How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full Tutorial Ft. New Balance 654

In this full customization tutorial, I'll show you how to transform thrifted dad sneakers into a one of a kind DIY custom kick! Paint I Used: FOLLOW ME: @MRPAULCANTU INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: mr.paulcantu For Serious Business Inquiries Email Me:

How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full Tutorial Ft. New Balance 654 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 326

Golf Shoes 2 years ago 268,771 views

In this full customization tutorial, I'll show you how to transform thrifted dad sneakers into a one of a kind DIY custom kick! Paint I Used: FOLLOW ME: @MRPAULCANTU INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: mr.paulcantu For Serious Business Inquiries Email Me:

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for How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full Tutorial Ft. New Balance 654

Lawrence Mackenzie
Lawrence Mackenzie - 2 years ago
This is dope, creative shit brah
Ramiro Duran
Ramiro Duran - 2 years ago
Congratulations, you brought the value of these shoes down from $2.99 to $1.25
Jarrett B
Jarrett B - 2 years ago
I could see these with a 90s outfit
Alana Foster
Alana Foster - 2 years ago
Ooooooo giving me Ronald McDonald vibes
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog - 2 years ago
It ain’t hard to tell by Nas is the background song and it’s fire
_.wildwings936 ._
_.wildwings936 ._ - 2 years ago
That shit look dope as fuck. You dry to make some comic shoes next time
Caleb Excell
Caleb Excell - 2 years ago
This looks like a pre school paint class
Lil Sauce
Lil Sauce - 2 years ago
gotta get rid of that booty smell...dead
MCK DEADSHOT 267 - 2 years ago
Those look like they belong in a bowling alley

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Game over 232
Game over 232 - 2 years ago
I'm allergic to cheap shit it's like the fibre and what ever it is no lie
stylebylee - 2 years ago
This came out sooogood! I wanna try and recreate this in a pastel version
B Nichole MUA
B Nichole MUA - 2 years ago
I subscribed because he's creative and fine
Adnan A
Adnan A - 2 years ago
How toxic are those paints and chemicals?
Eliot Landon
Eliot Landon - 2 years ago
Carter Edwards
Carter Edwards - 2 years ago
That no joke came out a lot better than I thought
Ayla Miller
Ayla Miller - 2 years ago
Ugly as fuck I would look like a fucking clown wearing them
Justin Case
Justin Case - 2 years ago
That shoe not only is nerdy originally it still is.
ramensurfer - 2 years ago
where he get the supplies
BeastColossalDinoTV _30
BeastColossalDinoTV _30 - 2 years ago
How long does the paint last

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Maximillian - 2 years ago
all of your customs turn out shiny as a mug. need some matte finisher homie lol
Daq Infinite
Daq Infinite - 2 years ago
I would never wear these but they would be cool to have
Meow Ahh
Meow Ahh - 2 years ago
Omg I forgot my password to my old YouTube account and I couldn’t remember your name and I finally found you again on my suggested
Judge - 2 years ago
Check my custom simpsons af1 #thrift☺️☺️☺️
Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar - 2 years ago
Looks ugly
Beakless Duck?¿
Beakless Duck?¿ - 2 years ago
They look like clown shoes
Valerie Garcia
Valerie Garcia - 2 years ago
if u coulda made the colors looks more on the ash side and with the mat they would've come out a little better in my opinion
Glo Herbo
Glo Herbo - 2 years ago
Trash just trash in my opinion
8kBlox jaelarr
8kBlox jaelarr - 2 years ago
Tekashi 654's
Yung Babtou
Yung Babtou - 2 years ago
This is Roy purdy shoes

30. comment for How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full Tutorial Ft. New Balance 654

Mixed MediaXX
Mixed MediaXX - 2 years ago
When New Balance collabs with Balenciaga
kylee brown
kylee brown - 2 years ago
caillou 11s.
Caleb Bell
Caleb Bell - 2 years ago
I would wear these
Devon Trujillo
Devon Trujillo - 2 years ago
Yoo wear those shoes with a multi color TOMMY shirt! The fit would look cleeean
Cameron Presley
Cameron Presley - 2 years ago
Walk in with these on some where they still gonna jank you either way
Luna - 2 years ago
Does The Paint Come Off When You Try To Clean Them?
gingerlover43015 - 2 years ago
These are hideous....
KruL Gaming
KruL Gaming - 2 years ago
Looks like a 1980’s bag of skittles
guitar guy
guitar guy - 2 years ago
White andaconda cocaine laces
Ben Thomson
Ben Thomson - 2 years ago
Bruh that look like a broke ass clown shoe
1 9768
1 9768 - 2 years ago
Why don’t you try the Walmart 11s
Cheeky Chimp
Cheeky Chimp - 2 years ago
These shoes look like shit
Mallory Hunt
Mallory Hunt - 2 years ago
How much would you charge for custom shoes? If the shoes are bought you just customize them
Crimson Camellia
Crimson Camellia - 2 years ago

But that's

Just a theory
SUPER SWAG - 2 years ago
from my perspective I think the colors on the shoe really don't look good. but I support your efforts ^^
John coalp
John coalp - 2 years ago
Ugly as f
Bro We out here
Bro We out here - 2 years ago
Should have painted the soles
Tater Thot
Tater Thot - 2 years ago
Oh hell nah
Caitlin Foard
Caitlin Foard - 2 years ago
Bruh why does he look like a white version of rice gum?
Kitty Boy
Kitty Boy - 2 years ago
Looks like a fricken clown she the frick

50. comment for How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full Tutorial Ft. New Balance 654

NoisyBiscuit Productions
NoisyBiscuit Productions - 2 years ago
It’s kinda satisfying to watch him...— on mute.
NoisyBiscuit Productions
NoisyBiscuit Productions - 2 years ago
Shithead does Kroger carry them or do I have to go to martin’s?
Shithead - 2 years ago
NoisyBiscuit Productions get a life
Jodychan - 2 years ago
The back end looks like gatoraid lol jump on the gatoraid style train and make some gatoraid shoes lol
Hanna c
Hanna c - 2 years ago
Its giving me a 90s vibes
Austin Cook
Austin Cook - 2 years ago
Yoooo I need that Minnie Shredding Banner.
Outfitted - 2 years ago
I’m sorry my eyesight seems to be going all weird, as it doesn’t say one million views it says one hundred thousand.
Zarina Layla Ceja
Zarina Layla Ceja - 2 years ago
Ugly af. Wtf happened
Excalibur Caliber
Excalibur Caliber - 2 years ago
They look like clown shoes
Kelly Annette
Kelly Annette - 2 years ago
These look so badddd
aloha kiki
aloha kiki - 2 years ago
If u wanna just see the shoe customized already go to 10:15
Kaylee Michelle
Kaylee Michelle - 2 years ago
Still ugly & messy
Julian Sada
Julian Sada - 2 years ago
These bitches ugly asl
volcomXdiamond - 2 years ago
Those look stupid. Like absolutely terrible
Joeynolyfe - 2 years ago
Bro who would wear those?
Tony Briones
Tony Briones - 2 years ago
Show both lazy ass joto
Tony Briones
Tony Briones - 2 years ago
On feet
Nicholas snipes
Nicholas snipes - 2 years ago
Paul I love your videos but these are ugly as fuck
The crochet whisper
The crochet whisper - 2 years ago
Look like clown shoes! Would have looked dope with rose gold, white, and black.
Juliet Jj
Juliet Jj - 2 years ago
Ashton Harris
Ashton Harris - 2 years ago
They still ugly
Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper - 2 years ago
Why would somebody wear that
leo sidenixsiek
leo sidenixsiek - 2 years ago
hey! do you think you could make captions available for this video (and the rest if they aren’t on)? it’ll make everything way easier for those of us who are hard of hearing. thanks man
Kaeli H
Kaeli H - 2 years ago
Very 90's, I dig it.
treat taster
treat taster - 2 years ago
Bitch I must have instantly subscribed
Amy S
Amy S - 2 years ago
They give me balenciaga chunky vibes
Red Filmz
Red Filmz - 2 years ago
Bruh your commentary is fucking hilarious XD
selvin barahona
selvin barahona - 2 years ago
Cassandra Darby
Cassandra Darby - 2 years ago
I honestly have no idea how I got to this video, but no regrets man! I fuck with shoes like that too. I turned a pair of 5$ white canvas shoes into pastel platforms so I totally dig this! Great job and better luck with the matte-afying process next go.
ParsimoniousTV - 2 years ago
Those were $10?! I've seen good condition UGGs at Salvation Army for $15! Those should be like $5
Brody johnson
Brody johnson - 2 years ago
That shoe gave me aids
sabrina smith
sabrina smith - 2 years ago
3:50 sarah baska used the same background music for her roast yourself video
Gay Af
Gay Af - 2 years ago
Damn that’s live
Lydia Rutkowski
Lydia Rutkowski - 2 years ago
Make this a trend
Meredith Boostrom
Meredith Boostrom - 2 years ago
Yo I love this guy and the way he talks
roxas the rogue
roxas the rogue - 2 years ago
This dude is a mental wreck
ceciliaIFY1 - 2 years ago
"I fubkcs with it, it's my aesthetic"
Seairra Allen
Seairra Allen - 2 years ago
Am I the only human who actually loves this guy or what I would kill to meet this dood
max r
max r - 2 years ago
Those look ugly as shit
Tatianna Wright
Tatianna Wright - 2 years ago
These are so cuteeeee! Omg i need to do this
Dearly Animate
Dearly Animate - 2 years ago
Looks like superhero shoes, and look like they would be superhero comic merch
Tallbarbiegirl 14
Tallbarbiegirl 14 - 2 years ago
I just found your channel. You just got a new sub!!!
YourFavoriteDog !!!
YourFavoriteDog !!! - 2 years ago
Someone tell him he has to do the other shoe now
davvvon .t
davvvon .t - 2 years ago
I was really about to do those same colors before you even said anything
Lil Food Stamps
Lil Food Stamps - 2 years ago
Bruh those kicks are hurrendous
The N3RD
The N3RD - 2 years ago
Ugliest shoe ive ever seen but i like your content man
April Torres
April Torres - 2 years ago
They came out cool.
Russell davis
Russell davis - 2 years ago
This dude is so obnoxious
Russell davis
Russell davis - 2 years ago
Emari Money
Emari Money - 2 years ago
7:12 damn!!! He came for 6ix9ine whole life
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown - 2 years ago
Dude your white stop trying to act black
Kassi Myers
Kassi Myers - 2 years ago
Those are tennis shoes, for like actual tennis so they have great support and are the comfiest things in the world, so that’s a thrift win
Angelus Nicholas
Angelus Nicholas - 2 years ago
Something funny my name is angelus

100. comment for How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full Tutorial Ft. New Balance 654

Amber Jeffries
Amber Jeffries - 2 years ago
A fuckin clown
I’m Boras The PortaPotty
I’m Boras The PortaPotty - 2 years ago
Me and my friends call those the molester 7
Weezy Mc
Weezy Mc - 2 years ago
They still shit
Fancy Marshmallow
Fancy Marshmallow - 2 years ago
Did he just say "disallowed" in the first minute
DeMarco Darby
DeMarco Darby - 2 years ago
They still ugly
Don’t read This
Don’t read This - 2 years ago
This kid at my school wears dad shoes they look hella off and he HELLA ugly to
Lando Smith
Lando Smith - 2 years ago
Krylon matte finish
Gnzl - 2 years ago
Them hoes ugly bruh what are you doin
The King
The King - 2 years ago
These low key tuff tho
b flute
b flute - 2 years ago
I give you.......... rainbow yeee
Ig: thereal_jmoney
Ig: thereal_jmoney - 2 years ago
Can you do more shoe customization videos?
It's Watts
It's Watts - 2 years ago
6ix9ine finna wear those
Henny The Indigo
Henny The Indigo - 2 years ago
ivy corrina
ivy corrina - 2 years ago
love this!
Althea Garlick
Althea Garlick - 2 years ago
Fit my dad with new cleats bro
Merlon - 2 years ago
this is so ugly, i cant sleep
Low Low
Low Low - 2 years ago
What in the 6ix9ine is this
Angie Mendizabal
Angie Mendizabal - 2 years ago
Liking the shoes, keep doing what your doing!
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez - 2 years ago
You opened my eyes to a whole new world of creativity
lil.kickflip_ - 2 years ago
This is some Roy purdy type shit
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia - 2 years ago
6ix 9ines head
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 2 years ago
So glad thumbnail didn’t ruin the final product
Hanzo_ Hasashi16
Hanzo_ Hasashi16 - 2 years ago
I think I remember seeing some kid wearing these in an episode of Barney
Baseball fan pr21
Baseball fan pr21 - 2 years ago
I remember your jewelry vids
Ur Trash
Ur Trash - 2 years ago
Jay Santiago
Jay Santiago - 2 years ago
Wtf theme is this. You’re just throwing on random colors. Terrible
Pisto Alert
Pisto Alert - 2 years ago
Those dont look that bad
MrPurpleSoda - 2 years ago
You are cringe
DASPRAYWAY PJ - 2 years ago
Spray the shoe with krylon matte finisher to get a true matte look and another protective coat over the angelus matte finisher
Aloe Hey
Aloe Hey - 2 years ago
Nicoleta Coman
Nicoleta Coman - 2 years ago
Your name soounds so East European
ferdy yudha
ferdy yudha - 2 years ago
you make it worst
Its Rexii
Its Rexii - 2 years ago
Shoulda did the shoes that were in back of those
JAYtoGODLY - 2 years ago
U made em worse
carlos batalla
carlos batalla - 2 years ago
You made it worse
Kervens Nelson
Kervens Nelson - 2 years ago
They look like clown shoes
Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson - 2 years ago
tooo many colors but i like it
Jordan Dahl
Jordan Dahl - 2 years ago
I think I saw a clown wearing those the other day.
savannah meador
savannah meador - 2 years ago
Literally the ugliest shoe ever
Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez - 2 years ago
Aye he got boogotti kasino playin
ROB ALAN - 2 years ago
That is the straight up ugliest shoe I've ever seen in my life.
Aaron Archuletta
Aaron Archuletta - 2 years ago
that's pretty ugly bro
Ljiljana Spaić
Ljiljana Spaić - 2 years ago
Eric Jarvis
Eric Jarvis - 2 years ago
It's lit
Carter - 2 years ago
That Mozzy in the Background - Im Not Afraid ft DCMBR
Isaac Vargas
Isaac Vargas - 2 years ago
You talk like you’re fucking autistic .
daisy r
daisy r - 2 years ago
i wanted to see it on :(
Fiegn Seer
Fiegn Seer - 2 years ago
Whod rock em though
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez - 2 years ago
Bro are you fucken serious ? Are those shoes for a clown ?
x crime zap
x crime zap - 2 years ago
You look like austin Lanier
PASSTHEMEMES - 2 years ago
That intro is ass
Kiwi Chaos
Kiwi Chaos - 2 years ago
You gonna wear them bowling?
Tai Valentine
Tai Valentine - 2 years ago
lol nigga dull your paint
Brian Carreno
Brian Carreno - 2 years ago
Pennywise would wear these
I'J WAK - 2 years ago
Ever since u did those Nike custom Miami dolphin tbh u got me into this sneaker customizing n refurbishing game as well as starting my own channel. Finally literally made an official one. If u got a time checkout my first ever sneaker vid I just posted that would be dope asf. U won’t be disappointed
Patrick Regnault
Patrick Regnault - 2 years ago
them new balances are a little off balance. #NoBalance
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - 2 years ago
Rocky Mc awesome
Rocky Mc awesome - 2 years ago
I dare you to ware these in public
nic sowinski
nic sowinski - 2 years ago
6ix9ine custom? I thick so
Tristan Hilston
Tristan Hilston - 2 years ago
Ray Nasir
Ray Nasir - 2 years ago
Deff had that 90s vibe. Dope as fuck though.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 2 years ago
You just turned the shoe into 69
Jr. - 2 years ago
if Paul can thrift shop than u Cantu
Gabe Shepard
Gabe Shepard - 2 years ago
Yo where the beat from I forgot and its killing me
MYCHOL XANDER - 2 years ago
Daaaaang Bruh, dem fuckers look HOT!!! Good job heffa!
Jacob Ollila
Jacob Ollila - 2 years ago
Krylon matte finish is the finisher you want
savannah hogan
savannah hogan - 2 years ago
omg what is the name of the second song he has playing in the background i cannot figure it out
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez - 2 years ago
For free hand , these came out fiyaaa
1.2M views - 2 years ago
Fucking CLOWN shoes mate
Princeton Adams
Princeton Adams - 2 years ago
That made it worse
Dorian Cortez
Dorian Cortez - 2 years ago
That boy Paul got a hicky on his neck????? In the beginning of the video
cody7540 - 2 years ago
looking like a lego looking ass
Alex major
Alex major - 2 years ago
I suggest krylon Matt finish you can get it at Walmart and I have never had any problems with it good vid
FadedDesigns - 2 years ago
vomit 1s
derpoverload - 2 years ago
It's like one of those shoes that me and my friend's laugh at at the store as to who whould buy them LOL. But then again you're probably the only person who could actually rock these
Justin Walker
Justin Walker - 2 years ago
Why didn't you just spray it with krylon matte finish???
tim thompson
tim thompson - 2 years ago
I like what you did with that shoes.
LILDEAN78 - 2 years ago
Dang u didn't even tape off. Steady hands...You go boy
chariah milly
chariah milly - 2 years ago
adrianm796 - 2 years ago
I'm fuckin with The Mozzy Instrumental
issie down
issie down - 2 years ago
I'm getting that Living in Color
Ian Seiler
Ian Seiler - 2 years ago
I Fuckin hate dad shoes but that custom looked badass an 90s as Fuck. gotta rock a Jeff Gordon racing jacket with those bad boys.
Fresh Pineapples
Fresh Pineapples - 2 years ago
Use Krylon Matte Finish
kylee myers
kylee myers - 2 years ago
Those give me a bouncy house vibe
tj waffles
tj waffles - 2 years ago
Gage Hernandez
Gage Hernandez - 2 years ago
These look amazing if they were in stores and were like $150 i would even pay morw
Gage Hernandez
Gage Hernandez - 2 years ago
KiddRetro - 2 years ago
These shoes remind me of my uncle. He never removed them when we played wrestling.
ø ø
ø ø - 2 years ago
Fuckin killed these, in love with the color blocking
LiL Nugget
LiL Nugget - 2 years ago
Do more of this kind of video bro
Marcus Johnston
Marcus Johnston - 2 years ago
Dawg these are pretty fresh. I would rock them
Mark Gallardo
Mark Gallardo - 2 years ago
Bruh u better a drop a customization vid for the other new balance silhouette
Estra FTW
Estra FTW - 2 years ago
Your best custom them shits fire
SKpivot - 2 years ago
Amazing video man! wasn't feeling too good today but this made me feel better, insane outcome! inspired me to do my own!
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren - 2 years ago
ima be real with ya chief

Kor Viray
Kor Viray - 2 years ago
I think it would have worked better if it were pastel colors still a good job though man
Jeffery Guillen
Jeffery Guillen - 2 years ago
It aint hard to tell
lee torres
lee torres - 2 years ago
“And i also threw some on the booty clap” that shit had me dead
lil chrisychris
lil chrisychris - 2 years ago
Bro them is flamboent
PurpleWeasel1323 - 2 years ago
you have such a colourful personality . MEOW
almightyy - 2 years ago
Paul Pin Me Or Die >:(
almightyy - 2 years ago
IAaron Young
IAaron Young - 2 years ago
Look garbage
Chris Nobles
Chris Nobles - 2 years ago
New balance x ice cream??
GNAR LEE - 2 years ago
dope i like you doin you, tru - unique - the peak
Ismar Terzic
Ismar Terzic - 2 years ago
Paul why don’t you ever tape anything up when you customize
PLDvisuals - 2 years ago
Use spray-on duler finisher
PLDvisuals - 2 years ago
Thrift gawd
Zessko - 2 years ago
New Balance 654 × Crayola
Mr alien
Mr alien - 2 years ago
change a new balance in BALANCIAGA
Sedin Subo
Sedin Subo - 2 years ago
the buzz lightyear 5's
Shoe Reviver Customs
Shoe Reviver Customs - 2 years ago
Krylon Matte Finish for a real matte finish
Josh Traphagen
Josh Traphagen - 2 years ago
oh my goodness!!!!! those are fire!!
Levi Montez
Levi Montez - 2 years ago
Shits trash
Depressed Pear
Depressed Pear - 2 years ago
Clown shoes
PUCCY NIBBA - 2 years ago
yooooh that beat when star the custom fire
wet bet gang - ja passa
Dropkick Suplex
Dropkick Suplex - 2 years ago
so the easiest was to dull angelus jobs are mod podge matte finnish, so use the paint and angelus finisher regular, then hit it with the mod podge matte spray at the end and that shit will turn out flatter than the earth
MRS_D3N1M X - 2 years ago
Dropkick Suplex They sell Matte Modge Podge at Dollar Tree for 99c. I've never tried using it to dull paint on shoes but your advice makes sense to me, and MP is so damn cheap, I think Paul should try it! Plus you can use MP for a trillyon other projects, I'd be shook if he doesn't already have some laying around.
Caroline Edwards
Caroline Edwards - 2 years ago
Bryan Sturgill
Bryan Sturgill - 2 years ago
Paul is tip toeing in his dad shoes
Laye Aldwin Coloma
Laye Aldwin Coloma - 2 years ago
Hey paul im ur fan from philippines! ♥ i love all of ur thrifting video's dude. ♥
Freshouthebox - 2 years ago
You can find these in the kiddie section of payless lol
Esosa Ohonba
Esosa Ohonba - 2 years ago
Am I the only one that sees the new balance logo and sees a Z instead of a N
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller - 2 years ago
Paul stays with the gayest looking hair cuts
217SUPERMOTO - 2 years ago
Wanted to see them styled bro
Puchito puchito
Puchito puchito - 2 years ago
Who gonna wear these ? Bozo the clown ?
Clout Kid
Clout Kid - 2 years ago
Yo dad mathafucka
Ethan Mena
Ethan Mena - 2 years ago
Thats what i was thinkin man that shit looks like a clown kinda thing
Jboy 14bh
Jboy 14bh - 2 years ago
Puchito puchito bozo is dead tho
Blinggkai - 2 years ago
Puchito puchito KSKSKSKSKS
E.M.56 - 2 years ago
These is fire
Brittany Schettino
Brittany Schettino - 2 years ago
Puchito puchito yo I would
Puchito puchito
Puchito puchito - 2 years ago
ZachTheBoss23 i heard
ZachTheBoss23 - 2 years ago
Puchito puchito Bozo died
jacktothemax236 - 2 years ago
Puchito puchito heck ya
Tarian - 2 years ago
NB looking like a beach ball
Sarmand Rasheed
Sarmand Rasheed - 2 years ago
Next time do a Gucci colour way
Tony Pacheco
Tony Pacheco - 2 years ago
Give those to 69
SamVG - 2 years ago
Yo @paulCantu when you come to England boi and do a meet and greet
kiagnaw - 2 years ago
that shit looks so clean wow
BurnShit666 - 2 years ago
The other shoe would look nice with some pastel colors
IamSuave - 2 years ago
You went straight Punky Bruster on that shoe!!!
Cody Leitch
Cody Leitch - 2 years ago
Make the sole black
Shawn Anderson
Shawn Anderson - 2 years ago
YyzToronto - 2 years ago
I think the shoes would look even more dope with an all black sole
José Arturo Fonseca Atacho
José Arturo Fonseca Atacho - 2 years ago
Hey @paulcantu can you send me the audio samples of "what are those??" and "fuck with me".... allways cracks me up
Chaad Mason Pierre
Chaad Mason Pierre - 2 years ago
We need more customs
Chaad Mason Pierre
Chaad Mason Pierre - 2 years ago
Chaad Mason Pierre
Chaad Mason Pierre - 2 years ago
And unboxings
That BOY JAVI - 2 years ago
This is a shoe 6ix9ine would rock wen he’s in his 60s
Yung Sammy
Yung Sammy - 2 years ago
Nerf gun 654’s
Julio Viveros
Julio Viveros - 2 years ago
That Nas "it ain't hard to tell" tho
tomato48 - 2 years ago
Dude you killed it.
MikeMike& YungRetro
MikeMike& YungRetro - 2 years ago
Paul Cantu and 69 low-key having a baby...
Allen Rodriguez
Allen Rodriguez - 2 years ago
My Bell is on homie much love from the valley South Texas Harlingen To be exact
Lorraine Martin
Lorraine Martin - 2 years ago
The clown shoe 11’s
Kellen OToole
Kellen OToole - 2 years ago
Daddy cantu needs to become a designer. His brand would be flame
Furbs World
Furbs World - 2 years ago
brahh I know McD's hit him up for that custom
Dakota Litsey
Dakota Litsey - 2 years ago
Krylon matte finisher works good
Daddy D
Daddy D - 2 years ago
The fact that you didn’t drop a fit with it makes me sad dad
ArtGuy - 2 years ago
Do a full dad fit at the thrift
hypebeast not allowed
hypebeast not allowed - 2 years ago
Y tf do people think dad shoes cool they have no style bt u do paul cantu cus u got me into vintage more then i was
Theylovee Nya
Theylovee Nya - 2 years ago
“I also took some on the booty cap”
Ruthsybel - 2 years ago
You give me life
Ruthsybel - 2 years ago
Sepukku Boy That's a stretch
Sepukku Boy
Sepukku Boy - 2 years ago
Ruthsybel guess I’ll turn gay now
Ruthsybel - 2 years ago
Sepukku Boy
Sepukku Boy
Sepukku Boy - 2 years ago
lol you're cute
Ruthsybel - 2 years ago
Sepukku Boy just a smidge
Sepukku Boy
Sepukku Boy - 2 years ago
nah jk that was weird lol
Ruthsybel - 2 years ago
Sepukku Boy Yikes
Sepukku Boy
Sepukku Boy - 2 years ago
Ruthsybel he is my life lmao
Freed - 2 years ago
the caillou 11s!
Locolopez - 2 years ago
What’s the ending song called?
Aaliyah Ramos
Aaliyah Ramos - 2 years ago
I'd never wear those but loved the video.! ×.×
YamaAgni - 2 years ago
Your customization game is crazy! You also provided a lot of great tips in this video; thanks for doing these!
Ll4mas - 2 years ago
The more you tell yourself there fire won’t make them fire
Jonathan Campos
Jonathan Campos - 2 years ago
This shit tuff
joey viv
joey viv - 2 years ago
Damn bro i didn't know you're working in a Chinese sweat shop with that colorway lmao. Looking like a eBay deal of the day lol.
MRS_D3N1M X - 2 years ago
joey viv dead @ebay deal of the day
joey viv
joey viv - 2 years ago
You're vids are great man
M04K Visual
M04K Visual - 2 years ago
Put a gum bottom on them
yunior ambrocio
yunior ambrocio - 2 years ago
New balance WHAT THE 654
LUIS Cortez
LUIS Cortez - 2 years ago
Wear the shoe see if they crack
AyeEriq - 2 years ago
Clown shoes bruh
Ryen Teo
Ryen Teo - 2 years ago
fire custom brodie
Jacob Maag
Jacob Maag - 2 years ago
Black laces
MsT2u - 2 years ago
How do you make the exact same color for the second shoe? Doesn't look like you make enough initially.
brandan evans
brandan evans - 2 years ago
love the Nas instrumental Paul!!!!
The Vegan Earthling
The Vegan Earthling - 2 years ago
Those shoes are actually sick!!!
uncle elroy
uncle elroy - 2 years ago
Thumbs up for dat mozzy inskrumental hawmey!
Chrome Neelson
Chrome Neelson - 2 years ago
Krayola x New Balance?
Kidd_Thunder 23
Kidd_Thunder 23 - 2 years ago
Mix a drop or 3 of duller into the color you are using to make the color more matte looking, then try to finish it with krylon matte finisher
Lucas Hernandez
Lucas Hernandez - 2 years ago
Is there anything the Cantu can't do
MIKEY VLOGS - 2 years ago
Clown shoes
The Crusades Of BangBang
The Crusades Of BangBang - 2 years ago
Yo Paul,How do you clean the mesh tongue on a shoe, I got The Nike Uptempo Air "Pippens" I found thrifting, any advice. It's like a yellow white
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez - 2 years ago
I would called these the “What the” New Balances cuz Nike be doing the same thing u did using different colors on like Kobe, Lebron, Kyrie shoes. Dope af
futuRe - 2 years ago
Gotta be honest those look like some clown shoes bra.
LorreLove - 2 years ago
I like the white laces
Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell - 2 years ago
If you buy clear matte spray paint. It’ll dull the glossy paint and it’ll lock the color in and prevent the paint from chilling or scuffing.
Matt Got Buckets
Matt Got Buckets - 2 years ago
Bruh looking fire
Matt Boselli
Matt Boselli - 2 years ago
Looks dope. Paul Cantu
XX ZB XX - 2 years ago
This is some trash not the colors that’s lit but the shoe and dad shoes in general
KING SlASHER2wild - 2 years ago
Joaquin Cervantes
Joaquin Cervantes - 2 years ago
These ugly as hell
661 Jude
661 Jude - 2 years ago
“ Yes I’m ballin’ ... vrooooooooooom”
124 Thrifts
124 Thrifts - 2 years ago
rock these with the upcoming Guess x Sean Wotherspoon t-shirts
Dreamville Bill
Dreamville Bill - 2 years ago
I need that on foot ASAP
Zeke Bourgeois
Zeke Bourgeois - 2 years ago
dope. wish you woulda painted both and done an on foot. hard to picture them with a fit. definitely a good color scheme tho.
Ybn Numba
Ybn Numba - 2 years ago
Turning Beats Into Heats
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar - 2 years ago
You not washing them made me cringe bruh
Urban Projects
Urban Projects - 2 years ago
Really digging these shoe customs
Lv 3hunna
Lv 3hunna - 2 years ago
Jayoo - 2 years ago
Hear you rockin wit mozzy
Joey Phantom
Joey Phantom - 2 years ago
Clown shoes
Ulises Marquez
Ulises Marquez - 2 years ago
damn those are fire buy them from u for $1.00
The Toy Room
The Toy Room - 2 years ago
The reason the paint came out looking glossy on the green and blue parts is because that area of the shoe is made out of a different pearlesent material. You can see it on the white when the light hits it.
The Toy Room
The Toy Room - 2 years ago
It's on the yellow on the tongue and back tab as well
Paul Cantu
Paul Cantu - 2 years ago
You shooo right....
Leo Lahtinen
Leo Lahtinen - 2 years ago
Straight fiiiire!
Crack Demon
Crack Demon - 2 years ago
Use Krylon Matte Finisher
jay Pump
jay Pump - 2 years ago
Yo so can anyone tell me where I can find the vid where kinky say YUHHH
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez - 2 years ago
Those fit perfectly for the month of April because it Autism Awareness month.
Jordan Dahl
Jordan Dahl - 2 years ago
That was low key a roast
slothperson78 - 2 years ago
Paul Cantu that autism be aspie but the color too classy ya dig
Paul Cantu
Paul Cantu - 2 years ago
David Smith
David Smith - 2 years ago
thedeafgenius - 2 years ago
Turn on cc so I can follow what you are saying please!!!! Much love!!
Aldo Raine
Aldo Raine - 2 years ago
Just get some matte finish spray like krylon or rustoleum you donut
ROCCOTHEGREAT - 2 years ago
how do you not have a shoe collab from a company yet. come on paul!
Seymour Viagalishche
Seymour Viagalishche - 2 years ago
Paul, I remember when you first started out your shoe customization was pretty bad, now looking at this video on your newest customization shoes looks like you have not improved whatsoever. The shoes look like shit
Rigo Mortis
Rigo Mortis - 2 years ago
Can’t wait to see you rock those during gay pride week daddy Cantu
RAINBOW DASH - 2 years ago
T3ch Bear_ fag means cigarette
Sammi Spencer
Sammi Spencer - 2 years ago
T3ch Bear_ fag means cigar you twat
Goku Black
Goku Black - 2 years ago
T3ch Bear_ pussy boy
Chips Ahoi
Chips Ahoi - 2 years ago
Rigo Mortis LOL
Little Bill
Little Bill - 2 years ago
He gay? Awhhhh hell nah
T3ch Bear_
T3ch Bear_ - 2 years ago
Goku Black shut up fag
Goku Black
Goku Black - 2 years ago
T3ch Bear_ cunt
T3ch Bear_
T3ch Bear_ - 2 years ago
Rigo Mortis wtf what a fag
Itz DoUgLaS.r
Itz DoUgLaS.r - 2 years ago
Does anyone know the music at the end of his videos? Someone tell me
C. Jovanni Ramirez
C. Jovanni Ramirez - 2 years ago
Give my dad a like
devin rivera
devin rivera - 2 years ago
You should do A on foot video
MrCheko2040 - 2 years ago
Are u made dat costume shoes inspired in 6ix9ine, He can wear dat shoes
Too Flame
Too Flame - 2 years ago
laflame kid
laflame kid - 2 years ago
what's the name of the other news balance
bubbabear _23
bubbabear _23 - 2 years ago
krylon matte finish for that less glossy look
jaidog jarvis
jaidog jarvis - 2 years ago
Jack Shack
Jack Shack - 2 years ago
Mozzy? Okay Paul
Nigga when they get KD?
Nigga when they get KD? - 2 years ago
I remember when I first started watching you on YouTube. You used to get a lot of dislikes on your videos cause people thought you were annoying and arrogant. Now it’s 2018 and the quality in your videos are A1 and your personality still hasn’t changed. Amazing.
Bugatti McCauley
Bugatti McCauley - 2 years ago
I was hooked wen everything he said rhymes and his memes
aveerry - 2 years ago
Banby I wouldn't say arrogant, just annoying. Ppl learn to deal with it. He's got good content
Lil Nature Boy
Lil Nature Boy - 2 years ago
Tekashi 69 Edition
Devin x Supreme
Devin x Supreme - 2 years ago
They’re actually low key fire
psychospazz64 - 2 years ago
Hotdog on a stick headass
T. S.
T. S. - 2 years ago
Customization King
Anikin Rodriguez
Anikin Rodriguez - 2 years ago
Man Reshoven8r need to hire you.
Lgh_anne Wang
Lgh_anne Wang - 2 years ago
No !!?!
Anikin Rodriguez
Anikin Rodriguez - 2 years ago
nasty nate
nasty nate - 2 years ago
Anikin Rodriguez ugly
beastsmode 16
beastsmode 16 - 2 years ago
Anikin Rodriguez nah bro you trippin!
trapmig0 - 2 years ago
them clown shoes
GangstaBlub - 2 years ago
Popa Cantu
Customizing a shoe
Tryna let me fuck you
GIFIML - 2 years ago
Low key fireee
J BOY D - 2 years ago
Jason - 2 years ago
Do a part 2 with the other new balance
Jason - 2 years ago
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - 2 years ago
looooove these dope as customs, them boys Fuego
0llyJ0yce0903 023
0llyJ0yce0903 023 - 2 years ago
Hella bowling shoes
Aldo Tapia
Aldo Tapia - 2 years ago
Put flames on em
Mary Faraci
Mary Faraci - 2 years ago
Matte finisher
Mary Faraci
Mary Faraci - 2 years ago
Mary Faraci
Mary Faraci - 2 years ago
Add some matte finisher it'll take the gloss bro
Jerardo Martinez
Jerardo Martinez - 2 years ago
Change the yellow for purple, it would look better
Stephanie Diaz
Stephanie Diaz - 2 years ago
are you still vegan?
Humxa.LKツ - 2 years ago
Daddy Cantu too spicy we these NB
Eesher Kalra
Eesher Kalra - 2 years ago
Humxa.LKツ is
tristxnesar - 2 years ago
My man looking like he made a shoe out of marvel characters
sharky swervo
sharky swervo - 2 years ago
i wish he did the detailing in white
Finn - 2 years ago
Hernandez Christian
Hernandez Christian - 2 years ago
Damn they actually look wearable and have a cool vintage look to them.
John Henson
John Henson - 2 years ago

Lol yeah by bozo the clown
almightyy - 2 years ago
Paul Cantu
Paul Cantu - 2 years ago
Thank you homie!
steelarmor - 2 years ago
Ronald McDonald colorway
WOLFCHAINZ2 - 2 years ago
Them shits is trash
Johnathn Forcht
Johnathn Forcht - 2 years ago
Clown shit
Bobby Contra
Bobby Contra - 2 years ago
Does he know they look shit or is he pretending?
Denize Cruz
Denize Cruz - 2 years ago
Can you do like a restoration for like dress shoes, leather shoes, etc?? That would be really helpful! ^_^
The Onion Patch
The Onion Patch - 2 years ago
Aye use krylon matte finisher, it works insanely good even when your paint comes out glossy af it "mattens" it out
Ozro - 2 years ago
Are huraches consider dad shoes picked up a pair for 15 dollars yesterday at the thrift
Hola 0987
Hola 0987 - 2 years ago
Ozro no
isaac rodriguez
isaac rodriguez - 2 years ago
Lemme eat your ass.
Marcus Mobley
Marcus Mobley - 2 years ago
Wow the fact that u did that with no tape
Vadim Yeremin
Vadim Yeremin - 2 years ago
USE KRYLON MATTE FINISH it’s 4$ at Walmart and works great
Shaira De Guzman
Shaira De Guzman - 2 years ago
i was just looking at dad shoes i wanted to purchase and this shows up! this is awesome!
El Trinito BoYz
El Trinito BoYz - 2 years ago
LeREP James
LeREP James - 2 years ago
First I was like wtf... But can't lie finished product turned out great
Marcus Mobley
Marcus Mobley - 2 years ago
Thanks to Kayne dad shoes are in style but I just don't get it
Marcus Mobley
Marcus Mobley - 2 years ago
This shit about to be
King_Bun _Buns
King_Bun _Buns - 2 years ago
Ur a god
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - 2 years ago
Bro you should be the designer for Brockhampton low-key!!!
Foluke DaMC
Foluke DaMC - 2 years ago
he didnt even use acetone to take off the original paint
Fashion Forward
Fashion Forward - 2 years ago
I cream paint job
Eugene Khot
Eugene Khot - 2 years ago
Oh the things a redneck with a brush can do...
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 2 years ago
Your restorations are always fire but these dad shoes are ugly af
Mr Raccoon
Mr Raccoon - 2 years ago
Miguel Puentes
Miguel Puentes - 2 years ago
Arturo Ortega
Arturo Ortega - 2 years ago
marcelo sanchez
marcelo sanchez - 2 years ago
so dope
Esteban Ibarra
Esteban Ibarra - 2 years ago
Mr paul cantuu
CJ O'Neil
CJ O'Neil - 2 years ago
Please black out the liner laces and midsole
Jake Sutton
Jake Sutton - 2 years ago
Why are you not a designer at like Nike or adidas yet? That shoe is just to
Marxman O/T
Marxman O/T - 2 years ago
Crack Demon
Crack Demon - 2 years ago
I want Paul to pipe down my ass like a fag on viagra.
Duane Armstrong
Duane Armstrong - 2 years ago
Yo they are them 90’s colored bro
István Miko
István Miko - 2 years ago
Don't stop making these !
Frederick Asher
Frederick Asher - 2 years ago
Trimming my pubes while watching this fire vidja.
SuperBreezy100 - 2 years ago
Sophie is better sorry .
Tyler Hoffman
Tyler Hoffman - 2 years ago
Tommy for who??
Emily Oberg
Emily Oberg - 2 years ago
Clown shoe Cantu
Konglomerant - 2 years ago
Them hoes bogus AF...
Gary Tapia
Gary Tapia - 2 years ago
Dolly Garcia
Dolly Garcia - 2 years ago
bro ya girl is 18 and I made a custom visor with color blocking such as these last year bt felt really like embarrassed bc of how flashy and bright it was bruh anyways if u can rock and shock these flame dad shoes i ain’t about to pussy out on my work of art and im about to bust out the clown visor luv u cantu
Nay Licious
Nay Licious - 2 years ago
He said and I threw some on the booty clap
ø ø
ø ø - 2 years ago
Dolly Garcia Rock that shit proud!!
Little Bill
Little Bill - 2 years ago
I got a headache reading this. where's your damn punctuation. Damn re read what you type before you send it.
allen castillo
allen castillo - 2 years ago
whats your ig
Kellen OToole
Kellen OToole - 2 years ago
Dolly Garcia dolly cantu don't sound bad @paul
Bryan Moreno
Bryan Moreno - 2 years ago
what’s good boo
Roy Carrillo
Roy Carrillo - 2 years ago
Why you gotta wear those you already a Dad. Daddy Cantu tryna fuck you
suppohkram - 2 years ago
That clown shoe is straight fire. You’re creativity is inspiring!
Tilted Towers
Tilted Towers - 2 years ago
Shoe would be for tekashi69
pacyyo I
pacyyo I - 2 years ago
i fuck with the nas song in the beginning!!!! Nas - It ain’t hard to tell
Devin x Supreme
Devin x Supreme - 2 years ago
Daddy Cantu lookin like a snack
Eduardo Arenas
Eduardo Arenas - 2 years ago
This man finna join the circus
Oliver Haigh
Oliver Haigh - 2 years ago
Ellis Dubbs
Ellis Dubbs - 2 years ago
damn paul cantu shea butter. uLookin great nowadays.....did change your diet?
SMSV2008 - 2 years ago
Yo Paul I have a dope idea. Next time you find a pair of these New Balances customize them in a Nautica Competition color way and theme. The New Balance N already kind of looks like the Nautica “N” Orange, Purple, and Black color way would be
MRS_D3N1M X - 2 years ago
great idea!
Chaad Mason Pierre
Chaad Mason Pierre - 2 years ago
SMSV2008 yes man!!!!
Ygreek Azed
Ygreek Azed - 2 years ago
heheeha boy
Jesus Crust
Jesus Crust - 2 years ago
lowkey scuffed the shoe ngl
TMO - 2 years ago
Dad shoes fit for a daddy
ghost_3lay - 2 years ago
A stranger say no more!
A stranger
A stranger - 2 years ago
Kiss me NIGGA
Tudor - 2 years ago
Scarlet Evans
Scarlet Evans - 2 years ago
Sway TV
Sway TV - 2 years ago
*Bro Your Commentary/Voice Overs Are Litt
Pollo conLucas
Pollo conLucas - 2 years ago
Sway TV or at some radio station
Dark Fire Gaming
Dark Fire Gaming - 2 years ago
I've been waiting for this vid
antoniothrifts - 2 years ago
nxxh - 2 years ago
notification squad <3 was looking forward for this fine ass hairy thrift god
Kenzie S
Kenzie S - 2 years ago
I drop everything when he uploads
IsThatSteven - 2 years ago
xxxtentacion - 2 years ago
Yeooo Paul we need more shoe vids
J A R E D 'B' M I Z O
J A R E D 'B' M I Z O - 2 years ago
Paul Cantucci. Whats guuucci
octavinyaboy 1234
octavinyaboy 1234 - 2 years ago
Follow me on snap tavinbblight
Slyner 90
Slyner 90 - 2 years ago
Paul Cantu
Paul Cantu - 2 years ago
Jorge Villalpando
Jorge Villalpando - 2 years ago
Paul look like an ex convict
The Most
The Most - 2 years ago
Gang Gang!
J A R E D 'B' M I Z O
J A R E D 'B' M I Z O - 2 years ago
Noti Gang. We out hereee
mrtea23 - 2 years ago
CJ YT - 2 years ago
Êthæń Čær
Êthæń Čær - 2 years ago
octavinyaboy 1234
octavinyaboy 1234 - 2 years ago
2 person
Leaking Tay
Leaking Tay - 2 years ago
Shoutouts I’ll pray
Legna - 2 years ago
paint a portrait of yourself in my ass hole baby
Devon McCann
Devon McCann - 2 years ago
Tortilla Tortilla
Tortilla Tortilla - 2 years ago

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