Testing the cheapest golf drivers illegal Cobra SZ400 unlimited. Mark Crossfield continues his The Best Cheap Golf Drivers on Amazon and Ebay series with the famous SZ from Cobra Golf. Testing these cheap golf driers is eye opening when you look at the numbers from such old golf clubs. The Cobra SZ 400 unlimited was an illegal golf driver that gave you more distance and helped you gain ball speeds which was deemed illegal for competition golf. Cobra golf was part of Titleist and Footjoy back in these days and the Cobra brand was aimed at golfers who wanted a lower price well made golf driver. In the comments below let me know if you gamed this golf club and what is the cheapest golf driver you have ever bought? SUBSCRIBE TODAY use this link https://www.youtube.com/markcrossfield?sub_confirmation=1 Music by LabelGREY Social Links Twitter http://www.twitter.com/4golfonline Instagram http://www.instagram.com/crossfieldmark Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AskGolfGuru/


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Testing the cheapest golf drivers illegal Cobra SZ400 unlimited. Mark Crossfield continues his The Best Cheap Golf Drivers on Amazon and Ebay series with the famous SZ from Cobra Golf. Testing these cheap golf driers is eye opening when you look at the numbers from such old golf clubs. The Cobra SZ 400 unlimited was an illegal golf driver that gave you more distance and helped you gain ball speeds which was deemed illegal for competition golf. Cobra golf was part of Titleist and Footjoy back in these days and the Cobra brand was aimed at golfers who wanted a lower price well made golf driver. In the comments below let me know if you gamed this golf club and what is the cheapest golf driver you have ever bought? SUBSCRIBE TODAY use this link https://www.youtube.com/markcrossfield?sub_confirmation=1 Music by LabelGREY Social Links Twitter http://www.twitter.com/4golfonline Instagram http://www.instagram.com/crossfieldmark Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AskGolfGuru/

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Anders Rehn
Anders Rehn - 4 months ago
I picked up the ss430 in a thrift shop for $12 (including the carrybag it was standing in). Talk about length! Long indeed. But my ears were bleeding after 5 shots. That sound...
onespeed - 5 months ago
The COR was 0.86 so 3% more, I wonder how much that is in ball speed and yards.
Robert Hartnett
Robert Hartnett - 5 months ago
I picked up a SZ440 Unlimited recently for £28.00. 55g standard regular flex. A lovely driver.
Victor Lundsröm
Victor Lundsröm - 5 months ago
I have the 440 sz and its absolutley incredible
Brad - 5 months ago
An older friend gave me this driver because he was going to take it to Goodwill with a bunch of his other old clubs. I absolutely loved this driver and was so upset when my car was stolen with my clubs in the trunk. The car was eventually recovered, but the clubs were long gone. I was going online to see if I can still find one for $15 on ebay and this video pops up. No wonder I liked this club so much. Oh and thanks, now people want $70 + shipping for this club that I used to be able to pick up everywhere for next to nothing.
SCTV59 - 6 months ago
Picked up a mint legal one yesterday at a thrift shop $1. Went to the range...loud....long.
yousaidwinglikeabirdswing - 6 months ago
the COR was like .86 and the legal one was .83. that's from memory so it may make zero sense
Marty Wize
Marty Wize - 6 months ago
Never, ever found a driver as sweet as this one. Goes a country mile! Why the hell make it illegal for seniors to use if it can make it so easy to get some length off the tee?
Oskar Niklasson
Oskar Niklasson - 6 months ago
"it's 400 cc, so quite a nice, small head" - my god what has happened. Everything is huge nowadays.


Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help - 7 months ago
This and the 430 Cobra was the best I have tried. All the newer ones don't quite feel as nice to hit even though they are easier to hit.
Logan Lauffenburger
Logan Lauffenburger - 7 months ago
Great video as always mark! I actually have this driver for 8 years and in my bag today I like it so much! I hit 300+ if I really get on it I hit it very straight! I just cant see spending money on a newer driver at all
Logan Lauffenburger
Logan Lauffenburger - 6 months ago
@Marty Wize ya mostly I'm just playing for fun I do use it in scrambles tho
Marty Wize
Marty Wize - 6 months ago
It is an incredible illegal driver but you can never play in any sort of comp with it...
Sean Price
Sean Price - 7 months ago
I used to hit the 440 s it was a great driver! I need to find another one.
Jan Dekker
Jan Dekker - 7 months ago
My actual driver. I had to wait to comment, as mine was in for re-gripping(!) when I watched the vid first and I wasn't sure if it was the exact same club. It's the only driver I've ever owned, and I've always got on pretty well with it. Good to see you having such fun with it. If I was ever tempted to change, what would be today's closest legal equivalent.
BeachBow - 7 months ago
Club manufacturers and fitters are going to hate you for this video. LOL!!
BeachBow - 7 months ago
This kinda makes a mockery of the "Buy new and get fit" mantra. 30 quid for an old driver, needs a new grip, shaft probably not to your specs, and you're still bombing it, with accuracy! As we say in the USA, "It ain't the arrow Geronimo". LOL!!
Troy Ross
Troy Ross - 7 months ago
Mark, great videos. Loved this one but need to k ow what's better, the Cobra or the Mizuno driver you tested in this series?
Mike Eskett
Mike Eskett - 7 months ago
So enjoying the series...such an eye opener. Circa early 2000s TaylorMade Burner 420 (legal) vs Burner 860 (illegal) wld be a fun comparison. Identical driver, other than the COR. A big thank you for the consistently interesting & insightful material Mark!
Corpus Christi Pastor
Corpus Christi Pastor - 7 months ago
New grips make an old set feel brand new! How about an old, slick grip vs. brand new ones? Curious if there is a difference.
Louis Caracappa
Louis Caracappa - 8 months ago
I loved the videos. Great set up on your yard. How are you projecting that in daylight. I also love the guitars on your wall. Is that a Fender Jaguar? What’s the other Rickenbacker looking guitar. Golf and guitars. That’s me too. Just can’t stripe it like you with a 25 quid driver ! I can hold my own on guitar though


declan meenan
declan meenan - 8 months ago
This is crazy, my nephew contacted me today to see if I want his dad's old clubs before he dumps them and this driver was in it
Gee Williams
Gee Williams - 8 months ago
Do you want me to post you my Forgan St. Andrews?
Stuart Macphee
Stuart Macphee - 8 months ago
Loving the series Mark, question for you, do you remember Cobra making I driver out of what I think was type nylon composite. Our pro got 1 in the shop mid 90s and all the juniors had a got with it at some point but a poker stiff shaft and not much loft made it near impossible to launch.
Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards - 8 months ago
To be fair to the old tech, how about testing them with a new grip fitted
Christopher Yee
Christopher Yee - 8 months ago
Guess you have a new driver! LOL.
gazr99 - 8 months ago
Talk about reminiscing, I remember this (or the 440 can't remember which) being in my Grandad's bag and me as a kid constantly wanting the chance to use it because it looked so cool! Would literally go to his bag whenever I visited just to play with it
Taurus Utility Consultants
Taurus Utility Consultants - 8 months ago
Fun video and informative! Couldn't care less about the look of a club if it booms 40 yards further off the tee!
Johnny Alvheim
Johnny Alvheim - 8 months ago
Great vlog Mark
Sean Liver
Sean Liver - 8 months ago
First driver I bought outside the box set was a King Cobra M Speed offset.. helped before I had a couple swing lessons to work out my slice an understand the concept.
Matt Brooking
Matt Brooking - 8 months ago
I bet these clubs start selling for more now!


Charlie Brownless
Charlie Brownless - 8 months ago
Had both unlimited and legal still have my Cobra SZ 3 wood as well
daniel reeve
daniel reeve - 8 months ago
I used to love this driver I was gutted I had to give it up because it was illegal I’d still have it now I reckon
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 8 months ago
I have an old Burner driver from 2008 I can hit better than my newer M3. My buddy Greg also used that Cobra driver... Funny, they were made in the USA back then!!!
Simon Brown
Simon Brown - 8 months ago
Hi Mark. Got a suggestion how about a Mizuno MP fast track driver.
Martin Allpress
Martin Allpress - 8 months ago
Love the shirt Mark, can you do apparel reviews as I don’t see much of that. Cheers great set of videos.
Aussie Golfer
Aussie Golfer - 8 months ago
I had this driver when it came out , I smashed this so far it was amazing , i was shattered when they banned it
Xander Coomz
Xander Coomz - 8 months ago
Another cracking club test Mark. I’d absolutely love it if you could find a Srixon W506 driver from the early 2000s. I still own mine, and it still sends it (admittedly with an upgraded UST V2 shaft).
Ian Styring
Ian Styring - 8 months ago
Great video.
Ken Harcombe
Ken Harcombe - 8 months ago
Hi mate im pretty sure that the cor is .860.Its no surprise the numbers your getting with these older drivers, the truth is i beleive that 400 is the perfect size with a deeper face. cheers
Ian Barber
Ian Barber - 8 months ago
Test 5 drivers over a week. 20 shots with each of the 5 drivers every day and mix up the order which you hit them each day. Be interesting what the averages will be at the end of the week.
The Amature Golfer
The Amature Golfer - 8 months ago
Got to get your grip changed. It’s off putting having bad grips. It’s only a fiver to get a quality grip fitted.
The Amature Golfer
The Amature Golfer - 8 months ago
I bought one back in the day. Ridiculous golf club. Adds about 50 yards to your drive at least. Trouble is it’s illegal.
David Lancaster
David Lancaster - 8 months ago
These types of videos always make me wonder how many people still carry illegal clubs like this and but still play them in comps......
Leighton Kappen
Leighton Kappen - 8 months ago
I still have one, my first PROPER driver!
I had some looks playing off 28 back in the day, Eagling Par 5's and winning the longest drive.
The looks you had one the range were unreal due to it's noise!!!
I cut 1/2" off it and put on a corded Lambkin grip through.
It was also the straightest driver i ever had tbh...
Alan Hopkins
Alan Hopkins - 8 months ago
So as I understand it, COR is 0.83 as of today and many Pros driver break this rule - why? They hit so many balls that their face on the club gives and becomes springier in other words the COR, which is already at the max, jumps over the legal limit. The best you will get out of a driver is just before you break it, as it is at its most springiness or highest COR. Thing is Pros don’t have their own clubs tested, the rules officials go to the tour van and test same model, which is of course new and tested at 0.85, spot on!
Love these videos Mark as I buy many old and new clubs to try , good one to test Bridgestone J33 with Matrix Ozik shaft, which I believe did come stock
James Wigg
James Wigg - 8 months ago
Loving these vids. Loving that polo shirt more though.
52WT T
52WT T - 8 months ago
I have the 440sz head in my cupboard. It made this loud dinging sound when you hit it.
Solomon Li
Solomon Li - 8 months ago
Wowsers... Loving it! LOL Great bargains to be had!!!
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy - 8 months ago
Should try to find an old Titleist 905S. I used to have one with a grafalloy blue - thing was sweet. Tough to hit consistently, but hit bombs when I was able to catch it out of the middle
Peter Iles
Peter Iles - 8 months ago
I’ve the old Cobra 454 composite with a 45 gram shaft massive long


KY Golfer
KY Golfer - 8 months ago
Like that Shirt Mark!!! We need a Cobra showdown. SZ400 Unlimited vs. the new SZ's.
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 8 months ago
I’d love you to try a Taylormade 2006 super quad 282 driver. Yes you will pay more money for it and harder to source but certainly under £200. I think that it will out perform most modern day drivers. And to be fair watching more of these videos I owned that cobra and loved it, I still play with a custom fit RBZ and doubt anything new would improve to much maybe a bit more ball speed and what 5-10 yards but playing recreational golf to a reasonable single digit handicap an I really going to see much lower in score by forking out 400/500 pounds? Worth noting still play Wilson staff fg tour fitted irons and yes I have considered updating those and would love a set of muiras. Maybe it’s just be but just accepting new as better is flawed in my opinion. Drivers have been at the legal limit for well over ten years now. Don’t get fooled by marketing !
graeme maguire
graeme maguire - 8 months ago
Love it. For us high handicappers why pay more? Spend money on lessons not kit
Steve Mchattie
Steve Mchattie - 8 months ago
Can't believe how straight you were hitting that. Love to see the Cleveland Classic tested Mark
Mitch Parish
Mitch Parish - 8 months ago
I have the 4+ and 7 woods. Love them!
Richard Marsh
Richard Marsh - 8 months ago
Test the Callaway Big Bertha II+ its a absolute rocket
Brian Parks
Brian Parks - 8 months ago
I played the legal 440cc version in high school!
iain lowry
iain lowry - 8 months ago
Great little test...am a cobra fan...playing biocell at the moment..in the market for one of the new sz's this year..as the biocell is coming up to 7yrs old.."and needs it's grip changing"!!!...lol..
On a serious note what I take from this also is why technology has had to be held back, why certain things had to be made legal and of course illegal..from club faces to shaft length ,sizes materials,and balls..and more..it's impressive to watch a tour pro knock it 400yrds..but there's only so much real estate out there...and lands bloody expensive at a premium... enjoying your blogs as usual mark.
Vincent Cordaro
Vincent Cordaro - 8 months ago
Loving the retro driver reviews Mark! I just bought a Callaway FT-5 from 2006 and it’s as long and straight as anything. I also enjoy the slightly shorter lengths from back then. Hard to custom fit the new drivers, as shortening the shaft messes a lot with swing weight and shaft flex.
Paul Wrigley
Paul Wrigley - 8 months ago
The Cobra SZ was out a couple of years before the COR limit was wound back to .83. The new limit had been set and the date for when it would come into force was known so a few brands offered both a non-conforming and a conforming version of their drivers. For example Cobra had the limited and unlimited versions of the SZ, Taylormade had R7 with a mark on the face to show it was illegal as well as a conforming version and Callaway had a normal and a + version of the great big bertha 415.
peartfaldo - 8 months ago
i wonder how the Mizuno MX500 compares to this one;-)
Ray Blackman
Ray Blackman - 8 months ago
Cant believe how straight this is compared to modern legal drivers, what went wrong with tech/R&D, is 400cc best??
Best illegal competitors to this at the time were the titleist 975 LFE hcr & the TM R510 with no grooves in the middle, best comparitive legal cobra driver to this was the Cobra Pro D
Andrew Natt
Andrew Natt - 8 months ago
Brilliant set of videos, is it all just marketing? Is it just like cars - all the same under the bonnet.....
Victor - 8 months ago
3:37 they don’t change the grip because the club is classic and will lose its value without the original one.
Allen Wood
Allen Wood - 8 months ago
This is such a great series!
Christopher McKenna
Christopher McKenna - 8 months ago
I played up until this year with the 440 SZ. The cor is 0.83 which makes it legal. The club is extremely well made, still solid after all these years. I recently "upgraded" to the Taylormade M2 2016 and they both go around the same distance. The Cobra may even be easier to hit consistently.
Sour Rxse
Sour Rxse - 8 months ago
That's a winner for me what a driver that is
michael brewer
michael brewer - 8 months ago
None in the ocean! Like to see Coach do the same hole ?
Gordon Puxty
Gordon Puxty - 8 months ago
what is the smash factor on this
David McClelland
David McClelland - 8 months ago
I’d love to see the Titleist 907 D2 tested. Cracking driver especially with the v2 shaft
ThomasKlarskov - 8 months ago
Would be fun to see the numbers on Callaway XR16 - its very affordable
ian wilkes
ian wilkes - 8 months ago
Yeah good idea to test them against each other. Great series of vids
Anthony Murphy
Anthony Murphy - 8 months ago
I played the 440sz unlimited. So it was an option in the larger size. Was legal for a number of years as I gamed it as a junior, bought second hand for 50 quid and used for at least 2 years before it was made illegal.
Bought a brand new R7 after the ban and it didn't even come close to the cobra.
Simon Williams
Simon Williams - 8 months ago
Great video, you should do more of these videos
Rikki Allen
Rikki Allen - 8 months ago
Golf is back for us in Wales on monday, looking forward for the last 7 weeks been using plane mate ever day followed the protocol. Looking forward to see the result
Andy M
Andy M - 8 months ago
Brilliant video series I just need a repeatable fairway finding swing
Joseph Voll
Joseph Voll - 8 months ago
What model Fender is that behind you??? My phone screen is too small to tell. Jazzmaster?
stefon dai Thomas
stefon dai Thomas - 8 months ago
Think TMs banned one was R580 (shallow face but went a mile) loved the illegal cobra drivers... always found the noise a bit loud though
Trevor kay
Trevor kay - 8 months ago
Had one of these years ago and loved it .but illegal so got rid.dont play many comps now so wish id kept it .might buy one again
Paul J Hawksworth
Paul J Hawksworth - 8 months ago
I had an illegal srixon xxio driver which won all the distance comparisons by a mile one year.
It was the longest driver I've ever used. I loved it and wished I still owned it.
Andy Walker
Andy Walker - 8 months ago
I thought it would be louder, there were definitely some very loud Cobra drivers at some point, maybe it was the model before because I remember people smashing faces.
Joe Walker
Joe Walker - 8 months ago
I still play a Cobra 5 wood from that era with the same shaft and head cover. Haven't found anything better and it sounds great when middled.
Craig Edga4r
Craig Edga4r - 8 months ago
Mr Crossfield that is what you call a "funky" top
Rufuss Thoo
Rufuss Thoo - 8 months ago
Am interested to see the comparo between the Limited and a legal version, just to see what difference the extra COR really makes. Loving the series Mark.
Dean Brayshaw
Dean Brayshaw - 8 months ago
Buy some grips off the bay as well. Go old school and let's see you change them. Might good for others to do in lockdown. Great series this.
Brian Hedges
Brian Hedges - 8 months ago
Could you find and test a McGregor Mac Tech 2 which had a “quadruflex” shaft ? My first driver I purchased new and I loved it.
JR 19
JR 19 - 8 months ago
I remember Titleist making a 983k HCR Driver for the JDM around the same time as the Cobra - 0.86COR vs 0.83 legal limits........ Awesome content
Danny Brant
Danny Brant - 8 months ago
Are there illegal clubs in each section, driver, fairways, irons and putter? How about a round with coach using just illegal clubs. If you’ve done this already a link would be great
peter randall
peter randall - 8 months ago
How about a Ping TISI driver. Still think this is a good looking driver now.
Scott Elkins
Scott Elkins - 8 months ago
Mark my friend your shirt was louder than the driver
Beardo - 8 months ago
Mizuno MP-600 driver. Early days of movable weights in a track.
michael english
michael english - 8 months ago
Please try the taylormade r540xd. The illegal version. Should be inexpensive as well.
Bradley Phelps
Bradley Phelps - 8 months ago
I sold my 440 sz to my friend and he's still playing it.
Victor Lundsröm
Victor Lundsröm - 5 months ago
I have the 440 Sz, its incridible good
Sunghwan Choi
Sunghwan Choi - 8 months ago
That was my very first driver. Did not know it was illegal. Lol. Had some great golf with it
Tom Coffey
Tom Coffey - 8 months ago
This one sounds better
Chester - 8 months ago
I find that I can square up a smaller headed driver like this one (400cc) better than the 46 cc heads. This drover is certainly worth the money.
Douglas Felch
Douglas Felch - 8 months ago
i feel like you should have put a new grip on all of these cheap used clubs. great videos.
Chris Greene
Chris Greene - 8 months ago
You and your brah need to get back on the course with sets of illegal clubs in head to head..... or illegals vs legit.
Adam Scher
Adam Scher - 8 months ago
Would love to see the 905R! There were so many great drivers in that era.
97 EVO
97 EVO - 8 months ago
I found a Cobra 454 comp..9 degree with a broken shaft at my golf course whilst taking a wiz in the trees


Face Wizard13
Face Wizard13 - 8 months ago
Hey I have that driver!! I got that in a set for graduation in 06'. Cobra are such good clubs - I will always buy cobra.
Dominique Van Voorhis
Dominique Van Voorhis - 8 months ago
Dude, fun test, aggressive shirt.
Philip Van Heerden
Philip Van Heerden - 8 months ago
I was looking at getting sponsored by Cobra in 2007. They were definitely not 'easy' clubs with my set going to be the Pro Mb, Pro CB combo, X Speed woods and Titleist wedges . Loved this era of Cobra equipment with Geoff Ogilvy winning the US Open
Andy Wood
Andy Wood - 8 months ago
Ace video Mark. Got a sz440 unlimited 2 weeks ago. So they do it in 440cc. I seem to remember it being 0.87 cor but maybe wrong. What length was the shaft out of curiosity? Can't wait to hit it passed my mates expensive modern drivers. Be great to see a shoot out between them all. Made my day testing this
Jimmy McCracken
Jimmy McCracken - 8 months ago
So funny, wonder how the guy who sold that driver feels after watching that,
s1dest3p - 8 months ago
Mark, no offense, but I truly hope you go back to FootJoy for apparel. Penguin and Asics should be fired.
murc1414 - 8 months ago
I game a 427ss in a 3w length PX Black. It’s an absolute Howitzer. Love it.
Sam Wadley Golf
Sam Wadley Golf - 8 months ago
I had this driver as a Junior, it was my first full size driver aswell. I used to rip it further than alot of the men! Loved it & it was super loud aswell with the harder distance balls back then! I think it's still the garage! Lol
Sam Wadley Golf
Sam Wadley Golf - 8 months ago
I do remember people talking about it having a trampoline face though a while after it came out
Gary Davis
Gary Davis - 8 months ago
Crushing it, Mark!
Rory Pearson
Rory Pearson - 8 months ago
Taylormade R7 quad think it was the first with all the weights
4ndy123 - 8 months ago
Only took this out my bag two years ago (440 version) still take it to the range every now and then!
chachifeere - 8 months ago
Should do the TM 510 that was one of the best drivers
Chris Braas
Chris Braas - 8 months ago
Having a larger sample size would be great, I think. Coming from someone doing a PhD, it always itches me a little bit to see you guys interpret very small samples (you both also emphasise it's too variable to be very reliable, and that eventually is more representative of real golfers on 1 round). Having the larger ones to compare, especially on different days, would be very nice!
Ian Collins
Ian Collins - 8 months ago
Liking these Vlogs 15 years same grip wow lol
Rob Biles
Rob Biles - 8 months ago
I'm glad the club wasn't too loud because that shirt certainly was. Geez !!!
dudley1955sk - 8 months ago
Great series of vids - could you try a Taylor Made TP Aeroburner 2006/2007 10.5 degree - I still play this with an ugraded Ozik Xcon 5 regular shaft - would love to see what it can do in the hands of someone who can get the most out of it
Geoff Coombs
Geoff Coombs - 8 months ago
I'm currently on eBay looking for one. what a club, cheap and performance, I want one
beaney56 - 8 months ago
I miss that sound lol.
Sim Mitson
Sim Mitson - 8 months ago
I have that driver but not the unlimited looks the same but love it never felt the need for new driver or three wood
John Wick
John Wick - 8 months ago
983k ! i am currently testing it against m5 not much in it may stick with the 983k lol
James Burnham
James Burnham - 8 months ago
That was great driver very disappointed when it was made illegal
Richard James
Richard James - 8 months ago
Really enjoying the series and the numbers for this club were great - I've got an illegal Taylormade up in the loft - might dig it out and give it a smash and see what the numbers look like - will be interesting!
Richard Handy
Richard Handy - 8 months ago
Great video Mark, knew it was a good one
Richard Jones
Richard Jones - 8 months ago
Titleist 907 D1 please
ACGolfwrx - 8 months ago
0.86 C.O.R bruh
Mads Moller
Mads Moller - 8 months ago
I remember those driver - they are bad boys and extremely loud :-)
Chris Wright
Chris Wright - 8 months ago
Great that Mark loved that
madadivad - 8 months ago
What is the reading using the new method for COR?
Kerry Thomas
Kerry Thomas - 8 months ago
Is this longer because its illegal?
philarsenal2008 - 8 months ago
Mark I have the 440 SZ with a brand new Golf Pride Grip. And yes it is the Unlimited model.
Kerry Thomas
Kerry Thomas - 8 months ago
Cant wait to see you and the boys back on the course
Peter Gardiner
Peter Gardiner - 8 months ago
Not sure if it was the 400 or 440 I had , nearly everyone had the cobra at our club ,, could hear them all over the course ,, allegedly 9 sweet spots ,,
Taylormade bubble burner
craglyboy - 8 months ago
Man I had this driver as a kid, although I’m sure I had a smaller/pro version. It was such a good club. I did get pulled up at a county event and had to take it out though :( had a R7 that caved in and was waiting for a replacement
big dans window cleaning
big dans window cleaning - 8 months ago
I had one that broke last year- could of cried
D Lud
D Lud - 8 months ago
regrip and put in the bag, Mark going for 3 bills
David McBride The Golfing Gamer
David McBride The Golfing Gamer - 8 months ago
Loved the smoker comment. That one made me laugh. Thanks Mark.
Alan Mccoll
Alan Mccoll - 8 months ago
Great video as normal
Julia-6 - 8 months ago
Just want to mention these are going for $100 US on ebay. Wow. That's a lot of money for a driver like this. Callaway Rogue certified preowned $107 US.
Charlotte Seavill
Charlotte Seavill - 8 months ago
440 was unlimited as well. I still use the club you are reviewing
Lance Sedevie
Lance Sedevie - 8 months ago
Um straight! .860 I believe
Sp!cyman - 8 months ago
This was the first Driver I could hit well. It’s still in my shed. Couldn’t let it go.
RJ McDowell
RJ McDowell - 8 months ago
Head to head? Yes please. Need to use 18th at Pebble Beach
Thierry Pilette
Thierry Pilette - 8 months ago
30 pounds... doesn't like how the head sits .... still he smashes them over 262... legend
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson - 8 months ago
Test 905r cobra ss 430 against ts2 and f9

Best there wont be much difference
Justin Ives
Justin Ives - 8 months ago
Good old Cobra
Doug - 8 months ago
No carbon, no sliding weights, no adjustable neck, not fitted and a dodgy grip...and 30 quid's worth of fun, great video Mark
David Pearson
David Pearson - 8 months ago
Could you find a TM Burner Superfast from about 2009 I’m sure that was the one DJ played in a competition a couple of years ago The commentator said on the telly “ I don’t think the club sponsor will be too impressed by that “
David Stephens
David Stephens - 8 months ago
Great video Mark. Do you see higher efficiency readings from the non-conforming drivers, or has newer tech now overtaken it through other means?
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas - 8 months ago
just bought a Orka Kii with a ust proforce v2 shaft for £16+£7.23 p&p. Bargain! good reviews too
AlexNblue - 8 months ago
Can’t wait to see this, I used to game this bad boy!!!!
Keith Poree
Keith Poree - 8 months ago
I’ve still got a cobra 440sz unlimited, and was on the illegal list as far as I’m aware.
Simon White
Simon White - 8 months ago
I had one, bought it second hand and I had been out a fair old while before they were declared illegal. I was very, very disappointed when it was declared illegal for comps.
Sam Hoyle
Sam Hoyle - 8 months ago
Would smash give an indicator of how illegal it is?
Chet LovesMer
Chet LovesMer - 8 months ago
Hey Mark, I am really enjoying this series. Can't get enough. By the way, I'm almost positive the COR on that Cobra is 0.86. As you know the legal limit is 0.83. Good stuff, mate.
Karl Kutchi
Karl Kutchi - 8 months ago
john booth
john booth - 8 months ago
Callaway ERC 2 - illegal bomber
Matt Bartram
Matt Bartram - 8 months ago
Titleist 905r Mr parfield
atomant830 - 8 months ago
Good Stuff Mr Crossfield. I have a Cobra F Speed driver I bought years ago because it matched the Cobra DWS hybrids I still game. Best hybrids I've ever hit so I wanted to see if the driver was as good and forgiving. I was forgiving but I remember mine being rather loud compared to other drivers. If you hit it high/middle of the face it would really make the yards jump up.
Tommie Thatcher
Tommie Thatcher - 8 months ago
I would love to see you get hold of and test the Mizuno T-Zoid driver just to take me back to 1996 and Sir Nick Faldo
Tommie Thatcher
Tommie Thatcher - 8 months ago
Jay Hinkle I used to love mine as well, I wanted a swing like Nick’s
Jay Hinkle
Jay Hinkle - 8 months ago
Tommie Thatcher I used to crush that driver.
Quutamooo - 8 months ago
In my opinion cor values or whatever it is, is too difficult to understand. Let's just make it so that if Mark carrys the driver 263 or over, it's illegal.
James Vaughn
James Vaughn - 8 months ago
Try the Krank double X extreme high COR driver.
John Parle
John Parle - 8 months ago
I had a 370 unlimited back in the day . The COR was 0.86 as far as I remember.
Adrian Cox THE SANT JORDI GOLF SOCIETY - 8 months ago
0.83 was the limit so only just over. It was a long club.
Mike Reed
Mike Reed - 8 months ago
tony beards
tony beards - 8 months ago
Steven Padian
Steven Padian - 8 months ago
Mark, when I come back to golf bought a Dunlop driver and 3wood from sports direct £14.95 each still using the 3 wood couldn’t better it even after a fitting...
glen burr
glen burr - 8 months ago
Why would you sniff a smelly sock?
Josh Lane
Josh Lane - 8 months ago
Back in the day, I used a PING driver called the ISI. A pretty ugly looking thing, we used to call it the wok. It did go pretty good though and it’d be cheap, if you’re able to get your hands on one.
Keith Ingle
Keith Ingle - 8 months ago
"Post comments down below about this driver"......sorry bruh, all I'm thinking is how phenomenal that shirt is
Deevesh Bhana
Deevesh Bhana - 8 months ago
Review Ping K15 and ping G20 driver
Greg Rowe
Greg Rowe - 8 months ago
Mark, great fun, change the grip and keep the club. Straight as an arrow.
Steve Beasley
Steve Beasley - 8 months ago
Like the old v new hybrid idea,
Darren Sutton
Darren Sutton - 8 months ago
My dad still plays the 440 version. Is that illegal?
Mark Knight
Mark Knight - 8 months ago
be good to see you & coach do a build a bag video off eBay for say £200 and then do some course vlogs with them
William Hurst
William Hurst - 8 months ago
'None of you buggers get your grips changed'
martin barnes
martin barnes - 8 months ago
Hi mark how about old hybird and old types of irons like Wilson's fat shafts.
Matthew Hester
Matthew Hester - 8 months ago
Thanks for the old club tests, brah! Cool to see that they aren’t too far behind the $789.35 drivers of today. Maybe try the TaylorMade r360xd. Can find them on eBay for less than $50.
Wesley Fontaine
Wesley Fontaine - 8 months ago
Nice to go back down memory lane. This club got me on cobra and been buying cobra drivers ever since.
coegj - 8 months ago
Wow, these are going to disappear soon on eBay, I like the content and how the older tech works today. Fun to watch.
Nigel Featherstone
Nigel Featherstone - 8 months ago
I remember it was loud, you could here them going off all over the golf course. All the seniors at my club rushed to buy them, it became illegal after issue, the seniors didn't care
rolaball100 - 8 months ago
Every senior player at my club had one of these. Lol. It sounded like cannons going off all over the course.
Matthew Croad
Matthew Croad - 8 months ago
I wanna see Coach trying a Bomb Ball with this driver on the Course lol. Now there is an idea for you Both. Every Tee shot is a different (under sixty quid) driver.
Panderific - 8 months ago
280 lol
Duncan Leaper
Duncan Leaper - 8 months ago
A driver I would really like to see you try is a Wilson Whale with the firestick shaft. I had one (persimmon head) as a junior, though i very much doubt you will get one in good condition so just the metal headed one. Remember that shaft being very iconic, Wilson Ultra S irons with those shafts
Chris Alder
Chris Alder - 8 months ago
Love it Mark
bert melia
bert melia - 8 months ago
Mark I the same 400sz unlimited also have the 440 sz unlimited
Nick Harvey
Nick Harvey - 8 months ago
I had this driver for ages, loved it!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 8 months ago
R7 quad mark
Clayton Watkins
Clayton Watkins - 8 months ago
I still game mine with grafolly blue
Jack Halloran
Jack Halloran - 8 months ago
Still in your pyjamas bruh?
Luke Burrow
Luke Burrow - 8 months ago
The 440sz was my first proper driver and loved it!
Type-R-Golf - 8 months ago
My first was the 460sz & 414 comp tour. Still competitive with everything I've had since. Great drivers
Magdalena Dokter
Magdalena Dokter - 8 months ago
I can’t wait to see you testing the Titleist 975 D, Mark
ridegriff50 - 8 months ago
Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell - 8 months ago
That was some driver.
Matt Aamold
Matt Aamold - 8 months ago
Man, I miss my 975D.
kevin Humphreys
kevin Humphreys - 8 months ago
I live in the world of buying these type of clubs irons and drivers .
CHRIS COLON - 8 months ago
hopefully you have disinfected all those grips ;)
Duncan Leaper
Duncan Leaper - 8 months ago
Before you even mentioned acushnet I thought it looked very similar to a titleist 905
Peter Onions
Peter Onions - 8 months ago
Can test xx10 impact power face 2004 illigal
vanpadman - 8 months ago
still in my bag
Slicing It
Slicing It - 8 months ago
eBay Thanks you Mark! This will now be the no. 1 selling used club on the inter web.
sergio perez
sergio perez - 8 months ago
I STILL have this driver! Lol...
For whatever reason, I was just compelled to keep it.
Tom Bowman
Tom Bowman - 4 months ago
And it’s that sound just keeps me coming back
beaney56 - 8 months ago
Simply because they were that good!!!!!
Tom Frogley
Tom Frogley - 8 months ago
I love these reviews! I have a 910d2, and every video I watch confirms I should hang on to it! I'd love to see that horrible 907d1 dairylea driver reviewed. (I owned one lol).
Ben Matthew
Ben Matthew - 8 months ago
Had this in the day before it got banned.. Had it in X flex and butt cut it down for my son when he started playing at 7... poor sod could have hit his putter higher... you live and learn :)
stephen cain
stephen cain - 8 months ago
I want to send you my old clubs but I'm afraid you'll say there fine and just as good lol
kev ray
kev ray - 8 months ago
they had a 460 too
cobweb1989 - 8 months ago
My first driver was a cobra 454 comp which came out around the same time as the 400sz. It was from the tip and cost me a pound!
Carsten Bjørneboe
Carsten Bjørneboe - 8 months ago
Offer to send my Cleveland Launcher 2004 is still on the table. Grafalloy Blue S shaft
Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell - 8 months ago
@Kenneth McKinney I might try and find one of those. I much prefer a smaller head.
Kenneth McKinney
Kenneth McKinney - 8 months ago
I have the 460(still like new) with the green NV shaft, the 400(not quite as like new) with the blue graffaloy and the 330(like new) and put a tour blue shaft in it. I replaced the grips lol with align mid sized. I honestly think I enjoy the 330 the most...
Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell - 8 months ago
@Carsten Bjørneboe It had hit a LOT of balls. ;)
Carsten Bjørneboe
Carsten Bjørneboe - 8 months ago
Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell - 8 months ago
@Carsten Bjørneboe I gave mine to a friend who caved the face in!
Carsten Bjørneboe
Carsten Bjørneboe - 8 months ago
Dean Mitchell, I retired mine 2 years ago
Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell - 8 months ago
I had one of those up until recently.
Neil Meredith
Neil Meredith - 8 months ago
I still use the 440 sz 10.5° love it and can smash it miles plus I've just regripped my matching 3 and 5 sz woods as they are terrible
Robert Zuber
Robert Zuber - 8 months ago
Neil Meredith those SZ fairway woods were great. Hot face.
Mike B
Mike B - 8 months ago
My brother has a 460cc SZ driver that he still uses. He has newer drivers but he prefers that one, and he kills the ball with it.
kev ray
kev ray - 8 months ago
iv still got the f speed haven't hit it for years mite give it ago and see what it does now
Colin Joyce
Colin Joyce - 8 months ago
I still think we should be allowed to buy illegal drivers as the older we get the shorter we are erc2 and tm 580
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson - 8 months ago
erc ll for sure
kev ray
kev ray - 8 months ago
i had 440 till it got banned always say one of best drivers i had at the time used to hit miles
Julia-6 - 8 months ago
If I'd known about this one I might have bought one last November and saved a bundle. I just play recreationally now and I'm suffering from age related distance loss.
Jimmie Koch
Jimmie Koch - 8 months ago
Love these videos as I’ve spent too much time on eBay the last couple of months. Would be curious to see how the old hybrids like the TaylorMade rescues stack up compared to today’s.
David Macdonald
David Macdonald - 7 months ago
The classic TaylorMade V Steel 'woods' (hybrids) are a sweet club and inexpensive now.
Julian Meier
Julian Meier - 8 months ago
Last season I gamed the Taylormade Tour something Hybrids (2, 3, 4 and 5) with the two exchangable weights from 2007-ish and they were insanely good, but the weights actually seemed to effect delivery. On some days they just went left and it felt impossible to control. I dont have that with my m4 hybrids. But the ball flight on the old ones was just so great and the sound was awesome.
cikarang5 - 8 months ago
I had a 370 SS unlimited and it was a bomb, only changed as the COR limit came in for club comps. Never found a club I could hit as consistently or as far. For information the cor limit was set at .83 and this and the 370ss were .86 (I'm pretty sure)
Rwilliamreese - 8 months ago
Wow! As a numbers guy that could easily be a gamer
Luke Parker
Luke Parker - 8 months ago
Loving this series, keep it up!
Justin Schmidt
Justin Schmidt - 8 months ago
My grips are terrible. It is shocking, but normal too.
Rory Peters
Rory Peters - 8 months ago
There was the 400, 427 and 440z. This was when Cobra was also in the long drive game as well. And they sound like a bomb going off as well
Rory Peters
Rory Peters - 8 months ago
@Robin Beach Yup! But like I said Cobra made a driver with the same name. Its debut was in the 2002 Remax world Long Drive Championships.
Rory Peters
Rory Peters - 8 months ago
@Type-R-Golf Oh behave! Cobra LD drivers are just sheer filth haha they should do new ones! Then again Callaway and Krank are stealing the show...
Type-R-Golf - 8 months ago
@Robin Beach
Robin Beach
Robin Beach - 8 months ago
Wasn't the 427 an AC Cobra made by Carol Shelby?
Type-R-Golf - 8 months ago
There's also the 454, 460 & the comp line. I have them all
Ady - 8 months ago
Adrian P
Adrian P - 8 months ago
This has to happen!
Type-R-Golf - 8 months ago
Conforming driver to test against this one. 414 Comp Tour.
Magicmeatbag - 8 months ago
I actually still have that driver lol.
Cadillac Sun
Cadillac Sun - 8 months ago
Magicmeatbag I still love mine! It stays in the bag
Dav Muz
Dav Muz - 8 months ago
Mark the 440sz was done in unlimited
Dav Muz
Dav Muz - 8 months ago
I played a 454 comp for years loved it
Robin Beach
Robin Beach - 8 months ago
I had a legal 440SZ as my first driver. Wish I still had it. I'm pretty sure they did a 460cc version too.
Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield - 8 months ago
How often do you change your grips?
Steve Cernuto
Steve Cernuto - 8 months ago
Whole set once a year. Driver and wedges twice a year
coegj - 8 months ago
I wash my grips multiple times a year to keep them fresh and tacky. I have some on my fairway woods and hybrids ( Cobra Fly Z ) that are still original and feel great. I just clean them often with Laundry detergent is all. But since I do work on clubs I have plenty of grips styles to replace when I feel the need.
d j
d j - 8 months ago
I've just changed the original grip on my three wood, a titleist 980 f pro trajectory..I didn't want to change its characteristics as it never failed when I needed it ...since changing it has let me down once or twice :-(
Golfer Hack
Golfer Hack - 8 months ago
About once a year but clean my grips about every six rounds and play around 100 rounds a year..... That being said after the winter rounds they need to be refreshed in the spring !
Caleb Penney
Caleb Penney - 8 months ago
I change them myself whenever I want to try a different grip. It's fun and a reason to hang out in my garage.
David Weeks
David Weeks - 8 months ago
Once a year which means never because I’m a club ho ;) caveat is the clubs have to be at least 10 yrs old!
Rwilliamreese - 8 months ago
Mark Crossfield usually every two years now. Don’t play as much as I used to or I’d say once a year
david groom
david groom - 8 months ago
Club pro can put a grip on in 30 seconds these days!
Nicolas Bonnal
Nicolas Bonnal - 8 months ago

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