Don't Buy Golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday

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Don't Buy golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Book Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Web ► ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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for Don't Buy Golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday

teoff16 - 3 years ago
He will never win again.
teoff16 - 3 years ago
Tiger is a scumbag.
Carlos Varela
Carlos Varela - 3 years ago
Great vid. Question: where should i look to buy clubs?
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 3 years ago
Id also say support your local pro and they can talk you though what might be better for you from their pro shop
TheGooch595 - 3 years ago
So he’s right then it’s all blah
Oliver Haynes
Oliver Haynes - 3 years ago
TIGER all day long, naysayers!
Clayton Rainey
Clayton Rainey - 3 years ago
The Oven is now Artisan Golf and it’s run by the same crew. They’re making incredible wedges and putters and I heard a rumor they’re designing irons for the GOAT.
Dan Fournier
Dan Fournier - 3 years ago
I would come see you if I lived in England
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 3 years ago
Come over whenever you're here, Im not going anywhere!
MEALSONWHEELS - 4 years ago
the whole Dunlop comment was a load of crap.. a +4 golfer is not praising cheep ass Dunlops.. Ive seen a heavy swinger snap 3 Dunlop irons at the holsel in one round.. they arent even okay for the first time golfer.. A set of Adams' will last alot longer than Dunlops.
HAPPY GOLFER - 4 years ago
"Swing your swing. Not some idea of a swing, not a swing you saw on TV and not that swing you wish you had. No, swing your swing. Capable of greatness, prized only by you. Perfect in it's perfection, swing your swing, I know I did." Arnold Palmer Now having said all that, Peter Finch is right, swing your swing, but get a coach who can work with your swing. Everyone has different body mechanics, not better or worse, but different. A great coach can take your natural swing, tweak it, and make it a game winning swing.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 4 years ago

10. comment for Don't Buy Golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday

Lloyd Young
Lloyd Young - 4 years ago
TallahassZ Remington
TallahassZ Remington - 4 years ago
I hope Galvin paid you to promote his overpriced clothing... :-)
O. G.
O. G. - 4 years ago
Golf needs Tiger....face it. The ratings are on par with curling on ESPN 8, the ocho.
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman - 4 years ago
O. G. Nothing wrong with curling
Super Troll
Super Troll - 4 years ago
Love the "silly season" question! I bought a new Cobra F6+ driver for half of the price of an F8. Great advice!
Balzo93 - 4 years ago
I don't really agree that the general standard has gone way up since Tiger. Case in point - Justin Thomas' scoring average for 2017 was 69.36, Tiger has beaten that 14 (!) years out of 20 years on tour, his best being 67.79 twice. Obviously this is not the perfect comparison because of courses and tournaments that players decide to play but the fact is no one has even got close to Tiger's scoring average in his best years so I don't know why everyone says the standard has gone through the roof. Maybe the average standard is better, but for those at the very top of the money list I see no evidence. Great video though Pete.
JohnDeCocks - 4 years ago
The answer the last question is brilliant!
Reality Realized
Reality Realized - 4 years ago
I love the format of these videos
Niall Church
Niall Church - 4 years ago
Now finchy you should know better than to advise ppl to maybe buy 2 yr old clubs! You know very well that nobody will fit you for those clubs,because thay are more than a yr old! AND you DO encourage ppl to get fit for clubs!! It's a con job to make buy expensive clubs in the current yr!! they are the only clubs that manufacturers will allow you be fit for!!! BIGGEST CON GOING!!!!
MarK D
MarK D - 4 years ago
Are you saying that "turbulators" weren't a game changer!? LOL
Eduardo Ochoa
Eduardo Ochoa - 4 years ago
True wait a least a year to buy my new set of Callaway xr pro when they came out they were almost $1000 usd i just got them this week for just $350 in demo conditions that means almos brand new and believe me i put them side by side with the epic pro and they feel and preformance in the same way the only difference was almost $1500 usd im 7 handicap grettings from california

20. comment for Don't Buy Golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday

Bill Faucett
Bill Faucett - 4 years ago
I think the point about coaching and unique swings is a very good one. One problem a coach pointed out to me was that when I hit the top of my back swing, my transition was too fast resulting in frequent and rather nasty hooking shots. He specifically referenced Matsuyama and suggested I take a slight pause. The result was a much more consistent and controlled swing and straighter shots because the shaft was under control before I started the down swing. The great thing about something like that is when I see a shot over draw I can self reflect with purpose. My tempo is better now too.
Richard Wood
Richard Wood - 4 years ago
Interesting you mention Dunlop irons- my 1st set were Dunlops and I "got on ok" with the,. When I bought my Taylormade Burner plus Irons I dropped 4 shots off my 1st round, mainly because my miss hits were better misses!
Matthew Dachs
Matthew Dachs - 4 years ago
Looks like you have a Callaway Green Bay Packers golf bag in the background with the state of Wisconsin on it?
higgins340s - 4 years ago
don't buy callaway full stop!
Greg Chin
Greg Chin - 4 years ago
The Tiger of Old is gone. All hail the New Tiger! The embarrassment of the 2009 incident and the breaking up of his family has taken its toll. I think he knows his father would have been disappointed. That guy is a genius at reinventing himself. I'm sure he'll find a way to win again, and strike fear into the minds of these young guns. Besides I think people don't remember that he was No 1 without playing for about 6 months after he did the first back surgery, and with exception of 2 or 3 of the new young guys, the field was mostly the usual suspects on the leaderboard these days.
Happy Bob
Happy Bob - 4 years ago
Tiger’s bird goes ape over chicks.
Happy Bob
Happy Bob - 4 years ago
He who drives well on fairway, does not always fare well on driveway.
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth - 4 years ago
On the club buying, it´s probably not a bad idea at looking buying clubs from earlier this year or even last year, as pro shops sell off old stock to make space to the new range.
Tazdev - 4 years ago
Your recommendation regarding not buying the newest models is a double-edged sword. For consumers the savings can be great and that's a plus. For the golf industry however not selling clubs at the full price is one of the things that have caused problems in the golf industry and a slow down of the growth of the industry. People waiting to buy until the newest products are launched in the hopes that the prior versions will be marked down can cause problems for the manufacturers and the retailers.
Dan Miller
Dan Miller - 4 years ago
Manufacturers releasing one or more new model(s) of a product each year is generating their own problem of the prices being reduced as drastically. The attempt of creating the "latest and greatest" is driving down the prior generation prices.
Zac Mexon
Zac Mexon - 4 years ago
Ha ha i would come see you Pete....if it wasn't a horrid 24 hour flight from Australia. Keep up the quality videos

30. comment for Don't Buy Golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday

Allen Middlebrook
Allen Middlebrook - 4 years ago
Really wish Nike still made clubs
Tigers Charles
Tigers Charles - 4 years ago
It's a nice video, you also can use Ben Hogan's real golf swing secret to hit the ball properly and control where it goes. Go here to get this secret:
Duncan Martin
Duncan Martin - 4 years ago
Disappointed with your Dunlop comments, absolutely no proof whatsoever that they'd be bad, no way you can make the assumption they're worse than Ben Ross. Dunlop playing 4hc = absolute boss. Ftw , I've used Dunlop balls for years (dp1) , they're great.
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 4 years ago
Great video. I agree that everyone benifits from lessons. I do however question how much people improve after lessons. I think most golfers "bad" golf becomes closer to their good golf from lessons, and everyone hits their limit and their scores only improve slightly. Not everyone can be taught to shoot par golf.
Johnny Apple Seed
Johnny Apple Seed - 4 years ago
Yes....A good coach will help YOU hone YOUR natural swing to its best functional capabilities...........Not try to change you into Ben Hogan jr with their latest swing theories, or researched methods....

On the other point, I personally play with a set of Mizuno irons, that I paid $235 back in 1990.......They help me consistently shoot in the low 70s on a weekly basis, and I catch zero notice about them from anyone I've ever played golf with.......My Fairway Woods are also old, they are late 90's Taylormade Burners....They still play great, too...

My Driver, my Putter, and my Wedges are the only things I've ever upgraded....The most important clubs in the bag.
Todd Williams
Todd Williams - 4 years ago
Pete I like the new format. I have a very short span of attention and having the question left on screen helps.... especially when the Mrs is bothering me ;)
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 4 years ago
I love you finch......just saying
O. G.
O. G. - 4 years ago
To your point....Tigers hurt swing speed is now equal to current Open one thinks Jordans Game is inferior due to average length.....

Tiger putting and short game dwarfs Speiths....

He can still win with 290 off the tee.
O. G.
O. G. - 4 years ago
Matthew Whitehouse we will general the Big Cat has nothing to prove....even if he got to 19 sour grapes detractors would never give him the merit he EARNED. That's what makes them detractors....
Matthew Whitehouse
Matthew Whitehouse - 4 years ago
Tiger putting and short game dwarfs Spieth..........Does it ? Does it ? IT DOESN'T.
Simon Christian
Simon Christian - 4 years ago
Come on - do people really believe woods can compete? He has become a tragic figure and hasn't made the cut in a major since the masters in 2013! His body is broken not to mention his game. Time to look forward and enjoy the quality players out there now!
blair simpson
blair simpson - 4 years ago
I have glasses on when i play golf is that cheating
Ken B
Ken B - 4 years ago
I would come see you Pete for my lessons, but air fare to do so from the USA would make you one of the most expensive coaches ever. Not saying your not worth it mind you, just saying I can't afford you - LOL
BUT - if I get back to England before I'm 90, I will try to hook up for a lesson, AND see if your dad would be gracious enough to play a few holes with this yankee - and of course you are welcome to join us :)
Mike Northern
Mike Northern - 4 years ago
Tiger had a stress fracture and torn ligaments in his knee of the same leg. Most people think it was a displaced fracture which it was not. His US open win that year was remarkable show of courage though. Agree, Tiger will never be the same. The courses are too long and the greens are to fast for a bulky top heavy person at 42 with limited flexibility to ever win again in the majors. Can he win at Torrey Pines, yes. But not at Any major. Sad but reality of Tiger's situation. I think after 4-6 months of missed cuts and mediocrity he will retire. He's just not as good or as long as the current players.
John Millwall
John Millwall - 4 years ago
It's great tigers playing again, golf that is
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 4 years ago
Hi Pete I’m 36, been golfing for 5 years properly (after dabbling a little as a junior). Never had a lesson in my life and finished this season on 6.2. Up until now I’m pretty much self taught and will use YouTube videos to try and fix faults I feel I have. I’m tempted to get a lesson or two this winter but I’m actually scared I loose some of my natural feel for my swing if I start getting lessons and kind of need to build my swing back up from scratch. Is there a chance having a lesson might actually thrown my game backwards? Do you think using YouTube videos is the right way to go to kind of fix one fault at a time instead of a complete swing rebuild?
K4rN1v00L - 4 years ago
Stephen Cutting don't get a lesson if your a weekend warrior just having fun. that's me and 2 lessons fucked up my feel and swing a lesson makes you think to technical instead of swing free I'm playing off a 5.5 for what it's worth
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 4 years ago
Friday's wouldn't be the same without a Finch Friday vlog.
Some great topics again and I really concur about the answer you gave on Tiger. Not sure he will ever win another Major but I would like to see him back on tour and being able to retire in some years time with dignity and a pinch of panache.
Gary Yeomans
Gary Yeomans - 4 years ago
he’s the best there’s ever been
Thomas - 4 years ago
Gary Yeomans
No, he's not.
George Qiao
George Qiao - 4 years ago
Odds are tiger won't win another major. Too many young studs : JT, DJ, koepka, spieth , day , matsuyama, RORY
cgasucks - 4 years ago
No shit Sherlock...
Exasperated Golf !
Exasperated Golf ! - 4 years ago
Had two lessons with Pete, highly recommended , completely changed my swing for the better, handicap has fallen..a little and had my first 40+ stableford this year !
Robert Dobson
Robert Dobson - 4 years ago
Really enjoyed as ever, great advice on silly season clubs
Jacob Sprueill
Jacob Sprueill - 4 years ago
Pete: Do you think exotic shafts are really worth their money over a stock shaft?

50. comment for Don't Buy Golf Clubs During "SILLY SEASON"!? - Finch Friday

Ed Herrington
Ed Herrington - 4 years ago
I live near Nike's former "Oven." They are not in that building anymore. It is for lease now. They are not behind any doors at that facility. The driving range next door has removed all Nike practice balls, and the tour truck no longer resides there when not on tour.
Danny Darko
Danny Darko - 4 years ago
Do you think the p790s are worth buying in silly season since they do seem to be a big difference plus if they get sued they might have to cease and desist?
Robert Yoakum
Robert Yoakum - 4 years ago
Danny Darko Who would sue them and why? Did they copy another brand?
joseph pattison
joseph pattison - 4 years ago
I'm still playing the Ping I20's irons. I love them. I was fitted for them. I'm coming into some cash, and may replace them, but I'd need to be overwhelmed.
Rich206L - 4 years ago
Great video, Peter!
Robbie 837
Robbie 837 - 4 years ago
Hi Pete excellent stuff as always. I totally agree about buying pre owned. I have just purchased a set of 2015 callaway Xr pros. Less than half their initial retail price and awesome to boot!
kierz79 - 4 years ago
I imagine bryson would want people to get lessons because he's involved with the robogolf pro
Spamuelpeela - 4 years ago
I recently bought new irons about a month ago. Been playing 2016 m2’s cause my striking had sucked but was in need of a more players club and found a great deal on some p770’s and currently are loving them
JohnD - 4 years ago
COME ON!>>>>>>>>>>>at his worst HE is better then the best out there NOW!!
Jamesee61 - 4 years ago
I love your presentation peter. This was a fantastic video and I took a lot from it, thanks for the content! Keep it coming.
Chris I
Chris I - 4 years ago
Tiger set the bar at a new level, as much as we'd like to see him again, he'll never be the same. I think it would be great if he'd show on the champion tour to keep the crowds coming but I doubt he'll want to compete and lose to Langer and Freddie. Good comments about the lessons/coaching Pete, good observation and feedback can really help!
Jonathan Gonzales
Jonathan Gonzales - 4 years ago
I love this type of video. I get pretty bummed when we don’t get a tech Tuesday. Keep these going Pete!
Mescalito71 - 4 years ago
If Tiger has overcome non conventionality, injury, before......It might be telling of who he is, not was. We will see.....
bigegg7170 - 4 years ago
i think John Daly was the biggest draw in golf.add money and tiger becomes a superstar...
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas - 4 years ago
Funny u mention “silly season” and I was waiting for new Apex 18’ irons but instead went with 2014 Apex irons. Not much different!!
divin dave
divin dave - 4 years ago
If you need new clubs, buy them. The equipment just cannot get any better and stay within the rules of USGA or R&A. Better money spent on lessons! But also, if you are an equipment ho like me, then order the new clubs asap! But get fit first!
Kevin Strickroth
Kevin Strickroth - 4 years ago
Pete: any update on your dad's titleist fitting? Is he getting along with them, and is there any chance for a follow-up review?
oveberthling - 4 years ago
P790 must be a gamechanger?
oveberthling - 4 years ago
paraconda94 I don't need length or ugly clubs though :)
Jacob Sprueill
Jacob Sprueill - 4 years ago
The P790 are a better club than some in the way of feel. I play Wilson Staff FG5 irons and have no real bias. P790 is long and does look slick, is it a jump? No, the irons aren't anymore forgiving than the m1/m2 models the main difference I see when i am performing fittings is higher flight than most other vendors but lower spin. Meaning the launch being higher and the distance has a lot to do with the shaft and weighting of the head (how they move weight around the head) effecting the CG and MOI of the club. The CGB on the other hand is a more game improving club and in my opinion hard to look at. Hard to miss and dont lose much distance with off center hits but, feel is what you would expect with an OS head. Both good clubs... A jump... Probably not if the clubs you use now are fitted correctly to your swing
paraconda94 - 4 years ago
oveberthling's crap but the cgb iron by Taylor made is SUPER long
Alex Hier
Alex Hier - 4 years ago
Tiger isn't coming back... You have old Tiger now.. Deal with it golf fans. Also, do you people know that Tiger was beating up on old middle aged men in his prime? No way he comes back and beats the younger guys nowadays.
adam lawrence
adam lawrence - 4 years ago
Ya. He was also playing Tag team with your dad. On your mum.
cgasucks - 4 years ago
Totally agree...look at his rivals when he was in his prime (Els, Mickelson). They don't have any major injuries like Tiger and haven't gone through multiple swing changes like him yet they aren't winning like they used to...if they can't win, what makes you think Tiger will??? Sergio is probably the only one that can still compete and win (then again, he's the youngest of Tiger's rivals back in the day).
seamus judge
seamus judge - 4 years ago
Caolan is pronounced Keelin
seamus judge
seamus judge - 4 years ago
thisnamebegreat no
thisnamebegreat - 4 years ago
seamus judge is it not kay-lin???
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 4 years ago
Great short and to the point(s) q and a Peter. Especially the one question about buying clubs during the silly season, and the pros and cons on the reasonably priced iron vs the expensive ones.

Can you give some insight to golf balls sometime. I have played with $50 a box balls, down to $29 a box, and to be truthfull, can't see any reason for a hacker like myself to even think about paying $50 per box balls again.
I'm a fairly good hacker with a 9.2 index..

alan may
alan may - 4 years ago
Golf was here before tiger, will be here after. It wasn't a broken leg. It was a ruptured ACL. yes that is incredible pain. I've had two.
Jeff Metivier
Jeff Metivier - 4 years ago
You're both kinda right. Tiger reportedly had a torn ACL (and arthroscopy to trim damaged cartilage earlier that year) and had two stress fractures, not a compound fracture (where the bone protrudes through the skin). Still incredible stuff.
Insomnias - 4 years ago
Yes, but Tiger has upped the standards of the PGA tour. Look at today's top players compared to the top players before Tiger.
O. G.
O. G. - 4 years ago
where your US Open?
alan may
alan may - 4 years ago
Matthew Franson you could well be correct.
Matthew Franson
Matthew Franson - 4 years ago
alan may I may be wrong, but I do believe he had a compound fracture.
Keith Ingle
Keith Ingle - 4 years ago
Would love to come through for a lesson....but I think Cape Town, South Africa is quite a far drive...keep up the good work :)
trionzking - 4 years ago
The only massive difference that has come along over the past few years has been the implementation of 'speed pockets' 'channels' other than that there's been nothing ground breaking
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 4 years ago
I’m using a old Cleveland hi bore driver. This Summer I trialled an RBZ Stage 2 I borrowed and a 2017 M2 I won in a pro am. I couldn’t hit either as straight or long as my hi bore. It’s weird as anyone who tries my driver hates it but it just works for me. Golf is a funny game.
trionzking - 4 years ago
Well I suppose if your using a brand with a lack of integrity such as Taylormade you'd expect as much. I've had my 915 woods and driver since 2015 and they've stood the test of time
chris silverton
chris silverton - 4 years ago
trionzking look up the reports of face slots and speed pockets allowing the club face to cave in as it's under supported, and stories of the resin slot inserts falling out... It's a massively flawed technology. I have had to send a set back to Taylormade faulty after 9 months, a guy I play with send his 2017 M2s back after 6 weeks due to the face becoming concave, and then in his replacement set, the head flew off the pitching wedge within 2 rounds... We both now play Ping.
Mark Towers
Mark Towers - 4 years ago
Hi Pete. I've recently been custom fitted for and have ordered a set of 1 length Sterling Wishon irons (already played with the 7 iron to check the build is ok - was a dream). Up to this time I've played (or tried) with all different irons I've picked up here and there. So although I agree that "silly season" isn't the best time to buy new, in my case I wasn't achieving anything with my chaotic mixture. Also agree about Tiger - would love to see him back playing competitively but doubt that he would win again.
Arther Fuxache
Arther Fuxache - 4 years ago
Advertising Not! New galvin green I take it? why not a couple of seasons ago! Get a full set of clubs just for the price of your jacket! But like my Murphys, I'm not bitter!
cgasucks - 4 years ago
Fuck...Galvin Green shit is so expensive...
M A.R McIlroy
M A.R McIlroy - 4 years ago
new callway ROGUE clubs coming soon...
Barrie Riley
Barrie Riley - 4 years ago
Calloway X hot 35
MrStevie57 - 4 years ago
Tiger's life fell apart when his wife chased him out of the house with a golf club.
bagdiil - 4 years ago
Which she had all the rights to do btw. Seeing as he is a cheating soab. Won't deny that he's good at golf...
TIMEtoRIDE900 - 4 years ago
8 or so years ago I read in a golf magazine that Tiger wanted to buy the neighbor's mansion just to bulldoze it and put in 3 more private holes. Later I learned he did buy it and the mansion mysteriously burned to the ground - - he pocketed the ins. money.
cgasucks - 4 years ago
He won the British Open after his dad kicked the bucket...he was never the same after that fateful 2009 Thanksgiving night...
O. G.
O. G. - 4 years ago
Being exposed as a coke head hasn't hurt DJ
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 4 years ago
The boy’s a legend no doubt about it but he doesn’t seem to be the person or golfer he was. That being said I truly do hope he can get back to where he was. For so many years Tiger was golf. I’m not hating on him just expressing my opinion.
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno - 4 years ago
Stephen Cutting you don’t know him. Quit assuming.
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 4 years ago
But his personality seemed to change. His dad seemed to keep him humble. After his dad passed away his arrogance grew.
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno - 4 years ago
Stephen Cutting last time he was healthy he won 5 times out of his 16 tourney entered and was #1
Stephen Cutting
Stephen Cutting - 4 years ago
MrStevie57 I think it was before that. He was never the same after his dad passed away. I think his old man kept his feet on the ground.
Tom Trevelyan
Tom Trevelyan - 4 years ago
Pete, what about buying a new set now with the view of "getting used to them" over the winter before the real fun starts again?
Caddiesense - 4 years ago
Can some of you guys across the pond explain to us Yanks what the hell Peter means when he keeps saying the "much of muchness"?
john miller
john miller - 4 years ago
yes sure, it means you're a mong
Garry Grant
Garry Grant - 4 years ago
Yes, virtually identical. They've produced a new club just for the sake of producing a new club instead of anything radical or improving.
David Shannon
David Shannon - 4 years ago
much of a muchness =very similar
PC - 4 years ago
First time I've watched Finch friday and really enjoyed hearing your views on the questions asked. Looking forward to the next one. Have a great weekend, Paul.
Shawn Deal
Shawn Deal - 4 years ago
Do you think that the CBX wedges could be a game changer for high-single, to mid-handicappers? That's the only club I'm "thinking" about buying this "silly season."
kvgolfa - 4 years ago
It's a great option but I wouldn't call it a game changer. With higher lofts the difference in forgiveness in terms of off center hits is negligible. But, you do gain forgiveness in the sole design. Wider sole and more bounce allows you to be less precise with your impact
Heindrich Dyer
Heindrich Dyer - 4 years ago
Only 14 minutes late
King Brian of knocknasheega
King Brian of knocknasheega - 4 years ago
Golf needs tiger woods back competing again. All hail King tiger.
teoff16 - 3 years ago
Tiger is a piece of shit.
Oliver Haynes
Oliver Haynes - 3 years ago
Really! Oh ye of little faith!
Lyyle - 4 years ago
von volts LMAO do you feel dumb now? I didnt expect him to do a whole lot either though tbh.
yabadoo - 4 years ago
Von Volts i think the participation figures show that golf isn't ready for Tiger packing in just yet. None of the current crop of players have separated themselves from the pack, which is what golf needs. It needs to be competitive but with 1 or 2 complete superstars that are almost a guaranteed major win each year. All sports that are successful have them whether it be football with Messi and Ronaldo or tennis with Federer and Nadal.
adam lawrence
adam lawrence - 4 years ago
von volts
von volts - 4 years ago
King brian of knocknasheega, he's done, he's injured, there's more talented ppl waiting for an opportunity to shine big and tiger will be an obstruction, like a thick on a deer scrotum, golf doesn't need him anymore.
podge - 4 years ago
Yeah I think it's funny how some are under the illusion that lessons are a waste of money but have no problem spending hundreds on quick fix solutions. The main one I see is anti slice drivers and messing with sliding weights that they don't understand
Michael Smoot
Michael Smoot - 4 years ago
Where's Peter
Paul Richards
Paul Richards - 4 years ago
New challenge idea... You and Rick get yourselves down to sports direct and get a full bag each and compete in an 18 hole match. Just like the old club golf bidder challenge... Also....I agree, it would be fantastic if Tiger could win again.
jcraft797 panos
jcraft797 panos - 4 years ago
Another great vid. love them!!
Brad Garland
Brad Garland - 4 years ago
Re: Silly Season Question - You wouldn't consider the Cobra One Length as an example of 'major' changes last year?
cgasucks - 4 years ago
Single iron lengths has been done before in '89 (Tommy Armour EQL).
Wes Gilbert
Wes Gilbert - 4 years ago
One big impact is GBB epic driver
D.J. - 4 years ago
Dean Smith
Dean Smith - 4 years ago
Why you say that?

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