I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

I play with VERY RARE 50 YEAR OLD golf clubs! These clubs are the Ping K1 Karsten 1 irons that were produced in 1969 and are very very rare in this condition! Thanks to Clitheroe GC for allowing me to us the course for filming. It was in great condition. Thanks so much to Richard Travis for allowing me to use these clubs! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ►Official Garmin Ambassador: https://explore.garmin.com/en-GB/golf/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 69

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I play with VERY RARE 50 YEAR OLD golf clubs! These clubs are the Ping K1 Karsten 1 irons that were produced in 1969 and are very very rare in this condition! Thanks to Clitheroe GC for allowing me to us the course for filming. It was in great condition. Thanks so much to Richard Travis for allowing me to use these clubs! ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf ► Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf http://www.nike.com/golf ►Official Garmin Ambassador: https://explore.garmin.com/en-GB/golf/ ►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/new-golf-monthly-top-25-uk-coaches-list-revealed-89709 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►My Links: Facebook ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsFB Twitter ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsTwitter Instagram ► http://bit.ly/RickShielsIG Web ► http://www.rickshielsgolf.co.uk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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for I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 1 year ago
Thanks for watching - Question Whats the oldest club in your current bag or that you own?

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Defender2803 - 1 year ago
+Invincible Osprey Mid 90's I believe.
Mikael Langbraten
Mikael Langbraten - 1 year ago
I own, and regularly play, with antique hickory clubs. My regular hickory "playset" is a set of MacGregor Dura-Lite, which I have dated to around 1925-30. I have a complete set from 1-10 (10 being the putter). There you can talk about a thin top-line :-) I also have some D. Anderson & Sons club made in St. Andrews. I think the oldest one I have is a so called rut-iron. A lofted club with a very small club head used to play from wheel ruts and other poor lies that were not unusual in those days. I estimate that it was made in the 1890's. Besides requiring some precision to hit the small club face it's fully playable.
Defender2803 - 1 year ago
Those are newer...have patent number and dot which means they are newer than my no dot Ping I's. :)
Sameer Sethuram
Sameer Sethuram - 1 year ago
stupid showoff
Bob Vanoni
Bob Vanoni - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf hey Rick great job on driver vs driver I live in Chicago I was wondering while you were here did you get a chance to go to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play?
Stevo Browno
Stevo Browno - 1 year ago
How much do you want for those
TD Kane
TD Kane - 1 year ago
Oldest is Macgregor persimmon 4 wood from early 90s maybe.
Zeke Bones
Zeke Bones - 1 year ago
Orizaba Power Pod!!!!
JDHForward - 1 year ago
My 54° is about 10 years old
JDHForward - 1 year ago
I have a dunlop in that wrapped paper i'll never open it ha
edstrom1 - 1 year ago
Hi Rick, thanks for the great videos. I am still playing with my first and only set of clubs - MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield irons from late 80’s but with new grips. Question: I suspect that the groves are worn down compared to new clubs - is there any way to improve the surface of old clubs to create more backspin? Thx!
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf...I have a set of Wilson 1200 dual metal irons. After watching this video might play with them on Sunday.
Allan De Vera
Allan De Vera - 1 year ago
I got a Bulls Eye putter..1940s
Ezra Murti
Ezra Murti - 1 year ago
My Vokey BV 60 degree
Nick Erhart
Nick Erhart - 1 year ago
My 3-sw are Big Bertha x-14s from 98 that were my grandfather's
John Agnew
John Agnew - 1 year ago
My Callaway Big Bertha Warbird Strong Three 3+. What a club! It has a True Temper EI-70 Tour Extra Stiff shaft. I reckon the head is from about 1994 and shaft is from about 1996? I love it and anything I have tried since has never gone in the bag or been better.
John Agnew
John Agnew - 1 year ago
+Sixth Sense 60 That putter is Extremely Rare and worth a hell of a lot
dougmael - 1 year ago
The oldest club that I OWN is a hickory-shafted mashie niblick with dot-punched scoring markings on teh face. I estimate that it was made in the 1920s.
John Moriarity
John Moriarity - 1 year ago
The oldest club in my bag every round is a Taylormade TPA III putter that is about 28 years old. However, I have also collected clubs from models that I owned previously.

I have 5 irons from the following models

Wilson 1200LT (department store model) about 34 years old.
Mizuno Altron about 33 years old
Browning Classic Instrument - This one was really hard to find. Had to settle for an 8 iron. About 32 years old.
Ping Zing 2 about 25 years old. Never could hit these well.
Copy irons a friend built for me in '94. Based on Titleist DCI irons of the era. Still have the full set. Great clubs. Paid him $157 for 3 thru PW. A little over 24 years old.

Currently play G400s and Rogue driver and woods.
Lionel Temmerman
Lionel Temmerman - 1 year ago
I am playing cobra Cxi. They are great.
Brian Treadwell
Brian Treadwell - 1 year ago
Scotty Putter 2017
Topper H
Topper H - 1 year ago
Ping Zing 2 irons, and a ping anser 2 putter from circa 1990. After spending an eye watering amount of money on various new clubs I went back to the old set and found they out perform anything else I’ve purchased.
David Swanson
David Swanson - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf I use a TaylorMade TPA XIV putter from 1981, no fancy face inserts in that bad boy lol!
Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf 1972 John Letters Golden Goose putter. Its lovely.
iHateYourName - 1 year ago
Mizuno mp-30 irons from 2002
ozricbish - 1 year ago
full set of late 1970s Orlimar blades.
Nate Ross
Nate Ross - 1 year ago
I just bought a set of 1963 Walter Hagen irons. Can't wait to try them out.
Joe Wiseman
Joe Wiseman - 1 year ago
In my regular bag, 1999 Hogan Apex blades. Nothing i get can permanently kick them out
Cor Cross
Cor Cross - 1 year ago
Ping has always made great irons. My first real set of adult irons were my dad’s old Ping Eye 2 black dots. Loved those irons. I got custom fit and got a set of Ping G10s back in 2009, and I still game them and love them! They won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. My oldest club in play is a 2005 Callaway Big Bertha strong 5 wood that I will likely be replacing soon. I still hit it well, which is why it’s still in the bag! Great video Rick, cheers!
ran doshus
ran doshus - 1 year ago
1970's Lee Trevino 2 iron
dave0126 - 1 year ago
MacGregor 7 iron from my dad's set circa 1980.
BLZ121 - 1 year ago
My whole iron set. The are Hogan directors from the mid 80s. Still love them and really enjoyed playing them. Don't plan on upgrading anytime soon.
Clifton Manley
Clifton Manley - 1 year ago
Golfsmith cavity back blades, not sure how old, around 10-15 years I think... the OLDEST clubs I own are a set of Ping Eye2 Boron, green dot, they don't work for me, but they are interesting... probably late 80s. I do own a 1 wood thats at least 49 years old. I never had the desire for Hickory clubs, although I would like to play some torny hick stuff.
Sixth Sense 60
Sixth Sense 60 - 1 year ago
Ping zing 1 iron and a ping slazenger stamped nicklaus putter! ..
reuk - 1 year ago
I'm using Dunlop Maxfli irons and Dunlop FHS driver. Suspect that they came from the 90's era
Jordan Houle
Jordan Houle - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf I have a set of Ping eye Blacks I expect are 35-40 years old that I’ve played with for the last three years. I can’t find any specifics as to what year they are from. Perhaps you know!

From Jordan in Seattle!
Barry Mcardle
Barry Mcardle - 1 year ago
My COBRA F-SPEED 460 DRIVER 2005. Love it. I think it has a hot face can't be used
Kieran Jones
Kieran Jones - 1 year ago
I have a Karsten putter that goes with that set but doesn't make the nice ping sound
Tim Omick
Tim Omick - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf I have my Dad's last set of irons, Ben Hogan Edge.
Mark F
Mark F - 1 year ago
I have an old hickory shafted #9 Viking putter, that is marked on the head “warranted hand forged made in England” I have no idea how old it is, but would love find out when it was made
DestMayo - 1 year ago
Wilson 1200 GE irons - about 1990; wilson tpa XVIII putter, about same age. Putter can’t be that bad, Sir Faldo won masters with that type.. all new grips. New driver too (wilson dvd). Tried new Taylormade irons. Played horrible
Andrew F
Andrew F - 1 year ago
I am still using "The swan" putter by John Letters. It was my grandads, has a leather grip. It probably dates from the 1950s, but I love playing with it. I also have some of his hickory clubs at home, but i don't use them.
James Crockett
James Crockett - 1 year ago
I have a full set of these original ping irons, plus the ping Woods 1- 4. They were my grandads clubs. Alongside my modern callaway irons, is the ping sand wedge from this set with an original shaft and a new grip. It’s amazing to use for chipping around the green and from 50 yards out, for touch, feel and clipping the ball off the turf. It’s my most trusted club in the bag.
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 1 year ago
I do have a full set of Wilson blue ridge Sam snead golf clubs...1,3,4 woods 3-pw irons with original shafts and grips... I play with them sometimes but never a full round. Trying to keep them in good condition
Tyler L
Tyler L - 1 year ago
Cleveland tour action lob wedge.. I need to stop buying clubs ha
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 1 year ago
Mizuno T Zoid 13° 3wood S300 sensicore... Still in great condition and still performs great
Finlay Turner
Finlay Turner - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf hi rick I’m Finlay I play at sunningdale golf club off 15 and I am 13 ! I would love a shoutout!! I love ur videos !!
fordgtrocks1579 - 1 year ago
I use my dad's ping eye 2 wedge and sand wedge
Jelle Allaerts
Jelle Allaerts - 1 year ago
16 year old stx
Elton Alonso Pompeu
Elton Alonso Pompeu - 1 year ago
In my bag: Cobra Long Tom Driver

Overall: the super stick loft changing iron
Julia-6 - 1 year ago
I started playing about 5 years ago and I'm just playing with the same clubs. I bought a decent set. Not the most expensive, but I was fitted by the pro from whom I was taking lessons. I still have them. See no reason to buy new ones. I did replace the driver and 3W last year.
SantaDog81 - 1 year ago
My Spalding Touring Pro 2-9 irons from 1960.
Tom Noël
Tom Noël - 1 year ago
BTW, they are BECU's!
Tom Noël
Tom Noël - 1 year ago
Currently gaming a matched set, 1-LW, 1991 Ping Eye 2's. Look great and feel wonderful!
thegamer570 - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf Which putter is that?
Steven Wyatt
Steven Wyatt - 1 year ago
I bought my entire set about 21 years ago from one of those golf sale places. Full set of Vantage Vision irons, woods + bag. They were rubbish then and I'm still playing them now.
Brix - 1 year ago
LOL all of them...
Marc Martineau
Marc Martineau - 1 year ago
My old 1981 Wilson Staff Tour Blade FG-17, with Mizuno Graphite 1 Wood and persimmon 3-5 woods, plus an Aldila full graphite Driver, that I brought on the range this year !
Glenn Wisse
Glenn Wisse - 1 year ago
My oldest club is a ping tisi i3 3 wood. Best 3 wood ever made. I have around 40 really old clubs. Hickory shaft leather wrapped grips. And several pretty faced woods. The craftsmanship is amazing. I’d be happy to gift one to you if you’re interested.
Steve S
Steve S - 1 year ago
Callaway X460 10 degree driver. Hit over 300 yards only yesterday!
Ivan L
Ivan L - 1 year ago
My R11 3 wood probably my oldest
Invincible Osprey
Invincible Osprey - 1 year ago
How old are Ping Zing 2's?
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall - 1 year ago
I am currently playing Ping Eye 2 blackdot 3-SW that were made in 1985 with zz-lite stiff shafts.
chris mcintyre
chris mcintyre - 1 year ago
Titleist 907 driver
Nathan Rice
Nathan Rice - 1 year ago
R11 driver, replacing that with m4 this winter
Mike Austin Fan
Mike Austin Fan - 1 year ago
Still gaming the Ping I3 Blade irons which came out in 2000.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 1 year ago
That’s awesome!
Ray Gorman
Ray Gorman - 1 year ago
I have SEVERAL clubs from the 20's and 30's built in Scotland and elsewhere with hickory shafts, as well as one of those smooth face spoon shaped sand wedges. As for my oldest IN THE BAG, my Dad's Ping Anser 2 putter that I am using this season in his honor. He passed away last November, so I had it re-gripped and put it into play. It's a putter I used 20-25 years ago that I gave to him around that time. It was a few years old then. It still has his magic touch in it.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels Golf my dads old Callaway X 60° wedge
Nicholas Audley
Nicholas Audley - 1 year ago
Do a review of the new cortex driver from driver vs driver 2!
Patrick Carey
Patrick Carey - 1 year ago
Good Morning Rick. I am a subscriber and love watching your vlogs.
I was wondering if you could take a minute and have a little at this link.

A good friend my has a rare form of cancer and needs to raise some serious funds for a special type of treatment. If you read Carl's story you will see what he is going through. Carl is a keen golfer and I thought if you could give this a mention on your channel or share we might be able to raise the funds needed. As you will see we are doing a charity golf day next Saturday because of his love of the game. Hopefully you can help.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this message.

Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas - 1 year ago
Great videos as always Rick! Im just going to stick with my old Callaway clubs:)
keith williams
keith williams - 1 year ago
I’ve got Ping K15 irons I’ll have them until I die
Steve A
Steve A - 1 year ago
Great video!  This is the first video I have ever commented on.  Just for fun this season I pulled out my old 1980s irons, Wilson Bernard Langer blades, to practice with.  The sweet spot is much smaller and they really let you know it when you miss the sweet spot.  They forced me to put a better swing on them.  My game started improving, shooting my best ever score last month.  I have had them, 9I thru 4I, in my bag for most of the season.  They are my swing improvement clubs.  If you really want to improve your swing try practicing with old blades.
Zac Dorn
Zac Dorn - 1 year ago
I’ve got a full set of these Ping Karsten K1 irons, 3-SW, the 3 and 4 iron still have their original grips! Hopefully worth something in a few years...
Matt Knowles
Matt Knowles - 1 year ago
Begging for likes isn't cool pal
Christopher Siner
Christopher Siner - 1 year ago
I learned to putt on that putter... i think that exact model, but I'm left handed so always had a weird offset.

10. comment for I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

yansen lau
yansen lau - 1 year ago
Classic clubs challenge with pete!
Ben Barnard
Ben Barnard - 1 year ago
Hello Rick, great video. I play with a set of Titleist tour model blade irons that were manufactured in 1985. These clubs have an incredible feel. I have had them adjusted to modern day loft angles and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thanks for your videos keep up the good work
Jay Caracci Real Estate
Jay Caracci Real Estate - 1 year ago
We need an end of year What’s in the bag from you Rick. Any chance the Wilson Cortex makes it?
whatmasta - 1 year ago
Hey Rick, do you bring out a videographer, or do you do all the shooting yourself in videos like this?
Lewis Hall
Lewis Hall - 1 year ago
What does the 17-4ph mean?
John M
John M - 1 year ago
17-4 ph is a stainless steel grade typically used in aerospace. 17% Chromium 4% Nickel
Jeff Stanley
Jeff Stanley - 1 year ago
Rick, now that Driver vs. Driver 2 is over I was just wondering which one you tested the best with? Thanks Jeff
e40320 - 1 year ago
I'd love to see a comparison with the old clubs & old ball vs. old clubs & new ball vs. new clubs & new ball. I heard you say the old clubs made you lose about 10 years, I'm wondering if the old ball will take away another 10 yards?
Dennis T
Dennis T - 1 year ago
This might be a silly question but do you keep your head behind the ball when hitting your mid and long irons, like the driver? Thanks
brizZzan - 1 year ago
Still playing my original Wilson FatShafts.
try out some mid 60's black faced macgreggors...(set i learned on)..lol

20. comment for I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

Erik Ziehr
Erik Ziehr - 1 year ago
jack mehoff
jack mehoff - 1 year ago
so i was told to comment on this with my question.. which was from NOV 9 5 days ago. Can you hit the new Tommy Armour TA1 irons. I am thinking about getting a set... and would LOVE your review on them. Hope this finds you well and thank you for the Driver vs Driver 2 you did.. so lucky got to rub elbows with Melanie Collins
jack mehoff
jack mehoff - 1 year ago
PLUS im not seeing many reviews on the irons soooo pleasssssseeee can you lol
Tony DG
Tony DG - 1 year ago
I frequently play a TaylorMade Mid Dual Rescue from about 2004. Did you guys on Driver v. Driver 2 realize that the Golf Channel flashed an add for Cortex on the bottom of the screen before you announced the winner.
Brian Crowder
Brian Crowder - 1 year ago
Needed 50 yr old balls for a true test. I wonder how far they would have gone
Will McLoughlin
Will McLoughlin - 1 year ago
Do a 14 club challenge w Peter! Would be great!
Sameer Sethuram
Sameer Sethuram - 1 year ago
Wan Najmi Anwar
Wan Najmi Anwar - 1 year ago
Waiting your review for the cortex
OLDGOLD - 1 year ago
Gotta re release a putter with that sound. It would sell loads!
Scott Shedden
Scott Shedden - 1 year ago
Great vid Rick It gives me the thought that I have my dads clubs that he played with in the 50s and I have them in the garage Iam going to re-grip them as the grips are all smooth and slippy and Iam going to have a game with them. When are you coming to Shetland to play the most Northerly course in the UK.
margaret lippett
margaret lippett - 1 year ago
When are you going to review the cobra f9 speedback driver Rick

30. comment for I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

Mike D
Mike D - 1 year ago
I love my old PING Anser copper putter! AND it's left handed even though I play RH with the rest of my clubs!
Mike D
Mike D - 1 year ago
Rick, am I right in assuming that older clubs such as those might have a smaller "sweet spot" requiring the golfer to be more accurate to hit them well, compared to newer clubs that boast more forgiveness? I feel like my first set which I bought in thrift stores was actually harder to hit well then my new clubs.
mike cavanagh
mike cavanagh - 1 year ago
I use these irons now
AUClay - 1 year ago
I loved those and the original Ping Eyes
Raymo Mull
Raymo Mull - 1 year ago
By the way I have an Australian blade SW with the original grip. And it's not one of the later models either. I use it all the time.
Raymo Mull
Raymo Mull - 1 year ago
I wonder who would win in a celebrity youtube death match between Rick and Mark Crossfield. Rick would choose a low bounce sand wedge (sharp edge) and Mark would go for the hard pinnacle slingshot fashioned from a golf towel.
V. Iper
V. Iper - 1 year ago
Tom Watson RAM Sand wedge. 1982 US Open replica. Not in the bag but always close by!
doug holtz
doug holtz - 1 year ago
I agree with you, Rick, that buying new clubs isn't necessary ... until you need them. I discovered I needed new clubs this summer, when I hit a set of Callaway Rogue X. They were light, forgiving, and longer than my 1990 forged set. I'm not a young guy anymore, so I was happy to get the distance and the accuracy of new clubs.
Paul Brubaker Jr
Paul Brubaker Jr - 1 year ago
Being a PING fan, I've recently played the Eye2s, Zing2s, and this year the ISIs. All great clubs and I played some solid golf with all of them. I have the G25 irons which go further (a 1 club difference for me), but I still prefer the older Pings. The G25s are going up on ebay for sale. Drivers and woods I do keep up with current technology (G30 driver).
Jon Bull
Jon Bull - 1 year ago
I still use my 1983 Hogan Radials to this day. I have had almost every brand, but these always end up in my bag. Less distance, but it doesn’t matter. Just use one more club.

I liked your video. It shows that new isn’t always needed.
dylan stuart Botha
dylan stuart Botha - 1 year ago
Those balls.
James Brown
James Brown - 1 year ago
Got my dad's Dunlop Peter Thompson irons when he passed away. Leather wound grips. I'll have to take them out for a game and see how they play.
Paranoid Android Golfer
Paranoid Android Golfer - 1 year ago
1972 ping AYE putter fact is those ping irons where high moi even now there was a i ii and iii rail model even more forgiving very straight the 1 iron was in most tour bags even before the ping eye 2's where
Maxgolfs and vlogs
Maxgolfs and vlogs - 1 year ago
Plz sub to me , if you sub to me I will sub back later
Nick Monchgesang
Nick Monchgesang - 1 year ago
What happened to the course Vlogs with Pete finch
Jeff Heslop
Jeff Heslop - 1 year ago
Love the putter sound
martin hastie
martin hastie - 1 year ago
Amazing!!! How about review of Cobra MB CB irons 2018
Derek Raifsnider
Derek Raifsnider - 1 year ago
Really cool video. I have the same set of pings, in excellent condition. Kinda blew my mind that they are now 50 years old. Amazing clubs.
Jeff Kitch
Jeff Kitch - 1 year ago
I have those 2-S
J C - 1 year ago
Thumbs up but annoying somehow watching Rick play so good with antique shop clubs, I'm just a jealous 20 handicapper!!

50. comment for I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez - 1 year ago
I have been playing for 30 years and I have only owned 2 sets of golf clubs my first ones were ping eye 2 and the ones I owe now are ping i3+ driver's and Fairways Woods I have try many throughout the years. And just recently gave my 2 iron a retirement and bought me a hybrid
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin - 1 year ago
I liked the video
David Tre
David Tre - 1 year ago
You can’t use those balls. There a collectors item. Maybe a great prize give-a-way ?
Dave Zahara
Dave Zahara - 1 year ago
Latest ≠ Greatest
frank frank
frank frank - 1 year ago
I only use .my clubs to golf, i use retired clubs to practise my swing, tempo, draws and fades. Change grips yearly and use headcovers. Dustin Johnson just hit Arnie's old persimmon 1 wood 290 yards. Nuff said.
Martin Tomlinson
Martin Tomlinson - 1 year ago
Played with Karsten 1s in the 1970s and liked them very much.Replaced them with Karsteb 3s, which I wish I still had.
Zac Hotek
Zac Hotek - 1 year ago
I would love to see a 50 year old set of junkers reviewed! ... just think it would be fun to see Rick love/hate something that’s just awful really lol
J.S. - 1 year ago
I still play ping eye 2 copper irons. 30 years old or so. I see no reason to upgrade. Still some of the finest clubs ever made. Sure, my buddies hit delofted 9 irons the distance I hit a 7. Who cares?
Jose Enrique S
Jose Enrique S - 1 year ago
I want to buy from you the irons and the putter rick! Get in touch with me and I buy them! Great video
Nick Mulligan
Nick Mulligan - 1 year ago
The sound of that putter... beautiful!
kevin smith
kevin smith - 1 year ago
Great video!
daniel mcmullen
daniel mcmullen - 1 year ago
The sound of that putter would get very irritating very quick.
Psykic Chimp
Psykic Chimp - 1 year ago
I have those irons!
MNFish&Hunt - 1 year ago
Would love to see you hit those old golf balls Rick. It would be interesting to see launch monitor data.
Leeds umitedKenneth Brown
Leeds umitedKenneth Brown - 1 year ago
So your hitting the ball around 10-20 yards shorter begs the question why pay 5-600 on a new set of irons for sake of an extra 20 yards might as well buy some old ping irons cheaper more beer for the 19th hole lol
Bustaferrari - 1 year ago
I play my 10 year old Pings since I got them "used" basically new. PLay just as well as new clubs. Drivers are a different story though.
Just my thought
Just my thought - 1 year ago
I found some old golf balls from the early 70's. I dropped one from shoulder length. It bounced to the height of my knee. You might want to checked them out first before trying to play a round with them
Vaughan Callan
Vaughan Callan - 1 year ago
Good video Rick but Golf Vlogs UK have beaten you to the old clubs and balls videos.
TD Kane
TD Kane - 1 year ago
Don't you review new products anymore
Michael Andersen
Michael Andersen - 1 year ago
I was shooting in the 70's 50 years ago with my English made clubs (I'm from across the pond you know). The heads were swedged onto the shaft. except my wedge which once did fly further than the ball and had to get it pinned. Where is the Persimmons woods. I would love to see you hit a set of those.
Matthew Griffiths
Matthew Griffiths - 1 year ago
Nice vid Rick. I played with a set of Ping I 2's for quite a few years. Loved them and probably played my hest golf with them
Michael Pasvantis
Michael Pasvantis - 1 year ago
Wow. Love it!
G G - 1 year ago
Love the 'ping' sound of the ping putter! why they don't make it sound like that anymore?
Peter W
Peter W - 1 year ago
Oldest club in my bag is a Taylormade 7 wood with a bubble shaft that is at least 20 years old. Hits the same distance as my 5 iron but use it because it almost always draws easily with a high trajectory and soft landing, great on par 3 holes.
Simon Pedretti
Simon Pedretti - 1 year ago
Fantastic channel/ video! Only problem is my wife heard this video and is now convinced new clubs are a waste of money.....
Craig Orrell
Craig Orrell - 1 year ago
Putting with that PING putter in a foursome and everyone will be checking their phones :D
Craig Orrell
Craig Orrell - 1 year ago
I don't need new clubs just a good swing.......much harder to attain alas :/
jacques brits
jacques brits - 1 year ago
Love the video. I have a lot of friends who believe the clubs make you a better player. Cannot wait to show this to them. It is much more about the player than the equipment. Suddenly my Callaway X22 irons are not that old. Great video Rick.
Andrew KrawczyK
Andrew KrawczyK - 1 year ago
I’m rocking some original Ping Eyes from 1978. Got them from a family friend as my first full adult set of clubs
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan - 1 year ago
Let's see you review the 65s?
usernameunknkown - 1 year ago
I don't smash the like button anymore, after you sold your soul to driver vs driver. Utter trash.
AntiChrist Trump
AntiChrist Trump - 1 year ago
For the past year Rick has played, Wilson V6 irons with 80's/90's lofts, 47 Degree W with -4 degrees down from there. So that D vs D is over how much longer will Rick keep them WITB?
M CAT - 1 year ago
10 yards is the only difference ??
Owen Gundry
Owen Gundry - 1 year ago
My mom plays with those irons and I’ve played them because they are stiff flex. All of hers are matching serial numbers and honestly I would be willing to play them now.
Duffy Moon
Duffy Moon - 1 year ago
Mizuno tp19 8 and 9 iron.
Dunn Mx
Dunn Mx - 1 year ago
ive got some 12 year old mc gregors.. had plenty of tries with newer clubs and none match the distance and feel of my clubs
sharkhark - 1 year ago
Callaway Mack daddy wedge is my oldest. Great video
Christopher Harger
Christopher Harger - 1 year ago
I have this old ping Chip-O looks similar to these. Are they worth anything
Marc de Limbourg
Marc de Limbourg - 1 year ago
Hello Rick, it was just need to see you playing the same Ping Karsten 1 than mine. 25 y ago, they were my best friends on the golf course and they brought me to my best handicap of 8. I still got them form 1 to sw putter is un Anser first model (still using it) quite prestine. I tried to sell them few month ago, but nobody wants it. Great clubs for ever, I think they were the first clubs with a cavity back! Thank's for your good job, it's always a plaisure to look at your videos. Marc
DocD - 1 year ago
Do match with peter with ckubs
Amadeus King
Amadeus King - 1 year ago
I had already liked the video before you suggested the challenge ;)
Steve someone
Steve someone - 1 year ago
Pretty cool story that the noise from the putter was what gave us "Ping" as a company name thank you Mrs Karsten
Gregory C Last
Gregory C Last - 1 year ago
Any difference in the feel of the Shafts and are they Stiff or Regular Shafts?
Mitch Cosentino
Mitch Cosentino - 1 year ago
I played those (pre-dot) Pings in College. I actually hit them farther than other itons of the day, most of which were some sort of blades. They were lighter in swing weight usually C-8, C-9. The 1-irons were legend and used by many on Tour. Because of the offset I went back to more traditional clubs but I kept the #1 in the bag for years. I still have them in my club room. They show virtually no age or wear and tear. Interestingly the later "eye" versions were shorter in distances. It remains the only Pings I ever played (including putters ).
Patrick - 1 year ago
My dad has these clubs
Ryan Ogden
Ryan Ogden - 1 year ago
I’d be curious to see what happens when a mid-handicapper plays with these. Obviously your ball striking is better than your average Joe. Willa weekend golfer see the same performance?
Andrew Stafford
Andrew Stafford - 1 year ago
When I have a set distance into a green I need a club that will give me that distance, it doesn't matter what number is written on the bottom (or back in this instance)
B wolffey
B wolffey - 1 year ago
Play with the old balls and the old clubs in a part 2
Mark Oickle
Mark Oickle - 1 year ago
I play those clubs and have for years. And I guess I will continue to play them....
DavidDiSante - 1 year ago
Rick, I must say, the quality of your videos, especially in terms of production, has increased dramatically over the years. From the shot angles, the drone usage, down to the music, it's spot on! Cheers from the home of Medinah...head on over for the BMW next year and beers are on me.
K Carroll
K Carroll - 1 year ago
Looking good on D vs D2 sir!

100. comment for I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING RESULTS!

63Turbo - 1 year ago
Cool video! If you end up doing your doing your Dunlop 65 ball test, and want to make ita REALLY interesting test, I have 2 sleeves of virgin, never been played, Spalding Molitor's,that I could contribute. I don't know how old they are.
Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry - 1 year ago
I play old irons with modern shafts. No noticeable difference once you figure out your distances. Not the tools, the mechanic.
Norman Russell
Norman Russell - 1 year ago
My dad gave me a display case (using a ferrero rocher box) with three balls from circa 1960. One of the balls is exactly the same as your dunlop 65 with the same wrapper. The others are a topflite with red and black dots? And a Dunlop Warwick! Class. I'm dying to take them out the wrappers and whack them but he would probably kill me. Please do the review! Top work as usual.
Jesse Parra
Jesse Parra - 1 year ago
I play vintage rounds with my Karsten 1s, but mine must be a little later date. The soles are bevelled and have numbers. I have a couple misc. Karsten I irons with the flat sole like that they do dig a little more. I absolutely smash the 1 iron. Great video!!! Mr Karsten Solheim was an engineer and you can sure tell those irons were years ahead of their time.
Stewart Stevens
Stewart Stevens - 1 year ago
Seen all this weeks ago on another channel have you all run out of ideas
Sönke Trzaska
Sönke Trzaska - 1 year ago
Although you always get the newest equipment you still remain critical against the Industry
jack phelan
jack phelan - 1 year ago
Not a fan of the new video style. We don’t see nothing about the clubs flight or spin. Old review video style is much better,
Jared Martin
Jared Martin - 1 year ago
Rick.. you should do a shootout between all of the matte golf balls on the market currently!
steve dickson
steve dickson - 1 year ago
Oldest club in my bag is my Odyssey putter at 5yrs old. Not changing it.
Careful when you cut open that Dunlop 65. The middle bit is a grey thick liquid that will spurt out when the rubber band middle core compresses.
Jorge Daher
Jorge Daher - 1 year ago
I still use my Ping Eye 2 + Irons and would not change them for any new set of irons. They are not as old as this ones but I don’t thing technology has made it worth replacing them yet.
fly787 - 1 year ago
you hit 7 iron in the studio 164, you hit 6 iron from 150 on the course with what appears to be no wind. Which distance were you really getting?
Rohit Varma
Rohit Varma - 1 year ago
Those Dunlop balls must be 1.62 dia and 80 compression. I remember the joy of unwrapping a new golf ball vividly.
Jerry Wilson
Jerry Wilson - 1 year ago
Just goes to show equipment has changed the game. Image the box three having present day equipment during their prime
John Alex Ziebart
John Alex Ziebart - 1 year ago
My dad still uses these clubs as his main set of irons. He bought them new
1impalaman - 1 year ago
I have a full set: 1 through 9, W and S. This is my only set of clubs and I've played with them for the last 40 years. The were used when I got them. They are nearly indestructible.
NWP4440 - 1 year ago
Dig the production of your videos Rick. Reminds me a lot of videos by photographer Jared Polin. It’s a fresh and entertaining style.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 1 year ago
Great video Rick. I think I need to track down an old set and take them for a rip next season.
Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram - 1 year ago
I have a Becky Ralston walloper from the 1940’s I had a graphite shaft put in. I love it and have used it for years. The secret behind the old Ping’s is they were some of the first cast irons. They were made of some of the hardest steel available. They are so hard if you try to bend them, they will break. Golf balls do not damage the face, which is why they are like new and the grooves are perfect.
Marko J
Marko J - 1 year ago
Classic, where did you find those?! Let's see a review on those dunlap balls please.
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen - 1 year ago
Your mic is a bit scratchy. But overall great video!!!! Where'd you get these irons???
Joe - 1 year ago
The vlog is great, and the production value is phenomenal
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan - 1 year ago
I have a 5 wood that comes in and out my bag that is older than me (19) still goes like a dream. Great club
Kip Carbone
Kip Carbone - 1 year ago
Love the old gear vids! Love to see how those feel/perform with a professional 100
David Stone
David Stone - 1 year ago
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Al Garcia
Al Garcia - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels you should do more old club challenges
Dorian Fourie
Dorian Fourie - 1 year ago
Love it. After seeing the Dunlop 65's, I remembered I have 2 of them in my cupboard which my late father-in-law left me. Would love to see what they look like. Come on guys - Smash that like button
Martin Rugroden
Martin Rugroden - 1 year ago
Since the Ping 7 iron is the equivalent of today's 9 iron, approximately, then no, you wouldn't hit them as far. Also the shaft may cause a loss of yardage as well. Now, back to the video.
Ok, equivalent of today's 8 iron. Still, if all you had was the loft on each club it wouldn't matter.
Michael Pilkington
Michael Pilkington - 1 year ago
The only club I've ever bought that actually improved my handicap is Taylormade spider putter.
Replaced my irons and driver several times over the years and not made a jot of difference
Jon Lanier
Jon Lanier - 1 year ago
How is this a surprise? Modern clubs only have longer shafts and stronger lofts. It's like playing one or two clubs different. Outside a little better perimeter weighting on irons. NOTHING is innovative or new. Club Manufacturer's have been making a killing off of a big lie when it comes to irons. I play 1994 Lynx Parallax irons. Outside of wedge changing due to being worn. I've not changed my irons out. I may have to deal with a shaft difference as I get older. But man... quit being duped people.
Gustav Pettersson
Gustav Pettersson - 1 year ago
Make à video playing with à setup of clubs you chose before eatch hole. Example if The hole is à par 4 you go driver à 54 and putter. And you have to go with IT. Challange
TheO - 1 year ago
Rick I felt lost these past days not watching your videos #1K CLub
Paul Daly
Paul Daly - 1 year ago
So you say that they went 10 yards less than your current irons (1 club) but the loft is so much weaker. The 7 was 36 which is more like an 8 iron nowadays. So what we are saying here is that in 50 years there really is no difference at all!!
Bjorn Gladh
Bjorn Gladh - 1 year ago
Full set of Tommy Armour iron Silver Scot 845 from 1986. Even iron 1. My best score ever during my life was 2017 with 73 (+1).
Keith Finley
Keith Finley - 1 year ago
I made my only hole in one with a K1 8 iron in the late 90s
Lawrence - 1 year ago
This was a great video. As old school as it gets. I lived in Phoenix in the 1970s and a friend bought new Pings like those. He gave me his old Macgregor irons and we both played better. It’s fun to get new clubs but they may not be any “better “ than your old ones. The heel toe balance in this case was a real improvement over “blades”. The beginning of “forgiveness .”
Joe Wowk
Joe Wowk - 1 year ago
If you consistently swing the right way then you'll swing anything club right. If your swing is a dumpster fire then it won't matter if you bought your clubs from a garage sale or a high end fitter or supplier as your game will still be a dumpster fire.
Austin Meehan
Austin Meehan - 1 year ago
How about putting them in the bag? Seems like you enjoyed your golf a lot more with them.
Joakim Uvegård
Joakim Uvegård - 1 year ago
Want that putter
Lesley Clarke
Lesley Clarke - 1 year ago
awesome video rick!!! do more videos like these
Rob Small
Rob Small - 1 year ago
Right then, no PXG's for me I'm off to the charity shops. Great vlog Rick - oldest club is an Adams Nick Faldo 60 degree.
Ferdinand Nicolas
Ferdinand Nicolas - 1 year ago
I'm curious about the shafts and their performance.
G J - 1 year ago
Those golf balls will probably take another 10 yards off your distance, loved to see this, really cool
ssjadam - 1 year ago
21k likes, probably not lol
Derek Schroeder
Derek Schroeder - 1 year ago
Some people have said newer equipment is better and with all the technology involved in today's clubs I personally would say the biggest has been the Golf Ball...Drivers second and Irons third..A very interesting FACT is with all the improvements golf scores have not changed on average for the last 30ys. Ive coached High school golf and coached at the College level as well as having been a PGA professional in the USA Southwest Section. One thing I have always told students YOU CAN NOT BUY A GOLF SWING. If you are to get better get instruction and if you take that instruction to heart YOU WILL FIND A GOLF SWING IN THE DIRT from practice. I am sure Rick tells all his students this also. TEE IT UP LET IT FLY!
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini - 1 year ago
What you’ve discovered is.....it’s the man not the equipment that wins the match, the tournament.....!
Dylan Macisaac
Dylan Macisaac - 1 year ago
That putter
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini - 1 year ago
An original Ping B60 Putter, cost me £14.00 new!
funny stuff
funny stuff - 1 year ago
Spend all your money on lessons,NOT equipment.. Golf is a marathon not a sprint and takes alot time and practice to be good...
sal-man - 1 year ago
Pure classic golf as it should be without excessive chrome and bright neon colors.
Brian Treadwell
Brian Treadwell - 1 year ago
Good vlog - I’m off to eBay
Mainz Man
Mainz Man - 1 year ago
Lovely set of clubs Rick, where on Earth did you find them? Are they borrowed from GolfBidder? And that putter, wow. I knew where the Ping name came from but this is the first time I've actually heard it. Really sweet.

As for them hitting shorter, well yeah, it really shows the number on the club head is just an indication of how it will hit the ball. Like those mad Callaway irons, there is no correlation between the iron number and the amount of loft compared to a "normal" modern iron set.

I have an old set of Cally X-14 Pro Series irons. I bought them used a few years ago, put fresh grips on and they play beautifully. Having the latest and greatest set of clubs in your bag sure doesn't lead to playing better. It's not the head of the club that counts, it's what's holding onto the other end of the shaft that makes the biggest difference : )
Andrew Attia
Andrew Attia - 1 year ago
I need to get that putter.
David Harrison
David Harrison - 1 year ago
Terrific video Rick, I continue to use my trusty Howson Derby irons. they are fine for me and its like the old saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it ^_^ keep up the excellent work :)
Edwin Jansen
Edwin Jansen - 1 year ago
He Rick, thanks for sharing. Nice video!
Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien - 1 year ago
Great video. TaylorMade V Steel Fairway Metals .
Dude Labowskee
Dude Labowskee - 1 year ago
I have that exact same set that my dad gave me in the late 70’s. Just let my son play them a few weeks ago. And I currently found and now play original Ping Zing irons (black dot) with the titanium shafts (circa 1992).
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf - 1 year ago
What’s the name of the putterr please? Love your videos down here in Melbourne Australia
Douglas Robertson
Douglas Robertson - 1 year ago
Brilliant video and thanks for proving my ten year old ping g5s are not the problem, my horrible swing is.
Liam Francomb
Liam Francomb - 1 year ago
The results are not surprising , all golf marketing is Bullshit.
asjenkings - 1 year ago
Be interesting to compare these clubs to RS clubs based off the lofts might be a truer reflection to compare instead of this 7i is like my 8i!
Reece Meyers
Reece Meyers - 1 year ago
I played an old Pat Simmons tiger shark limited edition copper wedge for a while. Probably 25-30 years old. It's came from one of the first sets Pat made when he was experimenting with copper. Shortly after they were outlawed because golf course owners thought the copper was coming off the club and when they hit a ball in the water they thought the copper was sticking to the ball and killing fish. Wasn't the case but it was what it was. Rick, you should find a set of Pat Simmons tiger shark irons and play a round with 'em. Beautiful irons, hit nice. I don't know how much they are over there but here in the USA you can get a set for around $30 US dollars off eBay.
Jim Gibbons
Jim Gibbons - 1 year ago
Great swing, successful.10 yds/mts here or there. Envious. What course where you on? Your handicap, please, if it is +, thanks for the swing. Lessons learnt. Thank you.
Nic Ted
Nic Ted - 1 year ago
I'v seen a few pf these videos with old clubs now, and yes today,s equipment goes further and make it easier to hit with all the technology that goes into them. I still have an old set of Echelon graphite cavity backs 21 years old, 3 to sand wedge. I got down to single figures with these clubs and I use them every now and then and still put together a good score. My point is you can still play well with 20 or 30 year old clubs and you are only only loosing a few yards on modern equipment.
Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson - 1 year ago
Awesome video! I offer you another challenge: go find clubs that are 50 years older than the ping clubs! You'll be surprised how well you can play with them as well!
There is a lot more difference in the woods than in the irons, and the biggest improvement is definitely the golf ball.
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong - 1 year ago
You say they went 10 yards shorter but that I take it was comparing club to club, how do they compare loft to loft ? Say 6 iron ,I think the old ping was 32 deg, to a mod 32 deg club ?
Suwedh S
Suwedh S - 1 year ago
I started playing PING with Eye2 BeCu in late 80s, before that all I had are forged butter knife blades. Your vid sure bring back good memories. Was wondering what will be the distance using combinations of clubs and balls in that era say, Eye2 and Maxfli HT balata balls. Thirty years on and advance technologies in clubs and balls still let me hit to almost the same distance as those days. The i500 irons with power spec loft paired with TM Project a balls still keep this 66 years old man hitting irons pretty much the same distance as he did 30 years ago with the Eye2 and HT. Keep up the good work.
Karl Pilkington Quotes
Karl Pilkington Quotes - 1 year ago
I enjoy your videos Rick but they are starting to get too over-produced. The camera work and edits are starting to distract from the content. I think you should simplify things.
single handicapper
single handicapper - 1 year ago
want to see the dunlop 65 .. go to golf vlogs UK......
Ruud Schrijvers
Ruud Schrijvers - 1 year ago
Of course I don’t need the newest shiny gear in my bag. I picked up the game after a “rest”period of 20 years. I played my Wilson “John Daley” irons until my 7-iron broke in 2 pieces (yes, the head broke literally in 2 pieces. Luckily no one was injured!). Then I bought a new set. The oldest club in the bag are a Ping Anser 2 putter en a Cleveland 5-wood (which - according to my pro - belongs in a museum).
bellathedog2 - 1 year ago
Have a set of Seve Ballesteros irons. I cannot bear to part with them.
Joshua Haskey
Joshua Haskey - 1 year ago
Theses videos are all well and good slow mo shots over music. But we want to see and know if you’re making pars, birdies and bogeys with them
Ren May
Ren May - 1 year ago
I’ve got an identical Ping N Ping putter like that one, it’s in the bag occasionally when the Scotty misbehaves. With that serious amount of offset, it helps me keep the face squarer thru impact.
Imam Subhan
Imam Subhan - 1 year ago
I currently game a 2012 Callaway Legacy Blacks same as Henrik Stenson. Forged by Endo, this is the Holy Grail of irons...period!! You should try them Rick!! Absolutely gorgeous irons and buuuuutteerr soffttt.
Douglas Freer
Douglas Freer - 1 year ago
I hope you have a 1 A putter from Phoenix in there as well!
Brandon Berry
Brandon Berry - 1 year ago
What you shoot
greyman419 - 1 year ago
Jesus it's like you've been hit by the youtube trash fairy. What happened to your genuine golf videos?
Steven West
Steven West - 1 year ago
Exactly Rick - new clubs ?? A bad workman blames his tools !! Love that Ping Putter .. How much are those irons worth - are they a museum piece and where did you get them from - excellent condition. I remember back in the early eighties, that golf balls in the sweet wrappers were £2 plus, so comparing prices we are getting value for money today.
Joe Pizza
Joe Pizza - 1 year ago
Where is the persimmon?
Roberta Upton
Roberta Upton - 1 year ago
Ping are THAT good. Would be interesting to see another 50 year old set? Dunlop Slazenger Hogan MacGregor?
George Pichl
George Pichl - 1 year ago
Awesome video once again, Rick! Classic PING irons are still the best. I still have a “pristine” set of Beryllium Copper PING Eye 2’s that I pull out on a warm summer day. Love ‘em!
FILTHY5150RC - 1 year ago
Do the clubs and balls played together vs a modern set up
Warren MacLean
Warren MacLean - 1 year ago
Rick, I still find it frustrating when people say they are not getting distance but you clearly stated they are weaker lofts. How far does the 50 year old 7 iron go compared to your current 8 iron of a similar loft? I find the manufacturer specs and reviews so misleading when a seven iron is now down as low as 28 degrees. Sure it goes further it's now a 5 iron with a 7 stamped on it. Just venting, keep up the great work.
Anders Blomdahl
Anders Blomdahl - 1 year ago
Wow didnt Know about that ping sound, love it, they should bring that sound back
Steve Don
Steve Don - 1 year ago
You don’t pronounce the G Rick it’s just Ping not ping-g
Bobby Beasley
Bobby Beasley - 1 year ago
Great video rick keep up the good work
Paul Watson
Paul Watson - 1 year ago
I'd never want a "give me" with that putter, what a noise, I'd be missing putts for fun just to hear it
A. W.
A. W. - 1 year ago
Good to see you having such fun. Brought back good memories. Thanks Rick
Sean Harvey
Sean Harvey - 1 year ago
Hi Rik. I've got two Ping 1-A putters but yours is different. Can you tell me anything about it? It's very rare for sure.
Zander Van der merwe
Zander Van der merwe - 1 year ago
You should have used drivers aswell
Thomas Robey
Thomas Robey - 1 year ago
They should bring that sound back in a putter!! I loved it!!
Geoffrey O'Brien
Geoffrey O'Brien - 1 year ago
My old Ping Eye 2+ Be Cu irons are still as good as any of my recent sets, and I occasionally still take them out for a run. No way I would use a 1980s driver though! Great video and super cinematography!
Joe Wiseman
Joe Wiseman - 1 year ago
Aw heck, this isn't anything. I shot 46 for 9 with 1930s vintage Spalding Bobby Jones irons and similar age H&B PowerBilt woods
Jason Wong
Jason Wong - 1 year ago
20k likes where you at? Let's go!
Flat Earth Cosmos
Flat Earth Cosmos - 1 year ago
Great video Rick ,I’m still using my 1996 graphite Callaway GBB tungsten titanium irons .There amazing and I playoff 3.2
Cheers George Melbourne Australia
Mick H
Mick H - 1 year ago
I bought a set of GBB tungsten titanium irons with graphite shafts from a charity shop two weeks ago - €3 each. I bought them to use at the driving range while I was on holiday ...... I have never hit the ball so sweetly! I'm now looking for a set back home! Great clubs.
Justin Svejkosky
Justin Svejkosky - 1 year ago
One of my favorite videos on your channel thus far! Let's see the Dunlops!
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke - 1 year ago
Great video. Next time play with some clubs with wooden shafts..
Adam Bedard
Adam Bedard - 1 year ago
Nice Maxfli bag! Dick's Sporting Goods own them now! Along with Top Flite
Michael Love
Michael Love - 1 year ago
Love the sound of that putter. Can I buy it from you Ricky Boy?
Jae Min Yandow
Jae Min Yandow - 1 year ago
How about the Dunlop 65 with the 50 year old irons and woods?
Sean Coxe
Sean Coxe - 1 year ago
Today was retro-Friday for me, Rick. I played a round with 35-yr-old original Ping Eye irons (2i-sw), Ping Tisi-Tec driver (2001?), an original Callaway Steelhead 4w (2000), and a Ping O-Blade putter (1983). Shot 88 off a 15.7 index. And you're right: It was a load of fun!
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 1 year ago
Just now eBay registered about 1500 searches for 1969 ping irons
Jeff Shawver
Jeff Shawver - 1 year ago
I have a set of Ping Eye 2's that I've had since new 1985 and played until the late 1990's. Still bust them a few times a year. Great clubs. Thanks Rick
The PNW Rider
The PNW Rider - 1 year ago
I have a set of the beryllium copper ping eye 2 irons from the 1980s. Can’t play them any more as some of the necks have cracks. I suspect they became brittle with age.
kimchicracka - 1 year ago
That ping sound is pretty cool actually. Their g400 is more like a thump than anything now though. Maybe they should change the company name to “Thump”?
Hakim Tung
Hakim Tung - 1 year ago
Great video Rick. Quality and editing keeps getting better and better. Love the content too!
J Bob
J Bob - 1 year ago
Do the old ball test. I wish you would put new grips on the old clubs and see if it would make a difference. Bet it would.
Dessert Man
Dessert Man - 1 year ago
I live in Phoenix AZ Ping is a great factory tour
Luke Schwartz
Luke Schwartz - 1 year ago
I have irons that are at least 15 years old.
John Meissner
John Meissner - 1 year ago
Nice video, Rick! Been playing with the same set of those Ping’s for years, although recently thinking of finally upgrading. Or maybe not?
Rob Biles
Rob Biles - 1 year ago
You're right Rick. It's only marketing and the pretty colours that is making us part with our money. The forgiveness of the old Pings would be interesting thou when comparing your consistency of strike to mine.
Keith Finley
Keith Finley - 1 year ago
BECU eye 2s and a BENI Zing 2 putter
Tom Boston
Tom Boston - 1 year ago
That sound off the putter is beautiful ! Some manufacturer should try to emulate that, perhaps making it so the sound at the sweet spot is very different from the sound of a mishit. It could be a great training tool.
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez - 1 year ago
Newer clubs these days give stronger lofts to give that extra distance along with different material in club head. Proof that older clubs still performed great despite minor changes to the design over years.
Stuart Plant
Stuart Plant - 1 year ago
Just shows I can’t blame my clubs for not playing well. Suck it up and do better next time! Great vid
Cross Country Outdoors
Cross Country Outdoors - 1 year ago
It’s just the number on the club. If you compare loft to loft they would be closer in distance?
Mackattack585 - 1 year ago
Rick is the best! He needs his own show on the Golf Channel. I’d love to spend a day on the course with Rick learning the ropes. As a kid I always wanted to learn how to golf and never out grew that desire. Well two years ago I had the opportunity to finally go out with a friend and found golf was better than I could have ever imagined. I gotta say Rick’s videos have helped guide me along. On a side note, I recently found my biological father through DNA found that golfing is truly in my genes. My father is an excellent golfer, he has 11 hole in ones and his father and uncles were golf pro’s from way back cutting their teeth at Oak Hill. One of his uncles played Walter Hagan and Horton Smith (I have pics) Another uncle was the youngest to qualify for a PGA tournament at the time and I was told my grandfather played a round with a young Jack Nicklaus.
Cross Country Outdoors
Cross Country Outdoors - 1 year ago
Full set of Hogan directors. 1950 ish.
aclefler - 1 year ago
Forget the irons! I want that putter!!!
Pievel C
Pievel C - 1 year ago
Good stuff. I have an old set of MacGregor VIP's from the late 60's, blades and persimmons. Once or twice a year I play around with them and I'm only a few shots off my handicap (we'll maybe 5 or 6 but who's counting). Anyway, lot's of fun.
ran doshus
ran doshus - 1 year ago
Dunno about the likes count, but you MUST do a vid comparing the Dunlops and pro v1's...
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 1 year ago
I believe this was one of the first cavity back clubs on the market. The Ping Eye 2's were one of the most popular irons ever!! If these were modern lifts and shafts I am sure they would play as good as modern clubs. I have a set of cavity back forged blades that I play on occasion and wonder why I bought newer clubs. Old clubs can be fun to play and make you appreciate that new clubs. Try them with the old balls!!
Humble Wizardzzz
Humble Wizardzzz - 1 year ago
If this video gets 20000 likes lmao
MrShanghai34 - 1 year ago
I played my first round of golf on July 4th, 1976. I borrowed a set of Ben Hogan clubs from a class mate. I saw him last month and he said he is still using them now. Speechless,,, to a point...
Joey Moss
Joey Moss - 1 year ago
Nice Video Rick, what did you shoot? Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead strong four wood.
Sarwan Grewal
Sarwan Grewal - 1 year ago
Dunlop me A.S.A.P.!
jabar 760
jabar 760 - 1 year ago
My clubs are about 14 years old, full set of Cleveland TA 7s with the Launcher metal Driver and Fairway woods as well as hybrids. Love 'em. Don't hit as far as my Lynx Paralax used to, but that could be the age factor. I'm now 68, I know I've lost a bit, but I'm not complaining.. My original set I bought used, had no 9 iron, got a Ping to fill in, looks to be the same vintage as the clubs you were trying out. Liked the video...
nick smith
nick smith - 1 year ago
Great video I love the idea. My oldest club is an Adam tight lies hybrid
Andy Wood
Andy Wood - 1 year ago
Great video Rick. Think the later clubs help us hackers more so lol
Pierre Neron
Pierre Neron - 1 year ago
I have played with these Karsten 1 irons... still have a 1 iron in my locker. I made two course record and won many tournaments between 1975 and 1993 with them. In July 2016 I bought the Psi tour irons dynamic S 300 after seeing a video of your friend Peter. In august of the same year one of my friends, who cannot play golf anymore, sold me his brand new 2013 Ping Anser forged Project X 5.0 for 700$ Canadian dollars. So, I play the stiff Psi tour irons in the summer and the Ping regular in spring and autumn.
The best in the west and the north for sure!
Brian Pallock
Brian Pallock - 1 year ago
Come on Rick... 20k likes is a big ask.. just do it !
race2winss - 1 year ago
Awesome video Rick!!
Jay McGillicuddy
Jay McGillicuddy - 1 year ago
Those Ping irons are beauties. Love to see those Dunlops.
Howie Land
Howie Land - 1 year ago
Fantastic video, Rick! I've been wanting to replace my Ping G15 irons, but your video has me thinking they're too new to replace!! :)
Paul P
Paul P - 1 year ago
No Rick, you didn't hit them shorter...you just need to compare lofts to lofts!!! All the manufacturers are doing is tricking us into thinking we are longer.
Sir Les
Sir Les - 1 year ago
The indian not the arrow, the fiddler not the fiddle.
Marc Harrod
Marc Harrod - 1 year ago
I still use that putter
todd ramsay
todd ramsay - 1 year ago
Awesome video!! I still have a set of the Karsten 1s. I'll have to pull them out and play a round.
Azaan - 1 year ago
You are such a class act Rick, especially seeing how far you've come since your very first YouTube vid. Love you and all your content, Cheers!
Mike Goppert
Mike Goppert - 1 year ago
My birth year! Sweet! Are those for sale?
Clifton Manley
Clifton Manley - 1 year ago
I had the great misfortune to hit a set of these irons when I worked at New Age Golf Solutions. I admit I do struggle with offset irons, so my comment is take it as you like. The original Karsten ping putter is amazing, we had two of those at the shop, I would NOT use one, but they are interesting.
gaffs82 - 1 year ago
Amazing. If a new set of shafts went into those and the lofts were the same at modern day, I bet they would perform just as well as today’s irons.
PA28140 - 1 year ago
I used to have a set of these. I used to hit them a damn mile. O used to forward press them to de-loft them. They were good irons. I bought them at a garage sale for $25.00. 10 years later I sold them for $125.00. I replaced them with ping Eye irons, which were even longer. I loved those old Pings!!!
Adam Denison
Adam Denison - 1 year ago
Rick Shiels is my spirit animal.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 1 year ago
I remember playing with the Dunlop 65....was a great ball back in the day... I think 90% of people playing back then would have used this ball
Darrell Burnside
Darrell Burnside - 1 year ago
Test the balls
Aproposes - 1 year ago
I have a set of Karsten I's and I play them regularly at my local 6,500+ yard home course. I, too, do not hit them as long as my other set, Callaway S2H2's, (very old clubs as well which I play on longer courses). However, in inclement weather, I always play my Karsten I's for the feel and control off wet lies and on windy days. Trajectory is lower with the Karsten I's and the face generates good spin -- not great spin -- but enough to grab and check quickly to maintain control. It's interesting to note that Karsten (Ping), used only one type of shaft -- like a one-size, flex, torque-fits-all, for several years on their earlier sets, of which I would describe as being more on the stiff side/mid, long-bowing flex. Karsten I's will let you know when you don't strike it square, yet misses are not as erratic as my S2H2's. Striking Karsten I's flush is a feeling to behold. If you can manage to get your hands on a set, I'd recommend them. (My third set are Ping Eye II's, black dot, which I lend to friends who visit and don't want to travel with their own set out of convenience -- and they all love that set too).
Brian Knott
Brian Knott - 1 year ago
Its simple Ric. Callaway startdd it by stamping 7 on the 6 iron loft/length. The players bought the con. so other manufacturers followed suit. Biggest con in golf.
Paul Strohm
Paul Strohm - 1 year ago
Cleveland Tour Action REG 588 60 degree Wedge and if there are any grooves on the face I am a donkey face liar
Ian Shepherd
Ian Shepherd - 1 year ago
Did you borrow those from the average golfer?
Paul Strohm
Paul Strohm - 1 year ago
A very good of my time. Thanks Rick.
Dan Morse
Dan Morse - 1 year ago
I'm so impressed with how well the club's have held up structurally over the years. Does go show that newer isn't always better. I'm going to keep playing with my ram irons lol. Would love to see the golf ball review
super20dan - 1 year ago
don't like these -dig way to much. try some hogans from this period if you want a good 50 year old club
dean house
dean house - 1 year ago
bet yo will be peeling the wrapper off that ball!
Scuffed Jenner
Scuffed Jenner - 1 year ago
I have a really nice wedge karsten l as well! I live in Arizona as well and found it here
Chuck Bjork
Chuck Bjork - 1 year ago
Proves my point why i buy clubs that are older. You dont need new clubs every year or the latest ir greatest. I play with burner 2.0 irons, and play pretty well considered ive never been fitted.
Mick P
Mick P - 1 year ago
New clubs for the bag? Where did you find them
Ken Attaway
Ken Attaway - 1 year ago
I do remember when the Pings first hit the market...so, it took makers 50 years to add 10 yards of distance...Who would spend 100's of more quid for +10 yards?
Robin Axén
Robin Axén - 1 year ago
Wow! Were these lofts standard by most manufacturers at the time? I can't help but to think of all golfers who complain about "loft jacking" as a sales gimmick
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 1 year ago
When we play can you use those clubs to give me a fighting chance
John Monteagudo
John Monteagudo - 1 year ago
Wow they really do make a Ping sound
Mark feldman
Mark feldman - 1 year ago
I still play with my 30 year old Callaway S2h2 blades...i have several sets with different shafts..... i have bought and sold dozens of sets over the years and they always end up back in my bag.i have the 1- through all four wedges....including one set that is still in the wrappers...never been hit. the 1-3 have been replaced with hybrids but i still break them out on occasion for the heck of it! probably the best irons Callaway ever made...they are pre “ Big Bertha” era. I currently have a set of Callaway XR Steelhead Pro irons which are great but the s2h2 ‘s feel better, control trajectory better and fit my eye for blades( i am an old guy....66...and grew up playing blades).
eco8gator - 1 year ago
I still play Ping Eye 2 BeCu irons...love them. The extra distance on the irons doesn't really matter.
Jordan Houle
Jordan Houle - 1 year ago
I’ve been playing with a set of Ping eye Blacks that are at least 35-40 years old and I love them. And other then being 10-15 shy every club I just club up differently and learned to play my bag and not everyone else’s.

The only downer... they aren’t very forgiving so it forces a strong strike and a patient swing. When I get tired or angry or perhaps had 1/4 beer too much I get the shanks way worse then when playing with a current set of clubs.
atomant830 - 1 year ago
Nice video Mr. Shiels. It seems you have fell for the club manufacturers distance trick. You explain in the beginning of the video how the lofts are different (higher) than your current gamers but constantly mention throughout the video that they are shorter in distance, but they really aren't, an old 32 degree club goes the same distance as a new 32 degree club. Properly cared for irons will never wear out for the weekend golfer. That's why the manufacturers keep lowering the lofts so they can claim an improvement in new clubs which is false. Consumers do your homework before buying and get the lofts specs and compare loft for loft and be surprised at how well an old club does against the new stuff.
B2B Bogey
B2B Bogey - 1 year ago
Where do you get these clubs from ! !
Howard Boylan
Howard Boylan - 1 year ago
NEED NEW IRONS!!! As a good friend of mine once said, "you may be confusing need with want!"
Daniel Hendricks
Daniel Hendricks - 1 year ago
no offence, but i dont care about this video, when is the speed back review coming
wardpr68 - 1 year ago
Begging for likes on YouTube is getting extremely cringe-worthy. Please stop. I used to love your stuff, but now it's all about THE LIKES AND SUBSCRIBES. Just make good content, people will like it and continue to watch.
Forward Observer
Forward Observer - 1 year ago
Pinseeker RB350. Still play my one and only Sand Wedge. 1976.
Garry Wilcox
Garry Wilcox - 1 year ago
Pretty cool
irwinrussell60 - 1 year ago
I have an ancient set of blades that I use on the range. The shafts are much shorter than my current set, and they don't fly nearly as far. Every time I hit them, I'm thankful I play clubs designed this decade.
Godric T
Godric T - 1 year ago
So a fitting is over rated
Mark F
Mark F - 1 year ago
Great video Rick, because manufacturers are making clubs with such stronger lofts, like the Cobra King F8 one length irons where the 8 is 34 degrees which is about the same loft as the 6 iron that I currently have in my bag, to me the number on the club is becoming meaningless

I'm looking to update my irons, but I'm looking more at the lofts of the irons that are available rather than the number on them, and comparing how clubs of a similar or the same lofts perform when compared to my current irons which are about 25 years old
Eamon Balaam
Eamon Balaam - 1 year ago
They arent 50 years old, THUMBNAIL
Pedro Aguiar Gomes
Pedro Aguiar Gomes - 1 year ago
50 years... 10 yards difference!
That pretty much sums up the golf club industry!
Will Owen
Will Owen - 1 year ago
Still have a set of Wilson Staff Gooseneck from 1989
Alex Roth
Alex Roth - 1 year ago
Look at them fresh golf shoes
wharffratt - 1 year ago
Those grips look slipperier than eel greased down with Vaseline
MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez - 1 year ago
It would be hilarious to putt the first time with the guys and see their reaction to the PING sound. - You are correct Rick. We all need to REALLY practice with the clubs we have in the bag. After switching clubs for several years, I've not done any better.
Brian Silver
Brian Silver - 1 year ago
Nike Method Matter putter. Still drop more putts then a Scotty Cameron lol
Gerry Lawrence
Gerry Lawrence - 1 year ago
You need the Ping eye golf ball to go with these clubs. They were balata balls with two different colours on each half of the ball. I still have an orange and green one to go with orange and white. Ping was cutting edge back in those days.
Austin Duncan
Austin Duncan - 1 year ago
I actually have these irons in my bag until I can get custom fit for some better ones. I love them though they were my grandfathers and his dad before that. Sad though you don’t have the 2 iron it’s my favorite of the set
Terry F
Terry F - 1 year ago
great video Rick! Diggin the format. The irons were sweet, but, that putter was the highlight for me. Well done sir!
Simon Hobbs
Simon Hobbs - 1 year ago
Callaway Steelhead III 5 wood with steel shaft. Bring on the Dunlop 65 test !
dennis waske
dennis waske - 1 year ago
always felt that the ping eye 2 was about the best club ever made. don't think they have improved much since then. sorta wish i still had them.
Clifford Holloway
Clifford Holloway - 1 year ago
I played with Ping Eye 2 irons for the last year or so until I got AP1's a few months ago. My oldest club now is an Orlimar Trimetal 5 wood that I have had twenty years or so.
Diana Walker
Diana Walker - 1 year ago
Hi Rick, my name is Joey, and I think I am your biggest 8 year old fan! Keep the epic videos coming.
monty0356 - 1 year ago
Love your channel Rick, I literally watch your videos more than I watch anything else. I'm an art director by trade and my man, the drone is cool, but you used it too much in this vid. every now and then its cool. The reason I prefer my Moms cookies over shop bought, is not because they taste much better, but because they my moms and I love her because shes home and not perfect.
joec0914 - 1 year ago
It's the archer, not the arrow.
joec0914 - 1 year ago
Yes, please on the golf balls!
Paul Frampton
Paul Frampton - 1 year ago
Glad to see the PING putter I gave Peter Finch is being used. Did he tell you I found it in a skip lol.
Barry Badeve
Barry Badeve - 1 year ago
I sold a set of Callaway XR irons and bought an original set of Ping Eye 2+ irons and a set of Zing 2’s. Love the old clubs, as good if not better feel than newer one. Great vid and bring on the Dunlop 65 review.
Mark Logan
Mark Logan - 1 year ago
Great Stuff Rick!...I have the same set 2 - SW , 3,4 and 5 “Real” Woods
Brian Mara
Brian Mara - 1 year ago
Where can you buy the Nike clothes that you wear ??
Paul Beeson
Paul Beeson - 1 year ago
Great interesting video Rick. I would have re-gripped them, but you showed how well you can play with slick grips...amazing
Fozbo - 1 year ago
Splendid. Let me know if you want to try my old Taylor Made Tour Driver, circa 1988. The smallest head on a metal driver you'll ever see.
Peter Blair
Peter Blair - 1 year ago
I own these clubs
Keith McClean
Keith McClean - 1 year ago
I want that putter!
Gaz golf
Gaz golf - 1 year ago
50 years and only 1 club difference... going to stick to my callaway apex though. Oldest club in my bag is my scotty cameron newport 2 from 2007
Jalen Pettus
Jalen Pettus - 1 year ago
Oldest club that I own is a Hiro Honma Big LB persimmon set. I just took them out of my bag 2 years ago. Bought taylormade m1 to replace
Charles Hubbard
Charles Hubbard - 1 year ago
Hey Rick you should have used a golf ball from the 1969 or 70s with those clubs
Chris Redfearn
Chris Redfearn - 1 year ago
...and Ping will still support them if anything needs doing...
I have an old set of Ping Eye 1s which I just can't bring myself to get rid of. Like you, they they make me smile when I take them out for the odd round.
Go for the Dunlop 65 test...!!
Anthony Elliott
Anthony Elliott - 1 year ago
Borrowing ideas off golf vlogs uk? They did this and the Dunlop 65 balls. Goes to show the club's don't matter it's the player.
David Pearson
David Pearson - 1 year ago
I have some ping G max got them 3 years ago as a present from work I can honestly say they might be in the bag for at least 10 years probably more fantastic clubs
Jeff - 1 year ago
great video rick. this also applies to golf balls. i've used $15 - $20/dozen balls and played the best rounds of my life.
Grunt Newman
Grunt Newman - 1 year ago
one of my favorite videos from you now. thanks!
Bryce Poston
Bryce Poston - 1 year ago
I do wanna see you test those golf balls, but I also wanna know what your score in this round was!
bhochenedel - 1 year ago
I played with the Karsten 1s for the past 20 years. Got from my father who had them since they were released. Used them up until last year...including the 1 iron which is fun to hit. Great clubs, but finally splurged for the Ping Gs. Unfortunately the new tech didn't fix my swing...though I did gain about 20 yards across the bag.
dhit62 - 1 year ago
Nothing wrong with 50 year olds. I play golf every round with this 50+ old body and I can still handle myself quite well against much younger golfers!! Lol!!
robert jones
robert jones - 1 year ago
Hope to see you review those golf balls I think that would be awesome
Conner Cremers
Conner Cremers - 1 year ago
It would be so cool if for one tournament players had to use 20+ year old clubs just to see how different shots would be played
Jacobtt5vyhy. Hbbhhh h y Sanford
Jacobtt5vyhy. Hbbhhh h y Sanford - 1 year ago
I can’t even hit that well with new clubs but as you said you don’t need to have the latest and greatest it is nice though
the denver
the denver - 1 year ago
Oldest club(s) I have are actually all my irons (mizuno mx23) I think 12 years old, everything else was made in the past 2 years
Tyler L
Tyler L - 1 year ago
Seeing you do a collab with TXG would be great!

But this video makes me feel a lot better because now I don’t want to buy brand new clubs
Alex Roth
Alex Roth - 1 year ago
I rock a Cobra 440 SZ Driver, and some Tommy Armour irons
Sean Egan
Sean Egan - 1 year ago
Great video mate. What a sound off that putter! Please do a test with those vintage balls!
jgrove111 - 1 year ago
Those golf balls...cherry of the sundae....nice
Dave howells
Dave howells - 1 year ago
I got back into golf after a 15 year hiatus, and currently game a set of Wilson 1200GE irons, which are from around 1989 I believe
TJ Shine
TJ Shine - 1 year ago
As the saying goes, It's the Indian, not the Arrows.
logan meyer
logan meyer - 1 year ago
10 yards is not a huge yardage lost for irons. Maybe 15-20 yards, yes big loss. And for the yardages of those irons to be that close to current tells you just how good they were when they released in 1969. Every player is different obviously, I myself love to take divots and big ones. So I like clubs that do dig into the ground. But people who don’t take divots or have an issue chunking shots then it’s not a good thing.
Gregg Daniels
Gregg Daniels - 1 year ago
Brilliant vid Rick. Love my Apex II Hogan's. Granted not as old, but older than me from 1979!

Love old blades. Just something romantic about them.

And tbh it's all about the guy on the end of the club.
Grant Charles
Grant Charles - 1 year ago
You an Pete should do a challenge where you both find the oldest clubs you can an have a match play over 18 holes an see who comes out on top
Sir TogII
Sir TogII - 1 year ago
I'd game the putter right now, just to see the faces
Neal Sead
Neal Sead - 1 year ago
The putter sound, legendary.
Neal Sead
Neal Sead - 1 year ago
Like the new format with the catchy tune in the background making it a fantastic video to watch over again
michael harte
michael harte - 1 year ago
The ping off the putter is addictive
mat tisdale
mat tisdale - 1 year ago
I noticed that the material that these are made of is 17-4 PH stainless steel, which would be why they are still in such great shape and feel like they do
Chester - 1 year ago
I noticed immediately that these Pings were made in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. - not China, Vietnam etc.  Great to see you rock with these clubs.  Once again its the Indian, not the arrows, that make for good results.  Really good production quality too.  I have some old Ping Eye 2's in the garage that I had regripped a few months ago since they are still surprisingly good.
William Reitinger
William Reitinger - 1 year ago
I'm the oldest, all my clubs are only a few years old.
Jeff Stanley
Jeff Stanley - 1 year ago
Used to have an old "Ping" putter like that. Too bad they didnt have some old titleist tour balata balls in the bag. Would've been interesting to see how far the old balata's go. Great video
William Reitinger
William Reitinger - 1 year ago
Hit the Dunlops! Nice Vid!!
Joey Watts
Joey Watts - 1 year ago
Rick, I love this video. I'm 27 and play with my grandads old irons, a set of Ping ISI-K from the 80's. I'm reluctant to get anything else because of the sentimental value of the clubs to me. You've just confirmed that I dont have to now!
As a side note, I also have an even older Ping EYE2 1-iron in the bag. That thing is an absolute beast.
The newest club I have is my Ping G2 driver. Which is also a beast!!
Ho3n3r - 1 year ago
Geez I would really like to see those old balls in action!
Jared Carr
Jared Carr - 1 year ago
Thats what she said
LazyOldMe RS
LazyOldMe RS - 1 year ago
Sexual harassment... he's only like 30 anyways.
Mike Parker
Mike Parker - 1 year ago
Those Dunlop balls are from the mid-70s. Not quite 50 years old.
Ondřej Ficek
Ondřej Ficek - 1 year ago
Awesome production value and content, Rick! Love those drone sweeps and colours.
Martin Palermo
Martin Palermo - 1 year ago
Good content Rick, enjoyed your video as always, I know you have done a ton individual sets reviews, but would love to see a more modern comparison between whichever set you consider best of blade type of irons today, vs a cavity back iron and maybe dig a little deeper into what does it actually mean to have more “playability” in the blades vs forgiveness, that’s something I never really fully understood, is there really a type of shot you can’t pull off with a more forgiving iron? And what about something like p790s (that’s what I play with) and would love to have your insights into that topic. Again, thanks for content, always enjoy the clarity and depth of your reviews and lessons. Cheers
kaatsnyder - 1 year ago
1k club! Can you do a video about what clubs you have in your bag with a few holes? That would be awesome thanks!
Chris Lum
Chris Lum - 1 year ago
I can’t get that PING out of my head now. Crazy to hear it. Great video rick!
Chris Lum
Chris Lum - 1 year ago
Will millar I know right??? Would love to see how many heads turn after they hear that on the course.
Will millar
Will millar - 1 year ago
Chris Lum i am exactly the same... ebay time
Evan LaPointe
Evan LaPointe - 1 year ago
@Rick Shiels Golf Don't these irons have square grooves that can help produce more spin? I believe that those are illegal now in favor of U shaped grooves...
Bill Kendall
Bill Kendall - 1 year ago
that is so cool to see the sweet wraps on the golf balls! Definitely worth a review!
Rodney Mounsey
Rodney Mounsey - 1 year ago
Where did you find those clubs? Let’s see the ball test with the old and latest clubs, great vlog as always.
The Sesh Is Never Over
The Sesh Is Never Over - 1 year ago
Fore left
Peter Smyth
Peter Smyth - 1 year ago
Quality video. Putter sounds like my microwave
John Murphy
John Murphy - 1 year ago
I met a guy on the cape who picked up some donated clubs ....he gets to the house and he got two sets of those from Johnny Havlerchek of the Boston Celtics ....the clubs were all etched with his name
MATTI Helenius
MATTI Helenius - 1 year ago
I just love that ping sound.. Amazing Video Rick. Thank you so much! :)
Marcus johansson
Marcus johansson - 1 year ago
I have an old slazenger 3 Wood probably from the 70:s... in my bag is my #2 hybrid 816 h1 oldest...
Phil McIver
Phil McIver - 1 year ago
Love it. Play with hickorys next
Lamarcus Brown
Lamarcus Brown - 1 year ago
If you where using a ball from that time the results would be drastically different!!!
BestEco - 1 year ago
Still got a set 2 - SI in my attic. They were so far ahead of there time.
E Mortimer
E Mortimer - 1 year ago
I play the latest and greatest irons but played Ping Eye 2 becu and stainless for over 10 years. I don’t hit the new technology any better. Find something you like to look at.
Daniel Castresana
Daniel Castresana - 1 year ago
classics never die lol. Played with a set of titelist dci black for 4 months lol.
Stef Andrews
Stef Andrews - 1 year ago
What's the story on where you found the old ping set of clubs?
Stephen Moxley
Stephen Moxley - 1 year ago
Awesome video, Rick. Love the sound of that Ping putter, too! You're right; new clubs are not always the answer to better golf.
William Ramsey
William Ramsey - 1 year ago
This is a very good and important video to watch. I think the big manufacturers are riding this new semi wave of popularity brought on by the reemergence of Tiger and the prices of their product reflect that. This video is proof positive that you don’t have the nicest and newest to have fun on the course. I personally shop used clubs and only just recently bought my first brand new club witch I use on ever hole, the putter. Thanks Rick. On a side note, i love digging through old golf bags! I found a cool pitch fork that I used and some old Titleist Professional 90’s.
Jelle Allaerts
Jelle Allaerts - 1 year ago
Where Did you still found these in such GREAT condition ?
martin redgrave
martin redgrave - 1 year ago
Great video Rick. I had a set of Ping i3s which I loved. I replaced them with a second hand set of Ping ISI BeCu 4 iron to lob wedge. Loved them but then swapped them for G5s but hung on to the lob wedge. 62° - the harder you swing the higher it goes. Love it.
MrTkeddo - 1 year ago
Love that putter sound
glyntapp - 1 year ago
Great content lately Rick! Any full course vlogs in the horizon?
Wandering Brummie
Wandering Brummie - 1 year ago
Ping Anser 2 putter is oldest club in my bag. Works fine.

50 years and no real improvement! Just shows that if you hit the sweet spot you can play with anything!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy - 1 year ago
i hit the like button, but i also say you ought to keep some of those old original balls in their wrappers because they're just OLD! Sounds like a nice little antique touch there.

As for the irons, i'm not surprised. I've been playing for over 35 years myself, and while I've possessed several different versions of ping irons (the original Ping Eye down to my current iblades), Ping's always made tough long-lasting clubs. I'd wager that if these were well-worn, you probably wouldn't have seen a lot of difference either. I think forgiveness and improved feel are probably all that's really changed in irons over the past 50 years. Drivers and fairway woods are where the real advances have been made. The newer irons that are hollow seem to be an advancement too in that they rebound the ball like today's metal woods.
John Cantwell
John Cantwell - 1 year ago
LilHomieGayAss - 1 year ago
i find the old club videos more entertaining
Seve Sellors
Seve Sellors - 1 year ago
Just goes to show, it's the man swinging the club and not all the marketing hype. Hope you test the 65 ball, my dad who played off 1 played them with Macgregor VIP clubs.
Diversity has FAILED
Diversity has FAILED - 1 year ago
It won't make a difference, HE'S FUCKING SHIT.
William Ormonde
William Ormonde - 1 year ago
Great video Rick. Seeing you playing with the old Ping clubs brought back some great memories for me as they were my first set of irons that I inherited from my dad when I was 12 years old.
Daniel Q
Daniel Q - 1 year ago
No 1968 or 1969 persimmon drivers?
Snarly Sausage
Snarly Sausage - 1 year ago
Really enjoy your old skool gear reviews!
Geoff Mccaw
Geoff Mccaw - 1 year ago
rick don't slam them into the bag
MissyLaMotte - 1 year ago
Oh, I have to try to track down one of those putters. I just love that sound. It's like making music on the green. It would bring a smile to my face every time I hit it. Who cares if you hit the hole if you can make music?
Bruce Roberts
Bruce Roberts - 1 year ago
What course is this? Looks nice
Zac Ashworth
Zac Ashworth - 1 year ago
At clitheroe golf club, my course, what did u think? Guessing this was recent
Jacob Gustafson
Jacob Gustafson - 1 year ago
The putter is essentially a tuning fork with a shaft in it. That’s incredible
Geronimo McDuggins
Geronimo McDuggins - 1 year ago
My friend uses a club that has four screws holding it on to a piece of wood. Has two red stripes on it lol
Jesse Vollmer
Jesse Vollmer - 1 year ago
I have been collecting older sets of clubs over the past couple months. I actually put the wedge from my Spalding Robt. T. Jr. Pinsplitter set in my bag. That set is from the late 60s and I love the weight and feel of that wedge. I also starting using the Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot irons. I hit them more consistently than my other irons so they're in the bag as well.

Edit: I absolutely love the sound of that putter. I'm super jealous.
Nolan - 1 year ago
You could probably take a branch to hit the ball and still be good
Matthew Franson
Matthew Franson - 1 year ago
Very very cool indeed Rick, I would use that bag today!!
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 1 year ago
Really enjoyed that Rick, it just goes to show what a brilliant engineer Karsten Solheim was!
Chaplin - 1 year ago
69? they're 49 years old
David Ciccoritti
David Ciccoritti - 1 year ago
Very cool. Enjoyed that
jamie Purvis
jamie Purvis - 1 year ago
Still got a set of maxfli dp40 blades , they are still fabulous
RG Golf Mexico
RG Golf Mexico - 1 year ago
very very good video!!! its nice to see someone playing with this irons!!! i remember my grandfather tips!!
Otto Donkers
Otto Donkers - 1 year ago
Great vid Rick ! What happend to the copper covered Ping Irons, were they called barillium copper or something ? played 1 round with them 30 odd years ago... massive offset. even more than these ..... Holding on to my Wilson Staff blades FG 17's
Paul Decker
Paul Decker - 1 year ago
Great video! You should hit the 65's with the ping k1's on the launch monitor do a little vintage vs modern ball and clubs
viperr007 - 1 year ago
You going to cut open one of those Dunlop balls
William Parke
William Parke - 1 year ago
A 5 year old putter taylormade spider
Roger Sturgeon
Roger Sturgeon - 1 year ago
yes use the dunlop
Roger Sturgeon
Roger Sturgeon - 1 year ago
yes do dunlop
Brian Davis
Brian Davis - 1 year ago
Great video, also love driver vs. Driver. Hit those Dunlap balls
Nick Deakin
Nick Deakin - 1 year ago
Fun fact about karsten 1s, you said they dig and Bob gilder said the same so the created the karsten 2s which had a rounded some which stopped this....the karsten 3 rails are the best, they fly!
zen babaloo
zen babaloo - 1 year ago
I use PING irons circa 1985 or thereabouts and a Wilson sand wedge
from the early 1950s. Still good clubs. You couldn't pay me to use
old wood drivers though. It's because of those things that I contend
Nicklaus was a far better player than Tiger and having tried the old
hickory shafted clubs I'm guessing Bobby Jones was far better than
both of them.
Mark Walker
Mark Walker - 1 year ago
Great video Rick! That Ping putter really pings!
Nick Deakin
Nick Deakin - 1 year ago
My first irons!!!! Still got them, in fact I hit them as good as my modern sticks!
robin ridge
robin ridge - 1 year ago
have set of Wilson's in top condition from 1975
Joe Simmons
Joe Simmons - 1 year ago
I smiled
Simon Huss
Simon Huss - 1 year ago
I've got an original Wilson dynapower wedge with the bore through shaft, and a couple of Ben Hogan's, wish I kept my old Wilson sam Snead maple woods
Colyn Miles
Colyn Miles - 1 year ago
Used to play these Pings when I was 18 years old, 49 years ago.I still have the wedge and love it still.Those irons were the ones all my mates wanted to play, they were worth one hole on the tee in any match.
keep the videos coming Rick
MystikVisuals - 1 year ago
My grandad gave me some of these before he passed, and I’ve got all new clubs and never thought they would be any good to play with.. never got a chance to play a round with my grandad but he played off scratch so they must be good.. might swap out my titleist irons for these.. I may finally break 80
Aqquas - 1 year ago
i think i have some of these in my garage haha
Tyler Boer
Tyler Boer - 1 year ago
My 64 PM Grind probably need to get a new one, but I’ve had it since they’ve come out!
I AM ME ! - 1 year ago
I want one of those putters!
Mark Goddard
Mark Goddard - 1 year ago
Here is a question a Guy I play with is in his early twenties and is playing with his Grandfathers old clubs, many rounds played with them. He wants new clubs, But can not afford new whole set of new ones. if he was going to replace them where should he start. I would think driver and woods. I would think this is where he would see the biggest improvement compared to his GrandFathers clubs.
coegj - 1 year ago
Tommy Armour ZAAP Kappa 4 putter, in the bag for years and years and years, best feel ever, I know because I have a barrel full of ( others ) in the basement much newer and prettier. As for changing and upgrading irons. New tech is better than old tech, but as I aged and was losing distance I found it was just fine to keep the club heads I liked and upgrade the golf shafts that allowed me to get more distance and much better dispersion as technology evolved, being fitted for the shaft that fits ones swing speed is important to me more so than something new. Good video post Rick, thanks.
Richard Hanse
Richard Hanse - 1 year ago
Just shows..... it's all about PLAYING golf. We're all way too obsessed with the results.
Brendan Hanley
Brendan Hanley - 1 year ago
Great video mate
gary mcdonald
gary mcdonald - 1 year ago
Did you steal those balls off Liam Harrison he was playing with the same ones lately. Sorry he was using 1959 Slazenger balls you could compare them to the Dunlops.
Innes Parkin
Innes Parkin - 1 year ago
Rick, you should do a course vlog using full old set (ball, sand for tee, clubs etc) versus all the new equipment
Tim Haigh
Tim Haigh - 1 year ago
Rick you make golf look cool, whether you are showcasing golf's past or present. Thanks for the trip into golf club history.
Alan Thomson
Alan Thomson - 1 year ago
maybe 50 years old but ( were one of the first?) the technology is very current.... would be interesting to to this with 50 year old blades. I wish I had kept some of my old sets but with no money in those days you needed the trade in value. I still have my ping eye 2s though, and I still use the L wedge :-)
Francois Roux
Francois Roux - 1 year ago
Enjoyed the editing, great vid
Garafall - 1 year ago
Super video, I totally agree with your conclusion. I've been learning one a half serie : Wilson 1200 GE from 1975. I play around +22 and for Xmas I will go for some Callaway Rogue. I've tried to compare on the course : 7 iron : Wilson carry around 125m and Rogue carry around 155m so there is a huge benefit when you play regularly. Btw, distance is not the only gain, I guess the graphic shaft are too old because with new iron shafted series I earn in precision .... If one day you come to Lyon (France) I would let you try my old Wilson with pleasure : W1, W3, W5 + Iron 3,5,7,9,P,S ;)
xHomestar - 1 year ago
"If I get X amount of likes I will do such and such" This channel is becoming unbearable with the "smash that like" phrases and graphics. Just make the content and they will come.
KrustyKrabPizza - 1 year ago
I'm want to see you hit those Dunlop balls with the 50-year-old irons and compare it to a new set. I think that would make a very interesting video.
Sean W. Hanley
Sean W. Hanley - 1 year ago
Great video, I wish you could have tested some old school woods as well.
FNDUCKEDUP - 1 year ago
Love old school Pings. Next try Callaway Hickory Sticks or the Ping Eye 2 BeCU!
Ste Smallman
Ste Smallman - 1 year ago
Class video, get them in your bag Rick, very nice course too
Grumpy Old Man
Grumpy Old Man - 1 year ago
Great video! Just a question, if you were to regrip them, do you think you could reduce that average 10 yard loss?
xrayjay bigga
xrayjay bigga - 1 year ago
how far would it be if you used a 50 year old ball?
Antoine Steeghs
Antoine Steeghs - 1 year ago
Oldest club odessey 2ball putter original
ozricbish - 1 year ago
lovin' this !! I put my Nike Vs clubs in the garage 3 yrs ago after buying a set of late 1970s Orlimar blades....they are sooooo sweet and make my modern day clubs feel clumsy. Also took 8 shots off my game so far....
TimmyVision - 1 year ago
Rick, you need to do test the dunlop balls!
Beach Fraser
Beach Fraser - 1 year ago
Golfvlogs UK idea stolen??? Dear oh dear!!
Ryan Thomason
Ryan Thomason - 1 year ago
Next time Rick, match it up with a 50 year old golf ball to really play a simulation of golf back then ;)
Ryan Thomason
Ryan Thomason - 1 year ago
You gentlemen almost made me spit out my coffee on my screen this morning. Well played.
What about the course? A 50 year old municiple course probably had fairways closer to todays second cut and greens that rolled at like an 8. Totally diffrent game these days
baljit sandhu
baljit sandhu - 1 year ago
50 year old shoes too.. and film with a 1970's video recorder
Joe Wiseman
Joe Wiseman - 1 year ago
50 year old woods too
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison - 1 year ago
i have that putter, original shaft and grip
Derek Schroeder
Derek Schroeder - 1 year ago
I am 63 was a golf professional in Phoenix in the 70's-80's was a Ping professional and a friend to the great trick shot artist and long drive champion Wedgy Winchester who was a Ping master fitter at the ping factory. These irons you are using even with the Balata balls of the day would really launch some fliers when you least expected it. What's funny is I was showing another Professional how the original Ping eye irons which came out after the ones your using would also hit extreme fliers. I hit a 9 iron to an up hill par 3 which was 179 yards after setting the ball up on some brushed back grass on the tee and not only flew it onto the green but holed it out for a 1... I knew the Sohlheim family when I was a kid Karsten would come to the course which was in the 60's and would bring stuff to our club pro Jim Moody and have him try them ... At the time no other Golf Pros took him seriously. Boy were they wrong. The golf course at the time which he bought years later was Moon Valley CC in Phx. He was really a fine gentlemen and never changed even when he became extremely successful. I quit playing for numerous reasons 10 years ago and started playing again in Aug of this year...Took me a month and a half to shoot even par again. With your videos which I discovered helped me decide what I pretty much new what I would get for clubs again..Ping G30 irons G30 Driver. My 1959 Wilson Staff pitching wedge as a gap wedge and an 1965 Wilson Sandwedge are still in the bag also. Enjoy you also on D2D. thanks for your work.
Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry - 1 year ago
Nice story
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 1 year ago
Keep playing great story
Golfer206 - 1 year ago
Agree, great story and thanks for sharing.
Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan - 1 year ago
Derek Schroeder Thanks for sharing that story Derek! I’m glad I read the comments...very interesting stuff! Thank you.
The Callaway Kid
The Callaway Kid - 1 year ago
What a great vid, as a junior I always wanted a set of Ping eye irons. The woods were over £250 for Ping eye woods.
archiguitarchi - 1 year ago
The wife and I are both seniors and we both swing Ping I/3 O-size blue dot irons with graphite shafts. I'd had bad luck with Taylormade Burners and a mixed set of many other brands. I would ask to use one of her Pings when things weren't going well and they always worked. So, three years agoI found a matched serial number set on eBay for an incredibly low price and love them. I don't play very well, but I would never blame these clubs.
Jakob Nordin
Jakob Nordin - 1 year ago
If you have clubs you like just regrip them now and again. I think people would rather buy new clubs and hope the clubs will make them better players than to put in a few more hours of practice every week. I love my mid-90s Wilson Staff ultra 45-irons, my PGA T-line putter from the early 90s, my Wilson Staff Fat Shaft 5-wood and my classic green McGregor bag from 1995.
Harry Whittles
Harry Whittles - 1 year ago
Rick you need to go back to wearing bright stuff
Jack Tate
Jack Tate - 1 year ago
You shouldn't use the dunlop balls but leave them in the wrappers until 100yr old.
Gianmarco Balsamo
Gianmarco Balsamo - 1 year ago
Abs Amazing video!
David Wallace
David Wallace - 1 year ago
Even though I have much newer irons. My go to clubs are a set of 1986 Ping Eye 2s. I've got the 1 iron through L Wedge. Ping is amazing, I called the plant to ask about my clubs. They have full manufacturing records on them. My clubs started out as black dots but were changed to green dots (2° upright) shortly after manufacture. The old school lofts do make the clubs shorter but there is no gap in the range and hence you don't need the 'gap' wedge caused by the strengthening of the loft of the P wedge and longer irons.
You can thank Mizuno who started the 'horsepower' race with their ad saying their pitching wedge goes 130 yards because they changed the loft from 49-50° to 46°.
sjgraci - 1 year ago
I break out my 40 year old Dunlop Maxfli Australian Blades and persimmon woods every now and then and shoot no better or worse than my modern clubs. The modern driver is the biggest change in forgiveness. Irons, particularly in the short and mid end of the bag, not so much.
Laura Mulholland
Laura Mulholland - 1 year ago
Why on the launch monitor your 7 carried 164 yards yet on the first hole you said you needed a 6 iron for 150 yards in? Head wind?
Brian Kawakami
Brian Kawakami - 1 year ago
Hey Rick, Great Review! My Dad has a set of Ping Karsten II’s (2-9) that he cut down and let me use as a junior. Curious to know your thoughts of the offset? Was it too much? And why was the leading edge so bloody sharp? Did it have to be back then? Thanks.
Drew S
Drew S - 1 year ago
Definitely do a video with those bells. Would love 2 see the difference from it to a ball from today.
Jensen - 1 year ago
Camera work is 2nd to none rick!
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson - 1 year ago
You got any 50 year old golf balls laying around? It would be interesting to see the differences between 1969 and 2018 clubs and balls.
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson - 1 year ago
Definitely made this comment before seeing the Dunlop 65 balls. Lol
scott h
scott h - 1 year ago
If you machined a little bounce into those soles, gave them a pre worn leading edge, installed the proper shaft for you and new grips they would be totally playable.
PhotoGeorge - 1 year ago
Solheim was way ahead of his time, he was an innovator, inventor, engineer and was there at the right time with his clubs to be successful.
Brix - 1 year ago
also those are the clubs my grandpa uses lol
Taco Stacks
Taco Stacks - 1 year ago
So I guess my thrift store clubs aren't too bad haha
D Snlove
D Snlove - 1 year ago
Best irons I ever had.
Corey B
Corey B - 1 year ago
ay my friend bought a full set from P-3 for .25 cents a club and they do the job.
Maiken Bacon
Maiken Bacon - 1 year ago
My oldest club is over 20 years old btw great video rick keep up the good work
andrew Ellis
andrew Ellis - 1 year ago
Great video. All modern golfers spend far too much on new clubs. Nothing wrong with quality 2nx hand gear. And I Iremember the Dunlop 65's are they were the smaller British ball at 1.62 ? As against the modern USA spec 1.68 we all play with today. Thanks
Ryan Westby
Ryan Westby - 1 year ago
Hi Rick

Got an early 1960’s ray cook mallet putter if you wanna try that out
Ryan Westby
Ryan Westby - 1 year ago
Also got some wooden predator by Petron woods
Thomas Cairns
Thomas Cairns - 1 year ago
Go for it use those golf balls
Clerk Kirshner
Clerk Kirshner - 1 year ago
What does the 17-4 ph mean on the toe of the club head?
Steff James
Steff James - 1 year ago
Rick your videos are class lad keep it up. Do cheap clubs against expensive clubs
Glenn Wisse
Glenn Wisse - 1 year ago
Fantastic video. If only you could play with a new 50 year old ball. I surmise you would see more of a difference. But really now, with all the design changes and billions upon billions of dollars spent, it really comes down to ones skill now doesn’t it?? Forget the new gear, practice and get some lessons. This seems the wiser way to play better golf. Cheers.
Myles C
Myles C - 1 year ago
In my opinion the gold club has little affect on your score it's the golfer. Great playing!
chris mcmillan
chris mcmillan - 1 year ago
Hahaha, owner of my restaurant just gave me this exact set. Almost mint condition and beat my brother by 5 strokes. Great test of time for clubs. Thumbs up Ping!!
Simon Giguere
Simon Giguere - 1 year ago
I still use my old Ping Zing putter
Paul McGee
Paul McGee - 1 year ago
Great job! Course looking good, where is it?
scotty golf
scotty golf - 1 year ago
This is such amazing content. Subject matter was fantastic; camera work was superb; and Rick, as always, was just a joy to watch. I actually enjoyed this a lot more than a review of  new equipment. Going back in time to a  first iteration of Ping irons. It's history and discovery. Imagine how the creators at Ping felt using these bad boys 50 years ago for the first time. Must have been giddy and felt like they created something magical.  Very cool vid.Great job Rick!
Simon Giguere
Simon Giguere - 1 year ago
So, in 50 years, the club industries did not improve by much. May be, it's the ball like most of player says. What is your opinion ?
Gordon Vance
Gordon Vance - 1 year ago
My first ever golf prize was half a dozen Dunlop 65s individually wrapped! Great vid Rick
Steve S
Steve S - 1 year ago
Wasn't the Ping Eye 2 club the "most reshafted iron", due to it's lack of forgiveness? These look great. I prefer to spend money on coaching with my local pro, rather than new gadgets! "Smash factor" is restricted, so hitting it better is down to the player.
Brian Hathaway
Brian Hathaway - 1 year ago
It was actually probably their original Ping Zing. They had Karsten KT shaft as stock, and were thin-walled toward the tip, so the shafts would always bend at the hosels. So Ping warrantied that model for years, and would install KT-M shafts that were the same specs, but has a more reinforced tip.
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews - 1 year ago
Got to see a review of the 65i
Kim Schröder
Kim Schröder - 1 year ago
Please, Rick, make course vlog with that putter! It owned you a like...
J - 1 year ago
Great video Rick ... Always enjoy your presenting style. Love the old Pings although could do with some new grips :-)
Adam Hoven
Adam Hoven - 1 year ago
To really get a perspective of tech......play the Dunlop golf balls with the 50 year old pings. I'm sure you won't be ten yards behind, more like 15-25 yards behind.
Robin Beach
Robin Beach - 1 year ago
PW at 50 degrees. True lofts.
Aaron Shott
Aaron Shott - 1 year ago
Don't mess with us, do that review of those Dunlop 65's with these clubs.
Sonny Mac
Sonny Mac - 1 year ago
Memories memories i am a 68 year old golfer still playing who loved Ping eye 2 clubs and ping answer putter, still using the putter. Enjoyed the video, please test the Dunlops, for more memories
Zack Baird
Zack Baird - 1 year ago
"Give myself that one"
D Snlove
D Snlove - 1 year ago
I played those back in high school...the best still to this ..wish I still had them...that ping putter..love your videos along your buddies...thanks friend
Anthony Swift
Anthony Swift - 1 year ago
Would be great to see how they do with an old ball
Merrill Frazier
Merrill Frazier - 1 year ago
Was it just luck that the shafts were stiff enough for your swing speeds? Or were you adjusting your swing accordingly?
Gavin Blair
Gavin Blair - 1 year ago
Absolutely love the new video style and editing! Looking great rick. Keep it up!!
Also my oldest club is the Ping G-30 driver!!
Fergus Diffley
Fergus Diffley - 1 year ago
I keep an old Wooden Wilson Staff driver in my bag for fun!! Still looks and feels great...not quite sure how old Rick but maybe late 70s early 80s?
Anthony Swift
Anthony Swift - 1 year ago
I’d love to hit them!!
Neil Henry
Neil Henry - 1 year ago
Very cool vid
Sean Hudson
Sean Hudson - 1 year ago
Use these for the next golf bidder challenger
Dawid Choi
Dawid Choi - 1 year ago
Can you do a what's in the bag end of 2018?
Ken Phillips
Ken Phillips - 1 year ago
If you discount the lofts  it just shows how far modern tech has moved us on!////////  It hasn't!
aidan brown
aidan brown - 1 year ago
Great content as per usual. Surprising just how far golf clubs have come in 50 years
Tomos Edwards
Tomos Edwards - 1 year ago
Everyone should go back to playing blades. All this new tech is a load of Dunlop 65s
13mrc - 1 year ago
great video rick.. I took my first set of clubs nearly 20 years old( only used for 3years so pretty much a1 condition) over to the states last Xmas, so i dont need to hire any..
and yes I'm hitting mine about 10-15yards shorted than my set here in the uk
Reuben Capstick
Reuben Capstick - 1 year ago
great video Rick, content is 1st class!!
T p
T p - 1 year ago
Always watch your vids, always great content. Great drone work in this one too
dirt1581 - 1 year ago
Next play with the 50 year old clubs and 50 year old golf balls!!! Good video!
The Weekend Hack
The Weekend Hack - 1 year ago
I actually use these clubs. They're new to me.
The Weekend Hack
The Weekend Hack - 1 year ago
just kidding. subscribe to my channel for non pro golf related creator content
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 1 year ago
Nice video Rick. Reminds me of when you used the copper Ping Eye 2s on that first golfbidder challenge. You should definitely do a ball test w/ those Dunlops. Liam Harrison recently did a few vids w/ the same balls & would be interesting if your results are similar.
Peter Schmitt
Peter Schmitt - 1 year ago
Nice vid, Rick. As someone who has gone back into club history in a similar fashion, I strongly encourage everyone here to do the same. Especially if (like me), you picked up golf back in the 20th century. I promise you'll regain some passion, feel, and juice that you didn't realize you'd lost over the years.

Take it to another level by using persimmon woods. You won't regret it...
Pragmatic Constitutionalist Party
Pragmatic Constitutionalist Party - 1 year ago
I have Wilson FG51s and Ping Eye 2 woods 1,3,5. I feel the PGA should adopt the MLB mentality where the Pros still swing the wood. Funny how "traditional" the USGA/PGA is except for the bastardization of club tech.
Marc Tebo
Marc Tebo - 1 year ago
I still occasionally try the old persimmons but I can't keep them in the fairway. Sound is incredible off the face though lol
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. - 1 year ago
Surprisingly the Maltby pliability score has those above some modern irons.
Colin Addison
Colin Addison - 1 year ago
Nice video and cool irons. Oldest club is irons cobra amp cell s
tractor king
tractor king - 1 year ago
Plzzz do a stratigy video how to play smart on the course. Wich club should you use plzzzzz
tractor king
tractor king - 1 year ago
And other things
Blake Upshaw
Blake Upshaw - 1 year ago
I bought some old Wilson Staff Dyna Power Fluid Feel irons (3-P) recently and put the rest of a bag together with Taylormade EF 54 and 58 and Titleist 975 woods to show that older and inexpensive sets can perform like the new stuff and to show some friends of mine that it's the player and not the equipment. I have only been able to play 9 holes with the set so far, but I shot 1 over. The set was a great talking point at the driving range that day as well. The older guys were able to reminisce over the old irons
Tomsawyer1111 - 1 year ago
Great Ad for Ping engineering quality!! Their products last forever!! :-)
Paul Milsom
Paul Milsom - 1 year ago
You kept saying you were hitting it 10 yards less, but you weren't really, It's similar to hitting AP 2's against AP 3's etc, It's the lofts that matter, not the number on the club. Also, going along with the old clubs, maybe you should have estimated the yardage like we used to, instead of using your yardage watch
Tielc - 1 year ago
That putter sound is sick!
jeff murata
jeff murata - 1 year ago
great stuff, Rick!! please do test those old Dunlop balls. would love to see you hit them with a persimmon wood!!
Guillermo Franco
Guillermo Franco - 1 year ago
The clubs are cool, but that putter was awesome!
Jim Sainsbury
Jim Sainsbury - 1 year ago
My Callaway S2H2's are 30 years old and I still can't find a new club that I like better... I still hit my 7 iron 180 yards as I dd 30 years ago so why switch?
Mike Austin Fan
Mike Austin Fan - 1 year ago
I am still playing with Ping I3 Blade and I3+ irons. Did replace the shafts a few years ago with some graphites as I am getting older in age. Both can still hold their own against the latest irons on the market. However, I finally replaced my Ping Rapture V2 driver with the G400 Max recently.
Ignacio Mario Zucal
Ignacio Mario Zucal - 1 year ago
Like my former golf instructor used to say " It is not the arrow, it is the Indian..." My oldest club is a 60 degrees wedge Mitsushiba. Form my old dad. I think about 50 years old. Works perfect!!!
Charles McKenna
Charles McKenna - 1 year ago
Looks like I need lessons more then I need replacing my Titleist 981’s. They are pretty close to the same lofts as the 981’s.
Carl Chapman
Carl Chapman - 1 year ago
Rick, once again a great video. Really love your stuff. Have I just missed it and you've done a ball review on the Kirkland (Costco) 3 Piece Urethane ball, or have you not? I'd love to see you do one on those balls. I can even supply the balls if you are in need an willing.
Baresi - 1 year ago
'I'm hitting it 10 yards less'. Or just a club with a different number on?

200 yd 4-iron sounds alright to me!
Simon Koster
Simon Koster - 1 year ago
"Like" hit. Would love to see you play some holes with the old balls. As you noticed the carry seems to be consistent with the loft. Was this also the case with other characteristics like spin and stopping power?
precariousbyte - 1 year ago
It's the archer, not the arrow!
TXchadTX - 1 year ago
If you gamed that putter and didn't tell your playing partners - they'd all be checking their phones for text messages after you putt.
JohanR - 1 year ago
Can’t think of a better weapon in match play, opponent will go mad
Selkirk Trekker
Selkirk Trekker - 1 year ago
I can’t stop laughing
Drew S
Drew S - 1 year ago
Lol so true.
Paul Dickinson
Paul Dickinson - 1 year ago
Taking divots like slippers with the wedge. Quality !! I have a Swilken SW in the bag I bought in 1988.

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