Nice Shoes

Never let your shoes outshine your game. #NikeGolfClub

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southern country1993
southern country1993 - 3 years ago
one of them probably made a remark that the camera didnt "yeah i would hit that!"
Try Thinking For a change
Try Thinking For a change - 3 years ago
ugly shoes - keep you pair.
John Pierson
John Pierson - 3 years ago
lmao Tiger's just laughing at how fake Jason's laugh was. That's a genuine smile from him 110%
Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran - 3 years ago
JDs laugh makes me laugh hurrr hurr hurrr
Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. - 3 years ago
But, why is she in the sand?
Akseli Laine
Akseli Laine - 3 years ago
Mr. Mr. Because it's a bunker shot
yingminghe - 3 years ago
jason is like " I laughed so hard, my left boob almost fall off."
Ryan You
Ryan You - 3 years ago
mens golf shoes by Nike are so ugly, its sad really bc i am a nike loyalist. Stop trying to be so edgy and flashy, make something that looks good.
FlimsTV - 3 years ago
Stupid commercial
golferzax435 - 4 years ago
When boys and girls bond

10. comment for Nice Shoes

Brent Greene
Brent Greene - 4 years ago
She reminds me of a colege I work with
Petrol Head
Petrol Head - 4 years ago
Jason Day: Nice ass

The Girl: What's the seize of your Dick
F Klk
F Klk - 4 years ago
so hot
Stephen Harris
Stephen Harris - 4 years ago
the women on my course dont look like that and i dont think the nike shoes will help.
cndvd - 4 years ago
They should of left out Rory and Tiger....standing there like two Zombies. Michelle looked sexy, but that was a goofy commercial, Day with that deep accent and laughing out loud.
Internal Game
Internal Game - 4 years ago
who is she?
Daniel Abeygunawardane
Daniel Abeygunawardane - 4 years ago
Internal Game, Michelle Wie
Kenny Bell
Kenny Bell - 4 years ago
Nice booty too.
Mike Hsu
Mike Hsu - 3 years ago
I send you a pair
giordano bartoletti
giordano bartoletti - 4 years ago
Tigers face is priceless
andrewjunro - 4 years ago
Tiger looks old. ㅠ.ㅠ
ajani johnson
ajani johnson - 4 years ago
Great Commercial!

20. comment for Nice Shoes

TheGolfdaily - 4 years ago
Shame Nike has stopped making clubs!

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