Full Review: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD Mk7

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for Full Review: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD Mk7

Phen0mable - 3 years ago
£13000 is a bit too much
ccoo oocc
ccoo oocc - 3 years ago
awesome car, but as the "people's car" vw golf gti is kinda of extremely expensive used, i found one in germany supposedly well maintained 18k€ in that zone i could buy a bmw, mb, audi etc used.
JUSTIN LEASK - 3 years ago
Great video very informative planning on getting a golf gtd next this helped :)
Pudding and Pie
Pudding and Pie - 3 years ago
you have beautiful hands you know :-)
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 3 years ago
Pudding and Pie thanks
Immortal GDA
Immortal GDA - 3 years ago
seems like a poor version, no key less start for 2015, and from what i saw no mode option button next to the gear nob, i assumed they come all standard from the other reviews, other than that lovely car and def my next purchase
Jay Bee Eff
Jay Bee Eff - 4 years ago
Sack the editor
Nawaz Waseem
Nawaz Waseem - 4 years ago
I would love to buy one of these. only thing that stops me is Golfs are always driven by fucking yobs :/
Carl Dawson
Carl Dawson - 4 years ago
Is it necessary to talk about the GTD on the key control. I just want to know how the car drives.
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 4 years ago
A lot of you have picked up on a small error I made. Yes I accidentally edited in a small clip from a VW Polo at 2:10....my bad

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Dima kratz
Dima kratz - 4 years ago
In the beginning, he seriously filmed a part in the Polo
Tygo van Baak
Tygo van Baak - 3 years ago
Dima kratz to show the different
Rahan Ullah
Rahan Ullah - 4 years ago
Steering wheel changed quickly
The Irish Lad
The Irish Lad - 4 years ago
Why is the standard colour on the GTD so dull and shit, ruins a beautiful car
Got memes?
Got memes? - 4 years ago
Why an apple 30 pin connector thats so old
Most Compatible
Most Compatible - 4 years ago
asm1 - 4 years ago
had my 66 plate GTD DSG a month. fantastic bit of kit. I ordered the parking pack, with a camera like this one and the park assist...

is smaller than my last car, a 2011 Vauxhall Astra Elite 165 2.0 Auto, but still swallows the same kit the Astra did - wheelchair etc.

it's the smoothest auto I have had to date and the Deep Black Pearl is gorgeous (when shiny and clean)
Araing LOKAS
Araing LOKAS - 4 years ago
You've been in 2 cars look at the steering wheel at 2:15 and then at 2:26. At 2:15 is the regular golf VII steering wheel. lol haha
Araing LOKAS
Araing LOKAS - 4 years ago
Shane Earley hahah You're great. Just keep working like this. I've buy two years ago bmw f10 beacuse of your review hahha and now i think i'm going to buy golf gtd for second car
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 4 years ago
Polo steering wheel actually. Editing mistake on my part! haha
MrKnighty008 - 4 years ago
Ordered mine on Fridayin Carbon grey, scheduled delivery date 31/12/2016!
MrKnighty008 - 4 years ago
elle Jay they come as standard, as does the winter pack which gives you heated front seats. They're pretty cheap at the moment due to the facelift model launching next week. Performance models like the GTD, GTi and R won't be available until late in the year though.
elle Jay
elle Jay - 4 years ago
Sorry if this is a basic question but I don't know much about cars. Does the GTD come with the Bi-Xenon headlights and LED daylights standard or do you have to pay extra for these? It was between this or the GTI (which is slightly more pricey) but I prefer the standard set of rims that you get with the GTD. But I also like the red strip on the GTI! Im not a big fan of the chequered interior though.
Hazzer - 4 years ago
MrKnighty008 please do a video!! I'm torn between this or the gti
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 4 years ago
That's great to hear! enjoy it :)
t5jerry - 4 years ago
great review Shane, VERY impressed with the nice steady camera work, keep em coming. ....
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 4 years ago
Thanks Jerry! Im reviewing a Range Rover Evoque and Mercedes E200 tomorrow
eastwood978 - 4 years ago
No keyless entry or start, bit of an oversight for a £28k car.
MrKnighty008 - 4 years ago
eastwood978 just to let you know that it does have keyless entry and start. Test drove a 65plate with it before ordering a 66plate.

20. comment for Full Review: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD Mk7

Matthew Hammant
Matthew Hammant - 4 years ago
Full size space saver wheel 14:42 ...brilliant!
Adam Chase
Adam Chase - 4 years ago
I prefer the SEAT LEON FR
Niall Harris
Niall Harris - 4 years ago
Good review.... your style is very similar to SaabKyle aha
JustAlbin - 5 years ago
the cable is for apple devices
JustAlbin - 5 years ago
AUX is ok but if you wanna use the steering buttons to skip songs you would need that cable :)
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 5 years ago
thanks for that. had no idea. im used to seeing aux and usb slots because they are very handy and cover most if not all devices.
Luke 2.0
Luke 2.0 - 5 years ago
2:10 was a different car!
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 5 years ago
+Luke Piggott You are right well spotted. Thats the new Polo I reviewed, must have edited that in by accident haha! Be alright though you are the only to notice!
Luke 2.0
Luke 2.0 - 5 years ago
+Shane Earley Skip to between 2:10 & 2:24...it's not the GTD steering wheel (with the round centre piece)
Shane Earley
Shane Earley - 5 years ago
+Luke Piggott What are you talking about?

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