THE PERFECT golf GRIP? This weeks impact show discusses if there is a perfect grip for golf. Piers and Andy show you 3 things to avoid when gripping the golf club and fixes to help cure these faults. http://www.golfwrx.xom VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY FOR MORE GREAT TIPS! COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next! Want a customized plan specific to your game improvement? Check out how to improve our game with MeAndMyGolf: Follow MeAndMyGolf 24/7 on social media: ▣ TWITTER - ▣ FACEBOOK - ▣ INSTAGRAM - ▣ GOOGLE+ - ▣ WEBSITE - ▣ SNAPCHAT - MeAndMyGolf

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THE PERFECT golf GRIP? This weeks impact show discusses if there is a perfect grip for golf. Piers and Andy show you 3 things to avoid when gripping the golf club and fixes to help cure these faults. http://www.golfwrx.xom VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY FOR MORE GREAT TIPS! COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next! Want a customized plan specific to your game improvement? Check out how to improve our game with MeAndMyGolf: Follow MeAndMyGolf 24/7 on social media: ▣ TWITTER - ▣ FACEBOOK - ▣ INSTAGRAM - ▣ GOOGLE+ - ▣ WEBSITE - ▣ SNAPCHAT - MeAndMyGolf

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Ankush Verma
Ankush Verma - 3 years ago
hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about
the golf swing speed challenge
try Magonsi Amazing Golf Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got cool success with it.
hui ma
hui ma - 3 years ago
Talking too much
Flashy Paws
Flashy Paws - 3 years ago
this is as good a video on the grip as ive seen on youtube probably. if youre watching this, pay attention. youre right hand on your grip controls the way your right elbow flies on your backswing... and you want to make it stronger, or roll it under, until your right elbow stays tucked in on your backswing on its own. thats when you know its right. :)
Rakesh Govind
Rakesh Govind - 3 years ago
Hi Piers and Andy, I managed to drop my handicap from 20 to 16 over 8 months and was struggling to bring it down any further. I started looking at your advice around correcting my grip and my swing. Over four weeks I have managed to drop down to 11.5. I can't afford to get coaching but your videos have been great. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Robert Michon
Robert Michon - 3 years ago
Appreciate Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about - Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (do a search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for revealing an effortless golf swing technique without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin at last got astronomical success with it.
Yellow Boi
Yellow Boi - 3 years ago
Ass spray?
Barend Groenewald
Barend Groenewald - 4 years ago
Focusing on "negative" coaching does not help beginners much. Try to focus on what to do, instead on what to avoid. This is the way all other sports are coached...
Andi Rais
Andi Rais - 4 years ago
talk too much. . .bla bla bla
All Systems Golf
All Systems Golf - 4 years ago
you'd need to attack the action of the body pivot as much as you address the face/ grip issue. the proof is in the shot that Andy hit.. his body STILL stalled and flipped the face through impact. your player you analyzed will have the same issue unless you address the pivot as well..

10. comment for THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP?

stryderpreside - 4 years ago
Any chance you get gentleman could put a slow motion sequence thru impact in your videos so we can see how the hands are reacting? I’m always getting a reverse bend in my left wrist at impact and would like to compare and correct. Thank you.
Sergej Lukic
Sergej Lukic - 4 years ago
here's several tips for how to play golf better
Practise your golf swing in slow motion
Position your feet correctly
Learn the correct body posture
(I discovered these and why they work from Gavs golf tactic website )
David Stout
David Stout - 4 years ago
Excellent video
Shaun Koekemoer
Shaun Koekemoer - 4 years ago
Chulo0210 - 4 years ago
Great advise. Love your videos, using them to sharpen my skill in my Garage Simulator during this winter. Keep them coming guys and thanks again for the great videos.
riff724 riff724
riff724 riff724 - 4 years ago
when he takes his swing to the par 3 at the end , is it me or is his trail hand V  nit even close to his  trail shoulder , it looks like it is more towards his sternum but anyway I was always taught both Vs should point to or about your left ear
Paul Jelly
Paul Jelly - 4 years ago
You guys are the best. Thank you for this amazing FREE video school. I'm sure all your subscribers highly appreciate your work.
Kia Ler
Kia Ler - 4 years ago
Week is wrong, should be weak
Arturo Pena
Arturo Pena - 4 years ago
great video, helped a lot, and on point #3 it also helps with back pain, i discovered i was doing this a while back, fixed my grip and noticed that i would swing softer and faster without pain in my upper back for my left arm fighting my right arm during the swing, they now both flow better and easier. thanks again for all you guys do
utkarsh lavania
utkarsh lavania - 4 years ago
What's "WEEK RIGHT HAND" a shameful spelling error or some technical term ?

20. comment for THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP?

Chuck Arkle
Chuck Arkle - 4 years ago
To long to get to he point
Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing
Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing - 4 years ago
Who else heard the thunder
Desmond Martin
Desmond Martin - 4 years ago
good advice but need to check spelling Week grip!!!!!
Diego Holiway
Diego Holiway - 4 years ago
"Weak" right hand.
SileTa Mus
SileTa Mus - 4 years ago
Josh Odle
Josh Odle - 4 years ago
I overlap my lead hand index finger over my right hand pinky finger. I have never seen a suggestion or notice a pro player or anyone else play with this grip style. And wonder if there would be a reason that it could be an issue or bad grip. It feels comfortable to me. An interlock grip causes discomfort to my pinky.
Marcus Griffin
Marcus Griffin - 4 years ago
Where should the V for the lead hand be pointing?
00136884 Peralta
00136884 Peralta - 3 years ago
KJ you are spot on. They only point out one
grip, there are three grips in golf, baseball (which is a beginner crap grip), interlock, and Vardon grip or overlap.
KJ - 4 years ago
Depends if you want a strong, weak or neutral grip.Right handed player strong grip V points at the right shoulder. Weak grip the V points at the left shoulder and neutral grip the V points straight up the shaft of the club.
Dan Kleist
Dan Kleist - 4 years ago
I believe in another video they mentioned it should be pointing at that same shoulder.
Andrew Upshaw
Andrew Upshaw - 4 years ago
any possibility for a video for a player who struggles with a strong grip?
KONViCT GAMING 77 - 4 years ago
I have been told that my right hand comes off of the club at impact sometimes . (I'm a RH golfer) Would trying the interlock grip help this?
23lnp - 4 years ago
Fantastic lads ! Whenever i have issues with my game you always have the videos to resolve them

30. comment for THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP?

Jimmy Barnard
Jimmy Barnard - 4 years ago
This video and another one that I had watched yesterday before hitting the range has helped immensely. I was using basic baseball grip and I was all over the place but now I'm using the deep interlock which helped straighten out my drive but hurts the hands after a while. Next time ill try to the easy interlock and see how that goes. Thanks for the videos!
K W - 4 years ago
Nice instruction and golf gear!
William Cole Edwards
William Cole Edwards - 4 years ago
Can I have that golf bag please!? I'll pay for it!
JesusisGod #Big3
JesusisGod #Big3 - 4 years ago
you guys should wear more comfortable clothes lol
Brett Ulrich
Brett Ulrich - 4 years ago
work on the sound quality.. but thank you for such awesome insight!
j d
j d - 4 years ago
Can anyone help me? I use to have a weak grip but managed to change it to neutral, on my back swing my head tends to lift, almost like my left shoulder is causing it to, because of this I have a drop of my body on the down swing, my poor shots tend to hit ground first or fall off the ball. Also, on my down swing my body tends to move quicker with my harms hanging well behind.
Any tips be appreciated.
Nil Bymouth
Nil Bymouth - 4 years ago
A 'week' right hand ??... is that holding the club constantly for 7 days ? ;-)
Bob Neuendorf
Bob Neuendorf - 4 years ago
thanks for the video! I have been struggling with the weak right grip the past couple years. I don't know how it developed, but I noticed that I've lost 20 yards on ALL my clubs.
Donald Peters
Donald Peters - 4 years ago
Do you have any opinion about the index and thumbs on both hands being in contact?
Does this improve control?
Brady Crump
Brady Crump - 4 years ago
Great tips! Love it! I was practicing this morning, and my shots were awful, and it turns out I was doing 2 of the 3 DON'TS you just mentioned. Thanks!
Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington - 4 years ago
Thanks for that, I hit 70 on Monday, (years, not strokes). I play off 18 handicap and am constantly shifting my hands around to compensate for erratic shots. You've convinced me to follow the basics and concentrate on these three moves. I can't stop the years advancing but I can bring the handicap down. So fingers crossed, (but not deeply interlocked).
Robert Rodkey
Robert Rodkey - 4 years ago
I can feel in my backswing that I'm rotating my driver head closed and causing the ball to get almost a topspin. How do I fix that?
Jonathan Debacker
Jonathan Debacker - 4 years ago
how to get a good swing tempo ?
Jared Martin
Jared Martin - 4 years ago
You guys always put out the perfect video at just the right time. I literally have been working on correcting my grip for the last few weeks now and this really simplifies things. Already getting more consistency with my distance and accuracy. Love this channel! Keep up the great work!
Pat Can Bros
Pat Can Bros - 4 years ago
Very good as always
Dianna Gray
Dianna Gray - 4 years ago
Thanks for tips on gripping the club, especially info about the interlocking grip issues (too deep in the fingers). And I love that you referenced Ben Hogan's book. The drawings in his book are excellent and the instruction/tips are spot on (as are your tips!).
Sam Casey
Sam Casey - 4 years ago
This video was just on cue for the issue I was running into. Thanks guys!
John Morello
John Morello - 4 years ago
Meandmygolf sorrell
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Great Sam.
Richard Simpson
Richard Simpson - 4 years ago
I have been taking a lot away from your channel. Thank you for highlighting bad habits in this segment. It's is nice to have a few red flags to watch out for. Do you have a checklist or suggestions for developing a pre-shot routine?
Michael Feltham-Moro
Michael Feltham-Moro - 4 years ago
Thank you
Rasmus Tikka
Rasmus Tikka - 4 years ago
how to fix that the club face closes too early so i get strong hook
cballer789 - 4 years ago
Try allowing your wrists to turn away in the're probaly keeping the face and hence your wrists closed through most of the swing and not leaving much to come around during your downswing.

50. comment for THE PERFECT GOLF GRIP?

TheBadger1959 - 4 years ago
can we send in our grip pics for you to comment on ?
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen - 4 years ago
Andy and Piers... great videos and a pleasure meeting you both at Torrey Pines.

Do you guys recommend changing one's grip for different shot shapes? For example, take a stronger grip to hit a draw or a weaker grip to hit a fade?
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Hi Minh. Great to meet you too. Yes that can certainly work. Have a go and see if you think this would be a good move to do on the course.
Oll3EK - 4 years ago
Wow have always played with a deep interlock, i will have to make some changes. Thanks guys!
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Let us know if it helps in any way.
Steve Olander
Steve Olander - 4 years ago
Great vid guys. Thanks
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Thanks Steve.
KraZiKaMiiKaZE - 4 years ago
Not relevant to this video but for your guys's next challenge video you should play a hole using Charles Barkley's golf swing only!!
y5it056 - 4 years ago
Correction at the end.. it's a weak* grip. Not a week grip. :)
Alexander Wright
Alexander Wright - 4 years ago
so i just found out that i do problem number 2 or 3...wonderful video i know what to work on now thanks!
Siffkickz - 4 years ago
You guys should do a video on where your divots should end up based on the club and the shot
rojambeau - 4 years ago
I have just been out swinging a nine iron.  I do the deep interlock thing BIG TIME.  Excited to try and change that and see if that makes a difference for better and consistent ball striking.
rojambeau - 4 years ago
@meandmygolf You guys have fixed a problem I did not even know I had. Played 9 or 10 holes today and found the grip change easy and highly beneficial.
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Let us know how you get on. It will feel very strange changing it.
detonatorjd - 4 years ago
Weak...not week right (trail) hand.
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Ooops sorry.
Dan McQuoid
Dan McQuoid - 4 years ago
watching from new zealand ! , cheers boys !
ImSallad - 4 years ago
This video was perfect for the conversation I had in work with a colleague today, I mentioned I went to a range near by and he got onto the grip of the club saying "do you grip the club right?" "all pros interlock their fingers, that's the right way" (he doesn't play golf himself) and I had to explain that people have different grips and if you find something that works for you, it's ok and he just kept going back to the "but all pros use the interlock, watch them". I wish I could have showed him this video!
Jared L
Jared L - 4 years ago
Great Job Fellas!

Question: Is there an optimal way to hit from the second cut or tall grass on a Par 5?
Eddie Young
Eddie Young - 4 years ago
I've found a neutral grip forces me to turn my hands over at impact. Does that sound right?
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
If you have moves from a strong grip then yes you will need to rotate the hands more yes.
wedgtable - 4 years ago
5:30 like a pair of seals haha
diax14 - 4 years ago
Please make your videos in 1080p resolution. It does make a big difference!
Jon Syafrindow
Jon Syafrindow - 3 years ago
Dragan Dangubić
Dragan Dangubić
Dragan Dangubić - 3 years ago
Kudos for the video content! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered - Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (probably on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for revealing an effortless golf swing technique minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.
Jim Morton
Jim Morton - 4 years ago
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Will check the settings on the camera. Thanks for pointing this out.
Austin Crabtree
Austin Crabtree - 4 years ago
Can your hands be too small for interlocking grip and if so do I need to switch to overlap????
Kyle O'Brien
Kyle O'Brien - 4 years ago
I would suggest with smaller hands try just using a baseball grip, my dad has smaller hands than I and he's been using a baseball grip for years and works awesome for him. Says he's able to control the club more with all of his fingers
Austin Crabtree
Austin Crabtree - 4 years ago
fezzer I got bony nahds
Oakesfresh - 4 years ago
Usually it's the opposite but do whichever feels more comfortable. I have smaller hands and tried for years to maintain interlocking grip and finally switched and am so thankful I did.
fezzer - 4 years ago
I thought it was the other way round.
Richard Kemp
Richard Kemp - 4 years ago
Great Video, does ball position influence when you grip it? As i've found mine had been weakening as the club got longer, thus hitting it right with driver. Does shaft lean at address contribute to poor grip?
J Young
J Young - 4 years ago
Key component for club face stability is the right hand index finger being extended down the grip. Recently struggled with an open club face at impact; high, weak shots to the right or a disastrous hook when trying to compensate. By extending down the grip, it took care of the problem.
J Young
J Young - 4 years ago

Good snippet discussing the role of the right trigger finger and club face stability.
Austin Crabtree
Austin Crabtree - 4 years ago
J Young I know it works and not trying to be a smartass but how does it work cause my friend told me
Hector Frias
Hector Frias - 4 years ago
game changer! I had the weak high shot. Finally makes sense. Thanks guys, love your chanel!
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Thanks Hector.
Doyle Hughes
Doyle Hughes - 4 years ago
Thanks for ALL your tips, guys. Thanks to the changes in grip and other tips you guys have provided, I've actually parred my first hole EVER, the very first time returning to the game after a 20 year absence! I would recommend your video instructions to anyone looking to improve and enjoy the game. Thanks, again!
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Hi Doyle. That is great to hear!! Keep up the great work.
Jim Rohnstock
Jim Rohnstock - 4 years ago
Aligning your left hand thumb with the life line of your right hand is a great visual aid. Also limiting the pressure applied to your grip as well will reduce overtightening you hands and allow more freedom in your swing. I've noticed that any time my grip gets off a bit I go back to 'clapping' my hands to get a better overall grip too so I think your recommendation is a great starting point.
JH FIFA - 4 years ago
How do you fix a high and right shot that I seem to get a few times but can't figure out how to fix it, I have a video of my swing taken recently if you would like me to send that?
Frant¡k Stomp
Frant¡k Stomp - 4 years ago
I've been waiting for this video. Thank you meandmygolf. I recently changed my grip to pretty much this.
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Hope it helps!
masfu9999 - 4 years ago
I just started a different grip yesterday and it changed alot of my swing issues. the grip through the fingers really helps the club be used as a lever. Thank you for verifing the change.
Adam Kindstrand
Adam Kindstrand - 4 years ago
A while ago you guys had a white grip on youre irons, wich grip was that?
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
It was the Golf Pride Tour wrap.
Charlie HD
Charlie HD - 4 years ago
Great vid and great help
Meandmygolf - 4 years ago
Thanks Charlie.
Abort Mission
Abort Mission - 4 years ago
My grip is unorthodox, but it certainly works best for my swing. Actually, I have 2 different grips, depending on the power used. I prefer finesse over power, so I rarely use the stronger of the 2 grips.
Reginna Wairimu
Reginna Wairimu - 4 years ago
interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover
golf swing advice
try Magonsi Amazing Golf Expert (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.
GINGER NINJA - 4 years ago

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