Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here http://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010 WHEN SHOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR golf CLUBS, Mark Crossfield talks about changing his golf clubs and what he goes through to make him swap a golf club out of his golf bag. A very common questions that Mark is asked day in day out is when the right time to change your driver or your irons or your putter and Mark talks about the key points when it come to choosing a new driver that might help you play better golf.

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Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here http://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010 WHEN SHOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR golf CLUBS, Mark Crossfield talks about changing his golf clubs and what he goes through to make him swap a golf club out of his golf bag. A very common questions that Mark is asked day in day out is when the right time to change your driver or your irons or your putter and Mark talks about the key points when it come to choosing a new driver that might help you play better golf.

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PWL1371 - 3 years ago
Hey Mark ! Know this is an older post but was the perfect opportunity to ask the question ! Few years ago the Taylormade Burner was one of the best driver on the market . Would it stand up to the new drivers out there ? If not then who is the new top dog in drivers . Maybe a side by side comparison of the Burner vs the Epic or even the G400 ? Would love to get your view on this older driver versus some of the newer ones on the market . Thanks !
Tim O'Hagan
Tim O'Hagan - 3 years ago
steve rust
steve rust - 3 years ago
Im a bloke who buys a set and keeps them for years. I dont run to the golf shops or pro for clubs if im struggling, I get lessons. Amazes me how many people spend £300 on a driver or tinkering with their sets but balk at paying £20 to se a pro. Ive had my Adams for 8 years and they are battered now ( i play about 70 -100 rounds a year) but hasnt stopped me playing offf a cat 1 hadicap. Im changing mine because I need to. Quite excited about getting a new set though
Stephen Dale
Stephen Dale - 3 years ago
I'm thinking about switching from Ping green dots to Callaway's Epic irons.
Hugh J.
Hugh J. - 3 years ago
Stephen Dale Did you ever get the Epics? If so, what do you think of them so far?
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels - 3 years ago
Keep up the good work mate! Loving the videos. Really helpful
Arn G
Arn G - 4 years ago
I can't watch with that damn banner.
jay poma
jay poma - 4 years ago
Number 9, Number 9, Number 9...#Beatles White Album ✌️

Q: Why don't women need a watch?
A: There's a clock on the stove!
james mumford
james mumford - 4 years ago
It's all financial for me. If I had the money to buy clubs as I pleased then I would.
korbansdad - 4 years ago
I want to change do to me out playing my box set that I got to make sure I would play golf and enjoy it again


Bella and daisy X
Bella and daisy X - 4 years ago
We all want new and shiny brah
Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross - 4 years ago
I change many tines. Still trying to buy a game after 50 years
Q C - 4 years ago
Mark, I have Mizuno MX 17 Irons that are at least 12 years old. Has the technology changed enough to upgrade them? I have hit the Taylormade M1 Irons really well at the local golf shop. I haven't gotten fitted completely because I am not sure if it is worth it.
Jay Wyckoff
Jay Wyckoff - 4 years ago
What is the song at 2:53??
John E
John E - 4 years ago
Mark, Nice to meet your wife! Have watched your videos for several years; a little ways fun and interesting. Must say that, as a middle-aged guy only now getting "serious" about trying to improve, it's clear that the really good players are those who had the good fortune to have a father or coach who taught them for free when they were kids or teens. The notion of paying $80/hr or more as an adult to learn driving, draws, fades, downhill lies, ball above the feet, sand shots, backspin, and putting. . .well, one would go broke trying to get better at something that, at the end of the day, really isn't of any import: to wit, plopping a ball into a home with a few less strokes than one's pals. Enjoy it if you're already good, but how can a middle-aged hacker really justify the expense and bother? Cheers. P.S. Tennis is far more learnable for the average adult!
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson - 4 years ago
Your guys' accents are so awesome!!
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson - 4 years ago
I have a set of Ben Hogan blades from the 90's..the sweet spot on them is like the size of a dime.
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price
Bait ed Vs Harvey Price - 4 years ago
I'm 14 and use a full set of Wilson d100 and a #7 odyssey Versa putter.I have my eyes on m2 woods and irons and want to keep my putter. I want to change my wilsons as I think 17 handicap is as low as I can get with those clubs.
Dave Morris
Dave Morris - 4 years ago
I change clubs for a few reasons:

1. New equipment - looks is a big deal with golf equipment. You have to feel comfortable. If a new iron set or driver comes out that i feel more comfortable looking over, I may make the jump.

2. New ideas - Sometimes i think i could do with changing the lofts on my wedges to better suit gaps, or maybe swapping out that 3 - iron to a hybrid.

3. Results - kinda goes hand in hand with new ideas, if i see improvements in shots made i will switch.
Craig Fletcher
Craig Fletcher - 4 years ago
on monday i became the new owner of a set of iblades


Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson - 4 years ago
Mark, you're already a good enough putter that I don't believe the new stick is going to change much.
Mitch Isenhower
Mitch Isenhower - 4 years ago
More Mrs. Parfield bruh! She's great!
nolski2003 - 4 years ago
Sista Bruh... new name hahahahaha.
josh lomax
josh lomax - 4 years ago
it's half past 9 in the morning, can l win the gulf balls.
Ron Thibeau
Ron Thibeau - 4 years ago
Skill set gets better. Ability to shape shots
Nasty Nate
Nasty Nate - 4 years ago
Been enjoying your videos for a few years now. But honestly the hip hop grooves and synced up spoken word style production is ruining it for me. Find myself closing the video before it finishes :( Hope you figure it out Mark. Not everyone wants to hear a locked groove over top their videos.
Shane Jones
Shane Jones - 4 years ago
I change my clubs when I feel like it..
Brian Holle
Brian Holle - 4 years ago
I changed my putter because it gave more confidence and a better feel off the face.
Richard Kuipers
Richard Kuipers - 4 years ago
when they brake i will buy new one's
Anthony Criscuola
Anthony Criscuola - 4 years ago
In the past I have always changed clubs for two main reasons. One being to take advantage of new technology and two to change or improve the feel I have with a club.


Chris L
Chris L - 4 years ago
2 reasons why I change golf clubs. First is if one wears out I talk that opportunity to try something new. Second is I lose confidence in something. If I am standing over the ball with a club in my hand and I my thought processes is "I hope I can hit it this time" It is time to change. My newest addition is a putter mostly because I lost confidence in the old one.
Chris Bee
Chris Bee - 4 years ago
Well that is pants I don't have any of the social media or 9 friend's so I won't get them balls.
Danielsan - 4 years ago
I change mainly because of performance. Had problems with to light and wippy shafts. My misses very left and right. Changed to KBS C-Taper X stiff... Now my dispersion it tighter. Furthermore my distance control is way better, witch was a bonus I did not see comming! Now my muscles can't control the club. The club does the work and I can still go for it hard...
Other reason is feel and looks... I just love new gear and you can see it if you went through my bag
adam goldfinch
adam goldfinch - 4 years ago
I use R11 irons, jet speed driver, R11 5wood and mixture of wedges.
With saying that I have had my clubs since I started playing golf in 2014. I have gone from handicap of 36 to playing off 6.5
I feel I am hitting my clubs better then ever but feel I don't have the distance n that my wedges don't spin much anymore.

Should I look at changing or just get new wedges
Jamie Todd
Jamie Todd - 4 years ago
I'm thinking of changing my irons from ping G irons to the ping i200 as I've now been playing golf for just over 2 years and my handicap has come down to 10 I'm a pretty consistent player and I feel going from a game improvement club to a club that still offers help but will also give me more consistent numbers ie no knuckleballs or less at least will benefit me in the long run. Obviously I would test this theory on a fitting/lesson 1st but that would be my reason for changing. What do u think Brah
Steve Forman
Steve Forman - 4 years ago
I used to change equipment in the hope of improving performance but never found that driver that goes 300 yards straight down the middle.
Putter and wedges changed on look and feel mainly. Everything else has stayed the same for about 4-5 years now which is a long time for me as I used to change driver every year and irons every 2.
Cheers for the content.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones - 4 years ago
I like to look. But I'm pretty happy with my current set. I need to work on me more than my sticks. Most of my practice is with my 56 so I do plan on replacing it each year, two at the most.
Bo Beddingfield
Bo Beddingfield - 4 years ago
No more Masters grip! Golf is going to be mad at you!
samb55 - 4 years ago
I'd change if a club fitter showed me that a different club would perform for me better. Of course, club fitter time costs money, so I'd have to suspect that there's something wrong with my clubs or something new technology since I last bought a set, which was 10 years ago.
petembb - 4 years ago
Feel, look, performance in that order, but anyone could be a deal breaker. I have to love the club right away to throw money at it. That way i know that when i buy it, i want to play with it. Buying something that dont makes you wanna go play right away just seems wrong.
ShaamoneHeeHee - 4 years ago
it would have to be performance in accuracy and consistency
fezzer - 4 years ago
Not necessary performance for me Mark, Nor to buy something new. IT was based down to look at address. I had some x hot irons (2012/13) which were quite offset and seemed to give me loads of problems. So i changed to some forged Mizuno mp30s (2005), they feel and look at address very nice. So it helped my confidence and stopped me being a bit confused when lining them up at address.
Wisconsin Golf
Wisconsin Golf - 4 years ago
Dose Snapchat work for this
EngIishWarrior - 4 years ago
I'm thinking of changing my clubs I've been playing with a package set for the last 4-5 years and I feel like I'm ready for a change in a better set/brand of clubs.

I'm wanting to buy all new clubs other than the putter but due to costs I will do this gradually but don't know which way to go about it, should I buy a set of irons first then driver or driver first and work my way down any advice would be greatly appreciated

Adam - 4 years ago
EngIishWarrior get good wedges first, 100%
Harold Buchanan
Harold Buchanan - 4 years ago
she deserves a Rolex!! You get to play golf all the time, she should get something nice!!
jason askham
jason askham - 4 years ago
As with all my clubs look and feel every time
Richard Wood
Richard Wood - 4 years ago
I've had my Ping G10s since they were the newest Pings out and I started playing. I've tried other clubs but nothing has really made me think wow I need to change. I know that I'm the biggest factor in the game as I see brilliant shots and crap ones from my own clubs. I currently play off 12 and if I ever got to single figures and stayed there I might feel I'm consistent enough to see whether new clubs may or may not be worthwhile. So for me its when I'm consistent. I've also had the same putter and had great putting streaks and very poor ones. Again its me not the club.
Mark Sheridan
Mark Sheridan - 4 years ago
a positive review from yourself and then feel
Matt Washbrook
Matt Washbrook - 4 years ago
I change coz it makes me feel happy brah!
notformebeaky - 4 years ago
Nothing wrong with having a house full of putters. I think I have 5.


Alexander Schwarzbart
Alexander Schwarzbart - 4 years ago
I started golf zwei years ago. First of all Ichange all my clubs that are not fitted into fitted ones. Then when I become better I'll change them to fit better to my game and my abilities. Or I will change clubs when I'm feeling really uncomfortably to play them. But before changing them immediately I would let check the specs first of all. Perhaps there is only a change of setting or shaft etc.
Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford - 4 years ago
I change for looks and how it makes me feel.
George Sutton
George Sutton - 4 years ago
if we didn't have a good relationship with each other. Like my driver I know hates me so I'm changing it
Johnathon Kimmel
Johnathon Kimmel - 4 years ago
Should of got the Rolex bruh!
Daniel L L
Daniel L L - 4 years ago
I change when I feel I'm missing out on some aspect performance. Be it alignment, feel, distance control, distance. I'm changing my pitching wedge as I perform better with my Vokeys than my Mizuno irons 46º PW. I changed my putter to an Answer style putter after using a demo for 9 holes and putting well, with better distance control.
SuperDixxxie - 4 years ago
Lovin ALL the Parfield's :-)
Paul Kitchen
Paul Kitchen - 4 years ago
Lovely to meet Mrs Parfield!
Ian French
Ian French - 4 years ago
Why do we put the weight in the toe of a driver to encourage a fade, yet in the toe of a putter it encourages release (draw) doesn't this contradict each other, anyway new clubs are all about looks and feel to me, especially the flat stick
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
Ian French interesting question

Weight in the putter is a lot heavier and the swing is totally different obviously
Martin Gardner
Martin Gardner - 4 years ago
win the lottery
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 4 years ago
Was playing with graphite shafted irons and my handicap moved up from 16 to 19. Decided to try out my old steel shafted irons (bought in 1977) and lowered my handicap down to 14. They just "felt" right. Playing with graphite shafted irons is like having sex whilst wearing a condom.
Guy Davey
Guy Davey - 4 years ago
Change clubs for improvement in consistency and improvement in accuracy.
Iain Martin
Iain Martin - 4 years ago
Love you Mrs P
stuart silverlock
stuart silverlock - 4 years ago
Nice to see Dan has sorted out his pants
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
+stuart silverlock not when you see what is coming. Others might say they have tech. But this is the dogs.
Peter Sung
Peter Sung - 4 years ago
More nicer look than my existing one (personal preference) and hit the ball straighter and better control on distance.
Peter Sung
Peter Sung - 4 years ago
Same problem to me , I do not have any friends like golf, I do want to share this with my golf buddies. Because I want to win more club competitions.
MrMikePrins - 4 years ago
I change my clubs every time my father changes clubs because then I get the hand me downs...
Sean Tongs
Sean Tongs - 4 years ago
I changed my clubs recently because mine were 10 years old and showing it. Tech moves on but it is the same muppet on the other end so I thought a custom fit and new clubs would help me move forward in my game, lessons to follow.
Alan Barnes
Alan Barnes - 4 years ago
change putter between 2 that I have when I feel I need to concentrate more
Scott Matthews
Scott Matthews - 4 years ago
Started playing golf about 18 months ago. Think my 60 wedge is wearing out a bit, so that's a reason for replacement. I want to move away from my RSi1's to get some softer irons. Maybe moving to blades. Also quite like the feel of my brothers baffler hybrid and thinking of getting one of those. So it would be a case of changing based on feel, self improvement and wear and tear. Before watching a lot of your videos I would have been bought into a lot of the marketing and stories of eg longer drives. Now realise I'm happy with eg my driver, so why change.
Michel Poudrier
Michel Poudrier - 4 years ago
I change from Apex blade to a ping G25 . reasons was due the age of the hogan over 25 yrs old grooves where use a bit .
Skyboxer - 4 years ago
I change really for no reason other than to get new toys...
All except putter. I changed that due to not having success with my old putter. If I'm sinking putts I'd never change it.
luke Jasprizza-St.leon
luke Jasprizza-St.leon - 4 years ago
such a happy life with the kids and the wife
Chris Boden
Chris Boden - 4 years ago
Personally I think golf is hugely a confidence based game. If you 'feel' good about a club or a ball or grip or whatever, you'll think less about the nuts and bolts of your potential faults and just focus on the good vibes. Which I think leads to good scores. Hence why you can have 2/3/4 bad holes and then suddenly spanking your driver down the middle or sinking a big put can set fire to your round. Just my two pence.
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Holt - 4 years ago
I'm changing clubs next month because I never got custom fit and I just grabbed a set of Cobra irons off the rack last year that was in my budget to get back into the game. Shaft and lie are off for me as I get better, so getting fit by a top 100 fitter July 19th for hopefully some Mizunos or Ping. But will go with whatever gives me the best overall performance. Thanks for the vids Mark. You have convinced me to get up and get fitted, and also taught me to not just grab a SGI iron because of my handicap but to open my mind to playing a better club if the numbers are there.
sam hardie
sam hardie - 4 years ago
I want to change putter. I believe it makes you practise more. When I see s new club I want to pick it up. I want to put on my carpet. That's it for me brah.
Aussie Taffia
Aussie Taffia - 4 years ago
I changed from Wilson Staff Ci 11 game improvement to Wilson Staff F5 to get high launch and more spin now that I strike the ball much better
Gunnar Gad
Gunnar Gad - 4 years ago
Getting a bit over the top commercial :)
Tony Westwell
Tony Westwell - 4 years ago
If your feeling better feelings brah, go with feeling the feelings of more feelings, you get what I mean. Loving the daily vlogs, keep up the great work. I dread the day I ware out my irons, I love them and would not want to change them.
Curtis Seagers
Curtis Seagers - 4 years ago
when I loose confidence in something I either stop using it our change it.
Sean Mason
Sean Mason - 4 years ago
In the process now of changing my woods. I have the titleist 910s in driver and 3 wood and a even older 5 wood

I feel it's time for a change, hoping for slightly better performance, plus my swing will be different from what it was 6 years ago, so a custom fit will give me a club which better matches, and therefore performs better for my swing.
Vincent Sandford
Vincent Sandford - 4 years ago
New tecnology would entice me to change clubs provided it benefits me.
Jez Swallow
Jez Swallow - 4 years ago
DONE :) New balls please! :)
CrushOfSiel - 4 years ago
I like to change the looks of my clubs from time to time. I usually can hit just about anything well with some tinkering and practice. If some club catches my eye I usually give it a try.
Cam Thurlow
Cam Thurlow - 4 years ago
i change my clubs because im a total design whore. If i like another brands design i tend to want thier products, particularly hand crafted, custom built bits of awesome. Its normally because of looks, occasionally its because they might help hit a distance (hybrids) or are worn out (wedge). Im never stupid enough to buy them because i think theyll help lower my handicap....but sometimes,....just sometimes,.......they do.
Garry Scadden
Garry Scadden - 4 years ago
G'day Mark and gang. Just wondering if I enter your competitions and win do you ship to Australia? By the way, I always look forward to watching your videos. Keep it up boys 8-)
Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens - 4 years ago
at the start of the season I brought some 2nd hand Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons, I have definitely improved with these clubs but recently I decided to get fitted for them but the expert informed me my swing was too fast for my regular shafts and suggested I looked at some stuff or xstiff shafts with maybe a club that is not so much of a game improver so even though I've not had these clubs long I am indeed looking to get a new set which will hopefully allow me to play better and be more consistent with.
Jack O'Toole
Jack O'Toole - 4 years ago
Serious question.... could you do a review on the Apple Watch for golfing purposes please eg GPS mainly and scoring.
Janet Taselaar
Janet Taselaar - 4 years ago
Change when the swing (speed) doesn't match the set anymore, not based on new material or players that are using specific brands.
Adrian - 4 years ago
who wants to be my friend?
Phil McIver
Phil McIver - 4 years ago
Changed my irons recently from cavity backs to more muscle back. Was sick of the bullet balls going further than they should of. Much happier now.
Antoine Steeghs
Antoine Steeghs - 4 years ago
Boys, being boys like new toys
gary donnelly
gary donnelly - 4 years ago
Mrs P is ace
K4crasher - 4 years ago
What`s a friend? I have a Grandfather clock you could wear on your wrist. Will get you more attention than any Rolex.
Simon Wilcock
Simon Wilcock - 4 years ago
I think the next time I upgrade my irons will be when I feel my strike has improved sufficiently to move away from my current GI clubs (as I feel I need all the help I can get at the moment), to a better looking, better feeling club. Would probably stick within the same brand though (Mizuno).
greyman419 - 4 years ago
It's nice of Dan to coach golf even after a long day of teaching 7th grade geography.
David Boddy
David Boddy - 4 years ago
Can I win an Apple watch ?
Richard Van Duin
Richard Van Duin - 4 years ago
na , the rolex is for you mate
Simon Thorpe
Simon Thorpe - 4 years ago
Did you change your stroke type with the putter change? Going from big toe hang to face balanced putter quite a variation
Golfer206 - 4 years ago
Reason I am considering a change? I was fitted for a full bag set about 2 years ago, lost 40 lbs. after changing diet and started hitting the gym, now clubs feel lighter, swing plane a bit flatter and tempo quicker and my misses are now big draws and pull hooks. Friends say swing much different. Index dropped to 12 from 17. Is it the shooter or the gun? I think it's a bit of both. Thoughts appreciated.
Graham Streek
Graham Streek - 4 years ago
Sorry Mark, love youtube, Instagram is fun, twitter is annoying, and I detest facebook.


Simon Zheng
Simon Zheng - 4 years ago
I have a question for you Mark. I want to gain around a 10 yards more for each of my irons and woods by the end of august. I also need better consistency with my strike as a 28 handicap. So how should I practice? My full and 3/4 approach 2nd and 3rd shots ?
Simon Zheng
Simon Zheng - 4 years ago
Silver Zurfaren haha it's what I've been doing. But I also want to improve and gain more speed while I'm still in my twenties
Silver Zurfaren
Silver Zurfaren - 4 years ago
Simon Zheng to gain 10 yards on your 6 iron: use your 5 iron. Works on my ping karstens
sambking - 4 years ago
Love the kid's artwork in the kitchen. It's like your own art gallery!

club change would depend on....

1. was I sick of the ones I was playing?
2. buying new ones factors:
a. looks (I have to look at these freaking things every time I go play. I had better like looking at them!)
b. feel (I am not going to perform well with them if I don't like the way they feel.)
c. what else is there...? (oh. right. sponsorship money..?...yes please!)
Raymond Yadusky
Raymond Yadusky - 4 years ago
I understand why he wants us to share with 9 people. I don't like it. None of my friends are golfers. Why should I bother them? I watch this channel every day. I feel cheated, by being required to do something I don't feel right doing. Not good, Mark.
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown - 4 years ago
You can share it with me Ray, I'll be your friend.
Adam Brougham
Adam Brougham - 4 years ago
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
+Raymond Yadusky don't worry Ray it's ok if you don't share it.
Daniel - 4 years ago
mrs parfield is awesome! lovely family, mark!
Sven Hallauer
Sven Hallauer - 4 years ago
I change when I feel like it, specifically when the old isn't giving me excitement of using it anymore. For example drivers, fairway woods and hybrids start looking rather used/abused after 18 to 24 months so I replace them whereas my irons and putter feel like they gain character through usage and thus stay 3 to 5 years in my bag.
Draymond Gaymond
Draymond Gaymond - 4 years ago
they would have to look good, perform as well as my current clubs (I'm not concerned too much with distance, I hit it far enough for my liking, it just has to fill the gap that I want to in distances) and they would need to feel incredible because I love all my clubs in term in feel
Tim Starnes
Tim Starnes - 4 years ago
oh boy, free balls
Sunset passion
Sunset passion - 4 years ago
I want mark crossfield blue balls (well that came out wrong)
grantar2 - 4 years ago
Having just changed all but three of my clubs it's a question I recently struggled with.

My putter was changed three months ago, because the putter I have used for more than 20 years was wearing out. It had acquired dings on the face. The manufacture had gone out of business and back in, was producing a new version, I gave it a try and liked it. Probe 20/20 retired, replaced by probe 20/10.

I am older 58, and due to age and injury by swing speed had slowed down. I was using 2004 Callaway Big Bertha, and switched to new Adams Blue Line. I was ready to move from 3 and 4 iron, to 3 and 4 hybrid, and wanted the Slim Tech Adila shafts which are lighter 55 grams, and designed to produce a kick for higher launch. Working with a launch monitor I have gained an average 5 yards on the irons, 9 to 12 feet in elevation over my Callaway RCH shafted irons. Have also moved to regular shaft based on club head speed data. The 3 and 4 hybrids are problematic as they are approximate 20 yards longer than my 3 and 4 irons were, leaving me a larger gap between the five iron and four hybrid than I had with my old irons. (Just takes practice)

The big change was to new Mac Daddy 2 58 degree and 54 degree wedges to replace my Big Bertha sand wedge and Adams 60 and 64 degree Tom Watson Wedges. The switch to forged wedges with new groves has been awesome. I have able to stop shots and spin back shots like never before. (I play in Southern California)

The big issue now is learning how the clubs react to intermediate shots. The difference in design technology from shaft tuning to head feel, and balance in the 11 years between when the Big Bertha's were released 2004, and the Adams Blue were released 2015 is obvious. I tried a number of clubs, Callaway, Pin, Taylormade all were better feeling, and performance numbers than my old Big Bertha, but the Blues felt best and were good to my eye.

For me the key was a slowing swing speed, and reduced ability to flight my three iron.

I am fortunate as I am a member of the PGA Super Store in Irvine, and as such have unlimited no cost use of the instrumented driving bays, I can evaluate swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, face angle, impact position, and have video, so my assessments are data driven.

The down side now is controlling distance. I care less about getting an extra 5 yards than being able to hit my mark plus or minus 10 yards consistently. That will take some time.
Solomon Li
Solomon Li - 4 years ago
I'm with you on the change and feel. Of course, budget permitting... Comfort, confidence, and change can do a lot to "reset" that feel. Kind of like cleansing the palette in order to taste different cigars or smelling different samples of cologne or something...
matthew orge
matthew orge - 4 years ago
Better look and feel.
Steve Olander
Steve Olander - 4 years ago
I play em tell they wear out.
Cal Kelly
Cal Kelly - 4 years ago
I don't have 9 friends but I would say bonus in paycheck. New design. "Rolex Feel".
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis - 4 years ago
"Forgiving" irons have given me confidence on the course. As I started to progress in consistency I started to notice the lack of workability and lack of spin into greens. Taking the chunky irons out and upgrading to Mizuno blades. Spin ✅ feel ✅ consistency ✅
Dakota Dailey
Dakota Dailey - 4 years ago
First it would be look and feel, then I would test and if it preformed better then I might change
Patrick Alan
Patrick Alan - 4 years ago
I'd change my clubs if they got stolen from my car when someone broke in... got any sets you can spare Mark?
Cam Ehly
Cam Ehly - 4 years ago
I think Mrs. P has more sass than Mark. love it.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz - 4 years ago
I have a Scotty Cameron Catalina Two I've been putting since 2000. Started leaving putts short of the hole past year. I cant convince myself to hit hard enough. Switched to the same Two ball and I'm back on track now. Maybe the heavier head helps me release the putter? Will definitely switch back to the Scotty once I work thru my putting woes.
MrShanghai34 - 4 years ago
I play golf with two sets of golfers on different days. The weekend guys will change clubs every so often. The Tuesday guys have had the same clubs in their bags 2 years. one of them has changed out his driver... another guy bought a set and then promptly sent them back. Another putter I bought today,,, the changes are still going on for me...
John McCormick
John McCormick - 4 years ago
Congrats on the 3000+ Videos Mark! Keep up the great work...
David LoVullo
David LoVullo - 4 years ago
Have a second winter. Home with old mixed set plan to replace when I go back with a good set!
Paul Brunt
Paul Brunt - 4 years ago
I love Mrs P's comment at the end
david hovde
david hovde - 4 years ago
Loved seeing Mrs. Parfield dishing it back to you!
bunkershotbirdie - 4 years ago
I change clubs when I can't find it after it whirl birds thru the air. Actually, just when I lose confidence in them or it.
Joel Crow
Joel Crow - 4 years ago
over 10 years of buying all the golf clubs in the world (how I found Mark), I finally have the perfect set that I'll take til they rust. I've hit enough old lost and found clubs at the range to confirm there's little difference in new clubs other than shinyness.
Drupacabra 7
Drupacabra 7 - 4 years ago
I got knock off mizunos made in China with cheap metal. I would love a set of real mizunos mp15 with quality japanese metal
supertuber59 - 4 years ago
i did just recently change my irons, from a well loved set of mizuno MP62 s to a set of Wilson FG tour V6 .
primary reason: been playing the mizunos for 6 or 7 years, have no issues with them, love them actually - hit an ace with the 5 iron. but the shorter irons are showing some wear and i thought if there was something that checked all the boxes I'd give them a hit and see what happens. the wilson V6 s check all the boxes (half cavity, forged, chrome, classic looks) and i came upon a mint used set for $550. love at first strike. they're great clubs. gonna wear them out.
Chris I
Chris I - 4 years ago
Great question, how to react to the errant shot and make it a learning experience.
Hard to improve if you don't know what's going on!
daniel c
daniel c - 4 years ago
the more I hear the more it seems to be "used what your comfortable with" . i know figures are important but if you don't like the look or sound or you just really want a different brand then you could play your best golf ever and still never like them!
James Whelan
James Whelan - 4 years ago
Change when I fancy a change, simple as that .
G Fort
G Fort - 4 years ago
I change my putter, wedges, irons and woods for different reasons

I changed putter once since 2010 (a month ago) when I tried a new bladed one and love the look, feel and weight. So I'd say I change putters when I want kind of refresh.

I change wedges when I feel the ones i'm using don't get the bite they used to. I changed from VR Pros to MD3s this summer.

I've changed Irons throughout my progression as a golfer. From junior set, to big chunky Ping GMax look-a-likes, to R11s and now to Vapor Pro blades. As I got better, I felt like the slimmer the club the better. I'll probably change for another blade in a couple of years when my current will be battered. I couldn't go for big chunky ones right now thats for sure.

And finally, I tend to change woods when a big technology breakthrough comes out. I went from a basic Wilson from a junior set to an R11 (adjustability) and then the low spin / weight forward drivers (SLDR) came out and I switched to a Nike Covert 2.0 Tour and I am now using a Nike Vapor Pro. I won't change until something big comes out (Epic Subzero maybe?).

Sooo yea, that's pretty much it. Different clubs, different reasons.
Cheers braaaah
John Meyer
John Meyer - 4 years ago
Looks and performance
Jake Smith
Jake Smith - 4 years ago
Cost and performance. New to golf so I bought an affordable set. I'll be looking for a better set probably next year.
Jason Gauld
Jason Gauld - 4 years ago
Got my new irons arriving TODAY, cobra bio cell. Been playing for a year now with 20 year old funky graphite Wilsons. Performance had got to a point where I've decided to invest in my game. I'm 6'4 so these new irons are 1" longer shafts and they are steel. Got some first lessons booked in. So excited to see how/if my performance changes, and how long the adaptation takes.
jaydee514 - 4 years ago
If i would get them for free!
Judge Smails
Judge Smails - 4 years ago
New clubs? I don't need new... Ooooh! Shiny! Pretty! Must have!
tropicalpalmtree - 4 years ago
Bob Hyslop
Bob Hyslop - 4 years ago
Nice to see Mrs.P.
Spencer Wideman
Spencer Wideman - 4 years ago
Lost a 7iron on a golf trip, so that was the universe telling me it was time to buy a new set.
Mark Reckling
Mark Reckling - 4 years ago
Clubs are like underwear, change them every day lol
Levi Kinchlow
Levi Kinchlow - 4 years ago
money an lack of confidence
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker - 4 years ago
I'm changing my irons again, after knowing what Lie I need, but the senior flex shaft didn't feel right, so going back to regular flex which I found a good deal on mizuno 2016 jpx ez forged, just easier for me to buy and sell my changes on eBay, then to just make shaft flex changes. Will also be changing putters after losing the feel for my current putter, yes lot of my changes is on timing and feel to get better
Surviving with Greg
Surviving with Greg - 4 years ago
Mark...Hello from Florida. On your question... and you will appreciate this.... I just changed my irons last week. When I was in my teens and early 20's I was about a 5-8 handicap. Played Junior Golf Tournaments, High School etc. Didn't play much for many years because of military, marriage, kids etc etc. Just start playing a lot again (I'm now 47) the last few months at least once a week. A couple months ago I made the mistake of taking advantage of a perceived good deal on some irons from a bigger chain store off the shelf. I played about 8-10 rounds with them but just was having terrible inconsistent results. I had enough. I went to a smaller golf shop in town and told them my story and that I need to get fitted properly. After a pretty well done process (Ive watched yours and the other guys like Shiels and Finch etc videos on getting fitted) and trying numerous clubs, shafts, measurements, hit plates etc etc. I ended up with some Ping G black dot irons with graphite regular (70?) shafts. The irons I traded in were semi blade type irons with steel shafts. Just shows you how much I changed up.I went out that afternoon and shot one of the best rounds I have shot in years. Had 3 birdies...ended up with a 81 (+9). So I guess my answer to your question is if you are playing bad and didn't get properly fit or tried to take a shortcuts or play with vey outdated clubs....its time to stop the shenanigans and get fitted.
CGF1214 - 4 years ago
I change clubs for Feel and Performance ... and to make me a better ball striker ie: Muscle back Blades
Alan Heseltine
Alan Heseltine - 4 years ago
The daily vlogs are great Brah, keep up the good work.
Nathan Sheers
Nathan Sheers - 4 years ago
I will change my clubs because they are 16 years old and I think I'm behind with the technology of today's clubs especially the driver
cito4633 - 4 years ago
Absolutely brilliant that your lovely wife calls you Mr. Parfield!
Cicnaz - 4 years ago
Shared! I told myself at the start of the season that I was good with the clubs that I had and did not need new. Was at a lesson and my coach said that my driver isn't good for my swing, immediately started looking for a new on on line. Replaced the driver and three wood. Rest of my clubs have remained from last year. Putter I doubt I'll change for a long time since I live the look and how it feels. Wedges are newer and I like the way they work for me. Irons I'm not changing until I'm back to a 2. So I guess I'd say all of the reasons, feel, look, tech, price are reasons for me to change. Part of the game Bruh!
Robin C
Robin C - 4 years ago
you must be minted now Parfield with all the subscribers....views and add's
you should have bought Mrs P a Rolex (explaining only the best for Mrs P)...then slipped in ...wouldn't it be great if we had matching watches and bought yourself one.....job done
what have you got now a pair of matching apple watches....not quite the same is it!!
Ian Armitage
Ian Armitage - 4 years ago
Great to hear you talk about look, feel and confidence etc. Couldn't agree more. It's all in the head...literally. Worrying to hear the comments on the Torquay studio. What matters is...what makes the ball go in the hole? Sam putt lab wont help! Read Rotella on Billy Mayfair's putting! Here's an opinion for the question tomorrow...."is custom fitting just a con to sell more clubs?' Negative, realistic or just an acceptance that multiple points of view have merit? Your call....
Aaron Patterson
Aaron Patterson - 4 years ago
For me it came down to either fixing the old or just jumping into something new. Had snapped heads off old irons, reshafted, and it happened again. So I just went with new sticks altogether.
sirwhompastomp - 4 years ago
Getting better at my game and wanted to switch from 712 AP2 to Mizuno JPX 900 Tour.. Hit them really well and controlled them very nicely! And switched from S300 to KBS 130 tour x stiff shaft that have helped with my feel of control over my shots.
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor - 4 years ago
I would only change clubs if I felt I was outgrowing them as a player. I'm currently looking to change from GI irons to 'better players' irons because I want clubs that allow me to shape the ball a bit more and I actually find the chunkiness of my clubs a bit off putting now.
scott cassells
scott cassells - 4 years ago
Not a golf question but... where did you get the denim jacket in you wore at the start of the vlog? Ha thanks bruh!
Steve Emmons
Steve Emmons - 4 years ago
I just changed from the original R7 quad and the original TM RAC LT irons. loved both but the tech in the driver was too old. Epic subzero driver had the best numbers but it was more about feel. Also got the subzero 15 degree 3 wood (set +1 and draw) and it is amazing. However moving to the mizuno jpx 900 forged irons hasn't been as smooth. They're 4 degrees stronger and I don't like the lower spin as mark has shown in other videos. I'll stick with them for now but I keep thinking about going back and I would if the old ones weren't so worn out - well I never would have change them to start with.
Darrell Williams
Darrell Williams - 4 years ago
LOL , I ain't GOT 9 friends Mark .....
Dougie Montana
Dougie Montana - 4 years ago
Watching bloody club reviews makes me want to change clubs every other week! On a serious note, I'll change my irons every 5 years or so, look feel and ball flight is what I shop for, I don't do numbers. I've had my current driver for 4 years, had 2 others in that time but never felt as good. My ping answer has been in my bag for donkeys.
In The Rough
In The Rough - 4 years ago
Love the Family Mark keep the videos coming
Clive Brooker
Clive Brooker - 4 years ago
Driver - When it breaks
Putter - When it stops working
Irons - When I feel I'm striking it well enough to allow me to move to blade or more blade-like heads ('cos I like the look of them)
Mitch -28
Mitch -28 - 4 years ago
Great to see Dan again! Get him in another course vlog, great golfer and good banter
Alex Edmondson
Alex Edmondson - 4 years ago
well today is my birthday and i turned 21 today got fitted for a driver and it turned out i needed a 10.5 stiffed Taylormade M2 so happy birthday for me.
Chris Gorman
Chris Gorman - 4 years ago
Performance! Now, don't get me wrong, there are other factors that would subtly steer the final selection but ultimately it would come down to better scores.
Logan Kelch
Logan Kelch - 4 years ago
At this moment I would only change my putter. I have used a few different brand center shafted putters recently and I just feel like I hit the ball more on my target line with them. I feel like it would be a good change. My current versa 1W I love the look of but I just can't seem to hit my line as much as I did when I got it. I really like the look of the ping kinloch C at the moment but I'm unsure if it's worth the change...
Boudewyn Haslinghuis
Boudewyn Haslinghuis - 4 years ago
The real fun is to tune the equipment to the bone. There are so many variables to adjust. Take my putter. She has been reassembled over 30 times trying to push tiny Improvement to the limit. Not claiming it helped but renewing the relationship does keep things fresh in the long run. BTW congratz. From here it looks you get a better roll with your new putter.
Boudewyn Haslinghuis
Boudewyn Haslinghuis - 4 years ago
it is bit more than that :-) I blasted the head; changed the face insert; switched the shaft (heavy); altered the lie angle but kept the torque balance by adding weight to the head; lengthened the shaft; counterbalanced the putter and tried 10 different grips over time. This work is done in many steps over a period of 4 years. I am tinkering to add a next step: use a zirconium face insert in stead of graphite. I will mill it with a special pattern. I always laugh at friends with their expensive Scotty collections.
TIMEtoRIDE900 - 4 years ago
How do you tweak a putter ??
I found 2 mallets in the garbage, one's a Monza Spyder even!!
The other is a Mastergrip 415CR. Do you move the weights ??
Marc Wienkowitz
Marc Wienkowitz - 4 years ago
For me club change is performance driven. I always try the new stuff, but unless I see a massive performance change for the better, I stick with what's already in play. This year I changed irons for the first time in a good while; went from a blade to forged cavity backs for some help on the occasional thin shot that's crept in with my playing and practicing less. Driver on the other hand has stayed the same for a few years since the latest and greatest doesn't give me anything more than I have on the performance end. It just gives me a different look and feel and something shiny and new in the bag.
Dave Parker
Dave Parker - 4 years ago
Got to be performance for me to change clubs, pro at the club has finally realised I'm the biggest tyre kicker on the planet. Tried most of his new clubs when they come in, but still Playing my 10 year old Bridgestone's. It's not the cash I'm not seeing any benefit. Almost bought a set of those Cf16's coach was playing, then I saw how inconsistent his distance control was with them. The ease of hitting them a good distance was nice, but when I can stop my 6 iron quicker then the CF16 7iron, well they just can't go in the bag,
dufferjuice - 4 years ago
Great points about club changes Mark. I have occasionally made a change to something in my bag simply because I feel the change of look will help me focus. (Also I love new toys!) Cheers!
Craig Higgins
Craig Higgins - 4 years ago
I've had a Wilson putter that I had with a box set for years. I don't have the box set clubs anymore but kept the putter because I know what it feels like when I putt. I know what it feels like when I've hit a good and a bad shot. However I am tinkering on the idea of rocking the boat and maybe going for a change in feel (it's probably about time)
Ross Barton
Ross Barton - 4 years ago
Results. If it can be demonstrated that changing a club (or aspects of a club, say the shaft flex, head weight or club settings etc.) will give me better results then I will change it. But I do that within the context of my set, so that my any changes I make still fit into my set. i.e. I won't change out a 3 Wood to get more distance for example, because that might upset the gap between my 3 Wood and my Driver and my longest Hybrid. But I would change my 3 Wood if it maintained the gap but gave me better results - i.e. was easier to launch from the fairway, was more accurate, helped me gain a stroke over the course of rounds etc.
Hopefully that makes sense...
Ryan McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin - 4 years ago
I just changed to the one length forged I couldn't get used to them enough my swing thoughts were terrible I couldn't get over it so I went and got fitted for the clubs I want to play wilson staff fg tour 100 anniversary! I changed to the cobras because I was told I need more fogiving clubs (I switched from the rickie fowlers) I didn't want them so I switched to something I've wanted
Erik Sanchez
Erik Sanchez - 4 years ago
Love the new O Works 2 Ball! Great feel. Debating switching! Cheers bruh!
M G - 4 years ago
Well played Mrs P. Whats the saying - Behind every good man...
Tony Croxon
Tony Croxon - 4 years ago
I've recently changed my wedges after about 12 years. Came down to confidence, I'd hit too many shanks and the bounce of my 56 started to looked huge off the fairway, worried about thins. Went for a fitting and chose wedges that looked almost the same (black metal finish) with the same lofts. Difference was I got great results with the new ones which I hadn't felt for ages.
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner - 4 years ago
I've just changed my putter too, from a Never Compromise Milled Series #7 to the Odyssey O-Works #1 Wide. Both traditional style putters which I've always liked but was looking for a bit more weight for hitting longer puts from the fringe following a lesson so, AG had a putter fitting day at Thorpe Wood here in Peterborough and the Odyssey really worked for me. Had the Pistol GT grip option rather than the thicker 2 thumb. Still getting used to it, but so far results have been good. Upgrading the rest of my bag later this year as my Cobra S9 irons are 10 years old now and I fancy some new woods and hybrids too. I like the look of the Titleist H1's you reviewed. Keep up the good work Mark, really enjoy these videos
BuzzLightyear - 4 years ago
So I have a R5 driver that I love and hit well but the technology is now over 10yrs old. My 3 wood goes further. So I got fitted for a new driver but wanted the same feel as my R5. Got close to it with Cobra F7 and I hit it way further than my R5. Approx 20-30yds difference.
But it's just not the same. I miss my ol trusty
Ian Nicolle
Ian Nicolle - 4 years ago
I only consider buying new clubs when I'm playing well. If I'm playing badly it's not the clubs fault, it's me! Then I get a lesson and sort it out brah!
Christoph Heuwieser
Christoph Heuwieser - 4 years ago
I would change my clubs if my fitter and/or coach gives me a good technical reason that another club is better for me
MrJoshthenosh - 4 years ago
somethign that looks new and shiney the new ap3s make me want them
MrJoshthenosh - 4 years ago
i dont have 9 friends :(
John Davis
John Davis - 4 years ago
I change every 5-6 years on iron because even though I clean my clubs after every round, I do play about 180 rounds per year, and practice a lot, especially summer time. I also switch my setup a lot since I play different course each week. I just took out 18° 5wood and put back in my Ping I20 17° hybrid. I am also using a 22°Rinkydink I also put a pistol grip on my Nome trying to find some putting magic
Cpk Unlimited
Cpk Unlimited - 4 years ago
I have to like the new clubs. maybe need a change. a little boost. hear good reviews. my ?? Is... isvtyhe upgrade to pro irons wotrt the near double in price?
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 4 years ago
The only club that I changed and felt a huge difference was my putter. Changed to a belly putter and sunk over twice as many. Now they are frowned upon and I got to find the next best thing.
Matt Cash
Matt Cash - 4 years ago
I'm changing my clubs because I have an ancient set that is hard to find any information about and a $20 9.5° driver that I bought not knowing what I was doing when I bought it.
Paul Bown
Paul Bown - 4 years ago
Really impressed with how you have progressed over time with your videos Mark.
I'm not one for thumbs ups or comments but you get both from me at the moment.
Thanks Brah
LB - 4 years ago
got a new see more putter over my versa putter. same reason, it makes me feel like I can't miss inside 4 feet. and it sounds different, which I'm really enjoying right now. THANKS BRA!!⛳⛳
Ken B
Ken B - 4 years ago
feel AND performance
they seem to be tied together for me
stuart newman
stuart newman - 4 years ago
She lives with you.... she deserves a bloody rolex! Peace....
gareth birrell
gareth birrell - 4 years ago
Love a change especially when I'm not getting the buzz from it anymore
Ian Worsfold
Ian Worsfold - 4 years ago
age! I'd be concerned my clubs were outdated. Silly init.
Ian Collins
Ian Collins - 4 years ago
I'm Lucky to have 2 Sets of Clubs which deliver my optimum figures (obviously when strike is correct) If like now I have a club that "feels" to be underperforming I switch it out for the corresponding club in my other Set. My Mizuno 7 iron is being swapped out for my Benross 7 Iron this week. As for purchasing new clubs I would need some evidence that they will be an improvement on what I have, however this does not stop me trying every new club on the market in my quest for improvement :)
Nick Furness
Nick Furness - 4 years ago
I base a lot on your advice. Not advice on which you hit the best or like the feel of, but that I need to try them and look at configurations. I'm still tinkering with my bag and still look for "that club" that will improve my club, lol! I bought a new driver this season and was fitted. Fitter gave a few swing tips to help improve. I've never hit the ball as far and, generally, as straight. I know this isn't the club but the fit. I now really trust this club tho and will find it hard to change. I try to change 1 or 2 items a year to try new things. Mainly feel and looks encourage me, but vanity is also high on the list!
Stephen Laird
Stephen Laird - 4 years ago
putting not best at the moment sometimes a change better confidence
Stephen Laird
Stephen Laird - 4 years ago
A changed my irons just felt like a change ping i200 love them
Mr. greassy
Mr. greassy - 4 years ago
I change it if it were broken
Jim Snyder
Jim Snyder - 4 years ago
And she does need a Apple Watch! Got my wife one for Christmas.
GolfHo - 4 years ago
Price, age, looks, feel, performance
Jim Snyder
Jim Snyder - 4 years ago
I shared it!
Tony Reimann
Tony Reimann - 4 years ago
Rolex FTW
Justin Schafer
Justin Schafer - 4 years ago
My favorite parts of these videos is the good old family banter!!
Well done Mrs. Parfield!
Dean Hanley
Dean Hanley - 4 years ago
dance eddy
dance eddy - 4 years ago
If I can afford to! As a youth who has a part time job getting some good kit is very hard
David Swanson
David Swanson - 4 years ago
Is there a Masters grip going on the 2 Ball Mark?
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
2 bad rounds driving...then the driver is GONE! Same as irons and putter...behave or offski.
Mat Setizar
Mat Setizar - 4 years ago
Tough times. Your vids are the only things making me smile. Thanks so much mark. Mrs p, so funny. Own channel please.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 4 years ago
Hi Mark I've just changed my irons after having them for 14 years and felt I need to change to the latest technology. I did have 10 years off in between went for a custom fit and now playing and loving golf again with the help of yourself, Coach and Rory
Goodspeed - 4 years ago
I change because it's the arrow not the indian bruh... lowering scores one purchase at a time!
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson - 4 years ago
tyvek05 Good lord, do you know what sarcasm is?
tyvek05 - 4 years ago
its not the "arrow",  it is 100% the "indian".  a great golfer could go to goodwill buy a mismatched set of clubs and STILL shoot the same numbers as they would with their regular clubs.   if you are not hitting and playing well with your current clubs,  new clubs ARE NOT going to do anything for your game.......   its just going to ruin your pocketbook and make you look like a douche that always has to have the newest stuff on the market.
Steven Cooper
Steven Cooper - 4 years ago
There's no point purchasing new bats for myself. sadly I don't play enough to warrant it. If I play often and improve then yes I would consider it if it would help improve my golf.
ian moore
ian moore - 4 years ago
does the apple watch count as 1 of your 5 a day
Cosh 485
Cosh 485 - 4 years ago
When the head of the club falls off
j_d HW
j_d HW - 4 years ago
apple watch is a good choice mrs parfield
Adam Dodds
Adam Dodds - 4 years ago
jconine1989 - 4 years ago
I recently changed my clubs from a hand me down set to a new to me set of Mizuno 800 pros and a 2 ball fang. I love the feel of the new clubs, shot in the 80's for the first time with them and no 3 putts!
Dara MacCarthy
Dara MacCarthy - 4 years ago
Morning head (u take a while to warm up Brah)
PkGam - 4 years ago
I don't change unless something breaks or if I'm just trying out stuff for the fun of it. Like my sorta-cheap lob wedge I noticed had a dent on the face (not from a little rock, I mean a ball-sized impression) and swapped it because the face was no longer flat. There's also a thing recently where I got a used older Wilson 8802 putter that I swapped my Odyssey White-Steel 2-ball putter with last round just for kicks. They are like polar opposites in their look and feel, but I can play with them equally. I don't have a large collection of clubs just to swap out like that or anything, just a few spares for the fun of it.
RollWithItRuss - 4 years ago
I'd have them lost of the front 9
Stephen Megrath
Stephen Megrath - 4 years ago
thankfully I am so old now that I have come to understand that the only reason to change any club/clubs is if they have some actual benefit. they must feel to me as if they improve a certain aspect I am trying to improve! a putter must feel as if I can make more putts, wedges must feel as if I can get closer/get more spin, irons must feel as if I can get more spin/less spin or whatever I think I need at that time etc. etc.....
jconine1989 - 4 years ago
I don't have use social media or have any friends on YouTube :( So I can't share to win!... But my last name has a 9 in it! (Conine) I think I should win!
Domino Effect
Domino Effect - 4 years ago
I just recently hit the Callaway Apex irons. From the very first swing it just felt right. Decided to get fitted for them, first round with them was yesterday and they are amazing. Had no intentions of getting new irons, but very happy that I did. Money wasn't a factor. It was strictly feel and performance
Joel Harding
Joel Harding - 4 years ago
Did you consider changing your putting grip instead of your putter??
stu - 4 years ago
Only for performance.
daniel johnson
daniel johnson - 4 years ago
Love these vids. Cheers bruh, keep up the good work
michael mccarthy
michael mccarthy - 4 years ago
just swapped out Callaway X tour rifle shafts for mizuno mp5 lighter shaft bit more flex in tip getting old now
James RB
James RB - 4 years ago
Changed my irons from Nike pro combos to AP1s as wasn't 100% sure had right shafts so get properly fit and playing loads better wont change from titlest now for a few years too expensive lol
AJ - 4 years ago
Over the past c6 years I've only played a few times a year and still
bumbled around at 18. I've finally taken the plunge and stared playing every week and am already noticing a difference and handicap coming down. Have always hit my clubs nicely but they're 15 years old so time for a change and a new investment. Went and had a proper fit and couldn't believe the difference. Going for Apex and was carrying the 7 iron 188 in the fit
Robert Logan
Robert Logan - 4 years ago
If Mrs. P cooks for an Apple watch, would she make your coffee and do the school run for a Rolex?
T.A. Fossett
T.A. Fossett - 4 years ago
I really like the feel of a better player club (Wilson V4), and the way it makes me concentrate over the ball to hit that good shot but I switched to the M3 because it gives me a bit more forgiveness and launch. Resale on the V4's is AMAZING! (kidding Bruh!)
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett - 4 years ago
currently swapping between an almost 10 year old driver and a 4>5 year old one, and 5 wood with a 3 wood shaft (goes high) and a adjustable hybrid. might even change the loft on the hybrid and swap out my three wood see how that works
Tim Moxon
Tim Moxon - 4 years ago
Golf is 80% to 90% confidence. If you thing you will hook it in the trees you probably will, if you think you will hit a high draw into the middle of the fairway you have a chance of doing just that. Club change is just the same, I've just been to a putting lab and been through all the sam2 fitting and it's convinced me there were some changes needed both to technique and equipment.... new putter on the way and I know I'll hole more puts and it's not even in the bag yet!

That's why I change clubs from putter to driver!
Adrian L
Adrian L - 4 years ago
Sometimes you just want a change. I can't afford a new putter right now so I'm thinking about just re-gripping my putter instead to give me that different feel.
K Sey
K Sey - 4 years ago
Change clubs for better performance. Look for new clubs based on performance + price.
Will S
Will S - 4 years ago
I recently changed my irons to something a bit more forgiving. Just needed that little bit of extra help. I'm also thinking about changing my 4 year old wedges because a) they are 4 years old and b) I've learned about bounce recently and realized my wedge bounces aren't necessarily ideal for the conditions I typically face on the course.
John Youmans
John Youmans - 4 years ago
Feel but the different equipment often gives me a bit of added confidence
eamo30 - 4 years ago
I don't have any friends to share it with!
David Pearson
David Pearson - 4 years ago
I should change my TM Jetspeed hybrid I would like a Nike vapor fly before they is no more available problem is im hitting the Jetspeed so well at the moment !!!
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 4 years ago
I'm gonna get a two ball now
TJ - 4 years ago
Does Rory even play off 9
andygolf - 4 years ago
Being left handed and off single figures,its difficult to just go out and change clubs, i have to want to change and therefore go out specifically to find a certain brand or fitting day, ,---Just a question..try and go out and just test a popular club,left handed??? or infact the putter Garcia or Johnson used ,, its impossible...
Vici Martynov
Vici Martynov - 4 years ago
I buy a new club because I want to. Numbers are irrelevant, I never measure them, if I pick it up, rip it and absolutely love it I buy it. I play golf because I enjoy hitting golf balls, if I dont enjoy it then why would I buy it even if it has teh best numbers in the world?
Steven Harrison
Steven Harrison - 4 years ago
I like a regular club change with my thought process being that I'm always reviewing my bag to make sure I'm happy with everything. I can often manifest the idea that I need to change a certain club or clubs and once seed of the idea has been planted then it rarely takes long for me to get a new club. My general reasoning is that I enjoy the process of buying a club from looking at reviews to trying it out to getting fit. I don't ever believe that a new club will improve my golf but a new club will generally offer me something different, whether it be a lower spinning driver when I'm striking it well or higher launching longer irons when I'm struggling to strike them well enough, even seasonal changes like a putter I prefer on faster greens. I work hard for my disposable income so why not reward that with something shiney, there's worse things to waste money on...
Mark brennan
Mark brennan - 4 years ago
Changed my year old AP1s to AP2s because the AP1 where from a certain golf shop and the AP2s where fitted with the correct stiffness of shaft and length and the test. Plus I liked the look of the AP2
philhenderson - 4 years ago
For me, I would change because of the technology available now. I'm using a set of Mizuno T-Zoid Oversized. They are great clubs but I know I could perform better with a newer set of clubs because the technology has moved on.
Brian Hart
Brian Hart - 4 years ago
Just changed my irons after 9 years which were custom fitted and now have new custom fitted irons and the word there is custom fitted along with lessons but would still be using my old irons if they hadn't come to the end of there life. keep up the good work Bruh
Moritz De
Moritz De - 4 years ago
i do not have 9 friends which i can penetrate with your VLOGS Mark :D #out
onelove - 4 years ago
10:07 Mrs. Parfield is the BEST!!! :-) Love the Parfield's.
Sandy Tim
Sandy Tim - 4 years ago
What if you haven't got five friends ?
iñigo muñagorri
iñigo muñagorri - 4 years ago
I change my clubs everytime I like one of your reviews (Not true but you re allowed to tell it to the companies bruh
Ken Royal
Ken Royal - 4 years ago
Mrs. C, none of us are fooled. Collecting groceries via electric bike does not make one the chief chef. ;>) Nice watch! You most likely deserve a Rolex. Mark, you've explained the reason why most of us have a closet full of putters. Cheers.
RFKFREAK - 4 years ago
I bought a box starting set of clubs back in 2006/2007 from a sporting goods store that included a Driver, 3W, 5W, 3H, 4H, 5-9I, PW, and a putter for $150. Over the years I've replaced the Driver, 3W, 5W, hybrid and putter so the next thing is the irons which I plan to do this year or next year.
Paul Weavers
Paul Weavers - 4 years ago
Woo hooo! Dan the flying man! State of the art! Looking forward to seeing the golf cave.

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