Puma Golf High Tops

In association with http://www.golfwrx.com Puma golf High Tops chat with Coach Lockey. This is getting serious now and I need answers. Hear why I want to war them and post your comment about the coolest dad in golf. Do i look better than Rickie Fowler?

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In association with http://www.golfwrx.com Puma golf High Tops chat with Coach Lockey. This is getting serious now and I need answers. Hear why I want to war them and post your comment about the coolest dad in golf. Do i look better than Rickie Fowler?

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Rob Prater
Rob Prater - 4 years ago
if they help play better golf i am down
Snizzle Master
Snizzle Master - 4 years ago
Hell Yes, you wear those shoes and you will be an instant success at looking 20 years younger. Additionally, those shoes will bring on smiles and likely extra yards in the clubhouse. I love em! Golf needs evolution and those suckers are evolutionary!
Ben M
Ben M - 4 years ago
U should wear them, and then give me a pair in size 13. My address is 69 boogiewoogie ave.
Erik Newman
Erik Newman - 4 years ago
yes wear them. my next golf shoe purchase
Michael Rolton
Michael Rolton - 4 years ago
If they fit and work for you, wear them.
Steven Moss
Steven Moss - 4 years ago
I am all for breaking away from snobbery and bringing golf up to date and more appealing to younger people . I don't wanna see people playing in football tops n jeans or even worse a vest
Lucas Jordan
Lucas Jordan - 4 years ago
Get em on Parfield!
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant - 4 years ago
why not give them a go although i don't think they would feel comfortable on the ankles.
Christopher Whitehead
Christopher Whitehead - 4 years ago
The shoes are OK. However, I challenge you to wear.them with shorts!

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iz Zz
iz Zz - 4 years ago
What in Gods green earth is "Peeyuma"? Its pronounced "Pooma". lol its Poo not Pee haha just caught that.
geddstock - 4 years ago
Can't stand high top trainers,think they look awful,BUT I don't give a flying f..k if someone wants to wear them.
They may even benefit the older golfer with there extra ankle support( including myself in this).........
As I say not my thing but Ricky fowler does look good in his gear......
Anthony Genca
Anthony Genca - 4 years ago
I think coach needs a pair
steve f
steve f - 4 years ago
I don't personally have a problem with the idea but those look horrible! There like a Frankenshoe
Peter B
Peter B - 4 years ago
Besides the shoes are suposedly cool, are they any good?
David Lee
David Lee - 4 years ago
Wear them with your shirt untucked.
Jamie Todd
Jamie Todd - 4 years ago
If you don't wear them then give them to me cause I would wear them
DavinciRiderUK - 4 years ago
I think you should. I'm not a fan of the real casual look but they are a nice medium between smart and casual.
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds - 4 years ago
With socks yes.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith - 4 years ago

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daniel perkins
daniel perkins - 4 years ago
yes you should wear them they look great
Adam Coyne
Adam Coyne - 4 years ago
do it! green shorts, orange shirt with your red kidney warmer. wack the kidney warmer off half way round. I am personally not a fan of them but not as a golf shoe. high tops in general. if you can pull them off and like them why not.
Nigel Wadsworth
Nigel Wadsworth - 4 years ago
Of course you should wear them. With shorts and a Rickie stylee hat.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
+Nigel Wadsworth
Ben Carpenter
Ben Carpenter - 4 years ago
I've got no issue with shoes or trainers like these but I just think they look daft and I wouldn't wear them. Sorry Mark they are a bit mid life crisis with those joggers ahaha!
Daniel Haack
Daniel Haack - 4 years ago
definitely wear them - And maybe give a pair away?
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 4 years ago
+Daniel Haack
DjSidewayz07 - 4 years ago
I loved this video lol and yeah of course you're going to try them because we know you want to
Kevin Roussey
Kevin Roussey - 4 years ago
i like them
stephen bennett
stephen bennett - 4 years ago
Not a golf snob I just think they are terrible shoes haha
Eric Hinds
Eric Hinds - 4 years ago
boots sure, trousers, one step beyond!
MrShanghai34 - 4 years ago
Wear them.... No-one else paid for them..... If I had them (13W) I certainly would wear them.

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Bret Schlyer
Bret Schlyer - 4 years ago
Wear them, but with shorts.
daniel bash
daniel bash - 4 years ago
why not!
Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell - 4 years ago
Wear them as you clean your kitchen floor
Alex - 4 years ago
Love some of the fashion that's going into golf now, feel like its making a "old man sport" turn into a sport for everyone!
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn - 4 years ago
fair play for putting this out there...its a tough one..i agree rebellion against the snobbery is good but i dont like those high tops..i dont think the colours work for me as i dont like white shoes..get them to send u a different colour if they do them(if ur going to rebel do it in a blaze of colour) and i might reconsider my opinion but for now its a no from me!
i would still like an answer to the controversial question i asked on facebook: should we vote to stay in or pull out of the EU for golfing reasons?
Chewy V
Chewy V - 4 years ago
I say wear whatever you like what ever makes feel comfortable and confident, I normally don't look like a golfer when I go out and play wearing my gym shorts and tshirt but that's what I'm comfortable in and as long as the golf course doesn't have a problem with it its all good.
Kathleen Grehlinger
Kathleen Grehlinger - 4 years ago
You are adorable and Lockey's look into the camera...
Paddy O'Toole
Paddy O'Toole - 4 years ago
It's not a question of being a snob or not Mark. It's the fact that you look a complete and utter twat wearing these.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 4 years ago
Love them because I have ankle issues. It is more about function for me. Keegan Bradley has been wearing high top for awhile.
Giebs n Stuff
Giebs n Stuff - 4 years ago
Rock that shit Mark!!
Mediocre Golfer
Mediocre Golfer - 4 years ago
Nothing to do with snobbery, they just look shit
Harry King
Harry King - 4 years ago
i love em send me a pair in the post
Arto Kiiskinen
Arto Kiiskinen - 4 years ago
I have used low golf shoes and now increasingly, when walking over uneven or tilted ground then I fear that I could twist my ankle. These would fit that need, protecting the ankle better.
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson - 4 years ago
I like the hightops and would wear them with pants or shorts. Basketball players wear hightops with shorts all the time as I did in school. I have always like hightops for the ankle support. The pants not so much.
Jason Perry
Jason Perry - 4 years ago
Your a bit old for them Mark, come on !!
John Blank
John Blank - 3 years ago
Jason Perry How does one associate a shoe with an age? I guess certain types of underwear has an age requirement. I dress according to my body type which is in shape and athletic. Why would I want to wear anything that makes me look old?
Jacob Baker
Jacob Baker - 4 years ago
If you lopped off the high part of the high tops I think they would look better. I dig the toe cap area and the slimmer look of the shoe more than other Pumas. I can't wear them with shorts is my only concern. When you're playing in 95+ heat pants get a little much.
don blem
don blem - 4 years ago
I really enjoyed this video. I was chuckling to myself the whole way through. I vote you wear them.
LB - 4 years ago
you have to wear them with shorts or with your pants tucked into them
Stephen Devlin
Stephen Devlin - 4 years ago
The look awful, and personally I wouldn't wear them. But honestly look at the way golf shoes are moving, most of the shoes I see at the moment look like track running shoes. So does it really matter? As long as it's tidy looking and represents the sport well who am I to judge.
drunknmonk12 - 4 years ago
Very important to cover the controversial issues in this community, well done.

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PkGam - 4 years ago
Wear those shoes just for the snobs! lol! Well, if they're comfy. Wouldn't' want you to get blisters. But yeah, golf has had this reputation for the longest time of being really formal and some people defend that to the death as if it has to stay that way for no reason, even bashing players who wear stuff they don't approve of. Which is sort of a self-conflicting outlook in itself because a big part of golf is being respectful. So it's always fun seeing those people cringe at someone else's wardrobe because you aren't doing anything wrong to make them mad. They just do it to themselves because it's out of their ideals.

... and wait, you play guitar? :P
Terry Warner
Terry Warner - 4 years ago
Wear them, they look great.
Simon Berry
Simon Berry - 4 years ago
Wear em on a vlog and take the Stirling irons too! #megaMYfashionmatchwithsinglelengthclubs
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy - 4 years ago
100% wear them
tatchy1001 - 4 years ago
They remind me of the Adidas mudskipper boots and nobody would every be called cool wearing them things hahaha
tatchy1001 - 4 years ago
The shoes aren't that bad although I wouldn't wear them but those trousers scream 'golf chav'
stumpyslvr - 4 years ago
Wear what you like.I like the golf WRX bag at 1:07
Jonas Persson
Jonas Persson - 4 years ago
Finally high tops. Very practical for us who spend time in the wood searching lost ball.
Chewy V
Chewy V - 4 years ago
Or in the sand or on the rocks on the side of a cliff searching for that damn $5 chrome soft
Tim Oldfield
Tim Oldfield - 4 years ago
Reminds me of playing basketball in my late teens and the really cocky players would buy 2 pairs of Air Jordan's each a different colour (white and black pairs) then they'd play in one black shoe and a white. It was fun wearing my daggy old runners and smashing them off the court...! Ahh....the good ole days...!
Dominic Shone
Dominic Shone - 4 years ago
I'm not sure I'd say it's snobbery but more traditionalism. Personally I think they look crap. But I think they've only ever looked cool on Marty Mcfly.
Mike Eastridge
Mike Eastridge - 4 years ago
Cant see the problem with these as long as they are comfortable and functional. Might be good for the winter.
jimbofatplum - 4 years ago
well I think their the bollox!looks is one thing but give me a boot over trainer any time.for those who don't like ankle support wait until you roll that foot and then see a golf ball like lump appear under your ankle in 10 secs!!I bet Richard boxall wished he was wearing them 20 year back lol.
jimbofatplum - 4 years ago
plus you can wear these with strides not those jogging poxy things.
Alan Terry
Alan Terry - 4 years ago
Wear them with some shorts!!!! That would be a fashion statement.
pawera tv
pawera tv - 4 years ago
Ha ha ha, super!
amarillosoja - 4 years ago
If you DONT wear those shoes, I will unsubscribe!!!!
J Mo
J Mo - 4 years ago
nothing really to do with snobbery they just look bloody awful! You will pull them off though Mark as Coach says.......
Andrés Dionis
Andrés Dionis - 4 years ago
Ugly shoes. No discussion about thas. But, are they confortable? That's the key. By he way, if you wear them, I will unsuscribe...;)
Antonio Pastoriza
Antonio Pastoriza - 4 years ago
I like the high tops, but not with the joggers. IMO joggers look better with low cut(tech type) shoes
Stuart Simcox
Stuart Simcox - 4 years ago
Hate them
Iain Russell
Iain Russell - 4 years ago
Definitely step out on the course in them.
Fixed 1964
Fixed 1964 - 4 years ago
Not for me, but happy for others to wear if they wan't
Rob Keith
Rob Keith - 4 years ago
Is there a functional purpose for high top golf shoes over standard?
Paul J Hawksworth
Paul J Hawksworth - 4 years ago
Get them worn!
andy evans
andy evans - 4 years ago
how very dare you think about wearing those loutish booties playing the gentlemens game
Shaun Gatt
Shaun Gatt - 4 years ago
give it a crack
toaster96 - 4 years ago
I Love Hightops and I love the idea of having something like this as a golf shoe, but those pumas look really ugly to my eye ;-)
Steve Thom
Steve Thom - 4 years ago
you should seriously clean the Floor in the kitchen :-)
Andy Burbank
Andy Burbank - 4 years ago
Make coach lockey wear them !
Lars Moltsen
Lars Moltsen - 4 years ago
Best video on youtube: "middle finger to the snobs"
Cornwall1888 - 4 years ago
What about those Nike flyknit chukka things? I prefer those
Rob Logan
Rob Logan - 4 years ago
Two words: ankle support. Not a bad thing at all.
jppongo06 - 4 years ago
Wear them
CherryPaul - 4 years ago
Golf has always stood out because of how formal it is Please keep it like that
edwin lambley
edwin lambley - 4 years ago
Fantastic if you are like Sergio Garcia and do "Flying" to see where the ball has gone, or get into your Range Rover with blacked out windows. You certainly thinks your "All That" in these! Think you loose it with the Incontinence Pants though.
MrKydaman - 4 years ago
Give em a go
Ben Heymann
Ben Heymann - 4 years ago
i can't take my eyes off the damn spider
Tommy Falcone
Tommy Falcone - 4 years ago
High the tops mark! F*** the haters
Brad Morris
Brad Morris - 4 years ago
Man those things are hideous. I play in sandals, work boots, tennis shoes and even expensive Eccos if it's wet, and have no golf snobbery, but those are pointless. You might wear them once to prove some point to your invisible tormentor, but as far as being practical golf shoes? I don't see it. They will disappear within a year or two. I take it you didn't buy them? Let me know when you fork out your own $200 for a pair and I'll take them seriously. BTW: What's a good tattoo cost over there? That's always popular with the "give 'em the middle finger crowd" here in the states. :)
Iain Bisbal
Iain Bisbal - 4 years ago
yes yes yes yes please wear XD i personaly think they suit you mark XD
Prismatic - 4 years ago
These are the most comfortable golf shoes I have worn
Michael Ruppel
Michael Ruppel - 4 years ago
Game them so you piss all the golf snobs on here. So when they comment(and they will) we can laugh at them together.
Rob 24
Rob 24 - 4 years ago
Shall u wear them? Ofc not.. Send them to me right now!!!
Mike Winfield
Mike Winfield - 4 years ago
Wear them!
wowspat - 4 years ago
The High Tops are just as dumb as wearing skinny jeans... Both are terrible fashion attempts. But just like all things tend to be, its just subjective and personally I hope they go the way of the dodo bird.
tigerbalm - 4 years ago
Eric Sheldon
Eric Sheldon - 4 years ago
I like the high tops, not digging the pants.
Jason Purk
Jason Purk - 4 years ago
I just don't understand why they are $200
Kyle Thibeault
Kyle Thibeault - 4 years ago
They are awesome. Wear them plz.,
Joel Metz
Joel Metz - 4 years ago
Ugly shoes
Rich Lester
Rich Lester - 4 years ago
They're horrible with those pants. Ricky looks ridiculous with his god awful nut huggers on. It just looks soft or dare I say feminine.

100. comment for Puma Golf High Tops

Mark Hedetniemi
Mark Hedetniemi - 4 years ago
Jenny Mac
Jenny Mac - 4 years ago
Wear them just get the next outing available quickly please. Need more vlogs
JWalk - 4 years ago
if you dont, you can send them to me
Michael Waugh
Michael Waugh - 4 years ago
I don't mind the shoes, but I hate the trousers. Not as a snob, but as someone who detests elastic bottomed pants of any kind, in any situation.
carvinbas - 4 years ago
Do it Mark!
Joe Humphries
Joe Humphries - 4 years ago
You are the brain washed one as you are only wearing them because they are paying you to wear them other wise you never would have gone near them
Charles Farley
Charles Farley - 4 years ago
Wear the shoes...don't wear the shoes. I do not understand the question. It's better to wear shoes when you golf. Sometimes you walk in the Forrest with your hands in your pockets and lovely music plays.
Jootoole1 - 4 years ago
Skateboarder shoes? Hip-hop backing-dancer shoes perhaps?. I think they look ridiculous. But agree golf snobbery can go too far. They have a proper golf sole suited to the game, so go for it. Just expect mockery!
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts - 4 years ago
Yes wear those forever
Jack Napier
Jack Napier - 4 years ago
Definitely wear them, new concept to golf by incorporating more bold styles to relate to a wider audience to grow the sport. Promote it!
RBMIZZOU79 - 4 years ago
Mark - You and Rickie Fowler the week before the Open Championship - 9 hole "HIGH TOP" golf challenge. It will be an epic Youtube video!
Neil cook
Neil cook - 4 years ago
Yes wear them. Man up!
Douglas Stoner
Douglas Stoner - 4 years ago
Yes you have to wear them!
JR Satto
JR Satto - 4 years ago
not fond of the SM style ankle belt and buckle. unrelated do you take your cap off when you enter a club house?
xytheon - 4 years ago
I think they look really cool tbh. I don't like high tops when I play with shorts tho, because I think they look a lot better if you use pants, so I'd have to own two usable pairs of golf shoes at the same time, and i don't know about that.
ryjo30 - 4 years ago
Strap those babies on Parfield!
Lawrence Ford
Lawrence Ford - 4 years ago
I see them more as a winter golf shoe. Is there any benefit to the golf swing, in that they perhaps provide a bit of support to the ankles? Oh, and one more thing, do they come in a size 13 (49)?
cito4633 - 4 years ago
Sorry Mark, they look like wrestling boots from 1959.....
philip3r - 4 years ago
yes, wear them
loz peterman
loz peterman - 4 years ago
Do you think mark emptied the gift shop at Augusta ??? I'm waiting to see the masters wall paper
loz peterman
loz peterman - 4 years ago
High tops and single length clubs the R&A are going to be all over your arse lol do it do it lol
itubeutude - 4 years ago
those are shockers!!! look like ski boots.
David Gregory
David Gregory - 4 years ago
Put em' on Lebron!
TheMysticTeacup - 4 years ago
Wear them! Traditionalists need to fuck off. They hold the game back by giving potential new players the impression that golf is stuck in the 1920s.
Ben Smales
Ben Smales - 4 years ago
Yes mark and wear the most Ricky fowler top you own lol
mistenktdotcom - 4 years ago
Talking about what issues? You are promoting a shoe from the company that sponsors you.. How is that an issue? The question is, would you talk shit about the shoes if you didnt like them, even tho they are Pumas?

(dont take this the wrong way, big fan)
CDNStraka - 4 years ago
Why don't you just wear normal pants and cover the high top like any one else who wears high top shoes? You don't have to wear them like Fowler does with pants jeans that don't fit around the ankles.
Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper - 4 years ago
Craig Boorman
Craig Boorman - 4 years ago
High tops with single length irons
SuperDixxxie - 4 years ago
There horrible...please wear them lol
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno - 4 years ago
Of course you wear them, high tops all day
Krayte - 4 years ago
Shots fired to Rick and Pete!! xD
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis - 4 years ago
Can't see Monty donning a pair of those!
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 4 years ago
Wear them Mark, the colonel might chase you off the course with his shotgun but go for it.
james dasdas
james dasdas - 4 years ago
bEeeatem - 4 years ago
Oh no Mark, you can't go wearing basketball shoes on the golf course! You must be barking mad! I'm hitting the unsubscribe button immediately. You raging looney.
headdownharris - 4 years ago
Do it. bacardi and cola, do it.
Dav Morrow
Dav Morrow - 4 years ago
First 40 secs are the best I've heard for ages! Thats why I'm shifting more and more to other streams, including here! Do it, and post me the other pair so I can stick the middle finger at my club!
Mark S
Mark S - 4 years ago
wear them, they look good. though I must admit I don't like the tennis shoe golf shoe
Mike Aust
Mike Aust - 4 years ago
Is that spider a real one on the wall? Lol
John Dunne
John Dunne - 4 years ago
U should do a giveaway
Alex Burt
Alex Burt - 4 years ago
Wear them. Can't stand those people who's golf is more important than yours because they have more cash in the bank and that classic look carrying a bag with everything new this season!! We all love a sport, not a social class!! #beyourowngolfer
Osian Morris
Osian Morris - 4 years ago
The high tops aren't dreadful but the joggers are just wrong
Stephane Gauthier
Stephane Gauthier - 4 years ago
oliver peters
oliver peters - 4 years ago
100% wear them
Dave Allen
Dave Allen - 4 years ago
I love the shoes. I would wear a normal trouser with them though. I can't say anything anyway with some of the trousers I wear.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 4 years ago
You two are like David Brent and Gareth from the office. But in a really really good way hahahah!
Conor Crossley
Conor Crossley - 4 years ago
Wear them #HighMyTops
David Weeks
David Weeks - 4 years ago
From an American who loves hating golf snobbery, WEAR THEM!
TheUofAfan - 4 years ago
I agree, wear them all you want. But they are ugly
dufferjuice - 4 years ago
Hi-Tops a big yes... Sweatpants not for me. Please try to film the expressions of anyone over 35 who notices you when you sport them around the course! Cheers!
D Jones
D Jones - 4 years ago
Rather hear what they Are like to play in.
john mccarron
john mccarron - 4 years ago
they are f@$king horrible.
Charlie Littlewood
Charlie Littlewood - 4 years ago
Master Guru Follower
Master Guru Follower - 4 years ago
#yesplease they are so cool , need to get some and p**s the snobs off big time #golfisfunwiththeguru #lockeyarmy
Matt Caldwell
Matt Caldwell - 4 years ago
big middle finger to the golf snobs, yes pleaseeeee
ramoine35 - 4 years ago
Wear them, you can make them look smart!
Thomas Karlsen
Thomas Karlsen - 4 years ago
no you dont
livid coco
livid coco - 4 years ago
Yeah you should wear them
malf1969 - 4 years ago
yes, with joggers
Bob Pfaff
Bob Pfaff - 4 years ago
So glad we didn't see you in your bedroom wearing them.
Lee Hall
Lee Hall - 4 years ago
Go for it buddy
Les Badgers
Les Badgers - 4 years ago
The serious question is why are you watching TV in them. I get pouring the coffee but TV?
Michael Monteith
Michael Monteith - 4 years ago
please wear them, it will b so funny. they r so gay
Gruffalo Speed
Gruffalo Speed - 4 years ago
Wear um!
Daniel McGowan
Daniel McGowan - 4 years ago
Definitely wear them. Even if just for the banter!
Greasby1golf - 4 years ago
Wear them, they are like two sick swans for the feet!
Rob Roth
Rob Roth - 4 years ago
I have them and love them!! And you should rock them as well.
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons - 4 years ago
I'm a fan of the high tops and trousers or "joggers". I'm still up in the air whether I like them on course or not. I'm not sure I'll get high tops because of I'm not sure how they would feel in a golf swing. But, I did try the trousers once for a round. The reason why I sort of like them golfing is one, I have a pair of Rickie Fowler signatures from last year that are orange and white and look nice, and I like showing my shoes instead of having part or half covered by pants. But beyond that, I'm not so sure. Times are changing and so are trends yes, but golf has been that one sport throughout the years hats always kept some sort of a "higher class attire" to it, whether it be the knickerbockers and ties of the early days, to the cardigan and slacks in the 70-80s, or whether it be the polo's of today, golf has always kept that "higher standard". Maybe in a few years all of that will change and become the new norm, but for now, I'll stick to the polo's and slacks.
Matthias Gold
Matthias Gold - 4 years ago
i love me some high tops! please try them!
TheHabiat - 4 years ago
i'm not that into those shoes, but i really like those pants
Jake Hardin
Jake Hardin - 4 years ago
Please wear high tops + joggers + flat brim on the next vlog!!!!
John Rosenbloom
John Rosenbloom - 4 years ago
"I don't give a fxxk if Ye subscribe or not" haha say it as it is...... "But,please hit subscribe"......4 minutes of nonsense will get 9 million comments I love it keep up the good debates YES no brainier wear them
Peter Slaney
Peter Slaney - 4 years ago
coach says you can pull these off, not until you undo all the laces and the buckles you won't lmao
Sam Charters
Sam Charters - 4 years ago
Am I the only person to notice the (fake?) Spider behind?
Chewy V
Chewy V - 4 years ago
He originally had a nail on the wall on his old set up that people kept commenting if it was a spider so when he set up his new studio he made sure the "spider" was on the wall lol
Guillaume Gaudry
Guillaume Gaudry - 4 years ago
Nope. Did It too. But that was a year ago.
Ethan Richmond
Ethan Richmond - 4 years ago
As long as the name doesn't relate to your shots Mark you should be fine
Ken Phillips
Ken Phillips - 4 years ago
"Work boots!"....gorgeous with shorts,,,,especially with Lockey's pins!
Martin Gardner
Martin Gardner - 4 years ago
sure they look good on you mark but honestly they not good like!
James Nutt
James Nutt - 4 years ago
if you change your mind and don't fancy wearing them anymore, feel free to send them my way.
Paul Scheuer
Paul Scheuer - 4 years ago
Go ahead and wear them but damn they are ugly.
Mark Bond
Mark Bond - 4 years ago
My biggest concern would be how easy they would be to put on in the car park. I make it a priority to always change my shoes in club car parks, even if I'm not playing golf there.
Tom May
Tom May - 4 years ago
horrific!!! act your age and get some slip on shoes, a comfortable sweater and some elasticated trousers #elasticmytrouser
RVA Andy
RVA Andy - 4 years ago
YES PLEASE! You'll need the high tops when wading through all the bullsh*t banter being thrown around in the VLOGS ;)
MidasTouchTrading - 4 years ago
Please wear them with some plaid golf knickers too
Billy Barrett
Billy Barrett - 4 years ago
Lockey was right. They have released orange and other colored high tops and Ricky wore them
V4PE SHOP ltd - 4 years ago
where them in ya pants lol
yes um
yes um - 4 years ago
Nice look....if you were MC Hammer. :-)
Cace Smith
Cace Smith - 4 years ago
Gag me with a divot tool
jochen487 - 4 years ago
Great to see more fashionable gear entering the golfmarket, i love these
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 4 years ago
nike are bringing out something similar soon
Dean Hanley
Dean Hanley - 4 years ago
Mark you can't wear them chap..... Send them over to me and let me make myself look silly...... #hitopsalltheway
Stuart McLardie
Stuart McLardie - 4 years ago
They're bogging .... What size are they?
Ulrich Neissl
Ulrich Neissl - 4 years ago
go for it!
they remind me a bit of the good old adidas jogging high to be honest :)
bertieflea - 4 years ago
Wear them with some hot pants!
ESKIMOOO - 4 years ago
There disgusting shoes , irrespective of snobbishness .....
Bkimfitness - 4 years ago
Well realistically mark you're the best golf YouTuber by a lot to most of the world lmfaoooo so talk about whatever you want #teamlockey #stuckin
medaugh - 4 years ago
I'd wear them, but I have little regard for fashion. I have some shirts in my closest that are, not kidding, 20 years old. My question to you Mark Crossfield, would you wear a flat brim hat with those?
nolan ring
nolan ring - 4 years ago
yes you should!!
01redleg - 4 years ago
Looks like you a walking around with your trousers tucked into your socks
Daniel Racine
Daniel Racine - 4 years ago
They are awful!! Of course you should wear them
Sven Hallauer
Sven Hallauer - 4 years ago
Yes, please wear them. I'm interested to hear your impression if the high top helps in the foot action during the swing.
gary smith6
gary smith6 - 4 years ago
Go for it after all they were free
Michael Heathfield
Michael Heathfield - 4 years ago
Who cares what people wear. Let's get more people on the course I say. #HighMYtops
Gareth Rees
Gareth Rees - 4 years ago
I don't mind the high tops, I do relate them more to America/basketball so will be popular in the US. HOWEVER, in responses to Mark's question I do believe there is an age restriction on wearing them, which is no one over 30 is allowed. So sorry Mark, NO you cannot wear them!
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 4 years ago
Yes they are fab
Kian Taylor
Kian Taylor - 4 years ago
Personally I think there awesome! Golf is a game for everyone so why can't golf fashion be for everyone? Don't get stuck it the past everyone this is 2016 not 1980s get with the trends. Everything is moving on so why do the golf snobs think that golf shouldn't. As I younger player things like this need to be in the game to attract more of a younger and wider audience to keep golf the sport for everyone and not just the older generation.
Jonathon Pasquill
Jonathon Pasquill - 4 years ago
Wish you had worn these in your game against Sulli, he would have ripped you to pieces and made the VLOG even better (if that's possible!).
Andy Boardman
Andy Boardman - 4 years ago
Hahaaaa,,yeah, Sulli would have taken full advantage of that. Top lad!!
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 4 years ago
Yeah wear them, golf has moved on.
Impreza WRC
Impreza WRC - 4 years ago
They look hideous
Arno Kamphuis
Arno Kamphuis - 4 years ago
Yes!! Do wear them!!!!
Callum O'Reilly
Callum O'Reilly - 4 years ago
love them, love them even more as your wearing them as you are the leader in stinking the middle finger up at golf snobbery/hypocrisy. #YesMyEffinPlease!!!
Callum O'Reilly
Callum O'Reilly - 4 years ago
love them, love them even more as your wearing them as you are the leader in stinking the middle finger up at golf snobbery/hypocrisy. #YesMyEffinPlease!!!
Bob Hyslop
Bob Hyslop - 4 years ago
Mark, did you say you were committed or that you should be committed? Those look like special shoes for a special (lovely) boy. But you've always been on the leading edge of high fashion so what do I know? Nothing, that's what. Looking forward to seeing you sporting those bad boys in the next vid. Cheers
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison - 4 years ago
NowisEvollovetion - 4 years ago
Didn't Quasimodo have a pair of booties just like that? I have a hunch that he did.
Adrian G
Adrian G - 4 years ago
Yes yes yes, wear them!
Nick Marathas
Nick Marathas - 4 years ago
Does it mater what we vote? You are going to do it anyway. If you do it go all the way. Wear them with shorts and knee length socks. Combine the old with the new.
headdownharris - 4 years ago
Pink unicorn 780 Galaxy
Pink unicorn 780 Galaxy - 4 years ago
I think golf snobs do so much harm that anything that upsets them is ok with me but personally I think they look crap lol
patton givens
patton givens - 4 years ago
Why do the shoes need the straps in front of the laces? Is it for looks or does it have some sort of benefit?
andymacduff2 - 4 years ago
likker reeves
likker reeves - 4 years ago
Andy Boardman
Andy Boardman - 4 years ago
Unless your trousers cover the tops of them,,leave them in the box Mark. Do not wear those "tracky bottoms" please. God forbid the Pro courses start lookin like our local municipal,,jeans,trainers and "tracky bottoms". Dress well,,feel well and play well. Dress like a twat,,play like a twat!!! I'm far from being a snob,but let's keep it proper Mark. Get the truth from Matt and I bet he wouldn't entertain them? Rant over, thanks lol.
Hoppy1973 - 4 years ago
Way cool
Nick - 4 years ago
Love thoseeeee! Why are the people on Sky moaning about them? Golf needs to move on. P.S Rickie wears them better
ESKIMOOO - 4 years ago
The trousers are a step far though , I love the smart side of golf .
Lewis day
Lewis day - 4 years ago
I like them, you should wear
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards - 4 years ago
They come in white and orange too - at least for Ricky... http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/01/poll-would-you-wear-rickie-fowlers-new-high-top-golf-shoes
Shippey 1970
Shippey 1970 - 4 years ago
You would have to be committed to wear them...
Kylie Sramek
Kylie Sramek - 4 years ago
wear them!!!!
daniel johnson
daniel johnson - 4 years ago
Hmmmmm....high tops, perhaps but these look like you're man has sewn on an ankle snood and made sure of it with your belt....weird looking.
Ratbacon - 4 years ago
I like the high tops but I'll never wear those sorts of trousers.
Jaap  Tinga
Jaap Tinga - 4 years ago
Please no
Jaap  Tinga
Jaap Tinga - 4 years ago
No high tops ...
Mark - 4 years ago
only if you wear a sweat band and no cap. #HeWhoDares
Andreas Mellberg
Andreas Mellberg - 4 years ago
Shoes? Yes! Pants? No!
David Dickenson
David Dickenson - 4 years ago
Yes please!!!
Stephen Derbyshire
Stephen Derbyshire - 4 years ago
I'd like you to wear reebok pump #classic, you'd look so very 'special'
Alex Woods
Alex Woods - 4 years ago
You stick that finger up mark! Golf needs to move on and hopefully this will really help #highmytops
Neil Greet
Neil Greet - 4 years ago
You could wear them to the blue oyster bar after your round
Grimzuhl - 4 years ago
Paul Raidersgolf
Paul Raidersgolf - 4 years ago
Hell yes
Cian Lanigan
Cian Lanigan - 4 years ago
I like the high tops. I'm not a fan of the trousers personally, trousers with a skinnier fit would look better personally
grumpy2159 - 4 years ago
It's not so much the shoes, it's those stupid looking trousers.
Harbaaa - 4 years ago
I thought about buying these, but went with the normal puma tour ignites instead. My only two concerns were: 1. Would they get too hot? and 2. Would the higher shoe limit your ability to roll your left foot properly in the down swing? If you could confirm that they are just as comfortable and easy to swing a golf club in, as the regular ones, I might pick these up in the fall.
Marcmessi218 - 4 years ago
haha u awesome!!! but now for real, what are the best golf shoes to buy?
tkoldschool - 4 years ago
VLOG with the hightops and Sterling Single Lengths, and Andy-Legend... Would be MUST-SEE-TV
Rob Dauncey
Rob Dauncey - 4 years ago
Hell yeah, screw the establishment snobs!
Mikardo88 - 4 years ago
You'll be wearing a leather jacket and buying a sports car next. Proper midlife crisis trainees them
Pizza Douglas
Pizza Douglas - 4 years ago
I think they look great. If you like them and they are comfortable, then why not.
likker reeves
likker reeves - 4 years ago
You should try out a pair of nike trainer style shoesthey're colourful but also great for golf
Todd Hithersay
Todd Hithersay - 4 years ago
I think they are brilliant for golf freshen it up a bit!!!
Mike Arthur
Mike Arthur - 4 years ago
they'd be better without the strap across them. That makes them look like velcro fastening for kids that can't tie their laces yet
Golfaren - 4 years ago
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson - 4 years ago
Your feet are too big
Owen Davies
Owen Davies - 4 years ago
Why not I think
NowisEvollovetion - 4 years ago
Do you get a set of free callipers with those Puma's?
Owen Davies
Owen Davies - 4 years ago
Justin Sprinkle
Justin Sprinkle - 4 years ago
Wow I'm really early

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