Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

CHECK OUT THESE FITNESS WATCHES ↓↓↓↓ ➡ Fenix 5 (Clever Training): ➡ Apple Watch 4 (Walmart): ▬ ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE ▬ RIZKNOWS purchased these products. We received no monetary compensation from Garmin or Apple to provide this video. However, in order make our business sustainable and keep our content free, we use affiliate links. That means if you make purchases through certain links at the top of the description of this video, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). We appreciate your support and we look forward to continuing to provide entertaining and helpful videos for you to enjoy. Read our full Ethics Statement here: ▬ ABOUT THIS VIDEO ▬ Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison). In this video, Jeff covers the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 4 comparison. In short, Jeff thinks the Garmin fenix 5 Plus is the better sport watch, while the Apple Watch 4 is the better smartwatch. In Jeff's opinion, the Garmin fenix 5 gps watch is more rugged, has better battery life and has more performance features such as advanced running dynamics, physiological measurements and training effects. Lastly, the Garmin fenix 5 sportwatch has a native mapping system as well as a native golf app. The Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch on the other hand is cheaper, has a cellular option and is better in terms of notifications, widgets and apps. We'll see where these two fitness watches land on the list for the Best Smartwatch 2019 or Best GPS Watch 2019. ▬ RELATED CONTENT ▬ Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch Series 4 Review: Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Versa Review: Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Ionic Review: Apple Watch 4 vs 3 Review: Garmin fenix 5 Plus vs 5X vs 5S Review: ▬ RIZKNOWS DEALS APP ▬ iOS - Android - ▬ CONNECT ▬ Subscribe: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ▬ CREDITS ▬ Intro Song: “Rizzle Dizzle” (by Ryan Little) Outro Song: "First Aid" by Letter Box Link: Future Tag

Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 99

Golf GPS 2 years ago 179,811 views

CHECK OUT THESE FITNESS WATCHES ↓↓↓↓ ➡ Fenix 5 (Clever Training): ➡ Apple Watch 4 (Walmart): ▬ ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE ▬ RIZKNOWS purchased these products. We received no monetary compensation from Garmin or Apple to provide this video. However, in order make our business sustainable and keep our content free, we use affiliate links. That means if you make purchases through certain links at the top of the description of this video, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). We appreciate your support and we look forward to continuing to provide entertaining and helpful videos for you to enjoy. Read our full Ethics Statement here: ▬ ABOUT THIS VIDEO ▬ Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison). In this video, Jeff covers the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 4 comparison. In short, Jeff thinks the Garmin fenix 5 Plus is the better sport watch, while the Apple Watch 4 is the better smartwatch. In Jeff's opinion, the Garmin fenix 5 gps watch is more rugged, has better battery life and has more performance features such as advanced running dynamics, physiological measurements and training effects. Lastly, the Garmin fenix 5 sportwatch has a native mapping system as well as a native golf app. The Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch on the other hand is cheaper, has a cellular option and is better in terms of notifications, widgets and apps. We'll see where these two fitness watches land on the list for the Best Smartwatch 2019 or Best GPS Watch 2019. ▬ RELATED CONTENT ▬ Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch Series 4 Review: Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Versa Review: Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Ionic Review: Apple Watch 4 vs 3 Review: Garmin fenix 5 Plus vs 5X vs 5S Review: ▬ RIZKNOWS DEALS APP ▬ iOS - Android - ▬ CONNECT ▬ Subscribe: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ▬ CREDITS ▬ Intro Song: “Rizzle Dizzle” (by Ryan Little) Outro Song: "First Aid" by Letter Box Link: Future Tag

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for Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

Dusty 101
Dusty 101 - 1 year ago
Got the iwatch 4 trading in for garmin as the I watch battery is a joke
michael burke
michael burke - 1 year ago
Fenix 5 a million times better than apple
Kristi Ericson
Kristi Ericson - 1 year ago
The title of this video is wrong...its from 2018, not 2019.
Ruudouden13 - 1 year ago
How hard is it to control the music during an activity on the fenix 5 when using your phone for playback?
Wan Muhsin Wan Ishak
Wan Muhsin Wan Ishak - 1 year ago
There’s watch called Apple?
Bruno DECOURCY - 1 year ago
Very objective video! I have an Watch anyway;)
Cole Porter
Cole Porter - 1 year ago
iRonman adVentures
iRonman adVentures - 1 year ago
I love my Apple Watch!! Albeit an older Series 2 Nike Edition, but I do love it and everything Apple. However, I am also a triathlete and compete in full Ironman races (all day events). For some, I totally get how the Apple Watch is appealing. Siri, apps, the display, etc. However, I can tell you in the 2 years that I have had my Apple Watch 2, other than the new watch test tinkering, I NEVER use my watch to actually reply to messages, use Siri, or use it for anything more than a notification device...cause I ALWAYS have my iPhone X with me. I'm sure there are others that do use these features and I am seriously not knocking them. For me however, while training for Ironman races, my Apple Watch 2 is utterly useless. At the end of the day, the Apple Watch simply can't compete when it comes to GPS tracking for the WHOLE day. My Apple Watch 2..."AT BEST" lasts "most" of the day and that is under typical use. If I was to use GPS would still be dead by noon. Even the pro triathletes need 8+ hours of GPS old men like me need twice that. Again...not knocking the Apple Watch...I love it. But most people will use a cool smart watch as a companion that accompanies their phone. For those people, the Apple Watch is perfect! For those like me that NEED a more durable sport watch for ALL DAY tracking...the Apple Watch isn't even in the same universe. It took me 15 hours to complete my first full if the watch dies before then...what's the point.
Claudia Schruhl
Claudia Schruhl - 2 years ago
you need to get manicure !

10. comment for Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

Clive Sinclair
Clive Sinclair - 2 years ago
Had a Gen2 Apple Watch and loved it - until it broke. I bought a Garmin 735XT and would not go back to an Apple Watch. I love the battery life of my Garmin and hope to upgrade to a 5X+ soon.
Clay More
Clay More - 2 years ago
Planning to get Apple Watch 4 but have to charge nearly every two days is annoying.

Anyone knows how long Apple Watch battery life on GPS? For a casual marathon runner.
mohamed Abou
mohamed Abou - 2 years ago
Please review the Q9 smart watch
Romab 70
Romab 70 - 2 years ago
Hi, I'm totally agree with your video. I have both garmin fenix 5 and Apple watch 4 series. The first one the best like sportwatch...the second the best like smartwatch, one piece of apple's universe.
Christoph Walter
Christoph Walter - 2 years ago
You have to look to the App WorkOutDoors for the Apple Watch. Full offline Mapping. Its Perfect
T C - 2 years ago
Is the HRM of the 5+ better than 935? I’ve been comparing an AW4 to 935 and the AW4 is much more responsive. It follows my HR, up and down, better than the 935. I was ready to dump the AW4 for the 935 but now not sure. I do really dislike charging the AW4 every 1.5 days.
Hadoka - 2 years ago
I rarely comment on videos, but your video is short & Sweet .. Made me actually decide which watch I wanna go for. Usually, I tend to go the more Expensive ones because they tend to show better Quality & Design, However, through this video you made me realize Garmin is not for me. I'm not so big in term of Sports .. and Apple talks to me more. Thank you again.
PlantbasedQuietriot - 2 years ago
Can you play Audible books on the Fenix? I can't find that info anywhere on YouTube. being able to leave my phone at home and play audiobooks on my watch would be huge and I'm sure that would be huge to other people.
Lorenzo Rossi
Lorenzo Rossi - 2 years ago
for running Garmin is still a little more accurate. But for every other sports, apple watch 4 is the way. You can track tennis, fitness, gym, every sport has a dedicated app...gymatic, gymaholic, tennis swing. in Aw4 the HR improved
Sergio Fialho
Sergio Fialho - 2 years ago
Have you tested Garmin Fenix 5 vs Polar Vantage V?

20. comment for Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

Mena Edosio
Mena Edosio - 2 years ago
When will your review of Garmin instinct drop, waiting on your review before I make a decision.
Morgan Bostic
Morgan Bostic - 2 years ago
Very thorough! Thank you!
Emma Martin
Emma Martin - 2 years ago
there is also spotify on the apple watch
Sky Walkies
Sky Walkies - 2 years ago
No it only works when your phone is near by. Fenix 5 plus is offline playlists.
Emma Martin
Emma Martin - 2 years ago
mkks182 i haven’t tried it yet but probably. either way if you even have your phone in the same vicinity then it will work. it uses your phones data if you don’t get the cellular version
mkks182 - 2 years ago
does it work without cellular version or?
Andras Kiss
Andras Kiss - 2 years ago
I have both and Fenix 5x much more than apple watch
John the Younger
John the Younger - 2 years ago
235 if youre an avarage person...fenix 5 plus series, if you have that 500 bucks extra just for the spotify feature...
Rich Ackerbauer
Rich Ackerbauer - 2 years ago
I think there is far too much emphasis on "Burly Looks". I am function over form. I have the 5X, wife has the 5S. They look great on a dinner date but well, the battery lasts forever because it is JUST a WATCH. The tracking and data is so inaccurate, its not even worth reviewing. I can wear both watches on a run or hike and there is a 40-50% variance. They do nothing. If your all about the "Burly" looks, the Fenix is for you. If you want more function than just a watch, Buy the Apple...and by the way...good luck with "Garmin Pay". Both stores on the planet find it quirky at best.
Stephen Connor
Stephen Connor - 2 years ago
Just to let everyone know I had the garmin for a week and sold it and got the AW S4 if you aren’t going to be a serious fitness guru and want insane stats get the Apple Watch. Garmin is about 10 years behind within the smart watch part I hated it Apple Watch all the way!
survivalisme88 - 2 years ago
Probably the first apple product that’s cheaper then its rival. I say this typing away on my iPhone X.
E. Can Koklu
E. Can Koklu - 2 years ago
Good comparison but a bit biased for Garmin
ImpatientGamer - 2 years ago
Garmin sounds amazing but it’s over $500 $ no touch screen? Idk I’ve had other trackers & sweat or water was never a problem I think it’s just a poor excuse.

30. comment for Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

John Ellis
John Ellis - 2 years ago
I went for the Apple Watch 4, I missed Apple Pay and it looks smarter when wearing office clothes I also missed the full set of smart watch apps, also Strava syncs seamlessly because you use the Strava app through the watch, I noticed with my garmin watch having to use the Garmin app the watch just didn’t sync data quite as well as the Apple Watch.

That’s not to say the Garmin watch isn’t good, they are great at tracking all kinds of sports and I am less worried about cracking the screen on the Garmin as they can take some abuse.

In the end, they are both amazing watches it just depends on how much do you want to spend and what do you want out of your watch, if it’s most sports tracking, some basic smart features go for Garmin for most of the everyday sports tracking and tons of smart features go for the Apple Watch.
HungmanX XXX
HungmanX XXX - 2 years ago
Fenix 5 watch! Apple watch is the best for smart watch!
Conservative Lantern
Conservative Lantern - 2 years ago
in order to get the most out of your Garmin, you need to purchase the triathlon chest strap. It's waterproof, the screws are easy to undo to get at the battery, and it works while swimming. I know because I've used it. I've never had issues in the pool. The chest strap is preferable to the onboard HR function. The onboard is fine when you're at rest or walking, but otherwise, it doesn't work well. I tried it doing running, weight lifting, or crossfit and the readings were all over the map. The menus take some getting used to.
Carl Rodgers
Carl Rodgers - 2 years ago
A specialist watch vs a generic.Hardly a match.
Gatpig - 2 years ago
My Apple watch isn't very accurate for trail runs.
Am trying the Fenix 5.
Abigail Sockeye
Abigail Sockeye - 2 years ago
I'm not biased, they both suck equally.
john puttick
john puttick - 2 years ago
there is no comparison here, there not even remotely close the fenix 5 plus is a military watch and is a lot more expensive, but so much better on all accounts ive used the Garmin Feinx 5x Plus titanium band so useful for the gps navigation and really good for the field.
Purnalingam R
Purnalingam R - 2 years ago
whats the bezel material on garmin genix 5x plus?
EthanNoble - 2 years ago
Apple Watch it Is
Benjamin Villasenor
Benjamin Villasenor - 2 years ago
I don't get it, what's so bad about bringing a phone when running, it could be a life saver, wrap it around the arm, and turn off notifications, and it's just you and your music,
jochambe1 - 2 years ago
Solid review as always.....btw what is name of your 1/4 zip pullover? Looks like a great fit and curious.
Alberto Jerónimo
Alberto Jerónimo - 2 years ago
How do you set up for automatic view of notifications on Garmin? 2:07
Mark Struthers
Mark Struthers - 2 years ago
I have a 13 year old that is faster than me and we do a weekly long run. I make him bring his phone with his low-end Garmin for safety. I can track and check in with him. Since is usually far ahead and sometimes runs longer. May I assume the only option to accomplish this is the Apple Watch 4? He is very picky about GPS tracking, less about the other fitness data. We also live in MN and it is below zero often and our phones will freeze up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to find a way to give him the running and swimming features he wants with the safety and tracking features I have to have — thanks
Szkoła Tożsamości
Szkoła Tożsamości - 2 years ago
I use Apple Watch 4 + Stryd And ISmoothRun And some time workoutdoor app
Charles S. Barcus
Charles S. Barcus - 2 years ago
I’m a apple user. Phone, computer and tv. But prefer the Garmin for my watch. The only issue I have with the Fenix is the dim color compared to the apple watch. If Garmin would increase the color output it would be even better smart watch and maybe have some diehard Apple Watch users switch. Garmin if you read this, make the color brighter!
Tebogo Mosehla
Tebogo Mosehla - 2 years ago
Im sticking to sportwatch. The Garmin has been a great find for me, from the time I started with the 630 to now with the Fenix 5. It makes being a sportsperson quite easy and I don't get too much data. I don't need all other apps. If you want a great sportswatch that can provide a level of smartwatch capability, then Garmin is the way to go. The inverse would be true for the Apple Watch, but I just don't play there.
Senior Gill
Senior Gill - 2 years ago
I was and still am an apple series 1 watch, (2nd hand), owner ... all fine with the second hand iPhone 5 it developed battery issues so eventually bought reconditioned iPhone 6sPlus, bigger screen perfect, then 8 months down the line its screen dies, no problem resort back to iPhone 5 ...
Not so easy years have gone by iPhone 5 no longer supports updated series 1 watch.
There is the POINT, .. within 2-3 years I now owns, close to $900 of apple product that is un-usable.
So I suggest 
Yeah apple lovely watch comfortable works well with the phone but that's the issue for how long ...
next iOS upgrade could see it no longer supported then it's sell tech time. 
I think this is an important issue as I look after my tech but is Apple looking after me, certainly not when offering a repair service that doesn't ... 
I've just moved countries so there is little chance of being able to get any joy out of my Apple products.
So if mapping is important on the go in a new environment without reasonable Cell phone IT has to be Garmin as its a standalone device with longer battery life built in ... Yes at a price but my Garmin Etrex still fires up with 2 AA batteries and i can get back to where I STARTED with my bread-crumbs ...
Point in case.
So I feel you should have factored in this with the Apple watch version 4.
Thanks for the review.
Bernardo Amorim
Bernardo Amorim - 2 years ago
Hi Riz would you upgrade from a fenix 3 HR? Is the fenix 5 plus saphire by default?
Sekiyi - 2 years ago
I’m a hardcore sporter so i’m going for the garmin 5x plus
Louise Ellefsen
Louise Ellefsen - 2 years ago
It’s uncomfortable to sleep with a watch so putting it on charge when you go to bed isn’t a problem at all

50. comment for Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

Holy Freeholy
Holy Freeholy - 2 years ago
I love the Apple Watch- I’ve owned the series two for almost a year or two- bf got it for me on Xmas.

Love it always new features - love that I can transfers my best music. And well I can put my allergies and medical history - warns me automatically if my heart has an anomaly and warns me if the weather is dangerous like the air in Cali cus of the fire-

But I’d love to try other watches bc I know most are open source and I’m a big tech guy when it comes to tech freedom,

Mods etc
faivchoj23 - 2 years ago
Riz does a great job. I have a first gen fenix but wanting to upgrade. Had a fenix 5x but returned it. Why? As Riz mentioned, the cost. If I'm going to spend that much for a watch, every feature needs to work perfectly. The fenix 5x didn't. I travel internationally a lot as well as hunt/fish. Wish Garmin would produce a watch, with less fitness features but more outdoor features and everything working as it should. One other thing. Some features on my first gen fenix are not working anymore. Garmin can't help. Does that mean all Garmin watches have a shelf life eventually rendering them useless? Expensive watch if one day they become useless. I'm willing to spend the money but not ready to make the upgrade.
140P6 - 2 years ago
Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire. Everything you need. Nothing you don't. Takes a (Xterra) beating. But keeps on ticking.
CryptoVentures Group
CryptoVentures Group - 2 years ago
I got a brand new unopened Garmin Fenix 5 plus watch (Black with Black band) and am trying to sell it for $650. Anyone interested?
Lazar Đukić
Lazar Đukić - 2 years ago
Make video about new Polar vantage V ☺
Angel Manuel Perez
Angel Manuel Perez - 2 years ago
Given the price, wouldn't the VA3 be a more suitable competitor?
R Cavanaugh
R Cavanaugh - 2 years ago
how is the customer support on these Garmin watches?
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 2 years ago
I heard the Apple Watch wrist heart rate monitor is much more accurate than the Felix. Is that true? I’m reading a bunch of forums that the Fenix has had issues with wrist base HR as well with some GPS issues.
Michael Guthrie
Michael Guthrie - 2 years ago
Well done Riz, informative and you give your opinions and preferences without coming off as a fanboy.
Leonardo Zepeda
Leonardo Zepeda - 2 years ago
I own a Fenix, I love my watch and I'll always be a Fenix fan but I always suggest people to get a smartwatch that has some fitness tracking capabilities since the Fenix is design with another customer in mind so most people will be absolutely fine with an apple watch
SUPSUBIE - 2 years ago
I've had a Fenix 3 Sapphire and now a Fenix 5 Plus and Garmin just does sport activities better. They are two different watches for two different people. Great review as always!
Luis Zayas
Luis Zayas - 2 years ago
Biggest disadvantage of the apple watch.. you need an iPhone to use it. note 9 to any iPhone in the market is a serious downgrade
Mandy Kumamoto
Mandy Kumamoto - 2 years ago
Do all the Garmin watches allow you to store music in them? Or is it just the Fenix5?
Jackson Hall
Jackson Hall - 2 years ago
Not true, actually. Fenix watches will do it, yes, but so will the Forerunner 645 Music.
Duncan Wu
Duncan Wu - 2 years ago
Only Fenix5
vegansLucko - 2 years ago
apple watch is trash works great for weekend warriors tho.
Jona Salas
Jona Salas - 2 years ago
This is odd review. This is not apple to oranges. Apple makes overpriced equipment garmin follows their lead. Many people will be more than happy with the A4 because the majority seat at home or text lots. Smart watch the only think smart is the review of messages and answers a call! All watches do that now days. Garmin is and it will be sport device, while the A4 is a fashion statement
Christiano Pailiacho
Christiano Pailiacho - 2 years ago
If im looking for a good heart rate watch can anyone give me some good options? Thanx
Amber Bozzelli
Amber Bozzelli - 2 years ago
I’ll stick with the Apple Watch until Garmin improves the display on their fenix watches!
Steven Sauder
Steven Sauder - 2 years ago
Sleep tracking on the Fenix is just OK. Can't record more than one segment, so if you wake up get a snack watch YouTube then go back to sleep it won't track it. You cannot add a nap either. While Apple Watch doesn't have it natively, AutoSleep is amazing. That app has let me put my Fitbit to rest, which also has great sleep tracking.
If the Fenix improves their sleep tracking, which is very important for performance athletes I think, I'd wear it alone.
Plus, the "always on" display of the Fenix plus long battery life are a win. I don't need or care about having a bright AMOLED display...give me the week plus of battery life.
The Garmin app is a little less intuitive and buggy. Garmin Connect on my PC has been a bit buggy at times. I've lost data a couple times, once from uploading GPS data...sucked.
The Apple Watch is a trouble-free platform that is winning by building an ecosystem--no other company comes close.
For the real athlete who cares about better sleep tracking, use the Fenix plus a Fitbit at night or use your phone for sleep tracking.
Oh, one other thing, I've noticed problems with duplicate data loaded from my Fenix to Apple Health. I've had to delete A LOT of duplicates, triplicates of workouts...I finally disabled that feature so all my data just stays on Garmin...
Fenix IS the watch for outdoors too. Going camping, hiking, etc for days? You DO NOT want to bring your Apple Watch and the wad of chargers and cords with all your junk. Total pain in the ass.
For everyday use, homebodies who exercise casually and go straight problem with the Apple Watch--charge it every night. It's THE BEST smartwatch period.
Fenix DOES look more manly, and to all you haters who think that doesn't matter...take a deep breath, relax and more along...
Jeff H
Jeff H - 2 years ago
I bought a Fenix 5 on special about 6 weeks ago for about $300, and it lasts about 12 days between recharges running 5 days a week. For those who comment the display is bad, they obviously have not done outside exercise with this watch, because if they did, they would appreciate it far more than a apple or fitbit display, especially on bright, sunny days.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 2 years ago
Apple Watch is way more advanced in every way.
idmarts1 - 2 years ago
700 so much but I do multiple-sports and battery on my Apple Watch 2 dies to fast
Jayne - 2 years ago
Biggest thing that’s putting me off about the Apple Watch is the square face!! I’m praying for the day that Apple realises an round face
Matt Mann
Matt Mann - 2 years ago
Does the fenix 5 (not plus) have Spotify and Strava available?
Bill Sprague
Bill Sprague - 2 years ago
I use my watch primarily as a smart watch and I’m in the Apple ecosystem. Ergo... if only Apple could address their battery life and durability issues.
Markus Vann
Markus Vann - 2 years ago
I too cannot get past the square face. I also wear my watches on my left. This has been the final video that I needed for my decision I'm going Garmin. Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate all you and your teams work and research. Now just to find the perfect headphones....
Ryan Yang
Ryan Yang - 2 years ago
I had a Fenix 5. The display is horrible. The watch has good design but man once you look at the display, it doesn't look like a fine watch at all. I bought Fenix for the advanced analysis data but you have to buy a Garmin heart rate wrap to get the data.
nikkipavisic - 2 years ago
Being someone that has had both the Apple watch series 1 and 2, I switched over to the Garmin Fenix 5s a few months ago. Yes, it is more expensive but both of my Apple watches some how managed to become obsolete and the Fitness component just randomly stopped working once the newest Apple watch model came out. When I brought it in to Apple their solution was buying a new one or spending $250 to get it "fixed" although they couldn't explain what was wrong with it. That means I would get 2 years max out of the series 4 before things start randomly self destructing on their own...
Dave Bryer
Dave Bryer - 2 years ago
What if you used a Polar H10 heart rate strap and the Beats App on the Apple watch 4? Would that make it a much better sports tracker?
mrbyam64 - 2 years ago
Please upvote so Riz can review the Garmin Instinct.
Cason Gardner
Cason Gardner - 2 years ago
Decent video, but it was a little biased in my opinion
Trevor Weimer
Trevor Weimer - 2 years ago
Just so people are aware if you’re a swimmer and or triathlete the Apple Watch is terrible. Interacting with the Apple Watch with wet fingers is impossible.
Thomas Bever
Thomas Bever - 2 years ago
Can you please do a review on the Garmin Instict watch?! It looks like a great alternative to the Fenix 5 plus with half the price tag
Aleksandra Casillas
Aleksandra Casillas - 2 years ago
The reviews is more into selling the Garmin.... not very useful....
Ercolone69 - 2 years ago
You forgot a major Garmin point whihc is the maps and loading maps where can guide you during trail running races
Ercolone69 - 2 years ago
It's like compare a Ferrari(Garmin ) with 500
Mephisto Man
Mephisto Man - 2 years ago
As a fenix 5x owner the problem with this device is its so outdated rubbish display and the cpu inside the fenix is so slow. apple watch is a good device but it lack battery strap as 16hrs usage is crap , all fitness smartwatch or wrist wearable s are simply gimmicky lack features and advancement in technology. I tried the Samsung galaxy watch and its not very good fitness app is poor not accurate at all.

1. Min 10 day usage track heart, sleep, blood, EKG / GPS min 24hrs should do it
2. Fast silkcky smooth well designed fitness apps
3. Battery and or a means of connecting battery straps to watch in some way
4. Solar powered battery top through screen or strap
5. 16GB Min for music
6. Waterproofing min 5ATM
8. Some type of mini expansion port
Mister Africa
Mister Africa - 2 years ago
I guess it comes down to what you are looking for in your watch. The extra fitness is awesome In the Garmin and the auto sleep tracker too. My question is how does each one do with other workouts such as interval training or weightlifting?
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter - 2 years ago
okay can any of you help me I have a Apple Watch 3 but iv been looking at a Garmin Fenix 5x I play a lot of golf and cycle everywhere as I don't drive. I like the Garmin watch as you get all the intricate maps etc what I need to know is with the Garmin can i make a phone call via the watch ? or answer the phone via the watch ? I do love apple products but I got my serious 3 thinking id go out without my phone but that is so not the case as I always go out with my phone and im not the only one to say that either lol please help
Maria Maus
Maria Maus - 2 years ago
That’s why you can’t compare a fitness watch with a smartwatch
mxweng - 2 years ago
Which one has better GPS accuracy in terms of distance and miles/hour or minutes/mile?
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith - 2 years ago
GODS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you still need to accept Jesus Christ repeat these words; lord Jesus I repent of my sins I make you my lord and savior come into my life. If you prayed that prayer you have been born again in Jesus Christ!! "Get in a bible based church, and keep God FIRST PLACE!!"
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - 2 years ago
@Rizknows can you specify which Garmins can use Spotify premium? Also I love the review. I have been watching for the last two plus years.
Glenn Ayala
Glenn Ayala - 2 years ago
When are you going to review Polar Vantage?
iman zaman
iman zaman - 2 years ago
Apple it's shit
Sidd Realz
Sidd Realz - 2 years ago
You don’t know enough about the Apple Watch! Your info falls short. Sleep app do track REM sleep.
Pete Tintle
Pete Tintle - 2 years ago
You provide the most clear, concise and professional reviews of products. I appreciate the quality of your work. Thanks!
Emma Pashley
Emma Pashley - 2 years ago
I’m not a huge fan of either - I’d probably just pick apple based on looks!
Mario Alfaro
Mario Alfaro - 2 years ago
I went with the Apple watch and regretted it. Here's why: I run marathons, and if you're playing music and running the Nike run app to track your pace and stats, the battery will only last about 4 hours or so. Second, the iWatch is touch screen. If you're sweating and your fingers are wet, the screen is unresponsive. It's a great everyday watch, not so much for serious running.
himanshu agnihotri
himanshu agnihotri - 2 years ago
It’s not even worth comparing. Apple Watch for kids.. for better and serious business Garmin is the way.
Ethan Wilkinson
Ethan Wilkinson - 2 years ago
I think the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus because of the style, fit, and the fitness tracking.

100. comment for Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2019 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

D Jordens
D Jordens - 2 years ago
A very important feature on the Garmin fenix 5+ is its compatibilty with Stryd running power devices. Furthermore Garmin has it's own running power algoritms. Running in specific effort zones using power meters is far more accurate than using pace or heart rate. So if you want a running watch, the fenix 5+ is by far the best option.
NikkiBoy Zopicar
NikkiBoy Zopicar - 2 years ago
If your into a medical field,
Jash Patel
Jash Patel - 2 years ago
I have a Garmin D2 Charlie which is basically a fenix 5X with additional features. The battery lasts at least a week with basic use. Recently, with GPS on for 4-5 hrs a day, I used it two days in a row without charging. The battery will go down to 2% and still it'll run.
Armand Suzette Muller
Armand Suzette Muller - 2 years ago
Like fitness tracking of wheelchair users ( I’am quad)
Sarah H
Sarah H - 2 years ago
Ill admit. First time an apple has caught my eye with there newest smart watch.
jeromy ross
jeromy ross - 2 years ago
I haven't had a smartwatch yet. But I think the fenix but it's way too much for me.
Larry Frohling
Larry Frohling - 2 years ago
Garmin Fenix 5 plus is a no go at that high price.
Goran Farkas
Goran Farkas - 2 years ago
I’ve just switched from Apple Watch to Fenix 5 plus titanium and I love it
macallandrinker - 2 years ago
Fenix series has triathlon mode to track all 3 disciples and the transitions. So it’s easy for me. Fenix!
Johnny knows
Johnny knows - 2 years ago
All your videos are the same. Always same watches. We get it you like garmin.
Matt Wingert
Matt Wingert - 2 years ago
Sold my Apple Watch Series 2 for the Fenix 5 when it came out. Had the Fenix 5 for a year until the Apple Watch Series 4 came out. Sold the Fenix 5 and have had the Series 4 Nike + for a month or so. No regrets at all. The only thing I miss is the battery life. For me, everything else about the Apple Watch is superior from the looks and feel on my wrist to the beautiful color display. Fenix 5 looked so outdated with the display right out of the box. The Fenix 5 plus looks slightly better, but still no where close to the Apple Watch display.
SoCalDaveL - 2 years ago
I'm sure I'd love the Apple Watch, BUT (and that's a big but)... needing to take the watch off and charge it each night is a no-go. I have a Garmin Fenix 5X and charge it once a week. I could probably go longer, but it's still maybe has 25% after a week's use. Heading out for longer hikes w/ the scouts in the backcountry I don't want to carry an additional battery charger to be sure my watch/GPS device is working. The Garmin just works. I'm in the minority though.
Derek Banas
Derek Banas - 2 years ago
I still haven’t found a reason to upgrade my Garmin 235, which can be had for less then $250. It tracks pretty much everything the Garmin 5 Plus does. It syncs perfect every time. Great battery life, notifications, weather, etc. I use an Apple Nano which weighs nothing for music and podcasts.
Jason Outmezguine
Jason Outmezguine - 2 years ago
I like the apple watch it works well and does what I need it to do I also have an iphone so that is another factor. I have tried android watches with my iphone, but they don't play nice with each other. So if you are an iphone user stick to the apple watch. Plus I enjoy all of the apple watch smart feature, siri, calls and texts. When on the run I can just reply off of my wrist.
Quang Trần
Quang Trần - 2 years ago
Hey there! I watch your video regularly about smart watch and fitness tracker. Recently I've heard there's a smart watch named Apex Coros, can you do a video about this smart watch?
Cassie Person
Cassie Person - 2 years ago
Sport tracking capability is more important than smart functions, but these days they're all folded into each other. I'd love to see how the gear sport and galaxy watch measure up to the fenix!
Ryan MACK - 2 years ago
Meh I'll take the garmin
Kadir Şen
Kadir Şen - 2 years ago
I think Apple has more accurate sensors (heart rate, GPS etc), more comfortable and more smart features of course. But the battery life, not having always on display and disgusting design makes the fenix preferred device.

And i think Apple watch threatens Garmin because although fenix is a sport watch and Garmin is famous for it's sport watches, Apple has more accurate heart rate sensor. The new sensor which is used on Vivosmart 4 has terrible heart rate performance. If Garmin doesn't improve it, they will be the new Mio Global !
Kyle Beard
Kyle Beard - 2 years ago
Apple Watch hands down. App Store, more features that I want, and price.
Jiimar CDR
Jiimar CDR - 2 years ago
You cannot compare Garmin with Apple Watch no matter what is the series !!! Garmin is always up there
tha_realness - 2 years ago
@RIZKNOWS: have you tried WorkOutDoors app for Apple Watch? It offers maps etc from the "fitness perspective" that you mention in your video -- with LOTS of data.
Adriano 87
Adriano 87 - 2 years ago
Hey Jeff, I got the Fenix 5 plus after watching your reviews on it! I'm delighted with it. Excellent watch with tonnes of features. Thanks dude
Ronan Griffin
Ronan Griffin - 2 years ago
I like fenix 5 because in my opinion its the best sport watch out there
Brian Lancaster
Brian Lancaster - 2 years ago
Hands down apple all the way for its smart watch features!!
pmapires - 2 years ago
This is a good review but very subjective to your personal taste. I would like your review to also focus on the quality and accuracy of both devices for running, cycling, swimming, thriatlon, and strenght training. Which watch has the best software, GPS and optical heart rate accuracy in each sport? This would help people to get to know both watches before taking the decision on which one to buy.

For example, I saw some reviews where the Apple watch simply crushes the super expensive Garmin watches on wrist heart rate accuracy and on gps accuracy in open water swimming. For pool swimming, Apple looks pretty solid even even with wrist heart rate monitoring. Conversely, GPS accuracy for running doesn't look that great in the Apple watch while the Garmin watch looks pretty solid.
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez - 2 years ago
Looks dirt when the dust dry
Tsz Wang Chan
Tsz Wang Chan - 2 years ago
thanks RIZKNOWS! I have a fenix 5s plus and u know I thought the battery is quiet bad but now I see the AW is a lot worse.
Can you do a video of how to use the data collected for your training??
Bojan Savic
Bojan Savic - 2 years ago
Please help me. 935 or Fenix ​​5 plus.
Do you have problems like "old" Fenix ​​5 with GPS? And is there a problem with music connection?
I'm in a dilemma, Garmin 935 or Fenix ​​5 plus. I need the accuracy of GPS.
Thank you
Bojan Savic
Bojan Savic - 2 years ago
+Tsz Wang Chan Thank you for your prompt response.
It would mean a lot to me that I can hear someone else's opinion and his experience.
Tsz Wang Chan
Tsz Wang Chan - 2 years ago
Hey Bojan Savic, I have only had the fenix plus 5s for about 2 months. Bluetooth connection is ok for 80%.
10-20% of the time i got intermittent connection problem e.g. broken stream..... which can be quite annoying.
Enrique Santiago
Enrique Santiago - 2 years ago
The app comparison just sticking to what it comes with is kind of bias and generalizing that 3rd party apps are trash pretty weak argument, the possibility of better apps are endless.example a 300 dolar premium for garmin i think dishing some bucks for a golf app to match garmins is fine.
why not
why not - 2 years ago
is there a Garmin like Apple Watch app that shows training status like that's on the Garmin Fenix 5?
B J - 2 years ago
There are some overly-sensitive sheep making plenty of defensive comments in here. Man I tell you.
The 7 slimes See the world from there eyes.
The 7 slimes See the world from there eyes. - 2 years ago
How about a fenix 5 plus how to use video
Kathleen Goff
Kathleen Goff - 2 years ago
Really depends on what you're looking for. For performance, I really think garmin is the way to go.
charles lee
charles lee - 2 years ago
The Garmin Fenix 5 has all the needs of an athlete and has many functions. Garmin has come a long way in fitness trackers!!!
ron davis
ron davis - 2 years ago
I have to say I’m extremely disappointed with battery life from Series 4. I’m charging 2 times a day for 60-90 minutes of exercise a day. Fenix would handle that and I’d maybe charge it on the 4th or 5th day. The other factor for many will be the screen. Apple is crisp and vibrant and easy to read inside. The Fenix is not so easy to read inside almost forcing you to have backlight on with the wrist to wake backlight feature on.
dewey2007a - 2 years ago
You should be comparing Nike + Apple watch 4 to Garmin
Tevon Williams
Tevon Williams - 2 years ago
Sponsored by Garmin. ✔
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - 2 years ago
Thanks for the video. After way too much deliberation, I’ve decided to keep my AW4 and Fenix 3 Sapphire. I run daily, lift 1-2x per week, and run ultras (50k-100 milers) maybe 2-4 times a year.

Surprisingly the AW4 is good for 98% of what I do. I’m keeping the F3 for long hikes, ultras and maybe skiing when I go. Otherwise, the Smartwatch features far outweigh that of the Fenix (even 5+). For charging...not a deal breaker for me. I charge my phone nightly when I sleep, and for the watch, it takes an hour each day when I get home (I wear it to sleep). No big deal.
Javi K
Javi K - 2 years ago
I really love your channel and all the awesome reviews
TestAcc Solutions
TestAcc Solutions - 2 years ago
hey rizknows, where's your video of the new Garmin's Instinct?
Abel Zuniga
Abel Zuniga - 2 years ago
I’m mostly toward for the fénix 5 plus. Style, in the modern world people have taste in watches this is one. It’s big, rugged, and well made by premium materials in which most watches. Price, far fetched of the price starting at $700 pretty unbelievable but the features it has makes up that price your getting music, colored maps, advanced exercise metrics, and etc. And finally why it’s good in my opinion for a hardcore cross country/track athlete I need an watch last 7 days or more, accurate gps signal, and music. Or any athlete who does triathlons, Ironmans, marathons, and ultra marathons. Basically exercise freaks.
woogie-D - 2 years ago
Great job very informttvf
Andrew M
Andrew M - 2 years ago
Thanks for the comparison! I'm kind of surprised to say, I'd go with the Fenix... Well, if it wasn't for the price. Guess I'll just stick with my Charge 3.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones - 2 years ago
I traded a first gen Apple Watch for a Fenix 3, then a 3HR. I was waiting on the music support, and when they released that, and the price point ... I bought an Apple series 4. My life had moved from super active, running etc (thanks to a knee injury) to more home, tech focused (job) - and the AW fit my life better.
Jackson Pitts
Jackson Pitts - 2 years ago
Hey Rizknows! Great video. What is the watch face at 3:25? If it is a connect IQ watch face I was wanting to get it. I have a Vivioactive 3 Music.
Eric Myer
Eric Myer - 2 years ago
It’s hard to remember that people need these reviews being as I research a lot about as much tech as I can. That being said this is an extremely justified comparison because of price vs performance/feature density
Kevin McAdams
Kevin McAdams - 2 years ago
I've used both and prefer the fenix for a couple of reasons. I like the Garmin Connect app for fitness tracking better than the Apple Watch app. Just seems like the Garmin app has everything organized nicely in the app. With the Apple Watch it seems unorganized and you have to go between the Apple Watch activity app and the Health Kit app to get all your stats, etc. The second reason is just the overall look of the fenix 5x Plus. I prefer larger watches and the fenix just looks more masculine and rugged. Just what I prefer. Apple has really come a long way and if you prefer more of a smart watch with good fitness features then it's the way to go. If you prefer a larger watch that's more fitness oriented, then the fenix is your choice. Pretty easy decision depending on your preferences.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - 2 years ago
ron davis yeah. I decided I charge my phone daily, so not a big deal to charge my watch too. Takes an hour or so to go from 50%. I think it’s worth the minor pain.
ron davis
ron davis - 2 years ago
Jim Smith exactly. I’m in the same boat. I hate the battery life of AW S4 but the ecosystem, ease of use, podcasting, and audible app on the watch is such a convenience for me that I deal with it.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - 2 years ago
Agree on the Garmin app. Almost returned my AW4 because it was too cluttered. But after using the AW4 for 2-3 weeks, no big deal to me to switch in between apps. It is worth it to me to re-learn my setup and I am pleased with the AW4.
ron davis
ron davis - 2 years ago
I so agree. You can gather the same stats on the Apple Watch as Garmin connect but you need to use 3 or more apps to pull the info and that to me defeats the purpose of having a fitness watch.
ErikTheRed - 2 years ago
Kevin McAdams 100% agree on the Garmin app. They did a great job with it.
Jeffrey Wu
Jeffrey Wu - 2 years ago
You forgot the MOST important thing with the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus —ANT+ integration which transmits more data like Cycling / Running Dynamics data. I’d get both if you think about it, they’re about less than 1/10 the cost of any of my Rolex watches, and not even a nat of a Patek, Vacheron, or Ardemus, the holy trinity of watches.
Jeffrey Wu
Jeffrey Wu - 2 years ago
Barry McKokinner didn’t say I had those watches. Just mention it as these aren’t that expensive as watches.
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
Damn, kudos! You're the ultimate watch snob. You spend soooo much!! I'm SUPER impressed.
Tim Lara
Tim Lara - 2 years ago
I basically agree with your take, although there's really not that much crossover between the Apple and Garmin target markets. I think they're just designed for totally different customers. It's also kinda weird to think of Apple as the "affordable" alternative, but in this case, the Fenix series is way overpriced because Garmin knows it really has no competition feature-for-feature. I was hoping the new Polar Vantage watches would give the Fenix a run for its money, but so far it doesn't look like they'll be in the same class.
Shawn Schoonmaker
Shawn Schoonmaker - 2 years ago
Through rizknows, I purchased the Garmin fenix 5 plus orange sapphire titanium. Yes, more than I need but it's exactly what I wanted.
sm1zzle - 2 years ago
I use both. Use my Apple Watch while I’m at work or out somewhere, use my Garmin for most workouts. I will say this...I’ve worn them both at the same time during workouts to see how they compare, and the Apple Watch usually comes in about 75-100 calories higher than the Garmin for total calories burned. Apple has a wrist based sensor and I use a chest strap with the Garmin. 100 calories is a HUGE difference in calculating heart rate. Now, I use a Series 2, but the Series 4 heart rate sensor is redesigned and is supposed to be more accurate...for what that’s worth.
geischt23 - 2 years ago
Great timing, been trying to figure out which device to get for x-mas :)
Besides everyday fitness tracking and maybe some smart features like convenient access to boarding passes or train ticket the most important feature for me is offline navigation for hiking - notifications or responding to messages via watch is nothing I plan to do. Since I ditched my Garmin Oregon for a combination of MapOut, Gaia GPS and ViewRanger (none is super perfect but the combination is great :)) I'm not sure if the slower none touch map handling on the fenix (which looks much better as a watch IMO) will make me happy. On the other hand if the apple watch runs out of power after 3 hours of hiking this also doesn't do me any good. My iPhone 8 in airplane mode currently records the track and I use it to shoot many pictures plus taking a look at the route (no active routing) every now and then. At the end of the day I still have half a charge left.

Anyone here got any experience with hiking apps on the current apple watch? What are your usage patterns? Record it as workout? Track recording through a 3rd party app? Active navigation? Just looking at the map?
Igor Rodic
Igor Rodic - 2 years ago
I have Fenix 5. And if I need to buy the new watch today, I will go with Garmin.
AL Sarheed
AL Sarheed - 2 years ago
Great video thanks
robert laurence
robert laurence - 2 years ago
the garmin fenix beats the apple for me
Jouke Hitman
Jouke Hitman - 2 years ago
But sport Garminnn
Jouke Hitman
Jouke Hitman - 2 years ago
Still think Apple watch is coolest☺
paul barton
paul barton - 2 years ago
They’re both so good, and different, I wear both... it’s not a great look
paul barton
paul barton - 2 years ago
ErikTheRed yeah I’m on series 0 still so I treat it as a communications device (and Apple Pay) and my Fenix does all the serious fitness stuff. Now if Apple bought garmin and added Siri support...
ErikTheRed - 2 years ago
paul barton Sadly I'm going down this path. Hey I have 2 arms
Toferaadvark - 2 years ago
Fenix 5 sold. Apple Watch 4 on wrist. No regrets.
Mac OS ManCave
Mac OS ManCave - 2 years ago
Tony Gomez here’s my honest recommendation. Unless you work out to track supreme details past just cadences, workout lengths and types then go with the Apple Watch. Also, if you need a sleep tracker go with the Fenix series. However, the benefit of the Apple Watch is that it has the App Store. I know that may sound stupid but it’s open to more because of it.

Because of having the App Store and being so closely built for iPhone it handles notifications, custom alerts and can display much needed information really well.

Lastly, I just found that I didn’t use all of the fenix 5 or Apple Watch features like I thought I would. It was and still is my primary watch. To check the time and to see notifications from my phone without pulling out my phone. It sounds dumb for sure but as smart as it is simplicity was the way to go for me.

I don’t mean to knock either one but if you’re looking for something more streamlined and good at what it does go Apple Watch, but if you rely on the watch for work out monitoring or need a sleep / golf tracker go fenix 5. I hope this helps.
Szkoła Tożsamości
Szkoła Tożsamości - 2 years ago
I use AW 4
Tony Gomez
Tony Gomez - 2 years ago
Toferaadvark so you went from fenix 5 to Apple Watch 4??? Thinking of doing the same. How do you like the switch?
the blazican
the blazican - 2 years ago
Can you review the galaxy watch
tenshin2002 - 2 years ago
I have a Fenix 5x and the Nike+ series 4 Apple watch. I tend to wear the Apple Watch more as its more comfortable on the wrist and gives me more day to day functions.
baloujoschi - 2 years ago
Yes, I think so it is. Which size of Apple Watch 4 you choose?
Mike Lambrou
Mike Lambrou - 2 years ago
I’ve owned series 1 & 2 Apple Watches and loved them but I’m now a Fenix convert. They not only look more rugged they are way more rugged especially if you go with sapphire versions. I’ve had to replace 3 Apple watches with cracked screens - the slightest rub on a brick wall will do it ☹️ When you factor in battery life deterioration (Garmin isn’t immune but your starting from a much higher base line in 5-7 days vs barely 1-2) & that the Apple marketing machine is extremely effective and convincing you to upgrade every year then the real world lifetime ownership cost comparison isn’t as wide as the purchase price would suggest. So in my experience if you are at all into outdoor pursuits then the Garmin is way superior in fitness metrics and durability. If you just want an extremely good fitness tracker and the best (for iPhone owners) smart watch experience then you won’t be disappointed with the Apple Watch if it doesn’t break! It’s a bit like comparing an SUV to a sports car, yes they are both cars but serve different purposes and lifestyles.
jennifer nichols
jennifer nichols - 2 years ago
Mike Lambrou Apple Watch does not break easy ok
Anup Kulkarni
Anup Kulkarni - 2 years ago
Can you compare how the GPS performance is on both watches? And also streaming quality in diffrent environment please
Vinnie Paz
Vinnie Paz - 2 years ago
I changed my Fenix 5 because of the weak GPS. It fails most of the times when hiking or trail running. It's a well known issue, just search on their forums. I now use an Suunto Ambit 3 Peak, no problems what so ever. Not fancy, but works as expected and you can buy it at half of the fenix price
Gaurav Aneja
Gaurav Aneja - 2 years ago
Anup Kulkarni i have fenix 5, lots of gps error. Especially in trail running.
Yan De Souza
Yan De Souza - 2 years ago
i still have my garmin vivo active hr
james singh
james singh - 2 years ago
Same here, it is a great watch!
Chris - 2 years ago
Off topic, but do you plan to review the new garmin instinct?
Margaret Turvey
Margaret Turvey - 2 years ago
Lol he always says "young ladies' wrists" about the fenix. no old ladies allowed!
Mitch - 2 years ago
ErikTheRed - 2 years ago
All ladies are young....
mirwena - 2 years ago
Hehehe those 'young ladies' are mentioned in few reviews like Jaybird's earphones. Dissing older ladies all the way :D
Tim Williams
Tim Williams - 2 years ago
I have both, I broke my Apple Watch, so while I was waiting for the new series 4 to come out, I bought the Garmin 5X Plus, a great watch which I use for sports and hiking, the Apple Watch I use for day to day only, as battery life only lasts a day.
Abe Zilla
Abe Zilla - 2 years ago
Have you heard about Amazfit Stratos?
Jim Burley
Jim Burley - 2 years ago
Fenix 5 Plus all the way.
B J - 2 years ago
Jim Burley - Totally agree. The impractical sheep will defend anything Apple puts out.
joshgillespie22 - 2 years ago
Fenix 5 plus all day. Looks are killer and battery life is way better. Do a Fenix giveaway
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell - 2 years ago
Apple Watch all the way!!! Garmin can’t even compare for a noob runner like me!
Gaurav Aneja
Gaurav Aneja - 2 years ago
I got the fenix 5 for same amount of cash as apple watch 4. Having a lot of gps issues on it. Lot of errors.
Chase Feller
Chase Feller - 2 years ago
I’ll keep rocking my fenix 3 hr
K Spoon
K Spoon - 2 years ago
Man I trust your reviews and options. It’s just so hard to get away from the Apple Watch when you carry an iPhone everyday. Apple is a pain and also so easy at the same time! Lol
AIC _ - 2 years ago
Love your videos bro!!
Johan Vermeulen
Johan Vermeulen - 2 years ago
Cool thing is Airpods work with Garmin 5 Plus
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
Airpods? Sorry, I own a fenix but am unaware of airpods.
ErikTheRed - 2 years ago
Johan Vermeulen good to know.
Johan Vermeulen
Johan Vermeulen - 2 years ago
Great video, my Apple Watch 4 screen cracked within a month, not even hard bump, switched to Garmin 5 Plus / Spotify and VERY happy. Apple is not accurate and can hardly be described as sports watch
ron davis
ron davis - 2 years ago
One positive I’ll add about S4 AW is the optical heart rate sensor does a nice job with strength training. The lag is almost unnoticeable in the workouts I’ve had.
Abs Rajkumar
Abs Rajkumar - 2 years ago
Johan Vermeulen hi, when you say inaccurate, what do you mean, is it GPS, heart rate or something else? I’m considering the AW4 but concerned about GPS quality and real time running pace (not average pace) versus the Garmin. Cheers
Alex Neychev
Alex Neychev - 2 years ago
yeah for heavy runners and heavy fitness guys go for the fenix if can afford it :D But for regular guys like me.. apple watch 4 is i far supirior smart watch. And btw i prefer Garmin Instinct now instead of fenix. A lot more cheaper and have almost all the thing that fenix have.
Comic Saga
Comic Saga - 2 years ago
Purely based on price get the Apple watch Garmin 5 plus is 550 and apple watch is 430
Comic Saga
Comic Saga - 2 years ago
+Barry McKokinner ok why would I care
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
Wrong, that's the fenix 5 not the 5 plus.
Jonathan Boyd
Jonathan Boyd - 2 years ago
Fenix is better because of the better training features.
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
You both are correct.
Tofu S
Tofu S - 2 years ago
I can say Apple watch is better becuz u can call ppl with it? LOL
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz - 2 years ago
One is a fitness targeted market watch, the Phoenix. And the other, for those who are looking for a smartwatch with some integrated fitness functions. I guess for most of the people, the apple watch will get the job done.
Chatlow - 2 years ago
how does the battery compare on a Fenix 5 plus with original fenix 5? Assuming you just run both as a smart watch, occasional gps activities and no music.
Gaurav Aneja
Gaurav Aneja - 2 years ago
Chatlow i have a fenix 5. It also lasts easily for a week. 5-6 days if you work out more
Michael Moy
Michael Moy - 2 years ago
Do you use the titanium band when running or working out or switch to the silicone? Garmin fan here and my daughter asked for my Forerunner 630 when I upgraded to the 5+. She's now a Garmin fan too.
Joe Herber
Joe Herber - 2 years ago
I 1000% agree. I like the round look and excellent battery life on the Garmin.
Taxo Chacon
Taxo Chacon - 2 years ago
I’d go with the best smart watch. Apple has really stepped up their game in terms of the sport capabilities and ... that ecosystem thooooo
Raf B
Raf B - 2 years ago
Disagree, not really smart, just tons of apps and most of them have their own algorithms and give you different readings. No way to tell which is more accurate. Total shitshow imo
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
Yeah, but the Garmin has that new biomechanical reflex sensor that is off the charts.
Ross Bagatski
Ross Bagatski - 2 years ago
Garmin is better in terms of sport functionality and platform support. It's good both for Apple and Android users.
Robi - 2 years ago
Garmin forever ☝️
Soufken - 2 years ago
Ordered a fenix 5s on amazon germany for 350 euros. Might wanna look into it
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
Shaun No, but it’s still a good deal.
Soufken - 2 years ago
+Gaurav Aneja what I learned from videos like rizknows' is that sometimes clouds building or forestry might lead to inaccurate gps data. But with the fenix it should not be significant at all, so maybe check your settings if you got a lower gps ping frequency enabled.
Gaurav Aneja
Gaurav Aneja - 2 years ago
Just got fenix 5 for 300$ last month. Having some gps issues with it. Do tell about your experience. Otherwise the watch is really solid.
Soufken - 2 years ago
+Shaun it is 350 euros an amazing deal
Shaun - 2 years ago
That's not the latest "Plus" version.
Martin LaVare
Martin LaVare - 2 years ago
This one is the hardest to figure out...I would say Apple Watch except you really need that Apple ecosystem to go with it...which means yeah $400, but then you have to pick up the iPhone at $349.99 to $ now you end up being dead even as far as your $700 Garmin starting price point. I would go Garmin because of being an Android phone user...but if I ever make the switch to an iPhone...I would heavily consider the Apple Watch or buying 2 of them.
Martin LaVare
Martin LaVare - 2 years ago
+Bobby Chang thanks for the suggestion.
Bobby Chang
Bobby Chang - 2 years ago
why not a galaxy watch? it's similar to apple watch than a fenix
Martin LaVare
Martin LaVare - 2 years ago
Can you do a video on the Garmin Instinct or a follow up video on the Vivoactive 3 Music i.e. did they improve the screen or fix the cracked one?
princecharlsy - 2 years ago
I recently switched from a Fenix 3 HR to a AW4 and I actually love the smart features. One thing I really like w the cellular version is being able to leave my phone when I go on a bike ride(I use a garmin 520). For fitness purposes the AW is still behind garmin imo. Im still most likely going to use my fenix 3hr for allday/multiple day hiking/backpacking. I hope Apple can do something about battery life but that’ll be tough especially with how nice the AW screen is. Go with AW if youre after the smart features. Go garmin if you want the best fitness tracker.
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
The AW4 is great, but it tries to be all at once. If you want everything, you end up doing nothing perfectly. That‘s just how it is. Glad to hear you like your new watch, have plenty of fun with it.
The Alton's
The Alton's - 2 years ago
I prefer the garmin over apple. I have the garmin fenix 5s and my husband has the garmin fenix 5x plus and he loves everything it has to offer.
Camila Tucci
Camila Tucci - 2 years ago
Would love to see more sneaker reviews! For women and men
RIZKNOWS - 2 years ago
Coming up soon!
Brenda Mendez
Brenda Mendez - 2 years ago
Always gotta take a fitness watch over a smart watch. Performance features are what I'm looking for in a watch
khairi18 - 2 years ago
Fenix 5 Plus!! i'm a garmin fan.
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
So... basically, you get more with the Fenix 5. Just about as much more as it‘s more expensive than the Apple Watch. All this childish hating and posing aside, the Apple Watch will be just fine for 80% of those interested in a fitness device with smart features, while those true enthusiasts will happily spend more money for more features on the Garmin watch. I‘ve tested both devices and was very unsure about what to go with, but in the end I chose the Apple Watch, just because I realized I actually don‘t need most of the Fenix 5 extra features. It‘s a very good looking device packed with statistics and features, but I honestly think it‘s overkill for most people. Nice video, thanks.
Emma Martin
Emma Martin - 2 years ago
Cornelius Puiulet i know a ton of dudes that wear apple watches and it looks completely normal.
LIL AL Ok - 2 years ago
I dont dare if its expensive
Charles O duffy
Charles O duffy - 2 years ago
How long did it take you
Raf B
Raf B - 2 years ago
Apple Watch has tons of apps and with me I kept getting different stats for heart rate and what not. Extremely annoying and useless
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
@Cornelius I actually know what you mean. I'm 6'6" and I wear the x series of fenix watches which are waaayy too bulky for most men but looks completely normal on mine and smaller watches can actually look silly so I know what you mean.
Matt Davies
Matt Davies - 2 years ago
Cornelius Puiulet the genie 5plus isn’t good at the basics of heart rate, from what I’ve heard. Have you had any issues? Agree with your comments too/ garmin looks more rugged and cooler
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
Dawood Adamjee In my humble experience, the Fenix is quite superior when it comes to multisport tracking, statistics and data etc. Both heartrate sensors do a remarkable job imo, but none of them are super precise or realiable. GPS tracking is good on both devices, and both offer decent offline mapping (although the Fenix comes with this feature out of the box while on the AW, you have to buy special apps for that). Overall, you’d have to give it to the Fenix in terms of maps. Overall... The Fenix is a true athlete‘s device with nice smart features, while the Apple watch is an extraordinary smartwatch with decent fitness and health options. Hope it helps!
Dawood Adamjee
Dawood Adamjee - 2 years ago
Comparing the fitness tracking on both, which is more accurate? Or should I say is Apple on par with garmin in terms of heart rate monitoring etc? Thanks
ErikTheRed - 2 years ago
Or buy both
Jack Manning
Jack Manning - 2 years ago
For me, I wanted a smart watch with some built-in fitness features, and for that the Watch is PERFECT
sm1zzle - 2 years ago
nunesco1 RIP Cornelius
robert laurence
robert laurence - 2 years ago
the garmin fenix is my choice. just think it gets better results
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
Cornelius Puiulet Yes, Mr. manly man, for 80% of apple users. What comparison was this video about again?
Cornelius Puiulet
Cornelius Puiulet - 2 years ago
Unless they have an Android device. So the Apple watch 4 will work for 80% of iPhone owners. If you're a guy, the Fenix 5 Plus will be less girlie on your manly wrist. I like the Apple watch, but it's too feminine for me.
Classic Hair1
Classic Hair1 - 2 years ago
I kinda like the more cleaner look of the apple watch.
bob johnson
bob johnson - 2 years ago
Its all preference. I hate the looks of the apple watch....prefer the generic round face
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
Hopefully more much many more way much more bestest better than more.
Classic Hair1
Classic Hair1 - 2 years ago
Wow! How much likes will I get?
If Tomato's are a fruit why isn't ketchup a jam?
If Tomato's are a fruit why isn't ketchup a jam? - 2 years ago
Fenix 5 plus for me I love mine! ❤️
Craig Bertram
Craig Bertram - 2 years ago
Wow man didn’t have you dowom for an apple hater haha. Just playing. Great review. I have both watches. Different times to wear them. I love features on both. It was down to you I bought a fenix 5s thanks brother.
RIZKNOWS - 2 years ago
kenny wales
kenny wales - 2 years ago
Apple watch! Its alot smarter and alot cheaper!
Cornelius Puiulet
Cornelius Puiulet - 2 years ago
+nunesco1 don't take it so personal man. It's not an attack on you. Chillax. The Apple watch is a fine watch
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
Cornelius Puiulet it‘s okay tarzan, whatever lightens up your cave.
Cornelius Puiulet
Cornelius Puiulet - 2 years ago
+tenshin2002 true, it makes the Lady
Cornelius Puiulet
Cornelius Puiulet - 2 years ago
+nunesco1 the Apple Watch is mostly a ladie's watch any way you dice it. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Each to their own. Saying that, I still think the Apple watch is the best smartwatch you can get. Just not a true sports watch.
Jerry H
Jerry H - 2 years ago
I've replaced the battery in my stainless steel apple watch 3 times and the battery still dies btwn 6-9 everyday. Is it really cheaper if you are buying a new watch every 2-3 yrs ? And why can't one of these companies make an activity watch like an Automatic watch that charges itself thru movement?
tenshin2002 - 2 years ago
LOL! Cornelius really comes off as really unsecure about his manlyhood. The watch doesnt make the man.
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
Cornelius Puiulet Yes, we get it, not manly enough. Jesus...
Cornelius Puiulet
Cornelius Puiulet - 2 years ago
Just a little to girlie for a man's wrist.
nunesco1 - 2 years ago
It really depends. In germany, the Apple Watch 44mm with cellular costs ~600$, the Fenix 5 plus is ~800$. But for the 200$ more, you get stainless steel and saphire glass with the Fenix, if you want something similar from Apple around here, you‘ll be spending almost the same. Is the AW smarter? It‘d better be, it‘s a smartwatch. :)
King Juli en
King Juli en - 2 years ago
Pineapple products should be banned on this channel. Comparing a Garmin with a cherry watch product is like comparing a Mercedes any class with a luxurious "top notch"(wink wink) Masseratti... The argument stopped when the one with the Mercedes sayS:"I'd heard you brag about your Masseratti toy(apple), but it's A MERCEDES(Garmin)!!"
Barry McKokinner
Barry McKokinner - 2 years ago
upagupta das
upagupta das - 2 years ago
I like the fenix 5 plus becz i want that sport watch !!
Telecaster JCW
Telecaster JCW - 2 years ago
1st comment!!
Well done on the great video rizknows, I really enjoy all of your videos :)
Personally I like the garmin, as the battery life is better and the circular rugged design.
RiderNet - 2 years ago
Can u review the Polar Vantage M and V..... pls bro :/??

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