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Drivers 5 years ago 343,716 views

TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016 Rick Shiels selects his favourite drivers so far of 2016! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now ►GolfWRX Featured writer ►golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Web ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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for TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016

Die Hard Raider Fan
Die Hard Raider Fan - 3 years ago
+Rick can you post the numbers for each club Trackman numbers Please!
Phillip Reeves
Phillip Reeves - 3 years ago
I guess I'm different, I LOVE the color of the Nike Vapor Pro
YourOpinionIsWrong - 4 years ago
call me crazy, but I did not like the XR 16 at all when I tested it out when buying a new driver. Did not feel natural, was a toss up between it and the King F6 and grabbed the F6. Just the feel and throat the thing has on contact is just way better imo, XR feels like a foreign sports car, no weight, nor muscle on the follow through.
Nick Stratton Golf
Nick Stratton Golf - 4 years ago
2017 anyone
lucas pieruccini
lucas pieruccini - 4 years ago
I still have the M2 in my bag it is amzming I like the epic but too much money I got the M2 2016 model for a steal this year brand new and I love it and it is the same as the M1 but more forgiving and just less adjustability but in less you're pro you really don't need all the adjustability & I see some pros even using the M2 over the M1 to this day which I thought was a Lil crazy but just shows how good the M2 is I love it!!
Kyle Guloy
Kyle Guloy - 4 years ago
I think Rick just said the flaws about the m1 to show the m2
Tiger168 - 4 years ago
in your test, the M1 beat the G series, and yet, you rate the Ping higher? a bit bias??
Framework Watches
Framework Watches - 4 years ago
For all of you worried that your driver is not in the top 3 of this list, or even in the whole list, I invite you to see the 1962 US Open video in which Jack Nicklaus won his first championship. He and Arnold Palmer were using Old Wilson and Hogan brand drivers, and Jack flew the ball past 300 yards, with those 50+ year old tech clubs. So distance and accuracy is not about the brand and fashion looks.. you need to know how to hit the driver, so we just have to work more on that.. just my humble opinion folks.
Hyong Kim
Hyong Kim - 4 years ago
very cool

10. comment for TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016

gary mcdonald
gary mcdonald - 4 years ago
August 2015 I was custom fit by ping for G30 ls tec 9degree turned up to 10 degree with a tour regular shaft. This took my spin down from 4000rpm with G20 9.5degree regular down to 2900rpm and 20 yards further. I tried M2 driver in American golf launch monitor when trading in G20 driver for an M2 3wood, in both stiff and regular spin was down to 2000rpm and I was getting same distance number as G30 and ball speed. My local professional is retiring and on last day of sale sold me M2 10.5 degree stiff for £200. I was going to use M2 as practice and spare driver as G30 brought handicap down from 17 to 14 last year and i have never been below 16 in 20 years as a club golfer. However after 3 winter 14 hole rounds the M2 is longer and just as forgiving as G30 I was custom fit for. I think after this video my mind is made up M2 will be used in competition this year and G30 will be spare rain driver as I put a corded compound grip on it.
Jared Gulaga
Jared Gulaga - 4 years ago
I'm kind of confused u rated the cobra king f6 plus in 8th place. But u hit the f6 plus and the ping the farthest. Why would u have the cobra so low on the board ?
Konrad G
Konrad G - 4 years ago
and titleist 917 ??
David ADAM
David ADAM - 4 years ago
Konrad G 2016!!!!!!!
Jamie Purvis
Jamie Purvis - 4 years ago
Xr16 for me , only as I got rid of the m2 lol
platypusg304 - 4 years ago
It is not about the club it's about the swing you do
Johan Linnebjerg Christensen
Johan Linnebjerg Christensen - 4 years ago
platypusg304 - 4 years ago
I saw an m2 at dicks sporting goods and it was too expensive for me and it will ruin my swing
Jason D
Jason D - 4 years ago
Love these club reviews normally however this one is ridiculously stupid... Ranks 6 other drivers over the driver that beats out all others and makes it into the bag... So stupid and makes zero sense!
seamus judge
seamus judge - 4 years ago
how can a club be a flying machine?? Rick these vlogs are just a sad attempt at trying to cash in on what Mark Crossfield does so much better, you're boring to listen too, so monotone, I fell asleep at number 7, From now on I'm going to play your video to my 2 year old when he's going to bed, the kid will be in a coma in no time. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
Richard New
Richard New - 5 years ago
1 and 2 wrong way round. Our figures proved it
Clean '15
Clean '15 - 5 years ago
Love my XR 16!

20. comment for TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016

Wireline .Cables
Wireline .Cables - 5 years ago
Which one of these drivers would be good for a high handicapper?
hbyrdut - 5 years ago
Rick, how do you have the weights set up on your M1 and why?
Ray Jones
Ray Jones - 5 years ago
Superb info and insight again Rick
Ewen Lindsay
Ewen Lindsay - 5 years ago
Is it just me or does the callaway xr 16 and the xr 16 pro have a smaller face than most other drivers?
Kemeky - 5 years ago
Where should I buy golf clubs and bags, etc. There is a Dick's Sporting Goods near me, should I get it from there?
Matt Mannisi
Matt Mannisi - 5 years ago
+amapolishplummer just expensive and often limited supplies
amapolishplummer - 5 years ago
Why stay away from them? What's wrong with them.

Thinking of buying some stuff from the American Golf near my house so just wanting to know in advance.
Matt Mannisi
Matt Mannisi - 5 years ago
dicks is a good place to buy.. or just a local golf shop. stay away from pro shops at golf courses
Sir Charles508
Sir Charles508 - 5 years ago
Thanks Rick for the videos I like watching them and they help me too
pete Cordery
pete Cordery - 5 years ago
Billy Bumbalough
Billy Bumbalough - 5 years ago
This is crap you picked only 10 manufactures and said they were your top 10, where is the other 30 companies you tested????
How about the Titlist D 17, the Tour Edge Exotics Drivers and their new Irons the CB PRO Tungsten weighted hollow body similar to the M2 irons that you did not test, although you tested the M2 driver. Tour Edge is played by more PGA Tour pro's without pay then any other club maker in the market place today and is older than most.
I would love to see your comparison of the Tour Edge products against any and all other companies.
Noel Teter
Noel Teter - 5 years ago
Thanks, Rick. This and all your other club-testing videos really help, as I'm getting fitted for new clubs soon.
Dank Memer
Dank Memer - 5 years ago
where is nvidia

30. comment for TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016

Jose Enrique S
Jose Enrique S - 5 years ago
Hi Rick!
I am curious to know why you didn't mentioned the BIG BERTHA 816 DBD?
Thank you!!!
Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson - 5 years ago
Great stuff, in the market for a new driver and this will help me make a call.
Was thinking Taylor Made M1, maybe now not.
JAYljkihkj - 5 years ago
Hi Rick. Whats about krank golf? They win all Long Drive comp. would you test them one day?
Mitch Y
Mitch Y - 5 years ago
spot on for the top 3 Rick!
Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing
Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing - 5 years ago
What music is this
Wayne Swisher
Wayne Swisher - 5 years ago
What about the Wilson staff F5 driver. This is longer than most of the drivers you have listed. Especially the Cobra Drivers. Never see you test Wilson Staff. they are great clubs.
theMANxGOLFER - 5 years ago
D4 has been the best performing in my tests. M2 still has low spin but more control. I think D4 would have been around #6 in this review given it's price point. I was disappointed you said the D4 was smaller given it has a larger volume head than the D3, but is lower spinning and quieter. Guess the lack of experience with the club explains why and price point would decrease the rating anyway.
Matthew De Ridder
Matthew De Ridder - 5 years ago
everybody says the taylormade m1 is too expensive, but the shafts that are offered are way more pricey than the other drivers. if you don't think a shaft is worth it, I just got fit. I picked up an average of 22 yards by getting the rogue 60 silver over the best stock shaft (tini 60)
yemi - 5 years ago
Will you do one for hybrids?
Scott Free
Scott Free - 5 years ago
I thought the same thing about the nike driver... Demo day I was killing it but with those colors I just couldn't buy it, glad they have black coming out
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 5 years ago
Love this sort of vlog Rick; may not totally agree with all your choices but it would be boring if we all agreed on everything!
Cheers and thanks
Lee Glover Golf
Lee Glover Golf - 5 years ago
Why not put the M2 in ure bag.??
Johnson Tyler
Johnson Tyler - 5 years ago
HI Rick. did you also include honma and yamaha in testing drivers?
Elliot millar
Elliot millar - 5 years ago
Why do you say nikey instead of Nike. People don't say bikey instead of bike
Lonnie Stefaniuk
Lonnie Stefaniuk - 5 years ago
Love the videos, keep up the great work!
A Triangle
A Triangle - 5 years ago
why do british people say h like hate with a ch (h = hatech) XD
Louis Straccioni
Louis Straccioni - 5 years ago
Cool whip
MosGef77 - 5 years ago
We don't, it's just Rick that does ;)
Julien Brière
Julien Brière - 5 years ago
So all the drivers
stinger5112002 - 5 years ago
I have the M1 in the bag, but I'll be hitting the M2 soon. Either way, it's TaylorMade all day, baby!! Great video as always, Rick!!!
platypusg304 - 5 years ago
platypusg304 - 5 years ago
My dad says this drivers are way too expensive so I got the r1 instead because it's cheaper plz people don't fall for the gimmick

50. comment for TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016

cgasucks - 5 years ago
I knew the M2 would be tops after the M1 came in at #7.
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 5 years ago
Great video Rick, couldn't agree more with the M2 as the top choice. Really kinda funny and maybe a little embarrassing for TaylorMade on that one. They release a cheaper version of their flagship club only to have it outperform it. Hard to see how they could improve upon the M2 and I wonder what they will call the next version of it and the M1 given that TaylorMade releases new clubs every 15 minutes lol
Elliot Hick
Elliot Hick - 5 years ago
just bought an m2 today. used to have a nike covert tour 2 .0 but gained 25!!!!!!! yards with the m2
Wz Tr
Wz Tr - 5 years ago
the m1 looks terrible
Jason Little
Jason Little - 5 years ago
Why is everyone harping on about the bombtech. Yes I know that the club was never fitted for Rick, thats basically because they didn't have the confidence to stand by their own brand and send one to be reviewed. But the one he did get via Alan he couldn't hit for toffee. Who in their right minds would want a driver that has the potential to go over 300 yards providing you have half a dozen mulligans on each driving hole.
Everyone is quick enough to say that Rick is biased to TM because they fly him out to places but would he really use a TM driver during his normal games if it didn't perform like he wanted it to.
Jason Little
Jason Little - 5 years ago
+ph00ny1 ah that makes more sense then. Lets get Rob Potter on it then.
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
If you look at their product videos, it's mostly slow swingers in there doing the comparison.
Eds G
Eds G - 5 years ago
hmmmm, i'v got the M1 and small adjustments i made to the weights made noticeable changes to my ball flight/direction. but eventually settled them to middle middle which means i couldv just gone for the M2 for less $$
Zachary Jonik
Zachary Jonik - 5 years ago
you are the man! loves these videos. you are helping me get better at golf daily
ben busick
ben busick - 5 years ago
Do a review on the hammer x driver. I want to see what you think of it and how it performes
kendall wiggins
kendall wiggins - 5 years ago
no bombtech grenade
srgfowler - 5 years ago
Ping G wasn't my favorite. It was not as forgiving as the G30 to me and went a lot less distance no matter how much faster the club head was moving
kvgolfa - 5 years ago
Here goes Rick again as usual being a dumbass. LTD has THE LOWEST center of gravity. Therefore it performs BETTER than any other club on the market when hit below center
Julien Brière
Julien Brière - 5 years ago
Look at all these youtube experts
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
How is he a dumbass? It's his opinion. Apparently when he hits the LTD Pro, he's not getting the spinrates that he's seeing with some of the other drivers.
Hitting it below the center matters that much?
I get that he's not overly technical (He is a teaching pro afterall). It's like every time he says Aldila Rogue Black is the same as Aldila Silver, i cringe a bit.
kvgolfa - 5 years ago
+Alan Waterworth He's actually on the R&D team and I've met him a couple times and he's a very genuine guy. Not sure what "numbers" he came up with. The only thing that matters is CG location. Cobra drivers are superior to any other in this aspect
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth - 5 years ago
seen it. Jose is a salesman, of course he´s going to come out with a ton of numbers to impress ppl like you. But it´s what works for you that does the job, not just numbers. Otherwise we´d all be using the M1.
kvgolfa - 5 years ago
+Alan Waterworth Go watch his video with the King LTD with Jose Miraflor. He keeps rambling his incorrect shit despite Jose correcting him 3-4 times and Rick still didn't get it
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth - 5 years ago
Rick says at the start of the video, "in HIS opinion of the drivers he´s tested" ; because you disagree doesn´t make him a dumbass. The test is his opinion of which drivers would work best for the average player.
kvgolfa - 5 years ago
+Alex Heuston No center of gravity? That means it would have no mass you moron. It has a CG in like with the neutral axis of the head
Alex Heuston
Alex Heuston - 5 years ago
Cobra have said its the first driver on the market with "no centre of gravity". shut up
kvgolfa - 5 years ago
+unknown121290 could not be further from the truth. It has a higher MOI than drivers like M2 and GBB, while still being much lower spin. Go read mygolfspy's article about CG locations and educate yourself before making dumb statements
unknown121290 - 5 years ago
but because of that if you don't hit it dead on it doesn't perform well at all
kvgolfa - 5 years ago
Also it is the lowest spinning driver ever for it's given MOI
ibass2 - 5 years ago
Pretty solid list ... I can see M2 at the top. TaylorMade got it right .. Performance and price is key. XR16 close second, another affordable hammer. Quite surprised M1 didn't get more love .. But Rick is correct .. The slide weights effect the dynamics only minimally. I guess there are only two positions I question. One, The Ping G Dragonfly should be closer to the Top. Love that club. Second , not sure the token UK manufacturer deserves a slot. I'd say Bombtech over Benross, but to be fair, I haven't seen or read many reviews on Benross products.Nice job Rick !! I can't wait to check out the best irons list .... Curious to see if the Srixon Irons get any love, considering 1st and second place bags at Jacks Tournament were both sporting Z-Range irons. There are some very good clubs out there flying under the radar ....
ibass2 - 5 years ago
My M1 is a 9 , set at -1 , with an Elements Chrome tour stiff shaft. It was pricy at the time,and It was awesome at the time, but now I've found my dispersion/distance has been more consistent with my GGB than anything else. I'm still longest with my LS Tech, but to inconsistent to bag it.
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
Same setup here.
I got fit into a 8.5 head set to -2 on hosel with Aldila Rogue Silver 70x
ibass2 - 5 years ago
With my M1, I keep the CG weight all the way forward and the Fade/Draw weight centered. I've moved them on many occasions and feel the CG weight is the only one that has a noticeable effect. Now with my Callaway GBB the weight for Fade/Draw really makes a difference with position. Don't get me wrong, it's not going to fix a slice, but it can really help promote a repeatable shot shape. I've hit the M2, good distance with minimal dispersion. MY "G" LS tech is the longest driver I own...for my swing SS-106-110. Low Spin!
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
When i got fit for the M1, sliders made a tiny bit of difference only on the launch monitor. Since i'm going for lower launch, lower spin, every bit helps.
Sunset passion
Sunset passion - 5 years ago
No tour edge driver wow only popular brands
Phil Chabert
Phil Chabert - 5 years ago
I'm guessing the PXG driver's price screwed it out of making the list regardless of the performance?
Insu  백인수
Insu 백인수 - 5 years ago
+Philly C the pxg irons are absolute performers. super forgiving with best feel. just puts me off looking at the price. haha
Phil Chabert
Phil Chabert - 5 years ago
I am trying to figure that one out also.
Andrew Kibbee
Andrew Kibbee - 5 years ago
I don't get why PXG exists, the only people that can afford them are people that have way too much time and money on their hands. Who wants to spend $2000 on irons?
Kris Benson
Kris Benson - 5 years ago
Ping i-series please. I use the i-15 and want to see what the i-20 has to offer !!!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 5 years ago
I have the big Bertha DD 816, surprised the great big Bertha was rated better. I have hit cobra king Ltd, Nike vapor, M1 and M2 on stimulators and the M2 was best performing for me with ball speeds up to 159. Can't wait to trade my 816 for M2!
Steven Owens
Steven Owens - 5 years ago
Not sure why you use the M1 if it's 7th on your list?..
Nak Kang
Nak Kang - 5 years ago
the M2 i will buy now
Joseph (Joey) Lawson
Joseph (Joey) Lawson - 5 years ago
Rick love the videos, keep up the good work! Also, I can't find a SINGLE legitimate review video of the callaway apex MB irons. I know they're a 2014 club, but if you could make one that would be awesome
Rich206L - 5 years ago
Rick, what are your feelings about Peter getting 60K subs? Both of you are my favorites and I watch and like every video from you both. So you think Peter will make the qualifier with his hand? I hope so.
CalebChaseGolf - 5 years ago
yep, love my m2, and i felt the same about the m1 when i tested it. i was afraid i would try messing with that crap on the bottom too much. and the m2 was just consistent and long. and the only thing i have to mess with is loft and so far its stayed at 9.5.
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz - 5 years ago
No Bombtech Grenade ?
ajh21313 - 5 years ago
So, you really like the M2? Why is it not in the bag, throw the Callaway in you know you want to!
Matt Heffernan
Matt Heffernan - 5 years ago
It's June.
Klein Le
Klein Le - 5 years ago
lol no bombtech. sorry fanboys
Jack Murtagh
Jack Murtagh - 5 years ago
100 likes I get one of those driver please?
Arthur Arguijo
Arthur Arguijo - 5 years ago
Do you currently game the M2? Or M1?
happygilmore06 - 5 years ago
xXxBlackwaterXxX - 5 years ago
Lol no Bombtech.
JAG sixtyfive
JAG sixtyfive - 5 years ago
FWIW, I think this list is pretty fair, and about right. Mind you, as an M2 player, I would say that wouldn't I? Lol.
daniel johnson
daniel johnson - 5 years ago
I bought the M2 a couple of months ago....I love it, I've struggled with drivers in the past but with the right shaft for me I can rip it 270 yards easily.
joe m
joe m - 5 years ago
So what's the reason you are using a driver that isn't even in your top five?
Insu  백인수
Insu 백인수 - 5 years ago
+ibass2 when you start getting hooks youd be like wish i fade the ball
ibass2 - 5 years ago
From my understanding, super swinging Rick suffers from a hook from time to time... The M1 is seriously fade bias and helps guard against loosing it left. Wish a hook was my miss....
TXchadTX - 5 years ago
I'd have to agree. M2 is the best performing driver i have hit this year.
Johnjayhawk83 - 5 years ago
Team M2!!
TheFester999 - 5 years ago
Had the ping g sf tec but that lasted about 4 weeks and I've traded it for the cobra King f6+ which is an absolute bomber
E.L.Dorado - 5 years ago
Rick,I would love to see a full test of the Sterling single length irons with your current yardages compared.
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson - 5 years ago
Yes, thinking about those as well!
I troll trolls
I troll trolls - 5 years ago
maybe next year you could add aprox cost?? i would find that helpful ty rick
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith - 5 years ago
Was very close to putting the M2 in my bag but the GBB just pipped it for me
ibass2 - 5 years ago
Agreed...the GGB is the best driver on the market for players looking for a draw bias. Hands down !
Skanda 5
Skanda 5 - 5 years ago
The matte black vapor fly pro looks sick
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 5 years ago
I sincerely hope you all had a very nice X-mas. Thanks Rick, for all the vids you did this year. Looking forward to an exciting 2017!!!
Skinematic Films
Skinematic Films - 5 years ago
+Gopher Gopher There is one
Seven Seven
Seven Seven - 5 years ago
I want a like button for this comment!!
gillettecrackers - 5 years ago
Where was I when I tested this? Then plays a video with the Trafford Golf Centre sign right behind you.
Erik Newman
Erik Newman - 5 years ago
I love my M1 and Grenade! Which I think deserves a spot on this list as well. Probably over The Ben Ross
Billy Bennink
Billy Bennink - 5 years ago
Really Rick how does the Benross HTX beat the King LTD if that isn't some paid product placement I don't know what is.
No Mizuno JPX EZ?
This list dosen't make any sense.
Funny commenting and nice vid though just got to fix the order
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
Comment of the day right here.

It's his opinion. You don't have to like or agree with it
Wz Tr
Wz Tr - 5 years ago
his opinion differs to yours, get over it
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 5 years ago
He has never liked mizuno drivers/woods
Zane Howell
Zane Howell - 5 years ago
If these are all in your opinion then why don't you use the m2?
happygilmore06 - 5 years ago
He has said in other videos that the m1 and m2 are basically the same driver. He has been using the m1 and is comfortable with it.
40Rouge - 5 years ago
I'm curious how 2015's Cobra FlyZ would fare against the M2. They're like sister clubs in design.
Addison Sorrells
Addison Sorrells - 5 years ago
Well I mean any logical person would look at the m2 as a copy of the flyz
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 5 years ago
Good point, that would be a nice comparison. Also remember TaylorMade hit a homerun with the RBZ line of woods and kept them in the market longer than normal because of the good design and results.
oblivionjaycee - 5 years ago
lots of flying machines there, what you reviewing next, Aeroplanes?
ibass2 - 5 years ago
every driver seems to be a flying machine in Ricks hands .........he certainly can put a ball out there !
nahshon cline
nahshon cline - 5 years ago
Just out of curiosity if your list was to go on and on what position would you place the Bombtech Grenade? I recall you just recently reviewed it so just wondering your thoughts.
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 5 years ago
The Ping i15 should have been up there
Cooper Stiles
Cooper Stiles - 5 years ago
I have the Taylormade aero burner driver and love it. A lot of times you hear from people you just have to learn to hit your clubs, instead of getting new ones. I don't completely disagree with this but I have always drove the ball straight. All this driver did was add distance to my drives which they were lacking. It feels great and hits far.
snipes_daily87 - 5 years ago
tested most of these and think the M1 is the best. very surprised in the position of it.
Dan B
Dan B - 5 years ago
Nice vid, it has to be the M2 topping the charts, nothing beats it in any head to head and its cheaper than all other top models, superb club! On a side note I can imagine all the TM haters crying right now lol

100. comment for TOP 10 DRIVERS 2016

Dave Fogel
Dave Fogel - 5 years ago
Shocked how badly the M1 placed. I am going to have to try the M2 with the same shaft before I decide. My Amp Cell Pro is still killing it though.
ph00ny1 - 4 years ago
+platypusg304 I don't know how much forgiveness you need but even on the M1 460 heads, it goes miles long on misshits
platypusg304 - 4 years ago
Don't buy the m2 it is expensive and it has more Mis-hits than your amp cell driver
Dave Fogel
Dave Fogel - 5 years ago
+ph00ny1 tried a pile of drivers. M1 was still the longest but overall not much better than my amp cell pro. Longest was 314.
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
Also do not do head comparison between two clubs using identical shafts. Find the best fit shaft for it and then do the comparison assuming you got fit for the Amp Cell
ph00ny1 - 5 years ago
At the same time, lot of non-staffers gamed M1 driver
Jon B
Jon B - 5 years ago
I was talking to a pro recently who said that the M1 was a complete flop. Apparently a lot of the TM tour guys are gaming M2 hidden under M1 covers
patrik streng
patrik streng - 5 years ago
I think that Cobra released th Fly Z models last year
patrik streng
patrik streng - 5 years ago
MarshallPo - 5 years ago
yeah i think it went bio cell, then fly z then LTD / F6
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott - 5 years ago
I knew M2 was gonna get #1 I have it in my bag it's truly a flying machine
ibass2 - 5 years ago
as of late........a good number of pros that were gaming M2 after the release have now reverted back to the M1 ....DJ, Jason Day, Sergio ect...... the better swingers will still get more out of M1. most consumers will get more from M2. TM really nailed it this time.
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 5 years ago
M2 has been the surprise package of the year even to Taylormade. They conceived it as a budget alternative to the M1 but the pros love it, more forgiving than the M1 but still very low spin.
MrMalditor - 5 years ago
I was hoping to see you review the Srixon Z355 driver this year. I haven't seen any of the youtube channels I watch review it yet.
xShadowWolfe - 5 years ago
M1 is #1 without watching the video, G is probably #2.
Varun Sukesh
Varun Sukesh - 4 years ago
MarkFace6 - 5 years ago
+xShadowWolfe I think he was trying to be realistic by taking the enormous price into account lol. Dammit, Taylormade
xShadowWolfe - 5 years ago
Okay, 2:14 in and M1 is not #1, well then, Rick loves this driver thought he would have this in top spot.
Ewan Scott
Ewan Scott - 5 years ago
Very surprised about the M1s position
lowndslow - 5 years ago
I love my 915 d2.
Ryan K
Ryan K - 5 years ago
Very nice video! I like the way you put it together. Your commentating is very fun to listen to.
Insu  백인수
Insu 백인수 - 5 years ago
M1 price is only 250£ equivalent in singapore..
metamurph - 5 years ago
and with the wonder of Brexit...
Insu  백인수
Insu 백인수 - 5 years ago
+Rikard Holmberg i have an m1 brand new to sell. i let it out at $450 sgd. no buyers at all.
Rikard Wilkens
Rikard Wilkens - 5 years ago
Well, about the double in the US
Cole Brown
Cole Brown - 5 years ago
I love your videos!
Nick M
Nick M - 5 years ago
I love your videos Rick you are my favourite YouTuber!
T Camileri
T Camileri - 5 years ago
love the Vids Rick keep it up best of luck at the open

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Golf's Best Drivers of 2016

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The best and newest drivers for the 2016 golf season can change your game off the tee! Watch our review of some great...



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5 YEARS OF CALLAWAY GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at for helping me collect as...



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5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at for helping me collect as...


2017's Best Drivers | Golf Monthly

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► Watch Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman and Top 25 Coach Ged Walters discuss 2017's best drivers and the...


Golf's 2017 Best & New DRIVERS

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The best new drivers for 2017 golf season range from new technologies, better materials, and advanced performance to...



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5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at for helping me collect as many...



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Thanks to the guys at for sending me these Titleist Drivers to test! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to...



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