Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge In this video I look at how you can adapt your game to use a half set of clubs. I play with six clubs over six holes at Withington GC ►GolfAlong Info ►Download MyRoundPro here ►iOS: ►Android: ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Book Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Web ► ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge In this video I look at how you can adapt your game to use a half set of clubs. I play with six clubs over six holes at Withington GC ►GolfAlong Info ►Download MyRoundPro here ►iOS: ►Android: ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Book Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--- ►My Links: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Web ► ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-- I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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for Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 2 years ago
Have you used a half set?? What did you find?
PS. This was recorded BEFORE I started using the Mizuno driver
Miguel Aniceto
Miguel Aniceto - 2 years ago
I love playing with 1/2 a bag. Forces me to really use golf management techniques
tommyakis - 2 years ago
I play half sets my whole life. Driver, evens, pw and sw. My grandpa was a scratch golfer and he said you can do that with just a 5 iron and putter.
Mark Teague
Mark Teague - 2 years ago
For years i played a 7 club set. It is really all you need.
Mark Teague
Mark Teague - 2 years ago
Peter Finch Golf. The. 3. 5. 7. 9. Pw. Driver. .putter is a full set in my opinion.
Jason B
Jason B - 2 years ago
My first set of clubs had a wood driver and three wood along with a set of forged irons that consisted of 3,5,7,9. I also had a putter. My brother bought these for me at a yard sale. Actually used the three iron to drive with because I couldn't hit the driver. Excellent video, keep them coming!
Jon H.
Jon H. - 2 years ago
Starting 5 years ago, I play 9 holes 2-4 times a week and use my even or odd numbered clubs (based on calendar day) in my bag. The only club that is constant is the putter. It promotes creativity and feel. When I play 18 holes all of my clubs are used. I notice I am more likely to choose more club and swing with better balance and rhythm during an 18 hole round.
Eoin m
Eoin m - 2 years ago
I have driver 3w hybrid 4-pw 56 degree and a putter but I use driver 567 and wedge more than anything else I'm not a great player though so it's probably different for me 8 and 9 rarely get used
Bob Kuralowicz
Bob Kuralowicz - 2 years ago
We've played 5 club and one club (plus putter) a few times. Does wonders for my game. Learn to hit shots you'd normally never think of. Focus more on putting the ball somewhere for your next shot instead of just hitting to try and get home.
Malcolm A.
Malcolm A. - 2 years ago
I tend to go for a half set during the winter months; its a good challenge and frankly, great fun too.
The half set is typically driver, 5-wood, 5i, 7i, 9i and 52deg wedge plus putter. at times I reckon I could use those throughout the year too.
Great vlog by the way; loved it!
Darren Terry
Darren Terry - 2 years ago
Same I've played 3 clubs and a putter before and enjoyed it.Had a 2 hybrid and it showed me that with my handicap I don't need to hit 3 wood never mind driver as often as I did
eggy68 - 2 years ago
I play a three club challenge twice a year. I find it helps me play more creatively - even when I'm using a full set.
Nick Deakin
Nick Deakin - 2 years ago
Play 8 clubs all the time. Been minimalist for a long time now as I prefer to carry. Scores haven't altered at all in 10 years and I'm a shot knocker....I use driver, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 6-8-pw, sw and putter. All you need
Riley Garrett
Riley Garrett - 2 years ago
interesting video man, i cant afford a full set of cobra one lengths so im getting the even numbers which is significantly cheaper (im14)
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 2 years ago
Have a look at this Riley, might give you some ideas of how to pick up bits for cheaper
Matthew Schofield
Matthew Schofield - 2 years ago
I have only a half set, 3W, 5,7,9, SW and putter. Looking forward to the day I can control range well enough to justify filling the gaps.
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 2 years ago
Well after half mine got stolen last week, Im kinda sporting a similar set up!!! lol
Talmadge Fisher
Talmadge Fisher - 2 years ago
I think this video is a Awesome!! I actually am an avid player of hickory clubs. I have a replica set that date to pre 1800 and all I have is two wood clubs 10 degree and 20 degree and I have an original wedge that is around 48 degrees. My entire round is creating shots and being creative. You even have to shorten most course to fit the length they use to be. This video shows exactly what golfers from the time before played like
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 2 years ago
Great stuff bud!
Noah Macomber
Noah Macomber - 2 years ago
Im looking at slimming down and going to less clubs (probably like 9 or 10) but have a problem with hitting anything less than a full shot... I guess I have something to practice
Peter Finch Golf
Peter Finch Golf - 2 years ago
Give it a go bud, let me know how you get on
Eirik Yrvum
Eirik Yrvum - 2 years ago
isn't a full set 14 clubs???
John Circeo
John Circeo - 2 years ago
Half set is seven clubs
Bobby Sale
Bobby Sale - 2 years ago
I learned the basics with a half set... It can also be some fun golf

10. comment for Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Steve someone
Steve someone - 2 years ago
OMG Pete this video brought back so many memories as I have "missed the bank" every payday
James Harvey
James Harvey - 2 years ago
Nice handbag Pete at 10:40 colour suits you!
tillsy23 - 2 years ago
great stuff Peter keep it up, it is very entertaining I wish I could remain as composed as you do under pressure!
Eli Keppler
Eli Keppler - 2 years ago
I am in!
Perfect Gentlemen
Perfect Gentlemen - 2 years ago
Hey Finchy me old slag, lose that judge jules shit. We’re not heading to Ibiza and no ones selling and E, well that dodgy looking woman running round in the background might be.
Jared King
Jared King - 2 years ago
Sneakers are
Stephen Beaumont
Stephen Beaumont - 2 years ago
Hi Pete great vlog I went and played a local course Whitefield in Manchester I'm sure you will of heard of it or maybe even played it ? I took on your 6 club challenge and considering I'm a high end handi cap golfer I shot 78 on a par 70 course !! Using a driver 5 7 PW 52 degree and the putter I play off 22 at my local society. It opened my eyes on using the clubs in different ways just brilliant can't wait for my next round now
안지환 - 2 years ago
I only play 10 clubs ... forever ~ just perfect
John Ryan
John Ryan - 2 years ago
Cheers Pete
BOGYOS - 2 years ago
I really like how you accessorized that old lady cart with a nice old lady handbag. Way to go Peter with accessorizing!

20. comment for Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Michael White
Michael White - 2 years ago
Tap it in! Just tap it in! Give it a little tappy! Tap tap tapperoo!
Kurt Rankin
Kurt Rankin - 2 years ago
I get that this style of vlog isn't as entertaining for the masses, but I really enjoy hearing someone who knows what they're doing talk through their thought process and execution on-course.

Even moreso with this abbreviated-bag, forced-imagination setup.

Great video, Pete.
Barry smith
Barry smith - 2 years ago
Played a game at my local club ,3 clubs and a putter and shot 39 points I then played a game the week after with 14 clubs and shot 32
Andy O' Brien
Andy O' Brien - 2 years ago
I carry 12 clubs in my full set and 7 in my carry bag during winter months.
Lee Popham-Lithgow
Lee Popham-Lithgow - 2 years ago
You did better with the charity set Pete. Great vlog Pete
Craig Geddes
Craig Geddes - 2 years ago
Good video, plenty food for thought. I only carry what I need to as there are some clubs I either never use or hit once per round!
barry keenan
barry keenan - 2 years ago
Great vid as always. Your content has been top drawer this year, yourself and Crossfield are consistently miles ahead of the other vloggers.
Keep up the good work
60DegreeLobWedge - 2 years ago
My standard 9 hole kit is a driver, 20degree hybrid, 7iron, 48degree wedge, putter. Sometimes ill add a 56 degree if the course has a lot of bunkers and maybe a 9 or a 5iron depending on the par 3 yardages.
Andrés Verde Bowclinic
Andrés Verde Bowclinic - 2 years ago
I always carry a minimalist golf bag. Same as you on the video, but 56° wedge.
Ruck66 - 2 years ago
Nice 8 bag, my bag carries 9, but who knows? Be more positive about your game, don't be disappointed. Its not the last shot, its not about the score, its only about the club your'e playing and shot your'e making, everything else is extraneous...

30. comment for Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Mario Bernard
Mario Bernard - 2 years ago
Do you believe in Phil’s philosophy on not playing a chip shot between your feet?
Bradley Hunt
Bradley Hunt - 2 years ago
Great video
Peter Gardner
Peter Gardner - 2 years ago
I'd have thought for 162 yards the 8 iron would have been better!?
M Oz
M Oz - 2 years ago
This video is the number 5000 video I have liked on YouTube
Adam Stubbs
Adam Stubbs - 2 years ago
I carry 13 clubs and there are still clubs ive never hit a shot on course with as of yet! More clubs just gives you more choice to "what if" about rather than just thinking of how to make the club you can use actually work for the shot you need.
Garrick Gross
Garrick Gross - 2 years ago
I play with 10 clubs in my bag, no wedges lower than a gap, and although I’d like to have a 60 or 56 degree in my wheel house, I just can’t seem to find one that I like. I find that not having a proper wedge forces me to be more creative around the green and on approach shots
jim thomas
jim thomas - 2 years ago
It’s a great way to practice!
Pat Reardon
Pat Reardon - 2 years ago
been debating between ben hogan ptx irons and the miura cb57 irons and i'm a borderline scratch golfer anybody have an idea of which is better.For feel and workability
Tomas Kebort
Tomas Kebort - 2 years ago
Havent really played half set; however, broke shaft on my 5 iron (dont have 4i) and at the moment cant afford to reshaft it ( working student living on my own and shit ton of payments atm) and can only play on my homecourse, but I kinda like working my shots with 3i on 185-230 yards shots. Quite challenging but I have to say, I didnt loose any shots not having 5iron. It is not the pretties golf, but it works :)
Phil Kauffman
Phil Kauffman - 2 years ago
Why? Is this for Juniors? If you can't afford a full set of new clubs, don't buy new clubs!
Kim Nathan Inwon
Kim Nathan Inwon - 2 years ago
Real challenge starts at 4 club golf!
Donald Dopp
Donald Dopp - 2 years ago
why don't you chock up on the club to take off some distance?
Vaughan Callan
Vaughan Callan - 2 years ago
Another great video Pete, loving these videos; half set and charity shop. Different to what anyone else it doing, keep up the good work!
MrJoshthenosh - 2 years ago
im a bit confused here you are pushing a cart with at least 14 clubs in it ? or was this shot as the same day as the charity shop challenge? i definitely see old clubs in that bag
Perfect Gentlemen
Perfect Gentlemen - 2 years ago
MrJoshthenosh you calling finchy a liar? Well? ARE YOU?
Grant Charles
Grant Charles - 2 years ago
I like the new accessory on the bag. Who was filming as they did a great job an Carly did good work with flag attending
Ian Simpson
Ian Simpson - 2 years ago
0:37 so agree with the sentiment. Last round Wychwood Golf Club 5th Par 5; Drive, 5 wood eagle putt (lipped out) birdie. 9th par 4, 5 off the tee, 9..........
Adam Farrelly
Adam Farrelly - 2 years ago
Pete you and Rick should do the 14 club challenge
Paul Mutter
Paul Mutter - 2 years ago
Great video. There should be more like this with talking through the thought processes for each shot
Steve R
Steve R - 2 years ago
I started off with a half set "Northwestern", got to a 15, bought a full set irons (ping copies), got to an 11, now I have a full set of big name woods and hybrids, really good irons and dream of getting back to an 11.
Darren Terry
Darren Terry - 2 years ago
In most rounds I find that I hit maybe 2/3 of my clubs and the rest stay in the bag but one thing the army did teach me is it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it so I keep 14 clubs in my bag all the time

50. comment for Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Mod143 - 2 years ago
1W, 4W, 3i, 6i, 9i, SW, putter
Golf Sidekick
Golf Sidekick - 2 years ago
I did this too but with 4 clubs: 5 wood, 6 iron, 8 iron and a lob wedge. Who needs a putter?
Jeremy Giddings
Jeremy Giddings - 2 years ago
I remember in the mid 90`s most basic sets came with a driver, fairway wood, the odd numbered irons, and a putter.
Steve Y
Steve Y - 2 years ago
I only use 5 clubs. Driver, 20 degree hybrid, 8, 58 wedge, putter. Mainly use my hybrid and my 8 for everything. It kinda makes my friends mad that I win only using 5 clubs.
Jacob Streiff
Jacob Streiff - 2 years ago
The beat is awesome...when it drops it's so simple but so nice
Jesse Steffen
Jesse Steffen - 2 years ago
Where is the mizuno?
Paul P
Paul P - 2 years ago
Great idea for practice.
Nak Kang
Nak Kang - 2 years ago
Best tempo on YouTube
CJ - 2 years ago
Sack the cameraman
Rob Biles
Rob Biles - 2 years ago
That was fun Pete. Took me back to when I started many years ago. 2 wood, 3,5,7,9,S irons & putter. Slazenger Hawks, OMG, how small were they compared to todays clubs. It did make you learn how to hit half shorts and probably was a better way to learn golf.
thomas ross
thomas ross - 2 years ago
Pete,challenge Rick to one club stroke play for 3-4 holes. Those matches are always good.
GolfHo - 2 years ago
Great video, I normally play a lot of 1/2 and 3/4 shots with my wedges, must admit it’s making me think about a 1:2 set challenge
Zac Mexon
Zac Mexon - 2 years ago
I'd probably use Driver, 3 Hybrid (most versatile club in my bag it does everything) 6i , 9i, 52* or 56* wedge putter.
Kyle Duffy
Kyle Duffy - 2 years ago
Just wanted to plant something in your brilliant ear...usa vs uk. You and rick collab with the golfholics for a video. Ryder cup style match play!
Tony Gordon
Tony Gordon - 2 years ago
Think this is a great video which is so true it will really help to strengthen your game by having to limit the club's you have to make you think more about each shot. Great to hear what you are thinking and why you chose the shots you did. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Martin Maughan
Martin Maughan - 2 years ago
Being a lefty - and wanting to play hickory tournament. I picked up a starter set: Driver, mid iron (2), mashie (5), mashie-niblick (9) and putter. When i played the 2nd year i added a much needed niblick (like a PW). Fun to dress in knickers - but lots of swing control issues...
Mr Bertie
Mr Bertie - 2 years ago
Keep meaning to try this I think I’ll go PW 8i 5i driver putter and my 2 iron to make me use it
Stevo Is Lost
Stevo Is Lost - 2 years ago
Great video again Pete, middle of winter here in Australia, my local course is a short public golf course. I normally go around in a very weekend hack 47. The other weekend just to get a round of golf in I went around with a 7 iron and a putter, and finished with a 49. Made a few mistakes in shot selection and found a bunker on a short par 3. With a 58° wedge in that set I think I could have equalled my normal game. Funny game golf.
Heindrich Dyer
Heindrich Dyer - 2 years ago
Rocking the P2 grips. And that greens look lush.@rickshielspga
Richard Argent
Richard Argent - 2 years ago
Hardest tap in ever at the last
Jakob Nordin
Jakob Nordin - 2 years ago
5-wood, 7-iron, pw and putter is all you need.
Chris Downing
Chris Downing - 2 years ago
Jakob Nordin - Hardcore Jakob. I agree that a very few clubs is a great way to get started
Etienne Janse van Rensburg
Etienne Janse van Rensburg - 2 years ago
Lost a bit of weight Pete? Or is it the adidas apparel that make you look this good?
Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor - 2 years ago
Great video Pete but have to say if you are doing the freehand style think you need to invest in a gimbal as I found it quite hard to watch as some points
Chris Downing
Chris Downing - 2 years ago
Absolutely - a half set is all you need till you get sub 15hc. Kill off all the difficult clubs for a start = no 5 4 3 irons no 60° wedge no 3 wood. So 12-13 degree driver with a shortened shaft, a 25 degree hybrid 6 8 irons PW and a 56° sand wedge. A putter - frankly any quality putter. Job done
E.L.Dorado - 2 years ago
I am a 6.2 handicap and I only play 8 clubs.
What I did was I had my loft gaps larger than 4 degrees between irons.
I presently use a Driver at 9 degrees,5 wood at 18 degrees,6 iron bent strong to 26 degrees,7 iron bent strong to 31 degrees,8 iron bent strong to 37 degrees,9 iron at 43 degrees and a Pitching wedge bent to 49 degrees and a putter.
It keeps my bag nice and light since I always walk and carry my bag.
Burton Rd Forever 1977
Burton Rd Forever 1977 - 2 years ago
Pete, if you are a pro how come you don't try and get on the challenge tour or the European tour? Is it a cost and sponsor issue? My local club Withington too.
Burton Rd Forever 1977
Burton Rd Forever 1977 - 2 years ago
My OpenMind ok cheers
My OpenMind
My OpenMind - 2 years ago
Burton Rd Forever 1977 most PGA pros would not make a living on tour. The difference between a pga professional as a touring professional in the top 50 in the world is 3-5 shots per round.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee - 2 years ago
Good to see your still using the trusty TM driver
Leon Neab
Leon Neab - 2 years ago
I carry a Summer bag containing 8 clubs , can do 9 holes but anymore and my back hurts . I find I can get around the course with 8 clubs
Ben Hanglin
Ben Hanglin - 2 years ago
I was lucky enough to get a Mackenzie bag from my wife. Having so much fun with 8 clubs in my bag
Rob MG
Rob MG - 2 years ago
What model P2, Pete?
Paul Summerside
Paul Summerside - 2 years ago
I remember many moons ago starting with a very cheap half set. And tbh I would actually say to anyone starting to actually find as nice a second hand set for the available money you can.
That said, it is nice to occasionally go out with a reduced number of clubs. Always been one, even when going out with a full set to vary the types of shots I take and use different clubs.
I love having the opportunity to play links and heathland courses, as that also makes you be creative with the clubs and shots taken.
Alvin Holton II
Alvin Holton II - 2 years ago
Peter, you are going to have to start paying Carly.  Camera woman and Caddie. LOL
Dualshock Destroyer
Dualshock Destroyer - 2 years ago
6 clubs but they're 20 quid total second hand I bet you'd qual for the Open using that set up
Howie Land
Howie Land - 2 years ago
I used to carry just 11 clubs and played more of a bump-and-run style. It definitely gave me a better feel for partial shots.
John Parle
John Parle - 2 years ago
I prefer bringing out a half set with a light stand bag. You have to engineer more shots, it keeps it interesting and the score is never any different - about 80 for me
Fairway First Golf
Fairway First Golf - 2 years ago
I never have 14 clubs any more. A “full” set tends to be 3 wood, 5-pw, 52,56 putter.

About half the time i will have 8 or less.
Kevin Dodd
Kevin Dodd - 2 years ago
Love the way you talk through your shots gives a insight on how you would approach and think out what you intend to do and goes to show you dont need a full on set especially if your new or just trying without breaking the bank!! Are you still planning on doing the finch fridays and tech tues have missed seeing those do you draw any mental inspiration from any books or is it all self taught? Keep up the awesome work you do sir and thanks for all the awesome content you put up!!
Douglas Robertson
Douglas Robertson - 2 years ago
Enjoyed you describing each shot before hitting the ball. I do the same, up in the air and forwards please.
fezzer365 - LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
fezzer365 - LIKE and SUBSCRIBE - 2 years ago
like comment subscribe.
martin redgrave
martin redgrave - 2 years ago
Tried it through the winter when there was a trolley ban. If you choose the right clubs you can still score just as well. Great stuff as always.
pleadguitar - 2 years ago
My wife's set is 7 clubs, that's all she needs, Mizuno jpx900 driver, jpx900 4 hybrid, 7i and 9i Adams xtd, Mizuno s5 blue 54 and 60 and a Odyssey white hot #1 putter
Jason Gillespie
Jason Gillespie - 2 years ago
I really enjoyed when you were using a poitrail focal length and setting the camera up further away, gave a much more realistic view for distance. I still really enjoy the video, as always. I have not intently played a half set, but I know how it'd turn out, just as bad as a full set. HA! If the lightening doesn't keep me off the course I could give it a go this afternoon. D, 5w, 5i, 8i, pw, 54, Putter, sounds about right.
ajaytuk - 2 years ago
Because I prefer to carry and I am above that certain age- I always use less than 14 clubs- so for me it is not about experimenting as much as knowing my game ( and sometimes the course/conditions. I found it best to work back from the green so putter, 56 degree sand wedge with a favourable grind to open the face to 90 yards, wedge to 135yds, 8 iron to 155 yards, 6 iron to 185 yards, 4 hybrid to 210yards, three wood, driver. 8 clubs in total. Never any doubt as to what club to hit either. So as to not get stuck on just those clubs switch to 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 7 iron, 9 iron, wedge, sand wedge, putter every so often
wtf GOLF Walk The Fairway
wtf GOLF Walk The Fairway - 2 years ago
Taylormade back in the bag?
ESS 82
ESS 82 - 2 years ago
Great video Pete, also I'd just like to mention how nicely you stored your handbag on your trolley.....keep up the good work
Geordie Sancaster
Geordie Sancaster - 2 years ago
Very enjoyable pete, thinking of your golf today how is the puppy getting on! Just kidding that was a good video to open golfers minds open and to visualise shots which you should do anyway. Good caddie as well! Good work Mr Casey!
David Abrial
David Abrial - 2 years ago
I started with a half set. Also did test 1 club+putter and 1 club+1 wedge+putter. You learn a lot trying different ways of playing the game.
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell - 2 years ago
I think you proved to yourself on the first hole when you said I would normally hit a 60, but only had you 54. Full set required and no real reason not too with a good second hand market.
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell - 2 years ago
Perfect Gentlemen obviously not, each to their own but I personally can't see how less is more. For me this post by Finchy is more to create discussion rather than prove a point.
Perfect Gentlemen
Perfect Gentlemen - 2 years ago
Stuart Bell but answer me this Stewie, is everybody you?
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell - 2 years ago
Perfect Gentlemen I'm past carrying clubs PG, so the weight is irrelevant.
Perfect Gentlemen
Perfect Gentlemen - 2 years ago
Stuart Bell but a full set is such a weight stew pot
Thomas Barlow
Thomas Barlow - 2 years ago
Pete, you should probably work on your green reading skills. Otherwise, you hit the ball well.
Justin Stephenson
Justin Stephenson - 2 years ago
With the ground as hard as it is at the moment I could play with 5w, hybrid, 6i, 8i, 54 wedge and putter, could be fun

100. comment for Should I buy a full set of golf clubs? The Six Club Challenge

Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker - 2 years ago
I only carry 13 clubs, but rarely use them all in an 18 hole round. At the moment the way my course is running so fast, I`m sure that I could get away with a driver, fairway wood, a rescue iron, my Pitching iron and Putter. Ps I don`t mean to worry you Pete but you seem to have a stalker! Mind you she does look very pretty, so perhaps you will be safe LOL
Adrian - 2 years ago
my club last year had a tournament (unfortunately couldn't make it) that you could only use putter and three clubs - think its such a good idea and bit of fun
Therone Phillips
Therone Phillips - 2 years ago
Great vid... Really appreciate you voicing your swing thoughts. Keep em coming!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 2 years ago
Aren't we a little young for an electric push cart? Come on Peter! Great video though, and familiar with the less clubs option as our golf club sometimes has outings using only 5 clubs..
Mark Pogson
Mark Pogson - 2 years ago
Steve Smith . Think its because of all the extra camera equipment he usually has to lug around by himself.
Navid - 2 years ago
I use myRoundPro since I saw you using it Pete and I find that there are always a handful of clubs I never use
Dean Oakley
Dean Oakley - 2 years ago
I've done the 3 club challenge before, one has to be the putter. Went with SW and 7 iron, still got 31 points and if my putting had been better, could have easily been 35 points.
himmerman - 2 years ago
do courses let you just pay and play 6 holes? that would be awesome for a quick lunch break round.
Charlie Burgess
Charlie Burgess - 2 years ago
I like this, might try this in a practice round and test myself!!
James Stenson
James Stenson - 2 years ago
Great idea pete keep doing these videos
Aaron Guinther
Aaron Guinther - 2 years ago
Love the content Pete! Keep the daily posting up!
ian owen
ian owen - 2 years ago
Fab video as always
But the best bit for me is seeing your frustration when the shot doesn’t quite go as you wanted
If Peter the great can get frustrated then it allows us mortals to feel a little less bad when we do
Dan Turner
Dan Turner - 2 years ago
See the M1 is back in the bag... not gelling with the blue then :/
Ekd - 2 years ago
Dan Turner this vid was recorded before he switched to the mizuno
Ryan Coffey
Ryan Coffey - 2 years ago
Used to use a half set but recently got a full set. Great video
James Zaimes
James Zaimes - 2 years ago
We would do this all the time in college. I would always leave out my putter and put with either my driver or the edge of my wedge. It worked pretty well
Randall Laframboise
Randall Laframboise - 2 years ago
If I was buying PXG clubs, it would be the one club challenge, and even that would be a stretch to afford.
YODANNYDUDE2 - 2 years ago
3rd everyone follow peter finch on insta

And follow me @daniel.r_golf
DevelOP3 - 2 years ago
No 7 iron? How ever am I supposed to hit a shot straight without that!
Garrick Gross
Garrick Gross - 2 years ago
DevelOP3 lol was thinking the same thing
DB2PICTURES - 2 years ago
hello pete great video
Palmetto State Golf
Palmetto State Golf - 2 years ago
Notification squad, where you at!

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Fortnite Battle Royale - Hit a Golf Ball From Tee to Green Challenge Guide (Golf Hole Locations) There are a total...

Golf Shoes

How to Customize Thrifted Dad Shoes! Full...

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In this full customization tutorial, I'll show you how to transform thrifted dad sneakers into a one of a kind DIY...

Golf Shoes

Skechers GO GOLF “Comfort” with Brooke...

6 likes 190,339 views 3 years ago

When it comes to playing your best, comfort is always essential. That’s why Skechers Performance™ Pro Team member...

Golf Shoes

Golf's Not Hard with Tiger Woods Collection...

1,541 likes 136,825 views 4 years ago

This video is a collection of four TV commercials Tiger Woods did for Nike in 1997. The series was called "Golf's Not...

Golf Shoes

I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs - SURPRISING...

9,514 likes 120,615 views 2 years ago

I play with VERY RARE 50 YEAR OLD golf clubs! These clubs are the Ping K1 Karsten 1 irons that were produced in 1969...

Golf Shoes

@OldSchoolCaddie - Where to buy golf clubs online

27 likes 111,223 views 8 years ago

March into golf season with better clubs from ... Pay less, get more ... distance ... fun ......

Golf Shoes

EUROPE (RICK) Vs USA (PETE) - 2nd Hand Golf...

2,100 likes 89,514 views 2 years ago

EUROPE (RICK) Vs USA (PETE) - 2nd Hand Club Challenge Pt 1 Rick Shiels takes on Pete Finch in a 18 hole match around...

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840 likes 73,345 views 1 year ago

In this golf vlog we go thrifting for golf clubs and go searching for good used golf clubs at pawn stores. Will we...

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Amazing flexible frog colour shoe K

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Chaussure de golf Nike FI Impact 2

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Le magasin US Golf de Lyon vous présente la chaussure de golf Nike FI Impact 2 que vous pouvez aussi retrouver sur...

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