GolfOnline Comp Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here THE BEST GOLF CLUBS OF ALL TIME with Mark Crossfield on his USA Family holiday. Mark takes you on his journey across the States to meet up with team Parfield and talks about some the the most important golf clubs through time. See what golf clubs Mark thinks changed golf for good and share your thoughts on the ones that you feel changed golf for you. From Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Mizuno and many more what golf clubs helped you to improve your golf game. Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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GolfOnline Comp Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here THE BEST GOLF CLUBS OF ALL TIME with Mark Crossfield on his USA Family holiday. Mark takes you on his journey across the States to meet up with team Parfield and talks about some the the most important golf clubs through time. See what golf clubs Mark thinks changed golf for good and share your thoughts on the ones that you feel changed golf for you. From Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Mizuno and many more what golf clubs helped you to improve your golf game. Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook

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Travis - 3 years ago
Ping G25!!!!!!
JR - 3 years ago
MacGregor Syncro-Lite persimmon woods.
Charlie Valentine
Charlie Valentine - 3 years ago
Kunan all 1 piece graphite head and shaft driver.
Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne - 3 years ago
Ping Eye 2, Callaway Great Big Bertha and Titleist 975D
Mr. Bob Gray
Mr. Bob Gray - 3 years ago
Newer golfer here! It’s the Ping TR 1966 Anser putter re issue. It simplified the way the ball looks at address so much that now putting is the strongest area of my game.
dsgarland - 3 years ago
Callaway x-14 pro irons
jeffery cosgrove
jeffery cosgrove - 3 years ago
Roger Savard
Roger Savard - 3 years ago
The Ping Eye2+ ( still have a full set ) and the Ping Karsten putter ...
Ricardo Passarelli
Ricardo Passarelli - 3 years ago
ping eye 2 + and big berthas- served me for 20 years. They are in my garage ready for redeployment as needed.


paul goodier
paul goodier - 4 years ago
Pinseeker 4 first full set in the 70s....never enjoyed drivers but loved the flight I got from that ole club....
Sebastian Nachilly
Sebastian Nachilly - 4 years ago
Gene Sarazin sand wedge
Julia Cartmail
Julia Cartmail - 4 years ago
Ping eye 2 , still game em , & just put new grips on em
CareyBolam - 4 years ago
Orlimar trimetal fairway woods
Brian Hunter
Brian Hunter - 4 years ago
TM bubble burners
jballoregon - 4 years ago
Ping Anser 2 putter. It's never been in my bag, but that style of head putter has been around for 50 years on tour.
Paul Houghton
Paul Houghton - 4 years ago
Taylormade Monza Spider, Ping G irons
Stu Hamilton
Stu Hamilton - 4 years ago
ping eye 2
Ryan Lhotka
Ryan Lhotka - 4 years ago
Cobra ultra-mid driver
Steven Harrison
Steven Harrison - 4 years ago
Callaway Great Big Bertha driver, maybe the first major titanium driver but certainly began the trend of bigger headed drivers ending with a rule change.

Callaway Warbird fairway woods, the unique sole just made everything so much easier.

Callaway X14 pro series irons, a cavity back set with less offset aimed at the better ball striker. Before these it was mainly blades or game improvement but these were great clubs that made every manufacturer great forgiving better player clubs.

Cleveland 588 wedges, who didn't have one of these. Back in the days when iron sets were 3-SW Cleveland completely changed this by convincing the world that a set should be 3-pw with a 588 or two in the bag. Every manufacturer then jumped on creating wedge ranges.

Scotty Cameron Terrilium putter as used by Tiger in '97. Before this a putter was one of the cheapest clubs in the bag but this putter launched Scotty Cameron and the £300 top end for putters with the idea that it's the most used club in the bag so good money should be spent on it.

Titleist Pro V1, need I say more about the benchmark golf ball that's been around for what must be coming up to two decades.

The Izzo golf strap, this was pretty much the first double strap on a golf bag that took carrying from knackering one shoulder to being a comfortable back pack. Was originally an aftermarket product that attached to bags before everyone started creating their own.


Padraig Maclochlainn
Padraig Maclochlainn - 4 years ago
Still playing blades mp33s , getting a ping anser putter in mid 80s improved my putting, probably last person to switch to metal from persimmon, absolutely hate the way the game has gone, shot making is dead!
Big Papi
Big Papi - 4 years ago
Graphite shafts, the original big Bertha from the early 1990's, Adams tight lies, 2,3,4 and 5 hybrids. And how about the Hogan Edge, first forged cavity back iron (and a darn good one), 60 degree wedge, square grooves, Hogan Sure-Out sand wedge. Long putters.
Ricardo Passarelli
Ricardo Passarelli - 4 years ago
Ping Eye 2 + (legal grooves) and Callaway Big Bertha "woods" only recently retired for Mizuno JPX 900 forged irons and new Callaway woods.
Dan Fournier
Dan Fournier - 4 years ago
Macgreagor nvg2 mid irons and the taylor made r7 quad driver awesome set up for me for the time
Preston Parrish
Preston Parrish - 4 years ago
Sanibel?? Nice! I love it there!
Rick Mccraw
Rick Mccraw - 4 years ago
Taylormade R-11 irons at first then I went Callaway. The Apex CF16 irons are the best to me. Changed my game to breaking 80 a lot. Thay arent old but they are a game changer. Odyssey Metal X Milled putters are awesome with the ability to change weights to enhance your stroke. Hit Em Good YALL , haha
George Sutton
George Sutton - 4 years ago
Dunlop wedge which was my first club it was rubbish but I loved it
Baz Walker
Baz Walker - 4 years ago
Callaway Greatest Big Bertha > Callaway ERC > Titleist 975d >
Gee247 - 4 years ago
I was joking aswell but it is a good point. Without them we wouldn't have the clubs we have now
Dave Morris
Dave Morris - 4 years ago
Real game changers in terms of drivers, Warbirds.


akmura - 4 years ago
Wish you show the pics of each clubs that you mentioned...
Jwiedje76 - 4 years ago
My 714 Mb titleist irons and the 710d2 driver
David McCutcheon
David McCutcheon - 4 years ago
Callaway Steelhead Plus 3 wood
dudley1955sk - 4 years ago
The 0riginal Callaway Big Bertha 235 cc headed driver moved the needle from smaller headed drivers up to and including the 450 cc sized driver
Andy Wood
Andy Wood - 4 years ago
Great video as ever. For me it's callaway great big Bertha driver that changed it for me. It seemed huge, easy to hit, through bore shaft. Irons were callaway X 10. Loved the forgiveness. As for putters, it's Odyssey all day. The rossie putter with softish insert to stop that ball flying off the face. Though I did love my Titleist bullseye after watching the likes of Cory pavin and mark mcnulty. Guess you started golf earlier looking at your choice
Adrian Fox
Adrian Fox - 4 years ago
Cobra multi metal. The original baffler. Still carry the 22 degree...
Guy Davey
Guy Davey - 4 years ago
Odyssey 2 ball putter, and more recently frozen rope irons!!
daniel cooke
daniel cooke - 4 years ago
Mizuno TP-9 irons phwaaaoorrrrrr
MrPolus24 - 4 years ago
Taylormade Burner 860 driver. My first titanium massive-headed driver. I still have it somewhere.
Todd Sincock
Todd Sincock - 4 years ago
Ping eye2 irons, GBB driver, ping anser beryllium copper putter, cobra baffler hybrid, white ping bag
Ben Foust
Ben Foust - 4 years ago
Mizuno T-zoid Pro irons 1999, still playing them.
Evan Morrison
Evan Morrison - 4 years ago
My thoughts exactly! Eye 2s!
R B - 4 years ago
I just re-shafted my BeCu Ping ISIs, the ball doesn't know they are 25 year old clubs! Gotta pull the 7 iron when my buddies pull 8 but whateves
Cheezburger 61
Cheezburger 61 - 4 years ago
Mizuno JPX 900 hot metal has been the very best.
Mud Stuffin
Mud Stuffin - 4 years ago
For 40 years I've always gone back to an original anser whilst trying other designs including the 2 ball. Last year I bought a Scotty Newport. As good as the anser is the Newport is so much better.
Gary Yee
Gary Yee - 4 years ago
I've only been golfing for a couple of years, but the Epic Sub Zero driver give me a ton of confidence off the tee....
Richard Perine
Richard Perine - 4 years ago
Tommy Armour 845
Andy Kerestesy
Andy Kerestesy - 4 years ago
Biggest Big Bertha driver
River Finn
River Finn - 4 years ago
Cleveland Halo steel shaft hybrids were an incredible club. I haven't found a hybrid since that i liked as much.
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris - 4 years ago
Don't often disagree Mark but No mention of Brassie (3 wood), spoon (5 wood), Baffie (hybrid), mashies or niblick! Ping, taylormade etc no match for real clubs!
Gee247 - 4 years ago
Wayne Harris. I was joking aswell. It's a fair point though. Without those we wouldn't have the clubs we have now.
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris - 4 years ago
Gee247 only a joke but Mark does say best clubs of all time, and clubs that changed history!
Gee247 - 4 years ago
That,s because he's not Old Tom Morris.


Ding Dong
Ding Dong - 4 years ago
Ping eye 2 irons
The Hop
The Hop - 4 years ago
TP11s hell yea!!
MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez - 4 years ago
I can't believe you didn't mention the Two Ball Putter? Have fun in Florida, love that state except for the state of humidity. Cheers!
Ryan Barnett
Ryan Barnett - 4 years ago
mizuno mp25
Mel Davies
Mel Davies - 4 years ago
Cobra fSpeed driver with the lime green shaft, changed my game and first "proper" driver I'd ever had
Michael Coviello
Michael Coviello - 4 years ago
Love your channel...look forward to it everyday. Has helped me a lot with my understanding of the game dynamics. BUT...just enjoy the family.
Doug Dibble
Doug Dibble - 4 years ago
Gene Sarazens sand wedge really changed how bunkers are played.
SM4KM - 4 years ago
Taylormade R7 driver. First adjustable driver.
paul van dyke
paul van dyke - 4 years ago
Mizuno mp 32
aaronaton - 4 years ago
Yonex blades, are only trumped by Miura blades.
Calens001 - 4 years ago
I think the introduction of 'player friendly' clubs across the board. The Game Improvement irons have helped an awful lot of people I've played with enjoy the game more, notably the ping G series. I know of at least half a dozen players I've played with in the last fortnight who's used G20 - G30s.

Personally, hybrids have helped me no end. I was never good with a 1 - 4 iron, and since moving to a 18 and 21 degree hybrid (both Callaway XR16 OSs now) my confidence from that distance has improved immeasurably.
Tex Rex
Tex Rex - 4 years ago
Titleist tour blades & Muzuno TP9 both did it for me...traditional blades that you could actually play with. Better control, spin and feel than anything around at the time. AND...available in left hand versions. Sanibel is great, been twice for hole. Try the Mucky Duck at Captiva Island. Great bar + magical sunset as the dolphins pass by.
Aidan Butler
Aidan Butler - 4 years ago
Ping g5 driver
StarlitShadows - 4 years ago
Even though I never played them. I'm going to have to agree Ping Eye2 and the copper looking Taylormade Burners. I wanted a set of those so badly as a kid.
harvey benwell
harvey benwell - 4 years ago
Ping eye2 beryllium copper. Still have mine. Forgiving, pretty and always draw interest (and cash offers).
harvey benwell
harvey benwell - 4 years ago
Yes indeed Darren! I have done the same from time to time but it doesn't take long to get the patina back.i have thought of changing them occasionally but they are just too good to retire to the cupboard
Darren Williams
Darren Williams - 4 years ago
harvey benwell My mate used these for years until he replaced them with AP2's. I remember how he used to soak them in coke the night before and they came out sparkling every time :)
GreatDanzini - 4 years ago
Wilson FG 17 Irons Still got my set and hit them at the range the other day also found my old Ping Anser putter hasn't got Slazenger stamped on it though
Brian Debert Golf - AUSTRALIA
Brian Debert Golf - AUSTRALIA - 4 years ago
the hat mark lol yes please
Happy Duffer
Happy Duffer - 4 years ago
The original Wilson Killer Whale Oversized driver
GR JerryPK
GR JerryPK - 4 years ago
I'll go with the Callaway Steelhead Plus X-14 irons. They were my first new set of irons, and honestly, I miss them.
Golf Buddy
Golf Buddy - 4 years ago
Rory is done winning any majors. Annoying little guy anyway
Jim - 4 years ago
Welcome to The Sunshine State, Mark. You've got lots of fans on this side of the pond. Awesome you chose to bring the family here for your holiday. Hope the weather improves a bit for you!
As for your question I believe the original Great Big Bertha moved the needle quite a bit. Suddenly drivers were HUGE, light, and easier to hit. The move to metal was a big one but even the original TM Metal Wood was a bear to hit for the average Joe. Callaway addressed this quite nicely with the GBB in my humble.
Adam Baker
Adam Baker - 4 years ago
Titleist 905T driver was something everyone seemed to have when i was a junior. then the big bertha fusion ft-5 after that, not that horrible square thing they made though!
BOGEY Master31
BOGEY Master31 - 4 years ago
Original big bertha driver and ping cavity back irons perimeter rated. Odyssey rossi mallet
Hdw1998 - 4 years ago
3:04 floor markings
Slowhiteguy - 4 years ago
ping i3 babay
Steve Horne
Steve Horne - 4 years ago
mp32 irons.....
Sven Hallauer
Sven Hallauer - 4 years ago
1) 2003 Nike Slingshot Irons - first set of game improvement irons that looked good and as a bonus were endorsed by Tiger
2) 2004 Cobra King Cobra Fairway Wood - paired with an Aldila NVS Orange was an absolute rocket ship
3) 2017 TaylorMade M2 Hybrid - first set of hybrids that have found a permanent place in my bag
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant - 4 years ago
Cleveland halo. My original rinky dinks
Thomas Rædkjær Pedersen
Thomas Rædkjær Pedersen - 4 years ago
For me being a big Fred Couples fan as well. It was the LYNX Paralax Irons. My first new set of clubs, and those irons really pushed me forward!!
Strad 4321
Strad 4321 - 4 years ago
I would add 80's era Wilson Staff tour blades. Probably in 3/4 of tour players bags at the time. I would also add the original Taylormade Pittsburgh persimmon metalwoods. And lastly, I would add graphite shafts.
Richard Harrington
Richard Harrington - 4 years ago
Taylor Made bubble burner 2. I should have never have sold them.
Robbie Galt
Robbie Galt - 4 years ago
taloyr made midsized dinamic gold shaft
J-Rod26 - 4 years ago
Seems counterintuitive if you buy into all the marketing behind various club types, but Mizuno MP-5 really helped me tighten up and take my iron game to the next level.
Richard Hailstones
Richard Hailstones - 4 years ago
Callaway x 14s
cafedeltransit - 4 years ago
Yo yo yo....Ping eye 2 Copper and Callaway Big Bertha irons...
Happy Holiday Bruh
TalkyMcTalkFace - 4 years ago
Snake eyes 600b.....what a club look like a Mizuno blade, play like a mizuno blade, cost like two loaves of bread and a pin to of milk.
Kevin Myatt
Kevin Myatt - 4 years ago
First hybrid I ever hit. 2 iron. Can smoke it. Never hit anything as smooth as a hybrid. Think ALL of them changed how to hit long irons.
straighttimestirrups - 4 years ago
Funny, I have a Spaulding Tour Bag at my parents home that has 1, 3, 5 Taylormade Burner 1 woods, 1-PW Ping Eye 2 BD and a Ping Answer Putter that I played with when I was in my 20's!
Roland Clayton
Roland Clayton - 4 years ago
For me TaylorMade Raylor 16.5 4W, rails on the base and wow long low launch.
Roland Clayton
Roland Clayton - 4 years ago
And the Tommy Armour Silver Scott 845/855 luv them.
Oszkar Lazar
Oszkar Lazar - 4 years ago
Hi Bruv, the irons that did it for me (gong back 30 years now) were the Jack Nicklaus $1m edition. They were nice and heavy and pure. Could do anything with them...wish I still had them :( . My next favourite was the Toney Penna Innovator irons. Wow they were good. Only have the sand wedge left with no grooves...

Have a great holiday.
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant - 4 years ago
Ping isi Copper for me Bruh.
Beach Fraser
Beach Fraser - 4 years ago
Wait until you get the new MP18s in your hands !!! You will be getting some !!
Sodthong - 4 years ago
4.24 Is that Big Bertha over your right shoulder ?
Jeremiah McLane
Jeremiah McLane - 4 years ago
I owned every club you mentioned in my nearly 30 years of playing golf, great list Mark.
Gee247 - 4 years ago
I bought a scotty Newport 2 off eBay for £80. Then as a treat sent it back to Scotty's Custom Shop and spent the best part of £300 having it refurbished, new shaft the right length for me, colours changed and engraved. It hasn't made me the best putter in the world but it's just a nice thing to look down at on the green.
I'll probably still have it in 20yrs.
raymond hill
raymond hill - 4 years ago
Welcome to a America, take your family to sea world, or Disney World,, have fun.
Mike Crump
Mike Crump - 4 years ago
Mizuno T7 wedges, turned a bad pitcher into a reasonably good one.
marty maness
marty maness - 4 years ago
Taylormade max irons. And the r15.
Eric Hunt
Eric Hunt - 4 years ago
Callaway X-14
Pebble Level
Pebble Level - 4 years ago
my first set of blades the Titleist 710 mb


Craig Billups
Craig Billups - 4 years ago
Ping Karsten II 1-iron. Owned it for over 30 years, couple of new shafts but still awesome
larry talley
larry talley - 4 years ago
I agree with Mr Hunter, enjoy your time with your beautiful family, and of course, welcome to America. Hope ya'll weathered the recent storm ok.
Gordon Grayson
Gordon Grayson - 4 years ago
Hawkeye three wood followed by cobra F7 hybrid.
Russell Hawkins
Russell Hawkins - 4 years ago
I agree ping anser putter. Hybrids also made a massive difference
James Kearney
James Kearney - 4 years ago
TaylorMade Rescue mid 3 and 4 hybrid.
BetaD - 4 years ago
Callaway Steelhead X-14!
WillGTee - 4 years ago
R11's love em :) and my Ping S51 putter.. beautiful..
Sam Wilkinson
Sam Wilkinson - 4 years ago
An old Wilson Staff 8802 putter. Cost me $2.50, and proved so difficult to use that I no longer found myself frustrated by misses. And once I wasn't frustrated by misses, I started putting better. Golf is dumb that way.
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry - 4 years ago
The original Callaway Great Big Bertha driver (1997?). It was a revelation. I still have it, although no longer used.
Johnny Mac
Johnny Mac - 4 years ago
My first metal wood was a steel shafted Cobra like Tiger used when he first came on tour, but the one that really made the difference was the Great Big Bertha. For putters, I'd have to say the Odyssey 2-ball has become a classic as well. The Callaway Big Bertha irons took the Pings that little step farther and seems like almost everyone was playing them for a while.
Bunnyboy 123
Bunnyboy 123 - 4 years ago
For me it's a toss up between the Adams Super LS driver or....

Taking the plunge in 2014 and buying a new set of Nike VR combo bladed irons.
At the time I played off 14 so I wasn't a good enough player to be using a better player iron), but I wanted to try and force myself to improve my strike.

I saw it as a challenge to focus on hitting it consistently out of the middle or get punished.

So the Vr's win as they changed my game more than any other club.
Thomas Epperheimer
Thomas Epperheimer - 4 years ago
Have fun on vacation...
Jonathan Lagasse
Jonathan Lagasse - 4 years ago
Odyssey Rossie II putter with the blank face insert, still have, still play it.
Christopher Whitehead
Christopher Whitehead - 4 years ago
I can only see one way where clubs ( irons) are going to go. And that is carbon fibre. If you made the shaft and head out of carbon, it would be so light, that the manufacturer could place inserts of heavy/ dense material in strategic places wherever they want. I seem to remember that carbon wears a lot, so the face would have to have a thin metal insert for the grooved area, and possibly some protection for the sole. This could easily double up as mass in the bottom.
Tennis racquets ( rackets for the Americans reading this) are now totally carbon. Golf clubs HAVE to end up the same way. It will just end up expensive. But they will look REALLY cool.
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 4 years ago
Big bertha metals definitely moved the needle. Forgiveness for days
deus exutopia
deus exutopia - 4 years ago
What about graphite shafts both in woods and irons? Especially seeing that most golfers are rather "mature"...
shrimpflea - 3 years ago
In woods or metals, yes....but in irons I never saw the benefit.
GrandmasterN - 4 years ago
Titleist 975D driver. When that came out in 98 i believe it was by very far margin the best driver on the marked and it kept that status for quite some years!
LB - 4 years ago
Titleist 762
Kishan Patel
Kishan Patel - 4 years ago
Ping G30 irons
Cinnamon Mon
Cinnamon Mon - 4 years ago
Big Bertha Warbird Driver
Adrian - 4 years ago
had a titleist 905f fairway wood loved that club never missed
Simon Cook
Simon Cook - 4 years ago
I think you've nailed it Mark. Honourable mention to the Big Bertha and R7 quad for leading the oversized and then adjustable driver revolution.
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood - 4 years ago
3DGvisuals - 4 years ago
The clubs that got me from 28 to 8 in one season, Mizuno TP-9s. Why oh why did I sell them?!
duggiedrop - 4 years ago
M2 driver
James Bond
James Bond - 4 years ago
Hybrids for me but without metal woods they wouldn't have been invented.
Paul Leary
Paul Leary - 4 years ago
Gene Sarazens sand wedge - first wedge with bounce . Ping eye 2 Lob wedge
Leftienige Blank
Leftienige Blank - 4 years ago
Paddy still uses an Eye-2 Lob to this day .
kenneth miller
kenneth miller - 4 years ago
Talking specifically Mizuno, the TN87's, with that copper underlay, were so sweet. Granted, hard for many to get a JDM. You also can't forget the MP32' s with that cut muscle design. Just a gorgeous iron with that soft feel, workability, and lastly, that little touch of forgiveness that you never really expected from a blade.
Paul Leary
Paul Leary - 4 years ago
The first Rinky dink . Probably Taylor made rescue.
dpardo74 - 4 years ago
Big Bertha Driver. period.
Ken Black
Ken Black - 4 years ago
Ping Zing and TM Burner Bubble shaft woods!
revman417 - 4 years ago
Mark, I have to congratulate you on the new editing format. It's excellent and really adds to the daily vlogs. Nice one..oh and enjoy the break...
William Grimfjord
William Grimfjord - 4 years ago
Mine was the titleist 913 d2 because that was My first "real" driver. Beafore that I had kids clubs.
Ternoy Alexis
Ternoy Alexis - 4 years ago
Enjoy your break Mark !!!!!
Daniel Ogle
Daniel Ogle - 4 years ago
That sea is an ocean!
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards - 4 years ago
TM rescues
michael brooks
michael brooks - 4 years ago
The Taylormade's of 2007 Burner hybrids transformed my golf.still got them along with 3&5 woods.
Rory Pearson
Rory Pearson - 4 years ago
Taylormade R7 quad driver & R7 tour irons
Now go and have a good holiday with the family..
gareth birrell
gareth birrell - 4 years ago
Callaway war bird driver my first decent driver and totally loved it
Stuart Deuchars
Stuart Deuchars - 4 years ago
Ram Zebra putter
Hubert Spiess
Hubert Spiess - 4 years ago
Your nose is full of carcinome Mark, i hope you are getting this checked !
D Jones
D Jones - 4 years ago
First metal wood was Wilson 1200TR but my fav was the burner tour gold. Oh the gold shaft was cool
The irons that made the biggest difference were Sounder SBiv
And finally. Petron 60 degree wedge. Introduced me to a wedge other than the standard SW. Boy did that spin.
Mike McIlroy
Mike McIlroy - 4 years ago
Adams aos12 irons
Nicholas Adams
Nicholas Adams - 4 years ago
You hit the nail on the head . Going from my Wilson staff persimmon Driver to the Taylor made tour spoon was a revelation as was my switch to the i2 irons
Kim Sem-Henriksen
Kim Sem-Henriksen - 4 years ago
Callaway Ft-3 Fusion. What a rocket
peter van Dalen
peter van Dalen - 4 years ago
Ben Hogan Apex pro 2004/5
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson - 4 years ago
Ben Hogan Blades...cuz that's all I've ever played with. ):
Mike Northern
Mike Northern - 4 years ago
Tommy Armour 845's and Callaway great big bertha.
Josh Spangler
Josh Spangler - 4 years ago
gotta be big Bertha titanium remove junk shaft add the proforce laker shaft
Jay Kim
Jay Kim - 4 years ago
Mizuno MP33
Brad Heaton
Brad Heaton - 4 years ago
The first time I ever hit a hybrid was a game changer. The invention of the modern hybrid club is right up there with the invention of metal woods, Ping Anser, and cavity back irons.
Max Gauthreaux
Max Gauthreaux - 4 years ago
Have a good vacation Mark. Hope that tropical storm moves off quick, sounds like it wasn't too bad
Andrew Luttrell
Andrew Luttrell - 4 years ago
Ping S56 2 iron
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith - 4 years ago
Most of mine callaway clubs. I grew up playing the hogan apex blades. But the ironies that did it for me were the mizuno mp 14's. quite similar to the tp11's and then the callaway x iron range. I played the x18's for a long time. And the driver that changed me, that i think is still one of the best drivers to this day, the Callaway ft-5. I still have one that I screw around with from time to time and get just as google of numbers that I do with any "modern day" driver.
edwin lambley
edwin lambley - 4 years ago
Putter would have to be odyssey 2 ball. Irons Mizuno Pro blade with a hint of cavity & yes the Legendary Ping Eye 2 irons ( I agree with Steven Press the copper versions still turn heads)
Robert Wearing
Robert Wearing - 4 years ago
titliest 983k driver! still put it in the bag from time to time because it is such a good driver!
Dan Lee
Dan Lee - 4 years ago
Hit up The Bubble Room at the end of the island with your family. They will love it. Cheers man.
david olmstead
david olmstead - 4 years ago
You really nailed it with the first Taylormade metal driver. Look in pretty much any pro's bag leading up to that time and you would likely have seen an old MacGregor, oil hardened, persimmon driver, circa 1950-54. I know you didn't ask this, but, the most beautiful iron head ever is the Wilson Staff dynapower irons, circa 1968-69.
pleadguitar - 4 years ago
My Hogan apex ftx irons, really improved my striking with those, best irons ever imo
Archtx9 - 4 years ago
Still have my Anser 85029 area code, and the BCu Eye 2s
centralmuskies - 4 years ago
When I was working at Nevada Bob's and Golf USA, I picked up some great club information. For me- driver- the Palmer Gripless driver- no grip= more speed (now I used Callaway X Hot 9.5 stiff) fairway metals- Adams/ Toski- the low profile changed the ease of hitting from the rough (I still play Adams) irons- cavity backs- I hit blades for a while- no need now with cast Nicklaus NPS 2 tour grooves- putters- (my favorites!) 1986 Masters- Jack- MacGregor Response MI 615, Ping Anser (heel toe weighting), and my gamer- TaylorMade Ghost Tour Black Daytona (Mark and Buzza reviewed it)- it hits, sounds, and feels like it looks- great stuff! Honorable mentions: George Low Sportsman Wizard 600 (Nicklaus), Palmer/ Wilson 8802 (classic), Ping Anser 4 (a winner), Odyssey Rossie, wound graphite shafts, multi-kick steel shafts, cast titanium drivers, - can you tell I sell clubs on ebay? Mark- thanks for the topic and post!
Norbert Vossiek
Norbert Vossiek - 4 years ago
Don't miss Lovers Key State Park, Everglades City, and (quite a tour...) swim with the manatees in Crystal River. There is a nice Golf hotel doing these tours called Plantation Inn. Would be a day trip, stay overnight and return to Sanibel. BTW: My club of choice would be Ping Karsten TR Anser 2 (copper).
masongolf1978 - 4 years ago
Turner Humphrey
Turner Humphrey - 4 years ago
Golfsmith Pro blades. Nothing like forged bladed irons NOTHING!!!
Matt Donovan
Matt Donovan - 4 years ago
RBZ 3 wood TI BUBBLE 2 driver Eye 2 ironsOdyssey 2 ball putter
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell - 4 years ago
First the Titleist 712 ap1 now to 716 ap2 have gone from 30+handicap to a 9 handicap.
Adam Cummins
Adam Cummins - 4 years ago
I am a little on the younger side but I remember being on the High School team when the Taylormade R7 Quad came out. Moveable weight ports. Game changer. I always felt like that club was the catalyst for the adjustability you see today.
CaneFan25 - 4 years ago
Ping Eye 2 irons black dot.....went from Pops to bro to me and they're still in good shape. I hit AP2's now, but nothing comes close to the old ping irons - they were that good!
JagaMyster - 4 years ago
'08 TM Burner Rescue 4 hybrid
dcshred2 - 4 years ago
Nice hat! Go Dodgers!
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven - 4 years ago
The early Callaway Big Bertha line.
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven - 4 years ago
C'mon Mark. Reinvent yourself into an independent reviewer who accepts absolutely NO promotional considerations from any golf manufacturer or golf resort. Then post independent reviews. If a set of irons is rubbish. Tell us so. At the moment there isn't a truly objective voice out there. Your independent voice I would pay for. And I bet there are hundreds of thousands more who would do the same.
Graham Streek
Graham Streek - 4 years ago
Dexter Haven not everything is either great or rubbish. How many clubs made today are rubbish really? They just offer different things that suit different players that's what Mark tells us now. No need to reinvent himself.
Deck Luck
Deck Luck - 4 years ago
Mizuno Zoid forged irons I greatly enjoy the impact feel of the irons.
Coffee Cris
Coffee Cris - 4 years ago
A little late but welcome to America
Mason Elkins
Mason Elkins - 4 years ago
Ping anser the classic shave the one-off tarnish. Pure class. I have a Karsten Co 1968 that I picked up for a steal on eBay for only 95 bucks.
Michael Yanes
Michael Yanes - 4 years ago
Mizuno MP33!!
Brenden Curry
Brenden Curry - 4 years ago
TaylorMade Rescue Fairway 3 wood and Ping Sigma G Darby with oversize grip.
cjengineer - 4 years ago
Hey you're on the island I spent every vacation for thirty years and where I learned to play golf! Have fun
petersent123 - 4 years ago
Would you say that the big bertha driver was the next needle mover in driver progression. growing up for me it was all about getting a big bertha for more cc's
Logan Crain
Logan Crain - 4 years ago
Mizuno MP-33 for me. learned to strike a ball pure and the feel of the forged changed my thoughts on clubs forever.
CrushOfSiel - 4 years ago
ping eye 2, greatest big Bertha (I just remember seeing this club in everyones bag in like 2002ish), and my 54 degree SM6 wedge :D. That thing has saved me so many strokes it's unbelievable.
Mason Elkins
Mason Elkins - 4 years ago
Ping i3 blades. Great look and more durable than a air craft carrier. Love them. Can get them for a steal.
chad v
chad v - 4 years ago
have a great holiday, take a few days off!!!
Chad V
Judge Smails
Judge Smails - 4 years ago
Played the best golf of my life with a Mizuno MP600 driver, a Goldwin ADVP 3W (oldie but a goodie), Ping Rapture Ti hybrids, Ping S58 irons, Ram Troon Grind wedges, and a Ray Cook Blue Goose putter. Equipment has come a long way since then... but I haven't. : > (

That being said, I could put those those S58's back in the bag and be quite happy. I still consider them the perfect blend of a good look at address and enough forgiveness to keep the game fun.
Francisco Magariello
Francisco Magariello - 4 years ago
Taylormade R5 and R7. First adjustable drivers!!
Jordan Lodgee
Jordan Lodgee - 4 years ago
Ping anser putter
Philip Van Heerden
Philip Van Heerden - 4 years ago
TaylorMade RAC coin forged blades
Big Bertha S2H2 driver and woods
Totally agree with Ping Anser
Derek Nahrwold
Derek Nahrwold - 4 years ago
I think the putter of all time was the odyssey 2-ball. it has a unique idea and concept, and the design cannot be copied and made the same.
Chewy V
Chewy V - 4 years ago
Before I watch I'm gonna say he's gonna say that there are none
McMooo587 - 4 years ago
1999 Ben Hogan apex plus irons. They were perfect for me as a single digit teenage player to grow with and I used them for about 15 years. Best feeling iron I ever hit.
Thunder - 4 years ago
Adams Hybrids - they created a new category of club.
Sebastian Nachilly
Sebastian Nachilly - 4 years ago
Golf Buddy nope, cobra baffler was first a wooden hybrid
Thunder - 4 years ago
+Golf Buddy Good to know, thanks! I remember Nickent now that you mention it. I guess Adams made it popular. In other trivia Dave Pelz invented the Two Ball putter but the USGA determined it was illegal. Callaway bought the rights, threatened to sue the USGA, USGA ruled it legal and Callaway sold millions in the first couple years.
Golf Buddy
Golf Buddy - 4 years ago
Thunder nope, NICKENT created the hybrid
greyman419 - 4 years ago
RIP Adams. Their combo set got me back into golf.
Schwang17 - 4 years ago
Best Clubs of All-time:
Driver: Callaway Big Bertha (they were big on changing from wood to metal before the Burner driver was even launched.)
Irons: Ping Eye 2 Irons
Putter: Ping Anser
Wedges: Cleveland started it all.
Brad Morris
Brad Morris - 4 years ago
For me it was Hogan Apex and Apex Plus Irons.
Justin Adams
Justin Adams - 4 years ago
SLDR with the low forward CG #loftup to 12 degrees. Still use it today
Mark McAdams
Mark McAdams - 4 years ago
the Ping Eye-2 irons were revolutionary and captured the imagination of a ton of golfers. In the woods I could say TaylorMade's first driver, but that would be like saying an MP3 player changed everything when it was the iPod. Callaway's Big Bertha was hugely popular and far easier to hit than TM
jay rode
jay rode - 4 years ago
There are to clubs that made a difference for me Ping eye2s and the GBB Original...
George Burnett
George Burnett - 4 years ago
Taylormade R1 brah and odeyssy #7 hot putter
john donohoe
john donohoe - 4 years ago
Taylormade burner, eye2 irons, hogan apex shaft, and yes the ping anser putter. How about the Big Bertha driver. Hogan Apex shaft was the first light weight steel shaft for more control and speed. Thanks brah, enjoy your vacation.
Jay Faber
Jay Faber - 4 years ago
Callaway X-14's hands down
Jason Purk
Jason Purk - 4 years ago
Maltby TE Forged Irons
cme135 - 4 years ago
Got a hold of Mizuno Grads back in '97, I haven't anything other than Mizunos since (MP-60, MP-53, MP-33, SPL, Comp EZ)
James Howarth
James Howarth - 4 years ago
Welcome to Florida Mark and family!! That's my home state, but I'm stationed in South Korea currently. Enjoy your stay!
Jon Clay
Jon Clay - 4 years ago
Powerbilt Thoroughbred Irons
Aaron buckley
Aaron buckley - 4 years ago
Taylormade r580xd tp driver, Taylormade v steel 3 wood, the original Cleveland halo hybrids, ping eye 2 or taylormade r7 tp irons, Cleveland 588 wedges and a Cameron pro platinum Newport. This is my dream bag, and when these clubs were current, I lusted after them.
Audie York
Audie York - 4 years ago
Callaway S2H2 irons made me a good iron striker, something about them clicked.
Thomas Kuhn
Thomas Kuhn - 4 years ago
Callaway Big Bertha Warbird fairway woods, in particular the #7 Heaven Wood. Followed by the Steelhead, but the Warbird wins out for me because of the keel design on the sole. Also loved the RCH96 shaft, one of the first decent stock graphite shafts.
Paul Brunt
Paul Brunt - 4 years ago
The club that made the biggest difference to me was the 400cc titanium drivers.....
Kevin Conner
Kevin Conner - 4 years ago
The original Callaway Big Bertha changed my game. Driving became the best part of my game.
MrShanghai34 - 4 years ago
Cleveland Black Tour driver... 7.5 degrees... When it works, it works great.
Ron Thibeau
Ron Thibeau - 4 years ago
Driver calaway big Bertha
Ron Thibeau
Ron Thibeau - 4 years ago
Cleveland golds. First clubs I got custom fitted for. Lowered handicap from ten to five
Ron Thibeau
Ron Thibeau - 4 years ago
No. Rory all the way.
PkGam - 4 years ago
Ping Anser putter has to be here... 'waits' 3:15 Indeed! That weighting was the answer (ho ho) to a lot of common putting stroke inconsistencies.

Ping Eye2 irons and wedges have gotta be here too! 'waits' 4:32 Yup! Love' those irons. Well, I have the "plus" ones, but still... the only real difference is the stronger lofts. I might even get a set in beryllium copper some day and refinish them in a satin style (plus bead blast where the grooves are) as I seen someone do that before and thought they were the most beautiful irons in history.

I haven't tried any of the others mentioned, but I certainly heard of them from their impact.

A couple of clubs and club types to mention:

The mallet putter head. Gave' a entirely different perspective and MOI from blade putters. I don't know who made one first though.

Adams' Rescues. Not the first hybrid, but one of the first to really make an impact and show people they have options in the long iron department.

460cc drivers. (Don't know who did it first though) As clubheads kept getting bigger and this limit was made, players were quickly putting these in their bags and they made quite a difference in play. You'd be hard pressed to see someone without one of these now. Even Lockey, though his goes mostly unused. ;D
Colin Selfridge
Colin Selfridge - 4 years ago
The original Adams tight lies 5 wood.....seemed a great club for many and very easy to hit.
SiR Toast
SiR Toast - 4 years ago
Irons- Ping I2's red dot, and Titleist blades
Colin Selfridge
Colin Selfridge - 4 years ago
Thinking of moving to America? You must be
Marty Bruce
Marty Bruce - 4 years ago
Callaway X-14 steelhead for me... went from high 90s to low 80s almost overnight 17 years ago
Bill Wallenstein
Bill Wallenstein - 4 years ago
Ok Mark next video we need to a transformation from Englishman to Beach Bum. More Floridian outfit, you know beach t-shirt & matching shorts. The hats a classic but not the part brah.
Yovin Jaimangal
Yovin Jaimangal - 4 years ago
Ben Hogan Apex II Black Cameo with the Apex 4 shaft. Best irons I've ever used bar none. Haven't found anything yet that can match it for feel, consistency, and performance.
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 4 years ago
Callaway Big Bertha Driver and 3 wood. Both very easy to hit when they came out and I can still hit them today.
Fit2YouGolf - 4 years ago
I have a Nickent Evolver driver from around 2007 which I think was one of the first adjustable hosel drivers. Also made changing shafts too easy. Meaning, I purchased many, many shafts.
Kurt Rankin
Kurt Rankin - 4 years ago
For me, the Ping iBlade is the first truly all-boxes-checked club. Recent, I know, but I have almost 25 years of golfing experience to avoid full-on recency bias.
I'm likely going to reach my true golfing potential over the next two years with these in the bag. Looking back, I've played:

- Wilson ProStaff OS
- Callaway X18
- Callaway X20
- Mizuno MP-30 - Titleist AP1
- Mizuno MP-69

Never liked a Ping club before these. Felt enough like their predecessor (in my bag), Mizuno, to grab my interest at demo, and allowed MOI to be a real impact on me for the first time.
Drupacabra 7
Drupacabra 7 - 4 years ago
when did fat grips on putters become popular? gottsta have a super stroke
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker - 4 years ago
Clubs were hard to get growing up when I first started getting into golfing plus slow internet made it difficult to search for clubs unlike now days. The clubs I used first was a mix bag of late 80s 90s Wilson, Mcgregor iron blades even had a wooden driver which was in a set my grandfather got me at an auction. But my first 460 driver was a Cleveland launcher 460. I was into tiger woods so favorite clubs I couldn't get would be Nike combos. But loving my mizuno jpx ez forged 2016 irons and callaway GBB driver
John Davis
John Davis - 4 years ago
I have an Anser3 putter. It has won more majors than all the rest. The MP5 blades to me have rocked my golf game. I was a 8 handicap when I bought them. Im a 5 right now. Shot 76 first time playing them on a course i played many times and 87 was my best ever their. I grew up playing bladed irons and these felt and performed like no other. Ping G15 driver, 460cc head, most forgiving driver i played. I still use my ping Anser 10° with the Diamana Ahina shaft that came stock. Vokey wedges, say no more and the hybrid club.
Drupacabra 7
Drupacabra 7 - 4 years ago
calloway steelhead irons
Brian Messier
Brian Messier - 4 years ago
the nike cpr was the first hybrid type club in my bag. made long irons stay at home!
Drupacabra 7
Drupacabra 7 - 4 years ago
bubble shaft
LJ & Son's VLOGS
LJ & Son's VLOGS - 4 years ago
If golfing while on holiday message me...we have a great links course East of Orlando.
Alan Parr
Alan Parr - 4 years ago
Welcome to my home state. Enjoy the warm weather and the pretty girls on the beach in their bikinis. Cheers
Thomas Oliver
Thomas Oliver - 4 years ago
Nike Golf VR Blades.
Mr Moody
Mr Moody - 4 years ago
The Ping Eye 2 irons made golf accessible to so many of us aspiring juniors. But then came the Callaway X-18 Pro Series with both forgiveness and controll, it blew us away! And so did the Titleist 975D Titanium 8.5° with the awesome red Graffaloy Pro Launch... still has the sexiest ball flight of them all! Although it requires mad skills now, it was big at the time. Such a nice feeling driver, loved it!
Robert Daniell
Robert Daniell - 4 years ago
Lynx parralax irons like freddy couples and els used, callaway s2h2 3 wood, Cleveland launcher driver. Not a club but the titleist professional golf ball was a revelation after using various balata covered balls.
Chuck Steak
Chuck Steak - 4 years ago
Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport 2
Mizuno MP-29

Won my high school conference championship and contended for a state title with those puppies.
Aldo John
Aldo John - 4 years ago
Killer Whale!
JudgeyD - 4 years ago
Ping TiSi 8.5deg driver, my first custom fit driver. Then Taylor Made RAC coin forged irons with Rifle shafts, amazing irons
nemodetroit - 4 years ago
Can't name a particular club - but will say the 460cc driver (maybe the Cleveland Launcher was first, but they all came out with similar clubs around then). A new level of forgiveness was brought to us with these big faced clubs. Effectively took the 3W out of play for many of us (as we didn't use it off the deck much anyway).
atomant830 - 4 years ago
2 clubs made a significant improvement in my game. 1st the Cobra Baffler DWS hybrid. I put them in the bag replacing long irons, after the 3rd swing I was sold, very forgiving. 2nd The Odyssey 2 Ball SRT putter. Its my go to club 3 inches from the cup or 30 feet from the green on smooth fairway no obstructions in putt line. I wont play without them.
harveyjohnny1967 - 4 years ago
Not that old but the Callaway X Hot four wood, the minute I held it, felt like a totally different type of fairway wood. Really reliable, comfy, good-looking club. Maybe didn't shift the needle but for me, that was and is a great club.
Darren K
Darren K - 4 years ago
Tommy Armour 845 irons, to me these really were prototype for the modern cavity back,
James Ovenden
James Ovenden - 4 years ago
Not going to claim that they're the best clubs ever, but ping g15 irons saw a few handicap cuts for me!
Christopher S
Christopher S - 4 years ago
Titleist 910 driver, one of the first ones with an adjustable hosel (along with the Z-Star and Speedline 9064LS).
Lou Matelski
Lou Matelski - 4 years ago
Welcome to SW FLA! Hope this weather doesn't worry ya too much!!
Chad Ostby
Chad Ostby - 4 years ago
Rife putters, First to put grooves in club face on putters
Respect The Grind
Respect The Grind - 4 years ago
Adams Pro hybrid 18 degrees and 20 degrees
joseph pattison
joseph pattison - 4 years ago
The Big Bertha, the Taylormade Bubbleburner,....
stu - 4 years ago
Whilst in Florida you have to do the Wikiva River Kyak tour with the fam. It's brill. There is a hot spring that you get to swim around at the end. Ah the memories.
Chad Ostby
Chad Ostby - 4 years ago
Maxfli Revolution Irons black dot
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - 4 years ago
odyssey 2 ball putter
Ryan Snyder
Ryan Snyder - 4 years ago
The big bertha and titleist dci's 915
TomR025 - 4 years ago
Love Sanibel, Captiva nice as well, Titleist Tour Model Irons, Founders Club Driver, Ping Answer and Zing also 845's. Enjoy Fla.
Jason Price
Jason Price - 4 years ago
Probably in the minority here but I'm going with the first iteration of the Cobra Amp. Solely because they were the first top end clubs I was able to afford once my life had settled in. My game did get better. Partly because of the clubs I'm sure but I can also afford to golf again. Once mom and dad stop paying for memberships and you hit the real world.. it takes a while to get back into it lol
patrik streng
patrik streng - 4 years ago
ha I'm still playing the AMP cell irons, fun stuff
Three Finger
Three Finger - 4 years ago
Tried to enter the comp, turns out The Netherlands isn't an option for country. OK....
BigBlueMSP - 4 years ago
Mizuno T-Zoid Pro Irons and a old Cobra Driver (can't remember the model but it was from around 2004-2005. It was crazy long for me and I hit it on a line.
Geoff Winn
Geoff Winn - 4 years ago
Original Ping Zing irons. Petron metal woods and Ping Anser putter for me.
Kit Fletcher
Kit Fletcher - 4 years ago
Have a great holiday!! If you get a chance, rent a boat and cruise some of the waterways heading south towards Naples! Swimming straight off the boat, Manatees and Porpoises can be seen, just a great day out!
JJ 1266
JJ 1266 - 4 years ago
Cobra baffler h rail hybrids. I still have 3 in my bag.
JustSleepin61 - 4 years ago
Three from me 1) taylormade rescue 2) not so much a club but graphite shafts 3) taylomade ICW5 irons .. wasn't a great seller, but it the forerunner to clubs like the titleist T-MB et al .. still got my Cleveland Classic persimmon driver .. luuuurvely :))
Andrew Law
Andrew Law - 4 years ago
Has to be the first cavity back irons, hybrids and 460cc driver. Change in materials from wood to metal.
Brian Moorehead
Brian Moorehead - 4 years ago
Callaway steelhead irons
Rob Fletcher
Rob Fletcher - 4 years ago
Bullseye Putter
Will S
Will S - 4 years ago
Check out The Bubble Room and The Mucky Duck on Captiva Island while you're down there. Fun atmospheres and good food.
John DeLucchi
John DeLucchi - 4 years ago
Who's Rory's next caddy?!
brookead - 4 years ago
Copper Ping Eye 2 irons and then the ever classic Ping woods. You could hit those puppies from ANYWHERE. Driver off the deck wasn't even unusual with the old Ping Eye 2 woods. :)
HarryRemblance - 4 years ago
Cleveland cg15 56 degree wedge
Rob Fletcher
Rob Fletcher - 4 years ago
Callaway Golf S2H2 irons
George Kopetski
George Kopetski - 4 years ago
Ping Eye 2
Michael Ramos
Michael Ramos - 4 years ago
catch any tropical storm Emily? Bad timing for Florida vacation....oh, and Sanibel is on the GULF of Mexico, dude, no SEA there...
Richard Marsh
Richard Marsh - 4 years ago
Callaway FT3 woods, great big bertha irons, odessey 2 ball
daniel green
daniel green - 4 years ago
Interesting you didn't mention hybrids. None specifically, but I think they will have had more of an impact on a large portion of golfer's games than anything else in the last decade. I'd never tried one before last summer. Bought a 21º Callaway Diablo Edge for £30 on ebay, without ever trying one, to replace my 4 iron and I was gobsmacked when I tried it on the range. Effortless, high, straight, long. Everything my 4 iron wasn't.
Rob Fletcher
Rob Fletcher - 4 years ago
Wilson Killer Whale Driver
James Frew
James Frew - 4 years ago
taylormade burner with flextwist shaft and my ben hogan beryllium copper sand wedge. yes please
Herman TC Norwood Jr
Herman TC Norwood Jr - 4 years ago
Scotty Cameron putters, works of art and functional.
Patrick Kotten
Patrick Kotten - 4 years ago
Wilson Staff FG-17
Kridian01 - 4 years ago
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson - 4 years ago
Big Bertha. Ping zing 2 irons. Cleveland 588 wedge
Jeremy Watson
Jeremy Watson - 4 years ago
Ben Hogan fort Worth 15
Robert Logan
Robert Logan - 4 years ago
I just want to be in Sanibel. Have gone every January since 82. Dunes is a beautiful course but typical Florida. Sanctuary is a proper course with almost no forced carries. A great experience. Don't know if this is 1st time at Sanibel, but your family would love Doc Ford's and you need to go to Pinocchio on Periwinkle for ice cream.
Cleveland wedges were a big deal for me.
Ryan Lang
Ryan Lang - 4 years ago
I went from a top flight box set to some Ping g25 irons and the difference was unreal
Nic Mansfield
Nic Mansfield - 4 years ago
Callaway Big Bertha Warbird. 3 wood was awesome. Still playable now
R B - 4 years ago
I had a warbird strong 4 in my bag up until last year!
Audie York
Audie York - 4 years ago
Nic Mansfield still in my bag lol
degorovi - 4 years ago
TaylorMade 300 forged started my addiction to golf irons.
dcx45 - 4 years ago
Time to change Ryan Little ...
Chuck Bradley
Chuck Bradley - 4 years ago
Did not realize you were going to Sanibel, Florida. I live right there by it just a few miles(10)to the north of were you were at. Hope you enjoyed the beach there.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 4 years ago
Nice Hat!!!
Robert Dobson
Robert Dobson - 4 years ago
Ping zing 2
Grant Brooke
Grant Brooke - 4 years ago
Cleveland gunmetals + the launcher
Jon Gee
Jon Gee - 4 years ago
Air Hammer X driver... 20mph clubhead speed gain all day long....
Jamie Preacher
Jamie Preacher - 4 years ago
Callaway big bertha warbird for me!
Bill Wallenstein
Bill Wallenstein - 4 years ago
Welcome to Florida! Sanibel island is beautiful, hope you and the family enjoy yourselves.
Jason Ferreira
Jason Ferreira - 4 years ago
Cleveland XL Classic Custom with Matrix black tie, Cleveland 588 CB irons, Callaway X series Jaws wedges. Still bag all of them
Golf Addict
Golf Addict - 4 years ago
Callaway biggest big berths driver BOOM!!!!!!!
Ian Whitcombe
Ian Whitcombe - 4 years ago
Ping eye 2 irons and without doubt the big bertha the bigger head changed everything I'd been using the burner and before that the shallow headed drivers
Andrew Hadfield
Andrew Hadfield - 4 years ago
Has to be the 2 ball putter, just made putting so much easier to line putts up and changed how putters looked.
Steve Adkins
Steve Adkins - 4 years ago
Callaway Big Bertha and Big Bertha Warbird were the first real metal oversized drivers. Completely changed the game for me.
Steve George
Steve George - 4 years ago
Big bertha driver, Ping I3, 975d driver, Taylormade rescue clubs, Cleveland 588 wedges.
Michael Blades
Michael Blades - 4 years ago
Wilson fg17. Bought for £40 out of a bucket in cashconverters. No shaft band never checked loft/lie. Just hit them so well and consistent went from 12 to 4 with those beauties...
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
Mizuno mx17 irons and mizuno f50 fairway woods...1st mizuno clubs of each type i owned...still think if i had both of these in my bag today they would compete with anything on the market now...also a bettinardi anser style putter...won't use any other brand putters (probably will never change my current putter thats 4/5 years old now)
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 4 years ago
2 Ball putter for me.
shrimpflea - 3 years ago
Yeah..although I never liked them, they had an enormous influence on the game....everyone and their brother had one.
Luke Free fall
Luke Free fall - 4 years ago
About time you left coach at home mark;)
DamBreeeze13 - 4 years ago
Ping zing 2.
Nikko Coupland
Nikko Coupland - 4 years ago
hybrids for me.....made playing from the rough so much easier
MrShanghai34 - 4 years ago
Have a set of Cleveland hybrid irons. 3-pw... I switch them out and end up putting them back in the pack.
Joe Sector
Joe Sector - 4 years ago
Ping i3 ! With all the wedges.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green - 4 years ago
Ping eye 2, off the charts
Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin - 4 years ago
Vokey wedges??
Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller - 4 years ago
The utility irons (what's a three and four iron?). For me it was a Callaway utility - all of a sudden I could hit a 200 yard shot with the equivalent of a three iron! That made such a difference. Used a Callaway utility 3 iron replacement on a par three 225 yards on Friday and just missed my birdie putt. That would never have happened with my three iron blade (all I got was sore fingers - that feeling is a thing of the past thank goodness)
Zookie Budeck
Zookie Budeck - 4 years ago
Cleveland Cg1 Tour - they made my day - every day :-)
Come on Mark, play Sanibel Island. We loved it over there.

Cheers from Germany!
Squizzy Bollocks
Squizzy Bollocks - 4 years ago
Big Bertha
Bish Bash
Bish Bash - 4 years ago
Agree with your list to be fair I was isi over eye2 myself but still agree.
Adams tight lies fairways in the 90's best fairway wood to date
MartGamer 01
MartGamer 01 - 4 years ago
Mizuno TP-9. Lovely feel, still got em.
Don Vee
Don Vee - 4 years ago
You need to take the kids to the "Bubble Room".
David t
David t - 4 years ago
Anything Mizuno
Wz Tr
Wz Tr - 4 years ago
David t brand whore
steve rust
steve rust - 4 years ago
Just as you started Mark I was thinking of the burner irons which were the first premium clubs I owned. I couldnt use the driver but didnt need to as Ihit the 3 wood like a dream. I still havent found another 3 wood that I hit as well
Joseph Stanski
Joseph Stanski - 4 years ago
A avid Ping user - they were and still are in my bag. But the clubs in my bag that really made a change, that moved the needle, were the hybrids - wow - what a clubs - they move my enjoyment up a lot.
Oliver Perkins
Oliver Perkins - 4 years ago
Callaway steelheAd irons bruh
John Wood
John Wood - 4 years ago
Taylormade mid rescue 19*
Robert Wearing
Robert Wearing - 4 years ago
John Wood unbelievable!!
tnels20 - 4 years ago
Cleveland 460 Comp driver. Pretty early intro into carbon top driver and 460cc size. Perfect shape and made the size disappear. Loved that driver.
The Odyssey 2-ball was the biggest movement in my life with putters.
TaylorMade v-steel fairway wood was another revolutionary club. Played from every lie and launched with such ease.
Sean Go
Sean Go - 4 years ago
Taylormade R7 irons brah.
David O Connor
David O Connor - 4 years ago
Ping zing irons first set of good irons
Tim Bailey
Tim Bailey - 4 years ago
I learned to play with Ping I3, they were great for a beginner, I then moved on to Callaway x18 and have Callaway xhot driver and 3 hybrid but kept my ping anser putter and I love them all and will keep them as long as possible.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - 4 years ago
Callaway x14 wedding present to myself..15 years young love em!
RockyPekoe - 4 years ago
Tommy Amour 845s. Still have them.
Duggie Montana
Duggie Montana - 4 years ago
Mizuno mx100 irons for me, my first cavity back high launching sticks.
leeh2503 - 4 years ago
Epic driver
Taylor made m2 irons
Nate Gage
Nate Gage - 4 years ago
For me it was the R11s Driver. First adjustable driver I ever owned and I think the first ever with the adjustable sole plate, correct me if I'm wrong. 12 different hosel adjustments and 5 different sole plate adjustments plus movable weights. That driver was the first adjustable driver that really stood out to me. Crazy amounts of customization
Johnnie Balfour
Johnnie Balfour - 4 years ago
Taylomade 19 degree hybrid in 2008. Filled a gap between 4 iron and woods that I'd never filled before.
robert codd
robert codd - 4 years ago
John letters muscle backs . Bloody finger tingling good
Terry Seymour
Terry Seymour - 4 years ago
Mizuno mx 25 my first ever forged set. Loved the feel and performance
Only just changed last year.
PS4 the Win
PS4 the Win - 4 years ago
mark I have a quick question about game improvement irons. at what point should you make the jump to blades or cavity backs? I'm starting to strike the ball better as well as score better. But I'm scared to give up the comfort of game improvers. thanks. love the videos. new favorite youtuber. :)
M A.R McIlroy
M A.R McIlroy - 4 years ago
Mizuno mp32... (Shhh don't tell anyone I said that)
Antoine Steeghs
Antoine Steeghs - 4 years ago
I agree Ping eye2 , but would join the odessey 2ball and Great big bertha driver and hawkey 3wood
Ian Housham
Ian Housham - 4 years ago
Zing Ping Irons, have remained loyal ever since, best irons were G10 and G10 Driver and yes putter ( Ping Anser copy ) but the ball made all the difference, first time I hit a Titliest and now Chrome Soft
David Williams
David Williams - 4 years ago
Mizuno TP19
Brian Debert Golf - AUSTRALIA
Brian Debert Golf - AUSTRALIA - 4 years ago
yes buddy
Douglas McCann
Douglas McCann - 4 years ago
Haig Ultra Ultradine irons... awesome. Next was Ping eye 2 series of irons. Also he Ginty and Baffler as I love hybrids.
Rory Peters
Rory Peters - 4 years ago
Only one club stands out true as my favourite. My King Cobra F6 Baffler 4 wood. Got my first ever X stiff tour issue shaft in it, get on with it like a house on fire. Plus I carded my first ever eagle with it! 300 yard tee shot with it followed by a bump and run 9 iron straight into the cup :D good times
Brian Hunter
Brian Hunter - 4 years ago
Concentrate on your family holiday, you are absent often enough to leave us, your faithful viewers, a few days whilst you give yourself to your family
Wz Tr
Wz Tr - 4 years ago
Brian Hunter coach
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 4 years ago
Brian Hunter thanks Dad.
Nicolai Mandrup
Nicolai Mandrup - 4 years ago
Ray Cook Zebra putter
Mark Cheyne
Mark Cheyne - 4 years ago
Hippo Giant first gen. Monster drives
SuperRusty42 - 4 years ago
Mizuno Mx15
Surviving with Greg
Surviving with Greg - 4 years ago
Mark are you playing any golf while in SW Florida? I'm in Fort Myers area right near you. You definitely are visiting the area in our very hot and rain at 3pm every day time of year, lol. Cheers.
David Nunn
David Nunn - 4 years ago
Cleveland TA7 irons and Ping G2 Zing putter. Because they are still in my bag.
me01jh - 4 years ago
What the hell is a "pudder"!
Leigh White
Leigh White - 4 years ago
James Howarth good one
James Howarth
James Howarth - 4 years ago
Leigh White you're annoying
Leigh White
Leigh White - 4 years ago
me01jh god isn't that fake american twang annoying.
Jeremy Stalley
Jeremy Stalley - 4 years ago
me01jh A thing of "beaudy"?
Graham Rolleston
Graham Rolleston - 4 years ago
Enjoy your well earned break with the family.
Mark Sheehan
Mark Sheehan - 4 years ago
Taylormade rbz 3 wood!
Stephen Ellis
Stephen Ellis - 4 years ago
Callaway hawkeye driver changed it for me and the 2 ball.
David Evans
David Evans - 4 years ago
4 great shouts plus callaway big bertha
Ramis Ramis
Ramis Ramis - 4 years ago
I'm relatively new to golf but the sldr driver was pretty revolutionary, not sure how much it changed golf though
Sebastian Nachilly
Sebastian Nachilly - 4 years ago
It wasnt that good
kenneth miller
kenneth miller - 4 years ago
Ramis Ramis the SLDR wasn't the first to offer the sliding weights. It is a very long driver, but very punishing on mishits.
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford - 4 years ago
Seve Slazenger Blades. S300 shaft 3 to Sand Wedge. Still using them.
Dillon Black
Dillon Black - 4 years ago
Great VLOG as always Mark. Really liked the family names on the floor at the airport, nice touch! The Great Big Bertha changed things for me, it's the first time I had a metal driver.
oveberthling - 4 years ago
I have been really really hating 170m shots for a couple of years. 5i was fine for some time 5y ago but now...not. Tried almost every rinkydink on the marked and they just don't cooperate. So I did try what my wife has been doin for years. I bought myself an adjustable 7W (Mitzuno EZ). After some fiddling with lofts its now more like a really weak 5W. That club took 2-3 shots off my good rounds and I now really believe that single digit hcp is possible for me (10.7 now).
Scott Karr
Scott Karr - 4 years ago
Honestly, I think the mizuno mp-5s have changed everything for me. Perfect amount of forgiveness with a blade style thin line. I just love them so much
Lars Møller
Lars Møller - 4 years ago
Nice of you putting your familymembers names on the floor :)
Lars Møller
Lars Møller - 4 years ago
Are you aware that in Denmark Orla is a mans name? What a wonderful world :)
michaelflynnmusic - 4 years ago
Callaway s2h2 3 wood
ALAN GIBSON - 4 years ago
Titleist 990 DCI small heads finger stingers
Sean Rice
Sean Rice - 4 years ago
After school gym club. Wait....what?
Jeremy Stalley
Jeremy Stalley - 4 years ago
Sean Rice LMAO
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith - 4 years ago
ping g25 irons boom boom
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson - 4 years ago
Gulf of Mexico
Steven Press
Steven Press - 4 years ago
Copper ping eye 2 irons
TrillyNelson - 4 years ago
Steven Press ping zing 2's
Ricardo Passarelli
Ricardo Passarelli - 4 years ago
Still tres cool.
aadamoni - 4 years ago
Cleveland Launcher Driver with the gold Fuji shaft
Mr Moody
Mr Moody - 4 years ago
Here here, but add the Graffaloy Blue!
Darren WA
Darren WA - 4 years ago
best i ever hit...
jlk819 - 4 years ago
I still have it in my bag. I've recently gone thru testing of just about everything new and haven't found that I hit any of them significantly better than my Cleveland.
aadamoni - 4 years ago
Coy Burton I never should have gotten rid of mine.
Coy Burton
Coy Burton - 4 years ago
aadamoni It's still in my bag

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