TAYLORMADE M4 DRIVER FULL IN-DEPTH REVIEW RICK SHIELS - PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M4 driver over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike golf http://www.nike.com/golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

TAYLORMADE M4 DRIVER FULL REVIEW - RICK SHIELS sentiment_very_dissatisfied 60

Drivers 3 years ago 131,218 views

TAYLORMADE M4 DRIVER FULL IN-DEPTH REVIEW RICK SHIELS - PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M4 driver over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike golf http://www.nike.com/golf ►Official Resort Partner: Lumine http://www.Lumine.com/ ►GolfWRX Featured writer http://www.golfwrx.com/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Vine ► http://bit.ly/GolfProVine Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks so much for the awesome comments guys!!

I notice a few of you have mentioned that the audio of the video is sped up in parts and makes me sound like a chipmunk haha! I am looking into it, it's very strange as it's not affecting everyone! I am pretty sure it's only happening on the Youtube app! If you copy and paste the link here https://youtu.be/tDdtC1pH3ec and watch on your browser it should work just fine!


slimjim 2582
slimjim 2582 - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf -hey Rick, I believe it's called a decibel meter. They're not expensive, but might be able to help make a comparison of the loudness of each different driver when hit. I'd look forward to that video! Good luck!
Sandra Dunn
Sandra Dunn - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf still a chipmunk...no idea what you are saying. Genuinely looking forward to hearing your opinion. Please reupload
robert gallino
robert gallino - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Gol
Christopher Roscoe
Christopher Roscoe - 3 years ago
In response to 4:30 use a decibel meter from a consistent location. Also record the audio in the same way with a microphone. Here’s a link to the visual Frequency Analysis of the M4 drive you hit at 4:19 https://youtu.be/d4YeOOZ43Lg (Pause at 22 secs to see Hz analyzer clearly)
2AAmerica - 3 years ago
Decibal reader like the ones used In rifles.
Robbie French
Robbie French - 3 years ago
Overfaded on 15 and shot tracer shows a 3 yard draw ...
matty t
matty t - 3 years ago
your point about testing these M Drivers should also include the 2016 M2. because i love my 2016 M2 combined with a Elements Chrome 65 gram reg flex Shaft and my smooth flat swing has turned me into a 250-260 yard driving beast from previous unforgiving SLDR,s 225-240 yard drives.
Michael Benton
Michael Benton - 3 years ago
Just get a db meter 40 bucks
Ben Harrington
Ben Harrington - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, love the videos as always, just a request, can you do a M2 vs M4 video ( if you haven’t already ) please. Can’t decide weather to get the M2 2017 or fork out mega bucks and get a M4 brand new. Cheers.
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson - 3 years ago
hey Rick just watching the review, you can use a sound decibel meter to measure how loud the driver is. i think you can get an app for your phone that will measure it.
Sodthong - 3 years ago
Expensive gimmick from TM ...


alan carlyon
alan carlyon - 3 years ago
Am sure I can speak for most golfers out there for their concern of this twisted face on club/s. Our aim is to hit the sweet spot on every club to send the ball to their intended target, that is what we are taught/shown and it does make common sense in our goal/s!
Am sure a lot of money time and research has gone into this product, but am sure longer distance off the tee is every golfer aim as one does not intend to hit the toe or heal of the club! your video showed the danger/s of receiving a ball flight which you did not intend! In saying all this, I will look forward in trying the club out just for my own curiosity! Many thanks for the demo!
DeputyDawg446 - 3 years ago
A sound level meter should work, I doubt they are over 130 db
Matt Deal
Matt Deal - 3 years ago
Can’t wait to test this club as well as the M3. My misses are toed hooks. I feel as if the twist face could help. Nice review
Paul Wrigley
Paul Wrigley - 3 years ago
Possibly the worse review I've seen from you Rick and I normally like your reviews. I think you have read to much about twist face before hitting the driver. On Formby Ladies you say you hit a toe shot that over draws and twist face won't save the world... then a shot or two later you say you hit a fade from the toe that over cut. Twist face is only 0.5° more open & loft on the toe section. I think you just hit poor tee shots. Go back to your old review style I much preffered it. Maybe hit 14 drives to collect your data as that's roughly how many times you'd use a driver per round.
Katie Baston
Katie Baston - 3 years ago
How does the D version compare?
J. 4NASH - 3 years ago
that 28.7 to the right looks like a push right. really any club open face high toe your ball is going right.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 3 years ago
wow, ive never disagreed with a reviewer on every single element.  Until now.  This thing looks cheap
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia - 3 years ago
I'm not sure it even beats the 2016 M2
Phil Brown
Phil Brown - 3 years ago
Thanks for the video Rick! You just saved me some serious cash!!!
kanzas anthony
kanzas anthony - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, I think to measure the acoustics of the drivers and all clubs in general, a possible way would be to get a shotgun mic and a DAW like Reaper or Ableton or even Garageband; then record the sound and frequency separate with parametric EQ. I do it for music, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be that crazy hard to do for a golf shot. You should be able to narrow down the frequency quite easily. I can try for you if you want. I wrote you about making some clothes for you too. Hautchezpere on Instagram. You can write me there to if you want. Great job on these reviews as usual!


Tiernan Still
Tiernan Still - 3 years ago
I don’t understand how the physics of the twist face would work for a normal player. I think when people toe it, it’s more so because the face is too open so the twist will just send it in the wrong direction even more. How often do you toe it and hook it honestly?
Shawn Auxier
Shawn Auxier - 3 years ago
test M4 and old M2 with impact tape and flight data...for twist face
Maximiliano Castellanos
Maximiliano Castellanos - 3 years ago
This is so true. I’ve hit this driver and it helps from what I’ve seen. And I love it. May not work for everyone but you should give it a shot.
chris williams
chris williams - 3 years ago
Mate you need to work on swing plane if your hitting push fades
i Mc
i Mc - 3 years ago
Twist face seems a backwards step for me
John Norton
John Norton - 3 years ago
You could use Logic Pro X to measure frequencies. I lecturer in the software. You could mic impact area up and use a plug in to measure it
StevieP - 3 years ago
Tested it today, although it was a 10.5, (my M2 is 9.5), I didn't see any significant difference in distance (sim). I also didn't like the feel of the club. Bottom line, my old M2 stays :)
Derrick - 3 years ago
So Rick M4 is a glorified Aeroburner?
b10rain - 3 years ago
Need a decibel meter for sound testing. Set up about 2 meters from impact to replicate the human ear positioning. Reference CPU fan noise testing. Great vid! Best of luck from Texas.
b10rain - 3 years ago
I think it's a pretty cool idea. You don't see reviewers ever testing this and this information isn't provided by manufacturers... You may have found a whole new measurable statistic in golf clubs. One that might become a standard.
b10rain - 3 years ago
Decibel meters aren't expensive. Make sure its as sensitive as needed. Not to high or low on the scale. I.e. there decibel meters for fan noise... And decibel meters for gun shots... They use different microphones. Get the right kind for the sound frequency range of golf clubs. I'm sure you can look up the general range of most clubs. Then get one that sits in that range. And should be good to go for decibel testing.
Matthew Jennings
Matthew Jennings - 3 years ago
Unable to watch owing to the audio issues. Rick the chipmunk is a difficult listen.


Ryan Jurgens
Ryan Jurgens - 3 years ago
Great videos Rick! Haven’t followed up recently like I used to. I always enjoy your videos compared to anyone else. Keep up the good work.
2ball Tonic
2ball Tonic - 3 years ago
Love you videos lots of great information. I got fitted for the M2 in which I'm looking more at the shaft than the head. The M2 blew away my 915 d3 driver as far as carry distance and shot dispersion. I can't get the M2 with the shaft I want through tayormade, but t hey will do the M4
What do you think since there is very minimal difference from last year?
Jason Lewandowski
Jason Lewandowski - 3 years ago
now that you've had time with the M4, would you prefer the M4 or the G400 SF Tec for someone who tends to consistently leak right
Aryan Bhandari
Aryan Bhandari - 3 years ago
Hey rick can you do head to head between M4 and callway rouge
Howard Rennick
Howard Rennick - 3 years ago
You should be able to measure the sound volume by using an SPL (sound pressure level) meter. There must be a way to actually record the peak level when the club face strikes the ball.
Chester - 3 years ago
I feel the new review style is more thorough, is based on more data, and the comparison to your data averages helps to place how the tested club compares to your norms.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis - 3 years ago
They should have offered the M4 with twist face in both directions.
Andrew Haley
Andrew Haley - 3 years ago
So they reduced the gear effect of toe strikes and it now creates straight pushes? Maybe when they tested it the machine had a 4 degree left path with a closed face?
Eric Stout
Eric Stout - 3 years ago
hey rick, great review. if you want to measure sound you can use a decibel meter app on your phone. just set it next to the ball when you hit and record the data.
HAPPY GOLFER - 3 years ago
Great review and great info. Thanks Rick.
clevited - 3 years ago
I enjoy the new review style, keep up the great work.
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 3 years ago
Great review thank you. I cant see adding adjustable weights cost £100 more to produce. Just TaylorMade price fixing.
Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons - 3 years ago
A decibel meter should do just fine for you to measure how loud various drivers are
Kevin Self
Kevin Self - 3 years ago
The chipmunk audio is too funny! Nice job getting the rights for Alvin to do a Taylormade driver review. Know that had to cost a pretty penny. Hahaha!!
Malcolm Green
Malcolm Green - 3 years ago
Chipmonks are us again.....shame as I really wanted to see this one
Max Imilian
Max Imilian - 3 years ago
Finally watch the M4 video in my browser and all I can say is wow! The new format quality just between M3 and M4 is better. Would nice to hear some of the on course comments live as you hit the shots. Kind of a gut reaction to what you are feeling and seeing.
Seems like even some tour plays are struggling with twist face. Tiger was playing the new M3 at Torrey Pines and he was really struggling to find fairways I think he hit like 12 out of 58 for the week and it was a double miss. Maybe he should go back to the M1 he played at the Hero. Still great to see Tiger back making cuts.
DavidDiSante - 3 years ago
"I was expecting to look up and see one ball flight, and I saw a completely different ball flight." Sounds like the typical tee shot for me mate.
Dana Patelzick
Dana Patelzick - 3 years ago
This club appears to have some amount of random variation. You hit a draw not intentionally yet were not able to hit a draw when you wanted. Interesting.
MySpankster - 3 years ago
Hi Rick...love your videos and your demos.....i have watched just about every one of them......you've helped me decide whats best for me......i went and tried some clubs and narrowed it down to wilson D300 irons / wilson D300 or Cobra F8 drivers / Cobra F7 3 wood / and the Cobra F7 Hybrid...keep the new videos coming on the new products.....your one of the best i think....cheers
Jim Ignitoski
Jim Ignitoski - 3 years ago
Best reviewer in the business!


Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly - 3 years ago
This club lost me when Rick said he had an almost perfect path/face angle on one shot and it missed 28 yards to the right...
Jock Mac
Jock Mac - 3 years ago
Is this the Chipmumk channel
he5487 - 3 years ago
So, is it better than the m1/m2
Stephen McGillivray
Stephen McGillivray - 3 years ago
Nice video but won't make me think of changing my 2016 M2, have you tried using a decibel meter to pick up the different sound from your test equipment. Keep up the good work.
johan erneberg
johan erneberg - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, what about the spin on high toe and low heel shots? Are they different from the driver in your bag?
Robert Dobson
Robert Dobson - 3 years ago
Very good review Rich
Strike is everything
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 3 years ago
I git the chipmunk effect...it’s awesome!
Lloyd Young
Lloyd Young - 3 years ago
I would suggest going to a music store, they should have a digital sound measurement device for what you are looking at doing, I know HSE reps use a similar device to measure sound in factories.
Ethan Baptiste
Ethan Baptiste - 3 years ago
Great video Rick..really useful information.
Keep up the great work.
CallMeAnimal69 - 3 years ago
You can find a decibel reader somewhere I’m sure to measure the sound differences
Adams Snapworld
Adams Snapworld - 3 years ago
When it speeds up it for some reasons ruins the video play. Not a fan
KJR - 3 years ago
Excellent review!
Jed Mellott
Jed Mellott - 3 years ago
I always appreciate your reviews but this new system is great. Perhaps you could test again later and see if you get the same results. Thanks!
Kevin Milligan
Kevin Milligan - 3 years ago
Rick, very much like the new review style. It gives us real, solid information to help us make a good decision or what to look for when considering a new product. Keep it comin!
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
Awesome and thorough comments. Thanks Rick for your professionalism.
B2B Bogey
B2B Bogey - 3 years ago
I just realized that you passed Crossfield in subs. Not only passed but beyooond...
Lucas Eyster
Lucas Eyster - 3 years ago
Rick I love how you are not bias about your reviews. I see Taylormade reps absolutely praising twist face, but I know it’s not going to affect the outcome of the shot shape every time. Loving your reviews keep it up!!
IngLouisSchreurs - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, Louis here. I love the way you incorporate positive criticism in your videos. I hope it brings quality and many subscribers/watchers to your channel. Love the new format for bringing testing equipment videos. GOOD SHOW!!! I thouroughly appreciate your knowledgable but certainly critical approach and your honest report on pro's en con's. Keep those coming, the pro's en honest con's. Allas missed the livestream, I'll try to be there next time.
Bizairsp - 3 years ago
Place a decibel meter near your Geecee quad and that will give u a good measure or the acoustics. The quad never moves and balls have to be with in a relative distance from each other.

P.s Just in case u wanted one.
FF2312674333 - 3 years ago
The sound on this video is all over the place. Only this vid? Is it just me?
Skybo22 - 3 years ago
Rick, I love the new testing format! I was wondering if you’d consider doing this with the Cobra F8? I know it came out at the end of last year, but I’d love to see a more elaborate test done on it. Keep it up man!
Russell Palmer
Russell Palmer - 3 years ago
What’s with the voice over being sped up? Sounds like Alvin from the chipmunks is doing the review? I’ve just had my version of YouTube updated but M4 Review was fine...
Pyroclastic2000 - 3 years ago
Did anyone else get weird audio???
Scott Kahler
Scott Kahler - 3 years ago
I like the new style of reviewing. While I like getting to see a wide variety of clubs, I am more interested in seeing how you view the technology that is going into the clubs and how that technology plays out in performance. Having you test these clubs more in-depth provides a greater sample size and makes the review mean more. As an engineer who loves sports, I enjoy watching these videos primarily for the science and how the advances in technology are playing into golf club manufacturing. I also enjoy seeing what "technology" is real and what is more for the sales pitch. Great job and keep up the good work!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Scott!
Francois Theron
Francois Theron - 3 years ago
Callaway Epic
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 3 years ago
Anyone else getting distorted sound? After a while Rick goes all pinky and perky, which kind of makes the vid unwatchable, which is a pity.
marty maness
marty maness - 3 years ago
Bring back the mini driver.
Chris Cartman
Chris Cartman - 3 years ago
Awesome review Rick
I'm currently using a TaylorMade burner superfast 2.0 just wondering what your thoughts are on that driver cheers
marty maness
marty maness - 3 years ago
Chris Cartman you are awesome!
Levi Moore
Levi Moore - 3 years ago
Video is fucked. Audio is all messed up.
Ken Rickard
Ken Rickard - 3 years ago
Good review, thanks
Koop - 3 years ago
Is it just me or does the audio speed up x4 after the 51 second mark???
Jt Dannhaus
Jt Dannhaus - 3 years ago
Can we get the audio fixed. It speeds up
Bill Westrick
Bill Westrick - 3 years ago
After tesing Epic, M1 and M2 last year, I went with the M2 and it is working well for me.
Lance Sedevie
Lance Sedevie - 3 years ago
Voice and playback issues!
dopplerjd - 3 years ago
Lorenzo - 3 years ago
Rick all I can hear is a chipmunk voice sped up
Darren Stenson
Darren Stenson - 3 years ago
Great really honest review, can't ask for more than that.
TalkyMcTalkFace - 3 years ago
Roll and bulge, hundreds of years old, can’t beat physics no matter how much TM think they can override science.
steve cornibert
steve cornibert - 3 years ago
Congratulations on the Driver vs Driver slot
Shawn Deal
Shawn Deal - 3 years ago
Absolutely love the new style of review. No wonder Golf Channel hired you!
Just get a Db reader
Mike Farrell
Mike Farrell - 3 years ago
Very good review rick, I enjoyed that
Mr Chris
Mr Chris - 3 years ago
Congrats for being selected as one of the judges for Season 2 of Driver Vs Driver! Have fun
yansen lau
yansen lau - 3 years ago
Rogue Irons review
Dave Dundon
Dave Dundon - 3 years ago
I think these in depth reviews are invaluable and a great addition to your channel.
Very well done and please keep it going. Please do the new Vokey wedges soon and please explain the bounce of the club.
Dave D
Charlie Farr-Jones
Charlie Farr-Jones - 3 years ago
Why is the audio time lapsed
wardpr68 - 3 years ago
Outstanding review again Rick. Thank you for the time you put into this!
Jon Stacey
Jon Stacey - 3 years ago
What a great in depth review! Best review I’ve seen you do! Fair and honest, awesome!
David Simmons
David Simmons - 3 years ago
Reviewing to another level, great work Rick. I still cannot part with my old Ping Anser.
GReeNORB - 3 years ago
Great review Rick, you've really upped your review game! If you'd like to test the loudness of your drivers, have a look at how the firearms guys test suppressors on firearms (Military Arms Channel does some great stuff here). Basically, get a decent decibel meter, ensure consistent setup (driving bay doors open/closed, consistent distance of the meter from the club face, consistent height of the meter off the ground), and then just record multiple shots and average the volume :) The fancier meters will also give you a 'sound profile' - which may or may not be useful when describing the sound to us.


Kieran Ardaen-Webb
Kieran Ardaen-Webb - 3 years ago
The video audio keeps speeding up. YouTube must be playing up
Sharon wooster
Sharon wooster - 3 years ago
Good honest review...all twist face does is cure one problem,but creates another,so no difference what so ever,apart from wasting over £400.In years gone by id buy a new driver every year because all we had was golf magazine reviews(no GC quad or ball data ,distance spin etc)so I fooled myself by believing the latest marketing buzzwords.But now with YouTube and golfers like Rick Shiels now prove that technology has been the same for over five years.Just by watching his reviews over the years you can see this and hear this..Look at his performance with the old G20 driver!!!blew this m3/4 out of the water and so have all the drivers he's reviewed as well from years gone by.Thanks Rick youve saved me a fortune these past few years
Jason Little
Jason Little - 3 years ago
Whats goung on with the sound, its talking like you are on helium and going triple fast. Not sure if its just my end but have tried on two different devices and its the same
Adrian - 3 years ago
be interesting to see if twist face will be around next year...or when they bring out their next model and be interesting to see rob potter hitting them
John S
John S - 3 years ago
something wrong with the sound of this video
Paul Wrigley
Paul Wrigley - 3 years ago
Prefer your old reviews Rick, they weren't broken so why try to fix them?... Although it would have been very interesting to see the toe hits on the same day with the m2 and the m4 to see the differences. So i'd say just do your normal review videos and add an on course head 2 head of old v new afterwards.
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang - 3 years ago
The new review system you have in place is great keep it up
Jon Lindberg
Jon Lindberg - 3 years ago
Rik, love your channel: Use a decible meter. There is an app for that.
karncis - 3 years ago
Thanks for the review Rick. Can you please elaborate on the heel hit? How did that go? Did that stop the ball going right at all on average? Seems like twist face does what it says...just depends on the type of golfer.
Ant Walton
Ant Walton - 3 years ago
Is it just me or after 30 seconds the sound speeds up and Rick sounds like a chipmunk. All other videos are fine??? Can’t view.
Matthew Byrne
Matthew Byrne - 3 years ago
I don’t know if the video is not working rick. Seems to be jumping and also fast speech. Please let me know if this a fault on the video please.
derekhurst9 - 3 years ago
For someone who plays Ping equipment from 2012 with no desire to upgrade, I find these videos entertaining enough to watch. Nice job, Rick.
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart - 3 years ago
For testing the sound level you can get a decibel meter from most electronic store, and most likely online. Then just set it up close to where the ball is and you'll have a reading. Loving the new testing. Would really love to see you do a full test like this on the Cobra F8
Phil Stones
Phil Stones - 3 years ago
Hey Rick. For the audio - why don’t you try using a decibel reader? You should be able to see how loud each driver is and add it to the chart.
ESikora12 - 3 years ago
My audio keeps going crazy from about the 55 second mark forward. Like it’s on high speed...
Jake Haid
Jake Haid - 3 years ago
So basically buy the Rouge or epic :p
TheGreatDadditelli - 3 years ago
Honest review again Rick. Great explanation of you thoughts
Asteroid828 - 3 years ago
Hi Rick great unbiased revue, thanks. It seems that there are no new drivers out there that are going to gain you major advantages in distance. So the next thing golfers are looking for is accuracy. Hence the twist face. It would be great to see comparisons of 'yards wide of target' over a period of time. Not sure how this would be done but would be a useful tool in establishing some manufactures claims about better accuracy.
yUmaRouS - 3 years ago
Love your channel and your work. Not hating or anything here but just as a suggestion, why don't you get fitted with the proper gamer shaft suited for your swing and use the same shaft for every driver review since the tech of drivers allow you to. I understand that its important for your viewers to go to fitting centres at the end of the day to suit their game and swing but when you use the stock (or recommended) shaft of the manufacturers, things do change as in how the club head performs and how you swing it. Especially for highly skilled players like you, you have the ability to adjust after a single shot to suit that shaft's tempo and how it flexes during the swing. With that Tensei (Ten-say) shaft, even though it is an X flex in the M3, its going to perform a lot different to the M1 2017 that you reviewed with the Aldila Rogue (Silver I believe you were hitting) which makes it difficult to judge the performance of the club head and not the stock specification. Looking at your M3 and M4 numbers, I think that if you put in your Aldila Rogue 70X which you had in the M1 17', the numbers will be a lot better compared to the Tensei you are hitting with the same loft and configuration. If my memory is correct you were using your M1 with the weight back, but the M3 weights in front and with the M4 you cranked the loft down.The difference in these numbers would have been minimal if the stock shaft was the Tensei White PRO, since its a completely different animal to a non-pro Tensei (plus could maybe be a "made-for" model) . Just saying since both your numbers with the M4 and M3 seem to tell that the shaft you were hitting it with was maybe weaker than your usual gamer shaft. Also, i think that since the shaft you tried it with is a tad weak for you which produces more spin and launch angle, you cranked the loft down, but you have to remember the when you lower lofts with the FCT it opens up the face angle too, which may have been the reason why you were missing some shots right. If you had a stiffer, lower torque, lower spin and launch such as the Aldila you had in your M1, you'll won't have to crank the loft down to lower spin and launch. Therefore you can use it on the STD FCT setting which has a neutral face angle, eliminate that right tendency (which the M2, M4 range shouldn't really have) and get mixed results from you trying to adjust to the club and more so the shaft. Would like to see you to try the M3 and M4 with the same shaft to have a true head to head performance comaprison. Tell me what you think Rick. Cheers
ThomasKlarskov - 3 years ago
This new review format is awesome. Love the thorough testing over at period of time to really fully "understand" the equipments capacity.
Aaron___ - 3 years ago
Rick this video is broke for me cause your voice has gone squeaky
Sean Mullins
Sean Mullins - 3 years ago
Is my computer faulty or did he edit this in super sonic speeds making him sound like the chipmunks?!?
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 3 years ago
Still using an Adams XTD driver. It has the "power slots" on the top and bottom. I believe that is the reason TM bought Adams so they could steal the "hammer head" slot technology. I have played with demo M1 and M2 drivers and they don't go any further, and they are not as forgiving as my Adams XTD.
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 3 years ago
Is it better than last year's m2 , my opinion ; IS IT FUCK
spinball6363 - 3 years ago
Great reviews, Rick. Really like the on course and multiple day testing. Love the honesty too.
TheNj05mcs - 3 years ago
Best way to get the sound would be to buy a simple decibel meter. Thats exactly what your looking for.
justin broom
justin broom - 3 years ago
Ricks on golf channel live!!!
Martinboo13 - 3 years ago
Is anyone else having audio issues. It’s playing at dubble speed I can’t understand what’s being said!
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas - 3 years ago
Anyone else getting really messed up audio after 30 seconds or so???
Jason Postma
Jason Postma - 3 years ago
I just got the cobra fmax
Todd Miller
Todd Miller - 3 years ago
Great way of reviewing equipment.
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 3 years ago
Loving the new in-depth test format Rick! No need to measure the Db levels, just rank the sound in categories; Quiet/dull........Moderate/dull.........Moderate/tiny..........Loud.........&Holy Shit that`s DEAFENING!!!!!!!
I`m thinking of changing my Ping G30 SFT this year, so I`m planning to try out the Ping G400, Callaway Rogue Draw bias & the TM M3/4 (seeing if they work with my old mans low heel strike). But I suspect that none of them will be any better than my current "fairway finder".
Kevin Mcmullan
Kevin Mcmullan - 3 years ago
Great review. The comparison to your average driver shots is a fantastic addition.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Cheers Kevin
Joe v
Joe v - 3 years ago
At 3:10 m3 numbers?
Barry Down
Barry Down - 3 years ago
Not so forgiving.TM the experiment didn't work.unfortunately nice try.
Simon Whitehead
Simon Whitehead - 3 years ago
Hi Rick
I know you use Pro v1's for consistency but what are your thoughts on using "own brand" balls for driver testing. Dont know if its just me but i preferred to use callaway balls with my last callaway driver and now use tp5x with my sldr. Do manufacturers "design" the ball to work better with their kit?
Hoppy1973 - 3 years ago
Great review again. Seems like TM have really dropped the ball on this one. In an age where they are governed so much that the only thing they can really improve on is forgiveness across the face. Judging by your results they seem to have come up with the world's most unforgiving driver.
Rob Breeze
Rob Breeze - 3 years ago
I’m watching on an IPad. The audio is going at 20x normal!! Is it only me?
steven baird
steven baird - 3 years ago
Brilliant new way of doing your reviews, will be looking forward to more!
martin hastie
martin hastie - 3 years ago
Can u do the cobra f8 ülus driver in the new full review format. Want to see the comparison. I think the f8 will be a popular driver and people will like to see it compared to Taylormade and Callaway
notformebeaky - 3 years ago
The comparison with your average is a very useful feature. Keep it up.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 3 years ago
Great work Rick love the on course testing gives us a real feel about the product. I am using the M2 at moment and can’t see much difference between these clubs. I am looking at changing my driver this year and look forward to seeing all your reviews which will help me choice the right one for me. Thanks again keep up the great work.
Daniel Jermyn
Daniel Jermyn - 3 years ago
New format is great! I bet twist face will fade out next year. Or more likely, they will offer the same driver in a bulge and roll option, or a twist face option.
Jeff Malinowski
Jeff Malinowski - 3 years ago
Am I the only one getting a chipmunk voice in the review?!?!
Jeff Malinowski
Jeff Malinowski - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf yes, I was using the app. I watched it on my computer and had no issues! Great review! I watch every video you post on your channel. Thank you so much for doing these!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
I have seen this a couple of times! Not sure why it is! Will try and get it fixed!! Are you using the YouTube app?
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh - 3 years ago
All about the money
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh - 3 years ago
All the same shite
Joel Lara
Joel Lara - 3 years ago
What the hell is wrong with this video??
Paul Insana
Paul Insana - 3 years ago
Rick if you are looking to test driver sound, which I think is mightily important when choosing a club, there are two factors you have to remember. First is you can measure the decibels that the driver puts out using a decibels meter. This measures how physically loud the driver is. But more importantly is measuring pitch, which is the frequency of the sound. Pitcher helps determine the piercing capabilities of sound through the air and is why higher pitched noises sound louder even when producing lower decibel levels than lower pitched noises. Pitch of a sound can be measured by computer programs by recording with your mic. I wouldn't be surprised if some of your recording software has those capabilities now and if not, there are plenty of programs online.
Christiaan Fourie
Christiaan Fourie - 3 years ago
Great review bud!
a b
a b - 3 years ago
So M2 2016 still is the best driver.
Jensen - 3 years ago
Are you using real pro-v1? You didn't say it this time!
Joseph Flaherty
Joseph Flaherty - 3 years ago
Entire video was in “chipmunk” voice. Needless to say I didn’t understand a single word as I don’t speak or understand “ chipmonkese”.
Max Imilian
Max Imilian - 3 years ago
Is it just me or is the audio playing at the wrong speed?
steven gunn
steven gunn - 3 years ago
Hey dude you could use a decibel reader to get a reading on how loud each shot is. Not sure if anyone has said that but anywho .. Keep up the awesome work.
Robert Singh
Robert Singh - 3 years ago
Uhm you sound like a chipmunk from around 20 seconds in...only me having this issue?
Christian Dean
Christian Dean - 3 years ago
Robert Singh I had this, had to close app and restart video a couple of times but seemed to not happen after first 40 seconds or so
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar - 3 years ago
Loved the review we need you need super rob to test the M3/M4
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, as far as measuring the sound, you can purchase a decibal meter. The price varies greatly though, but it all depends on your budget. I've seen them go for $25 upwards of $1000 for the industrial versions. Hope this helps and keep up the great work.
CallMeAnimal69 - 3 years ago
It’s playing full speed in chipmunk voice and I don’t know how to stop it!
Marno De bruin
Marno De bruin - 3 years ago
Love the new review style!!! So in depth and informative
Ryan Maddox
Ryan Maddox - 3 years ago
Yea me as well with the audio malfunction
Neil Richards Ranga Pirate
Neil Richards Ranga Pirate - 3 years ago
Loving the new format, however, I was wondering if it were possible to be tweaked? IN the optimum chart, I think it would be a bit more informative if each column was sleightly coloured to represent good or bad. E.G. A tinge of green at the top of the carry distance column ranging to red at the bottom. I know this would change for each category where sometimes red might be at the top and bottom with green in the middle etc. Its just that at a glance or without rading up on a few of the categories, somepeople may not fully understand that yes there is an optimum, but sometimes higher is better (carry distance) and sometimes higher is not better (decent angle or launch angle).

I hope this makes sense. i'd be happy to ellaborate more if needed.
hjhayden22 - 3 years ago
Driver looks great. Bummer about the tech. Great review.
Tim Pirtle
Tim Pirtle - 3 years ago
Fantastic new format.....fan freaking tastic!
Noah Bauman
Noah Bauman - 3 years ago
To measure the loudness you could use a decibel meter app
Joshua Moon
Joshua Moon - 3 years ago
New style of review is much better and more detailed with actual data. Maybe get Pete Finch who hits a fade to help collect data from a fader’s perspective since you tend to hit primarily draws.
Diggerless - 3 years ago
Can someone explain how rpm is calculated by this tech? Is that forward or reverse spin?
Maruf Mohsin
Maruf Mohsin - 3 years ago
Rick for sound test just use any mobile phone app. Keep your phone near the tee. Voila.
pickin4you - 3 years ago
I think Taylor made screwed up big time here. Leave the FACE alone, and fix your swing. Its much cheaper, and better for the golfer in the long run. I would never even touch a M3 or M4 just because they screwed with the face..... AWESOME review by the way. Love the new set up.
Jason Sechrist
Jason Sechrist - 3 years ago
The twist face is doing exactly what they designed it to do, most people hit toe hits left, it's made to alleviate that a tad. You said you tend to hit toe hits right, so now they go farther right, of course they go farther right, that's what the club is designed to do. Anyway I like most of your videos but this one you are harping on something that in my opinion you should not be.
Vince Almario
Vince Almario - 3 years ago
The Audio is sped up on the YouTube app, i was able to watch it by goin onto the YouTube site through a browser
Jukka Saastamoinen
Jukka Saastamoinen - 3 years ago
And I was thinking I’m the only one hearing a squirrel talking...
Greg Milam
Greg Milam - 3 years ago
I play the Callaway Epic and I don't plan on Switching anytime soon. Looks great feels great sounds great and I hit it straighter and longer than any other driver I never used.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 3 years ago
Been using the Cobra LTD that is was fitted for me. I am not planning to switch to a new driver this year. I am very happy with it.
Chiang Chih-I
Chiang Chih-I - 3 years ago
Great edit! greeting from Taiwan!
This video contains all information I want to know about M4. Well done Rick!
Jt Dannhaus
Jt Dannhaus - 3 years ago
Is the audio messed up on this for anyone else?
gillettecrackers - 3 years ago
I like to watch you at night.
Carlos Fernández
Carlos Fernández - 3 years ago
Muy buen formato Rick!! Me gustaría que hicieras un vídeo comparando el M2 del 2016, con este nuevo M4. Ver los resultados de estos dos palos lado a lado, debe ser interesante. Principalmente porque al M2 (2016) le pegabas muy bien
Deven Cerda
Deven Cerda - 3 years ago
The leaking to the right you noticed may have been from delofting the driver. In taylormade drivers when you deloft them it then opens the face a few degrees, and vice versa if you add loft it closes the face. Just a thought, love the review!
Jacob Borow
Jacob Borow - 3 years ago
Why is the audio time lapsed
Steve Black
Steve Black - 3 years ago
Me too
Pyroclastic2000 - 3 years ago
Jacob Borow yeah that happened to me as well!
Logan Byler
Logan Byler - 3 years ago
Still using M2 V1 and have no reason to switch
LuisA2380 Menzes
LuisA2380 Menzes - 3 years ago
Loving the format Ricky
Mike Wales
Mike Wales - 3 years ago
You mentioned wanting to measure decibel levels for drivers, I know they make smartphone apps, but they have meters at music stores. I would think that if you didn't want to use an app, they should have a meter there. I really like these in-depth reviews!
LM - 3 years ago
Rick, great review format. Although doing these types of reviews will certainly be a time consuming venture. To address your question on sound measurement, there are sound level meter devices ranging from about 15.00 to 150.00 here in the states.
A sound level meter is a measuring instrument used to assess noise or sound levels by measuring sound pressure. Often referred to as a sound pressure level (SPL) meter, decibel (dB) meter, noise meter or noise dosimeter, a sound level meter sound level meter uses a microphone to capture sound. The sound is then evaluated within the sound level meter and acoustic measurement values are shown on the display of the sound level meter. The most common unit of acoustic measurement for sound is the decibel (dB).
You will want one that offers recording so you can check after the shots and not have to have someone holding and looking at it for you.
I don't know brands you have in the U.K. There are apps available for smart phones, however they are not very accurate. I hope this helps, and thanks again for the reviews.
Bryce Werblo
Bryce Werblo - 3 years ago
You could use something that measures decibels
Casey Turnbaugh
Casey Turnbaugh - 3 years ago
Thanks to this review I will not be getting a driver with twist face!
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 3 years ago
Incredible Full review. Love the new review style. You covered everything anyone could possibly look for. Not a TM fan, looking forward to the FULL reviews of the Rouge Standard and Subzero
TheChenza05 - 3 years ago
Rick, I was a big critic of your preview videos...but now that I've seen your in depth review, i think it is absolutely necessary to do it that way and you're doing an awesome job mate! should've never doubted you mate!
Cheemo Mugdoo
Cheemo Mugdoo - 3 years ago
It sounds like if you have a fairly neutral swing path and face then Twist-Face almost negates the gear affect and gives you a what is effectively an open face on toe hits, thus giving you a fade. I would be interested to see what would happen with strikes near the heel with the same neutral path and face. Perhaps this technology is more suited to golfers with more in to out or out to in swings.
french_fry_god 29
french_fry_god 29 - 3 years ago
What’s wrong with sound???
Andy V
Andy V - 3 years ago
Be good if you hit every new driver up against your current driver 5shots would be good enough
Todd Rozens
Todd Rozens - 3 years ago
There are free spl meters on the App Store which would measure volume at impact if you’re inside a hitting bay. Cheers.
Brian McCool
Brian McCool - 3 years ago
Video acting weird for me. Audio seriously out of sync with video (2x Rick = Alvin The Chipmunk). Watching on iPad. Other videos are fine
Ben Lemoi
Ben Lemoi - 3 years ago
Glad I’m not the only one this is happening to thought I was losing my mind for a moment
Marley_ R6
Marley_ R6 - 3 years ago
This is also happening to me. It’s so frustrating!!!
Joe Ward
Joe Ward - 3 years ago
Same and I’m really upset because I want to watch this video
Clayton Rainey
Clayton Rainey - 3 years ago
Yes! Same here!
Ryan Travis
Ryan Travis - 3 years ago
Brian McCool I’m having the same problem. Video work fine for 15-30 seconds then the audio speeds up and Rick sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk
Johnny Hicks
Johnny Hicks - 3 years ago
Rick many thanks for a very honest review its much appreciated.
Lee c
Lee c - 3 years ago
hi rick ive recently brought the 2017 m2 so most likely keep this for a couple of years but i am having much better results with the m2 than my old cobra driver,great review as always.you might be able to use a decibels meter for how loud a driver is at impact.
Arthur Grant
Arthur Grant - 3 years ago
Love the new review style.
Ken Attaway
Ken Attaway - 3 years ago
Big plus on this style of review...
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 3 years ago
Try any decibel meter App - there are lots of free ones in the App Store...
Loud drivers are a big turn off for me too.
TheLetterSee - 3 years ago
Rick you can get a cheap digital decibel meter and set it next to the GCQuad to capture the sound. Also, can't wait to see your Cobra full review to see how it worked while out on the course.
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson - 3 years ago
Been watching you and Pete since Trafford, and I gotta say, I miss the old reviews. Maybe sprinkle in some of the old long drive videos or fsx challenges?
Hunter Oxendine
Hunter Oxendine - 3 years ago
I have watched both of the new taylormade videos on the drivers and really like the new review format
Andrew Gerrard
Andrew Gerrard - 3 years ago
Another great review mate. Cheers
Jeff Shawver
Jeff Shawver - 3 years ago
Good job Rick. Love the in depth review.
LB - 3 years ago
But does the paint chip off the top after you sky one?!?!
TJ - 3 years ago
Taylor Made is all about gimmicks now. IMO, it's Ping all day long. No gimmicks, just long, straight and forgiving.
Micah Graves
Micah Graves - 3 years ago
Is anyone else having trouble with the sound on this video? Rick, your voice/talking is super fast it sounds like a chipmunk starting at about 0:25 seconds every time I try to watch this. Want to watch so bad but won't work!
TZOID08 - 3 years ago
Good job but over 15 minutes for me personally is too much ....
The Watts Factory
The Watts Factory - 3 years ago
It’s an absurd concept. For it to work consistently the golfer has to be able to deliver the club face consistently. Other than pros who he he’ll can do that. It’s a gimmick to sell golf clubs. I think your review has perfectly proven that to be the case.
kevinhueb - 3 years ago
Why do you sound like a chipmunk? Not happening with any other videos. Taylormade must have not liked what you had to say.
Jim Rohnstock
Jim Rohnstock - 3 years ago
Really like the comparison chart. By far the best way to show test results that ive seen by anyone. Good job
Mark Vickers
Mark Vickers - 3 years ago
reading between the lines is it true to say the M3 & M4 are gimmicky?
THE WUMBOLOGIST - 3 years ago
You could get a decibel reader that a lot of people have for hearing fans on computers and they are relatively a reasonable price, so if that is something you're interested in it is on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Decibel-Meter-RISEPRO-Digital-Sound/dp/B01EZZ8B5Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1516668466&sr=8-4&keywords=decibel+reader
Steven Mclean
Steven Mclean - 3 years ago
Great vlog /review keep up the great work rick.
Charles Rohl
Charles Rohl - 3 years ago
Thank you for candid honesty Rick. Helps my decision !
doodlleus - 3 years ago
The sound is really messed up on this. All sped up
Vu Ho
Vu Ho - 3 years ago
Are you going to go back and use this format for the cobra f8 and ping drivers?
Justin Nini
Justin Nini - 3 years ago
Something wrong with the audio?
Benjamin Toups
Benjamin Toups - 3 years ago
Anyone else having issues with the video? Voice goes really fast. The M3 video his voice was slowed down. Weird
Big Ed
Big Ed - 3 years ago
Benjamin Toups yeah weird.... The first time I watched this video it happened half way through.... now it does it from the start.
H Wallace
H Wallace - 3 years ago
Really like the new format, Rick. Thanks for the in-depth and honest review. As far as the new TM drivers....I don't know how they could possibly do better than the M1 or M2 other than just changes in aesthetics.
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 3 years ago
sure do like these new tests
Matty Smith
Matty Smith - 3 years ago
Easily best reviews out there! Loving the new format, so detailed and concise.
A.J. Bergstresser
A.J. Bergstresser - 3 years ago
Love the new review format. One quick callout. You're club performance chart calls out m3, not m4. I love that new presentation graphic though
happygilmore06 - 3 years ago
Get a decibel reader. Should work well in the quiet studio.
Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 - 3 years ago
What the fuck is with the audio? alvin and the chipmunks now doing reviews?!
Big Pete
Big Pete - 3 years ago
Thanks for your honesty Rick
Dave Christensen
Dave Christensen - 3 years ago
Rick - love the change in your reviews ... I'm learning so much more with this format. Thanks and I look forward to more reviews. I'm a loyal subscriber and really appreciate you!!!
titleist fann
titleist fann - 3 years ago
So overall it's not as consistent as other drivers you've played? That's good enough for me to stick with my 'old' tech 8 yr old driver
Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens - 3 years ago
You audio sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks
Marcus Y
Marcus Y - 3 years ago
Hi Rick! If you wanted to measure the volume from clubs you review. You could use a Decibel level meter to measure the dBs coming from impact! Hope that helps
Spencer James
Spencer James - 3 years ago
As always, great review! Must say that I like the old review style better but really appreciate all of the effort you put in for us! Thanks Rick
Willie - 3 years ago
For a fairly reasonable cost you can pick up a decibel meter or SPL meter online. They also have db meter apps for Android and iPhone that are reasonably accurate and can at least put you in the ball pack on loudness.
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
Love the new format... Much more detailed less unanswered questions.. good job
Rodney Mounsey
Rodney Mounsey - 3 years ago
Bobby Sale i
Andrew Kumataka Do
Andrew Kumataka Do - 3 years ago
There are many decibel apps online or you can find a legit machine online for pretty cheap
allo cromeau
allo cromeau - 3 years ago
now your talking rick ;)
Paul Zeller
Paul Zeller - 3 years ago
Can u review the new TaylorMade and Callaway hybrids?
Diarmaid O Leary
Diarmaid O Leary - 3 years ago
Superb review Rick, great way to test out the claims of the manufacturer!
Mike McNulty
Mike McNulty - 3 years ago
Great review again Rick. I'm liking the honesty about the twist face and that it isn't this all magical face that fixes bad shots.
Mike McNulty
Mike McNulty - 3 years ago
Great review again Rick. I'm liking the honesty about the twist face and that it isn't this all magical face that fixes bad shots.
Kwasnik Matthew
Kwasnik Matthew - 3 years ago
Decibel apps.. there are some that record data
todd harrison
todd harrison - 3 years ago
What are you talking about. It did exactly what it said. NO DUCK HOOKS!!!
Nick P229
Nick P229 - 3 years ago
You might want to get some more testers to try out the twist face. That way you can dive into the numbers and see what’s really going on! A larger sample size should yield answers
Kris Giebeler
Kris Giebeler - 3 years ago
Loving the new review styles! With respect to your earlier point about measuring volume and frequency of the sound once hit, many apps claim to be able to do this. DecibelX for example is a highly rated sound meter for iPhone users:
toprightcorner - 3 years ago
Great review Rick! Love your videos and the new format. I've noticed lately though that there is a low hiss coming from your microphone. It's kind of annoying :) . Just letting you know!
Norman Russell
Norman Russell - 3 years ago
Solid review, digging the greater depth of detail. The graphic is also a useful addition.
John Hampton
John Hampton - 3 years ago
Love the new review style Rick!!
Nick P229
Nick P229 - 3 years ago
Rick I would recommend getting a Decibel Meter app for the sound of the drivers
satisfying slime ASMR
satisfying slime ASMR - 3 years ago
Two good reviews (M3/M4). Appreciate you have to walk a fine line with how you feedback on this new technology, good balance and you get your message across well with strong credibility. Will the gimmicks ever stop, will the hype ever stop - probably not with certain brands. Keep up the good work Rick!
Adam Lewin
Adam Lewin - 3 years ago
You can get a decibel meter on the app store to measure how loud the impacts are - have your phone a set distance from the ball each time for accurate results
B Tausch
B Tausch - 3 years ago
You could use a decibel meter to measure the sound intensity of drivers
John Donnelly
John Donnelly - 3 years ago
Best reviews on the net, quality content
Brad S.
Brad S. - 3 years ago
I love the new reviews!! Thanks Rick.

This is the driver that I want. I have it earmarked.
Jacob P
Jacob P - 3 years ago
Great review! There should be an app that measures decibels you can use to gauge the sound off the drivers if that’s what you’re looking for
hollywood1513 - 3 years ago
Nothing personal Rick, but we like seeing you hit the club more than hearing you talk. Older reviews were more entertaining. Keep them coming though!
madlife5 - 3 years ago
How about a "twist face test", but with the new cobra f8. Its said cobra has been using this tech for while now, after all
wharffratt - 3 years ago
Rick, you have hit an absolute bullet with the new video reviews!
robshorter - 3 years ago
Love the new in depth reviews and honest reviews giving joe public a heads up when spending their hard earned money thank you
golfpunk46 - 3 years ago
Love the new review style!
davidfirst317 - 3 years ago
The loud sound would put me off, have just switched from a Rocketballz to an XR16 Pro mainly for that reason and much prefer it, getting a few extra yards as well.

I like the data sets where you show the averages of 5 shots as well as the new overlay.
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 3 years ago
Love the new format, seems like this Twist Face is going to twist itself right out of the TM lineup. Can’t wait for the new Twist Face, I’ll wager they are going to swap the angles lol. You may also be entering Mark Crossfield territory #taylormadehateme
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 3 years ago
Do you think the PGA Tour Pros that play these clubs are getting special bulge & roll faces? Or do you think they're also using the Twist Face technology?
Rupert Osmond
Rupert Osmond - 3 years ago
Nice one
TDM170 - 3 years ago
Wow rick. Well done! A superb review. I was sceptical about the new video format but u proved me wrong!
callum Boyes
callum Boyes - 3 years ago
Rick you can use a decibel reader for measuring the sound of the driver.
AlexNblue - 3 years ago
Brilliant review, really appreciate the extra effort with in round feedback. Interesting to see that twist face isn't great for the better golfer that is looking to shape the ball. Keep up the good work!
danthemanwhocancan - 3 years ago
Oh dear! Has the
ressoy - 3 years ago
2017 M2 D type 9.5 53 ser stiff light shaft love it,keeps me on the center to left side of the course,don’t like the M4
Tigers Baseball#28
Tigers Baseball#28 - 3 years ago
What are all of the shaft options for the m4
RequiemDead - 3 years ago
You can get a decibel reader. That would be a great way to measure how loud it is.
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price - 3 years ago
It feels like Taylormade are to unoriginal, they copied the bmw logo in the m3 and m4, active channel system from titleist, twistface from cobra and speed foam from pxg
ticleve2 - 3 years ago
So hit the draw version, the M4 D-Type.
VisLife - 3 years ago
Worth to remember that when you crack the loft down the face opens and when lofted up the face closes. Could be the cause for shots going right
Paul Scott
Paul Scott - 3 years ago
A couple more views questions needed. Still a great new style
Lilley Golf
Lilley Golf - 3 years ago

not the club but the review, by far the best out there Rick 
Rick Reeve
Rick Reeve - 3 years ago
Rick - you use a iPhone so try the (Decibel X db, dBA noise meter APP) may be something you could use??
james keenan
james keenan - 3 years ago
Fair doos Rick brilliant review mate
hvalbefal - 3 years ago
You could use your phone to measure sound pressure.
There are probably many aps, i have tested one called NoiseExposure on my iPhone.
I did an comparison with professional equipment and didnt notice any difference. The app uses the microphone on the phone to measure.
Hope this helps
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 3 years ago
How about a review of the $700 Epic X. Would really like someone to explain the justification of an additional $200 between it and all the other Epic models.
Saul Carrera
Saul Carrera - 3 years ago
Good review Rick... I'm still a little perplexed, as far as M3 and M4 and the information you are giving out is very good.. I currently play the 2016 M1 and did not switch due to me not liking the results of the 2017 version.. so gonna test 2018 M3 and the new Callaway Rogue.. thanks again great review...
Robbie White
Robbie White - 3 years ago
I’d be willing to bet that the Rogue SZ will beat both the M3 and the M4.
Matt Potts
Matt Potts - 3 years ago
Decibel reader ole boy
Pete Conway
Pete Conway - 3 years ago
Like the new reviews...
oveberthling - 3 years ago
Still love my g30, not gonna change
Mike Slater
Mike Slater - 3 years ago
Another great review Rick.. If you want to check how loud they are you can get a digital decibel Meter easily for around £40-£50 or even cheaper there are some downloads available for I phones/Play store,tablets etc.. Keep up the great work matey..
Ben Dittmer
Ben Dittmer - 3 years ago
I’d suggest using a decibel meter. Can pick them up for ~$20 us. Won’t be able to tell you frequency of sound but definitely how loud the impact is!
Ben Dittmer
Ben Dittmer - 3 years ago
Or an app for you phone!
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams - 3 years ago
Another great review Rick. I'm currently using the 2017 M2. My missed shots are the toe shots with a closed face ending up with a bad miss left so this could be a help to someone like myself. However, the $ for now would keep my M2 in the bag for me as it is performing quite well most of the time.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 3 years ago
Love the performance graphic and testing clubs in that way, great job bud
Mike Hall
Mike Hall - 3 years ago
currently using Cobra Fly Z but testing the F8 shortly
Jaden Whetzel
Jaden Whetzel - 3 years ago
Love the new way you review
Adam Stubbs
Adam Stubbs - 3 years ago
Another great review, honest true opinion. Seems the the whole twist face tech on this driver has made two similar shots give very different results, which really is worse than always knowing where you miss is gonna be. Keep the reviews coming Rick.
StevieP - 3 years ago
Great review Rick, I'll still go try them out, but I think I'll be keeping my old M2...
Andrew Kibbee
Andrew Kibbee - 3 years ago
StevieP Yes! 2016 M2 for life!
Evan Quigley
Evan Quigley - 3 years ago
Great review Rick.! Genuinely am so impressed how honest you are and thorough. I have been very interested in this new tech and now I know I don’t “need” this as a golfer especially the fact I am terrible with a driver...
Roy Farley
Roy Farley - 3 years ago
I knew that club would mess up your draw
DE4DSHOT - 3 years ago
I don’t understand though, if you’re hitting it out the toe and it’s staying straighter/fading, why not just aim straighter? If you’re hitting it left way less often, you should have the confidence to take dead aim if not a bit up the left? I can understand if you like to see a draw, but DJ also used to like seeing a draw until he switched to hitting a fade and thereby became probably the best driver of the ball in the world
Mescalito71 - 3 years ago
All this talk and effort, and you basically hit all drivers w the same performance? Reviewing drivers is useless. Actually, with technology nowadays, all clubs are useless to review. Finding a good driver is an individual deal, someone else's opinion aids nothing.
Tim Tran
Tim Tran - 3 years ago
I have last years M2 and love the look of this year’s M3, but like you I do enjoy hitting off the high toe to create a right to left ball flight when I can. I’m concerned the twist face may interfere with my anticipated ball flight. I will try this at my local club and see what flights I get on high toe shots.
whogg0521 - 3 years ago
Another great job, Rick, and simply LOVING this format and top-notch production.
Jens OKonor
Jens OKonor - 3 years ago
Really like these full in depth reviews
TheGolfdaily - 3 years ago
Taylormade makes me confused!
PHILIP MCKEOWN - 3 years ago
Rick I like the new viewer questions segments but overall the review videos are just too long. 15 minutes is a long time and there is a lot of repetition throughout of your views. I think it should be no more than 10 minutes long. The style is better though and less focused on raw data and I like the comparisons to previous models. P.s. get rid of the preview videos as they do nothing to enhance the review, just more repetition
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 3 years ago
A great thorough and in-depth review. As with your earlier M3 review, you have really raised the bar for reviewing.
Golfnut 612
Golfnut 612 - 3 years ago
I’ll be interested to see how the draw version performs. How does the twist face work on that version? Great new format
K4rN1v00L - 3 years ago
really digging these new new reviews!
fischputza - 3 years ago
New vids are great, but the sound is so muted
Cinnamon Mon
Cinnamon Mon - 3 years ago
Fantastic review. Must take a lot of time to do also. Top notch
grahame turner
grahame turner - 3 years ago
Great in depth test and does cover a couple of my concerns on twist face. Glad you have clearly stated for people to test. Keep up these great new reviews I love the more in depth and tech reviews
Lukasz Szadny
Lukasz Szadny - 3 years ago
Rick a decibel meter is all you need. The average driver generates about 82-90 dBA of sound. To put that into terms for you by hitting a basket of balls with your driver you will be subjected to less than 2% of your daily "average". Of course this depends on swing speed and smash factor however until the dBA rise above 116 there is no real threat to long term hearing loss :) An interesting factor is that the dBA we are subject to vary with "near ear" and "far ear" (ear close to the golf ball at impact) hope this helped from a fellow PGA Professional from Poland. Love your work m8.
Mark Godbold
Mark Godbold - 3 years ago
Another informative & honest review. If Taylormade claim that the M3 & M4 'logo' isn't a BMW 'copy' then they're not being as honest as you ! They've clearly copied the style & colours.
JustSleepin61 - 3 years ago
Check out a decibel sound meter on the App Store.. plenty of free ones, Rick
Adrian Harrison
Adrian Harrison - 3 years ago
Interesting video and opinion, John Rham who won in America last night said on interview his win was down to twist face because he could not find the centre of his driver.
Ben Briggs
Ben Briggs - 3 years ago
Hi rick. Another great review. Will you be revisiting other drivers like my driver the g400 lst with this style of review. Love the channel and all the vlogs.
Manvir Bhari
Manvir Bhari - 3 years ago
Love the new reviews! Can you do this review for the Cobra F8+
lucas johansen
lucas johansen - 3 years ago
Is it normal for pros to use the gear effect to get their ballflights? You would imagine that you should always hit middle
Mark Mcgrath
Mark Mcgrath - 3 years ago
Good format now for reviews but main thing for me is the big question at the end. Would you put the club in your bag? Nice to see a reviewer stick their neck and say yes or no
Thetruth1120 - 3 years ago
Get a decibel level reader that give u a number level of sound...higher the number the louder it is
Neil Burley
Neil Burley - 3 years ago
Good honest review rick, top man
Joshua Gonet
Joshua Gonet - 3 years ago
What I've seen from what you've shown is that this driver can eliminate the left side of the course for you over 75% of the time. Is that bad? For someone like you who has crushed it left quite a bit, wouldn't this give you that DJ kind of course management where the left side of the course isn't a thought?
Luke Curry
Luke Curry - 3 years ago
Well done Rick for a fine review as always, however I feel that the golfing industry in terms of equipment is dying. My M1 2016 (Version 1) I believe will go as far as any driver on the market right now and I'm not sure, within the R&A regulations, where the golfing manufacturers will go next. It's sad because innovation should always be welcomed but I fear it may be the end of the road for it :(

Interested in hearing your thoughts and I can't wait for more #indepth reviews
jls24 - 3 years ago
Would love for you to go back and do this style review for the F8+.
Max Gerber
Max Gerber - 3 years ago
with a good quality condenser microphone you can get software that measures the decibel level and even analyze the frequency to see the loudness and "pitch" of the driver high pitched "ting" or lower pitched "thud"
Arno Kamphuis
Arno Kamphuis - 3 years ago
Love the way you tested this club!! Keep this up.
Tony Broad head
Tony Broad head - 3 years ago
A very honest review rick a game 2017 m1 driver after selling sub zero I love it can't see me replacing it soon ⛳️
Travis Sawicky
Travis Sawicky - 3 years ago
Another amazing review! Thanks again, Rick. As for your curiosity to record how loud a driver is, you can always pick up a cheap decibel level reader. They vary in price. I think that could work nicely for you. Cheers!
Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins - 3 years ago
Love the new reviews Rick. I think TM have this wrong as I think that its not just you that uses the gear effect with the drivers. I know I do.
peter aloisio
peter aloisio - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, as with the others the new in depth review is great. Heaps of useful info, rather than the typical regurgitated sales pitch.
Do you use the same balls on the course as you do with “GC Quad”. Would certain balls make a difference to some of the data? Cheers mate.
Tour Dreams Golf
Tour Dreams Golf - 3 years ago
If you were wanting to evaluate the loudness of the club a decibel meter might be a good idea. Only downside decibel doesn’t determine the pitch whether it’s a high sound or low sound only the loudness.
JustGolfSwing - 3 years ago
Nice review mate!!
Phil McIver
Phil McIver - 3 years ago
Great review Rick. Be interesting to hear TMs response about your findings. Seems to exaggerate your bad shots sadly
EGG PLAYS - 3 years ago
What is your favourite out off all the M drivers
Chiara Noja
Chiara Noja - 3 years ago
Thanks for the honest review. You didn’t twist your channel
Martyn Bick
Martyn Bick - 3 years ago
Another great review looking forward to the Rogue’s
Ivo L-Dee
Ivo L-Dee - 3 years ago
3:03 why is there club data of M3 and not M4?
Chase Reyes
Chase Reyes - 3 years ago
I agree with the consensus. New review format is top notch.
Andy Goodall
Andy Goodall - 3 years ago
Rick, do you think its possible that the inconsistency is not only due to the twist face, but also to the Tensei White not being a good fit for your swing?  Have you tried giving them a pop with your tried and true Rogue?
bombergolf x
bombergolf x - 3 years ago
David Bozic
David Bozic - 3 years ago
Rick, I'm surprised the Bombtech driver did not make your top 3 for 2017.
Stephen Poole
Stephen Poole - 3 years ago
No more free TM clubs for you ha ha
Rosario Fortugno
Rosario Fortugno - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, love the new reviews! To measure volume of clubs you can use a decibel meter app on your iPhone or buy a dedicated decibel meter. This one has a good rating on the App Store: Decibel X: dB, dBA Noise Meter by SkyPaw Co. Ltdhttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/decibel-x-db-dba-noise-meter/id448155923?mt=8
Christopher S
Christopher S - 3 years ago
There’s computer or phone apps that allow you to check decibel levels.
David Hensel
David Hensel - 3 years ago
You just need a decibel reader!
Donnie Prather
Donnie Prather - 3 years ago
Get a decible meter to measure the sound
Rhize - 3 years ago
You can get apps that measure decibels, not sure about frequenxcy but I'd imagine it would just be an app and they're pretty accurate.
Michael Nally
Michael Nally - 3 years ago
I'm sure these reviews are a huge time and effort investment but the content is fantastic. Thank you Rick!
Nikas Gamer
Nikas Gamer - 3 years ago
i prefer old style testing
the1big1matt - 3 years ago
Love the idea of sound measurement. I pretty much buy drivers by sound these days as dont fancy getting tinnitus on the driving range.
Harry Willson
Harry Willson - 3 years ago
Could measure the volume of drivers or any clubs using decibels or measure the frequencys through your editor software.
Hope this help
John Haley
John Haley - 3 years ago
Wasn't expecting such honesty good work
Ed - 3 years ago
I’m probably gonna get flamed for this, but I prefer the old reviews.

These are just too long, it’s like you’re filling unnecessarily to make it 15mins.

Sorry Rick!
Duffy Moon
Duffy Moon - 3 years ago
I agree Ed. Sorry Rick.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Ed I must admit. I only watched to the 11minute mark
Luca Simms
Luca Simms - 3 years ago
Hey Rick, great review as always, however, I’ve noticed that in your last 5 or so videos the audio has been rather weak. Are you using a different microphone these days? Might want to look into it. Keep up the good work mate.
Michael Mackenzie
Michael Mackenzie - 3 years ago
Love the new review style. I really like how you review over several days, to give a fair review and not a rushed 20 minute test. We all know that some days you will not be swinging at your best. Keep it up.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Michael Mackenzie that Is definitely the fairest way to test. It would be great if an actual club fitting included the same service
Brent Hobby
Brent Hobby - 3 years ago
I’m in my 4th M driver now (2 m2’s and 1 M1) and this Tour Issue 16 M2 head I have now is incredible. Planned on the M3 but after your review I may pass. We’ll see how the demo day goes but hopes are low now
Stephen Turnbull
Stephen Turnbull - 3 years ago
Looking forward to the Rogue SZ review!
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
I've hit some amazing slings out of the toe so perhaps not the club for me
Gary Frost
Gary Frost - 3 years ago
great review, thanks Rick.
David Ciccoritti
David Ciccoritti - 3 years ago
"In the Bag" testing. You need to trademark that!
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 3 years ago
Very good reviews, these feel more honest and that isn't to say you haven't been honest in the past. Looking forward to more of this type of review this year. Have fun at the PGA Show!
Warren Head
Warren Head - 3 years ago
Still rocking the R15, may upgrade to M1 as prices will drop :-)
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Warren Head I'm still rocking the r15 and still hit as far as someone with an m driver
Ste Smallman
Ste Smallman - 3 years ago
Love this way of reviewing, good work Rick
john yi
john yi - 3 years ago
Rick, thanks for the video! I love the new "infographic." I hope you can start charting a larger comparative infographic as you add other club reviews to show previous number from previous reviews. Keep up the great work! Cheers!
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones - 3 years ago
Interesting Rory has switched m2 to m3 and Dustin m1 to m4
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Anthony Jones Yeah. Its mad isn't it.... Watched a vid the other day with Dustin talking to me and my golf and he doesn't really like talking stats, he seems like he just wants to hit, so perhaps having less adjustment is good for him so he can just rip it
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones - 3 years ago
I mean Dustin has gone from adjustable to none adjustable and Rory the other way
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 3 years ago
Anthony Jones maybe because they are paid to promote the new clubs ?
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Anthony Jones good knowledge. That is interesting
Mike Laycock
Mike Laycock - 3 years ago
Why did you test the M3/M4 with the Tensei shaft instead of your Aldila Rogue shaft that you were fit for?
Mike Laycock
Mike Laycock - 3 years ago
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs I’m sure the launch and spin numbers would be better with the Rogue over the OEM shaft.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Mike Laycock great question? Surely he should use his fitted shaft in every head he tests
David Richard
David Richard - 3 years ago
Rick love the new way of reviews
I play the callaway fit xtreme. Looking to get a Rouge
fly787 - 3 years ago
Winner! Did you mention you would compare to the M2? Did I miss it?
George Pichl
George Pichl - 3 years ago
Love your new video format for 2018! Very cool. Obviously (as I thought) “Twist Face” is not for everyone. Great review. Can’t wait for your in-depth review of the new Callaway Rogue drivers. Cheers, Rick!
Giovanni Mileti
Giovanni Mileti - 3 years ago
George Pichl I am a 15 years old guy, a 12 handicap and you might know that fitting juniors is a lil different! With Same shafts (atmos 5) i was getting better results from M4 and Epic, while Rouge was letting down even with a different shaft (Hzdurs 5.5), so i just think i didn’t suit my game at all just as the G400 did (Alta Cb 55). As you may know everyone is different!
George Pichl
George Pichl - 3 years ago
Giovanni Mileti Seriously, if you’re getting 20 yds more carry over Rogue, you were not fit properly for the Rogue. I’m a club-fitter, and Rick’s numbers confirm how close most drivers are these days. The Rogue with Jailbreak is definitely at the top of the list in terms of ball speed compared to all other drivers. After that, it’s all about choosing the right loft / shaft combination to maximize launch vs. spin rate. On average, I’m 5 yds longer (total distance) with Rogue over all drivers from TaylorMade, Cobra, Titleist & PING. If you’re fit properly, there’s little chance one will be 20 yards longer than another.
Giovanni Mileti
Giovanni Mileti - 3 years ago
For me it’s perfect and 20 yards carry more than Callaway Rogue and at the same distance more precise than the Epic, which i’ll game in the woods and Hybrid part
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
George Pichl I've defo hit some amazing bad shots out of the toe... If u end up blocking it right it would be awful.... The new idea may well cone back to bite them
George Pichl
George Pichl - 3 years ago
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs My feelings exactly! I love aiming it right and slinging it back into the fairway. Twist Face obviously limits the ability to do that. Now I’m wondering how successful the M3 & M4 will be for TM in 2018.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
George Pichl twist face doesn't sound good at all in my opinion. I like a toey draw
Barry smith
Barry smith - 3 years ago
Like the way you show the figures now Ricky boy.......⛳️
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Barry smith Yeah, it's a nice touch
THE GRIFF - 3 years ago
Rick your reviews are getting better. They seem very impartial at a time when the neutrality of some reviewers is coming in to question in my opinion. Keep up the good work.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
THE GRIFF couldn't agree more.... Hard to trust people's reviews if they have a club deal!
Nick Adams
Nick Adams - 3 years ago
2016 m2 I see no reason to change in fact only went to the m2 after I broke the shaft on my previous driver
Bryant Piper
Bryant Piper - 3 years ago
Any plans on doing a in depth review of the mizuno st180 driver? I'd love to see that one
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Yes! Coming in the next few weeks!
Gabriel Acevedo
Gabriel Acevedo - 3 years ago
Hi Rick! Love your review videos! I have been using my Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Driver for about 5 yeas now and I love it. I still smash balls down the fairway! I would like to switch to a Taylormade next but I’m gonna hold off this year and maybe wait a couple of years. I need to get me a new set of irons before I think about drivers. I’m really interested in seeing your iron reviews! I will probably get me a new set before the weather gets nicer! But love the videos!
cgasucks - 3 years ago
I'm glad I've unsubbed Crossfield's channel's for yours Rick.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
cgasucks Oh yeah, sorry. I meant watch my channel cus I'm not a sell out. Lol. Just starting out u see
cgasucks - 3 years ago
I didn't say you sold out. I meant Crossfield.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
cgasucks I'm not a sell out. Lol. Might be one day tho
cgasucks - 3 years ago
Not anymore...he sold himself out to Titleist..
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
cgasucks Haha.... Try mine for some fun amateur crap. Lol
ShaamoneHeeHee - 3 years ago
cgasucks that's a bit silly. Some good info on Marks channel.
Bryant Piper
Bryant Piper - 3 years ago
Hey Rick. I currently use M1.. my backspin seems to be way to low. 800-1200... so definitely think I need to try some higher spin drivers. Any suggestion?
Bryant Piper
Bryant Piper - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf no I haven't messed with any of that. Just left it all standard. I'll try that and see what happens. Thanks
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Have you moved the weights further back and tried more loft?
Henry Hilger
Henry Hilger - 3 years ago
I’m thinking of switching to the Xr now I have the taylormade burner draw
Gordon Vance
Gordon Vance - 3 years ago
A great review Rick. Very comprehensive and a very fair conclusion.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Gordon!
Joel Bird
Joel Bird - 3 years ago
love the new reviews mate keep it up!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Glad to here it mate
The Football Bible
The Football Bible - 3 years ago
Not sure about this tech. Nothing better than a standard 2016 m2.
a b
a b - 3 years ago
The Football Bible
I agree.2016 M2 still is the best.
nicholas tugwell
nicholas tugwell - 3 years ago
The new format is class rick. Great work. Shame about the products. Can't wait to see the full callaway review.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
nicholas tugwell Haha. Shame about the products
leeh2503 - 3 years ago
I love graphics
I'm using ping g30
Looking at new driver this spring
Matthew Gallagher
Matthew Gallagher - 3 years ago
Is the anti left due to the fact you’ve lowered the loft thus opening the face?
Colby G
Colby G - 3 years ago
Great video, Rick. The filming is getting so much better and the graphics and transitions make your videos look so professional. Keep it up!
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Videos are looking great aren't they... Some great graphics
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks so much!
Jason Postma
Jason Postma - 3 years ago
I love the new club reviews
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Cheers Jason!
Frank Arena
Frank Arena - 3 years ago
Rick, try using a sound level meter, or a noise dosimeter. Both used for industrial hygiene purposes to measure sound. Should be what you need, but not sure about the price range you are looking for. Cheers
Callum Imrie
Callum Imrie - 3 years ago
I've got a fitting on thursday but wanting something second hand thinking about the Ping G seems to get great reviews and still a pretty good driver.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Callum Imrie don't think u can go wrong with any big names these days. Just go with what you hit best and feels and looks nice
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 3 years ago
Still use the ancient 2016 M2 , waiting for the kryptonite faced super driver before I change. #extra20yards
J. 4NASH - 3 years ago
got a 2016 M2 also, hit both M3 ans M4. cant wait to bag M3. already preordered mine
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 3 years ago
YourGirlfriend'sBoyfriend move along twat , your obviously a troll.
Scratch Golfer
Scratch Golfer - 3 years ago
No you're not. You just can't afford a new driver.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
David Fletcher
William Bryngnas
William Bryngnas - 3 years ago
I’m using Ping G. Will not be switching driver this year. BTW smash factor don’t measure in degrees, Rick.
Rob McGuinness
Rob McGuinness - 3 years ago
Rick, for the sound test, use a decibel tester, less than £20.00 on Amazon.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks Rob!
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Think I’ll pick up the 2017 M2 driver AND 3 wood for the same price

Love the looks and feel of m2 and on the fence about twist face
Peter Donkin
Peter Donkin - 3 years ago
Loving the 2018 videos so far Rick!
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching guys!

So tell me... What driver are you using now? Which are you thinking of switching to next?
Spencer Ramquist
Spencer Ramquist - 3 years ago
The new review format is so good rick. The gold standard for club reviews.
Jordan Manion
Jordan Manion - 3 years ago
hybrid M4 & hopefully in driver with my BB7 shaft :-)
Shawn Owens
Shawn Owens - 3 years ago
F7 and it’ll prob stay in the bag
georg g
georg g - 3 years ago
Ping G5, but it must be hightime to change! That's why I'm watching all your reviews. Good job!
Ben Harrington
Ben Harrington - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf currently an R1 set neutral with stiff shaft, looking M2 or M4
Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler - 3 years ago
Been playing the Nike Vapor Speed....just purchased the M4 with Tensi white stiff 60g. Should get here in 2 weeks
spidey.bh1 - 3 years ago
I tried the m3 440, 460, and ping g400 lst. Found I was smashing them all, I will go back and see which one comes out on top.
Conner Kindred
Conner Kindred - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I just got fitted for a driver today, and I ended up with this m4 switching for the xr16 pro version and I think you did a great job on this review! I saw a rise in ball speed and my dispersion was awesome so it really is up to the player!
David Bailey
David Bailey - 3 years ago
M2 2016- Great club.
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 3 years ago
Titleist 915 Matrix red tie stiff not changing.
Kevin Dodd
Kevin Dodd - 3 years ago
Areoburner 10.5 reg
Cooper Avins
Cooper Avins - 3 years ago
The Original m1 driver but want to switch to titliest 917
Don Edwards
Don Edwards - 3 years ago
Like my 2016 M2 but keep going back to my R9s (9.5 and 10.5 with four different shafts - so much fun to experiment with)
genotone - 3 years ago
2016 M2. I have hit 917, G400 and ST180 demo drivers and whilst they all have their charm, I feel another year with the old M2 won't hurt.
cccoke - 3 years ago
I am using the Cobra Fly-Z and was thinking of getting the M4 but not anymore after seeing your review. I will stick to my Cobra or try the Ping G400 instead.
Bernie Martin
Bernie Martin - 3 years ago
XXIO 9 with a stiff shaft, very forgiving
Kevin Maher
Kevin Maher - 3 years ago
Ping Anser. Picked it up for $99 brand spanking new on eBay a few months ago. Fits my swing well. Replaces the Epic.
Cooper Longbottom
Cooper Longbottom - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf hey why don’t you do a head to head between the callaway epic and callaway rogue
ztrack157 - 3 years ago
Krank Formula 7
k may
k may - 3 years ago
Rick really like the new stuff you're doing, the optimum perf chart is a great idea as a direct comparison to the other clubs on the market. I've just bought myself a new Triton 2 days ago after playing for an honest decade (on and off) with my r580, I've always played a fade and fought a slice so when the Triton came up at Golf Town for a great price I referenced your review on it and felt it would suit my game just fine as a high handicapper. Cheers love the videos! And having not seen the first DvD, I'm looking forward to the second!
Roman Santos
Roman Santos - 3 years ago
Ping G30 LS tec the last 2 seasons. Not really looking to change. Interested in testing the rogue SZ...but just for fun honestly. Happy with the Ping
karncis - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Thanks for the review Rick. Can you please elaborate on the heel hit? How did that go? Did that stop the ball going right at all on average? Seems like twist face does what it says...just depends on the type of golfer.
Josh Swipas
Josh Swipas - 3 years ago
Using the Titliest 915D2 and thinking of switching to the Mizuno ST 180. Would love to see a review on the new Mizuno driver!
Peter Vincent
Peter Vincent - 3 years ago
G30, tried G400 and Titleist 917 on GC2 last weekend with my Pro. We concluded the gains with either new driver were so minimal (if any) that it wasn't worth upgrading. So am sticking with G30 but with different shaft since my swing has changed somewhat since original fitting.
Reagan Enger
Reagan Enger - 3 years ago
R15 w/ HZRDUS 63g 6.5
Watching your videos to figure out what to switch to next! Maybe Rogue!? Waiting for the full review!
Yankurph - 3 years ago
Currently using Cobra Fly-Z. Looking to try out the Cobra F8 or F8+
Julien Crombé
Julien Crombé - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, love the new verison of your in depth reviews !
Considering ditching my old Ping G25 if G400 Max happens to be as satifying as it appears
Alan Nield
Alan Nield - 3 years ago
Titleist 917 D2, It's staying for a long time
Paul Jobling
Paul Jobling - 3 years ago
I'm using a wilson staff c300 driver since November 2017 very happy with it. Don't know how good it is but you can get a decibel meter app on iPhone for how loud the drivers are.
Guenter Girkinger
Guenter Girkinger - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Callaway XR16, i‘d like to test the Rogue Sub zero
tommy1434 - 3 years ago
Rick thx 4 ur review! I have r11s and I’m thinking orig. m2 or 2nd gen m2. Thoughts?
srschisa - 3 years ago
How about the new Mizuno drivers coming out?
Tim Greeson
Tim Greeson - 3 years ago
Currently gaming an Epic. Not looking to change, but so tempted to try the Cobra F8 in my specs... Awesome looking driver
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles
The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles - 3 years ago
Excellent in-depth review! Like the honesty and transparency!
Very useful
Nick Cormier
Nick Cormier - 3 years ago
Got my hands on a GBB Alpha 815 DBD 9° that's hit about 10 balls... Gorgeousness! Swapped in a GD AD-DI7X for the stock rogue and it's gonna be a bomber. The new review style is fantastic. Really like to see you dig into the real world playability of the clubs. Keep killing it mate!
David Adams
David Adams - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Hi Rick just changed from Callaway XR to Titleist 917D3. Was fitted at a Titleist fitting day at a local club. Very pleased with the results so far. Thanks Griz 06.
steven baird
steven baird - 3 years ago
2017 M2, see no reason to change!
Justin CEM English
Justin CEM English - 3 years ago
Cobra F7 stiff flex
Not looking for changing the driver at current stage , it served me well
Good to know that manufacturers are looking into invention of new technologies
Jo Blo
Jo Blo - 3 years ago
2017 M1 currently. My typical mis-hit is a heel shot that results in a fade/slice. I never hook my drive it's either a piped shot or a slight fade. Really interested in giving the new M3/M4 family of drivers a swing.
notformebeaky - 3 years ago
Had an SLDR for the last few years, thinking of Mizuno JPX-900 due to a few reviews and the adjustability.
Bjørn Helge Kjærnes
Bjørn Helge Kjærnes - 3 years ago
Using the Cobra F7 now. Great Club. Next driver would be the one that gives me the best result at the club fitting. Love to test different brands, and see how they perform.
Danielsan - 3 years ago
M2 2016. Aldila shaft. Best combo ever. 70gram. Stiff and cut down a bit
Len Wilson
Len Wilson - 3 years ago
A dB meter will measure the loudness
Simon Hague
Simon Hague - 3 years ago
Recently changed from Titleist 915 D2 to Callaway Epic SZ - big reduction in spin and subsequent on course distance - like the fade bias too
Duffy Moon
Duffy Moon - 3 years ago
Thanks for yet another great review Rick. Lovely to hear a brutally honest opinion.

I currently use SLDR 430. I’m really struggling to find a replacement though. I really don’t like the look of fuller 460 heads for some reason. So that’s most current drivers, especially Callaway Rogue, out of the running.
Hate turbulators, horrible word for something that doesn’t work. Unless of course the dictionary definition of turbulators is: ‘Name given to useless or ineffective invention which inventor publicly denies doesn’t work whilst working on his next invention’. In which case it’s a brilliant word! So Ping out.
I’m frightened of snakes, so Cobra out for much the same reason as I don’t use Taylormade mallet putters.
Love the look of PXG Drivers, I really do. But I’m not going spend six thousand pounds, or whatever, on something I’m likely to put a sky mark on about a week after remortgaging.
Titleist 917 D3? Possibly. But my pro told me the numbers don’t lie and everyone’s getting better results with Epics and M2s.
I’m kinda ‘meh’ about white headed drivers which is why I never really considered M1/M2.
I absolutely almost quite like the look of the new Taylormade M3/M4 but then I saw a review YouTube.....
Damn you Rick Shiels you picky bugger!
Curtis Polysou
Curtis Polysou - 3 years ago
Currently have a 2017 M1 440 in the bag and haven't seen anything yet that makes me want to switch. 2016 M2 is always ready to rock as well.
Grim Journey
Grim Journey - 3 years ago
2016 M2 Driver with no plans to change until it breaks.
Steve Page
Steve Page - 3 years ago
Cobra F6+
Oumar Niane
Oumar Niane - 3 years ago
Marco Jorge f8? Lol
Marco Jorge
Marco Jorge - 3 years ago
2017 M1 for me; thinking about investing in a 2018 M4.

I see a lot of comments for F8, worth testing?
Oumar Niane
Oumar Niane - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf so Rich I’m currently using a Titleist 915 D3 driver and the only cub I would switch to, pending money, is the Titleist 917 D3 driver.
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 3 years ago
Vapor fly pro....Nike pulling out of golf made it fall into my budget....most top end new gear as good as it claims usually can't justify cost....
Dennis Mast
Dennis Mast - 3 years ago
Like the new vids, Rick. In 2016, I bought a Ping G30 SF to help compensate for a fade swingpath. It worked VERY well. But, as I worked on my swing, those straight drives turned into draws, then morphed into huge hooks. Now I've got a $450 driver I can't use without reverting to the bad swingpath I worked to get rid of. So, when I replaced that driver, I went with the 2017 M1. This driver lets me use a little draw bias in the spring when my swing is not so good, and back off that bias as my swingpath improves. I have no plans on replacing it anytime soon, because I really like what it does for me. I added the fairway woods and a hybrid from the M1 line as well.
Hack to Scratch golf
Hack to Scratch golf - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf what ever I can afford
Dave Christensen
Dave Christensen - 3 years ago
Callaway Epic ... no plans to change this year. Was having some problems but I moved the weight to the "fade" setting and I'm finding fairways again :)
Dalton Wright
Dalton Wright - 3 years ago
2017 M2 love it to death.

If I were to switch... most likely M3. Love the y-track concept
Blake Kestner
Blake Kestner - 3 years ago
Currently using a cobra f6. Not looking to change. But I'm looking at the new m3 hybrid.
Chester - 3 years ago
I hope that you enjoyed your round at TPC Sawgrass, and that you hit the island green at 17th hole.  I use the Ping G20 (9 1/2 degree, stiff flex) since your 5-year Ping test, and feel that it remains a great driver.  I don't miss not having adjustability, so plan on staying with it.
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 3 years ago
Still using my ampcell pro model from Cobra's vault... Still hit it 275-285. And at my age 48 I feel that's pretty good
jpentico - 3 years ago
I am rockin' the 2005 Callaway Great Big Bertha Titanium 454 with the Aldila NV 65 shaft! I am getting a full fitting on new woods (driver, fairway, utility) in March and can't wait to see how the new technology can assist my game. Been working hard on my swing the past twelve months so its time to get the clubs up to date.
roberto olvera
roberto olvera - 3 years ago
Hey Rick just want to say thank you for all of your information and videos. Can you do a similar test with the cobra drivers? Thank you in advance if you can
Adrian Adams
Adrian Adams - 3 years ago
Great review!! Bought the 2017 M2 in October at full price and love it. Fitted with Hzrdus yellow 6.5. Now having watched your review I don't feel that I invested in old technology as I know how i hit the ball and that the twist face wouldn't suit me. Cheers Rick and like the new format!!!
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice - 3 years ago
It's been a Callaway Razr Fit since it launched. Great driver but I'm finally ready to try out some new ones. Mizuno ST180, Rogue, Cobra F8/+, and if I can wait long enough, Titleist 919. Also considering a 2016 TM M2. Still one of my favorite looking clubs.
ben cuff
ben cuff - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf cobra biocell
Michael West
Michael West - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf 07' Taylormade Burner. Looking at the Taylormade M's, Epic, Cobra. Got fitted, and my distance was actually best with my 07 burner. Best fitted with the Epic. Was able to be much more consistent, and the feel felt great. Not used to the look at address. Was hoping to be better fit. My launch angle wasn't high enough. For one, I tee the ball up a little higher in general. Looking to try out the M3 and M4. Totally open to getting the 2016 M1 to save a few Penny's and have the ability to adjust if my shot changes in years to come
Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson - 3 years ago
hi rick the most accurate way to measure the volume is with a decibel meter these are not expensive.
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf G400 Max
AlexNblue - 3 years ago
Just got a 2017 M1 at a bargain price and seem to have gained some yardage. Can't wait till the summer when the ball actually runs
Les Blair
Les Blair - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf most honest review I've ever seen.
Anthony Elliott
Anthony Elliott - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf titliest 910 driver cos it was cheap and adjustable. Not looking for driver yet. Getting fitted for first set of proper clubs this weekend
Luke Jones
Luke Jones - 3 years ago
M2 2017 love it!
Steve Watkinson
Steve Watkinson - 3 years ago
Joshua Tally
Joshua Tally - 3 years ago
2016 M2. not thinking of switching
Evan Quigley
Evan Quigley - 3 years ago
M1 Taylormade and can never hit the middle or anywhere consistently on that particular club so not going to change anytime soon..
Supra_X_Gixxer - 3 years ago
NOISE TESTING SUGGESTION:  Rick you need a decibel meter.  Can buy mediocre apps for your phone...but can get professional ones online from £20-50.
40Rouge - 3 years ago
A blue Cobra Fly Z from a few years back, actually based on your review video. Thing was and still is a cannon, so thanks for that.
grahame turner
grahame turner - 3 years ago
Taylor made R15 tweaked loft and weights in most friendly setting and hitting it really well.
Mark Godbold
Mark Godbold - 3 years ago
I'm using Titleist 915d2 & have been for a couple of years. No plans to change yet but if I did I would get fitted, no matter which brand I chose. Must say, I do like the look of the new Callaway Rogue though.
Darren Knight
Darren Knight - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Original Callaway XR. Not in any hurry to replace. Might check the Rogue out to see if there are any gains to be had.
Jeremy Reeves
Jeremy Reeves - 3 years ago
I'm using the Epic Sub Zero, setup to bring down backspin. 8 Degree, weight to the front, 75gram X shaft. Similar carry and total distance numbers to yours. The 2017 M1 and M2 didn't perform as well for me as the Epic. The M1 felt way too light and I hated the ear-shattering sound of the M2. I'd like to hit the M3 and M4, but I imagine the TWIST FACE would be a dealbreaker as I use roll and bulge in much the same manner as you. I know how to hit a fade and draw by controlling the face. That altered face angle would take some getting used to. Love the new format.
Travis Sawicky
Travis Sawicky - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf, I'm currently using the 2016 M2 and still loving it! Thinking of switching to Callaway, Ping, or M3/4 after testing and fitting. If I see no grand results, I'll stick with the M2. Maybe forever.. Haha
Jimi Partanen
Jimi Partanen - 3 years ago
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino same i have been using it for a yer now and i love it!
hawkey100 - 3 years ago
Using the M2 2016 model and looking to change to the F8 or F8+
Jason 5
Jason 5 - 3 years ago
Play the PING G. Not planning on switching anytime soon. The only driver that has a chance to over take it is the Srixon 765
chris adams
chris adams - 3 years ago
Using the Taylormade M2 2016 HL driver no plans of changing as nothing compares atm
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark - 3 years ago
Currently using nike vapor pro tried all the big names couple of weeks back with a mind of going callaway epic. But I'm sticking with the Nike.
Philip Bennett
Philip Bennett - 3 years ago
Ping G400 SFT, not looking to change.
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Ashish Sondhi so expensive these new drivers... I bet you can still keep up with other even rich the r7
S G - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Didnt change in 2017 from 2016 M1 460 which i have loved. Tempted to try the new M3 or M4?? Going to Callaway for new irons so will hit the Rogue when im there!! Are you going to do a review of the new x forged ut iron?? ⛳️
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs
Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf I'm using the good old r15. Classic... I'm investing in my swing this season rather than a new club
Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf F8 is going in my bag. Best driver of 2018. Every review I've seen its better than rogue and m3 and m4. I'm going to test it before I buy it but it looks great and I love Fowler. And also I think Cobra is underrated. And I'm using Nike vapor pro.
George Pichl
George Pichl - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf Gaming the PING G400 with the HZRDUS Yellow 75g, but want to try the new Callaway Rogue as well. Waiting for your review on the Rogue!
Andy Goodall
Andy Goodall - 3 years ago
Callaway Epic SZ w/ Rogue 60X has been great.  May be tempted pick up 2017 M1 to rotate in and out for fun.
Daniel Catanzaro
Daniel Catanzaro - 3 years ago
Taylormade R15 at the moment
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino
Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino - 3 years ago
TM R9 Superdeep, it's a bomber!! And not looking to change it any time soon
NP-75 - 3 years ago
Rick Shiels Golf just get a audio software and you'll be able to see the frequency and just use the mic that you have on your chest and that should do it
Willy Snakes
Willy Snakes - 3 years ago
still on the Callaway X2...SO FORGIVING
Richard Sharples
Richard Sharples - 3 years ago
Wouldn’t a change of shaft affect launch angle, spin, swing speed?
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Richard Sharples yeah it does open it a tiny bit, that may explain it starting right but without twist face those tend to come back instead of being a block right

It’s all very hard to actually measure and may just be in his head I doubt he would’ve noticed that if he didn’t know about twist face

Think I’ll pick up last years m2 for £250, similar performance and I prefer the white and black
Richard Sharples
Richard Sharples - 3 years ago
Cornwall1888 but I think taylormade drivers have their face angle affected by de-lofting - I think that opens the face which would explain the shots staying right
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Richard Sharples I think he was quite happy with those once he brought the loft down a little

It’s the twist face and sound he doesn’t like which a shaft won’t help
Richard Sharples
Richard Sharples - 3 years ago
Cornwall1888 Rick is making out like those are unchangeable, so if he is finding them a touch high, why not try a shaft that can help those?
Cornwall1888 - 3 years ago
Richard Sharples yeah, what’s your point?

Don’t mean that in a rude way just wondering what you’re getting at
chance vlogs
chance vlogs - 3 years ago
hey rick love the vids keep up the good work
Blooperz - 3 years ago
Thanks for the review. Keep it up you will to a million soon
AndersonLong - 3 years ago
It’s a awesome club hay
Henry Hilger
Henry Hilger - 3 years ago

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