looks like a good all rounder. Would be interesting to see how it performs on course.
Matthias Gold
Matthias Gold - 3 years ago
If Coach is hitting lines, this is a must buy! #takemymoneyping
2Bad - 3 years ago
Ping me max with turbulators.
Luke Jones
Luke Jones - 3 years ago
Have you tested the g400 3wood?

Good to see that twist face driver Taylormade, made for Tiger is working
Christopher LaFreniere
Christopher LaFreniere - 3 years ago
I think the smaller 400's were smaller just to ink out some more "speed". I think the 460 would go in my bag, I like easy over speed.
Chris Barker
Chris Barker - 3 years ago
Straight my drive coach!
carl day
carl day - 3 years ago
Coach probably though the line was a path
Alan Dye
Alan Dye - 3 years ago
I game the G400 SFT. Main reason is it come in 12*. The Max doesn't have that option (yet). As for the 15cc size difference, it's a moot point for me. Plus I like the compact head appearance better than the elongated look of the Max.
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
Hey the low & deep CG means this thing launches high (my testing of regular G400 validated this) & so those used to 12* can game a 10.5. Besides you can up the loft by 1*. Also this design negates any (slice) sidespin.
steve dickson
steve dickson - 3 years ago
I think companies offering different drivers can only be a good thing. Get fitted, find the one that suits and keep it in the bag until it’s old and tatty, then repeat the process a few years down the line.
Sean Mullins
Sean Mullins - 3 years ago
Spinning at 4899 "yards"
Nigel Wadsworth
Nigel Wadsworth - 3 years ago
Would love to see Mark filming Dan give Coach a driver fitting.
Keith Cox
Keith Cox - 3 years ago
Can you do a head to head with the max and regular g400
kris lockert
kris lockert - 3 years ago
Who ever edited that last shot to make it look like coach hit it that straight is a genius
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
david g
david g - 3 years ago
kris lockert mark got better special effects than star wars now
Randy Mahony
Randy Mahony - 3 years ago
I need a fairway finder but the distance concerns me. I'd like to see you compare it to the the rogue.
Adrian - 3 years ago
awks moment there - toe strikes not going left
Oogzie - 3 years ago
Controversial.!!!! The Coach out- straight hitting the straight hitters!!!I hope the Rogue performs as well for Coach as the 400 Max, or Callaway will be very unhappy with their man!
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes - 3 years ago
The terrible UK weather is making me appreciate how good the on course testing is. Really missing it from your recent reviews.
dave mac
dave mac - 3 years ago
I’m jealous they can get out at all in the winter. I have a solid 4 months where I can’t sniff a course
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Andrew Hayes winter sucks
Charles Melaisis
Charles Melaisis - 3 years ago
Gutted they have brought this out as I only got my G400
5 months ago
Would be great if Ping did a good deal on part exchange
Scot Hardie
Scot Hardie - 3 years ago
Line my ball.. brilliant coach
T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett - 3 years ago
FML... I finally get a new driver - 400 SFT - and NOW they come out with this! Really? Much more in my wheelhouse. Hoping my local shop will let me trade just the head? And COACH!! Can you put a Callaway headcover on that bad boy and sneak it in the bag? #0.0
Mark Lester
Mark Lester - 3 years ago
Love the look of it. I like the big turbulators but I doubt they will make any difference to my drives.
james beeches
james beeches - 3 years ago
Can I just ask was that coach showing us his balls on Sky sport golf .? Lol
steve dickson
steve dickson - 3 years ago
Yes it’s coach
Robbie Golding
Robbie Golding - 3 years ago
Is there ever any good weather in the U.K.? Every video you are either indoors or bundled up in hat and gloves freezing on course? Floridian asking lol
Nigel North
Nigel North - 3 years ago
Robbie Golding is there any good weather in Florida, last time I looked it was way too sunnt
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 3 years ago
The colour way looks a little cheap compared to the other versions
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 3 years ago
Mark Crossfield back of the head is a little different
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
The colour is the same?
Will Mackay
Will Mackay - 3 years ago
I think this club will sell very well, if coach can hit it straight there is hope for all of us
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
Very true
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark - 3 years ago
I wasn't a fan of the matte finish when I tried the g400 and numbers didn't come out great either with different shafts etc. Very similar to taylormade m2. Only driver that stood out was the epic for me. And then that wasn't an improvement on my nike vapor pro. Mark seems to get similar results with all the brands which is not my experience weirdly.
willo283 - 3 years ago
lockey army is in the house!!
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
Wop wop
MidasTouchTrading - 3 years ago
Coach must have thought that white line was a path
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
MidasTouchTrading Haha, very good!
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
73henny - 3 years ago
Hate when you feel the need to be sarky. Pretty low rent to be honest. Surely some players will want the weight in the heel, or the lower spin version that the 400 gives. Which bit of that did you find difficult to understand? This is probably your lowest quality content I've seen unfortunately.
73henny - 3 years ago
I know you made the point about the other 3, but then why question the need for them? You said you didn't get it. Who doesn't want a more stable driver? - someone who slices it but can find the middle perhaps? Surely Ping aren't going to make products for the hell of it? Especially if they make their own products obsolete. In any case being sarky adds nothing. That said, keep up the good (not sarky) work
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
Hard to please if you miss the points in the video.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
I make the point about the 3 other models
TheHabiat - 3 years ago
my guess on the g400 range
LS= higher swing speed player who wants to take some spin off.
g400max= "beginner" slower swing with max forgiveness
g400= better player, but doesn't need low spin
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
Pros are starting to gravitate the the Max. Hot (long) high & straight?
TheHabiat - 3 years ago
helping to keep the ball off the right side (slicer)?
TheHabiat - 3 years ago
i said it's my guess. and there is always the one who goes against the norm ;)
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson - 3 years ago
Tony Finau plays g400 max. Slow swingspeed? Think again.
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 3 years ago
TheHabiat SFT?
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 3 years ago
You will see the max in all sorts of hands.
Dave Reid
Dave Reid - 3 years ago
Stunning driver. Absolutely beautiful. I love the the copper colour against the grey and black. The matte finish looks smart. Not sure dan should be hitting a 9. #getupdan. Really soft sound for a driver would go nice with my soft balls. When I upgrade my clubs one day it’s mostly going to be on looks and feel.
Brian Devitt
Brian Devitt - 3 years ago
Its not the wand but the Wizard that waves it that matters............bow to the Magic Boy.
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner - 3 years ago
Well I’ve had the G400 SF-Tec since September and get on really well with it as a high handicapper. I have no fear hitting driver now, really love it, and the slightly smaller head!
David Butt
David Butt - 3 years ago
Loving the the looks, I would certainly go for the max
John McCormick
John McCormick - 3 years ago
5:05 Classic!
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Would be a possibility if I didn’t have an Epic Subzero Driver, can’t drop more $
Nice looking Driver and looks like a good performer too
Jason Gillespie
Jason Gillespie - 3 years ago
Already in the standard G400. If I wasn't I'm not sure which way I'd have gone. I don't see a reason to ponder that now, I quite like the G400.
James Richardson
James Richardson - 3 years ago
I know we are all different but the 460 heads look huge and it gives me the feeling like I'm swinging a shaft with a spaceship attached to the end. The G400 is such a stunning driver.......460 is way too big. Ugh.
TheHabiat - 3 years ago
is grey the new beige?;)
Baxy85 - 3 years ago
Great to see Lockey “Long Balls” make and appearance in the club testing.
John Wallace
John Wallace - 3 years ago
I'd buy it......if I hadn't already bought a G400 last year!
oveberthling - 3 years ago
Twist my
Sam Nattress
Sam Nattress - 3 years ago
Was waiting for a smaller driver head to come out from ping... alas g400. The looks are unbeatable and slightly smaller head actually gives me more confidence. Also I dont care if the turbulators do anything aerodynamically, they help at address for me
Ickey Shufflin
Ickey Shufflin - 3 years ago
GO ON LOCKS!! The Army LOVED that!! #thatsembarassing
oveberthling - 3 years ago
Keeping G30 until it breaks
CG Mat
CG Mat - 3 years ago
There is a shed at the bottom of Lockey's garden full of turbulators
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
CG Mat
sabergo1 - 3 years ago
I have the G400 LST. I like the smaller head -- I get a bit more speed with it.
BUZZIN HORNET - 3 years ago
Turbulators must be the biggest con in modern golf haha, what a load of marketing fraud! There is no way in hell that a club head that size is creating enough wind resistance at all to benefit from "turbulators". Im betting that if you measured clubhead speed to 10 decimal places you would not see any increase in speed from a club with turbulators as to a club without.
kennykoalabear - 3 years ago
There may be other unstated reasons for the turbulators. How about setting the club apart in looks. Not easy to copy/counterfeit is it?
MoeJetz31 - 3 years ago
Lockey stealing the show!
Boerkreeelis - 3 years ago
Pure on looks, the turbulators or however you write that are just too darn big, I like a more quiet-ed down look I guess. I have a Ping driver and irons precisely because they looked a bit more understated, so it wouldn't be for me. But coach hitting the line with it... #carryitin2018coach
Steve bolton
Steve bolton - 3 years ago
If Batman played golf that would be his driver!!
Wendell Laffin
Wendell Laffin - 3 years ago
the 400 max with a low spin mid launch shaft might be serious beast
ERIC HINDS - 3 years ago
Aren't Callaway doing something similar with epic & rogue drivers
John Ryan
John Ryan - 3 years ago
Everyone seems to be reviewing clubs must be the season
Paul Sherman
Paul Sherman - 3 years ago
Coach beats the 2 straight ball hitters with the driver - that club must be magic.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Put it in the bag coach! Would be great to start gaming the driver properly
Darrell Williams
Darrell Williams - 3 years ago
Even more reason to go TEAM PING !!!  
Paul Sherman
Paul Sherman - 3 years ago
Darrell Williams His Christmas and New Year sling balls seemed to work well albeit he was totally confused on how to hit the green from the fairway.
Darrell Williams
Darrell Williams - 3 years ago
Coach better put it in HIS BAG !!!!  Best drive I have seen from him in 3-4 years ...... LOL   He needs to join Sophie at  Team PING , drop that Callaway crap !
Steve Scaggs
Steve Scaggs - 3 years ago
Have the G400 (Reg). Just wouldn't invest in another driver.
mr Turner
mr Turner - 3 years ago
I've got g400 and like the slightly smaller head at address.
Keller Cacioppo
Keller Cacioppo - 3 years ago
That’s awesome I have a g30 3 wood and so far I love it keep up the great work mark!
GWN - 3 years ago
Not for me, prefer my 917 D3. Slightly smaller profile fits my eye better. Cheers Mark and Dan on your insight.
Martin Dawson
Martin Dawson - 3 years ago
Lol at twistface gag...twisted faces trying not to laugh! Stop it! #bulgeroll

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