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TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 138

Drivers 4 years ago 315,153 views

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for TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017

CstrataG - 3 years ago
The beard game is strong Rick
ZACH GOULD - 3 years ago
coegj - 3 years ago
Loved the post, thanks Rick.
Matt Reed
Matt Reed - 3 years ago
Glad to see you giving my new clubs a good rank. builds my confidence with them some, lol.
Kiho Jung
Kiho Jung - 3 years ago
9th titleist 917 ?. Really?
Sam Lee
Sam Lee - 3 years ago
Hi Rick, please review xxio9 driver. Cheers
Diego Aranguren Gracia
Diego Aranguren Gracia - 3 years ago
M2 is the best one
Neal Jagoda
Neal Jagoda - 3 years ago
Are you kidding me??? The Vertical Groove Driver killed all these in your tests. This absolutely leads me to believe you are on the take from these manufacturers. Very Sad!!!!!
Stimpy Whizzleteeth
Stimpy Whizzleteeth - 3 years ago
+Rick Shiels Golf Rick, I see you released this vid in August. Would you now add the Cobra F8?

10. comment for TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017

Bob A Booey
Bob A Booey - 3 years ago
Top 10, thats pretty much every respectable golf company.
Hs Sangha
Hs Sangha - 3 years ago
The best driver in the year of 2017 is the Talyormade M2
reed c
reed c - 3 years ago
Personally, I believe the shaft is almost as important as the head. I also don’t see club makers or sellers inform buyers enough on this subject. Given this review covers 10 drivers, he gave a nice overview of them. I would’ve liked to have seen maybe a base-line for where his swing speed is, particular shaft he chose in each & why? Also, the degree of loft? These days there’s kick points, weight, & strength of flex that can all make the number one driver on this list perform & feel like number 1 or the worst!
Richard Holt
Richard Holt - 3 years ago
I can't believe the 565 z isn't on your list. I'v hit about every driver you hit. loved the Mizuno And the Ping 400. But ended up buying the Srixon z 565. Just hit it better than the rest. Hands down hit it better than the Epic Drive. Epic wasn't even a club i'd even think about putting in the bag. I can't believe you hit the Srixon and didn't make your list?
hangaozu liusier
hangaozu liusier - 3 years ago
Renato Vicente
Renato Vicente - 3 years ago
Top Flite
Winston Gutierrez
Winston Gutierrez - 3 years ago
How can u rank the epic when u hit the m2 farther than the epic lol.
Milton Taylor
Milton Taylor - 3 years ago
Come on Rick...... you can hold the name against the pure power that is epic. Would Denzel still be be the man he is if his name were Waldo? Would Uma Thurman (Kill Bill Uma) not be the beautiful actress she is if her name was Bertha
Mitch 1977
Mitch 1977 - 3 years ago
I have 3 Titleist 915D3 heads just in case they do decide to change something... hopefully they won’t!
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
Rick, I've got a question: when fitting is not possible, what do you consider one of the easisest driver for the average golfer?
halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
Let's say that budget doesn't matter. But I dare say I wouldn't pay above $500 for a driver. For instance, I checked your review on the PXG and this is definitely not for me. Thanks for your time.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 3 years ago
What's your budget?

20. comment for TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017

halloween Dolbeau
halloween Dolbeau - 3 years ago
Hi Rick. Awesome video. But one thing I just CAN'T understand: what's the fuss about the name EPIC? English may not be my first language, but being an English teacher I found it very thoughtful of naming a driver EPIC(which describes something of amazing proportion or interest). Simply genius....And from what I see isn't it your FIRST on the list?
Ty Lindemann
Ty Lindemann - 3 years ago
Come on people it’s his opinion. Relax and enjoy
juan jimenez jimenez
juan jimenez jimenez - 3 years ago
Rick come to play sotogrande crack when you can
Victor Rodriguez Sr
Victor Rodriguez Sr - 3 years ago
Did you look at affordability?
Brain Choi
Brain Choi - 4 years ago
rick ~ I hope u trying hammer x driver ... this product club funny shix lol
Otto Cho
Otto Cho - 4 years ago
I don't think so lol
mike young
mike young - 4 years ago
3000 - 4 years ago
Those PING drivers are beautiful
Aztlack Pädlo
Aztlack Pädlo - 4 years ago
Rick do you do drugs or for what reason is the Wilson before the 917 and why is the titleist 9th you don’t believe this yourself
hansley franco
hansley franco - 4 years ago
I just test the epic the other day and i fell in love with it so nice feels awesome and performance well !!

30. comment for TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017

Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan - 4 years ago
do the Cobra FMax
John Davis
John Davis - 4 years ago
This was very helpful. I love the look of the Mizuno. I play the MP5 bladed irons. My driver is 7 years old. I have a chance of getting one half off. This made my mind up
David Yuskow
David Yuskow - 4 years ago
Triton is $149.00 on Wilson web page might be worth a try at that price.
David Yuskow
David Yuskow - 3 years ago
Brian Baer not yet using Ping G
Brian Baer
Brian Baer - 3 years ago
David Yuskow just bought one
Luke Manion
Luke Manion - 4 years ago
Its great that you took price into account for your list
M106M M
M106M M - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, good review, have you tried the Krank Formula 7 yet?
안지환 - 4 years ago
so far, the best driver in my life~ callaway x2hot series & mizuno jpx series ... these are fantastic
Matala67 - 4 years ago
Great reviews as always, I really enjoy your channel Rick. Truly one of the best, keep up the great work.
Gary Snider
Gary Snider - 4 years ago
I had the ping G driver. I went and tested Epic, Ping 400, M2, 912 d and the Cobra F7. After an hour of testing it came down to the Epic and Cobra F7. I found the Cobra F7 was the easiest to hit with a cheaper price tag. I have played two rounds with the F7. Miss hits were around 230-250 distance and perfect hits around 280-315. I am a bogey golfer, guessing 14 to 16 handicap. Thanks Rick for the great reviews!
James Flynn
James Flynn - 4 years ago
Beardless Rick tho...
Paul Chmura
Paul Chmura - 4 years ago
Do you have a top Hybirds? Need a new one, usually Titleist, but your 818 didn't blow me away, nor did the Epic
Dakota James
Dakota James - 4 years ago
Callaway for the win
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson - 4 years ago
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson - 4 years ago
I thought he hated the Epic Sub Zero?
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 4 years ago
Have to agree with a few of the comments on the Epic. It failed to perform compared to my 2016 M1 and 2016 GBB, for not only length but disbursement also. Returned the Epic and got my two trade ins (M1&GBB) back, and am a happy camper again. I did demo the Ping 400 and was really impressed with it's performance for a senior with a swing speed in their to hi 80's. Other golfers during the demo day with Ping, senior level also thought it was the ideal club for slower swing speeds.
Can't go with your best 10 this time Rick..
Woody - 4 years ago
Wish I could find one to cure my slice,,,,
Woody - 4 years ago
Guillaume Gaudry do you have a web site please ????
Woody - 4 years ago
Guillaume Gaudry awesome, thank you...
Guillaume Gaudry
Guillaume Gaudry - 4 years ago
Woody there is one ! The pickanydriver from getalesson
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 4 years ago
No Srixon Z765 wow...or even the Z565
JoeyC Garnette
JoeyC Garnette - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, I need some help. I'm 16 years old and so far have broken 3 Driver shafts. I take care of my equipment. My bag is brand new and is padded, so nothing wears down the shafts. I can hit my 9 iron 150 yards and sometimes further. The 3 shafts I broke were Project X HZRDOUS 6.0 (Stiff) shafts. 2 were 55 grams which were on a Callaway GBB Epic and the one I broke today was a 63 gram which was on a 2017 Taylormade M1 Driver. I don't know if I need extra stiff shafts or if I need to get a different brand of shafts. I though getting a different Driver would help but they're all graphite and so I'm stuck on what I should do. I don't want to keep returning a broken shaft to the pro shop.
JoeyC Garnette
JoeyC Garnette - 4 years ago
Also they weren't broken in a fit of anger. The first time which was with the Epic, the shaft broke in my backswing . Second time, also with the Epic I hit the ball and the head flew off. Third time, with the Taylormade M1, I was on the range at my high school practice and I hit the ball solidly and the head flew off after I made contact with the ball.
Ethan Downton
Ethan Downton - 4 years ago
I've been using the callaway epic driver later and I absolutely love it I just love everything about it
Hale Choi
Hale Choi - 4 years ago
Shave the beard Rick !!!! pls
Peter Hahn
Peter Hahn - 4 years ago

50. comment for TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017

MrJamescord - 4 years ago
Where is the Long Drive Champion- The Krank Driver, they keep on winning and winning and winning, why don't you go the extra mile and get one! Bet the other golf companies will not let you!!!
M106M M
M106M M - 4 years ago
I have two, they go miles!
Sodthong - 4 years ago
Wilson above Titleist... RALMAO
Brian Baer
Brian Baer - 3 years ago
Sodthong why cause it's a name?
Jeff Dent
Jeff Dent - 4 years ago
Hi Rick, very keen to watch your top 10 wedges for 2017 video as am in the market (being left handed its hard to try them) for an upgrade. Just wondering if you have a release date for it?
Olaf Krebeck
Olaf Krebeck - 4 years ago
Excellent driver presentation, Thx
mharri333 Harrison
mharri333 Harrison - 4 years ago
Great video. Just bought the Ping G400. Love it.
adri vreeke
adri vreeke - 4 years ago
Not any Japan drivers like Romaro?
Patrick Washington
Patrick Washington - 4 years ago
I just tested all the new drivers against my TM SLDR driver . Hit my SLDR 270-290 on average, widely dispersed . The two best were the epic and m1.The epic was 290-305 on average, it sprayed around a little . The TM m1 had a much tighter dispersal and I averaged 295-315. The M1 was also $120 cheaper. Needless to say The M1 is now in my bag:)
Brandon Alan
Brandon Alan - 4 years ago
Hey if you're gonna be a fanboy, at least be consistent and you have been with the Epic.
Marc-Antoine Lamy
Marc-Antoine Lamy - 4 years ago
Srixon new driver??
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez - 4 years ago
Wish you would've gotten around to testing the srixon drivers for this year
Marc-Antoine Lamy
Marc-Antoine Lamy - 4 years ago
Justin Hernandez i totally agree with you! Srixon is now coming a lot more popular here in canada and it would be fun to see a review about their driver which look really good
Craig Moodley
Craig Moodley - 4 years ago
you need to test the Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver
Andy Wallace
Andy Wallace - 4 years ago
Did he try the Srixon, I couldn't be bother watch, like his reviews but he goes on a bit, I have the M2, 917 and the 765 and the 765 beats the other two hands down. For me and my swing anyway.
James Smith
James Smith - 4 years ago
Rick there is a japanese golf brand called XXIO that is starting the flood the NZ and Aus markets its already a top seller in Japan. I got a 3 hybrid for my birthday mid July. I now use it off the tee dont touch my Driver or 3 Wood its the most forgiving club I have ever used and the distance increase I get from it is fantastic. Like I said I wont use my Driver and Wood again until I get a XXIO Driver and Wood. You may disagree and fair enough but I think you should give them a crack and see what you think.
Garrett Gilmore
Garrett Gilmore - 4 years ago
I would love to know your opinion on these drivers on performance ONLY!!! I will play a vomit green driver that is the ugliest thing ever made if I know it is the best performing driver out there. So MINUS looks, sound, and anything else that is not performance based. What THEN is your BEST top 10 drivers?? Thank you and I love your vids :)
mon morales
mon morales - 4 years ago
Hi Rick! Is it possible to test the Epic using 3 different shaft flex - stiff, regular and senior? This is to compare carry distance and dispersion. Thanks!
Ilias Najah
Ilias Najah - 4 years ago
Top 10 Balls please!!
Scotty doesn'tKNOW
Scotty doesn'tKNOW - 4 years ago
I hated hitting the epic. Absolutely couldn't hit it. And it looked really ugly to me as well.
dean house
dean house - 4 years ago
looking at trying the Wilson drivers..i do love my fgv2 irons
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith - 4 years ago
The Taylormade M1 440 is better than 460. Who cares about symmetrical on the bottom? I picked up 2-3 mph club head speed with this years m1
John Steele
John Steele - 4 years ago
Cobra Fly Z +. Love it and you were impressed as well. .
ArkJag - 4 years ago
They're all the same.
Ethan Clouser
Ethan Clouser - 4 years ago
Actually I found that the new TaylorMade drivers went further than last years model. Epic isn't bad, but sound stinks
Ethan Clouser
Ethan Clouser - 4 years ago
Actually I found that the new TaylorMade drivers went further than last years model. Epic isn't bad, but sound stinks
Craig Pollard
Craig Pollard - 4 years ago
Can I assume you're yet to test the Srixon Z565?
Given 'My Golf Spy' named it their driver of the year, I figured it would have deserved a place in your Top 10.
Clinton Worden
Clinton Worden - 4 years ago
Ive just been fitted to a new driver tried them all best one for my flight and spin was the Epic sub Zero even though i really liked the Mizuno and taylormade i went with what was best for my game so I just had to go with it numbers tell it all at great review thanks Rick
Will Schwarz
Will Schwarz - 4 years ago
If I can't hit my current driver straight, is a new club or lessons the better investment?
Will Schwarz
Will Schwarz - 4 years ago
josh abrams I mean I knew that but was curious for Rick's answer on a Top 10 Driver list as a teaching pro...
josh abrams
josh abrams - 4 years ago
Julian Roberts
Julian Roberts - 4 years ago
Another top review I love your honesty, good to see Wilson make the list a couple of times, under rated brand
bhjkbhsjdakbchjvksfd - 4 years ago
Can you do this with hybrids and woods?
Johnny Niven
Johnny Niven - 4 years ago
Evening rick,sorry to bother you.
Been playing for a season and a bit,got the handicap down to 18 from 25 and my birthdays coming up.
Seen a great set of ping irons on golf bidder that I'm gonna buy,but they're the white dot ones,so there 3 degrees upright, I'm 6 foot 1, and my miss is normally a slight push,do you think the change in lie will make a massive difference?
Mads Bæk-Jessen
Mads Bæk-Jessen - 4 years ago
Why don't you review any Srixon?
Jacob Blizzard
Jacob Blizzard - 4 years ago
Rick, do you think it is worth the money to get the 2017 M2 over the 2016?
Jimmy R
Jimmy R - 4 years ago
Why didn't you factor price into the Epic?? Stupid expensive driver...
JGally - 4 years ago
I can see you are getting more and more calculated with your marketing and content. Very good, sir! Thanks!
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson - 4 years ago
Oooooweeee!!! I hit the subzero, They almost got the name correct should have been called sub-par based on its performance. That G-400 is a beast, Long off the tee easy to hit a cut or a draw not 50 million weights to move around. The Wilson driver is good to keep in your bag in case a wild pig charges at you from the brush, Other than that I agreed with the list, I am trying to find someone with that Ben Ross type R driver, thats the only one I have not hit.
Luke Malone
Luke Malone - 4 years ago
Alright rick quality video, just an idea, would be great to see past drivers from the last few years such as the aeroburner and r15 compared to the m1/2 to show if there really is an advancement in the technology and how much if there is, maybe even a combined list if slightly older drivers can compete with the new ones, same idea as the golf bidder challenges where it could give golfers not willing to shell out 400 quid on a new driver an insight into the quality you can still get for a much cheaper price point
Jason Alpaugh
Jason Alpaugh - 4 years ago
Until a few months ago, I hadn't played in almost a decade. That being said, I grabbed a Titleist 913 D2 of Ebay for under $100 and have been killing it off the tee in the few rounds I got to play this year. A lot of 300yd+ drives and the club is forgiving as hell, IMO. I'm in no hurry to rush out and grab the latest tech other than a new set of irons and that's only because I'm using a set of 20 year-old Silver Scot 855S irons. Looking to grab a set of Mizuno JPX 900 HM irons here in the next month or so
Severin Bücherl
Severin Bücherl - 4 years ago
My team are in HCP range 1-10 and are age 14-18... everyone apart from 2 uses titleist. Why would they do dumb changes if the driver is near perfect?
Mitchell Gibbs
Mitchell Gibbs - 4 years ago
bias i say, no way the epic is better than the M1 & M2
stangcobr - 4 years ago
Screw the new technology I'll stick with my Orlimar 9 degree Dynamic gold steel shaft.
ksccie1 - 4 years ago
I game Epic Sub Zero (Tour AD BB 6X at 44). Played M1 (PX 6.5 Yellow Tour Issue) and both are excellent clubs. Comes down to the proper shaft - spend the $ there. Big fan of both heads. Stock shafts are rubbish though.
Scottie Warman
Scottie Warman - 4 years ago
You lost me when Wilson was ranked over Titleist. I've hit that and the sound/feel is very similar to a trash can. Lost a little respect for your reviews on this one.
RequiemDead - 4 years ago
How is the Triton better than the 917 series?! That Triton was a failure from Wilson.
Brian Baer
Brian Baer - 3 years ago
Heard it's a great club
SH1591 - 4 years ago
Looks garbage though
Jeong Johnny
Jeong Johnny - 4 years ago
Love the Triton, easy to hit if you don't try to kill it. If you are a swinger, you love it, if you are a hitter, then you will hate it.
Tiger Linez
Tiger Linez - 4 years ago
Where's that little dick head gone who helps you review clubs while cracking shit jokes?
Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper - 4 years ago
Pretty sure u hit the ping drivers a few weeks ago & not months..
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 4 years ago
I've just got to say THIS RICKS REVIEW not mine not yours not the bloke next door, forget what's in your bag because your going to say it's the best, it's a review on what Rick thinks performs best. Looks, feel, Price, Sound etc remember he's trying to give a honest opinion but remember also it's just his. #Ricks opinion. # Phew!
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 4 years ago
Excellent review Rick, personality for me the Ping G400 is the best on the market for all levels of golfers, my Epic has GONE, can't wait to try the LS Tec version to see how it performs against my standard driver, love to see your review when it comes out very early in September. Great work Rick.
ItssAveeX - 4 years ago
Rick i need some advice... i started playing golf recently with clubs i bought a couple of years ago which is a very average Fazer set. I played off 16 on my 6th ever round and know i could improve with better clubs but i don't have a large budget what should i do?
Mark Savin
Mark Savin - 4 years ago
Get a better job????
dan wise
dan wise - 4 years ago
What hybrid would you say is the best for value and performance?
dan wise
dan wise - 4 years ago
Kyle Coursey ok thx for your help
Kyle Coursey
Kyle Coursey - 4 years ago
I have the XR16 and Xhot hybrids and I love them,good price on eBay
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke - 4 years ago
epic is overpriced
Eric Parker Golf
Eric Parker Golf - 3 years ago
Jake Walsh
Jake Walsh - 4 years ago
You gonna do top wedges 2017 rick? In need of new wedges don't know what to get
Dan B
Dan B - 4 years ago
Important question, Do you think the 2016 M2 would top this list? I think so :)

100. comment for TOP 10 GOLF DRIVERS 2017

SamNormanTv - 4 years ago
The epic is a pile of sh*t sorry rick
Massimo Tripodi
Massimo Tripodi - 4 years ago
It is not credible to have Titleist drivers at 9th place. Does not make sense to me.... sorry Mr Shiels
MrTaylormade59 - 4 years ago
Wow 917 in 9th place. Personally think it's a superb Driver.
Cyril Garin
Cyril Garin - 4 years ago
Srixon z765 ?
David Kochanski
David Kochanski - 4 years ago
Sorry Rick , Ive watched up to the DXG driver , but can't hold back , that background music is really annoying!! Sorry mate I love all your reviews , but this is a bit irksome
Cody Boaz
Cody Boaz - 4 years ago
It's also funny how a Wilson driver beats a titleist like how rick
Cody Boaz
Cody Boaz - 4 years ago
I have the 2017 m1 and all the people I play with on ajga with they all say the same thing about the epic and it is trash
Justin Sayles
Justin Sayles - 4 years ago
So much butt hurt in the comments lol
JAWS GOLF VIDEO - 4 years ago
Not surprised the Epic won this year. It's way ahead of the competition. Particularly the Sub Zero with the weight setting forward. 300 yards with 100mph swing. Pure innovation.
Aussie Larrikin
Aussie Larrikin - 4 years ago
So RCI, why did the Ben Ross drivers out perform the Titleist 917 please!
Ritter der GroKosnuss
Ritter der GroKosnuss - 4 years ago
Nice vid, Rick.
pink-yeti - 4 years ago
Wilson drivers ahahah callaway xr16 should 100% be on that list and pxg drivers ahah
do u know de wea
do u know de wea - 4 years ago
I have the callaway epic and I agree with what ur saying and I always play driver bc I can control it so much and where I can hit it.
Ollie Griffin
Ollie Griffin - 4 years ago
Ake Oala
Ake Oala - 4 years ago
10 best beard shavers should be next
Eoin Kelly
Eoin Kelly - 4 years ago
Great vid rick.Mind getting back to me about the iorns.
MrBartender - Arma3 and CS:GO Videos!
MrBartender - Arma3 and CS:GO Videos! - 4 years ago
I picked up a GBB Epic Sub Zero after testing pretty much any big/medium name driver, that was the one that performed the best. Loving it so far, it added 10-20m length and just feels straighter. The sound is growing on me, bit weird compared to my D909 that I didn't want to replace due to not hitting anything else better.
Andrew Bassitt
Andrew Bassitt - 4 years ago
This video, sponsored by Callaway :)
Only problem with the epic... the name... next years model can only be the Epicer, Hero or Legend...
danthemanwhocancan - 4 years ago
Had the Epic for a week. It's awesome.
Fellborn - 4 years ago
So many angry people lol. This is his opinion on the top 10 drivers of 2017.
James Else
James Else - 4 years ago
You should be gaming that Mizuno Rick, best thing you hit on test including the Epic.
Rich C
Rich C - 4 years ago
Man, I really hate the graphic Callaway put on their driver faces. God awful looking.
Adams Snapworld
Adams Snapworld - 4 years ago
Glad I watched. Was about to buy the xr but didn't even make the list
Scott Preece
Scott Preece - 4 years ago
Come on Rick, I'm waiting for the Callaway Steelhead Fairway Wood review. it's been out for over a month now I think...
Guenter Girkinger
Guenter Girkinger - 4 years ago
this is the best editing clip ever seen from you!
Jarrett Christensen
Jarrett Christensen - 4 years ago
Agree Cody boaz I snap hooked the epic every time I hit it in testing .
John Paul Kahlert
John Paul Kahlert - 4 years ago
Was there ever any doubt what Rick was gonna put at #1?
Cody Myhr
Cody Myhr - 4 years ago
Fairway wood list please
Don McKnight
Don McKnight - 4 years ago
I am a huge fan of this list. I am glad to see someone give the Mizuno some love. When I went shopping I came up with almost this exact list. At first, I thought the Epic was over hyped with a ridiculous name, but when I went and hit them, the Epic was the ticket for me. I got over the name real quick. I am also with you that the Titleist was way over hyped. I think the 915 was a superior driver to the 917. . Keep it up.
Curtis Polysou
Curtis Polysou - 4 years ago
I don't agree with every ranking but it's a solid list. I think 2016 M2 would win again if it were thrown in.
michael valencia
michael valencia - 4 years ago
I really hate the epic it feels clunky.. I do like the distance but I'm someone who loves sound and feel and it feels too clunky it feels like the big Bertha

The only callaway I like is the XR
Stephen DiBari
Stephen DiBari - 4 years ago
Epic subzero driver is by far the best driver for feel, looks and forgiveness. Kudos Rick !! Couldn't agree with you more !!
Stone Thames
Stone Thames - 4 years ago
I've come to believe that Rick values innovation and technology over playability and shotmaking. Titleist at #9 is inexcusable. Simply the well rounded Drivers out there and have been for years.
Stone Thames
Stone Thames - 4 years ago
Titleist at #9? That's rubbish. Not to mention two Wilson drivers being ahead of it. Hated everything about the epic. Poor list IMO.
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
I bought the Triton and like it, not love it.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 4 years ago
The M1 2017 looks like a quality piece compared to last iteration. Last years red and black was cheesy. Looked cheap. This year the fit and finish is superior. Too bad it was given 4th place because of what Rick thinks of the look of the BOTTOM. Weird review. EPIC is over-rated and disperses the ball all over the place....even in Ricks hands.
Caralwest - 4 years ago
He hits the epic terrible but Taylor made he hit great but he liked epic because it sounded good/ so your telling me looks and sound overrules performance yeah no im 15 and I don't care what my driver sounds or looks like if I hit it good then it's in the bag and I have a Taylormade m2
Caralwest - 4 years ago
Oh and he likes ping but ping sounds like a gunshot where as m2 sounds like a crack seriously dude base it on performance man not on the looks or whether the club has changed or not or even how it sounds
Anthony Cavallo
Anthony Cavallo - 4 years ago
where was my Vertical Groove Driver???? lol
bob the builder
bob the builder - 4 years ago
Am I the only one that likes a loud driver that sounds like a gunshot when you hit it
Guillaume Gaudry
Guillaume Gaudry - 4 years ago
bob the builder then clearly go for the previous ping G. I got it and seems I'm annoying everyone on the driving range. Ping has a new engineering process to manage the sound and apparently did a great job with the G400, however they didn't have this for the G model and their test now compares the sound of the G as a "crying baby". You can't find a louder one, I'm going to actually change mine as the sounds bothers me as well.
Jack Wehle
Jack Wehle - 4 years ago
Check your DM on insta i found ur wedge on eBay
Test Yourself
Test Yourself - 4 years ago
So the epic goes 20 yards longer than the cobra ???
BS Bassmaster
BS Bassmaster - 4 years ago
I think the m1 and m2 should be higher because he hit the m1 350 but it is not as good because it doesn't sound perfect?
Blake Richey
Blake Richey - 4 years ago
These aren't your normal ranking. He has always put some weight behind looks and sound. Has to do with player confidence and how it would sell on the rack at a store. If you love the look of a club, you'll want to pick it up and hit it more often. Sound is similar I suppose in once you hit it.
Cameron Young
Cameron Young - 4 years ago
Top 10 golf balls 2017???
stretch141000 - 4 years ago
Never been a fan of Ping but tbh the G400 is outstanding, give it a chance if you're in the market you won't regret it.
John Q
John Q - 4 years ago
My favorite Driver of 2017 was the M1 because when it came out the 2016 model went on sale and I bought that one instead. I love it! For half the price!
2teej - 4 years ago
I agree with absolutely everything on this list my only tiff is the taylormades out ranking cobra cobra seemed in every categorie superior to the taylormades but other than that great list
Max VanNatter
Max VanNatter - 4 years ago
I'm no Callaway fan. BUT... if the Epic driver really is the very best of the best... wouldn't the name Epic be perfect?
Don't know what more you want from Titleist. Going with their new fitting system is a major change for the Titleist boys. Love my D3. I hope they do opposite of what you recommend. Keep doing what they do best. Make quality products that perform at the highest levels. No funky color schemes, whacked out fitting systems like Mizuno, for the love of all that is good, no dumb ass name
MB MB - 4 years ago
I've been using the JPX 900 for about 3 months now. It is just amazing.
Guitarist 24
Guitarist 24 - 4 years ago
Am i the only one that gets extremely annoyed when I hear that song Rick plays when he is showing clips of him testing clubs?
Ian Keller
Ian Keller - 4 years ago
Make your complete drive swing videos like you did for your irons. I've been waiting
Lorenzo - 4 years ago
Like Rick said, it's his top 10, everyone has different likes and feels, personally I loved the feeling of the D2 and absolutely hated everything about the Epics look at address and it's feel, also tested the M1 on course with 3 mates with very different handicaps and none of us liked the feel as it felt like we were hitting a brick it was that harsh...which was disappointing as it's looks fantastic
Justin Horn
Justin Horn - 4 years ago
rick u should rate the clubs on numbers/ stats on the course!
Nigel Day
Nigel Day - 4 years ago
Spot on Rick
leonard winslow
leonard winslow - 4 years ago
I have played both the Epic and the m1. While I liked the feel of the Epic I just did not have the confidence out of the gate. I hit the M1 and right off I was hitting down my line and with good distant. I did play several tournaments with the Epic and placed in the top 4 several times. First time with M1 second pace. I am down from an index of 13 to 9.7 in the last two months playing the M2 irons and now the M1 driver.
thatwilldonicely - 4 years ago
at last a sensible reply to a driver post !!
Jason D
Jason D - 4 years ago
leonard winslow not suprised by that M1 hands down the best
Jim - 4 years ago
Enjoyed the vid. Wasn't surprised at all which one came out on top.
VWRabbit2008 - 4 years ago
Doesn't matter what you buy. It's all the same. Go with what you like and to be honest 99% of the average player won't see any benefit from one to the other
Target Versace
Target Versace - 4 years ago
O-Works 1W or Platinum Spider
Pierce Underwood
Pierce Underwood - 4 years ago
The epic is the best I hit it today and I bombed it
Nixon Gill
Nixon Gill - 4 years ago
gavinoc4 - 4 years ago
Could you do fairway woods and hybrids as well
John Howarth
John Howarth - 4 years ago
I like this post Rick. But I like your other post more where you compare the Callaway drivers from 2012 to 2017 that show the performance difference in 5 years of drivers from Callaway (including the EPIC). I am loathe to update my 2013 X Hot Driver.
akmura - 4 years ago
Too many adverts, annoying a bit
Alan Sefcik
Alan Sefcik - 4 years ago
Like the reviews, but that music is friggin annoying.
The WestCoast Project
The WestCoast Project - 4 years ago
So you're gonna tell me that some Wilson and cobra trash is better than titleist because titleists drivers haven't changed in looks.... let's also not forget that mizuno makes better drivers than titleist and taylormade
george rodriguez
george rodriguez - 3 years ago
DUMBASS!!! Rating drivers on how cool they look smh wow
Ryen Phipps
Ryen Phipps - 4 years ago
BK King I feel the titelist is garbage I work at a golf store the f7 g400 are the tops for me titelist sounds bad toe and doesn't come off the club good
Ryen Phipps
Ryen Phipps - 4 years ago
BK King pxg is amazing it just cost like 1000 they are the best custom made club.. ping is the best affordable custom made
Ryen Phipps
Ryen Phipps - 4 years ago
The WestCoast Project Cobra f7 is legit dude
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 4 years ago
I've had the Cobra bio cell plus for awhile and personally still get better numbers on it over the newer drivers.
BK King
BK King - 4 years ago
mpij95 I get what you're saying it just feels like he unfairly judges Titleist because they are consistently great clubs and they don't change a ton because they have always been good. Rick has the tendency to side with the hot product even if it performs no better
mpij95 - 4 years ago
BK King has no one watched the video? He explicitly says in the beginning of the video that he is factoring in price as well. And it's a list made from his experience, he does not force you to feel the same
BK King
BK King - 4 years ago
Bros Bassin hahahahaha overrated? Titleist clubs are amazing. Rick literally only put the pxg and Wilson over titleist because titleist driver don't look different from one another even though it performs better. The triton is garbage but he put it ahead just because it looks different
Bros Bassin
Bros Bassin - 4 years ago
The WestCoast Project stfu titleist is overrated. Wilson staff and cobra are high up
Carlo Roman
Carlo Roman - 4 years ago
Of course you would pick the driver that's in your bag as #1
schefedog - 4 years ago
Of course of course, why do you think he put it in there in the first place?
Rick Bedard
Rick Bedard - 4 years ago
There is no way the M1/M2 aren't #1.
Jake MacTosh
Jake MacTosh - 4 years ago
I honestly think that Mizuno driver is so hideous and over the top when it comes to adjustability. If you need to adjust your clubs that much get a lesson.
Bradley Machado
Bradley Machado - 4 years ago
Why is Wilson higher than titliest on your list?
Siddharth Nandan
Siddharth Nandan - 4 years ago
bradley machado wilson has won more on tour than Titleist through history. more recently wilson is doing a lot more with technology in its clubs. titliest seems to be lagging behind all major brands in innovation.
Golf4Life Pure
Golf4Life Pure - 4 years ago
Bought the Epic. Loving it. I now have a Fairway finder WITH distance. I switched from Ping. Love Ping but an extra 15 yards from the Epic Plus accuracy. Lights out !
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 4 years ago
I love my Cobra F7 driver. Best I've hit since I started playing. Would've liked to get the Callaway Epic but out of my price range. I just can't get away with TaylorMade clubs. And before anyone asks I have tried them.
Daithi Medcalf
Daithi Medcalf - 4 years ago
Can you do golf balls as well?
Bradley Machado
Bradley Machado - 4 years ago
Sick vid
Dre Wilkinson
Dre Wilkinson - 4 years ago
I don't like the epic I always fade it and it's easier for me to draw the m2
Dre Wilkinson
Dre Wilkinson - 4 years ago
Jake MacTosh okay thank you
Jake MacTosh
Jake MacTosh - 4 years ago
Dre Wilkinson That's not the club head... that's the shaft
Dre Wilkinson
Dre Wilkinson - 4 years ago
I have the 2016 Taylormade M2 that's good enough right?
Josh Buxbaum
Josh Buxbaum - 4 years ago
I'm getting an M2 soon, is there a big difference in the 2016 vs the 2017 or should I save the money and get the 2016?
stretch141000 - 4 years ago
Josh Buxbaum hit them both and see which suits you better.
kevinwild34 - 4 years ago
Where's he srixon love? You never test them
kevinwild34 - 4 years ago
do you get sent clubs or buy them when you test them?
Tyler Jessup
Tyler Jessup - 4 years ago
kevinwild34 he can't if he doesn't have them to test he doesn't buy all these clubs
kevinwild34 - 4 years ago
soooo that mean he wont review them????
Tyler Jessup
Tyler Jessup - 4 years ago
kevinwild34 they won't send him any
Justin Stephenson
Justin Stephenson - 4 years ago
I changed to the Epic this year. I had borrowed a Cobra from the club pro which was a straight hitting club but created too much back spin and lost me 20 yards of distance. Prior to that I had be playing with a Yonex for 20 years.

I also tried out the M2 which for me was consistently a bit longer than the Epic but I just did not feel I was in control of it compared to the Epic.

I have gained 15-20 yards compared to the Yonex (now hitting 260-270 yards), but still struggling a bit with it: going left rather than my normal high slice. All the custom fitting can only help so much!

Oddly I much preferred the M2 3w to the Epic 3W
Brooks Krabousanos
Brooks Krabousanos - 4 years ago
I have the Callaway Epic in my bag and it added 20 yards to my drive! Great video Rick!
Brooks Krabousanos
Brooks Krabousanos - 4 years ago
Jake MacTosh yes it was and it was a Taylor made r15
Jake MacTosh
Jake MacTosh - 4 years ago
Brooks Krabousanos 20 yards!? Was your last driver fitted?
David t
David t - 4 years ago
Ball list please Rick. Or fairway woods. Even a hybrid/driving iron list. Love the vids.
ferdivedaasje - 4 years ago
Hey Rick, great video! I do think you missed probably the best driver of 2017, the srixon Z565. Also most wanted driver in the mygolfspy testing. I am using it for a few months now and absolutely love it.
Sydols OZ
Sydols OZ - 4 years ago
I don't understand why Bridgestone rarely get tested. Their drivers smoke most current options at 1/2 - 2/3 of the price of the big names.
Gnyus-1 - 4 years ago
Love you Rick, but man do you get blown away a lot lol. Thanks for the vid.
Pokeeyyy - 4 years ago
Rick shave the beard
Howie Land
Howie Land - 4 years ago
Rick, thx for the time and effort it takes to test and review equipment for us. I always re-watch your vids to figure out which clubs to try for myself.
Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards - 4 years ago
rick jerks off wilson
Martin Lindgren
Martin Lindgren - 4 years ago
I'm wondering why the triton is even on the list given how much he hit it right and disagreed with how it looked/felt on setup.
Werner Thirion
Werner Thirion - 4 years ago
Don't agree with the Titleist being at number 9, the 917 is a top 3 club any day of the week
Jake MacTosh
Jake MacTosh - 4 years ago
Werner Thirion I disagree, I definitely think the Callaway should be number 1. Being a long time titleist player I can't stand the 913, 915, or 917 drivers, they're very very spinny and lack ballspeed... I honesty don't think it belongs in the top 5. However I do agree the M1 should be top 3
Werner Thirion
Werner Thirion - 4 years ago
Top 3 imho should be
1) Taylormade M drivers
2) Titleist 917
3) Callaway GBB Epic
John Edmonds
John Edmonds - 4 years ago
I'll take that Ping all day. They make the best clubs as a total package.
Robert Moran
Robert Moran - 4 years ago
He's got to be getting a check from BenRoss...
Jeremy Summers
Jeremy Summers - 4 years ago
Bridgestone Tour B-XD 5. It is amazing!!
albin tuneld
albin tuneld - 4 years ago
do a top 10 fairwaywood/hybrid please =)
Nathan Tilley
Nathan Tilley - 4 years ago
Titleist at number 9 because they have been the same for many years,, that aint very fair
Adrian - 4 years ago
dont get his point of 915, 917 etc i like when companies stick to a name- like why did taylormade go from r numbers to m1/2- makes no sense
suppose titleist can call club after the year cause they only release them every two years not two months
Nathan Tilley
Nathan Tilley - 4 years ago
that beard looks awful Rick!
Tyler Bone
Tyler Bone - 4 years ago
If the mizuno was ranked that high for adjustability, then why in the world was Titleist so low on the list? The 917 line is as adjustable as it comes. In my opinion 917 is the most complete driver on the market. I just gamed the epic for 6 months and finally had to switch back to the 917 because the adjustability is second to none. Epic goes further but 917 allows me to dial my swing in
Wanheda - 4 years ago
He complained about the adjustability of the Mizuno. He said the only reason it didn't make the top spot was because of the "over complicated" bottom of the club.
R Gallagher
R Gallagher - 4 years ago
I know summer has been a bit of a write off lately but i must have missed the autumn and a bit of winter with the best of 2017 videos now online!
Casteliero - 4 years ago
I don't know why Titleist have to change their driver just the sake of change if their driver looks amazing and performs even better. It's better have similar style throughout the whole range.
Phil C
Phil C - 4 years ago
Top 10 list but lists 16 drivers?
ShaamoneHeeHee - 4 years ago
Got the popcorn ready for the Srixon whores
slim shady
slim shady - 4 years ago
Sir i dont agree with you
Aditya Malhotra
Aditya Malhotra - 4 years ago
I also like the Callaway GBB Epic Driver, but 500 us dollars for it maybe not. That's why I still use my Callaway XR driver from 2015.
Bos Mox
Bos Mox - 4 years ago
Was watching top 10 irons and switched immediately
Joe Pesce
Joe Pesce - 4 years ago
The EPIC baby!!!
David Barraza
David Barraza - 4 years ago
So glad I came across your channel Rick, great content.
TroutBrookFarms - 4 years ago
Great stuff, as always, Rick. I use an SLDR S I bought after i saw your (pre-beard) vids on it, and i love it! Thanks for all the hard work.
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 4 years ago
Great summary Rick.
I would happily go with Benross if I wanted to change my current [old] TaylorMade driver. From the top side I reckon they look damn fine - just my opinion of course
Really looking forward to the next summary!
Clay Fleming
Clay Fleming - 4 years ago
You need to test the Srixon drivers and then edit this video. The only thing on this list that is as good as the Srixon is the Epic SZ.
BigC - 4 years ago
Hey Rick love the vids and I'm from South Africa keep up the good work!
Nathan Meekers
Nathan Meekers - 4 years ago
BigC yes
Cayden Fourie
Cayden Fourie - 4 years ago
BigC ..hey another south African!!! Proudly south African ✌
Max Gadon
Max Gadon - 4 years ago
I feel like the background is a green screen
Life On Two Wheels
Life On Two Wheels - 4 years ago
Do rick hate titleist?
Brad Pinhorn
Brad Pinhorn - 4 years ago
he uses Wilson irons ffs
Bolgernow - 4 years ago
He Explained That Directly Stating, "I'd love to see a bit More Dynamic and a bit More of Diverse
change from Titleist Potentially Their drivers. I don't want to "see" the 919, I' wanna to see some
thing crazy or exciting.......I just feel like that've not changed styles that much over in 8-10 years"
If I'm hearing him right, loves the Tech, but have not put anything into their look or any new fresh
unique engineering upgrades in a decade. It does not have to be complicated. It's just his review
If you also notice it's for 2017, not 2007. For the price of clubs they gotta upgrade these puppies
Max VanNatter
Max VanNatter - 4 years ago
Bolgernow I think the point is just that. He says they're incredible and then leaves them at #9. Apparently because they didn't make some revolutionary changes like a complicated adjustment system or give it some ugly green color.
Bolgernow - 4 years ago
No, it was #9, he explained that the "Performance is still incredible". Did you even watch the video?
JONATHAN P. - 4 years ago
Fried Eggs Golf What ever Scuba Steve plays should be #1 on all lists!
Fried Eggs Golf
Fried Eggs Golf - 4 years ago
Max VanNatter there is a glitch in the matrix...
Max VanNatter
Max VanNatter - 4 years ago
Fried Eggs Golf you had me at Hello but what are you talking about?
Anthony Bada
Anthony Bada - 4 years ago
He said they don't change much which is why its near the bottom, but he doesn't like that Taylormade made changes to their 2016 M1/M2s... I like the Titleist approach "if it aint broke, Don't fix it"
Anthony Bada
Anthony Bada - 4 years ago
He also used his 915 D3 Driver for a few vlogs when he forgot his clubs at the range, he was hitting the ball great with it
Adam Cunnyngham
Adam Cunnyngham - 4 years ago
Apparently everyone forgets that he gamed a Titleist 3 wood before his Cobra
Max VanNatter
Max VanNatter - 4 years ago
He must. If you watch his reviews he hits them fantastically but you'll never see them in his bag or top of his reviews.
gavinoc4 - 4 years ago
Captain.Crunch well he put Taylormade at 4
Cameron Halkett
Cameron Halkett - 4 years ago
At a price point higher than it's peers LOL.
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 4 years ago
Titleist is not exactly cutting edge. They are a conservative company that does not take chances - look at the tech. All of it is older tech.
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
TheGwhitey same thing was said about 915.
Adam Cunnyngham
Adam Cunnyngham - 4 years ago
Captain.Crunch Yeah, because so many people use Mizuno drivers...
Sinovius - 4 years ago
Life On Two Wheels Lots of people saying the 917 is a bit spinny and lacks ball speed.
Captain.Crunch - 4 years ago
Life On Two Wheels He only like clubs that everyone else uses. He follows the hype too much
Stephen Pruszenski
Stephen Pruszenski - 4 years ago
Like the Ping G400 SFT best.
David Heffel
David Heffel - 4 years ago
m2 and m1 should be higher on the list.
Bradley Nathanson
Bradley Nathanson - 3 years ago
Don McKnight
Don McKnight - 4 years ago
I agree. Not a fan. But some people seem to hit them well.
David Heffel
David Heffel - 4 years ago
i agree Jason Drury, I gained a ton of yardage by using the m2 and a shaft that was fit to me.
Jason D
Jason D - 4 years ago
David Heffel Great drivers best by a mile
SixRingsOfGold - 4 years ago
David Heffel They are overrated imo
Mike Farrell
Mike Farrell - 4 years ago
Taylormade still no1 on tour
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
Your exact words were
"Plus the TRASH you get off the shelf isnt even close to what they get"
"Taylor made pays the most tour players and the stuff we get off the rack is CRAP"

Let me rephrase it so that you can understand.
1. TMAG isn't the only one selling non tour products at the stores and every OEM does the exact same (Heads are close but not individually tested for exact tolerances, loft, weight and lie. Also there is the hotmelting to customize the total weight and location of the added weight).
2. There is not a single OEM brand that offers tour shafts in their consumer products. It doesn't make a lick of sense to do so. Most consumers do not swing at or higher speed than tour pros nor do they have the consistency to go with the same shaft and head setup. It's not like these OEMs are giving you "crap" watered down shafts. Shafts they get from shaft manufacturers are same as the ones you buy from the boutique shops exception of less selection and maybe slightly less customization in tipping, length, trim location, etc.

Does any of this matter to average golfers outside of getting fit for proper length, shaft profile, preference for feel, swing weight? Probably not
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
How much is Taylor made paying you to troll these videos and stick up for them? Oh nothing? Then shut the fuck up!!! Nobody cares what you have to say you clearly dont know what youre talking about. Read all of the other comments no 1 on tour doesnt mean shit. Your user name says it all....
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
And the point I was making was they are no 1 on tour because they paid to be just like nike is no 1 in everything else. Why cant you get this? Why must you bring up other shit? My second point is the stuff they play is not what we buy, so its not fair to say it is a comparison. Why are you arguing those two points? They are proven to be true!!!! You are extremely dense my friend. I am over talking to you. Play what you like and shut your fat fuckin mouth pimple faced internet troll!! You can lie on your score card but you are dead inside faggot!!! You are an empty shell. No matter what your therapist said your daddy left because of you! Stop trying to fill the void that is your life, with my time shit stain!!!
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
ph00ny1 ok man.... time to get a life........
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
Who is your clubfitter? Let me ring him up to get some shafts that i need for my fairway wood to match the Tensei PO i have in the driver. There was no argument about money being spent on tour but the argument was what the pros are playing and what is available is universally limited all the way across all OEMs not just TMAG. Tour PROTOTYPES are test shafts which are constantly being tweaked over and over again before it gets released to the public.
For an example, Tensei Pro Orange shaft that i'm currently using on my M1 driver is on its third revision but it has yet to be released to the public. My old callaway Razr X MB which is a tour issue head with H stamp to note that it's a heavier head than the standard and supposedly tested by a PGA tour player at the callaway performance center before getting passed on. Sure you can get Tour Issue/Prototypes somehow but it's not available in most boutique fitters when it shows up on the tour.

Also what's wrong with mass produced shafts? For most consumers, tour issue/prototypes won't help jack squat and off the shelf shafts won't matter that much as long as it fits that player's swing needs (ie getting the proper swingweight, profile, shaft length through fitting matters more for everyday joe.)

As for Ebay - Good luck with getting a genuine tour prototype out of the sea of fakes
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
ph00ny1 and btw tour protoype and tour issue are different you can get a prototype on ebay if you want
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
ph00ny1 Yea tour issue isnt available.... You can get tour issue from any real clubfitter... Obv you dont know what a true shaft is. It has to do with the way its put in not the make of it. That would fall on Taylor mades builder, moron. Have fun shooting 96 this weekend hack. My point is if they were THE BEST, everyone would use them. Its all about money... I know tour players personally. They are given 500 to 1000 before rounds if they are a qualifier just to play the Taylor driver. Then you have the dig dogs who get millions and bada bing #1 driver.
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
So now you're trash talking about shafts which aren't even tmag made? GG. So which OEM lets consumers buy tour prototype shafts with their drivers off the shelf. Not only are tour prototypes not available from OEMs (unless you know someone working in tour vans), you can't even get them from boutique fitters. I'm gonna try to say it in terms you can understand. No OEM will provide consumers with tour protos unless you have access to tour vans. Got it simpleton? Sorry for having an opinion...
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
ph00ny1 im not saying their clubs are bad. Im saying Taylor made pays the most tour players and the stuff we get off the rack is crap. Un trued shaftes inconsistent flex bad quality control. You can get those clubs off the rack up to tour speck it will only be 1300 bucks.... Im gonna try to say it in terms you can underatand. Taylor puts out millions a year for to pay players to use their stuff. they get a $2500 driver. You see this and go to the store and buy a piece of made in china crap. This is my point. Got it simpleton? Sorry for having an opinion...
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
Shaun Kelly - That's pretty harsh. Have you actually tried their latest offering? M line up is actually a solid line up. I haven't played a taylormade driver in almost 20 years (last one was the burner with the bubble shaft) but the numbers i got on it during the fitting was just too good to pass up. I get that tour heads are individually tested and most of the times hotmelted based on the player's preference but if you really want to, you can get your own head hotmelted.
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly - 4 years ago
Easy to be no1 on tour when you have the most players in your pocket. Plus the trash you get off the shelf isnt even close to what they get... Looks like their plan is working on at least one person...
stangcobr - 4 years ago
He's using yellow now.
Max VanNatter
Max VanNatter - 4 years ago
Sutherlund Solheim I've tried them, not a fan. Too hard and clicky. Really didn't like the sound off the putter. Honestly I haven't tried all of their balls but those I have, not so good. As I'm not a ball tester I will usually give a ball a try and if I don't immediately like it I toss it. Nothing plays like a ProV1x
Sutherlund Solheim
Sutherlund Solheim - 4 years ago
Max VanNatter volvic balls r actually pretty good
Sutherlund Solheim
Sutherlund Solheim - 4 years ago
The only reason they r is because of the huge amount of players they have on tour
Andrew Bassitt
Andrew Bassitt - 4 years ago
The Volvic S4's are comparible to Pro V1's I think... I think Rick or Pete did a review of them recently and compared the numbers... also, who DOESNT love a pink ball!
Max VanNatter
Max VanNatter - 4 years ago
What's played on tour has almost nothing to do with quality, or with what amateurs should be playing. Just look at the shitty balls Bubba Watson plays. All about the $$$
matachin paz Romero
matachin paz Romero - 4 years ago
Mike Farrell that's good
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
I don't know about overrated but M1/2 drivers do perform. TM fitters had 0 issues with me hitting my gamer to compare and they didn't even try to sell me on the driver. Numbers on the flightscope literally sold me since my goal was to bring the LA and spin down and it did both
SixRingsOfGold - 4 years ago
Cam Ehly And yeah you are correct
SixRingsOfGold - 4 years ago
Cam Ehly it's because they are overrated
Cam Ehly
Cam Ehly - 4 years ago
Mike Farrell they pay more than any other company to have their woods in bags
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Somehow 2017 felt so short...
Marcel Wouters
Marcel Wouters - 4 years ago
so the no 1. on the list is so good, you can call it Epic?
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz - 4 years ago
way better list than the iron list
Nak Kang
Nak Kang - 4 years ago
Rick do a video of your closet!
Cody Boaz
Cody Boaz - 4 years ago
Epic is trash in my opinion
Dakota James
Dakota James - 4 years ago
Cody Boaz you may not have the right shaft but the head is unbeatable
Jason Caruso
Jason Caruso - 4 years ago
I agree!!!! Makes no sense.
Bryan H
Bryan H - 4 years ago
Cole Brembs i agree with him thought it was ok at best grabbed a G driver and blows away all
Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch - 4 years ago
Epic is poop.. I carry the Titleist at least 5 yards farther
Brandon Alan
Brandon Alan - 4 years ago
Szymon Ludwin are you serious? Low price? $550 + shipping is so far overpriced imo. I'm a club fitter at the PGA store so I know my shit
John jsmit
John jsmit - 4 years ago
Lol , you sound jealous
Bbasta23 - 4 years ago
I love it.
Tyisha Young
Tyisha Young - 4 years ago
The best
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 4 years ago
Station 2Station sounds like a shaft issue
danthemanwhocancan - 4 years ago
adrian cross Yes when I'm hitting it 60 yards past you
Top Mass Entertainment
Top Mass Entertainment - 4 years ago
you know what sounds great? nike vapor fly driver
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 4 years ago
I agree. Low single digit and it's UNCONTROLLABLE. You hit some outliers distance-wise but the rest of the day you're hitting 3 off the tee. M1 for me.
129iphone - 4 years ago
I thought so too, but I got it, and it feels amazing. It doesn't feel hard at all like Rick said it does. It also sounds amazing too. Color is awful tho
Hamilton McNaughton
Hamilton McNaughton - 4 years ago
Wilson drivers in front of titleist? Come on
Pierce Underwood
Pierce Underwood - 4 years ago
Upload more videos they r amazing
Cole Brembs
Cole Brembs - 4 years ago
Cody Boaz Well you're missing out.
adrian cross
adrian cross - 4 years ago
it sounds like your playing with a head made of timbre
Michael VLOGS
Michael VLOGS - 4 years ago
I've hit the Epic for a couple of months now - feel/sound is excellent, but a bit muted due to the Jailbreak stiffening - sounded like the Ping G400 to me. Both are excellent.
Szymon Ludwin
Szymon Ludwin - 4 years ago
Andrew Kibbee There is a website called callaway customs and you can change the colour of the club as well as shafts and grips on this site for a low price
MickBärnhardt - 4 years ago
Same the mizuno Jpx is much better
adrian cross
adrian cross - 4 years ago
it sounds horrible
Jeff Skills
Jeff Skills - 4 years ago
Andrew Kibbee I have one and I find it's so forgiving
Andrew Kibbee
Andrew Kibbee - 4 years ago
Cody Boaz same. I hate the look of it with the black and green. Sounds/feels terrible imo too!
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - 4 years ago
If you reply Rick. I'll shoot 78 Tomorrow!
Kelly Wallen
Kelly Wallen - 4 years ago
No Srixon....
Afham Ahmad
Afham Ahmad - 4 years ago
Michael Thomas hhn
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - 4 years ago
Tang Stew Thanks Rick! It'll happen! :)
Tang Stew
Tang Stew - 4 years ago
Michael Thomas Hi my name is Rick ! Good luck
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson - 4 years ago
2nd comment
Gus Duda
Gus Duda - 4 years ago
Joe Burke
Joe Burke - 4 years ago
where's the grenade??
tomi malishan
tomi malishan - 4 years ago
i agree with you

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