What are the BEST irons in golf? Club Fix Iron Showdown

This video is about The Club Fix IRON Showdown. Call Mark at The Club Fix at 949 222 9194 and take advantage of the BBG $50 Driver fitting special and find out what Driver and shaft combo is BEST FOR YOU! Subscribe to this channel! Get syncing your swing and improve your game dramatically today! http://bebettergolf.weebly.com/premium.html These Clubs were the WINNERS http://amzn.to/2djdo0y

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This video is about The Club Fix IRON Showdown. Call Mark at The Club Fix at 949 222 9194 and take advantage of the BBG $50 Driver fitting special and find out what Driver and shaft combo is BEST FOR YOU! Subscribe to this channel! Get syncing your swing and improve your game dramatically today! http://bebettergolf.weebly.com/premium.html These Clubs were the WINNERS http://amzn.to/2djdo0y

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for What are the BEST irons in golf? Club Fix Iron Showdown

Hp 355
Hp 355 - 3 years ago
Love mine Srixon irons got them last fall 2017.
fontking1a - 3 years ago
Unless you know the lofts of all the clubs, it's really hard to draw any conclusions. Manufacturers don't follow the same rules. Some companies actually make their irons a full club longer than what we'd call standard. Callaway, for instance, makes stronger lofts than most other manufacturers. Also, the shafts are probably as important as the loft, if not more. The tester should have mentioned this to you. It looks to me like you've watched the video I recommended. Your swing looks really good. You're getting that early wrist set perfect. The Japanese "coach" knows his stuff. If you actually haven't watched the video, then you're still doing a great job with your swing. Way to go!!
Ted Waga
Ted Waga - 3 years ago
No Wilson Staff FG Tour V6???
John jsmit
John jsmit - 3 years ago
How can you do a Vid like this without including Mizuno ? Thats just made this test completely redundant
Adam Boerger
Adam Boerger - 4 years ago
what are the best driving irons?
sehnaz1 - 4 years ago
Good review. Have to agree the Srixons are the best irons, based on my testing. I bought the combo Z565 and Z765.
Brian Stratton
Brian Stratton - 4 years ago
Mizuno's are better then all of them, especially in feel.....
Brian Stratton
Brian Stratton - 4 years ago
CG Mat
CG Mat - 4 years ago
What a facility, and can be used by amateurs!! Looks like the best pro tour van ever..

10. comment for What are the BEST irons in golf? Club Fix Iron Showdown

Short cut to a professional Golf Swing
Short cut to a professional Golf Swing - 4 years ago
Good video ! how about a sub for a sub....keep up the good work!
TJ Albury
TJ Albury - 4 years ago
I must be the only one who doesnt have problems with the Apex CF16. I played AP2 before and 7 iron i hit 175 and i still hit the Apex 175. Im a 4 handicap also
Álvaro Ybáñez
Álvaro Ybáñez - 4 years ago
How about the shaft? Most important part of an iron fitting.
Kip Carbone
Kip Carbone - 4 years ago
please buy a new glove!
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Mark Game is a GFore, lol, charity
leandrogutierres - 4 years ago
Love Srixon clubs! Very good choice!
Cody Magnusson
Cody Magnusson - 4 years ago
This test has no real comparable data or info. Pretty pointless if this is all your testing or looking at when testing irons or any club.
cspin - 4 years ago
From what was shown on the video this was not a proper iron fitting.  You were probably fit for the proper shaft and length off video.  I highly doubt you were using the exact same shaft as in your Nike irons, as your swing speed was quite a bit higher with the other heads you tested.  No explanation other than not being warmed up for the lower swing speed on the Nike iron swings.  That, plus loft differential, is the reason why you were hitting the ball further.  More club head speed, less loft, lower spin numbers, and that explains it.  It would have been interested to see you hit the Nike irons again somewhere in the middle of the session.  And last, no consideration was given to where you were hitting the ball on the face, and lie angle.  

I am sure the Club Fix can do all of this for golfers.  The GC2 is a nice unit.  They did not have the HMT hooked up so no head or path data, just ball data.  I have  GC2 for my home simulator and would not use it to get fit on, unless my fitter was also using something to determine ball impact location on face (spray foot powder works well) and to check lie angles.  Shaft fitting is one of the most important variables, and again I'm assuming that was worked out off camera.  

Unless you are getting the new sticks for free,  you should have them build you a 6 or 7 iron to your specs and test it off turf before buying an entire set.  Hitting off matts is great for a controlled fitting, but turf interaction of the club head is important. 

Good luck and keep up to the good work on your channel BBG!

Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 4 years ago
Yea like many others in the comments section I'm surprised you hit Titleist CB, Srixons, PXGs, etc. but didn't try Mizuno irons. Even if you preferred something else at the end of day you missed out on a great selection of premium clubs to test out. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
Hansel Jereza
Hansel Jereza - 4 years ago
A shame you didn't hit any of the new Mizuno JPX900's. would have liked to see what you thought of them. I've seen raving reviews on them.
Hansel Jereza
Hansel Jereza - 4 years ago
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Hansel Jereza TBH the fitter doesn't like them
RolinSweetsSmkinSour - 4 years ago
Jpx850 forged or MP25. Can't believe you didn't try Mizunos. Especially for the price point

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Robbie White
Robbie White - 4 years ago
A complete iron fitting without trying Mizunos is incomplete
Maxamoh - 4 years ago
May I ask what you hated about the Titleist CB's? Apart from being short
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Felt too soft. Spun a little too much. Straightness was ok.

Mainly I didn't like the feedback
HOOA Golf - 4 years ago
Nice job, B! I'm still waiting for the challenge. I'll give you some time considering you're getting new gear. You're going down. kid!
Brett Stevens
Brett Stevens - 4 years ago
I love the iBlades! Wish I was good enough to use them :(
Aussie Mike
Aussie Mike - 4 years ago
BD I got combo 545/745. Love em with a steel fiber shaft. Also found the apex ridiculously uncomfortably long.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Jacked up lofts
brandon shepherd
brandon shepherd - 4 years ago
Hate to pile on but Damn Brendan how could you possibly not test Mizunos when looking for new irons .... this video just can't be anything but incomplete!!
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Wow, so many mizuno fans. I'll try them and add a separate review.
187denver - 4 years ago
seems like you really enjoyed your day. thanks for sharing it with us. getting fit is a fun process.

it would be cool to see these type of places let you narrow down your decision (head, shaft, loft adjustments, lie angle, shaft length, grip) and then send you home with a 6i and 9i (driver, hybrid, etc) for a couple weeks. i know this is not traditional and would come with a price (i also know they don't do fittings with a 9i) my idea is people spend a lot of money on clubs and its a big decision both in the pocket and on the course. IMO spending a few extra hundred bucks upfront would help ease some of the "buyers remorse" and allow you to be confident in the decision. it would get you off that screen pounding balls and without someone over your shoulder the whole time. the ability to try it in real golf decisions and see if you could build a bond with those clubs. defiantly not traditional but maybe a great Shark Tank idea lol.
Patrik Storm
Patrik Storm - 4 years ago
You should compare lofts instead of the club number. Some irons can have huge differences in lofts. So distance is not really comparable per a iron number basis.
Brian Popp
Brian Popp - 4 years ago
As a current 4 hdcp who got fitted at Cool Clubs 3 years ago and got the Callaway Apexs when I was a 11 hdcp. Don't focus on the distance as the lofts on most new clubs are far stronger than most "old clubs". Focus on the looks, feel, spin #s, and dispersion. Your fitter will help with the shafts, length, lie angles, etc. as you go.

As Carl has pointed out most clubs SHOULD go similar distances nowadays.

I'm a firm believer after playing with "game improvement" irons for 3 years that they aren't worth it unless 5i or higher. Too many times I have gone too long with my short irons (8-PW) as my game has gotten better just because I hit a pure shot and the "hot face" launched the ball. And that distance control is something I really put a premium on nowadays.

Go with a combo "player's" set of irons as you can easily handle it. GL with the new clubs.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
I am using the tour yellow Zstar x now and sometimes the hallway chrome soft.
Brian Popp
Brian Popp - 4 years ago
Assuming that you and the fitter/builder went through all of the specs and the Srixon combo set was your best option for you currently then absolutely. Every golfer is different so I hold no name brand allegiances ... but sometimes clubs come out that are just hands down the best club for most better golfers like the TM M1. I feel like these Srixon irons are near the top for 2016 like the M1.

Also I hope you got a friendly price quote from getting the "45s" as the new "65s" are currently available. Usually you won't when going to a premiere fitter but it never hurts to ask.

Also I switched from a Bridgestone B330s to the Srixon Z Star XV. Has added 5-7 yards distance off the tee and slightly better control with the driver. Proof was last week when I won the long drive at a charity tournament with a 312 drive. Highly suggest you test a sleeve out.

GL and keep up with the great videos.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+Brian Popp u like my choice?
Ed Mc
Ed Mc - 4 years ago
I enjoy your videos I tuned in late on your series and was wondering if you stated your handicap at the start of filming and now your current index. Thanks Ed
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+Ed Mc started 4.2. Now 3.4

30. comment for What are the BEST irons in golf? Club Fix Iron Showdown

martynzl - 4 years ago
In my opinion peak height, backspin and distance should all be consider equally for a particular iron not the amount of loft?
Eric Robinson
Eric Robinson - 4 years ago
You have to consider loft because if the 6 iron I test adds 10 yards to my current 6 iron, I might think it's amazing... BUT it could have the same loft as my 5 iron. Then when I pull out my 5 iron, a club that's actually comparable to that 6 iron, I may get better results. So in the end of the day, yes get the clubs you like, but don't say "Well this 6 iron goes further than that 6 iron so it's better." Irons are each designed to go a certain distance, not maximum distance. You can always just hit a lower iron.
golfboy1989 - 4 years ago
Boom! Good choice! Got me a combo set of the 945s and 745s too and love them! The 945s are actually really forgiving for blades. Also totally agree with your thoughts on the Titleist clubs. Past few years they've been heavy and dead off the face.
teddy thodo
teddy thodo - 4 years ago
really like the intro song
Triis31113 - 4 years ago
Had to choose between the Ryder cup on my dvr or your latest video, had to go BBG
invisaman75 - 4 years ago
You keep saying "went further" and "did not go very far". So was distance the primary reason you choose the Srixon irons? I thought irons were more about dispersion and getting the ball to a specific place on the green.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+invisaman75 you're right. The main reason I chose this was for feel distance and dispersion combined
Edouard Pelosi
Edouard Pelosi - 4 years ago
Why dont you wait for the Srixon 965 and 765? They just came out.
I really loved them.
Courtney Taylor
Courtney Taylor - 4 years ago
Srixon are making the best irons at the moment. Performance + looks. Hard to beat. I'd probably throw the Bridgestone j15cb's into the mix as well - great looking clubs but are quite forgiving for their size. Honestly man, can't believe you didn't try any Mizunos!!! The new jpx900 tour look amazing.
Benny Frank the 3rd
Benny Frank the 3rd - 4 years ago
Interesting video Brandon. Thank you for doing this.
I have a few comments on this ;-)

1. They measured only ball data but no club head data, i.e. ball speed was measured and divided by efficiency (smash factor) to obtain club head speed.
2. Efficiency (smash factor) at 1.45 is set waaay too high (that would be a decent driver value for amateurs). Tour avg. for 6i is 1.38!
3. So your actual CHS is higher than shown.
4. At 1:40 you didn't "jump" on a 6 iron. As you said yourself, you just fatted shots 2-4 a little bit.
5. So your standard 6i shot is around 121 mph ball speed, 20° launch, peaking at 36y, 6200 rpm, 169y carry.
6. The results from other clubs differed because of strike, loft, shaft (length + type), make of club head. In that order.
7. He had you looking exactly where he wanted to: distance. LOL
8. That guy was more of a club salesman than a club fitter.

Despite all this this was far from pointless. You had a look at many club heads and a side-by-side test.
The Srixons you liked went about the same to a little longer than your (well-struck) Nike. Launch is lower, spin is lower, peak hight lower, descent angle flatter. Let's see how that plays out on the course... I hope they gave you a good deal at least :-)

Did he measure your Nike loft and compared?
Did you get a Swing DNA shaft fitting?
Lie and length fitting?
60DegreeLobWedge - 4 years ago
the lofts on new irons are stupid. You should really be comparing the ends of the set, not the 6 iron. what is the point of a 190yd 6iron if it ships with a 40 degree PW and a 17 degree 3 iron? you'll need to buy 5 wedges to fill in the gaps and you will replace 5 down with hybrids. my grandpa's old blades had a 50 degree 9 iron and 20 degree 1 iron. you could bag that entire set and only needed 1 wedge.
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
Nike never did make any good irons
Lemon2108 - 4 years ago
vapour pro combo the beast
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
I have, and I just did
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno - 4 years ago
Thom Bendtsen if you hit nike irons you would never say that.
Steve T
Steve T - 4 years ago
Loft of these clubs are just getting ridiculous.
Carl Bunch
Carl Bunch - 4 years ago
Comparing irons without knowing lofts is pointless.

Here are the actual lofts of the clubs you hit (with distances), ranked by loft:
Callaway Apex 27* 194yds
PXG 311 27* 187
Taylormade PSI 27.5* 186
PXG 311 Tour 28* 187
Srixon 945 29* 183
Callaway Apex Pro 30* 187
Titleist AP2 30* 179
Ping I Blade 30.5* 187
Titleist CB 714 31* 178
Nike VR Pro 31* 172 (your current set)

Guess why you hit the Callaway so much farther ?
Because it's essentially a 4 1/2 iron compared to your current Nike 6 iron !

Proper club fitting starts with LIE angle determination on an impact board.
THEN you compare irons OF THE SAME LOFT.
Beta Vulgaris
Beta Vulgaris - 3 years ago
+Mediocre he says the word 'distance' about 300 times in this video.
Michael Lim
Michael Lim - 3 years ago
Carl Bunch very good catch and not to mention the spin rates too
Carl Bunch
Carl Bunch - 4 years ago
Because the loft angle in irons is what determines your distances, regardless of iron manufacturer (assuming same shaft length).
Comparing irons with different loft angles is pointless.
It's like comparing a 7 iron to a 4 iron, you learn nothing.
The 4 iron will always be longer with a greater dispersion.
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen - 4 years ago
Carl Bunch how does loft matter? If the ball goes where I want it and I like the feel and the flight, what does it matter?
Maxamoh - 4 years ago
I really like this comment. Lie angle is so crucial, and too often overlooked IMO.
Brian Wesson
Brian Wesson - 4 years ago
your loft for taylormade is wrong. He hit the psi tour. The psi tour 6 iron is 30*. The loft you listed is the for the regular psi irons which have stronger lofts.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Carl Bunch great post carl
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 4 years ago
Carl Bunch to be fair he wasn't using distance in his decision
Ian Jones
Ian Jones - 4 years ago
I play a set of Hogan Apex PCs I got from Ebay....my 6 iron is 33.5....the 4 iron is 26.5.
To me, it really doesn't matter if one manufacturer has longer irons, because if they jigger with the lofts, it's a whole different club. With an iron, you only want to hit it a certain distance anyway. The one club where that all goes out the window is the driver, of course.
Christian Guerzon
Christian Guerzon - 4 years ago
Psi tour lofts aren't that strong. Normal psi's are the ones that are way too strong
Dimpled Sphere
Dimpled Sphere - 4 years ago
I hope you don't believe your clubs were that much shorter.....they want to sale you some clubs.....when they get the "base", they put different parameters on your clubs..... I am willing to wager your distance won't gain even 5 yards.
charly yoo
charly yoo - 4 years ago
Looks fun...surprised you did not try any of the Mizunos.
Jamsdh1 - 4 years ago
All of those clubs are for low digit handicappers.
Jamsdh1 - 4 years ago
Whats going to be cool is when you spend all that money on a club that is to hard to hit and your swing is bad one day. You will hit so bad. LOL
Percy Werner
Percy Werner - 4 years ago
Hey your bebettergolf website doesnt work. Was about too get syncing your swing!
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
Just fixed the link! Thanks!
Scott Lee
Scott Lee - 4 years ago
Isn't it like one of the worst things you can do is be so concerned about distance when testing irons?
Nedum Onuoha
Nedum Onuoha - 4 years ago
You're smash factors are exceptional. Keep up the good work my man
omeradhia - 4 years ago
GC2 without HMT doesn't give the correct smash factor..its just an approximation
Nedum Onuoha
Nedum Onuoha - 4 years ago
BE BETTER GOLF true but literally all your efficiency numbers were 1.45. Put a higher handicapper in there and it'll be all over the place.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
I hit the ball really bad that day, straightness wise
spazbitte - 4 years ago

50. comment for What are the BEST irons in golf? Club Fix Iron Showdown

drhopkinspath - 4 years ago
Yep, same thing coach Locke discovered on the apex... "cup my face" lol
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+drhopkinspath lol, that guys loves Callaway
Craig HuDDy
Craig HuDDy - 4 years ago
You didn't try a Mizuno Iron????????
Nathan Munday
Nathan Munday - 4 years ago
Craig HuDDy can't beat the mp-25's
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+Craig HuDDy no.
Piotr Prokop
Piotr Prokop - 4 years ago
Hey Brandon - great video. Loft on your Nike 6i is way weaker than the new clubs.. like Nike is 31* and the Srixons are 28.
t g
t g - 4 years ago
i have the combo set too. 945 ( p-7 ) and 745 ( 6-4) LOVE THEM!
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
kvgolfa - 4 years ago
You shouldn't be looking at total distance on GC2 because it's landing on a firm fairway. You're not gonna get 10 yards of roll on a green lol
Beta Vulgaris
Beta Vulgaris - 3 years ago
+Dave That's because that club isn't really a 6 iron. We must look at loft not number when measuring spin.
Dave Parker
Dave Parker - 4 years ago
There's the spin numbers to take into consideration as well. If the spin's too low then stopping them on a green will become an issue. Take the spin numbers you get with your Nike 6 iron when your hitting it into a green at your comfortable distance. Then use that as a bench mark for any other iron. Those PSI's for instance would only average 5200 backspin (removing the anomoly 6000 spin shot). That's low back spin for a 6 iron struck by a low marker / good ball striker. 6000 would be a nice avg. Great comparrison
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
ksinghvirk good point they were longer anyway though
John Robison
John Robison - 4 years ago
That was cool. I just put the new Srixon 765's in my bag last week and like them a lot! Did you get to go through shafts, too?
Gambolien O
Gambolien O - 4 years ago
x100 shafts with an 83 mph club head speed on a 6 iron? why is that Brendan?
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
John Robison awesome. Yes after this we did shafts they didn't affect the distance very much but they made my dispersion a lot better dynamic gold X 100's
Chris Torres
Chris Torres - 4 years ago
Great feedback. Do they happen to have the Nike Vapor Pro irons to test out?
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+Chris Torres yes, think so, didn't hit them tho
Deron Sizemore
Deron Sizemore - 4 years ago
I assume the lofts were much different for all the irons you hit? I can't imagine any other reason yours would have been so much shorter.
seth1455 - 4 years ago
It's not weird, if you didn't compare the lofts', it isn't a true comparison.
I know you edited the video, but I would have expected more imput from the guy who is doing the selling.
BE BETTER GOLF - 4 years ago
+Deron Sizemore I know, it's weird

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